Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Why do we Dream?

by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher
Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva

Row, row, row your boat... Life is but a Dream. The Mishna in Avot states, "One moment of pleasure in the After-Life is better than all of life in this world."

How can we have confidence that another world awaits us after death? The answer is dreams! Have you ever had a dream that was so vivid, that you experienced it as if it were reality, but then you woke up and realized that it was all an illusion?

Dreams remind us that this world is not the ultimate reality. After death, we will awake to an even more real existence, and our experience in this world will be like a dream to us. That is why the Talmud in B'rachot describes sleep as one sixtieth of death, so that we can taste the After-Life in this world. And that is why there are two events in life that one cannot predict when they occur - Sleep and Death. The Zohar teaches that everything in this world serves to teach us about the ultimate reality of the Spiritual World. This world is really just an illusion and the Next World is the ultimate reality.

This world may seem real, but one day, we will leave this physical dimension and enter an entirely different spiritual dimension, which I call the Fifth Dimension!

A dream is a humbling experience, and it is the key to belief in the After-Life. So even a dream, the experience of illusion teaches us about the ultimate reality of the World To Come. This is what the Mishna in Avot means, "This world is compared to a foyer or lobby before the World To Come. Prepare yourself in the foyer, so that you may enter the banquet hall of the After-Life."


  1. Nibiru on google sky?

  2. Nibiru strangeness

  3. Large nibiru
    Nibiru today!

  4. Airport in Sweden closed due to solar storm! planes grounded
    Today Wednesday.

  5. Today Gas Pipeline in Kansas explodes! Why?

  6. FYI: This is an excellent site for those who want to keep track of space weather and the effects of our sun on our planet.

  7. an excellent site for those who want to keep track of space weather.

    Um... How is this related to this website again?

    1. You are probably not too familiar with my blog and how much I have discussed the signs of Moshiach and the worldwide redemption. One of those indicators has been the crazy weather the world has been experiencing. If you check statistics, you will see weather patterns that are totally different from the normal, average weather that has been recorded for centuries.

      This, along with many other phenomena happening in the world, is brought down in scriptures that it will occur in the end of days just before the worldwide redemption.

      Many of my readers are paying attention to this aspect and bringing to our attention how much it is increasing. It is all good news, since Hashem is letting us know we are close to the happy ending (actually the happy beginning of the time of Moshiach).