Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Answer to Many of Your Questions

I have noticed recently that I have been receiving many questions, mostly through private Emails, that I have covered extensively in previous posts. I know that I get new readers every day, and that after 523 posts that I have made over the past 50 months, many of my devoted readers don’t remember many of the details of what I had covered.

So what is the solution that would save me the embarrassment of having to say: “I already covered that subject, just go to …..”? It is: buy my book. I realized that many of the subjects being asked about were covered in the book, and I also noticed that I haven’t advertised the book recently.

To buy the hold-in-your-hand-copy, go to Amazon.com. It is still priced at $18, a real bargain. If you are a Kindle fan, that Amazon.com site has the Kindle version for only $2.99. Go to:


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If you went to the Amazon.com site take notice of a review that I received from an idolater who refers to the comment I made a video and not the book. It was the video about Rav Yitzchak Kaduri, zt”l, meeting Moshiach and leaving a note that encoded his name. The idolaters stated that the note said it is Yushka (JC). I have talked about the note and the desperate deception from idolaters by stating incorrectly that Rav Kaduri encoded Joshua in his note. Actually he didn’t, until somebody changed the note and added a letter to make the deception come out. I have challenged the idolaters of the world to show me anywhere in scriptures including their so-called new bible where Yushka is referred to as Joshua. I have not received any takers on that request, but I have received nasty comments from frustrated individuals who can’t handle the truth.

I decided not to remove the comment even though it was not about my book but about a comment I made on a bogus video. I came to the conclusion that Jews and righteous non-Jews are smart enough to see the evil and the ignorance of the comment. This sample of Jew-hatred, that is so prevalent these days, has increased the sale of my book – why remove it?

I once wrote that the best way to sell a book is to get it banned. “Nobody is going to tell me what I can read or not read,” is the attitude of people. I couldn’t get my book banned, but just added some spice to it, a little controversy, and it helped. I want to thank the Idolater. His or her lies and deception is greatly appreciated.

The other way to buy my book is directly from me. Go to the top of the right column and click on the “Buy Now” button.  
This is for a revised electronic version of the book that I have improved. It is still $5 and is done directly by me through Email. The best part of buying it directly from me is that if you have any questions, the author is available. I have had some very enlightening comments and questions from this direct Email connection with my readers. Also, everyone who has bought from me directly has been recorded for a blog give-away that I am planning. It is too soon to give details, but it will be very special give-away that I am hoping to do soon, B”N.

Hopefully this will answer your questions and also give you: The Solution to All Your Problems - Guaranteed in Writing!

Note: So far all the money that I have collected on the sale of the book has been given to charity or helping families directly. I didn’t write the book to make money; Hashem takes good care of me and my family without a need for additional income, bli ayin hara. I mention this since the purchase of my E-book should be considered tax deductible since it goes to charity. I don’t have a tax number to give, but the $5 charitable contribution is legitimate.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Another Message to Find Happiness and Success

Once again, a very important message from the Torah portion that was read on Shabbos. First the commentary on the Haftarah from the Artscroll Chumash:

Haftaras Bechukosai, Jeremiah 16:19 – 17:14

As the prophet of the Destruction, Jeremiah's message was much like that of the weekly Torah portion: If the Jewish people are devoted to the Torah, they will enjoy respect, prosperity, and blessing. If they forsake the Torah, they will suffer contempt, poverty and curse. The prophet begins with a scathing description of how deeply ingrained is the national sin of idolatry and the coupling of a lack of faith in G-d with an absolute faith in frail man. The latter part of the message is indeed timeless. For, Jeremiah warns, these illusions will all be in vain; any good that comes of them will be fleeting and end in humiliation and tragedy.

Like even the fiercest prophecies, however, this one ends in words of hope and consolation, as does the frightful admonition of our weekly Torah portion. No matter how dark the present and how ominous the imminent future, G-d does not forsake Israel forever, nor does Israel cut its bond to G-d. The covenant of the Patriarchs remains intact; hope and healing will yet come, for Hashem is our salvation and praise.
I have heard many times the Torah being described as a book of history. The most important lesson of history is to learn from it, and not make the same mistakes. The Torah is our handbook of life and uses history to teach us how to succeed in life, how to be happy, how to be prosperous and how to go into the time of Moshiach as well off as can be.

This Torah portion has the very simple message that is repeated often: turn to Hashem, follow His ways, trust in Him, have total faith in Him and know that He is our only way to salvation. The Haftarah just lets us know that the theme is repeated throughout history and that nothing has changed, except that we have many more ways of getting into trouble and hurting ourselves these days than ever. The Torah portion is much more pertinent now than throughout history, and should be studied and lived as though our lives depend on it.

To enhance this message that every word, every letter, every numerical value of every letter is prophecy and is guiding us to total happiness and success, I thought I would mention one very interesting key in the text of the Torah that is not so obvious. It is called the "reversing vav.” Did you ever notice how many weekly portions of the Torah begin with the Hebrew letter ו vav? Vayeira, Vayeitzei, Vayishlach, Vayeishev, Vayigash, Vayechi, Va’eira, Vayakhel, Vayikra, Va’eschanan, and Vayeilech. This reversing vav also appears many times in the Torah, not just as Torah portion names. What is the hidden message here? Grammatically, each of these words are written in the future tense, but are read in the past tense. As an example: Vayeira is translated as “Appeared,” telling us that Hashem appeared to Avraham. But, it really should be translated as “And he will appear,” future tense. By adding the letter vav, it changes tense but gives us a very beautiful message that history repeats itself. Even though Hashem appeared to Avraham many years ago, it is a prophecy that Hashem will appear to him and all of us in the future. Many, many times in the Torah where it is read as a past tense event, it is telling us that it will happen again, possibly over and over again.

Such a beautiful way to let us know that history repeats itself, and that we should learn the lessons of the past to guide us throughout life. The handbook of life covers everything, sometimes a simple historical lesson is all we need to help us be happy and succeed in the present and the future.
Note: I am not posting many comments anymore. I always had in mind that comments are to benefit my dear readers by adding to the subject or asking pertinent questions that everyone can benefit from the answer. I have been getting many comments recently that would not benefit my readers, and I therefore have become very selective in my posting of comments. Examples include: personal comments that would be much better handled by a personal Email, questions that have been covered extensively (often a new reader who is not aware of my previous coverage), incorrect information that benefits no one or, my least favorite, nasty comments from individuals who obviously are in horrible trouble and want me to be the scapegoat.

Any comment can be sent to me as a private Email instead. Consider my readers and ask: is this comment something that would benefit others? I am very happy to discuss private situations since helping everyone is my purpose here. If you disagree with something I said, tell me about it and we can solve the disagreement in a very friendly manner.  My Email is: absolutetruth613@gmail.com

If all you need to do is blow off some steam with a nasty response, you should realize that Hashem reads all the comments I receive and judges whether it is something the He would approve of, or whether it is a Torah violation. After all those who bless you are blessed, those who curse you are cursed. If you are trying hard to be in the 2/3rd group, there are many ways to do that. Masochists have a variety of ways to hurt themselves. I also would like to question: if you have a nasty message to report, would you say it if we were face to face? The web makes it easy for cowards to operate, but you really are hurting yourself greatly since Hashem knows exactly who you are, and how He will punish you.  If you don't believe this, you will find out soon, the hard way.

It is interesting to me that the one who is trying to save your life is the one with whom you need to take out your ignorant frustrations. Why am I bringing this up? As difficult as it may be to believe, I am more concerned with your welfare than you are. Doing Teshuvah may help, since it is Hashem that you have the conflict with, not His messenger.

Another very interesting find by Rav Glazerson in Torah Codes:

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Another Catch 22

Do you know what a catch 22 is? Here is the Wikipedia explanation:
A catch-22 is a paradoxical situation from which an individual cannot escape because of contradictory rules. An example would be:
To apply for a job, you need to have a few years of experience. But in order to gain experience, you need to get a job first.
Recently I have been living catch 22’s. I thought I would bring a couple to your attention. First let me show you a comment that I received, that I was not going to post, but then realized it was a beautiful catch 22. Here is the comment (I left off the name to protect the guilty):

So-and-so has left a new comment on your post "NIBIRU CATACLYSM IMMINENT":
Blog owner I suppose you think you are helping people but seems to me that all you are doing is breaking people's hearts. I have read through many your posts going back years. Every two months Moshiach is coming. You always have your 'solid' reasoning and your inside information. You keep everyone in a state of terror as we brace for a brutal judgment and the death of billions. It's pretty insane and pretty cruel too.
My reply:

First I want to tell this reader how honored I am that he wants to give me credit for Hashem’s plan. I really can’t take the credit, though; it is Hashem’s infinite intelligence, wisdom and mercy that I am trying to get across to my readers.

But, let us review what has transpired. I have been screaming for the past 50 months that all Hashem is telling us is that we need to turn to Him and follow His ways and all our problems will be solved. Each time there was an opportunity for Moshiach, according to Hashem’s messages, I expounded on the theme: “Let us all turn to Hashem and Moshiach will be crowned.”

This has happened throughout history, it is not just during my blog days. In 1948 and 1967 all the Arabs were out of Israel. There were Rabbis who said this is a golden opportunity for Moshiach to come. What happened? The Erev Rav running the country invited the Arabs back trying to be politically correct to the world. It was politically suicidal since Hashem told us in the Torah that He would provide us a non-people a vile nation when we were not following His will (Deuteronomy 32:21). We got all the present troubles in Israel due to our lack of turning to Hashem and we delayed Moshiach time and time again.

Back to my blog. When I told of possible times for Moshiach, I got complaints when it didn’t happen. From whom did the complaints come? The ones who did not follow Hashem’s instructions on how to succeed. CATCH 22. The ones who killed the opportunity are the ones who complained that it didn’t happen. Wait a minute! That means that one who is accusing me of “breaking people's hearts,” is the one who is “breaking people's hearts.” ANOTHER CATCH 22.

I have had three separate dear readers write to me within the past couple of days telling me don’t blame yourself if you can’t get Hashem’s messages across to people. Hashem is giving us an extremely simple way to solve all the world’s problem including our own personal problems. It is so much easier to use me as a scapegoat when it doesn’t work for the person who is not using Hashem’s flawless advice and causing it not to work (another guess what?). I wanted instead to tell you my answer to those individuals who are trying to ease my burden:

I thank you for your thoughts, but I have one very big problem. I feel the pain of the people in this world and the frustration they have in trying to cope with all the craziness. Especially, since I know beyond a shadow of a doubt the simple solution to all their woes.

As good as I have it, and I must say Hashem takes such good care of me and my family (bli ayin harah), I can't feel comfortable when I see all the hardship of my extended family – you, my dear readers and all your loved ones.

For me, I do not need to do this blog. For everyone reading my blog, I must continue.

I am sorry, but I cannot in good conscience ignore anyone or anyone's problems. We are all in this together, and everyone’s’ problems are my problems too.

Above you stated: “You keep everyone in a state of terror as we brace for a brutal judgment and the death of billions. It's pretty insane and pretty cruel too.”

I have been saying for quite a while that Hashem sees that we are not turning to Him on our own, so His plan, that is obviously working, is to make this world so scary that we are forced to turn to Him (the old no atheists in foxholes bit). It is not insane, nor cruel since Hashem knows that the results will be to help the good people of the world and bring them the goodness He has planned all along. The only one who will find it insane and cruel will be the evil ones who aren’t interested in Hashem or His perfect solution.

Why am I so concerned about all this to bring it up? Good question. We have more opportunities to bring Moshiach and solve all the world’s problems. When? Tomorrow night!!!! I have already written about Log B’Omer being a very good possibility for Hashem to crown Moshiach. I have also given details of the importance of counting the Omer and leading us up to Shavuot, an extremely promising time for Moshiach to take over. All I need to do is continue my ranting and raving by saying: “WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS EVIL UPSIDE-DOWN WORLD, WE WANT MOSHIACH IMMEDIATELY!!!!! (I did change the last word, my ranting and raving is getting more forceful).

Perhaps it will change the attitude of the people who only put out complaints due to their own lack of effort. If I could reach all the skeptics and tell them: “Stop breaking people's hearts,” I could possibly hold off the next CATCH 22. Only with Hashem’s help and everyone reading this, I can’t do it myself.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Israeli Government in 5776 - Mashiach - in bible code Glazerson

Another very interesting Torah Code video from Rav Glazerson:

Sunday, May 22, 2016


Something that I have been saying for months is that there doesn't seem to be credible information available from professional scientists about Nibiru. I have talked about the cover-up and the agenda of the global elite as the major reason.

Now there is a credible individual, who is a former NASA scientist, who has come forward at his own risk to inform the public. There were two articles discussing the matter and giving us, what sounds like, very credible information. First read the most recent article entitled

An article of 8 May 2016, entitled,
can be seen at:

Dr. Shimschuck is not telling me anything so new that I haven't heard before except the predicted closest approach around Sep to Dec of 2016. That doesn't mean that the devastation of more powerful earthquakes, more vicious volcanic eruptions, crazier weather, etc, etc, etc won't continue.  I do not know a definite schedule, other than the fact that it will occur 5776.

Since I know that it is all part of Hashem's plan to bring the Geula, so be it. As I have been saying that the happy ending will be greatly influenced by our Teshuvah and shouting out to Hashem "that we have had enough, WE WANT MOSHIACH NOW."

One can also tell from the comments below the articles that no one has a clue of the reality of all this (you need not read the comments, they are uneducated nonsense for the most part).

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Lag B'Omer Light of the Crown, Light of Torah in bible code Glazerson

Watch this new video from Rav Glazerson. Is this a message from Hashem about Lag B'Omer this year -- next week?


Keep doing Teshuvah, we are obviously being told by Hashem that we have another great opportunity to bring Geula. Once again, it is up to us.

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Behar, 7 Iyar 5776 (15/5/16)

G-d, King of Kings, Father of the world, of the worlds above and of all worlds, continues to purify and sanctify the world - and in a short time, the entire world will be pure and holy. G-d will purify Israel, and the Jews in Israel will run the world. The entire world needs the holy land of Israel. The world will kneel before G-d in this generation! Whoever is smart will stick with G-d now! Those who want to suffer will wait. People don't understand that G-d is talking to us through pictures, actions that He is doing in the world, the forces of nature, and conflict between countries and within countries - this is G-d speaking; you do not hear Him or see Him.

Any country that acts against Israel will be destroyed like Syria, and every country that supports Israel will have good economy, and good and peaceful lives.

G-d is telling all countries: Try me and see. Israel will suffer no more and there will be no more wars!

The forces of nature, fire, heat, wind, earth, water, and floods will continue to strike and take care of the people on earth. In the holy land of Israel there will be nothing. Chaos, Armageddon and catastrophe will be in the world, but in Israel there will be peace and quiet, protection, prosperity, joy, peace and love.

Israel shouldn't be afraid of any country. We see how G-d protects and guards Israel and directly harms anyone that tries to harm Israel.

The people of Israel celebrated Independence Day and felt freedom! G-d is giving the people of Israel a taste of freedom and independence. The people of Israel were happy on Independence Day, which was two days. This was just a taste of the Messiah King! There was good weather and G-d spoke to every Jew through the wind there was that day. Thousands of years, Jews have been waiting for the day that they will not be enslaved by any country. In 1948, G-d gave Israel; and, from that moment, Israel waits for all Jews to come urgently. In 1948 salvation began!

G-d is telling the Diaspora Jews to come to Israel, and those who are married to gentiles - convert them. Jews abroad: stop thinking it won't happen to them; it is an allusion and will cost their lives. G-d is shocking the entire world with the forces of nature and complications so that the Jews in Israel see the miracles that G-d is doing, and to get the Diaspora Jews to wake up, leave the material, and come to Israel.

G-d is protecting Israel and guiding the IDF the good and right way. In Israel there is abundance, everything is good; be serious and happy, not complacent. Every Jew, religious and secular, must protect the holy land of Israel! Jews have no place in the world - only Israel!

All of the parliament members and ministers were chosen to protect the holy land and the unity of the people of Israel; it is preparation for the Messiah King! In Israel there is oil, gas, gold, iron, copper, and diamonds - there is everything!

If the people of Israel unite and obey the commandments - there will be abundance for everyone! G-d is opening windows of opportunity so that the people of Israel believe in Him.

In East Jerusalem and the area there are gang conspiracies. The Shin Bet and Mossad need to rip off the head of the snake and smash its head, not just the body. They are sending suicide bombers to harm Jews in Israel. This quiet is not peace, it is the head of the snake of the leaders in East Jerusalem who want to surprise, heaven forbid - be vigilant.

Hamas continues to dig tunnels to Israel. Their primary goal is to harm IDF bases and settlements. They have another very long tunnel in Israeli territory that is deeply inside Israel, from Gaza towards the east of Israel. They dig toward Sinai desert. Hamas is working quietly, they are afraid that ISIS will ruin everything for them. Everyone is panicking in Gaza.

Abu Mazen doesn't care about anything; he doesn't care about or doesn't want Gaza because he can't lead it. It's a mess.

In Gaza, there will be a revolution, and they will fight each other over who leads.

Lebanon is in conflict within itself and is filled with refugees. They pretend to be a "modern" nation.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah want to destroy all of Lebanon to rule it so that they have a bridge to Iran. They will be destroyed more and more every day and will fall into the abyss.

Syria will be completely erased from the earth. This is G-d's revenge for brutally torturing and murdering IDF soldiers in the Yom Kippur war and other wars, a brutality that even today cannot be imagined.

Iran sends ammunition. The IDF is vigilant and tracks every move from Iran and Syria to the Hezbollah.

In Turkey, ISIS is celebrating. Arduan is afraid they will kill him and his family and wants Israel to help and support him. ISIS is eating away at Turkey too. Do not trust Arduan and Turkey, do not deal with them! ISIS is controlling Arduan and the Turkish regime - the Shin Bet and Mossad are smart and know everything.

Jordan is waiting for the US elections - it won't do them any good. They will continue to wait until the refugees destroy them.

In the US, the new president will take time until he balances the US, may he succeed, until then Jordan is destroyed. G-d is controlling him - a president will be elected who loves only the Jews in Israel, not the Jews in the US.

Iraq is completely destroyed; it has no support and no base.

In Egypt the situation is very dire; Sisi is working quietly and erasing everyone that riots without the media seeing it. There is no quiet there, ISIS, Hamas, and extreme Islamists continue to try to topple the regime, and if they succeed, it will be exactly like Syria.

Israel has strength like no other country - G-d is fighting in Israel and protecting it! All of the patents, inventions and technology - it all comes from the Jews. Israel must not fear any country in the world.

All of the white collar, religious or secular, people who take bribes or live on the backs of others will have a harsh trial. If they repent before G-d, he will be merciful with them. If they don't, they will be revealed in the media before the world.

Jews must continue to invest in real estate in Israel, not abroad - that is the mistake of your lives!

Jewish parents, watch over your kids from assimilation, drugs, alcohol abuse, and gambling. They are the future of the holy land of Israel.

The people of Israel must be more forgiving with each other, those who forgive are a mast and those who are stubborn sink. Bitterness leads to more bitterness, and joy creates more joy! You must turn the bad to good, hate to love, pride to humility, and hatred to kindness - this is what G-d wants, this is the blessing of being in the first circle. A lot of kindness, love and joy in the people of Israel and obeying the commandments is the strength and life of Israel.

Since Passover, every day that goes by opens the way to salvation! It opens the way to the crowning of the Messiah King in public! The Messiah is working, and blessed are those who believe. Whoever believes, talks about it, tells others - will be in the first circle. Whoever says that it is not time, heaven have mercy on them. The Messiah will soon be revealed!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

I had a request to see a picture of Nibiru and the fact that it is greatly diminished in light intensity (it is in front of the sun and not being bathed in the suns light).  This picture which was taken by a friend of mine in Beit Shemesh, Israel, shows the sun and a very dim Nibiru with a reddish tint to the left of it.  I put a circle around Nibiru since it is very difficult to see.

Chaya noreply-comment@blogger.com

10:50 PM (9 hours ago)

Chaya has left a new comment on your post "So, When is Moshiach Going to be Introduced?":


We have started this Facebook group. It is something a little extra to help bring this about, b'ezrat Hashem. If you feel it is worthy, please share. Thank you.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

So, When is Moshiach Going to be Introduced?

Some of you may think that I have been playing with your emotions with these tidbits of information without telling you the bottom line of my dot-connecting. As I am about to disclose, you are the most important ingredient in the coming of Moshiach and the time of worldwide redemption. I wanted you to think, and possibly think deeply for the past couple of days about what is happening and what is about to happen. Your involvement is vital to everything. Hashem set the rules, but He works His will around our will. That I will prove to you but even more so, I need your total involvement.

About two weeks ago, Hashem sent me a sign, and also provided me with a very interesting thought. I wake up every morning about 1 to 3 AM. Why, is a long story, but it is the best time to study Torah and work on this blog. As I was looking at the morning sky, a meteor streaked across the sky. The timing was perfect for me to see it, and I knew that Hashem was telling me something.

As was talked about in the blog post of two days ago (I did that on purpose), the Torah has all the answers, but most of the time the answers are very hidden, very deep – not so obvious (and almost never in English). I went to the most profound prophecy in the Torah of the coming of Moshiach, and was amazed to find information that told me miraculously when it will happen and even the name of Moshiach. How was that for a loaded statement?

The verse to which I refer is in Parashat Balak, Numbers 24:14 to 19.

Balaam's Last Prophecy

14 And now, behold! I go to my people. Come, I shall advise you what this people will do to your people in the End of Days.
15 He declaimed his parable and said: 'The words of Balaam son of Beor, the words of the man with the open eye.

16 "The words of one who hears the sayings of G-d, and knows the knowledge of the Supreme One, who sees the vision of Shak-ai, while fallen and with uncovered eyes.

17 "I shall see him, but not now, I shall look at him, but it is not near. A star has issued from Jacob and a scepter-bearer has risen from Israel, and he shall pierce the nobles of Moab and undermine all the children of Seth.

18 "Edom shall be a conquest and Seir shall be the conquest of his enemies - and Israel will attain success.

19 "One from Jacob shall rule and destroy the remnant of the city."

20 He saw Amalek and declaimed his parable and said: ''Amalek is the first among nations, but its end will be eternal destruction."
I studied the commentary for these verses and discovered very interesting facts. First some commentary:
17. I shall see him, but not now. Balaam spoke about the very distant future of the Jewish people, the time when the final Messianic redemption would come. Thus, his entire series of pronouncements encompassed four periods in Jewish history: in the Wilderness (23:7-10); their impending conquest of the Land (23:18-24); their period of greatness after conquering the Land and their surrounding enemies (24:3-9); and now of the End of Days (Ramban).

A star has issued from Jacob. Though speaking of future Jewish kings, Balaam spoke in the past tense, for it is common in prophecy that the prophet "sees" the subject of his speech as clearly as if it had already taken place. The star is a king, and the scepter is the royal power to overcome opposition and bring everyone under his sway (Rashi). This Jewish king will defeat the nobles of Moab as well as the entire world. Seth was the son of Adam and Eve who became the ancestor of all mankind, so that the children of Seth are all the people on the face of the earth.

The identity of this "king" is the subject of dispute. According to Rashi and Ibn Ezra, it is David, the first great conqueror among Jewish kings, who was victorious over Moab (II SamueL 8:2). As noted above, however, Ramban interprets this entire passage with reference to Messianic times. According to him, Messiah is called a "star" - more likely a shooting star, or meteor - because he will have to flash across heaven, visible to the whole world, as it were, to gather in Jews from their dispersion. At that time, Moab will not be spared, even though the Jews of Balak's generation were commanded not to conquer Moab.

18. His enemies. Seir and Edom - the two names of Esau's descendants - will fall to his enemy, Israel, and become its possession. Verse 19 concludes this aspect of the prophecy by saying that Israel will dominate Edom and destroy its most prominent city (Rashi). This describes the End of Days, because the current dispersion is called the Edomite Exile, during which Israel is considered to be under the dominion of Edom. This will end when Edom's power is broken (Ramban).
Note: Throughout history the commentary refer to Xtianity as Edom. The Arizal stated that Esav came back, was reincarnated, as Yushka to continue his effort to kill his brother Yaakov – which has happened for the past two thousand years. The prominent city of Edom is Rome throughout scriptures, but in recent times Rome, Maryland, which was renamed Washington DC, is considered the main city of Edom.

I also did a Torah codes search of these verses:

Numbers 24:14-17 has Nibiru encoded across these verses with a skip of 39, which is the Gematria of לבוא - to come.
5776 appears twice in 24:16 and 17 with a skip of 13 each, which is the Gematria of אחד – one, the combined 26 is Hashem.
The month of Sivan does not appear across these verses at all.
The months of Av and Elul are encoded here and many places in Tenach. 
What I learned from the commentary is that the Star and the Moshiach are considered the same. The coming of the star means the coming of the King Moshiach.

That made me very curious about what has already transpired. We were told by amateur astronomers (which were all we had available) in February that Nibiru would flyby around Purim. We also saw in the Torah codes that Nibiru would flyby and Moshiach would come. We then saw Torah codes that said we were not worthy of Moshiach at Purim, but we saw a possibility of Pesach. What fascinates me is I can see us not being worthy of Moshiach, but did that change where Nibiru was and when it would physically pass the Earth? I concluded with a big: YES, THE ONE WHO IS TELLING US THAT WE ARE NOT READY FOR MOSHIACH IS THE ONE CONTROLLING NIBIRU AND ITS PATH!!!!!!!

But then I received the excellent essay, posted yesterday, from my friend, Rabbi Beitz telling us how necessary the counting of the Omer was to prepare these people with a slave mentality to become a nation and receive the Torah at Mount Sinai. I have said repeatedly that everything that happened in the first Geula will happen in the final Geula, except more miraculously. We came out of Purim and Pesach unprepared and we are going through the counting of the Omer in preparation to receive everything, the worldwide redemption, the Moshiach, the Temple, the elimination of the evil ones, which include the Erev Rav, etc, etc, etc.

The same series of events is occurring again with details that must be told. We were not prepared because we didn’t have the complete faith in Hashem and His servant Moshe Rabbeinu. We needed to be scared at the Sea of Reeds when we saw our enemy wanting to kill us and we were with our backs against the sea. It was only after Hashem performed the miracles at the sea that we realized the Infinite Power that was guiding us.

Even before we left Egypt, we saw the plagues and were still not totally convinced. The fact that only 20% of the Israelites left Egypt is quite a statement of a lack of faith and trust in Hashem. We saw the sea open for us, and then saw our enemies wiped out. We were getting closer, but still did not do total Teshuvah. It wasn’t until we were at Mount Sinai, with the fire and smoke and the mountain hanging over our heads and the total scary chaos. Then Hashem spoke two commandments, and we were so panicky that we told Moshe you tell us the commandments; we are too afraid to hear it from Hashem directly. Then we did Teshuvah when we all said “Na’aseh V’nishmah, we will do and then we will hear/understand.”

I have also said that we will get Moshiach when all the Jews do Teshuvah. Is it possible for all the Jews in the world to do Teshuvah? Soon we will have a star hanging over our heads and the earth will quake and the volcanoes will all erupt and the chaos and scariness will be worse than Mount Sinai for it will be worldwide.

It sounds like the same story happening again. When will we all do Teshuvah? When the mountain, excuse me, the star is frightening us to death and we all say: “ENOUGH, HELP US HASHEM.” We have been seeing the plagues on Earth for a while (that could be a book written on the subject). We have seen the earthquake increase, the volcanic eruption increase, the sinkholes worldwide, the Earth shifting axis, the magnetic pole shift, the weather craziness, the modern day Pharaoh wanting to kill us, the fulfillment of just about all of the prophecies for the end of days, etc, etc, etc. Are we scared enough yet? Obviously, as we were in Egypt and beyond, we were oblivious to how bad things are getting. I guess we need the ultimate scary event – a star with its estimated seven planets, and millions of miles of debris causing such changes on earth including killing 2/3rd of the population, before we will all do Teshuvah and bring Moshiach.

I want to state one very important concept to each person reading this. We, like the Israelites leaving Egypt, are on our own to either follow Hashem and gain all the goodness He is planning to bestow upon us, or act with flawed human emotions and ignore Hashem’s instructions. I will say it again for the thousandth time we are about to receive, measure for measure, what we deserve. Those who are still skeptical (and I still get plenty of ignorant Emails proving the skepticism) should just take a gun and shoot themselves in the foot – it will be a lot less painful. I have shown such proof from over 30 sources, mostly from Hashem, that the end is here and that Moshiach is imminent. Yet, I still get readers who ignore it completely and say “I hope it will be this year.” A statement like that shows a total lack of faith in the messages coming from Hashem.

I have said many times: we are not waiting for Moshiach, he is waiting for us. I have heard from Gedolim that the biggest problem that we have is complacency. When I tell most observant Jews that we are very close to the final redemption and Moshiach they almost always answer: We have heard that before. In other words, as long as we answer that way we are saying: Moshiach will never come, because we are not waiting for him, chas v’shalom. Hashem answers that statement with: If you are satisfied being without Moshiach, you will wait longer. If instead all Jews would say: we have had enough of this evil, crazy upside-down world, WE WANT MOSHIACH NOW!!! Then Hashem would say: Now you have caught on, here he is.

So, when will Moshiach be introduced? When we want him to be introduced; when we finally catch on to the idea that Hashem is waiting for us. Can we demand Moshiach like that? That is exactly what Hashem wants from us.

I must throw in one more ingredient. Achdus. Unity. When we show love for each other and cooperate with each other and realize we are all on the same team, wanting the same thing, Moshiach will be introduced. We lost the 2nd Temple because of baseless hatred. We acted as human beings and blamed everyone else for our problems instead of taking personal responsibility for everything that has gone wrong in the world and personally. The good news is that Hashem’s plan includes scaring us into working together. It is interesting how people are so apart, blaming each other for their woes, until disaster strikes. Then, miraculously we huddle together in the corner and turn to Hashem for help. The disaster is already occurring, the worse part, the part that makes us work together, is coming. We will also see the difference between the 1/3rd group and the 2/3rd group. The 1/3rd group will miraculously help each other knowing that Hashem will provide for all. The 2/3rd group will kill each other for food and vitals to live. That is why they will be gone from the earth.

So, let us get more specific about when the happy ending will be here. Here are possible choices:

1. We all turn to Hashem and say: “we have had enough, we want Moshiach now.” That would result in Moshiach being introduced TODAY!!!
2. We continue to count the Omer and gain the additional strength and faith and bring Moshiach. An interesting possibility is Log B’Omer, the 33rd day of the counting of the Omer. The origins of Lag BaOmer as a minor festival are unclear. The date is mentioned explicitly for the first time in the 13th century by the Talmudist Meiri in his gloss to Yevamot 62b. The Talmudic passage states that during the time of Rabbi Akiva, 24,000 of his students died from a divinely-sent plague during the counting of the Omer. The Talmud goes on to say that this was because they did not show proper respect to one another. Meiri named Lag BaOmer as the day when, "according to a tradition of the geonim," the "plague" ended. Is this a possible end to our plague, that we finally realize that we need each other and create the Achdus that I mentioned above? If so, Log B’Omer is next week – a possibility for Moshiach. Will it be on Log B’Omer? We will know for sure on the 34th day of the counting of the Omer.
3. Then we have the remainder of the counting including arriving at Mount Sinai on Rosh Chodesh Sivan. That was followed by the three days of preparation just before we received the Torah on Shavuot. This year Shavuot is on 12 June and is a very good possibility for the star to hang over our heads as the mountain did 3328 years ago. Will it all happen on Shavuot? We will all know the day after Shavuot, especially if all the Jews and the lost tribes have been returned to Israel prior to Shavuot, and all celebrate only one day of Shavuot this year.
I am not seeing us going beyond Shavuot since the parallels of the first Geula and the present Geula are so intense. Also, the many messages we are receiving from Hashem that we are very close gives me great chizuk that all is imminent. I know that I showed Iyar being encoded in the important verses and not Sivan. That is very encouraging that number 1 or 2 above could be realistic. It is all up to us. Hashem will react and fulfill His will based on our actions and our will. If we catch on, we win sooner, if not ……..

For those of you who are still curious about the events on Earth, I have added many of the websites that I frequent to get an idea of the coming of Nibiru. As I said above, Hashem will bring Nibiru according to our faith and trust in Him, not randomly, as this whole world believes. These are some of the phenomena that I have checked to verify the effects of Nibiru on Earth as it approaches:

Near Earth Object Program that tells the close approach of Asteroids and other objects:

This is a list of the earthquakes for the past 24 hours with a map showing location:

This is the volcanic eruptions happening on Earth now:

There are so many sites with pictures of sinkholes around the world. Here is one:

Two curiosities that you can check:

I can see the big dipper and the North Star from the balcony of our apartment. We have been told that the Earth axis has changed, and oddly enough the North Star is not in the same place. It has moved over, which gives a very definite proof to the Earth axis shift.
If you have a compass, as I have checked with two, it does not point to magnetic North as it used to, but is now pointing in a more westerly direction. This is a verification of the magnetic pole shift.
One more question that I have been avoiding. I mentioned that I am very certain that I know who Moshiach is. His name appears encoded hundreds of times in Tenach and I am sure it must also be in the Zohar and the Talmud (which I do not have the software to check). What is his name? You will find out when he is introduced and if anyone is interested at that time I can show you the massive amount of proof that I found.

I believe what is says in the prophet Daniel that these secrets are locked away until the end. Even though I had seen encoded monthly references in Tenach, I never carried it out to check an exact date. Since I believe that saying the name of Moshiach is Lashon Harah, and that Hashem does not want that information released before its time, I have held back. I will say that what we have been told by various sources that the man that will be crowned Moshiach is well known is absolutely true.

One last request. In my effort to get everyone in a very positive attitude about Moshiach, which is a very important ingredient in bringing him into our lives, stop sending me nonsensical articles from sources who know very little. Telling me about the election which according to Moishela and me, will not even occur. Sending me old videos that have been disproven many times is also a waste of my precious time. I have stopped posting any comment that shows any negativity. It helps no one and is always incorrect. Everything in this world that is happening these days is very positive for the righteous, and very negative for the not-so-nice people. If something bothers you so much that you lose faith in Hashem, the One causing all the good to happen, you need to do more Teshuvah. It is Hashem’s way of helping you turn to Him not away from Him. If you have something very positive like a message from one of the Facilitated Communications individuals, or a new Rav Glazerson video as our dear friend Luiz sends us, I am happy to receive it and pass it on. Note that the information from the FC individuals and the Rabbis has been very consistent and very encouraging (for righteous people).

Also, keep it simple that I don’t have to do massive research to get its true meaning. My time is limited, and yes I do have a real life outside of this blog. An example I received recently was a book that included proof from the Lubavitcher Rebbe that he knew about a star coming. I do not have time to read the whole book, but would love for someone who is interested, including the dear reader who sent it to me, to give me the information directly. I am very curious to read what he said about the star, but I don’t have many hours to find it.

As an example: this one blog post that you are reading took me about two weeks of research, digging, outlining and writing (and rewriting) to post. It may have taken you five minutes to read, but it is worth my time to spend the many hours in an effort to save the world and the lives of each of you, my dear readers.

Please help me save the world; you will like the thanks that you get from Hashem for your efforts. If nothing else, get from this post that you are an important part of the success of it all. The coming of the worldwide redemption and the Moshiach is up to all of us. Hashem is watching to see how well we perform in getting the job done. As I said above: when is Moshiach going to be introduced? When do you want it to happen? (Jews like to answer questions with a question.)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Inclusion: Action + Intention

I received this excellent essay from a friend of mine. As a way of giving more meaning to the counting of the Omer, I thought I would pass it on you my dear readers. Enjoy and internalize its very profound message in these days of needing Teshuvah.

Omer: April 24-June 11, 5776/ 2016
© 2016 Rabbi Yonasan Beitz: Torah, Chassidus, and Inclusion

The Torah tells us that the days of the Omer were counted when the Jewish people left Egypt. They were very excited to know that after counting these 50 days they would be receiving the Torah. Mt Sinai was located in the Sinai Peninsula and the journey to this area normally would have only taken a few days. Why did the children of Israel have to count 50 days before receiving the Torah? Couldn’t they have prepared themselves in a shorter amount of time?
The Jewish people left Egypt in great haste because they were at such a low point in their spirituality and their connection to Hashem that, had they been in Egypt for a moment longer they might not have been able, G-d forbid, to be extricated. With the Egyptian culture and the worship of exotic gods being so compelling and the slavery so harsh, it would have been nearly impossible to exit this bondage in a natural way. 
Hashem Himself had to descend to Egypt to take the children of Israel out because any messenger would have been overwhelmed by the coarse existence of the Egyptians. Some of the Jews even left carrying idols but, had they waited further to destroy their idols, they might not have gotten out.

Chassidus discusses emotional dynamics. We have seven major emotional traits. These traits or emotional qualities are 1) kindness, 2) discipline, 3) compassion, 4) perseverance, 5) humility, 6) connection, and 7) nobility. These qualities are the substance of forming a relationship and are links which bind relationships together. With the movement of the Jewish people in Sinai towards a higher and much more refined relationship with Hashem, they could no longer utilize their tainted ways. To reach the refinement necessary each individual trait needed to be thoroughly and systematically purged of any trace of impurity within each individual.
An example of this process could be a dirty and foul smelling cup. A strong and powerful cleaning solution is used to remove the muck from a dirty cup. Yet it still has faint traces of a bad odor and so a pleasant smelling detergent is needed to clean and make it useful for drinking. The muck that was on the cup corresponds to ones’ vulgar vocabulary and, in this example, the bad smell can be related to the manner in which the words are expressed, i.e. how the person comes across and is perceived. A criminal who needs rehabilitation can be easily transformed into a gentleman by giving him lessons in royal speech etiquette. However, he will still have inner roguish feelings which will eventually come out. As we will see, not only did the vocabulary of the Jewish people need to be changed but the style of expression also needed to be changed.
After the food which the Jewish people had taken with them from Egypt was consumed they complained by saying “Why did you bring us into the desert in order to kill us?!” These harsh words reflected their inner distrust of Hashem and their leader Moshe. Day after day Hashem continued to cause the manna to descend, even tailored for their individual taste and quantity. This steadfast faithfulness of Hashem towards His children fostered a quantum leap in trust and perspective with the children of Israel. Humility and acceptance of the ways of Hashem brought them to the level of total nullification, an essential ingredient for receiving the Torah. With the Jewish people mightily declaring “We will do and then we will understand” the vocabulary and the intentions were changed becoming unified.

We have more control over our actions (speaking is considered a small action) than of our emotions. In order to synchronize ones’ intentions with ones’ behavior it must be realized that first a behavior pattern (i.e. speech) should be changed and this then leads to a change of intention. Becoming proficient and knowledgeable in this refinement process leads the practitioners of inclusion to be very influential and efficient in the world. The refinement of the seven emotional traits causes a fertile breeding ground for inclusion of one’s self with other people and the community at large.

With the counting of the days of the Omer our good behaviors will be streamlined with our good intentions. This unity will cause the coming of Moshiach and the giving of the new Torah to the Jewish people, soon in our day.
I thank Rabbi Beitz for this very inspiring essay. The more important aspect is that is fit into my dot connecting efforts to figure out more about Moshiach – why are we having to wait so long and when will he finally be introduced.

Tomorrow I will give you some answers that you may find very interesting, but more so some very definite information about you and your efforts to bring Moshiach and solve all the world’s problems. See you tomorrow, B”N.

Monday, May 16, 2016

More Fascinating Dot Connecting

My readers know that I like to compare the weekly portion of the Torah that we read on Shabbos to the Haftarah which is often prophecy that gives deeper meaning to the Torah reading.  This past Shabbos had a very interesting Haftarah that teaches us a very important lesson about the Torah.  First let me tell you the commentary given in the ArtScroll Chumash, and then I can be more specific about what it means to us:

Haftaras Emor – Ezekiel 44:15-31
The first section of the Sidrah (the Torah portion) deals with the laws of Kohanim, and It is complemented by a Haftarah in which the prophet Ezekiel gives the laws that will apply to the Kohanim in Messianic times, after the building of the Third Temple. The commentators note that several of the laws pronounced by Ezekiel contradict laws of the Torah, a clear contradiction of the principle that the commandments of the Torah are eternal and immutable. There are two ways of dealing with this difficulty, both of which are discussed in the ArtScroll commentary to Ezekiel (pp. 695· 7). 
To the verses that seem to be at variance with the established Halachah, Rashi's commentary to the chapter offers only Midrashic comments. Apparently, this is one of the passages which, like the Book of Chronicles, was not intended to be understood in its simple meaning, since that would contradict what we know to be the true Halachah. Rather, this chapter was meant as a vehicle for the drash or the exegetical interpretations that underlie the verses. The Messianic era is shrouded in mystery; therefore, the simple meaning of this passage must remain hidden from us until, in the words of R' Yochanan in Menachos 45a, the prophet Elijah will come and reveal it to us. Radak has a different approach. Never in his commentary does he suggest that any commandment will be nullified. Rather, he holds that the drastically heightened spiritual level of Messianic times will be reflected in elevated standards of observance.

I have said that we do not read the Torah, we study the Torah.  The text of the Torah is so deep that it is very often not understood what Hashem’s messages are.  I have had discussions with readers of my blog that pointed out verses in the Torah as though they were clearly proving what the absolute truth is about a subject.  The fact is every word, every letter, every numerical value is giving us prophecy and a much deeper insight to the text being read.  I have mentioned that I do not have the answers to every question, I only know the source of all the answers, whether they are discernable or not.  I have also mentioned that I have answers to questions that I don’t have a comprehension of the answer I gave.

Why am I telling you all this?  Good question.  One is for us to realize that when dealing with the absolute truth, the Word of Hashem, we are dealing often dealing with truths beyond out comprehension.  As it says in the simple example of the laws of the Kohanim, we must wait for Elijah the Prophet to come and explain its meaning.  There are no mistakes in the Torah; there are many, many mistakes in how we interpret its meaning.

Let me get a lot more exciting about what dot connecting I have been guided to (from Hashem, no doubt).  I have dug deeper in the subject of the Moshiach and Nibiru with some fascinating results.  Two questions that I believe I have developed insight into are: when will Moshiach be introduced, and who exactly is he.

Enough for today.  Tomorrow I have a very interesting essay from a friend and neighbor of mine, that is also giving some insight into my dot connecting.  Then, B”N, the day after tomorrow (if I finish my writing in time), I will give you some insight in my findings.  This may prevent some of you from sleeping the next two nights, but I encourage you to do some meaningful Teshuvah while you are awake.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Threat - Nibiru - Asteroid - 2016 in bible code Glazerson

Another video from Rav Glazerson about Nibiru:


Also, please read a new message from Moishela on Dani18.com entitled "It is Truth!"


I am working on a post that will shed some light on the subject.  I hope to have it done in a couple of days, B"N.

Thank you Luiz for the Rav Glazerson video.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat EMOR, 30 Nissan 5776 (8/5/16)

We celebrated Passover with love and peace, with great joy and connection with G-d, our Father in Heaven. G-d lifted the bar after Passover, using the forces of nature even more because time is running out and G-d wants to purify the world and make it pure and holy - the land of Israel and the entire world.

There will continue to be earthquakes, floods, fires, harsh winds, cold, and heat. Everything that is happening with the forces of nature and the conflict between countries is 100% directly from G-d. If the Jews don't understand what G-d is doing and that it is for Israel, they will understand now. G-d is creating miracles in the holy land. Outside the borders of Israel there is Armageddon and chaos. Jews must thank G-d every second for every breath. When you thank G-d and acknowledge the good, the good stays and you get more good. We will thank G-d for revealing the tunnels to the IDF and many more miracles that He is doing in the holy land of Israel! Everything starts and ends with G-d.

The disasters in Israel occur as a result of human error, complacency, and thinking it will not happen to me. Watch over yourselves.

Hamas and the Palestinians are digging tunnels toward Egypt and Israel. In Israel they are focusing on military bases with the goal of abducting soldiers, heaven forbid, and humiliating the IDF. Towards Egypt, they dig to transfer transport ammunition, weapons, and commodities, and they bribe the Egyptian soldiers. G-d is revealing to Egypt from Sinai and to Israel from the Gaza Strip.

The Hamas guy that was captured with two knives was misled by G-d, thank G-d! The IDF knew where the tunnel opened, where the exit and entrance were. The Mossad and Shin Bet will catch the people that will tell them what is happening in East Jerusalem. When the IDF destroys their tunnels, Hamas will fall apart.

In Gaza, there are wars between gangs, soon it will spread even more and they will eat each other. A civil war has begun.

ISIS is between Egypt and Gaza and wants to control Hamas. Hamas is not fighting with Israel for two main reasons: the first is that Hamas is deathly afraid of ISIS destroying them. Second, they are not yet ready. Their strength is in the tunnels.

ISIS hates Hamas, and Egypt hates ISIS and Hamas.

Hamas is feeling the noose around its neck getting tighter, soon it will stop struggling and breathing.

In the West Bank and East Jerusalem are all of the fanatics, tricks, and activities, they are filling up with ammunition over the years and planning to attack all over Israel.

Abu Mazen doesn't care about anything; he kills anyone that goes against him. He wants control until his last day on earth. He is afraid of Hamas and ISIS because they want to hang him. He is passing the time, one day he will die.

In Egypt, the extreme Islamists are fighting quietly. They want to bring Egypt down. Sisi is not telling the media so that there isn't more violence. There are a lot of riots in Egypt and Sisi is working quietly. Despite his efforts, there will be a terrible war in Egypt, there is hunger there.

The Jordanian King is waiting for the US elections. He can keep waiting until the refugees eat away at Jordan. He is afraid to go out and get killed.

Syria is being erased, there is no truce and there never was. They continue to kill hundreds of thousands.

There is a big mess on the Turkish border. The Turks have honor and every little problem becomes a big deal, they want to show that they are a strong country. ISIS is slowly devouring Turkey, which is why Arduan wants peace with Israel.

Iran can't do anything against Israel directly; they are afraid of Israel and make empty threats. They send representatives to Iraq, Lebanon, and Hezbollah - they are grinding water (doing meaningless things).

Iraq has no spine.

Lebanon lives from day to day; they don't know what the day will bring

Nasrallah and Hezbollah are fading away. They used to rely on Syria and Iran, and that is all over today.

The US is very busy with the elections. Remember: G-d will choose the president that only loves the Jews in Israel. The Jews living outside of Israel must leave urgently and make Aliyah to Israel! The gentiles outside of Israel will make their lives miserable; they won't have anything to eat. The protection is only in Israel. For thousands of years the Jews have been hated and envied. We will never forget what they did to the Jews in the holocaust. Jews must come to Israel quickly, with joy and without worry. There are Jews that want to leave Israel, it is a shame; they will come back with nothing. It is a shame for the Jews that are naive and tempted to invest in homes in Europe and all over the world, the money is being thrown away. Invest only in the Holy Land. People think about making money - you missed the train. Every cent that you invest in the Holy Land will bring you back a lot of money and blessing, investing in the gentiles will only bring you the opposite.

The government of Israel must be united, do not compete or look for who's right, have one cause - to protect the Holy Land - that is your job!

G-d is telling the people of Israel: "I will fight for you and you will work. The land of Israel is pure and holy, and no one in the world can ruin My holy land, or take a centimeter of it away, or taint it! What once was is over." There is a cloud of fire around the borders of Israel and G-d is above surrounding the people of Israel.

In Israel, all is good, there is work; real estate is getting stronger and will not stop even in thirty years. The Holy Land is growing a centimeter every day. Believe it! In Israel, the Holy Land, everything is above nature!

Jewish parents, watch over your children from assimilation, drugs, alcohol abuse and gambling. They are the future of the Holy Land.

All of the white collars, officials, religious or not religious, taking bribes, cheating, stealing, living off the backs of other Jews, all will be revealed. Anyone who thinks 'this will not happen to me,' believe G-d, everything happens with Him.

Kindness within the people of Israel saves all. Obey the commandments. The people of Israel are the chosen people and they must be clean from the inside and outside.

All of the righteous buried in Israel are moving in their graves waiting for the right moment to hear the horn in Israel and the heavens!

Dear Jews, you must be patient, every wrong move delays the crowning of the Messiah King. The Messiah will soon be revealed in public! G-d has His plans and knows what time is best.

Jews determine what will be in the world, a Jew alone or all the people of Israel. If they call out to G-d to crown the Messiah King - He will crown him.

Happy Independence Day to the people of Israel!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

RABBI BERLAND - SPARK OF MESSIAH in bible code Glazerson

Another very interesting Torah Code find by Rav Glazerson:

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Absolute Truth to the Max

What I am about to discuss may possibly anger you, especially if you are guilty of what I am covering. Why? Because, it pertains to you directly. Please, read this entire essay and realize I am talking about 7.4 billion people on planet Earth, which includes you. If you really evaluate my words and take it to heart, this will save your life and the lives of your loved ones in the near future – guaranteed in writing!!!!!!

Recently, there was a news article about a baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple. He was found guilty in a court of law, since the Supreme Court of the US of Magog has ruled that gay marriages are the right of US citizens and are now sanctioned in all 50 states. That was disturbing enough, and I will tell you why shortly, but the comments below the article were totally ludicrous. The comments, which were completely in favor of the rights of the two men who were due to be married, showed the attitudes of the public at large.

Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while will know that I try to answer every question with: “What is Hashem’s opinion?” If I go to the Handbook of Life, the Torah, I see that within the 613 commandments that Jews are obligated to live by, two commandments that say (from the Artscroll Chumash):

Leviticus 18:22 You shall not lie with a man, as one lies with a woman, it is an abomination (this also pertains to a woman being with another woman as discussed in the Oral Torah).
Leviticus 20:13 A man who lies with a man as one lies with a woman, they have both done an abomination; they shall be put to death, their blood is upon themselves.
Does this mean that people of the same sex cannot be married and that we are required to put them to death? To answer I need to give more details about Hashem’s system in this world.

First of all, we must realize that the Owner of the Universe, the Creator of everything is merciful and only wants the best for us. The commandments guide us on maximizing our lives and getting the best for a tremendous eternity. We have a commandment called "Peru u'revu” which means: 'Be fruitful and multiply’ as mentioned in Genesis 1:28. This commandment tells married couples about one of the most important obligations that soulmates have in this world: to bring forth offspring and replenish the earth. Hashem made this act of procreation pleasurable to encourage married couples to fill the Earth as an act of love. Hashem also made it that we are tested, as we are with every commandment, to fulfill Hashem’s requirement without abuse or abominable behavior. Since two men or two women cannot fulfill this obligation, the thought of same sex marriage is an abomination to Hashem, besides being totally meaningless. The death requirement is for the most part in the Hands of Hashem, since He will remove any possibility of a tremendous future from the abusers of this commandment. There are more details to consider such as the old expression that: “Marriages are made in Heaven,” which simply tells us that the physical is not really the marriage, but the spiritual, the soulmates joining.

I would like to answer a question before it is asked of me.  Isn't it Hashem that made that person a homosexual in the first place?  Is it fair for Hashem to punish someone that He put in the situation?  Answer: Everything that happens to every individual on Earth is to test that individual.  Sickness, money problems, marital problems, a bad neighbor, employment problems, etc, etc, etc, are all tests needed by the individual measure for measure.  The Yetzer Harah temps and manipulates each of us according to what development we need to grow.  Why the test of homosexuality?  That is way beyond the scope of this essay, but it is what Hashem knows is necessary for that individual to overcome.

Homosexuality can be treated.  Hormonal, Psychiatric, spiritual guidance and other methods have been developed to allow the person to lead a normal life and overcome such an affliction.  But to openly praise ones shortcomings in life, be treated in the mainstream press with pride, organize parades, be praised on TV, the movie and books like it is a gift, to ruin the lives of children be convincing them that having two fathers or two mothers is OK, is all a violation of the Torah and is highly punishable.  To completely turn to Hashem for help and live according to His instructions, a normal life, is praiseworthy and is considered passing this test of life.

Since we are close to the time of the 2/3rd removal of the evil of the world, it becomes a written guarantee that the enjoyment people think they are getting from such abuse of Hashem’s will is so short lived and destructive.

One might ask: if the US Supreme Court has ruled that people have the right to such behavior, wouldn’t that put a different stigma on the idea of same sex marriages? After all even Noachides have as one of their categories of commandments: Establish Courts/Legal System to Ensure Law Obedience.

The answer to this must include a clarification of a concept that we have today in this world, especially in the US. The US began with a Declaration of Independence. It states that we have the right to "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." The phrase is giving us three examples of the "unalienable rights" which the Declaration says has been given to all human beings by their Creator, and for which governments are created to protect.

Did our Creator give us “rights” that we are entitled to? Absolutely not. He gave us 613 obligations to adhere to. Do I have the right to have my life protected or my property secured? No, I have an obligation to not harm another person, or to take his or her property. If we would all do our requirements, as Hashem has taught us, we would be safe from others harming us or our belongings being abused. Not only would the system work to help everyone, Hashem would make sure we are personally protected, measure for measure, according to how we fulfill our obligations to others. There is no randomness in this world. Whatever we do is what will be returned to us. If it is acts of kindness, we will be treated kindly. If we violate others and think we will get away with it, we are in for a surprise, even if it doesn’t come about until after this life is over. No law made by people could ever violate the laws of the Owner of this world.

We went through very tumultuous decades of the AIDS disease. Most of us are aware that Hashem sent a very profound message to the so-called gay community. Did you know that encoded in the Torah we find: AIDS, HIV, in the blood, out of Africa, from monkeys – all encoded in a very small space? It is found in the episode of Sodom and Gomorrah. Hashem lets us know exactly what is best for us; all we need to do is take advantage of it.

Let me expand this concept of fulfilling Hashem’s commandment to all 613 (for Jews and 7 categories of commandments for non-Jews). Do you know that a violation of the Sabbath could be punishable by death? Are you aware that not keeping strict kosher laws is a possible death sentence to your soul? We only think along the lines of this physical world and evaluate everything using our flawed human logic.

We are spiritual beings who just happen to be wearing physical clothing. It is not the opposite that we are physical beings that just happen to be with a soul. When you consider all of eternity, you may remember the space between my fingers:

That space represents how long life is on Earth. The space outside of my fingers is eternity. The space inside is the time that I happen to have a physical body; the space inside and outside is my spiritual life.

The commandments are an opportunity to perfect our souls. Hashem gave us the commandments with physical requirements as a way of accomplishing that perfection. It is a gift from our Father in Heaven. Even though the commandments are, for the most part of a physical nature, they are completely serving the purpose of helping and perfecting our spiritual existence, the real us. Our flawed human logic is useless in evaluating what our spiritual being needs. When we think that I don’t have to keep Kosher in this modern day, or I don’t have to pray three times a day, or I don’t have to worry about family purity, or I don’t have to worry about violations of the Sabbath or Holidays, or that I don’t have to worry about any other obligation that Hashem gave us, we are bringing on disaster that will carry on for eternity – a death sentence beyond our worse fears.

Why am I telling you all this? Besides the fact that I am trying to save your life, I want to explain how to get the most out of the few days we have left to get it all corrected.

Very simply put: I have mentioned again and again what we need to do to be happy, to succeed, to be protected, to go into an extremely joyous eternity beyond human comprehension. The simple formula is REPENTENSE, PRAYER, CHARITY, TORAH STUDY, HELPING OTHERS AND LIVING THE COMMANDMENTS. That is Hashem’s system in this world and that is the solution to all your problems and the ticket to an unbelievable eternal life, for you and your loved ones (who depend on you). How good are these benefits of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness? It is (here I go again) MEASURE FOR MEASURE, based on how we meet our obligations. Hashem gave us these commandments for our benefit. We treat this gift as though it is unnecessary for a good life. That couldn’t be farther from the truth and we won’t find out until it is too late.

It is so very important to understand Hashem’s instructions. Let me clarify by covering one subject that is so misunderstood and given such lip-service: Teshuvah – repentance. If I were to ask ten people what Teshuvah really is I would probably get twenty answers that may be close but still missing the benefits of doing Teshuvah.

I mentioned that following Hashem’s instructions is the key to total happiness and success. What exactly are Hashem’s instructions? The Commandments!!!!! Doing Teshuvah is not words, it is actions. If a Jew says we keep Kosher at home, but sometimes we go to a non-Kosher restaurant. That is a violation of the commandments of keeping Kosher. It is not a part time commandment, it is a lifetime commitment. If I asked you do you ever take poison? Would you answer: never at home, but sometimes when we go to a restaurant. That may sound silly, but come judgement day when you are told that you violated the commandments to keep a strictly Kosher diet, and your punishment will be ????, are you going to ask for partial credit? Doing Teshuvah is taking action to do every commandment as Hashem instructed. It is for out safety and benefit; why would we do less?

If I keep the Sabbath completely, but we occasionally drive somewhere, maybe to the Synagogue or to someone’s house for a Sabbath meal, we are in violation of the Sabbath and eligible for retribution. The only Teshuvah for that situation is to never drive on the Sabbath. Asking for forgiveness is meaningless unless one eliminates the bad habit.

Another area which creates a big problem is individuals who know nothing about Judaism or Hashem and want to make up their own Torah, chas v'shalom.  Take the Women of the Wall, please take them.  They are being paid to desecrate the holiest place on Earth in the name of Jew-hatred.  They know nothing about the number of commandments they are violating, but they will soon when they find that they have put themselves and their families in the 2/3rd group.  Their punishment will be severe.  I have said ignorance is not bliss, it is dangerous.  Here is an example of ignorance to the max that will be followed by tremendous suffering.  I have tried in the past to help them, only to be rejected.

One more example that is very personal for me. We read in the Torah this past Sabbath:

Leviticus 19:32 In the presence of an old person you shall rise and you shall honor the presence of a sage and you shall revere your G-d. I am Hashem.
The commentary says to respect a person who is over 70 years of age (that includes me). When I get comments that are as rude as can be, the writer is violating a positive commandment. Do I feel that I deserve the respect of all my readers, that I am so righteous and learned that you better behave? No, Hashem is telling you that it is your obligation to be nice, especially if it is an individual who is trying to help you and save your life. Does that mean that an evil person should not be given such respect? Yes, we have no obligation to honor an evil person, no matter what his or her age is. But, there is one other problem. Who are we to judge the righteousness or wickedness of an individual? If the evilness is known to everyone, such as a hitler, a Gog, an Obama, etc, run from such people. But, if it is someone who you personally disagree with, saying nasty things to that person, who may actually be correct on the subject, is a violation of a commandment. I am not demanding your respect, Hashem is. I am very happy to answer a question or explain a subject that I have covered, but just saying to me: “You don’t know what you are talking about,” is dangerous to your health and is the opposite of doing Teshuvah. If I am wrong about something, I certainly want to know since I would feel very bad about putting out improper information. But please, give me references, not your flawed opinion. Tell me where Hashem has given better information, for me to post the new information immediately, followed by some personal Teshuvah for the errors of my ways.

Enough said. In my quest to help everyone reading this and the rest of the world, let it never be that I am the cause of your forthcoming punishment because of one’s ignorance of Hashem’s laws, and the ability to correct the deficiency through Teshuvah. It saddens me, especially when a simple discussion could clarify a misunderstanding, and save the one who commented from the punishment of a Torah violation. That is the easiest type of Teshuvah available; why not take advantage of it? After all you are setting yourself up for the 1/3rd or 2/3rd group.

Deuteronomy 30:19  This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live.
This was just sent to me from a dear reader:

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Another Source of Evidence of the Absolute Truth

You have probably seen the excellent video from Rabbi Yuval Ovadia, shlita, since it has appeared on several blogs. I thank Rabbi Ovadia for ending the video by requesting maximum dissemination. There are so many blog posts that include messages from Hashem that should appear on every Kosher blog. To not try to get this information out to as many people as possible is a Chillul Hashem, since it is exactly what Hashem wants from us. The messages from the Facilitated Communication individuals are from Hashem and are being missed by many good people because of a lack of dissemination. This video by Rabbi Ovadia needs to be seen by everyone. If you have seen the video, watch it again:


Why did I want you to watch it again? Rabbi Ovadia didn’t say anything new that I haven’t covered over the past couple of years. Since I am getting readers asking me: did you see what the Rabbi said about such-and-such? It is embarrassing to answer with: Read my blog post of xxxx which covers the subject with much greater detail. I know that most of my readers do not remember many of the details that I have put out, or they were so skeptical that they forgot them on purpose, or they are new readers who have not read what I have covered. It is refreshing to hear all this information summarized so beautifully by a Rabbi. It is my hopes that it will cause more good people to do Teshuvah. If me readers didn’t believe me, hopefully they will believe him.

I would like to clarify some minor details.
Calling this Planet X is part of the deception that the evil global elite started. Instead of calling it a star (a binary companion sun to our sun), as it is covered extensively in scriptures (in other words Hashem’s opinion), they deceive us by making us think that it is far away and no danger to the people on Earth – “don’t worry it is just a tenth planet in our own solar system, hence the name Planet X (Roman numeral for 10),” wink, wink. That was done intentionally since they are hoping, as part of the evil New World Order agenda, to kill as many people as possible. They don’t want us to prepare in any way, just to be in harm’s way.

When I see people stating that NASA is just hiding this information to avoid panic, I love to bring out the Top Secret presidential Executive Order that Reagan started, or should I say, his Vice President at the time, Gog Bush, Sr. That EO was carried down by every president since, who all happen to be part of the Gog Bush, Sr’s evil cabal. They knew in 1983 that this was headed this way and would cause great devastation. Instead of helping the people of the world by giving us over thirty years to prepare, they kept it Top Secret to make sure we didn’t prepare. The recent articles with such bogus information about Planet X being outside our solar system, or reporting that planets were discovered 40 lightyears away that might be able to support life. It is all deception, along with the bogus elections and a vast amount of trivia in the news.

I also see readers questioning as to whether this devastation will happen since negative prophecies don’t have to occur if we do Teshuvah. The fact here is “it is not a negative prophecy that all the evil of the world will be wiped out, the good people of the world who follow Hashem will be healed and will go into a wonderful world of goodness and truth, the worldwide redemption will occur and Moshiach will be introduced.” The only negative part of that prophecy is for the wicked of the world who are about to receive their punishment.

There are many more details that I can cover, but it is not necessary since those that I have covered aren’t remembered for too long or are not believed. There are also details that I have discovered that I am not at liberty to discuss yet. It is all good news, but only for the people who are realizing that Hashem is the only way, the only protection and the only source of salvation.