Thursday, November 3, 2016

Communicating with Benjamin, Jerusalem, 20 Tishrei, Sukkot 5777 (continued)

Questions and Answers:

Q. It’s written about Hoshanah Rabbah that this is a great time of Armageddon, it is a step in this process, this year?

A. I cannot say, I just know it's very close. I do not think anyone cannot believe it, because it's so obvious already. Even a fool can see it already.

Q. Who spoke in Hoshanah Rabbah that this is the start of something great?

A. who said? We said it could be back then, but not to the 'big' one. It will come, we are waiting all the time, but feel that all parties, anywhere, from any direction. And they cannot wait much longer, the first thing - they cannot hold the global economy for so long, it has been 'shaking' from all directions. Besides - they just lose control over what they have. There are already too many people who are working against them, then they must work quickly and accurately, or they lose control.

Q. So maybe it's time to shout here and in American to all Jews: Leave! You will soon!

A. You can shout, but I think most people there are with cotton in their ears; they do not want to hear it.  Many of them know it, but do not want to hear, do not want to know. They cannot understand how the United States could turn into such a strange thing that looks more like Russia in the fifties, or even worse, as during Stalin's Russia, and this will happen if, G-d forbid, Clinton rules.

Q. The situation looks very strange.  What appears to be change coming up does not look good.  They already are talking about where the civil war will occur. It appears that there is a kind of 'plan' to prepare the people for change.  Following the elections, there appears to be a kind of show which will include the FEMA camps. How does it look to you?

A. (This is a very confusing answer.) It seems to me that Trump and Bill Clinton are both working for the same boss, and it all shows. Trump on the one hand seems to be telling the truth, that he is a 'real man' to draw all nations against Obama. At first I trusted him, but slowly he started talking more and more 'against' and tell more truth.  For instance, he said to one narrator: if Hillary Clinton will be president, then it will be the end of democracy in the United States, and it will become a place with one team that dominates everything. No two parties, but one party, as communists (that is true since it is the New World Order agenda that Hillary is helping her boss, Gog Bush institute). So when you hear such a thing, in the heart of every human being some really know it's true. So how dare he say it? ... Really, how dare he say it? ... They are the heads of the wise guys, who want to go against them?!  Even if he is a billionaire ... So therefore, the change will be very large, and because Obama said it is clear that he is afraid that if Trump loses then there will be a civil war, then 'Bingo' (Marksmanship) - This is exactly what he wants to say .... that's it. This is the thing.

Q.  So it was said to frighten the people to understand if it will come about?

A. It's not 'if', but it does come, it must be. And just to be sure. look at how police officers today look like soldiers. They have weapons like that used against Saddam Hussein in Iraq! It's something completely different now. Even the police have small tanks!!  Who ever heard of the police in many cities they have tanks and various armored vehicles, and the like?!

And they have a lot of equipment.  So it actually belongs to the UN!  So why are there UN troops, of Russia, and China, and Poland and all kinds of places?  Do they want to just quietly put millions of people into the bunkers (camps)?  There have been a lot of them that already have entered there.  There are bases, there are bunkers that are actually bases of the US Army, which is mixed not only with the US, but with Russians and Chinese, and 'all sorts.'  It is not easy.  All over the world there are bunkers.  They want only one percent of the population to survive.  So just make an account, if the world has more than seven billion (billion) people, how many is this one percent? So this is what is supposed to go into bunkers, without considering the feelings and concerns of the people. Why not?  Then they will attack those who are privileged to go into the bunkers.  They will wonder: why they were not permitted to go into the bunkers?  Not only that, but the Army also is likely to go against them, because why should they be left out?  And it all shows.  I think that either they do some kind of "world war", which has already started, but may include an atomic bomb do huge destruction.  Then people will be busy with it, and not pay attention to what is going on.

Q. History shows many nations have had civil wars, and they always used Jews as the scapegoat.

A. This is true, but here they have some unfortunate misconceptions they show still being used against them.  This is not a war against the Jews in particular, but they want to destroy the Jews, yes, they want to be finished with Judaism.  All the so-called Jews with their new religion they will already confront and make it very difficult. It is already happening (I take this to mean that is it easy to destroy Judaism, if you deal with the Conservative or Reform who have already destroyed Judaism – they are great assets to the Jew-haters).

Q. This is what's really scary, the new religion, it makes things very bad.

A. True, they've been really trying to progress in every direction, but anyway it's not going to succeed.

Q. What do you mean that China also recently started making noises of war?

A. China and Russia are working together, and if China told its citizens to return home, get ready to go back, so this is another clue for them to go blow something up – that is for sure.  So I suggest everyone anyway, have water in the house.  I could be at home, and have the option to cook something even if there is no electricity.

Q. It is said in the name of the Frankfurter Carlin Rebbe (Israel Perlov of Karlin), in the Third World War, China will send nuclear missiles that will blow up the cities of New York, Paris and London.

A. Right, and I think many of us may be aware that the three cities will disappear even before you mentioned the Frankfurter Rebbe.  So it seems to me that they will attack some important cities, and millions would die, but not us.  It will shock the largest cities, but I hope very much that if it were to happen it would not be because of many Jews in the three cities.  (I am getting a thought that Benjamin believes the Jews will be out of there before something like that would happen.  This is a difficult answer to understand, and I do not claim to have translated it will the full intent that the message is trying to convey.)

US elections

Q. What do you think about the upcoming elections in the United States?

A. Elections?!  What can I tell you, G-d forbid, it will be something-something, how do you say? Close the belts on the plane, begin to take off (I don’t comprehend that answer).

Q. Obama takes part in such a campaign, it's amazing.

A. It is more a show.  I do not know who they think will be the president, but, anyway, he or she will be in the bunker.  So what will change?

Q. You said that Obama will not give up on the regime.

A. He is evil, and he does not want to leave, and I do not believe he would leave.

Q. How did he do it, behind the scenes he retains his power? ...

A. I do not know, I'm almost sure when the star will be very close, they must enter their bunkers, including Trump and Clinton.  But the truth: Obama and Clinton do not like the situation at all. They are too strongly against Trump, and I believe, it will not be satisfying just to sit several years in the bunker.  It would be something else, everyone would believe that they would prefer to put a knife in his back.  (Here again I am not positive of this translation since Benjamin did not use too many names but only pronouns to describe the people.)

Q. Video showed (someone filmed it) Clinton, without her knowing, with New World Order people, including her telling them: We will do whatever you tell us!

A. It is not a surprise if it happened, but the more interesting part is how it was here in the Knesset.  Tzipi Livni was pushing her to speak against the polls!  Can you imagine?!  Clinton, Foreign Minister of the United States, it has nothing to do with only speaking against the women who go with violence and shawls, etc!

Q. Perhaps it is related to certain Orthodox circles.

A. She was not so sure of what she says, then she looked at her son, and she turns her head as if to say she was doing well.  It's crazy!  (Once again, too many pronouns, and not enough names.)

Signs of salvation

Q. 5777 - it's three times seven, seven seven seven ... kingdom completion.

A. Yeah, right, signs and symbols and signs and symbols, well, the Messiah has already come.

Q. So we expected in 5776, we've had so many signs.

A. True, but this way should be before it happens (meaning that 5776 is before it happens). It says there will be all kinds of signs, and there will be some incorrect signs, etc., and all this for clarification (he is talking about how it is worded in the end of the Book of Daniel how it will be sealed, but it alludes to the fact that there will be signs to throw us off and keep it a mystery until the end.  Due to time restraint, I have not actually reviewed the wording of the prophet Daniel).

Q. If we add the sum of the digits of the Alps - it goes 5-7-7-7 which equals 26 – the gematria of Hashem’s name.

A. Very beautiful, and there are also codes etc.  Oh, we seek only the perfect redemption, and the Temple and the victims.

Q. Before Sukkot talked about it after Sukkot world will change, it will not be the same.

A. And that the world has changed? It is certainly not the same!  Completely changed! All these wars, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, and in all places, Syria, etc., it is so weird! They do not know exactly why all these places have wars. And in Egypt there is a war in the Sinai with ISIS, and now some Israeli was killed on the border with Egypt. An Israeli worker.  ISIS does not care whether they kill Arabs; they killed a lot of Arabs.  Most of the people they killed were Arabs who are fighting in Arab countries for control. And what is most interesting, how many people can they be?!  So that's all a movie, an imaginary film.
There are many more questions and answers that will be continued next week, B"N


  1. Nibiru above sun October 31st slow clip

    1. Very interesting video, but I don't believe that it is Nibiru, since it is not behind the sun, but far in front of it.

      I have only very uneducated guesses as to what is in this video. Not being too sure, I will not speculate.

  2. What does he mean by "At first I trusted him, " I thought these guys were so low functioning they were just mouthpieces.

    1. I really don't have a good answer for you, which is why I started that answer with "This is a very confusing answer."

      The only thought that I have is that Hashem wants everything to seem random, and the behavior of any individual should also appear random. If Hashem changes the wording of Benjamin to make it appear that the individual he is describing has changed, than that is the actual message and Benjamin is only the messenger, not the one evaluating.

      Good observation, but we will have to ask Moshiach when he is announced (if we even care anymore).

    2. So all contradictions that make these communications suspicious as being frauds are to be chocked up to some trickery by Hashem. Now that's rich.

    3. Read my post of this past Monday, It is All Good News (details)!!!! It starts by saying how we are so far from understanding the thought and the ways of Hashem. The only trickery that is going on is us tricking ourselves into thinking we know what reality is. We are so far from the Absolute Truth that when we here it, we are baffled and confused.

      The communications from the FC individuals is as mysterious as the words of the prophets. It is not within human comprehension to simply read and understand, especially if you are reading it in the wrong language to begin with. The Hebrew has very mystical and deep answers, the English is almost impossible to understand the truth.

      Hashem doesn't use tricks, He does what is best for us. We are the ones who are in the dark about His wisdom and the way He does things. As we study Torah we come closer to understanding, but we never reach it fully, since Torah is infinite and so are the thoughts of Hashem.

  3. More Nibiru,

    1. Very interesting video. It would help if a professional astronomer was giving us exact information, but we will have to wait.