Monday, January 30, 2017

The Secrets of Life on Earth

With response to my post The World is Upside-Down, we received the following good comments that I thought would provide a good learning experience. This is much to read but by putting the comments and my responses, I thought it to be of great help for my readers to understand how to live in this upside-down world.  These include some very important secrets, so make sure you tell everyone.

Ms. AP January 29, 2017 at 10:00 AM

Dear Rav Menachem,
I think that many would love nothing more than to "get on with the program" knowing that we have to keep adding to our Yiddishkeit and improve. Reality is, Hashem also put us in this world to work hard so we can pay our bills, help our children, help aging relatives and people in our community, etc.. As my Rabbi reminds us, it is not an easy thing to strike a balance between earning a living (both spouses need to work nowadays just to pay the bills) and developing as Jews -finding time to study, learn Torah, say all the prayers - when you have a full day. This is the way Hashem made the world. The test at the start of this post was interesting but for those of us who are not retired and have a pile of daily obligations from sun up to sun down, the thought of not watching the news, not being knowledgeable about current events (which includes sports and TV shows) can cost us promotions or even jobs. Our relationship with Hashem is between each of us and our creator and surely He sees how complex modern life has become. I think there is much merit in taking small steps to improve our relationship with our creator as long as we are honestly trying. Hashem has great compassion and mercy on his creation and, in particular, on Am Yisroel. I for one would love nothing more than to be semi-retired and have time to bake my own challah, attend all kinds of wonderful shiurs and Torah classes, etc.. However, until Moshiach arrives to usher in our Geula, we will have to work hard to make a living and do many other daily chores - often on 6 or 7 hours sleep every night instead of the ideal 8. Gratitude is everything so thank you Hashem for opening Your hand and feeding all your creatures at the right time, every day. Ms. AP

The Absolute Truth January 29, 2017 at 11:29 AM

You are describing the upside-down fantasy world that I posted. My entire thought is that when you turn to Hashem for every little detail with full emunah, you leave the fantasy world and start living the world of Hashem.

I can write books on all that has happened to me, my family and many of my friends. We are all people who have bills, commitments, problems, etc. But, I can tell you how all my problems are solved with Hashem.

As an example: I have about twenty stories of times that we needed a large sum of money for weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Brit Milahs, home purchases, furniture purchases, car purchases, etc, etc, etc. In every case I asked Hashem for help and miraculously, a stock that I had went up tremendously or the inheritance of relatives who had passed away came in or I got a new job with a higher pay and a bonus from leaving my old job or etc, etc, etc. There are no coincidences and the fact that the timing was so exact with every situation, I know exactly Who the Source was that helped. I know we are not supposed to rely on miracles, but when you turn to Hashem for everything, they happen.

When my wife and I decided to make Aliyah, we retired ahead of our retirement ages (I was only 58, and my wife I can't tell you). We happen to have two homes that we made a lot of money with and had the cash to retire and move years ahead of collecting retirement pays. Both homes miraculously came from Hashem (long story) and it was so obvious to us that Hashem arranged our early retirement -- every detail.

When we came to Israel, the Aliyah authority was so impressed with our backgrounds (me being an Engineer, a US Army officer, lots of government experience, etc and my wife who also had a very productive background). They told us that we will have no problem finding very good work here. When I told them that we were retired and only wanted to study Torah and do Kiruv, they had such a look of disappointment, but Hashem arranged it and made sure we were well taken care of in every way.

I could bore you with hours of stories about how I had orders twice to go off to war and how something just happened to come up and curtail my deployment, or the time I was scheduled to fly with a friend for a weekend visit to his home and something came up and curtailed my trip. The plane crashed and the six guys that I was scheduled to go with were killed.

I mentioned that recently I had a medical problem. It was a very painful hernia that kept me immobile. The surgeon that I saw definitely said I needed surgery. During the appointments that I had in preparation for the surgery, I prayed extensively to Hashem asking for help. Within weeks, my hernia miraculously healed itself. If you Google hernia, they do not heal by themselves (unless you turn to Hashem). I used to have headaches, back problems, a heart condition, acid reflux, knee problems and more. They are all gone due to the most wonderful medical program in the world: "turning to Hashem for help."

I work very diligently every day to leave this upside-down fantasy world and live in Hashem's world of reality and absolute truth. It works beyond your wildest imagination; join me and your comment above will completely change. (Someday when we meet, I will tell you the stories that defy our Laws of Physics; you can't make this stuff up).

Rachel January 29, 2017 at 3:14 PM

How do you DO that exactly? Leave the "fantasy world," I mean, especially when family around you is entrenched in it? I pray constantly for help from Hashem, I think I am talking to Him 90% of my wakeful hours and even in my dreams, but so far I am still "stuck." Yes I see hashgacha pratis of course, but on a much smaller scale than you describe.

The Absolute Truth January 29, 2017 at 6:58 PM

My family is also living the real world. They do not have television and are not even allowed on the computer except the adults for work.

I do not believe that Hashem is everything; I KNOW IT BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT!!!!! If something in my life doesn't happen exactly the way I may have wanted, I know it is because Hashem knew better. In the end, everything turns out for the best, even if we do not see it right away.

Rachel January 29, 2017 at 7:46 PM

Yes, I know that too. Maybe I should rephrase, because I think there are others including Ms AP who have this question. We are told by the Rabbeim not to rely on miracles. We have to do our hishtadlus. At what point does hishtadlus cross over into living in this fantasy world? It feels like it's very fine line.

The Absolute Truth January 29, 2017 at 8:04 PM

Our hishtadlus is doing Teshuvah, doing Tefillah, studying Torah, Tzedukah, helping others and doing the commandments. I already said that we don't count on miracles, but when you do the hishtadlus I just mentioned, they happen all the time.

We are even told in the Talmud that the non-Jews were created to build everything, houses, roads, cars, etc, etc, etc. The Jews are meant to be a light unto the nations. To study the word of Hashem and spread it throughout the world. In turn, Hashem takes care of all our needs.

The problem is that we assimilate and get involved in the non-Jew's work, because we are convinced that we have to live the upside-down fantasy world as well. When we do exactly what Hashem wants from us, we lack nothing and gain it all for ourselves and our loved ones for all eternity.

I know it is very difficult to believe what I am saying, but until one is completely immersed in a Torah observant life, 100%, it is not understood, and that includes living in Israel with only Jews.

Rachel January 29, 2017 at 8:24 PM

I would love to. But I can't pick up and abandon my family to start a new life 100% immersed. When immediate family thinks hishtadlus means making sure you can earn a living before you leap into Israel, there is not much one can say or do. Many people we know tried to make Aliyah and ended up coming back. Bottom line is I need that miracle to turn my family around. They don't want to hear it anymore. And they know Moshiach is coming (the immediate family does, anyway, while extended family lives in la-la-land), but they believe that at this late stage of the game, Moshiach will have to get us there. Please daven for us that this happens. It is my constant wish, and I say it to Hashem at least once every minute.

The Absolute Truth January 30, 2017 at 10:18 AM

I apologize that I did not make something clear. I was in the work force for close to 50 years (I started working at 9 years old and retired at 58), every job that I had, Hashem arranged for me. I was very surprised when I got jobs beating out competition that were much more qualified than me.

I went to college full and part time for 16 years. Hashem made sure that I got into universities that I didn't think I had the qualifications to achieve.

I got tremendous assignments in the Army and was never separated from my family for more the three weeks (only once). When I was removed from the Army due to budget cutbacks, I got a job on the same program as an Engineer at more pay and less responsibility. Since I still had my officer commission, I went on to a retirement as a reserve officer with an even higher retirement pay. Hashem arranged it all and kept me out of the Gulf War, since I had been separated from the active Army at the right time.

I just happen to meet certain people who got me involved with certain investments that paid off at the exact time that I needed the money. My bills have always been paid on time thanks to Hashem.

This goes on and on with many more boring stories, but my point is HASHEM ARRANGED IT ALL. The only thing that I had to do was to trust Him that all would go as we needed (me and family). I learned very early in life that there is no such thing as coincidence, chance, luck, accident, etc. All was according to the script that Hashem wrote for my life. All we had to do was live it, and enjoy it.

I am nothing, with no talent and with no capability. Everything that we have and every success that we enjoyed was Hashem's plan that He designed for us. Yes, my wife, our children, our grandchildren all experienced that same success once they discovered the need to trust Hashem.

Everyone on this Earth has a destined plan. When one turns to Hashem the plan measure for measure is wonderful and totally satisfying for a good life; living the world of truth. When people believe that I have to do it for myself with their own ability (the me, me, me attitude), and it is not Hashem that is doing it, chas v'shalom, then measure for measure that leads to failure in life (living in the upside-down fantasy world).

Since Hashem makes this world look totally random, He gives the evil ones all their reward in this world and socks it to them for eternity. We cannot look at others and know what they did correctly or incorrectly. But when we follow Hashem, and trust Him for everything in life, it becomes extremely obvious what He is doing for each of us as individuals. Even if we have problems in life that we would like not to have, we can still understand why we had the problem, and how Hashem is giving us Tikun through the problems. Everything is for the good, even our problems.

As I said before I have hours of boring stories that you would say: "that's impossible." Yet, that was my life and the goodness it entailed. How do I know that I am not getting all my reward now? I have studied Torah and learned the system that Hashem gave us. There is no doubt about what I did wrong, and what I did right in Hashem's eyes; and there is also no doubt that measure for measure Hashem takes tremendous care of me and my family.

It doesn't mean that I didn't work hard all my life, what you may call hishtadlus. It just means that my hard work was always with Hashem in mind, knowing that my true hishtadlus was turning to Him and relying on Him. With the Teshuvah, Tefillah, studying Torah, Tzedukah, helping others and doing the commandments, all the rest fell in place. Thank you Hashem.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

The World is Upside-Down

I have been receiving questions recently that I thought I would answer. One is that I constantly refer to this world as an upside-down fantasy world. From where do I get that reference?

There is a very interesting story in the Talmud (Pesachim 50a) which tells:
When Rabbi Yosef miraculously recovered from a deathly coma, his father, Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi, asked him to describe the glimpse he caught of the World of Souls where he had briefly sojourned. 
"I saw an upside-down world," he replied, "in which those so honored here because of their wealth were placed very low, while those so low here because of their poverty were there so highly placed."
"You saw a clean world," his father assured him. "But tell me, what was the status of Torah scholars like ourselves?"
"The same honor we enjoy in this world," replied the son, "is accorded to us there."
The story is basically telling us that we live in an upside down world where what is important isn’t really important, and what is unimportant is really important. This is a world of fantasy and materialism and not spirituality. We are not physical beings that just happen to have a soul; but, spiritual beings wearing physical clothing which allows us to accomplish our mission in this allusion of a physical world. It is not an easy concept to convince anyone, even very observant Jews. When we get away from this gashmius world (the physical world) and start living the true ruchnius life (spiritual life), all the nonsense and craziness disappears.

So the big question is “what is your status in this crazy, fantasy world?” Take a fast test, just 20 questions – answering yes or no to each. Be honest with yourself since the only One grading you is Hashem.

Test part 1 (yes or no)
Did you pay attention to US Major League Baseball World Series?
Are you rooting for your favorite football team to go to the Super Bowl?
Do know the latest music releases?
Do you have your favorite TV shows?
Do you know Yushka’s mother’s name?
If you are American, did you vote believing that you needed to help get the best leader in office (if not an American did you follow the campaign and have a favorite candidate; someone that you think would be best to help the world situation)?
Did Christopher Columbus discover America?
Does everyone celebrate Xmas, even non-Xtians; after all it is a national holiday?
Do you celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving?
Do you know who Big Bird is?
Test part 2 (yes or no)
Can you name the five books of Moses in Hebrew?
Do you know Yushka’s mother’s name in Hebrew?
Do you know the names of Moshe Rabbenu’s mother, father, sister and brother?
Are you familiar with Shatnez?
Did you ever study the Mishnah Berurah and Shulchan Aruch?
Do you know how many mitzvot are in the Torah?
Is your mother Jewish?
Do you know how many Challahs are used at the Shabbos meals?
Do you know the Hebrew letters?
Do you know what a Minhag is?
You may have psyched out my test by now and tried to answer everything in a favorable light rather than an honest answer. If you said “Yes” to all or even most of test 1 and “No” to test 2, you are most likely living the materialistic, fantasy life of this world. If you answered the opposite: “No” to test 1 and “Yes” to test 2, consider yourself a more spiritual person with a bright future. Your trip through life has been on a positive path – seeking the truth and Hashem’s ways.

The problem is that the people who have not studied Torah seem to think they have all the answers. They definitely have the most distorted view of reality. Living in this fantasy world is completely caused by a lack of scholarship in the real world, the world of truth. As long as an individual is convinced that he or she knows what reality is, that perception blocks to ability to see the truth. I thought I would go over some areas of studying scriptures and the truth of this world to hopefully help you as an individual see where you may be going astray.

Let’s begin with a question: Do you understand the message of the Torah or do you have to refer to the Talmud and 1000’s of years of commentary in order to fully understand Hashem’s message? Even with many years of study do you still have more questions than answers? Watch it – this is a trick question. The person who makes statements such as “I know Halachah (Jewish Law)” or “I have read the Torah (in English no less) and fully understand its message,” should be avoided – that is a person with an opinion and not scholarship.

The Gedolim (the great, prominent Rabbis), that I have had the privilege of knowing and with whom I have personally studied, would never give me an answer off the top of their heads, but would always look it up before answering. I have heard many times that the more years one studies Torah, the more one realizes how little one knows and how much more one needs to study. Torah contains everything there is to know about life, as well as covering everything in the universe – there is no missing subject. Do you feel that you know everything about life and every detail of the universe? I have said it before and will say it again “Torah is the most difficult subject in the world since it includes every subject in the world!!!!!”

But, we human beings think we can logically figure it out, even though, I also have mentioned, how flawed our logic is (“For My thoughts are not your thoughts” says Hashem, Isaiah 55:8). The final result is we get into more trouble using our own solutions than just turning to Hashem for His solution to our problems.

One proof of that is personal interpretation. The Torah was given to Moshe in a string of letters (304,805 to be exact) without breaks, without sentences, without punctuation and, the best one of all, without vowels. In other words, there are so many interpretations to every word, even every letter, that to say the English translation we use gives up the deep meaning to Torah is total nonsense.

We sometimes even have the problem in English that if something is written with improper punctuation or even said with improper emphasis, it can mean something completely different. As an example (another test question), place punctuation in the following statement:
Woman without her man is nothing
I like this example since most men punctuate it as: Woman: without her man, is nothing. (The pause being between “man” and “is”)

The woman usually punctuates this as: Woman: without her, man is nothing. (The pause being between “her” and “man”)

What a profound difference in meaning by just moving a comma.

What if we put emphasis on certain words in a sentence to cause change in meaning. Examples:
What do you have on your mind? Could become: What do you have on? Your mind? I added a question mark but I changed the emphasis on my pronunciation that changed the entire thought.
What is up the road ahead? Could become: What is up the road? A head?
These may be silly examples, but they make one question one’s interpretation – how far is our thinking from the truth? If we are reading Hebrew without punctuation, and even without vowels, how can we be so sure that we understand the meaning – because we have an English translation? The English is always the simple surface meaning with almost no depth to its content (pshat). We are told to rely on thousands of years of Torah scholars (the great Rabbis) who we were told by Hashem that they would give us the insight and the depth. We definitely have deeper meaning available because of Rashi or the Rambam or the Ramban or the Arizal or the Vilna Gaon, etc, etc, etc. These and many other great Torah scholars throughout the years have guided us and taught us ways to see scriptures that we never could have known. Any Yeshivah student will tell you that studying the Talmud without Rashi or Tosefos is not understanding what you are studying. If you are not familiar with Rashi or Tosefos, than you are exactly who I am talking about.

RAV YITZCHAK HUTNER zt'l (in PACHAD YITZCHAK, Yom Kippur 5, Pesach 60 (and notes to Pesach 5:2), Shavuos 25:9) offers a penetrating insight based on the Talmud.
Rav Hutner explains that the three differences between this world and the next as described by the Talmud and by Rashi in Devarim, Deuteronomy, are inherently related to each other. In this world, we do not perceive things the way they really are; reality is blurred, and Hashem's presence is not clearly recognized by all. If we would be able to see Hashem's good and perfection clearly, His true essence as One would be obvious. In the World to Come, reality will no longer be blurred, and it will be apparent to all that everything is good. At that time, the nations of the world will proclaim Hashem's Oneness together with us.
Accordingly, all manifestations of Hashem's attribute as "One" are based on the clarity of Hashem's presence that will be evident in the World to Come.
The truth is that even in this world it is possible, to a certain degree, to disperse the clouds that blur man's perception and understanding of reality and to feel the omnipresence of the Divine will. This is because even in this world, no true "bad" or "injustice" is ever wrought. Everything that transpires is the Divine design and is intended to be for our ultimate good (see Berachos 60b). Although the ultimate purpose behind what occurs in this world is often hidden from our perception, the reality is that it is the Divine plan. When we strive to recognize the Divine plan and to accept it, we gain a "glimpse" of the Creator.
The moment at which it is most imperative that we experience the clarity of the presence of Hashem is when we declare, "Shema Yisrael Hashem Elokeinu Hashem Echad," and proclaim the Oneness of Hashem. As Rashi explains, this exclamation expresses our longing for the world in which Hashem's presence will be fully revealed and He will be recognized as One. When we recite this verse, we attempt to gain clarity of Hashem's Oneness in this world of confusion by finding the hidden, inherent good that exists in everything that happens and that exists in this world.
Several additional points need to be made about the way we evaluate Torah in this upside-down world. Many times I have received rebuttals to subjects with the statement “this Rabbi says this or that,” or “my Rabbi allows us to do this or that.” Be aware that you can probably find almost any answer that you want from a Rabbi – just keep looking. Does that mean that they could be wrong? No it usually means that we are getting very superficial answers on very complicated questions – sometimes questions that have been debated for thousands of years. We very rarely get to talk to the Rabbi in depth to hear the real answer or, even more important, what is Hashem’s opinion on that question. A Rabbi that answers off the top off his head without an in depth search into scriptures, may be giving you nothing more than his personal opinion.

Sometimes the Rabbi is trying to make it easier for you to accomplish a Halachah and will give you a very lenient response that is convenient but not the best answer. This, I know, even comes from the Gedolim. As an example: Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l, one of the greatest authorities of our modern times has given lenient answers but would not necessarily follow his own advice. An example would be about a Shabbos timer used to turn on and off various electrical appliances, lights or even heating and air conditioning systems. Rav Moshe gave permission to use such timers saying they were halachically acceptable, but he, himself, would never use one. It comes down to a decision made by an authority of the highest level that says “I have found no violation in doing something a particular way, but to be as stringent as possible in the eyes of Hashem, I still would not do a particular act in case there is a slight doubt. We are not on the level of a Rav Moshe and in no way is he not giving us a totally correct answer, but because we do not go into the depth of life’s questions as a Gadol such as Rav Moshe, our complete understanding of each answer is only surface information and should be studied a lot deeper before we claim to have the right answer or, even worse, pass it on to others as the truth from Hashem.

I studied for years with a talmid (a scholarly student) and former neighbor of Rav Moshe and saw the tremendous depth and scholarship of which such a brilliant Rabbi is capable. Yet, as my mentor told me, information becomes very distorted when past down from one Jew to another or even how information can be completely misunderstood by an observant Jew. I have talked about bad habits and how people can truly believe they are doing the right thing but are, in essence, hurting themselves and others by pontificating opinions rather than scholarship.

I have been accused of not telling the Absolute Truth on this blog, but I have yet to receive any argument of any information, with the refutation being backed by scriptural proof. This has been disturbing since I know that I have extensively researched and presented facts with complete confidence and that the individual who is making the comment is hurting him or herself with false interpretation. Saying that I am wrong on a subject without giving me a scriptural reference to counter the argument is useless to me or my readers. I am very, very open minded to the fact that I am human and make mistakes but I try to compensate with years of research on the one question that I always ask on any subject: “What is Hashem’s opinion on that?” Giving me an answer from a Rabbi should also be supported with his deep insight from scriptures and not off the top of his head.

One more word about what Rabbis have said which is very important to this discussion is that very often Rabbis change their rulings on questions as times changes or as circumstances dictate. An example: In the 1990’s there were Rabbis that cautioned about listening to the Facilitated Communications individuals as marking them as true messengers from Shamayim. Why? The FC individuals were, at that time, without a track record of making statements that came true. The Rabbis were totally correct in cautioning us -- then. Here we are 20 years later and the same Rabbis have emphatically stated that these individuals have satisfied the prophecy of Bava Basra 12b, that prophecy has been given to the Shotim and the children (this is a long discussion that has been discussed already – several times) and also that they have satisfied the test of a prophet given to us in the Torah.

Another topic that I have discussed (and has been questioned recently by readers) is that we have the choice to be lenient or stringent on everything we do. Refer to my post “Habits” 29 May 2012 and "Habits (continued)"for details. The basic concept here is that we are watched and judged by Hashem with everything we say and everything we do. We then receive in return measure for measure what Hashem thinks we are worthy of. In other words, if we serve Hashem with the absolute best intentions and with complete love, He judges us favorably in the same way and life is good. If we do as little as possible, with the idea that we are just getting by doing the mitzvot, then we should never complain when our life is just getting by with what Hashem gives us.

Pirkei Avos tells us that Hashem doesn't want us to study Torah; He wants us to live Torah. Of course we cannot live Torah to the fullest unless we study our instructions in great depth. Bottom line, especially in the end of days is: we must be as stringent in doing Hashem’s will as we possibly can, and do it with great joy. It may sound strange but when we are doing Hashem’s will to the fullest with the best of intentions, life becomes so wonderful that you are greatly encouraged to do even more. It’s habit forming.

I wanted to mention that at the time I talked about being very stringent (machmir) in performing Hashem’s will, sure enough, I receive comments telling me of Rabbis who say that you don’t have to be so stringent. I suspect that those Rabbis were either very misunderstood or are leading lives that are somewhat less than joyous. It is one thing to cut yourself short of a happy life, but to pass that on to others is not Hashem’s way. I have had it happen to me that with the best of intentions a Rabbi gave me a watered down response to make it easier. The final result is I developed an incorrect habit that needed changing. Sometimes being more lenient is not helping anyone. I have taught people easier ways to do things but have included the path to become more stringent. Building up to a process with baby steps is a good way to learn but don't stay at the lower level, continue to build – that is true Teshuvah. As we used to say in the Army "be all that you can be." Never stop growing nor be satisfied with something less than perfection.

There is another very big misunderstanding. Issues like women hair covering (recently discussed), kashrus, purity and all the 613 mitzvot are matters of spiritual guidance. We absolutely do not know how a violation of a mitzvah or even performing a mitzvah in a lenient versus stringent way affects our soul. I received a comment from a well-intentioned woman who told me that her husband is not affected by seeing a woman's head covered in a wig instead of a snood or tichel. This means he knows exactly what his Neshamah is experiencing, and that is ludicrous. I know she is referring to his physical reaction but the physical reaction means nothing – it is the spiritual reaction or damage to which I am referring.

Refer to my post “The Human Aura” 7 June 2012 to see that what we experience spiritually and physically are two different things. To say we know how we feel about something is a physical reaction. To say that we know how it is affecting us spiritually is beyond human comprehension. To tell me that a Rav said it is all right does not pass the common sense test of what makes it all right.

I live by a very convenient motto: “when in doubt, leave it out.” If there is the slightest possibility that what I am doing is not the most advantageous way according to Hashem, then I look deeper into reality and figure out the best way. It is my choice and when I don’t have the slightest comprehension as to how something could be hurting me or my family spiritually, I don’t question it any further but take the safe route. This is especially true in the end of days when we need all the help we can get. Listening to very lenient advice from a Rav is shooting ourselves in the foot. Even though his effort, his advice is with the best of intentions, the result may be you getting a much lesser Olam Habah.

People are weak and have very little discipline; I know, being a retired US Army Officer, about the infinite number of excuses to do things the easy way. In the military a lack of discipline can cost you your life on the battlefield; in life in general a lack of spiritual discipline can lessen one’s level of eternity and even hurt us in this life. We work hard to get closer to Hashem, not to look for every shortcut to make life easier which in turn distances us from our goal.

The spiritual level that we want and don't have is exactly what our life's work is. There is no all or nothing. Seven point three billion people on Earth are at seven point three billion different levels, and each person has the obligation to him or herself, and to every family member for which we hold responsibility, to work hard to raise that level. Turning to Hashem with complete trust and faith is the nicest thing one can do for oneself and family. It is not Hashem or us -- we are one -- on the same team with the same goal -- Tikun Olam.

I have heard for years people tell me "I have not been too lucky in life." I have also heard and personally experienced that the more we turn to Hashem and follow His ways, the luckier we get. There is no such thing as luck -- there is only experiencing everything going better and better when we work harder within the system that the Creator of this life provided.

His instructions are foolproof and guaranteed to work. The problem is our misconception of His instructions, since I have heard also "I follow Hashem, but I still have problems." I have evaluated many cases of people who think they are following His ways (including many of my blog readers), but have made up their own set of rules.

The study of Torah resulting in living the Absolute Truth is a rare commodity; but, the very undisciplined human being comes to the conclusion "what I am doing is good enough” and then follows with “but it doesn't seem to be working.” Duh! Maybe you haven't reached a spiritual level that is good enough. Maybe you need to spend the rest of your days increasing that level. I am pointing out the obvious but it doesn't make any difference since we all, yes including me, have a long way to go and are greatly clouded and deceived by this fantasy of an upside-down world.

Those of us who are cognizant of what we lack and do Teshuvah every day to work on it, are the ones in good shape and heading in the right direction. People, who are satisfied with their level of spirituality, don't have a clue as to how much they are hurting themselves in this life and all eternity. Get with the program and experience true happiness. Hashem guarantees it. Try to see this world right-side-up as described in the Torah and see what a difference your life will be.

I posted back in March of 2012 my introduction to this blog and stated:

The symbol that I used, showing the two fingers together, has the following meaning:

The space between my fingers is how long life is on earth.

The space outside of my fingers is eternity and the length of our eternal life.

We work so hard to make life on earth as pleasurable and successful as can be and we ignore the real life which goes on after we change addresses. We do live forever but the time in this upside-down world is very limited and is the only opportunity to get is right for all eternity. Be as skeptical as you want about the truth; but, be aware that a day is coming soon, I believe very soon, that you will know without a doubt what the Absolute Truth really is. We will all see what have accomplished and know how much better it could have been if we only worked harder to truly follow Hashem’s ways.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Messages from Hashem – the Most Important Post I Have Ever Made!!!!


Please, please, please go to this recording of the latest message from Binyamin – it is the absolute truth about what is happening in the world today, and what is coming up. Don’t miss one word. Since there are words being said in Hebrew, I have included a list of words with their translations:

Yerida – descent or going down

Yireh Shamayim – fear of Heaven

Haredim – observant Jews

HaKadosh Baruch Hu – The Holy One, Blessed be He – Hashem

Rasha’im – bad people

Bochorim – the boys that learn at the Yeshivah

Chinuch – education

Besiyata Dishmaya – the help of Heaven

Godolei Hador – the great one of the generation – Great Rabbis

Hisbodedus – self-seclusion (making oneself alone)

Ratzon Hashem – the will of Hashem

Temimus – wholeheartedness (with complete focus)

Imahos – mothers (referring to our four matriarchs)

Bitachon – trust

Gashmius – materialism (usually referring to the physical as opposed to the spiritual)

Mitzrayim – Egypt

Emes – truth

Asur – forbidden

I have friends that know Binyamin and his family. They have verified beyond a shadow of a doubt that Binyamin knows nothing about what he is saying, and is only repeating what Hashem wants him to tell the world. There are questions, as an example, where Binyamin states: I don’t know. He has told us in the past that he only can say what Hashem wants him to say and nothing more. We are not getting messages from him physically; we are getting messages from his soul. And, even his soul can only say what Hashem wants us to know, nothing more.

Please know that I will be happy to discuss anything said, but if all you have is negativity or even worse, skepticism, you will not see your comment posted. Send me an Email so I can try to tell you the error of your ways, and the destruction you may be bringing to your life.

I apologize to my non-English speaking readers, who use the translator in the right column for the written translation, but do not understand the spoken message in English. Go to the Dani18 site and get the message from Binyamin in Hebrew and put it into your translator.
Note: I was going to give more proof about Trump planning to disclose Nibiru, but it really is unimportant. The above message from Binyamin is all that you need.

As an example: readers are sending me information about Executive Orders that Trump has already signed and that Nibiru is not mentioned. The wording of EOs is very tricky, like all government documents. If you look at the EO that made Nibiru Top Secret (EO 12356) in 1982, you will see there is no mention of Nibiru, yet it was the document that caused Nibiru to be hidden from us for over 33 years. Take a look:

There are so many sources that are verifying the truth about Trump and Nibiru. No further discussion is needed, especially with friends who don't have a clue about what is going on. We only need the truth from Hashem as presented above – all the rest is nonsense.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

An Excellent Message from Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Vayerah, 24 Tevet 5777 (22.1.17)


The Creator, our Father in heaven, is declaring to the entire world and to the sacred land of Israel that because of the holy land of Israel all the planet is alive! Without the Holy land of Israel and the Jews in Israel the planet will not be, only chaos.

The Holy One wants to turn this world into a pure and holy one; He started with the holy land of Israel and the Jews living there. The way of holiness for the land of Israel is: Torah, prayer and good deeds done by the Jews. The entire world will be pure and holy, a new world of free love. A world where there are no hospitals, no doctors, no patients. It will be a world, where the commandments are followed in their entirety, a world of eternal life. All Arabs and goyim in the world will work for the Jewish people and the Holy land. All this, is in a very advanced process of the Messiah, and will be publicly acknowledged!

Moses was the first redeemer; he brought his people of Israel from Egypt to the Holy Land. The Messiah works and acts to make this world pure and sacred. The world will become pure and holy when the yetzer Hara (evil inclination) will be destroyed and eliminated from this world.

The whole world is crazy and confused about how Trump came to the presidency. Hundreds of millions of people in the world don't understand how this happened. We will save you difficult thinking – this is the Hand of G-d. "Heart of the king is in the L-rd’s hand" and the Creator choose the kings of all the worlds. Although humans select in a natural way, the Creator affects how to choose. Messiah the Just, King Messiah is under the control of the Holy One and the Holy One will Himself anoint him, He choose him and He will anoint him. Not people.

Trump, the US President, is honest and very reliable; what he has in his heart comes out of his mouth. He loves a world of truth and righteousness. He knows that without the Holy Land of Israel and the Jewish people living in it, the world will not exist.

All Arabs are acting like in Sodom and Gomorrah. They want to destroy the holy and pure land of Israel and the Jews who are living in it, which are feeding the entire world; they just are killing themselves. They want to destroy Israel and the Creator will hurt them badly. They can't destroy anything and even more they will be hurt.

Any country, State, person, President or Prime Minister who tries to hurt or take parts of Israel, the Creator will destroy them, not after years and not after months, but within a short time. Because this is the end, the end of all ends of a crooked world!

Jews in Israel must be vigilant; they must not rely on a miracle and say it won't happen to me. Fight for rights in the land of Israel. The Jews must anticipate the future, not look at the present. Like a man who should think twice before doing a sin, and think about the outcome in the future rather than what he gets now.

The problem of the Arabs against Jews exists since the beginning of the world: "Esau hates Jacob." Before receiving the Commandments, Jacob followed them and Esau did the opposite. We, the Jews, descendants of Jacob, were taught to follow the Commandments. Whoever doesn’t want to keep the Commandments should check his or her genealogy whether he or she really is Jewish.

The Government of Israel should be stable and continue as a Jewish state to protect the Holy Land. Don't forget what happened to the Jews in the Holocaust.

Every Jew must be happy with what he has, without complaining or protesting, his prayers will be heard! If not, they won't be heard. In the land of Israel, there is everything, there are four good seasons in time and there is good and healthy rain. The Creator protects from above, and we protect ourselves on earth.

Jews, stay away from assimilation. No goy or Arab likes Jews; they only want to defile the Jewish girls. If a Jew assimilates with a goy, the soul leaves, as it is part of the Holy One from above. (I wish to add a disclaimer since righteous non-Jews do not fit into this category. They are probably member of the lost tribes; probably Jewish even though they haven’t discovered it yet).

Trump Don't hate and don’t have a grudge; he came to fix all wrongs.

Russia, Putin Want to work with Trump.

Iran threatens Israel. It received a warning; an entire building burned down and collapsed in seconds. It is terrified that Trump will see the irregular contract that Obama made.

Syria will be destroyed like Sodom and Gomorrah.

Iraq will be destroyed like Sodom and Gomorrah.

Turkey will be destroyed. Erdogan puts thousands into prisons and that won't help him.

Egypt fights in the Sinai desert, to repair what it did to the military-defense-Israel in the Yom Kippur war. They are battling ISIS and radical Islam, who want to destroy Sissi and Egypt. There is smuggling of a very large quantity of rockets and ammunition from Egypt’s borders to the Sinai desert. Sissi had to fight hard against the forces that are in Sinai. Radical Islam has a deep resentment against him from the time of Morsi. Sissi stay vigilant, Egypt is in danger.

Gaza Strip, Hamas and Abu Mazen take tens of millions of dollars and put it in their pocket. They leave the Arabs without food. They give instructions when to hit the Jews in the Land of Israel. In the Gaza Strip they continue to dig tunnels constantly. They put a lot of rockets into the tunnels and are planning to disturb the big cities. The Creator will never let them succeed; it is closed! We must be very careful and check goods entering the Gaza Strip.

The sea is noisy and raging and wants to run over and destroy the world. The Holy One does not let it wash the world. Disasters will continue to happen outside Israel, floods and volcanic eruptions, and aircraft accident and earthquakes. In the land of Israel nothing will happen.

Refugees from Africa, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank will arrive in Europe — dozens of millions! They come to banish the Jews of Europe. European Jews will escape to the Holy Land!

Dear Jews, repent and keep the Commandments. The Creator is going to raise the pressure, to discover and reveal in mass all the people who are lecherous, taking bribes, cheating, and living on others.

Jews, In the land of Israel and abroad, invest in real estate only in the Holy land.

Jews living all over the world take all your belongings and go to the land of Israel.

Jews Go to the tomb of the Patriarchs.

In the land of Israel, the Messiah protects, acts and works hard. The soul of Messiah surrounds all the land of Israel! The students of the Torah, prayer and perform acts of kindness and charity; they also protect Israel. Those who believe: will have only good; and those who don't understand, will soon understand. People will see obvious and very prominent signs in the matter of the Messiah.

There are Jews who believe, yet fear to say that the signs are those of the Messiah. People will say: they are not modern; they are very modern.

Messiah is at the end of the edge of the mountain; he is ready to be revealed in public!

Courtesy of the site : "Tairneri"

Monday, January 23, 2017

Nibiru Just Became Real -- Thank You President Trump

A very beautiful video from Rav Glazerson.  President Donald Trump changed the Executive Order of the past five presidents who tried to keep Nibiru Top Secret, as he acknowledged that Nibiru is real:

Moshiach is definitely close, B"H.

Here is an additional article on the subject:

This makes me very curious whether NASA now will start reporting where Nibiru is and when it might arrive. Of course, than may tell us when Moshiach will be announced, but that is just between you and me.

If we don't hear such information, it might behoove us to contact NASA and/or the White House for updates. The purpose of NASA's silence was to make sure we do not prepare, and that we are in harm's way. This new Executive Order from the President means that the government is concerned with our welfare. That is really our tax dollars at work.

Thank you President Trump, and most of all thank You Hashem.

I am getting the same nonsense, that I have gotten in the past.  Why would such a major news event not be on the mainstream media? 

The evil global elite who want us dead still control the media.  Even though they have been greatly diminished in their power, they are still not giving up.  If you do a Google or YouTube search of Trump and Nibiru, you would be shocked at how many sources have talked about it including all the statements that Trump has made even before becoming President.

We need to stop playing into the hands of the evil ones by denying reality that they do not want us to know.  Fact: the past five presidents have maintained the Executive Order to keep Nibiru Top Secret.  Fact: the world governments have created vast underground bunkers and even military bases which started in the 1980's after Nibiru was first observed at the cost of trillions of dollars.  Fact: the Earth changes have been extreme and totally hidden from the mainstream news, and are getting worse.  Fact: President Trump pledged to cancel all Executive Orders from the Obama administration.  Fact: The Torah doesn't lie and Hashem has sent us many, many messages about the upcoming disaster.  Fact: the seas are already rising and the prediction of great areas, such as the East Coast, West Coast and Gulf coast of the US being completely under water, is appearing more factual every day.  Even the Mississippi river is expected to be about 100 miles wide.  There are many other facts that we know for sure, many of which I have written about for years.

There is so much evidence that Nibiru is approaching and that it will be more devastating than what has already occurred.  The last thing we want to do is say that we don't have enough proof of anything, and that hopefully Hashem is wrong, chas v'shalom.  I have said many times that skepticism is extremely dangerous.  If the only proof that you have is your own flawed logic, and absolutely no research, you are in horrible trouble.  I just hope if you are a skeptic that you are not married with children who depend on you.

If we are looking for excuses not to do Hashem's will, and put ourselves and our loved ones in mortal danger, please don't use my blog to state your skepticism.  I am here to try to save your lives, not increase the possibility of destroying it.

Tomorrow I will be posting an excellent message from Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, that will shed more light on our present situation.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Watching You

Another very good message from Harry Rothenberg:

Thursday, January 19, 2017


Another very interesting find by Rav Glazerson:

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi Shlita, Parashat Shemot, 17 Tevet 5777 (15.1.17)


The Creator of the world, Leader of the world, the whole world belongs to Him, He created it for His glory. If someone doesn’t understand the meaning of the Creator creating us for His glory, I will explain: a person will do what the Creator wants; all the best wanted by this person, he will receive easily and without effort. If we don't do the will of Hashem, He will not do what we want, we will have difficult times and we will have to suffer a lot for all our demands. To succeed in marriage, income, health and every good thing a person wants to have, he must first try 100% to keep the commandments.

The existence of the commandments, is a key part of every Jew (man and woman), this is the redemption of men in this world. This is incredible abundance of wealth. We need to teach our children to observe the commandments, to grow to be clean and pure, without any doubt. No matter within what school they are learning, religious or not, no Jewish mother and father want their children to go the wrong way. Therefore, following the commandments is for everyone; it's an opening to all salvation, miracles and successes.

We Jews pray the Shemoneh Esreh three times a day, and pray grace and mention in each the names of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. In the first blessing of the Shmoney Esreh we say their names! Please bring wisdom, intelligence and understanding dear Jews, if we pray and mention Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, three times a day, so why are you not going to the tomb of the Patriarchs? That's what the Holy One is asking you. Come to the tomb of the Patriarchs; meet the Holy fathers and the Holy One from close. Jacob made Joseph promise him that he will bury him in the tomb of the Patriarchs and not in the impure land of the goyim, and Joseph made the sons of Israel promise that they will submerge his coffin and that they will take it back to the land of Israel.

The whole world, except for the land of Israel, is in a big confusion, chaos and Gog and Magog. One kills the other, one destroys the other, one dominates the other, one wants to take the other's job-like this is the end of the world and there is no tomorrow. Seven and a half billion people in the world don't trust each other, except the Jews in the Land of Israel. Creator did this so they will leave in peace, and join the Jews living in the Holy Land, so they will stop bothering the people Israel, and will stop their plans to take parts of the land of Israel. Woe the spirit and the soul of a person, state or country who would want to take parts of Israel; Heaven will not have pity on them; they will see how the Creator will take care of them. If people don't understand there's redemption and that the Messiah is acting and working, let them understand now.

Unfortunately, some small part in Israel is learning from the goyim. The Creator is asking to never disturb Him in the courts of the land of Israel. The Creator controls all the judges in the land of Israel; show to the judges what's true and what's false.

The Jews, who live abroad, go without a yarmulke so to not be recognized. They prefer to go without yarmulkes, with earrings and costumes, than to come to the land of Israel.

The Creator tells them: '' I will continue to bring refugees, Isis and anti-Semitism in Europe, North and South America and all over the world, to expel you from the foreign soil, to bring you to the land of Israel and to build the third Temple. After the first and second temples were destroyed, I dispersed you all over the world and now I am calling you. Like it or not, I will bring you to the land of Israel. Anti-Semitism will reject you. It will not stop, only grow and grow and you will run away without a single Euro in your pocket! Don’t mess with the Holy One, better not, you will not win.

There are 120 members in the Knesset and they are fighting for chairs in Parliament. Instead of dealing with the State problems, the economy and education, they are looking to bring down each other.

The assimilation of Jews must stop immediately! There are some that are really converting and others that are not. Those who are not really converting are against the Holy Land, and because of them there are problems in the land of Israel.

In the land of Israel all is good and nothing is missing. Real estate will continue to be active, lots and buildings, nothing will stop for ever. They settle the Negev, the Galilee and the Golan Heights, the West Bank, Benjamin and Judah. Millions of Jews will arrive to the land of Israel; the goyim will help them and banish them from the lands outside of Israel. The people of Israel are stubborn, the Holy One is more stubborn.

The new President of the USA, Trump has a lot of work to make peace in the world. The President leaving made a lot of problems and troubles to obstruct Trump. Hillary and Obama received the shock of their lives when Trump was elected; they are hurting in a way that will not leave them for many years, and this is the hand of the Holy One. For the new President Trump, it will be difficult in the first six months, then everything will flow. The great miracle that he believes in the Holy One with closed eyes! He is doing all the things that are right and true.

Syria Will continue to be destroyed and destroyed, until infinity.

Iraq Same thing.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah Collapse, every day will collapse more. The IDF must be very vigilant so they will not receive arms from Iran, because these are dangerous weapon.

In the Gaza Strip, Hamas and Isis are killing each other, everybody wants to control. They get a lot of money. There are power failures and problem with rain, because they continue to dig. They have lots of missiles in tunnels in the direction of the center of Israel. Their plan is to surprise G-d forbid.

Egypt, if Sissi will not be serious, radical Islam will hurt him. Sissi needs to worry only about Egypt and not about other countries.

In the Sinai desert many clans and groups are involved with everyone wanting control. Tons of contraband and a lot of money are involved there, a lot of ammunition and rockets. Isis lives and grows in the desert of Sinai.

Jordan, everything there is like a big mess with the refugees. There is support for Abbas and hope that he will establish a Palestinian State.

Mahmoud Abbas is speaking as if he were innocent, compassionate and kind. But he advocates harming Jews and sending murderers to kill Jews.

The Holy One says to the Jews, watch your lives, and from Heaven I will watch you. The Holy One says to the Jews not to believe Arabs and Abu Mazen, they don't want peace; they want you to be their slaves.

France is making a conference to establish a Palestinian state. Their plans are to put there all refugees and infiltrators. The Creator says: "I will destroy France!” They are dealing with the Creator of the world. All Jews run away, don't wait!

Turkey, Isis destroys, destroys and they ruin it.

Putin, Russia's President is not taking anyone in account; he has respect and esteem for Jews in the land of Israel and for the land. Putin knows that in Israel is the power of survival, that we are strong, smart and scientists.

Europe wants a Palestinian State to send Isis, the Muslims, the Palestinians and the infiltrators. They will have problems with the Creator.

Iran plays the role of cute, innocent and kindhearted. They go as if by law, and they are laughing at the world. They are afraid that Trump will disclose that their agreement is fake.

Jews, try not to travel for pleasure abroad. Anywhere in the world, vermin is waiting to harm you.

In the entire world there will be severe winds, heavy rains, floods and mud. Anyone who hurts Israel and the Jews in the Land of Israel, Heaven will hurt.

Creator hates people who plot and take bribery, corruption and prejudice, crooks and thieves, religious, non-religious or fake religious — all will be discovered, so the people of Israel will see and fear and would be worthy of salvation and of the Messiah. This is the purpose of the Holy One.

Jews of Israel, reinforce the real estate and be not afraid to build. Jews are the most important in the world and the world needs Jews in the Holy land of Israel.

Jews must protect Jerusalem! There will be the Temple there to which we will go three times a year; the Holy One selected it thousands of years ago; this is where His house is, the Temple in Jerusalem! He lives in Jerusalem and all over the world. No one can change the Creator's wishes. Every country that wants their embassy in Jerusalem, may blessings be with it.

Jews in all parts of the world, from small to great, know the signs of the King Messiah. The Holy One discloses the signs of him piece by piece and very quickly - so the world and the land of Israel will be familiar with it, and not panic. Suddenly will arrive the day to anoint the King Messiah in public! All know all the signs, in Israel and abroad; and many know who the King Messiah is; some secretly and some openly. King Messiah is a man of G-d; he doesn't belong to anyone, only to G-d Almighty. He came to purify the world and renew it, to give life forever to the Jews and to build the third Temple; he has all the plans.

Courtesy of the site: "Tairneri"

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tomb of Our Fathers

Another excellent video from Harry Rothenberg:
Tomb of Our Fathers: Parshat VaYechi

Monday, January 16, 2017

Getting Through the End of Days

I received this excellent essay from one of our dear readers:

The verse says[1] says, “Yaakov called for his sons and said, gather together and I shall tell you what will befall you in the End of Days…”

Rashi[2] says that Yaakov wished to reveal the conclusion[3] of all the exiles of the Jewish people, but the Divine Presence departed from him and he was unable to do so. The Talmud[4] states, “Yaakov said to his sons: Perhaps, Heaven forbid, there is a blemish among the issue of my bed[5] like the case of Avraham, from whom issued Ishmael or like the case of my father Yitzchak, from whom issued Eisav. His sons answered him reassuringly: Hear, O Israel,[6] Hashem is our G-d, Hashem is One. They explained their response: Just as there is only One G-d in your heart, so there is only One G-d in our heart…”

Why did the sons say to Yaakov, “Just as there is only One G-d in your heart, so there is only One G-d in our heart?” The answer is given by Rav Shimon Schwab zt”l:

“During Golus, the Jewish people are split, not only physically-geographically, but also ideologically. One group does not see eye to eye with the other. This disparity exists not only in that the non-religious segment of our nation does not understand those who are religious, but even the people who keep the Torah and mitzvot are divided and subdivided many times among themselves.[7]

However, over 150 years ago, the disciples of the Vilna Gaon[8] and the disciples of the Baal Shem Tov[9]had made peace with each other. While both groups maintained their differences, both developed great respect and eventually a mutual love for each other.

So why should we be different today? The talmidim of our great yeshivos and kollelim who follow their Roshei HaYeshivah and devoted Chassidim who follow their Admorim, are all united in their absolute loyalty to Hashem’s Torah. Why can’t we tell the other, ‘I am deeply convinced that my outlook is true. So are you. We honor each other’s conviction and sincerity without any yielding an inch of our own sacred territory.’”[10]

When the sons said to Yaakov, “Just as there is only One G-d in your heart, so there is only One G-d in our heart,” they were telling us that we are one nation with one Torah. We might have different sects of Judaism, yet we all are learning from the same Torah that was given to us at Mount Sinai. As the Zohar[11] says, “Hashem, the Torah and Yisroel are one.” Thus, all three vital components united in the desert[12] fulfilling the dictum, “and the three-ply cord will not be severed easily.”[13]

When watching a movie, if the producer plans on making a sequel, he will give hints towards the end of it that the plot isn’t over yet. Before the Divine Presence departed from Yaakov, is there any hint that he gave us about how to bring this last exile to a close? It’s two words: gather together.

The Medrash[14] says, “The Jewish people are like a bundle of reeds: A single reed can be broken even by a child, whereas a bundle of reeds cannot be broken even by an adult. [Although each individual may be unworthy of a certain spiritual level, together they are worthy of that level]. So too, the Jewish people will not be redeemed until they become a single group.”[15]

Elsewhere, the verse says, “He was King over Yeshurun [Yisroel], when the leaders of the nation gathered and the tribes of Yisroel were unified.”[16] Rashi[17] explains, “When is He King over Yeshurun? Only when the tribes of Yisroel are unified and not when they are divided into separate groups - which, we know, happens as a result of Lashon Hara.[18]

The Medrash say that if Jews are worshipping idols, but they live in peace, no nation or cultural force can rule over them[19] and in Heaven the Satan is not able to accuse them.[20] For Hashem states, “My beloved children, what do I ask of you? Only that you love one another and respect one another.”[21] As Dovid HaMelech[22] said, “Indeed, how good and how pleasant is the dwelling of brothers, moreover, in unity.” The Belze Rebbe said that the salvation of the Jewish people rests on unity during times of trouble.[23]

With Hashem’s help, in the merit of becoming one like our Creator, with our brethren - through speech and action - may He soon gather us out of the lands to which we were scattered[24] and bring us to the Land that our forefathers possessed![25]

[1] Bereishis 49:1.

[2] Ibid. “ואגידה לכם”.

[3] i.e. duration of time or dates.

[4] Pesachim 56a.

[5] The Maharsha explains that Yaakov feared that perhaps the Divine Presence had departed from him because one of his children did not believe in G-d's absolute unity, and therefore was not worthy of receiving this prophecy.

[6] When the sons were saying Israel, they were addressing Yaakov (Rashi to Pesachim 56a “שמע ישראל”).

[7] Rav Schwab on Prayer, page 468.

[8] I.e. Eliyahu Kremer.

[9] I.e. Yisroel ben Eliezer.

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[11] Parshas Achrei Mos 73a.

[12] The verse says, “Israel encamped there.” (Shemos 19:2). Rashi explains this to mean one man, with one heart. Whereas, all other encampments were with complaints and argumentation. For Israel to rise to its highest calling, it must be unified. Only when it was united its goal of hearing the word of G-d could it receive the Torah.” (Ibid. “ויחן שם ישראל”).

[13] Koheles 4:12.

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[15] I.e. united.

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[24] See Yechezkeil 20:34.

[25] Devarim 30:3-5.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The End of Gog and Magog?

There is so much going on in this crazy upside-down world that my dot-connecting is working overtime. There are so many signs of the end being imminent. Something that has been asked of me recently is about the conference of 70 nations meeting today for the purpose of destroying Israel. I have some definite feelings about it and why it is happening, but unless you have followed my blog for years, my information might be more confusing than helpful. To save me a bunch of typing and not repeating what I have already discussed, I will be giving you references to go to, some from me, to fill you in on details you may be lacking.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let me explain. I have mentioned that every event in history has been used by Hashem to fulfill His will. I am not saying that Hashem caused the history to happen, just that the results of everything that people have caused, Hashem uses to fulfill His will. Not history as we see in the history books, but the truth about what has really happened. The eventual goal of a worldwide redemption and Moshiach being crowned as the King of the world has been happening with the craziest sequence of events.

It started with the formation of the Illuminati in 1776, Bavaria, Germany. This is a very involved subject; it is easier to just send you to a Wikipedia reference (if you are interested):

The most important thing about the agenda of the Illuminati is what it has led to in our day and age. The answer is “The New World Order.” The NWO is the agenda to make the entire world a one world communist government and one world currency with the global elite (richest people on Earth; bankers, Wall Streeters, leaders, the monarchy, industrialists, etc) owning the entire world and everything in it. That means that the people would no longer own anything, but would be slaves to the elite to get all the work done. Since there are too many people on Earth, about 7.3 billion, the population would have to be reduced by about 93% to 500 million people (a workable number). The NWO has it all detailed, etched in stone, on the Georgia Guidestones in ten languages. This set of stones outlines the Illuminati commandments that the NWO is trying to implement. There are so many Google and YouTube sites to learn about and see the Guidestones that, once again, go to Google and/or YouTube if you want more information.

So who is actually carrying out this diabolical plan to take over the world? Gog from the country of Magog is the simple answer. The Bible tells us much about Gog and Magog, but “who it is” and “where it is” seems to be a continual mystery for those who only guess and do no research. My simple answer is Gog means George, since the letters for Gog are in the name George, both in English and Hebrew. I have presented much, much proof including codes that show how George appears in every aspect of Gog and Magog. Read my blog of 7 April 2016, entitled “We Have a Choice: Turn to Hashem or Turn to Hashem.”

If you don’t like reading, go to my YouTube video of 2 Dec 2015, entitled “Gog and Magog.”

The more convincing way to let you know, that Gog Bush, Sr is the Gog of today, is to hear it from his own mouth. Go to this video and hear the man himself in this “New World Order Quote Compilation:”

If 17 minutes is too long to watch, go to this shorter video and hear the same person announce his “NWO.”

Some other videos to watch are:

JFK - The Speech That Killed Him

Watch John F. Kennedy Expose the Illuminati

The Depopulation Agenda for a New World Order - Agenda 21

The important facts to know is what has actually happened in history that give further credence to the Gog Bush cabal. These people are Satanists who belong to the order of Skull and Crossbones. The Bushes including the father Prescott Bush (the one who made WW2 possible) were active Satanists at Yale University when they attended. They attend Satan worship once a year at the Bohemian Groves outside of San Francisco. They are very, very evil people who want to own the world. By the way, Gog Bush, Sr had the nickname in the S and C order of “Magog.” For a scary list of important people, including presidents, who were members of this evil Satanic Order, go to:

The Gog’s cabal includes the Clintons, Obama, Kerry, Gog Bush Jr. and others. The fact that the staunch Republican Gog Bush, Sr recommended and voted for Hillary is a good indication that he wanted to continue the cabal power in the White House. Trump is against Gog’s agenda, which is surprising that Trump is still alive.

The George Bush cabal is another subject that is very well covered on the web. Go to Google and YouTube and look at the many, many hours of proof that the cabal is an evil group wanting to take over the world in the most disastrous way possible with no regard for the people of this world.

Everybody questions when the war of Gog and Magog will be. The Chofetz Chaim, told us that the three battles of Gog and Magog (brought down in Ezekiel and Zechariah) are WW1, 2 and 3, with WW3 being a spiritual war, you will find that the third and final battle is almost over. Gog Bush made his biggest attack on Israel with the Oslo Accord, which came from the Bush administration, and signed by Billy boy, when Bush lost the 1992 election for his second term. We now know that all the intifadas and terrorist attacks were a result of Gog's efforts to destroy Israel. It is much more complicated, but the third and final battle has been ongoing for decades and is almost over. Since scriptures tell us of the 70 nations that will try to destroy Israel, there is a good possibility that today’s conference in Paris is the end. It is the final spiritual attack of the 70 nations on Israel.

The Chofetz Chaim was prophetic about his predictions since he only knew of the Great War, which was renamed WW1, and his prediction that the 2nd war would be 25 years after the first (first started 1914; second 1939, 25 years apart). He died in 1933, so nothing he predicted could have come after the fact. When one goes to the test in the Torah for prophecy, in Parshat Shoftim, it tells us that if events are predicted so accurately, it came from Hashem. Therefore the prediction of the third battle or WW3 being a spiritual battle, which it has been, is completely accurate. We have been told by other sources that Israel’s dealings with Gog and Magog are basically finished. This could be the end.

This does not mean that there won’t be an actual military conflict. Gog Bush was involved in the preparations for WW3 as a nuclear holocaust and a convenient excuse to get rid of the 93% for his NWO agenda. He also was involved as Vice President under President Reagan in having Nibiru classified Top Secret. Gog Bush has a very long history of hurting the US and the world. Since the Bush family has always been friendly with the Bin Laden family, it was Gog who organized Al Qaeda to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. The fact that ISIS broke off from Al Qaeda, and is trained and funded by the US of Magog, is something else to thank Gog Bush for. That was actually arranged by the Bilderberg Group, another diabolical organization of the world elite. No matter how it all came about, this scary world is the way it is due to the effort of the Bush family with Gog Bush, Sr as its henchman.

People around the world keep guessing at who Gog is and where Magog is, but it couldn’t be any clearer. All that has happened in the US with the 800 FEMA concentration camps, the multi-trillion dollar underground network of military basis and fortresses for the global elite, the distribution of military materiel to law informant agencies getting ready for Marshal Law and possibly civil war, the craziest election in the history of the world that might spark the civil war come inauguration day, the chem-trail spraying that is definitely toxic and life threatening, the military and government organizations moving to higher ground in anticipation of gigantic tsunamis, the dumbing down of America and elsewhere, the financial holocaust that is destined to get much worse, the earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and sinkholes that might be partially manmade (there are definite signs that it is not all from Nibiru coming in), the vaccine and disease debacle, the fake deficit (the elite are worth trillions and hiding it; the money they stole from everyone), the entire food crisis with big companies like Monsanto monopolizing the effort, (this is another one of my famous run-on sentences). There is much more going on that we don’t even know about, but there is no doubt that it is all from the Gog Bush cabal effort to bring on the New World Order and kill as many of us as possible.

One additional mention about the dumbing down of America. It is the reason that so many people voted twice for Obama, a Black Muslim who is not a citizen of the US, and who continued the madness by voting for Hillary who with Obama is part of the NWO agenda to kill us. A vote for Hillary was a vote to destroy the US, and many other countries in the world. If you don’t believe what I am saying, I ask you how much research you have done to disprove my arguments. Show me proof besides your illogical human emotion that says: that can’t be true. If you have done no research and are only working on flawed belief, consider yourself a victim of the dumbing down process – that was their goal, and they succeeded.

Lastly let me show you an article from Breaking Israel News telling us of the conference being a fulfillment of prophecy. Read this article:

Is there any coincidence that this conference should be five days before the inauguration? Obama has said that he wants to continue as President and not allow the inauguration of Trump. The FC individuals have talked about the elite being underground in there fortresses about the time of the inauguration. Does that mean that Obama, or more likely Gog, is trying to start WW3 this week which could result in a presidential Executive Order for the continuation of the present administration in times of worldwide peril?

I have very good new. The Gog Bush cabal is in disarray. There are many problems that are not known to the public since it would never be in the elite controlled mainstream media. I heard through sources I will not disclose that Gog Bush, Sr may be indicted for a very old crime (I am sorry that I cannot tell you the info). There is great disagreement amongst the cabal members, including the setback of Hillary not entering the White House. There are other problems involved, but it might be the need for a sudden voting in the UN and the immediate conference in Paris. There is also the possibility that Nibiru is imminent and they are not telling us.

Why Has The White House Suddenly Released A Strategy For Dealing With A Catastrophic Meteor Impact?

Needless to say again and again, turning to Hashem is the answer to your question: what do we do? This is all a setup where Hashem took all the shenanigans of what is happening to give us our final testing before the worldwide redemption. That is the culmination of all this nonsense, but how we each come out, how each of us survives is completely dependent on how we include Hashem. Very difficult problem; very simple solution. Need I say any more?

Just added, an excellent find from Rav Glazerson:

The Conference in Paris for Palestinian State in bible code

Thursday, January 12, 2017

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Just Imagine Such a Situation -- Communication with Benjamin, Kislev

Here we meet again. What is there to say? First, we see, if you are interested, that the world is falling apart in all directions. World shaking from giant earthquakes that are occurring all kinds of countries including the United States. And the weather, cold, something very cold, and it's going to be colder, including countries that usually are not so cold. Volcanoes are exploding, and a fear that Yellowstone at the Old-geyser (the Old Faithful Geyser) might explode, Hashem forbid. It is a giant volcano within the earth, Yellowstone National park, USA. That alone could erase three-quarters of the US.

There are the harshest floods in the world including in the US. On the other hand, not far from the floods there are very dry areas; it is so dry that some of the fires have claimed the lives of quite a few people. Anyway, the Arctic continues to melt, and the oceans are filled, rising and overflowing. The world mess is quite out of the ordinary. This week in Russia's the ambassador to Turkey was killed. When world War I started, it was something similar.

Most people in the world are not relaxed. They are afraid of what will come any minute. Most people are confident that the end of the world is coming, maybe not today but probably not much longer. There are villains who give us all sorts of reasons. Most of it is a lie to make us afraid. They think they are living in a fantasy life and they are just players. They invent all sorts of fantasies to attract the world and confuse the people. Like the stories that there are alien creatures who live outside the Earth. They believe that they found such a life force lives outside the Earth. They think that we have to even fight against it. It is all nonsense; everything is a lie. Hollywood would have us believe it is coming.

They themselves control Hollywood and spend much for such films, the stories they tell us now! But those films are a fantasy, they do not say it's real. But now try to present it as true. They have learned that if the person hears and sees something enough times, even if he knows that somebody wrote it out of his imagination, they still would believe it. It becomes part of our essence. We fantasize the it I real and going to happen. Indeed there are those who believe it, but every person with some sense, even an Xtian who believes in the Ten-Commandments cannot believe it. Jews certainly cannot believe in such nonsense.

We are more confused every day. If we are not close to Hashem, Hashem forbid, then the person enters more and more into depression, and lack of will to live, that is no longer so what. If the person feels so happy now that he can do all the things that were forbidden, and even made laws with the government giving permission, it's allowed! It's your right! You can do whatever you want! But, it also brings the depression. Anything that goes against Torah, against the essence of the person, against nature, will not succeed and cause disaster.

Nature also is changing lately. There are all kinds of strange things in nature. They are very much influenced by the star that is coming to us. Planet Earth is being pulled by the great magnetic force. The star even when it was far away was very strong and magnetic. It also affects our moods, our health and everything. Look at the effects of the disasters of nature as we mentioned are having on us. Not only that, but there are sinkholes that open everywhere, swallowing homes even buildings of several floors. We also have an area like that near the Dead Sea road to Ein Gedi.

But, people do not want to know. They want to continue their ways, and do not want to see the truth. But, it's my job to tell the truth and try to relieve all the souls of the true Jews that were at Mount Sinai. You will be saved, no-matter what; but if you go on your own with Hashem, He will make you have everything easier. There is no doubt that the near future will be the most difficult situation everywhere. Exactly how it will be, I do not know. I know it will be difficult, and it will 'shock' the world over. Finally people will take notice.

In America, the United States, there are many people who are preparing for it. They have made for themselves a possibility to grow their own food. They also prepared food that can hold a few years. They know how high is where they live compared to sea level to avoid the danger of flooding from a tsunami. There are reports that a tsunami could reach six hundred meters, Hashem forbid. They have weapons so that no one would bother them. Not only that, they organized themselves in groups so that they are not alone; that they can fight against everyone, no matter whom. And their women can shoot with rifles, and the kids are already experts in 'How to get clean water, how to purify water and anything they need without electricity.’ They know what to do. Even though they believe that Hashem created the world, they do not understand the truth of Hashem. That's what they do. They are making sure that everyone will be ready with everything they need to live without electricity and without anything, gasoline and the like. Really ready for it.

In most nations, the Jews abroad, they do not want to know what is happening. They want to continue with their lives as they are. And it is also the religious, the ultra-Orthodox and the secular, who would just rather not know. There are those who do know, and some even got up and came to Israel already, but most they simply do not want to know, or they say: "what can I do? What will I do? I have all my married children in America; how can I bring them? I have no money. "And it's true, but if they really are Jewish souls, and really try to finish by drawing close to Hashem and the truth, they have nothing to fear.
The remainder of Benjamin’s message is information that he has said before. I do not have the time to go through it all.

There are about ten pages of questions and answers that I hope to review and post sometime next week, B”N.