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A Vital Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Shemot, 15 Tevet (27/12/15) and additional notes on Saving the World

G-d, King of Kings, created the entire world and is the leader of the world. Anyone that does G-d's will and goes in the path that G-d wants will have only good.

G-d is shocking the entire world, except for Israel, with natural disasters, harsh winds, storms, floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, fires and mud, conflict between and within countries, and Antisemitism increasing every day all over the world. Armageddon outside of Israel. Chaos outside the borders of Israel!

G-d is doing all of this in all of the countries that ban Israel, all of the countries that bother Israel, and all of the countries that want to take parts of Israel away to give to the Palestinians. The Holy Land, the state of Israel is owned by G-d, as is the entire world. Anyone or state that wants to take parts of the holy land away will pay with their lives. The state of Israel will grow and develop endlessly.

All of the disasters that G-d is doing around the world are to take care of countries that bother Israel and to banish the Jews living abroad. G-d is in judgment and it will increase; G-d has stopped stalling. Jews living abroad and Jews planning to do Aliyah - don't wait! You won't have peace; there is no faith in impure land. There are seven billion people in the world against Jews that don't like the Jews. The state of Israel, the holy land, is the safest place in the world, the most guarded place in the world, there is work for everyone, the tastiest fruits and vegetables in the world, and all of the Jews are repenting. All of the Jews must do the will of G-d. Do the will of G-d and G-d will fulfill all of your desires. The state of Israel is the mother and father,   G-d and the Holy Spirit for all the Jews in Israel and abroad - do Aliyah urgently!

Jews in and out of Israel - watch over your sons and daughters so that they don't assimilate with the gentiles, it makes G-d angry. The world is in judgment. The world is in danger. Watch over your kids from assimilation, drugs, alcohol, and gambling. All of the Jews abroad living with gentiles come urgently to Israel and convert them.

The state of Israel is protected by a cloud of fire around the borders, together with the Messiah.

ISIS, as we said, must be taken out at the root. Terrorists that attack Jews with knives and cars are being brainwashed by ISIS. ISIS is in East Jerusalem, Hebron, Negev, and Galilee. ISIS threatens Israel; they think they have a strong conspiracy within Israel, but they are delusional. The power of ISIS is to fight against the gentiles, not the Jews. ISIS wants to control the borders of Egypt and the Gaza Strip. They are competing against the Hamas and want to show that ISIS is stronger than Hamas. ISIS wants to attack the borders of Israel to show Hamas that they are in charge and so that the citizens of Gaza follow ISIS and not Hamas. They will have a Babel Tower and will kill each other.

In Egypt, ISIS and the Extreme Islamists want to murder Sisi and create a revolution in order to turn Egypt back into a primitive land. They will not back down, they are increasing their efforts.

Jordan continues to wait; it has connections with Israel and wants to benefit from Israeli tourism and the Arabs around and within it.

Turkey has become a gun for ISIS. Arduan secretly obeys ISIS and does what they tell him. Israel must not surrender to Turkey. Anything given to them concerning Gaza will mean trouble for Israel. The people and government of Israel must understand: the goal of Arab countries, Hamas, and the Palestinians is only to conquer Israel. They do not want peace. They will never succeed, quite the opposite.

Syria is being completely erased; they are fighting and killing each other. Russians are killing Hezbollah, the rebels, and ISIS. Syrians are killing Hezbollah. Iranians are being killed with Syrians, Kurds and Turks. Everything in Syria is quicksand. Hundreds of thousands are being killed and you can't tell who is against whom.

If Russia wants to destroy Syria, Syria would be gone within 24 hours. Russia wants to control Syria without supporting it.

Iran is getting ammunition from Russia because Russia wants Iran under its control and not in the control of the US. Iran is deathly afraid of Israel. They can't do anything against Israel directly, only indirectly. Thank G-d we have the best army in the world protecting us, the best air force in the world, and every pilot has an angel with him during action. Even the other IDF soldiers have angels by their side, so that they carry out successful operations.

Iraq cannot be fixed; everything is destroyed and will be even more destroyed.

G-d has clipped the wings of Hezbollah and Nasrallah and does not let them raise their heads.

In Africa, Asia, and Europe, there will be harsh conflicts and wars. In Europe there will soon be a wave of bombings and terrorist attacks. In many places in the world there will be conflict. Countries will fight against each other, rockets will malfunction, planes will malfunction, and there will be complications with planes and ships.

We have the security forces: the police, IDF, Mossad, Shin Bet protecting the state of Israel. You must respect them and respect the law in Israel. There are judges and lawyers - work within the law! Whoever is honest will be protected by G-d.

G-d is doing all of this to renew the world into a world of kindness, mercy, and respect for one another.

Dear Jews, stop thinking twice and doubting. The Messiah is hearing, operating, protecting, blessing, and praying! G-d is asking the Jewish people of Israel to continue to cry out and ask for the crowning of the Messiah as King in public and without delay. This is G-d's wish!

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The post is based on the vital messages from Rav Moshe Sternbuch, shlita:
Preventing Another Holocaust and the message above from Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita.

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The article that I posted on Sunday, the words of Rav Moshe Sternbuch, shlita, is the Absolute Truth. I have been saying for the past 45 months a very similar message. We are close to the Geula and the introduction of Moshiach. One very important aspect that I have said, and will repeat again, is that there is no bandwagon that we can jump on to coast to the end. We cannot be with a wait and see attitude. We are all measure for measure being treated separately. If we are with Hashem and turn to him for everything, we will make the journey to Geula much easier for ourselves and our loved ones. If we are in a “wait and see” mode, or even worse, a skeptical mode, we will go to the end of the end with much suffering. It doesn’t mean that Hashem won’t give us Tikun. It doesn’t mean that we will not receive the days of Moshiach. It only means that we will not get the best of our happy ending without problems and chaos. We are still individuals with individual obligations to accomplish.

Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, tells us that Hashem wants to crown Moshiach immediately. The problem is we are not waiting for him, he is waiting for us. If all the Jews would scream out that “we have had enough of this evil, chaotic world and that we want Moshiach now,” Hashem would say: “Now you have caught on, here he is.” The simple solution to all the world’s problems is just “all the Jews turning to Hashem and demanding the King Moshiach instantly.” That is what Hashem is waiting for, and that is the best indication that we are relying on Hashem for everything.

It is brought down that if all the Jews would do repentance, Moshiach would appear instantly. What would cause all the Jews to repent? When the world gets so scary that we all look up and say to Hashem: “HELP!!!!” That is all the repentance needed, since it would be all the Jews turning to Hashem. They say: There are not atheists in foxholes; do we have to wait for the entire world to be a foxhole before we catch on?

How simple a solution to all our problems, and all the problems of the world. Acknowledge Hashem and His Torah as the only source of Absolute Truth and we end this evil world and go into the world of goodness and truth. Where do we see this in the Torah? When Korach tried to take power from Moshe, the ground opened up and sent him and his group of rebels to Hell. Korach’s sons hollered at the last second: “Moshe is telling the truth and the Torah is the truth.” At that time the ground closed and prevented them from going to Hell with their father. By turning to Hashem with instant repentance, instantly acknowledging the only source of truth, their lives were saved.

That is exactly the message from Rav Sternbuch and Rav Ben Artzi. Geulah could happen instantly – it is up to us. If not, as Rav Ben Artzi has been saying, the world will get scarier until all the Jews turn to Hashem. Yes, it is coming – and each of us will experience it differently depending on our actions NOW. There is no bandwagon; there is only our personal interaction with Hashem. A million Jews will experience a million different levels of Geula and spirituality. We are all responsible for ourselves, but yet we can work together to make it happen. Why wait? It is your life, your eternity and the eternity of those who depend upon what you do now.

Hashem put an idea in my head.  If everyone reading this post would pass it on to everyone we know, and have them pass it on to everyone they know, the worldwide redemption would occur immediately.  Let us start a campaign to prevent the need for the world getting scarier.  Since Hashem wants all the Jews, and let me include all righteous non-Jews (that should include the lost tribes of Israel), to come together in unity, Achdus, let us use this miracle called the internet and talk to as many people as possible.

This is not speculation, but guaranteed to work.  Hashem wants to give us His goodness, not force us to happy times by scaring us.  The threat of war, weather problems, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, world hunger, disease, evil leaders, evil governments, etc, etc, etc DO NOT HAVE TO HAPPEN – WE CAN STOP IT.

A very huge concern of the Jews around the world is the desire to make Aliyah.  All Jews outside of Israel are asking: "how can I just give up my life and run?"  The simple answer is: Moshiach is announced and brings you and your loved ones here.  All scary events are curtailed and you are on your way.  We know that all negative prophecies do not have to happen -- it is up to us.  Simple solution. 

Let us put aside all petty differences, all immature arguments and save the world.  Of course, that means solving all of your personal problems, also.  Let us believe Rav Sternbuch and Rav Ben Artzi and many, many other great Rabbis, alive today and throughout history, when they say that all we have to do is shout out to Hashem “WE WANT MOSHIACH NOW,” and the crowning of Moshiach will occur, instantly.  The Lubavitcher Rebbe used to say “one more mitzvah fulfilled could bring the Moshiach.”  In other words, the next commandment that you do could put us over the top and you have saved the world.  How many more mitzvot do we need?  Spread the word, put out a helping hand to everyone you know, and we will find out.
Let us all become proactive and together we can satisfy the most important reason that we are on this Earth “To be a light unto the nations.”  To meet our obligations of helping each other, includes helping ourselves. To bring all the people of planet Earth closer to Hashem is the answer – guaranteed in writing.


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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Vayechi, 8 Tevet 5776 (20/12/15)

Father in Heaven, Father of Mercy who feels pity for all of his creations in the world, especially Jews living in the Holy Land. He is waiting for the Jews living abroad to understand that the exile is over and He won’t be able to wait long. He will not delay salvation and the crowning of the Messiah as King. No one in the world can delay the crowning of the King Messiah, no country, not earthquake, not tsunami, no winds or storms, not rain or fire – no angel in the heavens and on earth can delay the crowning of the King Messiah king! G-d is sick of the old world where people kill, steal, cheat, bribe, and commit adultery. He will not let the world become what it was in the time of Noah.

The Earth has gone through, is going through, and will go through the ten plagues of Egypt, with each plague being a hundred plagues, it will not stop! G-d has begun preparing the world for a new world. A world where the state of Israel and the Jews in Israel and the Messiah, who will soon be crowned by G-d, will rule the world, whoever is left.

Armageddon and chaos is outside the borders of Israel, in the holy land o Israel there is the most beautiful view in the world, pure and holy water, the healthiest and tastiest fruits and vegetables. There is work for every Jew and there is the best protection in the world! A cloud of fire is around the state of Israel but you must protect yourselves. The choice is in man’s hands if things go well or not, man chooses good or bad, don’t come complaining to G-d. The state of Israel can encompass the world! Thanks to Israel and the Jews living in Israel, the entire world lives.

When a people complains and are sad and feeling sorry for themselves, they distance themselves from G-d above. When a person trusts G-d and believes in Him, he is healed from all disease and troubles, he will have prosperity and a good long life.

The IDF is the strongest army in the world! We wrote in the past that air force pilots are connected to the angels in heaven. This is written in our message for Parashat Miketz and before. The IDF must not be complacent and the government must not be complacent.

G-d is telling all of the Jews, who are real Jews, to live in Israel; do not relent. There is no left or right, everyone is a Jew, one nation, we are all the children of Jacob. There are no races, no political parties, nothing – you should unite.

Turkey wants to connect to Israel because everyone has kicked at it. It pretends not to be connected to ISIS. It is all an act, complications, one big lie. ISIS controls Turkey, Arduan, everyone.

Every country wants to take from Israel and the Jews in Israel. G-d brings the Manna, the dew, and the blessing only in Israel!

Palestinians, ISIS, and Hamas have no sense of right and wrong.

Hamas continues to dig tunnels and is now connected with ISIS and the Palestinians. Everyone is connected and wants to push ISIS to war with Israel. G-d brought ISIS so that they fight with the gentiles, not with the Jews. All of the commotion in Gaza will not end well for them because they all want to rule, they have great pride. G-d promises that the people of Israel have nothing to worry about! G-d will create a Babel tower and chaos in the Gaza strip. No one can harm the Jews living in Israel. The Jews must be vigilant, watch over themselves, not be complacent, and G-d will watch from above.

In Egypt, extreme Islamists and ISIS are planning to kill Sisi. Half of the Egyptians are hungry. There will be war and a mix of all religions, they will be in conflict with ISIS and extreme Islamists and will turn Egypt primitive to rule over it. Sisi must watch his back, even his body guards, trust no one. He is the best president for Egypt.

Jordan pretends to be a friend to Israel, they have their interests. They want parts of Israel so they are quiet. The king of Jordan is in contact with Israel, the IDF is helping him. He wants, heaven forbid, to put the four million refugees in Israel, he will not live to see the day!

In Iraq everything is ruined and destroyed.

Syria is erased, there is no right or wrong. No one is ruled and no one will rule, it is lost. Everyone is confused, they don’t know how to get out of the mud and they never will.

Russia is connected to Israel more publicly than before. Russia is fighting in Syria so that ISIS and refugees from Syria don’t enter.

The United States has no power and no brains. It is picking on Israel to be connected to all of the Arab countries, not because it loves Israel. The Russians are already in control of Arab countries; this is the US’ fear.

In Europe, the infiltrators coming from Africa, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, and Iraq will conquer most of Europe and will bomb there and carry out terrorist attacks. Now it is quiet there so that everyone is complacent and then the bombings all over Europe will start. At the same time, they will reach the US and do the same there. ISIS hates the Christians.

Iran is working quietly; so far no one is bothering them. They think that they are not being watched but there are spies from all over the world in their nuclear plants. They are being watched and everyone knows every step they take. When Israel wants to harm the nuclear plants, it will end them. Iran knows that the IDF is the strongest army in the world and everyone knows it.

The government of Israel must be vigilant. There is ISIS with Hamas in Israel, with the Palestinians and in East Jerusalem, Hebron, Negev, and north. The IDF must get rid of ISIS as they appear and take them out before they grow. Where will the IDF find them? In places where they think there is nothing – that is where ISIS is.

G-d will take care of every country that bans Israel.

There will continue to be natural disasters, fire, water, wind, earthquakes.

The government of Israel must not say anything officialially without solid proof. Why create complications within the state of Israel? That being said, G-d is revealing in the media, in front of all of Israel, all of the people who take bribes, all of the thieves and cheats. If they fix their wrongs and repent, they will not be revealed, they will only pay a small price.

The entire coast that belongs to Israel, from Rosh Hanikra to Ashkelon, must not be mixed. G-d is angry and will send animals that have never been seen before to places where there are men and women together. Women, go to a different beach. We are people and not something else, animals don’t wear clothes.

Dear Jews, listen and watch how G-d takes care of every country that goes against Israel.

All of the Jews abroad and all of the Jews living with gentiles, come to the holy land of Israel and convert them. The Israeli government must urgently prepare for new immigrants coming to Israel. Develop the Negev much faster so that it is ready to populate a minimum of one million Jews very soon!

Soon G-d will crown the Messiah as King because the world is in chaos. Before the end of the world, G-d will crown the Messiah as King so that the world does not end.

Every Jew that is pure and smart, doesn’t matter religious or secular, knows what redemption and the Messiah are. The Messiah is here, acting and operating and most know it. G-d is waiting for the Jews in Israel to cry out to crown the King Messiah! Father in Heaven is the Father of Mercy; the delay that He is doing now is because He wants all of the Jews to be in the first circle! But there is an end to everything.

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

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Preventing Another Holocaust

This excellent article is the words of Rav Moshe Sternbuch, shlita, as transcribed by Rabbi Daniel Yaakov Travis.

The Holocaust and Beyond

Chazal reveal that the maximum amount of time that the world will exist in its current state is 6,000 years. When will Moshiach actually come? Is it possible that we will have to wait until the year 6000?

Rav Sternbuch relates that he once saw a manuscript, from the British Museum's collection, written by Rabbeinu Ephraim, one of the Baalei Tosafos. Rabbeinu Ephraim writes, "Moshiach must come by the year 5700. If he does not, there will be an outpouring of Divine wrath, and we will experience tribulations unlike any we have endured before."

History bas borne out Rabbeinu Ephraim's prophetic words. At the beginning of the year 5700, 1939 - 1940, Hashem's anger was enflamed as never before. World War 2 broke out, resulting in the Holocaust and the brutal murder of six million Jews. How can we ensure that a catastrophe of this magnitude will not happen again?

Early Warning

"Pakod pokadeti - I will surely redeem [the Jewish people]" (Shemos 3:16). Hashem told Moshe Rabbeinu to inform the leaders of the generation, "Pakod pokudeti," for this was the code-phrase that Yosef had taught them (Bereishis 50:25) would signify that the Geulah was approaching (Pesikta). This early warning allowed the Jewish people to prepare themselves for the redemption.

Throughout our history, before each Geulah, we were notified in advance, and this will happen for the final Ge
ulah as well. We are all awaiting that sign signaling the redemption.
In addition, before the Geulah can take place, there must be a birur, a separation of all that is tamei in the world. Once the impurity has been separated from its source, the Jewish people can destroy it. This destruction of all tumah in the world is the final step before the Geulah can take place.

Stage 1 - Entering Crimea

What is the sign of the future Geulah and where will the final birur of tumah take place? Chazal state, "When you see the nations of the world provoking one another, you can look forward to the coming of Moshiach" Bereishis Rabbah 42:4). There have been countless battles and wars over the past 2,000 years. Which one will signal the approach of the Geulah?

The Vilna Gaon answers this question.

There is a clear mesorah from the Gaon that before the arrival of Moshiach, Russia will be a superpower. It will become so dominant that it will be feared by all the nations of the world.

Tumah is characterized by klipos, literally "husks of impurity," which try to cover up and destroy kedushah. The Vilna Gaon explains that the Russian nation stems from a klipah of tumah called "Dubiel," which descends from Paras (Persia) and Edom. When the klipah of Dubiel is at its peak, Russia can attack and defeat other nations.

The Vilna Gaon revealed that when the Russian nation enters Crimea (formerly part of Ukraine), this is a sign that Russia has reached a peak. The klipah of Dubiel has strengthened Russia to its maximum level, and the time has come to rid the world of this klipah of tumah. In the words of the Vilna Gaon, such an invasion serves as "the bells of Moshiach." for it is the harbinger of the Geulah, which is ripe to occur.

Stage 2 - Entering Istanbul

There is a second mesorah from the Vilna Gaon about a later stage of the Geulah. He said that when Russian forces enter the gates of Constantinople (i.e., Istanbul, Turkey), one should put on one's Shabbos clothing, for this is a sign that Moshiach's arrival is imminent, and everyone should strengthen himself to hasten his corning. Not long ago, Turkey shot down a Russian plane that was flying over its airspace. It is illogical to think that the Turks would dare to take on Russia, a country many times more powerful. Hashem is making this happen to show US how close the Geulah is.

There is another sign that now is a time that is ripe for Geulah: Chazal inform us, "During the year after Shemitah, Ben David will come" (Sanhedrin 97a). If we think about everything that has transpired, it is clear that everything is in place for the final redemption.

In Our Hands

Even with all of the clear indications that Moshiach is ready to come, we must be careful not to fall into the erroneous belief that this means that Moshiach will definitely come now. All of these events are merely "signs" that the time is ripe for the final redemption. Whether the Geulah will come or not is up to us.

Before the redemption from Mitzrayim could take place, the Jewish people needed to perform an act of mesirus nefesh, self-sacrifice. In Mitzrayim, this was the taking of a lamb, the god of the Egyptians, to offer as a Korban Pesach. Afterward, when we were confronted by the Egyptian army, Nachshon ben Aminadav showed the highest level of
emunah when he jumped fearlessly into the sea.

If we want to experience the Geulah, we need mesirus nefesh as well. Especially with the breakdown of morality in today's society, we need to be extra vigilant. We must literally be moser nefesb to shelter ourselves and our families from the rampant immorality that surrounds us.

Each person must analyze his own life and uncover the areas that he needs to work on. The fact that this is difficult is not an excuse. In fact, the more difficult it is, the more one is connecting oneself to the mesirus nefesh necessary to bring the Geulah.

Invest in Your Business

The Gemara writes that whoever wants to be spared from chevlei Moshiach should involve himself - "yaasok" - in Torah and gemillus chassadim (Sanhedrin 98a). The word yaasok is related to the word eisek. which means a business. What is Chazal’s deeper message here?

Creating a successful business requires a significant outlay of money, time and effort. The more a person invests in it, the better the chance that his operation will grow. However, if he does not invest, it is unlikely that his business will flourish.

In Birkas HaTorah, we say "la'asok bedivrei Sarah." The Chofetz Chaim explains that in order for a person to succeed in Torah, he has to treat it as he would his business. A person who puts the same amount of time, money and effort into Torah as businessmen put into their companies is on the correct path toward becoming a true talmid chochom.

Chazal instructed us that in order to be saved from chevlei Moshiach, we need to involve ourselves deeply in Torah and gemillus chassadim. The mesirus nefesh we need in order to be spared from the great tribulations that accompany the Geulah is to make a paradigm shift in our approach to these mitzvos. We should start today to diversify our assets and to invest more time, money and effort into our Torah and chessed.

Arab Oppression

"Kol dodi dofek." Hashem is knocking on the door and asking us to let Him in. "He leaps over the mountains and jumps over the hills" (Shir Hashirim 2:8). Leaping over mountains and hills implies skipping the normal progression of redemption, the full force of chevlei Moshiach.

What will happen if, chas veshalom, we do not heed these signs and arouse ourselves to do Teshuvah? Then we will have lost the opportunity, and we may have to suffer even more of the intense tribulations that Chazal describe as chevlei Moshiach.

We are now at a crossroads. At this time, if we return to Hashem in sincere Teshuvah, we can be spared more chevlei Moshiach. The Zohar states that before the final redemption, we will suffer under the hand of Yishmoel, and that is exactly what we are seeing today. If we learn from what is happening, we will be able to avoid other tzaros, but if we remain in a state of slumber and forfeit this opportunity, we will be giving Hashem no choice but to bring the final redemption by force. We could see attacks from Yishmoel on the scale of the Holocaust and, chas veshalom, even greater. Rather than experiencing this catastrophe, let us purify ourselves and our homes to greet Moshiach Tzidkeinu speedily in our days.

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The Absolute Truth, E-book

Due to a problem with my publisher, I am removing my book, The Absolute Truth, from, Barnes and Noble and other sources.  The asking price of over $40 is too high.  I have been trying for a half a year to reduce the price.  I finally was successful a couple of weeks ago, but it didn't last long.  The book is back to a high level.

I feel very bad that my faithful readers had to purchase the book at that price, so I have removed it from those sources and am presently breaking my contract with my publisher.  I sincerely apologize for the price.

The book is still available directly from me as an electronic copy and will remain $5.  Just click on the "Buy Now" button at the top of the right column, just below the revised book cover, and I will personally Email the copy to you.  This is a copy with some changes made.  The changes are not in content, but just improvements suggested by readers.

I thought of getting a new publisher, which should be very simple for a book that is popular already.  My only thoughts are: my book won't be needed once the Moshiach is introduced and we are into the time of Geula.  My hopes are that by the time I would have a new publisher and the book would be printed and distributed, Moshiach should be here.  I, in no way, want to appear that we have time to wait for Moshiach, so I am not interested in a new publisher.  I think it would be sending a poor message to Hashem that I am not trusting that Moshiach is imminent.

I encourage you, if you haven't read my book, to purchase the E-book copy.  As I have said before, you are getting this last minute information to help you go to the happy ending, the worldwide redemption, which is the most important goal that I have had all along.  My intention is to help others make Aliyah, so the book purchase will not be for my benefit, but for you, I don't need the money.  I cannot profess to be living the Absolute Truth, the word of Hashem, if I weren't doing this to help people.  That is what Hashem wants from each of us, especially me.

Thank you for your patience and support in my efforts to help save the world, I do have the best readers on the web.  May Hashem bless each of you and your loved ones, and give us the Moshiach today.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Children of Israel Are Never Alone

Another excellent message from Harry Rothenberg of Partners in Torah:
If you are having trouble opening this video, go to YouTube: 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Lost Tribes

I mentioned last week that the Parashah of week was Vayigash and that Yosef coming together with his brothers was a prophecy of the lost tribes returning in the end of days. The Haftarah for Vayigash is the actual prophecy in the Bible that tells us of the return. Here is the Artscroll commentary on the Haftarah:

Haftaras Vayigash Ezekiel 37:15-28

A Sidrah that tells of the reunification of Jacob's sons is followed by a Haftarah that prophecies the eventual unification of the twelve tribes of Israel. The prophet Ezekiel, like Jeremiah, was one of the main prophets of the Destruction, and he actually joined his exiled brethren in Babylonia. The destruction of the Temple took place 140 years after the exile of the twelve tribes, so that the prophecy of this Haftarah was a source of great comfort to the tribes of Judah and Benjamin, for if even their long-lost comrades of the Northern Kingdom were assured that they would again become part of the nation, surely the two southern tribes could be certain that G-d was not forsaking them.

According to Maharal (Gur Aryeh, Genesis 45: 14), the tears that accompanied the embrace of Joseph and Benjamin when Joseph revealed himself in Egypt were tears of joy, because the long-separated brothers foresaw the prophecy of Ezekiel. Joseph was the father of Ephraim, leader of the Ten Tribes, and Benjamin's descendants remained loyal to the Davidic dynasty of Judah; thus their reunion in Egypt was a precursor of that foretold by Ezekiel.
The Haftarah goes on to make clear what sort of unified nation the twelve tribes of the future would be. The prophecy speaks not of a mere political union, free from the wars and rivalry that marred the era of the First Temple. Rather, it speaks of an era under a king from the House of David, who will be a servant of G-d and who will unify the people in allegiance to the Torah. Idolatry will be gone and the Temple will stand; the standard of life will be obedience to the laws of the Torah and the result will be that the entire world will know that HASHEM is G-d.
All indications, from world events to the words of Hashem as we are receiving through the Rabbis and the Facilitated Communications individuals are pointing to the return of the tribes being in the near-term. Please Hashem may it all be fulfilled imminently.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Vayigash, 1Tevet 5776 (13/12/15)

Father in Heaven, Father of Mercy, forgives who truly repent. G-d continues to bring the ten plagues of Egypt to the world; each one will be like a hundred. Any country, president or prime minister that goes against Israel, that wants to take parts of Israel away and cause assimilation between Jews and gentiles, G-d will bring conflict to them and destroy that person or country. They will have economic troubles, conflict amongst themselves; there will be riots, diseases and plagues, and the forces of nature will strike at them. This will happen to anyone who tries to take even one centimeter of the state of Israel; and, it will happen to presidents and prime ministers around the world that want to create assimilation between gentiles and Jews and destroy the Jewish nation.

People do not see the future, only G-d knows what is ahead, what man does not know, and that is man's problem. The non-Jews know today what the Jewish nation is and who the Jews are; they know the strength of the Jewish nation, and that G-d will never leave it. Non-Jews have decided to help the Jewish nation.

The state of Israel must not be complacent; do not be naive and do not feel sorry for Arabs that kill Jews. There are four main locations in Israel: East Jerusalem, Hebron, Negev, and Galilee. There, they influence the Arabs to harm the Jews and you must stop it immediately! It started with stones, then they moved on to knives and now they are using live weapons. There are no rights to a man that comes to murder Jews. The Arabs send their young to harm the people of Israel, because they have a lot of courage and they don't have a wife and kids. They drug and seduce them and brainwash them; and, if they go to prison, they come out after ten years still young and not seventy years old.

All of the Jews living in Israel and the IDF soldiers - kill before you are killed.

Extreme Islam outside the borders of Israel is bothering the Arabs living in Israel. Despite this, we cannot have faith in them or in the others, because they want to erase every Jew that lives in Israel.

Jews living in Israel have nothing to fear from any country or nation in the world. The stabbings and murders by Arabs - we must open our eyes and be vigilant, watch over yourselves. There is a cloud of fire protecting the borders of Israel and we will protect ourselves.

Armageddon and chaos, we repeat for the hundredth time and will continue to repeat, is only abroad! G-d is confusing all of the nations around the state of Israel to fight with each other and doesn't let them understand each other. Then they are in conflict with themselves, "and I have created conflict, Egypt within Egypt, Syria within Syria." All of the nations in the world are in conflict so that they don't bother the state of Israel. Israel is not afraid and will not surrender to any country.

Russia supports the state of Israel and is against terror, they fight in Syria so that ISIS and refugees do not reach Russia. Russia wants to take Syria under its wing and wants everyone to be under its wing.

The United States wants to be a part of the Middle East. It is afraid that Russia will control the Middle East and afterwards everyone will be connected to it. Why does the US care that Russia controls the Middle East? Because then all of the Arab countries will go with Russia and the US will collapse financially. The US only does things for itself; it doesn't care about Israel or the Palestinians, only its own interests.

The state of Israel must not give up any piece of the holy land! All of the places with houses built there belong to the state of Israel! No land is stolen! The state of Israel must settle the Negev, Samaria, Golan Heights, and Western Galilee. Millions of Jews are coming to Israel, the dam has been broken. Despite there being a few stubborn Jews in the world, they too will come. The only question is, how will they come, in shame or with money from selling their homes and businesses? If they sell and come now, they will have money to start new lives; but if they wait, they will be thrown out of the countries without anything, with haste and without property.

ISIS in Europe is preparing harsh traps. Now they are working quietly and preparing things. When everyone goes back to the routine, when they think everything is OK, they will surprise everyone and there will be harsh bombings, worse than what they have done so far.

Syria is being erased and will continue to be erased to dust.

Iraq is a wasteland, a desert, there is no right or wrong there, there is no one to rule them.

Iran continues with the atomic bomb and thinks that it is not being monitored. Israel is monitoring them and knows everything they are doing.

G-d is saying: If Iran only thinks of doing something to Israel, G-d will swallow all of the nuclear factories and a large part of Iran into the ground, deep, deep, deep! They should beware not to mess with Israel, the holy land and    G-d.

Jordan is waiting. Despite having good connections with Israel, they want to get rid of four million refugees and infiltrators and put them in Israeli borders, so they are waiting for peace.

Turkey - now everyone knows that they are working with ISIS completely. If they continue and do not repent before the state of Israel, Turkey will be like Syria.

In Egypt, ISIS is in Sinai, and the extreme Islamists are not letting Sisi rest. ISIS is making plans with the extremists that will include terrible and cruel bombings in Egypt. With the bombings, there is no solution if this happens.

In the Gaza Strip, the Palestinians, Hamas, ISIS, Jihad, and Fatah are all united against Israel.

The government of Israel must be careful not to be seduced by them because they do not want peace. They only want to take parts and more parts of Israel and erase the Jews from the earth. G-d will not let them. G-d does not want peace with them because they are cheats and cons. they continue to dig tunnels as usual, not 12 but 40. They say they are digging towards Sderot, but they are digging towards army bases and settlements, they want to confuse the media.

The IDF must be vigilant and watch over the borders of Israel 24 hours a day.

The natural disasters will continue -- fires, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, winds, storms, tsunamis, complications and more complications. In Israel everything is good!

All of the countries in Asia are being destroyed; G-d is cleaning the world.

In the holy and pure land of Israel there is good winter, good summer, plenty of food and water, good economy, good health, the holy Sabbath, repentance, protection from the land, the IDF and the heavens! G-d is with us, in the state of Israel! There is everything in Israel; it is the most beautiful country in the world, spiritually and materialistically.
All of the Jews that have assimilated with gentiles, G-d is asking them to come to Israel and live like a Jew. If conversion is desired by a non-Jew, come to Israel to convert. There will come a time when they will never be able to convert, when He crowns the Messiah as King they will not be able to convert anymore.

White and black collars, thieves, adulterers, perverts, especially officials, religious and secular, they are all being revealed one after the other each in his own time. G-d does not want to overload the courts. If they wholeheartedly repent, G-d will forgive them and they will have a very small punishment.

All of the righteous and Torah greats in Israel must beg G-d to crown the Messiah as King in public! The Messiah is here working and people know him. The gentiles think they know exactly who the Messiah is! Jews are stubborn, they want to see with their eyes, to see and feel the Messiah in order to believe. G-d is telling the people of Israel, the Messiah has been crowned above; to be crowned below G-d is waiting for the people of Israel to ask for it! When they ask for the crowning of the Messiah as King in this generation, now, and G-d will let them see and feel him! In the heavens everything is ready for the crowning, everything is moving forward in the best possible way. G-d is waiting every second that here, the people of Israel will cry out to Him to crown the Messiah!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"


Extra Prophecy Tidbits:

I thought I would pass on some tidbits that I noticed recently.

One appears in the extra prayer that we said during Chanukah, the Al HaNissim, All the miracles, includes some very interesting wording that is obviously prophecy for our time as well as what happened with the Maccabean war. It states:
[We thank You] for the miracles for the redemption, for the mighty deeds, for the deliverances, and for the wars that You performed for our fathers in those days at this season.
It tells about how Hashem: 
Defended their cause, judged their grievances and avenged them. How He delivered the mighty into the hands of the weak, many into the hands of the few, defiled people into the hands of the undefiled, the wicked into the hands of the righteous, and insolent [sinners] into the hands of diligent students of Your Torah. And how Hashem made for Himself a great and sanctified name in His world.
This is the best line:
And for Your people, Israel, You performed a great 'victory and a salvation unto this very day.
Why? Everything in this prayer is talking about NOW as well as then. But, the fact that it tells us about “a great 'victory and a salvation unto this very day” verifies how Hashem is helping us today with our enemies, as He has throughout history. My favorite word in Hebrew is the word used for Victory, which is תשועה – it just happens to include the letters for this year, 5776. Thank you Hashem.

Another tidbit was sent to me as a comment:

Observer has left a new comment on your post "Who is Gog and Magog?":

GeOrGe MArio BerGOGlio

I had talked about how Gog means George. I mentioned that George Bergoglio just happens to have Gog in his first and last name, but Observer pointed out that his middle name starts with MA. Pope Francis just happens to have Gog and Magog in his real name. Wow, what a guy.

One last tidbit: The climate control conference that occurred in Paris is not what it seems. I am still trying to verify its true meaning, but I believe it served more as a planning meeting for the Gog Bush cabal to get World War 3 started in their effort to institute the evil New World Order, NWO (this was also hinted in messages from Moishele, Daniel, Binyamin and Rabbis). I also believe it had to do with the Global Currency Reset, which I have only mentioned, but is a plan to steal trillions, if not quadrillions, from the people of this planet. That is a top secret mission that goes along with the NWO agenda (it will not be in the news until the evil has been accomplished).

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Freewill and My Favorite Prophecy, continued

Why is it that we cannot experience Hashem outright? He is hiding behind this concept of nature that He created, but for what purpose?

As I have stated many times, we are here on Earth to improve ourselves spiritually and to make adequate correction that will bring us to an eternity of joy with Hashem. We accomplish this task by voluntarily and willingly serving Hashem and doing all that He asks of us. If we didn't have the freewill decision capability, we would not accomplish our mission. Hashem did not create us as robots to just automatically do everything without a thought process.

We say every day that Hashem created us in His image. This is not referring to a physical image; but, that we have personality traits that emulate Hashem and allow us to do His will. This also means that we are capable of deciding and carrying out, of our own freewill, His commandments, or not doing them as I discussed yesterday. Without the ability to decide, the rectification to our souls would not occur. If we were aware of Hashem’s presence, the system would not give us free reign to do our thing – right or wrong. So He hides and even makes everything look random just to help us. It is the testing of this world that gives us the Tikun, the perfection, for which we are here on Earth.

The question is: Will Hashem continue to hide; or, when the redemption comes and the testing is over, will we experience Him as we did at Mount Sinai? It is not well known that it wasn’t Moses alone that experienced Hashem, but the entire congregation of close to 3 million as well. Why am I saying experienced Him instead of “heard Him?” It is brought down that our five senses completely melded together to give us a complete experience. The fact that “We heard the light and we saw the sound” lets us know it was a miraculous experience that is indescribable, beyond human comprehension. It was so scary that the Children of Israel cried out to Moses after Hashem disclosed only two commandments “we are afraid; you continue to tell us the commandments.”

What will actually happen in the future when Hashem is no longer hidden? We get some insight from the Torah – the story of Joseph and his brothers. I am not going to retell all the details (if you don't know the story, you now have a homework assignment – look it up). The important facts are that Joseph’s ten brothers (Benjamin not included), out of jealousy, threw him into the pit then sold him into slavery. Joseph, who was 17 years old, was taken down to Egypt where, through a series of events, he wound up as second in command to Pharaoh (that Yiddishe sechal – if you don’t understand this statement, get back to your homework assignment). He saved Egypt and the rest of the world through his plan to horde food from a period of 7 productive years to feed everyone during the 7 years of famine that followed. His own brothers came down to Egypt to take advantage of the available food at which time Joseph put them to the test. They were not aware that this VIP of Egypt, now 39 years of age, was their brother. They had not seen him in 22 years, but Joseph recognized them. His biggest concern was to find out if they had repented the sin of what they did to him. When he realized the pain that his brothers were experiencing over their misdeeds, Joseph in a very emotional state disclosed to his brothers “I am Joseph your brother” (this week’s Parashas Vayigash). We are told that at that point his brothers miraculously were given total insight as to what had transpired during the 22 years of separation, and that Hashem was the One who had caused it. The brothers were comforted to know that it had to happen that way to accomplish the will of Hashem (it was the forerunner to Hashem forming His chosen nation).

Now, finally, my favorite prophecy. It is a beautiful story, but why am I bringing it up here? The Chofetz Chaim tells us that this story is prophecy (actually everything in the Torah is prophecy) of how in the end of days Hashem will say the words again “I am Hashem, your G-d” (as Joseph said: "I am Joseph"). At that time all of history miraculously will become clear to us (as the 22 years became totally clear to Joseph's brothers). We will fully understand why everything happened the way it did according to Hashem’s will. I snuck in the word “again” when I said that we will experience Hashem. What did I mean by that? This is the second redemption, with the first one being at the time we were taken out of Egypt and brought to Mount Sinai. This time will be a permanent redemption; after which Hashem will no longer be allusive to us. We will be totally aware of His presence and all the pleasant changes that the end will bring. We will no longer have an evil inclination since we will no longer need freewill (the other prophecy that I mentioned appears in Parashat Nitzavim). No more testing means no more temptation. In other words, everyone will only want to serve Hashem with joy and love. There is no decision to be made when you have only one very pleasant choice. There will be no more war, hatred, sickness or death. At some future time, known only to Hashem, we will experience the resurrection of the dead, all our departed loved ones will return (there are some exceptions that will not, but that’s another story). The overall timeline as to what is coming up, and when, is very involved, but hopefully we are much closer than we think.

I have given you even more reason to work on yourself before it is too late. Take this seriously – the advantages to you and your loved ones of voluntarily following Hashem’s ways now and not waiting until Hashem decides for you are monumental.

There are two types of Jews in the world – observant Torah Jews and those that are not observant yet. All Jews will follow the ways of Hashem in the future, but the ones who start before the choice is removed will have it the best for all eternity.

I bring this post up at this time since, since there are so many indications that we are closer than we think to the time of Hashem not being hidden. What is my hint? All the events that are to happen in the world before the redemption and introduction of Moshiach, according to scriptures, have happened (past tense) or are happening (present tense). Also, all the messages that we are getting (and are coming true) from the great Rabbis, the Gedolim of today, the messages from those involved with Facilitated Communications, FC, are not to be ignored (there have been many recently). I have been reading the FC messages for 18 years; and, they have passed the test of Prophecy described in Parashas Shoftim (Devarim 18:15-22) and the prophecy in Bava Basra, 12 that tells us that these individuals will provide prophetic messages in the end of days. Don’t ignore all the very profound messages that Hashem is sending us these days – it is our future at stake.

Now you know my favorite prophecy that Hashem will not be hidden in the near future and that His presence will cause the world to go from an upside-down fantasy world of deception and lies to a wonderful world of goodness and truth. All the evil ones will be gone and only the righteous will remain to live the Absolute Truth, B”H.

Note: Although videos have been easier to make rather than all this typing, I apologize to my readers who do not speak English. This post was important enough to do in writing.

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Freewill and My Favorite Prophecy

Please, watch this video.  It is the answer to something very mysterious said by Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, last week.  Enjoy:
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You Don't Want to Miss This Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Mikeitz, Chanukah, 24 Kislev (12/6/15)

King of King, G-d, Father of Mercy, Creator of the World, is the leader of the world. He created the world and us for Himself! We came to this world to do His bidding and He will do ours.

G-d is sick of the old world with the killings, bribery, lust, theft, and complications. G-d wants the world to be pure and holy and everyone to repent, whether they want to or not. Soon freewill will be over, people will have to do G-d's will and obey 100% the commandments. There are those who mock and they will be embarrassed in the end. Where will they end up? G-d, have mercy on them.

G-d gave us Chanukah so that the Jewish people of Israel believe that this is the holy land! That is why we remember all of the miracles and wonders that were done in those times and in these times. Every second there is a miracle in Israel, bigger than the one before.  There are those who feel it and those who don't, soon everyone will feel it. Miracles aren't only about life and death, there is also health and healing, work, success, protection - there are a lot of miracles. We the Jews must thank G-d every second for the miracles that took place on Chanukah and for the holy land of Israel. Thank G-d that He is destroying the Arab countries, destroying all of the countries and leaders that go against Israel, that want to harm the holy land and take parts of Israel away, that want to ban Israel. Dear Jews, listen and see how G-d takes care of all of these countries from start to finish. See how every country gets the damage it has caused Israel, if it is pro Palestinian or for taking parts of Israel away, or if they ban Israeli products. Dear Jews, look at what happens to these countries within days! Please repeat after me and say: How great are the deeds of G-d, there is a G-d in heaven with the people of Israel! G-d is showing the people of Israel: 'I am helping you from above! Whether you see it or not, I am helping! And you, down there, the holy land is not to be abandoned! You must not give up and you must not give any millimeter of the holy land!' The government of Israel and the people of Israel will see how many nations and countries in the world are fighting over every centimeter of their land and country.

The government of Israel and all of the ministers and members of parliament - grow up! You are the mirror of the people of Israel. Ministers and parliament members must not behave negatively in front of the media, it lowers your value and the people will disrespect you. You are obligated to the state of Israel and the Jews in Israel; you must not belittle yourself nor the state of Israel. If you are serious - everyone will be serious. G-d is asking you to unite, to let things go and help only the state of Israel. Take care of the youth and the problems with drugs, alcohol, gambling, and assimilation, take care of Jews living abroad and bring them to Israel. This is your job; this is what you should work to accomplish in the Israeli parliament. There are also other issues, but these are the most important.

Every white or black collar that does not wholeheartedly repent and stop their bribery, cheating, thieving, indecent acts and adultery, G-d will expose them to the public. G-d does not forgive government officials, not anyone, religious or secular, because they are an example for the people of Israel to be seen and feared. If they repent, they will not be exposed and G-d will help them in their trials, so that they are not harmed. Freewill is going away, there is judgment in the world and G-d expects Jews who know they are Jews to repent and obey the commandments. No one has beaten G-d and no one ever will! G-d is in judgment and anger, you should repent; it is a shame not to, you are Jews.

The government of Israel must not be complacent, do not be naive and do not have mercy on enemies that kill Jews. In Israel there is work and there is food for everyone. Those who don't find work don't want to work, it is their problem. Work is in the hands of G-d and G-d says that there is work for all of the Jews in Israel, even if another hundred million Jews come!

Real estate in Israel won't stop the building, lots, shops, and roads. The state is developing at the speed of light! There is money in Israel and there will be infinite money.

The IDF must not be complacent and must not fear anyone. Do all of the actions according to the law and also, soldiers and Jews, watch over yourselves. All of the officials in the IDF must work together; you must not work alone. It is inconceivable that Arabs will take the law into their own hands! They started with stones; they saw that nothing happened to them, and moved on to knives. If nothing is done now, they will move to guns. They have leaders in East Jerusalem and Hebron that are guiding them. There are schools that teach them how to harm and murder Jews. They are being hypnotized, drugged, and seduced to harm Jews. In East Jerusalem there is a conspiracy with Hamas, ISIS and the Palestinians. There is a cell from Hebron to East Jerusalem; there is a cell from Hebron in the Negev, and one from the Negev to the north - conspiracies of ISIS and Hamas. They are giving the terrorists confidence.

The Israeli air force, Jews, have guidance from the heavens, angels are guiding them everywhere. They are holy and pure and there is no substitute for the Israeli Jewish pilots because they are accompanied by the armies of G-d. Every Jew that protects the holy land and the Jews in Israel and doesn't give the gentiles even one centimeter of the holy land - G-d will not forget him and give him life, health, and protection for him and his family and everything he has.

In Egypt, ISIS is threatening to blow up many places. Sisi, you are the best for Egypt. Do not concede, protect yourself because the extreme Islamists, ISIS and Hamas, want to harm you.

In Turkey, ISIS is controlling Arduan and most of Turkey.

Hamas, like Abu Mazen and the rest of the Palestinians are brazen. They are walking crooked - actors. They connect with ISIS to dig tunnels towards Israel. They take more power with money and security to harm Israel. They are digging 40 tunnels, not 12! 40 new tunnels! The harsh rain will come and stall their building. We the Jews must make an effort to look into the tunnels because they have devices they received from Iran that block IDF's tunnel detectors. The IDF must open their eyes on all of Israel's borders; they are digging tunnels towards bases and settlements from the Gaza Strip. G-d will bring conflict to Hamas, Palestinians, and Abu Mazen - ISIS will attack them!

Syria is being erased. The rebels are destroying Syria; the Hezbollah is destroying Syria; ISIS is destroying Syria; Hamas is destroying Syria; Russia is destroying Syria; France is destroying Syria and more and more are destroying Syria - it is an act of G-d.

Russia is in Syria to destroy ISIS so they don't come through Turkey. Russia and Israel are together, they support each other. Russia appreciates the Jews; it knows that Israel is defending itself, its citizens and its land, and has no intention of fighting any country. Putin is angry because he thought that Turkey supports Russia; but, had found out that Turkey supports ISIS against Russia.

Arduan is a puppet of ISIS and does as they say. Soon more dirt will be discovered in Turkey. The Turkish economy is being destroyed. So long as Arduan does not ask forgiveness from the people of Israel, he will go down with all of Turkey. They touched the holy land and the Jews, so they have to face G-d.

The United States doesn't like it that Russia is in Syria. They know that Russia doesn't only have ISIS and Syria in mind. The US is afraid that Russia will control and influence the Middle East. The US allegedly wants peace with the Palestinians so that all of the Arab countries appreciate them and let them control the Middle East; or, that is what they think.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah are broken; no one is there to help. IDF has its eyes open 24 hours a day, on the ammunition they want to steal from Syria and what they are getting from Iran. The reason they are helping Syria is to steal chemical weapons from them, which the air force blows up in transit.

Iraq is a torn ghost country, it will remain empty.

The Kurds are also in a big mess.

G-d made a Babel Tower in all of the Arab countries and all of the countries that are against Israel or for taking parts of Israel away. He is confusing and complicating them and they don't know who is against whom. Everything is filled with anxiety and panic. Outside of the Israeli borders, there is chaos and Armageddon. Now everyone sees and knows.

Iran is quiet, like a sick snake. They are doing their job quietly and continue to create the atomic bomb. They are scared of coming near Israel and messing with the Jews; they did not forget Esther's story. Jews have holidays, Passover, Chanukah, Purim, etc. and the Iranians have the trauma from Esther's story every day.

Jordan is waiting for so-called peace, they want to get rid of the four million refugees and put them in Israel's borders. All of the European countries together could not stop the refugees and infiltrators from all over the world. Europe must not be delusional. The refugees and infiltrators will cover all of Europe and there will be a Muslim majority.

Jews living abroad who know what Jews are, and what the state of Israel is, must come urgently to the holy land! Do not say it will not happen to me. You have nothing to do abroad; G-d will bring you by force to Israel whether you like it or not. If you do it now, you will be able to sell your things and get money for your property. There will come a time where you will be banished with the clothes on your back and out of fear you will leave everything and run. There are seven billion gentiles in the world, and they have plans how to attack the Jews living abroad. Wait and see.  G-d is calling out and begging you since 1948 to come to Israel. Wait and see, do not mess with G-d, He does not forget anyone in the world.

All of the Yeshivot that have Rabbis in Israel, pray for the country, for Jews in Israel and Jews abroad to come to Israel, and for the holy land so that they don't touch even one centimeter of it. G-d is surrounding the borders of Israel with a cloud of fire, protecting it, but you must still watch over yourselves. All of the Torah students must pray for the IDF soldiers to be protected, there is spiritual and material work.

The forces of nature will continue: the rain, floods, winds, storms, earthquakes, fires, plane accidents, derailed trains, natural disasters of the worst kind - you will see an eye for an eye. In Israel there will be nothing, only good things. Israel is like Noah's ark, G-d is protecting the holy land.

Woe unto anyone who harms the holy land, G-d is in judgment, angry, and does not want anyone to touch the holy land of Israel or His Jewish children in the holy land.

Just like the ten plagues in Egypt, there are now 100 plagues around the world every second, except for Israel. Dear Jews, you have a soul that is part of G-d above, and all Jews are merciful, left or right there is no difference - a Jew is a Jew. You must unite and be as one body and soul, and repent.

In the holy land of Israel there will be good rain, good work, good life, holy land, holy and pure sea. The door to the heavens is in the holy land of Israel.

People in Israel and the world know that there is a spiritual leader, a G-dly person called the Messiah, who gives strength, protection to the state of Israel. G-d has sent this G-dly person in this generation and that is why the people of Israel are protected from all corners of the country! We the Jews must look out for ourselves. The believer and the non-believer - the Messiah is here working, taking care of and guiding the people of Israel! Because of what is happening around the world; most of the Jews are coming back to our Father in Heaven! Soon they will see the actions of this
G-dly man in public, he will come out of hiding!

Happy Chanukah, may it be filled with miracles and wonders!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

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Time is Up, Here are Your Last Instructions!!!

Please, watch the two videos.  They are answers to comments and Emails that I have received, but are much more for every one of my readers.  Enjoy:
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Please don't take this lightly; it is your entire eternity at stake, and the eternities of your loved ones!!!!!!!!

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The Torah is Exact, part 2

We continue from yesterday with the exactness of Torah, but expanding it to all of Jewish scriptures.

If you have a problem viewing these videos, go to YouTube to watch them (they are together as one on YouTube):

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Torah is Exact

Learn about the Torah, its exactness and the fact that it has an infinite number of hidden messages:
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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Vayeishev, 17 Kislev 5776 (29/11/15)

Father in Heaven, Father of Mercy, Creator of the World - the world is His and in His honor alone. We came to this world to obey the will of G-d and if we do as He wishes, He will do as we wish.

We see what is happening in the world, we see the leadership of G-d, how He guides each country, creates conflict within each country, brings the rain and floods, winds and storms, complications and conflict, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Now we really see how G-d watches over the earth from beginning to end. G-d is bringing back an eye for an eye to each country that harms Israel and the Jewish people within the holy land. G-d will harm them one, two, or three days after, He will never forget any country that harms the state of Israel or the Jews living in Israel.

Arduan dishonored Israel with the Marmara, and now G-d dishonors him and humiliates him to dust. Turkey is filled with ISIS and is funding ISIS. Turkey is a by station for ISIS, from Syria to Turkey and into Europe. This is the reason that the Russians are bombing ISIS in Syria, so that they don't get to Russia.

Russia doesn't care about right or wrong, whoever harms them gets in trouble. Russia is bringing order and whoever goes against them is handled - that is Russia. Whoever causes even the smallest problem for Putin gets twice as much back so that others can see and know that ISIS will not come into Russia. Russia is working secretly and has gone quietly into Syria.

The United States is working in the open, talking with the Israeli government to establish a Palestinian state. Do not give into the United States; it wants to draw in countries so that it can rule the Middle East. It will not work and they will rule nothing. Some of the US leaders are wasting the time of the state and government of Israel - stop it!

The government of Israel must never ever give away even a centimeter of land, do not believe in this peace. The US has an interest in this peace; it is not for the benefit of the state of Israel. Don't let them tell you that what happened in Gush Katif is just the beginning. It was a onetime thing and Gush Katif will return to Israel; remember that!

The government of Israel should feel sorry for every centimeter within the state of Israel that Jewish blood is spilled and fight for it! This has belonged to our ancestors for thousands of years; do not give even one centimeter to the gentiles! This way G-d will be happy and will make all of your wishes come true.

ISIS will continue with the attacks in Europe and the United States. The IDF must be vigilant in East Jerusalem and the south and northern borders. Hamas is in the Gaza Strip waiting with the Palestinians, and continuing with the tunnels towards settlements and army bases - do not believe them, monitor their digging. The Palestinians don't want peace, they want another and another part of land for peace, and to take, heaven forbid, the entire land of Israel. They see that the government of Israel is making a gesture, doing what they can for them, and they get greedy. The state of Israel must not give weapons to the Arabs! They are organized, one entity, and they can cry but it is an act.

The Arabs have a lot of countries, they can go live there. Israel is one of the smallest countries in the world and the Arab countries have huge pieces of land that can house even one hundred million Palestinians and Hamas members, they need to stop bothering Israel.

They have they own way in the West Bank and Hebron, they are training and there are people that fill them with confidence and courage. They help each other through the internet and social networks.

Iran is happy about everything that is happening in the world with the Russians, the Turks and the Americans, like Iran has been forgotten. It continues with the atomic bomb as usual and is doing as it pleases without interruption.

Egypt has big problems, the extreme Islamists are getting stronger and they don't want Sisi. Sisi is doing a great job and wants Egypt to be modern and the extremists want to bring Egypt back to be primitive. There is heavy hunger in Egypt and not enough work. The extremists want to take money from the rich, that is why there are riots and it is not in the media. Sisi should not trust anyone around him; he needs to search for the heads in the Sinai desert. Sisi needs to be vigilant 24 hours a day, he is the best option for Egypt and they want to harm him to bring chaos to Egypt.

Syria is dying.

Jordan is filled with refugees; four million refugees are eating it alive. Jordan is waiting to get land from Israel and put the refugees on the border. What we are writing now is exactly how it is happening!

Lebanon is deathly afraid, Nasrallah and Hezbollah are deathly afraid. They see Syria being wiped off the face of the earth and they are scared also because all of the ammunition from Iran is being destroyed on the way by the IDF.

The entire world is in chaos, the entire world is going to be Armageddon. In Israel, the Holy Land, through which the world exists, there is gold, silver, diamonds, oil, gas, real estate, and work for everyone. There will never be a work problem in Israel!

Those who were harmed from attacks and car accidents must open their eyes and be more vigilant. Every Jewish driver must open his eyes and be vigilant and ready, eyes on the road and follow the law so you do not get harmed in an accident. All of the Jews and Jewish soldiers - be vigilant and don't believe any Arab, always be suspicious and watch over yourselves so that no Jew is harmed. If you say "it won't happen to me", and get complacent and don't watch over yourself, the heavens won't watch over you.

Dear Jews, you have a soul and it is part of G-d above, all of the Jews are merciful. Left or right, there is no difference, a Jew is a Jew! You must unite, be one body and one soul and don't disrespect or harm any Jew. Whoever curses another Jew curses himself, and the other Jew is blessed - so says  G-d in the Torah. Dear Jews there is no faith in the gentiles, they are losing it because they don't have a soul or mercy.

All of the IDF officers must work together don't work alone.

All of the white and black collars, the adulterers, thieves, bribers, if you do not repent you will be discovered in the media from small to large, religious or secular.

The forces of nature continue to do their work all over the world except for Israel.

The government of Israel must work with the Israeli youths and solve the problems of drugs, alcohol abuse, gambling and assimilation. These are the hardest things and they are destroying the future of the Jewish people. The government must see this as top priority, before everything; take care of the future of the people of Israel!

G-d is speaking to the Jews abroad, obligating them and asking them to come urgently to Israel to live in the holy land! Even Jews who are married to gentiles must come and convert them, this is your opportunity and there won't be many more. Do not mess with G-d's requests. All of the conflict that G-d is doing around the world is so that Israel is left alone, and so that the Jews around the world run to Israel. Anti-Semitism continues to strike harder, much more than you think. Jews must not say "it will not happen to me" because it will start with you.

All of the Rabbis and Torah greats in Yeshivot make time to cry out to G-d not to give parts of Israel away! The government of Israel must not give in to those who want to harm Israel! The Jews of Israel and the world are aware, and everyone in the world knows that there is a spiritual leader, a man of G-d called the Messiah who gives strength, protection, and watches over the state of Israel. In this generation, The Messiah is the man of G-d; that is why the people of Israel are protected from all angles! We, the Jews, must watch over ourselves. To the believer and non-believer - the Messiah is here, working and taking care of and guiding the people of Israel. Through what is happening in the world and in Israel, most of the Jews come closer to G-d. Soon, they will see the actions of the man of G-d in public; he will come out of hiding.

Hanukah is a happy holiday with miracles and wonders, and it will continue!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"