Wednesday, December 31, 2014

An Answer to an Important Question

I received an excellent comment from Israel (the person, not the country) that I thought needed sharing and clarification with all my readers.

The comment:
It is heartwarming how you want to share tricks for success that you have acquired over time. The generosity is inspiring.

I do think the formula isn't so simple though. There are people who have difficult lives regardless of their emunah.  Let us not forget the Job paradigm.  Your formula seems to say, if you are suffering, it is because of your failings in emunah.  This is a mistake I believe. The workings of emunah and fate are much more complex than that.

Nevertheless, it still pays to work on emunah and to always try to see Hashem's hand in the world. So your message is useful, but I think it may shame people who have suffered enough.

My response:
When you realize that you are dealing with an Infinite Intelligence, you discover that the system is exact.  Hashem is not random, nor does He deal in variables.  We are the ones who are wishy-washy when it comes to measure for measure.  With Hashem it is an exact science.  In fact we convince ourselves with our flawed human logic that the system includes luck, coincidence and chance.

One thing that I would like to clear up is that everything that I am saying is not my formula, but comes from Hashem through Gedolim with whom I have studied.  It was only verified by me over a half a century of my researching the concepts.  I appreciate you trying to give me credit for the fine details of Hashem's system, but don't kill the messenger – it is without a doubt His system.

Is it more complicated than I am stating?  Yes, but only because our deficiencies are more complicated.  In other words, if one brings a great need for correction from a previous Gilgul (reincarnation), we have very little to gauge that deficiency.  The good news is that if one works hard on following the ways of Hashem, the 613 Miztvot, one can rest easy that the previous deficiencies will be corrected (even without knowing them).  Once again, the system is an exact science -- Hashem is totally merciful and gave us a way to accomplish it all.  The most important thing for us is not to give ourselves the excuse of saying "I have total emunah, but still have lots of problems."  That is a cop-out by trying to pass on our deficiencies and blaming others (even Hashem).  Humans are great for pointing the finger and saying "it's not my fault, it's that guy over there (or gal)."  We cheat ourselves by not doing what is best for us and our loved ones, but instead taking lazy shortcuts making up excuses.  The biggest problem is that if you are not aware of the absolute truth of this world, it does not go away.  They say that "ignorance is bliss;" I say that "ignorance is dangerous."

The system is so much measure for measure, down to the smallest degree.  Every word we say, every action we perform – if it is 100% positive, it will result in positive reward, or if it is negative, it will result in correction (or, chas v'shalom, punishment).  There are no variables, there is no randomness -- Hashem only set up His system to look that way so we could have free will.

Israel, I thank you for your comment, since it is a way for me to clarify what I have learned from the Torah over many years, and how I have observed people for many decades in the verification of the Torah's messages.  I only want to strengthen the emunah and the observance of our fellow Jew and righteous non-Jew – it is the purpose of this blog “to help people find the true path to happiness and success.”  We are truly blessed with a world and a life that can set us up for all eternity with everything that we want and need, we only need to use the system to our advantage.  Thank you Hashem.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


G-d will not rest until He brings this world, this generation, at this time, to redemption and the crowning of the King Messiah, son of David, in mercy.  G-d will not relent to any country in the world, will not rest and will strike any country that bothers Israel, harsh strikes and blows without end until they understand not to mess with the state of Israel – the land of the Jews!

There will continue to be floods, harsh rains, winds and storms, heat, cold and snow, volcano eruptions and earthquakes, and conflict within and between countries.
G-d is tearing down the economy in the world so that they understand not to mess with the state of Israel, with the Jews!  If they do not understand, they will continue to receive blows from nature, conflict and complications amongst them.

G-d is warning: anti-Semitism is increasing in the world.  They will harm places of worship, cemeteries, businesses owned by Jews, their cars and homes, until the Jews understand that they need to come to the holy land of Israel.  No other country – be careful!  The media does not publish all that is happening to Jews in the world; they only publish one percent.  The media publishes more about what is happening to Muslims in the world.

ISIS is fighting among themselves, killing each other – this is from G-d.

The Muslims are killing each other and will continue to do so.

The Syrians are being erased – a ghost country.

Iraq is being erased.

Turkey is being conquered by ISIS and Hamas.

In Jordan the King has gone crazy.  Hundreds of thousands of refugees are entering Jordan.  The king of Jordan is waiting for a Palestinian country to rise in order to dump all of the refugees there, let him keep dreaming.  His days are limited, so are the days of his country, despite the fact that Israel is protecting him.  Jews, do not invest in Jordan.

Egypt is slowly being attacked by ISIS and Hamas.  Sisi is terrified of a revolution, but there is no choice – a revolution will come.

Lebanon, Hezbollah, and Nasrallah cannot do anything; G-d is keeping the eyes of the IDF open so that they can't get ammunition from Iran and Syria.

Iran quietly continues with their nuclear efforts.  We need to keep our eyes open.

The United States is keeping quiet about the Iranian situation, so that it doesn't go to Russia.  Iran is terrified of Israel.  They know better than to get involved with the Jews of Israel, that G-d is protecting Israel.

All of the countries in Europe who want a Palestinian state – most are with a large Muslim population; that is why Israel must guard itself and not trust any country.

G-d is embracing and protecting the state of Israel and the Jews within in.

Israel must stop fighting over Knesset seats.  The parties must want the good of the people, not the good of the party.  Do not go crazy with advertisements for the elections, it's a waste of money.  Every citizen knows who to vote for.  It is a waste of millions being thrown away – give it to the needy, the Jews know exactly who to vote for.  All of the advertisements, slander; and, hatred does nothing to help.

The people need to vote for a party that is against assimilation.
Choose a party that is against drugs and alcohol.
Choose a party that will not give one centimeter to the Arabs.
Choose a party that cares about the citizens of the state.
Choose a party that will bring immigrants to the holy land of Israel.

We have a country located in the most precious place in the world!

We need to support the IDF, the government and the citizens.  The IDF soldiers are the candle that provides light for the people of Israel.  The IDF brings light to Israel.  G-d is above, protecting with the armies of G-d and the IDF is below protecting with the armies of Israel – the study of Torah and prayer connects the two!

Parents need to explain to their children about Judaism and explain against assimilation. The parents are guilty; stop saying "modern", no one is modern.  What once was years ago, still is today.  Assimilation leads to rifts and destroys the state of Israel – this is the goal of the Palestinians, Hamas and all the Muslims.

Every Jew is precious to G-d; they have a G-dly spark.  You need to follow the Torah, and be kind, to stay close to G-d.  He who blesses is blessed, and he who curses is cursed; everything a Jew does – measure for measure.  G-d does not let go of the people of Israel; He is concerned and protects the state of Israel.

The economy in Israel is very good, they only need to do their calculations right and everything will be fine.  There is work for everyone; one only needs the will to work.

All of the white and black collar people, devious people, bribers, conmen, and thieves, G-d will reveal them all, one after the other.  The famous ones will be revealed in the media; and, the others will be dealt with by G-d.

G-D promises all the Jews in Israel, and all the Jews in the world who urgently need to come to Israel, that the government will be reliable and pure for the people of Israel!  G-d is purifying the entire world, preparing it for redemption.  Dear Jews, you must turn bitter into sweet, bad into good, hate into love.  All the Jews in Israel need to follow "love thy neighbor" – this is the power of the people of Israel.  You need to unite; where there is unity, there is a blessing from G-d!  The Messiah is working and acting in secret until the crowning day in which he will be crowned by G-d – suddenly the day will come.  Then the world will know him and there will be quiet and peace all over the world!

Courtesy of a "Tair Neri"

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Vayigash 30 Kislev 5775


The Creator sees from heaven and earth, all the people in the world who are fighting for material, pride, honor and control, money and evil, media and advertising.  The Creator said: "I created the world and all animals and humans, for Me, that they may serve Me.  I created a world of peace, love and free love (inverse concept of hatred is mentioned in the Talmud).  I make miracles without anybody realizing that I touch at the free will, and they do not hear or understand what the state of Israel, the Holy Land is!  Anyone, who improperly touches even one inch of the Holy Land, will be lost from this world!  So I continue and increase several fold, floods, winds, storms, earthquakes, heavy snow and heat; I complicate and confuse the countries, destroying economies around the world, as I am the Creator and the purifier of the earth!  Whether they want it or not, this will be!  If they follow my path, all will be well for them; if they do not follow G-d's ways, they will suffer.

The United States every time they begin to disturb and blame Israel for something, the Almighty gives them economic, social, blows to their security and racism between whites and blacks.

Syria is being deleted and will continue to be erased.

In Turkey, Erdogan has a terrible fear; he lives and dies every day.  ISIS has taken possession of several places and he does not speak.  He is afraid, retreats and tells everyone that he is a devout Muslim, so not to be killed.

Jordan, refugees are flowing in mass from Syria, Iraq, ISIS and Hamas.  In Jordan there will be a terrible revolution and it will be deleted such as Syria.  Jordan's King is in a state of shock, waiting perhaps, that maybe we will give him a piece of the Holy Land to put all refugees.  This is his plan.  Let him continue to dream.

In Egypt, Sissy fights against Hamas and ISIS in hopes that they will not take power.  He does everything so that there is no revolution.  There are serious plots and there will be a revolution in Egypt.

In Lebanon they fight in silence.

Iran is delighted that it has been forgotten and left alone and can continue their nuclear production.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah fear ISIS.  Syria and Iran are not with them.

Thank you to the Almighty that opens the eyes of the Israel Defense Force, allowing them to find and explode all missiles from Iran and Syria sent to Nasrallah and Hezbollah.

Take care in East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.  There is an ISIS conspiracy in the north and Hamas in the south.  Everyone who joins ISIS is killed on suspicion of being spies.

The State of Israel is in a terrible tension and situation.  We must not yield to Abu Mazen and to the United States.  Abbas does not want peace.  Abbas wants to take parts of the Land of Israel and then other political parties, and, God forbid, enslave Israeli.  Abbas, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, are great liars and conspirators.  Anyone who would give portions of the Land of Israel will be in mortal danger – a danger to his life.  This is not what happened in Gush Katif and Hevel Yamit; this time the payments are not delayed will be paid immediately.  Anyone who cares should be careful, and not say he was not warned by heaven.  The land of Israel has belonged to the Jews for thousands of years; the Creator is not ready to give up any piece of the land of Israel.  HE warns you and warns you that this land belongs to the Holy One, blessed be He, and the State of Israel!

Members of the Israeli Knesset, all right-wing parties should unite and join forces.  All right-wing parties have to merge to help each other; there is no time for games!  Several Arab parties do it, they understood the method.  Whoever wants to be elected must be only for G-d's sake, not for the chair. The State of Israel, the Holy Land is very dear to the L-rd of the universe; do not joke with Him, do His will and you will live.  The Holy One, blessed be He, founded the State of Israel (1948).  HE embraces the State of Israel and the Jews inside.

Whatever happens in the elections, know that the majority is rigged – on one hand words helping Jews in Israel, on the other hand they want to sit on the chairs for the media and their personal pride.  We must have clear ideas, and not consider any other country’s agenda.

You must be very, very careful of Hamas in Gaza; they, as well the United States, are waiting for the election to see where this is going.  If the left wins, all the enemies of Israel will dance and be merry; and, if it's the right side, all of Israel's enemies will weep.

Rabbis who are not busy with politics and political parties, the Creator asks them to organize conferences and massive prayer session for the Holy One, blessed be He, to soften the decree.  The power of prayer changes worlds and judgment.  All the Rabbis of Israel must prepare continuous conferences and pray to the Holy One, blessed be He, as the Israeli government is in great trouble.

Vote for a party that cares about the youth of Israel, to prevent them from getting drugs and alcohol.
Vote for a party that cares about the Jews in Israel.
Vote for a party that will work to prevent the assimilation of the people of Israel.
Vote for a party that wants to bring Jews to Israel and settle the land of Israel.
Vote for a party that cares about IDF soldiers and protects them.
Vote for a party that will not give an inch of the Holy Land.

Israel's economy is doing well and will never fall; abundance will be forever!  Every Jew must make an accurate economic calculation, striving to work and will have only good.

All black and white-collar will be bluntly exposed.  The Creator does not forgive obscenity and lewdness; He hates them.  The media will discover celebrities and others – the Creator will deal with them personally.

Every Jew who wants to be a Jew and be successful in his undertakings will follow the Torah.

Assimilation in Israel is not a game; it is a method to destroy Judaism and wipe out Israel.  An example of assimilation: the United States in twenty years will be dominated by the blacks.  Parents, explain to your children the danger of assimilation, alcohol and drugs.  Mobilize your children to the IDF, where they will be educated, become mature and become people.  For generations, for thousands of years, Jews have maintained their Judaism, why now do they not keep it properly?

Anti-Semitism around the world will continue to grow and increases.  All true Jews must immigrate to Israel; settle the Negev, the Western Galilee, Samaria and Benjamin.  In the Negev will be a beautiful city; this place of desolation, the Creator will make it the best place in the world to live.

Jews living in the Diaspora: the danger is not past, until the last of the Jews come to Israel.  Do not live in allusions; it will happen everywhere and will turn against you.

The Holy One, blessed be He, does a lot of trials and miracles among the people of Israel, until they do prayers and have many lectures to save the people of Israel!  Pray to the Creator, that He will crown King Messiah, as the Israeli government is in terrible trouble.  All the nations around us sing, dance and laugh at the 120 members that once were believed to be the most intelligent, full of understanding and knowledge of the world; they are, in the end, nothing.  This is why the King Messiah must be public in order to govern and protect the state of Israel and change this world from evil to good and free love!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri"

Monday, December 15, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Miketz - 22 Kislev 5775


The Creator of the world is telling the Jews: "Everything I do in the world, everything that is happening in the world, whether it is the forces of nature or conflicts between and within countries, with the economy or wars – it is all in my hands dear Jews! Everything I do is for you. I am in the heavens watching over you and the world; and, nothing moves without me watching! If I didn't watch the world from beginning to end, from bacteria to people, to worry about food and feeding everyone, the world would have been destroyed and would not have lasted even one second. And, despite the hard things in the world, evil destroys itself! I, your G-d, am only good and do good. The Jews living outside of Israel need to run from there, urgently, and come to Israel. You will not defeat Me, you will not defeat G-d! The exile has ended and you continue it at your own expense, continue at the expense of your lives and your precious time. You will not delay redemption and the crowning of the King Messiah! If you do not come, you will miss out; don't complain afterwards. If you come to Israel, you will be infinitely blessed!

Anti-Semitism will increase and increase and will be just like it was for the Jews over fifty years ago. Only now, the Jews have a place to go; they have a mother and father – the holy land of Israel.

The first redemption and the final redemption are the same thing.  In the first redemption, the people of Israel went out of Egypt and came to the land of Israel; it was not an easy 40 years in the desert.  They came and built the land of Israel.  In the second redemption, Jews came from countries all over the world and established the state of Israel in 1948.  In both redemptions, there was not yet a state of Israel and in both redemptions the people built it.  Now, Israel exists!  You only need to come to Israel; and, there will be no compromises – it is a shame not to take advantage of the blessing of Israel!

The elections in Israel are the ugliest thing there has ever been here since the inception of the country. There has never been such an ugly thing between Jews, they should be ashamed!  They forgot what Judaism means.  They forgot that the Jews were hunted in exile for thousands of years and maintained their Judaism in the best possible way.  Thousands of years, so what happened now?  In the last thirty years, Jews have lost their way, instead of getting stronger because we have our own state.  All of the parliament members and ministers, instead of focusing on what matters, they focus on the insignificant.  They don't care about the Jews in Israel and abroad who need to come to Israel.  Each to his own interest and, most importantly, each with his chair so he can be seen on TV.  They don't care about Judaism; they don't care about Torah.  Now everyone can clearly see who is a good parliament member and who is not.

Dear Jews, do not be confused with all the commercials and the election propaganda; everything is deceiving.  You need to have tolerance and be calm to support the people who want the wholeness of Israel, who care about every piece of holy land and care about the economy.

Jews, do not be confused with all the talk, the power plays in the media, the ads and propaganda of all those who want to be in the Israeli parliament.  Nothing will change in the elections!  The same talk will remain, the same seats – the same thing with a different look.  It is a shame they are throwing billions of shekels away on the election.

Most of the Arabs are happy and joyful that the government has fallen apart, and wait for a government from which they can take parts of the holy land away – dream on!  They want to take a centimeter and another centimeter and then destroy the state of Israel and make it theirs.

The Palestinians, Hamas, and Jihad are taking advantage of the election mess.  The Palestinians are given a free hand to harm the Jews.  All of the smiles of Abu Mazen with the Hamas, everyone is working together in one conspiracy, laughing at the peace party sent by Israel.

The media in Israel stopped broadcasting what is happening in the world and is investing only in the election, that is all they care about, how they slander one another.  It says in the Torah "love thy neighbor."

All of the superiors in the IDF – give them support.  Whoever harms them is messing with G-d!  Thanks to them, we can live and sleep, and they protect the land of Israel.  G-d is asking the state of Israel: do not harm the IDF soldiers, stop slandering them!  The IDF soldiers are righteous, you must not harm them. They are honest and true; they do their work with integrity and to save Jews in Israel, do not get entangled with G-d.  The IDF must be prepared and must not trust anyone.

Dear Jews, beware of assimilation!  Assimilation helps the goyim to harm the people of Israel.  It is a method to exterminate the people of Israel.  For thousands of years Jews kept their Judaism.  Why, in the last forty years, does it have to fall, heaven forbid, to assimilation?  Every Jew that assimilates with the gentiles, their soul leaves them; the soul will no longer be when they are connected with the gentiles.  And, then for many years they have experienced horrible suffering that is difficult to repair.  We have the state of Israel, a small place in the world, a place for the Jews. It must be protected, the Jews have nowhere to go, much of the world is Muslim.

G-d is striking hard all over the world except for in Israel:
In the United States they have riots and protests about racism, so that they feel what the state of Israel feels like when it is accused of racism.  The US will continue to get in trouble with racism and terrible protests. The US is not speaking with the state of Israel until it sees who rises in government – right or left wing.  Do not be tempted by their soft spoken words; it is their interest to make peace with all of the Arab countries and not with Israel.

Syria is being eradicated; ISIS is not letting anyone off the hook and neither are the rebels.  There is chaos in Syria.

In Iraq, there is chaos.

In Turkey there will be chaos soon.  Arduan is being targeted; they want to kill him.  Soon, we will hear that Hamas and ISIS control Turkey.

In Jordan there will soon be chaos.  There will be a huge issue with the refugees going in.  Jordan is waiting for the election results.  In the meantime, it is being eaten from all angles by the refugees.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are afraid and confused.

Iran continues to send ammunition to Hezbollah; and, the IDF is stopping them on time.

In Egypt, Sisi is guarding himself.  His government is taking out anyone who speaks out against him.  They are afraid of Hamas and ISIS, afraid of a revolution in Egypt.

Hamas in Gaza continues to strengthen the tunnels; they are renewing everything.  Hamas is using money to train youths in the Gaza Strip,  Judea and Samaria how to harm Jews.  The IDF needs to be vigilant in those areas.  Most of the Arabs in Israel are tense.  There is ISIS in the north and Hamas in the south.  A lot of weapons and ammunition is being smuggled to harm the people of Israel.

The state of Israel needs to be strong in front of the world.  Don't act excited with other countries – most of the civilians there are Muslim and worry only about their own interests.

All the white collars, those who do bad deeds, bribers, cheats, cons and thieves – all will be revealed, from the smallest to the largest, religious or secular, left or right.  The famous ones will be revealed in the media, and the others will be handled by G-d in silence.

In the state of Israel there will be a good winter with blessed rain this year, next year and then every year forever.  It will always be good in Israel; and, the economy is the best.  The entire world lives, thanks to Israel.

The harsh winds will continue to strike the world; terrible earthquakes will continue; floods will continue; volcano eruptions and fires, hot and cold will continue and will strengthen around the world.  In the state of Israel there will be small things, tiny – to wake up the people of Israel.

G-d is cleansing and purifying the world, preparing it for the redemption.  Dear Jews, turn bitter into sweet, bad into good, hate into love and kindness.  The entire state of Israel and the Jews need to love their neighbors.  That is the power of the people of Israel – unity!

The Messiah is working in secret until he is crowned by 
G-d. Then he will be known all over the world; and, there will be quiet and peace all over the world.

                    HAPPY HANUKKAH TO ALL JEWS!

Courtesy of  "Tair Neri"

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


King of Kings, G-d is continuing to increase every day the powers of nature in the world in order to clean the earth.  There will continue to be floods, volcano eruptions, harsh winds and storms, earthquakes and snow, in parts of the world.  There will be harsh heat and cold in other places; and, there will be fire all over the world.  G-d is creating conflict between countries and within them – within the people and their leaders.  "And I will incite the Egyptians against the Egyptians;" this is about the entire world.  Every country that wishes to bother Israel, G-d will create conflict within them.

The revolution, everything that is happening in the government of Israel, G-d is showing all of the Jewish citizens of Israel who of the parliament members are real and who aren't.  Some have shamed Israel in front of the world.

The Arabs among us and around us are happy and rejoicing over what is happening in the Israeli government and Abu Mazen is the first.  He is happy and dancing and thinking that the new government will be kinder to them.  He is delusional; a government that is against them will rise. Most of the world mock, laugh, and tease the Israeli government.

G-d is asking all of the right-wing people, those who believe in G-d, to be united to prevent a disaster, G-d forbid, in Israel.  There are parliament members who want to be gentle souls with the Arabs; they don't understand that most of the world wants to destroy the Jews in Israel.  Stop sucking up to the Arabs, there is no faith in them; they want to eradicate the Jews.  Abu Mazen wants to bring six million Arabs to live in Israel – he can send them to Arab countries, there is a lot of land there.

G-d is waiting for the Israeli people to cry out and bring redemption, in order to crown the Messiah. There is no Jew that doesn't believe in the coming of the Messiah; deep inside everyone believes, if they are a Jew.  Everyone who has a connection to Judaism believes in the coming of the Messiah.  In the Israeli parliament, they need to stop disrespecting each other; if we do not help ourselves, no one will help us.

An important message to all of the greats in Israel, the rabbis of Israel and spiritual leaders: you must concentrate massive prayer sessions in synagogues and yeshivas, to pray and cry out to G-d about the terrible distress the state of Israel is in right now.  Pray to remove the decree that many Jews fight about in the parliament, to stop the fighting and have peace in parliament.  There is no faith in the gentiles, despite their smiles; it is all fake.  The state of Israel does not need any country in the world; it exists thanks to the grace of G-d and itself.  G-d gave us the land of Israel in the time of Abraham our forefather – for generations to come!

The IDF needs to be vigilant and not get complacent; do not trust anyone; be wary of everyone. Support needs to be given to the IDF soldiers.

We need to continue to be vigilant for our safety in supermarkets, pharmacies, schools, synagogues, and hospitals.  In event venues, be careful that the food is not tampered with.

The state of Israel needs to develop the Negev, Judea and Samaria and the Western Galilee, to expand and grow the land of Israel and to work hard to be ready for the new Jews making Aliyah to Israel.  Stop investing in Tel Aviv; stop building in Tel Aviv; stop expanding in Tel Aviv.  There will be no more room to move, everything will be crowded and closed and it will be impossible to drive in the streets.

We need to be very careful of assimilation in the state of Israel.  Parents need to explain to their children that assimilation is ruining the people of Israel and giving strength to the gentiles.

The United States is buying Israel with nice words, as if it loves Israel; it wants the government of Israel to soften up and listen to them.  The goal of the United States is to be allied with Iran and Arab countries.  The state of Israel cannot be submissive; do not listen to any country!

ISIS is cleaning up in the Arab countries.

In Egypt there is a mess and conflict with scandals and complications.  There is strong resistance against Sisi and his government, and they will do everything to have a revolution.

Jordan is quiet, waiting for help from Israel; they know that only Israel will help them.  Syria, Iraq, Hamas and ISIS continue to flow into Jordan.

In East Jerusalem, don't believe anyone.  The Arabs are in disguise and then after work turn to evil and hatred.

Iran is deceiving the United States.  The atomic factories continue to operate.  Outside it pretends to be about peace with the United States; and, the United States smothers it with love because it is afraid they will connect with Russia.

In Turkey there is a huge mess, no control.  The day will come when it will all blow up in their faces.

Lebanon is quiet, living in a neutral posture.  ISIS and Hamas bother them every once in a while.
Nasrallah and Hezbollah don't know what to do; they have no support from Syria and Iran; their wings have been cut off.

The IDF: open your eyes so that chemical rockets are not smuggled from Syria and Iran to Hezbollah.

Dear Jews, continue to work in real estate.  Buy houses and don't wait for anyone.  Everyone is talking and telling stories, but only G-d decides.  Buy, don't wait.  Millions of Jews need to come to Israel.  Anti-Semitism is increasing and will continue to increase; and, Jews are being forced to leave their countries to save their lives and souls and come to Israel.  There is work for all Jews; you need only the will to work.

All white and black collars, all cheats, scammers, thieves, bribers – it will all be revealed, not only in Israel, but elsewhere.  Some will be hurt from G-d directly, and others through the court and the law.

G-d is putting the state of Israel under terrible pressure so that everyone says together: there is no One but Him; we have no one to rely on but our Father in heaven!  Shout and cry out to G-d to crown the Messiah!

The Messiah works in secret against the world, he secretly protects and guards the people of Israel. When the people of Israel cry out to G-d to crown him, he will come out in public!

Courtesy of a "Tair Neri

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, 8 Kislev 5775 (30/11/14) – Parashat Vayishlach

Our Heavenly Father continues with a mighty force to harm the world, in all countries, in all states, whether with floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and high winds or conflicts between them and within them, particularly in countries or states that operate against Israel. All over the world there will be natural disasters, so they are busy with themselves and they will leave Israel in peace.

Kislev is the month of miracles and salvation; it contains a great joy for the people of Israel.  May this month become a great joy that will not be forgotten for generations

All white and black collar will continue to be discovered in great numbers for their theft, corruption, betrayal, deceit and lust.  The Creator will reveal all if you do not repent, lower your head and say, "There is nothing else like you, my God in heaven and on earth!  There is no immunity for anyone, all offenses will be discovered.  For any person who keeps the Torah, the Creator opens the doors of heaven in a pleasant way.

Egypt, Sissy released Mubarak and all his partners so that he also will have the support and strength of Mubarak’s supporters to defeat them all.  Sissy is smart; he understood that ISIS, Hamas and the extremists wanted to do a show trial, to destroy Sissy and the Egyptian government.

Syria is crushed, crushed and is ending – ISIS parties are in Syria.

Iran deceives the United States; it knows that the United States does not have the strength to resist it because they are afraid that Iran will goes with Russia.

Syria and Iran are isolated and no one supports them.  The Israel Defense Forces must be vigilant to prevent the transfer of chemical weapons from Iran to Syria and Hezbollah, Nasrallah.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are down with their faces into the ground for fear of being killed.

Lebanon is in a bubble about to burst.

Turkey, Erdogan has been discovered.  ISIS and Hamas groups are in Turkey and are training; now everyone knows who is Erdogan, what he does and with whom he is dealing.

Jordan, everything is complicated and will continue to get complicated.  It is pity to invest in Jordan, where everything will collapse.  ISIS, Hamas, refugees from Syria and Iraq are all in Jordan and gnaw from all sides.  The King of Jordan is afraid for his life and does not know what to do.  He expects that Israel will save him – there is a limit to salvation.

United States, the Holy One, blessed be He, brought them a lot of blows; but, the last one, a white police officer who killed a black man, created a shock in the United States, a shock that began a revolution, racism and a big mess.  All this is from the Almighty so that they will understand exactly how we are living in Israel at every moment.  This example was given to them to help them understand that Israel defends itself, and only protects itself.  There will be many other examples in the world.  There will certainly be more difficulties that will be more tangible.

In Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem Hamas and ISIS members have entered and have begun to seep in and around Jerusalem.  The Israeli government must be vigilant.  The security people have to make rigorous checks as long as the situation is tense.  We must be vigilant!

In the north there is a group of ISIS, in the south a group of Hamas, both in Israel and in the Gaza Strip.  They continue to repair the tunnels and make new ones.  Hamas and Fatah, in Gaza and Ramallah, all are working together secretly planning to take parts of the State of Israel, to reduce its size and then continue for more land and establishing a Palestinian state.  They do not want peace.
The government of Israel and the Jews in Israel should give their full support to the Israeli Defense Forces!  The IDF should receive clear instructions for its soldiers to be able to save themselves and the State of Israel.

Everything that happens in Israel is for the government and the army of Israel to wake up and not believe in anyone.  Most goyim are against Israel.  We must all deal with "a wary respect." If we do not protect ourselves, no one will.

The Government of Israel and Knesset members must stop arguing for your "chairs."  Start to work diligently to save the people of Israel, every time you have new ideas.  Meanwhile, there is no substitute for the Prime Minister of Israel; he is very experienced and does everything for the State of Israel, guided by heaven – the king's heart is in the hand of G-d.

It is necessary to legally prevent the entry of Eritreans and Sudanese in Israel.  It is urgent to get them out of the land of Israel.  They have no judge and no law; they are wreaking havoc.  They have the most serious diseases that endanger human life.  Some of these diseases have been discovered now; others will be in the future and there is no cure for these diseases.  Those who are infected will be a shame for the Jews.

Anti-Semitism in the world is very hard and will continue to grow, strike and injure Jews, even those who dress up, until the last Jew arrives in Israel.  It is not productive to struggle against the will of the Creator.  Two choices: by intelligence or by force - now is the moment of force. Jews abroad - the choice is in your hands.

Israel livelihoods and the economy are the best in the world – they only need to want to work. Whatever the job - all work is honorable.

The blessed rains have fallen and will continue to fall, not only this year, but forever.  Never again will the rain be inadequate in Israel.

The redemption has begun a long time ago.  We will have a good month, all the miracles we've had in every generation, we will experience them now, good miracles for every Jew.

All Israel has to say is: "I believe with complete faith in the coming of the Messiah, and even if it lingers, I will wait every day."

This period is the period of severe tests of faith in the Holy One, blessed be He, and in the Messiah.  Do not search to find who is the Messiah.
The Messiah is not outside of Israel
The Messiah did not come down from the sky.
The Messiah is in the holy land of Israel, acts and works in secret!

Jews, our role is not to search who he is, our job is to yell and scream to the Creator to crown him!  And the world will continue to be the same, there will be no change.  There will be planes, cars, a government, an army.  But the Messiah, by the power of speech and thought, will fight Israel's wars, will command the world, will build the Third Temple, and bring all the hidden Jews from remote areas to Israel to settle in the Negev, the western Galilee, Samaria and Benjamin!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri"