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Only Hashem's Army Can Win & They Want to Destroy Yiddishkeit

Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
A Handicapped child
Adar 1 21 5774   (Feb 20, '14)

                Only Hashem's Army Can Win

I am so upset even though I really shouldn't be, because I know that this is only part of the process, only part of the process of throwing off the yoke of this world of lies, and being able to greet Moshiach and march into the world of truth. However I'm still only a human being and the things that are happening lately are so disturbing to me, so absolutely disturbing that I cannot find peace anywhere.

This Medinas Yisroel is getting on my nerves already. This product of the sinister Erev Rav that built a state that from the beginning was intended to be totally Chiloni and totally not connected to Hakodosh Boruch Hu, and now we are seeing the true face of this so-called state of Israel. We are seeing that although it manages, or rather the leaders of the State of Israel manage to play on the heartstrings of Temimusdik Jews who have suffered tyranny and death at the hands of angry Goyim, jealous angry Goyim that want to destroy Am Yisroel and deny Hashem's existence. These same people that desired a homeland where they could be true Jews and come close to Hashem, just doesn’t exist, because the leaders were and are  not today believers. Not only are they not believers but they are bent on destroying all belief in Hashem, The Ruler of The World. They want to be The Ruler of The World. They want to be the Hakol Yachol, Chas Vesholom, but that is totally absurd and impossible.

However their great plan is coming into view, and all of those Jews that don’t understand this are going to pay a heavy price.  We the true Jews that our Neshomas were at Har Sinai, that we said together Na'aseh Venishma, we are going to be called upon to resist all of the plans of this government of Erev Rav to destroy Am Yisroel and its Torah. We're going to be called upon to say, "No, we will not let our baby boys enter the Bris with Hakodosh Boruch Hu, with a doctor instead of a Mohel doing the Bris." No, we are not going to send our sons to the army that is full of loose uncouth non-believers and in very many instances many soldiers are Goyim. We cannot expose our sons to an army that condones foul language and loose morals and a hatred of Hashem and His Torah. We're going to have to say, "No, we are not going to eat Hechshers that are controlled by the State of Israel, by the non- Frum who have their own ideas about what Kosher should be." We're going to have to say no to every so-called law that according to the non-Frum logic requests from us to put our Torah aside, our Mesorah aside, our 613 laws aside, and do what they tell us to do. We're going to be called on to say, "No, absolutely not!" Therefore I am very worried and very afraid. I don’t know how many Yidden of today have the strength to say no, especially when so many of us have fallen so low. I just hope and pray that the Jewish Neshoma, the strong Jewish Neshoma will come to the forefront and we will all together shout and scream at the top of our voices "Shema Yisroel Hashem Elokainu Hashem Echad!"

Mr. Lapid thinks that he can tell us who is shouldering more or less of the responsibility for the country. I suggest to Mr. Lapid that he should also let everyone share the responsibility by making the Chilonim serve as we are supposed to serve three years in the army, and they also like us should give that many years as well to learning Torah in a real Yeshiva, because there's not been one war since 1948 that hasn't been won by pure miracles and nothing more. So really the only army is Hashem's army. Only Hashem's army can win the wars. Therefore part of their training has to be the true Jewish training which is to learn to Daven and, to learn Gemorah and so on and so forth. It's just not fair not to teach them, not by Chiloni teachers, but by experts in their field, true Rabbonim, true Talmidai Chachomim, true Shomrei Mitzvos. Yes, Mr. Lapid you think that a Shikkur that jumps on a table in a pub and dances, has enough Sechel, enough Chutzpah to say to Hakodosh Boruch Hu, to the people of Hakodosh Boruch Hu,  trying at least to live the right way, no you have to share,  have to share in what we decide is responsibility to the state,  a state that should never have come into existence in the first place.But it did come into existence, and of course Hashem has His plans but without Hashem it never would have been.

I can only say that looking at the people that are behind all of this, I can only say in a very sad way that none of them seem to have Jewish souls. They have no sensitivity to their Judaism or to the Talmidai Chachomim or to anything. True we are living in a confusing time when many Chareidim are doing things that once would be absolutely forbidden. True today even some of our Rabbonim are making Halachic Rulings that are far from rigid. We have seen a very great fall in Tznius and in learning. Oh, people are learning but it's not the highest level, and it's not very often with a heart and a soul. We see very many Frum Jews not Davening the way they should be. We see very many weaknesses in our own Frum society. But Mr. Lapid with your mug of beer and your dancing on the table in a pub like a Goy, you're not going to make it. No one, no one including your father, including everyone in this State of Israel, including all of the biggest Reshoim in all of history anyone who has gone against Hakodosh Boruch Hu has fallen, and so will you. But one thing I'll tell you, you won't succeed. You'll never succeed, not you and not your Prime Minister, and not your President, and not anybody else that’s backing you, not any other person in the whole world from the biggest to the smallest, no one will succeed against Hakodosh Boruch Hu. He will only with a slight movement destroy all of you, and you will never have Netzach (eternity). I warn you not to start with Hakodosh Boruch Hu. You could do all kinds of Aveiros, but to fight against Hakodosh Boruch Hu directly, you'll never win and you're going to fall so hard that I really don’t envy you.

And now, I just want to say to our Yidden, to the true Yidden that we're going into a very very difficult time. Be strong. Don’t give up. Know that you're going to have to sacrifice and hold out and not forget that we the have responsibility to keep every single Din every single commandment of Hashem, and not weaken on any one of them. We must not give in to any of the demands of Yidden who are questionable as far as being Yidden. I am begging Am Yisroel and telling you the only way to survive the terrible destruction that’s going to be in the whole world is firstly to try to be in Eretz Yisroel. The Jews of America, England, Europe or wherever, the true Jews, the true Erlicha Yidden will be saved, but it will be very hard. Whoever's here in Eretz Yisroel will have it easier in many ways, even if the initial coming might be difficult, but at the end of the day it will be easier.

Secondly we have to close ourselves off. In the past the Goyim put us into ghettoes, but we envied those who could get out of the ghettoes and live among the Goyim. The moment that the Goyim allowed the Jews to leave the ghetto, the Jews went streaming out trying to shake off their Yiddishkeit and become like the Goyim. But we, Am Yisroel now  in Eretz Yisroel, we have to  build the walls of the ghetto back up, and go inside and lock the door and not try to be with any of the groups that are trying to be part of the Goyisha, Hellenistic world. The sons of Esav, the descendants of the Greeks and the Romans are trying to take over Eretz Yisroel and they seem to be managing it. There will soon be foreign troops on this soil, and when that happens you'll know that everything I'm telling you is correct. We already have foreign troops on this soil, but soon we are going to have many more, and I want you to remember what I say. Go into your homes. Stay close to your Shuls. Stay close to Hakodosh Boruch Hu. Put up the walls of the ghetto, and don’t let the foreigners in. Keep them out, and let us stay close always to Hakodosh Boruch Hu. That’s what He wants. He wants us to be different. He wants us to be close to Him. He wants us to do his Ratzon and to live only for that.

I want to say that very soon it's going to seem like the world is turned up-side-down. In the end, Be'emes the world will be turned up-side-down, but remember this world is only an illusion. This world of ours now that we were born into is only an illusion. Every single bit of it from the stars in the heaven to the earth below, it's all an illusion. And when we get to the time of Moshiach, we're going into a new reality that we never saw before, that we never dreamed of before. Even those who are big Talmidai Chachomim will suddenly feel what it to means to be released from the bonds of the Yetzer Hora, no Yetzer Hora. You don’t understand how that is going to affect us. You can't realize, because you don’t know every little corner in our beings that the Yetzer Hora gets to, and once we're free of that we'll all be confident and happy and calm and open only to the spiritual world and we'll be so close to Hakodosh Boruch Hu and that will be our total Simcha. That’s what we're going to love the most, just basking in the light of Hakodosh Boruch Hu.

I want to say to all Am Yisroel, be strong of spirit, of mind, and of soul. We're coming to the end. Just hold on to Hakodosh Boruch Hu, Kivyachol, and don’t let go, and we will all be saved.

Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
A Handicapped child
2 Adar 2  5774   (Mar 3, '14)

               They Want to Destroy Yiddishkeit

I will speak about the very impressive Tefillah that was yesterday in Yerushalayim. Undoubtedly it was something very special, something that could only have been done with so many Frum Yidden coming together to say Kriyas Shema and Amen to one of the most special Brachos that exists for Yidden. Of course they Davened Mincha and so on but these were the two highlights of the day. This gathering of all the different groups of Am Yisroel together in one place without arguing and fighting over silly things, but coming together with one purpose, to Daven to Hakodosh Boruch Hu to ask Him to save us from the dreadful Amalaikim and Erev Rav that are running the State of Israel. But beyond all that, just seeing everyone Davening together in unison not caring whether the Baal Tefillah is a Chassidisha or a Litvisha or a Sephardisha, just Davening to Hashem together it's unbelievable! Other people felt that politics are still there behind all of this, and that because of this, this gathering cannot fulfil its true purpose because supposedly the undercurrent of what is happening is political.

However, even though it is not yet perfect, it definitely is a start and even if it doesn’t happen again until Moshiach comes still it is bringing in a new era for Am Yisroel. It is bringing in an era in which the main goal is to be willing to have Mesiras Nefesh. We have to be willing to give even our lives, (hopefully we should never need to do that,) and be willing to do anything to hold on to our Yiddishkeit.

We are surrounded by evil people. We are surrounded by people that want to destroy Yiddishkeit, not only in Eretz Yisroel. You must understand it's not only the Erev Rav and the Amalaikim and the Edomim that are running this country, it's also in every country of the world. The evil ones want to phase out Frum Jewry. In their minds the religious Jews are a danger and must be gotten rid of. All over the world these evil ones also want to get rid of not only the Jews, they also want to get rid of all religious Christians. They want to get rid of all Christians that are willing to die in order not to be enslaved or forced to be something that they know is wrong. They want to get rid of every religion in the world, anyone that adheres to any religion. However Judaism is at the top of their list, because it’s the most dangerous, because it’s the only true belief and Hakodosh Boruch Hu is the only true G-d. There is no other G-d, only Him. The rest is all a figment of people's imaginations. Hakodosh Boruch Hu is Emes and therefore we are at the top of the list for being separated from our belief in the only one and truly   G-d, Chas Vesholom.

Therefore Eretz Yisroel has become the place where these evil ones want to rule, want to rule the world from here as I've said before. They have managed to infiltrate the government to the very top and soon they will be infiltrating every governmental building, every governmental office in the country. They have infiltrated even the army and they want to destroy us the Chareidim, the Frum.

We've been living a life of ease. Monies run through our hands easily. We haven’t been in want of anything since we arrived in this Medinas Yisroel. I would say that after the Tzena, no one has been in want. We always had food, we always had everything we needed, and if we didn't have, we just hopped on a plane and went and Shnorred in America or in England or in Europe and usually we came back with our pockets full. However the world has changed. Money is not so readily gotten, and these evil ones have started a war against Am Yisroel, the true Am Yisroel, the real Jewish Neshomas, the ones that are trying to live and do Ratzon Hashem. This is very terrible and it's going to get worse. They are already planning, all the terrible laws they want to pass in order to destroy our Yiddishkeit, and it will be up to us to hold together and say, "No, we will never, never go against Hakodosh Boruch Hu, never, no matter what." We have to fight it by refusing, by closing ourselves away in our own areas, putting up Mechitzas between us and the evil ones. We must make our own Botai Din and make sure that our Mohalim are not the doctors that they want to send. We must make sure that a Ger Tzedek becomes a Ger Tzedek in the proper way, and we must be sure that among us there are no Malshinim. We must, try very hard to only live by Ratzon Hashem. We must not fight with each other. We must not go against the Truth. We must hold together with the values that always kept Am Yisroel alive.

There has never been a Rasha that attacked Am Yisroel whether within or without, that wasn’t punished in the worst way. No one that raises his hand against us ever lives. He is always destroyed. So these evil ones who are supposedly so intelligent, don’t even know basic history that shows clearly that anyone that raises an arm to destroy the Yidden will be destroyed himself. They don’t even know what to be afraid of. Their hatred for Yaakov is so strong that they are willing to commit suicide to get rid of us, but it won't help them because these are the final hours of the Golus. We can all feel it already. We can taste it with our mouths. We can smell it with our noses. We feel it on our skin, and the taste is very bitter, but we will succeed, and we will go higher, and we will stay with Hashem, and we won't let go, and we won't give in to them. We, Am Yisroel, are going to survive Be'ezras Hashem, and we are going to greet Moshiach Be'ezras Hashem, but you Reshoim unless you do Teshuva, which I doubt very much that you can, you are not going to make it. You are going to realize at the end your terrible mistake. There are those among you, that even when you realize your mistake, you won't do Teshuva. And there will be those that at the last minute will try to do Teshuva, but will fail because they don’t know what Teshuva means and therefore will never have Olam Habah.

So we are going into a different era now. The materialism wont flow like it did. It has already stopped flowing like it used to. We are going to be persecuted for our beliefs in every place in the world. You Jews in America and in England and in Europe don’t think that you are not going to be persecuted also! We are all going to be persecuted. They are going to try to take away our Kashrus, our Shechita, our Bris Mila all the usual things that they attack when they try to take away our Yiddishkeit, the base of our Yiddishkeit. They'll try to take away our Torah learning. They'll try to take away our Davening, our Shuls, our Torahs, anything they can do to stop us from making connection with Hakodosh Boruch Hu. They are going to bring a new Avodah Zorah into this world, instead of all religions. The greatest evil that ever was is now going to burst forth on the earth. It has already covered the earth but it's just not so evident. It will be evident when every bit of evil comes out and shows itself to the world, then Hashem will completely destroy it from its deepest roots. It will be destroyed forever.

So Am Yisroel make preparations. I don’t mean that you have to save food. I mean your preparations should be doing Teshuva. Pesach is coming. We have to clean not only our houses, but our hearts and our minds, clean them out with tweezers, get every inch of dirt out, so when we come to greet Moshiach we will be sparkling, sparklingly pure. 

Misconception about Moshiach

I received some comments that I wish not to publish.  It seems that there are individuals who want to open a debate about who is Moshiach ben Dovid, Moshiach ben Yosef and Eliyahu Hanavi.  Even though it is one of my favorite subjects, it is all speculation and cannot be put in the category of the Absolute Truth.  When we find out for sure, then we can talk about it.  For now, I would like to avoid the subject since some of the comments are touching upon Lashon Harah and even judging people (against the teachings of the Torah).

One misconception that I would like to clear up.  There was a name of an individual that was suggested as the Moshiach because he is a very active individual in the Israeli government – one who is trying to accomplish things.  The comment said that Moshiach must be someone who accomplishes things in this physical world and not just a spiritual person.  Let us clarify that everything is spiritual since it is all from Hashem.  The Moshiach will not perform miracles, Hashem will.  Moses did not split the sea, Hashem did.  The Moshiach is a king who is a servant of Hashem, Who is the King of Kings.  We are all servants of Hashem and even discussion about prophecy is talking about messages from Hashem, not the prophet.  We need to give less credit to the agents and messengers of Hashem and much more, in fact complete credit, to the Source of the miracles and messages.  To debate such topics based on what is happening in this fantasy world versus the unbelievable surprises that will come at the Geula, is foolhardy at best.  Let us do what we need to do as individuals to make the happy ending as happy as can be for us, our loved ones and all the world.  We are all agents with an important mission, full of things to accomplish, to bring the Geula.  Hashem’s plan is perfect – let us live it and get the most out of it.

At the first Geula we said “Na’aseh v’Nishmah” “We will do and we will hear.”  We knew to trust Hashem, immediately do His will (His commandments) and then we can learn the deeper meaning of everything (study Hashem’s plan as we did for forty years in the desert).  It is so pertinent now for us to do His will immediately (time is running out), and then take the time after the Geula is upon us to marvel about what it all meant.  It is not time for debate, but action.  

Of course, after the Geula comes, we will not need to debate, we will have all the answers – The Absolute Truth.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Parashat Tazria Tsha"d


G-d does not relent and will not allow others to mock the government of Israel and the state of Israel. Every country that laughs, mocks or wishes to destroy the state of Israel, G-d will complicate things among them.  He will give them very difficult blows so that they mind their own business, causing them to take care of themselves and leave Israel alone.

Everything that is happening in the world, G-d is the One deceiving everyone, complicating and causing trouble between them and making them worry about their own business.  The Russians are in trouble with the Americans; they are doing whatever they want and will continue to do so.  Russians will continue to bother many more countries in Europe and Turkey as well.

Suddenly a plane has disappeared and everyone is looking for it.  Even the elements of nature are not in full strength, they are troubling the entire world.  All of this is at the hands of G-d, so that they stop bothering the state of Israel, the people of Israel, Jews living in Israel.  This will make them stop believing in Iran and in the fake peace with the Palestinians who want to take pieces of Israel.

We spoke a long time ago about tunnels and now they discovered one!  There are more tunnels, not one or two, but dozens leading into Israel.  There are more tunnels towards the large base in front of Gaza and more places.   G-d is showing the Jews great miracles and is lighting a red light that peace is one big lie - a fantasy.  People who want peace do not dig tunnels, do not protest at the Temple Mount, do not cut gas pipes, do not shoot missiles at Israel and do not send ships with rockets to Gaza Strip.  A large part of the gentiles living in Israel cannot be trusted!  They live in Israel and you need to be wary of them because they are cooperating with gentiles outside of Israel.  From the beginning of the world until now, the Arabs do not like the Jews.

Syria is continuing to get erased and will continue to get erased.  No one can help them; it is from G-d.  All of the trouble being caused on the Syrian-Israeli border is being done by people on behalf of the Palestinians and Hamas who want to drag Israel into a war with Syria so that Israel will be busy with Syria and Lebanon and they will be able to hit from the south.

The IDF needs to be vigilant from Eilat to Metula, the Golan Heights, and Jordan - be very suspicious.

Egypt is, as usual, fighting within itself like a burning bubble.  There is no food in Egypt and Hamas is making trouble.  Egypt is complicated within itself and it will blow up in their faces one day, because of the hunger among themselves, and because of the Hamas.

In Turkey, the president is in the most difficult mental state in the world. They discovered the truth about him and how he is searching for all kinds of ways to hide it and the problems that plague him and his family.  The number of people who hate him in Turkey are twice the number of his followers. He is in a trap and he doesn't know how to escape it.

Jordan is like a baby being fed.  The king is quietly waiting for the Americans to give him a piece, heaven forbid, of the holy land.  May they fall upon their swords, may their bows break, and may they kill each other.

The Hezbollah is ruined and finished, falling apart more every day.

Abu Mazen is an actor and he is acting naive, as a victim, innocent, acting as if he doesn't understand anything and wants peace.  Everything is fake and one big lie.  He is secretly giving orders to harm Israel.  The Hamas, Abu Mazen, and all of the terrorists being released have gangs and they are united and waiting together for a peace treaty to be signed.  After that, G-d forbid, they will send rockets to Israel in no less than 12 months!  No one cares about Israel.

The government of Israel - open your eyes!  Wake up from your coma!  Every terrorist being released has a gang of 1,000 suicide bombers who want to hurt Israel.  They bring them from Iraq, Hezbollah and Iran, just like mercenaries, they will not repent.

In Iran, G-d is causing confusion in all of their nuclear factories, they are making mistakes in their solutions, erring in the continued production and getting confused among themselves - all of this so that they don't dare aim anything towards Israel.

Dear Jews, if they even think of sending rockets to Israel - everything will fall apart on them, G-d will destroy them, with floods or earth quakes!  If they repent, love Israel and be in peace with Israel - only good will fall upon them.

The United States does not want their army to interfere in Europe with the Russians; they are not ready to have their army fight for another country.  Russia is not paying any mind to the United States.  Russia is doing whatever it wants and is laughing in everyone's faces!  They lack for nothing, they have a strong connection with all of the Arab countries, and this is America's fear - that they are connected with them.  The Russians are very smart; they know who the Palestinians are and they have great respect for the state of Israel and the Jews in Israel.  The Russians are not interfering with the peace with the Palestinians.  The United States is doing everything with its own interest in mind.

Rains are falling in their own time. The prayers of the people of Israel have done a lot!  Keep praying in large groups in Israel; continue to pray and not to protest!

All of those who bribe, cheat, con, lust, white collar, black collar, all will be revealed by G-d.  G-d is pedantic with every Jew and has given time to repent - He will not wait much longer!

To the Jews living outside of Israel - move to Israel immediately!  Anti-Semitism is only getting worse and is growing to epic proportions!  There is nothing to be ashamed of in moving to the holy land, there is no shame in returning to G-d in heaven and the land of Israel - it is heroic!

If the Americans and Europeans understood that all of their problems are being caused because they are interfering with the peace with Iran and the Palestinians - they would have stopped interfering immediately and would have only supported the holy state of Israel!  Only then will they have quiet with the Russians.

There will not be quiet in the world until the last Jew comes to Israel!  Until they relent and stop bothering the State of Israel and the Jews living in Israel - all of Israel is the life source of the entire world!

G-d wants to crown the Messiah.  In heaven he has already been crowned!  Some of the Jews are not connected.  The material and money is catching them and they are forgetting G-d.  Because of the daring in Israel, the rudeness and lack of faith in G-d and the Messiah, the crowning of the Messiah is being delayed - this too has an end.

Dear Jews, whoever wants to believe in the coming of the Messiah, in the crowning of the Messiah in this generation, will be blessed, will be able to see the crowning in this generation and will live forever!  Whoever does not want to believe - don't believe.  The Messiah is in Israel, alive, and doing his work loyally for G-d!

באדיבות: אתר "תאיר נרי"

Monday, March 24, 2014

Pay Attention -- Messages from Hashem

It is both exciting and encouraging that there has been a great increase in the number of messages that we are receiving from Hashem.  The individuals who inspire us through Facilitated Communications have been very silent for a while.  It was an indication that we still had more waiting for the Geula and the time of Moshiach.  But, recently messages have come from Ben Golden, Moishela, Daniel and Menachem, along with messages from Rav Nir Ben Artzi, Rav Fish, Rav Shternbach, Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi and Torah codes by Rav Glazerson.  Instead of repeating all these vital messages here, I invite you to visit several excellent blogs who have recently covered the subject (this is not everything that has been posted, but are interesting and worth reading):

We also hear encouraging messages from the Gedolim of today such as Rav Shteinman, shlita.  This post on Mashiach is Coming also includes an excellent talk on the birth pangs of Moshiach by Rabbi Baruch Horovitz.  Even though the talk was several years ago the message is even more pertinent now.

This is an interesting YouTube of Rav Glazerson showing that the Torah has 5774 and 5775 encoded as the years of Moshiach:

After watching Rav Glazerson talk about 5775 as the year of Geula, we should review the statement that appeared as a Rav Fish update on Yeranen Yaakov recently: “And according to Ribbi Yehoshua, Nissan 5774 already starts the year 5775, which is the year of the Keitz according to the Arizal.”  Look at the post, it is very interesting:

There is so much happening in the world that is all telling us that this is the time before the happy ending of history as we know it and the immanent time of Geula.  I only gave you a small sample of very interesting messages that have appeared on the web recently.  There are many more.

I am not a prophet that I can interpret all these messages and give you a definite date (I usually get that as a comment or a private Email).  I consider myself a dot connector.  You know, the pictures you used to do as a child where you would connect the dots and a picture would appear (I am probably showing my age since most dot connecting is probably done with computers these days).  What I am saying is that the information from the many messages is giving us a picture that we are getting close to the time of Geula.  The messages are consistent from the different sources giving us confidence that the only Source that could be behind this is Hashem. 

The other encouraging thought is that we are hearing from sources that have been very quiet for a while and that it is coming at a time when the world is in such turmoil.  Are these the final birth pangs of Moshiach that we would expect right before the delivery?  If you look into scriptures (many places), the dots are coming together in a very favorable way.  What is prophesied to happen in the end of time, just before Moshiach, is actually happening or is already completed.  As I said, it is exiting and encouraging.  The only question to be asked is (and I know I repeat myself) have I as an individual brought myself closer to Hashem?  What these messages mean to each of us is completely dependent upon where we stand in following Hashem’s ways.

I do believe there could be very tough times ahead (possible war, further financial problems, more severe Jew-hatred around the world, possible severe weather, etc), but I know that the protection of each individual on Earth will be measure for measure according to his or her relationship with the Creator of everything.  I also believe it will become more obvious as we go along since each one of us is experiencing the Tikun that we need to survive and thrive, forever.  Pay attention since the messages from Hashem are very much personal messages for each one of us.  Consider it a heavenly gift that the personal and worldly messages are telling us what we need to do to arrive at the happy ending as happy and successful as possible.

Thank you Hashem for Your guidance – may each one of us make the most of Your merciful ways.

I thank all my fellow bloggers for the messages they have found that are so vital in helping us -- keep up the good work.  I encourage you to copy any messages that I have posted, such as the Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, weekly messages and post it on your blogs.  The most important thing is for as many Jews and righteous non-Jews to get the Word of Hashem and react to it -- all our readers.  Together we can help save the world and all the good people in it.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Message to the people of Israel from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Tet Zayin Adar Tsha"d (03/18/14)


G-d does not relent; He will not let others mock the government of Israel and the state of Israel.  G-d will strike a blow to every country that bothers Israel and wants to take pieces away from it.  They should keep to their own business and leave Israel alone.

The entire world is not calm, everything is in chaos and there will be more devastating earth quakes like the Tower of Babel, because they are disrespecting G-d and hurting His holy land.

Even though there are gentiles living in the holy land of Israel, it remains holy and pure.  The impurities only go into the gentiles and foreign workers in Israel.  A Jew living in Israel is pure and holy and no unholy power affects him - only the gentiles.

Every Jew should go to the Mikveh or bathe in the ocean once a week.

All the peace talks with the Palestinians are one great illusion, a bottomless pit.  There needs to be mass prayer in Israel to cancel the decree that is hovering over the people of Israel.

They sent rockets from the Gaza Strip to Israel and G-d is showing the people of Israel that He is protecting them.  The Hamas and the Palestinians want to show Israel and the world: 'Even though you caught the ship and ammunition, we have additional rockets and we will fire them whenever we please'.

The government in Israel has not responded severely to the shooting from the Gaza Strip because they respect the United States government - This is instead of faith in the

In Egypt, people are screaming and crying out for bread; the hunger is taking over them and bothering them more than the Hamas - there is no solution to the hunger, the war among them will get worse.

There will not be quiet anywhere in the world until they relent and stop mocking Israel.  They want to erase Israel, and the government of Israel needs to wake up.

Israel will have calm, quiet and peace.

All of the terrorists that Israel is releasing are huge time bombs.  Each one of them will start a large, cruel gang that will operate against Israel.  Don't be deluded, no one will make amends.

G-d wants to crown the Messiah on earth.  In the heavens, he has already been crowned.  Because of boldness, audacity and lack of faith in G-d, the crowing is delayed!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Tzav


G-d is showing the Jews in Israel and the world the great miracles He is doing for the land of Israel.  This is how G-d speaks to the Jews and in doing so scares the gentiles in front of the people of Israel.

All of the weapons and ammunition that came out of Iran to the Hezbollah, Gaza Strip, and Hamas - it ALL will be revealed by G-d and the IDF!  G-d is showing the Israeli government that peace with the Palestinians is the most dangerous thing in the world; they continue to arm themselves and prepare for "judgment day" - which will turn on them!  If they want peace - it must be without taking one inch of Israel.

Iran will try to continue to transfer ammunitions and weapons to Hamas and Hezbollah; these are the most dangerous bombs that they have ever had.  They are now trying to find alternative ways to get the ammunition across to the Sinai Desert and from there to Hamas and Nasrallah.  In the past, they have delivered a lot of ammunition, but this time they were caught.  From now on, all ammunition being sent from Iran will be intercepted.  Do not hurry to make peace!  This is not peace, this is greed and the destruction of the state of Israel.  The Palestinians do not want to acknowledge the state of Israel as the Jewish state.  The state of Israel is from the holy fathers, this is not from today.

The IDF must open their eyes and keep watch over the borders of Israel near Eilat, the Gaza Strip, the Sinai Desert, and the north.  Keep vigilant.

Anti-Semitism is now out in the open, G-d is showing what anti-Semites are doing to the Jews.

Russians are invading Ukraine and no one is going to rescue them from Putin who wants to conquer Ukraine.  They all fear him, all they do is talk - they are afraid of Putin.  G-d is doing all of this to complicate Obama and the United States with Putin and Russia.  The world is watching and the Russians are doing whatever they want.  This should be a red light to the Israeli government.

Jews living outside of Israel - move to Israel immediately and do not play games of ego.  "Here we are strong" - Jews in exile are nothing, they are like a ship in the heart of the ocean slowly sinking.  Jews are successful and are therefore hated by the gentiles.  G-d is doing this so that the Jews will come to Israel.  Just like G-d did in Egypt where he put hatred in their hearts for the daughters of Israel so that they wouldn't assimilate.

Israel is the center of the world!  When all Jews come to the land of Israel, the entire world will need Israel.  When the Jews leave the exile countries, gentiles will beg for them; there will no longer be new patents, there will be no innovations and no medicine, they will have nothing - everything will be in the holy land of Israel!

The Syrians are killing each other like lions fighting between themselves until one finally kills the other.  They are not giving up, they are killing each other "elegantly," slowly, and nobody cares that everything will go up in flames.  G-d will never forgive them for their cruelty, for the blood of IDF solders spilled brutally.  G-d is making everyone who spilled Jewish blood pay for their crimes!

Egypt - Hamas will not let them go, they will devour Egypt with great appetite and cause a revolution.  The Hamas in Egypt works together with the Hamas in the Gaza Strip.  Patience, Egypt too will see a revolution like Syria and they will kill each other.  There is a great hunger that cannot be appeased.  Hamas is in Egypt and the Sinai Desert and they are sending ammunition to the Gaza Strip.

Abu Mazen is calming Hamas, telling them "don't send bombs to Israel until we make "pretend peace" with them and get parts of Israel and Jerusalem, then you can send all the rockets you want."

Jordan is laughing and rejoicing, they are happy over the talks with the Americans who are promising them parts of Israel so that they can put the refugees and Hamas there.

We will continue to say: In East Jerusalem there are a lot of gentiles who want to carry out terrorist acts and cause havoc.  Jews cannot be soft!  They are very dangerous - Jews, you have been warned!  The IDF soldiers must keep their eyes open; they are planning terrible things in Israel to harm Jews.

Turkey is next in line.  Erdogan is digging a deeper and deeper hole every day.  He is firing people and is like an injured animal trying to be threatening.  All of those he fires are heads of huge gangs and everything will come back to bite him.  Turkey is next in line for a revolution; the entire Turkish nation will revolt against Erdogan.

Iran, as we said last week, will be Israel's best friends in the world if they make amends and turn their atomic factories into industrial factories.  If they don't, we repeat: all of the rivers will overflow and destroy Iran and only Iran, just like the flood in the Bible.  G-d is sending them signs, inserting messages into their minds to leave Israel alone and they will be in peace.  G-d is merciful!

זוכר להם את הזכות מזמן אחשוורוש ואסתר שהצילו את העם היהודי, שעד עכשיו חי בזכותם למרות הצומות שהיו בזמנו
(Remember they have the merit from the time of Ahasuerus when Esther saved the Jewish people, who presently live with that merit, even though they fast.)

There is an end to everything.  If the Iranians do not understand, rivers will overflow and Iran will be covered in mud and water just like the story of the flood. The choice is theirs to make, choose life or drown in water.

Natural disasters will continue to occur around the world.  Planes will continue to disappear and get navigation problems.  Ships will continue to encounter navigation problems.  Heat and the cold problems will continue.  Animals will continue to attack people who do bad things.  There will be harsh diseases in all kinds of places in the world... in short: chaos! 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Parashat Vayikra Tsha"d 239


G-d cares for the welfare of the state of Israel - the holy state and the Jewish state.  The Jews are the purpose of the world and are the blessing of the entire planet.  Without the Jews in the holy land of Israel - the world would not exist!

All of the countries want to harm or destroy the state of Israel.  G-d is complicating things amongst them. They are killing each other and wiping each other out.  There are countries He strikes with starvation and there are those with epidemics and disease.  G-d decides who will be on earth.  There are countries He strikes with earthquakes and there are those He strikes with fire and sulfur.  There are countries with strong winds, snow and ice - there are those with complications, train wrecks, plane wrecks, car disasters.  G-d is purifying the world and making all the countries deal with their own problems and leave Israel alone, and also to drive away all of the Jews from exile to the holy land of Israel.  For example: the United States is bothering Israel - G-d complicates them with the Russians.

Russia is using its power however it wants and no one can tell them what to do.  This should be a red light to everyone – there is no one country that can be relied upon, they don't care about the United States or any other country - only their own interests.

The state of Israel, the government of Israel - there is no one to rely upon only G-d in heaven.

Something new has arrived - if Iran will make amends and stop with the threats, wholeheartedly - the state of Israel will be their best friend in the world!  If Iran will not listen to the word of G-d, to make amends and peace with Israel, listen carefully: all of the rivers in Iran will overflow and cover all of Iran. They will drown in the water like in the parting of the Red Sea!  The rivers will flood all of Iran and they will shout out to the L-rd.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah are being squashed until they are done; because, they have been relying on Syria and Iran this whole time.  Hezbollah is shooting missiles on Israel from Syria from time to time.

Now Syria is gone, the Hezbollah organization has been eradicated along with it, and the situation there is like the Tower of Babel: Hezbollah is killing Syria, Syria is killing Hezbollah and the rebels are killing both Hezbollah and Syria - in short, Tower of Babel.

Turkey - Its citizens have prepared a big conspiracy, they will not yield to the government and will destroy it, bit by bit.

In Egypt it is the same.  Hamas and others will not yield to the new government and will start a revolution in Egypt, bigger than the one before.  Honorable readers!  Do not worry, it is soon beginning...

Jordan - Their king is quiet and monitoring all of the activities of the United States, Palestinians and Israel. The United State tells them: "Don't worry, everything will be fine."  The king of Jordan forgot that Jordan is a Palestinian country.  G-d will not let them harm the people of Israel.

Abu Mazen is talking to the Palestinians, the Hamas and all of the gangs: we will work like silent snakes until we get the lands of the state of Israel, and then we will shower them with thousands of rockets. He wants to fool the world into thinking that they are civilized and peace loving.

Government of Israel, you cannot recruit a man to the army by force!  After 60 years of learning Torah, you need to reach an agreement with them.  The IDF needs to recruit the young.  Not by force, because force causes war among brothers.  We are the Jewish state; we much keep the ember lit, unity and love, not the other way around.  We need faith in G-d.  Without faith in G-d nothing will help, not to the religious or the non-religious.  This is a useless war, it is all a game of honor.  There cannot be a fight between the government of Israel and the ultra orthodox community!

The IDF needs to be vigilant and take notice that Iran does not send weapons and ammunition to Hezbollah.

Great Rabbis of Israel, intellectuals and great cabbalists: instead of making a show of force, convene in groups of one hundred thousand people, every single place.  Guide everyone to pray and cancel the decree hovering over the people of Israel when others want to take land from Israel.  Pray for rain and pray that Torah will not be gone amongst the people of Israel!

G-d is angry, in pain and screaming in heaven and earth - how do you not understand that you have to pray for rain?  How do you not understand that people want to take parts of Israel away?  Instead, they are busy with a war against the government of Israel - that is a mistake!

You need to call for G-d to crown the Messiah - this will solve everyone's problems in Israel and the world.

The people in the government of Israel and emissaries, the orthodox and non-orthodox: pray to G-d and call to Him!  He decides what happens to the government of Israel, not the political parties.

The government of Israel need not be afraid of the European market. The entire world needs Israel and Israel needs no one.

The people are afraid and confused, they don't know what the day will bring and they become indifferent.  They need to be vigilant!  If, G-d forbid, something happens to the state of Israel. it will hurt everyone!

Jews living in exile think that nothing will happen to them.  The gentiles there hate them.  The gentiles say that the Jews are stealing from them and taking their business.  No one can stand the Jews.  Soon they will see for themselves how they show their colors and banish them forcefully.  The Jews do not want to understand the language that G-d is speaking with them.  For example: there were difficult protests in the Ukraine - this is a warning from G-d that the Jews need to escape that place with haste and only go to the land of Israel!

There was a peace demonstration and they said that the "danger is over."  But they don't want to understand that these are warnings from G-d to leave this place.  Within a short period of time, they will harm the Jews and banish them from there.  G-d is giving them hints to leave and come to Israel.  Everywhere in the world where there are Jews they are getting warnings like this.  Just like Jonah the prophet who came to warn Nineveh.

Government of Israel - keep putting the strongest legal pressure to get infiltrators out of Israel because there are one hundred thousand of them!

G-d is saying: anyone who touches Israel, the holy land that belongs to me, I will harm greatly, from the smallest of them to the biggest.  I will give them their own troubles to worry about, whether it is a whole country or the individual people!

Ministers and members of parliament stop being naive and delicate.  Most of the gentiles don't like us and all of the Arab countries are going to be destroyed one after the other.  You cannot count on this peace.  If you want peace - do it without giving away parts of Israel - this is the ABC’s of peace, before everything else!  If not, they have devious plans.

All of the grifters, conmen, thieves, bribers, white and black collars, orthodox and non-orthodox - all will be revealed, one after the other until they wholeheartedly make amends.

Israel will be a magnificent country in the world.  Everyone will fully obey the Ten Commandments.  Be patient and you will see it happen.

G-d says: it is a pity that not everyone understands that the Messiah is here and in action and that everything that is happening in the world, every act of nature, is a preparation for the crowning of the Messiah!  If they had known, they would be crying 24 hours a day for the Messiah to be crowned!

Courtesy of  "Tair Neri"