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Message for the Week of Parshat Shelach Lecha 5773

I urge you, please go to Geula Messages and read this week's vital message from Rav Nir Ben Artzi for the Week of Parshat Shelach Lecha:

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Women of the Wall (part 2)

It is obvious that these Women of the Wall lack any Torah training, any understanding of what Judaism is and what Hashem’s instructions are for all of us – both men and women.

The more serious aspect of all this is that these women are not familiar with Hashem’s system of reward and punishment.  They, using the flawed human logic that I have talked about, have decided what is right and what is wrong.  Several things that they need to acquire is a total understanding that Hashem dictated the 304,805 letters of the Torah to Moshe Rabbenu on Mount Sinai 3325 years ago and that everything that I covered yesterday is Hashem’s opinion.  If you don't believe that, go read numerous posts that I have made proving that it is totally impossible for people to have written the Torah.  Why?  The Torah has everything and everybody in the text, including every detail that has ever happened in the world as well as the total design of the universe.  The number of facts that is encoded in the Torah, that no human being could have known, is infinite (I am not wishing to repeat many, many pages of this blog here; so, go read and learn if you are not convinced).

Wanting to make it a chauvinist issue by believing that men wrote all the rules and that Judaism is a man’s worship system with women being second class citizens, is an extremely dangerous approach since, measure for measure, each woman will be rewarded or punished for how she personally follows the ways of Hashem or sins if she acts to the contrary.  Hashem knows every detail and responds accordingly to every good or bad deed performed (both words and actions).

So what is the true unholy agenda of these women?  A very prominent woman, learned in Torah, named Rochel Ginsberg, wrote an excellent article in this past week’s Mishpacha Magazine (it is an eye opener and I highly recommend reading it).  The bottom line is that this entire show is being staged by The New Israel Fund (NIF).  They are a wealthy organization stealing from the public to fund this entire program and other programs to hurt Israel and the Jewish people.  Anyone who contributes to this organization will have to answer on Judgment Day as they receive harsh punishment (guaranteed).  I have no way of telling whether the women are getting paid to perform but I do know there is no love for Judaism -- it is all a political effort.

Hashem tells us many times in scriptures that one of the most important efforts that must be accomplished to bring about the redemption of the world is the unity of the Jews.  When the observant and the secular work together as one nation, Hashem is happy and ready to reward everyone.  The best way to destroy Israel is to cause friction amongst the Jews and to divide the camps.  The NIF knows that an issue like women at the wall has a very dangerous effect on Israel and will cause total havoc.  What they are not aware of is that the destruction of Israel will cause the destruction of the world (another deep subject beyond the scope of this post).  NIF is as ignorant of reality as the women they hired.  To make this even more disastrous, not all the women are believed to be Jewish.  Since the Reform condone Jewish heritage even if it is only the father that is Jewish; intermarriage; very unkosher conversion, etc, there is no guarantee that any woman is truly Jewish.  After all, if the agenda has little or nothing to do with Jewish values, all you need is a bunch of actresses to play the part, non-Jewish women can certainly contribute.

A hidden problem not being considered is that many people around the world are sympathetic to this pathetic sham that the women are perpetuating.  The NIF employed the media to spread their message to the world.  The women don’t have a clue as to what it means to them as individuals since, measure for measure, they will be judged by Hashem, along with everyone else in the world, for opposing or condoning such a horrid, sinful action.  These women at the wall are desecrating the Torah and the will of Hashem.  This will result in tremendous punishment for their sins.  But, causing possibly thousands of people around the world to sin is totally unforgivable.

Anat Hoffman is the leader of this farce. I found out from a very reliable source that Anat doesn't believe in Hashem and is doing all this for political reasons.  She and her group will find out very soon that their efforts in this tragedy will result in harsh punishment.  There is such a place as Hell (that is very easily proven and I have already shown the evidence on this blog).  I have mentioned that Hell has either for a cleansing purpose to complete an individual’s Tikun (rectification) that was not accomplished while on Earth, or it is a place of punishment.  The severity and length of time of punishment is dependent upon the severity of sinning.  I can say without any reservation that these women (all of them) and the members of NIF are in for a very harsh and painful eternity.  If they are being compensated, a little money now will never compensate for the eternal horror that they can be facing.  One other fact that should be made known, is that the women, the people of NIF and the people of the world that are led astray by this horrible action will bring their loved ones into the punishment.

I find it hard to believe the fact that I am so much more concerned about the welfare of these women and their loved ones than they are.  They say that “Ignorance is bliss” – I say “Ignorance is dangerous.”  Unless they start living the truth and not making up their own rules about this world, they are in for a very sad future.  I am totally sympathetic to their situation and I am hoping to get this information to them and the evil organization that is perpetuating this horror.  It is a lose-lose situation for these women, but it can be turned around with a little bit of education.  As fortune has it, Rochel Ginsberg, the one who thoroughly researched the situation and wrote the details in the Mishpacha article, gives a shiur (lecture) to about 20 women every Monday morning on Torah subjects.  It just so happens, that shiur occurs in my living room.  I had the opportunity to talk to her yesterday morning asking very definite questions about her article and the group of women.  I hope to get in touch with Anat Hoffman in hopes that she will read this post and take seriously what I fear will happen to her, her family, the women of the group, the NIF members and all those swayed by their actions.  The group is planning their next show on Rosh Chodesh Tammuz which will occur on June 8th and 9th.  With Hashem’s help, they will realize how dangerous an event this will be to their future and will reconsider.  Their families’ welfare and possibly the welfare of the entire world population could be affected by it.  If that sounds like an exaggeration, I really don't want to experiment and find out.  What do you think causes the tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, sinkholes, tsunamis, etc, etc, etc (another very deep subject that is not the topic of this discussion).

I am saddened by the so-called Charaidi men and women who have not acted according to Hashem’s will.  Instead of throwing items at the women, they should be showing them the love that the Torah teaches and help them.  We are all connected in this world through Hashem.  If we help these misguided women to find the truth, we help ourselves and everyone on this planet.  Please, if you know anyone who is involved or being negatively affected by this, reach out and help that person.  It is a mitzvah to help every fellow human being find the correct way in life as Hashem designed life.  Confrontation is disastrous, education and helping is the way to bring the Geula.  Hashem is watching each one of us to see how we will react.  Please, do the right thing, Hashem’s way.  Help yourself and all misguided people of this planet to a bright and happy future.  And whatever you do, don't hurt your loved ones who may look to you for guidance in life.  It is completely cruel to hurt anyone for personal gain since, in the end, nobody wins.  I have called people who don’t believe the messages from Hashem "gamblers."  Since they are gambling on the hope that scriptures contain only the words of people, they are placing their entire eternal future on a hunch.  Would these women go to Las Vegas and put their children on the table and hope the dice would let them keep the kids?  Well, they are putting their children on the table in Jerusalem instead where the stakes are much higher.

Unfortunately, whether you believe Hashem’s instructions or not, the truth doesn't go away.  I have witnessed for over a half century people who have destroyed themselves and their loved ones by believing that they are smarter than the Creator of everything and that living by their own devices rather than the Word of the Owner of the universe will get them by.  The gambler who doesn't even investigate is a loser and a total fool.  What they are bringing upon themselves, their loved ones and, believe it or not, the entire world is foolish and unnecessary.  A little common sense should tell you that this incredible world is not by accident.  Those who believe it is by accident without investigating will suffer the consequences.  It’s your life , it’s your happiness, it’s your eternity – why not check it out rather than gamble and lose everything.  Hashem is totally merciful and has given us complete capability to succeed and find happiness.  His instructions are clear – it’s our choice.  The Torah says:

“...I have placed in front of you life and death,
blessing and affliction. You must choose life, so you,
and your descendants, shall live!”
(Deuteronomy 30, 19)

Why would anyone carry such a Torah, go through so much fuss to claim it as theirs, want so much to read it in public and not believe a word that is in it?  Is it just for show, an evil agenda or possibly for compensation?   The truth does not go away – find out what the truth is, live it and completely thrive by it.  You have found the source of happiness.  Why would any rational person throw it away?  Because “they have not studied the truth or believe it comes from sources they don't recognize” is not a good answer (and is extremely dangerous – guaranteed in writing).

These women have a complete opportunity to learn the truth.  They owe it to themselves and their loved ones.  If they don’t know where to start, let me help.  Go to the first page of my blog and start reading.

I have tried to lay it out with totally believable text and it is all free.  If I were offering you a course that you know would save your life and the lives of your loved ones, you would at least investigate.  Since, I am offering a course to save your life, your eternity and the lives of everyone around you, why not just look.  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that time is running out and that a few valuable moments now could save you an eternity of suffering.  Isn't that worth at least a glance?

Any questions that you would like to ask privately and not have posted as a blog comment, please Email me directly.  I sincerely want to help:

I wish to thank Ronit Peskin who is a leader in the excellent Women FOR the Wall group that opposes the Women of the Wall group. 

Moriah sent me a comment introducing me to the group Women For the Wall.  Her comment was: 

There is a group of Jewish women called Women 'for' the Wall. They are righteous sisters who love Torah and Hashem. They have a website:

Please go to their website and give them your support.  They are the antithesis of the Women of the Wall and working very hard to correct the nonsense of those misguided souls.  I daven that Hashem bless the Women For the Wall for their wonderful effort.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Women of the Wall (part 1)

The recent debacle that has made international news is about feminists who have come to the Kotel (the Western Wall) in Jerusalem to “liberate the wall (as they put it).”  What they wish to accomplish is not so evident since they have a very hidden agenda.  What the absolute truth is about what they are doing, what it will mean to them, to Israel and to all women around the world, needs discussion.  The one question that I always like to ask is “what is Hashem’s opinion?”

To begin, I would like to repost an essay (with changes) that I did 1 May 2012, that should give insight into Hashem’s opinion.  The essay was entitled:

Sexism in Scriptures and in Life

One subject that I have found to be a big myth is the stigma of women in the observant community.  The secular world is convinced that women are treated as subservient citizens, and it is all because the Bible (which most people believe was written by men) treats them as such.  I had the exact same belief before I became observant since I had only lived in secular communities (about 48 years worth) which perpetuated that stereotype.  I didn’t know any observant Jews and could only believe what I had heard about them.  Then three things happened in my life.  One was discovering the truth about who wrote scriptures; second, was a deeper analysis of what scriptures really says; and third, was moving into an observant Torah community, meeting these wonderful people and experiencing the exact opposite of what I was led to believe. 

First of all, let us review what it says in scriptures.  The most amazing thing that I discovered was it is very one sided, but against men not women.  “Women are at a higher spiritual level than men could ever be.”  What is the basis for that statement?  Because women can experience life in them and men can’t.  It is the primary reason that women are not obligated to fulfill many of the commandments.  Women are above the need for many commandments.  We see throughout scriptures that the women are more righteous than the men.  The original sin, as I had discussed earlier, was mostly due to Adam not repenting his mistake.  We have additional insight into how a wife should assist her husband.  Hashem separated Adam and Eve and said that she should be “ezer kenegdo,” a helper parallel to him (Genesis 2:18).  This has an interesting connotation that in English we stress the first word a “helper” almost making her sound like a servant to him.  More accurately, the second word “parallel” or, I have even seen it translated as “against” him.  This makes her totally equal a partner who should even keep him straight when he makes mistakes.  She is there, not to serve him, but to work together on an equal basis and maybe even keep him out of trouble.  Observant men study and work hard all their lives to try to reach a spiritual level that women have already.  The man will never achieve that level, but should always be grateful to the women in his life who help him with the effort.  Maybe, because men and women are not equal is why we call our wives “our better half (literally).” 

We are told that Sarah was more of a prophetess than Abraham being a prophet.   Isaac was not aware of the deception of his son Esau but Rivka was able to help Jacob achieve the birthright and perpetuate the will of Hashem.  Both Rachel and Leah were very wise and of great help to Jacob.  When the father of Moses, Amram, a leader in the community, decided to prevent further killings of the Jewish male babies, he required the men to divorce their wives.  It was the wisdom and foresight of his daughter Miriam that changed his mind.  As a result of the prophecy that Miriam experienced, her brother, Moses was born -- the deliverer of the Jew people.  Shifra and Puah (who were really Yocheved and Miriam) acted as midwives and saved many Jewish babies.  The greatness of Queen Esther in her role that saved the Jews in Persia (the celebration of Purim) or Jehudit the one whose bravery helped save the Jews (the celebration of Chanukah) or the greatness of Chanah, Chulda, Ruth, Michal, etc (I know the list is far more extensive, I apologize if I left out your favorite).  The fact that the women were not in favor of building the Golden Calf or that they did not believe the negative reports of the spies are very indicative of the much higher spiritual level that women have throughout history.  Many are not aware that because ten of the spies did come back with a negative report and the fact that the men didn't have the high level of faith and trust in Hashem as the women did, there were two punishments that resulted.  One is that the Israelites would have to remain in the desert for 40 years, one year for each day that the spies were away; the other is that from that time on when men pray they will require a quorum of ten men in order to bring down the Shechinah, the divine presence of Hashem, one man for each negative spy.  Never think that women cannot be counted as part of a minion is a sexist or prejudicial act.  It is that women are at the higher level and don’t require this punishment of ten in order to pray to Hashem.  Women should never lower themselves to the level of men by wanting to be counted in the minion.   (It’s interesting that this spirit of Hashem, Shechinah, is a feminine word, which negates the poor English translation of Hashem as He.  Hashem is neither a He nor She.  But, the different qualities of His essence are considered masculine or feminine and the words demonstrate those qualities for which men and women are individually blessed).

You get the idea.  The roles that women played and tremendous sacrifice that we see throughout scriptures is very much in favor of the Jewish woman and not men.  One incident in Torah that shows the weakness of men is when the righteous Joseph was confronted by the wife of Potifar.  Joseph was said to be a very handsome man that the women swooned over.  When he was made a servant in the house of Potifar, the captain of the palace guards, Potifar’s wife made a play for the handsome Joseph.  Joseph knew that men, including him, were not strong and could give into temptation which caused him to run from the house.  Sometimes one passes a test by running from the situation.    

One of the most important roles of the married Jewish couple is to “be fruitful and multiply.”  Bringing new Jewish souls into the world is a very prominent factor in the process of perfecting the world.  The world will not be perfected until all the Jewish souls in Heaven have come to Earth and have been rectified individually (this is much more involved than what I am saying here).  The woman takes on the very important role of teacher of life within a household.  Her nurturing of the children is the greatest element for the success of the family and in turn the entire Jewish community.  The training of Jewish children to become righteous adults can be attributed to the high level of righteousness of the Jewish woman.  What I have experienced is that Jewish men hold their wives in high regard since most households are very successful in bringing to fruition the will of Hashem (mostly due to the women).

There is another great misunderstanding in the customs of the observant community -- the separation of men and women in prayer service.  As demonstrated in the story of Joseph, men are weak.  When you have a situation such a prayer that requires complete concentration, and not lip service to perform it properly, no man could ever convince me that he can handle the great spiritual involvement with a woman in his site.  I’ve said it before; any man that tells me he can handle it is either a liar or a homosexual.  There are other hidden factors in the separation of men and women.  One is Hashem wishes no individual to be embarrassed.  When men and women sit together it becomes obvious if you see a single man or a single women sitting alone.  People gossip.  They look at the individual, especially if the person is older and wonder why that person doesn’t have a spouse.  We eliminate any possibility of embarrassment by having men sit with men and women sitting with women.   Another embarrassment is that no individual should touch a Torah if he or she is ritually impure (this would require much explanation as to what impurity means – but whatever you think it is, is probably incorrect since it is a spiritual matter not physical).  The time of the monthly cycle renders a woman impure.  If a woman was in seat in the synagogue that she could reach the Torah or could be asked, as the men are, to take the Torah out of the Ark, it would be an embarrassment if the woman declined or shied away from the Torah and everyone suspected the reason.  There are many things within Jewish ritual that occur to avoid embarrassment; but, unfortunately, they are very unknown and subtle concepts that are misinterpreted as sexist (men made it up, not Hashem is the going thought).
It is fascinating to know that for thousands of years men and women were always separated in prayer service even in the church.  When the enlightenment came in the mid 1800s the church so-called modernized and combined the sexes.  The Jewish Reform movement, which mimicked the church in most of its customs, decided to join in and modernize – completely ignoring Hashem’s detailed instructions about men and women being separate.  This is the only reason the so-called modern Jewish movements have combined seating.  It is not the will of Hashem.

From the book “Tefillin” by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan z”tl
Tefillin are a most wonderful way to bind oneself to Hashem.  But, it is only for men.  Where do women come in?  On a most simple level, the reason for the commandments is to establish a link with Hashem. The most profound way to do this is to resemble Him.  There is one unique way that women resemble Hashem in a way that no man could ever hope to.  Only a woman can create within her body.  Only a woman can bear a child.  In this sense, a woman partakes of Hashem’s attributes more intimately than any man.  The Kabbalists teach us that the hand Tefillin represent the feminine element.  The single hollow can be said to represent the womb, and the coils, the umbilical cord.  What man partakes of with an object, woman partakes of with her very body.  The box of Tefillin is called a Bayis – literally a house.  The woman also has her Bayis – the home in which she raises a family.  One could say that a woman's home is her Tefillin.

There are two basic elements in Judaism, the home and the synagogue.  Judaism treats the home and synagogue as being co-equal.  Some of our most important rituals belong exclusively to the home, such as the Seder, the Succah, the Sabbath table, the Sabbath candles, the Chanukah lamp, etc.  The continuity of Judaism rests on the home more than anything else.  This Bayis, the home, is a woman's Tefillin.  It is her contribution to the overall picture of Hashem’s purpose.  It is interesting to note that Hashem told all, from Moses to Jacob, and teach the sons of Israel: “If the Torah does not enter the Jewish home first, there can be no continuity of Judaism.  This spirit of Torah in the Jewish home (Bayis) is the same as the parchments of Torah in the Tefillin box (Bayis).  But this is the domain of the woman.

Additionally, the Tallit or prayer shawl is a reminder to men to perform the 613 commandments of the Torah.  Women do not need this reminder and are therefore not obligated to wear a Tallit.  Woman who would like to wear either a Tallit or Tefillin are lowering themselves to the level and weaknesses of a man.  Let us do things the way Hashem commanded and not attribute any custom to the arrogance of men or the misconception of prejudice to women

I probably could never fully articulate the true aspects of the high attributes of Jewish women – after all, I’m a man, what do I know.  But having had a very extensive comparison of the way women are treated in the secular world to the pedestal treatment they receive in the Jewish observant world, I can say without reservation that they are not even close.  I have observed such prejudicial treatment of women in secular life, at school, in the military and at the workplace.  This behavior would be considered appalling to the observant Jewish community.  When people believe that it is the flawed rules and customs made up by men that we follow instead of the perfect guidance of Hashem, they are greatly deceived.  When they realize that Hashem’s system is perfect, only then can they also enjoy the happiness that the system of this world has to offer.  The observant Jewish community has the happiest people in the world with the best behaved children, the lowest divorce rate, the most successful marriages and by far the greatest peace of mind.  When you follow and trust Hashem, it is easy.  Are we perfect in following Hashem’s system?  Definitely not, but that is what life is all about – perfecting ourselves so that our eternal life can be the best.  “Be all that you can be” is not just for the US Army.  The truest accomplishment of that motto in the world is with the observant Jewish community.  Don’t argue with success.

What is sad is that a lack of education of the subject causes one to hinder one’s growth and the important concept of bringing oneself closer to Hashem.  A woman trying to lower herself to the lever of a man is totally counterproductive and even harmful in the quest for happiness and a wonderful eternity.  Passing that message onto one's children is extremely sinful, and will cause great damage to that child’s well-being.

With that said we can more intelligently look at what it means to these women, to Israel and to the women of the world.  That will be in part 2, tomorrow, B”N

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Geula Messages for the Week of Parshat B'ha'alotcha 5773

Once again I urge you please go to Geula Messages and read this week's vital message from Rav Nir Ben Artzi.  I need not duplicate the message here, but would prefer that all my readers bookmark the Geula Messages blog and frequent it every week.  I thank Devash and her Tomar Devorah blog for bringing us these messages – especially her excellent English translation:

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Has Pharaoh Returned?

We have seen indications that leaders of today are reincarnates of past leaders.  Saddam Hussein claimed to be Nebuchadnezzar returning to finish the job. Ahmadinejad is suspected of being Haman returned to destroy the Jews (chas v’shalom).  Even Assad may be showing signs of being Sancherev and seems to be acting with a similar personality.  All is speculation, yet, since we know that history repeats itself and we are even told in scriptures how the description of past events are giving us prophecy of current events, there is definite validity to all this.  An example is the battle of Babylonia told in Isaiah 21 is giving us details that are very descriptive of the Gulf War of 1991.  Same place, Iraq, and possibly the same person, Nebuchadnezzar, and flavored with very specific wording that leaves very little doubt.  As an example: the chapter begins with the words “Like desert storms.”  Did Isaiah call the Pentagon about 2700 years ago and ask “what are you going to call this campaign?”  I know for a fact that the very secular Pentagon would have never named the campaign Desert Storms if they knew that was in the Bible.  There is so much text in Isaiah and Jeremiah describing the Gulf War with extreme accuracy, but that is not the topic of today.

In the same way, we are told that the story of the Exodus when we had the first Geula, will be repeated in the end of days when we experience the final Geula.  The plagues, as an example will be repeated; and, we have from the Targum Yonatan ben Uziel a very definite description of each plague, where it is in Tenach and how it will happen.  That is a fascinating topic; but, that also is not the topic of today.

The topic of this blog post (finally) is who is the Pharaoh returned today?  We are looking for a very powerful leader, perhaps the most powerful leader of the world, as the Pharaoh was. We are looking for a leader who is causing great hardship for the Jewish people, even believing that they may be a hindrance to this leader’s agenda.  We are looking for someone who can be compared to the Pharaoh Akhenaten who through many studies is determined to be the Pharaoh who was at the time of Moshe Rabbenu and the Exodus.

Akhenaten is believed to be the leader of Egypt around the year 1312 BCE when the Exodus occurred.  Very curiously, he started out as an idolater believing in many gods and was known to change to a monotheist believing in One G-d (the only Pharaoh with such a belief).  His first born son who happened to be the famous King Tut (Tutankhamen) only lived to age 17 when he was died and was buried in a very hasty fashion (not appearing to be planned due to a lingering sickness, but rather abruptly due to sudden death).  His mysterious death came around the time of the plague of the first born of Egypt.  The most exiting information comes from something that I have mentioned in previous posts that there seems to be a resemblance between the past leaders and leaders of latter times.  See my post of 8 June 2012 entitled “Similarities Across Lifetimes.”  The following short video may shed some light on question of “who today is the return of Pharaoh?”

There are statues in Egypt of the Pharaoh who in the video looks like Obama, the Pharaoh’s mother who looks like Obama’s wife and the two daughters of the Pharaoh who look like the two daughters of Obama.  WOW!!

I am not concluding with total confidence that Obama was the evil Pharaoh?  It sure seems like a very good possibility.  The much more important message is that since the final Geula will mirror the last Geula in Egypt.  Is this a very definite message from Hashem that we are in the end of days and about to receive our deliverer, Moshiach, and will all leave Egypt, and travel to Eretz Canaan, Israel?  The plagues that are happening in the world, the turmoil that is scaring the people of the world to turn to the only Source of Salvation, Hashem, and the messages that we are getting from many sources that this is the end and telling us to get ready to come home.  All this is only solidified by a short video speculating that Pharaoh has returned and is about to “let my people go.”

One might think that Obama has lots of time left as POTUS (a cute expression for the President of the US); but, let’s evaluate what happened to Pharaoh and what seems to be going on in the life of Mr POTUS these days.  Pharaoh totally failed and actually went into hiding.  The embarrassment of the plagues, the Exodus, the decimation of Egypt, the loss of his fighting force at Yam Suf, etc was enough to cause this Pharaoh to disappear and never be seen again.  Presently, there are so many efforts occurring to begin impeachment proceedings for Obama that it seems likely that he will not finish out his term of office.  The Benghazi debacle, the false birth certificate, the inevitable collapse of the economy, the gun control issue, Obamacare, etc, etc, etc are making the list of downfall possibilities as large as the Pharaoh’s list.  Also, as Moshe came and replaced Pharaoh as the leader of the Jews, Moshiach will come and replace all the leaders of the world -- it is part of Hashem's plan.

In conclusion: is the first family of Egypt at the time of Moshe the same first family in the US of A today?  I don’t really know and, surprisingly, I am not too sure if I really care.  What?  I went through all this trouble to show such evidence of history repeating itself and I am calling it trivia?  The answer is, more importantly, that this seems to be a very definite message from Hashem.  That is my biggest interest in watching the news and evaluating its meaning.  If the Pharaoh of the first Geula has returned with his family, then the indication is that Geula may be upon us.  All the messages of Rav Ben Artzi, Rav Fish, Rav Glazerson, the Facilitated Communications individuals, etc are all fascinating, but what does it mean to you and me?  It is all a gauge of possibly how much time we have to set up ourselves for the future, for all eternity.  The most important thing in our lives is getting ready, preparing ourselves for the happy ending.  We want do everything possible according to Hashem’s instructions to maximise for ourselves and our loved ones the best possible “forever and ever.”  The messages from Hashem are a gift to help us.  It is not trivia but the most important information to notice and act upon.  That is the topic of today.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Geula Messages (from Erev Shavuot)

Once again I urge you please go to Geula Messages and read the vital message from Rav Nir Ben Artzi.  I need not duplicate the message here, but would prefer that all my readers bookmark the Geula Messages blog and frequent it every week.  I thank Devash and her Tomar Devorah blog for bringing us these messages – especially her excellent English translation:

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

 The very joyous celebration of Shavuot commemorates the giving of the greatest gift that mankind and womankind have ever received.  At Mount Sinai Moshe Rabbenu received letter for letter from Hashem the Holy Torah.  We received our Handbook of Life that taught us exactly how to maximize our lives, in this world and beyond for all eternity.

But, what are we really celebrating?  That we received this precious gift 3325 years ago put it in the Ark in the Synagogue and look at it once a week with pride?   Or are we celebrating the fact that we are still receiving the Torah every day and have plans of receiving it in all the coming days.

Imagine a man who buys a new suit, puts it in his closet and never wears it.  Does he get great pleasure just knowing he has such a beautiful suit or did he buy it to get practical use out of it?  He likes the feel of it and he just loves how great he looks in this new suit.  It is silly to think that he only wanted to have it instead of “I can’t wait to use this new garment.”

There were several products over the years that advertised: “the gift that keeps on giving” (I don't do product endorsements, unless Hashem is the manufacturer).  I can't think of a better description of the Torah than “the world’s greatest gift that keeps on giving and giving and giving.”  In other words, leaving it in the Ark and periodically admiring it is like winning the lottery, but never spending the money.  Money is useless – what you can buy with money to enhance your life is its true value.  Torah by itself and not using it every day is a shameful waste.  Studying this most precious gift from Hashem is the total answer to happiness and success.  Please, don’t hang it in the closet; wear it and enjoy it beyond your wildest dreams.

Have a very happy Shavuot and make your plans for the coming year of how you want to get the most out of our gift of life, the Torah. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Happy Wednesday

Our daily Morning Prayer service (Shacharis) includes a particular Psalm designated for that day of the week.  I have mentioned how Psalms give us guidance in solving many of life's problems and also are very prophetic.  The Psalm we say on Yom Revi’i, Wednesday, Psalm 94:1 to 95:3 provide insight into the situation that plagues this world these days.  Read the Psalm carefully (copied from the Artscroll daily Siddur) and understand the connection it has with our present situation. Hashem is talking to us and giving us guidance:

Today is the fourth day of the Sabbath, on which the Levites would recite in the Holy Temple:
O G-d of vengeance, Hashem; O G-d of vengeance, appear!  Arise, O Judge of the earth, render recompense to the haughty.  How long shall the wicked - O Hashem - how long shall the wicked exult?  They speak freely, they utter malicious falsehood, they glorify themselves, all workers of iniquity.  Your nation, Hashem, they crush, and they afflict Your heritage.  The widow and the stranger they slay, and the orphans they murder.  And they say, 'G-d will not see, nor will the G-d of Jacob understand.'  Understand, you boors among the people; and you fools, when will you gain wisdom?  He Who implants the ear, shall He not hear?  He Who fashions the eye, shall He not see?  He Who chastises nations, shall He not rebuke? - He Who teaches man knowledge.  Hashem knows the thoughts of man, that they are futile. Praiseworthy is the man whom G-d disciplines, and whom You teach from Your Torah. To give him rest from the days of evil, until a pit is dug for the wicked.  For Hashem will not cast off His people, nor will He forsake His heritage.  For justice shall revert to righteousness, and following it will be all of upright heart.  Who will rise up for me against evildoers?  Who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity?  Had Hashem not been a help to me, my soul would soon have dwelt in silence.  If I said, 'My foot falters,' Your kindness, Hashem, supported me.  When my forebodings were abundant within me, Your comforts cheered my soul.  Can the throne of destruction be associated with You? - those who fashion evil into a way of life.  They join together against the soul of the righteous, and the blood of the innocent they condemn.  Then Hashem became a stronghold for me, and my G-d, the Rock of my refuge.  He turned upon them their own violence, and with their own evil He will cut them off, Hashem, our G-d, will cut them off. Come - let us sing to Hashem, let us call out to the Rock of our salvation. Let us greet Him with thanksgiving, with praiseful songs let us call out to Him. For a great G-d is Hashem, and a great King above all heavenly powers.

This reading of the day can basically be broken down into three parts.  One is to establish that Hashem is everything.  There is nothing in this world that isn’t without Hashem’s involvement.  Everything that is heard, seen, every rebuke, every thought is all Hashem in partnership with us.  When people ask “where is Hashem?” they are oblivious to Hashem’s plan, how He lets us do things according to our own free will and how in the end Hashem’s will is the final answer.  And, it is all good news for us.

Second, is knowing that all is for the purpose of Tikun HaOlam.  We may question why are all these evil events happening in the world, and even the hint that the righteous are suffering and the wicked seem to be thriving.  It is all for the purpose of helping us and guiding us towards Hashem.  When things go well we tend to say arrogantly: “Me, me, me!  I did it all,” and tend to take Hashem out of the picture.  When problem arise, we seem to turn to Hashem and ask for help.  Now in the end of days, it is the “ask for help phase of history.”  A quote in the Siddur gives an interesting commentary on the words “Praiseworthy is the man”.  The wicked ask why the righteous suffer, if G-d truly controls everything.  The psalmist answers that G-d afflicts the righteous only when it is to their benefit, to correct them, to make them realize the futility of physical pleasures, or to atone for their sins (Radak;Meiri).

Third, is the reassurance that in the end ‘Hashem will turn upon the evil ones their own violence, and with their own evil He will cut them off.’  All that is going on today with Syria, Iran, North Korea, terrorist groups, evil governments with evil leaders, etc all seem to be leading up to the final Tikun.  A reminder of what Rav Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, said that possibly by the end of this week we may see greatly increased chaos in the world.  Day by day we are seeing the world situation bringing us closer to that prediction (possibly only two days away).  There was an announcement yesterday: that 41 nations launch a U.S. led exercises in the Persian Gulf.  The U.S. Navy says envoys from 41 nations have gathered in Bahrain to begin drills in the Persian Gulf.  The exercises will go on until 31 May.  Is this an exercise or a staging for the big one since Iran talked of war if Syria is invaded?  Only Hashem knows what is in store, but if this is the start of the final battle of Gog U Magog, we can expect Moshiach ben Yosef to come forth soon since one of his tasks will be to take us through the final battle.

Finally, Come - let us sing to Hashem, let us call out to the Rock of our salvation. Let us greet Him with thanksgiving, with praiseful songs let us call out to Him. For a great G-d is Hashem, and a great King above all heavenly powers.  That is the happy ending to history that I have talked about that will be shared by all the righteous of the world.  How close are we to that happy ending?  There are many indications from Tenach and Gedolim that this final war will be a very short one since Hashem will take over with so called “Acts of G-d.”  Even Rav Ben talked of Iran seeing a great earthquake that will solve the nuclear problem and end the conflict.  As the  Psalm says “He turned upon them their own violence, and with their own evil He will cut them off, Hashem, our G-d, will cut them off.  Natural disasters are very effective in cutting of an evil force and even ending a war.  Are we that close?  Hopefully, this is the happy ending looming and the benefits that go along with it.  I mentioned Moshiach ben Yosef coming into the picture.  Let us not forget that he is also the one to bring in the exile from the four corners of the world.  Are we that close?  Have you packed yet?

I have to admit a personal agenda that I have in writing this blog post.  I have mentioned how reciting Psalms is so advantageous to the individual reciting them and for all the people of the world.  Psalms can solve many of life’s problem – they can heal the sick, help you with finding a marriage partner, help with financial problems, protect you in a dangerous situation, etc, etc, etc.  Even reciting the Psalm above is not just for information but can help lessen the burden that the evil put on this world and can bring our salvation faster. Many books of Psalms give a reference at the front telling us which Psalms to say for each situation.  But, also, like prayer, study of scriptures, meditation, etc, it is not just the individual that is helped but everyone in the world.  My agenda?  By discussing this very pertinent group of Psalm verses, I sneakily got perhaps 100’s of my readers to recite Psalms that they may not have done otherwise.  If I did get you to say verses that you would not have said, then the only thing I can answer with is “You’re welcome.”  One additional suggestion is not to just read the Psalm, but to internalize its message.  Your soul needs it.  It’s good for you and it is good for everyone around you and I was glad to help.  If you can get into a regular habit of saying Psalms and even praying every day, then I know you will someday say to me, maybe even in person when you come home, “Thank you.”  If I introduced several of you to some of the most powerful tools you have in life to succeed, I am happy, you will be happy and above all, Hashem will love it.
“You’re welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

A final message:  I was notified this morning of the passing of the mother of Orna, a very devoted reader of my blog and very special person.  I wish the Neshama of her mother an Aliyah in Shamayim and devote this Torah lesson to her.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Geula Messages

Please go to Geula Messages and read the vital message from Rav Nir Ben Artzi.  I need not duplicate the message here but would prefer that all my readers bookmark the Geula Messages blog and frequent it every week.  I thank Devash and her Tomar Devorah blog for bringing us these messages – especially her excellent English translation.  After you read this vital message I will make some comments on Rav Ben Artzi’s words:

Welcome back:
I have found Rav Ben Artzi to be a very credible source of information in this time when good information is so desired and necessary.  He shows great insight into the activities of many countries and world events in general.  This is the first message that I recall him being so specific with a date.  Why is that so important?  If everything that Rav Ben Artzi says comes to fruition including the timeframe, it gives us a strong message of what each of us must do this week.  I have mentioned many times that we have much work to do (as Hashem has directed us).  If the end of the week is truly the time when the final judgment will begin for each of us, we should take it so seriously that this week is our make or break time.  You may think that there is no assurance that Rav Ben Artzi’s prediction is a definite.  If you feel that way and it does happen exactly as he said, you have put yourself and your loved ones in a category of the gambler that I talked about and you could be a loser, big-time.  This is your entire eternity riding on this; and, gambling is not too prudent an approach.  But let me tell you how you can be a winner either way.  If all that Rav Ben Artzi said comes true, congratulations your extra Teshuvah, Tefilah, Tzedukah, study of Torah, acts of kindness towards others, etc, will all be like having the winning lottery ticket – Mazel Tov.  If everything Rav Ben Artzi said doesn’t start at the end of the week, congratulations you have grown and will be much more ready when the events do happen – Mazel Tov.  Growing in your effort to follow the ways of Hashem is always the winning lottery ticket.  If not this week, it will be soon.

Be aware that there are great changes occurring in the world.  Is Israel’s attack on Syria the forerunner of the final battle of Gog UMogog?  Is the US and Europe much closer to total collapse and chaos?  (Go to a very interesting find by Rav Glazerson about the Drop in the Dollar in 5773)?  Are Iran and North Korea on the verge of disastrous events in the world?  So many questions that could be answered: “It seems that Rav Ben Artzi is showing Ruach Hakodesh in his messages.”  Don’t be a gambler, be a winner.  I do believe very strongly that the messages are not from Rav Ben Artzi, but Hashem, and that is definitely worth listening to and reacting to in a very positive way.

One additional request is spread the word.  Treat this like it is top secret and tell everyone.  Rav Ben Artzi’s message should have the widest dissemination possible.  Help make it happen.