Sunday, November 27, 2016

Let Me Tell You a Very Happy Sad Story

I have been saying for 56 months that this is not the real world. That we are in a life on Earth for the purpose of perfecting ourselves (our spiritual selves) and going on to the real world, the eternal world, as perfected as possible. We use this physical world and this life of testing to gain as high a spiritual level as possible for all eternity, forever and ever. Everything that I have been covering is Hashem’s system that He gifted to us to accomplish such an effort. It is the only key to happiness and success forever.

Now my story. My sister and her children are secular Jews who have nothing to do with the reality of this world. They live the upside-down fantasy life that just about 100% of the people on Earth live. I have worked on helping my sister and her family for many years, but I just couldn’t get through.

About three months ago, my sister fell, broke some bones and became immobile. She improved over the weeks, but still required a walker. She realized that she would never be fully recovered. Two weeks ago her daughter arrived at her mother’s apartment to find her on the floor – not able to get up. With the help of a neighbor, my sister was helped and brought to the hospital for examination. She was obviously deteriorating. Last week my niece and nephew who work full-time jobs realized that their mother needed assisted living in a home. When they investigated and found possible places, they saw a cost of about $2,000 a month and realized they were out of options.

Then uncle Menachem stepped in. I called my sister and suggested that she come to live with my wife and me. Much to my big surprise, she agreed. I then told her that she would have to keep Kosher since it is the only possibility here. She said: “I am ready.” I told her that she would have to keep the Sabbath and the holidays and she answered: “I am ready to do it all.” I almost fell off my seat, but when I got off the phone I had such a big smile on my face. Hashem set her up to become completely observant; something that I had struggled with for decades.

The next day my sister was rushed to the hospital with new complications. I talked to the doctor who told me her diaphragm had a big opening in it and that she needed a major operation. There were other problems with some of the organs below the diaphragm. The doctor told me she was very unstable since her heart had stopped for 16 minutes until they were able to revive her. It happened a second time for 6 minutes, also with revival. Friday morning she succumbed to it all, and went on to the next world.

Why is this a happy sad story? My sister did the ultimate Teshuvah, and received her Tikun instantly. Hashem was able to see that if she had lived, she would have made Aliyah and become an observant Jew. Hashem knew there was nothing more for her to gain, so with His infinite mercy, He also knew that she did not need to suffer any more. Her visit to Earth was completely successful, and she went on to her heavenly reward for all eternity. Of course, that heavenly reward will change to a resurrection that will bring her and all our loved ones back to Earth soon with the start of the time of Moshiach and the worldwide redemption. The combination of all her involuntary correction in life (pain, financial problems, marital problems, family problems, etc) and her ultimate Teshuvah “I am ready to be with Hashem and do His will,” gave her the Tikun she deserved. She was always a good person to anyone who came in contact with her, but now she was ready to turn completely to Hashem and complete her goodness on Earth.

One additional aspect that adds more happiness to this sad story. Before I was informed of my sister’s passing, her children believed that they had to take care of all the arrangements. Things like cremation, autopsy, non-Jewish Funeral Home, a non-Jewish cemetery, etc were all possibilities. Everything that I just mentioned is not according to Jewish law and would have been a disaster for my sister. I called my niece and told her I will make all the arrangements from 7,500 miles away. I talked to a local Rabbi, a dear friend of mine who I know came from that area in Michigan, and he told me of a Rabbi in Jerusalem who has a brother-in-law in Michigan who would take care of all the arrangement. About a dozen phone calls later (at about 2 AM my time, when all were finished with Shabbos in the states), it all started to come together.

Welcome to the 21st century. Between many Emails and phone calls, I managed to arrange exactly what I would have done had I been there. The nicest part was the cooperation of my niece and nephew who I managed to convince that their mother was not dead, but just moved on to another address. My sister was counting on us here to do all the things that she no longer could do. I thank Hashem for guiding my niece and nephew to cooperate completely with me. My sister had avoided disaster, and left this world with everything kosher, according to Jewish law, B”H. I don’t have a passport of any kind since the thought of leaving Israel gives me the shivers, so I did not attend the funeral. But I sat Shiva for 7 days with the three prayer services in our apartment. I had about 80 guests visit throughout the week and was comforted greatly. I even had some of my dear readers from this blog visit; that was a real treat for me.

I am sad and miss a sister who I loved dearly; but, I am so happy that she went on to such a beautiful Tikun and later, Olam Haba. She doesn’t need planet Earth anymore, and has found the truest happiness this world has to offer, Hashem. Thank you, Hashem, Your Mercy is infinite.

I have to add: in the 72 ½ years that I knew my sister, we never had an argument or even a disagreement. I am truly blessed to have had such a sibling in my life.

I also want to mention: my sister’s name is Chaya. The week of her funeral was the week of the burial of Sarah in parashat Chaya Sarah. My sister was 77 years young and her one daughter is 50 years of age. They total 127 years, the age of Sarah. More messages from Hashem.

Sign of Mashiach - Fires - Natural Disasters in bible code from Rav Glazerson
This table happens to be exactly where the Torah tells us about the Star of Jacob, Nibiru.  It is all coming together, B"H.


  1. המקום ינחם אותך מתוך שאר אבלי ציון וירושלים
    Great blog enjoy being one of your readers !

  2. Pole shift

  3. Lechvod R' Robinson,
    Firstly, I want to convey the following to you and your family -
    "HaMakom YiNacheim Eschem B'Soch Sh'ar Aveilei Tzion V'Yerushalayim".

    May H' Comfort you and your family, as only He can together w/ those mourning for Tzion and Yerushalayim. May the immediate Geula Shleima bring a situation such that no one will know of sorrow any longer.

    I am very sorry for the loss your family has endured. I was very inspired by the way you wrote about your sister.

    I wanted to convey that she must have been a very special person; even evidenced by the fact that she was niftara @ 77? Oz, the year that we are currently in? Her name Chaya? This year should be the year that true life will begin for all.
    Also, perhaps her daughter would be comforted by knowing that 50 is a very special number. As Reb. Tarshish stated in a Shiur, "50 connotes Kedusha that did not yet exist before".
    Sara, obviously comes from the word "status". That she was niftara coinciding w/ Parshas Chaya Sara and the numbers add up to the years of Sara Imeinu's life isn't regular. It's very special H.P.
    How extraordinary that @ that age your sister was willing to be m'kabel a totally new lifestyle. A reflection of high quality people and that all your efforts came to fruition.
    That is Nechama for you and quite frankly a huge Kiddush H' that should be an Aliyas Neshama for her and a zechus for your Chosheve family.
    I was very moved by this account. No doubt Chaya bas ? (H' Knows) will be a Melitza Yishara par excellance for her family and all of Klal Yisroel w/ her "Oz" Strength, 77 years strong.

    Postscript - R' Robinson, I am the one who wrote to you requesting, if possible, to send a certain comment I had written. You weren't able to answer. I hope it wasn't because you thought the request inappropriate. I apologize if that was the case.

    1. Thank you for all your kind words.
      I apologize for not printing a comment from you. I presently have about 400 Emails to review, so I do not know what the comment was that you are referring to or why I didn't post it. If you send it to me as a private Email, I will review it and write back to you if I find it inappropriate. Most of the time I find comments very personal and not something to share with my readers. It may mean a lot to you, but would not benefits others.

  4. Wow, amazing story, BH. I too struggle with a sister who is OTD. We had a family gathering on Thursday and my husband was telling a story he heard about one of the 9/11 miracles where someone was saved from the Twin Towers in an obvious and unusual way. My recently widowed mom teared up and said, "yes, you just have to believe when you hear stories like this," to which my sister condescendingly responded, "no, you don't have to believe anything 'magical' about it, sometimes people are just at the right place at the right time." I was so hurt and angry, here my elderly mom is trying to hang onto any last shred of emunah she still has, and my sister tries to mock her out of it. Her grown son Nd daughter back her up against "magical thinking," although they went to yeshivah and also went OTD later. What can I do? Please pray for my family. I'm so afraid that Hashem is too angry to bring a happy ending to my family. May you be comforted in your loss and may your sister's children do teshuvah in time. And may mine as well.

    1. Hashem loves all His creations and wants the best for everyone. His system includes many miracles, such as the numerous stories from 911, but His system also commands us to do what we can to help others. He does not get angry at people for not doing the right thing, since they don't know any better. He is concerned if we, who know better, don't educate and do everything to help others.

      He does not treat us as robots; He gives us all the tools to help others and He watches us and guides us on how we do it. Learning Torah is that guide.

      I worked on my sister for about 25 years (actually more) and made some strides. But Hashem knew that it was time for her to see the light, Hashem set up the entire situation for success. It wasn't me who accomplished it all, but Hashem saw my determination to help my sister, so He brought it to fruition.

    2. Shalom Dear Rav Menachem,
      What a beautiful way you have written about your dear sister. What a beautiful passing into that wonderful world, she has had.

      Rav, you have been in my thoughts constantly. So glad you have such a loving and caring family, and friends, and also your dear readers on this your blog...
      I personally missed you soooo much... for me you have been the Moses now for our time, and when you had to sit Shiva, for me it was like i was lost, i really was.. Rav.. things went all topsy turvy in my world, i was lost and had no where to turn.. but to Hashem.. Hashem has renewed me, in my mind, and my thinking.. and really, in the end its only only HASHEM... B'H.

      I want to again extend my condolences to your and your family, to your beloved sisters children too.
      In the end.. it all ended so beautifully for your beloved sister.
      Hashem bless you all... Hashem bless all your dear readers on this blog.

      I am Noahide.. but would like to tell Rachel, not to be sad, I can somewhat empathize with her. Rachel, if Hashem helps me, a Noahide, how much more he will you for you are from His Chosen.
      Hang in there, and trust Hashem. I will keep you in my prayers too.
      You will have good reasons to smile.. just believe that.. Hashem bless you Rachel and your family.

    3. I started to work on a post for tomorrow to talk about how my story pertains to all my readers, and how to deal with your loved ones who are still living in the upside-down world of fantasy, B"N.

    4. I missed you too, sc, and all my dear readers.

      Nothing is random. My not being here for a week seems to have caused you to turn to Hashem directly for His words instead of hearing it from me. When I write, I try to always give Hashem's opinion. When I don't write, you still have Hashem's opinion available in scriptures; the same source that I use.

      I hope to give Rachel and everyone some inspiration tomorrow with a followup on my story, B"N. I plan to dig into my psychology training and teach some reverse psychology to help people deal with their loved ones.

    5. We have a similar situation in our family too - except its my parents and one sister. They are really angry about all the suffering our family has endured and they stubbornly refuse to see any good or meaning in it. They have literally lost all faith and hope. I know how hard it is to suffer through enormous heartbreaking ordeals, but I console myself with the knowledge it is a tikkun and that Hashem loves me and is giving me a way to course correct any failures on my part. But they cant see this and I dont know how to show them without it descending into a yelling match. I dont want to be disrespectful to my parents but I feel terrible that they are off the derech and aren't shomer shabbos anymore. When I speak to them they yell about how there is nothing special about Jews, or being Jewish. I know they dont really believe this, they just feel rejected, hopeless and alone. My love of Eretz Yisroel, Klal Yisroel and most of all Hashem came from my parents, they instilled this in me. I feel I owe it to them to help them find their way back to Hashem. I just don't know how - they wont even talk to me anymore. How can people who lived such meaningful, deeply frum and deeply spiritual lives lose their way so badly. They werent going through the motions, it wasnt cultural Judaism - it was a deep deep yiddishkeit. And now its gone? It doesnt make any sense to me

  5. When people don't want to believe, when they are cynical, even worse when you add in a liberal political leaning, it isn't always the best tactic to try to work on someone, as it can cause alienation within the family. I have sent my sister inspiring videos, lectures, even your blog, but it always goes in one ear and out the other, or I get mocked for "magical thinking." If someone wants to be an apikores, they can be very determined and would like to "enlighten" you and take you down with them. That is not alright. I pray that Hashem puts the right words in my mouth someday, or in someone else's mouth who has her ears.

    1. If what you are doing isn't working, it is the wrong technique.

      Tomorrow, B"N, I hope to write a better set of instructions on what to do. In the end it will all be good for your loved ones. Like my sister's situation, Hashem solved the problem, not me.

  6. Such a beautiful thing that has happened for your family... it was even more special that you shared this very personal story of your family with all of us. It makes me feel even closer to the Jewish People... Baruch Hashem... He is so mindful of each one of us... so Precious of Him to care for each one of us, and help us to find Truth that has been hidden away... but not destroyed... from all of us. We are sad for your loss, but after hearing that her heart was so ready and turned to HaShem whole heartedly, is so encouraging... You are a Special Jewish Person who lifts up the Name of HaShem, and all the Glory goes to Him alone... Thank you for sharing. *:-) Please do not post this...

  7. It just goes to show that the jewish people can not do literally whatever they want and they will learn either the easy way or the hard way and your blessed and confused sister had to learn the hard way. But she came back because she has a real jewish soul even a secular and the most further away. But not the erev rav (which make up the majority of our generation and they will all dissapear). Now, we must educate every real jew even secular and bring them back to the path of rightiousness and off the path of foolishness or we will suffer greatly most especially todays rabbis. Woe onto us woe onto us. We are known as the lowest generation and it can not be like this any longer. The fire is a message from heaven for wake up yankele, the house is on fire and you are in a coma; wake up and flee or you will burn. Also, you should have buried your sister here in israel because america has no more holiness and will soon dissapear completely and me knows this because me is american g-d bless.

    1. Thank you for your inspiring words.

      Many of us are aware of the tremendous burden we have to try to help others, especially our loved ones. The problem is that the burden is with tremendous frustration. I mentioned that I worked on my sister for decades, but it wasn't until Hashem said it is her time to do very effective teshuvah and reach Tikun, that it happened.

      I will talk about this more tomorrow, but there is absolutely no substitute for turning to Hashem for help, especially with loved ones.

      You may not be aware that the right-of-return for a Jew is only for the living. If I had a cemetery plot that I had purchased for my sister, before the fact, she could have been flown over. She is not entitled to be buried in Israel unless she is a citizen of Israel (or possibly one who is living here at the time of death, I am not sure).

      The good news is that when we have the resurrection of the dead, all Jews will travel by tunnel to Israel and be resurrected in Israel. My sister is as good as being here already.

  8. Dear Rav Menahem,
    I was so sorry to hear about your sister's passing. Your story of her making her peace was heartwarming and provided hope that our loved ones will eventually come around. I look forward to your next write up. Considering that you are still recovering from your health issue and just "got up" from a shiva, please give some thought to lovingly ditching these 400 emails. Tomorrow is another day and people can write to you eventually when you have some time to process all that took place. Rav, you are on my daily refuah schleima prayers and i just wish you and your family all the good things in the world. Please take it easy for now. Warm Regards, Ms. AP

    1. You sound so Jewish. Your concern for me is very touching, and shows that you are doing what Hashem wants from you: loving and caring for others.

  9. Well written article. "their mother was not dead" Most people do not grasp that it's only the body that dies but the soul lives on.

    "HaMakom yenachem etchem b'toch sha'ar availay Tzion VeYerushalayim." May Hashem comfort you among the mourners of Zion and Yerushalayim.

    Shalom E.

  10. What a beautiful story about your sister. I am so glad about her Teshuva And her Jewish burial. My husband's father also recently told my husband he is a believer now. He is in a nursing home and feels G'd is taking good care of him. Be Sorot Tovot for your family And all Am Israel. Tiski le Mitswot taking good care of your sister.

  11. My condolences on the passing of your sister.