Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Human Aura

I once wrote a blog post called The Human Aura, 7 June 2012.  It was well received since it shows very clearly that when we do Hashem's commandments our spiritual level definitely increases, and the Aura is our proof.  The results are much more beneficial than just raising the spiritual level.  I have been saying for 46 months how our purpose in this life is to turn to Hashem, follow His Torah and raise our spiritual level.  By living the Absolute Truth, the word of Hashem, we set up our eternal existence in the highest level possible.

A dear reader sent me this short video on the subject that is priceless.  Please watch and internalize its message.  Go to YouTube and watch it.

I have been getting Emails from my readers asking what can I do to increase my level of protection with the chaos and craziness getting worse in the world? The Rabbi in this video very much strengthens the answer I have been giving for years: turn to Hashem, do His commandments, live His Torah and you have set up the perfect protection for you and your family.

Yes, this makes this life on Earth much more tremendous, but the fact that it will last for all eternity for us and our loved ones is beyond priceless.

Thank you DF for sending me this video, and thank You, Hashem for giving me and my family such an eternal life. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

More Research Details about Nibiru

I have been working with a very special friend who has also been researching the upcoming events. He is a very learned Torah scholar with a much better ability to interpret Hebrew than me. His abilities along with my science background, many hours of research and life’s experiences make us a very formidable team in evaluating the absolute truth. Why am I telling you all this? My friend has come across research that was done in Israel, in Hebrew, from kosher sources, that corroborates many items that I have been discussing. He also found new information that I have been trying to research. He has asked me not to disclose his sources here, since that leads to people contacting the sources, bothering them and in some cases getting nasty because their flawed human logic doesn’t agree with their findings. I am experiencing this very problem since the most uneducated of my readers only want to tell me I am wrong without them giving me proof. I will not subject out good sources to that type of behavior, since they are valuable to all of us.

I received a very detailed analysis in Hebrew of Nibiru. There is no way that I can cover all this information in weeks of writing. For now, I only will disclose a few facts with hopes of giving more information at a later posting, B”N.

The most important tidbit of information that I have been researching is when Nibiru will be visible to everyone on planet Earth, taking into account your location. I add that because whether you live in an area of high elevation, clear air (versus polluted), most days cloudy (especially this time of year), etc. Yes, there are so many variables to consider when Nibiru is in a good location in space for visual contact.

So what is the date of anticipation? I had seen the following chart weeks ago, but it was an old version that did not have certain Hebrew dates on it. The source is from an amateur Astronomer Gill Broussard who spent 4 years using scientific reports and ancient astronomer documents and tied them to biblical time lines. He also verified that the government knows all about Nibiru and is covering up its finding. He is not is not Jewish and unfortunately includes the New Testament in his findings. The biggest reason that I am paying attention to his research is that the Israeli source has verified his much of the information that he has presented. Here is his chart (forgive the fact that my friend had it folded when he gave it to me, the folds appear in the picture.  Also, forgive the fact that I wanted the largest display of the chart, even if it meant covering over some writing on the column to the right.):

I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the chart, since I personally have not checked any of his data, my interest is his dates.  There is a slight problem that he stated 26 March as being in the first Hebrew month, which can mean Nissan, one of the four Rosh Hashanahs.  It is actually the middle of Adar bet which is the last month.

The most important information to be taken from this is that about 15 Feb 2016 Nibiru will be visible to the world. He makes mention that on that day the governments of the world will warn its people. Why would they wait for forty days out from the anticipated date of 26 March before warning the people? I mentioned that the government is planning to go into their bunkers to survive with the hopes of the general population being wiped out. They are going to wait for the last possible time that might be too late for people to arrange an underground bunker. As important as their survival is the demise of much of the population of world (to satisfy the agenda of the New World Order).

The chart is very consistent with the sightings already seen with respect to the Earth’s position. There were sightings with Nibiru on the right side of the sun, beneath the sun and to the left of the sun. If you look at the path of Nibiru with respect to the path of the Earth you can see how that if valid. When the Earth and Nibiru are on the same side of the sun, after 15 Feb is when we will see Nibiru every day. Note that it will only appear as a small ball in the sky (visual size will only be 7% the size of our moon). It will increase in size as our paths converge. The 26 March date is not necessarily the closet point of approach, it is the day that we should experience the worst of the debris in the tail of Nibiru – the most devastating asteroid, meteor and rock bombardment on Earth.

There are other sources that don't seem to be showing the encounter between Earth and Nibiru that close.  I am continuing to research and will update as the situation progresses.

I wish to mention that the Israeli source is the same people who are connected with the FC individuals, and have acknowledged the 26 March date of Daniel, even though they may have gotten the date from the same source, Gill Broussard. Since I believe that Daniel is getting his information from Hashem, it is more reassuring when I see possible scientific analysis coming up with similar information.

There is one caveat to both dates that I wish to point out. Daniel said the date and added: “I don't know if it will be then, it's not certain, because I don't know if they can be so exact, but it very well could be.” If he is passing on information from Hashem why wouldn’t it be so exact? Two answers from the Torah and one completely from common sense.

When Moshe told Pharaoh that the tenth plague would start at midnight, he worded it as “about midnight.” Why, after Hashem told Moshe it would be exactly at midnight? Moshe did not trust Pharaoh’s astrologists to have the exact correct time. When Pharaoh was told it was midnight and it actually wasn’t yet, Moshe did not want Pharaoh to gloat and say midnight is here and the plague didn’t start. So, Moshe told him “about midnight.

Then there was the counting of the 40 days that Moshe was on Mount Sinai. The Erev Rav convinced the Israelites to make a golden calf on the 39th day when they miscalculated that it was already day 40. They didn’t know how to count and it has caused great suffering for the Jews. If I said to you twenty-four hours from now is one day, and you answered, no it is two days, today and tomorrow. You would have the same mathematical affliction as the Erev Rav and the same ignorance as the Israelites who believed them. On the 39th day you can’t count the first day and say it is already 40 days.

Why am I telling you all this and letting you know that Hashem through Daniel is using the same caution? When 15 Feb comes and someone in a low-lying polluted area says: “Well, it is 15 Feb and I don’t see Nibiru,” I rest my case. Even worse. When we go through the tail of Nibiru, it could possibly last several days. If there is a place in the world that is devastated on 25 Mar, or 27 Mar, or 28 Mar, will we get the same disbelief that Pharaoh or the Israelites experienced because of a lack of common sense? I mentioned that being skeptical is dangerous. If one would spend a fortune on a bunker, would go in on the 25th, come out on the 27th gloating: “See the 26th came and went and nothing happened,” and then on the 28th … use your imagination.

Why do we try to outguess messages from Hashem instead of having complete faith and trust that Hashem loves us, and wants us to turn to Him for protection? We are getting such wonderful messages to help us, and there are still ignoramuses who know better. The suffering that I mention will happen to those and their loved ones who are skeptics and think they know better, or just don’t trust the word of Hashem. As I have said many times: whether you believe it or not, the truth does not go away. Take advantage of it.

I have much more information to share with you, including more profound finds in the Bible, but that is enough for now.

Note:  The Rav Ben Artzi, shlita message for the week had some controversial information, that I have to check.  I believe it may be a problem with the Hebrew transcription from his lecture.  I did check the translation with two other sources besides me, and do not believe it is a translation problem.  I will not post the message unless I resolve the issue.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

More Information on the End, and When

I received this video concerning the post I made yesterday, from my friend Luiz, and I thought it interesting enough to pass it on to all my readers.  It is from Rav Matisyahu Glazerson, shlita:
If you are unable to view the video here, go to YouTube:

Note:  With my own Torah code program I found in the same area that the Rav is looking: "Nibiru." Adar bet is also found in that area, but not with the date of the 16th.  Above the area, not shown on the video, I found March 26, מרצכו  

Monday, January 25, 2016

The End is Near, But When?

I made a bold statement yesterday that I believe we have about 62 days left until the end. Of course that was yesterday, today is 61 (funny thing, it keeps changing each day). How could I make such a prediction? It is based on many months of research from scriptures, scientific data, history, statements made from the Facilitated Communications individuals, statements made by Rabbis and other people and my favorite hobby: connecting the dots (scriptures versus world events).

What I am about to tell you is overwhelming, because it is based on a tremendous amount of information that could not be covered in one blog post. As you will see the proof is very substantial because most of it is from Hashem. I will cover only a few aspects of the subject and try to continue at a later time as my research progresses – I am far from finished in my pursuit of all the details.

Let’s get started.

We have been hearing about Planet X, better known as Nibiru for quite a while. Reviewing history has shown that we suspected this external heavenly body 50 years ago, but going into other sources, such as scriptures takes it to thousands of years ago. We can talk about 3328 years ago when we received the Torah, and thousands of years ago for the rest of the Bible, the Talmud, the Zohar, the Midrash and the commentaries of the sages. As an example: I did an Equidistant Letter Sequences, ELS, search for Nibiru in the Bible with a maximum separation of 100 letters and came up with 202 places. The Torah alone produced 47 findings of Nibiru. For me to review each one and its significance, would take months. We also have ancient cultures such as the Chinese who have astronomical records dating back thousands of years. There is no shortage of information.

What are some of my findings and what is it telling us? First of all, I avoid using the term Planet X, since Nibiru is not a planet, but a star – a sun. Our sun is in a binary star system (meaning two suns revolving around each other) and its companion is Nibiru. Nibiru is a dwarf star about 6 to 7 times the size of Earth, compared to our sun which one could line up 109 Earths across the face of the sun. Nibiru actually appears about every 360 years, not 3600 as told to us by uninformed or even evil sources (the ones with the hidden agenda). There have been so many sightings of Nibiru caught on video. One can see that this is not a planet, but a sun. One example is: 

Why is this so important? Stay tuned, it is coming up from my best source: Hashem. NASA has been hiding that fact for 40 years and still continues for very political reasons. Even the news last week about a discovery of a new planet was complete deception orchestrated by the evil global elite. They know of the devastation that will be caused with its arrival and how they plan to go into their fortified bunkers to survive, leaving most of the world population in harm’s way. In fact they are so sure of the high rate of death, the architects of the New World Order (Gog and his cabal) who were planning to kill off 93% of the world population with a nuclear holocaust, think this is tremendous to save them a lot of trouble. Hashem’s plan is the exact opposite as we see in scriptures.

What is important about Nibiru approaching Earth about every 360 years is that it has such a big influence on Earth, and that it has greatly influenced many of the events in the Bible. It was around during the great flood, the time of Joshua (10:13) when the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, when time ran backwards for Hezekiah (2 Kings 20:9-11), in the telling the episode of Jonah and Nineveh. There are many more events, but that is a separate blog post that is still under investigation. The more important aspect of this is to determine what influence it had in the past and what it will cause in the near future – all the exciting events, that all good people on Earth are anticipating. Scientists are telling us that Nibiru will not hit the Earth, as it has not in any of the previous flybys. But, very devastating changes will occur including the long stream of debris, asteroids, meteors and an abundance of rocks that are in the tail of Nibiru. Earth will go through the tail with very devastating effects. There are scriptural passages that talk of such effects, but they are numerous and beyond the scope of this post. I hope to discuss some in the future, since each prophecy has a different aspect of what is about to occur.

The most devastating prophecy that has been mentioned on my blog and many other blogs is from Zechariah 13:8 which tells of the two thirds of the world population being wiped out with one third remaining. I have received more Email about this prophecy since it is hard to believe that entire countries will be gone and the Jews of those countries will survive. How is that possible?

I mentioned last week about my post of 8 Sep 15, entitled Another Mystery Solved which gives the order of upcoming events, that is hinted to in the Talmud (Megillah 17b), specifically in the Shemoneh Esrei that we say in prayer three times a day (actually five times with the repetition). Here is the list of blessings in that post:

1. Patriarchs.
2. G-d's Might.
3. G-d's Holiness.
4. Insight.
5. Repentance.
6. Forgiveness.
7. Redemption.
8. Healing.
9. Blessing of the Years (prosperity).
10. Ingathering of Exiles.
11. Restoration of Justice.
12. Downfall of the Heretics.
13. Support of the Righteous.
14. Rebuilding Jerusalem.
15. Reinstatement of the Davidic Kingdom.
16. Acceptance of Prayer.
17. Temple Service.
18. Thanksgiving.
19. Peace.
The meaning of each blessing and what is expected in the redemption process is covered in great detail in the post “Another Mystery Solved.” My purpose here is to determine when.

Back to my question: how will Jews survive total destruction? The elimination of the two thirds is the evil of the world; the best that I can determine is that it is blessing number 12, the Downfall of the Heretics. Let me state from the ArtScroll Siddur the wording of this blessing:

ולמלשינים And for slanderers let there be no hope; and may wickedness perish in an instant; and may all Your enemies be cut down speedily. May You speedily uproot, smash, down, and humble the wanton sinners - speedily in our days. Bless are You, HASHEM, Who breaks enemies and humbles wanton sinners.
It is interesting that the Shemoneh Esrei, which means 18 actually consists of 19 blessings. This blessing was added years later (about 100 CE) after the destruction of the Temple. It was a time when the Jews were exiled and very much persecuted by those who did not follow Hashem according to the Torah. This included religions that formed, such as Xtianity.

More importantly for our purpose the wording about eliminating the wicked in an instant and cutting down your enemies speedily sure sounds like a very devastating event on Earth.

The great news is that this blessing is after number 10, the Ingathering of Exiles. In other words, it appears that all the Jews and even the lost tribes will be returned home, to Israel, before the devastation of Nibiru. What a simple solution. All the righteous being taken out of harm’s way and placed safely in the only place on Earth that will not be devastated (once again, according to many sources).

So, if “the great and awesome day of HASHEM,” as it is called many places in scriptures is in 61 days, we get a hint of the return of all the good people who will be saved possibly happening within the next two months. (Many more details are available, but I have to abridge my writing here).

Let’s review another prophecy that is in the list of events to happen. This has been of interest to many of my readers who are being testing in the end of days in this particular way. The blessing number 8, Healing.

This blessing has a very big connection to Nibiru as seen at the time of the flood. It is brought down that the Earth was not on an axis before the flood, but straight up and down with respect to the sun. This means that the energy level of the sun was vastly different than after the flood. What indication do we get to this fact? It says in the Torah how after the flood, Hashem established the seasons. This alludes to the fact that there were no seasons before, and that the people who were concentrated particular areas of the world were all receiving the benefits of the sun’s constant energy. There were other effects on the environment such as the air, the water, no rain (everything was watered by mist), also contributed to this world situation that is different today. This resulted in no sickness and longevity. This explains why people lived eight and nine hundred years before the flood, and only one to two hundred years after the flood.

Since Nibiru is believed have flown by the earth at that time, several of the devastating event of the flood must have occurred from its flyby. The moving of the axis of the Earth creating the seasons was a very big change. It is brought down that the rain fell, but also that boiling water came up from the earth. It is known that the gravitational pull of Nibiru would cause great earthquake and volcanic action all over the globe. This could easily explain the water of the earth being at boiling temperatures. Once again, many other details are known that are not necessary here.

The point is that the changes on Earth at the time of the flood caused a big change in the health of the people on this planet. Is this a process that will be reversed with Nibiru returning?

Let us look at the prophet Malachi 3:19-24 for interesting insight:

19 For behold, the day is coming, burning like an oven, when all the wicked people and all the evildoers will be like straw; and that coming day will burn them up, says HASHEM, Master of Legions, so that it will not leave them a root or branch.
20 But a sun of righteousness will shine for you who fear My Name, with healing in its rays, and you will go out and flourish like calves [fattened] in the stall.
21 And you will trample the wicked, for they will be ashes under the soles of your feet, on that day that I bring about, say HASHEM, Master of Legions.
22 Remember the Torah of Moses My servant, which I commanded him at Horeb for all of Israel [its} decrees and [its] statutes.
23 Behold, I send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and awesome day of HASHEM.
24 And he will turn back [to G-d] the hearts of fathers with [their] sons and the hearts of sons with their fathers, lest I come and strike the land with utter destruction.

Behold, I send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and awesome day of HASHEM.
Malachi the last of the prophets in the Bible ends with these verses. We especially need to read verse 20. The key part of the verse is not that it says "the sun," but "a sun of righteousness." Nibiru is not a planet, but a dwarf star, A SUN. In other words this is stating that the healing will come from a sun that will be provided just as it was before the flood. This time the sun will change the position of the Earth back to being directly over the Equator (off of the present axis), and will give healing rays – no more sickness. Since sickness is an involuntary way of giving Tikun, it will not be needed any more. See my blog post of 26 October 2015, entitled The Key to Happiness 

It is interesting that the same sun that will heal the righteous will be the sun that will burn the wicked. Whether that means actually burning them or the fact that it will provide a stream of rocks that will destroy them like brimstone coming down on them (a reference that is also used in the Bible).

A more important thing to note is that the healing will happen from the sun and will probably be before “the great and awesome day of HASHEM.” That is why “Healing is number 8 and the great and awesome day is number 12 in the list of blessings above. The healing will be before the wicked are destroyed and before the ingathering of the exile, in other words wherever you are in the world and probably much sooner. When will it occur? When Nibiru is close enough to change the Earth, possibly next month, B”N.

I have so much more to tell, but there is no way to give you years of research in a single blog post; so, enough for now. I am still researching all this from scriptures. Yes, there is so much more to talk about, but it is a very detailed and tedious process. One thing that will be reassuring is that Nibiru will be in plain sight before the March date, possibly as early as next month (within weeks). It is one of my items of my research.

It is all good news for the Jews of the world and the righteous non-Jews who follow the ways of Hashem. Once again, this is not a wait and see, but a plea for all to prepare. Those who are the closest to Hashem and following His ways will have it the easiest. Those who haven’t caught on to what is happening and the instructions from Hashem as to how to succeed will have it the toughest. That means whoever has the most positive attitude which is synonymous with having total faith in Hashem and the goodness He is about to bestow on us. I have said many times: skeptics are losers. Instead of studying scriptures and learning the absolute truth that Hashem has given us, if your only approach is to complain and not believe anything, you will suffer. I have said many times “whether you believe the truth or not, it doesn’t go away.” Get with the program and enjoy the happiness and success that Hashem designed to give us.

I didn’t talk about any other subject but they all hold true in the same way. As an example, if you have financial problems, that is number 9, right after healing. All problems will disappear for those who follow Hashem’s ways. If you are a heretic, I have no idea what is in store for you. Even though I know Hashem will be merciful in the end, He takes ignorance into account, everything I am saying is about your trip to the end and how easy you want it for you and your loved ones.

Those who believe the Jew-hating media, who are completely controlled by the evil ones who want us dead, will be the most deceived and have the most difficult transition. That was seen last week in the mainstream media telling us about a tenth planet. Wow, what deception. All they are trying to do is make sure you are out in harm’s way when they go safely into their fortified bunkers.

I request once again, and I will only say this about a thousand times more, Hashem wants you to be proactive and help everyone you know. As we get closer to these events and it becomes very obvious that trouble and devastation is imminent, use this blog post and the messages of the FC individuals as proof that we are not in the dark, but have known for a while what is coming, and how to reap the benefits of Hashem’s mercy. Your loved ones, your friends, your neighbors may only have you to help them. It is what Hashem wants from you.

You will notice that all that I have been discussing is before number 15 which is Moshiach. What does that mean? I am not positive, but can speculate that Moshiach could be introduced to the world earlier, but not crowned as King yet. Another possibility is that Moshiach Ben Yosef will appear and take us through this next two months of chaos, craziness and/or redemption (that is your choice as to which you prefer). Whatever it means, it does seem that much will occur in the next 61 days.

I expect to receive many comments on this post – probably more private Emails than comments for everyone to see. I ask you to be very considerate in your comment. If you have information to share that will even shed more light on the subject, please send it; it may be very helpful to me in my research. If you disagree with anything I said and have definite proof from scriptures, please send it to me by private Email. That way we can discuss it, and see if I need to apologize for any misinformation or if your comment is not pertinent and should not be shared with my readers. I am doing this to be extremely encouraging about what is coming up, including how close we are to the happy ending. Giving discouraging information needs to be checked out thoroughly and is counter-productive if it is wrong.

If your only comment is that I am wrong and don’t know what I am talking about (I get that occasionally), and you don’t have any education to back up your claim, write it down on a piece of paper, and throw it in the trashcan. Any Lashon Harah that you want to say about me or any of my sources is very punishable in the end. I am saving you suffering by ignoring you. You’re welcome. But unfortunately for you, Hashem reads all the comments and Emails that I receive, and measure for measure responds. This is no time for flawed, heretical human opinion based on nothing more than gut feeling, not scholarship. We are all in this together to help each other. Decent serves no one. I have said “Ignorance is not bliss, it is dangerous.” Don’t find out the hard way

Sunday, January 24, 2016

What To Do with Our Youths and Ourselves

Once again I received a very good question that should not be answered by just a comment, but a separate blog post for everyone to see. First the comment:

Anonymous January 22, 2016 at 1:59 AM

Speaking of suffering I would like to ask the following question; How come we are seeing a plague of youths from religious homes leaving the fold or off the Derech. Parents dealing with them are suffering beyond anyone's imagination. I would appreciate your view on this issue.
My Response:
The idea of youths leaving the fold has many aspects to cover. One is that, once again, it is part of the difficult testing that Hashem is giving us in the end of days. It is a test for the individuals who see the assimilation of their loved ones, as well as the curious young adults who want to investigate this world. They see what Jews have seen and suffered for thousands of years. The ways of the secular people, both Jew and non-Jew are enticing. Secular ways appear to be more fun. The way they dress, the food they eat, the entertainment they create, the shying away from responsibility, etc, etc, etc.

One might ask: what is wrong with that? The answer is: it is not our purpose of this life. We are here to perfect ourselves and not for fun. It doesn’t mean that our efforts to perfect ourselves can’t be enjoyable. I guarantee you, as one who lived a secular life with my family (wife and children) and completely changed to a totally observant Torah Jewish lifestyle, this life is far more enjoyable than the secular nonsense we had before. Most of all, peace of mind and realizing complete happiness in setting up our eternity (I have been saying that for the past 46 months on this blog and my book).

What is the biggest cause of the problem today? In the past, young observant families were very isolated. The children went to Jewish schools, Yeshivahs, Seminaries and home. In other words they only saw Yiddishkeit. Their entertainment was a good book and some very stimulating Torah study. Today we have TV, radio and, of course the worst source of all, the computer. The world and all its nonsense is in our hands.

The good news is Hashem knows what He is doing. The internet is a big part of the test to see how parents guide their children or let them run free.

The best news is there is no individual in the world that Hashem wanted to be observant, and he or she got away from Him. There is no Jew that is off the derech (the way of life) who will not return. I have mentioned that there are two types of Jews in the world, those who are observant Torah Jews and those who aren’t, yet. The happy ending is coming, and it will be good for every Jew and righteous non-Jew in the world. That means: in the end all good people will be following Hashem’s ways and living by the Torah – it is guaranteed in writing!!! We must have complete faith and trust that Hashem is sorting it all out, and that all good people will be on the proper derech and all not-so-good people will either see the light or be gone. Nobody, and I mean nobody, escapes Hashem’s will.

I have mentioned that the city I live in is 100% observant. One has to have proof from a legitimate Rabbi to move here. Does that mean we have no youths going off the derech? No, unfortunately we are still all human, and still very curious about the world. The big difference is that TV is not allowed here, radio is very limited and the computer is frowned upon in households that have children, unless needed for business. What are the results? Many fewer cases of children going astray than any other place that I have lived. Unfortunately, there is such a thing as a tablet with a SIM card that allows all the filth to enter a young person’s life. This is where the parents have to do some parenting. Not when it is too late, but from birth.

Hashem sorting is also sorting out who is really Jewish, who is Erev Rav, who is of the lost tribes, etc. Only Hashem knows and will make sure that every individual on planet Earth is taken care of, measure for measure, according to his or her accomplishments in this life and all past lives.

Of course the bottom line is the end is coming up rapidly and we still have some time, not much, to get it correct. If you know of someone off the derech, you have your work cut out for you. Not to complain about it, but to help anyway you can.  Yes, Hashem will clean up the mess that we have made for thousands of years, but He still wants our involvement until the end -- it is the job we have been given: "to help each other" (part of our individual judgement in the end will be how much effort we put into helping others).

How much time do we have? I estimate 62 days. What? Do I really think I know the too late date? Tune in tomorrow or Tuesday, B”N, for my ongoing research that is giving some very fascinating results of the possible time frame for the end.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Very Important Questions being Answered

I received this comment from my dear friend Anonymous, and since it is something on which I am working and being asked by many of my readers, I thought I would give a short answer now to whet your appetite for the complete answer soon, hopefully, next week. First the comment:

Anonymous January 20, 2016 at 9:52 PM
(The following is from anonymous, time stamped 6:24 Eretz Yisroel time) 
I wanted to thank you for your encouraging as well as efficient answer to my question. (I apologize for the ancillary words, I meant to delete them.) Hashem should Bless you w/ Brochos Aleph-Tof in full measure "K'Ma'ayan HaMisgaber" for all the Avodas HaKodesh that you do. 
If I may, I have two more questions-
1. We are told that by Moshiach we will be totally healed (as opposed to Mattan Torah that was physical). Will that happen immediately w/ the coming of Moshiach? Also, will everyone enjoy high intelligence w/out blockages? 
2. I know someone who is suffering and was told by a Godol that she is suffering for the Dor. What does that really mean?
My Answers:

There is no such thing as coincidence. A topic that I have been researching and coming up with tremendous and miraculous answers (mostly from scriptures) is the question of all the righteous people being healed. Since I have started a blog post which, B"N, will be ready next week, I will not give too many details here (also because I need more time to verify my findings).

If you go to my post of 8 Sep 15, entitled Another Mystery Solved  you will see the order of upcoming events, that is hinted to in the Talmud. Since "Healing" is number 8 in the Shemoneh Esrei and Moshiach is number 15 (Reinstatement of the Davidic Kingdom), it alludes to the idea that all the righteous will be healed before the Moshiach is crowned. I word it that way since I do not know if the Moshiach will be introduced to the world and we will all witness his coronation, or he will come to us crowned. More importantly, I am getting very definite signs as to how Hashem will heal everyone and even when (sooner than we think). Until I can verify all this good news, I will say no more. Just be happy that Hashem's mercy is infinite and close, when it comes to the healing of everyone (and helping every good person with everything else).

Our level of intelligence, or a better way to put it, a complete and deep understanding of reality, will definitely happen after the worldwide Geula. I covered the topic in my post of 2 December 2013, entitled He Is Hiding Behind Nature

We have seen many examples of very righteous men and women suffering and even leaving us which actually accomplishes atonement of the generation. I have written about this. Hashem works in mysterious ways; and, it is very difficult for humans to comprehend His merciful ways. We are on this Earth, in this life, to perfect ourselves and the world. The perfect world of truth is coming up, and any righteous individual who is suffering or even a victim of terror activity is for a very blessed reason for all of us.

One example was the 8 Yeshivah boys who were killed in the 2008 Mercaz HaRav massacre. They were an atonement that curtailed the nuclear attack of Iran in September of 2008. It is too detailed to discuss here, but we received confirmation, from a near death experience of a very prominent Rabbi, that the boys actually saved thousands, if not tens of thousands of Israelis with their sacrifice. We were also informed that the boys went on to a very high level of Olam Habah that we can't even comprehend, and that they couldn't be any happier.

This is not the real life. When we see a tragedy such as the woman who was killed last week, it is sad for us and obviously her family, but what did it accomplish in the way of saving many others, we will only know after Moshiach is crowned King.

What suffering your friend or any other person is going through is beyond our comprehension but it is not random – it is serving a benefit to all of us. I am not being insensitive to anyone's suffering or death, I am trying to understand Hashem's mysterious ways that are all for the good.

We will see in the not too distant future (I believe within months) that everything Hashem does is for us and for the absolute good. Don’t try to understand it, this is a subject beyond human comprehension, but it is the Absolute Truth, B”H.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Beshalach, 7 Shvat 5776 (17/1/16)

G-d, Leader of the World, Creator of the World created us for Him and in the end it will be for Him. Whether you want it or not, everyone will go in the way of G-d, those who do G-d's will - G-d will do theirs and they will succeed.

The whole world is about to go mad. The more the world bothers the state of Israel and tries to destroy it, the more it rises, blooms, developes, and is no longer safe from the forces of nature, the winds, storms, rains, earthquakes, fire, both individuals and countries. The entire world knows that this is G-d's doing! They know that G-d is protecting the state of Israel and surrounding the borders with His own hands! All of the countries are in Armageddon and chaos; they are all confused from what they are going through every day, and in conflict with themselves.

Jews abroad don't see well enough. G-d is saying: "I am making miracles and wonders in the holy land and they are sleeping". G-d is announcing: Every Jew that lives abroad, that hangs around there, travels there, cannot pretend to be a gentile! Even if they wear earrings, shave their heads or wear makeup like the gentiles; G-d promises that they will be recognized! G-d will write on their forehead: Jew! All of the kissing up to the gentiles, the costumes to look like Muslims and Christians, G-d is saying "Don't you understand my signs? Do you now understand and see with your eyes what I am doing in the world and what miracles and wonders I am doing for the state of Israel? There is no more, the cord is finished. Come urgently to Israel. Jews, you are on the brink! They are going to hurt you with terrible cruelty, run away from there! The foreign soil will stick to you!" G-d is finishing the protection of Jews abroad. Gentiles will find you and rat you out, even if you dress up like clowns and hide in shelters. Come urgently to Israel, life is worth billions of Euros.

In Israel there is protection, and the best in the world is in Israel. Not only that, there is the Messiah working, acting, and protecting the holy land of Israel, and G-d from above.

The Arabs in Arab countries around the world know that the Messiah is working in Israel. They all know and the Jews are being stubborn, they want to see with their eyes. G-d is telling them, you swore that you will do and listen. That means believing every minute that the Messiah King must be crowned in Israel. Jews must obey the commandments. Giving, kindness, and joy will speed up the crowning of the Messiah in public. Giving, kindness, and joy is the deadliest weapon to cancel the evil from happening to the people of Israel, and the Messiah will come out of the light to work in public.

In Israel, everything is good; nothing is bad, the economy is good, there is love and peace, everything in abundance. Many Jews are repenting, and G-d is erasing the filth from Israel. All of the bad people, thieves, adulterers, perverts, and bribers are being revealed from the most religious to the most secular, all of the officials. They should repent so that they are not revealed in public. If they say "it will not happen to me" it will get to them in the coming days.

Iran is laughing at the US and the world concerning the American ship they released. It blackmailed the US and got rewarded in public and secretly. The US did not want to be humiliated in front of the world so they worked quietly with Iran. Iran got a lot in payment to release the ship and sailors. Iran continues with the nuclear factories and cannot touch Israel. They know that the IDF is the strongest army in the world; and, they know that G-d is protecting the holy land. Iran knows that the state of Israel is protected, that G-d is protecting it with His arms and a cloud of fire surrounds the borders of Israel.

Every country that wants to harm Israel, take land away, ban Israel, or the EU wants to harm the people of Israel by giving money only to some Israelis and not others - they will get the harshest blows, the harshest natural disasters, attacks in Europe and the United States will continue and increase every day.

Russia has its finger on the pulse. It is bombing Muslims and ISIS in Syria because it doesn't want them to reach Russia. Turkey - Arduan is stupid, his brain isn't working, he got himself involved with ISIS and they are giving him orders. This is not the Kurds or anyone else - ISIS is blackmailing him to give them huge amounts of money. Arduan is crying and doesn't know what to do. Turkey is on its way to a civil war.

Arab countries are also on their way to civil war, it is increasing. G-d is sending lava to all Arab countries - they want to stop it but they can't.

G-d is telling the Jews in Israel that He is above, pushing out all the evil from Israel to other countries.

In Egypt, if Sisi does not clean out the Sinai desert of ISIS and Hamas, everything will come down on Egypt. It is in the plans of ISIS, Hamas and extreme Islamists. They want to bring down Sisi and conquer Egypt so that they can use it against the world. If Sisi cleans out the Sinai of ISIS and Hamas, Egypt can survive and hold on. If not, Egypt will be exactly like Syria.

In the Gaza Strip, Hamas and ISIS want to prove themselves to each other and take control of Gaza. They will try to cause trouble on the borders. The IDF must be vigilant of the borders.

Lebanon is not involved with any side. Nasrallah and Hezbollah soldiers are being killed and dropped down like flies. Israel and the IDF must be vigilant in the northern borders because Nasrallah is like a wounded animal and wants to send missiles to prove he exists.

Jordan is in peace with Israel, like a snake underground. They are waiting for promises from the US. They don't know that the US doesn't care about any country, they only want to control the Middle East.

Syria is being erased every day. They will fall on their swords and their bows will break. Everything there is quick sand.

Iraq is also being erased and will continue to be erased.

In East Jerusalem, the IDF must be vigilant, terrorists are coming from Jordan. The leaders are pumping up the Arab youths from Jerusalem and brainwashing them; also in Hebron, Negev, the north and many more villages filled with weapons and ammunition and they are waiting for the moment when they will surprise the state of Israel. G-d will not let them succeed.

G-d is confusing the Arab states; they will be subject to the people of Israel.

All of the Jewish parents: watch over your children and explain to them what the people of Israel are - a small nation, holy and special. Assimilation, drugs, alcohol, and gambling are forbidden, G-d hates these things because it destroys the character and future of people until they are thrown somewhere; they cannot respond and become useless. It is a shame.

Jews married to gentiles abroad - come to Israel and convert them.

Gentiles know that the Messiah is active, working and protecting the Jews in Israel. Jews in Israel - a stubborn nation, they want to see with their eyes. G-d wants you to call out to ask that He crown the Messiah as King. Only G-d can crown the Messiah as King; no one can crown him. G-d is bringing the people of Israel to a state where they will say, we will do and listen.

All of the Jews must prepare for the coming of the Messiah! Be prepared, clean, pure, and worthy of welcoming the Messiah!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

Thursday, January 14, 2016

In Response to an Important Subject

I receive this comment yesterday that is important enough for me to make a separate post.

Matt January 13, 2016 at 4:35 PM

"All of the Jews living abroad, G-d is warning them to urgently come to the holy land of Israel! If they don't make Aliyah, they will lose - G-d never loses. Anti-Semitism in the world, ISIS and extreme Islamists, will toss them from their homes and work and will take their property; they will be left with nothing." 
If G-d is warning, then why aren't a lot of Jews listening? Most of them are modern liberals, so they won't listen to anybody. But what about the Jews who actually follow the Torah? Is life too good in the US?
My Response:

You bring up some good points. How do I analyze what is going on? I like to refer to the first Geula. We were in Egypt and when we had the opportunity to leave, 80% of the Israelites weren't interested. That was after seeing 8 miraculous plagues. How can they be so stubborn? The same way the Jews are today. If one has a livelihood, a home, friends, etc in the US, as an example, why would one leave and go to Israel? Because Hashem is sending us so many messages; because of the obvious and scariness of what is happening in the world; because the fact that there is a planet coming towards Earth that will arrive about the end of March and destroy the world (not the planet but the debris in its tail), except for Israel; because scriptures say that two-thirds of the world population will be eliminated, except for Am Yisroel; because of the fact that we were told thousands of years ago that all this was going to happen, etc, etc, etc; the proof is so overwhelming.

What is brought down? All Jews will survive or at least be taken from this Earth, receive the remainder of their Tikun and returned to Earth. All the Israelites experienced Mount Sinai, but 80% of them were in Heaven with great remorse that they didn't go into the desert with Moshe. They received a Geula, but with much more difficulty, including coming back for additional reincarnations throughout history to get it right.

We have the same situation now. Those who have come to Israel will have it the easiest as long as they are observant Torah Jews. Those who said I will wait for Moshiach, since moving is such an inconvenience, will in the end get their Geula, their personal Tikun, but with much more difficulty. How much? The answer as always it measure for measure. A million Jews will have a million different situations depending upon how much they are doing now. Moving to Israel is a big help, but praying, repenting, giving charity, helping your fellow Jew, studying Torah and observing the commandments is essential. You as an individual are responsible for everything that is happening to you and how well you experience the Geula – with ease or with difficulty.

If you can ignore the Jew-hating media that is giving you such lies about this world, and start living the absolute truth that Hashem is telling us on a daily basis (along with what He has told us for thousands of years), you will reach Geula much easier and with much more pleasure. If you are skeptical, just think of your loved ones who depend on you. It is their welfare that is at stake as well as yours. If your only guide in life is your flawed human logic, you will have to live with whatever shortcomings and difficulties you have caused yourself. If you don’t believe this, you will be like the 80% in Egypt who received their Geula, but with much more difficulty and with great remorse. The most difficult part is, like the 80%, you won’t know until it is too late.

One last note:  I am sure that I will get the question: What about non-Jews?  The answer is one of three possibilities. 1. Convert.  2. Continue as a Noachide and know that Hashem loves you. 3. Continue as a Noachide with the possibility that you are a member of one of the lost tribes and will be coming to Israel anyway.  I have said many times that I am not a prophet, and can only analyze according to what is said in Jewish scriptures.  I do, however, fully believe in the mercy of Hashem and that any individual, Jew or non-Jew, who completely relies on Hashem and tries to follow His ways will be protected and reach salvation.  With two thirds of the world population of 7.4 billion being eliminated, that leaves close to 2.5 billion people on this planet.  Since that is far more than the total population of Jews, most of the people surviving will be non-Jews.  All lost tribes?  I have no idea, but it is a possibility.  Like I said above about the Jews, what will happen to any individual will be measure for measure according to his or her preparation now.  Come close to Hashem.  Get away from all false prophets, false deities, false messiahs, and the future looks bright.  Once again, if you are skeptical, you will find out when it is too late. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Bo, 29 Tevet (10/1/16)

G-d is cleaning the world, cleaning the twisted things in the world and growing the state of Israel. The state of Israel has the great light, it has prayer and Torah and it has the Holy Land. G-d is growing, empowering, and strengthening the Holy Land because through the light of the people of Israel and Torah, G-d is cleaning and purifying the world. G-d is also cleaning and purifying the state of Israel, and the entire world. Armageddon and chaos are outside the borders of Israel.

In Israel, blessed rain falls, rain of healing and health, rain of prosperity. Anti-Semitism in the world increases and doesn't stop. All of the gentiles that convince the Jews to stay in their land have their own interests in mind.

All of the Jews living abroad, G-d is warning them to urgently come to the holy land of Israel! If they don't make Aliyah, they will lose - G-d never loses. Anti-Semitism in the world, ISIS and extreme Islamists, will toss them from their homes and work and will take their property; they will be left with nothing. It is better to come to Israel now with Joy, to sell your property at any price, than be thrown to the streets. These are harsh but true things. There is no choice; the words are harsh in order to save Jews living abroad. ISIS, Muslims, and anti-Semitism are destroying all of Europe and the United States. If the Jews don't wake up, there will come a time when they cannot run, it will be too late to come to Israel. If there are Jews married to gentiles - they need to come to Israel and convert them. Israel is the mother and father of all of the Jews in the world.

G-d loves the Jews, He takes care of them, gives them a good economy and a good life so that they are united.

It hurts G-d very much that terrorists are killing Jews. Everything that is happening in Israel, gentiles wanting to hurt the Jews, G-d is showing the Jews that there are conspiracies all over Israel that are aimed at harming them, and He is telling them to open their eyes from Eilat to Metulah. It is hard to discover the conspiracy, but the Mossad and Shin Bet are discovering them. There are a lot of terrorists in Jerusalem, Hebron, Negev, and north. They are not adults, they are brainwashed youths who are hypnotized against the Jews in Israel. G-d is revealing to the IDF all of the conspiracies, and despite the fact that He protects, Jews must be vigilant and understand where they are living.

The place where the terrorist that the IDF caught came from has a conspiracy with at least 100 people involved. In order for there to be quiet in Israel, you must remove the head of the snake that is leading them.

In East Jerusalem there is a conspiracy and it has a leader that is brainwashing them. The IDF must be vigilant and not believe any woman, adult or even child. Be suspicious of everyone.

The government of Israel must take ISIS and Hamas out at the roots. The government must be hard on gentiles that murder or want to murder Jews.

The IDF must be very vigilant in the borders of Gaza because ISIS is there and they want to take over the Strip. ISIS wants to prove that it is better than Hamas and Hamas wants to prove that it is better than ISIS. They want, heaven forbid, to do terrible things in Israel to make the impression that they are strong and brave. The IDF must be very vigilant!

In Egypt there is provocation by ISIS. ISIS is working together with the extreme Islamists against Sisi, they want to create a revolution and take down Sisi's government. It will not help that Sisi judged Mubarak and his kids so that they say he brought justice. ISIS and the extreme Islamists want to take Egypt back to being primitive.

Turkey has no power, it is surrounded by ISIS and wants to make peace with Israel because it knows that Israel has the strongest economy and army in the world, and because they know that there is no other country in the world that can help Turkey survive - it is all from G-d, of course.

The government of Israel must be careful not to let ships come to Gaza by Arduan's orders, they will bring thousands of terrorists and missiles.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah think that they can harm the borders of Israel - they will not succeed! Despite that, the people of Israel must watch over themselves. In the past, Hezbollah had support from Iran and Syria. Now Syria is dead, there is no more Syria, and Iran will not take the risk because it is afraid of losing Russia, it only bothers Israel indirectly.

Iran is laughing at the United States, but it cannot laugh at Israel. Besides the fact that Israel is the strongest in the world, Iran knows that G-d is protecting and guiding the Jews in Israel. Iran continues to work quietly with their missiles and atomic bomb.

G-d is warning Iran and all of the countries in the world: Whoever tries to harm Israel, will be harmed by G-d. The land will open and swallow them! Not only Iran, but every country in the world that wants to take parts away from Israel, G-d will bring upon them natural disasters, harsh winds, floods, fire, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and conflict among and between them. If a country dares to harm Israel, within three weeks you will see with your own eyes what happens to it.

Iraq is the wild west, there is no judge or jury.

Jordan is secretly a friend of Israel, waiting, heaven forbid, for another country to throw the four million refugees on the borders of Israel

The United States is busy with elections, Obama doesn't know what else to do; he doesn't know how to get out of the mess. The US wants to live; they don't want to fight for someone else.

Dear Jews, the economy all over the world is being destroyed every day, G-d is letting them keep busy with themselves.

Armageddon and chaos is outside of Israel. The whole world will be like a Babel Tower, they won't understand each other. They will fall on their swords and their bows will break.

In Israel, the Jews must keep Shabbat, pray, make time for Torah, be happy, be kind, and give to each other.

Dear Jews, we are in the best period ever, the economy is blooming and is the best. There is a stampede of immigrants, there is redemption, the Messiah is doing his work in Israel and very soon it will be out in the open. This generation will have the crowning of the Messiah as King, the light of the Messiah! There are many miracles and wonders, you see G-d protecting Israel and making a mess for Europe and the gentiles that are against Israel!

G-d is asking all of the great Rabbis in Israel to have prayers, be kind, give others and be joyful. Every person, healthy or in pain, must accept all with joy; it will speed up the crowning of the Messiah as King by G-d! Prayer, kindness, and joy will bring forth the day the Messiah is crowned in public!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

Monday, January 11, 2016

If I Could Just See a Miracle, I Would Become a Believer!

Watch this video that answers a comment that I have received for decades:
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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Va’eira, 22 Tevet (3/1/16)

Father in Heaven, King of Kings, G-d, created this world for Himself alone. He created humans, animals, trees, fish, and did everything with a special plan - this world is a wonder! Father in Heaven is sick of the old world of thieves, adulterers, killers, and those who act like animals. G-d wants a new world of kindness, mercy, respect, and obeying the commandments to the fullest. G-d is destroying the old world and building a new world.

Armageddon and chaos is only outside the state of Israel. Israel is the safest place in the world. The economy is the best, the land is holy, the sea is holy, most are repenting before G-d and the rain is falling in its time. The blessed rain comes down on the people of Israel, for the economy, for protection, for a good life. The rain is pure and clean and it is cleaning all of the sickness and flue, washing all of the evil and sickness from Israel. In the rest of the countries, it is just the opposite. There is no blessed rain, and G-d is bringing conflict within and around each country.

The holidays of the people of Israel have special meaning, and each holiday is a reminder of what it was like thousands of years ago for the people of Israel, with our forefathers, and how they survived and turned what is bitter to sweet and joy.

G-d wants to clean out of Israel all of the wrongs, all of the thievery, cheating, bribery, adultery, and lust. The white collar officials are an example; they will all be caught and revealed in the media. If they fully repent, G-d will punish them quietly. G-d is not going to let anyone go.

G-d is watching over Israel with His arms, surrounding the borders with a cloud of fire, and we the Jews in Israel must watch over ourselves.

All of the terrorists are being guided by leaders from the West Bank, Hebron, Negev, and the north, and are being tempted to act cruelly.

The IDF and the citizens must not be complacent. It is true that it is good to trust in G-d, but G-d will not take care of those who do not try. From the beginning of the world, the impure against the pure, gentiles against the people of Israel.

All of the Jews, the fathers and mothers, must watch over their sons and daughters so that they don't assimilate. Explain to them what it means to be a Jew, what our purpose is. Jews have a soul that connects them to the heaven and earth. No other nation in the world has a soul and a connection with the heaven and earth - only the Jews. Protect your kids from drugs, gambling, and alcohol abuse because it is foolishness. After you get sober you cry like a child and then it is too late.

In Gaza, they continue to dig tunnels, despite the fact that the rain closed and will continue to close many of them.

Hamas and ISIS are fighting over who controls Gaza, each wants to prove that they are in control - this is good!

In Egypt they celebrated on the outside. They are like an apple that looks good but is rotten inside. ISIS and the extreme Islamists do not let things be quiet and eventually everything will explode. Sisi must watch over himself and no believe anyone.

In Turkey ISIS is in control completely, they are giving Arduan orders and he is afraid that they will kill him and his kids.

The government of Israel must be careful from agreeing to Arduan's requests, saying that we supposedly need each other. He is being controlled by ISIS and ISIS is speaking from his mouth. The opening for ships to Gaza will lead to thousands of missiles and thousands of terrorists, not peace.

Syria is being erased and will not rise again. Bombs are falling on everyone, everyone is against everyone, and it is all a big confused mess. G-d is aiming where the missiles fall.

Iraq is destroyed, ISIS controls it. Sometimes ISIS is in controls, sometimes Iraq.

Jordan is waiting for the US to create two states. If the US tries to create two states and take parts away from the Holy Land, the forces of nature will strike North and South America and the US will be in conflict with the Russians, Chinese, and a large part of the world.

The United States is afraid of getting angry at Iran because Iran has Russia. The Americans regretted signing the agreement with Iran, nothing came out of it, an empty page, because Russia is pulling Iran. The US is afraid of losing Iran and is treating it with silk gloves because they are afraid of losing control of the Middle East.

Russia is smarter than everyone.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are threatening; let them threaten. They have no power. They don't have Iran or Syria.

The IDF and citizens must be careful on the borders of Lebanon; they want to hurt the IDF and the citizens.

Iran can't harm Israel, they are afraid. Russia will not let them attack Israel. Israel is very important to Russia, they respect Israel because Israel has it all, a small country with a lot of everything.

ISIS is threatening Israel. What is the threat? They are guiding the Arabs to use knives and weapons. Every seed of ISIS that is sprouting in Israel must be taken out from the roots immediately. The problem is with those that leave and come back through Jordan. That is where they are getting instructions on how to harm the people of Israel.

There will continue to be natural disasters, complications and conflict, Armageddon and chaos.

G-d is very angry, he doesn't want people to talk about Israel and take parts of it away.

All of the officials in European countries can't function, they are being confused.

A large amount of refugees are flowing secretly into Europe. Arduan is hiding a massive number of refugees because he wants Europe to be under Muslim control, not Christian.

Any country that wants to harm Israel will have a Babel Tower.

All of the parliament members and ministers must be vigilant and not say "it will not happen to me."

In Israel there is work for everyone. Real estate is strong and developing; Israel is developing and won't stop.

G-d is watching over the nation and is happy, He is telling the people of Israel "just as you want the Messiah, so do I want to crown him; but, there are rules: kindness, obeying the rules, learning Torah, prayer, and most importantly "love thy neighbor", obeying the commandments, not speaking ill of the IDF soldiers, not harming and shaming Jews, we all have One Father!

The Messiah continues to work in and out of Israel. Everyone is expecting him and there will come a time when we are all subject to him, we will look to the heavens and say "how great are your deeds G-d!" This generation has the privilege of speaking of the Messiah and to see the Messiah's light!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

Monday, January 4, 2016

Judaism is an Exact Science (continued)

Yesterday I posted that everything we do and say will either be completely perfect or less than perfect according to Hashem’s system. Hashem gave us the formulas to maximize our lives according to our own personal situation in life. He showed us that Jews have different requirements and obligations depending on our background, place of birth and overall life situation.

One example was seen this past Shabbos which gave us two Haftaros for Ashkenazi Jews and Sephardi Jews. I showed the summary of the Ashkenaz Haftarah from Isaiah. Now, I show the Artscroll summary of the Sephardi Haftarah from Jeremiah: 
Haftaras Shemos (Sephardic custom, Jeremiah 1:1-2:3)
Jeremiah, like Moses, was a reluctant prophet, who was convinced that he was unqualified to accept the great mission thrust upon him by G-d. And like Moses, he tried to refuse, though not nearly so strenuously or for so long. He, too, feared that the people would not accept him and might even harm him. The fact is that at one point in his prophetic career he was thrown into a dungeon for daring to tell Jerusalem what it did not wish to hear. Nevertheless, G-d commanded him to go and prophesy, and guaranteed that He would protect him from harm.
God showed Jeremiah prophetic symbols of his mission and sent him to tell the complacent citizens of Judah that their destruction would descend upon them from the "North," in the form of Nebuchadnezzar and his conquering Babylonian army, which indeed destroyed the Temple and exiled the people. 
But Jeremiah's first words to the Jewish people were an expression of Divine love that to this day is one of the most familiar prophetic utterances. G-d never forgets Israel's loyalty to Him since its first emergence as a nation. He may be forced to respond to its iniquities by punishments. but that necessity does not lessen His love, and thus Israel is assured that it will survive and prosper once again.

Everything in this world is measure for measure. What we accomplish in life is completely based on what we put into life’s system. The question is: what do you want for yourself?

Let’s say you weren’t feeling well, and you decided to go to a doctor. You have a choice of two family doctors; one who you know graduated medical school with honors, a 100% average at graduation.  The other squeaked by with a 70% average.  Which doctor would you choose (I made sure I spelled which correctly)? I know that is a ridiculous question since you would wonder if the 70% doctor didn’t happen to learn the ailment that bothers you; it is in the missing 30%.

Why would you choose to come out of this life with less than 100%? Which 30% of eternity are you willing to give up for you and your loved ones? Sounds silly to even ask, but yet you won’t find out until it is too late what you could have had as an eternity. Go for the best. Hashem has shown us how in His handbook of life, the Torah. It is not rocket science, but it is a perfect system – exactly what we need, and it is ours for the taking. Thank You, Hashem.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Judaism is an Exact Science

I have stated that prayer is an exact science. One might ask: then how can prayer be different for different groups of Jews? The prayer book of a Sephardi Jew is not the same as an Ashkenazi Jew. The answer actually demonstrates how scientific and how specific the requirements are for prayer and everything else.

Rabbi Moshe David Valle (1697-1777) was a Kabbalist who wrote many books. One of the subjects, for which he is known, is stating the differences required by different Jews. Jews are very much influenced by their environmental conditions with which they grew up. A Jew in Northern Africa obviously has a very different situation from a Jew in Europe. Differences such food, water, air, climate, customs, etc actually cause differences needed by the soul in every activity in life. Prayer is very much included in the dichotomy, and therefore even requires different words and customs. You can’t get more exacting and scientifically accurate than that.

I am bringing this up since the Parashat that we read yesterday, Shemos, actually has different Haftaros for Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews. The theme of the book of Shemos, or Exodus, of course, is the hardships we endured in Egypt, and how it resulted in the first redemption. We were made a nation, given the Torah at Mount Sinai, the forty years in the desert and the entering of our homeland.

The Haftaros have the prophecy of the redemption that we are experiencing now, the final worldwide redemption. Even though it is the same prophecy, the wording is different for the Ashkenazi, which is from Isaiah and the Sephardi which is from Jeremiah. The wording is so exact according to whom you are, where you grew up and what your soul needs.

The summary offered in the Artscroll Chumash is the best way to demonstrate the differences.

Hear is the Ashkenaz summary for the Haftarah. Tomorrow I will post the Sephardi summary for comparison:
Haftaras Shemos (Ashkenazic custom, Isaiah 27:6-28:13, 29:22-23)
Like the exile-experience of Egypt, the Haftarah begins with .Jacob as the root of the eventual triumph that will lead to a flourishing, world-renowned and respected "Israel." "Jacob" always symbolizes the Jewish people in its time of travail and degradation, before it succeeds in realizing the goals and potential represented by "Israel," just as the very name was given to Jacob in recognition of his enhanced stature.
The prophet Isaiah lived in a time of turmoil, when the kingdom of the Ten Tribes was hurtling downhill in its spiritual decay, with defeat and exile on the way, and the Davidic kingdom of Judah, too, was suffering from spiritual decline. In this Haftarah, Isaiah depicts the failures of both kingdoms. He begins with the encouraging prophecy that the "root" of Jacob - like all roots, unseen. In the ground and trampled upon by those who walk obliviously over it - will once more produce luxuriant produce. Isaiah points out that, despite the Divine wrath visited upon the Jewish people often in their history, they have not been decimated as have various other nations. Those who struck Israel were punished more, while the Jewish people survive and will rise again, its sins being atoned for in the physical destruction of its fields and cities. But, although G-d preserves the root, the nation has forfeited its right to His manifest mercy because of its failure to recognize its true role in the world. Nevertheless, when the time comes, G-d will "thresh" the world to find the scattered kernels of His still beloved people. 
Then Isaiah goes on to the doomed Ten Tribes, led by Ephraim. The simile for them is arrogance and drunkenness, both of which prevent people from recognizing the truth and acting upon it. The result is that heads, which are so pampered with luxuries that they are like a valley of oil, will lose their crowns and their glory. 
But Isaiah is far from content with the masses of Judah. They have become so estranged from the authenticity of the Torah and its wisdom that they must be spoon fed – a commandment at a time, and a "measuring line" at a time. (The "line" is used by builders to make sure their bricks are properly aligned; this symbolizes the guidelines to behavior.) 
As always, the Haftarah ends with words of comfort and encouragement, in this case skipping to the next chapter of Isaiah for its two concluding verses.

When we see the wording in prayer, the wording in various ceremonies (weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, Bris Milahs, etc), observance of Shabbos and holidays (a must for survival), the wording in prophecies, etc, so specific to the needs of a Jew, we know that Hashem has designed everything in life to help us maximize our perfection, our Tikun. The requirements of our soul are so specific, even the food we eat (Kosher is a must for survival), the beverages we drink (Kosher again) and the air we breathe. For us to get the most out of life and set ourselves up with the absolute best eternity is not a variable that should be taken lightly. Jews, who think that being less stringent about what we do to serve Hashem, are only hurting themselves and their loved ones. This world and all the benefits that we derive from proper living is a one shot deal that we can maximize or diminish our eternal existence. We won’t find out until it is too late how much more we could have had, if only we worked harder to come closer to Hashem and do all our worldly obligations properly.

It is an exact science. Use it to your greatest advantage.
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