Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Communicating with Benjamin, Jerusalem, 20 Tishrei, Sukkot 5777

I'm so glad that all of you have decided to connect again tonight, that the situation is very worrisome, and we will need to know how to behave, and to know what the main thing is and what is unimportant.

I really want to talk to all the people of Israel, and explain what God wants from us, how we can save ourselves. It's not just to save ourselves, but to save ourselves this forever!

Judaism was very important, with a very great, great, great generation of Rabbi Chaim Ozer Grodzinski, of blessed memory, who was a European, in Vilnius.  He was very well known and greatly helped the Jews before the war started.  As it escalated, he assisted in helping them escape many places.  In the early thirties, perhaps from 1933 to 1935, he printed a special calendar that instead of the usual customary annual calendar made every year, he made one for ten years.  Everyone said it was not practical; it's too big to go into the pocket, and it is too thick, but it resulted in informing those who were concentration camps during the war when the Sabbath was, starting and ending times, as well as holidays, etc.!

Rabbi Grodzinski wanted to prepare them for what was going to be. But even knowing that there is a great danger, even this little thing, it was not a small thing at all, most people did not think about it, and did not understand what he wanted.

And we hear now in almost every country to prepare and to stock up on food and water, drugs that we need, etc.  Today also a lot of people say: 'There is no need! Why?  Many believe that Hashem will save us, if we believe in Hashem and that is enough.  The problem is that most people who say such things do not know; or, they do not want to know how the world is in so much danger.  And, with the world in danger, they and their families and all humanity are at risk.

True, we have to rely only on Hashem, but why did Hashem tell Noah to build the ark 120 years in advance of the flood?  Hashem could build it in a second and give it to him, or maybe help him prepare for ten years.  But the preparation itself was to inform the people about some bad circumstances, and how they should worry and prepare knowing how bad the coming events will be.

Most people use the phrase: "G-d forbid,” because they do not believe it is going to be something they do not want to believe.  They want everything to continue as it is now.  It does not matter to them if the world is revealed as a filthy, spiritually degraded.  It's not just intellectual matters, it is the great amount of pollution that people have done.  This pollution is destroying the beauty that Hashem created, but the worst of the human infection is the spiritual filth.  No we have not changed from older generations, or even the generation of the flood, or Sodom and Gomorrah etc.  We are the same people with the same offensive acts.  How about the people of Israel that are drowning in all this dirt?  Some people do not let themselves fall, but the majority dip in the dirt, and are enjoying it.

You see, why Noah had to build the ark for so long a time?  Why prepare everything that it should take so long?  The preparation itself is a warning; it is to scare and let us know what is going to be.  And, even members of his generation did not believe.  But at some point, when the water came up to their ears, they well understood, but then it was too late.  But, when we prepare food, water, etc, and take the trouble to take care of the family more or less in one area, not paying attention to whether we should leave, we too do not believe how serious the situation is.

I just want to tell you: This is the most serious situation of all.  This star (Nibiru) will not take long to arrive, and it will be causing very difficult situations around the world.  Nature is reversed, and we are seeing disasters as we have never seen ever, at least as far as we know from history. But as nations, members who followed Nimrod, built the tower of Babel saw that Hashem gave them a lot of help, so they would think that they were successful, we are seeing the same thing today.  The villains think all is going well for them and that they are seeing great success in taking over the world.  They think that Hashem is not here, but Hashem is omnipotent. And even as the generation of Nimrod knew that Hashem is omnipotent, they still thought they could control heaven, and rule in heaven.  Even though Hashem gave them the Earth to rule, Hashem is omnipotent everywhere, not just in our world, but throughout the universe.  He controls everything.

Now, understand one thing, it should be clear to everyone, and we wrote it many times, this world as we know it, will be reversed.  Everything will be different. Most people in the world will disappear, will be killed.  Very few will remain. And the land of Israel will remain completely, but two-thirds of the world will fall away, most eerily.

This star is the messenger from Hashem.  And this star along with five to seven planets circling it is a solar system within our solar system.  And it is very, very dangerous.

(the next paragraph is not so easily understood, but Benjamin is alluding to the fact that Hashem used the same star and its accompanying heavenly bodies at the time of the flood.  He is not sure exactly what type of configuration was used or will be used now but that is was the same system.  Hashem is consistant and is obviously doing things the same way now.)  He finishes the paragraph with:  Hashem is the Creator of everything!  We His people, especially the people he loves, are His children, the ones who study His teachings, and do the commandments, that he commanded us.  We will be loyal to Him; He is our father and our all.

Only a Jew willing to leave all his toys, his physical all, he gets a hundred-percent from Hashem, especially when he leaves all his pleasure, and all the cookies, and all parties and all the toys of our generation.  Only he will be most important to Him, even our work will not be our most-important, nothing will matter - only God.

There are not many people who want to live like that.  It seems boring to them, G-d forbid.  But the only ones who find the truth and the enjoyment of truth, from the knowledge of the truth, only those can survive.  The others do not survive in a world of goodness; that is all true.

Most people in the world have all kinds of occupations to spend the day and feel satisfied, but the real Jew can sit with his Talmud all day and all night, and his wife can sit with psalms all day and night. Although she has to take care of children, and he needs to make a living, but if they have no worries, they could sit all day and all night, and be satisfied very much, and feel that they really have come to even greater heights more and more.

We stand in the very near future, in a position similar to the Exodus.  We thank Hashem that we don’t have to leave Egypt, but we do need to get to the truth, we need to get to the Final Redemption.  All these nations and secular Jews, along with them, do not understand at all that is about to happen and that these nations will go away.  They have no right to exist.  Such people cannot continue to be part of the world that Hashem planned differently, since before He created the first human.

For them to think that our history from Adam until now it was accidental, G-d forbid.  Hashem knew everything that Adam and Eve would do and that they would eat from the tree of knowledge, and that the snake will affect them adversely and enter them into their situation.  All the time since then we are only fighting against this evil called 'the Satan' or 'the evil inclination' or 'the angel of death'.  He was not being so bad, he was just doing the will of Hashem.  Everything he does is Hashem's will to separate us from the physical and help us become more spiritual.  We need to be only with the Almighty and nothing else – no money, no house, even though it has become more important for a man than his family, and other people.

But all those who go with the Satan, believing that Hashem created the Satan and that such a thing as working towards the New World Order is what is OK, that Hashem wants it for them.  But they will be surprised to know that Hashem created it, especially for the wicked, so that they think, that the Satan is the messenger of Hashem.  It will not help.  It will end when the separation between good and evil occurs, and evil will disappear, along with the evil ones.  Hashem will take it and turn it into something positive.  He is doing His job.

Anyway, I think that there will be within the next few weeks much, much more serious problems, and war will begin.  I do not know exactly the date, but I'm sure the world will begin to experience much-much trouble.  There will be a total fall of world economy.  There will be a global crisis and people will start to panic in the world, except for the wicked who have built bunkers in which to hide.  But will not help them, not help them at all, it will just help them temporarily, but in the end Hashem will finish them, as he finished the generation of the flood, and the generation of Nimrod.  Although they were not all killed, some were killed, there was also a flood, but overall it was not like what is going to be!  That is going to be something that has never been in human history since the first man!  And those with God will not feel it.  While some I fear will, but nothing even close to how the evil ones will feel it; how the Amalekites will feel it and the rabble will feel it - before they all disappear forever.
The question and answers section is being prepared and hopefully tomorrow, I will post them, B"N.


  1. "Benjamin is alluding to the fact that Hashem used the same star and its accompanying heavenly bodies at the time of the flood."
    Interesting he should say so because this is what the scientist, astronauts or whoever are saying that this star appeared about 3600 years ago and brought The Flood. (Actually, The Flood was about 4100 years ago.)
    The truth of the matter is the people today are indeed behaving like in the time of The Flood.

    1. The amateurs on the web have very few facts about Nibiru. The 3600 years is bogus. Actually Hashem can make it appear whenever He wants.

      There are so many times that we see history repeat itself. The generation of the flood is similar to the people of today, except that now we are much more proficient at killing, stealing and all the commandments that are violated.

  2. So you've revealed that the US is arming ISIS. Indeed, WikiLeaks recently confirmed that Hillary and her State Department were actively arming weapons to ISIS.

    But I was in for a surprise with this: "one email [from Clinton] unequivocally confirms Isis was created by CIA and Israeli Secret Intelligence service, with help from Joe Lieberman, John McCain and Lindsay Graham!"
    Do you believe it?

    1. ISIS broke off from Al Qaeda, which was formed by Gog Bush, Sr (VP at the time, but former CIA).

      The budget for ISIS (both arming and training) is in the US Defense Budget. Hillary works for Gog Bush in his cabal and therefore supports the work of ISIS (not financially, but politically).

      Since everything is blamed on the Jews (from 911 to the weather), why not include them in the ISIS debacle?

  3. Tremendous . . . this deserves re-reading a few times to sink in. Visualizing if one can would be very helpful in grasping the intent.

  4. I have not posted a comment in quite some time (although I devour your posts, things just prevented me from commenting... Hashem may have been preventing me from making a fool of myself in public). It seems as if the upcoming week when we study the Parasha of Noach would be a most appropriate time for Hashem to do what He has planned to the world. Even one of my teachers stated last week that this year would be an excellent time for his Noahide students to pay special attention to Noach. This teacher has always told us that this Parasha is 'our (the Noahides) section" of the Torah, but he is suggesting that this year might be the best year to truly take it all to heart. Now, this teacher is not one who has been promoting any theories as to when Hashem will reveal the Moshaich, but is only teaching his congregation (and his Noahide students) to do what is right and proper, so I find his advice on Noach to be especially moving.
    May Hashem reveal the Moshaich very very soon. This second is not one second too soon.

  5. Chodesh tov umevorach rabbi!
    thank you for the time to translate and explain this message.

    Perhaps I should wait until the Q and A for my question, but I don't want to push of any preparations that need to be done, even for one day.

    Benjamin speaks of preparing water and medications etc. Is this something we SHOULD be doing? Is this part of the building of our own taiva?

    Certainly we can all learn from the error that was attributed to Noah- that although he was righteous and he did the will of Hashem working hard to ward the people and to build for so many years, he did not pray for them.
    So as benyamin suggests I will try to spend much time saying Tehillim.(and my daughters as well, at their level) And trying to encourage my husband and sons to learn more Torah.
    So do I get stocks of food and water too???

    Thank you
    May Hashem reveal this chesvan to be the month He set aside for the geulah shelema. May it come speedily with Hashem's tremendous rachamim.

    1. Obviously, everything depends on where you are. If you live in an area that devastation will be extensive, you need to be more prepared. Even if you live in a place where nothing may happen, such as Israel, the secular authorities will be running in circle, scared of what is going on, and react. How will they react? By closing roads, making curfews, etc. That means even if there is no trouble where you are, the stores may not be resupplied and stocks will deplete. To have it in your home seems prudent, just based on the human nature of people.

      The more important thought is to not advertise it. The looting that will come about, including the looting of private homes, may be unprecedented and worth sparking extra caution.

    2. Thank you rabbi!!

      How can we know what areas are meant to have more or less devastation?
      In the mean time I have begun to prepare.

      As you mention coming to Israel it is something I am already packed for- waiting for the moment my husband will agree to pick up our BH big family and go.
      Maybe we'll come and move in with you!! (Don't worry I'm just kidding.)

      I daven to Hashem that as I work on correcting myself and increasing emuna it over flows onto my husband and children. BH Hashem has already shown me progress in this area. BH BH I have asked about insisting we move Home, but have been advised that shalom bayis is most important and to not make a fight out of it.
      Only to go with shalom.

      So I'm trying and simultaneously I'm accepting that Hashem planted me here with the obligation to care for my family members who are here and serve Hashem from here
      For now....
      bezras Hashem may all yidden come Home with shalom and rachamim.

      Thank you for you tremendous work for the klal. May Hashem bless you and bless you and bless you with all revealed goodness


    3. The devastation will not be by area, but by person. Each person in the world will experience, measure for measure, what he or she needs. This is the final testing before we receive Tikun Olam and individual Tikun.

      One cannot hide somewhere thinking it is totally safe in an area. Even in Israel the evil ones will receive the correction or punishment needed.

      We can see how the Egyptians tried to avoid the plagues. As an example: when wild animals were devastating Egyptians that were to be punished with that plague, there were Egyptians that went into Goshen, where the Jews lived and the animals didn't go. The wild animals came into the Jewish area and knew exactly where and who the Egyptians were and punished them. One can run, but one cannot hide.

      7.4 billion people will receive exactly what they need -- Hashem is precise with His goodness and punishment.

      By the way, I don't scare easily. I have already had readers stay with me, including a family that stayed for three weeks until we found them an apartment.

    4. thank you for your answer Rabbi. SHabbat Shalom umevorach! you really brought simcha to me with that last comment....we will see what Hashem has in store for all of us....beH may it be filled with tremendous rachamim, and may Hashem help all of us that we receive it as the Goodness that Hashem gives to all His creations with matnas chinam.
      by the way Rabbi, that comment may get you many new guests!! may Hashem bentch you with all goodness!!

    5. I thank you for your kind words, but you are giving me too much credit for passing on what Hashem has told us. If you like and answer to a comment, thank Hashem, He made me say it.

  6. Thank you Rav Menachem for this critical information. My main question is, why aren't all the gedolim in chutz l'aretz (specifically in America) as well as those in Eretz Yisrael telling Jews to immediately make aliyah? There is no sense of urgency from the leaders in America that I know of and most people have no plans to leave for Eretz HaKodesh. Given the grave dangers present and on the horizon, why the deafening silence??

    1. They are saying nothing for the same reason they are still there: how bad can it get? why isn't there warning in the mainstream media? Why aren't our leaders helping us if there is such crisis ahead? Need I go on?

      History repeats itself. The main theme of the message of Benjamin is how the people were warned 120 years of the flood and didn't believe it, the warnings at the Tower of Babel, then let me throw in the Holocaust. How bad can it get? We certainly can trust Obama to help us, right (as much as we trusted hitler, yemach shemo?

      Nobody believes that this is all to institute the New World Order that includes killing off 93% of the world population. Nobody believes Hashem's warnings of 2/3rd of the population being wiped out. Everyone acts like it is business as usual, even though we already have seen tremendous warnings of impending disaster (both natural and political).

      Before I would trust the misgivings of a Rabbi who is obviously not paying attention to what is happening in the world, or even Hashem's messages about what is about to happen, I would look at history and react. Hashem is not hiding information the way the evil global elite are. Hashem is the only source of the Absolute Truth -- it is time to listen to Him.

  7. Thank you Rav. but you gave stated many times that those Jews who want to to go to Israel, but because of certain unavoidable circumstances, can not, that they will be saved along with non Jewish but good people.
    so why are you now saying otherwise, or am I misunderstanding you?
    Thsnk you Rav.

    1. Where am I saying otherwise? I have said all along that people will be saved, but will have different levels of chaos to endure in the saving process.

      Being outside of Israel and what will result from it is strictly between the individual and Hashem, Jew or non-Jew. A Jew who is in Israel and fights Hashem will have it tough. If a Jew had the opportunity to come home and was rebellious, Hashem will give that person a more difficult time, as He saves him. If a non-Jew has very strong feelings about wanting to be in Israel, even though their is not Right-of-Return available, Hashem will be totally considerate of the situation and make it easy for that person.

      I have said that a million different people will experience a million different levels of help and saving. It is all measure for measure according to the attitude of the individual to Hashem and His merciful ways.

  8. "All these nations and secular Jews, along with them, do not understand at all that is about to happen and that these nations will go away. They have no right to exist. Such people cannot continue to be part of the world that Hashem planned differently, since before He created the first human."

    That means not every Jew will survive, right? Only those who teuly are with Hashem and do his will.

    1. All Jews and righteous non-Jews will be here to live on in the world of goodness at the time of the worldwide redemption and Moshiach.

      It is a lot more complicated as to how each of the approximately 2.5 billion people will merit to be here. There is a cleansing process that will require us to be purified before we are here to enjoy the world of goodness and truth. That will require a leaving of this Earth but not as death as we know it, but something different of which we are not aware. The details are too involved for here and I am not sure I fully understand them all anyway.

  9. Do you know if this process will be painful, assuming we have done teshuvah? I'm so fearful of this, it is hard to remain positive.

    1. I believe it is not a painful process unless pain is needed. Once again it is completely measure for measure what the individual needs.

      Doing Teshuvah is a relative term. We are only on Earth to perfect ourselves. Nobody has done enough Teshuvah unless the person is absolutely perfect. A perfect individual is taken from the Earth, since there is nothing more to gain.

      Saying how fearful you are is showing a lack of faith in Hashem, and is not a positive statement. Yes, we should never feel that we are deserving, but it is because we still need much correction, Teshuvah. We must always trust Hashem that whatever happens is for our best welfare.