Wednesday, November 16, 2016



  1. Shalom m Rav,
    Please if you approve, allow me to ask whoever visits your blog, if they could to please lift my sister in prayers to Hashem.

    She is a non Jew, her name is Sybil Pamela, and her mom's name was Jasmine, and dads name Albert.
    my sister suffered a stroke, and is recovering, B'H, but still needs to get her full speech back, and the use of her writing and reading ability.
    She is getting treatment for this, but prayers to Hashem is what i have emunah in, and if many pray to Hashem, that will be so good.
    i thank all who will hold my sister up in prayers, i do not know anyone of you who will be kind to do this prayer appeal, but Hashem does and may Hashem bless each of you mighitly. Amen and Amen.
    I too am a Non- Jew.

  2. Trump is a businessman with a good sense of humor. Hope he will have loads of siyata Dishmaya, Heavenly assistance, throughout his 8+ years as POTUS to put America back in shape.