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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Tzav – Shabbat Hagadol, 2 Nissan 5775 (22/03/15)

King of Kings, G-d, Leader of the world, decides what will be, who will and will not be, if it is a country, a president, or prime minister.  The people of Israel need to understand that the elections just passed were in the hands of G-d.  G-d is zealous over the Holy Land and His Jewish children in Israel.  If, heaven forbid, He would not have intervened in the elections, Israel would have been erased and no one would have cared, not the Americans, not anyone.  All of the Jews who are real Jews are equal in the eyes of G-d, right and left wing, orthodox and not orthodox, religious and not religious.  G-d does not differentiate between Jews, all are good, all are Jews, all are His sons and He loves them all.  The problem is that we don't understand the difference between us and G-d.  He sees the future and knows the plans of all the nations that are against Israel.

G-d ran these elections, don't blame any Jew!  It is the will of G-d because He knows what the future holds.   He sees the plans of the nations around us and within us.  There are innocent Jews who think that Abu Mazen, Hamas, and the United States are sweet as honey, that they want what's best for us, that they want peace.  This is not peace!  The goal of Hamas, Jihad, Palestinians, and Abu Mazen is to make the Jews in Israel their slaves, to erase the Jews from the planet Earth.

The United States doesn't care about Israel at all; it only cares about control in the Middle East.  That is why they are making all this trouble for Israel, for the benefit of their own interests and so the Russians don't take over the Middle East.

That is why G-d intervened in the elections. The polls were all true; they did not get it wrong!  One thing they did not know - that G-d Himself intervened, got into the minds of the Jews and told them who to vote for.  He made a huge miracle so that the right wing would win, because He knew that the left wing doesn't see the future.  That is why He intervened and made a miracle for the right wing to win.  
G-d cares about the holy land and the Jews living in the holy land and doesn't want even one centimeter of it touched.

Precious Jews living in Israel and the world, don't believe soothsayers, it is impure and from Satan.  One thing they know, and four things they don't and people suffer and it is a shame.  Every Jew who wants something should stick to 

The people of Israel from this moment on will support each other, help each other, and be united.  It doesn't matter left or right; enough, you need to save Israel.  This is not the time for slander.

Understand this rule for life: anyone who harms a Jew will crash and burn, and the Jew that was harmed will rise.

There will continue to be natural disasters, fire and water, floods and fires, harsh winds and storms, snow and ice, heat and cold, earthquakes and harsh things - they will get stronger every day all over the world, especially in countries that are against Israel.   Sometimes, everything that happens in the world is painful for Israel.

Some Jews insist on not coming to Israel.  Damned be those who tell the Jews not to come to Israel - they are damned, they are messing directly with G-d and He will bring judgment upon them, to them and their families even redemption will not help them because they are holding back the salvation of the people of Israel and the crowning of the King Messiah.

Seven billion people in the world all hate Jews, not only in Europe.  In Ukraine, they already started to blame the Jews for all of their troubles.  Jews of Diaspora, even those who have assimilated, come to Israel urgently!

After Passover, what has happened in France will be nothing.  Jews all over the world will be afraid to leave their homes, their businesses will be destroyed, their cars and homes as well.  They will be thrown out of schools, exiled from their countries, all over the world.  After Passover, G-d raises the bar and makes it harder in order to help the Jews come to Israel.  We need to settle the Negev, Western Galilee, Samaria and Binyamin.  Jews need to obey the Torah in Israel, to be kind, giving, and loving.  Jews do one kindness, take one step, and G-d does ten kindnesses, takes ten steps.

The state of Israel needs to be vigilant.  In West Jerusalem they need to be careful, same goes for the north and south.  There are a lot of conspiracies waiting for orders to burst at the state of Israel.

Abu Mazen and Hamas are rebuilding the tunnels.  Small children and old men over 80 are working there. Everyone is working enthusiastically and willingly out of evil and hatred towards Israel.  They don't want peace - they are all liars!  If they want peace, let them all go to Jordan or other places in the world to live.

Every citizen who sees or hears something suspicious must call the IDF or police immediately and without delay.

Iran is doing everything to create nuclear missiles in order to control Arab countries and take their money. Iran and its leaders are strongly protesting and want to burn the United States.  Iran is deathly afraid of Israel, they know for a fact that they shouldn't mess with the Jews in Israel.

Syria is being erased by the rebels, they will eat it up.

Turkey is being finished by ISIS, they will take control and destroy it.

In Egypt, Hamas ISIS and extreme Islamists don't want to go easy on Sisi.  They want to destroy all of Egypt.

Jordan can't stop the flow of refugees from Syria and Iraq.  The prime minister of Jordan is panicking, pacing, terrified that they will kill him.  The goal of the Jordanians, heaven forbid, if their plan goes through, is to put all those millions of refugees on the border that separates between Jordan and Israel.

Hezbollah is paralyzed and can't do anything because Syria is being wiped out and all of the ammunition and weapons being sent from Iran to Syria are intercepted by the IDF, the rebels or ISIS.

Nasrallah is in hiding and his hands are tied, he is like a caged bird, tweeting and then returning to its cage.

All of the conmen, thieves, grifters, white and black collars, all will be caught one after the other.

We need to help our youth so that they don't assimilate and keep them from alcohol and drugs.

The holiday of Passover is before us. Just like the people of Israel were saved from Egypt on Passover, so are we to be saved on Passover!  We need the prayers of the people of Israel, to ask G-d to crown the King Messiah!  The King Messiah is the solution to all the problems: the elections, the government of Israel, the IDF, the Jews in Israel and Diaspora.  The material world cannot continue, it doesn't have the strength.  Everything is complicated.  The King Messiah is G-d Himself in the Messiah.  He controls him, He teaches him and He raises him!  Only G-d can crown the King Messiah, no one in the world can crown him!  The King Messiah will come to clean the world of impurities, evil, and hate, and create a world of kindness - that is his job!  Every country that bothers Israel will be erased from the earth by the Messiah.  When the King Messiah is crowned, there will never be anymore problems for the people of Israel!

G-d has shown the people of Israel that He can do anything.  They said there will be a year without rain, He brought rain no one dreamed possible, despite all of the predictions.  All of the polls predicted one thing, G-d did another.  The entire world around us is in conflict; they are killing each other and fighting each other.  G-d brought ISIS and the rebels to the world so that there will be quiet in Israel.  Jews, until when?!

It is time that everyone understands that there is a G-d in the world managing it and there is no one but Him!

Courtesy of the site  "Tair Neri"

Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Response to an Excellent Comment

I received these excellent comments about Rav Nir Ben Artzi’s, shlita, messages yesterday and thought it important enough to share as a separate post.

Rav Menachem, Shalom
Usually the messages doesn't bring important changes from week to week - intentionally of course: Rav Ben Artzi even explained why a few weeks ago. This week at the end is a big chiddush!  Should we understand that something big is waiting for us next Shabbat? What is your opinion except wait and see (if we are able to see of course)

Thanks for the zikui rabbim, geula shleima bekarov uberahamim and all the best for you among Klal Israel
Itzhak. Yerushalaim

What is "let Israel be saved this year on Rosh Chodesh Nissan "? A wish? An advice? Or better, a prophecy about something big to happen in less than two days?  Thanks for sharing your opinion and the zikui rabbim you make with devotion and perseverance.
All the best for you and Klal Israel
Itzhak, Yerushalaim

My Reply:
I also am very curious about the meaning of the Rav's statements.  Sometimes his messages result in obvious fulfillment, such as what happened with the election results, but there have been very subtle occurrences that were not so obvious – either local and not seen by everyone or even spiritual (which could be not seen at all, but very significant).

Hashem works in very mysterious ways but always fulfills His will, whether we can see it or not.  These messages from the Rav are worth watching and I am sure will be something significant, it just may not be so obvious in the physical world.

Additionally, every time the Rav has repeated a statement, that seems to be redundant, it should always be interpreted as ongoing and continuing to develop.  He has made the statement many times about planes, trains, cars, etc getting into trouble.  It was always followed by tragedies that occurred after such statements, but most of the time very hidden in the news.  The message may not be to everyone in the world but to a local population, but yet the event occurs as the Rav stated.  I have had readers write me mentioning that an event did not happen.  I investigated to find that it happened, but without much press coverage.

Being cynical about Hashem's messages is not healthy.  It is like interpreting scriptures.  I have had totally uneducated comments about the meaning of a verse showing that the reader didn't have a clue.  One does not send a positive message to Hashem by misinterpreting His word, especially if it is a copout in having to meet an obligation.

But Hashem pays attention to our comments and measure for measure repays our reactions in kind.  An example is definitely those who are ignoring the warning to come to Israel.  I have had so many comments from people misinterpreting what is going on in the world and justifying their lack of response by using such misinterpretations.

History repeats itself.  There have been Holocaust survivors who have stated how the world is as bad as, or even much worse than, Europe was in the 1930's.  The skeptics then questioned "how bad can it get?"  My extensive research both in the military and during the time that I lived in Germany for six years tells me that the world, especially the US of A is much, much worse than Germany was in the 1930's.  Germany didn't have over 800 concentration camps built prior to the war.  The FEMA death camps are in full operation, being funded by you taxpayers, and are as covert an operation as you can get.  There is such a comparison going on between the ruthless Nazi brown shirts of the 1930’s and the police brutality (just short of martial law) that is occurring today.   The biggest difference between pre-war Europe and the world today is that we now have much more efficient ways of spying on and killing people now.  Modern technology would make the Nazis very jealous.

I am totally aware of how difficult it is to completely disrupt one’s life by leaving jobs, schools, friends, houses, etc, etc, etc.  I put in a 20 year career in the military – I have moved 25 times in my life – yes, my present address is the 26th address that I have had.  That, of course, was planned and not because of danger to my family, but yet very disruptive.  If it had been because my family was facing peril and possible suffering, I would not have hesitated.

Rav Ben Artzi and the Facilitated Communications individuals have been correct about everything they have said, whether you are skeptical or not.  I investigate thoroughly, including using hidden sources that I cannot disclose (I would lose my sources if I ever exposed them on a blog such as this).  The statements about going to Israel have been followed by a scary statement “soon it will not be possible to leave.”  I can only speculate the reason and have several possibilities about what is coming that would prompt such a statement, but I am not going into that here.  The more important message is that history repeats itself, and if prior to World War 2 was not a strong enough message about what is coming up, then I don’t know what more can be said.

We are living in a pretend world, a fantasy world that we use our false human logic to determine what is best for us rather than listening to Hashem’s messages of the absolute truth.  Tenach has very clear and scary prophecies to deal with.  I know that all negative decrees do not have to happen – it is not Hashem’s way.  But, if one ignores Hashem’s messages, Hashem’s warnings, Hashem’s mercy, one definitely receives measure for measure negative results.  It will still give Tikun, but possibly, chas v’shalom, in a very difficult way.  If the results are much more difficult than the disruption of fleeing and going to Israel, you will find out the hard way which was the better choice.

I tell you this out of complete love for my fellow Jew and righteous non-Jew.  The Jew needs to react and come to Israel.  The non-Jew needs to follow the ways of Hashem completely (the seven Noachide commandments) and receive His protection.  My belief that many righteous non-Jews will find that they are of the lost tribes and also will come to Israel will be vindicated sooner then we think (yes, that is speculation on my part, but based on much investigation).

Let me add that I am not a Rabbi and do not have the bedside manner of a Rabbi.  If what I am saying sounds harsh, it is because I am a retired US Army Officer who spent an entire career developing discipline.  Why?  That is the one tool that a soldier must have to survive.  When one goes to war, if he or she does not have enough discipline to follow orders, he or she is in great jeopardy and is putting the other soldiers in the same danger.  I always liked the quote from General George S. Patton during WW2.  When he was asked if he was willing to die for his country, he answered that he was there to make sure the enemy dies for his country.

Hashem does not want our death or even our suffering.  His instructions are for total success and happiness.  Consider Hashem as your Commanding Officer.  He gave us our complete marching orders for total survival (the Torah).  The big difference is that it is not just survival, but having the ability to thrive and reach a tremendous level of happiness and joy beyond our wildest dreams.   Why should we second guess the scenario when we have all of history testifying to the success of the system?   Why would we argue with success that is time proven?   Simple answer: we have flawed, distorted human logic, and a Yetzer Harah, that tells us “we know better.”   We have a lack of discipline that tells us to take what seems to be the easy way out, the lazy way, even if we know in our hearts that ours ways are dangerous.

Do I have an answer to what is coming up this Rosh Chodesh, this Pesach, the remainder of 5775?  No, but I do have confidence whatever occurs is from Hashem and for our good.   I am with complete emunah and bitochen that Hashem wants the best for us and has planned the best for us.  All I need to do is follow His instructions, and all the goodness, the happy ending is completely available for me and my loved ones, B”H.  Guaranteed in writing!!!!!!!! 

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Vayikra, 24 Adar 5775 (15/03/15)

The Creator of the world - this world belongs to Him!  Whether you like it or not, in the end it is HIM who overcomes them all.  They don’t let HIM enter this world, but He will, to purify and clean the State of Israel, the Holy Land and the world.  The world is at its end.  The world cannot continue in this situation.  Seven billion people live in the world; every second that the world continues to exist is the miracle of miracles!  Every second, atomic missiles can fly around the world, and not one, but thousands of nuclear missiles exist in the world.  The day comes and goes, and people are living in allusions, in a kind of fantasy that everything is obvious.  If the Creator had not stopped the use of nuclear missiles in the world, it would have been destroyed long ago.  The world is in a constant danger every second. Suddenly atomic missiles can fly, four of these missiles, G-d forbid, and nothing will remain, no memory of man, bacterium, bird or tree, the earth would be empty.

Then the Creator says to the world and to the State of Israel: Jews who are in the world quickly go to Israel, and those who are in Israel, follow the Torah, repent, be a true child of God – love and choose the good.  He who has eyes to see, who is smart, intelligent and well educated, follows the Torah; one that is primitive, does not.

It is the time of the end of evil in the world and the Creator wants to save the Jews in Israel.  The Creator wants to crown the King Messiah; the Creator wants a new world.  It is better for Jews to hear the voice of the Holy One, blessed be He!

During these elections, all party members behave like children in kindergarten and are a disgrace to the State of Israel.  97% of them only want a seat, a car, bodyguards, photos and recognized on the media, without any concern to the State of Israel.  They must begin to be serious, because the Creator will decide who will be the government that will protect the Holy Land.  We must act with restraint, and that every Jewish citizen understands that as a Jew he has no place in the world, only in Israel.  Not only that, millions of Jews will be hunted and beaten causing them to go to Israel. Israeli citizens: do not let the rhetoric of parties convince you who to vote for.  Defense will be the same and the economy will never deteriorate, it will always be good in Israel.  (Note this message was delivered before the election and miraculously the election came out the way Rav Ben Artzi said it would, supporting the present PM.  Before the election, it appeared that the left would take over, chas v’shalom, but the Rav, more accurately Hashem, said otherwise.)

We hope that the Almighty puts in the minds of Jewish citizens to choose the right camp! (He did)

The United States is helping the left parties to be elected so that Obama can keep his word to do two nations under the United States, not Russia.  Jews wake up and open your eyes! We must stop outside counsel aimed at thwarting the State of Israel!  The United States does not care about those who live in Israel, they just want to control the state of Israel and the Middle East and do everything to prevent the Russians from dominating the Middle East.  (More accurately, the US of Magog wants to institute the New World Order and Israel, more accurately Hashem, is standing in the way, B”H).

The Jews have no place to go, instead, they are expelled from all over the world; we have no other country!   But all the Arabs in the Gaza Strip and around Israel have Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, etc, where they can live.  The Jews themselves have nowhere to go.

All Arab countries expect and want the left to be elected so to bite into the Holy Land, and destroy, G-d forbid, the holy land of Israel and the Jews.

All religious parties compete and that's why they split.  The Holy One, blessed be He, wants all the religious parties to follow the Torah, unite and then they will have a powerful kingdom in Israel.

The Israeli Defense Force must be vigilant at the Egyptian border and in the Gaza Strip; there is calm, but it is the calm before the storm.  Be attentive, vigilant and keep your eyes open 24/7.  Let the IDF fulfill its role dutifully, regardless of the election; there must be no trust in goyim.  Many of the Arabs in Israel are more dangerous than the Arabs out of the country; they have their own ISIS and Hamas.  In East Jerusalem there is a serious conspiracy of Hamas and ISIS.  Those of Israel who enroll in ISIS are slaughtered, as they are thought by ISIS to be sent to spy from the Mossad.  The Israeli people believe that if an Arab smiles at them and said "hello," he likes the Jews - Esau (and Ishmael) hate Jacob until today!

Jews must show love freely for each other, and love the Holy One, blessed be He; there is nothing but HIM!

Hamas, Palestinians and Abbu Mazen continue to dig and restore the tunnels, bring ammunition and missiles that have been hidden for many years in the wilderness of Sinai.  They also produce a huge amount of ammunition for the war they want to do, G-d forbid.  If they really vowed peace, they would build tall buildings and houses in the Gaza Strip.  If the Arabs around Israel and Israel wanted peace, they could live in Arab countries and not restore the tunnels with plans of destroying Israel.

Iran is pleased by the anarchy, mocks everyone and knows that the United States needs it a lot because they are afraid that Russia that controls Iran.

Syria is erased and fades until it will disappear from the world.

Turkey is full of ISIS that allow him to do anything.  Erdogan is scared to death that they will behead him.  ISIS strongly controls Turkey, they multiply like ants.

Jordan is waiting for the left party to give them, G-d forbid, parts of the land of Israel to put its refugees on the Israeli-Jordanian border and so they will cause dissension with Israel.

Egypt, Hamas, and Islamic extremists ISIS continue their way in Egypt which will be like Syria.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are waiting, doing nothing.  Israel is aware and does not allow ammunition from Iran to Hezbollah and to Nasrallah.

Iraq continues to be like Sodom and Gomorrah.

The Creator of the world will destroy and erase any country, president or head of state, who wants to harm the State of Israel and take parts of it.  The Creator will cause natural disasters so terrible that we cannot even imagine.  The Land of Israel, the Holy Land, belongs to the Holy One, blessed be He, and to the pure and innocent Jews who live there and no one else!

Floods and heavy rains continue and powerful earthquakes, heat and fire.  Accidents continue with aircraft and helicopters, boats, buses and cars.  Anti-Semitism continues to spread increasingly strong.

To all the Jews in the world: immigrate urgently to Israel.  Suddenly, seven billion people will go after the Jews - all of a sudden!

All black and white-collar, lustful ,men corruption, fraud and theft, informants and those who provoke disputes - all will be revealed one by one.

All the great Rabbis of Israel should organize prayers in all the synagogues, on Tuesday morning, the day of the election, to cancel the decree hovering over the State of Israel.

In the State of Israel in the Holy Land everything is good, only good, without anything missing.

In the same way that the people of Israel in Egypt were saved, let Israel be saved this year on Rosh Chodesh Nissan!  That a huge light will be on Israel on Rosh Chodesh Nissan!  As we burn leaven, let be burnt impurity and evil from Jews and the State of Israel.

Jewish belief in the Creator gives them life, abundance and good health!

Passover will be good for Israel; the hidden light will envelop Israel during the Passover.  In heaven, all are waiting the crowning the King Messiah, more than on Earth!

Only the Creator can crown the King Messiah; only the Creator can teach him; no one can teach the King Messiah, only the Creator; and, the Creator alone can crown him!

King Messiah belongs only to the Creator directly!

Courtesy of the website "Tair Neri"

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Vayakhel Pekudei, 17 Adar 5775, 8.3.15

G-d loves the Holy Land very much and won't give up one centimeter of it.  The countries or people that try to take a centimeter of the Holy Land will be judged harshly!  G-d will not forget anyone who wants to take parts of the Holy Land away from Him.  Anyone who takes action towards giving parts of the Holy Land to the gentiles dishonors G-d and will get in trouble.  If they are countries, they will be destroyed; if they are people, they will be destroyed and their families will be destroyed.  To give even one centimeter of the Holy Land away is the biggest danger in the world!

 G-d is turning over worlds, bringing floods, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, fire and heat, snow, mud and storms, complicating airplanes, ships, trains, and cars all over the world so that countries don't interfere with Israel and don't take even one centimeter away from the Holy Land - the land of Israel.  He is doing this so that the Jews abroad, who have nothing to do there, will come to Israel - their home!

All of the political parties that slander each other are shaming the state of Israel.  Everyone knows that in the end G-d will decide who will lead the state of Israel, so what are all of these propaganda videos for, to throw money away and create conflict and hate?  Give the money to the poor, students of the Torah, to build Mikvaot, to strengthen the state of Israel with purity, holiness and kindness.

The rain was a blessing, it was a happy Purim for all Jews - that is G-d speaking with the people of Israel and the state of Israel - the rain.

The state of Israel must be vigilant and monitor the Arabic political parties, they want to accumulate power to gain more seats in the Knesset so that they have the power to make harsh decisions for their own benefit.  There is no faith in them.  They want Israel to become a Muslim state, heaven forbid.

We much watch over our youth, this is the next generation of the people of Israel; this is where doctors, farmers and soldiers will come from.  We need to watch over the Jewish youth in Israel, prevent them from drinking alcohol, taking drugs, and assimilating.  Teenagers must understand what it means to be Jewish and what it entails, they must understand that assimilation destroys the people of Israel!  The goal of the gentiles and the Arab countries around us spreading alcohol, drugs and assimilation is not peace; they simply want to destroy the holy land of Israel.

All of the Jews living outside of Israel, run quickly, run away urgently!  Sell everything before you lose that too.  If you continue to persist, you will lose homes, property, and G-d forbid, your lives!  G-d does not relent.  He said to come to Israel - come!  All of the clues are clear even to a baby – even a baby understands G-d's signs.  True, G-d scattered the Jews because of their bad deeds, now it is time and He is calling them back!  You can move and do business overseas, as long as you live in the Holy Land.  In Israel there are many businesses.  People think that Israel is small, but it isn't, it spreads like the skin of a deer and develops to infinity.  As more millions of Jews come to Israel, it shall grow and develop.

The economy in Israeli is the best and will continue to be so!  The apartments, real estate, and land will be the same as before, sometimes it goes up and sometimes down.  Every smart Jew will do their finances smartly and will succeed.  It doesn't matter which party wins the elections, the economy is in the hands of G-d.  It is better to have the right wing parties win because the left is influenced by the gentiles outside of Israel!

ISIS continues to grow and multiply like ants and do their job.

Every Arab state is in conflict with each other, they will fall on their swords.  They will continue to get in conflict with each other until that happens, so that the people of Israel will thank G-d every night that they can sleep well and safely.

Syria can't lift its head.  They say that they are killing; they are liars who are being killed.  Syria will continue to be destroyed until the end.

The United States is giving ISIS an appetite to fight against Turkey.  The United States is saying the wrong things and creating conflict in the world.

In Egypt there isn't quiet and there won't be; everything seeps into the ground until it erupts like a volcano.

Abu Mazen is waiting for elections; he is all one big lie.

The Hamas are waiting to see what the day will bring and what will happen with the elections.  In the meantime they are working quietly to renovate the tunnels.

In Jordan it is the same, destruction.  Millions of refugees are flowing in and the leader of Jordan is afraid to be beheaded.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are feeding off of Iran; and, the IDF is making sure no ammunition comes from Iran.

Iran is deathly afraid of Israel.  Despite talking like it is the strongest, it is the weakest.  The state of Israel is the strongest in the world.  Iran pretends to be pleasant and good only to get help from the United States.

Something new: Iran, in addition to the threat to the state of Israel, wants to be a nuclear power in order to control the Middle East and Arab countries and to take their money and taxes in the billions.  In short, they want to live on the backs of Arab countries.  This is Iran's plan; that is why they want to be a nuclear power.  The United States wants to make Russia weaker so it isn't giving up on Iran; it wants to hold Iran so it controls the Middle East!  But the Russians have nothing to lose; they will use every means necessary to ruin the United States' plans.

All of the bribe takers, white and black collars, people of bad and evil deeds, thieves, and cheats – all will be discovered one after the other.  The big ones and famous ones, their discovery will be in the media; and the small ones, the torment will be between them and G-d.

G-d is asking the people of Israel to try to obey the Torah in full, to believe in the Torah.  If the Jews try to fully obey the Torah, there will be no harm done, no sickness or lack of money; they will live long lives; they will live like kings and like in Purim will be happy throughout the entire year.  G-d is giving the Jews birth pains so that they ask for the crowning of the King Messiah!

Courtesy of the site  "TairNeri"

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parshat Ki Tisa, 10 Adar 5775 (1.3.15)


G-d, Father of Mercy, continues and will continue to strike the entire world, anyone who wishes to harm the holy land and the Jews living in Israel.  The Jews living outside of Israel have no protection; their protection is in Israel, the holy land.  Don't wait until you are shamefully expelled, come of your own free will to the holy land; this is your home; your Father is here.  This is called respecting the Creator of the world.  Father in Heaven will be happy when you come to Israel!

Jews in Israel do not invest in houses and real estate outside of Israel; you will lose your money.  Rich people who work directly with those same countries and cities, who have financial collateral there don't have a problem.  But naive Jews, don't let others convince you to buy apartments and property overseas, your money will be gone and your property will be gone.  Invest only in Israel - the holy land.

Every country that goes against Israel, G-d will destroy its social structure, its security, and economic status – the forces of nature will strike it down.  Chaos in the world, conflict, killing and murder, crime, the complicated economic situation, everything has become routine for the media that wants "action" and news.  They have become accustomed to mass murder, natural disasters, and conflict.  When something truly extraordinary will happen, they will publish it.   Reporters are afraid ISIS will behead them.

The United States wants to train the Turks to harm ISIS, it won't work.

In Turkey there will be a big mess by ISIS' hands.

The world still doesn't understand that ISIS is Arabs.  It is not a new species; it is Arabs convincing each other to join ISIS.  The root of their nationality is Muslim, even if their nationality is French, British, or American, they will become ISIS.

In Syria many are being killed, they don't know the precise numbers. Syria is being erased and it will continue to be erased.

Iraq is in conflict, they are killing each other there too; it is being erased.

Egypt is alert against ISIS and Hamas who want to bring down Sisi and destroy Egypt.

Jordan is waiting for the elections in Israel to see what will happen.  They want to be free of all of the refugees eating at Jordan – three million refugees!  Jordan is getting a lot of help from Israel, Israel is protecting the king.  Despite that, he still does not sleep at night from fear that he will be killed.  Refugees are flocking to Jordan from all corners of the world, it cannot be stopped.

Iran is laughing at the United States and Russia who are courting it.  They are "in love" with Iran.  Iran is pretending to be a country of peace and humility so that it can continue to create the atom bomb.  Not one rocket, ten rockets that will be launched at the same time.  Iran is deathly scared of Israel; it knows that G-d is with Israel, it knows that the IDF is the strongest army in the world!  Iran is just barking - no bite. Iran is Persia, and they will never forget what happened with Queen Esther and Mordechai the Jew.  It is in their blood how G-d gave us the strength to save all of the Jews in the world!

The Hamas continues to renovate the tunnels.  They want to go in through the tunnels.  They are quiet because of the elections and so that their movement is not obvious.  They continue to dig through houses; they have plans and they have time; they are in no hurry.

We will repeat ourselves: everything that is written here must be taken seriously!

G-d is giving the Jews here in Israel a little bit of pain here and a little bit there so we don't forget Him. Whatever situation a Jew is in, healthy or unhealthy, big or small problems, he must hold on to G-d and obey the Torah – the 613 Mitzvahs.  The Jews are the chosen people!

The Knesset members must not speak ill of others; there must be proper behavior; "proper behavior precedes the Torah."  There are a lot of nice ways to promote the parties.  Every party must prove itself in a nice and pleasant manner and should commit to what it is ready to do for the state of Israel.  If it speaks ill of another party, it will lose.  Let them continue living in their delusions, G-d loves the holy land and will not let anyone take even a centimeter of it.  Gush Katif was Gush Katif and it too will return to Israel! G-d will choose the political party and the right person to protect the holy land, to help solve the problem with drugs and alcohol, help the elderly, the IDF and soldiers, everyone is holy and pure.  The party that will be chosen by G-d will be the party that prevents assimilation and promotes Aliyah of Jews to Israel.  This is the party that will rise, and it is a shame that others slander each other, it won't help.  There is G-d in the heavens and He is judgment and mercy!  Go on His path and it will be good for everyone; don't and you'll lose.

Beware of the Arabs in Israel who are learning the patents from the election propaganda and the slander of the Knesset members.

The economy in Israel is very good, it has not change and will not change; everything is balanced in a good way!  Every person needs to make an effort to make a living.  G-d said "by the sweat on your brow you shall eat bread" and it is still true today; you must work honestly and true.  Every person who cheats, who lives on the backs of others, takes or gives bribes, does evil things, G-d will reveal them all from the smallest to the biggest, left and right, religious or secular – all are revealed.  You should stop urgently, fix your bad deeds and make amends, then G-d will protect you.

The forces of nature, fire, water, storms and winds, earthquakes, floods, snow and ice, train wrecks, boat accidents, planes and car wrecks, everything will continue and there will be wonders that man has yet to see.  G-d is causing chaos all over the world and is protecting Israel!  A Jew that has done a little wrong gets a slap here and there, out of love from G-d.

The Jews have only G-d!  It is time, it is the hour to pray to G-d to have mercy on us, to fulfill His promise and crown the King Messiah, son of David!  There is no one to count on; this is the end of times! All Jews must cry out to G-d to crown the Messiah now!

Happy Purim to all Jews!

Courtesy of the site "TairNeri"

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

More prophecies Fulfilled

I wanted to include this in yesterday’s post but it became too long for one post.   There are events happening that obviously fulfill Jewish scriptures.  Hashem told us thousands of years ago and now we can easily see His message.

A very important message in the Torah is that “when Yaakov studies Torah, Esav can’t touch him.”  Conversely, when Yaakov isn't studying Torah, Esav has his way and causes disaster for Yaakov.  Esav hated his brother and wanted to kill him.  It is a prophecy for all of history that the non-Jewish nations have tried to eliminate the Jews from this planet.  The Amalek incident is part of that prophecy.  Every time Jews were in a situation of great Torah study, they seemed to be protected – when they thought that the only way to avoid Jew-hatred was to assimilate, they were persecuted and killed.

Europe in the 1930’s is the most prevalent example since, unbeknownst to most people, it was the highest level of assimilation for the Jews in history.  German Jews for instance were more than 90% away from Judaism including a vast number of Jews who converted thinking it would help.  The truest of Jews, who knew what the Torah said about assimilation, left Europe through Ellis Island decades before – they saw the warning signs much earlier.  Yes, there were Rabbis who stayed behind but mostly to help the Jews in their time of crisis.  I lived in Germany for six years and can verify that most Yeshivahs, Mikvahs, schools, synagogues were long gone decades before the war.  Kristallnacht, the horrific burning of many places of worship that became the European 911, 9 November, 1938 (ninth day of the 11th month), was actually mostly Reform Temples that were with congregations that were completely assimilated in German society.  I lived for three years in the German state of Hesse, which had a very large Jewish population at the beginning of the 20th century.  In the 1980’s, I met a historian who had documented hundreds of Temples that were destroyed by the Germans, including 85 that the buildings were still standing, as something else of course, only 30 years ago.  I saw many of the buildings as I went through towns in the area and saw that they were definitely set up as Reform Temples and not Torah observant synagogues.  I verified this by questioning many people who had been there when it was a Jewish house of worship.

This along with my visits to Dachau and Bergen-Belsen death camps was part of a very extensive study of the Holocaust.  The absolute message that came from years of investigation was that when Yaakov studies Torah, Esav can’t touch him.  Esav, the brother of Yaakov married non-Jewish women whose decedents eventually became the pagan society of Rome.  And of course this was the foundation for Xtianity.  The Arizal Hakodesh informed us that Yushka was a reincarnation of Esav.  The entire history of Xtianity, with its Inquisition, Crusades, Pogroms, Holocaust, were all episodes of Esav trying to kill Yaakov.  When Esav saw that he couldn’t kill Yaakov after WW2, he married the daughter of Yishmael and told him to kill Yaakov.  Everything that is happening with the Arabs wanting to wipe out the Jews is from Esav, aka Gog, Stalin, Hitler, etc, to get Arafat, Nasser, Hussain, Ahmadinejad (and his replacement), etc, to finish the job (sort of “the final solution”).  It is all obvious and all prophesied in the Torah.  One additional aspect of Esav marrying Yishmael’s daughter is embodied in one individual “Obama.”  His Islamic roots allow his romance with Arab countries in an attempt to wipe out Yaakov. Obama being a card carrying member of the Gog Bush cabal is the fulfillment of Esav asking Yismael to kill Yaakov.  What has backfired for Esav is that the Islamists are interested in eliminating all infidels – the popular expression in the Mosques is “first the Saturday people, then the Sunday people.”  It is interesting that we are in the time where the Sunday people are being picked on (politely put) as the Saturday people have been for many centuries.  Of course, the idea of the Sunday people being eliminated falls into the plan of Gog’s New World Order which wants to eliminate about 93% of the world population.

One additional note is that according to Pirkei Avos, chapter 1, #17, Hashem doesn't want us to study Torah but to live Torah.  Of course, you can really live it unless you know all the facts, extensive study.  It is the reason at Mount Sinai that we said “na’aseh v’nishma,” "We will do and we will hear."  We are telling Hashem that we want to live and do all his commandments and then we will study all the details to improve our serving Hashem.

Another interesting prophecy fulfilled:
One of the worst, scariest events talked about in the Torah was when we were at the Sea of Reeds (or if you like the uneducated version, the Red Sea).  We were on the beach, had the sea to one side, the mountains to the other side with only one escape exit that happened to have the Egyptian Army blocking it – ready to wipe us out (of course, they were being held at bay by a pillar of fire).  The Torah alludes to the fact that there were four groups of Israelites with four different solutions.  The first group asked Moses: “did you take us out of Egypt to die in the desert?”  Their solution was: “let us go back to Egypt” – the Pharaoh has us trapped, he won.  The second group said: “we outnumber them, let us organize and fight.”  The third group said: “let us pray and maybe Hashem will help us.”  The fourth group with complete faith and trust in Hashem “Jumped into the sea; it split and they walked through on the dry land.”  Of course the other groups followed after they reconsidered their decisions; and, they all watched, including Pharaoh, as Hashem destroyed the Egyptians and provided safe passage for the good guys (and gals).

How is this event the answer for us today?  I’m glad you asked.  The same four groups exist today.  We have the first group that says: “let us just give the terrorists the land and maybe we will have peace.   That of course has already failed in the Sinai, Southern Lebanon, Gaza and parts of Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem.  The second group says: let’s fight, we are stronger than them and can defeat them.  That has been tried many times, but with a loss of life for the good guys (and gals).  The third group, the knitted skullcaps, say let us pray and hopefully Hashem will help us.  That has been effective but with concessions to the enemy, including the other countries in the world, and has not completely solved our problem.  The fourth group, the black hatters, the Torah scholars, are ready to jump into the sea.  They (actually we since I am in that group), completely turn to Hashem with faith and trust.  How do we turn to Hashem?  By doing exactly what He has told us is the solution to the world situation.  We pray, we do repentance, we give charity, we study Torah, we help each other with total love and respect, etc.  We do everything Hashem told us to do, and what will be the results?  The happy ending.  The redemption of the world, new leadership with Moshiach as the servant of Hashem the King of Kings, elimination of all evil in the world, happiness, prosperity, security, love for all with no more testing, no more sickness and even no more death.  All the Jews and the lost tribes will live in total peace in the land “Flowing with Mild and Honey,” and even our departed will return in total happiness.  What we have coming in the future is a level of joy and happiness beyond human comprehension.

Monday, March 2, 2015

The Absolute Truth about the Absolute Truth

 I have mentioned how this world is an upside-down fantasy world.  Most events in the news are total distortions of reality, in other words not the Absolute Truth.  The entire premise for PM Netanyahu making a trip to the US is to curtail the nuclear program of Iran, considered one of the greatest threats to Israel, the Middle East and definitely the world.  We have been hearing for years how Iran has been very active in their effort to become a nuclear power.  That truth is “it is all lies.”

Iran under the Shaw got into the nuclear business in the 1950's.  With the help of its friend, the US of A, it started an aggressive program.  The US greatly enhanced the effort in the 1970’s until the Islamic revolution occurred in 1979.  It accelerated further in the late 1980’s (for the purpose of weapons) under the previous president, Rafsanjani.  In the early 1990's Iran purchased completed nuclear systems from the then defunct Soviet Union and from China.  In the 1990's there were an estimated 15,000 advisers from Russia in Iran helping them set up their arsenal, not develop nuclear, but to setup the threat they already had.  (My facts can be corroborated with Wikipedia, but most of what I am telling you I actually lived, as an Officer in the US Army.)

They have been testing missiles, delivery systems, for decades.  I used to be in the missile development business, starting in 1967 when I was an Engineer working research and development on the ICBM for the US – the Minuteman System.  You can only design a missile once you have the ordinance package (nuclear bomb) already determined.  After all, you design a missile to carry a designated weight to a designated target with a designated guidance system and a designated arming capability.  Having a missile without your bomb already designed is useless.  A nuclear bomb is not so difficult to design – I know how (don't tell anyone).

Let's go one step further.  Iran has nuclear submarines to deliver a package.  Are we being told it is a package they don't have yet?  How did Iraq (before Israel knocked out and saved the world in 1982), Pakistan, India, Korea, etc, etc, etc get nuclear capability and Iran couldn't?  Iran arranged for Syria's nuclear capability before Israel knocked out their capability.  Now comes the best part of the story.  Iran has already tried a nuclear attack on Israel, twice.  In September of 2008 with an immense dirty bomb and again in 2010 with who knows what?  Do you remember seeing all the details in the news?  No way!!!  The news is only interested in condemning Israel when they defend themselves.  That sells more media time – and never, never would Devine intervention ever be printed in the news.  In both cases, an act of Hashem curtailed the attacks.  Details are too extensive to go into here but both attempts would have started WW3, which is what the global elite under Gog Bush was counting on (see my post of September 11, 2014,

Everything that is happening in the world is the global elite making an attempt to institute WW3 NOW.  What is a better way than to have Iran start it?  Just as it is stated in the Yalkut Shimoni and the Talmud (Yoma 10) that you have probably seen many times, each attempt, almost every year, has failed thanks to Hashem.  What was the attempt last year?  The stepping up of the activities of ISIS, a group that broke from Al Qaeda.  Since Al Qaeda was created and funded by the US of Magog, it is a definite the ISIS is also a Magog creation.  The proof, once again, is extensive, but too much for a discussion here.  The activity of ISIS last year was the reason that the Gog cabal put the new stone in the Georgia Guidestones and then removed it.  They were sure it was a go, but Hashem said NO.

If I am so sure that Iran is much further along than the world press and the governments of the world want you to know, what indications do I have?  A few years ago Iran tested the missiles needed to deliver a sizable nuclear package.  A few years ago North Korea performed underground nuclear testing and disclosed that it was for Iran.  It made almost no press, but I recall that they even disclosed the 50 some million dollars that NK charged Iran for the test.  A few years ago Iran purchased a fleet of submarines that were nuclear hardened and capable of nuclear delivery.  A few years ago Iran stated “if you think you can have a naval fleet in the Gulf off of our shore, then we can have a fleet off of the US shore, out of range and out of sight of the US.  Or is it?  If Gog wants WW3, he is totally aware of Iran’s presence off of the US shore.  In 2008 Russia, France and the US admitted to watching the ship by satellite that was headed for Israel.  They were so disappointed when they saw it get commandeered by Somali pirates, curtailing a possible start of WW3.  A few years ago Iran boasted of a satellite being put over the US.  Is it a spy satellite or possibly a nuclear weapon for an EMP burst?  A few years ago it was estimated that about 100 suitcase nuclear devices were smuggled into the US with the help of the Mexican drug cartel (and the White House immigration nonsense from the head Muslim, Obama).  The devices were routed to terrorist sleeper cells in the largest cities in the US.  A few years ago there was much talk about the vast underground bunkers that have been prepared for the global elite and their families.   Two places in particular are in Virginia, outside of Washington DC, and under the airport in Denver Colorado.  These are massive bunkers that can house perhaps a million people – self-sustaining for years in case of a nuclear holocaust.

Are all the parts in place for WW3?  I don’t know.  I have said all along that I am not a prophet, just a dot connector.

What concerns me more than anything are the messages from Hashem through the Rabbis and the Facilitated Communications individuals.  Recently there were statements made that are in total agreement with my post of last 911:    

"Under the Nations' Rule" 26 Marcheshvan 5775
They're going from country to country and they're doing it in every place, meanwhile mainly in Arab countries, one Arab against another. And a serious part of the Arabs who are attacking - they belong to the heads of these groups, they belong to the "New World Order" that wants to rule over everyone.

And these, the great evildoers - they are Edom, like we spoke about not just once. And the Arabs, they are simply 'pere adam', it's possible to easily inflame them against the Jews and against the Edomim. Against the Jews - they've always had anger, since Yishmael and Yitzchak, but the hatred between the Edomim and the Arabs, it's not as much time, it's since the birth of Islam.  Because, before that the Christians ruled, and suddenly came Islam and conquered an enormous part of the world, so there is very, very deep hatred between them. They even hate them more than the Jews. But, they both want to get rid of the Jews, and we're 'under supervision', but first of all they will make war between themselves.

Confirmation from Hashem 28 Sep 14
My post was prompted by the fact that Benjamin had made a statement about the global elite being the true enemy of the world.  I provided details about his statement in my 911 post before he made the statements.  I also explained that the global elite are implementing the evil New World Order that was meant to initiate WW3.  The war would serve the purpose of killing off most of the population of the world – to bring the population down to a manageable 500 million, about nine tenths of the 7.2 billion people in the world (which Moishela has stated).  I showed the proof of my extensive research including the Georgia Guidestones which tell of this diabolical plan etched in stone.

A question to one of the FC individuals:
Question: The demonstrations that are now in America, will they progress?

Answer: All these demonstrations in America - shows. Really, performances. Because they want to rule over America, and they want to create fear. And they're bringing the police with all their equipment, their innovative equipment. What do you say about the new acquisition of America: guillotines...! They're bringing it now to America, guillotines! Have you heard of a thing like this?!... In the United States, trains carrying people to 'FEMA' concentration camps - they have inside there guillotines! It's hard to believe, but now, the American government, officially, ordered the guillotines for the sake of killing people who received the death penalty for murder or another crime* - so now, they will kill them with guillotines! For what purpose is this thing...?!  It's simply just for the sake of scaring people.

Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
Kislev 3rd '5774   (Nov 5 '13)
Who to Life and   Who to Death

I am really very disturbed with what is happening in Eretz Yisroel. I can see clearly how the Chiloni government is trying to destroy Yiddishkeit. I can see clearly how they want to turn this country into the original dream of the Zionist non-Frum Jews, and that is to turn Israel into a country like all the countries of the world, to make Israel, the State of Israel a complete member nation in the New World Order, to make the state of Israel non-Jewish. It is happening, and the Jews are sleeping. Many of the Jews don’t care, but the Frum, where are the Frum? Why are you letting this happen? Why are you so quiet? I will tell you why, because you're too busy fighting with each other. What do you care if the Kever of Dovid Hamelech is given away to the Catholic Church? What do you care? It is important to be able get money for the schools, even at the cost of a true Jewish education. More important, to fight with each other over who's going to be a representative in the municipalities or in the Knesset.

I received a message from someone who works on Wall St., we are at the precipice now. The DOW being at 17,000 is completely from printed money. The whole thing is about to collapse. Working behind the scenes this is as clear as day.

Something that I have not talked about is that there is a Global Reset that is about to happen. There are about 208 countries that are going to revalue their money by backing it with commodities. As an example, the US Federal Reserve Note (fiat money) is about to be changed to a gold, silver, oil, who knows what, backed Treasury Note. This may sound good at first, since it would greatly revalue the dollar to real currency and give it value, but it has not been in the press at all since it will be a way for the evil global elite to steal a vast sum of money from everyone (and it will help pave the way to the evil New World Order -- too complicated to discuss here).  How will they pilfer all this money? By having you turn in all your cash, especially what you have in savings and investments, and giving you the new money at about 30 or 40 cents on the dollar. Someone who has a million in the bank will have his or her money exchanges for about 300,000. They just stole 700,000 from that person. That is why the global elite, who control the media, have not talked about this very silent theft that is about to occur. There would be such a run on the banks; it would instantly collapse the economy, worldwide.

What will happen to Wall Street?  Whatever the evil ones want in order to get your money.  I believe we are days away from all this happening (the banks already have the new system in place).

My comment is to emphasize that even all the financial turmoil that has been in the world was contrived and implemented by the evil global elite.  You might consider taking you money out of the bank or any other institution that may be on the verge of disaster.  Putting your money in Israeli Shekels may be a good investment since the Israeli economy is the best in the world – thank you Hashem.

Why am I so concerned about all that is happening now?  The following messages came from Hashem in the past year:

Moishela (Elul 5774): "Then we will come to Purim and we will beg Hashem to save us from Haman and we will have a Haman here, a Haman that we will have to be saved from and we will have to fight, fight our fears, beg Hashem to save us from this awful terrible horrific person and his armies and his police. We will have to beg very hard. Hashem will save us."

Menachem (Elul 5774): "...we will arrive to 
Purim, and on Purim, this is the time of Haman's fall. Then, the wicked one who was placed over us, he will also go away. He will go away - and not bother us anymore."

Binyamin (Shevat 5775): "It will be Purim and I think that we will feel the Purim very strongly. Hear our words - and don't ask questions... when it will arrive, you'll see. We will feel it very strongly, the Purim."

Not being a prophet means that I am only speculating about what is coming up in the world.  I take very seriously the messages from Hashem and greatly encourage you to do the same.  I admit that I have secret sources in Washington and Europe, but know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Hashem is the only source of the Absolute Truth that we need!!!!!!

What I want to impress upon you is that everything that is happening includes personal messages for each one of us.  If you are having financial problems, health problems, marital problems, child rearing issues, etc, etc, etc, you are getting messages, measure for measure, from Hashem.  This is not to punish you but to get you to realize why you are being tested and exactly what the solution is.  Everything is a message from Hashem.  If you are not caught up in the craziness of the world, you are getting personal messages, measure for measure, from Hashem according to your needs.  This is to help you reach Tikun and the happy ending.

We read this past Shabbos: to find and eliminate Amalek, our mortal enemy.  Rabbis will tell you that the worst Amalek is that within each one of us.  If you really want to confront your worst enemy in life, look in the mirror, point your finger at the person you see and eliminate Amalek, eliminate the biggest cause of problems in your life – the part of you that is fighting Hashem instead of following Hashem.  Amalek came to fight us in the desert after we displayed a lack of faith in Hashem.

If you are anxious to hear the Netanyahu speech and the reaction by the US government, consider yourself living in the fantasy world of trivia.  Iran doesn't have to stop their nuclear program; it is already too far gone and ready for the worldwide mayhem.  Scriptures tells me that Hashem will take over and Iran will only affect those who do not trust Hashem for protection.

Why isn’t Iran attempting to attack Israel these days?  Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, has stated how Iran is afraid of Israel.  Iran tried twice, at least twice that we know of, and failed.  Iran has witnessed all the miracles that has happened since 1948 and knows better than most Israelis Who protects Israel and how suicidal it would be for Iran to touch Israel.

We know in Israel Who protects us and watches over us.  Israel is the safest place in the world.  All wars fought by Israel, 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1982, 1991, 2006, and internal intifadas have all been miraculous, even impossible, but we triumphed.  The Israeli IDF would love to take credit for these victories, but I have known many who fought in these wars who will tell you what really happened.  Don't believe the news.

One last personal request.  We are in a time that every messenger (Rabbis, FC individuals and scriptures itself, in other words Hashem) is telling us about the need for total Achdus, unity.  It is the time to put all nonsense aside and work together to bring the Moshiach and the happy ending.  I feel very good about having helped people over the past three years with this blog.  I have received over 6,000 comments, private Emails, Skype calls, phone calls and in-person visits from many of my readers.  About 98% are very positive messages.  My mission to try to save the world is hopefully having an impact.

The area of concern that bothers me greatly is that I have asked all other kosher bloggers to join me in Achdus.  I have offered any post that I have made to be reproduced on any other blog, requesting that you need not refer to this blog or me.  My messages that I get from Rav Ben Artzi are totally available to be put on anybody’s blog.  This includes anything that I personally write.  I don’t want my name on the post; I just want the vital message to reach as many people as possible.  I only want to help all Jews and righteous non-Jews find their way.

What is disturbing is that I have had very little Achdus, and what is worse, confrontation from other bloggers.  I used to receive on Email the messages from the FC individuals (Moishela, Menachem, Benyamin, Daniel, etc), since these vital messages are from Hashem and should be on every kosher blog.  If we are not the tool to disseminate the messages to every Jew possible, we are missing our mission in life and will be reprimanded, measure for measure, come Judgment Day.  The Emails that I was receiving stopped since there was a blogger who claimed attribution for Hashem’s messages.  I guess she thinks she will fool us into believing that she wrote the messages for Hashem, chas v’shalom.  All she did was translate these messages using a web translator, not even her own ability.  This does not give her or anyone the right to call for arrogant attribution, especially at the cost of helping people around the world.  I sincerely hope that she is not married with children since they will also receive retribution for the Chillul Hashem that she causes.  I wrote to her many times with wonderment as to why I am much more concerned about her welfare than she is.  What’s comical is that she has posted items that I wrote 15, 20 years ago, since I have been in the Kiruv business for decades.  I didn't put my name on it then, and do not want any attribution for it now – I only want to help people.

I am 70 years old and, according to Pirkei Avos, old enough to give mussar.  I have observed tens of thousands of people over a half a century and know without reservations that every individual who lives Torah (I didn’t say just study Torah, but lives Torah) is a totally happy and successful individual with families having the same blessings.  If you say that you live Torah and still have many problems, I say you are living in this delusional fantasy world and missing the true message of Hashem – you are making mistakes.  Look in the mirror again to see the true source of your problems, review your problems in life and go check the Torah to find out what is the error of your ways.

I apologize for this message being so long, but I believe time is running out, especially if we need to personally react to Hashem’s messages about Purim – this week.  Please, please, please start living by the Torah and join me in saving the world.  It will bring the redemption and Moshiach immediately.  I have said it before; Judaism is not a spectator sport.  We are not in the stands watching this game called life on Earth.  We are the players on the field causing the good or evil to occur.  Your personal performance is what gets you the goals to survive, thrive and totally succeed.  The happy ending is near.  When?  Pretend that it is tomorrow and decide exactly what you need to do today to be part of the happy ending.  It is your life, it is your loved ones depending on you, it is your eternity at stake.  Follow Hashem and be on the winning team!!!!!!!