Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Are We There Yet? ALMOST!!!

Hashem is definitely sending us signs, but making sure that no one understands the signs except for those who follow Hashem completely. In other words, it is obviously not obvious to the amateurs reporting it or the idolaters who see all the changes happening on planet Earth, but do not understand it. What is happening is only meaningful to Hashem's faithful followers.

The amateurs, who are more confused than helpful, know nothing about all the sources that are giving us good information. So what are these sources and what are they saying?

Binyamin’s last message:

Recently we heard an audio form Binyamin Golden with very interesting messages from Hashem. We have discussed this many times so I ask that no one send me a question: how do we know Binyamin is getting this from Hashem? Anyway, in the recent audio Binyamin said:

And soon it will be much easier, why? Because, the world of now is in a difficult situation, and in a few weeks it will be in a really difficult situation. People increasingly are beginning to notice all that is happening (but really don’t have a clue what it means). Hashem will be making it easier for His followers (it will become much more meaningful).

From the United States came all this materialism (that has spread throughout the world). With the materialism comes violence and murder (people have become so greedy that possessions have become more important than life – people kill for the most minor things). It has affected the Jews of this generation who are passing it onto the next generation. Binyamin goes on to talk about how it is affecting the children who go to orthodox schools and learn all kinds of things that actually are not allowed (information not needed here for our purpose.

There are many crimes that were once among the secular and Gentiles, not the Jews, serious offenses in holiness, mostly. Oh, oh people of Israel! What will be? We get to the end, and you do not want to know. People have their heads in the ground, and do not want to see. Yet, they still want to fly to America and stay there. They still think that everything is OK and that there is plenty of physicality available. But America will soon fold and end. It will be without all the materialism; they will be without all their worldly needs. If we have food, we will be happy; if we drink, we will be happy, that is the worldwide attitude (but it is coming to an end).

Binyamin goes on to talk about Trump; how people believe that they should just pray to him and America will be good. Binyamin compares Trump to Cyrus the Great who took over as King of Persia and conquered much area. Believing that Trump could bring salvation is a travesty. Binyamin is asking “who is Trump?” (Alluding to need for everyone to turn to Hashem and His Moshiach as the road to salvation, not Trump).

Q. You said once that they want to enslave the people (they want all who survive to be their slaves in the New World Order).

A. They themselves do not know exactly when the star will come here, but more and more we are seeing meteors and asteroids, etc; there really is a great danger. Including all weather being very strange; everything is strange. All of nature is going backwards. There are tons of dead fish and dead animals and they do not know why. They have been checked, and they have no disease. So why did they die? We do not understand why, but it could be because the water becomes warmer.

Why? That the Earth is changing. The foundation of the earth gets very hot. And when did it warm up? This planet is being affected by the star and its planet. It's like a giant magnet that just warms all around it. So therefore we know that it will come soon, it may not take much time. And they are preparing, preparing. They are also afraid that everything has to be precise, because if not, then they don’t really know what will come.

So it seems, they are waiting to see what will happen. But all, everything is going to fall, except for some real Jews.

What is Binyamin saying? The star is real and it will affect the world. When? He talks about a very difficult situation in a few weeks. Does that mean the month of Adar is a good possibility?

Rav Ben Artzi statements

Last week:

The Messiah is going from place to place and prays to cancel decrees with the people of Israel, so that no Jews will be hurt in the Holy land. The Creator reveals publicly the Messiah King step by step so that every Jew will have the time to purify himself, to repent and to be part of the first circuit. It takes a lot of restraint and patience. The Holy One has endless patience. Jews pray to receive the Messiah. All is set, only a Bat-Kol (a Devine voice) is missing that needs to come out and declare our righteous Messiah!

The week before:

The Messiah, son of David, is working, acting and protecting the land of Israel.

In Israel and in the entire world people are aware that there is salvation and the Messiah. In the Sea of Reeds they finally found parts of the chariots of Pharaoh, and it strengthens the people of Israel and the salvation.

The Messiah cares and protects all the people of Israel, doing wonders and miracles that the Holy One in Heaven transfers, through him, the Messiah, a man of Hashem.

The Mothers are waiting; the Messiah from above is connected to the Messiah from below. The Messiah came into awareness of the public and must be revealed in public step by step. Every day is another step, until he will be revealed in public at 100%.

It is not much longer, in a short time!

This week:

Although the Holy One took over jurisdiction, He has in Israel a man of G-d, the Messiah, who receives instructions from Him and carries them out down here on Earth. The Messiah is doing his job based on orders from the Holy One, with humility in front of Him without boasting and in simplicity. The Messiah's soul is working twenty-four hours a day.

We are in the final stages and we are in a time just before his being discovered in public. The Holy One wants all Jews to join him and repent. The Creator is developing and preparing the Messiah to be worthy to receive the Crown of the Messiah!

It seems like Rav Ben Artzi is also saying soon. Does that mean the month of Adar is a good possibility?

Rav Glazerson’s last Torah Code message:

Recently Rav Glazerson made a very interesting video:

MASHIACH IN PURIM -5776 -5777 -TORAH in bible code


It is the same information he gave last year 5776, but is showing how there is a discrepancy about the actual year that we are in. That means that everything about Purim and Moshiach is really talking this year 5777. Does that mean the month of Adar is a good possibility?

Rabbi Yuval Ovadia:

I posted the talk given by Rabbi Ovadia this past Saturday evening. Everything that he is saying matches what I have shown proof of for the past year. The video is a good summary of what is happening and what is coming up. Anyone who didn’t believe what I have been presenting should have more confidence in my research as told to us by Rabbi Ovadia.

I should mention that I have never met or talked to Rabbi Ovadia. Whether he has read any of my blog posts or not is not mentioned, but since he is giving his own proof from world events and scriptures, it does give us a warm feeling of consistency. He is not giving a time frame, but is making it sound like we are close. Does that mean the month of Adar is a good possibility?

I have one more source to discuss that could change everything. Something that Binyamin said a while ago has stayed in my mind, and has sent me to another avenue of research. Binyamin said: that Nibiru appears to whomever Hashem wants it to be seen, and whenever Hashem wants it to be seen. In other words, the messages above from all the amateurs, is telling us that there is much confusion and no agreement about any of this because Hashem is controlling everything completely.

So what research do I have to offer that puts a completely different spin on where Nibiru is and when will it appear to the world? If I can refer also to Rav Avigdor Miller’s, zt”l, statement: “Everything you see in front of you is nothing more than Hashem’s imagination.” This world and also the entire universe is an illusion. It really does not exist. This is where the shallow thinker pounds on a table and asks me: this is not real? I love to answer that question with. So you believe an Infinite Source of Intelligence, an Infinite Source of Power can’t fool you? Whatever Hashem presents to us, it is our reality; but, there are many Rabbis and Torah scholars over the millennia that have proven that this is not the real world, but merely an illusion to serve to give us Tikun. We are spiritual beings wearing physical coverings in a world designed strictly to help us correct ourselves and perfect our spirituality for all eternity.

That was a loaded paragraph to give you much more clarity about why we are here and what we are to accomplish in this life on Earth.

So where am I seeing scientific proof of all this? In the 1980’s there were scientific reports stating that the entire universe is only a holographic image; it is not really there. Everything that we see is only a two dimensional hologram that appears three dimensional. In recent years, there have been very significant experiments showing proof of this theory. I have read many reports, but I thought for brevity purposes I would offer some here, that are not as technical:

Physicists Found Proof That the Universe Is Built Like a Hologram, 02/14/2017 01:14 pm ET


The quest for a theory of everything – The ultimate theory to describe the universe


Holograms Aren’t The Stuff of Science Fiction Anymore


Consider the Universe. Now, Subtract Time and Gravity.


Another thought that has been brought to light in the scientific community in the past ten years is that the universe is too perfect. They look at the universe as such an organized and perfected entity that it appears to be a computer program. There is nothing random and that points completely to design, not the “by-accident” belief that has been around for so long.

This is a long and complicated subject that I need not dwell on. I only wish to apply it to all that is happening in the world and outside of planet Earth. All the changes are obviously by design and are following the plan of the Designer. Does Nibiru really exist or is it an illusion to accomplish the task of bringing the worldwide redemption? Hashem has definitely set us up with a reason to do Teshuvah, prayer, Torah study, the commandments, charity, helping others, etc. Instead of just instructing us to do the right thing, to follow His ways and to get the most out of this life on Earth, Hashem is showing us that absolute proof and even scaring us into doing what is best for us.

Something that I have not discussed too much is the idea of “fear of Hashem.” Does that mean that Hashem wants us to be afraid of Him; after all, He is the Infinite Source of all power in this world and the entire universe. Hashem loves us a trillion times more than we could ever love Him. But He wants us to be completely in awe of Him, and to completely trust Him. What we need to fear is us not doing His will. The world is set up that if we do exactly as commended in the Torah we will be happy and successful for all eternity. We should be afraid that we are not taking advantage of Hashem’s goodness.

We complain about all our problems, yet we are the ones who created them. If we are fearful of not living by Hashem’s perfect system, we will see a great increase in joy of life and set ourselves and our loved ones up for all eternity. It is all our choice. Don’t be afraid of your mistakes, correct them (that is true Teshuvah) and be as happy as you can be – turn to Hashem for everything, including all the illusion that is headed this way.  Remember we are being judged measure for measure what we actually do.  If it is Hashem's way, we past the test, if it is our way we suffer the consequence.  

Monday, February 27, 2017

Why Five? and The Rabbi Ovadia Talk about Nibiru

Another excellent essay by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva:

Why Is The Torah Split Into 5 Books? We can infer form the Zohar that the 5 books of the Torah correspond to the 5 levels of the human soul. These levels of the soul are 1) Nefesh 2) Ruach 3) Neshamah 4) Chayyah and 5) Yechidah.

In the womb, the Divine Soul is called Nefesh from the root Nofesh, resting, because before birth the soul has not yet been activated. At birth, the soul is called Ruach which means wind, because the soul is now free like the wind to soar in any direction.

When the infant starts to nurse, the soul is called Neshamah from the root Neshamah, the breath of survival, because nourishment is essential for human survival.

Until the age of Bar or Bat Mitzvah, the soul is still relatively dormant. When one becomes obligated to perform Mitzvot, Hashem introduces the Yetzer Tov (Good Inclination), into the soul which activates it to serve Hashem. Then the soul is called Chayyah, the live one, because it receives new vigor and vitality.

When the soul finally comprehends that Hashem is the one and only power in the universe, the soul is referred to as Yechidah, the unique one and only. Most people never achieve this level of apprehension of Hashem. This level of achievement is for the truly righteous who struggle all their lives to comprehend Hashem in each and every event and attain the level of Yechidah in this world. Thus, the Talmud in Chulin 7 states that a person does not even stub his toe unless Hashem directly ordains it.

However, when an ordinary person dies and his soul is released from his body, only then can he conceive of Hashem as the One and Only Power. Only in Olam Haba does his soul enter the sphere of Yechidah.

The Midrash in Vayikra Raba explains that the soul is a part of Hashem himself. As the Torah states in Devarim 32, "For Hashem is a portion of His people." The Midrash continues to describe how the soul actually resembles Hashem himself. Just as the soul permeates every fiber of the body, so too Hashem's presence fills the entire world.

Just as the soul sees everything but yet is unseen, so too Hashem sees everything but He remains unseen. Just as the soul is connected to the body, yet it preserves its purity, so too Hashem is connected to this mundane sinful world but maintains His purity.

The Nefesh part of the soul corresponds to the book of Bereishis as it says, "And the human became L'NEFESH Chaya." The Ruach part is connected to the book of Shemos, because in Sefer Shemos we received the Torah which is our Ruach.

The Neshamah part of the soul represents the Book of Vayikra which teaches about atonement through the Sacrifices, which attain eternal survival for the soul. Chayyah symbolizes the book of Bamidbar for in Midbar Kadesh we received new vigor and vitality of Kedusha.

The most exalted part of the soul is Yechidah, related to the Book of Devarim as it says, "The Rock, His work is perfect. All His ways are just." Realizing this truth is the level of Yechidah which is the actual unification of the soul to Hashem.

Rabbi Yovel Ovadia gave a fascinating talk Saturday night, 25 February, in Bnai Brak. His topic was Nibiru.  Here is an English translation with a summary written below:

I am still working on a summary of other sources, trying to pinpoint the time frame of Moshiach and the worldwide redemption. I hope to have it completed in the next couple of days, B"N.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Chosen People and an Urgent Request


Another excellent message from Harry Rothenberg:

I am re-sending an urgent request for one of our dear readers, who has a serious medical problem. The site has been fixed and is now available for your kind donation.

Please prayer for
Chaya Shaina Chana Bas Itcha
and go to this site to make a donation to help her:


She really needs our help for a Refuah Shlema.

Chodesh Tov

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Are We There Yet? Are We There Yet?

I am still getting a daily request for information about what is happening in the world and if I have connected all the dots to determine how close to the worldwide redemption we are. It reminds me of the question we get from our children when we are on a long road trip: Are We There Yet? Are We There Yet? What we always tried to do was tell the children the truth which was: “soon,” or “getting close,” or “stop asking, just keep yourself busy and you will know when we are there.”

I have worked for weeks trying to come up with an answer for you, my children. What I have been finding is that Hashem is answering: “stop asking, just keep yourself busy (with repentance, prayer, Torah study, charity, helping others and doing the commandments) and you will know when we are there.” The more important part of the answer is “we are not there yet, because we are not trying hard enough to get us there.” Everyone wants all his or her problems to just miraculously go away and it looks like the easiest answer is: MOSHIACH. Once he is introduced to the world, all our problems will go away.

First let me tell you what Hashem is doing to send us a very strong message. He is making it impossible to connect the dots and predict the end. How so? What I see happening in the world is mass confusion; nobody agrees with anyone. As an example I recently saw a YouTube video which said:

MINI-ICE AGE/Arctic Vortex Warning/Extreme Weather/Northern Hemisphere.


Then I see absolute proof of Global Warming:


Of course I ask the question: are we going towards a global cooling or a mini-ice age or a global warming? We really can’t have it both ways.

Then there is the predictions of asteroid 2016WF9 hitting the Earth on 16 Feb, or passing by on 24 Feb or passing by on 25 Feb at 33 million miles or 11,000 miles or hitting the Earth next week, or ???? The dot-connecting business is very difficult to impossible when we rely on amateur scientists who don’t have a clue.

More confusion comes from reports of Massive Heat Under Yellowstone/NOT MAGMA!


Or trying to get the truth about the Oroville Dam in California. There are predictions of tremendous rains that will make all the efforts being done useless. There are predictions of a possible earthquake in the area that will devastate the area. The problem is that there are many possibilities, but nothing is for sure.

The coming of Nibiru is another anomaly that has eluded the world. No one agrees about what it is, where it is and when we could expect it.

There are so many other phenomena occurring worldwide that I could spend many hours researching and coming up with almost nothing substantial.

So what is the answer? What is happening and when will it all come to the end? Are we there yet? A very interesting subject that I have been reviewing sheds some light on all of this and gives the only correct answer that I could find. It is all an allusion from Hashem, Who is waiting for us. I have mentioned that it is brought down that if all the Jews would do Teshuvah, Moshiach would instantly be announced. That isn’t happening since most Jews aren’t even paying attention. But, I have also mentioned that the world is getting so scary that all the Jews and all righteous non-Jews will look up very soon and say one word of Teshuvah: HELP!!!!!! That is the worldwide Teshuvah needed since it is everyone turning to Hashem for the answer, for the help. When that happens, it is done and “we are there.”

So, how close are we to worldwide Teshuvah? I have several very good sources that I am reviewing that seem to be pointing to an answer. I am still reviewing these sources and others, and hope to report my findings early next week (it is not completed yet), B"N.

I do have a very curious source to bring to your attention. On the Dani.18 webpage there is an announcement in Hebrew of a huge conference not to be missed. My translation says:

Rabbi Yuval Ovadia Removes all doubts
The star is approaching (it says on the screen, which I would imagine means that he will be presenting): All the latest discoveries and photographs
With the participation of Rabbi Yehudah Yosef Shlit.
Chen Palaces, King Solomon, 29, of Bnei Brak
Saturday night 02/25/17, At 20:20 I NIS 7 entry fee, to cover expenses.
Men and women, will be with complete separation of seating
Rabbi Ovadia who has been talking about Nibiru for a while, so here is hoping that his presentation this Saturday evening has good possible answers. It will most likely be in Hebrew, but I am hoping they make a YouTube video with English subtitles that I can post here. However, if any of my dear readers who live in Israel are available and could attend, and take some good notes, it would be appreciated. Either way, we hope to have something substantial to report early next week.

I have several other sources to talk about and hope to combine all the information for my post early next week, B”N. I do believe that we are very close, which is why I am doing this presentation.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi, Shlita, Parshat Mishpatim, 23 Shvat 5777 19/2/2017

The Creator of the world, the Holy One, our Father in Heaven and Earth, Father of mercy, loves all his creations, without forgetting anyone in the world, He checks heart and kidney of everyone and does not let the righteous Jews fail.

Eventually, the innocence of the Jewish person will win. People think crookedness wins. Crookedness requires a crooked way to reach the goal; but, when a Jew is working innocently with honesty and truth, the Creator will open for him the way with the power of faith. The Creator gives the possibility to the Jews to walk on the right path; and, he who stumbles, He will be tormented. If a Jew keeps the Commandments, the Creator will give force, strength, health and livelihood, protection and preservation and a life happy and full of joy. The Holy One does not like when Jewish people are complaining and are bitter, asking: why I do not have money and why it happened to me? The Holy One ignores him. The Holy One wants that all Jews will be strong and accept with joy and love the suffering and life, even if it is difficult. The Holy One is helping Jews that are happy with what they have without complaining, with their mouth, their heart and their mind. He opens for them abundance from Heaven to answer all their requests.

If a Jew doesn't follow the Commandments and does not repent, he loses his strength and spirit, his future will not be the best possible, and he will suffer problems and complications.

The Prime Minister of Israel represents the land of Israel and went on a mission for the State of Israel; it was not a private matter. He went to see Trump on behalf of the State of Israel. A very wise man, Trump, a man of honesty and truth. Israel's Government should listen and analyze all of Trump's words. Every word he says is full of wisdom because he is guided from above. What Trump promised, he will do. If he changes things that he promised, it is only temporary because he likes working alone and in secret; he doesn’t like when people are talking and published by the media. So please people, Jewish members of the Knesset, give to the Holy One to direct the best way without speaking. Trump is acting based on this sentence; we do and then speak. He does not like publicity and pride, he likes to solve problems.

All countries of the world will be subject to the State of Israel in the Holy Land, step-by-step. There is anti-Semitism in Europe and in the United States, everywhere in the world where the Jews are living; so that they will immigrate urgently to Israel. From 5708 (1948) the Creator declared to the Jews: the Diaspora is done, the salvation begun - go to the Holy Land! The delays and their waiting are making havoc in the world, outside of Israel.

Anti-Semitism is growing increasingly; Isis is everywhere and can't be destroyed. Jews from around the world, it is better to escape than to wait for the blow. Jews in Eretz Israel, the Holy land, do not invest abroad. Jews abroad, invest in the land of Israel.

Iran is Terrified of Trump. The previous Government had made inaccurate agreements, and Iran is worried that Trump will find out the forgery.

Although Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, two former Presidents, and a woman that all were sure that she will be the next president worked hard to convince all the people of the United States, they failed to convince anyone and Trump was elected against all odds. Obama and Hillary wanted to leave all the wrong things hidden in the White House and Trump came to fix them.

Jews in the land of Israel, do not agree to annex the Palestinians to the State of Israel, and also it is forbidden to agree to the idea of two States, because the Arabs will multiply in great numbers and hundreds of thousands of refugees from Arab countries will arrive. Jews will be a minority, and then will be wiped out of the Land of Israel, G-d forbid.

ISIS destroys the Muslims, who aren't going doing things their way; anyone who disturbs their effort will be beheaded. It is impossible to erase ISIS, it is steadily expanding.

Hamas, Mahmoud Abbas, his deputy and the Palestinians are acting as one hand.

Cursed rains fell in Gaza and severely damaged the tunnels; Hamas is renovating them. This is an opportunity for the IDF to clearly see the position of the tunnels. Hamas is not innocent.

Some of the Arabs in Israel, with blue identity cards are the hardest enemies of Israel, harder than those outside Israel's borders.

In East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Hebron, there are plenty of factories building weapons and ammunition; they're not resting at all.

Egypt, although Sisi fights to eliminate ISIS and extreme Muslims that are disturbing, he cannot eliminate them definitely. Sisi, do not play both ways; be frank with Israel and connect honestly and truly; they will help you, decide your direction! Egypt is already suffering from famine with many disturbances; Egypt is in danger.

Jordan, the refugees are not working and are bored so they eat each other, there's severe hunger. They are a nervous wreck, ready to blow up and are blowing up.

Turkey, ISIS is giving troubles to Erdogan and is destroying all of Turkey. Erdogan is seeking help from Israel in commerce and industry. The secret is that he wants Israeli help.

Iraq, destruction upon destruction.

Syria, killing is going on every second, there is no ceasefire and there will not be. There's something resembling a cease-fire.

Russia, Putin does what he wants, and does not care about anyone in the world. He loves the Jews.

Russia and the United States, there are misunderstandings and complications between them for many years. Trump wants to do well.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah, talk, talk. IDF, open your eyes don't let them get arms and ammunition from Iran. Syria cannot help them.

Jews, they do not like you in any country in the world. When you will come to live in Eretz Israel, the whole world will like the Holy Land and the Jews, because it is the Mission of all Jews in the world to live in the holy land of Israel - then all the world will be peaceful.

All assimilated: convert your spouse and repent.

In most countries of the world, citizens are fighting one another - a terrible confusion. In the Holy Land of Israel there are blessed rains, fresh air and complete recovery.

The refugees and the infiltrators are fleeing to Europe and to the United States to destroy, corrupt and expel the Jews. Natural disasters will continue such as many fires, many volcanoes, earthquakes, eruptions, floods and tornados.

Any person who gives or takes bribes, all thieves, scammers and people living on others, everyone from known to unknown, will be discovered religious or not.

The Holy One wants that all the people of Israel will thank Him for anything He is giving them.

A cloud of fire surrounds Israel's borders and the Holy One in Heaven surrounds Israel's borders with a large blue dome that covers all boundaries of Israel.

The Messiah is going from place to place and prays to cancel decrees with the people of Israel, so that no Jews will be hurt in the Holy land. The Creator reveals publicly the Messiah King step by step so that every Jew will have the time to purify himself, to repent and to be part of the first circuit. It takes a lot of restraint and patience. The Holy One has endless patience. Jews pray to receive the Messiah. All is set, only Bat-Kol (a Devine voice) is missing that needs to come out and declare our righteous Messiah!

Courtesy of the site: "Tairneri"

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Something For Everyone

Another excellent message from Harry Rothenberg:
The next message from Binyamin has been posted in English.  This message has more information in it than most of his past messages.  He is telling us exactly what is wrong, why we are still waiting for Moshiach and the Geula and even hinting to how much longer.  Take what he is saying very seriously, because he is talking to all of us.  Listen to the entire audio and don't skip around thinking that you have heard it before.  After you are finished listening, listen to it again and ask questions of yourself. Ask exactly where you fit into the picture, both now and the near future when the world will not be the same:

Monday, February 20, 2017

A Solution for Jew Hatred

This essay was sent to me by one of our dear readers, Rabbi Yosef Stern. Although the term anti-Semitism is used throughout the essay, I like to point out that the compound word antisemite was popularized in Germany in 1879 as a scientific-sounding term for Judenhass "Jew-hatred," and that has been its common use since then. It is ironic that we play into the hands of the worst Jew-haters by toning down this horror with a more acceptable term anti-Semite. After all we wouldn’t want to offend those who hate us the most.

The essay:

Bila’am prophesized that, “We are a nation that dwells alone and among the nations, we will not be recognized.”[1] [2]

How right he was! What do I mean? Look at the United Nations. They have condemned us[3] more times than any other country![4] When will we experience this the most? In the period leading up to Moshiach.[5] For we see that the UN are ganging up against us. In the words of Dovid HaMelech, “All the nations surround me… they encircle me…”[6] As the Novi tells us, “I will gather the nations to Yerushalayim for war…”[7] However, this is materializing in our times! Only liberals, leftists or irreligious Jews - who have no Torah in their life[8] - can’t see that it’s the ‘hand’ of G-d running the show and not their own efforts.

Rashi[9] says, “It is a law that Eisav[10] hates Yaakov.[11] Some of our brethren just don’t seem to understand that when our Creator makes a law, we can’t fight it, only obey it. For He told us, “Amongst the nations you will not be tranquil…[12] Yet, there are people within our nation who ‘think’ they can eliminate anti-Semitism altogether. Someone once commented on a website with a solution regarding anti-Semitism:

“If we teach our children to respect non-Jews, then Hashem, will, in turn, instill into them to have mercy on us and there will be no more assaults or stabbings etc. ever again.”

The reason we must respect non-Jews and teach our children to do the same has nothing to do with acting civilized. It’s for a higher cause: to sanctify our Creator’s Name. As the Novi informs us, “You are My servant, Yisrael, through whom I am glorified!”[13] This means we have an awesome responsibility on our shoulders!

Yet, for him to say that Hashem will, in turn, instill into them to have mercy on us and there will be no more assaults or stabbings etc. ever again, is complete and utter nonsense! It’s like Theodore Herzl, who claimed that the establishment of a “Jewish” state would cure anti-Semitism.[14] When Dovid HaMelech said, “Do not rely on nobles or on a human being, for he holds no salvation,”[15] he was referring to people like “Theodore Herzl”.

Does the Torah contain a SOLUTION for anti-Semitism? In Parshas Kedoshim, Hashem warns us, “Do not follow the traditions of the nations that I expel from before you, for they did all of these [abominations] and I was disgusted with them… I am Hashem, your G-d, Who has separated you from the peoples.”[16]

Where else do, we find similar words “do not follow the customs of the nations”? In Achrei Mos the verse[17] says, “… do not perform the practices of the land of Canaan to which I bring you and do not follow their customs.”

On the words, “do not follow their customs,” Rashi[18] says, “… Matters that are etched for them in their ways as if they were laws, such as theaters and stadiums i.e., (days set aside for) attendance at theaters or stadiums…”

The Gemara[19] says, “Whenever it is stated in the Torah ‘do not,’ it is nothing other than a negative commandment.” Rashi is telling us, “Do not go to a Movie Theater[20] or a Sport Stadium.”[21] [22]

Our Creator signs off, “You shall be holy for Me,[23] for I Hashem am holy and I have separated you from among the peoples to be Mine.”[24]

What does this verse sound like? Marriage! Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan zt”l[25] says, “The groom gives his bride a circular ring, which has no beginning and no end. This parallels Hashem giving Klal Yisrael the Torah, which is endless.[26] [27] The words the groom says, ‘…הרי את מקודשת לי,’ begin with the letter hei, which has the numerical value of five, alluding to the five books of the Torah – the wedding ring of the marriage between Hashem and Klal Yisrael.’”[28] [29]

The Even Ezra[30] says, “I took you out of Egypt only to be your G-d; if you will not be holy I will not be your G-d. If you wish that I be your G-d, be holy.”

How does one stay holy? Rashi explains that the only way for us to be holy to Hashem is by separating ourselves from arayos.[31] What is arayos? Intimate relationships[32] which are forbidden by prohibitions in the Torah.

We need to ask ourselves, “Are we still wearing the wedding ring[33] that He gave us?[34] “Have we forsaken it,[35] in exchange, to develop a relationship[36] with the nations that surround us?”

G-d ‘knows’ very well if we are living by our ‘marriage contract’: “If you are separated from [the other peoples], see, then, you are Mine. But if not, see then, you belong to Nevuchadnetzer and his colleagues, i.e. your enemies [who exiled you from the Holy Land].”[37]

For instance, Rav Chaim Volozhin used to say, “If Jews make themselves holy, then – as this posuk[38]guarantees – G-d will separate us from the nations to be His. What will happen if we do not sanctify ourselves? Then the nations will separate us from their midst – for persecution and expulsion, G-d forbid!”[39] This explains the Sifsei Chachamim,[40] which states, “The only way it’s possible for us to achieve holiness, is by separating ourselves from the nations,[41] with our actions. For example: wearing tzitzis, donning tefillin and doing other positive mitzvos…”[42] [43] the Ba’al HaTurim[44] says, “There are seventy mitzvos in Parshas Kedoshim, reflecting the seventy nations from whom I have separated you.”

Here’s Albert Einstein’s theory of anti-Semitism:

Separation = Holiness[45] I Assimilation ≠ Holiness I No Separation = Assimilation I Assimilation = anti-Semitism I anti-Semitism = Annihilation of our nation - Hitler = the Holocaust.

G-d spread us across the globe[46] with one mission specifically: To be a light unto the nations[47] and not to learn from their ways.[48]

When one buys an electronic item, it will say “batteries not included.” However, when the Creator presented us with the Torah, “batteries” were included. Those “batteries” were the sword. As the Medrash[49]says, “A sword and the book came down from heaven bound together. He said to them: ‘If you observe what is written in this book, you will be spared from this sword; if you do not; you will be killed by this sword.’”

The more we stick to our way of life and not theirs, the more they will respect us and the fewer problems we will have with them. In the words of Rav Shamshon Raphael Hirsch: “If you are an authentic Jew, you will be respected because of this, not in spite of it.”

With Hashem’s help, by fulfilling and upholding His Torah, we should soon merit to SEE and witness the day when:

“I will bring you out from the nations and gather you out of the lands to which you were scattered, with a strong hand and with an outstretched arm and with out-poured wrath…”[50]

[1] See Bamidbar 23:9. Roy Neuberger says, “Rabbi Yitzchak Hutner referred to the United Nations as the place where the seventy wolves were gathering to plan their strategy on how to eat up the Jewish People, G-d forbid” (http://bit.ly/1s0iQJX). As Dovid HaMelech said, “He turned their hearts to hate His nation, to plot against His servants” (Tehillim 105:25).

[2] See Why Us? Reflections on the Cause of Anti-Semitism by Rabbi Finkel, page 25, who explains this posuk.

[3] I.e. Israel.

[4] Israel is the target of at least 77 UN Resolutions and the Palestinians are the target of 1 (http://bit.ly/1Y9MqGK).

[5] See Ba’al HaTurim to Bamidbar 23:9 “לבדד” and “לבדד ישכן”.

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[8] As the Gemara says, “Those who are bereft of Torah knowledge become more foolish with age” (Shabbos 152a). Conversely, “Whoever engages in Torah study, the Torah makes him great and exalts him above all things” (Avos 6:1).

[9] Bereishis 33:4 “אמר רבי שמעון”. See also Sifrei, Beha’aloscha 69; Tanchuma, Parshas Shemos #27; Bereishis Rabbah 84:6; and Igros Moshe, Choshen Mishpat 2:77. For an actual example of this, see Shemos Rabbah 1:8.

[10] I.e. the progenitor of the Western Nations.

[11] I.e. the Children of Israel.

[12] Devarim 28:65. See also Artscroll Stone Edition Chumash, page 1083, note 66 and Rashi to Devarim 28:66 “חייך תלאים לך”.

[13] Yeshayahu 49:3. To understand this principle, see Yuma 86a. In addition, Rav Eliyahu Dessler says, “A person should first sanctify Hashem’s Name before other Jews by teaching them the proper way and from there he should proceed to the next level, to sanctify His Name before the nations” (See Michtav Me’Eliyahu volume 3, page 118). Each one of us is an ambassador onto our fellow Jew(s) and the world at large.

[14] See link - http://bit.ly/1rWnybH

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[22] Why not? The Gemara (Sanhedrin 107a) says that a person should never put himself into a situation of nisayon, a test [with his yeitzer hara]. What test is there? Regarding the IMAX Theater, one has to walk through the mall. This means passing or entering certain stores that display things which are completely immodest for one to see, thereby transgressing, “… You shall guard yourself against any evil matter” [(Devarim 23:10) See Artscroll Avodah Zarah 20b, note 24]. The same Gemara applies to attending a sport stadium. Because one is subjecting himself to a place where there is a lack of modesty. Even if one buys box seats - so that there won’t be women sitting in front of him - the stadium screen shows advertisements that are completely immodest for one to see. Besides transgressing, “…You shall guard yourself against any evil matter,” he also transgresses, “Yisrael do not rejoice like the rejoicing of the nations” (Hoshea 9:1). See also B’Mechitzos Rabbeinu by Rabbi Reuven Amar, page 92 “קרקסאות בזמננו” and http://bit.ly/2cLYvkA

*It is also important to realize that when one has the opportunity to sin, but refrains from doing so because G-d forbade it, there is no mitzvah greater than that (Rashi, Kiddushin 39b) and he draws onto himself a light of holiness greater than anyone can imagine (Karyana D’Igarta volume 1, page 22. See also Artscroll Avodah Zarah 20b, note 35).

[23] Our Creator tells us, “You are a holy nation (Shemos 19:6) and ‘a holy people… that is treasured from all the peoples that are on the face of the earth.” (Devarim 7:6)

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[32] I.e. having a relationship with someone else other than one’s wife.

[33] As Mishlei (7:3) says, “Tie them [i.e. words of Torah] to your finger; write them on the slate of your heart.”

[34] I.e. which allows us to maintain a relationship with Him.

[35] I.e. the Torah (see Mishlei 4:2).

[36] To follow their customs, i.e. values and culture. The Novi tells us, “Do not learn from the ways of the nations.” (Yirmiyahu 10:2).

[37] Rashi to Vayikra 20:26 “ואבדל אתכם מן העמים להיות לי”.

[38] Which is, “and I have separated you from among the peoples to be Mine.”(Vayikra 20:26).

[39] The Netziv says, “When a Jew claims to be “a Jew at heart” but is ashamed to practice Judaism, then the gentiles regard him with contempt and treat him like a useless vessel, to be discarded and thrown away” (see Why Us? Reflections on the Cause of Anti-Semitism by Rabbi Finkel, page 35). In the words of Rav Shamshon Raphael Hirsch zt”l, “If you are an authentic Jew, you will be respected because of this, not in spite of it.” [As for why the nations of the world hate us, see Artscroll Shabbos 89a, note 41]. Remember, “Who is like Your people Yisrael, one nation on earth” (Shmuel II 7:23).

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Yitro, 16 Shvat 5777 (5.2.17)

The Holy One, King of Kings, our Father in Heaven and on Earth, Father of mercy, feels compassion for all His creatures. The Holy One is with mercy and judgment.

When He created Adam the first man and gave him free will, Adam went the wrong way!

Since then, He is waiting for thousands of years for this moment of salvation and for the Messiah, to anoint publicly the Messiah King! The Creator will never retreat back.

The Holy One alerts and warns all states in the world, all countries, all Presidents and Heads of Governments: If you go against the Holy land, if you want to harm Israel and the Jews in Israel, or take parts of the land of Israel: the Creator, under oath, will hit them immediately, within a few days, with severe blows that did not exist until now from the time of Egypt to now, because free will in the world has been decreased and the Creator wants to install his reign on this earth. And when The Holy One wants to crown His reign, this world should be pure and holy, without any stain or spot not in the land of Israel nor in the Jews, and not in all humans on the world, and not in the animals, fishes and birds; all will repent. All will be clean, clear and pure, death for Jews will disappear and evil inclination will not exist in the world. It begins now with strength, and the whole world will feel it!

King David was a warrior and fought. Abraham was a warrior and fought. Jacob's sons were warriors and fought like soldiers of the IDF. Moses also fought with the Amalekites and the Egyptians. Even King Solomon fought for peace. The greats in Israel fought wars like the soldiers of the IDF!

France, the Holy One is giving it severe blows and will continue.

Europe is getting severe blows all over.

The Creator will never forgive Europe, He will hit them hard, because they interfere with the land of Israel and they need to expel the Jews from Europe to the land of Israel; they will be banished eventually.

Even the Jews will be banished soon from the United States.

Jews living outside the land of Israel they have no sanctity, no temple and no pure land; on the contrary their place is in the land of Israel! Anti-Semitism is increasing and growing in tremendous dimensions till "the big boom" to all Jews worldwide. Every Jew is smart and wise, understands and knows that his place is in the Holy Land, the land of Israel!

Turkey, ISIS is eating it, their economy is falling apart and they want the help of the State of Israel.

Iran lives in illusions; they think they can play with Trump.

Trump is smart, intelligent and witty. He doesn't give up to anyone, not even to Iran.

He knows exactly what he wants and will take care of everything twisted and distorted.

He will succeed in all his lawful efforts with truth and righteousness. Trump is a strong man and he will succeed, he has help from Heaven and he is working quietly.

The President of the US, Trump, is requesting from the Government of Israel to work quietly and without talking. When they talk it causes problems, interferences and things go wrong.

The State of Israel, the Holy land must develop and grow. In Israel there is everything, the best in medicine, economics, agriculture and science. The Jews in Israel are very merciful, unusual different from the people of all the nations. In Israel there are good winters, good rain, good fruits and vegetables, the most powerful army in the world and the Holy One is with us in the land of Israel!

In the Gaza Strip, they continue to dig tunnels. There is no recession in the Gaza Strip, there's a new profession: one who digs illegal tunnels. All Gaza's economy lives on digging tunnels. There is no need for a certificate, no need for a degrees and education; everyone works from age three to 100 - everyone has a job - digger. May their swords pierce their hearts!

Hamas, Mahmoud Abbas, Isis and Jihad are all working together. The IDF should be alert in the north. Hezbollah is warming the northern area through Syria, so the place will flare up against Israel, G-d forbid.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are swelling like a peacock. The Holy One will hit them hard.

The IDF is very alert and will not let the arms and ammunition reach Hezbollah and Nasrallah.

Egypt, May G-d help Sissi so that Egypt will not be destroyed in his hands. Sissi attacks and works to prevent a revolution. He gives gifts all the time gifts, so they will not disturb him.

Jordan, the refugees eat it. If a Palestinian State will be created, G-d forbid, it will be the worst of the worst.

Syria, they think and say there is calm - it is a lie. No peace and quiet; all is like usual. They are killing, murdering and destroying each other.

Iraq continues to deteriorate and be erased.

China and Japan want to be connected with the United States.

Russia wants to sell weapons and ammunition; it is its lucrative business. Putin loves the land of Israel; he will not bother or disturb it although he is selling weapons to the goyim!

All the left are doing a big mistake about the Palestinians and Hamas; it must be proven to them they are wrong! They don't know with whom they're dealing. They must not live in illusions that the Arabs want peace and love them; Arabs hate them too.

Assimilation is forbidden; it divides the Jewish people and angers very much the Holy One.

We Jews are the chosen people. The angels of Hashem.

All the thieves and crooks, those who live on the backs of others, the lecherous men and those who take bribery will be caught! Everyone should repent, if so, Heaven will have mercy on them.

Hard rains will fall on the world, floods, earthquakes, fire, natural disasters, accidents with trains and airplanes, cars, buses and ships.

Tall buildings will disappear from the face of the earth. They will be swallowed by the earth.

There are natural disasters and there are calamities that the Holy One is making to confuse people, and so they're feuding and fighting amongst themselves.

The holy land of Israel is protected and secure; nothing will happen; it's all good.

We need to open our eyes and be alert all the time and we must not say 'it won't happen to me.'

All the stories about stars that fall from the sky are just stories; Israel is protected and secured.

The Messiah, son of David, is working, acting and protecting the land of Israel.

Over sixty percent of all is known.

In Israel and in the entire world people are aware that there is salvation and the Messiah. In the Sea of Reeds they finally found parts of the chariots of Pharaoh, and it strengthens the people of Israel and the salvation.

The Messiah cares and protects all the people of Israel, doing wonders and miracles that the Holy One in Heaven transfers, through him, the Messiah, a man of Hashem.

The Mothers are waiting; the Messiah from above is connected to the Messiah from below. The Messiah came into awareness of the public and must be revealed in public step by step. Every day is another step, until he will be revealed in public at 100%.
It is not much longer, in a short time!
Courtesy of the site: "Tairneri"

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

How to Construct Your Roller Coaster

Yesterday we posted an excellent article that pointed out how the time, when we were in Egypt and the desert, had its ups and downs. We were on a roller coaster. As bad as it was, the roller coaster ride continued throughout Jewish history to this very day. The article ended with: “This world is like a roller coaster with ups and downs, and the wild ride will only end when Moshiach comes.”

You may notice in recent decades how the world’s roller coasters have increased in craziness. What used to be up and down is now with circles, spirals, much greater speeds, much more dangerous drops, etc. If you want an idea of what I am talking about, go to YouTube and put in: “the world's worst roller coasters.” I have noticed that as things change in the world, so do representative examples. The world’s roller coasters have become as crazy as the world is today. The world offers much more than ups and downs, it includes every dangerous move that the worst roller coasters can make.

So what does this parable have to do with each of us? It turns out that we each have a personal roller coaster in our lives. We each have our ups and downs and even our loops, spirals, changes in speed, etc (you get the idea).

What can we do about it? It turns out that we have actually been given a system in life from Hashem, of course, to design our own roller coaster. I have been saying for the past five years that what happens in our lives has everything to do with the testing Hashem feels we need, measure for measure, to reach correction of our souls – our Tikun, the very purpose of our being on planet Earth. If we follow Hashem, the testing is much more tolerable, since we are getting the correction we need by living the instructions Hashem has given us. That is the voluntary correction, perfection that has been mentioned many times (from repentance, prayer, charity, Torah study, helping others, doing the commandments – I know, you have heard this list many, many times). Or we have the involuntary ways to get correction and perfection through sickness, accidents, hardship, financial difficulties, family problems, problems, problems and more problems.

The extent of how much we accomplish in life the easy way with Hashem or the hard way on our own determines our roller coaster. The ups and downs are completely by design and it is the design that Hashem has made possible for us. What type of roller coaster we have in life completely comes from how much we use Hashem’s merciful guidance or not.

A little design tip: ups are good; downs are not. A positive attitude with positive action makes for a very happy life. A negative attitude with no upward motion causes all the problems of life. Climbing is our goal.

You got the idea.  Now it is time to review the ride you have been living and/or redesign that you need to do to make life much more pleasurable.  By the way, the roller coaster design from Hashem, His recommended model, comes with a lifetime guarantee in writing.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Song of Life

Another excellent article in last week’s Torah Tidbits from the Orthodox Union. Enjoy:

by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva

Frank Sinatra had a hit song called, "That's Life - Riding High in April Shot Down in May." Was he singing about the Splitting of the Red Sea followed by the Amalek terror attack? After the Song of the Sea praising Hashem has been sung, the Jewish Nation is in a state of euphoria. Thus, the Jewish People are not prepared for the series of failures that we encounter in the second half of Parshat Beshalach.

"Moshe led Israel from the Sea of Reeds (improperly called the Red Sea) and they went out into the desert of Shur, and they went three days in the desert, and found no water. And they came to Mara and could not drink the water because it was bitter. And the people complained against Moshe, saying, what shall we drink?" (Shemot 15).

The Baal Shem Tov explains, because the people were bitter, therefore, the water tasted bitter.

Israel proclaims their demand for water and after the problem of the shortage of water is solved, they again begin to complain, this time for food. "The Children of Israel said to them 'Better that we have died by the Hand of Hashem in Egypt, when we sat by the flesh-pots and we ate bread to the full. Why have you brought us into this wilderness, to kill this assembly with hunger?" (Shemot 16).

The People of Israel are purified from the 49 levels of impurity, and of being Egypt's slaves. The Jewish Nation is born in, and then ejected from Egypt, through the Sea of Reeds, into the desert. Now, says the Maharal, Israel reacts just like any newborn whose needs hunger and thirst, must be met. Hashem fulfills the function of a parent, supplying the newborn with food and providing precise instructions regarding it. The Manna will be given every day, and they must not save any Manna for the next day. On Shabbat no Manna will be given and one must save some of the Manna from Friday for Shabbat.

Like any parent feeding his child, Hashem gives more than food. He also teaches the rules concerning how we must behave in this world. Hashem teaches His children the natural order of time. Each day is allotted its daily portion of Manna so that every day is different from the previous one. Thus, one must not save any Manna from one day to the next.

Therefore, the Torah states, "Six days you shall gather the Manna, but on held up his hand, that Israel prevailed, and when he let down his hand Amalek prevailed" (Shemot 17).”

To a certain extent, the war against Amalek is a mirror image of the war against Pharaoh. But, whereas the victory over Pharaoh is absolute, the victory over Amalek is not conclusive.

The story of the war against Amalek demonstrates life events as being cyclical. The war against Amalek shows how not every war against evil ends in total victory. How can evil terrorize defenseless Jews only days after the Song of the Sea, and continue to exist even after it appears to have been defeated.

This world is like a roller coaster with ups and downs, and the wild ride will only end when Moshiach comes.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sea Breeze

Another excellent message from Harry Rothenberg:

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Prophet Elijah Visits Mystic Rabbi With Message: “Four Gates of Mercy Are Closed, But One is Open”

A very interesting article from Breaking Israel News. Please read:


I don't have any additional information other than what you read in the article, but it does hint to the end being here, and that the long awaited message of Eliyahu Hanavi about the Moshiach is very close, B"H.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The UN's Role in the Final Redemption

Another excellent article in last week’s Torah Tidbits from the Orthodox Union. Enjoy:

by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher

Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva

The Exodus from Egypt is the prototype of the Final Redemption, which will occur with the coming of Moshiach. It too, like the Exodus, will take place without the benevolent assistance of the nations of the world, even those whom the Jewish People consider our friends and allies. When the great day of the Final Redemption will come, KIal Yisroel will owe thanks to no one - not even to President Trump - but to Hashem alone.

This insight sheds much light on the inexplicable hatred the UN has for Jews and for Eretz Yisroel. The UN accomplishes very little and is virtually powerless to enforce its proposals and resolutions. It is the most morally corrupt institution in the entire world. So what is its purpose? My Rebbe, Rav Pam zt"l stated that perhaps the answer is found in the Talmud (Avoda Zara 2), that when the End of Days will arrive, the nations of the world will come before Hashem to demand reward for the good they had done for the Jewish People. Each nation will describe how it built projects to make life easier for KIal Yisroel. Hashem will seal their mouths and show them how everything they did was solely for their own benefit, to indulge their desires and pleasures.

Rav Pam explained that when Moshiach comes, the UN will play a major role in refuting the claims of the nations of the world that they acted to help the Jewish People. The purpose of the UN in Hashem's plan is to serve as a permanent and undeniable record of the irrational hatred of the nations for Israel. Every UN speech is recorded. The tallies of every anti-Israel vote and resolution is clearly documented. The UN's perfidy and hypocrisy regarding Israel is outrageous.

The UN's cynical and biased behavior should not shock us or depress us. It is merely the final step in Hashem's plan to bring the Final Redemption following the road map of the Exodus of Egypt. This realization should be a source of great comfort and consolation to us in trying to understand the meaning of our troubled times.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Beshalach, 9 Shvat 5777 (5.2.17)

Almighty Creator of the world, our Father in Heaven, Father of Mercy, Who sees all, every spot on Earth, Who sees all, every star and all worlds, every Angels, every person, every beast, all the animals, birds and fish, trees and all types of weather. There is Someone watching after this world - the Creator. Only a higher power can change types of animals. The Creator is involved in everything and anything a person does; the choice is done by man, for better or worse.

Jews have no business looking for tellers of fortunes, we Jews are our future. There is a possibility of a good or a bad future. We will choose a good future, which means following the 613 Commandments, praying and 'loving thy neighbor as thyself. '

After every plague, Pharaoh, and his magicians and idolaters who spoke with their idols, and to the power of the other side to remove it without any success. It continued until they kneeled and cried to Moses, who stopped the plague in one instant. So they understood and knew there's a higher power above everything, the Holy Blessed One, Who is running the world and not the forces of impurity, pagan idolatry, reading Tarot cards and tellers of fortunes.

Israel's Government must make all government decisions secretly without publishing it! Everything which is hidden is blessed. No need to brag, publish and be proud; we should act with humility and in secret.

Israel's Government needs to decide on every new law, not letting outside factors interfere with the decisions of the Government.

As much as they vilify the Prime Minister of Israel, he didn't give up. He is a smart guy and understands. He is not panicked by all the allegations, calumny and slander. He is fixing everything, but it is a pity that this hurts all the government. The left does everything to try to make him quit, while he wants to move forward. If he quits, this Government will fall; there will new elections and the right will succeed again.

Israel is the best for medicine, economics, agriculture and is the leader for science in the world. The people of Israel, the Jews are the best, compassionate and sons of mercy, an exception from all Nations because of their right path, and therefore people hate them. In Israel there is a good winter with good rains. All is good in Israel!

It is forbidden for the Israeli Jews to leave Israel, it is forbidden! They will return with 1 shekel in their pockets. They will come back the way they left and even worst. It is forbidden for the Jews to lie.

In the Holy Land of Israel, all is holy and consecrated. There is great pain in Heaven and on Earth because of the dismantlement of settlements. If the right and left were together, as one heart, no damage could be caused to the land of Israel.

Army of defense in Israel, should not publish any operation they do. Operate quietly, not in public; this is the way for successful missions. The Arabs now are not the Arabs of the six day war; they were without understanding. The Arabs of today are sophisticated, educated and wise and have courage and confidence.

In the Gaza Strip, the tunnels are prepared and organized, villas and cottages. They are full of missiles and want to surprise in any moment the land of Israel, the center of the country.

Egypt, Sisi is a man who understands the situation; he is not taking risks; he is alert and full of anxiety. He fears ISIS and radical Islam and does not believe anyone. Sisi must not underestimate anyone; he must do his work with confidence and courage, and must not believe anyone. He must keep the peace with Israel; it is better for him.

Turkey, Erdogan, is also afraid of ISIS and his opponents, who are making hard moves and difficult problems and who want to hurt him.

Iraq is without a base, falling apart every day.

Iran is testing the United States to check the power of Trump and his control. After all the tests they do, they will know who Trump is and how to deal with him. They will know whether to deal or withdraw.

Trump likes to work quietly, and mostly he does not like vanity. He began the cleaning; there are many enemies and Muslims throughout the world that Trump is cleaning. He's not afraid of anyone and eventually Europe and the leaders will go his way to save their skins and their countries from the Muslims and the infiltrators who came to eat them.

Russia, The main thing for them is to sell guns and ammo, it's their control.

Jordan full of refugees is alive and dead. It is waiting to establish, Heaven forbid, Palestine.

Lebanon doesn’t know who's against whom, what the future holds.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are missing quantities of weapons, ammunition and soldiers; they are extremely scared

Syria is destroyed, without any hope of recovery, and nothing will help.

Europe becomes entangled strongly and badly with the Muslims; they eat it alive.

Anti-Semitism is growing, growing in Europe and in the USA. Anywhere in the world where there are Muslims, refugees and infiltrators, they chase the Jews.

Jewish men or women who assimilated with Gentiles will find their souls leaving them, and hung between Heaven and Earth.

All the bribers, bribe-takers, thieves and crooks living on the backs of poor Jews, lecherous men, looking for interest and using flattery, all will be revealed.

In Israel all is good! Outside the land of Israel there are natural disasters and rain, floods, bad winds and earthquakes.

All the stories about the stars in the sky – the land of Israel is protected and safe! The land of Israel is ready to accept all the tens of millions of Jews; Israel exists forever! There will be no World War III, not a third intifada, and no star will fall. On the contrary, there is salvation, Messiah and the Third Temple with only Jewish work.

The Messiah acts, works and protects all boundaries of Israel. A cloud fire shields and protects the Israeli borders; every Jew must try to protect himself. If the Messiah were not in this time in this generation, the world would not exist. The Messiah hovers over the whole world and Israel from midnight to sunrise. His soul is not sleeping; it is fully awake and it encompasses all the borders of Israel. The Creator created the Messiah with endless mercy. The Messiah is full of endless mercy, and is in great pain that he is not out in the public.

The Messiah’s role is to fix men, Israel and the entire world. The Messiah comes to break and destroy the power of the impurity in the world, to redeem the Jews and to save them for eternal life!

Courtesy of the site: "Tarneri”

Monday, February 6, 2017

Don't Fool Yourself, Go the Extra Mile

Another excellent message from Harry Rothenberg:
Both videos stress a message that is so important to our lives. It is not just doing Hashem's will that is the key to happiness and success, it is the degree with which we perform. We should go out of our way to help others, not just because Hashem commended us to do so, but because it is the only way we want to be.

We don't study Torah just to get instructions on how to make life wonderful, we also get the message of trying to do more and more to make it as wonderful as can be. Fulfilling Hashem's commandment is the secret to everything tremendous; fulfilling Hashem's commandment with great enthusiasm will give us a life on Earth and for all eternity, beyond our wildest imagination. That is true love of Hashem.
Another very interesting find by Rav Glazerson:
Nibiru 20 Shvat (16 Feb) 5777
I thought I would add one more video sent to us by our dear friend, SC.  I really enjoy this video; it made me get up and dance:
Thank you Benny Friedman, and thank you SC for sharing it with us.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Why do Experts Disagree?

We have received Emails recently telling us that there are posts appearing on The Absolute Truth that don’t agree with excellent videos from very respected Rabbis and Torah scholars. Who do we believe if we get different sources saying different information?

Good question, I am glad you asked it. The answer is that Hashem is sending you a message not to believe anyone, but to open up the books and see what Hashem has to say about the subject. When I present an analysis on a subject such as Moshiach, Geula, Nibiru, the end of days, etc, etc, etc, it should all be interesting information, but it should prompt you to want to check it out for yourself. Not by hearing other people’s take on the subject, but by digging into scriptures; in other words, you researching the Absolute Truth from Hashem for yourself.

I have said that when I cover an interesting subject, you read my post and it’s nice, you may have learned something new and interesting. But, when you discover interesting information all by yourself, you internalize it and have it for life to guide you.

I remember in the 1990’s a secular Jew wrote a book called the Bible Code. It was so successful that he wrote a second and a third book on the same subject. Even though there were definite problems with the material being presented, it started a worldwide debate about the validity of Bible Codes. I saw even in Japan where The Bible Codes became the second best seller (yes, Japan), the debate raged on. There were television and radio talk shows about the subject.

What was happening? Who would have ever thought that this subject would become so popular? Hashem, the One Who created the excitement. With the Baal Teshuvah movement happening, Hashem knew exactly when to spark the thoughts of secular Jews around the world (and even the members of the lost tribes who didn’t know their destiny). Hashem sparked debate and arguing about the subject, that still continues today.

I know Jews who became much more observant when they studied the codes and saw this miraculous subject in our Torah. I admit, I was one of them. For years I had studied scriptures, but when I saw for the first time absolute proof that no person could have written the Torah, my life along with my family members’ lives changed forever. Hashem knows exactly what He is doing, and I am here to testify to the ways of Hashem being irrefutable and the only way to live.

We have another good example in the Talmud. When the Rabbis disagree and argue about everything under the sun, they do it to solidify the subject and make it real. It is never someone’s opinion, but always arguments that have been brought down for thousands of years. Like a court case that puts out all the evidence to allow a jury to decide the truth, the Talmud presents all the possibilities to come to the truth.  Jewish law is not codified in the Talmud, but the basis for codification is there and is solid.

I truly believe that Hashem wants so-called experts to disagree, just to encourage you to dig deeper; after all you want to know the truth. Even your comments and questions on a subject, spark dialog to get to deeper meanings. It is all from Hashem and it is all to give us Tikun, which is correction and perfection of our souls; our mission on planet Earth. Thank you Hashem.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi, Shlita, Parshat Bo, 2 Shvat 5777 (29.1.17)

The Holy Blessed One is delighted to bring good rain to the Holy Land, so it will have plenty of water, to fill out the Lake of Tiberius and remove all diseases from Israel.

The land of Israel is the only place in the world that does not lack anything; there is plenty of food and of water, fruits and vegetables are in abundance. The best patents creators in the world are Jews in the land of Israel, and the world will need and will want the help of the Jews from the land of Israel, only from the Jews living in Israel, and this will happen in this generation. The Creator of the world is happy with his Jewish children in the land of Israel; He protects and keeps them safe; there is a cloud of fire around Israel's borders. The Jews should be attentive and protect themselves "and you will be highly protected."

Most accidents are caused by carelessness and disregard during driving. There is a need to teach the Jews to be considerate of others, especially on the roads. This will raise the Jews to a higher level of spirituality. What is prohibited to renounce? The commandments of the Holy Blessed One to protect the Holy Land.

"Innocence is a virtue to have with the Holy One your L-rd," which means honesty and truth. Then the Creator will help you. If you don't act honestly, but go around without the Creator in mind, He will not help you. Acting with honesty is the only way to be.

The President of the US Trump is honest and truthful and will improve order in the world. He has help from Heaven, and he will affect the whole world and bring them to peace with Israel. All that he promised, he will do. There are some things he ignores and rejects, because he knows that all hidden things are blessed. When Trump will be stronger and aware of all matters, he will work harder and will keep all the promises. Why will all his promises be kept? Because they were done honestly, and their goal is for peace and love; and good things receive help from Heaven.

Russia is selling arms and ammunition to support itself and its citizens, this is one way it is keeping the economy going; there are other things, but this is what matters.

Syria continues to be erased and it will continue. Anyone who gets involved with Syria will be erased.

Israel must not play the gentile soul; take care of the needy and the sick in Israel and don’t be the gentile soul for other places. Israel is less than 1% in the world, and the Holy One loves the Jews in Eretz Israel and hears them. The Gentiles he might hear only if they respect the Jews in Israel.

All countries that want bad events to happen to us "may their swords pierce their hearts and their bows be broken."

France, England, Germany and all of Europe, millions of refugees, Muslims, Arabs and ISIS will continue to invade. Millions are running to Europe, want to conquer it and no one can stop them because this is the Hand of the Holy One. Europe is mostly flooded by refugees, who want to seize it and bring them all to Europe.

Dear Jews living abroad: immigrate urgently to Israel and do not invest abroad. Dear Jews: all overseas investments will go down the drain. Jews abroad are exposed and are not protected; do not say 'it won't happen to me,' it is written on your forehead that you are Jews. The goyim are destroying the businesses, houses and property of the Jews and are hurting them. Anti-Semitism is rising, rising and rising every day. They want to hurt Jews abroad and make them run away! And the whole world wants to nourish itself from the Jews in Israel.

Egypt, Sissi is thinking he is strong and opens the checkpoints. Nothing will help him; they will not have peace with him. Radical Islam, Isis and Hamas want to topple him and Egypt. There is famine there and this provokes unrest.

Turkey, ISIS wants to destroy all Turkey.

Jordan, its King is waiting for 2 countries. The Palestinians don't want two states; they want all the land of Israel. Nothing will help them.

Iran is on the lookout because of Trump. Complications are starting to develop between the two large parties, they will have complications and it will be a mess.

Lebanon is afraid of Nasrallah and Hezbollah.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are missing a lot of weapons, ammunition and soldiers. Fifty percent of them fell apart and continue to deteriorate.

Iraq is cursed with the curse of the 'Tower of Babel.'

On the northern border they continue to dig tunnels. Hamas in Gaza is digging tunnels. There are many tunnels in direction of the major cities, and everybody's waiting for what the US President will say and do, and act accordingly. For the Arabs the Obama feast is over.

Hamas is keeping busy with tunnels and Abu Mazen is working on how to hurt Jews.

In East Jerusalem, Ramallah and Hebron, there are plenty of conspiracies. Under the houses they have ammunition, they are training and taking orders from Abu Mazen on how to operate.

Jews, invest only in Israel, in real estate. Settle the Negev, the Galilee, the Golan Heights, Judea, Samaria and Benjamin, and fill them in with Jews.

It is forbidden for Jews to assimilate; his or her soul leaves during assimilation. If Heaven forbid, a Jewish man lives with a non-Jewish woman, or a Jewish woman lives with a non-Jewish man and does not want to leave him or her, they must be converted.

There will be severe earthquakes around the world, chaos, complications and conflicts continue. In Israel there will be nothing. Right and left must be united! Arabs hate both the left and the right.

All thieves, scammers and those doing conspiracy, taking bribes from the smallest to the biggest, everyone will be caught. If they repent, the Creator will pardon them from Heaven.

All the rich, that the Creator gave them very good gifts, and don't give the Maaser and charity, to any Yeshivah or Kollel, to students of the Torah, to ritual baths, synagogues, needy and hospitals, the Creator will take from them the money and the blessings. They will be out of business and into bankruptcy. Who has wealth and takes it for himself and does not give to the people of Israel, the wealth will be against him and he will crash. He must take what he deserve and will give away much more than Maaser as Zebulon and Issachar.

Messiah is acting and operating, with great powers he is protecting Israel. The Mothers are ready, the Yechidah is linked to the Lower Messiah, and all are ready for the revelation in public! Everything that happens in Israel is not obvious, for Messiah has a higher power to protect the land of Israel! The Creator will speak very soon through the King Messiah in public through his throat. Instead of the Holy One talking and allowing the whole world to hear Him, which can bring destruction, the Creator of the universe will speak to the world through the Messiah!

The whole world will be subject to the land of Israel and Messiah. From the land of Israel and Messiah, all the world will live!

Courtesy of the site: "Tairneri"

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Then and Now

There was an excellent article in the Orthodox Union Torah Tidbits last week entitled:

Why Did G-D Harden Pharaoh's Heart?

by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher

Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva
Why did G-D need to harden Pharaoh's heart? Why was there a need for the Ten Plagues? Why couldn't G-D bring about the Exodus by having Pharaoh come to the realization that it was to his benefit to get rid of his Hebrew slaves? Hadn't Pharaoh expressed his fears that in the event of war, the Hebrew nation would join our enemies and wage war against us (Sh'mot 1: 10)? If he was so afraid that the Jews would be collaborators against him, and by their miraculous population explosion soon outnumber the Egyptians, why didn't he just let them go?

Rav Shlomo Kluger explains that it would have been a disaster if the Exodus from Egypt would have come about in this way, with Pharaoh playing the role of the Great Emancipator. Instead of Klal Yisrael being free from Pharaoh, this would have created a situation where the Jewish nation would be eternally indebted to Pharaoh for giving us independence by permitting us to leave Egypt.

The trait of HAKARAT RATOV (gratitude) is deeply engrained in the heart and soul of our nation and is the essence of many Mitzvot in the Torah. Even a kindness done to our ancestors many centuries ago creates a debt of gratitude that we must continue to honor and not allow to diminish with the passage of time.

The very purpose of the Exodus from Egypt was that "I shall take you to Me for a people and I shall be a G-D to you, you shall know that I am Hashem your G-D, Who takes you out from under the burdens of Egypt" (Sh'mot 6:7). The only way the Jewish Nation could show its total loyalty and express its boundless thanks to G-D for taking us out of Egypt was if we had no reason to show any gratitude to Pharaoh. Our gratitude must be solely for G-D alone.

Therefore, G-D had to bring out the very worst in the Egyptian King, and continually harden his heart to refuse Moshe's request to let us go free. This was achieved by afflicting Pharaoh and his nation with the Ten Plagues. Despite the devastation the plagues caused, Pharaoh stubbornly refused to give in until the death of the first born finally caused him to let the Jews go.

The Exodus from Egypt is what made our people into the Nation of G-D. Numerous Mitzvot that we perform are a memorial of the Exodus from Egypt, and the miracles that G-D performed during the Exodus is the basis of our EMUNAH in Him.

Therefore, if Israel would in any way be indebted to Pharaoh, that would detract from the total loyalty and gratitude we owe to G-D for taking us out of the Egyptian bondage. Thus, G-D had to remove Pharaoh's Free Will for our eternal benefit.
After reading the article, I thought aren’t we facing the same situation today? I see so many Jews who are praising the new President Trump and saying that he will do many things for Israel and the Jews. There have also been messages that Hashem has put this man in the White House. I do believe that Trump has a much better attitude than his predecessor with respect to Israel and the Jews. I also believe that in the same way that Hashem hardened the heart of Pharaoh, so we would not give the evil Pharaoh credit for the Exodus from Egypt, let us analyze what Trump is doing and how Hashem is using him to help us. The bottom line again is that it is Hashem, not some human leader that is providing help.

But what are some of the changes and the result of such changes. There is the proposal of the American Embassy moving to Jerusalem, the wall that is being built on the Mexican border (which Netanyahu praised), the great rift that is being created in the US between the Right and the Left, the great change in immigration, the renewed friendship with Israel, the bringing of a Jewish son-in-law into the Trump government and other measures. They all seem like positive changes to the US, but they are all creating an increase in Jew-hatred around the world. Everything complaint from the left is causing the population that follows them to point the finger, blaming the Zionist, which is the modern euphemism for Jew.

Many of the changes happening are having one effect, dividing the nation and perhaps causing in the end a vast exit of Jews to Israel. Recently, I believe it was Binyamin, who said: “Trump will come in and kick out all the Jews.” I didn’t understand that statement at first, but when we see how Hashem works, it becomes much more apparent that He put Trump in to cause the Jews to come home.

There is so much of a division in the US that there appears to be a situation that is leading to a new civil war. This time instead of the blacks and the issue of slavery, it is the Jews and desire for Zionist domination.

Did we see Obama as the new Pharaoh for this Geula (we have talked about the great possibility that Obama is the reincarnation of Pharaoh)? And now do we believe that Trump was designated by Hashem as the Moses of today to “let our people go?” After all Moses didn’t enter the land, but Hashem used his servant to cause the Exodus, and the eventual entering of our land.

I have mentioned that the events of the first Geula are prophetic messages for this final Geula. Is this what is happening? In the end we will see for sure that a leader has been chosen by Hashem to carry out Hashem’s will? When the people start to believe that it is not the leader of a country that is helping us, but Hashem saving us with “an with a mighty hand outstretched arm.” Are we seeing that it cannot be done by one plague, but ten to bring the people to the truth? Will the last plague be Nibiru destroying much of the world except for Israel, convincing all the people that it only could have come from an Infinite Force, Hashem?

I just asked lots of questions that I believe will be answered soon. If all that we are seeing is the fulfillment of the prophecy of the Geula from Egypt, I believe all Jews should consider packing their things. There are not coincidences; there is only the complete consistency of Hashem’s ways. The only way the Jewish Nation could show its total loyalty and express its boundless thanks to Hashem for taking us out of Magog was if we had no reason to show any gratitude to Trump or any other human leader. Our gratitude must be solely for Hashem alone.