Tuesday, November 8, 2016

An Excellent Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Lech Lecha 5777, 6.11.16

King of Kings, G-d, is telling the people of Israel: everything is planned; everything is exactly like G-d's plan!

Waiting for the crowning of the Messiah King in public is the hardest thing. There is torment and torment atones, and when torment atones, the people of Israel will be in the first circle. Even for G-d, waiting to crown the Messiah King is hard, and for His children, the wait is hard, in the end there will be a great gift of eternal life! G-d wants to hold the gift that He is giving the people of Israel, who are waiting for thousands of years for the crowning of the Messiah King in public. Patience, dear Jews!

Even though the mothers forgave and released the upper and lower Messiah, and he need only to be revealed to the public, despite everything being good in Israel, there is one step after another, after another. Even G-d finds it difficult to wait, but the waiting is not without reason.

Soon, in our generation, we will get to see the crowning of the Messiah King. Dear Jews, believe, there is no delay and we will not wait another generation, it will be in our generation. This is the last Messiah, the Messiah is alive and here, working! The wait is so that the people of Israel are in the first circle! The Messiah is working, everything that is happening in the world is G-d's doing through the Messiah. Blessed is the believer, the believer will be in the first circle.

Not only the people of Israel must repent and redeem themselves, but also Adam and Eve, his wife. Soon, they will bow before G-d and regret their deeds and say: "we have sinned, we have committed crimes, forgive us," it is very close.

G-d does not forget anyone. Perverts, thieves, people who take bribes will be revealed. G-d is revealing anyone that takes or gives bribes, cheats, is a pervert or commits a sin, they are all revealed.

In the US, if there wasn't a big secret between Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama, Obama and his wife would not go out and try to convince the Americans to vote for Hillary. This is clear, they want to hide secrets from the past, from the time they worked together in the White House. The FBI has discovered things and will continue to discover things - there is much to discover.

In Russia, Putin doesn't care what anyone thinks, he threatens everyone with the atomic bomb. We said it a long time ago: Putin loves Israel.

In Gaza, the IDF must bomb insides where the tunnels start. The whole goal of Hamas and Abu Mazen with these tunnels toward IDF bases is to surprise and kidnap, heaven forbid, soldiers, to mock the IDF; be vigilant!

In Egypt, the Nile is waiting for instructions from G-d. The tunnels that they dug under the Suez Canal are sneaky, and it is starting to anger the King of Kings, G-d! There is no food in Egypt, there is pressure and stress in the air, and it will explode.

In Jordan, the king continues to wait with Abu Mazen for a Palestinian state, heaven forbid. Abu Mazen is in the basement giving orders.

In East Jerusalem they want to surprise. From time to time, it is quiet and calm so that the armed forces and civilians get back to their routine and get complacent, and then they surprise, heaven forbid. A large part of the gentiles in Israel have ammunition and weapons. They married women from Gaza, took their children, and their children are brainwashed. They have hatred for Israel from within Israel. Their assimilation causes trouble.

Turkey is being eaten away by ISIS. It is dying, but there is still tension in the air.

Iraq doesn't know how to gain control, there is no stability.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah don't know what to do, they are confused; there is no one to support them. He is afraid and waiting for the wave to pass. The wave will never pass. Iran can't send him ammunition or weapons, and neither can Syria and Lebanon.

In Europe, they don't know what to do. They stopped publishing in the media about refugees and Muslims coming in by the thousands, conquering Europe and eating away at it. Some drown on the way and others come through the land or sea. Jews have nothing to do in Europe, Africa, Asia, North and South America, or any other place except for Israel. They should come urgently to Israel, to settle a million and half Jews in the Negev, a million Jews in the Western Galilee, half a million in the Golan Heights, and a million and half in Samaria and Binyamin. Like it or not, that is how it will be in the end, that is the will of G-d.

All of the countries in the world are in conflict, and will continue to be. We said it a year ago, eight months ago, and say it again: every country in the world that harms Israel will be destroyed. G-d is bringing plagues never seen before on earth. They will fall on their swords, kill each other, and their bows will break, they won't be able to send rockets to Israel.

Natural disasters will continue around the world, earthquakes, floods, fire and heat, winds and storms, the end of the bad world. G-d is schooling the entire world: "Don't touch my Holy Land and the Jews in Israel! I am creating chaos and Armageddon among you, outside the borders of Israel. When will you understand that G-d is doing all this?"

Every Jew sees that Israel is safe, and the entire world outside the borders of Israel is in chaos and Armageddon.

Daughters of Israel watch over yourselves and tell your parents everything. Do not assimilate, it angers G-d. Stay pure and holy for your Jewish husbands. G-d is promising the daughters of Israel: keep yourselves pure and holy and you will have protection from G-d, health, success and a long life. Assimilation causes a deep mental damage, it is a mix of good and evil from the snake that put his filth in Eve, and it is hard to get out of it.

The economy in Israel is the best in the world.

Israel is growing a centimeter each day without you even feeling it.

Jews are the mind behind all of the patents and applications in the world and Israel. G-d is giving them enlightenment through the soul and asking that all of the inventions and developments remain in the Holy Land of Israel - Israel will distribute to the world, don't sell! The entire world is going crazy that all of the patents are being invented by Jews.

Nothing is missing in Israel, whoever thinks it is bad here is looking for the bad to come to him. The choice is with man to choose bad or good.

Real estate in Israel will continue and will never stop. No man can stop the real estate in the Holy Land of Israel. Everything is in preparation for the Messiah and the Temple, this generation is blessed.

The Messiah is protecting and doing Israel's battles through his thoughts and speech, without tanks and planes; you don't have to see him in action. Because the world is modern, people doubt. G-d is guiding the Messiah one step after another.

Some know the Messiah, and some know but remain silent and keep it to themselves. The day will come, it is close, in this generation, and everyone will know who the Messiah King is!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

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