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Torah Codes are Very Tricky; Plus What is with Nibiru?

One of my favorite subjects is the hidden codes that are found in the Torah. Why? Being an Engineer, I have always been a skeptic, who wanted proof about everything before saying that this is the absolute truth (there's one of my favorite expression).

But, since everything in this universe is in the Torah, can we use it to predict the future? Absolutely not!!! It is not the purpose of the codes. What is the purpose? Since I have written about this many times, I thought I would save myself lots of typing (I really dislike typing) and refer you to my previous posts on the subject. Here are three available to answer your questions:

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It is important to know how codes are found. We do not have software that we just ask “When is Moshiach going to be introduced?” even though that would be great. Our searches happen by us putting possible words and phrases into a program, and see if we find it in the Torah. In other words, we suggest the information. The facts, that we see, are always after it occurs, we can verify where an event was found in the Torah and how significant it is statistically. Even the Statistical Report done on the famous Rabbis (in my post Torah Codes above) still required the doers of the experiment to put the Rabbis full names into the computer for the search. The fact that they found all 66 names was good evidence that everyone and everything is in the Torah. But, to find their dates of death (and birth in a later iteration of the same experiment), was only possible because we already knew their birth and death dates. Finding all this information wasn’t predicting the future, it was verifying the impossible fact that everything is in the Torah and that the One who gave us the Torah knew all this before the fact. I can find an individual in the Torah, but I can’t tell him when he will die, even though it is there. I have to know the date and look for it, which is not known until it happens (and then he really won’t care anymore).

Why am I telling you all this? Besides the fact that it is fascinating, it puts a different perspective on many videos that we have seen that seem to be predicting the future. Let me be specific about one that just came out, and then I will explain the trap that we fall into with such information. Recently, NASA made a statement that Nibiru will make its closest approach on 24 September 2016 (21 Elul 5776). Rav Glazerson did a Torah codes search and sure enough, he found it. First watch the video and then let me comment on the find:

The Threat - Nibiru 24 September 2016
My first question that came to mind is: did the evil global elite, who have silenced NASA since 1983 when they first saw Nibiru, do Teshuvah? Did the evil ones start to feel bad about their deception and come clean to try to help the people of the world? My answer, after I stopped laughing, was NO, NO, NO, NO (and a thousand more NO’s)!!!!!!!! Am I saying that this seems to be another deception from the evil global elite to possibly help them get into their underground cities to safety, while we are disastrously killed on the surface? YES, YES, YES, YES (and a million more YES’s)!!!!!!!

But wait a minute, it was found in the Torah, so it must be true. Right?

I have already stated that everything is in the Torah, everything. What was actually found in this video? That a date is parallel to Nibiru with many letters in between. Should we conclude before the fact that the date found is for Nibiru?

I did some additional searches in the Tenach just out of curiosity. I found:

NASA – 106 times with a letter separation of 100 or less (many with a very low, significant ELS)
Deception – 17 times with a letter separation of 100 or less
I did not look specifically at the location of these words, since I am not sure how it would be worded. It could be something like “NASA lied,” or “NASA does not do Teshuvah.” My point is that everything is in the Torah including the date that NASA said Nibiru would occur. It does not tell us when Nibiru will occur, since the search that was done was strictly the NASA deceptive date. Here again, we really cannot tell until after the fact.

I found Tammuz, the present month that we are in, 386 times with an ELS of 100 or less. I also found Menachem Av 3 times with an ELS of 100 or less, and 11 times with an ELS of 300 or less (just Av would be statistically insignificant and would produce thousands of finds). Were any of these months near Nibiru, 5776 and other significant words for our purpose? I am sure they are, but meaning what? If there are events happening due to Nibiru such as an increase in earthquakes, it is in the Torah. I cannot tell the definite date by guessing and seeing if it is in the Torah. After all, I am not qualified as a statistician to be able to evaluate the probability of its validity. That means wait until after, and I’ll tell you (once again, who cares once it is done?).

I was so impressed when we found the Adar date that Gill Broussard predicted. I even found in Hebrew 26 March in the area. When I did a search of certain other words, here were my results:

Broussard I found 128 times with an ELS of 300 or less, and 46 times if I cut it to an ELS of 100 or less. Is the Torah telling us the date of Nibiru as 26 March, or is it telling us that Gill Broussard will guess at that date? Everything is in the Torah, so you know the answer to that question.
I need not go into more detail, nor do I need to search further. The truth can only be seen for sure after the fact. I am not here to try to predict the future, but I am certain from the many sources that we have (besides Torah Codes), that we are close to the time of Geula and of Moshiach. Are the videos of Rav Glazerson fascinating? Without a doubt, I look forward to the next one. Is it a prediction of the future? I have no idea until it happens. Should I rely on dates seen to live my life? Definitely not!!!! 

The messages that we are receiving from Hashem through prophesies in scriptures, the Facilitated Communications individuals, the Rabbis who have Ruach Hakodesh, the Mekubalim who have been very accurate about what is coming up, etc, are all reassuring that we need not wait for any further proof. Now is the time for the best repentance, prayer, Torah study, charity, helping others and a very concentrated effort to do the commandments.

My prediction is each individual will be taken care of measure for measure according to our efforts NOW. I didn’t see that in Torah Codes, Hashem has been telling us this necessity for thousands of years. The closer you try to come to Hashem and do His will the better the prediction will be for your personal outcome.

I could not end this without giving some analysis to the coming of Nibiru and at the same time Moshiach. One very strong message that I think we can rely on from NASA and the evil ones is that it will be before 24 September. If their deception is strictly to allow them to take cover, which it appears to be, then we are talking probably at least a month before. The biggest fear that they have is that the world is going to realize the danger and how their leaders are cowardly running to save themselves, and at the same time, hoping to kill as many of the world population as possible.

There are many other signs that we are getting closer. The movement of military equipment has been staggering. The purchase of ammunition and equipment for riot control is unprecedented. The great increase in plastic coffins being purchased and delivered to the FEMA camps is disgusting. The probability of the worldwide financial collapse is becoming apparent.

Then there are signs from Nibiru. The earthquakes continue at about 30 to 40 a day, but with an increase in intensity. In the past week, there have been many more earthquakes in the 5 to 7.7 (in the Northern Mariano Islands) range of intensity, more than we have ever seen. To have earthquakes greater than 6 and not have it reported in the news is very unusual, unless the evil ones want to keep this indication quiet. To have one 7.7 and not see it in the news is unbelievable.  There is a great increase in flooding, fires,
large numbers of birds and fish dying and hazardous weather systems around the world. There seems to be an increase in radiation level worldwide (I am just starting to pay attention to this indicator). I also believe that the large increase in terror activity with a staggering amount of deaths is all false flag occurrences since the CIA financed and trained ISIS is proudly taking credit for the horror. There is great provocation occurring worldwide for a world war, including an increase by many countries in troop movement as well as missile testing.  We also cannot ignore the great increase in Jew-hatred around the world.

I could go on, but I am not fooled by the fact that this is all implementation of the global elite New World Order agenda. On a positive note, I also see the plan of Hashem to use all this to bring the worldwide redemption and Moshiach. When? It is as close as Nibiru, and I do believe Nibiru is approaching rapidly.

I have said that the commentary from Balaam's prophecy of the Star of Jacob states that the star, which is Nibiru, is the Moshiach.  That means that when the star does its flyby, it is the likely time for Moshiach to be introduced. 

So when is Nibiru going to be seen by the entire world?  There have been so many videos from very unprofessional sources that give me no confidence in their findings.  The only action for me is to try from photos taken to try to guestimate the size of Nibiru and to estimate its possible arrival time frame.  Here are some pictures from Mexico that were taken last week.  The first two are the same photo with the second enhancing the color to see it better:

 Two additional photos from Mexico:

All these photos and many more that I have seen are saying that Nibiru is appearing to be two to three times the size of the moon these days. 

The size is an important aspect in gauging its closeness.  The fact that it is getting so big to the naked eye tells us that it is close. I spent hours searching for accurate information to calculate its present distance to Earth, its speed and its possible arrival.  I believe that since there is no true way to guestimate, I am taking this as a message from Hashem not to try.  I know that it is close, much closer than a 24 Sep deception, but the actual numbers that I have settle upon are not what I would call statistically reliable, and therefor I am not going to give a prediction.

We are in the three weeks of consolation; a time that has been disastrous to our history. All these horrors that we are seeing seem to fit right into this solemn time of mourning and reflection. Is Hashem telling us that the Teshuvah that we should be increasing during these three weeks is much more needed this year? Is Hashem telling us that the end of the three weeks, which is Tisha B’Av, a fast day of pouring out our hearts to Hashem for help, is going to result in a feast day of celebration? It is brought down that when we get Moshiach and the Geula the 9th of Av will change from a day of mourning to a day of celebration, a day of fasting to a day of feasting. I have always wondered about the word fast and how it changes to feast by just adding the letter “e,” which I guess stands for “eat.”

I take everything as a sign from Hashem. I know that I have said that each date that comes up is another possibility for the happy ending (happy for the followers of Hashem). So I am not predicting, but requesting your help again. If these three weeks are truly used as a time of reflection, repentance, prayer, charity, Torah study, helping others, observing the commandments, etc, than we together can bring about the worldwide redemption and Moshiach. I can’t stress enough that this is not a wait and see, but a tremendous opportunity to save the world and bring about the best of all possible worlds; the world as Hashem intended it to be.

Let us all take this opportunity, and put the e into fast (I definitely prefer eating to fasting). We can do it. Also, there was a Torah Code recently that said that Tu B’Av, the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Av is when the third and final Temple will fall from the sky. Let us make this Torah Code totally correct, since the Temple will come after the redemption, the return of all the Jews and the lost tribes, the elimination of the evil of the world and the crowning of the King “Moshiach.”

I have received over Shabbos another message from Hashem that is very encouraging, even pointing to the possibility of Moshiach being introduced (Nibiru coming) prior to Tisha B'Av (feast, not fast).  I am still investigating my findings and will report it later this week, B"N.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Another Very Important Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Mattos, 18 Tammuz 5776 (7/24/16)

Father in Heaven, King of Kings, G-d, in his mercy cleans and purifies the world. He will not forget anyone and any country on earth. After a long period and many years in which G-d shakes and shocks the world with chaos and Armageddon (not in Israel), He has stopped the wheel for all of the people and countries in the world except for Israel and the Jews in Israel. They do things in the world and are stopped; they have economic, state and social complications. The entire world has turned into a mess; the evil is fighting the evil. This is G-d cleaning the world. He is sick of the world of lies. G-d started this process a long time ago so that everyone obeys the commandments, and the Jews, above all, rule the world.

G-d is warning the Jews living outside of Israel to come to the holy land of Israel urgently. Don't think you are safe. Jews going abroad take risks; Jews buying homes outside of Israel take risks. There is no protection for Jews outside of Israel, only for those sent by the Ministry of Defense for work, and rich Jews who invest, in order to bring more money into Israel. In the holy land of Israel there is protection coming from G-d. In Israel, every Jews is protected by G-d, and still G-d says "watch over yourselves. Outside of Israel, however, a Jew must watch over himself; if it is not enough, it won't work. There is no protection from G-d.

Jews, do not go to graves of tzadikim outside of Israel. All of those who died outside of Israel come to the Cave of the Patriarchs in Israel after one year. No tzadik wants you to go to him outside of Israel; they want the Jews to stay in the holy land. There are great tzadikim buried in Israel, and the fathers, who are above all, are in the Cave of Patriarchs. A Jew, who prays three times a day, mentions Avraham, Yitzhak, and Yaakov in his or her prayers, and there are no greater tzadikim than them. No tzadik is mentioned in the Shemoneh-Esrei prayer, only Avraham, Yitzhak, and Yaakov, our fathers. This means that you should go to them, to the cave of Patriarchs, because they are the greatest. You should also pray to G-d directly, because He is above everyone.

G-d loves His children, the Jews, and created the world to worship the Jews. G-d does not like pride. Pride ruins man and makes man lose his holy spirit and appreciation for all of the good given to him by G-d. G-d wants to give His children so that they give others, to the needy, to the Yeshiva students, and Synagogues. G-d is bringing chaos to the world, but not Israel. All over the world, except for Israel, they fight each other and have no value of G-d.

The forces of nature also strike the world, to purify it.

G-d is warning: Any country that even peeps and interferes to take land away from Israel to establish a Palestinian state, heaven forbid, G-d has sworn an oath, in heaven and earth, to strike them with plagues that they have never dreamed of on earth, terrible blows to create complications among them.

In the United States, the president who will be elected will love the Jews in Israel and will support Israel completely.   G-d will make the president love the Jews in Israel and hate the Jews in the United States. They will have a revolution and will run from there to the Holy Land. It is not strange, it is written and recorded.

Every country that is sided with the Arabs and against the Holy Land - G-d will make their lives miserable and protect Israel. "Leave my Jewish sons in Israel alone!"

In Hebron, there are still tunnels, they only found 5%. You must look in the houses and basements, there are tunnels between the houses in Hebron, East Jerusalem, and more places.

All of the rich people must open factories in Israel! Don't open factories abroad, you have been warned, you will lose it all. In Israel, every business and factory is blessed.

All of the factories owned by Jews in China, Turkey, Jordan, and more, will need to close and run from there to Israel!

China will be destroyed and go bankrupt because they are touching, taking and buying factories from Israel and want to control the Jewish mind. G-d will destroy them.

France wants to take land from Israel for a Palestinian state - G-d is taking care of France personally, they are going toward destruction and ruin.

Europe will fall economically and refugees will continue to enter.

In Turkey, they are all thirsty for blood. More people will rise to topple the Erdogan's regime. He is digging a hole for himself and his country. There will be a revolution in Turkey. Turkey will be number two after Syria. Jews, citizens and travelers, run away from Turkey! Jews in Europe, run to Israel because everything that is going to be worse in Europe will come from Turkey! Soon, there will be a revolution there and ten and hundreds of millions of refugees will go to Europe and destroy it, Europe will be dust. Jews that want to live in their delusions can wait.

In Syria, thousands are being killed every day. There is no solution, it is G-d's doing.

Iraq is the same, it is being destroyed every day and there is no one to help.

Jordan is waiting for a Palestinian state to throw all of the refugees and infiltrators there. It is waiting for elections in the US to see who wins. They can keep living in delusions with the Hamas and Palestinians.

Abu Mazen is responsible for all of the terrorist attacks in Israel, even indirectly. He is getting hundreds of millions of dollars and hiding the money with his sons; he is one of the richest people in the world.

Egypt is in fear, it is giving up. Sisi is afraid; he doesn't know what will happen. He is afraid of extremists, ISIS and Hamas, who want to bring him down.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah are getting smaller, they are being killed and their ammunition is finished, it is destroyed every day.

Every time Iran plans something against Israel, G-d will send them a fire that will eat them.

The government of Israel must deal with the positive things, things that protect every centimeter of the holy land. Don't be afraid of any country in the world, they have nothing to lose and we have G-d on our side! You don't need to emphasize the bad things, there is law, there is justice, and no one is taking the law into their own hands. G-d is the Judge. The people of Israel must obey the commandments, turn bitter into sweet, hate into love, thievery and cheating into justice; that is how we will kill the impurity and the ancient snake that is dying, and should now disappear from the world. The people of Israel are the chosen people; G-d chose them, and anyone that wants to be modern will fall.

All of the nations are jealous of the Jews, and the Jews need to love and thank G-d. Some of the Jews think they are equal to all the other nations. For thousands of years they have tried to destroy the Jewish people and didn't succeed. The people of Israel bring light and life to the world.

The IDF must be vigilant, don't believe any Arab country. They only care about themselves, not Israel.

All of the white collar criminals, religious or secular, all will be revealed. Repent and G-d will protect you.

Parents must watch over their children from drugs, alcohol abuse, gambling and assimilation. These four things will destroy our children and youths and the future of the people of Israel. Parents don't look at this moment; look at the future and what can happen.

Jewish immigrants are coming to the holy land of Israel.   G-d is working, one step after another, destroying the countries of the world so Jews come to Israel.  G-d is doing everything according to His plan, no delays, all is on time! Above and below, they wait for the Messiah! In this generation, what has never happened before will happen!   G-d did not forget the people of Israel and will not ever forget. The people of Israel will make an effort and G-d will be with them everywhere. Dear Jews, come to the holy land of Israel urgently!

Dear Jews in Israel, repent urgently, so that you don't miss the train, heaven forbid! G-d wants you to believe in redemption and the Messiah. When the Messiah is revealed, Jews will live forever in Israel. Israel, the holy land, will rule the world, a third temple will be built, and there will be a world of peace, love, kindness, forever!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Short Story with a Profound Lesson

At the Shabbos meal Friday night, I was talking about a particular well know individual, but I embarrassingly could remember his name – yes, I had a senior moment. Who I am talking about is unimportant, but I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I visualized this man and could remember so many details, but not his name.

It was beddy-bye time for me, but I found myself lying in bed wide awake. All I could do was picture the individual and no name came to me. This went on for about two hours when I decided to take the advice from a blog that I had read. The advice was “no matter how large of how small a situation is, turn to Hashem for help.” I proceeded to ask Hashem to help me remember the name (I was not too many hours away from waking up to go to Synagogue for the morning service). It was obvious that I would not think of the name, nor fall asleep on my own, and needed help. About two minutes went by after asking Hashem for help, and the name just popped into my head. With a big smile on my face, I thanked Hashem and fell asleep immediately.

The funny part of all this is that the blog that I got the advice from was my own, meaning I listened to my own words. “There is nothing too small or too large that Hashem isn’t there to help us.” Why it took me two hours to remember my own advice, I guess is another senior moment.

I definitely have many more profound stories in my life that this has happened – no solution to a problem until I turned to Hashem. But the more important concept I wish to impart is that all the chaos in the world and the devastation that is coming up, the only answer I have to the question: “what should we do?” is, you guessed it, TURN TO HASHEM!!!!!!

Monday, July 25, 2016

A Very Important Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Pinchas, 11 Tammuz 5776 (7/17/16)

G-d is telling the world, for 7 years in a row, that He is purifying the world and making the earth pure and holy without conflicts and fighting. He is turning the world from a world of hate into a world of love - this is G-d's will. To humans, it sounds like a lot of work, it sounds strange, but nothing is strange with G-d, what He says happens. G-d is tired of the old world, a world of filth, adultery, murder, theft and abuse. He is using the forces of nature, volcanic eruptions, floods, fire, winds and storms so that the world repents and so that all of the Jews around the world come to Israel.

G-d continues to strike with conflict and complications all of the people or countries that want to take land away from Israel to establish a twisted Palestinian state, heaven forbid.

G-d is warning the people in Israel and the world: "Do not mess with my Holy Land!" The Holy Land belongs to G-d, the Jews living in it and the Jews who should come live in it. Woe unto any person or country that wants to take land away to create a twisted Palestinian state. A stolen Gush Katif and Gaza are not an invitation to take more, just the opposite - all of Gaza will return to the Holy Land! Sounds strange? Father in Heaven likes to make strange things real!

Jews from all over the world need to come urgently to Israel; there will be trouble throughout the world. Stop being delusional, that it will go away. It will not go away, it will be worse. ISIS is all over the world, you kill one you get 100. Jews, how long will you live a lie? How long will you live in hiding? How long will you hide your kippah in your pocket? How long will you pretend to be gentiles? G-d has sworn an oath in Heaven and Earth that He will tell all of the gentiles who the real Jews are so that they are banished to the Holy Land! Soon, all of the countries in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa will banish the Jews from their countries, it is a holy act! G-d has put hatred of the Jews in the gentiles so that they banish them! The Jews have nowhere to go and must come to Israel.

In the entire world, there is no place pure, holy and protected like Israel! In Israel, you have everything; you have four seasons - fall, summer, spring, and winter - but only in Israel. There are rains, the best fruit and vegetables, the best army in the world, there is gold, iron, gas, oil, diamonds, stones and metals. Patience, G-d will reveal all slowly. When business people do things for the good of Israel and the Jews there will be abundance! In Israel, there is work, if you wish to work. There is no shortage of work in the Holy Land, because work is in the hands of G-d.

Every person with a family will earn for his family with honor, every work is honorable. Even the Torah greats and wise men worked half a day and studied half a day, they were shepherds, shoemakers, etc.

Some of the Israeli Arab citizens are very dangerous and they work with the Palestinians. Thank G-d that they discover factories with explosive materials in the villages. There are weapons in Hebron, East Jerusalem, and West Bank, hidden in homes and under rocks. They send terrorists from Hebron everywhere, and Abu Mazen is the top of the chain, he knows and is responsible for everything.

G-d is warning all of the nations: "Don't touch my Holy Land, you have been warned!"

Hamas is busy digging tunnels 24 hours a day. The IDF must be vigilant to prevent terrorists from emerging from some tunnel, heaven forbid.

Sisi is kissing up to Israel, as if he is clean and pure, because Egypt is hungry and he wants knowledge from Israel, and help and guidance on dealing with ISIS and Hamas. He wants to let go of the responsibilities and give it to Israel to take care of. In Egypt, there is chaos; there is no quiet for Sisi. He is afraid for his life because of ISIS and extreme Islam.

Syria is being eaten away; G-d has sent the ten plagues on them, from the sea, land and air. G-d is doing this.

Lebanon is always in fear.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah have no wings, legs or hands. There is no one to help them; they are eating away at themselves. It is clear to everyone that they are frauds.

Iran is the only one left to help Hezbollah; they know that every time they send ammunition, the IDF blows it up if ISIS or the rebels don't get to it first. Iran, listen good, G-d will bring you more fires and tragedies because you think bad thoughts about Israel. All of the gentiles know that G-d is protecting the borders of Israel!

In Turkey, there is destruction and complications. It is a warning to the Jews living in Turkey to run urgently from there and come to Israel! Not to Europe or the United States - Israel! There won't be any more warnings and it will be too late to prepare for aliyah, this is your last chance to run! Jews, be careful, do not travel to Turkey.

All of the Jews in the world must be very careful, terrorism is everywhere. Dear Jews, if you didn't know, gentiles enjoy harming Jews. You have been warned.

Jordan was promised a Palestinian state to throw all of the refugees there. They can keep waiting.

Iraq is a Babel Tower, a place of ruins. The Arabs are eating at each other, a snake eating a snake.

The US is fighting over who will be the next president and they will all be surprised from the result. Whoever gets elected will not harm the Holy Land and will help Israel.

Putin is very smart and knows who to love - the holy land of Israel and the Jewish mind. Russia appreciates Israel. They know that Israel, the Holy Land, and the Jews in Israel really do love peace and want peace.

So long as France continues to talk about taking land away from Israel for a Palestinian state, they will have tragedies and the ten plagues. Jews in France must run from there urgently, it will not end. The hatred for the gentiles will increase, because this is G-d's doing.

All of the Jews with factories and business in China should move them urgently to Israel; you've been warned! China will be destroyed and you will lose all of your property.

Anyone who cheats Jews and lives off of them, steals, sells bad product, etc. will pay a heavy price. White collars, religious, secular, conmen - all will be caught red handed.

Jewish parents, watch over your children from alcohol abuse, drugs, gambling, and assimilation.

Every Jew that gives "ma'aser" and is honest, G-d will multiply their income! G-d is asking the righteous in the world to always pray to Him and for Him; to look to G-d in the heavens and say "there is none like Him."

G-d lifts, blesses, heals and provides. Life and death are only in the hands of G-d. A Jew with a head on his shoulders does not look left or right, but goes in full faith with G-d, believing that all that happens to him is for his benefit and every bad thing is for the better.

Every Jew that has a birthday on his or her Hebrew date only, G-d takes time to listen to all of his or her requests.   G-d loves His children and is happy when they ask for things. Every year, on your birthday, there is a renewal of you as a Jew; it closes the year and starts a new year.

G-d wants the Jews to obey the commandments and give into Him. He has messengers in Israel with the Messiah King, in control; blessed is he who is blessed by Him! Everyone who believes in redemption and the Messiah will be enlightened by the heavens. The Messiah is working to save Israel and harm all of the nations outside of Israel. The Messiah feels the pain of the honest and clean Jews, and for the rest of the Jews he asks G-d to give them wisdom and knowledge to repent. The spirit of the Messiah gives life and the Jews breathe from the spirit of the Messiah, who will soon be out in the open!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri

Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Big Concern to be Resolved

I received an Email from a dear reader who had several concerns. Since they were not uncommon concerns that I haven’t heard before, I decided, with the reader’s permission, to post the Email and my response. First the Email:
Dear Rav: I know that Nibiru is going to destroy everything and Moshiach is going to be here very soon. And there is this feeling that is consuming me every day. I would want to feel happy about it, that finally Redemption is coming. But deep inside me I know that I don't deserve it. I know I am not enough for what Hashem expects of a Jew (I am not a bad person, but the best two things that I do is that I put on Tefillin every day, and follow basic kosher rules, nothing else). I cannot enjoy the moment and be excited about what is coming. Because every time you post something wonderful and deep, I read it as important news. But at the end I get super sad that I am not going to be part of the redemption. Sometimes I want to cry because I am not going to be selected by Hashem to enjoy His wonderful times of Moshiach. I know that you are probably going to reply to me saying that I should start being more religious and do Teshuvah, and you would be totally, totally right. But I don't know; I feel that if I do it, its purpose would be just to be part of the Redemption, the reward. I feel that my Teshuvah would not be true. It's like I am convinced that I am not a good Jew and that I am not what Hashem asks for. I feel really sad about it. I don't know if I have to be happy that Moshiach is coming, because I know I am not going to pass the Final Judgement.
My response:
I feel the same way. I am not worthy of Hashem’s mercy. I am not a bad person, but I am still human and feel a void, a need to change, a need to improve. Why do I want to improve? Is it because I am trying to trick Hashem into thinking that I am better than I am, to get all the benefits? Absolutely not!!! Hashem knows me much better than I know myself. The reason that I want to improve is because I love Hashem, I love Judaism, I love Israel, I love Torah, I love doing the commandments and I love helping other people, especially my family, my loved ones, who are so dear to me.

Do I crave Moshiach and the worldwide redemption? Absolutely!!! Why? Because I don’t like this world the way it is; I don’t like evil, where people think they are so much better than others and want them as slaves; I don’t like hatred that happens just because I have different feelings about life than others; I don’t like hunger and suffering. I feel the pain of others. I know that the only solution to the world’s problems is Hashem changing the world. The final worldwide redemption is just that: the solution to all that is wrong with the world. Am I feeling greedy if I want to be part of the solution, if I want to help save the people whose pain I feel? I am human and Hashem made me exactly how He wanted me just so I would feel this need to help.

If I have an appliance that stopped working and I use it every day, am I greedy to want to fix it? I was put on Earth to help fix the world. My tools from my Employer are commandments to do. If I do what the Boss says, I am doing my job. Since doing my job results in me being raised higher in the organization (society), my rewards are probably well deserved and should never be thought of as taking what is not mine.

Anyone who is worried about not doing enough, like you and me, are the ones that Hashem wants to have in His new world. Your concern is exactly what tells me that you and your loved ones will be greatly taken care of. How much will you be taken care of? That is the system of measure for measure. Taking on new commandments to enhance your future is not a selfish act, it is Hashem’s will. If you can add the ingredients of love and awe of Hashem as your primary reason, you are much better off than you think. Doing Teshuvah is not just a tool to further our spiritual level, it is what our Creator wants from us. He wants us to be happy and have everything and to feel good about the effort we put forward to get it. We are only trying to live the Absolute Truth as Hashem designed it for us. Why think anything less?

One additional thought. Nibiru is only scary if one has bad intentions. 1/3rd of the world, 2.5 billion people will be saved. The evil that I said I disliked will be gone. The good people that I want to see helped will be healed and will thrive. Nibiru is a gift to solve the world’s problems. Once again, working closely with the Giver of the gift is not a selfish act, it is a desire to help the people who need it the most. It is all good news.

Keep up the good work; it is exactly what Hashem wants from you (and all of us).

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

We Come to the End

Message from Daniel, Jerusalem

Father, everything is going to run out in the near future. Around the world, everywhere there will be mass confusion. People will be walking around in shock. They do not realize what is happening, but they know something is wrong. They feel the ground shaking beneath them, and know that it is going in directions that are not healthful. They are being led in directions that they think feels good, but it is not. Who is leading them and deceiving them? The wicked! Whether you call them the devil or the New World Order or the Pope or whatever, they are trying to pull us into another world, a world that you cannot recognize.

Once, life was relatively simple, we knew what can and cannot be, more or less. There were people who were walking in improper directions, leading us in improper directions and kept it a secret. Today's planned evil is different - the forbidden is allowed, and permitted is forbidden. Even if we are Orthodox Jews or people who know what is allowed and what is forbidden, there is confusion and concern about how children could grow up with such confusion.

Now Dad, the evil ones are beginning to show themselves amongst the Arabs, as well as in Israel. We are beginning to see who belongs to what. Now the villains have become more courageous and show us who they are.

We have an upside-down world; a world that is enough to make one just sit and cry. Only a few Jews know that the Vatican is partial owner of the land in Israel, and the owner of many holy sites. Not only that, they also sold parts of the old city with the Temple Mount, along with David's tomb! Did you know this? They do not show it, but it's a fact, and you will see soon that it is true.

The star is coming; we will not be waiting too much longer. The ground has been shaking around the world. There are massive earthquakes which are generally more powerful than reported, because they do not want us to know how severe it is. And yes, they know how to change the weather to a certain degree, but it will not help them. For example, if you want to hit a city near the coast, they know how to detonate a nuclear bomb under the water at a certain distance from the shore and it could cause a gigantic tsunami that would cover an entire city. The detonations are not as powerful as the evil ones think, but they still can do damage. There are eruptions of volcanoes all over the world every day. There is a change in water temperature. The oceans are with so many dead fish, and I'm sure it's because the star. There are also many giant sinkholes in Siberia and around the world, and they are growing all the time. There are meteors that are falling on us, but they are still relatively small at this time.

A number of rivers have water that has become completely red. The approaching star has been heating up the Earth's interior, melting the snow and ice at the poles and raising the sea level of the oceans. We see floods in many places where the sea is coming up to homes themselves. There are places where there once was a beach, that are no longer beach areas. There is great fear of weather of very high temperatures in the western US and tornado storms appearing in places that have never seen such activity, such as China.

The NWO has done strange things. In China, for example, they have built several large cities that presently are empty! They have a plan that we do not know. Know that the huge underground bunkers with all the luxuries are in the USA, Russia, Europe, Australia and even Israel. For whom are they? They were prepared for the very wicked. The military and the police who are helping to guard these places and keep us out will also be left out. (Note: These built bunkers and underground cities will be for the wicked to hide from the effects as the star as it approaches the Earth).

The evil ones believe that they can eliminate the population they do not need, and keep for their agenda what they wanted from the beginning. According to their plan they desire only 500 million people on Earth out of 7.4 billion (present population size, which is too many). And after the star devastates the world population, those who survive will be brought to the camps where the evil ones will decide who lives and who dies, who can work, who can be serve a purpose for their agenda. Their plan includes the majority of governments around the world, especially in the West including the Israeli government (who will be needed and who will be eliminated).

Dad, I'm tired; I pray all the time for our people. I worry very much for our people, because I know how hard it will be; how the Jews have become accustomed to and enslaved by their materialism, and how much they do not want to believe that there is such a threat from a star approaching, even though many people have already seen it with their own eyes.

The star is very close. I just want to explain to our people that the only way to save ourselves is to have complete confidence in Hashem. Even if you move into a bunker, have weapons, food, water and everything you need for a few years, it will not help you without Hashem. And, if you do have Hashem, He will take care of you; you will have food, water, electricity and everything you need. Like the Jews who came out of Egypt, the plagues did not affect those who had Hashem.

I want to explain to you that most Jews simply are afraid, and don’t understand that we have come to the end. Moshiach will soon be revealed, but we'll have to first go through the most difficult thing. Hashem is going to destroy two-thirds of the world. This is something that must be. People cannot do such destruction, only Hashem can do that. Do not think it will be because of a nuclear war? It could include one, but it will not be that people could destroy the world. As we have said many times: “Hashem created this world, only Hashem can destroy it.”

And true, the star will come. The star belongs to Hashem; all the stars belong to Him, even the sun belongs to Him; everything belongs to him. Even the wicked belong to him, and soon they will learn it.

Our people are tiny compared to the world population; all real Jews do not take up much space. There is something like 14 million Jews around the world. Some who do not take it seriously, are not Jews at all. We do not know exactly how many Jews are real; only Hashem knows. Many Jews, who think that they are Jews, are not Jews because of all sorts of reasons. We can write all kinds of sources before Moshiach comes, but the majority of Jews would find they are Erev Rav, the mixed multitude. There are real differences between secular Jews, and it will all be clarified soon, who is what.

Jews should be related to Hashem. Each of us should make a separation between materialism that is unnecessary, while believing and trusting only in Hashem will bring us livelihood, He alone! No one else. No matter who gives the physical livelihood, it is only through Hashem. Although the employer appears to provide work and pays his employee a salary, it is Hashem who arranges for the worker's employer to provide work, and get the employee paid for It. Everything comes from Hashem – everything! There is nothing outside the system. There is nothing in our hands. Not at all. Hashem directs everything. Only one thing that we have: the desire to do the will of Hashem. This is our choice and nothing else. All is under the control of Hashem. And, even the desire to do the will of Hashem; even that depends on Hashem, since Hashem helps us with that. Hashem wants us to reach success, so He helps us; He guides us with everything. He loves us; He is our father, and He wants His children to be close to Him. He wants us to understand what is right and wrong, and how to choose the best over evil.

Now, the big change that is about to happen in this world. We live as human beings in this the first human world which is temporary. Hashem will raise us up much higher than what was in the Garden of Eden. After all wars, the star, etc, we move to another dimension; Hashem will raise us to a better, higher place, like the next higher world of Heaven where souls await after death. It will be higher with more spiritual pleasures.

I'm very sorry that we have to pass tests that are so difficult now. The money and all the material things we have become accustomed to will go away. We'll live only with the truth. We will not have to go to work; we will not have to go scrounge; we will not care each month about our electric bill; we will be with Hashem - literally. And He will give us everything we need. We will not need anything more than that. No need for a car; no need for a fancy house; only the need to be with Hashem Who will give us everything we need. We will be without an evil nature, and it will be a pleasure, with no barrier between us and Hashem. We will come closer more and more to Hashem, and this approach will include spiritual pleasure indescribable.

NOTE FROM ME: The message continues on for several more pages but not with anything that is so vital for us now. The above was translated by me, and was quite time consuming. It was very reassuring to read such information that matches what I have been covering for a while. Knowing that Daniel can only get such information from Hashem is the reassuring part. Take his message seriously, since we definitely seem to be running out of time. How much time do we have? I do not know for sure, only my very rough calculations, but it is all the reason to do everything we can now, today to prepare for what is imminent. Hashem is the source and He is obviously giving us such messages to let us know we have “come to the end.” Take care of yourself and your loved ones with the greatest effort you can, it will be too late, soon.
I highly recommend that you go to Shirat Devorah and watch the short but powerful message from Rabbi Alon Anava. It is just shy of 8 minutes, but says much:

Monday, July 18, 2016

Two Answers to a Very Important Question

I receive this excellent comment from one of my dear readers that definitely was not a one-liner for an answer (I don’t think I have ever answered a question with a one-liner). First the comment:

Rachel July 17, 2016 at 7:02 AM
Why is it so hard to internalize that Hashem will help and we have nothing to fear? I seem to keep having to reinforce myself every single day and be reminded that what's happening in the world won't necessarily apply to me personally if I stick with Hashem. I get to the point where I am calm and then the next day a part of me forgets. And something happens in the world and I get terrified because I am not in a position right now to uproot my family and make Aliyah, as much as I might want to. Yes I pray. And read something from you and re-convince myself that somehow it's going to be ok. I guess what I'm asking is how to better maintain it without backsliding.
My response:
I have two answers for you. One is from my Psychology and Sociology background, which is an answer from this physical world; and, the other is from my study of scriptures, which is a spiritual answer.

Physical answer:
Human beings are basically lazy people, who try to do everything as easily and comfortably as possible. We take every shortcut we can to do the least possible work to accomplish a task. I have mentioned that we are spiritual beings with physical clothing needed to live in this physical world (actually to do the commandments that Hashem gave us to perfect ourselves). Being aware of the physical, means that most events in our lives are handled in the physical realm with very little, or no, regard to the real us, the soul. Internalizing the absolute truth of Hashem becomes a very difficult to impossible task if we live only in the physical world. Since our physical world is an upside-down fantasy world of lies and deceit, to try to do the best we can for ourselves is very much hindered by the clouded way we see the world. That is why trying to experience Hashem as a physical person is so difficult.

Spiritual answer:
Hashem created us with a very interesting system for us to use to develop and perfect our soul (the purpose of our lives on planet Earth). He gave us a heart that physically has two ventricles (each of the two main chambers of the heart, left and right). In the left side dwells the Yetzer Harah, the evil inclination, and the right side is the Yetzer Tov, the good inclination. Everything we do and say becomes a battle between the two inclinations in us. Why did Hashem design us in such a way? He did not make us as robots that would just be programmed to always do the right thing, but as beings, in His image, who would be able to see the two sides, and grow by making our decisions. Very often we make mistakes, but that is a big part of the growing and perfecting that we must experience.

More specifically: How does it work? The Yetzer Harah always points out you physical side and tells you to do what I described above. “Don’t work hard, be lazy, do the least possible effort to accomplish a task and do what you want,” is the advice of the Yetzer Harah. The Yetzer Tov says: “Don’t work hard, work smart.” “Be aware of what our mission is on Earth and get it done.” “Hashem’s instructions are the true ticket to happiness and success in this life and for eternity, simply follow those instructions and succeed.”

One might say doing Hashem’s instructions is not always so easy. That is the Yetzer Harah talking. The fact is we are creatures of habit, and if we get into the correct, good habits of life, we see the success and have a much greater incentive to continue on that path. There is nothing like success, happiness, peace of mind, etc to encourage us to want to get even closer to Hashem.

Let me give you one example that you can see the clear physical to spiritual advantage. This is perhaps the most misunderstood concept in the world: Shabbos!!! Our Yetzer Harah tells us it involves many restrictions that are uncomfortable and unnecessary. Our Yetzer Tov tells the truth, it is the greatest gift from Hashem that we could receive. We don’t admit it, but during the week we are slaves to the world. We have developed such a dependency, a slave mentality to devices. We have to turn on a TV or computer to be entertained; we have to prepare our meals to eat; we have to use all kinds of devices to live. We can’t see it, but we are very weak slaves to our environment. On Shabbos, I have everything and much more, but without being a slave to it. My meals are already prepared; my entertainment is reading and my family comradery. I don’t even have to turn on a light switch, the lights go on and off by themselves. It is also a great day of peace since the world goes away. I do not have to be bothered by what terrorists are killing people. I don’t have to worry about financial matters, bills, loans, credit cards, etc. The only thing to be concerned about is enjoying the freedom of the day, the getting away from the tense, chaotic world.

If you asked a non-Jew or a secular Jew in the US what day of the year is the most enjoyable day of closeness to family, good food and relaxation, they would answer: Thanksgiving Day. Observant Jews celebrate 52 Thanksgiving Days a year (actually more when you include Holidays). Shabbos is Thanksgiving plus. We don’t occupy ourselves with the TV as a way to entertain ourselves and ignore our families. We sing; we talk Torah; we earnestly enjoy the company of our loved ones more than any other society ever has or could have in this world.

Why is the divorce rate so low in the observant community, why do children have two parents, one male and one female, to love them and nurture them in life; why do families argue so little, with very little sibling rivalry; why are many of society’s problems not even a thought in observant communities (drugs, teen pregnancy, fights, child abuse, broken families, crime, this is too long a list for here); why are families so close to each other and do so much for each other; why are friends and neighbors helpful and so caring about each other; why are women so respected and not treated so viciously (most people who have never lived in an observant community will disagree with my last statement out of pure ignorance; I have lived many years in both secular and observant communities and can guarantee that there is no comparison), etc, etc, etc.

If you are thinking: I knew an observant family that had so many problems, that I just described as virtually non-existent, than I would have to say they were not living a true observant existence, but a deceptive secular life and only thought they were doing the right thing. I can’t walk into a hospital with a white coat and a stethoscope around my neck and say “I am a doctor.” I have to go to medical school for many years and earn it. I can’t say that I am an observant Torah Jew, because I dress a certain way; I have to live the commandments of Hashem with complete conviction. If a man is not nice to his wife or children, he should not call himself an observant Torah Jew, no matter how impressive he looks.

Something very important is to never think you are doing everything correctly. The only way to truly improve in this life is to have doubt that you are doing things correctly. The study of Torah is to constantly seek ways to improve. When Jacob went to meet his bother Esau, Hashem told him not to worry. Yet, Jacob, split his camp, sent angels ahead of the group, brought gifts for his brother. Did he not trust that Hashem would protect him? No, he did not feel that he was so worthy of Hashem’s protection. It is always us evaluating ourselves and wanting to improve. Hashem’s system on Earth is perfect and we can have it all by just living the system, but we always have to humbly look to grow and continue the mission of perfecting ourselves. Anyone who tells you “I do enough Teshuvah” is a lost soul who does not even know what Teshuvah is. Anyone who tells you: I know Halacha, Jewish law. Run from that person, since ten lifetimes would be needed to start to fully understand Halacha well.

If you don’t understand the gift of Shabbos, or the great advantages of keeping Kosher, or knowing that prayer works when done correctly, or knowing how to behave around your fellow human being, don’t pretend that you are on the side of your Yetzer Tov, when in fact you are living the physical weakness prescribed by you Yetzer Harah. Hashem gave us all the ability to have it all. You decide whether you want happiness and success in life or think you know better and throw it all away. Just do it quickly, this is a limited time offer about to disappear forever. Don’t argue with success, take advantage of it.  Turning to Hashem is always the right answer (actually the only right answer).

By the way, one of the saddest moments of the week is saying the prayers to separate us from Shabbos. If you can’t make that statement, you are doing Shabbos incorrectly.

Did I answer your question (I said it wouldn’t be a one-liner)?

Sunday, July 17, 2016

History Repeats Itself

I am receiving so many comments these days about the world situation, and people asking me what they should do. The fact is history repeats itself over and over again and we really are not seeing anything we haven’t seen before. The problem is we don’t pay attention to the mistakes we made before, and we tend to repeat them.

Let me tell you two stories from the Holocaust that are very meaningful to us today. They involve beautiful, righteous Torah Jews that I had the privilege of knowing when I lived in the states.

The first story is from a dear friend of mine who was up in his years, had trouble walking and accepted a ride from me six days a week to and from Synagogue for morning services. In our many hours of conversation he confided in me his personal experiences when he was young. Chanina Weichselbaum was born and raised as an observant Jew in Poland. In the 1930’s his father told him to memorize as many Mishnayos (the oral laws as they are brought down in the Talmud) as possible. He told his son: we will not have these books available in the near future.

During the war, Chanina, who was a strong able bodied young man, was fortunate to be placed in labor camps. He spent four years in 13 different camps. Chanina told me the story of one night in the barracks, a secular Jew came up to him and said: Chanina, you are lucky. Chanina was confused and asked: why am I lucky; I am in the same Hellhole as you? The man replied: you are not alone; you have Hashem. The man noticed that every morning when the thousand or so inmates were in an open field for inspection (to make sure nobody was missing), Chanina would pull his shirt over his head, pray the morning prayers and do some study of Mishnayos from memory. Chanina told me that it was no mystery why he was there, and that he knew exactly in the Torah the full explanation of the Holocaust and why it happened. Yet, since his family didn’t leave when they had the chance, he spent those four years in Hell.

The secular Jew did not survive, but Chanina, who passed away at a ripe old age, had a very happy and prosperous life in the US after the war. The message that Chanina left me with was: no matter how bad things get, turn to Hashem and you are not alone.

Another story. This Tzadik, I prayed with, but I don’t remember his name, I just remember his seemingly impossible story. He was also in Poland, but wound up in the Auschwitz death camp. He tells of the day that he and about 200 Jews were led to the gas chamber. They were locked in and knew it was the end. He thought of the prayer we say, Hallel, which includes the verse: “Neither the dead can praise Hashem, nor any who descend into silence.” In other words he was telling Hashem that he wanted to serve Him, but could not if he died. All the approximately 200 in the chamber started in unison to recite the verse, shouting out to Hashem. This went on for five minutes, ten minutes or as my friend said: it seemed like an eternity. All of a sudden the door opened and the guard said: “everyone out, we need a work detail.” About a half a century later this Tzadik told me: Hashem heard his plea, rescued him and he went on to a wonderful life after the war serving Hashem. The message that was told was: no matter how bad things get, turn to Hashem and you are not alone.

I do not anticipate anyone ever being tested to the extreme extent as the stories above; yet, the possibilities of tough times with difficult situations may be upon us. The only message that I have is: no matter how bad things get, turn to Hashem and you are not alone.  History repeats itself and the solution to any problem we will face is the same solution that has worked throughout history. No more needs to be said.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Temple Will Come Down to Jerusalem 5776

Another beautiful find by Rav Glazerson in Torah codes:

Temple will come down to Jerusalem 5776

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Balak, 4 Tammuz 5776 (7/10/16)


G-d, Father in Heaven, continues to increase the chaos in the world, but in Israel everything is good, better than good!

There will continue to be floods in the world, volcanic eruptions, fires, winds, and earthquakes. There will continue to be tension and confusion, conflict between and within countries. Anti-Semitism is increasing every day. Jews, don't be delusional and say you can't see it, it will hit you hard with disasters and it will be too late.

You kill 100 ISIS members and 1000 more appear. There is no solution because every second new ones join. ISIS is not a country that can be destroyed; they are all over the world.

The entire world is in shock and confused, they don't know what the day will bring, there are conflicts and complications everywhere.

Africa will fall apart; the appetite comes with the food.

The refugees are conquering and destroying Europe. Millions are running from Egypt to Europe, from Syria, from Iraq, from Jordan and from Turkey.

Europe will be dust, and anti-Semitism will increase everywhere. All of the Jews must run from Europe, and not to the United States - only to the holy land of Israel!

In the US, the government will look for all of the Jewish institutions and factories; they already said so last week. We spoke about it a year ago; they are looking for all the Jews to throw them out to Israel. The gentiles are doing work to banish the Jews from Europe, the US and the rest of the world.

Jews outside of Israel, G-d is telling you: "The exile is over, there is salvation! Come to Israel. Don't make Me mad, I will not wait for you, don't try Me!"

In Israel, the economy is good, there is real estate, homes, stores, and it will continue and won't stop, not for 100 years.

Once in a while, painful things happen in Israel, some of them redeem a generation, and some are to wake the people of Israel up to repent.

All of the people who take bribes, steal, cheat, and live off of the lives of others will fall. G-d does not want to wait any longer. G-d is not letting this one go - obey the commandments!

G-d is telling the Israeli government: "No one can take from Me even one centimeter of the holy land!". The government of Israel must not be afraid of any country in the world, be strong! The IDF is strong and the Jewish mind is the smartest in the world! Learn from the sin of spies, those who spoke badly about the Israel and belittled the holy land, and what happened to that generation. Don't worry; Gush Katif will return!

All of the Arab countries, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, and Egypt, are falling down the drain. G-d is not letting them raise their heads, He is striking them and they will fall.

Every country or person that wants to take or give parts of Israel away will be harmed by G-d.

The people of Israel, the Jews in the holy land, must try to watch over themselves. The ancient snake, the power of impurity haunts every pure Jew to fight you.

The government of Israel must not hurry to make peace with the Palestinians. They want peace? Do it without giving land.

The head of the snake is in Hebron and East Jerusalem, in the north there is ISIS. You must cut the head of the snake and the terrorist attacks will stop.

Iran is getting blows so that they don't open their mouth against Israel. If they only think about harming Israel, G-d will strike them directly.

Syria is being erased, they are killing and being killed, and no one says anything, as usual. It will continue.

Russia is in the clouds, it is saying "I deserve everything" and does what it wants.

Turkey is in deep mud, there will continue to be terrorist attacks in Turkey. Jews, do not go to Turkey! Peace with them is not real, it is just on paper. It is peace to show the world and to send ammunition to Gaza, because ISIS controls Arduan. Jews, be careful, do not go to Turkey!

In Egypt, there will continue to be hunger. If Sisi continues to interfere to take land from Israel for a Palestinian state, Egypt will no longer exist! There will be a revolution the likes they've never dreamed of.

Jordan is waiting for elections in the US. The refugees are getting into Jordan and fighting them. Jordan is waiting for the US to keep its promise to create a Palestinian state for the refugees.

In Iraq, there is a tear between the Iraqis, ISIS, and others. Everything is destroyed there, it is a torn down Babel tower.

Lebanon is happy that Syria is being destroyed.

Nasrallah is all talk.

A large part of the gentiles in Israel with a blue ID are very dangerous! They walk freely in Israel and cooperate with the Hamas and Palestinians.

The Messiah is working and protecting the holy land of Israel. Every word from the Messiah King is accepted and happens, and you see it happen! Everyone is waiting for the Messiah; Jews are speaking openly and asking for the Messiah and the salvation of the people of Israel, so that we no longer suffer! The people of Israel are in salvation! G-d is feeling pity for the Jews, like a father pitying his children; and, He wants to save all of them so that everyone is saved. G-d is taking His time here and there, but the crowning of the Messiah King in public is near!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

When is Moshiach Going to Be Announced, Already?

I mentioned that I have been getting many more private Emails these days than comments to be printed. I often get the question: When is Moshiach going to be announced? Here is a recent answer I gave to one of my dear readers (expanded):

There are two ways for Moshiach to come: if we are deserving, he comes sooner, if not, in its time. It will happen “in its time” (Isaiah 60:22), predetermined from the beginning of creation. This ultimate ketz (time for the ‘end’) is unconditional: it does not depend on Israel’s merit, as it is said, “For My own sake, for My own sake, I will do it…” (Isaiah 48:11); “I wrought for My Name’s sake that it should not be profaned in the eyes of the nations.” (Ezekiel 20:9) (which is the end as Hashem has designated). There were so many times that were possible in history even within recent years, but obviously we were not deserving.

“5776 is in its time, the end.” There are so many proofs from scriptures, from the Rabbis, from the Mekubalim, from the FC individuals. But Nibiru is the greatest proof of all. I have found Nibiru encoded in the Torah 414 times with a letter separation of 200 or less, and an additional 47 times if it is spelled with an additional yud. They are all in significant places and have 5776 encoded with them (all the places that I have checked; I didn't check them all).

The most exciting prophecy in the Torah is from Parashat Balak (this week’s parashah) where Balaam tells us of the coming of the Star of Jacob. The one verse that is so meaningful to us for this discussion is Numbers 24:17 which states:
17 "I shall see him, but not now, I shall look at him, but it is not near. A star has issued from Jacob and a scepter-bearer has risen from Israel, and he shall pierce the nobles of Moab and undermine all the children of Seth.
The commentaries for this verse are fascinating and should be reviewed:
17. I shall see him, but not now. Balaam spoke about the very distant future of the Jewish people, the time when the final Messianic redemption would come. Thus, his entire series of pronouncements encompassed four periods in Jewish history: in the Wilderness (23:7·10); their impending conquest of the Land (23:18-24); their period of greatness after conquering the Land and their surrounding enemies (24:3-9); and now of the End of Days (Ramban).
A star has issued from Jacob. Though speaking of future Jewish kings, Balaam spoke in the past tense, for it is common in prophecy that the prophet "sees" the subject of his speech as clearly as if it had already taken place.

The star is a king, and the scepter is the royal power to overcome opposition and bring everyone under his sway (Rashi). This Jewish king will defeat the nobles of Moab as well as the entire world. Seth was the son of Adam and Eve who became the ancestor of all mankind, so that the children of Seth are all the people on the face of the earth. The identity of this "king" is the subject of dispute. According to Rashi and lbri Ezra, it is David, the first great conqueror among Jewish kings, who was victorious over Moab (II Samuel 8:2). As noted above, however, Ramban interprets this entire passage with reference to Messianic times. According to him, Messiah is called a "star" - more likely a shooting star, or meteor - because he will have to flash across heaven, visible to the whole world, as it were, to gather in Jews from their dispersion. At that time, Moab will not be spared, even though the Jews of Balak's generation were commanded not to conquer Moab.
The conclusion to the Star is that it is Moshiach, and that it will “flash across heaven, visible to the whole world.” This prophecy was said about 3288 (my calculations), and the RAMBAN gave his commentary of the star being Moshiach about 800 years ago. Stating "I shall see him, but not now, I shall look at him, but it is not near” is correct being 3288 years ago. But, stating 800 years ago that the star is Moshiach and that it will “flash across heaven, visible to the whole world” is miraculous. To have a description of Nibiru from a Rabbi 800 years ago and equating the event with the coming of Moshiach gives me chills.

All is falling into place for these events to occur. The fact that Nibiru, 5776 and Moshiach's name are encoded in these verses and that I have many, many proofs from many sources that the time is now, is also very reassuring and gives me goosebumps (that was the least technical term that came to mind).

I once wrote a blog post "Don't Expect What You Expect, but Expect the Unexpected." I have heard recently from several very good sources that all this will happen as a big surprise, and not when we think it is going to happen. Even Nibiru could show up today, if Hashem says so. It is definitely soon. There have been new messages from Ben Golden and Daniel that are talking about the star, the craziness in the world, the Moshiach and the final worldwide redemption being soon. These messages are from Hashem. Along with all the prophecies that will happen at the time of Moshiach, which are definitely being fulfilled these days, WE ARE THERE!!!!

Is it today, this week, next week? As I said "Don't Expect What You Expect, but Expect the Unexpected." I noticed that both the Fast of the 17th of Tammuz and Tisha B’Av fall on a Shabbos, which means they cannot be fast days this year. The normal procedure is to fast the day after. Will we, or is Hashem giving us anther hidden message about the announcement of Moshiach? It is curious that Parashat Balak, this week, is followed by Parashat Pinchas, next week. Pinchas is believed to have come back as Eliyahu Hanavi (Elijah the prophet), the prophet who will be telling us that Moshiach is imminent (I believe also anointing Moshiach as King). Are we getting more hints from Hashem?

I mentioned a few months ago that the month of Sivan was not encoded in any significant place in the Tenach. The Hebrew month of Tammuz is very prevalent. With a letter separation of only 10 letters, I found 32 places that it exists. If I expand the letter separation to 100 letters, I found 386 places. I have not done a review of where these findings are, or if I extend it to specific dates what I may discover, but it still seems very reassuring that Hashem is giving us so many hints to the big day.

Of course this means that we have even more work to do as individuals. This is not a wait and see time, this is a “what we can do to bring the absolute best eternity to us and our loved ones.” This is the cramming for the finals. We are getting close to receiving our lifetime report card. The more I cram now the better the final report. Don’t waste it. This will never occur again, ever. We all have the opportunity to set ourselves up with the best of everything for eternity. Whether I am talking weeks or days, it is obviously the end.

Something else that I keep getting questioned about is: what can we do to help us through the difficult time that we are experiencing, including the upcoming devastation of the Star of Jacob? My answer is the same that I have been saying for the past 52 months. Turn to Hashem, follow His very definite instructions and the tremendous future with the best possible report card is yours and your loved ones. I know, I repeat myself, but did you get the message, yet?

Sunday, July 10, 2016

A Very Simple, but Profound Message

We say in prayer every morning: “Blessed is the one who trusts in Hashem.”
In the Artscroll Siddur there is a commentary at the bottom of the page:
Who trusts in Hashem: In direct proportion to the extent that someone trusts in Hashem, Hashem will be his security (Chidushei HaRim) (of course that is also her security).
I have been receiving many private Emails recently telling me how frightened they are about Nibiru and other events that are forthcoming. They live in an area that is seeing activity with the military moving in a large amount of equipment; they are seeing a great increase in the number of videos talking about Nibiru and great devastation coming; they are seeing horrible signs of the economy about to collapse; they are seeing an increase in terrorist activity and violence worldwide; they are seeing a very large increase in Jew-hatred worldwide; they are witnessing unbelievable craziness from their governments and their leaders; they are seeing many people dying from dangerous weather systems happening; and more.

They realize that all this is prophesied for the time before Moshiach and the worldwide redemption, but they are still feeling that they may be deficient in the amount of Teshuvah, prayer, Torah study, unity with their fellow Jews, commandment performance, etc, that they do on a daily basis.

I have stated repeatedly what Hashem is telling us is the solution to all our concerns: Turn to Hashem and completely put your faith and trust in Him, and measure for measure (in direct proportion) all will work out very positively – guaranteed in writing.

The simple prayer mentioned above is part of that written guarantee.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Chukas, 27 Sivan 5776 (7/3/16)

G-d, Father of Mercy, cries with the people of Israel for the girl who was brutally murdered; it is the pain of all the Jews in Israel and the world. The girl was innocent, a special soul. The people of Israel and Jews all over the world grieved. She redeemed a generation, like one of the 36 righteous men, and harsh decrees were cancelled thanks to her.

The people of Israel are before the Messiah, there is a big and harsh war with the ancient snake, between purity and impurity, between good and evil, because the Messiah needs to come forward any moment and protect the people of Israel. Obeying the commandments and looking out for yourselves are powerful tools to defeat the power of impurity. The people of Israel need to be vigilant and not expect miracles; pay attention wherever you are. The hard period that the people of Israel in Israel are going through is our choice, to save Israel and ourselves and bring forth the Messiah. We have the ability to stop all of the hard decrees, we have the ability to redeem ourselves and bring forth the Messiah now!

All of the countries outside the Israeli borders are in chaos and Armageddon. G-d is striking them again and again, it is out of their hands; it is in the hands of G-d. G-d is striking them through natural disasters, economic destruction and internal conflict. The difference is, in Israel we decide what happens, the gentiles outside of Israel cannot decide a thing, only G-d.

Parliament members and ministers, you are sitting in a holy place where the people of Israel are managed, you must protect the homeland! The people chose you, and you must be truthful before the people and create laws that are healthy and right for the protection of Israel and its soldiers. It cannot be that every person in Knesset has the immunity to do anything they please. A man becomes visible in his anger, when he speaks out of anger, those are the real words coming out of his heart. When a man is angry, the truth comes out. Don't make up excuses and say that you were angry and didn't mean it - anger reveals truth.

The IDF soldiers must be supported, and their morale must be lifted. They are our soldiers, our children and grandchildren; we are all connected to each other. G-d is warning: "I am protecting the borders of Israel! There is a cloud of fire around the borders and I am above! You must also make an effort, a combination of heaven and earth works!"

You must be vigilant in East Jerusalem; that is where the terrorists come from.

Their leader, the head of the snake, is in Hebron. He sends out terrorists. Every terrorists writes in WhatsApp or Facebook that he acted alone to confuse Mossad and Shin Bet, so that they think that he wasn't sent. That is a lie, the Palestinian leaders and Hamas sent him. There are Arab youths wandering around looking neglected - they are spies.

The people of Israel must be strong, watch over yourselves and don't think it won't happen to you. Be vigilant and don't trust any gentile because they are all listening; one plans openly and the other plans secretly to harm the Jews.

ISIS - you kill 100 and 1000 more come. You kill 1000 and another hundred thousand come; you cannot kill and destroy them, they multiply like worms.

Britain has left the EU because it didn't support Israel. It supported the Arabs to suffocate Israel, to take parts of Israel away and create a Palestinian state. G-d gave them the thought to leave the European Union. It is only the beginning, one of the foundations. Countries that will continue to act to create a Palestinian state and take land from the holy land of Israel will fall economically and culturally and there will be conflict. Every state or person that wants to take parts of Israel away, woe unto him, his soul, and his offspring. G-d is telling everyone: "This is my holy land! Beware, countries of the world who mess with it! People are still paying the price for Gush Katif!" Jews have nowhere to be, and there are seven billion people attacking them and banishing them from Europe, the US, South America, Asia, Australia, and Africa. The state of Israel grows by one centimeter every day.

Dear Jews, listen well, millions of Jews you don't know will come; Jews who didn't know themselves that they are Jews and they will convert. You should come to Israel and the Jews in Israel should stay in Israel. The holy land is safe and protected.

The US is waiting for the election results, that is what interests them now; the competitors are having a hard time. They will continue to bother the Jews in the US to send them away to Israel.

Turkey is bleeding and will continue to bleed for disrespecting the IDF soldiers. G-d has sworn that they will continue to suffer; ISIS will attack them even more!

Iraq has nothing, no life. There are a lot of groups there that want to take control.

In Syria there is almost quiet, no one interferes because there they think there is no mass murder. The truth is: every day, people are murdered. 100 here and 100 there, sometimes 1000, and only when there is a big event does it hit the news. Now it is routine. Syria doesn't interest anyone in the world anymore. Everything people did to help didn't work; it is in G-d's hands.

Russia loves the Jewish mind, they are always surprised at this small and powerful place - the Jewish mind does everything. Russia is smarter than everyone because they appreciate the Jews and that will be their success.

Jordan is a stress bomb. Refugees and infiltrators come and ISIS will enter and take care of them.

Egypt is hungry, Sisi has no power; he doesn't not trust his bodyguards, and is afraid they will attack him; he knows they want to. G-d is telling him: "Don't touch my holy land! Don't interfere and promote a Palestinian state by taking parts away from Israel! I, G-d, am telling Sisi that if you do this, you will be harmed. If you do this, Egypt will be gone from the world!" In the Sinai desert, they smuggle ammunition to Gaza. It is one of the reasons they want to bring Sisi down, so that it is easier to make a mess; they want to bring down the regime.

Lebanon wants peace and quiet, they are ready to have Syria and Hezbollah fight each other the rest of their lives.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah think that Syria will get better - that will never happen!

In Gaza, they continue to dig tunnels and receive ammunition and rockets; they are waiting for the day to surprise us. All of their rockets are aimed at Israel.

Abu Mazen is watching over himself and saving money for himself and his children. Do not believe him, he is a liar! He is sending murderers to harm Jews and steal money for the Palestinians.

G-d is opening the eyes of the IDF and revealing the ammunition coming from Iran to Syria and Hezbollah and blowing it up on the way.

There will continue to be natural disasters, winds, floods, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. This week, there will be very bad earthquakes and the conflict between countries will continue.

All of the people that steal and take bribes will be revealed. They will continue to be revealed, many un-kosher public establishments that aren't managed right.

Parents, watch over your children from assimilation, gambling, alcohol abuse, and drugs.

The Messiah will continue to work and protect the land of Israel until the blessed day comes. Jews, we are at the end! The seventh key is with the Messiah! He turns and turns, a little bit each time, until it turns completely and there will be quiet in the holy land of Israel! "Their swords will turn into plowshares and their spears will turn into hooks and shovels. No nation will lift a sword against another nation and they will know no war!"

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"
Another excellent find in bible code by Rav Glazerson: 5776 - THE YEAR OF REPENTANCE

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

More Prophecy Being Fulfilled, Telling Us Moshiach is Close

Everything that is happening in the world is brought down in scriptures. The most exciting part is knowing all the things that are to occur in the time of Moshiach, and the fact that they are happening, or have happened already -- and they are numerous.

This article appeared in the Breaking Israel News telling us How Ezekiel 36:8 is Coming to Fruition. The Talmud (Sanhedrin 98a) says that there is no surer sign that the Moshiach is imminent than when the prophecy of Ezekiel appears. Enjoy the article:

I am adding this to my long list of items proving that we are close to Moshiach.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Barack Obama Warns Americans ‘To Be Prepared For a Disaster’

I have mentioned that Nibiru was declared Top Secret by a Pres Reagan Executive Order in 1983. This was after NASA saw it for the first time in 1982 and became aware that it was headed this way. Each president after continued the same vow of silence up to Obama. I have seen several videos over the past half year stating that Obama will have to say something when Nibiru is close enough and the world sees it every day, especially when it appears larger and larger, in other words getting much closer.

Barack Obama At FEMA - When Barack Obama speaks to the public, it is very rare that he does so without a specific purpose in mind. So why is he urging Americans “to be prepared for a disaster” all of a sudden? On May 31, Obama took time out of his extremely busy schedule to deliver an address at the FEMA National Response Coordination Center in Washington. During his speech, he stressed that every American is responsible for preparing for disasters, and that includes “having an evacuation plan” and “having a fully stocked disaster supply kit.” These are basic steps that he is encouraging people to take; a message from the man currently residing in the White House. The Obama speech was even put on official White House website:

One of the things that we have learned over the course of the last seven and a half years is that government plays a vital role, but it is every citizen’s responsibility to be prepared for a disaster. And that means taking proactive steps, like having an evacuation plan, having a fully stocked disaster supply kit. If your local authorities ask you to evacuate, you have to do it. Don’t wait.
There is such speculation about why he is warning us now of a disaster. The guesses in the non-mainstream media that I saw were: hurricanes (even though there have been no major hurricanes in a while), earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, World War 3, EMP attack, terrorist attacks, weather (which the US government has learned how to control; many devastating weather systems in recent months has been self-imposed), disease (the government is also creating to kill people, such as the Zika Virus) etc. There are so many possibilities. An interesting warning includes great tsunamis that will put the East coast, the West coast and the Gulf area under water. Ben Golden mentioned reports from the military of moving organizations inland to higher grounds. I have also heard of government organizations that have moved. This is very possibly the reason Obama mentioned evacuation. Of course, the evil global elite plan to be in their underground cities safe and sound, while the world population is in harm’s way. I believe Hashem has other plans for the evil ones (throughout Jewish scriptures).

One additional disaster about to happen is the worldwide financial meltdown. I heard a rumor that one of the major banks in the US (I don’t know which one) is about to go under. If one major bank folds, all of the banks will follow. Why? One reason is that there will be a run on the banks; everyone will try to take their money out (the Great Depression attests to that). The second reason is that it may be another false flag endeavor by the US. The NWO wants a worldwide currency and that requires devaluing all currencies. It is another reason so many active military units are on crowd control. When Martial Law is imposed worldwide, mass panic will ensue. I am getting messages from my readers all over the US that they are seeing movement of military equipment in their areas.

There has been a great increase in terror attacks around the world, but that happens right after the annual Bilderberg Group meeting, which occurred in June. I did see a report from the government stating that the greatest threat to the US government is groups who are against the workings of the government, and it very specifically said NOT ISIS, or any other terrorist organization. What? It sounds like the governments agenda is to initiate the New World Order and that organizations like ISIS are part of the plan. I know for a fact from documentation that I have seen for years that ISIS, which broke off from Al Qaeda, has been trained, funded and armed by the US Government, specifically the CIA. Of course they are not going to blame them since the main headquarters for ISIS seems to be the White House, where the top Islamist is running the show. If you don’t believe what I am saying, congratulations Obama you have fooled the world including some of my readers. Obama is a devout Muslim and doesn’t really hide it. The US has even performed false flag attacks on ISIS, such as in Syria, to throw us off.  In many wars the US was on both sides, as long as there was money to be made.

The only possibility that was not talked about was the upcoming disaster called Nibiru. NASA and the scientists have done a very good evil job in pulling the wool over the eyes of the world population. There was a Ben Golden message recently telling us that Nibiru is near. He even mentioned the messages that we were receiving from the former NASA scientist, Dr. Ronald Shimschuck, who seems to have disappeared. Ben Golden mentioned that he may no longer be alive. We know that Dr Shimschuck waited until his wife has passed before blowing the whistle, and that he no longer is being heard from. The last interview that I heard sounded like it ended in gun fire.

What other indications do we have that Nibiru and its solar system are close? The messages from the FC individuals, which is from Hashem, is one of the most reassuring sources. The many places in scriptures that tell us that we are in the year of Moshiach and Geula, 5776, lets us know that it has to be within months. I have other sources that are too detailed for an explanation here, but are still extra icing on the cake.

Then there is my personal assessment. I am not an astronomer, nor do I have any equipment, such as telescopes, to give a more accurate evaluation. But, judging from the many, many pictures and videos that are showing up on the web, I have made an estimation. I have heard that Nibiru is approximately 1/8th to 1/11th the size of our sun. The pictures that we are seeing these days are giving an appearance of Nibiru being similar in size to the sun. Since the sun is 399 times the size of our moon, and they appear similar in size (especially during a solar eclipse), it means that our sun is actually about 399 times as far from the earth as the moon. If Nibiru appears about the size of the sun these days, it must be about 1/8th to 1/11th the distance to the sun or about 8.4 to 11.6 million miles away from us. It is still far enough away that it not readily seen unless you know where and when to look. At the speed that it might be travelling (once again, no official word from the scientific community), it presents a strong possibility of its closest flyby to Earth within weeks, not months. I think that the Hebrew month of Tammuz is very possible, which roughly coincides with July. I have other information that may support this theory, but it is way too detailed for here.

It does seem that Nibiru must be fairly close to be easily visible on Earth. Are we talking within the next couple of weeks for obvious visibility? Are we being prepared by the White House, who may not have a choice any more in hiding this phenomenon?

What I just presented was my own speculation. There was a message from one of the FC individuals a while ago saying that Nibiru may come as close to Earth as the distance of our moon, which is an average of 238,855 miles (384,400 km) away. This means that at its closest approach, Nibiru should appear about 40 times the size of the moon.

Yes, that is scary enough, but when we see 7 planets and/or moons accompanying Nibiru along with millions of miles of debris (asteroids, meteors, etc), and the Earth is shaking, quaking and erupting, the best preparation that the White house can advise us to do is “Teshuvah, Repentance.” That is the purpose of all this happening is to get all good people on Earth to turn to Hashem and ask for “HELP!!!!!!!!!!” That is why in Numbers 24:17 where Balaam tells us of the Star of Jacob, all the commentary tell us that this star is Moshiach. How many times have I mentioned that when all the Jews do Teshuvah, Moshiach will be here immediately? When all good people on Earth are scared to death, the Teshuvah will happen and Moshiach will also happen. That is Hashem’s plan and we are very close to it happening, B”H.

The last message from Ben Golden included prophecies in Jewish scriptures that have been fulfilled. I have not reviewed these passages yet, but I hope to do so and report it to you soon (possibly by the end of the week, B”N).