Sunday, November 6, 2016

Communicating with Benjamin, Jerusalem, 20 Tishrei, Sukkot 5777 (continued Q and A)


Signs of salvation
Q. An interesting thing was that during Sukkot there was not a drop of rain that fell, a sign of cordiality.

A. Right. But, there are also many signs are not good. If one sees a rainbow without the rain, when there are completely blue skies, that is not a good sign.

Q. There was something very strange during Sukkot. There were huge amounts of crows, Ravens!

A. Ravens are a bad sign.  A very bad sign.  And, that there are so many of them now is a bad sign.

Q. There were many Jews at Tomb of King David, but the authorities do not always help us.

A. Well, there's a war on, but do not worry.  They also want the old city, and they believe that they already have it. They want to build the Temple and make it for idolatry, G-d forbid.

Q. And are they sure that the Arabs will give it to them?

A. They believe that the Arabs 'will do the trick.”  The Arabs already have made plans for them.  And there are also Arabs among them.  They also found those who would be willing to be part of the new religion.  Some are Jews are found, G-d forbid, but I do not know if they even really Jewish.

Q. Can you talk a bit about the huge earthquake, and all that is happening now in nature?

A. All, or at least the vast majority of the big problems that are happening now in nature, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, giant sinkholes that are growing immensely, is all coming from the heavenly bodies that are coming.  The gravitational effects are something.

Not only that, there are hundreds of meteors and asteroids that harm the moon, and are coming here, hundreds.  So they do not talk about it, they are silent about it, G-d had mercy on us.  There are in America storms, tornadoes and floods, some incredible floods and hurricanes, and huge fires, etc., etc.  Worldwide there are serious problems.  Here in Israel, the sun is shining, and it is neither cold nor hot, and everything flows.  How do they know what is happening? They suddenly look in the sky, and pass out, when they see Nibiru, or whatever you want to call it.  And it will give a 'bang' to the Earth.  It will not hit the Earth, but it will pull on it and shake it with the strong force effects from the immense magnetic power of Nibiru.

Q. The media does not talk at all about the natural disasters, as if all these phenomena were a military secret.

A. On October 1, the UN was given lead over the Internet.  I believe that they soon will take control and remove all those who speak about it.  Once it becomes part of the UN - that's the end!  At least the end of the Internet. Well, Orthodox Jews will be happy, at least in part.

Q. I Simchat Torah in many synagogues, I see the people of Israel who are turning to Hashem and are happy in G-d Almighty who has redeemed.  And there are those who are waiting for him.

A. Look, the people of Israel are going through difficult things now like everyone else. They have a lot of problems.  There are a lot of people with health problems, and a lot of people with problems of money, and a lot with all kinds of other problems.  The education of the children - it's really heartbreaking for many Jews.  Jews begin to feel and understand they just got drunk for years with the physical world.  Materialism was never a big problem in all of history as it is now.  Even though many know of this situation already, they are really trying to do the right thing.  But some people still hold on to it, and prefer the materialism than do something they call 'boring', such as saying psalms or praying.  They call it 'too much.'  It is not it too much, G-d forbid, but it clearly it the problem for many (not doing the right thing).

Q. But there is still a special awakening of the people of Israel recently.

A. Surely and certainly, but also there is a majority who do not know, they are neither here nor there.  On the one hand there are those who are influencing the people with lies, on the other hand, there are people who are trying to attract them to the truth.  So how do you say in English: a Dual War.

Q. This year the Days of Awe prayers were with a lot of awakening.

A. True, the prayer was very important for our situation now; and, the people are really waking up, but not enough yet. Again I repeat: just make a connection with Hashem - this is what will save us. Only this will save us. Regardless of each individual with Hashem. He is opening now the passages to Him, so that everyone can get to Him, any Jew can reach. He is waiting for all of us, to talk with him: “Tati Tati, Daddy, Daddy, have mercy upon us, have mercy on us”. I know that a real Jew speaks like that with G-d, all day if he could, so he feels such a real-connection
between him and his Maker; that he is not afraid of anything. He knows he's part the creation of the eternal G-d, for all eternity, and that he has a Jewish soul.

Q. Further to what your message said, according to what is written in the Gemara, the destruction of Jerusalem was out of the complacency of the people who were afraid.

A. True, they were so sure of themselves, they were no longer tied to their relationship with G-d;  that is the problem. They were great heroes; they were able to do things that normal people could not do at all. Even the most powerful soldiers of the Romans could not do it.  But all in all,  their real power can only come from their relationship with G-d, and that was lacking.

Well, I ask you, to continue the work on all issues means nothing to a Jew who concludes that there is no deity but Hashem.  We have no life and no purpose in life except to be a servant of the L-rd.  Do not forget: it's the goal of the world and we must read it again and again and again - what Kohelet says at the end of his book: This is the goal of the world.


  1. Micah 6:8
    Deuteronomy 10:12
    Zechariah 8:16-17 along with Ecclesiastes 12:13 also...

    Thank you for Words of Encouragement....

  2. There's much going on politically with Clinton in particular. Tell us your perspective

    1. Since I believe the election to be fixed by the global elite, which includes the Clinton's, I don't believe there is any election. It is all staged to continue to implement the evil New World Order debacle.

      Ben Golden talked about the candidates being in their underground bunkers. He doesn't say when. If there is a great upheaval before or during the election, it will be a good excuse to cancel or delay the election.

      There is talk of an Al Qaeda attack on election day, which could be the false flag operation planned to delay the election (since Al Qaeda is controlled by the CIA). It could also be an excuse, with the global elite believing that this is the week of Nibiru (which would be hidden), to fake an Al Qaeda attack to give them the excuse to go underground.

      No matter what happens it will not be good for anyone, but might be the trigger to announce Moshiach, which will be good for everyone.

    2. I was annoyed to see after Yom Tov that the world didn't seem completely different as one of the autistics promised. But now I'm seeing from many in the alternative press that Clinton staged a soft coup, taking over the press (which clearly shills for her), the justice dept. (the declines to indict her when clearly she is indictable for the emails alone), and the voting process which seems to have rigged voting electronics. They are saying that indeed it's a new world now, completely different from what we knew.

    3. You are correct, except that there are many other changes that have come about that do not make the mainstream media. My post of tomorrow, B"N, the next Benjamin message, discloses some of what is happening.

  3. Regarding Israel's comment above, here's a video people should see, posted on Israel Truth Times:, about Clinton's soft coup...and a countercoup.

  4. Regarding taking the old city (the old city), you say that they are planning to make a place of idol worship... It is already happening now and the autists claim that 60% of the sights now belong to the vatican and what more? We now have reforms dancing there (probably people who were once haredi and left {of course erev rav} and let us not leave out a female bunch dubbed women (feminists) of the wall. Truly low so this is certainly the time.

    1. I pay attention to Hashem's plan, which is how all this is going to turn out. We are in our final testing stage and have the choice of paying attention to the craziness of the world or watching Hashem's will unfold. Hashem's plan is much more enjoyable and less stressful to watch.