Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parshat Emor, 3 Iyar 5775 (26.04.15)

 G-d's judgment is the greatest mercy!  G-d is telling all of the Jews in the world: "I am sifting you out from other nations, from the gentiles.  I am collecting you one by one, Jew by Jew, bringing you to the holy land of Israel - you are my children.  I will not give up on you, do not be stubborn, I am more stubborn than you.  My Jewish children living abroad, turn your stubbornness into something good and positive and come live in Israel, the exile is over.  There is no more exile, the Holy Spirit is growing thin until it will be gone for good and you will find yourself in peril without protection from me."  Seven billion humans in the world and antisemitism can turn against the Jews within one week and then you will run with haste and panic, broken, shamed, and scared and not with the upper hand - it is a shame.

The forces of nature will continue to strike harshly; there will continue to be chaos.  We said that after Passover there will be difficult things.  Passover for G-d is the beginning of a new year, as is Rosh Hashana.  Do not be stubborn before G-d, there is no man or thing that can defeat G-d.

The floods will continue, earthquakes will continue, fires will continue, harsh winds and storms at sea, and there is no protection for Israeli Jews who leave Israel.

Jews, do not invest or buy anything overseas, invest only in Israel.

In Israel there is the Dead Sea, the Kineret, the Red Sea, and the Mediterranean. All the good in the world - there is in Israel!  The safest and most protected place in the world is the holy land of Israel.  The state of Israel is like Noah's Ark, and the entire world is in chaos, an Armageddon for the gentiles.  In Israel nothing will happen, everything will be good, the economy is the best in the world, homes and real estate will continue to develop without stop.  The country is developing wondrously, the Land of the Deer is stretching like deer's skin, it will grow and grow without anyone noticing, like a fetus in a mother's womb developing from one drop to a child.

G-d is creating conflict between nations, conflict between religions and people so they don't bother the people of Israel.  Woe be unto any country, prime minister, or president that bothers the Holy Land and tries to get us to give parts of Israel away, woe unto them!  Look at what happened in the past to every person and country that wanted to take parts of Israel away or interfere inside Israel.  G-d eliminates them from this earth and creates conflict for them that they will never be free of.

Terrible things will continue to happen on earth.

Dear Jews, children of G-d, stay in Israel, don't leave!  The forces of nature are at work, and there are complications with planes, ships, trains and buses, Jews must stay in Israel.  Go abroad only for work or for family, and come back.  Do not play around, G-d will pass harsh judgment.

In Yesha and East Jerusalem, they are sending people to hurt the Jews. Israel must not relax - there is no faith in most Arabs.  A large part of the Arabs plant seeds of evil and hatred against the Jews in newborns. The IDF must be careful, not only in Jerusalem, but everywhere in Israel from Metulah to Eilat.

99% of gentiles in the world and Jews are not even one percent (we are actually ¼ of 1%).  All of the nations of the world are afraid of Israel, it is the heart of the world; it is the inner body of the world.  The entire world lives off of the state of Israel!

The United States has discovered the deception of Iran who is laughing at them.  Iran is connected to Russia, they are brothers.  Russia is helping Iran in secret and in the open.  There are many Russian scientists and professionals in Iran.  The United States has not succeeded in pulling Iran to it; it has received a white slate from Iran.

Iran will not openly harm Israel, it is deathly afraid if Israel.  In secret, they send ammunition and weapons to Nasrallah and Hezbollah and the IDF is bombing everything on the way.

In Egypt there will be a revolution - we are waiting.  ISIS, Hamas, and the extreme Islamists have a plan to topple the government.  The earth is shaking, soon it will erupt there like a volcano.  Sisi is doing nice work, making great efforts.

In the Gaza Strip they want to drag Israel into war - do not be dragged.  Be vigilant, they are still digging tunnels.  Make sure they do not surprise us in a Kibbutz, army base, settlement, or village.

ISIS is spreading in Turkey, taking up room and starting to take control.  The media is not telling everything because it has all become routine.  Every time they say that they have bombed ISIS - they have bombed nothing, it is not ISIS.

ISIS is multiplying like fish in the sea and will continue to destroy the impurities and evil round Israel.  Even though they are messengers of G-d, Israel needs to be careful not to let them cross the borders.  Wherever ISIS see impurities, they want to erase and kill.  There are a lot ISIS members in Israel in the north and south, some of them want to be part of ISIS abroad, but they are killed because they are suspected to be spies.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are waiting for ammunition from Iran; the rebels are finishing off all of their ammunition.  The Syrians don't have the power to help Hezbollah.

Iraq is being erased like Syria, and Syria is being erased like Iraq, it is all chaos over chaos.

Jordan is waiting; 3 million refugees are eating away at it.

Every time the United States wants to interfere with the Holy Land, pretending to make peace by, heaven forbid, trying to give parts of the Holy Land away, G-d creates conflict for them so that they don't even know what day it is.  Do not touch G-d's Holy Land; do not mess with G-d!

Every country that opens its mouth against Israel and wants to harm Israel will be in conflict from G-d.  G-d will bring upon them the forces of nature and will create conflict within them.

All of the Sudanese and Eritreans need to urgently go back to their country in a legal manner.  Not only that, we need to watch the borders so no more of them come in.  Israel, a state of peace and love, must be clean from all of these different nations that want to bother the Jews and the state of Israel.

All of those that don't walk the straight path will be revealed, white and black collar.  Evil will eat at itself and at them.  G-d is cleaning the state of Israel in His own way and cleaning the world in His own way.

The government of Israel needs to act wisely and love each other.  The people chose them, not the other way around.  There must be kindness between you; you are the example.  Be united and unified, this is not the time for games.

Jewish mothers need to guide their sons and daughters not to assimilate with the gentiles!  Explain to them what the differences are between Jews and gentiles.

Independence Day is a special day, the clouds and winds spoke with the Jews in Israel.  Good Jews remained in their homes and there was happiness in every home.

G-d is sending signs that are clear to every Jew in the world, that there is redemption from the year 5708 and everything that is happening in Israel and the world is in preparation for the big and special day - the crowning of the King Messiah!

Today you understand more than ever that you must cry out and ask G-d to crown the King Messiah!

Courtesy of  the site  "Tair Neri"

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Acharei/Kedoshim, 29 Nissan 5775 (19/04/15)

Father in Heaven is telling the Jews in Israel and the world:
"Hear my voice now - you won't hear it literally, but I am sending you signs through the forces of nature, through conflicts between countries, through rain in Israel, good and strange things happening in the world - the ten plagues in the world. Anti-Semitism in the world is harsher than it ever was.  I am fighting for you and protecting the nation of Israel, the Jews in Israel, and no one can touch the state of Israel, my country, the Holy Land!  Whoever touches it will be harmed.  Every country in the world that wants to harm Israel - I will strike them down; I have already done so and will continue to do so.  I have brought ISIS to the world to clean the idolatry that has been in the world since it began."

ISIS shows no justice.  The world is modern and it breaks one's heart to see what they are doing, but they are messengers of G-d.  They will continue to grow and develop, to clean and dismantle the idolatry and adultery in the world.  They have struck Egypt and Jordan, and they are spreading in Turkey, growing stronger and making it their home.  It is their home base.

Syria will continue to be erased; it has no relief and will never have any.  It is paying today for what it did to the soldiers of the IDF in Israel's wars.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah are falling apart, losing direction.

Iraq will also disappear from the world, like Syria.  They are paying today for scaring the people of Israel 25 years ago with Saddam Hussein's rockets.

Jordan is filled with refugees that are eating away at Jordan until it crumbles.  Do not invest in Jordan, dear Jews!

Turkey is controlled by ISIS, which is eating away at it.  Arduan is in the their sights, he has no choice but to follow them.

Yemen and the entire area will continue to be in conflict.

Iran is half modern and half primitive, and everything will blow up in their faces there as well.  Iran pulled a con with Russia to drive the US crazy.  They lied and conned the United States and they are laughing at the world.  The Russians are happy that Iran is succeeding in conning the US.  Iran and Russia are brothers.

Egypt - Hamas, the extreme Islamists, and ISIS are causing harm and want to bring down the regime.  Today-tomorrow, it will fall.

In the Gaza Strip they continue to dig tunnels.  Even though there are machines that check if there are tunnels - don't trust them.  They are not 100% precise.  The IDF needs to continue checking the manual way as well.  In Operation Protective Edge, there were great wonders and miracles.

G-d is creating the Babel Tower, confusing all of the heads of state in the Middle East and all of the countries in the world.  G-d is doing everything in order to protect the state of Israel, the youth and the Jews in Israel, to prevent assimilation.  He does everything, brings strange weather so that Jews don't sin in Israel.  G-d is protecting His children!

Israel needs to put together the new government quickly.  All of the parliament members must stop with the insults and take their jobs seriously because Benjamin Netanyahu is guided by G-d - the heart of the king is in the hands of G-d.

The economy and security are in the hands of G-d; He is running everything.  It doesn't matter who will have the job - the responsibility is G-d's alone!  Let it go and give in to the prime minister.  You can't deceive Israel and the entire world.

So long as the King Messiah is not working out in the open, the government of Israel is working.

Abu Mazen is laughing at everyone, lying about parliament members.  There are those he succeeds in fooling, who believe him.  He has bad goals.

There are a lot of conspiracies by Hamas in Yesha, the Arabs there are helping them.  There are conspiracies in the north and south.  There is a small number of Israeli citizens who are helping them, they are the most dangerous.

There will be much greater natural disasters than there were before Passover.  G-d is destroying and confusing every country that goes against Israel and that wants to harm Israel.

Planes will continue to experience complications, all kinds of planes.  Ships will continue to experience complications.  Trains will derail and crash, buses will crash.

G-d is asking the people of Israel: "Don't you understand that I am speaking to you through natural disasters, complications, and conflict around the world?  I am tearing down and destroying all of the Arab countries - don't you see that I am fighting for you?  Don't you see that the economy in Israel is the best in the world and that Israel will forever have the best real estate?  Are all of these signs not enough to realize that I am talking to you?"

G-d is calling out to the Jews living overseas to come to Israel!

Do you understand what this means?  G-d is calling out to the Jews to come to Israel - "You will be welcomed in Israel with open arms.  You will all have ample income.  I, Father in Heaven, accept you with great love and open arms!  Don't wait.  Leave the evil inclination and the material behind.  The world of impurities and filth is over.  Life of man, his health, his children, are worth all of the materials and all of the money in the world.  You will have a good life and ample income in Israel.  In the past, Jews were loved around the world because they invented patents.  Today they don't need the Jews because they already have all of the patents and secrets.  They don't need the Jews anymore; the Jews have finished their role overseas.  After this message - if you don't understand, don't come crying!"

Independence Day this year, in the coming days, will be beautiful and wonderful and the people of Israel will celebrate in their homes and rejoice that G-d has given the Jews a country - the State of Israel.  Don't forget the IDF soldiers who we have to thank for being here!

For G-d, the number seven is an important and loved number.  G-d uses it in the things He cares about: the Sabbath - the seventh day, seven blessings for the bride and groom, Passover - seven days, seven thousand years - every seven thousand years the world changes.  The state of Israel is soon to celebrate seventy years, it is sixty seven now!  In the seventieth year there will be wondrous things, miracles, interesting things that have never before occurred!  Redemption - the whole world will find redemption and the Jews will be holy, pure, and with G-d.  The Messiah will soon work out in the open, the messiah is growing slowly and surely!

Courtesy of the website "Tair Neri"

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Tazria-Metzora, 22 Nissan 5775 (04/12/15)

G-d, Father of Mercy, is the father of the Jews and the world.

It was a very good Passover, there was spiritual ascendance among the Jewish people, they were closer to G-d, and G-d was closer to the people of Israel.  Seven days plus Shabbat - 8 days above nature.

G-d is telling Israel and the world: 'I decide what happens in the world, rain does not fall for no reason, the rain came to clean the state of Israel.  What you cleaned in Passover you cleaned, and I G-d clean and continue to clean from above and below.'  Jews need to continue to clean their homes and body, their spirit and souls.  The body, spirit, and soul are cleaned through learning Torah, prayers, and obeying the Torah.

Rain is a sign - sign of the Messiah!  A sign that there is less freedom of choice, that G-d is controlling the world Himself and preparing the people of Israel and the world for complete redemption and the crowning of the King Messiah!

The crowning of the King Messiah is in the hands of G-d and only in the hands of G-d.  The date is also in the hands of G-d.  Not in the hands of men, not in the hands of angels, not in the hands of anyone!

Don't worry, Jews - all of the prayers and Torah studies of the Jewish people is not for nothing.  G-d is fighting for the people of Israel!

G-d hates obscenity, G-d hates assimilation.  In the holy days of Passover, G-d did not want there to be assimilation.  The holiday of Passover is a very powerful holiday in the heavens and the earth.

Just as G-d promised that Israel will grow and develop - so it will be!  Very soon, in this generation, the people of Israel will stop suffering.

G-d is very pedantic with the religious people because they studied Jewish law and know better.

Travel abroad only if it is for the government, public institutions, the IDF, or work.  Don't travel just to travel - there is no protection for travelers outside of Israel, no one!

Anti-Semitism has grown horribly and continues to grow and spread in Europe, the United States, and many other places in the world.  Everywhere they are planting seeds of hatred towards the Jews.  Jews living abroad are like orphans.  They need to urgently run from there, so long as they are threatened.  Come live in Israel, here is where your mother and father are, G-d and the divine spirit.

The forces of nature continue to operate, winds and storms, fire and heat, cold, snow and ice, earthquakes and floods - everything will continue in full force, G-d is shocking the entire world.  When you see Jews in Israel and the world and what G-d does, you need to pray and cry out to G-d to crown the King Messiah!

Jews must not assimilate with the gentiles.  The Jews are the chosen people and they cannot be replaced!  G-d will not give up on anyone.  A Jew that, heaven forbid, assimilates, it is a shame.  You cannot be a half-Jew, you are either a Jew or not.  In the entire world there are seven billion gentiles, how many Jews are there?  Very few.  So why don't the Jews stay with their own and marry only Jews?  The state of Israel belongs and is designated only for the Jewish people of Israel.  The Jews in Israel and the world need to understand G-d's signs.  G-d uses signs, not direct words.  If He spoke directly, people would get hurt.

All of the people of parliament need to stop playing with the Jews in Israel; put together a strong government and the rest will come later.  We need a strong government now!  Don't stall and play with the Jews in Israel.

The economy in Israel is the strongest in the world and will never fall because G-d is guiding it through prayer, Torah studies, unity of the people, and obeying the Torah.  The state of Israel will be protected and preserved.

The Arabs have plans from the Gaza Strip to Metulah, don't trust them.  Abu Mazen is laughing at everyone; he is sneaky and fooling everyone.  Keep watch over the Judea and Samaria; they have a nest of Hamas there that needs to be broken down.

Some of the Arabs in Israel are more dangerous than the Arabs out of Israel.  They live with an Israeli citizenship, and they too need to be looked at.  The world is tired of hearing about Syria, it is old news and there is no solution.  Syria is being erased and will continue to be erased.

Jordan is filled with refugees and the King is waiting for peace.  Let him keep waiting, so that Jordan falls apart too.

Iraq will disappear from the world.

In Yemen they will continue to fight and make a mess, in and around Yemen.

ISIS is fighting the Arabs.  Every Arab country is in conflict with itself - G-d will fight for you and you will hold your peace!

Continue to pray to G-d, to obey the Torah, and He will fight for you!  Without G-d fighting, the people of Israel would not last even a day!  People of Israel, wake up, seven billion gentiles in the world are against the Jews and G-d is protecting the Jews living in Israel!

The Arab states are like the Babel tower, they are killing each other, confused and complicated.  May their swords fall on them and their bows break, their people kill their leaders and their leaders kill their people.

Egypt will continue to get the ten plagues from ISIS, the extreme Islamists and Hamas.  The situation in Egypt is very bad, on its way to a revolution.

In Turkey ISIS is closing in like a ring.

The Hamas are the seed of Amalek.  They continue to dig tunnels.  Wherever the IDF close tunnels, they build new ones.

You need to be careful so that you are not surprised, not in a military base and not in a Jewish settlement.  They don't want peace, they want to take the country of Israel.

Iran is celebrating, they think everything is rosy.  They are afraid of Israel.  Peace with Iran is not real peace; it is peace so that Iran does not go with Russia.  Iran is not stupid; it has requests above the will of the United States.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah are afraid that they will run out of ammunition, weapons, and soldiers.  The IDF is keeping watch so that they don't get weapons and ammunition from Iran and the sea.  Nasrallah and Hezbollah are deathly afraid if ISIS.

The United States is fighting over who will rule the Middle East, the US or Russia.

Every white and black collar, thief, dirty and cheat - all will be revealed.  G-d is purifying and cleaning the state of Israel and the entire world.

The entire world is in chaos except for Israel, Israel is safe and protected.  Don't stop praying, learning Torah and obeying the Torah.

G-d wants the state of Israel, the Holy Land, to be pure and holy.

Every Jew under his vine and fig tree and the Messiah work in public!

Courtesy of the site “Tair Neri"

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Chol Hamoed, Pesach, 15 Nissan 5775 (04/05/15)


King of Kings, G-d, protects and guards the state of Israel, the Holy Land, and the Jews in it. G-d is confusing all of the Arab countries and they are eating at each other and destroying each other. The other states are also being confused by G-d and He is creating conflict between them; and, they are destroying each other.

All of the Arab Muslims and all of the states that are against Israel, it doesn't matter where in the world, G-d will bring them harsh blows and create within them a very deep hatred.  Armageddon is for them, not the state of Israel.

When the Jews in Israel and the world see the great miracles that G-d is doing and that G-d is fighting to protect the state of Israel, they need to understand that these are great miracles that G-d is creating.  Here we see the work of G-d, and how G-d protects the state of Israel.  Neither the government nor anyone else protects - G-d alone does this holy work.

G-d's request is that the people of Israel be kind, united, pray to Him and learn Torah, and G-d will do the work and protect and guard the state of Israel and every Jew in the state of Israel.

G-d is creating all of the complications and conflict between countries, creating a Babel Tower so that the people of Israel believe and cry out to G-d and thank G-d for all of the good that He is giving them and lighting the way to the right path.  When the people of Israel see all of this, G-d asks them: cry out and ask Me to crown the King Messiah soon!

The government of Israel and chosen officials need to urgently unite and help each other.  Don't seek out honor and a chair; it is disrespectful to the Jewish people in Israel and the world and G-d.

The IDF needs to continue to be very vigilant until a strong government is formed.  The IDF needs to keep guard from Eilat to Metulah with high vigilance.

Another important matter: Look very carefully into the tunnels in the Gaza Strip!  They are working day and night and waiting for the right time to surprise Israel.

Abu Mazen is a liar, a crook and a snake.  He wants to create a trap for Israel with his "pleasant talks."  The gentiles around know what the Holy Land of Israel is.  They know that G-d promised the land of Israel to the Jews - a land of milk and honey.  All of the Jews in Israel also need to know this!

The economy in Israel is blooming and successful.  Nothing will change, what will be, will be.  G-d fuels the state of Israel and the world.  There is work for everyone, if you want to work there is work, if you don't want to work there won't be work - 'by the sweat of your brow you will eat your bread".

Syria is being erased.

Iraq is being erased.

Jordan looks like it gave up.  The prime minister is afraid of getting killed.  He is waiting for Abu Mazen and the United States who are promising him a piece of the land to put all of the refugees there.

In Egypt the extreme Islamists will create a revolution, Hamas will not relent and ISIS will not relent.  When there will be great blows in Egypt, only then the media will report.

Turkey is entirely ISIS and surrounded by ISIS.  Arduan doesn't know how to get down from the tree so that Israel will help him.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah can't act now because the IDF is preventing ammunition and weapons from reaching them.  Still, ammunition and weapons arrive through roundabout ways. Hezbollah and Nasrallah are waiting for the support of an Arab country to bother Israel.

Iran is dancing and celebrating, they think they got what they wanted - big mistake!  They did not get anything.  G-d will not let them lift their heads.  If they have any intention of harming Israel, G-d will bring down upon them ten plagues that have never been seen before.

Anti-Semitism in the world is going to increase stronger than ever before.  The Jews who insist not to come to Israel have no mercy for their little children.  Come urgently to Israel, saves your lives and the lives of your family members.  This is very serious, it is not a game - this is about human lives!

There will continue to be natural disasters and they will increase terribly, fires, earthquakes and floods, winds and snow, rain and disease.  There will be mistakes by doctors treating patients.  Planes will continue to crash, ships will sink and trains will derail.

G-d has given a beautiful gift on the Seder night of Passover, a good Passover for the people of Israel.  Jews need to be happy, to enlighten each other and be joyful for everything that G-d has given them.

The rain that fell purified the Holy Land for the Jews.

This Passover, the year 5775, all of the Jews living in Israel will be free of their worries and pains and all their problems and a new way of blessing and success will appear.  Don't be mistaken or confused - choose good and you will have good, do not choose good and you know what will happen.

The first prophet Eliyahu was also the last; he came to announce the crowning of the King Messiah through prophecy and vision.  Eliyahu the Prophet was not flesh and blood, just like he comes to circumcisions and we don't see him, so it is now.  When he will come to announce the crowning of the King Messiah, he will come in dreams, prophecies and visions.  All of the signs in the world, all of the complications and conflict are to show the Jews in Israel and the world that the crowning of the King Messiah, son of David, is near!

Courtesy of the website "Tair Neri"

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Pessah, 8 Nissan 5775 (29/03/15)

Father in Heaven, Father of Mercy that shows mercy for all the Jews and the Holy Land, which is the most important thing to Him - the Holy Land of Israel.  G-d is creating conflicts and complications in all the Arab countries and in many countries in the world, between each other and within themselves.  The entire world is in chaos and the gentiles around us are in the middle of Armageddon, "they will fall on their swords and their bows will break", they will continue to fight each other.

Every country’s prime minister or president in the world that wants to harm and destroy the State of Israel will be destroyed by G-d and removed from the earth.  G-d is telling the state of Israel and the Jews in Israel: "I fight for you and you will hold your peace".  The state of Israel is the safest and most protected place in the world!

Russia is starting to intervene, it wants to take parts of the Middle East.  It started with Jordan and will continue.  Russia sees that the United States wants to control the Middle East; that it forgot about Israel and doesn't care about Israel, so now Russia also wants to intervene and control the Middle East.  More conflict between the United States and Russia.

In the United States, there are very few who are against Israel.  Obama wants to keep to his word that there will be two states and because of his word he is ready to destroy the world.  If Obama cared about Israel and the Jews in Israel, why is he pressuring?  Why the stress?  Why is he angry at Israel?  Why is he angry about the elections?  And why is he "not speaking" with Netanyahu?  It is better for him to strengthen the United States.  If the United States wants peace with the Palestinians, the Palestinians can go live in Jordan or other Arab states.  The country of Israel is one of the smallest country in the world - what more do they want of it?

Since Abraham - "Esau hates Yaakov."  The Arab Muslims have hatred and jealousy toward the Jews.
Abu Mazen and Hamas and a big part of the Arabs in Israel don't want peace, they want to capture the Jews and make them slaves like we were in Egypt.  Abu Mazen is a crook, a liar and cheater; he is working with the Hamas directly and completely.  He is helping them dig new tunnels and renew the old ones.  They are creating dangerous and advanced ammunition; don't believe Abu Mazen and Hamas.  Abu Mazen is stirring things up and inciting the Arabs inside and outside of Israel against the Jews.  He may look innocent on the outside, but inside he has the cruelty of an alligator.

The Palestinians, Hamas, and Jihad do not want peace; they want to erase the state of Israel.

The IDF must be united and organized, and watch over the borders of Israel and inside Israel.

The government of Israel was chosen by G-d.  G-d is telling Knesset members: stop playing seat games, start the new government immediately, before Passover.  So long as the Messiah has not be crowned publicly, the government calls the shots!  All of the enemies of Israel are happy and mocking the Knesset members and the government.  At least now they need to be the  heroes that care about the holy land and not seats, that care about the Jews in Israel, that care about bringing Jews from overseas to Israel, that care about creating a strong government that will heal and take care of Israel.  Whoever goes after honor, honor will escape him,  G-d supports those who are humble.

It is important to explain that Jews must not assimilate with the gentiles, we are a small nation.  There are seven billion gentiles in the world, who are a danger to the Jews and are bothering the Jews living their lives in Israel and the world.  If there are Jews overseas married to gentiles, they need to make an effort to convert them according to Halachah and bring them to Israel. Soon the time will come when they won't be able to convert them and they will be gone from the world because they interfered with the holiness of a Jew.  It doesn't matter, man or woman.

Syria is still being erased; the rebels and ISIS continue to wipe Syria out.  The media does not film it, because they are looking for strange things and because they are afraid of being murdered.  All kinds of countries are saying "we bombed and killed ISIS in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen" - they are not bombing anything, it's all for show.

Iraq will continue to be erased like Syria.

In Turkey there will soon be an outburst of ISIS who will terrorize the country.  Arduan is afraid of being beheaded.

Jordan did not find any use in the United States so they are moving forward with their relations with Russia.  Whoever helps more - that is who they follow.  Jordan continues to be filled with an enormous number of refugees until it will explode and end up like Iraq and Syria.

In Egypt, the Hamas, extreme Islamists, and ISIS are all a mess.  They want to bring down Sisi's government and rule Egypt.

Iran is celebrating, showing off its power in the area to everyone, it wants to be a powerful country.  The whole mess with Iran, Russia, and the United States is psychological warfare between the United States and Russia over Iran, who will give more to Iran and have Iran on their side.

All of the gulf countries, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, will continue to intervene.  G-d is mixing it up between them all, complicating things and creating conflict, just like the Babylonian Tower, just like the destruction of Sodom and Gomorra.

It is Armageddon for the gentiles around us - for Israel there is peace, quiet, and protection!

There will continue to be plane disasters much more terrible than what is happening now, with ships, trains, and cars.  There will continue to be conflict between countries.  The big wonder is that you kill one ISIS member and another million rise up.  Just like the plague of frogs in Egypt - they killed one frog and thousands more came out of it.  It is the hand of G-d!

Natural disasters, winds and fires, earthquakes and floods will continue to strike the earth.  Anti-Semitism will greatly increase. If the Jews don't understand the actions of G-d - they will run in the end and come to Israel in shame.

G-d is releasing the anti-Semitism, seven billion people in the world will banish the Jews, bother them in order to get them to come to Israel, to settle the Negev, Western Galilee, Samaria and Binyamin.

All of the white and black collar criminals, thieves, crooks and bribers, all will be caught.

The holiday of Passover before us will be clean and pure, the rain and winds cleaned the holiday of Passover.  The revealing of the King Messiah is expected any second now.  The King Messiah is working in secret because G-d is in secret and everything He does is in secret - secrets that are understood by man.  The messiah works in secret until the day he is crowned.  On that day, they will see all over the world and in Israel that everything the King Messiah says, happens that second.  The Messiah will protect the Jews in Israel - the holy land!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"