Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Answer to a Comment

I received a comment from “Anonymous” that I started to answer and found that I had too much to cover to make it only a reply to a comment.  It deserved its own separate blog post.

I apologize if I don’t fully understand your caveat, which was an answer to my caveat, but I thought I would take it line by line and reply.

The Anonymous comment:
Another caveat.

No one is righteous. Not even one. The laws of the land have become corrupt. They must be destroyed. Even the law of conversion to enter Eretz Yisrael.

Let not the foreigner say... Hashem will surely exclude me from his people.

Who will destroy it? Moshiach will.

How will he do it? With a foreign tongue. 

My reply:
This is obviously your personal opinion based on the people with whom you must hang out and not based on scholarship of Hashem’s Word.  One of the reasons that I wanted to live where I do, a city of 45,000 righteous Jews, who do the will of Hashem every day, is because they keep the mitzvot and teach it to their children.  What does being righteous mean?  It means that a person is doing the “right thing” according to the will and wishes of the Owner of the Universe.  When I was in the US of A, I lived in a city that had a population of 85,000, 65,000 of which were righteous, Hashem fearing Jews.  It was an absolutely lovely place but I still had many reminders that I was in exile (Galus), especially when I ventured outside to city, like to go to work 5 days a week.  I worked with some very righteous non-Jews who were as nice to me as possible; but, their biggest theme was I needed to accept Yushka in my life.  They were very good righteous people as many, many others that I have met throughout my life, but they were still a great danger to my obligations that I have from Hashem to be “a light unto the nations.”  In other words, the greatest enemy of the Jew for thousands of years has been assimilation.  Jews who think that Hashem doesn't know what He is talking about when He tells us “we must be separated from the gentile society or we will be influenced by them and not follow His ways.”  That is the history of the Jew in every country we have lived.  The worst being Germany, where the Jews were 90% assimilated by the 1930’s.  We all know the result of that assimilation.  But, we are told in scriptures that after we enlighten the world with the word of Hashem and His truth, we will all return to our land and live in peace completely separated from the influence of the non-Jewish nations.  Now you are telling me your opinion that Hashem is wrong in His thinking and that all people should be able to live in this little piece of land designated for the Jews.  The Jews are not allowed to have one little country by themselves protected from the influence of the idolaters of the world (which is what scriptures call the non-Jewish people who are out to destroy the Jewish way of life).  It could be as simple as living with holiday decorations for a holiday that is not mine.  The examples of influence could fill volumes (and already have).

So far as the laws of the land being corrupt, the righteous people that I am referring to are those who live by Hashem’s laws, not the nonsensical laws of people (even though they are supposed to be based on the laws of the Bible – or used to be).  Only in Israel can I truly live Hashem’s laws to the greatest extent possible even though there is still a reminder of our exile with the crazy civil law that is here.  One big difference is that civil law and Torah law work together here, even trying to show respect for each other, like nowhere else on Earth.

So far as the laws of conversion, they have been around for thousands of years and totally are still the same that Hashem gave us.  The biggest danger is, once again, the influence of newer versions of Judaism that don’t agree with Hashem’s requirements.  Conservative, Reform, Liberal, Reconstructionist, etc, etc, etc, believe that one is converted by some pretend Rabbi giving an individual a certificate stating “you are now Jewish.”  Ain’t so (pardon my language)!!!  Conversion comes from Hashem when one is immersed in the Mikvah (the ritual bath) and Hashem instills a Jewish soul in the individual.  This, of course, is only possible after the individual has learned the 613 Mitzvot that apply to that individual, and has taken them on as part of life.  Only Hashem knows what the individual’s future performance will be; and, only Hashem can give a certificate, so to speak, that makes the individual Jewish.  Why am I telling you this?  Because it is mostly in Israel that a person can safely do the conversion process.  Yes, one can be converted anywhere in the world; but, if it is not a kosher conversion or, the conversion is followed by the influence of the people of that country, it is difficult to maintain a completely observant Jewish life.  I know since I lived it for about 58 years and I was already a full-fledged Jew.

Your comment:
Let not the foreigner say... Hashem will surely exclude me from his people.

My reply:
Why not?  That is what Hashem says throughout scriptures (for the reasons already mentioned).

Who will destroy it? Moshiach will.

How will he do it? With a foreign tongue. 

My comment:
What are you talking about?  Destroy what and which Moshiach are you referring to?  What foreign tongue?  We have been under the influence of the foreign tongue for thousands of years.  Please give the Jew a chance to do what he or she was put on this earth to do: Serve Hashem, follow His ways and make for him or herself a happy life.  Non-Jews have the opportunity for such a happy life by following “only seven Mitzvot of Noach.”  Why would a non-Jew be so adamant that Jews have to do things their way and must be totally integrated into their society, no matter how dangerous it may be for the Jew?  Please read my post of 20 November 2012 entitled “Jew Hatred Revisited” and I believe you will see the answer.

I repeat, if you want to live in Israel, the home of the Jews as designated by Hashem, then convert to Judaism as thousands of non-Jews are doing every year.  Otherwise leave us alone to serve Hashem as He has instructed us to do.  It is just that simple.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rabbi Nir ben Artzi Parshat Ki Tissa 5773

I frequently receive inquiries about the status of Geula and Moshiach.  There is probably no better source available on the subject of "interpreting scriptures versus what is happening in the world" than Rabbi Artzi.  Go to this excellent website and read his comments made recently:

Rabbi Artzi is articulating events of today in such a concise and truthful way, I do believe him to have Ruach Hakodesh (Divine Inspiration) in his presentation.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Prayer Works (continued)

My recent post talking about how prayer works provided me with very few comments to be posted on my blog, but many personal Emails.  Being personal I will not be sharing any specifics with you but I would like to characterize the response in two categories and explain further some details about prayer.

I am happy to say that there were some very inspiring messages about how some of my readers took my suggestion and jumped into the prayer scene with a very positive attitude and complete faith that Hashem is the only Source of help for their situations.  All it takes is some very impressive success and you are on your way to, not believing, but knowing that prayer works and that Hashem is truly a partner in making life happy and successful.  Congratulations to those who made the discovery.  You can’t argue with success.

There was another category of readers who said they tried with full emunah and bitochon (faith and trust) to follow Hashem’s system, but they did not come out with the results they wanted.  To these individual I pointed out some very important factors about Hashem’s system and made them realize what truly happened.  Did they get what they want, or did they get what they needed – in other words what really happened and was it the solution they wanted or was it Hashem’s determination what was best for them?

In my post of 4 April 2012, entitled “The Key to Happiness,” I borrowed a brilliant post from Aish Hatorah that puts prayer and life into perspective:

I asked for strength and H' gave me difficulties to make me strong 
I asked for wisdom and H' gave me problem to solve
I asked for prosperity and H' gave me brawn and brain to work
I asked for courage and H' gave me dangers to overcome
I asked for love and H’ gave me troubled people to help
I asked for favors and H’ gave me opportunities
I received nothing I wanted; I received everything I needed
My prayers were answered.

Is the answer to prayer always what we want or is it what we need?  Is prayer always to make life easier or to help us perfect ourselves to go forward to a more productive life, both here and for eternity?

Let me tell you a theme that I used in answering some of my recent Emails in an effort to try to put into perspective what Hashem wants from us and how He is helping us in ways we can’t even comprehend.
We are in the end of the end of days – the time of the final Tikun and final testing.  Hashem is making this world so scary that even every secular Jew will be doing Teshuvah in the coming months.  The time of Geula will be miraculous -- a time that, as we said Na'aseh v'Nishmah in the first Geula, all the Jews of the world will (in fear) look up and say "help."  That is all the Teshuvah needed since every Jew, including every secular Jew, will have his or her heart circumcised (as it says in Parshas Nitzavim) and all will return to Hashem.  What does it mean having the heart circumcised?  The yetzer harah will be removed, retired and will no longer give a person a choice of the right way or the wrong way.  All the Jews and all righteous non-Jews only will want to follow Hashem with tremendous joy.

So, what exactly is happening to each of us?  Our final testing in life before the Tikun HaOlam occurs.  We are all experiencing exactly what we need which means that our prayers and how they are being answered should give hint to Hashem’s plan for each of us.  If we look at it as a good opportunity to learn more about what we need to still accomplish, then we also can realize it is all good news from Hashem.  It is just difficult for us human beings to understand Hashem's perfect system; in other words, why would Hashem test us the way He does?  When Moshiach is announced, we will fully understand all the "why's."

The most important thing is to, with a very positive attitude, know that Hashem's plan is happening and it is all good news for each one of us.  Continue to talk to Hashem everyday and tell Him that you realize it is a test.  Don't say that you can pass the test; but instead, tell Hashem that it is only with His help that you can succeed.  Realizing the truth about what happens to us is most of the battle in solving any situation.  Hashem wants us to turn to Him for help in every situation, no matter how small it may seem, and when that connection is made, the trials and tribulations of life become more manageable and in most cases completely resolved.

One concluding statement is that “Hashem actually knows much more about what we need to succeed and be happy than we will ever know.”  I have made the statement in the past that “I have everything that I want.”  Am I showing arrogance in saying that Hashem makes sure I get everything that I want?  The fact is, and it comes from decades of Torah study, to learn what I really wanted in life.  When what I want is what Hashem knows that I need, I receive everything that I want.  In other words, when I open the handbook of life (Torah) and learn everything that I want in life to make me successful and totally happy, I wind-up with the same list that Hashem tells me that I need.  When all my needs match all that I want, I get everything that I want.  It works and, the most important thing to come from it is a very happy life for all eternity – who could ask for anything more?