Monday, July 31, 2017

The Story of Kamtza & Bar Kamtza (120 Sec)

TISHA B'AV : The incident of "Kamtza and Bar Kamtza" was the spark that ignited the destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, but the question is asked: What does Kamtza have to do with it?  He never actually took part in the story...

Watch as told by Rabbi Ari Enkin of the Drops Of Light Project (120 Sec):

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Why Do We Cry?

by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva

We have all cried - sometimes from joy, more often from sorrow. Why do we express both opposite emotions in the exact same way? Why is Hashem, usually so generous with the wondrous resources with which He has endowed us, so restricting in this respect? Was there not some way to differentiate more clearly between joy and sorrow?

On a physiological level, the encyclopedia informs us, "Strong emotions cause the tear ducts to constrict and to emit tears." That is the technical explanation of tears. It seems logical that strong emotions should cause constriction, which sets the process of crying in motion, and tear ducts are unable to differentiate between sorrow and joy. However, let us try to understand why Hashem causes it to work just this way.

The answer may be found in Zechariah 8:19. "Thus speaks Hashem of Hosts, the fast of the fourth month [Shiv'a Asar b'Tammuz] and the fast of the fifth month [Tisha b'Av] and the fast of the seventh month [Tzom Gedalya] and the fast of the tenth month [Asara b'Tevet] will one day tum into days of joy and celebration for the House of Yehuda, provided only that the people will learn to love truth and peace." The theme that sorrow will one day not only give way to joy but actually turn into joy is basic to Judaism.

An example of this idea appears in Yirmiyahu 31:12. "Then [in the Messianic Era] the young women will dance joyously; young men and elders together. I [Hashem] will turn their mourning to joy. I [Hashem] will comfort them and cheer them in their grief and sorrow."

This verse echoes clearly the statement that we saw expressed by Zechariah. Yirmiyahu is not predicting some new, joyous celebration with no roots in the past. Rather, Hashem will turn the mourning of centuries of exile into joy and celebration when Moshiach comes.

We began this article by wondering why suffering and sorrow and also joy and happiness should express themselves in identical ways. Why do both opposite emotions bring us to tears?

We have now discovered that the technical explanation that we stated above expresses a much deeper concept and reality. The suffering and troubles that overtake us, bring us to tears when they strike us with their cruel force, and later they bring us to tears when we finally are released from them. This is because it is all from the Hand of the One Hashem.

As the Torah tells us in D'varim 32, "I [Hashem] wound, and I heal; "G-d strikes, and G-d heals. He brings suffering in order that we may be healed and comforted. The sorrow and the suffering is the mask, and the rejoicing is the reality.

Only when the going gets tough, do the tough get going. As the Mishnah states in Pirkei Avos, "According to the pain is the gain." In other words, no pain no gain. Hashem's game plan is to cause us to soar to Him through our sorrow and pain.

We have shed many tears throughout our long, tragic and bitter exile, personally and nationally. However, the Chazon Ish stated that all those tears have not been lost. Not even one teardrop has disappeared. Hashem has carefully and lovingly collected and stored each and every one of them. The time will come when all of our tears will return to us transformed into tears of joy, and we will welcome them together with Melech HaMoshiach, may he come speedily in our time.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Who Will Survive to See the Days of Moshiach?

For those of you, who want another opinion, watch this short video from Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi:

Wow!!! That sounds like the same thing I have been saying for years. Repenting now with a very positive attitude is the key to a very happy eternity. People, who think they are fooling Hashem by pretending to be observant while they continue their secular ways, are the losers in this game of life. They will find out the hard way that Hashem will probably let them survive, but with great hardship and not too good an eternal future.

Now you have another opinion; of course you already had Hashem’s opinion.

Thank you AP.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Scientific Proof of G-d

By Dr. Gerald Schroeder

Proof of G-d. Go beyond Intelligent Design with the scientific case for a Creator.

Dr. Gerald Schroeder delivers a powerful scientific case proving that G-d's existence is real.

Dr. Schroeder's argument is so powerful that it influenced one of the world’s leading atheist, Antony Flew, to accept the reality of an infinitely intelligent G-d.

If you are looking for scientific proof of G-d look no further.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Another Very Special Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Devarim, 29 Tammuz 5777, 23.7.17

The Holy One, Blessed be He, the Holy One, blessed be He, the Holy One, blessed be He, shows a glimpse of the Temple, in the holiest place in the world that belongs to the Jews. Another glimpse, and another, many are discovered in the Temple and the Western Wall so that the Jews will wake up and start asking for the Messiah and the Third Temple!

The Arabs are making disturbances on the Temple Mount because the place does not belong to them! This is the place that the Holy One, blessed be He, gave to the people of Israel more than two thousand years ago. They go wild like a wounded animal, so that the truth will not be discovered, and the depth of truth is that the place belongs to Jews for thousands of years! The Holy One, Blessed be He, is revealing the whole truth of the Temple: There were two Temples, and there will be the Third Temple. This is the will of the Creator! The Arabs do disturbances because they know the truth. They fight against the Jews in order to disguise the truth, before the truth will be discovered that this place does not belong to them.

The Government of Israel and all the people of Israel: do not to surrender or be afraid of any nation in the world. As the Holy One, Blessed be He, said to the Children of Israel in the first redemption: "Who is for the L-rd come to me!" So also in the last redemption, He says: Who is for the L-rd come to me!' There will be protection and safeguard for the people of Israel; and, the Holy One, Blessed be He, will prove to all the peoples that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jews for more than two thousand years

The Holy One, blessed be He, shows and reveals several holy places and reveals how the First and Second Temples were built. From the time they will discover the foundations of the First and Second Temples, there will be a very large opening that will not be stopped. This is a preparation for the construction of the Third Temple! This is in order to continue building the Third Temple, in this generation, at this time, and there is no place for goyim. When Messiah is revealed in public, and will act in public, all the goyim will leave, in order to build the Third Temple, with the work of Jews only! The foundations of the First and Second Temples, from two thousand years ago, nothing will help the goyim. As we approach the revelation of Messiah in public, the foundations of the First and Second Temples continue to be revealed.

The Government of Israel, the Land of Israel and the Jews who live in the Land of Israel - do not let go of the place that belongs to you! Do Not surrender to any state or speech. No country in the world will give up one cm of its land. The Holy One, blessed be He, gave the Holy Land as a gift to the Jews! The government and the Jews in the Land of Israel - not to give up any piece of land from the Holy Land, this is a gift that the Holy One, blessed be He, gave to our forefathers! We Jews are commanded to prepare and build the Third Temple. The Messiah will be revealed in public and at the same time will build the Third Temple. We, the Jewish people, are commanded by the Creator to rebuild the world.

If the Goyim want to live in this world with joy and peace, around the Holy Land of Israel, they have to accept the truth, to believe in the Jews in the Holy Land, and that they will not disappear from the world. If they go against the Holy Land, they will disappear from the world.

In order to awaken the Jews in Israel and the world, to believe that there is Messiah, redemption and the building of the Temple, the Creator uses all sorts of ways: He destroys all the Arab countries, increases anti-Semitism against the Jews and uses the elements to strike all kinds of places in the world. Many return to the land of Israel, many who are repentant, and the Creator of the universe reveals to the Jews the foundations of the First and Second Temples, so that they will believe that the Messiah works, acts and is present, and so that the people of Israel will call upon the Holy One, blessed be He!

Because of the days “between the mourning days” and Tisha B'Av that will become a holiday, all the disturbances are taking place on the Temple Mount.

Trump, the president of the United States will despair of the Middle East very soon, and will turn all his energies to work for the benefit of his people in the United States. He understood that the Muslims hate both the Xtians and the Jews and said, 'It's a waste of time.' Trump, don’t forget that the Holy One, Blessed be He, chose him as president to help the Holy Land. The United States has no power and value in the world without the Holy Land, and in the Middle East, Israel is the backbone of the United States.

Russia does not care about anything, just to sell arms, to help itself. Like a lion whose female brings him food. Putin likes to control through weapons, and the US controls through food.

In Syria wars will continue, no one can stop it.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah want to drag Lebanon into war in order to get it into trouble with the rebels, and then Nasrallah will take Lebanon for himself.

Iran is busy with its own affairs, producing the nuclear bomb. Its president seems to be threatening Israel, just to be seen in the world. The inner truth is that Iran is afraid, scared to death of Israel. Knows that the IDF can reach anywhere and destroy the atomic plants; there would be no remnant of Iran.

Egypt, Sisi does not know what to do, does not get along with Hamas, with ISIS and with the extremist Muslims; he has pressure everywhere, and he lives in fear, as radical Islam grows stronger and stronger. Sisi is in fear, wants to get closer to Saudi Arabia and the US in order to alleviate the hunger in Egypt.

Hamas: do not believe them – they are the seed of Amalek. They seem to be poor, but they are not and they are dangerous. They continue digging tunnels twenty-four hours a day with their workers, from age three to ninety. The leaders take all the money; instead of feeding the citizens of the Gaza Strip, they give the citizens nothing and let them live in extreme poverty.

Abu Mazen laughs in his bunker, gives instructions on what to do and how to harm the Jews; he leaves the bunker and waves as if he is compassionate and peace-loving – he is a good actor.

Some of the Arabs with a blue identity card are very dangerous. Some of them have learned from the IDF; they are full of ammunition and weapons, and the Temple Mount is full of ammunition and weapons, as well as Hebron. There are many villages with plants for weapons production.

The Government of Israel should unite and defend the Holy Land. Every minister and member of the Knesset, the Holy One, blessed be He, chose him, but this person has the choice to behave good or bad. Let them understand that the Jews have nowhere to go.

Turkey is controlled by ISIS; ISIS dominates Turkey. The situation is very complicated; Erdogan is talking from time to time, he is in fear and he is not feeling well.

Jordan is waiting to see what will happen. Openly, condemning Israel; inside, loving Israel.

Iraq is fighting and falling all the time. The curse of the Tower of Babel is still now operating on them and will continue to destroy all of Iraq.

The Holy One, Blessed be He commands all the Jews living abroad to return urgently to the holy land of Israel, because there are going to be very serious complications outside the borders of the Land of Israel. The level of anti-Semitism will be one hundred times more than today; the hatred of the Jews will greatly increase.

The infiltrators and the refugees will continue to flood Europe in huge numbers. The Jews must flee from there urgently; do not wait! Do not check! Do not say: 'It will not happen to me!' The Creator is asking you for the last time!

Any Jew, who is abroad and has no official position must urgently return home to Israel, like the wife of Lot who did not believe.

Jewish parents protect your children, explain to them the problem of assimilation, drinking, gambling and drugs.

The Holy One, blessed be He, is fed up with mankind on earth. He is bringing natural disasters to the world, blaze and fires, floods, volcanic eruptions, harsh winds, wars, complications and accidents, chaos and Gog and Magog - outside the Land of Israel. For the Holy One, blessed be He, is cleansing and purifying the world.

The Messiah son of David, a man of Hashem, a servant of the Holy One, Blessed is He, works twenty-four hours a day. The Jews must not be afraid of anyone; they are protected by the cloud of fire. The Holy One, blessed be He, is like a dome above the Holy Land. The Messiah keeps and protects, works at night and cleanses the Holy Land. Very soon everyone will know who the Messiah is. His light will shine, and will show more, there will be many special signs, and all the Jews will be happy forever, for generations and forever!
Courtesy of "Tair Neri" Website

Monday, July 24, 2017

Why did G-d make Himself homeless?

by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Why Mourn for a Temple We Never Saw?

by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva

On Tish'a b'Av we mourn for the destruction of the first and second Batei Mikdash. The Talmud in Taanit

(30) states that all Mitzvot that apply to a mourner during the Shiva also apply to the entire Jewish people on Tisha b'Av.

In other words, according to Halacha we are all sitting Shiva on Tisha b'Av. But, how can this be? For the Halacha states that if a close relative has died and we did not know about it until after 30 days, there will be no formal Shiva. We would sit Shiva symbolically for only an hour, and then get up and go about our regular routine. How then, can we sit Shiva on Tisha b‘Av for tragic events that occurred thousands of years ago?

Rav Soloveitchik answers this question with a statement in Talmud Yerushalmi which states, "Every generation in which the Beit HaMikdash has not been rebuilt is like the generation in which it was destroyed." Thus, we are not mourning on Tisha b'Av only for tragic events that happened thousands of years ago, but we are also mourning for the ongoing tragedy of not having the Temple rebuilt in our time.

Why is the Beit HaMikdash so important to us as Jews’? The Chofetz Chayim explains that more than half of the 613 Mitzvot depend solely on the Mikdash. This means that for close to 2000 years we are unable to fulfill the majority of Mitzvot. Therefore, we need the Beit HaMikdash in order to become spiritually healed and whole again.

The Mitzva to mourn on Tisha b'Av is only temporary, until it becomes a permanent day of joy in the Messianic Era as stated in Zacharia 8:19. Thus, Tisha b'Av is destined to be part of our Halachic tradition, but not as a day of eternal mourning. In Megilat Eicha, which is read on Tisha b'Av, Yirmiyahu (Eicha 1:15 and in 2:22) refers to Tisha b'Av as "Moed" (a Festival). That is why we don't say Tachanun and Selichot on Tisha b'Av (Shulchan Aruch 559:5).

What are the signs of the approaching Messianic Era? And how can we hasten Moshiach’s coming? The Talmud states that the Jews returning from exile and the turning of the land of Israel green is the key sign for the beginning of the Redemption. "There is no clearer sign then when the Land of Israel gives its produce abundantly, then the end of the exile is near, (Sanhedrin 98b, Rashi).

The Vilna Gaon told his disciples that Moshiach will come after the majority of the Jews in the Diaspora come to Israel. Thus, every Jew who makes Aliyah hastens the Moshiach’s coming, thereby transforming the Fast of Tisha b'Av into a Feast.

For close to 2000 years our land rejected all would-be conquerors and remained desolate and barren. The Sifra explains that the Torah's curse of the land during our long exile, "I will make the land desolate" (Parshat Bechukotai), is actually a blessing in disguise. Because we didn't have to worry when we went into exile that our enemies would settle our land. Therefore, the greening of Israel is a clear signal that G-d's decree of "desolation" for the land is over and the Redemption is near. The Land of Israel had to go into "hibernation," waiting for us, her children, to return from exile.

The prophet Yirmiyahu saw the coming Redemption of the Messianic Era and its celebration as being an even greater event than the Exodus from Egypt. As the Prophet says in Yirmiyahu l6:l4,l5 - "Days are coming, says Hashem, when it will no longer be said, ‘As Hashem lives Who took out Israel from Egypt’, but rather ‘As Hashem lives, Who took out Israel from all the lands where Hashem dispersed them.’ And Hashem will return them to their own land, which I gave to their forefathers."

According to HaRav Mordechai Eliyahu zt”l: and the Lubavitcher Rebbe zt”l (and many others), we are presently in the dawn of the Messianic Era. If Moshiach should arrive before Tisha b'Av, then we will be feasting and celebrating on that day, instead of mourning and fasting.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

A Very Interesting Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi shlita, Parashat Mattos-Masie, 22 Tammuz 5777; and, The Jews Return to The Temple Mount

The Creator of this world, the Father of this world, whose world is His creation, continues to cleanse and purify the whole earth. He is going to peel off all the evil and the impurity, all the bribes and the rapists, the lecherous, the white collars and the sinners, all the killers and murderers. The Holy One, blessed be He, cleans and cleanses the whole earth and prepares it, especially the Land of Israel, for the King Messiah to be reveled in public in the near future, at every moment and every second!

He will continue strong floods worldwide, fire and sulfur, accidents of aircraft, cars and trains. Volcanoes will continue to erupt, heat and cold, harsh winds, blows and severe earthquakes, all these will continue to shake, purify, and cleanse the earth. With or without their agreement, the Creator of the Universe does not ask anyone, because the time has come, the time has come for the end of evil in the world. The Holy One, blessed be He, is making natural disasters in order to wake everyone, not only Russia, the United States, North Korea and Iran.

Natural disasters will continue throughout the world - except for Israel.

Noah was commanded to build the Ark for 120 years. Noah tried to bring the world to redeem itself for those hundred and twenty years. There were a lot of clowns and scorners - the Creator of the world brought the flood and destroyed the whole world, leaving only Noah and his family, the ark and all that was on it.

If they send atomic missiles in the world, Hashem will turn them into flour. The Holy One, Blessed be He, informs everyone that there will be no Third World War, that there will be no nuclear war and no third intifada. There will be only the revelation of King Messiah and the construction of the Third Temple!

The Israeli army and the government of Israel must not be complacent: Some of the goyim with a blue identity card are more dangerous than ones without a blue ID card, because they have a permit to go anywhere, they have hidden weapons and a hidden connection with the goyim in East Jerusalem and they are collaborating.

The IDF has to be careful and not to believe them; they come in disguises and do traps - the goyim have no shame and no faith; they want to harm every soldier in uniform. We have to expand the guard duty in the Land of Israel and to suspect them everywhere. .They have leaders who brainwash them – they need to get them.

Abu Mazen condemned what he condemned only with his lip. In his heart, he smiled and rejoiced.

The Mossad and the Shin Bet security service must look carefully at the Temple Mount, there is a lot of weapons and ammunition there, and you have to look urgently and do not believe the goyim who are masquerading as poor people.

Most of the road accidents in Israel are caused by the negligence of drivers who do nonsense, laugh and play while driving, and suddenly, in seconds, are wounded and killed. Too bad for anyone like that; it's a pity for his family and a hundred people and more. It's not war, it's just stupid mistake.

Members of Knesset, stop condemning and hurting one another. It is forbidden to speak publicly about each other, and to insult each other. There is a law to stop the slandering. It's just free hatred, if there's a problem, go to the authorities. The goyim among us see that the government behaves like in a 'kindergarten.' They are getting more power and hurting more civilians.

The Creator of the World says to the whole world: to UNESCO, to the European Union, to all the countries, prime ministers and presidents who oppose the Land of Israel, who want to harm the Land of Israel and take parts of the Holy Land, that He will give them blows, very hard blows that have never been seen in the world and that they will never recover. Most members of UNESCO are Muslims and most decisions are not clean or are illegal.

Syria continues with killing; there is no cease-fire; they are killing each other until it will be erased from the earth. Neither the United States nor Russia can make a cease-fire in Syria; this is in the hands of the King of Kings, the Holy One, blessed be He.

In Iraq, the killing will continue, and the devil's dance will begin again. Everything there is a complete mess; they are murdering each other.

ISIS will never be wiped out and will continue to kill, kill and kill in the world; and, in France, too, they will operate, in Germany they will also operate, in England they will also operate, and in the end, in all of Europe they will operate.

Africa will become ashes. Most of the refugees and the Muslims will arrive in Europe, ISIS celebrates there until they turn Europe into ashes and there will be a Muslim rule and ruler there.

Hamas and Abu Mazen are eating and will continue to eat each other. Promising each other lies. The explosion is near. May their sword pierce their hearts, and their bow be broken and they will be erased from the world. Hamas continues to dig tunnels incessantly, twenty-four hours it's their livelihood. Hamas and Abu Mazen take all the money that comes to their private pockets.

Many tunnels are coming from the Gaza Strip to Israel. The silence is fake; every moment they can surprise.

Egypt cannot take control of the Sinai desert, its soldiers are killed and this will not help Sisi at all. Sisi - keeps the laws in Egypt; he takes urgent care of the citizens of Egypt and not elsewhere and thinks how to feed them because a large part of the population is hungry. Egyptian citizens eat each other, their patience has expired. ISIS kills Egyptian soldiers because they want money and bribes; and, ISIS are tightfisted; they only love to take, they do not like to pay, so they kill the Egyptian soldiers.

Turkey is overflowing with ISIS, which controls it; Erdogan is doing the will of ISIS, and he listening to them because he is afraid of them. Explosions and major complications will continue in Turkey. Millions of Turks do not want Erdogan; they want to make a revolution.

Iran knows everyone hates Israel. They have hatred for Israel from long ago from Queen Esther and Achashverosh. They cannot hit Israel with missiles, because Israel will eat them alive. They are afraid to use nuclear missiles, because they know that on that day all of Iran will go up in flames and be destroyed. There are radars and special means; there is very strong espionage, and they know of every move of any nuclear missile in Iran and anywhere in the world. No one can surprise with nuclear missiles.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are keeping their ammunition in case of emergency, because they have a war against the citizens of Lebanon and some of the rebels in Syria. They leave the ammunition in case of emergency, because the IDF cuts off every Iranian convoy of ammunition to Hezbollah, and Nasrallah is afraid that his ammunition will end, and his soldiers will be killed like flies in Syria and in Lebanon.

All the Jews who preach to Jews abroad not to come to Israel, the Creator says to them that they use the sin of the spies and will come to a very heavy judgment, they go against the Creator directly, and they are sinners and push others to sin! To the contrary, we must call the Jews to settle the Negev, the Western Galilee, the Golan Heights, Binyamin, Shomron, the Jordan Valley and the Arava. Livelihood is in the hands of the Creator of the universe. The Jews who do not immigrate because of the money will find the situation is quite the opposite. From Egypt the children of Israel went out with great possessions and the Jews of the Diaspora, the Creator of Israel will bring them to Israel without suitcases and without one shekel in their pockets, but they will be in need of nothing.

So that all the Jews will understand: Anti-Semitism, ISIS and the Muslims in the world are going to commit suicide in Jewish public places, in order to harm the Jews, and it will not stop: Seven billion goyim are against the Jews. The Creator of the Universe tells them to immigrate to the Land of Israel urgently. If they will not, He will not protect them. If they will, they will have protection and good that they did not dream of; all from heaven above.

The Holy One, blessed be He, says to the Jewish parents: "Keep your sons and daughters from assimilation, drugs, drinking and gambling, these are things that kill a person.

The Holy One, Blessed is He, does not want to bring another Holocaust or world war. The Holy One, blessed be He, wants Messiah! He wants to crown the King Messiah, bring all the immigrants to the Land of Israel, build the Temple and realize the resurrection of the dead.

When the Messiah will be revealed in public, death will cease forever. Our righteous Messiah has clear and conspicuous signs in the world and in Israel. There are good things that are happening, some we know and some we don’t. Messiah acts and works, and no one can interfere with him. No one can deceive him, no one can hurt him. Anyone who thinks he will has opened a very heavy account with the Master of the Universe and will be severely beaten. Messiah's soul works twenty-four hours a day. Nothing will help all the clowns and those mocking redemption and Messiah. Messiah is here, this is the end of the end! Everything is ready in heaven and earth! The Holy One, Blessed is He, encompasses the entire Land of Israel. Messiah acts and works day and night and works even when he sleeps. The salvation of the people of Israel is close!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri" Website
The Jews Return to The Temple Mount

I have been asked by several readers about the idea of the Jews returning to the Temple Mount.

Hashem controls everything in this world. He works His will around our will since He did not create us as robots, but with a free will to do the right thing on our own. The Arabs were given the Temple Mount area by Hashem, since we are considered in a state of impurity and in danger if we go to the wrong areas on the mount. This is all obvious since by international law and by the Tenach the Temple Mount and all of Israel belong to the Jews. It is even comical that the Muslims do not consider Jerusalem as a holy place, as proven by the fact that their Quran does not mention Jerusalem once, it even says that Israel belongs to the Jews, Mohammed told his followers to look away from Jerusalem which they do by facing Mecca when they pray, even on the Temple Mount (they stick their backsides towards the holiest spot in the universe when they pray).

According to Rav Ben Artzi and others Israel is being purified and getting ready for the Third Temple, B”H. We know from many sources that this is the end of the end of days, and that Moshiach will be introduced soon. Is Israel pure enough and the Jews in a pure enough state to be able to ascend the Temple Mount without danger? I don’t know, but Hashem does. Is that the reason we have returned? Is the Third and final Temple imminent enough that Hashem has sent us a message of: we may return to this most holy of places? Rav Nir Ben Artzi’s message above sure brings a curious response to that question.  I should also mention the great increase in world chaos and much more obvious proof of Nibiru's approach.

Let us hope that since Hashem is completely in control, it is time for our return and that the worldwide redemption is extremely close. We are now in the three weeks leading up to the commemoration of the loss of the Temples. Perhaps it is happening at this time to tell us that Tisha B’Av will be a feast day and a day of great celebration for the entire world, B”H.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Separated from the Nations, Undivided within Our Own

Source Sheet by Mordechai Lewis

Balak tells Bila’am to curse our nation.[1] Bila’am response was, “How can I curse? - G-d has not cursed. How can I anger? - G-d is not angry…”[2] Yet, he did prophesize that, “We are a nation that dwells alone and among the nations, we will not be recognized.”[3] [4]

Where do we see that? Just look at the United Nations.[5] They have condemned us[6] more times than any other country![7] When will we experience this the most? In the period leading up to Moshiach.[8] For we see that the UN is ganging up against us. In the words of Dovid HaMelech, “All the nations surround me… they encircle me…”[9] As the Novi tells us, “I will gather the nations to Yerushalayim for war…”[10] However, this is materializing in our times! Only liberals, leftists or irreligious Jews - who have no Torah in their life[11] - can’t see that it’s the ‘hand’ of G-d running the show and not their own efforts.

Rashi[12] says, “It is a law that Eisav[13] hates Yaakov.[14] This is referring to Jew-hatred.[15] Some of our brethren just don’t seem to understand that when our Creator makes a law, we can’t fight it, only obey it. For He told us, “Amongst the nations, you will not be tranquil…[16] Yet, there are people within our nation who ‘think’ they can eliminate Jew-hatred altogether. A certain website once wrote an article in which someone (he had a username – not real name) commented - I wrote his comment as my memory recalls it:

“If we teach our children to respect non-Jews, then Hashem, will, in turn, instill into them to have mercy on us and there will be no more assaults or stabbings etc. ever again.”

The reason we must respect non-Jews and teach our children to do the same has nothing to do with acting civilized. It’s for a higher cause: to sanctify our Creator’s Name! As the Novi informs us, “You are My servant, Yisroel, through whom I am glorified!”[17] This means we have an awesome responsibility on our shoulders!

Yet, for him to say that Hashem will, in turn, instill into them to have mercy on us and there will be no more assaults or stabbings etc. ever again, is complete and utter nonsense! It’s like Theodore Herzl, who claimed that the establishment of a “Jewish” state would cure Jew-hatred.[18] When Dovid HaMelech said, “Do not rely on nobles or on a human being, for he holds no salvation,”[19] he was referring to people like “Theodore Herzl”.

Does the Torah contain a SOLUTION for Jew-hatred?

In Parshas Kedoshim, Hashem warns us, “Do not follow the traditions of the nations that I expel from before you, for they did all of these [abominations] and I was disgusted with them… I am Hashem, your G-d, Who has separated you from the peoples.”[20]

Where else do, we find similar words “do not follow the customs of the nations”? In Achrei Mos the posuk[21] says, “… do not perform the practices of the land of Canaan to which I bring you and do not follow their customs.”

On the words, “do not follow their customs,” Rashi[22] says, “… Matters that are etched for them in their ways as if they were laws, such as theaters and stadiums i.e., (days set aside for) attendance at theaters or stadiums…”

The Gemarah[23] says, “Whenever it is stated in the Torah ‘do not,’[24] it is nothing other than a negative commandment.” Rashi is telling boys, teenagers and young adults of our nation, “Do not go to a movie[25] theater or sports stadium.”

Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l[26] says that one who goes to a movie theater or sports stadium does not violate, “do not follow their customs.”[27] Yet he states the following:

“Anyone who goes to these places transgresses the prohibitions of moshav leitzim (gatherings of frivolity and unethical behavior) and bitul Torah; not only does he transgress during the time spent in those places, but he also transgresses because these activities cause him to stop learning Torah entirely…[28] in addition, he also brings upon himself the yeitzer hara of promiscuity,[29] as most of these things entail depraved speech and turning people towards promiscuity.”[30] The only time one can attend a sports stadium is when Jews are renting it out for an event, like a Siyum HaShas etc.

The Gemarah says that a person should never bring himself to a test, i.e. one should not place himself in circumstances in which he will be tempted to sin.[31] In addition, the posuk says, “And you shall beware of any evil thing.”[32] The Gemarah derives from this posuk that a person should not think immoral thoughts by day and come thereby to tumah by night.[33] Going to a movie theater involves walking through the mall. This means passing or entering certain stores that display things which are completely immodest for one to see,[34] thereby transgressing, “…You shall guard yourself against any evil matter.”

Someone once asked Rav Yaakov Kamenetsky zt”l[35] if he was allowed take his children to a circus. He responded by citing the posuk in Hoshea[36] which states, “Yisrael do not rejoice like the rejoicing of the nations.” In the words, he was saying to the person “no”.

Had that anonymous person asked Rav Kamenetsky the same question regarding a movie theater or sports stadium, he would have responded no as well. Today’s “circuses” are a movie theater or sports stadium in which people gather for entertainment.

Our Creator signs off, “You shall be holy for Me,[37] for I, Hashem am holy and I have separated you from among the peoples to be Mine.”[38]

What does this posuk sound like? Marriage! Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan zt”l[39] says, “The groom gives his bride a circular ring, which has no beginning and no end. This parallels Hashem giving Klal Yisrael the Torah, which is endless.[40] The words the groom says, ‘…הרי את מקודשת לי’ begins with the letter hei, which has the numerical value of five, alluding to the five books of the Torah – the wedding ring of the marriage between Hashem and Klal Yisrael.’”[41]

The Even Ezra[42] says, “I took you out of Egypt only to be your G-d; if you will not be holy I will not be your G-d. If you wish that I be your G-d, be holy.”

How does one stay holy? Rashi[43] explains that the only way for us to be holy to Hashem is by separating ourselves from arayos.[44]

We need to ask ourselves, “Are we still wearing the wedding ring[45] that He gave us?[46] Have we forsaken it,[47] in exchange, to develop a relationship[48] with the nations that surround us?”

G-d ‘knows’ very well if we are living by our ‘marriage contract’: “If you are separated from [the other peoples], see, then, you are Mine. But if not, see then, you belong to Nevuchadnetzer and his colleagues, i.e. your enemies [who exiled you from the Holy Land].”[49]

For instance, Rav Chaim Volozhin used to say, “If Jews make themselves holy, then – as this posuk[50] guarantees – G-d will separate us from the nations to be His. What will happen if we do not sanctify ourselves? Then the nations will separate us from their midst – for persecution and expulsion, G-d forbid!”[51]

Dovid HaMelech says, “If only My people would heed me! If Israel would walk in My ways, in an instant I would subdue their foes and turn My hand against their tormentors!”[52] Therefore the Sifsei Chachamim[53] states, “The only way it’s possible for us to achieve holiness, is by separating ourselves from the nations,[54] with our actions. For example: wearing tzitzis, donning tefillin and doing other positive mitzvos…”[55] [56] the Ba’al HaTurim[57] says, “There are seventy mitzvos in Parshas Kedoshim, reflecting the seventy nations from whom I have separated you.”

If Albert Einstein had a theory of Jew-hatred, this is what would look like:

Separation = Holiness[58] - Assimilation ≠ Holiness - No Separation = Assimilation - Assimilation = Jew-hatred - Jew-hatred = Annihilation of our nation - Hitler = the Holocaust.

The Gemarah[59] asks, “What caused that Israel shall be scattered among the nations of the world? The friendship that [the Israelites] desired to have with them. Because the Jews desired to be friendly[60] with the nations, G-d punished them measure for measure by scattering them throughout the world to live among those very nations.”

What other lesson can we derive from the Gemarah?

Don’t desire friendship among non-Jews. Rather, desire to have friendship among Jews who live differently than you or Jews that you have never met in your life.[61]

We are in The Three Weeks. Naturally, during this time period, we think about what we are being deprived of: listening to music, getting a haircut or shaving etc. this is the work of the yeitzer hara.

Instead, let us ask ourselves, “Why did G-d destroy His abode on earth?”[62] It was simply because we couldn’t live together under the same roof.[63] [64]

When parents see their children fighting with each other it literally kills them. G-d ‘felt’ the same way with us:

“My beloved children, what do I ask of you? Only that you love one another and respect one another.”[65] As Dovid HaMelech[66] said, “Indeed, how good and how pleasant is the dwelling of brothers, moreover, in unity.”

In fact, the posuk[67] says, “And He was King over Yeshurun [Yisroel] when the leaders of the nation gathered and the tribes of Yisroel are unified. Rashi[68] explains, “When is He King over Yeshurun? Only when the tribes of Yisroel are unified and not when they are divided into separate groups.”

Rav Shimon Schwab zt”l, brings Rashi’s words in practical terms:

“During Golus, the Jewish people are split, not only physically-geographically but also ideologically. One group does not see eye to eye with the other. This disparity exists not only in that the non-religious segment of our nation does not understand those who are religious, but even the people who keep the Torah and mitzvos are divided and subdivided many times among themselves.[69]

However, over 150 years ago the disciples of the Vilna Gaon[70] and the disciples of the Baal Shem Tov[71] had made peace with each other. While both groups maintained their differences, both developed great respect and eventually a mutual love for each other.

So why should we be different today? The talmidim of our great yeshivos and kollelim who follow their Roshei HaYeshivah, and devoted Chassidim who follow their Admorim, are all united in their absolute loyalty to Hashem’s Torah. Why can’t we tell the other, ‘I am deeply convinced that my outlook is true. So are you. We honor each other’s conviction and sincerity without any yielding an inch of our own sacred territory.’”[72]

We’ve all heard light bulb jokes. For instance, how many men does it take to screw in a light bulb? Only one, but you have to nag him for a fortnight first.

Now, I ask you, “How many people does it take to bring the Final Redemption?” Hashem Himself answers this question:[73]

“I searched for someone who would stand before Me and daven on behalf of Klal Yisroel, that I should not destroy them, but I did not find anyone, so therefore I will pour out My wrath against them and consume them with the flame of My fury.”[74]

One person could have saved all of Klal Yisroel - one person could have prevented the churban. If even one person would have stood up and prayed on behalf of Klal Yisroel.

Hashem would have rescinded His decree. This is a message of Hashem which is repeated by another one of His prophets as well:

“Go in the streets of Yerushalayim… and seek in its plazas if you will find a just man if there is one who dispenses Justice and seeks emunah if you find even a lone man like this then I will forgive the whole city.”[75]

If there would have been even one person in all of Yerushalayim who was just, Hashem would have forgiven the entire city.[76]

Mesillas Yesharim states the following:[77]

Now, if a person should say, “Who am I? What is my importance that I should pray about the end of the exile of Israel and about the rebuilding of Yerushalayim, etc.? Will my prayer cause the exiles to be ingathered and the redemption to sprout forth?” The Gemarah[78] responds to a person with such a mindset: Man was created as an individual: so that each person should say to himself, “For my sake, the world was created.”

The Gemarah is teaching us that was worthwhile for Hashem to create the world for the sake of a single person! Thus, each individual is of inestimable importance and his prayers may indeed have a powerful impact.[79] Moreover, in any case, it is a source of satisfaction to [Hashem], blessed be He, that His children request and pray for this. Even if their requests are not fulfilled because the appropriate time for the Redemption has not yet arrived or for whatever other reason, they have, regardless, done their [part] by praying for it and the Holy One, blessed be He, rejoices over this concern of theirs for His honor.

With Hashem’s help, let’s put our effort into becoming united as one nation, but separated from the others. In the words of Avraham Fried,[80] let’s merit to, “Bring the House[81] down”[82] on the fifteenth of Av![83]
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If you think Rabbi Pinchas of Koretz is exaggerating, here are the words of the Rambam:

“A person should view his life all year long as if his merits [for his mitzvos] and his guilt [for his sins] are exactly balanced, and that a single mitzvah could tilt the scales in his favor. Likewise, he should view the entire world as if it is exactly balanced in this way and that his mitzvah could tilt the entire world toward favorable judgment” (Mishnah Torah, Hilchos Teshuvah 3:4 and Kiddushin 40b).

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Thank you so much Mordechai for this excellent presentation. May Hashem bless you and your loved ones.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

One of the Most Serious Sins to Repent and Correct

There is a sin that is done by more good people than any other sin; yet, there is very little Teshuvah, repentance done to try to correct it. Why is this true? Because very few people really know what the sin is. So, what is this mystery sin that we all need to work on? LASHON HARAH, the evil tongue, talking about others, gossip, slander, sometimes praising others, improper speech!!!

When non-observant people talk about how difficult it is to observe Jewish law, they usually mention the difficulty of observing Shabbat or keeping kosher or other similarly detailed rituals. Yet the laws that are most difficult to keep, that are most commonly violated even by observant Jews, are the laws regarding improper speech. This is a very important area of Jewish law; entire books have been written on the subject.

What are some to the subtle ways that LASHON HARAH causes damage? One mistake is that people think if it is true it is OK. The fact is whether something is true or not can still be dangerous to say. And, we don’t realize how many people it could hurt.

There are examples that I have received as comments and even private Emails. Several readers have written to me and said that particular Rabbis that I quoted were wrong in what they said. They even quote other well-known Rabbis who have stated this information. If I put this on my blog, it would be LASHON HARAH said about the Rabbi I quoted, it would be LASHON HARAH about the Rabbis my reader used to verify the information, it would be LASHON HARAH against me for quoting this Rabbi and it would be LASHON HARAH for any reader who believed the LASHON HARAH said.

Who is punished for the sin of LASHON HARAH? The one who says the LASHON HARAH, the one who passes the information to others (like good old gossip) and the ones who hear the LASHON HARAH and believe it, ARE ALL GUITY OF THE SIN. In this case, the statement made about the Rabbi in the first place was incorrect. I didn’t quote someone without checking it thoroughly. That means that the slander would have hurt the Rabbi being quoted, who is held in high regard by many, many Jews, it hurts the Rabbis who supposedly are passing on such LASHON HARAH, who were also held in high regard and it hurt those who say the LASHON HARAH and those who believe the gossip. Nobody wins, especially if the Rabbi being slandered, who unnecessarily loses credibility. When you have Rabbis, teachers, righteous people who help many, many people to grow in Judaism and someone comes along and diminishes their credibility, everyone is hurt.

What if a Rabbi is actually hurting others with what he is saying? Someone like myself should avoid even talking about that Rabbi. If I think that I am helping by slandering that Rabbi and I turn out to be wrong, I have committed a very serious sin – LASHON HARAH that cannot be taken back. That is another problem with LASHON HARAH. Once the damage is done, the person who is being slandered is ruined. If someone recants a statement saying that he was wrong about what he said, most people would hear the recant but would still have doubts about the whether the original statement was really true or not. It is important to not read LASHON HARAH and not believe it if read. I am not allowed to believe it!!!

Let me give you another example that I personally experienced. It is so subtle and definitely with no intentions of trying to hurt anyone. I was signing up for my college courses for the next semester and there was a particular subject that was on my curriculum. A friend of mine saw that I was going to take that class, at which time he told me: “I took that class last semester, it was a great class, and you definitely want to take it with Professor Peloni; he is the best one to teach it.” It sounded like good advice, but I questioned if my friend never took the course with any other professor, how can he say that P Peloni is the best? It is LASHON HARAH since my friend is actually discrediting the other professors that he really didn’t even know. If the word got around, all the other professors teaching that course would be slandered, since gossip grows and becomes like a cancer. It wouldn’t take too long before many would believe that most of the professors are not too good. That was never the intensions of my friend, but it is what LASHON HARAH does; needlessly ruins good people.

The even sadder part of this episode is my friend could have easily worded his statement without the LASHON HARAH. Such as: I took that course last semester with Professor Peloni who I thought did a very good job teaching the material. Nothing implied about “watch out for the other professors who aren’t as good.

This example was a personal occurrence, but it happens all the time with speakers at seminars. People don’t often say: make sure you catch the lecture by Rabbi So-and-so, they say go see Rabbi So-and-So, he is the best one in the seminar – LASHON HARAH.

When I receive comments about someone, I am not allowed by Torah to believe any negative comments made about people, even other readers. It is LASHON HARAH and I can be punished for believing it. If I pass it on to my readers, the punishment is more severe, since I may have caused others to believe it.

Another statement that we hear often is: “this is not LASHON HARAH, but did you see what XXXX did?” Of course it is LASHON HARAH, and announcing it as not being LASHON HARAH doesn’t make it OK. We may not believe it, but the gravest of these sins of tale-bearing is LASHON HARAH, which involves discrediting a person or saying negative things about a person, even if those negative things are true. Indeed, true statements are even more damaging than false ones, because you can't defend yourself by disproving the negative statement if it's true! Some sources indicate that LASHON HARAH is equal in seriousness to murder, idol worship, and incest/adultery (the only three sins that we may not violate even to save a life).

Are there times that talking about others or tale-bearing are permitted?

There are a few exceptional circumstances when tale-bearing is allowed, or even required. Most notably, tale-bearing is required in a Jewish court of law, because it is a mitzvah to give testimony and that mitzvah overrides the general prohibition against tale-bearing. Thus, a person is required to reveal information, even if it is something that was explicitly told in confidence, and even if it will harm a person, in a Jewish court of law (the court is there for the purpose of determining the truth).

A person is also required to reveal information to protect a person from immediate, serious harm. For example, if a person hears that others are plotting to kill someone, he is required to reveal this information. That is another reason why the commandment not to go about as a tale-bearer is juxtaposed with "you shall not stand aside while your fellow's blood is shed."

In limited circumstances, one is also permitted to reveal information if someone is entering into a relationship that he would not enter if he knew certain information. For example, it may be permissible to tell a person that his prospective business partner is untrustworthy, or that a prospective spouse has a disease. This exception is subject to significant and complex limitations; however, if those limitations are satisfied, the person with the information is required to reveal it.

In all of these exceptions, a person is not permitted to reveal information if the same objective could be fulfilled without revealing information. For example, if you could talk a person out of marrying for reasons other than the disease, you may not reveal the disease.

Hard to believe that LASHON HARAH is that serious. Watch this video of an Autistic boy telling us why he was punished with this affliction. It is entitled “Why I Returned as a Reincarnation (English Subtitles):”

 We have heard from other Facilitated Communications individuals why they returned with such physical horrors. LASHON HARAH was a very prevalent reason. This pertains to every one of us. Death does not erase LASHON HARAH; it is often followed by the punishment for this severe sin.

It is an interesting topic that these individuals who have been giving us messages from Hashem have been the topic or LASHON HARAH. Secular professionals have denied that these messages are real since they have trouble accepting anything that could possibly be related to Hashem. We have seen in Bava Basra 12 and in Parshat Shoftim proof from Hashem telling us that the FC individuals are giving His messages. Not believing or talking against these individuals because they may defy flawed human logic is LASHON HARAH (against the individuals, against me if I present their messages on this blog and against Hashem who told us to listen to them).

LASHON HARAH is not to be messed with, especially when we are so close to the end and our final judgment is imminent. As I stated: the punishment doesn’t disappear; in fact, it will be addressed on Judgment Day.

It is forbidden to even imply or suggest negative things about a person. It is forbidden to say negative things about a person, even in jest. It is likewise considered a "shade of LASHON HARAH" to say positive things about a person in the presence of his enemies, because this will encourage his enemies to say negative things to contradict you!

If you are still of the misconception about what LASHON HARAH really is and why it is so, so dangerous, then you found an area to study until Moshiach is introduced. I have been questioned recently about what would be a good topic to study when there is little time left to do Teshuvah. Now you know. Forget what you thought LASHON HARAH is and do yourself a great advantage. Work on this, one of the greatest of sins; time is running out.

Further information on the topic of “Wronging a Person through Speech.”

Leviticus 25:17 says, "You shall not wrong one another." This has traditionally been interpreted as wronging a person with speech. It includes any statement that will embarrass, insult or deceive a person, or cause a person emotional pain or distress.

Here are some commonly-used examples of behavior that is forbidden by this mitzvah:

  • You may not call a person by a derogatory nickname, or by any other embarrassing name, even if he is used to it.
  • You may not ask an uneducated person for an opinion on a scholarly matter (that would draw attention to his lack of knowledge or education).
  • You may not ask a merchant how much he would sell something for if you have no intention of buying.
  • You may not refer someone to another person for assistance when you know the other person cannot help (in other words, it's a violation of Jewish law to give someone the run-around!).
  • You may not deceive a person, even if no harm is done by the deception; for example, you may not sell non-kosher meat to a non-Jew telling him that it is kosher, even though no harm is done to the non-Jew by this deception.
  • You may not sell a person damaged goods without identifying the damage, even if the price you give is fair for the goods in their damaged condition.
  • You may not offer a person a gift or invite a person to dinner if you know that the person will not accept.
  • You may not compliment a person if you do not mean it.
A very hidden area of LASHON HARAH is the media. There is so much LASHON HARAH in the news, on the web, YouTube, etc, etc, etc. Gossip has always been a big seller of news. Slandering people has always been financially rewarding in the media. Whether is it true or not, is totally unimportant; it is LASHON HARAH and should not have your attention. We see so much fake news these days that even adds to the slander.

If you do read such trash, you are not allowed to believe it. Once again, you can be punished for believing such nonsense – stay away from it, and definitely don’t pass it on to others no matter how insignificant it may seem. The only exception is if you are reading about someone who will bring great harm to you and your family; you are permitted to protect your interests.

I have one more story that should really drive home the importance of avoiding LASHON HARAH. The world is in such a horrible condition because of the first man, Adam, ate the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good & evil. He actually did it with good intentions since he thought it would raise his spiritual level closer to Hashem. So, why is the world so punished because of this act by Adam? When Adam was confronted by Hashem and asked: What did you do? Instead of doing Teshuvah and telling Hashem how sorry he was and then making sure he never did it again (which would have worked), Adam said: IT WAS THAT WOMAN YOU GAVE ME WHO MADE ME DO IT!!!!!! In other words, we are suffering today in this world of chaos and evil because Adam answered with “LASHON HARAH.” Instead of taking responsibility for his sin, he made an even worse sin by blaming his actions on someone else and even blaming Hashem for giving him “the-someone-else.”

Yesterday I received this excellent comment from one of our dear readers Mordechai Lewis. He gave us four videos to watch that enhance our topic here. If you haven’t watched these, take some time and watch; they are very well done:
Think Before You Click!
Seeing the Good in Others
40,000 words
Thank you Mordechai.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Revenge is Sweet - so why does the Torah forbid it?

by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva

Sunday, July 16, 2017


by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva

Many American Jewish Groups are now embroiled in a bitter dispute with the Prime Minister and the Government of Israel. We are witness to shocking displays of Sinat Chinam (baseless hatred). Our progressive Jewish brethren in the U.S.A. must realize that the Torah's principles are eternal, even while science, medicine, and technology evolve and progress.

How can we rid ourselves of this baseless hatred and Lashon Hara that appear to be spreading throughout the Jewish World? The Chofetz Chayim offers a profound explanation of the root of Sinat Chinom and Lashon Hara. The catalyst of discord is the focus on points of dissimilarity between us, to the exclusion of the things we have in common. Another person may have many wonderful qualities, but we don't see them because we are so zeroed in on the components of the other person's personality that we detest.

Lashon Hara results from focusing on another’s negative traits and not seeing his positive qualities. When we cannot see beyond the things that irk us about his personality, we may feel the need to share those negative feelings with others. The Torah warns that one who speaks Lashon Hara will be afflicted with Tzoraat. What is the Mida K'neged Mida here (measure for measure punishment)?

A person who has Tzoraat may be 99% healthy. There may be only one small blotch of Tzoraat on his skin. Yet that one blotch renders him a Metzora, totally unclean (TAMEI, ritually defiled). The l% of afflicted skin completely defines him, just as he defined another person by focusing only on the 1% of his personality that he dislikes.

The Hebrew Word MACHLOKET (quarrel and dispute) is derived from the word CHELEK (a part), for one involved in a dispute sees only a part of the entire picture. My Rebbe, Rabbi Avraham Pam zt”l, noted that it is our responsibility to constantly espouse the merits and virtues of Klal Yisrael. The Tanna D'vei Eliyahu speaks about the intense pleasure Hashem has when we speak kindly of our fellow Jews. Rabbi Pam bemoaned the fact that it is common to hear people speaking about the spiritual degeneration and sinfulness of our times.

However, we must realize that Hashem derives no pleasure from such negative speech about our fellow Jews. Rabbi Pam added, "Perhaps this malady is one of the causes of the delaying of Moshiach."

It is analogous to a father who has a wayward son, who causes the father much heartache and grief. If a person approaches the father and tells him about some negative behavior that the son is involved in, it will cause the father great anguish, even though the father is aware of his son's wicked behavior. However, if the person would tell the father how his son helped and acted kindly to him, the father would be extremely appreciative.

So too, Hashem waits to hear words of defense and merit on behalf of Jews, especially by other Jews. Hashem does not put any labels on Jews. For Him, there are no Orthodox, Conservative, or Reform Jews. We are ALL His Beloved Jewish People. It is not a matter of being blind to the truth of our faults but a matter of focus and perspective. What do you choose to see? Unless you have the ability to correct and rectify evils that are committed by other Jews, you should not speak negatively and derisively about ANY Jew. Rather, we must seek out our fellow Jews’ positive traits and focus on them.

There are undoubtedly many serious challenges and problems confronting the Jewish world. However, there is no shortage of merits that we all possess. It is all a matter of maintaining a proper perspective.

Let us focus on seeing the proverbial glass as half full instead of half empty. Let us learn to agree to disagree with respect and cordiality.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Lesson on Leadership (70 Sec)

Another beautiful message from Rabbi Rabbi Ari Enkin, from the Drops of Light Project:

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Pinchas, 15 Tammuz 5777, 9.7.17

The Holy One, blessed be He, warns all the nations of the world, the presidents and prime ministers, not to deal with the Holy Land, the Land of Israel. Anyone who tries to speak against the Land of Israel or to harm the Land of Israel, the Creator will hit them hard through the elements of nature, complications and conflicts with themselves.

The Creator says to the Jews in the Holy Land: 'No matter how many enemies in the world are against the Holy Land, the Land of Israel, I am building walls of angels so that no one can take one granule of the Holy Land! No one can take a granule from the Holy Land! 'All the weight and pressure in the world against the holy Land of Israel, the Creator of the world shuts it off and turns it against the Gentiles! May their sword pierce their hearts, and their bow be broken and they will disappear from the world.

Egypt, the jellyfish in the Red Sea - this is one of the warnings! The Holy One, Blessed be He, shows Egypt to the world with the impurity, idolatry, and witchcraft experts. The Holy One, blessed be He, does this so that they will not have clean water. He sends jellyfish; it is a warning from the Creator, so they will not deal with Hamas, and that they will not believe them or make peace with them - this is a warning from the Creator! If they do not listen to the Holy One, blessed be He, there will be very difficult problems for Egypt.

Hamas, its plans are to attack Israel and continue digging tunnels. It has to be closed within itself. The Holy One, Blessed be He, will give Hamas incriminations and complications with themselves, get them into trouble with ISIS as well as being preoccupied with themselves.

Abu Mazen is acting as he is suffering and modern; he is cunning and clever; he does not speak, but he has secret emissaries, and through them he sends instructions to harm Jews in the Land of Israel. He does not want peace. He hates peace.

In Jerusalem caution and vigilance are needed not to believe any goy. They have new methods, to send small children who want to drink water, eat food or make money to trap IDF soldiers and Jews; be alert and do not trust them in any situation! They only want to kill and destroy.

Europe is being filled with refugees and infiltrators according to the instructions of the Holy One, blessed be He, this is perfectly accurate. Prime ministers and presidents in Europe are saying things against Israel, fearing that refugees and infiltrators will hurt them; what do they have to lose? To protect themselves, they speak badly of the people of Israel, as if they love the Muslims and hate the Jews.

The Muslims and ISIS hate Xtians more than they hate the Jews.

Turkey, no one wants Erdogan, the whole world hates him because he loves ISIS, and ISIS controls him.

All the Arabs fight among themselves because they care only about themselves and want to rule. They are interested only in themselves, so they will never get along. They do not care about the US, Russia or Israel - they do not care at all.

Iraq - no base, no backbone. The killing will continue indefinitely.

Syria, the Creator of the world, is taking revenge for a few years for what they did to the soldiers in the Yom Kippur War, and those who ask 'why' are getting into trouble with the Holy One, blessed be He.

Russia, Putin is speaking with smooth words and knows how to talk to everyone.

USA, Trump has no slippery words, what he has in his heart, 'he says.' He is angry at the whole world who want to destroy the world with nuclear bombs.

Countries that have nuclear bombs are afraid to use them, because if one country sends nuclear bombs, they will all send them. And if they are sent, there will be no remnant of man in the world.

Iran knows that the IDF is on the alert to bomb its nuclear plants.

If IDF decides to bombard the nuclear plants, the angels will accompany them until they arrive in Iran to bombard. They will be accompanied so that the bombardment will succeed in detonating everything. They will accompany them even after to return to the Holy Land in peace!

If the Messiah is revealed in public, everything is null and void!

Lebanon will not agree to an open border with Hezbollah, because in Lebanon most of them are Xtians.

Jordan is full of refugees and infiltrators; every day is worse than the day before.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are always threatening to attack and want to make war in order to wear down and despair the IDF. They want the IDF to think that they are just threatening and do nothing and are complacent; so, they will not be on alert. It is dangerous to be complacent, be vigilant and Hashem above will protect and guard.

The Israeli government does not need to be moved by the UN and UNESCO. Most of them are Muslims, so they will certainly go against Israel.

Israel and the Holy Land must continue to nurture, strengthen, keep and protect all the Holy Places!

Gambling, drinking, and drugs, all of which the Gentiles initially offer for free, in order to destroy the Jewish youth and to assimilate, Hashem forbid. Parents, protect your children!

All the white-collar people, the one who bribes, steal, cheat will all be revealed. Today everything is visible, everything is filmed; there are cameras in every corner of the Land of Israel. Every Jew who sinned or was wrong will repent. If not, he will be openly ashamed in the media.

In the holy Land of Israel, there is a good livelihood, a good economy, building non-stop and it will never stop. The houses in Israel, the roads, the lots, the holy land, everything is pure in Israel.

All the Jews who live abroad, immigrate to Israel urgently, the Creator is warning: 'Do not say I did not tell you!

The Creator of the Universe asks the Jews in the Land of Israel, in the Knesset and in the Government of Israel, to put an urgent stop to divisions in communities among the people. We are all from one father, Jacob. You must not say anything about Jews! Follow the Commandments. Above all, Derech Eretz Kedma to the Torah, "Love thy neighbor as thyself," it is the whole Torah. There are many ways to solve problems. In heaven, after Jews leave the world, all of them study together. There are no Sephardim, Ashkenazim, Lithuanians or any other communities, all in heaven are Jews!

Messiah son of David our righteous, which came to purify the world and make it pure and holy - most of the openings are beginning to open, the final birth pangs! The egg began to crack; it began to split and from there to infinity! We are in the last stages of infinity! When he will be openly out in public - there is no reserve forever, everything is forward to infinity!!! Every day there are signs that Messiah is acting and working, signs of the revelation of Messiah, another part of the Messiah's revelation in public. Messiah is acting and working, doing activities and opening up more and more, until he opens it all widely in public - before air-to-air missiles fly in the air.

There will not be a third intifada; there will not be a third World War; there is the Messiah revelation every second, bringing all the Jews from all over the world to build the Third Temple and then the resurrection of the dead!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri" Website
Have an easy fast for the 17th of Tammuz; hopefully it will be the last fast.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Relieving the Agony of the Agunah

by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva

The plight of the Agunah wife is an ongoing tragedy. Recently, a woman who has been an Agunah for 17 years went on a hunger strike in Jerusalem. An Agunah (literally a chained wife) is one whose husband deserts her and refuses to give her a GET (divorce document), thus preventing her from remarrying. The leading Rabbis in every generation have tried to find solutions, even far-fetched ones, for the distress of Agunot.

Rabbi Akiva Eiger helped to release an Agunah with the explanation that, "The time is right to release a Jewish wife from being an Agunah, and Jewish women should not be Hefker (ownerless victims who are trapped and might be led to sin). Thus we are going to be lenient with an Agunah."

The Maharam of Rotenberg in his Responsa goes so far to rescue an Agunah by invoking the concept of "Mekach Ta'ut" ("a marriage under false pretenses"). Had the wife known that her husband was so cruel, she never would have married him in the first place.

Therefore the act of Kiddushin (marriage) is annulled "L'Mafrei'a" (retroactively) using the concept of Hefker Beit Din Hefker (what Beit Din declares null and void is null and void). The Maharam also explains, "Kol HaMekadesh al da'atei d'Rabbanan Mekadesh" "Everyone who contracts a Jewish marriage does so with the consent and agreement of the Rabbis."

These great Rabbis of the past were no less G-d fearing than the Dayanim of today. They were also familiar with the warning of the Talmud (Sanhedrin 7) against hastiness in judgment, "A Dayan (Rabbinic judge) must always see himself as though the gates of hell are open beneath him." However, the Maharam and Rabbi Akiva Eiger in their awareness of their great responsibility were not afraid to seek solutions for complex questions about Agunot. Moreover, according to Kabbalah, releasing an Agunah brings the Final Redemption closer.

Today we also have the widespread syndrome of Jewish wives being Hefker by being held captive and denied a GET by their husbands. Solving their problem according to Halachah is one of the major Rabbinic challenges of today. Israeli law has authorized the Rabbinical Courts to send a husband, who denies a GET to his wife, to prison. However, there are Dayanim (Rabbinic Judges) who are opposed to such an enforcement, for fear of a Get Kofui - a divorce, granted under coercion, which is not considered valid. Consequently there are many cruel husbands who exploit this situation for prolonged abuse against their chained and captive wives.

This is a complicated and complex issue. On the one hand, a GET, imposed on the husband against his will, is invalid according to the Halachah. On the other hand, the Rambam rules concerning a husband who refuses to give his wife a GET, "He is beaten until he says, 'I agree'." The Rambam says that such a GET is kosher and valid. This seeming contradiction is explained by the existence or lack thereof of a decree of Beit Din requiring the husband to divorce his wife. Most Halachic opinions agree that without such a prior Rabbinical Court decree, even mild persuasion might threaten the non-coerced requirement of the GET.

With such a Rabbinical Court decree, requiring the husband to divorce his wife, persuasion, coercion and even physical force are considered valid to bring the husband to want to comply with the decree of the Beit Din and give a GET of his own free will.

Today's Rabbanim are divided over the types of sanctions which, according to Halachah, can be imposed on husbands who deny their wives a GET. The unresolved nature of these differences of Rabbinical opinions has caused many wives to live as captive women to unscrupulous and cruel husbands who hold them in chains to blackmail them to receive a GET.

Many Rabbinical Judges seem to ignore the directive of the great Maharsha in the Talmud Bavli Yevamot who says, "To flee an Agunah our Rabbis invoked many far reaching leniencies."

The Maharsha concludes that, "G-d must grant courage to Rabbinical Judges so that trapped and captive suffering wives will be blessed with peace and domestic tranquility."

If only our current Rabbis had the moral courage and Torah wisdom of the Holy Maharsha!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Current Events in the Haftarah - Parshat Balak

by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Balak, 8 Tamuz 5777, 2.7.17

Our Father in heaven, the Father of Mercy, feels sorry for all the world and the Jews he chose from all nations. Thanks to the Jews, thanks to Torah study, prayers and the observance of the Commandments, the world is alive and well. The whole earth is nourished by the holy land of Israel, and all the nations are nourished by the prayers and Torah study of the Jewish people in the land of Israel.

The Creator of the world is very sorry that in the entire world and in the Holy Land of Israel there is no house in which there is no dispute. The Creator of the world can no longer see the Jews suffering and decided in 1948 to redeem the Jewish people.

We are now at the height of the peak of the redemption of the people of Israel and the culmination of the climax of the Messiah king's reign in public. If, heaven forbid, the Messiah king does not reign in the near future, in this generation, at this time, now, this day, the world will be destroyed by an unprecedented destruction from the beginning of the universe. So, the Creator will not let a nuclear war happen that will bring the destruction of the world. If he wanted to destroy the world he could use the seas and oceans that cover two thirds of the world.

The Creator of the world deceives and distorts all countries around Israel and the world. Every nation, every president or prime minister, from all the countries of the world, including all of them, who want to harm or plan to harm the people of Israel, or to take parts of the Land of Israel, The Creator will give them blows that will leave them in shock and fright for the rest of their lives. Whoever is a hero, try and see. All will see in the world media with certainty what happens to that country or person who wanted to harm or take parts of the Holy Land. What is said here now is not a game! To the clowns, wait and see with your eyes what is happening in the world. The clowns do not want to be saved, they prefer to joke and suffer.

It is new now, every Jew, man or woman must know explicitly: Anyone who wants to exploit, cheat, take the money of his friend, friends or simple Jews who need money, for any help, or Jews who are in bad mental state by pretending to be other people, or people who deceive innocent Jews in distress, as it was in the way of the Torah and in all kinds of other methods of “holiness” – the Creator is warning that He will turn the tables and reveal, in public, all the thieves, scammers and crooks living on the backs of poor people who are in distress.

Jews will stop chasing "fortune tellers" and all kinds of fantasies of impurity and lies and all kinds of people who are changing names – it is forbidden to change the name of a Jewish person. There is a special way, only the greatest Cabbalists who have the Holy Spirit, can replace the name. The Creator is warning - from today it begins! Jews be careful and keep what we wrote here now!

Hezbollah and Nasrallah, if they dare to send a missile or something else in the direction of Israel, the Israel Defense Forces will strike Iran and destroy the nuclear plants with the guidance of the Holy One, blessed be He, with full support of the Creator! They will have a blessing and success, because the Holy One, blessed be He, is with the IDF! All the ammunition that Hezbollah receives is sent from Iran, and Iran brainwashes them to harm the holy Land of Israel. The Creator is giving intelligence and understanding to the IDF, so they know where to detonate ammunition and weapons coming from Iran to Hezbollah and Nasrallah.

Turkey is helping Qatar because it is a state of terror. ISIS controls Erdogan and Turkey, Erdogan is subordinate to ISIS, so he helps Qatar.

Europe will be ashes, as we once said. The number of Muslims and infiltrators will double in order to fill all of Europe. All Muslim leaders around the world brainwash them to conquer Europe. Hundreds of millions of people will enter Europe; they promised them that when they arrive in Europe that they will be in Paradise. Chaos with Gog and Magog begin to be strong.

The Jews in Europe think that all warnings from the Creator of the world are a game; now the Creator will show them whether it is a game or not. You should not try the Holy One, Blessed is He, don’t dare. For whoever tried Hashem, is now above or disappears beneath earth.

Jews in the Land of Israel, follow “and you will protect yourselves!" Do not underestimate this sentence because this is your defense and your protection, it is the angel who will protect you. 'And you are very careful for your souls;' if, heaven forbid, you are scornful, you will remain naked and hurt in every direction.

IDF must be very vigilant and keep Israel's borders, and not rely on the IDF's miracle and ammunition, even though it is the best in the world. Again, “and you will protect yourselves!"

The tunnels in the Gaza Strip, keep your eyes open and stay alert. They work twenty-four hours a day; that's their livelihood.

The Syrian region, the Hezbollah border in the direction of Metula, we must be careful, open eyes and ears, so that the settlements in the area of Syria and Lebanon will not be surprised by tunnels.

The Holy One, blessed be He, protects and guards the Holy Land of Israel. The Holy One, Blessed is He, wants that people to do their best to guard and protect downwards and He from above will connect with the Jews below to preserve them - this is the perfection of the protection of the land and the sky over the borders of Israel.

Egypt up to the Gaza Strip is not calm, they do not want Sisi and Sisi does not like them, because he knows that Hamas and ISIS want to bring him down. The complications between Hamas and Sisi will get worse each day from yesterday. Sisi does not believe anyone! Hamas is composed of ISIS.

In the United States, the Muslims will disturb the Jews in a most frightening way, they have trouble and they hate the Jews. It will drag the Muslims into wars and problems with the Jews, they want to hurt and harass them. On earth, it is the Muslims. In Heaven, it is the Holy One, blessed be He, who tells the Jews to leave and go to the Land of Israel.

The tension between Russia and the US is for control Syria, in order to control the Middle East.

Syria has no power. They have friction amongst themselves, one with another; they want to destroy each other and continue the destruction harm. There will be no good in Syria.

Iraq, nothing remains; everything was destroyed there. There are countless dead; when one ISIS is killed, a hundred new ISIS arise. This is blood revenge; they have evil and cruelty.

Jordan is still waiting and waiting; in the end it will produce “nothing.” King Abdullah of Jordan is in a deep depression, anxieties and complications with himself and around himself; he cannot go anywhere, and has nowhere to turn.

All this is done by the Holy One, blessed be He, so that they will leave in peace the Holy Land of Israel. Especially the minorities, whose leaders preach to hurt the Jews, the children of Israel, to give them free drugs and to put them into gambling and drinking. Jewish parents, warn your sons and daughters; it is a pity! They are destroyed!

It is very desirable and wanted to maintain unity among the parties in the Israeli Knesset, to reach compromises, not to fight each other. Competition does not add anything. The Israeli government must unite and come together so that the Land of Israel will flourish and accept millions of Jews to settle in the Holy Land.

The Holy One, blessed be He, asks all Jews and the Government of Israel to stop building in the center of the country. Please leave the building in the center of the Land of Israel. The center of the country is a flower that opens all the borders of Israel. Build in the Negev, Samaria and Binyamin, the Western Galilee, Judea, the Jordan Valley, the Arava and the Golan Heights. Stop building in the center of the country; go to freedom where this is the healthiest air for the human body. Once missiles reached up to three hundred kilometers, so there were settlements for protection; today they reach thousands of kilometers.

There is nothing missing in the Holy Land of Israel, nothing; everything is good. There is a livelihood for everyone, real estate will not be stopped, lots, shops and roads, there should be twenty million Jews in the near future. There is another hundred million Jews in the world, in all kinds of places. When Messiah is divulgated, he will send people to bring them.

All the scammers and the crooks, the ones who take or give bribes, the thieves and the zealots will be caught one by one, from the smallest to the biggest. The Creator of the world cleans and purifies the world and the Land of Israel in particular.

The floods, the eruptions of the volcanoes, the winds and the earthquakes will continue until the Messiah is reveled.

The Creator runs all possible forces, with great mercy, to subjugate the Jewish people so they will submit to Him, to fulfill the Commandments, prayers and study of Torah, so that they may be in the circles closest to Messiah our Just!

Messiah, his soul goes out at night to defend and preserve the land of Israel, accompanied by the 'Yechidah' and with the great angel wherever he is!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri" Website