Monday, November 28, 2016

A Follow-up to My Happy Sad Story

I did not tell the story of my sister for any other reason than to tell you about the ways of Hashem, and how much it means to you. The story is a story to which each of us can relate. I have had so many of my dear readers tell me how frustrating it is to be working hard to come close to Hashem, while at the same time having loved ones, friends, neighbors, etc still living in the upside-down world and being on a path for disaster. Why can’t they see the Absolute Truth and follow it?

The biggest lesson to learn from my story is that we are not alone, and that Hashem has a plan for each one of us. That doesn’t mean we should stop helping our loved ones to find their way, the way that will give them tremendous happiness of all eternity. It just means we need to be a little smarter about our approach, and to know we will succeed, because Hashem guarantees it.

I have mentioned that there are two types of Jews in the world: frum Jews, and those who are not frum yet. Frum (Yiddish פֿרום), meaning "devout" or "pious," is a Yiddish adjective. To be frum means to be committed to the observance of Jewish law that often exceeds the bare requirements of Halachah, the collective body of Jewish laws. Hashem’s plan is that all Jews (and I must add that all righteous non-Jews) will turn to Him in the end and will follow His ways, the way they should. I will not go into a long explanation since I have already talked about it several times, but one of the events that will happen with the worldwide redemption is the circumcision of the heart. What does that mean? The Yetzer Harah will be removed, the person will be purified and will only want with complete conviction to follow Hashem and be close to Him.

I mentioned that I worked on my sister (and many others) for decades. I always knew that they would succeed and be on the right path to salvation and eternal happiness. Since only Hashem knows when each individual will reach that realization, and start to live the Absolute Truth, it has always been incumbent upon me to work hard and help them. Yes, I experienced the frustration, but with total faith in Hashem, I also knew with complete confidence that successful results would be achieved.

Hopefully, now you feel better about your loved ones coming around, just knowing that Hashem will make it happen. Having a very positive attitude (how many times have I said that) is the key to succeeding. If all you do is complain about your relatives, Hashem will delay the inevitable success. If you approach it with a very enlightened attitude that Hashem will only bring goodness, you will speed up the process.

So what is the best way to approach a secular loved one and help him or her? I am glad you asked. The most important thing is to let people discover the truth themselves. You, however, must continue to set the example and not hide your frumkeit, thinking it is best. Just be realistic and know that you can’t jam knowledge into a person’s head when they aren’t interested, but you can increase their curiosity and encourage them to have more of a desire to do the jamming.

Jews like to answer a question with a question. So, ask:

Have you seen the tremendous increase in earthquakes around the world? What do you think is causing them?

Have you seen the great increase in volcanic eruptions worldwide? Why is this happening?

Have you noticed the crazy weather everywhere? What is going on?

Have you paid attention to the vast changes in the Earth, the moon, the sun? Examples: the sun and moon have rotated and are setting in a different place; the Earth has changed its axis; magnetic north is now to the west; the North Star has moved slightly east; the fish are dying; the birds are dying; the sinkholes are huge and many; oceans are rising (and it is definitely not due to global warming since there are places on Earth that have decreased dramatically in temperature); the radiation is greatly increasing, etc, etc, etc (this has gotten into one of my famous run-on sentences).

Are you familiar with Nibiru, a companion binary solar system to our solar system that happens to be getting very close? Why am I mentioning Nibiru? Its great gravitational and tremendous magnetic effects happen to be the cause of everything above. What is Nibiru and why do you think it is happening? You have just opened the floor to very curious discussion without mentioning Hashem or Yiddishkeit once. How is that for going into the same house by using the back door?

Everything that is happening is not mystery at all. It has all been prophesied and happening exactly as we were told thousands of years ago. An example: we knew Trump would win the election months ago; it is encoded in the Torah:

Donald Trump - President of the States? in bible code by Rav Glazerson, Published on Jul 6, 2016 (emphasis on the date of the video).

We knew about Nibiru and its purpose years ago; it is encoded in the Jewish Bible hundreds of times. We also know that the Moshiach is here and about to be announced. When? When Nibiru is overhead and the entire Earth is shaking under our feet. It is the same day that there will be no atheists in foxholes, and everyone, including all our standoffish loved ones will be turning to us and asking questions. If not before, that is when they will want to hear us tell the Absolute Truth. When their curiosity has peaked and we have their full frightened attention, we can show them all the proof in the Bible about what is happening, and what we must do to be protected and saved. That is a gotcha!!! In other words, it is not what we say or do, it is Hashem’s visual and audible messages that guarantees they will do Teshuvah.

We have many examples in scriptures about people who were skeptics, until they realized how much trouble they were in. Perhaps the most well know story is in parashat Korach. Korach and his rebellious followers protested against Moshe saying that he should not be the leader, but Korach is the better choice. You can read the story yourself in the parashah. What is of interest to us was the final result. Korach and his 250 followers angered Hashem. Hashem open up the ground and swallowed them and their households. As the ground opened, the sons of Korach shouted out “Hashem is righteous, His verdict is true, and the words of His servant Moshe are true.” With those few words of Teshuvah, Hashem provided a platform that prevented the sons of Korach from falling down to a very unpleasant place (you know, the H word). I should mention that you have to go to parashat Pinchas (26:11) for the wording: But, the sons of Korach did not die.”

The message here and other places in other stories is that Hashem is merciful, and in the last seconds before destruction, an individual can do Teshuvah and be saved. That is what happened to my sister, and it is what will happen to all the Jews and righteous non-Jews in the end.

I should note that this does not mean that one should wait until the end and catch salvation instantly. It is definitely much better for everyone to do it as soon as possible, including increased sincere Teshuvah for the already frum. As I have said many times a million Jews will receive a million different levels of happiness and spirituality for eternity. The harder one works now, the better it will be.

One last note. I am so happy that Moshiach didn’t get announced last year. It is so obvious that Hashem’s mercy was extended to give us more time to climb even higher before the cutoff. My sister would not have fared so well if Moshiach had been announced in 5776. I now see the great advantage of having a little more time to get it right (or better). Yes, we all want Moshiach, but is it just because we want all our personal problems to go away? It should be because the world is so horrible and needs help. But, most of all for each of us as individuals, we have worked hard and did much Teshuvah, Tefillah, Tzedukah, Limud HaTorah, Ahavas Yisroel, etc. I can tell you that I am not ready and have much more to do.

I have a very positive attitude that we are close, but none of us should let down our guard and think that we are ready. Take advantage of Hashem’s infinite mercy and continue to work hard for yourself and your loved ones. Cram for the finals and on Judgment Day, when we receive our final grades, we should be that much happier. I hate to bring up my old employer’s slogan, but it is so appropriate: “Be all that you can be, you can do it in Hashem’s Army (slight variation).”


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  2. Do you have any guesses as to how much more time we may have? Do you think we have to wait at least until the inauguration to see what political changes take place to further shift the world's status? Those Jews who are liberal and mourning the election results may be hard to inspire to teshuvah unless they see miracles that even they can't explain away.

    1. I believe the world situation is bad enough that we must be close. I also believe the the earth upheaval with earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, etc, etc, etc, is indicating that Nibiru (and Moshiach) are getting very close. I believe the message from Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, about the combining of the two souls of Moshiach is very important information about the closeness of his crowning. I believe that the last message from Ben Golden about the global elite being in their underground fortresses soon will be long before the inauguration curtailing the start of the new president. I have other beliefs that I have not disclosed, since they are more nebulous and not as proven.

      Yes, I still believe we are close. This world craziness can't go on much longer.

  3. Already strange stars and orbs in the sky are making the news in america so it is almost time and and the fire is a waku up call for the jews and a danger to the zionists and the state must fall so good. Get ready for once the villains start entering their bunkers, it will be over and they will add a war to assure their chances for victory... Poor suckers.