Monday, May 22, 2017

Let’s Get Real

I have been getting Emails asking me my evaluation of several events happening. Since I work hard to live in the real world and observe the plan of Hashem in bringing about the worldwide redemption, the present upside-down fantasy world is of very little interest to me. The only concern that I have is how Hashem is using the craziness of the world to bring about the welcome change.

I have been asked about the visit of President Trump to Israel and what it means for our near future. Since the world likes to treat Israel as the 51 state of the US, Prime Minister Trump like his predecessor PM Obumer, leave me with absolutely no interest in the politics of the day, nor his visit.

Trump is being treated as a savior, one who is going to help the US of Magog get back to greatness; and, many believe that he will also help Israel solve all its problems. The reality is that the global elite are waging a war against this great leader and getting much support from the ignoramuses of the US in trying to eliminate him. There was a recent survey in the US that showed that 48% of Americans (actually mostly liberals; there are no Americans any more) favor a Trump impeachment. There are big plans to start a massive and possibly violent protest event nationwide to oust Trump. The hope of the global elite is that it leads to civil war and to many deaths in the US, while the evil elite hide in their underground fortresses. You may think that the protests will probably not happen; well it is already organized to begin 2 July. The institution of Marshal Law is very likely and the filling up of the FEMA death camps is also very likely. It is all part of the plan of the Gog Bush cabal with the help of the Clintons, Obumer and many other New World Order advocates.

Is this the man, the Donald that I look to for help with Israel? Chas v’shalom. He is too busy planning his war with Iran and North Korea and fighting off his war in the US against the global elite. He really doesn’t have the time to help Israel, especially since the world hates Israel – it is not a popular place to help.

To let you know how much people are out of touch with reality, I have been asked by several of my readers: Do I really think that Israel has a better government than any other country, especially comparing Israel to the US of Magog? I know that there are Rabbis in the US who have been asking the same question. Why run to Israel when the government is just as corrupt as the US?

Jews like to answer a question with a question. Did I come to Israel because the government is better? Let’s get real; I didn’t move to the State of Israel, I moved to Eretz Yisroel, you know the eternal homeland Hashem gave us in the Bible. The State of Israel is a fantasy, it really doesn't even exist. It is a test from Hashem to see who wants to live in Eretz Yisroel with Hashem and Moshiach, and who wants Israel just to be another secular country. It is amazing that when one ignores the government here, it really disappears.

This place is completely different from any place in the world. Money is provided for Yeshivahs, Seminaries, Synagogues, etc. Yet, if one evaluates the situation, one realizes it is all from Hashem. Those who battle the government come up short. Those who ignore the government know only Hashem as the provider.

Examples: I live in a city that the main industry is Torah study. I pay taxes to the city, knowing that much of my tax money goes to support Kollelim (Torah study groups). The mayor and his staff are for the most part Rabbis and Rebbetzins. I have been in Israel 14 years and I have not paid one shekel in tax to the State of Israel. Hashem arranged it that retirement pay is not taxable here, unlike all the other countries in the world. I am not required to pay any tax to the state since my entire income is from retirement allowances. Yet, without ever working in Israel, I receive thousands of shekels a month in stipend. In the US the retirement money I get is money that I put in over the decades that I worked. They only are giving me back my own money.

Israel also has the best health care in the world -- no problem finding a good Jewish doctor. Yet, it is the least expensive care I have ever experienced (I have lived on three continents in my life). The cost of living is great in Israel. I make much less than I did in the US with my wife and I working full time. Yet on retirement pay I am helping to support three families, helping other families as well and contributing to Kollelim every month. I could not have done this in the US or when we lived in Europe (even with full military benefits).

Does everyone have that same good fortune in Israel? No! Those who are living in the upside-down fantasy world, like all the countries outside of Eretz Yisroel, are experiencing the fantasy problems. Those who follow Hashem completely feel like the redemption is already here -- life is tremendous with a minimal of testing and problems. Yes, they still exist, but it is measure for measure according to our needs.

This entire world is an illusion. What life is like is completely dependent on what Hashem gives us as individuals. The truly observant are without many problems; the secular are in trouble and getting much worse. How observant anyone is, only Hashem knows since He is the One to give us, measure for measure, what we deserve. All else is folly.

If you don't believe what I am saying, which is the system that Hashem has on planet Earth, then you are living the upside-down fantasy version of the world. It is time to get real and understand how this world works. Everything that is happening in the world, be it weather, earth upheaval, political mayhem, criminal activity, social problems, economic problems, health problems, etc, etc, etc, are all from Hashem. He is telling all the Jews that there is no salvation outside of Eretz Yisroel, and that the illusion of a Trump or any other puppet of Hashem is not there to help, but to scare us into doing the right thing – TO COME HOME, NOT TO THE STATE OF ISRAEL, BUT TO ERETZ YISROEL!!!!!

This Friday is Rosh Chodesh Sivan. We say the prayer of Hallel on Rosh Chodesh and also next week as we celebrate the holiday of Shavuos. Hallel has prophecy in it, but it contains very important messages from Hashem:
From the narrowness (of distress) called [to] Hashem, He answered me with the breadth of Divine relief. Hashem is with me, I will not fear, what can man do to me? Hashem is with me, to help me, and I will see my enemies’ (defeat). It is better to take refuge in Hashem than to trust in man. It is better to take refuge in Hashem than to trust in nobles. All nations surround me; in Hashem’s Name, I cut them down. They surrounded me, they surround me; in Hashem’s Name, I cut them down. They surrounded me like bees, [but] they were extinguished like a thorn fire; in Hashem’s Name, I cut them down. You pushed me again and again to fall, but Hashem helped me. The strength and retribution of Hashem was (the cause of) my deliverance.
What is the most important message to take from these verses in Hallel? There is no person, no noble, no president, no prime minister, no one to help us but Hashem; He is our only salvation. Why do the verses repeat “how the nations surround me and how I cut them down” three times? It is a prophecy for the three battles of Gog and Magog. Whatever war happens; whatever enemy that wants to eliminate us, only turning to Hashem is the answer, not Trump, not Netanyahu, no one, only Hashem!!!

I have mentioned that the leaders of today and the governments that they represent are as inefficient as can be, and that it is on purpose. Hashem is bringing us to the realization that Hashem running the world with His servant the King Moshiach is the only viable leadership possibility. Those of us who see it very clearly can easily look away from the current world madness and very much increase our craving for Hashem’s world of goodness; the world of truth. That is the only solution; that is the true message from Hashem. Get real and thoroughly enjoy it.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Jerusalem: What's in a Name?

by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva

The phrase "Yom Yerushalayim" is first mentioned in Psalms 137, verse 7, 3 thousand years before the Six Day War. Where does the name Yerushalayim come from? The answer is given by Tosfot in Taanit 16, who state that the name Yerushalayim is a combination of two words, one uttered by Avraham at the Akeida (Bereishis 22), "Har Hashem Yeira'eh," which means "The mountain where Hashem will be seen," and the city was already called Shalem, peace, by Malkitzedek (Bereishis 14).

Thus, the city of Yerushalayim combines the two names, given by these great people, Avraham and Malkitzedek - "Yeira'eh" and "Shalem." Tosfot also explain that the reason that there is a YUD between the LAMED and the MEM in the word Yerushalayim is that we focus on the name, Shalem, which means peace and has no YUD.

In fact, of about 650 occurrences of the name Yerushalayim, only three times do we find that second YUD.

The question now arises why we pronounce the word Yerushalayim with a YUD when the vast majority of times it is written without the second YUD? The answer is that the PATACH-YUD-MEM ending in Hebrew makes the word dual, plural, for example, OZNAYIM (two ears), RAGLAYIM (two legs), YADAYIM (two hands). The above question is answered by the Talmud which explains that there are two Jerusalems, a heavenly one which is situated directly above the earthly Jerusalem. Just as the heavenly Jerusalem is Hashem's eternal capital, so is the earthly Jerusalem, Israel's eternal capital, despite the objections of the U.S. State Department and UNESCO.

Sh'muel Bet 5 states that Jerusalem was Israel's DC, DAVID'S CAPITAL, three thousand years before Washington, DC was the capital of the USA. Jerusalem will remain Israel's eternal, undivided DC capital despite the objections of our so-called "peace partners" and the United Nations.

This was sent to me, and I thought I would pass it on to my readers:
All days are from Hashem; all days are to help us.  Make the best of everyday.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Why Jerusalem's Name will Change when Moshiach Comes

Another excellent talk by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva:

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Behar/Bechukotai, 18 Iyar 5777 (5/14/2017)

Father in heaven creator of the world, creates stars, creates the earth, the human beings, the animals and the beasts, the fish and the birds. Planet Earth belongs to the Holy One, Blessed be He, like all the stars. He puts on it humans and chose the Holy Land and the Jewish people to be His people, for the glory of the Land of Israel and the glory of the world. As the Creator of the World chooses messengers, to administer the world and repair it, so he chose the Jews in the Holy Land and sent them to repair the entire world, to influence and help bring this world to redemption and uphold the Commandments. They agree, it will be in this generation, in the near future and it is also at work now.

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, does and takes care of what is in his heart and what bothers him; on the outside he speaks one thing and in his heart there is something else. He talks and talks and does what is right. He discovered and knows that Abu Mazen is not clean and was flowing with him up to the door. Trump is smart and shrewd and wants to fix the distortion. If he was not smart and shrewd, he would not have become the president of the United States. All the clowns think he does not know what to decide – let them go to first grade again, he knows very well what to decide. He is a very serious man, giving a blow ahead of time. He is coming to Israel because he appreciates the Jews in the Land of Israel and knows that they are strong, courageous and believing in the Holy One, Blessed be He, wise men of all people on earth, stubborn and steadfast, not afraid of anyone and the Holy One, Blessed be He is with them. Trump has already decided everything in advance; he is only deceiving the world in order to lower the expectations of lovers and haters. The Israeli government must not fear Trump; there is nothing to be excited about. You only have to insist on the rights of the State of Israel, the Holy Land - Israel exists from the beginning of the world.

The Holy One, Blessed be He, gave the Holy Land to the Jews and they don’t have to give up any piece of the Land of Israel! Just as a person will not allow anyone to take a hand or a leg off his body. Government of Israel: do not to give up any piece of land – you will have help from Heaven. It is said from heaven: "Whoever wants peace does not ask for parts of the Holy Land."

Abu Mazen thought he was working on Trump and that he believed him. After a very short time, Trump knew who he was dealing with, but in the meantime he wanted him to be quiet for when he will come to the Land of Israel

The Jews in the Land of Israel and the Government must give strong backing to the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces. Do not listen to anyone who slanders the IDF, the IDF does holy work, and every soldier in the IDF does a holy job. The IDF soldiers are righteous and we must not speak a single word about them. Thanks to them we learn Torah, pray, eat and make a living. Thanks to the Israel Defense Forces, the Holy Land is protected, the Holy Land is more important to the Creator than any other place on earth. The Holy One, Blessed be He, has given every Jew his destiny in the world and everyone must be pleased with his profession and his job. Anyone who is happy with his destiny and job will have the blessing of Heaven. So he fulfills the Commandments at maximum.

Dear Jews, wise and intelligent, scientists and scholars more than any people in the world: why are you so involved with matters of substance, matters of vanity and pride? The Creator asks you to be concerned with the fear of Heaven, for purity and holiness, for observing mitzvot and prayers, learning Torah and observing the Commandments. For this you must have desires, says the Holy One, Blessed be He, not for honor, money, property and the lust of the world.

In the Holy Land of Israel nothing is missing, it is protected and preserved; the Messiah is within and the Creator of the world protects the Holy Land from Heaven! Anyone with eyes in his head sees the great success of the Jews in the Land of Israel. Israel has an abundance of everything like no other country in the world.

Dear Jews, keep buying homes in Israel, to grow and develop it. Many millions of Jews are coming to Israel and it is better to buy and occupy houses now than to stay without homes in the future. Do not wait for the Israeli government, to find out what will and what will not be.

The evil inclination is very disturbing to the human body of the Jews, it must be overcome, to study Torah and to connect with the Messiah and redemption.

The plans of most non-Jews in Israel are to accumulate weapons and ammunition; nothing will help them; they will all be discovered. Many from the minorities are caught.

Turkey is very complicated. Erdogan speaks and whoever hears him thinks that Turkey is all right - this is his scream and cry. His heart says: 'Save me, save me, I sink deeply.' He is eliminating the leaders and nothing will help him; Turkey will be a mess.

In all European countries there will be no peace and no calm and no sleep at night; millions of Muslims will conquer Europe.

Jews living outside the Land of Israel – Immigrate now to the Land of Israel! Abroad you have no value and no respect; they trample your values and honor.

Iran will go up in flames; Iran will go up in flames! It just had to open its mouth – it will go up in flames. The Holy One, blessed be He, warns that they will not touch Israel. If you touch, I will burn you one by one, house by house! This warning is for every country in the world.

Putin loves the Jews, their wisdom and understanding. He very much appreciates the survival and courage of the Jews who were always persecuted, and he loves the Jews. He is doing his job properly, and selling arms and ammunition to help Russia.

Syria will continue to rot and be destroyed from the face of the earth as they eat each other.

Iraq will continue to rot from the face of the earth.

Jordan, the refugees trample and eat it; soon there will be an explosion amongst them for control.

Abu Mazen is waiting and Hamas is waiting - what will happen? Once they were waiting for Obama, now they are waiting for Trump. The Holy One, blessed be He, says: "Keep barking, and then enter the kennel forever."

Lebanon wants peace.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah, his people and his army want to revolute against him.

In Egypt there are serious internal wars between themselves. There is a lot of ISIS, Hamas and radical Muslims fighting in the Sinai and for Sisi there is no peace. Suddenly a revolution may erupt in Egypt.

France, the newly elected president hates Jews. It is better for the Jews to flee from there, before he imposes heavy taxes, like Pharaoh in Egypt.

The United Nations, UNESCO, Germany, Italy, France, who are talking hard against Israel - Father in Heaven will give them very hard blows.

Natural disasters, fire, water and soil, floods and earthquakes, will continue to hit the planet. Gog and Magog is outside the Land of Israel. This chaos is outside the Land of Israel. Any country, state, prime minister or president who wishes to disturb the Land of Israel will receive a most severe blow directly from the Creator of the world. Israel is more protected than any place in the world.

All the righteous who died in the Diaspora, the very essence of their spirit comes after a year to the Cave of the Patriarchs. So dear Jews, wake up! The righteous are in the Land of Israel! There is no lack of righteous people in the Land of Israel. It's a shame that people go to look for them abroad.

Jewish parents, keep children from assimilation, drugs, alcohol and gambling.

The Sudanese and Eritrean infiltrators in Tel Aviv and throughout the country must be returned legally to their countries - they are gaining a lot of strength.

Lag Ba'Omer comes with joy and places unity and peace on all, religious and not religious.

From the power of the primordial serpent only the head remains, his whole body is destroyed and dysfunctional, only his eyes see. He has only one more thing to see - the face of Messiah, and to die for ever!

The Messiah works and acts, helps and protects the Holy Land and its Jews. The Messiah is in a nest of a bird, as in a gold cage. When the time of revelation will come, he will emerge from the golden cage and will purify the multitude. Whoever believes in the Holy One, blessed be He, knows exactly who the Messiah is. The Messiah is a man of G-d, a simple and ordinary man, and on him the arm of G-d is revealed! The Yehida is connected to the Messiah 24 hours a day, yes, for twenty-four hours! Whether working, acting, eating, sleeping or resting - the Yehidah is working!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri" Website

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Judaism Is Cool


Monday, May 15, 2017

The Teshuvah Test

I have been getting so many Emails with the statement: “I have been doing so much Teshuvah, repentance, yet I still have so many problems – I see no improvement in my situation.”

Since I firmly believe that almost no one really knows what Teshuvah is and/or how to do it properly, I have a suggestion: take the Teshuvah test. Is there such a thing? Yes, I just made it up. Make a list of what specific Teshuvah on which you are working recently including today. Be specific. No statements like: I am working on praying better now, or I study more now. Those are generalizations of very large categories of Teshuvah, not specific accomplishments.

To get more specific about what Teshuvah really is, I thought I would give you a parable.

Let’s say that you are finishing high school and you decided to go to college. Your aspirations are to become a doctor. You are aware that the curricula for premed and med schools encompass many years or study and will require a vast amount of effort (and money). The study to know all that doctor stuff (you can see from that statement why I didn’t become a doctor), the years of practice by interning in a medical facility, and even the great expense to reach your goal will take a tremendous effort.

Finally, you become a doctor, maybe even a specialist, but then starts the on-the-job training. For the rest of your life you will continue to learn, improve, and keep up with changes in the medical field. Hopefully, it will all be worth it, especially if you are doing it with the welfare of your clientele in mind. If you are only doing it for the money, the prestige and to improve your golf score, you are missing the most important opportunity that being a doctor has to offer – helping others. You also need to realize the importance of doing it the right way. Nobody wants to go to a doctor who had a graduating average of only 70%. I would be worried if my doctor failed the test on the particular ailment that I am bringing to his attention.

Another example: Let’s say that you have been assigned the position of being a human being on planet Earth. This is a more grueling study program, and the on-the-job training program is much more extensive than becoming a doctor. Why? It starts at birth and isn’t over until you leave planet Earth. The subjects that require learning include “everything you need to know about life and how to be the best human being you can be.” This is much more intense a study course than being a doctor, since what you learn and how you live will determine your life forever and ever.

Fortunately, the Big Boss that runs the whole show gave us every bit of instruction on how to succeed and be as happy as can be. The Torah and all its supporting documentation is “the handbook of life” with everything in it to set you up for all eternity.

I am not saying it is easy; I am saying it is doable. Yes, it takes much effort for all of life, but the rewards to be gained for yourself and all the loved ones who depend on you, are beyond human comprehension.

Since I have talked ad nauseam about the necessity to follow Hashem and His ways as the only way to survival and the only way to thrive, I will not repeat myself here. But, I asked the question: would you go to a doctor if you knew he or she only graduated with a 70% average? Why would we want to be a 70% human being or even much less, there is not much of a future in it?

Picture someone needing brain surgery and going to a person who didn’t go to doctor school, but had extensive training in first aid. He also has seen all the doctor TV shows in the last two decades and learned a thing or two watching them. You are probably thinking: I have lost it giving such a ridiculous example, yet the much more difficult task that we all face “LIFE ON PLANET EARTH” we think we can do without education and extensive on-the-job training. Which is more ridiculous the man needing brain surgery without a brain surgeon, or our lives succeeding without studying and living the handbook of life?

The bottom line to all this is that the lifelong improvement, the lifelong getting this human experience to a livable level is called: TESHUVAH. The number of areas to work on in order to perfect ourselves is endless, since it is every aspect of life itself.

What needs Teshuvah? Everything that you do and say 24/7. In other words, every action that we take from getting up in the morning to going to bed at night and all that is in between, including every word we say. We could do everything according to Hashem’s instructions or we can do as most people do “wing it.” Hashem told us how to make our every action and word beneficial, and bring us to as tremendous a life as possible. Of course we can just do it our way, the way most people on Earth act, and become a 70% person or less for all eternity.

This is not rocket science. Since we do all these mundane acts daily, wouldn’t it be prudent to know the way that gives us the most benefit in life? As an example:

Do you know that we get dressed from right to left? We put on our right sock first then our left sock; our right shoe first then our left shoe; our right sleeve to our shirt first then our left sleeve. Then when we get undressed, we go left to right. If you are not doing that then start today and add it to your Teshuvah list. Does it sound silly and very unimportant to dress and undress that way? Physically maybe; spiritually it is extremely important. What brings us closer to Hashem is not just words, but actions. Something as simple as getting into a good habit of dressing the way Hashem instructed us is more than just doing a tremendous service to ourselves, it is Teshuvah.

We definitely don’t understand the spiritual benefits of any of the 613 commandments. But, when we find out how much more tremendous our lives can be forever and ever, we will wish we had given it much more attention.

A big part of the testing of this life is having complete faith and trust that only Hashem knows what is best for us. In His infinite mercy, Hashem told us exactly how to thrive, how to be happy and have the best of everything. The problem is our Yetzer Harah tells us: don’t worry, just do your own thing the way you want to and maybe you will survive, just maybe.

Doing Teshuvah is the act of perfecting ourselves using the only reliable guidance we have, the word of Hashem. If it is overwhelming to think that I have so much to learn and so little time to do it all, just remember what I have said so many times: Hashem does not judge us by what we know, He judges us by how we grow. The person who has the right positive attitude and works hard to become a perfect human being is better off than the one who thinks he or she knows it all and doesn’t need improvement.

All the problems of life that we experience are tests from Hashem to tell us we are in need of Teshuvah. If done properly and with the most positive attitude, all problems can disappear. I have been in contact with readers telling me about their severe medical problems, their severe financial problems, their fabricated list of why they can’t do this or that (such as move to Israel). It is all nonsense and it is all solvable. I have experienced every one of those problems as well as observing tens of thousands of people who are also human beings on planet Earth.

There is no problem that Teshuvah can’t solve. But, as long as you don’t believe it, that Hashem does not give us a test that we can’t pass, then you have no choice but to deceive yourself and put up with the problem.


We have the greatest opportunity to help ourselves and our loved ones to an eternity far more joyous and pleasurable than we humans can imagine. We have the opportunity to solve all our earthly problems by just improving ourselves and passing the tests that these problems are giving. Teshuvah is the answer. Teshuvah is the solution to all that bothers us in life. Hashem gave us everything we need to live the highest level of happiness possible.

We have the choice of living with good habits or bad habits – there really is no choice, since everything we do and everything we say is either to our advantage or a hindrance.  Hashem gave us the opportunity and the plan to have a wonderful carefree life, why would we want anything less?  His Torah instructions guarantee it.

Don’t let your flawed physical opinion tell you otherwise. Do Teshuvah on everything you do, and you can have it all – be a 100% human being (you even will experience good health, and not need to go to a 70% doctor or less).

One additional suggestion:  every morning and every evening make the statement: "I love Hashem," and really mean it.  More Teshuvah accomplished.  I also keep it as a bumper sticker.  Since I don't have a car, a bumper to put it on, I just keep it handy to look at all day.
There are more specific helpful hints to doing Teshuvah in my book.  Get your electronic copy by Email by clicking the "Buy Now" button at the top of the right column. 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Love Your Friend as Yourself???

By Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva

This verse is one of the most mistranslated verses in the Torah. Can the Torah command something which is not humanly possible? Unlike other religions, that have fancy slogans not meant for the real world, Judaism is based on realty.

Thus, Rav Soloveitchik explains that this is not what the Hebrew verse actually says. It is all about knowing where to place the comas. For example, I had a grandfather who lived with us. One day at dinner l came to his door with my knife and fork in my hand and said LET'S EAT GRANDPA. He was shocked and panic stricken. Then I said, "Let’s eat, Grandpa." and he said, "Now you are talking son, what's for dinner?"

Rav Soloveitchik translates the verse as "You shall love your friend, and therefore I G-d will be with you and love you." V‘AHAVTA L’RE1ACHA, KAMOCHA ANI HASHEM.

The Baal Shem Tov similarly explains that Hashem acts like our shadow. Just as a shadow mimics a person's every move, so too Hashem deals with every person according to his actions and behavior.

This is what King David alludes to in Psalms 121 "G-d is your Shadow." Let us work on our behavior to become G-d's Shadow!
Additional notes:

The Torah does not have punctuation marks. It was given to Moshe as a string of 304,805 letters. Moshe put the spaces in, however if new spaces are made between letters, we have all new words and all new information. If different vowels were used under the letters (which also do not appear in the Torah), we have all new words and all new information. There are 600,000 ways that information is encoded in the Torah; I just mentioned two of them.

I have mentioned that there are about twenty thousand differences between the so-called King James Version of the Bible and our Tenach. Most are due to translation problems. When we take Hebrew text and translate it to Greek, and then to Latin, before we get derive the English version, we have many incompatibilities in the translation. That doesn’t include the many, many intentional changes for the purpose of adding prophecies that the church wanted, and of course, we are talking prophecies that never existed.

Unfortunately, we have a similar situation when we take the Hebrew and try to put it into modern English (or any other language). All the deep messages that Hashem is conveying to us are lost. Even many prophecies are either lost or completely misunderstood. It is a very good reason to study the Torah and the rest of Tenach in Hebrew, especially with the commentary of our great sages shedding light on the truth. This is the most difficult text in the world, yet it is the least studied, and the text on which the uneducated people of the world give their false opinions.

I have gotten Emails from readers who ask: doesn’t the Torah say this or that about the situation? I have to answer: if we go a lot deeper into the text we see a completely different message.

Study is much more than learning the text, it is understanding the truth that Hashem is conveying.

Just for kicks, let me give you some additional examples in English that change due to punctuation.

What is up the road? A head? Versus: What is up the road ahead?
What do you have on? Your mind? Versus: what do you have on your mind?
My favorite is one is a gender punctuation experience:
"Woman without her man is nothing."
Men punctuate it: "Woman, without her man, is nothing."
Women punctuate it: "Woman, without her, man is nothing."
What a difference a comma can make!!!!  
What a difference in the Torah with no commas!!!!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Who is really Jewish and who is not? Does that effect the coming of Moshiach?

A very interesting talk by Rabbi Alon Anava:

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Another Very Interesting Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Emor, 11 Iyar 5777 - 7.5.17

The King of the Kings, the Holy One, Blessed be He, everything that He does in this world is all with mercy. We, humans have revenge, free hatred and evil inclination in the body, and sometimes we are happy when a person is hurt, God forbid, or something happens to him. Do not rejoice when your enemy falls. The Creator is not happy with that. The Creator of the universe, even when he brings the most difficult things to the world, natural calamities or brings death to people, it is all with mercy, integrity and truth. The ultimate result is purity and holiness for the good of the world, the Holy Land, Messiah and deliverance.

The Creator of the world is deceiving the whole world, the Creator sends to the leaders of the world angels who speak from their throats and the leaders think they speak. Thus the Creator of the world is pulling strings, deceiving, complicating, entangling and confusing all countries of the world through their leaders. Everything is done by the Creator so that they will not interfere with the Holy Land of Israel. Everything is done only by the Holy One, blessed be He! Too bad for all the negative and the imaginary thoughts that the world runs on its own – it is a big lie! Because the world has progressed and developed intellectually on a very high level, they forget that there is a Creator to the world; they forget that everyone has a role and a destiny in this world and they think 'My power and the strength of my hand made this for me’ – this is a grave error in the minds of people.

The Holy One, Blessed be He, is waiting for His children to turn to him and say, "Thank you Hashem for all the goodness that You give us, the Jewish mind, the Jewish patent, the best army in the world and the best economy in the world!" In the land of Israel they will continue to build. Real estate will continue to develop. Whether you want it or not millions of Jews will arrive in Israel.

There will be redemption and there is a Messiah who needs to go out every moment in public, for this a Jew has to thank every second that he is alive and breathing.

The Creator makes it possible to produce missiles, ammunition, weapons, airplanes, ships and cars, but the Creator is the determining factor for every missile, nuclear or not, where it will go and if it will explode. The Creator watches over every animal, the birds and the fish; He watches over humans and the angels in the sky; then he also looks after every missile where it will go and if it will explode or not. So we have nothing to fear. Jews in the holy land of Israel everything starts from Him and ends from Him. The Holy One, Blessed be He, wants that His Jewish children will believe in His powers and will not believe in their own abilities, because they receive power from the Creator of the Universe. Every Jew has a channel connected to the Holy One, blessed be He. When a person is in a way of spirituality, holiness and purity, the channel expands greatly and its connection to the Creator is much greater. If the Jew does the opposite of the Creator's will, chas v’shalom, the channel is cut off from the Holy One, Blessed is He, and he goes from bad to worse, from problem to problem, from trouble to trouble.

The Holy One, Blessed be He, looks at the Jews from above, at the world, people eating and drinking, sleeping and getting up, going to the bathroom, working, fighting and is asking them: 'Do you understand that everything is from me?! That I run the whole world?!' The Creator wants the Jews to pray three times a day, bless the food, observe the Commandments, study the Torah, eat kosher food, bless everyone, observe Shabbat and marry at an early age - all for the goodness of the Jew, his health and longevity.

The Creator is waiting for unity of the left and the right. Hashem says to them: 'You have nowhere to go; the whole world hates the Jews outside the Land of Israel. Be united and love and watch over every inch of the Holy Land.'

All those threatening with nuclear missiles, they are only arrogant. All the missiles in the world are under the supervision of the Creator, every missile. Every person or country that wants to press the 'button', the Holy One, blessed be He, tells him that it will blow up within the same country, the same submarine, ship or plane. In other words: explode inside. The Creator promised that there would be no fire, sulfur and flood in the whole world (just parts).

President Trump invited Abu Mazen to the United States in order to soften the tension. Trump wants to help peace; he knows that peace is impossible and that the Jews do not give up an inch of the land of Israel. Trump wants to help Israel without noise - first we'll do and then we understand later. He is an expert, playing with the world, each time saying something else. The Holy One, blessed be He, says: "A king's heart is in the hand of the L-rd!" I gave him wisdom, intelligence and knowledge, to manage the United States and to correct the world's distortion, all for the good of the Land of Israel.' All the psychologists, psychiatrists and experts who say Trump is unstable, the Almighty says to them: 'You do not know anything, I run the world and Trump is the best leader in the world.' Obama for eight years has done as if there is calm in the world. During his tenure, ISIS grew in the world, and crime and dangerous people increased in all countries, because he swept everything under the carpet, giving money and budgets to silence the countries.

Syria, hundreds of thousands have been killed. This is a fire trap of firefights and tens of thousands of deaths. Syria is full of resentment, revenge, hatred and killing. Everyone who wants to help it on Syrian soil will be killed, the Syrians will kill them.

Putin brings a new idea every time, shares with Turkey and Iran, to control the Middle East.

Iran wants to continue producing the nuclear bomb, even though it has it already.

Turkey, nothing will not help Erdogan. Erdogan is afraid for himself. He kills thousands and removes the opponents. When he kills one, thousands rise. A revolution will occur, be patient.

Iraq is killing everything that comes by. All, that is written in the Commandments, that they should not do, they do.

Hamas continues to dig tunnels. Every day it receives thousands of tons of cement, 80 percent of which goes to the tunnels. They are also digging tunnels in the north.

Abu Mazen is a great player, he laughed at Trump. He wants only money and Trump thinks he caught a 'fat fish'.

Jordan, the king lives on batteries. It is bursting, exploding. Jordan is full of infiltrators and refugees; there is not one country in the world that wants the refugees. They speak in the media, but their hearts and mouth are different.

In the Land of Israel, all infiltrators must be returned to their countries legally.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah are crying to the Iranians to give them ammunition and free weapons. The Russians are selling to the Iranians, the Iranians want to transfer to Hezbollah, but the IDF is blowing them up in the end. Who benefits from the deal? The Russians who sell ammunition; and the more ammunition they blow, the richer Russia will be.

All the countries that contribute money to Abu Mazen and Hamas, ninety percent of the money goes to the pockets of the leaders, and the poor citizens do not get a penny. They work in the tunnels; that's the main livelihood there, and they brainwash them into a big hatred against the Jews.

Lebanon wants peace and quiet. Life in Lebanon is modern, not primitive.

In France, the Jews are having a very difficult time. It does not matter who will be the President the young man or the woman. It is better for the Jews to leave now and immigrate to Israel. The man is smiling and the woman speaks openly, but they both laugh at the Jews. They have the same opinion, the same heart and the same hatred, to expel the Jews from France.

In Egypt, the leftists, Hamas and ISIS are fighting deep inside Egypt, and in the Sinai Desert they are fighting to draw the Egyptian army and soldiers there. Sisi does not know what to do.

The Creator says to all the nations and leaders of the world, Britain, Germany and the United Nations: Anyone who harms or wants to harm the Jews in the Holy Land, the Creator will destroy that country through the elements of nature.

Anti-Semitism is growing all over the world; Jews listen attentively, all over the world! This includes Europe, the United States, all of the Americas, Australia and Africa. The neighbors of the Jews, who the Jews think are friends, the Jews are making a great mistake. Soon they will turn on them and hurt them badly.

The Jews abroad think that the Holy One, blessed be He, did not realize, that they understood that they need to go up to the land of Israel. Then the Holy One, Blessed be He, revealed your belief that you insist on not coming to the land of Israel. He says to you: I will increase anti-Semitism and ISIS.

The IDF must not be complacent even though Gog and Magog is abroad, not in Israel.

The land of Israel is the land of the deer, growing and expanding every day, like a fetus in the womb of its mother in order to absorb the millions of Jews who need to reach the Land of Israel.

A cloud of fire protects and preserves, a dome lies above the Holy Land. The Messiah’s soul turns around and protects the Land of Israel every night.

The Creator of the world listens to the Messiah, speaks from his throat, and says to the Messiah "You will continue to help and save my children." Life and death are in the hands of the Holy One, blessed be He. The Messiah can eliminate almost any decree, provided it is at the beginning and up to two-thirds of the time. If two thirds or more have passed, the person is sentenced and there is nothing to do. The Messiah works and acts, does everything with joy and does not ask why. The Creator of the world speaks from the throat of Messiah. The Messiah is a simple man, humble and modest; he has everything, kindness and integrity and wants to do only good for the Jews. The Holy One Blessed Be He is happy with the growth of the Messiah. The Holy One, Blessed is He, prepares a drawing of the face and body for each and every person. The Messiah is not a millionaire; the Messiah is not a document and a title. The Messiah is a man, a man of Hashem, faithful to the Holy One, Blessed be He, and faithful to save the Jews in the Holy Land. Everything that the Holy One, blessed be He, puts in His mouth, he speaks and transmits to the Jews.

Dear Jews, just know that all the nations in the world follow the messages that we write every week. We all wait every second and every moment for the Messiah to be revealed with mercy!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri" Website

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Torah - The Genes of Reality

Watch this excellent video by Rabbi Akiva Tatz, who truly understands the reality of this world and our existence. This is very deep in content, but would anyone expect the reality created by Hashem to be anything but extremely deep?
It is so important to grasp the message of Rabbi Tatz. It is one of the best proofs that the Torah could not have been written by people. I have mentioned in the past that everything is in the Torah. That means everyone who ever lived and every detail of each of our lives. What we are wearing today, what we had for breakfast today, every animal, every star in the universe, every tree, every blade of grass, every rock, everything, etc, etc, etc. If that sounds impossible, you are starting to catch on.

Hashem is consistent. Just as every cell of our body has a DNA code which tells the body how to grow, the blueprint for the body, the Torah is the genetic pattern for everything that exists and every event that happens in the universe. If it isn’t encoded in the Torah, it can’t exist.

The number of details encoded in the Torah is infinite. There are 600,000 ways that the information is encoded in the 304,805 letters of the Torah. But as the Rav said, it is not information encoded, but the actual genetic pattern for everything. Even what I just typed is encoded in the Torah, or I could not have typed it. Amazing!!!!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Rock on Akiva!

In last week’s parsha the verse says, “ואהבת לרעך כמוך, You shall love your fellow as yourself - I am Hashem.”[1]

Rashi[2] states the following:

“The Tanna R’ Akiva said, ‘[You shall love your fellow as yourself] is a general rule throughout the entire Torah.’”[3]

When entering any profession, one doesn’t get promoted automatically to a new position. He needs to work hard to get it.

If that’s the case, how did Rebbe Akiva earn the title of tanna, which means teacher?

The Gemara[4] says, “Rebbe Akiva was a shepherd for Ben Kalba Savua. His daughter saw that he was modest and of fine character. She asked him, ‘If I marry you, will you go to the Beis Medrash to study Torah?’ He said to her, ‘Yes!’ He then married her in secret and she sent him away to the beis medrash…”

At what age did Rebbe Akiva start learning Torah? When he was forty years old and he had not learned anything.[5]

What turned him around? “One time he was standing near a well and asked, ‘Who made a hole in this stone?’ It was said to him, ‘The water which constantly falls every day.’ Akiva, don’t you know the posuk, ‘Water erodes stones’?[6] Rabbi Akiva immediately inferred the teaching regarding himself and said, ‘If something as soft as water can carve a hole in solid rock, how much more so can words of Torah – which is hard as iron – make an indelible impression on my heart. He immediately returned to study Torah,[7] for forty years.”[8] [9]

From this story, we are privy to the moment of insight which begins Rabbi Akiva’s spiritual odyssey from ignorant shepherd to legendary scholar.[10] It’s interesting that he made this insight with the water and stone at forty. What is so unique about forty? Forty is the age when man attains insight.[11] In addition, the Gemara says that Water is compared to Torah[12] and the Yeitzer Hara is compared to a Stone.[13] When your Yeitzer Hara is overpowering you, through learning Torah, you can diminish his power over you.[14] As the Medrash[15] says, “If you toil very much in the Torah’s words, HaKadosh Baruch Hu will remove the yeitzer hara from you.”

We said that after Rebbe Akiva’s epiphany with the rock, “He immediately returned to study Torah.”[16] There are two words in Hebrew that can mean return. One is [17]תָשׁוּב and חַזָרָה. חַזָרָה comes from the word חוֹזֵר which means to review or repeat something. When one finishes a Mesechta he says, “We shall return to you.” What do those words mean? If one wants to insure that the Mesechta he learned is securely embedded into his memory, he should review it forty times.”[18]

Avos D’Rebbe Nosson continues, “He approached teachers of small children, to educate him, beginning with the aleph beis …He studied constantly and little by little he learned the entire Torah.”[19]

How did Rebbe Akiva merit learning the entire Torah? His wife suffered by living in dire poverty.[20] As the Mishnah[21] tells us, “Torah is acquired with… acceptance of suffering…” Even though he forty years old, he was willing to suffer embarrassment by having to sit among little children who were learning the aleph beis! Furthermore, “One who suffers from embarrassment will never learn.”[22] Rebbe Akiva was just the opposite. He didn’t feel embarrassed to ask the teacher to teach him the aleph beis.[23]

Jim Watkins said, “A river cuts through a rock, not because of its power but its persistence.” Rashi[24] adds, “Stones are worn away because water is passing over them constantly. Similarly, if you want the Torah to stay within you,[25] it requires constant strengthening.[26] What does that mean? Rashi[27] says, “One is constantly reviewing his learning. You must keep your learning safe in your innards [i.e. have it well memorized], so as not to forget…”

Rebbe Akiva taught us that to achieve greatness you don’t need to be someone special. As the Medrash[28] states,    “G-d does not bestow greatness on someone until He tests him with a small matter.”[29] However, to use the excuses of “I’m not intelligent,” “I’m too old” or “I don’t come from an important lineage,” are all invalid. For when he started learning Torah at forty, he was an ignoramus and had no Jewish lineage to speak of.[30]

The second lesson is that in life we face challenges that seem to appear to us like rocks or stones – they are impenetrable. Nevertheless, if we are persistent like water – taking step by step[31] – Hashem will help us break through, overcome them and continue to rock on!
[1] Vayikra 19:18.

[2] See Rashi ibid. “ואהבת לרעך כמוך”.

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[10] As the Gemara says, “He had such hatred for Torah scholars during those years that had he had the chance he would have bitten them like a wild donkey” (Pesachim 49b).

We learn out from here that the worst type of Jew hater is the irreligious Jew who is devoid of Torah. Why? Because when he sees how Torah gives direction and meaning to one’s life, it reminds him of what he’s missing in his own life.

[11] Avos 5:21. See also Jewish Wisdom In The Numbers by Rabbi Yehoshua Hartman and Osher Chaim Levene, pages 274 – 278.

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[30] See Berachos 27b.

[31] As the Gemara says, “If you have grabbed much, you have not grabbed anything. However, if you have grabbed a little, you have grabbed something” [(Rosh Hashanah 4b) see also Yuma 38b].

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Current Events in the Haftorah - Parshat Acharey / Kedoshim

Watch this excellent video entitled “Current Events in the Haftarah - Parshat Acharey / Kedoshim

Friday, May 5, 2017

In the very essence of the Final Solution

A very important message from Benjamin:

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Video: Superman’s Got Nothing on Israel

Video: Superman’s Got Nothing on Israel:
Israel is only one call away. Watch this incredibly inspiring video.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Acharei/Kedoshim, 4 Iyar 5777, (30-4-17)

The King of Kings, the Holy One, Blessed be He, says to the entire world and to the Jews: "Do you understand that there is a Creator of the world Who leads the world? Do you understand that I, the Holy One, Blessed be He, cause complications and make divisions amongst the countries? I cause the ships to collide with each other, shaking and shuddering in the world, causing earthquakes, fire, harsh winds, severe storms, complicating country with country. Have you not yet understood that I, the Holy One, Blessed be He, direct and lead the world? Doing as I wish for the new world; how long will you not understand?! Ships collided - I caused it. Complications and wars in all countries - I caused it. Everything in this world starts from Me and ends with Me; the choice of each person is to choose good or bad. Even if a person chooses evil, the end result will be what I want, and if good is chosen, the end result still will be what I want.

Any person, president or prime minister who wants to hurt to the State of Israel, I will hurt them and beat them severely. All Jews living outside of Israel, in North and South America, Europe, Australia and South Africa – you must immigrate to Israel urgently! I, the Holy One, Blessed Be He, will warn you all the time, until the boom will come, the hardest blow in the world. Do not say later that I did not warn you to go to the Holy Land. '

Jews in France, escape urgently, immediately and fast; do not say 'it is hard and we are used to what we have,' because life is worth much more and fully exceeds any price in the world!

"I, the Holy One, blessed be He, created the world measure for measure. Every person who steals no matter what, the Creator will remove from him everything that he stole in double. There is no one in the world who stole and remained alive and well with the theft. There will come a time and he will fall, go bankrupt, and the theft he will return by all means.

Dear Jews, fulfill the Commandments without arguments!

President Trump's pressure in the US comes from the fact that he received a government in which everything is distorted and complicated. Obama worked 8 years in 'whitewashing;' he decorated, plastered and quieted the entire world for 8 years. He had 8 years of extinguishing fires and not taking care of any problem. Today, everything explodes into the world. Trump was sent from the L-rd of the Universe to repair all the perversions. Everything is the process of the Holy One, Blessed is He; the heart of a king is in the hand of Hashem. The Holy One, blessed be He, draws the strings of every king on earth. Obama, who was complacent for eight years, which was also from the Holy One, blessed be He, so that there will now be pressure and a global explosion, through which the Messiah will come out in public.

Many countries in the world have atomic missiles, and everyone is afraid to press the button that fires the missile. Everywhere there are atomic missiles; there are spies inside the system who know exactly when that country wants to attack; they also know if anyone wants to press the button of the nuclear missile. They will eventually reach a compromise. In case there is a nuclear war, there will be no more people in the world, no shelter will help, so there will not be a nuclear war!

Gog and Magog is outside the Land of Israel. Gog and Magog means: They are killing each other like in Syria, Egypt, Turkey, and others countries.

In Israel everything is very good, everything is like honey. The Holy Land is protected and sheltered. It has the best science in the world, technology, wisdom, it has it all! The whole world uses and buys the patents of the Jews in Israel.

Abu Mazen thinks he will live forever. He thought to drive Israel mad, and in the end it came out that he drives Hamas crazy. Abu Mazen and Hamas receive billions of dollars and give the poor Palestinians leftovers; they want to provoke uproar in the Gaza Strip.

The United States and Russia are very fond of the Land of Israel.

Israel - Do not be afraid of anyone in the world. IDF will guard the borders of Israel and without being complacent.

Russia sells arms and ammunition to Iran, and makes a living from it. Israel is bombing all the ammunition coming from Iran on the way to Hezbollah and then creating a livelihood for Russia. Everyone works quietly and everything is fine.

Trump will come to Israel; he loves the Holy Land and wants to help the Jewish people. He likes to work quietly; he does not want to make it public, because for the Jewish people, what is done in hiding is blessed.

There are seven and a half billion people in the world, and a few million Jews. It is said in heaven that the power of the Land of Israel with its few millions living in it is like the strength of the seven and a half billion people in the world.

Israel should beware of minorities who have weapons and ammunition that they stole from IDF and bought from military bases, it can do damage in public places. This must be looked at without delay!

Hamas continues to dig tunnels with lust and desire to die inside the tunnels.

Syria is a training ground for all the armies of the world and their soldiers who train there. Syria is dead.

Iraq is dying.

Turkey, Erdogan is killing and destroying his people, nothing will help him; he catches one - three get up. He has rebels in Turkey and an underground working - they want to kill him.

France, the two leaders running for election, male and female, both hate the Jews in France, one hates in the mouth, and one hates in the heart. Whoever is chosen will hurt the Jews severely in France. Wait and see. The elections in France are confused and complicated.

Lebanon, does not want Hezbollah or war.

Within the northern borders, they don’t want to interfere with the Land of Israel. All the Arab countries are scared to death of Israel.

Iran sends Hezbollah ammunition through Syria. The Russians sell them the ammunition and get rich and IDF and IAF bomb all the ammunition, this way they train and learn new things.

Jordan is full of infiltrators and refugees who eat it with great appetite. The king has a 'bone in his throat;' he does not know what to do, whether to breathe or not breathe.

Egypt, the Holy One, blessed be He, gave them ISIS, Hamas and radical Muslims, and there is no food. Sissy works very hard, is fed up with everyone, afraid of resigning so that he will not be hurt, fights evil and is afraid of being hurt – he is at an impasse.

The entire world sees the distortions, the discrimination and hatred in Europe and the UN against Israel and the Land of Israel - "it multiplies, it develops" - is stronger than yesterday - miraculous wonders!

All over the world, the economy is falling apart. Israel has the best economy in the world, building houses, shops, buying plots. Jews do not stop! Continue to buy houses in Holy Land.

The Israeli government, when everyone is united - we are in the best way, the king’s way.

All the scammers, the bribes and the thieves will all be discovered and caught. The Holy One, Blessed is He, says to you: 'Have you not understood yet? Every day I disclose dozens of people and some of you still continue. I will not reveal dozens, I will reveal hundreds!'

Jewish parents watch over your sons and daughters so that there will be no assimilation, because the war of the Gentiles against the Jews is to assimilate them, G-d forbid.

All over the world they know that the Holy One, blessed be He, protects and guards the Holy Land, and we have a Messiah in the Land of Israel who also protects. This generation of the people of Israel has great merit, they will be privileged to live and see the revelation of the King Messiah! The Creator asks the Jews to be patient, calm, peaceful and to wait, step by step. Heaven time is not the same as time on Earth.

The Holy One, Blessed is He is promising: This generation will have the right to receive the Messiah!

The people, who turn bitter into sweet, bad to good, free hatred to free love, who return thefts and do kindness, repair their defects and fulfill the Commandments, these are the people who will be in the first circle!

The Holy One, blessed be He, brought Messiah to the Land of Israel, to redeem the Land of Israel. After the flood the Holy One, blessed be He, promised not to destroy the world. Instead of thinking about World War 3, there is redemption, there is the Messiah, there is the Third Temple and then the resurrection of the dead!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri" Website

Monday, May 1, 2017

Don’t Confuse Me with the Truth

We have mentioned many times from Isaiah 55:8-9:

8 For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, saith the L-RD.

9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.

Hashem works in mysterious ways, but His plan is perfect. What happens in this world very often is strange to us human beings. We often wonder: Why did Hashem do a particular event the way He did?

Watch this excellent video entitled “Current Events in the Haftarah - Parshat Tazria / Metzorah.” The Rabbi definitely gives some strange examples of Hashem’s mysterious ways:

We see in the video that Hashem caused things to happen in history in the most illogical way that is according to human logic yet these important events happened. There are so many events in history that would beg the question: Why did Hashem do it this way? But one example which a few of my dear readers couldn’t understand is: why do we honor the Zionists today with this Independence Day? After all there are still groups of Jews today that say “this is not how we were meant to get back Israel.”

Hashem's plan is perfect. He knew that we could never get Israel back by giving it to observant Torah Jews. It had to be by giving it to a secular population, especially since Hashem knew that there would be a war as soon as Israel was born again. Would the Chareidim been able to fight the war, handle the world politics, deal with the building of a desolated country (this is actual a long list of items that could only be handled by a secular population).

We now know that 1948 was the start the redemption process. It is brought down in scriptures that when the land started to produce and the Jews returned, this would be the process of the birth pangs of Moshiach. Hashem’s plan was to start the process with a secular population and cause a gradual change from the secular to the Charaidi. That has been an obvious arrangement in Israel since 1948. It was Hashem's plan and it worked, of course. The Chareidim who use false human logic and ignore Hashem's perfect plan as it is in scriptures, will understand it completely when the worldwide redemption occurs and Moshiach is introduced to the world.

I think it is also prudent to understand Zionism. Zion appears in the Tenach 162 times. Zion is another way of saying Jerusalem, even talking Israel. We throughout history yearned to return to our Hashem given home – Zion. Everything we see in the news these days is not talking about the Jewish desire to return to Israel, but Political Zionism, a completely different animal. What Theodore Herzl envisioned was a place that Jews could live without Jew-hatred, without non-Jews. His thought of using Palestine as our home was not because of Hashem’s will, but for practical purposes, a possible place for Jews to huddle together without persecution. This was seen when Herzl also thought of other possibilities such as Uganda. What? Yes, he was just looking for a place, not to return to Hashem or the land that belonged to us. That was Political Zionism, which was from the secular Erev Rav not Jews.

The term "Zionism" coined by Austrian Nathan Birnbaum, was derived from the German rendering of Tzion in his journal Selbstemanzipation (Self Emancipation) in 1890. Zionism as a political movement started in 1897 and supported a 'national home,' and later a state, for the Jewish people in Palestine. The Zionist movement declared the re-establishment of its State of Israel in 1948, following the United Nations Partition Plan for Palestine. Since then and with varying ideologies, Zionists have focused on developing and protecting this state. In other words it has completely changed the idea in the Tenach of the Jews wanting to return to Hashem in our homeland. The last line of the Israeli national anthem Hatikvah (Hebrew for Hope) is "....Eretz Zion, ViYerushalayim," which means literally "The land of Zion and Jerusalem".

Theodor Herzl, born Benjamin Ze'ev Herzl, also known in Hebrew as חוֹזֵה הַמְדִינָה‎, Chozeh HaMedinah was an Austro-Hungarian journalist, playwright, political activist, and writer who was one of the fathers of modern political Zionism.

Should we celebrate Yom HaAtzmaut (Independence Day)? If we look at it as a gift from Hashem, and the start of the Geula that we crave so much, we absolutely should. Everything is from Hashem and the return of Israel to the Jewish people is no different. We may not understand with our flawed human logic why it all happened the way it did, but we will soon when the worldwide redemption, Moshiach, the return of the exiled and the Third Temple and most importantly, Hashem are our daily lives. 

We are not celebrating Political Zionism, we are celebrating Hashem’s perfect plan to bring about the worldwide redemption. We will all be in Zion living the goodness of Hashem. Let’s celebrate!!!!
Another video from Rabbi Specher:
Yom HaAtzmaut - Our Triple Victory over Hitler

Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Awesome Power of Speech

by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva

Parshat Tazria tells us about the laws of TZARAAT. TZARAAT was a miraculous illness that was inflicted upon a person who spoke Lashon Hara about a fellow Jew. Anyone diagnosed with Tzara'at was sent outside the camp or city to live a solitary existence. Tzara'at is comparable to leprosy, although in certain ways it was very different.

When a person speaks derogatorily about a fellow Jew, even if it's true this is called LASHON HARA. He may accuse him of taking away his business or of not respecting him, and in doing so may cause relationships to be severed. Lashon Hara can destroy marriages and other relationships, such as partnerships or friendships.

Essentially, slander causes people to become lonely, as people who hear the Lashon Hara and accept it, will no longer interact with the people slandered in the same way that they did previously. The Torah states that the punishment and atonement for speaking Lashon Hara is to become infected with TZARAAT and thereby become socially isolated. The slanderer is sent out of the camp and is pronounced to be "spiritually unclean", so that people will keep away from him.

The purpose of the Torah's punishment is not merely to afflict the sinner, but to awaken him to realize his sin. When the slanderer is forced to be alone, he will have a chance to contemplate all the loneliness and pain that he caused others through his character assassination. 

The Talmud in Nedarim 64 teaches us that in certain ways a METZORA (Leper) is like a dead person, in that he is limited in his ability to help others because of his isolation. Thus, when the METZORA experiences that feeling of being "dead" - disconnected from society, it causes him to do Teshuvah and stop his harmful speech, which caused people to be disconnected from each other.

The Torah teaches us to use our power of speech positively. Therefore, MISHLEI warns us that life and death depends on our speech. Let us use words that are encouraging, that show love, caring, understanding and appreciation. We will thus strengthen our relationships, increasing peace and unity among Jews

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Prophecy Deciphered After 1,500 Years Reveals North Korean Conflict Precedes Messiah

A fascinating article appeared on Breaking Israel News:
Prophecy Deciphered After 1,500 Years Reveals North Korean Conflict Precedes Messiah
Then there is this amasing story about the:
The Student Appeared To His Rabbi In a Dream

Yes, this applies to all of us, and is the solution for our protection from the possible war above!!!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Animal Rights in Judaism

Another excellent video from Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva:

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Tazria-Metzora, 27 Nissan 5777 (23.4.17)

The Holy One, blessed be He, King of Kings, the Father of Mercy, looks from Heavens to the whole world and sees that without Him there is no existence. Without the help of the Holy One, blessed be He, the world will not exist! All are in panic, fear and anxiety, confusion and complication, they do not know what the day will bring, but they still think that they can do anything, manufacture missiles, airplanes, fight and threaten each other. They forget that there is a creator to the world, forget that the Almighty can transform the material of Nuclear Explosion to flour!

The missile sent by Kim, the leader of North Korea, which exploded during the launch - The Creator of the Universe blew it up! The missile sent by the Russians a few months ago, the best missile to drop planes, also exploded. This is not a human error, the Creator of the Universe blew up the missiles! The Creator shows to mankind that He determines what will or will not be, then dear Jews, why forget the Holy One, Blessed be He? The technology is progressing and instead of becoming close to Hashem, you are moving away from HIM? Everything is upside down? The Creator can paralyze all the satellites and darken the Earth completely in a thousandth of a second, at the speed of light. People are complacent and forget who created the world, forgetting that everything starts and ends with Him. Every country with nuclear technology and airplanes thinks it is above all worlds.

Please, dear Jews, do not forget that there is a Father in Heaven who protects and preserve the Holy Land and its Jews. The Creator give life and death, makes people rich or poor. Nuclear technology and the threats will not help Kim, the North Korean leader, nor anyone else in the world.

Don’t be afraid says the Creator, there will be no Third World War, there will be no nuclear war and no third intifada - there will be the Messiah that will be reveled in public, the construction of the Third Temple and the resurrection of the dead!

The world must listen attentively: the Holy One, blessed be He, is the one who runs the world, chose the Jews to live in the Land of Israel! Every country, prime minister or president of the world, who wants to disturb the rest of the Jews in the Land of Israel or to take parts of the land of Israel, the Creator of the world will beat them severely.

The most severe winds blow in the world, the most powerful winds that overwhelm everything in addition to earthquakes, fires and floods. The Creator of the Universe is using a lot of power to shake the earth.

Assimilation adds hatred to the people of Israel in the Land of Israel and throughout the world. Jews who live with non-Jews will convert them properly and marry them, if they want to receive a soul from heaven. Do not to say 'we are modern,' modern is rebellion against the Holy One, Blessed be He. Those who do not observe the Commandments are against the Holy One, blessed be He.

The Jews who live outside the land of Israel, the Creator of the world begged you many times already to immigrate to the Land of Israel now, it is urgent! You have the opportunity to come up now with great property, like they left Egypt with great property. Today it's exactly the same. Today you can still leave with great property, but if you do not leave, in a while you will be expelled by anti-Semitism, ISIS, the refugees and the infiltrators; you will be expelled from all over the world. They will take away your houses and property and you will come to Israel without property. You stayed because of the property - your redemption is to come to Israel with nothing, just to live and breathe. Write down what's written here on the wall.

In most of the world, "Eisav hates Jacob." There is hatred and evil toward Jews, no Gentile loves the Jews, so it is worthwhile to immigrate to the Holy Land and not believe them.

Jews understand: the Holy Land of Israel is like the skin of a deer, develops, develops, stretches and its development is hidden from the eye. There is livelihood in the holy Land of Israel, there is food, and there is protection for all the Jews on Earth who will come to live in the Land of Israel. The Land of Israel is the first in the world in economics, military, technology, science and medicine, love, peace, unity and mercy. The Land of Israel is the only one in the world where the Holy One, Blessed is He, is in it!

Russia, Putin shows everyone that he is in the Middle East. He is afraid that the United States will take Syria and then everyone will be subject to the United States. With the US it is money and food, and with Russia it is weapons and ammunition; Putin does not want to move from Syria.

The United States, the Holy One, blessed be He, has chosen Trump only to help the Land of Israel, and Trump wants to make order in the whole world. If Trump takes into account those who disturb the Land of Israel and help the Holy Land of Israel and come to meet it in all respects, he will receive divine help, all his plans for order in the world will succeed and he will be protected and guarded. Blessing and success will be in his hands, and a day will come when he will receive a great privilege from the Creator.

Trump tells the Israeli government to work quietly. He will help quietly; talks are disruptive to the plans. All that is hidden from the eye is successful and has a blessing.

Iraq is dead. Saddam Hussein sent missiles to Israel, which were turned in their way from chemical to flour. He made noise, startled an entire country, frightened millions of people, and nothing happened. The vengeance of the Creator of the world erases Iraq from the face of the earth. Iraq is finished, destroyed and erased.

Syria will continue to be destroyed, destroyed and destroyed, until it has no back, no spine, no brain. There is chaos in Syria, all the planes, missiles and soldiers from all over the world are training in Syria.

North Korea, Kim threatens and is scared to death to make a mistake. If a mistake is made, Korea will be deleted. Korea will be erased by people who hate Kim; he has enemies inside Korea itself and they hold the most dangerous missiles in the world. Their plans are to blow up the missiles inside Korea with all the residents. Therefore Kim is afraid to err. He exhibits threat and strength because he is looking for respect; respect is his life’s ambition.

Turkey nothing will help Erdogan, nothing. ISIS, the terrorists and the rebels in Turkey, want to rebel and revolt against Erdogan.

Egypt, Sisi wants to resign; he does not know what to do. The Egyptian army is collapsing in the Sinai desert. The soldiers of the Egyptian army were in a 'sanitarium;' they had not practiced properly since 1975 and until now; and, they are hungry too. Suddenly, when they have to fight ISIS, the extremist Muslims and Hamas, a lot of them are killed. Sisi entered a serious whirlwind; no country can help him, neither Russia nor the United States. From all directions he is threatened.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah have run out of power, they lack a lot of ammunition and weapons and do not want to deal with Israel. There is a beginning of rebellion in the Hezbollah army, and Nasrallah does not trust them. Why all this? Because Syria is crashing and crashing in front of their faces and has no back, no head, no tail, no legs to hold it. Everything coming from Iran explodes on the way.

Lebanon wants peace and does not care about anything.

Abu Mazen, ninety percent of the money he receives, he transfers it to his private account, his children and his family. Like Hamas, they take money for themselves, the senior leaders and their families, and ten percent they throw to the poor.

France is getting more and more complicated every day; everything that happens is worse than bad, and the main thing is that all is complicated by the elections. The earth is bubbling and will be a big mess in France.

Hamas continues to work in the tunnels, waiting for the right time.

Some of Israel's Arabs are in close contact with Hamas. The reason for this is that Arabs from the Land of Israel marry Arabs from the Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem and a partnership is formed between them. Their connection creates hatred against the Jews in Israel.

In Hebron there are many other arms factories, if one is discovered, they make three more.

In East Jerusalem, there is the head of the serpent who brainwashes them and sends them to stab innocent Jews with knives, and then they say that they are mentally ill, it is one big lie.

Iran is scared to death of Israel, afraid of the United States and Russia, so it connects with them.

Father in heaven says to the people of Israel: We must thank every situation, good or bad. Pain, sadness, or joy - thank Hashem, who does only good and for our benefit. Not all Jews understand that the Holy One, blessed be He, only wants their good. He wants them all to be in the land of Israel so that He can protect the Jews and the Holy Land, the Land of Israel - the sky opening. The Holy One, blessed be He, does not want the Jews to cry out from their distress. It hurts the Holy One, blessed be He that they do not believe the warnings he gives in Israel and around the world.

The Holy One, blessed be He, says to the Jews: My dear children, the Messiah is present and you have not betrayed me! Continue as your forefathers to observe the Commandments. Do not assimilate. Despite the free choice I gave you to act as Hashem’s loved ones. The Creator took care of the Messiah from the womb of his mother, and taught him the laws of the world. Everyone knows and recognized the Messiah. The soul of the Messiah no one sees; the soul of Messiah is active in Israel and throughout the world, it encompasses the borders of Israel, protects and preserve around the Land of Israel. The Messiah works and acts and belongs to the Holy One, blessed be He, directly. The Holy One, Blessed be He, allows him to act abroad and in Israel, a Messiah who protects, guards and is jealous of every Jew!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri" Website