Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Another Prophetic Message

Let us take a look at the verse in Parashas Vayishlach (Genesis 36:31):

31 Now these are the kings who reigned in the land of Edom before a king reigned over the Children of Israel.

The Artscroll commentary states:
31. The Edomite kings. The Torah lists eight Edomite kings who reigned before the first Jewish king. Ibn Ezra cites two interpretations of the period under discussion: a) The eight Edomite kings reigned up to the time of Moses, who, as the savior and leader of Israel, had the status of a king. b) The passage is prophetic, giving the names of eight Edomite kings who were destined to reign in future years, prior to Saul, the first Jewish king.  Rashi cites this verse as an example of the prophecy given to Rebecca that the might shall pass from one of them to the other (25:23), meaning that the two brothers would not both be great simultaneously. Thus, when Esau had kings, Israel had none, and when Israel rose up, Esau declined, and his kings were defeated by Israel.  Conversely, for the last two thousand years Esau's offspring, in their various manifestations, have held sway and the Jewish people have been exiled from their land and former glory.  In time to come, however - may it be speedily in our days - the prophetic assurance (Obadiah 1:21) will be fulfilled: Saviors will ascend o Mount Zion to render judgment upon [those who trace their greatness to] the mountain of Esau, and the kingdom will be HASHEM'S.

The last interpretation, of course is talking about the Kings or leaders who will be just before King Moshiach. Is there a hint to whom the last king or ruler of Edom will be before Moshiach?  Of course there is.  The verse quoted above in Hebrew is

ואלה המלכים אשר מלכו בארץ אדום לפני מלך- מלך לבני ישראל

Take the first letter of the first five words ו ה א מ ב and rearrange them to אובמה = Obama. He is the last leader of Edom before Moshiach – another prophecy fulfilled.

Then there is the famous verse in the Torah where Yaakov is preparing to die and gathers his sons around him wishing to reveal to them the date of the final redemption.  "Gather and I will tell you that which will occur to you at the end of days." (49:1)  However, as Rashi references from the Talmud in Pesachim 56a and the Medrash, G-d's presence departed from Yaakov and he was unable to continue with the prophecy.

Yaakov was understandably distraught at "loosing" the prophecy and suspected that one or more of his sons had become unworthy of sharing the revelation.  Seventeen years had already passed during which the "family" had grown geometrically.  It was possible that during that time the brothers had been negatively influenced by the Egyptian culture.

Yaakov confronted his sons and asked them if this was so.  They all responded, "Hear O' Israel (Yaakov)," No! We are not unworthy of your trust. "The Lord our G-d, The Lord is one!"  The famous Shema that we are commanded twice a day to recite appears in the Torah with two enlarged letters -- the ayin, ע at end of Shema and the daled ד at the end of ehad.  The two letters spell עד or testimony to the Oneness of Hashem.  But, let us note that the Gematria is 74.  Is that a hint to why the Shema was recited when Yaakov was unable to say when the end would be?  Is Hashem telling us that 5774 is definitely the year of Geula?

As above, in verse 31, we see that every word, every letter in the Torah is prophecy.  We will know soon what Hashem wanted us to find out even though Yaakov was not able to tell us outright.

I thank my friend Yisroel for giving me this information.

Monday, April 28, 2014

A Very Interesting Quick Story

A friend of the family called with some very interesting news.  This person (no name allowed to avoid possible Lashon Harah) has been seeing a particular Rabbi, who is a Seer, for advice (also, no name is permitted).  The Rabbi has helped many people for years, by prescribing Tehillim (Psalms).

The Rabbi told our friend to continue just one chapter till Moshiach comes.  He said that since our friend was saying it to advance the process of Moshiach, he could share something about that topic.  That's when he told this person that he had a conversation with Moshiach.  The Rabbi shared the info in order to be encouraging.

That is as much detail as I am permitted to say.  I just wanted to pass this on to my readers.  I was very excited to hear the tale, and can state that it came from a very good source (we have known this person for about eleven years – a very righteous and honest person).

Hearing this in conjunction with all the messages that we have been receiving from Rabbaim, Mekubalim and the Facilitated Communications individuals, has made me feel very encouraged that we are there – the happy ending is imminent for those who want it and also are advancing the Geula process, B"H.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Pesach – 20 Nissan תשעד

G-d, father in heaven, calls all Jews living outside of Israel to urgently come to the holy land of Israel!  Don't try to buy time; you will lose your money, your values, and your lives!  There is a great danger coming upon Jews abroad.  Huge groups want to harm Jewish life – your lives are worth billions. There is no price on your life!  Anti-Semitism is increasing in huge and frightening proportions, just like wild fire, and it will never stop until the last of the Jews comes to the holy land of Israel - and they will all come.  Whether they like it or not!

Diaspora Jews: your life is more important than anything material and any amount of money in the world!  Every Jew that travels outside of Israel is taking a risk.  There is harsh anti-Semitism against the Jews; and, there are dangers awaiting Israeli travelers in every corner!

Everything that happens in the world is by the hand of G-d.  Every natural disaster, fire and heat, water, floods and rains, clouds, mud, disappearing plane, overturned boats, conflicts between countries and among themselves - everything is by the hand of G-d!  G-d wants them to stop interfering with the holy land of Israel.  G-d wants the entire world, including the Jews, to understand that there is a G-d.  He is the Leader, He decides and He wants to renew the world.  We talk of the Messiah for a reason – he will be crowned soon!  Despite the world being "modern", the Messiah is a simple person who will accept help from G-d in order to save the Jews and the world!  G-d is doing around the world what He did in the Babel Tower, He is making people compete against each other in order to get them to leave Israel alone and mind their own business.

Jews are causing Arabs to feel secure and disrespect the state of Israel.  When the Jews respect themselves and stand by the Ten Commandments, the entire world fears them!

The Palestinians, Hamas, and the Arabs don't want peace with Israel; they want to destroy the state of Israel.  They threaten in their own ways and it is a shame that the government of Israel panics because of talks and the psychological influence on the Jewish mind – it is all tricks and talk. Jews need to be strong.  We live in Israel and if we don't protect our land, no one will protect us!  They want to destroy the state of Israel and throw us out.  All the countries in the world worry about their own interests.

Jews think that nothing will happen to them, but even though G-d protects the Jews in Israel, they need to make an effort and protect themselves.

The government of Israel needs to shock the Jews of Israel against drugs, alcohol abuse and gambling.  Our youth is being destroyed!  The people of Israel are being destroyed because of drug and alcohol abuse and gambling.  The first thing that needs to be done is to teach this in schools.  The government needs to take matters into its own hands and take care of this urgently.  It is not the way Jews should act!

All the white and black collars, religious or non-religious, small and big - all will be revealed, one after the other.  G-d is renewing and purifying the world so that everyone will be safe and not afraid of flesh and blood.

The government of Israel needs to be united and not to compete against each other.  You were chosen to do good for the Jews in Israel.  Every terrorist that gets out of prison creates an entire army, whether outside of Israel, in the Gaza Strip, or anywhere else in the world.  The government of Israel needs to think carefully before releasing a Palestinian.

Syria is continuing to be annihilated and will continue to be annihilated, there is no one to help them – it is G-d's doing.

In the Hezbollah, Nasrallah pops up here and there from time to time so that it is clear he is alive. He has no power, he has nothing.

Abu Mazen is helping the Hamas.  They are talking and planning what to do.  Because of this, they are making it look like they are quiet.  It is the quiet before the storm.  They continue to dig tunnels and do their work quietly.

The IDF needs to be very vigilant!  Do not hitchhike.  The gentiles are posing as orthodox taxi drivers, using various methods and using Israeli numbers on their cars.  On all the borders, keep your eyes wide open; because, they are also digging tunnels from Sinai.

In Egypt they are fighting over bread, the land shakes beneath their feet.  Patience; there will be a revolution in Egypt.  The Hamas has plans to attack Egypt, all kinds of groups, even hunger attacks, until there is a revolution.

Iran is making fools of the entire world.  Even Hasan Ruhani with his fake smile and blushing cheeks is making a fool of the United States, laughing in their face while he continues to create atomic bombs vigorously, 24 hours day.  All of their announcements, that they are decreasing the manufacture of uranium, are to buy quiet time from the world, so that they are not interrupted.  In the meantime, they are creating ten atomic bombs, not one.  Iran fears the Israeli Jews.  They know that the IDF can reach any place in the world and destroy anything on the planet.  When they said that there has been an agreement with the Iranians – it is a lie, a big show – it is all a lie!

In Turkey, whoever holds his head up, the government brings it down to avoid a revolution.  The Turks need the Israeli tourists.  When you go to Turkey, you need to be especially careful - don't say that you were not warned.

In Jordan the tension is starting to grow because refugees are coming from Syria in large numbers. Peace is broken and shattered; and, in Jordan they know that they will not get any piece of Israel in order to place their refugees there.  They fight the refugees' passage ways so that they don't increase.  There are hundreds of thousands of refugees controlling Jordan.

G-d has given the people of Israel the time to celebrate the holiday of freedom.  He does only good to the people of Israel and asks only that the Jews, if Israel unites, that there is love among them, that they fulfill the Ten Commandments.  Because, that is His will in order to continue pleasing you!

All of the people of Israel had a happy Seder night.  There was a large pain before the Seder night when police officer Chief Superintendent Baruch Mizrahi was killed, a great pain in heaven and earth!

The weather was there, to refresh the people of Israel, to enjoy the smell and winds, the fruits and special air that give life, cleanliness and righteousness to the soul!  G-d does everything good for the Jews of Israel and spoils them, so that they come back to worship Him loyally.

The Messiah is working and will continue to work in the land of Israel to protect the state of Israel and the Jews in Israel.  Without the Messiah and the Torah, there is no place for this world!

Jews need to turn from bitter to sweet, from hatred to goodness, from pride to modesty, from conflict to love.  G-d says that every Jew, that truly has mercy on another Jew, will always have love for other Jews.  G-d promises that they will never be sick in their hearts, kidneys, and liver, they will always be healthy and happy!

A great door has opened to salvation; soon the Messiah will be crowned.

Dear Jews, by spreading this message, you will be doing a great deed of crediting the many!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Erev Pesach, תשעד


Heavenly Father, Lord of mercy, pity the children of Israel, the Jews. For this Passover everything opens and will continue to open for the redemption of Israel, the declaration and the appointment of the Messiah son of David, King of mercy!

We must understand and know what salvation is and what the Messiah is all about. It is not obvious; the Messiah is not a game; redemption is not a game, things are not obvious.

Heavenly Father will decide when to crown the King Messiah. Dates in heaven are not like those of the earth. With Israel is in distress and under high pressure, it presses the Creator, agonizing them from all directions, to believe in our Father in Heaven and to shout to solve all the pain, both openly and secretly.

Heavenly Father shows us that we cannot trust the goyim – there will be no peace; it's all a mirage. It is all an agenda. The MKs need to stop with their respect games, stop pretending that they are 'doing something.'

No one can replace the Jewish people. The Jews have nowhere to go. You must stay and protect every inch of the land of Israel! If the Messiah were not acting in both a hidden as well as a visible manner, there would be nothing left of the nation of Israel. The people believe that it is a game – all the holiness, purity and hidden light that Messiah distributes from place to place in order to protect his people Israel!

Heavenly Father expects in the Seder night - to be a partner so to speak, to remind us of the redemption out of Egypt and finally to aspire to this last redemption which is now. In Egypt He saved, redeemed and got us out of Egypt, even for this last redemption he will deliver us.

The Israeli Government must wake up and learn from Yosef Hatzadik who helped Egypt and saved the world, which was the authority at that time. After he left the world, the Egyptians enslaved his brothers and all the people of Israel - do not trust the goyim! All Jews must wake up. The Holy One, Blessed is He, gave tradition, the Torah, prayers and celebrations for Israel to live forever!

We will have for Passover joy and freedom, a great joy that the talks ultimately fail! This began the first day of Nissan and will continue to get complicated as in the Tower of Babel!

Dear Jewish parents, assimilation is destroying all the Jews and the Holy One, Blessed is He, is angry, very angry against assimilated Jews. You must reject all envelopes (Klipot) around the person and keep Judaism to make him correct and good.

Iran mocks the United States, but does not play with Israel. She wants to be a superpower like Russia and the United States. The United States is afraid of dealing with Iran because of alleged atomic bombs they may have. Dear Jews, if Iran tries to push a button on a missile, remember well, the Creator will open the earth and swallow them and their factories and all will be over. All that the Creator gave them will be over.

Syria will continue to be deleted. They laughed at everybody, pretending that they had eliminated the chemical weapons. They will be removed, one after the other. Syria will not rise and there will always be a revolution and destruction.

Lebanon, Nasrallah and Hezbollah, they have no more power. Iran is busy with its own problems, they want to send arms and ammunition to Hezbollah by circuitous routes, and the Holy One, Blessed is He, directs the Israeli Defense Force to discover all the convoys and all the ammunition they trying to transfer to Hezbollah.

In Egypt they eat one another, until the moment of the Revolution, when they will swallow each other.

Turkey, the President tells the people stories, promising all sorts of promises and eventually everything will turn against him in a sensational way.

Jordan's King is petrified. He waits and waits for the resumption of talks - he continues to imagine! Hundreds of thousands of refugee people eat every beautiful plot in Jordan and he is afraid of a revolution.

Hamas and the Palestinians work 24 hours a day to dig tunnels. They want to enter the large military base; this is what they have in mind. In Egypt they smuggle arms and ammunition. Hamas and all Palestinians are together, united, and organized.

The Israeli Defense Force needs to be careful in East Jerusalem. The goyim are not innocent; they will do everything to sabotage and attack Israel. There are goyim dressed as Haredim and driving taxis, Soldiers of Israel beware!

The blows of elements of nature will continue after Passover even harder.

Anti-Semitism will continue to grow in a frightful manner as it has never been before.

There is no more time in heaven; they want to crown the King Messiah! All is open and continues to open.

The main thing to celebrate and give pleasure to Hashem on the night of the Seder is to talk about the Torah and remember what was for our ancestors, the children of Israel in Egypt. The celebration of Passover gives us the opportunity to be freed from Egypt. The Holy One, Blessed is He intervened and took the people of Israel by force and uprooted them out of Egypt against free choice!

Do not get drunk, follow the Hagadah, feel the pain of the children of Israel in Egypt, and connect it to the pain of now.

After the coronation of King Messiah the Third Temple will be built and will be a resurrection. The soldiers of the Army of Defense of Israel will rise first, followed by our fathers and then our mothers in phases.

And you will have a kosher and happy Passover for all generations!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri"

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Parashat Achrey Mot - Shabbat Hagadol Tsha "d


Our Father, Heavenly Father, Creator of the world, has not revealed himself to man, because if he discovers himself, man will begin to ask for evidence and explore the world until it will no longer exists.  So Hashem hides His face and helps Israel and the Jews living in Israel to defend the Holy Land, in the secret of secrets.  Those who believe in the Holy One, Blessed is He, receive everything with love and will get good gifts of the Creator of the Universe.  Those who do not believe in the Creator will work very hard to cleave with the Creator of the Universe.

The world is in chaos, the evil in the world burns and consumes itself.  The end of evil is coming in the world; any place with evil, hatred, jealousy or adultery, in the world will disappear.

Anti-Semitism in the world continues to burn strongly against the Jews, like a wildfire.  Too bad the Jews in exile will wait until the last minute; they will come out with nothing.  Jews around the world will be revealed to the nations, one by one, nothing will help, neither suit nor flattery.

Upon release from' Egypt's first redemption, Egypt was unique and Pharaoh was unique.  Today, there are many countries and states, and many “Pharaohs” in each State - and in Israel there is the Messiah!

In the final redemption in which we find ourselves, the Jews will be expelled from around the world.  Like when Pharaoh expelled the children of Israel from Egypt, even today - each Pharaoh rejects the Jews, each pharaoh in his country and state.

In this month of Nissan, at Passover this year: Dear Jews – do not be drunk!  Seder night is something spiritual, all Jews must be vigilant read and act according to the law, they will feel very high spiritual emotions!  They will feel wonderful things!  A connection with the great exodus from Egypt!  They will feel redemption now and will be blessed by the Supreme!

The United States has taken a step backwards with regard to this false and deceitful peace with the Palestinians, who seek to destroy Israel.  The United States felt that every time they touched the State of Israel, The Holy One, Blessed is He, gave them difficulties upon difficulties - pushing them to travel in all directions, throwing at them needles from all directions, in order to look after their owns problems and let the people of Israel live in peace - they understood and took a step back!  The Israeli delegation to the peace talks with the Palestinians is still asleep and did not yet wash their eyes to find that Abbas is an actor who laughed in their faces.  They accuse anyone who wants the best interests of Israel and the integrity of the Land of Israel.  Continue to lose time, nothing will be, there will be no peace!

Palestinians do not even want to throw the Jews into the sea, but they want, G-d forbid, the State of Israel and the Jews as slaves like in Egypt.  The members of the delegation of the so-called "peace negotiations" must not be complacent and dreaming.

All black or white collars, religious or not, everyone will be found naked, one by one, so that there will be panic.  The eyes of the L-rd roam the world!

It is better for the government of Israel to save the state of Israel, because we have no place outside of Israel.  It is what has given us the Holy One, Blessed is He.  Keep your eyes open and pay attention.  No errors with the Creator!  It is better for you to go back and be alive and happy, rather than the Palestinians, Hamas and all Arab states severely affecting the state of Israel – Pay attention!

How can you make peace with them if they hate each other, are jealous of each other and do not succeed in agreeing with themselves?  How can we sign a peace treaty, G-d forbid, on such thin ice - and with whom?

Syria is being removed and will continue to be removed, stone by stone, block by block.  The Creator laughs and shakes all the ammunition and weapons in Syria.  The Creator will break Syria into pieces.

Jordan does not know what to do with the refugees and is on the verge of collapse because of them.  They were promised mountains and hills; but, in the end, it only sees the abyss.  They eat each other; they are the next in line.

Egypt, we said it lacked the food there; there is hunger, and they have nothing to eat!  There is also fighting against each other, both secretly and openly.  Egypt begins to lose control; and, as in Syria, will burn all endlessly.  In Egypt, it is a war between themselves; the complications and conflicts are as in Syria.  Egypt and Hamas in the Gaza Strip eat Egypt.

Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad continue to dig tunnels and continue with primitive and modern weapons.  They are waiting to send a barrage of missiles to Israel, as they want.  May their swords pierce their own hearts; and, their bows shall be broken, that their leaders shall kill each other.  They will be removed from the face of the earth!

Lebanon, Nasrallah cannot do anything because Syria is bleeding and falling apart.  Nasrallah is afraid and keeps silent, while they keep attempt to perform a psychological war in secret.

Turkey is a bundle of nerves waiting to go out and explode.  They are angry against their president.  Erdogan think if he closes the websites, they cannot stand up against him.  It will be a very difficult war of demonstrations.

Iran enjoys the calm.  The United States is concerned with Russia, Korea and its economic difficulties.  Iran has worked quietly for power.  Not against Israel, they are afraid to deal with Israel.  They want to be a superpower, so they have control such as Russia and the United States.  They cannot play with the people of Israel, because they know that the Holy One, Blessed is He protects the people of Israel.

State of Israel, the Jewish homeland - Whenever there is talk about taking parts of the land of Israel, G-d is angry and shouts.  He causes of fire in the world, making demonstrations in the world where they kill each others.  He causes earthquakes in the world, winds, rains, floods, volcanic eruptions, heat and cold and conflicts within states.  Because they want to take parts of the Land of Israel - all are paying the price!

The Holy One, Blessed is He, gave the Ten Commandments to make us pure before Him.  Every Jew, religious or not, who does not follow the commandments of the L-rd - will be revealed, if they have not finally decided to make a full repentance which will bring them to redemption.

Dear Jews, multiply donations to those in need for the holidays.  The world believes in the Messiah, son of David, and everyone is afraid of the day when he will be revealed as the King Messiah, son of David. They flee, hide and are stressed by the words "Messiah son of David" because the Messiah will require all Jews to observe the Ten Commandments and the six hundred and thirteen commandments, in addition to the fear of all of the Day of Judgment.  All in favor of the Jews, he must transform bitter to sweet, evil into good, pride into humility and hatred and evil into free love, blessed are those who believe!

Thank you to the Gentiles who hate us; Jews exist in the world forever!
During the coronation of King Messiah son of David, he will discover Israel and will raise all the hidden Jews and bring them to Israel –all those who, until now, have not been discovered.

The time of the coronation of King Messiah is near; because we cannot count on anyone except our Father in heaven and his servant the Messiah!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri"

Monday, April 7, 2014

What is Happening?

I have much to say about the messages that we recently have received from many sources – Rabbanim as well as the Facilitated Communications individuals.  I recently posted that it is encouraging that after a very long hiatus of not hearing from certain sources, that it seems everyone has resumed the very vital messages.  There are several other more hidden aspects to these messages that I wish to discuss.

We seem to be getting more messages with a timeframe included.  In the past we have heard many predictions, but without word on when.  There were exceptions.  Galia told us about the upcoming Intifada before it happened and even predicted the day that she would leave the Earth (read the book Galia for very interesting details).   Ben Golden told us in 2007 that there will be a great decline in the economy with interesting details that all occurred in 2008.  Ben Golden telling us that there will be a big explosion just before Hashanah Rabah that will concern the world and sure enough two days before HR that year North Korea did its first underground nuclear test.  He said that prediction a couple of weeks prior to it happening.

Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, has made many predictions that came to fruition shortly after and not so shortly thereafter.  The most famous prediction was the fall of the Egyptian president Morsi two weeks before it occurred.  That prediction was so astounding, it was written up in various Israeli and Arab press sources.  There are countries that pay attention to Rav Ben Artzi due to his accuracy.  Rav Ben Artzi telling us of the disengagement of Gaza in 2006 and the removal of the Jews (he said that five years before it happened in 2001).  Also in 2001, he predicted that the next president of the US of A would be a black man (I avoid calling Obama an African American since it has been proven that he was born in Kenya, yes African, but not an American).  That, of course, happened in 2008.  There are many more examples about the weather, earthquakes, planes falling and disappearing, countries in chaos, the dilemmas of the leaders of many countries and many more that I will not go into here (it was not the reason I am commenting here).

The more important message that I wish to convey is that we are getting messages that are giving us timeframes that are imminent and consistent.  Rav Ben Artzi telling us last week that “Israel will be out of all sorrow and pain in the month of Nissan and will go from pain to joy.”  Then Moishela saying last week “I want to tell you right here and now that between now and Pesach (in 8 days) the world again will change somewhere around one hundred and eighty degrees.”  He then went on to tell us details about his prediction.

I am not going to review everything that has been said.  But, if you review the recent messages of Ben Golden, Moishela, Menachem, Daniel, Rav Fish, Rav Shternbuch, Rav Glazerson and others (including Gadolei Hadorim, Mekubalim and even those of the past, the Arizal Hakodesh, the Vilna Gaon, the Chofetz Chaim, etc), you will be amazed and greatly encouraged that we are truly getting accurate and timely information to help us survive and thrive in the coming chaotic time (hopefully very short lived since we are already 7 days into Nissan, the month that things will change).

One more area of chizuk, that needs mentioning, is the events happening in the world.  If one pays attention (which it is probably better to stay away from) to all the craziness happening in the world, one would see all the prophecies of the end of time as we know it, happening.  All the predictions about the financial situation, the attention being paid to this little country of Israel, the Jew-hatred, the evil of the governments, the evil of world leaders, the greed of the elite, the possibility of war, the terrorist activity, the weather, the social decline, etc, etc, etc, are all occurring, NOW.  I am talking about a threefold comparison of what is in scriptures (the Tenach, the Talmud, the Zohar, the Midrash, the commentaries of our great Rabbis throughout history) to what is being said by our message givers, the Rabbanim and the Facilitated Communications individuals, to what is happening in the world.  One would have to be totally out of sync with reality to not see the consistency in messages and prophecy to real world occurrences.  This definitely tells me that the messages only could have originated from the One Who knows all and running the universe and that that happy ending that all this craziness leads up to, is imminent, B”H.

Continue to do your part, Teshuvah, Tefilah, Tzedukah, Limud HaTorah, Ahavas Yisroel, etc if you are interested in the happiest of happy endings for you and your loved ones.  Why not?  It’s your eternity. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Stand Up And Say No

Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
A Handicapped child
22 Adar 2 5774   (March 24, '14)
I want to tell you right here and now that between now and Pesach the world again will change somewhere around one hundred and eighty degrees. I know that if the human race has until now not paid too much attention to what is happening their eyes will open up and they will be scratching their heads or pulling their hair out and crying, depending where they live, and saying to themselves what has happened to this world? Are we living in a dream? Are we living in a Hollywood horror movie? What are we doing? What is happening? It is very thrilling to tell these predictions, these gruesome, terrible predictions, and then see them coming true, but it is not going to help us just to be afraid and to look at what is happening with wide eyes, not letting our minds try to understand, not letting our eyes give to our brains the understanding of the great complexity and depth of the destruction of this world that is happening now.

I know that only fear itself cannot bring a person to Teshuva, so let me explain to those of you who are real Jews, Jews with Jewish Neshamas that said Na'aseh Venishma under the mountain that Hashem raised over our heads at Har Sinai, I want to help you to come back to Hakodosh Boruch Hu, to trust Him that He is the Hakol Yachol, and that He will save us if we are with Him. It says in the Nevuas that two thirds of the world will be destroyed, one third completely, and one third will be in very bad condition, and one third will not be touched. Boruch Hashem, in that third that won't be touched is Eretz Yisroel. But we have to know how to understand all the amazingly horrific frightening things we are about to witness and we have to know when to rejoice upon seeing Moshiach, because if we do not know how to do Teshuva we will never be able to recognize Moshiach. Therefore, I want to give you some guidelines about how we have to live from this moment onwards and really we should have been living this way all the time and maybe we could have greeted Moshiach with more joy, with more happiness and without suffering so much.

 Know, and believe, deeply that only Hashem is Hakol Yachol. No one, no Koach in the whole world, in all of existence can take His place, not our doctors and not our lawyers and not Social Security and not anyone can take His place. If we want a drink, it is not the grocery that is going to sell us a drink that is going to give us a drink. It's Hashem that gives us a drink. If we want to eat. The money that we earned isn't what gives us food. It's Hashem that gives us the money that gives us the food, and when we don’t have money, we beg Hashem to give us what to eat and He is also going to give us food. Do not worry. He is going to always be with us if we are with Him. You have to have total trust in Him in order to get by this next time in history. So trust in Hashem is the most important thing that we have to have in order to survive and greet Moshiach Tzidkainu.

Now we come to another aspect that we have to consider very seriously at this point in history and that is here in Eretz Yisroel, also in the world, but it's very pronounced now in Eretz Yisroel, there is a campaign going on to force the Frum Yidden to give up their Yiddishkeit. It's an evil consistent plan. The Knesset is passing one law after another that’s going to tell us that to be law abiding citizens we will have to agree to go to the Treif army where the lack of Kedusha is rampant. We're going to have to agree, Chas Vesholom, to let the Chilonim be in charge of Giur and Kedusha and Kashrus, Chas Vesholom. We are going to have to agree, Chas Vesholom, to all kinds of Gezairas they are going to try to force us to do to destroy our Yiddishkeit.

Their leaders are in a war against Hakodosh Boruch Hu which they can never win Be'ezras Hashem, but in order for us to survive we have to say "No we're not willing!" We're not willing for doctors to do the Bris Mila. We're not willing to eat from a Chiloni Hechsher etc. We are going to have to say no even if it endangers us. We are going to have to say no and we don’t have to be quiet about it and we are going to have to build our ghettoes and close ourselves in and make our own world where Torah rules, not a group of Edomim, Amalekim, and Erev Rav. We are Hashem's people. We must keep our Torah.

There are no compromises, not with the Goyim and not with the Erev Rav. We must say no and we must have Achdus.  We don’t have to accept everybody for what they are. True we do on a certain level, but we don’t have to accept everybody that’s called a Jew and goes against Torah. We have to accept our brethren who are keeping Torah and not cause Machlokes between the Torah abiding Jews. We must not speak Loshon Hora or Rechilus or Motzi Shem Ra against Jews that probably were at Har Sinai, but when it comes to Jews who are going against the Torah and trying to force us to go against the Torah we have to treat them as total enemies because they are the enemies of Hashem and that makes them automatically our enemies and therefore we are going to have to trust Hashem and stand up and say no. And we know that by saying no all this nonsensical Gashmiusdik life we've been living here in the last thirty years is going to fall by the way and then we will have to trust only Hakodosh Boruch Hu which will be so hard for many people, but we are going to have to do it.

We are going to have to be willing to give up everything for our Torah. Many Jews have done this before us but we are a particularly spoiled generation and the idea of dying Al Kiddush Hashem, Shelo Naida, or living Al Kiddush Hashem which is more what Hashem is asking of us now, is very foreign. But the true Jew in one split second when he's put to the wall and they say to him "Eat Treif or we'll beat you," I am sure he will not eat Treif. If they take him and try to force him to do something against the Torah, I am sure he will take his beating, be put in jail, but will not go against the Torah. This will show who is  a real Jew and who is an Erev Rav, who is willing to give up his regular life of what he thinks is security and a good Gashmiusdik level of life, willing to give it up for his Yiddishkeit. We're going to be asked to live Al Kiddush Hashem and therefore I'm telling you prepare yourselves. Also the Jews in Chutz Laaretz, you are also going to be asked to do that, only the Goyim will be even more vicious because the Goyim by nature are killers and Reshoim when it comes to Jews, not that we don’t have our share of Goyim, Erev Rav, and Amalaikim in Eretz Yisroel. We do have more than our share.

So, Am Yisroel, we are in a very difficult position, and this is the last time, the last time that we will be able to prove to Hashem that we are His Am Yisroel, and no one else will be so loyal to Him as we, and we will never, never ever even consider leaving His way.

When Moshiach comes Be'ezras Hashem life will be so totally different. Yes it's written that life will continue as usual. However I want you all to sit and think, think about it for a while, what would be life like without the Yetzer Hora and that’s what it's going to be, a life without the Yetzer Hora. Just imagine all the things during the day that you do that the Yetzer Hora pushes you to do because of your weaknesses and your fears,  all kinds of things you say, all kinds of things you wish for, all kinds of things you think about without people knowing your thoughts. We do all kinds of things during our lives that are not up to our great standard and it's all from the Yetzer Hora pushing us, pushing us all the time, knowing our weak points and pushing us. Just think, just think very deeply what it will be like a life without the Yetzer Hora. When Moshiach comes, when the Geula arrives, Hashem is going to slaughter the Yetzer Hora and once you just think about this life without the Yetzer Hora then you will only begin to know what paradise we are going into. And as we live during the time of Moshiach we are going to go higher and higher spiritually, all our lives are going to be around growing spiritually because the higher we go the more Hana'ah (spiritual pleasure) we feel, the closer we get to our source and that is the greatest pleasure in the world.

Do you realize that Olam Habah, Gan Eden, Gehenom, Shelo Naida, is very very close to us. We just can't see it. It's not one hundred miles away or a thousand miles away or a million miles away. It's here, close to us. When we leave this world, we just slide into the other world. Some people have a hard time because they are so attached to this world, so it's hard for them to schlep themselves from this world to that world, but once we get there we are not far away. We're never far away from this world.

The way the next world is going to be I can only tell you in a very small way. We have millions of dimensions. We know three dimensions, but we know there are millions and millions of dimensions that Hashem has created. As we move from this world to the world of Moshiach, we are going to go into a new dimension because this world that we are in now is also only an illusion. The stars the moon the planets etc., they are creations of Hakodosh Boruch Hu for our benefit during these thousands of years that we exist as human beings upon this earth, and when we are finished with this world that we know now, this part of this creation, we will go into another realm, another dimension. It still will be a familiar dimension because still it will be something close to where we were.

But if you only think about it, the human beings of today with what happened in Japan with the nuclear explosion in Fukushima that’s poisoning the whole Pacific Ocean and beyond, how can we live in a world that will probably have some kind of nuclear war and all kinds of destruction that we can't control? Even if Eretz Yisroel is not touched, still it will affect the whole entire world. I laugh at all the countries that want to send space ships to mars and all these places. What are they doing? They are just building a Migdal Bavel. It's ridiculous. There's nowhere they can go. It's only a backdrop. Its only scenery that Hashem created in our world, so this play that we are acting in can go on and be understood and get to its point and get to its Tikkun, but now we are going to move into a new dimension a dimension of spirituality above materialism and in this world we're going to revel in the heat the warmth of the Or Hakodosh. We're going to rise and rise higher and higher and closer and closer to our source, but that’s only the beginning and it's going to go on and on for eternity, continual pleasure. It certainly will be better than the suffering that we have suffered throughout the Golus, and also throughout even the better times from Avrohom Ovinu till the Churban of the second Bais Hamikdosh. It wasn’t easy ever and this won't be easy either, but it will be without suffering. We'll want to go higher. We will desire to go higher, and we will go higher.

 I am so longing for that time, longing to finally achieve that closeness with Hashem.


I have comments to make about the above that I haven't prepared yet.  I hope to investigate some information today that will be included in my comments tomorrow, B"N.  This is a very exciting message above that needs some further explanation.

I highly encourage every blog that cares about the welfare of the people of this world to post the above message.  The more people who read it and tell their loved ones, the more people will be spared from great sorrow and suffering that seems iminent.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Judaism - The Secret to Jewish Success

For the past two years I have been telling you the true secret to happiness and success for you and your loved ones.  Watch this two part video which says it beautifully:

The Torah truly is the Handbook of Life.  It has all the answers to everything.  If you find it boring, you are doing it wrong.  Scriptures and the hundreds of thousands of books that have been written to explain everything about this world and the life we were blessed with, is all based on the Torah, the word of Hashem.  There is no problem in life that is unsolvable -- Hashem made sure of that and gave us the solutions in writing.  Even if you do not have problems (I have yet to meet that person), we are still curious people who want to know about everything.  Torah is the only source -- The Absolute Truth.

Everything that is being presented here is SECRET.  So make sure you tell everyone.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Parashat Metzourah Tsha "d


Our Father in heaven has mercy and love for his children, the children of Israel!  Israel will be out of all sorrow and pain in the month of Nissan and will go from pain to joy.  It will be the same for the State of Israel, after all the distractions and problems - everything will be good for Israel!  Understanding, knowledge and wisdom will come to them without them being reckless.  Anyone who has a position of responsibility in Israel will work carefully and wisely with a great responsibility!  Anyone who would faithfully fill his duties before G-d Almighty will be blessed by the Almighty, if otherwise he will have problems with the Holy Blessed One.

We said already that all those black and white collar, religious or not - all will be revealed in order, one after the other and do not say "it will not happen.”  For the Creator everything is transparent and no one can hide from the Holy One, Blessed is He; the Creator knows every person and all his actions.

The holidays each year are there to remind the Jewish people of Israel of all periods they went through and continue to go through, in every generation, every generation with its change.  The role of the holidays, shows and reminds the people of Israel about the period that was, for it was preserved for the Jewish people and no one can hurt it.  With prayer, study of Torah, holidays and charity, remind the Creator to Israel what it means to be a Jew.  If a Jew deviates, turns - the Creator gives him a few blows to get him back on the road.  Celebrations, prayers and Torah study is the incense of Jewish life, this is what keeps the flame of the Jews, which reminds us all of the pain of our ancestors.

With regard to assimilation with the nations, parents are to blame who do not care.  They are believing they are modern in their hearts, but they weep and pray for the day that their children will repent.

Hashem will continue with enormous power, floods, volcanic eruptions, storms, winds and earthquakes.  Anti-Semitism Will continue with tremendous force against Jews in the world.

The Russians continue to do what their heart desires, without regard to any country and state of the world.

Russians and Americans will continue to fight.  As Americans continue on the road of this false peace between Israel and the Palestinians, they will continue to compromise themselves with the Russians and will continue to print dollars endlessly.  Their economy is sinking.  Each country and each state who want to hurt and destroy the State of Israel - that their swords pierce their hearts, and their bows shall be broken, their leaders kill their people, and their people kill one another until they will be erased from the face of the earth!

Turkey, Erdogan wants to "come to Israel."  His objective is personal.  The economy and poverty in Turkey are in a very critical condition.  So he wants the Turks to be with him.  This is the reason of wanting to come to Israel.

Syria will continue to be deleted.  Most attacks in the Golan Heights are not caused by Hezbollah and Syria but by Hamas, who sent messengers through Jordan and Syria to the Israeli border.  Hamas wants Israel ablaze with Syria in the north.  They want Israel to blame Hezbollah and Syria and provoke confusion between them.

There are still a lot of tunnels, as they wanted to achieve Ayn Ashlosha (I believe he is referring to a Kibbutz in the area), they also want to get near the large base near the Gaza Strip.  Mahmoud Abbas “plays the good boy."

The government of Israel should stop living in the illusion of peace with the Palestinians, it is a great illusion.  No peace; their goal is to wipe out Israel.

The Jordanian borderthey want to come in mass to the border of Israel, the Israeli government must wake up!  They come in East Jerusalem to do acts of terror.  The most frightening is that they intend to kidnap Israeli soldiers in Jerusalem using taxi and disguised as ultra-Orthodox. Soldiers of the Defense Army of Israel; be careful and be alert; the Hamas and the Palestinians work together.

The King of Jordan is happy; he knows there are people who do the work – May his goal never happen!

In Egypt all continues to be confused and all will eat each other, peace will do nothing, there will soon be a revolution. The Holy One, Blessed is He take care of them and do what is necessary, He has it programmed.

Iran is supposedly calm as a cobra.  The Holy One, Blessed is He will not let them do any offense. They are terrified of the State of Israel, and especially fear the Holy One, Blessed is He!  They know that the Holy One, Blessed is He protects the land of Israel, and they know that if they do something, the Creator will remove them from the face of the earth!

You want to help the ultra-Orthodox?  Please no advertising - firstly "Na’asseh venishma- we will do and we will understand."  With advertising, it is difficult to succeed.  Why demean the dignity of the ultra-Orthodox, that only causes stress and tension; we must work silently, then success will come.

Dear Jews, if the goyim liked us, the people of Israel would have been in danger.  Thank you to those who hate us, the people of Israel will live and exist forever!

The month of Nisan, wake up every Jew and give him the strength to remember the ten plagues. In Nissan, Jewish ways strengthens.  The Jew grabs and holds his Judaism and the Torah, more than any other time of the year.  We know what our ancestors went through in the month of Nissan and the Savior, the Messiah will save the people of Israel from the grief, pain and confusion.

Everyone believes that the King Messiah must be discovered, every Jew and his possibilities – every Jew and his opinion.  We do not know when He will be crowned, and when He will come. People today are modern and that does not go with this modern generation messiah and modernism.  It will happen when the people of Israel with sorrow and pain, stress and fatigue, will cry to the Holy One, Blessed is He to save them, and in their hearts they ask for the coronation of King Messiah in great mercy!

Courtesy of: "Tair Neri"