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The Rock – a Vision

We are extremely fortunate to have as a reader on this blog Shalomis Koffler Weinreb, a very talented video creator. She has produced an inspiring message for us. Please watch:

Mrs Wienreb has also placed her message on a separate webpage for your viewing:

I have said many times how turning to Hashem, our Rock, is what we need to stabilize our lives and get us through everything. There is no greater proof than the millions of Jews who have discovered the true way to salvation, and live it every day.

I thank Mrs Weinreb for such an inspiring message, and look forward to her and her husband making Aliyah soon. May Hashem bless this truly righteous couple.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Towards Greater Appreciation

This is the lead Torah Tidbits of the Orthodox Union from this past Shabbos:

At the end of his Hilchot T'shuva (10:6), Rambam writes that Ahavat HaShem, Love of Hashem, is proportional to one's Knowledge of Hashem. According to the knowledge will be the Love - if little, little; and if a lot, a lot.

Let's say, that the potential level of one's love for Hashem is commensurate with the level of one's knowledge of Him, His creation, His world - and let's include, His actions.

One more tweak: Love of Hashem includes one's appreciation of Hashem.

People who see stars at night and think of them as tiny lights hung in the black velvet of night can appreciate Hashem's Creation, but he who knows some of the astronomy involved can obtain a higher level of appreciation for Hashem's world.

Someone with a minimal and primitive understanding of how babies are conceived and born can certainly appreciate Hashem - but not as much as someone who is very knowledgeable about the intricacies of the biology and physiology involved.

And so on and so forth.

And so too with Chanukah.

The Greeks oppressed the Jews. The Chashmona'im fought against the Greeks and won. They then wanted to clean up and purify the Beit HaMikdash and get it into operation again, after years of dormancy. They wanted to light the Menorah but found only a one-day supply which miraculously lasted for eight days. Our Sages decreed an 8 day holiday called Chanukah. Sort of like a kindergarten level of what happened. And certainly there is appreciation of Hashem for the miracles of the victory and the oil. But we need to know more – to realize more. So that our appreciation (and love) of Hashem can grow and grow.

Ponder if and how you would observe Shabbat if doing so put your life at risk. Ponder what it is like that a girl cannot marry without first being used by the Greek governor or general for his pleasure. Ponder the decision one must make to have a Brit for his son at great risk to one's life, rather than facing the difficult choice of Holy Bagel or Waffle Bar. Ponder the sad fact that we were not just fighting the Greeks and their culture, but were plagued by a great split within our own people. Ponder that it wasn't just the Beit HaMikdash that was rededicated and the Avodah (the Temple service) that was resumed - it was Torah learning, the practice of mitzvot, in public and without fear that was restored. Chanukah's legacy was not only what happened over 2000 years ago, but every page of Torah we learn and every mitzvah we do today. Thank Hashem and Chanukah Sameach.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Miketz, Hanukah, 25 Kislev 5777 (25.12.16)

The Holy One - King of Kings leads all the worlds in Earth and Heaven. It is His world and no one else’s, and He's going to do what we wants when we begin to do His will. The Creator will never do what you want before you do His will. He created us to do his will, and then He will do our will. He is our father and our leader. The Creator speaks through nature, through suffering and conflicts in the world and also through good things, so that the Jews will return to the land of Israel, to settle the Holy Land, to settle in Judea and Samaria and in Benjamin, the Western Galilee and the Golan Heights. Jews from all over the world should come to help their brethren in the Holy land. For those to who 'love thy neighbor as thyself,' all wishes come true.

The forces of nature continue to hurt the world, winds, floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, problems with flights, trains and vehicles. In the sky, high above the Earth will be severe winds that will confuse and disrupt flights, cause tremors in the passengers around the world. It will not be comfortable; they will be scared and tremble in most flights, worldwide.

All the Jews in the Holy Land of Israel should be united. It is the joy of the Holy One. They need to repent, to observe the commandments, 'love thy neighbor as thyself ' and ‘a right comportment is before the Torah.’ The Jews who love each other, G-d loves them, and when the Creator of the world loves someone, He's protecting him and giving him everything.

Hanukkah is the holiday of lights because everybody is happy together, parents and children, grandparents, happy around when lighting the menorah. This hidden light connects us with the Holy One. It lights up the house and gives us life. The hidden light purifies us, and illuminates our way. This is a strong connection between the Jews and the Holy One. Our souls are from fire, some from Heaven and the Holy One, the hidden light connects amongst us. Hanukkah is an holiday of miracles, wonders and celebrations, the bravery, the strengthening of the faith in the Creator of the world.

Egypt –Sisi opened his mouth and wanted the UN to decide against the people of Israel and against the construction in the Holy Land. The Holy One used the wand of Messiah; everything went bad and got confused for all the Nations in the world. Sisi felt, the signal sent to him from heaven that if he continues with this proposal, and it will be approved by the UN, the Creator will take his life. He understood, got frighten, cowered and took back his proposal. As the Holy one came to Avimelech at night, and as He sent an Angel to Balaam and warned him, so did He do the same in this case. It's just a matter of time; there will be great problems in Egypt.

Everybody writes about Obama, who betrayed Israel. All of the UN decision is null and void.

Syria, nothing will help, there is no peace and there will be no peace. The conquerors conquered; they continue to conquer, and will continue until it is all erased.

Nasralla and Hezbollah are full of pride and wait for ammunition and weapons to come from Iran via Syria. Thanks to the Holy One, Who shows the army and doesn't let them arrive in their hands.

Turkey the Holy One plays with Erdogan, beating him so he won’t disturb Israel. Soon he will be afraid to leave the house. Most Turks are against Erdogan; Isis and Hamas are looking to hurt him.

Europe will continue to be filled with millions of refugees and illegal immigrants, who want to take over Europe. This has nothing to do with Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinians. This is the creator's directives to destroy Europe and part of Asia. The Jews will run away and come to the Holy land. If there are no Jews in Europe, all will be quiet. The creator never intended to let the pure and sacred live on foreign soil.

Hamas continue to dig tunnels. Hamas and Isis will kill each other. The IDF should be alert and attentive day and night within Israel, across the Gaza Strip and the Sinai desert; they have plan to surprise. In the air, Defense-Army of Israel controls all the world, through the tunnels, but they should be very attentive. The calm in the Gaza Strip is like a cunning snake under the sands. They continue to reinforce themselves and are planning to surprise, Heaven forbid, the land of Israel. May their swords pierce their hearts and their bows be broken, and may they kill each other and disappear from this world.

Iraq Neither law nor lawmen exists; everything is erased, a Tower of Babel, without basis.

Iran Continues to attack Israel indirectly, glues to Russia, very scared of Israel, because it knows that they are the chosen people and that no one can touch them.

Jordan Millions of refugees trampling and eating her – Jordan is dying.

The people of Israel, the Jews in the land of Israel, are beginning to wake up and realize that the Arabs around us and within us do not want peace only war. Both the left and right understand now that Abu Mazen and Arabs want only war.

Baruch Hashem who opened the eyes of the Shin Bet so they could find in Hebron and in many places and villages in the country, lathes and mills for manufacturing weapons and ammunition under the houses. They will find many more places and discover groups who want to surprise Israel, but the Creator will surprise them. They need to understand that they should not deal with the Jews. Who is doing so will have big problems with the Holy One.

To Knesset members, who are given permission to visit Arab terrorists in jail, it is known that their purpose is to provoke prison uprising. They direct via phone the Arabs to hit the Jews. The Creator opened the eyes of the people of Israel. There are other Knesset members, who are openly and secretly pushing the rebellion against Israel, they all will be soon discovered.

The left wake up and understand the need to connect with the right and unite, because we don't have another country. The Jews in the world are expelled; they are being hit hard, causing them to come to Israel and to the Jews in Israel; they have nowhere else to go. So it's a good idea to unite the right and left as one body and strengthen the Holy Land!

USA is waking up happy and full of joy. US citizens understand that with the new President Trump, there is honesty, truth and justice, and that he worries only about the USA and wants to save it, along with the world. He will receive help from Heaven and will have blessing and success in his new role.

Russia, all the world is afraid of it, because it has the most dangerous nuclear bombs in the world. Putin loves the Jews in Israel, he says they are a special people; they are smarter, intelligent, compassionate, a people of peace and love, without looking at religion and tradition of others; and, they are fighting so there will peace in the world.

All the Middle East is being destroyed and the Holy Land of Israel is preserved and protected. A cloud of fire envelops every frontier of Israel and the Jews must fill their obligation “and you will keep yourself safe.”

The Holy One requests from all Jews: “do not assimilate, do not assimilate, do not assimilate! You are annoying me." Every Jewish man or woman who assimilates, the Creator takes from them their pure soul, because you can't mix it with a goy.

Parents keep your children away from drinking, gambling, drugs and assimilation; it is the most dangerous thing to human life.

The Holy One destroys evil in all the world starting from the Holy Land of Israel and continues all over the world.

All the rich must give donations to students, charities and synagogues, the needy and the Mikvas; they need money.

The Holy One gives a gift and miracles to the land of Israel, so they will believe in the coming of the Messiah – which is now.

The gift is bringing the Messiah, when all will shout in public. He will be known; it will be publicized.  The Holy One is helping and strengthening the people of Israel through our righteous Messiah.

Most elders and leaders in Israel are talking about the Messiah. Without speaking a word, most feel and understand how much it is such a good thing. When a kosher Jew is happy, he is receiving a little of prophecy. When a Jew has good intentions, he gets help from Heaven.

Soon there will be a full disclosure of the Messiah in public. The whole world will know that he is the Messiah, and that he directs the world. The whole world will quiver from fear of the Holy One and of his servant, the Messiah!

Courtesy of the site : "Tairneri"
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Monday, December 26, 2016

A Continuation of Yesterday’s Post

I received a comment on yesterday’s blog post that required more space than what was provided for a response, so I decided to make it a separate blog post. I do believe it should be shared with many more of my readers than those who would have seen the answer under the comment section. First the comment:

deepsouthlady December 25, 2016 at 8:07 AM

I have been a reader for many months. I think you present many truths that many others do not. The total chaos in the world shows that the end is near. 
Let me go ahead and state that I am what you would call Xtian (though that is not what I call myself). I am a follower of the one you call Yushka (though I call him Yehoshua. Hebrew Yehoshua* Greek Iesous* English Jesus). 
Anyway I didn't want to talk about how our belief systems are different. I wanted to tell you that many of us are realizing the pagan nature of Christmas and also Easter. While we still go to my father-in-laws for dinner and I do give a gift to my young nephews as they expect a gift, you will not find any Christmas decorations or tree in my house. We also don't believe Yehoshua was actually born in December. The reason for going to the feast is that we only get to see extended family (those who live in other states) twice a year, Thanksgiving and Christmas. 
As for Easter we don't celebrate at all. Instead celebrate Passover, as best we know how. I just wanted you to know that all those you call Xtians don't celebrate the pagan holidays as the "church" insists we should. A lot of us are waking up to the paganistic nature of the "church." 
We also don't hold to a lot of the doctrines that the church requires you to believe.
My family doesn't even go to a church, as I believe they are corrupted by manmade doctrine. Instead we search the scriptures, pray and ask that G-d gives us the wisdom to understand, both individually and as a family. 
Breaking Israeli News recently did an article on the fact that many are rejecting Christmas as a pagan holiday.

Happy Chanukah!
Happy Chanukah!
My Response:

I wish to let you know that there is absolutely no disrespect intended in my blog post, only my fervent desire to save your life. People of this planet are not aware of the Absolute Truth, and how by not living it leads to eternal destruction.

As I was told recently by a relative of mine, you have your belief, and I have mine. But, does she ever consider what is right and what is wrong? Or even more important: what is dangerous and what is life enhancing? That is what I wish to point out since Jewish scriptures are not our opinion, but the absolute word of the Creator of all of us, the One who has told us very clearly: what is dangerous and what is life enhancing (including the eternal life forever and ever).

Most fatal mistakes that are done in this world by individuals are due to a lack of education. We are all indoctrinated from birth with either a good education, or the total nonsense that has been passed down for thousands of years. If it is total nonsense, it is highly dangerous since we are being tested by Hashem to see how we change our understanding to the absolute truth, that is what Teshuvah is all about.

In a quest to understand the people of this world, my study of scriptures has included the New Testament and the Quran. This was many years ago, but I was very curious to understand why billions of the world population were ignoring the word of Hashem and only quoting text that was made up by people (as admitted by the Church and the Mosque). After seeing so many mistakes in both books, I realized it was a total lack of education that the people had -- they were only indoctrinated from birth, but never really analyzed what they have in the way of a faith system.

It is interesting to know that the New Testament was forbidden to Xtians; they were not allowed to study it, until about 200 years ago. Why? It has so many mistakes and so much that isn't true, that it would cause the end of Xtianity if it were ever really known. Fact is the Church has lost most of its control over its parishioners in the last two hundred years, as they did start to delve into the truth or lack of truth that the Church has preached for thousands of years. It is also the reason that more modern forms of Xtianity started to appear, basically Protestant factions, which even has the word protest in it. They modernized the Church and made it more salable.

Even worse, if one reads the text that definitely came from Hashem, it talks about the end of all religions in the world; why it must happen, and when it will happen. I have mentioned that the Book of Obadiah is very specifically the end of Xtianity, and we see it happening every day; it is imminent. Edom is Xtianity.

So what does this mean for someone who was not born Jewish; how is he or she supposed to survive the end of Xtianity? Hashem's great love of righteous non-Jewish people was proven when he gave us "Bnei Noach." It is the way not only for a non-Jew to survive, but to go on to a tremendous eternity. It is serving Hashem with a mere 7 categories of commandments and the complete instructions on how to survive the chaos of today's world, and the total disaster that is building up to Judgment Day.

And there is the crux of the matter. Do you and your loved ones want to survive and thrive in this life and your entire eternity? My post is not to tell you how I don't believe the nonsense of the religions of the world and how dangerous they are (which I completely have proven through thousands of hours of study and research), I am here to tell you there is only One Creator Who judges each one of us, loves each one of us and tells us how to get the best eternity that we can achieve by just following His instructions. Faith and trust directly in Hashem is available for every human being on Earth. Going through a made up source to reach Hashem is very offensive to Hashem; it is idolatrous.

There is only one Absolute Truth, and I have spent the past 56 months writing over 1300 pages of text (as well as my book) with the proof. My main source of information is Hashem, not man-made guesses.

If it sounds like I am more concerned about your welfare than you are, I definitely am. I have said many times that "Ignorance is not bliss; ignorance is dangerous."

Just a couple very quick facts that I would like to point out to back up my statement of how people live with the nonsensical indoctrination of their parents and teachers, and do not study and find out the facts themselves. Jesus is not English, but of Latin derivation. In the same way that Christ is the Greek word of Messiah (why they went to the Greek and Latin was only out of Jew-hatred; chas v’shalom that they should give credence to Hebrew). Very few Xtians know that. Yushka did not die on a cross, but was stoned, which was one of the four ways that the Sanhedrin would carry out punishment for Torah violations (all told to us by Hashem). I have yet to find one place in the New Testament where Yushka is called Joshua. Yehoshua is Hebrew for Joshua and is found extensively in the Torah since Yehoshua bin Nun, the successor to Moses, was the one who took the Israelites into the land of Canaan. There were other Joshua’s, but nowhere do I see Yushka using that name.

There is a very important fact that needs to be stated. The real Messiah is here in Israel and he will be introduced to the world soon. The important fact is: IT IS NOT YUSHKA!!!! The two thousand year old debate is over, and for anyone on planet Earth to still be honoring a false prophet, who has never passed the test of prophecy, and a false Messiah, who does not qualify to be the Messiah, is once again very dangerous. It is against Hashem’s Torah and it is very punishable.

There are many, many examples of mistakes that people make, but enough for now. OK, one more. His birthday was in the Hebrew month of Tishrei (probably September, possibly October). There is much proof to verify that fact. References that I have seen place his birth in the year 89 BCE (Before the Common Era). It is comical to say BC, which means his birth was 89 years before he was born (just another little mistake).

Take everything that I am saying with your best interest in mind. Hashem loves you. A little education would be the key to take advantage of that love forever and ever. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones. Start today to call yourself a Noachide and not an Xtian; you will be very happy you did, and that is the Absolute Truth. Also, I never believed that there had to be an excuse to get family together for a meal, unless you don’t like your family.

I have been informed that Harav Aharon Yehuda Leib Shteinman, shlita, is in need of a Rafuah Shlama. Harav Shteinman is a prominent Haredi Rabbi and Posek (halakhic authority) in our time.

Please daven for Aharon Yehuda Leib ben Gittel Faiga, that he should have a Rafuah Shlema, and merit to greet Hamelech HaMoshiach very, very soon.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Happy Chanukah, and Only Chanukah


We have talked about the tremendous need for doing Teshuvah now and correcting any mistakes that we are making.  A very common mistake that is done at this time of the year is Xmas.  I have talked about Xtianity being idolatry, but nothing exemplifies that more than the Xmas celebration.  Why because it is a pagan holiday with all its pagan rituals.

If you don't believe me, watch this short video of Pat Robertson being interviewed about the subject:
Pat Robertson, a devout Xtian, would never make such statements unless they were absolutely true.

There is no way that I can control the Xtians or the world, or convince them of their sinful ways.  But, how many Jews do you know who will gladly tell you how much they join their Xtian friends in this celebration?  Many will tell you: it has become such a national holiday, that everyone gets involved.  Is there anything wrong with giving a gift to a non-Jewish friend, or going over their house to see the tree, or having a little eggnog, after all isn't is just being nice to ones' neighbors?  The answer is: it is they are pagan rituals, they are idolatrous, and according to Hashem, it is punishable (even for an Xtian).

How many times did Hashem punish populations throughout history for pagan rituals?  For Jews, assimilation is punishable, but assimilation including joining in idolatrous celebration is highly punishable, according to the Torah. 

Every Jew will be glad to tell you: I am not celebrating their pagan holiday, I am just making nice with a neighbor.  Do you know that a Jew can go into an Islamic Mosque, but is not allowed to even step foot in a church?  Why?  There are idolatrous symbols in a church such as a cross, or even worse, a crucifix.  There are no such items in a Mosque that would preclude a Jew being present.  Going into a home completely decorated with pagan symbols (and there are many) is no different than the reason a church is forbidden.  Joining in the celebration by gift giving or singing songs, or having something to eat or drink that is not kosher, or etc (there are many pitfalls to avoid), is idolatrous and punishable.  It is the opposite of doing Teshuvah. 

None of this is my opinion; it is very clearly written numerous times in the Torah and discussed extensively in the Oral Torah.  It is probably another good reason to be in Israel (there he goes again).  It is so nice to be in Jerusalem and see all the beautiful Chanukah decorations on the streets.  Menorahs galore, but not one pagan symbol of an idolatrous belief.

We human beings are weak and think that we can handle the situation.  But we have no idea how something affects our soul.  Is being in the same room with a Xmas tree dangerous to our souls? According to our Creator, a resounding YES!!!!   Why chance anything going wrong for all eternity, due to a lack of education about the Absolute Truth.  I never felt a need to share Chanukah with any non-Jew, unless the person was contemplating conversion or a Noachide.  I have no desire to share the rituals of paganism unless I was thinking about conversion, chas v'shalom.

There is no excuse to assimilating with idolaters.  All reasons are punishable by Hashem.  Don't even take a chance and think otherwise.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben-Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Vayeishev, 18 Kislev 5777 (18.12.16)

The King of Kings, the Holy One is the World Leader, the Father of the Jews worldwide, has chosen the Jews to settle in the Holy Land of Israel. Jews came into this world to live in the Holy Land and settle it. The greatest commandment is to live in the Holy Land and settle it. Jews, who believe in the Holy One, follow the Commandments and settle and live in the Holy land. Outside Israel, in foreign lands all is materialistic and all is without importance. From the time the state of Israel was founded in 5708 (1948), all the purity and holiness that was in the world for Jews - settled in the Holy land.

"And Jacob sat in the land of his father's residence in the land of Canaan (Genesis 37, a).” After 20 years with Lavan and after the confrontation with Esau, Jacob settles in Canaan and thought in his heart that he's out of trouble. Jacob said: “enough of the problems and troubles, now I will rest and build a family here and the Holy land.” Then, the problems and trouble with Joseph and his brother began, twenty-two years of suffering until he went to Egypt. Those who are loved by the Holy One - the Holy One gives them great sufferance.

Hanukah is the light of Messiah. The lights of Hanukah come from the Hidden light and the light of the Messiah is emanating from the Hanukah. Hanukah candles add Hidden light to the Messiah.

Everything that happens in the world, are for the benefit of Israel and the Holy land. If the Creator did not destroy the Arab countries around us, they would be destroying Israel, G-D forbid. Whatever happens to any person, and anything in this world — all is 100 % by the will of the Creator. The world is not ownerless, when humans are doing wrong in this world, this causes damage in Heaven, then the Creator of this world repairs the damage caused to the top and bottom of this world.

Also the elements outside Israel, including Gog and Magog, all is the decision of the Holy One - there is no accident. Even the choice of President Trump, is from the Holy One. The Creator shows the Jewish people of Israel the good and the bad, the compassionate and the cruel, so that the people of Israel understand what to choose.

If you understand the right way - it will be good; if you want to go the wrong way- it will not be good. Whatever a person makes in this world will come back to him. The Holy One is warning and warns even stronger: any person giving or taking bribes, lustful, doing bad deeds, stealing, adulterer, mocking and taunting others or profiting and living on the account of others people, the Holy One states: “change and regret urgently your way; and if not, I will disclose you to the world. Anyone who doesn't follow the Commandments, or mocks Judaism, mocks the Holy one blessed be He, and the Jewish people, chosen by Him to purify and consecrate the world.

Anyone who drops "the clipot" of his body and follows the Commandments will have a good life, complete recovery and a good health.

Whoever does not so, religious or not religious, will not sleep and will no have life night and day.

Every Jew, man or woman who is a public servant of the state of Israel, must work honestly, truly and faithfully. Otherwise, he/she will be disclosed in front of all.

The State of Israel must not believe most of the Arabs and Abu Mazen, he is playing the part of poor, miserable, innocent and looking for peace everything is an act, as the snake lured Eve our mother.

They cannot convince the adult Jews, so they pick on young people and tempt them showing as if they love and want peace. All lies and deceit!

They want to take parts of Israel, piece by piece and then make us slaves, Heaven forbid, like in Egypt. If they wanted real peace, they wouldn't be preparing in Gaza great amounts of missiles and ammunitions, they wouldn’t be planning terrorist attack, or planning to harm the Jews and they wouldn’t be opposed to the moving of the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

Turkey Erdogan threatens Europe and is very scared of Isis. He's hiding many things; he has retaliated against his people, and wants to connect to Israel for our help to show the world that he's a good guy and a man of peace. Hatred in Turkey is increasing day by day and horror, fear. Jews beware, do not get close to Turkey! Jews living in Turkey, run away and come to Israel!

Europe, All think there is peace and quiet; there is no peace; the leaders are hiding everything. Refugees are coming from Africa, Muslims from Arab countries and in droves, tens of millions are coming and hundreds of millions would come. It will never stop, this is the hand of G-D. Those who do not believe, let them be. The Jews will run away on foot, without property and money - only their lives because life is worth everything.

The United States, The new President Trump, May G-D bless him and give him and success. He prepares his ministers wisely, and with knowledge. He is acting wisely when he is moving the embassy to Jerusalem; he is pleasing the land and Heaven. No need to fear anyone, with the moving of the Embassy, this is a great test. If the Arabs really want peace, they would be pleased.

The Holy One let Trump be elected to clean up the world. He knows that Jews are smart, wise and love peace. Trump and Putin loves Jews and say in their hearts: 'the Jewish people have the power of survival; there are no other people like it in the world.' Trump is a shrewd businessman, he knows how to work; trust him; all is well. President Trump will care about his people and the world, and he will care about peace in the world, nothing for himself.

Russia, Putin will connect to the US so to have equal force against China and Japan and some other countries. Putin wants to work with the United States, Russia with weapons and ammunition and the US with food.

Iran Don't trust them about the agreement made with Obama, because the agreement is very problematic, inaccurate and invalid. They did the agreement as they wanted it, but it is not an agreement. Iran attacks Israel indirectly, as it is afraid of the Jewish people.

France and United Kingdom intervene about the peace process with the Palestinians, to get rid of Muslim terrorist infiltrators and Isis. They are making a terrible mistake; the Creator announces to everyone that Muslims, Isis and the refugees from Africa, will fill Europe and will never leave it! They will eat all of Europe, and the Jews will run away to Israel! Let them continue to live in allusion.

Egypt, there are serious problems in the economy including a great famine. Sisi shows control, but he is not sleeping night and day; he change guards; he doesn't know what to do. People are against him; there are powerful struggles, some are advertised and some are not.

Isis wants to take over the Gaza Strip. It disconnected the tunnels from Egypt to Gaza and very soon it will eat Hamas, and Hamas will eat it. May their swords pierce their hearts, and their bows be broken.

In the area of Khan Yunis They continue to dig tunnels. They want to reach, G-D forbid, IDF bases to humiliate the soldiers. There must be strong vigilance in these areas.

Baruch Hashem, all women in the army of Israel are alert, accompanied with angels from heaven and complete support from the Holy One! Those who do not believe let them be. There is a cloud of fire surrounding all boundaries of Israel, and the IDF and the people of Israel should do their parts "and you shall guard very much your souls."

Jordan is a bulb of pressure from the refugees eating it every day. It is entangled with refugees.

Iraq, because they sent missiles against Israel twenty-five years ago, causing panic in the land of Israel, the Creator is erasing it, as Syria, which in the Yom Kippur war killed many Israeli soldiers. Today they are paying a heavy price. Every Jew is worth a million Syrians and more.

Parents warn your children against assimilation, drinking, drugs and gambling. They are the next generation of Israel.

The Ministry of education needs to invest much more in educating the children of Israel.

In the Holy Land of Israel left and right must unite and work together.

Israel's economy in the country is very good! In the Holy Land Israel building homes, plots, shops, businesses and roads, will continue without end. All is in preparation for the Messiah and to build the third Temple! They are doing all those jobs without knowing their purpose.

The Messiah is acting and working everywhere and anywhere in the country, leaving blessing and light everywhere that he arrives. Upper Messiah and Lower Messiah did connect and are connected.

Lea our mother released Upper Messiah, Rachel our mother released Lower Messiah; their souls are joined together and are in the land of Israel, this is the man called Messiah Ben David.

Soon everyone will cry out they want Messiah urgently; and all, the State of Israel and the world will consult him because no one has answers or solution, only the Holy One via the King Messiah!

Courtesy of the site: "Tairneri"
I liked this article on Arutz 7 and wanted to share it with you:

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

More Reality to Help Us

I received this beautiful message from one of my dear, faithful readers. It is meant to be shared with all my readers. I withhold the name since I anticipate cynical readers who may get nasty as they have been with me. Here is the message:

Dear brothers, sisters, friends and fellow readers,

I am saddened to learn that so many people push away the messages that Rav Menachem shares. I understand some of the many reasons as I too hesitated to accept the "doom and gloom" the "conspiracy theories" and all of that.

Can it be that the world, as we know, will EVER come to an end?

Can it be that some "truths" we took for granted are not true?

Could it be the lifestyle we are living is not quite what Hashem intended for us?

That we need to adjust, large or small, to align ourselves with the Ratzon Hashem - the Will of Hashem....

But I keep Shabbos!?

But I keep kosher!?

But I give charity!?

I host people who need a warm house!?

But I daven three times a day with minyan!?

But I learn Daf Yomi!?




But I also make Bar Mitzvahs for tens of thousands of dollars.

But I also don't have Kavana (focused intent) when praying.

But I also spend most of Shabbos sleeping/drinking/reading magazines/newspapers.

But I also vacation in places where I should not be exposing my eyes to.

But I also open my mouth with anger and hurtful words and Lashon Hara, with words against good people...

But I also don't spend much time thinking about my relationship with Hashem.

But I also look with envy at others.

But I also check my phone messages during Daf Yomi...

But I also do business deals with just a little too much shrewdness...honesty? Halacha? I think it's ok....

Am I PREOCCUPIED with Torah and with what Hashem wants from me?

Or am I preoccupied with what I can get out of life and the accomplishments I can make and the money to make and the food I can eat (with high quality hechsher of course)

Doom and gloom can be harsh.

But what way can he wake us up??

If we don't want to look at the earthquakes and weather and a star or planet that one might think is imaginary, just look around your neighborhood!

Kids falling off the derech left and right.

Marriages collapsing weekly!

Children sick in the hospital with terrible diseases.

Couples without children waiting for years to give birth.

Singles getting older and older as the Shidduch scene gets narrower and narrower.

People burying loved ones from accidents or illnesses or even suicides all too often.

Poverty sneaking up on people and losing their homes.

Isn't that enough?

Apparently it hasn't been.

So either Rav Menachem can sit by and sigh as his fellow creations of Hashem are lost one by one, devoured by this lifestyle of living for THIS world, and having the world to come as a little afterthought each year around Rosh Hashem's time.....or he can risk getting Emails and comments like he is getting, and scream out to people to change their lives while we can.

Put aside the doom and gloom - are you and I doing Teshuvah daily?

Are we adding minutes each day to learning or davening or have we corrected our tzniut or our Shmirat aynayim??

So if you don't like doom and gloom....try looking at hospital wards or the list of Shidduchim or OTD list or any of the tzarus in the Jewish community....and let's get to work.

No one likes to hear that the fires were because of Chilul Shabbos

No one likes to hear that bad things happen because men at a Simcha are looking at women who aren't dressed tznius.

No one likes Musar.

No one

One way or another we have to wake up.

Hayinu k'cholmim (we will be like dreamers)

Let's make sure we wake up with a smile and not into an eternal nightmare...

You matter!!!

You're actions thoughts and words matter. This is how we build our personal eternity and how we work as a Tzelem Elokim (in the image of Hashem) - we're creating our eternal reality.

With or without doom and gloom the truth exists -

Let's wake up and get going on building our best reality ever, with good deeds, increased delving into Torah, better tznius, deeper Tefillah and authentic Teshuvah, Building a deep relationship with Hashem.

L'at l'at, but we need to get moving!

Thank you Rav Menachem.

Thank you fellow readers, Jews and righteous Gentiles; now is the time to come closer to Hashem.
I thank you so much for this very inspiring and thoughtful picture of the reality of the world. Your message is very clear that if we were doing the right thing, Hashem’s will, there would be no need for us to be scared into the proper Teshuvah. Doom and gloom has been necessary and used by Hashem throughout history. The fact that we have not caught on is our problem. I should mention that I am aware of the Hebrew that is being used in your presentation. I was going to translate the words, but I believe each of my readers should take the time to look up any word that is unfamiliar. Learning is a big part of doing Teshuvah – here is an opportunity to learn.

As I have said, people who are having problems in this life, or are subject to experience the doom and gloom that is already happening, need to pay very definite attention. Hashem is sending you very detailed messages. There is nothing random in this world. Everything that happens to each one of us, every problem that we have, is Hashem telling us we need to do more. Measure for measure Hashem is talking to each one of us. As my dear reader said so eloquently, we need to wake up, pay attention to Hashem’s messages and do Teshuvah – the correction needed, the improvement needed to solve each problem.

I would like to make a change on this blog. I will no longer post Anonymous comments. When you make a comment, there is a list of categories that you can comment under. The Name/URL is the one that you should use. If you are not brave enough to give me a comment with a name or even a code name, I am not interested in your comment, and it is obviously not something that is helpful or even being nice to my readers. If you have something to tell me personally, send me a private Email. If you are not mature enough and fall under the category of a coward, why bother at all.

Nobody is forced to read my blog. If you don’t agree with my posting, or chas v’shalom, you don’t agree with Hashem, such as getting us to do the right thing using doom and gloom, go elsewhere, you won’t be missed. The only problem is, and I say this sincerely, you need more help than any of my readers. The statement I just wrote will probably go nowhere since I do believe the ignorant cowards who write nasty comments, don’t even read my blog, they just voice their opinions. Why? Because they are so lost in life that the only thing they know is to find a scapegoat, someone to blame for all their problems that they have caused. Here I am; a very likely scapegoat. Come Judgment Day, you will be with such painful remorse, beyond description. That is the punishment Hashem gives to such people.

Note: I am still receiving comments from Anonymous.  I have stopped opening them since I now know that these comments come from an individual or individuals who don't even read my blog; they just ignorantly show hatred.  I believe that they are all part of the 2/3rd group, so they will be gone soon to start their suffering.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Honesty is the Best Policy

The weekly message from Harry Rothenberg:

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Why All the Doom and Gloom?

I wish to answer recent comments that I have received, that even though they are not nice enough to post, they do bring us some interesting concerns. That was a loaded statement which I will try to explain.

First of all I am being told how my blog has gone downhill rapidly. Readers who are telling me how wonderful they thought my blog was, since I spent so much time trying to teach the Absolute Truth about this world. The Absolute Truth is really just trying to pass on Hashem’s instructions on how to use this world and find happiness and success. But lately all I seem to be interested in is doom and gloom and supporting the conspiracy theorists who are saying: “The end is near!!!!!”

I can see where these individuals are coming from, since it does seem that my happy blog has turned into a horror show. Let me clarify a couple of points. One is that my greatest intension on this blog is to save your life. I have talked many times about trying to save the world; but I have found that I can only do that one reader at a time.

What is my source of gloom and doom? Who is the One Who is telling me the end is near; why is there such great chaos in the world, and apparently due to get much, much worse? HASHEM!!! YOUR CREATOR!!!! THE ONE WHO WANTS TO HELP YOU GET THE BEST ETERNITY POSSIBLE!!!!! Where did He say all this? Scriptures, that we have had for thousands of years telling us of the tremendous mayhem and craziness that will happen in the end of days. The words of the prophets are so true, it is absolutely ignorant and dangerous to ignore them, and try to pin the doom and gloom on conspiracy theorists (or me). I have a reader who said: I live in New York. There is no chaos here, no earthquakes, no bad weather, NO CRIME (?), ETC. This person is telling me how absolutely wonderful it is in New York, and telling me not to believe everything that I read and see. I should mention how much other readers in the New York area have told me the opposite: how crazy everything is and how much worse it appears to be getting. They must live in a different New York than my friend Anonymous who lives in the paradise version of New York.

My entire premise is that Hashem gave us the information to help us and save us. Denying it, perhaps because it hasn’t gotten so bad where you are now, does not mean we should put ourselves and our loved ones in jeopardy, hoping that Hashem was wrong about what is coming up, chas v’shalom.

I am being told how much I used to teach about the ways of Hashem and the reality of this world. Why are so many doubting what was taught, when now is the time to apply the learning?

As an example, one of the greatest lessons Hashem teaches us in the Torah is “to be nice to everyone; to help each other.” It is so important to have your fellow Jew and righteous non-Jew’s welfare in mind. Why? It is the true way that Hashem designed the world, for us to be concerned and want to help everyone. But, a hidden reason is that Hashem is judging each one of us on how well we comply.

With that in mind, I ask: Is it nice to deny the doom and gloom? If, as we already are seeing, that the world is crazy, when has there been a more necessary time in history to be looking out for all the Jews and righteous non-Jews of the world. If they are in trouble because they are not living the will of Hashem, are we putting them in greater danger by just denying the chaos of the world? Is that being nice to others, or is it saying: who cares what suffering is imminent as long as the one out of harm’s way is me, me, me.

One who is not interested in all the doom and gloom is also one who is did not learn from my blog, when my blog was more fun. We are at the culmination of history, and if we don’t apply Hashem’s instruction on how to survive and thrive, we have thrown away one of the greater gifts Hashem has to offer. His absolute word is golden, and the only way to achieve a wonderful eternity.

I have had readers tell me that many of the videos that my readers are sending in about the devastation happening and the predictions of what is yet to come are inaccurate. I have said many times that the global elite have purposely held back information to make sure we are in harm’s way. The videos that are on the web are completely from amateurs. I have not seen too many that did not have many mistakes in them. But, what else do we have? Is some information not better than no information, or the lies from the leaders of the world who want us dead? This is where some common sense comes into the picture. If we have a video of orbs near Earth and the announcer calls it Nemesis or Planet X, I have mentioned that they are amateurs and have very little research behind their findings. Yes, they don’t have a clue about what they are presenting. But, the orbs still exist. They are real and so is the devastation that is already happening and continuing to increase every day.

Let me repeat what I have said many times. Hashem is totally consistent and causes things to happen the same way every time. It is us, the flawed human beings that do things one way today and change tomorrow. Hashem formed a nation at the first redemption after we left Egypt. The only way to get our cooperation was to hang a mountain over our heads and frighten us. That was necessary to get us to cooperate even though He was giving us the greatest gift the world could have “The Torah.” Even after all the plagues, the miracles at the Sea of Reeds and many, many more, there were still skeptics that had to be scared into doing the right thing.

Now, as the final redemption is about to unfold, the majority of Jews and righteous non-Jews are in the same state of mind, extremely uncooperative. The only way we can go into a final worldwide redemption is to be frightened to such a high degree until we catch on to what is happening. We are about to receive the greatest gift of all: the Moshiach, the end of evil, the end of all our problems and the beginning of an eternity that is so far beyond human comprehension. But, we seem to need the doom and gloom to get into the correct mind-frame. After all the craziness that is changing the world, we still have the skeptics who need more convincing.

All my life I have heard people who were successful at something tell about how wonderful they are and how much talent they have. Me, Me, Me; it is all my doing. But, then there are the individuals who have one problem after another; life is a big mess and nothing is going right. These people look up and ask: why are You doing this to me? When we are successful, we look in the mirror and gloat at how wonderful we are. When we are failures, we blame the One Source Who gave us the ability to succeed. The catch 22 is that our failure is due to us ignoring the Source who gave us the opportunity for total success. Let us look in the mirror now and ask: am I doing everything necessary to succeed, to get through this time of craziness and danger, or am I blowing it all by blaming it on whomever I can blame? If everything is not going the way you want in life, or if you are completely uncertain about the near future and how to get through it, look in the mirror and say: Ah, there is the problem!!!!!

Hashem has taught us for thousands of years how to succeed and be totally happy in this world, and more importantly, how to set ourselves and our loved ones up with the best possible eternity. Hashem has taught us how to get through the coming doom and gloom many times in the Torah, it is up to us to benefit from the gift He gives us, or to close our eyes and hope nothing will happen (and do lots of complaining).

Denying doom and gloom when it is already underway, unless you live in the fantasy world of make believe (or the alternate New York that is also a fantasy), or Israel where it is possible to be oblivious to what is happening in the world, all this denial is extremely dangerous. How do we protect ourselves and get through it all? I repeat for the thousandth time: TURN TO HASHEM AND FOLLOW HIS WAYS. REPENT YOUR SHORTCOMINGS IN LIFE AND MAKE POSITIVE CHANGES TO IMPROVE WHAT YOU ARE DOING WRONG; DO THE COMMANDMENTS THAT ARE THE TOOLS TO SUCCEED; PRAY TO HASHEM EVERYDAY AND VOICE ALL YOUR PROBLEMS THAT YOU WANT SOLVED (Hashem knows all this better than you, but He wants us to review them so we understand what they are and why they exist); STUDY TORAH EVERYDAY (we can’t understand the solution to everything if we don’t study the handbook of life that tells us the solution); GIVE CHARITY UNTIL IT HURTS, WHY? BECAUSE, THE BIGGEST THING IS TO HELP OTHERS. Helping everyone with complete sincerity is the way that Hashem knows that you deserve more. It is exactly what Hashem wants from you and in return, measure for measure, you will be treated accordingly. Telling someone who is trying to save your life that he should stop the gloom and doom is absolute proof that you need the gloom and doom the most.

I have one more topic to discuss to try to put this all in perspective and to give the naysayers something to think about. I have talked about the fact that we are spiritual beings that are wearing physical clothing. This short life that we have on Earth is only for the purpose of perfecting our souls. Even during the time of the Moshiach, we will change from physical beings back to completely spiritual beings. Why is this important? To stress that we live forever. The concept of eternity or infinity is very much beyond human comprehension, but it is our destiny.

Let us try to get a feel for the concept of forever. Let us say that we know that we will live for a thousand years. That may be overwhelming, but it is an idea that we could grasp. But, let us increase that a thousand fold, which is now a million years. Another thousand fold takes us to a billion years, or a trillion, or a quadrillion years. Yes, we are getting beyond the concept of human comprehension, but we are still so far from infinity, so far from the eternity that we will live.

With that thought in the back of our minds, let us talk about the preparation for this eternity, which is how much time we have left before the Moshiach comes and we are out of time. Is it weeks, is it days, is it hours? Whatever the time left, my entire point is that we may have possibly only hours remaining to set ourselves and our loved ones with the forever and ever and ever (and a thousand more forevers). What we achieve is what we will live with in this forever that is coming up. It was Rav Avidor Miller, zt”l, who talked about people leaving Earth going to Heaven, and experiencing Gehinnom (the H place) while there. How can one be in Heaven and have tremendous anguish? That is when we find out how much better it could have been if we only had followed Hashem’s ways and lived a Torah life. In other words we can be in Heaven and kick ourselves forever when we realize how much higher a spiritual level would have meant to us. Once we die, we can only experience the level we had worked to achieve on Earth. Even though we can’t do anything for ourselves to come closer to Hashem and make Heaven so much more tremendous, if we have people still on Earth doing things for us, our souls can make an Aliyah in Heaven (climb to a higher spiritual level). How can that happen? If Kaddish is being said for us, if Torah is being studied in our memory, if charity is given in our name, we can go higher. One more way to progress is we come back to Earth again, reincarnate, and try again.

That is a very merciful system that is coming to an end. Why? Because, when Moshiach comes no one will be here on Earth to help those on Earth. There will be no more reincarnation to try to get it right. Everybody will be at the level of spirituality that they achieved before the final redemption happened. That is it, it is over. What we did measure for measure is what we are stuck with forever and ever (the quadrillion years +++++++++++). And yes, we can be kicking ourselves forever knowing what little we could have done now to make it much better. One small good deed now or one commandment fulfilled now is rewarded forever and ever. The best investment you can make.

Please, please, please think about this. You may have hours to help yourself improve for eternity. To be skeptical or negative or rebellious or nasty to someone who is trying to help you, is ignorant beyond belief. The worst part is that you won’t find out how much this means to you until it is too late. Kicking yourself forever and ever, just because you were too obnoxious to learn and live the Absolute Truth when you had the chance is ludicrous. I am asking you to be nice to everyone, but if you are not nice to yourself, then don’t ask Hashem why you have so many problems and suffer so in this life. To carry this anguish forever is beyond ignorant; you are being cruel to yourself and your loved ones.

Hashem taught us how to be happy and succeed in life and forever. Start this very second doing the right thing, and taking advantage of Hashem’s infinite mercy.  If it takes doom and gloom to get through to you, and history has proven that it works, then so be it.  Just make sure that you minimize the doom and gloom by turning to Hashem -- it works.

By the way, in the last 24 hours there were 66 earthquakes worldwide with a 2.5 or greater reading.  That includes a 7.9 at Papua New Guinea and many over 5.  All magnitudes for the past 24 hours comes to 218 earthquakes.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

3 Final Hours

Please watch this fascinating video entitled "3 Final Hours." It is the testimony of a woman who had a near death experience and learned about the 3 final hours before the redemption. The video was produced By 'Bechagvei Hasela' Organization:

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Just Kidding

Another inspiring message from Harry Rothenberg.  Enjoy
This very interesting video has just been posted.
NIBIRU -METEOR - KISLEV (DECEMBER) in bible code Rav Glazerson

End to Darkness 5777 Hanukkah Matityahu - in bible code Rav Glazerson

Monday, December 12, 2016

Who will be Resurrected?

My dear friend Anonymous (I have many friends with that name) asked a very good question that I wanted to share with you; of course, that also includes my response. First the question:

Anonymous December 11, 2016 at 4:18 AM

There is something that I do not understand. It is written down that the dead people will revive in the times of Moshiach.  So, what's the point of dying in the disasters that are about to come? Thanks
My response:

There are two answers for you.

One is that those who die in the disasters will be the evil ones who will not be resurrected.

The second answer is a little trickier. Death is considered the ultimate Kapporah, the greatest atonement. That means that if someone, such as a Jew who is destined to return, did not receive Tikun because of not doing enough before the worldwide redemption, that person could be taken for final cleansing and returned. Zechariah 13:8 talks about the 1/3rd group who will survive, and 13:9 tells us that the 1/3 will be purified. What that means exactly, we will find out. I do not believe that it is death as we know it, but a process of which we have no comprehension. Be aware that even within the 1/3rd group there will be at many, many different levels of Tikun, of perfection, of correction. Hashem will take care of each of us exactly according to our needs. It is another reason that I constantly say: NOW IS THE TIME TO PREPARE. Every effort we make now will make it that much easier later.

The people who will be resurrected are those good people who have already passed on. Their time in the world of souls is limited and they are only waiting for their return to the Earth of goodness in the time of Moshiach.

New topic (actually an old topic still being rehashed).

I am getting messages saying that they have not seen articles or heard Rabbis talking about Moshiach being here, and/or that we all should be in Israel. These people who are writing such messages, I guess, don’t believe all the messages from Hashem, Who is answering your inquiry. All the Earth chaos, the earthquakes, the volcanic eruptions, the crazy weather, the axis change, the sun and moon changes, (this is too long a list to repeat again and again), these are all things that Hashem told us thousands of years ago that will happen before Moshiach is introduced. Where does it say that in scriptures? It tells us about the Star of Jacob, Nibiru (for the thousandth time) that will come and cause massive destruction (I am not going to repeat again and again all that we have been told will happen). We also have a myriad of messages from Hashem telling us all the prophecies that will be fulfilled in the end of days. THEY HAVE BEEN FULFILLED, OR ARE HAPPENING AS I TYPE.

So if you personally haven’t seen articles or heard Rabbis who happen to believe Hashem’s messages, are you willing to risk the safety of your fellow Jew in hopes that Hashem is wrong, chas v’shalom.

Please, please, please use some common sense. You are not only greatly hurting others by prepending all this craziness is not happening, but Hashem sees your attitude towards His messages, and that puts you and your loved ones in greater danger. Think about it. You didn’t see articles, which definitely exist, and that makes all the messages from Hashem through scriptures, the FC individuals, the Mekubalim, the Rabbis and me, the dot-connector, all wrong? You are not being nice to others and definitely not nice to yourself and those who depend on you, and Hashem is seeing your insensitivity.

I am posting fewer and fewer comments, since there are so many people who still do not have a clue about the reality of this world and what it means. I know that just about no one does the research that I do, but it is no time for flawed human logic replacing research – it is dangerous.

If you send me a comment and it does not get published, send me a private Email at and I will try to explain why I did not use your comment. When you write something, please, please, please consider who may be reading the comment and how that person may be affected. If it possibly is putting someone in further danger, use some common sense, and don’t even write the comment. If you are not sure, don’t write the comment – send it to me as a question and everyone will be happier and safer.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Most of the World Will Be Destroyed

Communicating with Daniel, Jerusalem, 7 Cheshvan 5777

Oh Father, Oh Father, the world is full of lies, lies, lies, falsehood, even among the ultra-Orthodox. Controversy, Controversy, Controversy and it does not stop, it continues, and when we are confident that we have found the truth - even there we find a lie. Do not despair, do not despair, there must be this confusion so that eventually we will be able to see and distinguish between truth and falsehood, who belongs to verify; who belongs to lie. In the midst of this confusion - there is only one truth - and our relationship with Hashem.

Some people ask: What should we know about the star, why should we know all these things? We close ourselves in not interested in anything! This is also a lie, because without seeing what is happening, without seeing the reason that Hashem is going to bring destruction on this world, we do not understand, we do not understand.

It has happened now that people began to complain that what autistic people say it is very scary. Why talk about destruction, the destruction of the world? Hashem is good; He will not do such a thing to us.

And it's very funny and very sad to ask: what was before the flood? Was the world so bad, even though they were already righteous? Most were not saints; they were really wicked. They did terrible things. You saw that You needed to destroy everything and rebuild with Noah and his family being saved to built their new world.

Why 80% did not leave Egypt? They did not want to leave, even though they were slaves and worked hard labor with all the Jews. They felt a connection with idolatry (idols) of Egypt [our ancestors worked idol worshiping says the Haggadah of Passover]. The idolatry caught them completely and they did not want to leave the idolatry. It gave them improper delights. [Beshalach 14:12, these are the things that we spoke to you about in Egypt that we said is worthless and you disappeared from us in Egypt...']

Why was the first Temple destroyed?

Jeremiah prophesied for 80 years that if the people of Israel did not repent, Hashem would destroy the Temple, and no one believed him. And why not repent? They did not want to leave their idolatry which gave them the same guilty pleasures like Egypt.

Why did we, the people of Israel, have to go through the Holocaust in Europe?

I cannot say all the reasons, only Hashem knows this, but one thing is clear, up until 1939 Europe was the largest Jewish population in the world. Most of the Jews were very weak in their Judaism, and they were Sabbath violators. If you do not observe the Sabbath it is a sign that you do not to keep anything. It did not interest them at all. It was not considered sacred. There was no modesty, no kosher, etc, etc. If their lack of Judaism had continued a little longer, there would have been no trace of Judaism left in Europe.

Just recently we got the same number of Jews in the world as it was before World War II, and what is the situation of the Jewish world? The same! Not just everyone involved in secularism, there is a strong secular movement that has made it worse. This movement has weakened lately, and some of the ultra-Orthodox communities are involved to help with efforts to avoid further weakening of Orthodox Judaism. Many involved did not exactly know all the answers, and many of them, until they saw what Hashem wanted them to do, they brought all sorts of ideas and approaches that severely weakened the Orthodox world. In addition to that, the villains who want to destroy the people of Israel as a nation and the Judaism also were involved with improper ideas to attract entire communities towards forbidden directions.

For example: the situations in the House of Jacob, where they want to send the daughters to all kinds of work, it severely brings down their Judaism and weakens the influence of the Jewish mother in her home. Where is the Jewess Mommy that was once ready to live in poverty and suffer all kinds of difficult situations so that her husband and children can learn and get closer to Hashem? Indeed the so-called education in the House of Jacob brings her to this; but, it is a lie. This brings her to be the housekeeper and not the woman, because she works eight hours and when she comes home, she is very tired, she needs to prepare food, clean the house, do laundry, etc, etc., and to produce children. And when she has to give up on something, she could give up on births and she could not be a mother like she should, like she should raise the children with love and patience.

Before the Second World War Rabbis believed in not scaring the people with stories about what Hitler was saying and what he wanted to do. Shomer Emunim (a devout, insular Hasidic group based in Jerusalem) saw what happens in the world and knew it is better shout to the sky: we're in danger! But, at the Seminary, they reviewed the question: why is it better to use scare tactics? To save the people of Israel! To save the world, we should scare!

If a person does not see that there is something to fear, if he does not see this world as it is and not know that in the next world there is reward and punishment (Heaven and Hell), then he will not change, and will not want to repent.

Today the world is often ruled as it was in Egypt, not the country that is named Egypt, but the idolatry in ancient Egypt. It attracted the people to the worst of Egypt. We have today the same type of idolatrous, forbidden worldly pleasures.

Our world today is full of malice, full of lies; and, even if a person ever speaks the truth, another time he could speak a lie. Or, he simply does not understand the difference, or that it is evil and we do not know because we are confused.

This is such a generation, a generation that must be destroyed, it cannot continue, and as we have said time after time, the real Jews do not die, they will live and receive the True Messiah with their families, and with the other Jews who were at Mount Sinai and said “we will do and hear.”

Souls of real Jews: live! But the world cannot continue as it is today, full of lies, murder, idolatry, with the most difficult violations of the Torah; it cannot be, it just cannot be.

It did not matter who was elected president of the United States, in the end it seems that it's a lie. Even in England supposedly with the population voting for England to be out of Globalism and the New World Order, whose purpose was to suppress the Kingdom in Europe and to go back to the country they had, so to speak; it is also a lie. This vote was all a lie; the vote was to confuse the world, like in America, it was to confuse the world, they are all on the same side, no doubt.

We are also here in Israel living with the lie. There are wicked people who came into the Haredi world to confuse us and help the wicked of the left attract the Jews in their direction. It is a lie, to confuse us with money, with an interesting job, so to speak, with all kinds of physical things. The person gets drunk on physicality and is already not looking for a spiritual life, a sacrifice to Hashem that "it is not so interesting." The Gentiles or secularists cannot understand how you can learn all the year without freedom (this pertains to not doing whatever one wants, but following all the requirements of the Torah).

And I ask: can you live a day without Torah? What is freedom? Who needs freedom? The Torah is the freedom; this is the world's greatest pleasure that a person can get.

The basis of this world is the sanctity of the Jewish home; the Jewish home base of this holiness is the Jewish woman who lives for family and raising their children to a life of Torah, mitzvot and good deeds, and encourages her husband to study Torah and the commandments.

Today there is a different spirit, a spirit of materialism, of lies, of running after things that do not matter. For example: "a wedding." The main thing is building a Jewish life. We can do a wedding in the family for almost nothing, but today we make it a circus. We have a magnificent hall, photographer, band, flowers, balloons, invite the whole world. We get into debt and barely come out of it.

Once all the Orthodox world was like an incubator. Today it all became a lie. Today the will of the people, no matter what group if they are followers or Lithuanian or Spanish descent, it results in destruction. There is so much that comes into world that dismantles the ultra-Orthodox world. There are those with good intentions, there are good people who want to do the right thing, but overall most do not behave as they used to. If the great leaders of the past would return from Europe to see what happens now, they would be falling on the floor, tearing their clothes and crying, with ashes on their heads. Our external level seems to be very strong to us, but we face a big problem.

In our time, an evil spirit entered into the most powerful Orthodox communities, and this particularly affects women.

Because many organizations receive large sums of money from the government, they are under their rules, and therefore completely out of order. We need to learn things and know how our outlook is in stark contrast to Judaism. We need to be aware of the destruction that is happening, and know that the sanctity of the Jewish home it is based on all of the tenants of Judaism.

We have today some Orthodox Jews who are confused and continued to move into the secular world with all its desires. They do not recognize the sanctity of the Jewish home, that it is based on the Torah we received at Mount Sinai. But we do not know about that already; we want freedom, we want to leave the kids with a babysitter, leave the Torah and go out to enjoy ourselves. We do not know how to benefit from the Torah. The true freedom of the righteous is to go back to the book, the sacred book, the real study of Torah. That is freedom, and it is the best feeling of all the most relaxing feeling. While the righteous of old were going to their summer freedom by the sea, it was only to replace air, but they continued to learn the same thing. They did not stop learning; they took the "work" with them and worked at it all the time.

We are afraid to be afraid, but I want to say clearly: there is nothing to fear. It says very clearly that the world before the Messiah will be destroyed; 2/3rd will be destroyed and 1/3rd will not be hit hard. The Land of Israel is in the fragment that will not be destroyed.(except for all the wicked people, everything they have built on the basis of evil and all their curved ideologies).

It is written in the prophecies and in other places. Rabbi Yitzchak Abarbanel said that fourteen prophecies will be fulfilled and this is one of them. But the people of Israel will survive. People who are really Jews, who believe that Hashem is all-powerful, who observe properly, who learn Torah, who raise children and educate them in the Torah and acts goodness, they will survive, no doubt.

Like the people of Noah's time they did not want to believe that a flood was coming, even though they saw Noah building the ark for one hundred and twenty years. There was something huge coming. They saw Noah put all the animals in the ark, and even when the rain began, did not want to believe. Why did they not want to believe? They did not want to leave their idolatry which gave them great pleasures.

And we're the same. We do not want to break away from our immodesty, our lack of holiness, the dirt you see on the street, all sorts of things crooked and prohibited that even Orthodox Jews are dealing with. We do not want to stop our way of eating, pizza, hamburgers and cola. Yes, there are requirements to even do blessings on such food, who wants to, we just want to eat our pizza, the blessing does not seem to fit. A person should sit at a table respectably, wash his hands and intently say the blessing in his home or his work for his food in a dignified manner and not forget to say at the end thanks to Hashem. Jews should do nothing so insignificant, as only wanting to satisfy the physical, the external.

And this is the situation of the Jew today - including the Ultra-Orthodox.

Regarding secular people, there is nothing to mention. Most of them want to be like all the nations in the western world, which is why these Jews will not survive. Why? Because, really they are not Jews, even if their grandparents were also Jews. Their souls are not Jewish. There are those who will and those who will not survive, and what will prove in the end if he is a Jew or not a Jew, whether he is now secular or not, if he has full confidence in Hashem. He may be secular now, but he is a real Jew - the power will pull him back, he will take it step by step, step by step until he understands and believes that there is only one G-d. You cannot build the next stage of creation, until one thing - the most important thing that every Jew will know clearly - and it will fill him from head to feet and this is truly truly truly “there is only one G-d. He is the Creator, He is All, He is Everything. There is nothing else but G-d. There is nothing truer truer truer except for Him – not here, not there.

We have been chosen by Hashem to be his people, that is to say that he brings and will bring us step by step, stage by stage, to very high spiritual places. We are part of it; we cannot part with it; we cannot. The rest of the world will fall and disappear, but we will not, we will not. How high will we get? I do not know, I cannot even imagine it. I just know: until Moshiach, until we get to Moshiach and the Third Temple, at that time we will start the next trip upwards more and more. I do not even know how to describe it, but it will be good; it will be without evil. The evil will disappear! Do you understand? Disappear.

And every Jew today, sees the evil that dominates everything. The snake is found everywhere, including into the ultra-Orthodox. He sees it - his heart is broken and crying about it. That is a real Jew, without a doubt. He loves the people of Israel, he loves Hashem and he will be saved.

To see the truth; to see the dangers; to be aware of it, then go to the next level. Whether it will be World War III or the star to come and make the destruction, it is also directly from Hashem. No matter what, most of this world will be destroyed, and most of the population of this world will die - no doubt about it.

Now we have to decide where we stand. We cannot be like the brother of Abraham who was waiting to see how Abraham came out of the fire alive or not, and then decide which side he will tale, Abraham's side or the side of Nimrod. It did not work then, and it will not work now.

True Jews: when the great wars and the danger begin in a very large scale, Hashem will bring us, even if we are far away, and we will return. We should not resist. We should immediately repent, because it will save us a lot of suffering. The rest of the people who are really the Erev Rav (the mixed multitude), Amalekites, etc, there is no room for them in the new world, the world of the Messiah.

With Israel - do not worry - the people of Israel are alive forever.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Vayeitzei, 4 Kislev 5777 (4.12.16)

King of Kings, G-d, has chosen the Jews to rule over the entire world to help the world exist. Without the Jews and the holy land of Israel, the earth would be destroyed, nothing would be left. Thanks to the Jews who learn Torah, do mitzvot, and pray three times a day to our Father in Heaven, the world is alive.

Yaakov our father, already in his mother's womb fought with Eisav to be the first born. Eisav grabbed him by the ankle; he wanted to slow him down so he can go out first. Being the first born is a blessing, Yaakov needed to be first to get the blessing, so already from his mother's womb he fought to be the first born. Eisav rushed to get out to the material world, Yaakov wanted to be first to fix the world, to take the blessings that the ancient snake took from Adam and Eve.

Yaakov becomes the first born and takes the blessing from Eisav, and goes out to find a woman to bring the people of Israel to the world. Thanks to Rachel our mother, Yaakov took Leah and Rachel, Zilpah and Bilhah. The voice of Rachel was heard in the heavens and G-d did as she wished.

G-d chose the Jews because they are stubborn to have the good, and see miracles with their own eyes. The people of Israel need to hold on to the holy land of Israel! Not live in delusions, and not to believe the gentiles and their leaders.

The left and right in the Holy Land need to be connected! The left think that the Arabs love them - this is not true, they are tricking them. The right is fighting for the Holy Land. The left and right need to work together to protect the Holy Land. Seven billion people in the world are against the Jews and will banish the Jews from the world to get them to Israel. It will happen, don't be delusional! The Arabs are talking in the media about taking more and more parts of Israel and their plans to throw the Jews away, or to have the Jews like in the days of Egypt and Pharaoh. The Jews have nowhere to go in the world, and every Jew needs to come to Israel!

The fires in Israel are not from G-d. Why didn't he bring rain to put them out? So that the Jews know where they live. The fires were started as a result of nationalist motives. There is no faith in a large part of the Israeli Arabs. They gave the order on the Internet, WhatsApp and media to burn and they burn, and they have a blue ID.

All of the white collar criminals, those who give and take bribes, perverts, thieves and those who live on the backs of others will be revealed by G-d. G-d is not forgetting anyone. G-d has promised that He will not bring a flood to the world so He is taking care of everyone personally.

The entire world wants to feed off of Israel. Israel has everything, economy, real estate that will continue to be built endlessly, it will continue for another fifty years and won't stop. Israel is developing and it won't stop, the land of Israel is developing and growing!

All of the scientists and doctors, patent inventors - they are Jews; they are the best in the world! Leave all of the inventions in Israel, don't sell to the world.

All of the Jewish couples that have domestic peace will be blessed with prosperity, health and happy children.

A large part of the Israeli government is confused; scratch my back and I'll scratch yours. Instead of taking care of the Holy Land, they are looking for each other. Instead of looking for each other, what he did and what he did wrong, there is law; they should go by the law.

Israel and the government of Israel need to support the IDF so they can protect the Holy Land and the Jews in Israel.

Hamas continues to dig tunnels. G-d is flooding them in Gaza. G-d wants to erase the seed of Amalek.

There is hunger in Egypt, complications and conflict, be patient.

Syria is a training ground; it is being erased step by step.

In Turkey, Erdogan is threatening his people; ISIS will not wait for him. Erdogan is opening the gates to Europe for all of the refugees. If the Jews in Europe don't run, their lives are in danger, the Muslim refugees and ISIS will kill them, they will take their homes and cars. This is G-d's doing so that they come live in Israel. The Jews are stubborn, but     G-d is more stubborn for the Jews' benefit.

Iraq is dead, a Babel Tower in this generation.

Hezbollah continues to be erased; they have a shortage of ammunition and soldiers.

Iran is afraid of Trump. Everything it does against Israel is indirect; they are afraid to act directly.

The Gulf states, Dubai, Kuwait - do not believe them.

China continues to take patents from Jews.

Japan wants to be connected to the US despite having a nuclear bomb which will be discovered soon. The earthquakes will continue there.

Jordan is waiting for the UN and Obama; they want a Palestinian country, heaven forbid.

Abu Mazen is laughing at the Jews in Israel.

Jerusalem is the capital of the Jews; it belongs to the Jewish people for thousands of years. G-d has chosen the people of Israel and given them Jerusalem! All those who cause trouble are just jealous and filled with hate. Obama said that the embassy will remain in Tel Aviv. G-d is showing the people of Israel how much the world is against us.

G-d is asking: Parents, watch over your children from assimilation, from drugs, alcohol, and gambling.

G-d wants you to pray to him and obey the commandments. G-d is showing the people of Israel and the world signs and miracles so that everyone is amazed and believes in Him and the Messiah!

Step by step, G-d is guiding the Messiah and telling the world: there is no going back, this is the generation and soon the Messiah King will be crowned in public! The wheel continues forward, there is no going back!

Jews, hold on to the Holy Land! G-d wants the world to be pure and holy. He wants the Jews to love each other and be kind to each other. He wants the Jews to live forever!

We can already feel the Messiah King, his work for Israel. When he is revealed, the Jews will live long lives forever!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Prophecy Being Fulfilled (conclusion, I hope)

The answer to When all this will occur has not changed at all. The Tenach verses that I have been quoting still stand. The most prevalent is in Numbers 24:17 telling us about the Star of Jacob coming. The end of Malachi giving us details that the Star will heal the righteous and eliminate the evil of the world and that Elijah the prophet will come in advance to let us know is completely still valid. Also the number of righteous that will survive and the evil ones that will be eliminated still holds from the verse in Zechariah 13:8 (1/3rd survive, and 2/3rd gone). It does appear that the prophecies of Obadiah pertain to the 2/3rd group, but that is not all non-Jews, just the ones who follow the idolatry that is contrary to the truth of Hashem.

So what we need is not an explanation of what will happen, or what is already happening, but a status report on the culmination of it all. In other words, when is the Star of Jacob, Nibiru, going to do its worst damage, and its miraculous healing?

We have discussed extensively the craziness that is happening that is telling us that Nibiru is getting closer. The tremendous increase in earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, crazy weather, etc. are perhaps the most obvious signs, since we know that the gravitational and magnetic effects of Nibiru have been wreaking havoc worldwide and have increased greatly.

As an example: in the past 7 days there have been 1459 earthquakes worldwide, 190 in the past 24 hours (as I type at 10 AM Israel time, 7 Dec 16). 83 were over 4.5 in intensity, with many over 6. These are record breaking numbers that are telling us very definitely about the increasing instability of planet Earth. The global elite controlled media hasn’t even reported most of the devastating events including the death toll and damage reports.

The crazy weather worldwide has been in the news. It has included much flooding, but once again, a lack of casualties and damage loss reporting. Many of my readers have been sending me videos that I have posted in the comment section. Then, off course, there are the readers who don’t have a clue about what all this means who are asking: Are you the Weather Channel (I have received that comment, or something just as uninformed, many times)? I appreciate the comments that I receive since it is telling me that others are seeing all this mayhem and that I am not making it up.

There has been a great increase in the number of meteors and asteroids hitting the Earth recently. Is this an indication that we are already experiencing the debris field that surrounds Nibiru? Once again, the professionals, especially NASA, have been silenced and are not reporting the devastation, but it is happening, it is increasing and it is all pointing to the closeness of Nibiru.

Recently there have been videos saying that Nibiru will fly by this month. They have all been amateur videos but some are saying that NASA is confirming the fact. But the videos that have me investigating the most are three from Rav Glazerson who is saying that NASA has reported that it will occur this month, and he shows us his very interesting searches in the Torah Codes. Watch these videos:

I have mentioned that Ben Golden’s last message tells of the leaders going into their underground fortresses soon. He talks about the fact that at the time that Trump is due to be inaugurated, they will be hidden underground. What does this mean for the next president elect? If they are underground at that time it would be due to the global elite knowing that Nibiru has come and caused tremendous devastation, and/or they have plans of being at war at that time. Either way, what is the possibility that Obama, by Executive Order, would curtail the swearing in of a new president? Is this the trick that the global elite are planning to keep a member of the Gog cabal in office? It was so obvious when Republican former President Gog Bush, Sr made such a big announcement about voting for the Democratic candidate. Hillary and her husband are members of the cabal, and like Obama work for Gog. They are very much involved in trying to institute the evil New World Order. Of course, if there is an anticipation that the US will no longer exist in the near future, there is no need for a new president. We must look at this last statement in very positive light. Even though it is part of the agenda of the New World Order to eliminate all nations, Hashem has a much better plan: Moshiach will be King of the entire world; no more governments needed.

Another message of great interest is from Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, saying that the two souls of the Moshiach (the heavenly soul and the earthly soul) are being combined. How long is this process, since the outcome will be that the Moshiach will be crowned as King? Again, are we looking at this month for the crowning of Moshiach?

Another big curiosity is that the three pertinent Parshas and Haftarahs talking about the end are being read this month. Is this another message from Hashem that these prophecies, which appear to be happening now, will come to fruition this month?

There is evidence that various military units and government organizations have relocated to higher ground due to anticipated devastation in their low-lying areas. Nibiru is expected to cause great flooding along the coastal areas (east coast, west coast and the gulf coast).

This month has a very rare occurrence. The dates of the Hebrew month of Kislev and December track with each other. This happens every 38 years. We saw this in the years 1902, 1940 and 1978. Is it a sign that this year it means a lot more, considering the first day of Chanukah, which is the 25th of Kislev will happen on the 25th of December, which I believe is a pagan holiday for the Xtians? If the prophecies of Obadiah are fulfilled next week when that Haftarah is read, is Hashem hinting to the cancellation of the pagan celebration this year (and forever)? After all, there may not be any pagans left to celebrate, if Nibiru flies over and wipes them out.

Kislev appears in the Tenach, with a letter separation of up to 10 letters, 276 times. If I increase the letter separation to as much as 100, it appears 1024 times. The year 5777 appears 93 times with a letter separation up to 100. With a letter separation of only 10 letter or less, it still appears 13 times.

Kislev appears in Obadiah in verses 4 and 5 with a letter separation of 24. In verses 7 to 15 we find the year with a separation of 135. There is much more that I could do in matching up pertinent verses covering pertinent events with exact dates. The last time I did that was when Hashem caused my computer to fail. Yes, I am curious, but I understand the message from Hashem, and I can’t afford to keep buying computers. Besides, I am not Elijah the prophet and shouldn’t be trying to take his job.

Where does all this leave us? As I have stated many times, I am not a prophet, just a dot-connector. I just am very excited by the fact that in all the years I have been doing this type of evaluation, I have never had so many dots to connect. But, I also know several other facts that are indisputable. One, all the prophecies that we are reviewing “will happen, and will happen in more miraculous ways than we can imagine.” My proof? Everything that has happened for thousands of years has been prophesied with such detail that it could not be anything other than the word of Hashem. Two, all that is prophesied about the end of days, has already happened (past tense), or is obviously happening now. Three, since the final end will be announced by the prophet Elijah, all the sources that could give us a date have been quelled. It is the bottom line about NASA and all the professionals not being able to speak. They are doing it for evil reasons, but we know that Hashem is using them and their evil ways to carry out His will. It is also the reason that I can’t get a definite date (or even if I have one, I am not allowed to divulge it). It is the reason that such individuals as Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, has so much information, but is not allowed to give a definite date. It is the reason that the Facilitate Communications individuals get messages from Hashem, but would never be given the most important date, the end, Judgment Day.

Why would Hashem do all this and still keep us in the dark about the actual date? It is the best way to get us to do Teshuvah. By knowing that we are close, by Hashem giving us so many hints to the end time, we should all be excited about it, but very involved in preparing for it. It is brought down in scriptures that we must do Teshuvah the day before we die. How do we know when that will be? Exactly, we don’t, therefore we must do Teshuvah today in case, chas v’shalom, tomorrow is the day. We do not know exactly when Nibiru will do its thing, but we need to do the best preparation since it could be tomorrow (or even today).

Everything Hashem does is for us. He delayed the worldwide redemption from last year to now to give us more time to prepare; after all, it is preparation that will last us for all eternity. I had readers who stated: “Hashem sees the future and knew very well that it would not be 5776. Why would He do such a thing, while knowing the truth, give us such information that turned out to be untrue? As I said, Hashem does everything for us. By Him giving us so much proof that last year was the time, He knew that we would do preparation that we would have put off if He only told us: “it will be 5777.” Hashem’s plan is perfect; we are the ones who are not perfect and sometimes have to be prodded to do the right thing in spite of ourselves. Thank you Hashem.

We are now aware that we were not ready last year and that Your help was the only thing that caused us to do what we should have done. Are we ready now? Not really, but Your great mercy of giving us additional time has brought us that much closer to You. We also know that the hints that you are giving us now are for real, and that we are very close. Are there skeptics that will say to me: “your very own words tell us that we are not ready and that it will not happen soon.” Who says such things? The ones who are the least ready, and are shooting themselves in the foot by looking for excuses rather than helping themselves succeed.

Hashem is infinitely merciful. Let us all take advantage of His mercy and kindness and understand His ways. A tremendously positive attitude will result in a tremendously positive eternity for each of us. It is still measure for measure what we receive. Positive receives positive; negative are for fools who are throwing it all away. Do the right thing, we are just about there.

Final note: I will be very selective about the comments I post. To send me a negative comment at this point is very ignorant and foolish. If you don’t believe that Hashem reads all the comments and Emails that I receive, you know very little about Hashem. I will not help you doom yourself and your loved ones by posting such nonsense. You may think you are hiding behind the name Anonymous, but Hashem knows exactly who you are and how much you are hurting yourself, your loved ones and trying to hurt all my readers. I therefor will ignore all idiotic comments. Since many of the comments come from flawed human logic that lacks scholarship (pure human emotions), I will do the right thing and not help you shoot yourself. You are totally welcome. Of course, if you have a question or a personal matter to discuss, my private Email is there for you. The only problem with private Email is that cowards don’t use them, since they give me a return address. In the over 16,000 comments and Emails I have received, I rarely get a nasty Email, when I have the return address.

I would like to put some more icing on the cake with this new video from Rav Glazerson:
HANUKKAH - LIGHTS - 5777 in bible code 
This is only getting better!!!!