Monday, February 25, 2013

Prayer Works

I have mentioned many times the idea that our prayers work.  I wrote extensively about the subject of prayer last April; and, even though I have on a regular basis experienced the positive results from prayer (it happens all the time in my life and I could write a book about my experiences), I recently had an event that I felt was worth talking about.

Recently, my wife was scheduled to have a procedure done to remove a growth that formed in her duodenum (if you don’t know what that is, Google it).  As usual with any sickness or medical procedure, I intensify my level of prayer to cause positive results. Prior to time of my wife entering the hospital, a team of doctors evaluated an endoscopic review of the growth to determine whether it could be done strictly by endoscopic procedures, or required an operation. I am sure that my prayers and the prayers of many others caused avoidance of an operation.  The endoscopic procedure was completely successful as was the pathological evaluation of the removed growth – all was benign.

The more miraculous situation that came about from my prayers is what I wish to mention.  In the time before my wife's entering the hospital, I made a very interesting request within my prayers.  I should mention also that my daughter at that time had reached her delivery date and was having very severe contractions that caused her much pain and discomfort which lasted about two weeks. I prayed that no pain or discomfort should come to my wife or my daughter as a result of my own sins.  If I am the cause of any pain, it should come to me rather than to them.  Even though I work very hard to follow Hashem’s ways, I am still human and make mistakes.  It is one of the greatest reasons that Hashem, in His mercy, accepts our repentance (which I do daily).

My wife's procedure began early in the afternoon and I knew it would take at least an hour if not longer.  I had not eaten anything for many hours and decided to have some lunch.  Upon completing my lunch, I developed very severe stomach pains.  I thought at first it may have been something that I ate that was not good, but then I realized that the pain started exactly at the time that my wife's procedure commenced.  The pain went on for about an hour and a half and suddenly stopped at what seemed to be the exact moment that my wife's procedure was completed.  My wife emerged from the operating room still asleep but when she woke up, she had a big smile on her face as she explained to me “there was nothing to it.”  She felt no pain at all, no discomfort at all, and even the doctor commented on how well everything went.  Shortly after that I received a phone call from my daughter telling me she was feeling much better and that her contractions had greatly diminished.  The timing of all this was so precise that I had no doubt in my mind that my prayers were answered.  Nobody likes pain; but, when I realized the reason that I was experiencing the pain and the fact that it was serving a good purpose (even one that I had requested), it put a smile on my face.  More importantly, nobody should ever suffer because of my mistakes in life.

Hashem's system is perfect.  It works with precision and it is important to know how, measure for measure, positive actions (and attitude) give positive results, and negative actions (and attitude) give negative results.  Another interesting point is how Hashem’s creation being One (as we say in the Shema), means that everything I do affects you, and everything that you do affects me.

I was not planning to write about this incident until a friend of mine that I’ve known for close to 55 years E-mailed me a message telling me that his 56-year-old brother-in-law passed away.  My friend complained to me that he started to go to synagogue every day and pray for his recovery, but it didn't work.  I wasn't about to tell him in his grief that there is much more to getting your prayers answered than just going to synagogue and talking to Hashem (even though it does help). Prayer is an exact science and is part of a package deal.  In other words it's not just the prayer, but also it is doing everything else that I have been talking about for close to a year.  Doing the mitzvot, repentance, charity, studying Torah, helping other people, etc., etc., etc., is all part of the system to accomplish meaningful prayer.  Effective prayer is very involved and takes years of work to develop it.  It doesn't mean that it won't work when you first start out, but proper words must be accompanied by your good intentions to want to do the will of Hashem.  Hashem sees our future and knows everything that we are going to do, say and even think in advance.  There is no shortcut to getting your prayers answered properly.  As an example, how many times I have heard people say to Hashem "if you do this for me, I will start to go to synagogue every day from now on."  In other words, there are people who try bribery as a means of tricking Hashem into fulfilling their prayers.  What nonsense, since it is our very words and actions that cause the success of prayer, and trickery is not part of the system.  It will probably cause negative results more so than positive results.  I never asked my friend if he started keeping Kosher or became observant of the Shabbos (since I know he still sends me Emails on Shabbos).  Another important action is checking for a good Kosher mezuzah on the doors of the house (in this case the doors of his brother-in-law).

One thing that bothers me about my friend’s recent tragedy is that he never told me anything about his brother-in-law being sick before he passed. I knew his brother-in-law for many years and have even been in contact with him by E-mail.  I feel very bad that I was not given the opportunity to pray for him and even do other things that are very effective in helping the sick, such as studying Torah in his name or reciting Psalms. I have also found that prayer in Israel has an even higher level of holiness causing even greater benefit and success.

For further details and even proof of how effective our words can be, please read my post of 9 April 2012 entitled "Prayer Works."

Final note:  My wife is fully back in her normal, daily activity and my daughter had a boy – Eliyahu Yisroel.  Prayer works. B"H

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Scientists are Still Catching Up – An Additional Observation

In looking at articles in the news and on the web about this discovery of the allusion of the universe, there are some very interesting statements coming out of the scientific community.  With such a proof of order, of design, not chaos, not randomness, scientists are rethinking the idea of a Designer.  There is so much talk about the question “Is this proof of G-d and His creation?” that I am really having a good time – enjoying every article I read.  Hashem works in mysterious ways and these messages being given to the world at this time are so encouraging.  Why?  I have been saying that there are many indications that we are getting close to great changes in the world.  One of the most exciting changes is we are going into “The time of truth.”  What a delightful way for Hashem to put doubt in the minds of the people of this world than to shake up the scientific world with proof of Hashem’s existence.

I would give you some classic quotes that I have seen, but they come from sources that I wish you to avoid, including news sources that are reporting such rhetoric.  Also, watching certain individuals squirm about how this is messing up their minds (although a very enjoyable experience), it could border on Loshan Harah if I gave names (and we don’t want that).  I prefer to keep it general and not embarrass anyone.  

One other area of enjoyment is how atheists have gotten into the debate and how they are being made into mince meat.  There are even discussions by former atheists who are seeing the light and questioning their misguided past.

The more important concept is how Hashem works and sends us profound messages.  The changes to this upside-down world are becoming more obvious every day; this is just one more example.

I talked much about how everything in the universe including every one of us is encoded in the Torah.  The 304,805 letters of the Torah is the genetic code for everything.  Now we can modernize our terminology and add that the Torah is the computerized programming for everything.  We already knew who the Geneticist is, now we know He is also a Programmer Who wrote all the computerized code for the universe and our world.  I love it.  Thank you Hashem.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Scientists are Still Catching Up

I know I wrote just yesterday that I wouldn't be posting too often, but Hashem sent me a message yesterday that was so cute, I just had to tell someone; and, I see that you are available to tell.  You know how I laugh at modern scientific discoveries that we Jews have known about for thousands of years.  Well yesterday it was in the news that “The Universe may be a Computer Simulation.”  In other words, everything around us is only an allusion and so well organized (according to studies of radiation levels, gravitational calculations, etc) that it appears as though it was programmed by some Source – just like we might do today with a computer simulation.  The randomness and chaos of the universe, including this world, is starting to look like a well organized system that was created.  What a shock!  Let’s look at a short video (even though there are many other videos on YouTube available) explaining this phenomenon:

Impressive, huh?  Now let me refer you to my post of 15 May 2012 entitled: What is Real? (click the title to view).

If you read my post, you will know that we see from scriptures that this is not the real world but only an allusion that comes from an Infinite Source of Intelligence.  The fun part is that scientists only discovered this concept in the last century when they suspected that everything around us is a holographic image.  I included a write-up of this idea in “What is Real?” but, you also can Google that subject and see how confused the scientists were and still are.

The more comical aspect is some of their explanations for this allusion.  Things like “advanced aliens came from outer space and were able to create this programming” or “in the future we might be facing extinction so, with the help of time travel, we were able to go back in time and recreate the universe as a computer simulation.  I laugh at the fact that the simplest of explanations is the most rejected: There is a Deity of Infinite Intelligence and Infinite Power Who created the universe and continues to create and run everything.  Why can’t scientists just accept the Absolute Truth that has proof beyond any shadow of a doubt?  One reason is they may be out of work if they acknowledge that all of science with all its proofs is in scriptures.  Another reason is we live in a world of falsehood that separates “church from state,” or in our case “Shul from state” even to the point of providing an education in public schools that is total nonsense.  Teach lies, it is the best way to keep religion at bay and fight this concept of Hashem.  Then we scratch our heads asking “why is this world so messed up?”  Duh.

In all fairness, I should caveat this discussion by mentioning the Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists.  Go to their website to see how truth and science really do go together:

We should never forget that the One Who created the laws of Physics, the laws Chemistry, the laws of Biology and every other scientific discipline, was also the One Who wrote the Torah.

Moshiach is here and will be introduced soon and the world of truth will begin.  Then scientists can become Rabbaim (or Orthodox Jewish Scientists) and start living reality instead of fantasy.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It is All Good News

I have been asked questions recently that I feel need attention.  One question is why I have stopped posting a daily blog post as I did from March until about July with only sporadic posting since the summer.  The answer has nothing to do with running out of topics to cover, but more of a feeling that I have covered what I had set out to and that much of what I am doing now is repetitious.  Since March I have made 148 postings consisting of close to 350 pages of my personal typing (yes, I wrote a book).  About 90% of the topics were original efforts on my part referencing mostly scriptures and thousands of years of commentary.  I have noticed a very interesting trend recently.  I still receive many Emails with questions and even comments about past postings.  I have received over 2000 comments and private Emails but I am noticing that many questions I have received recently were answered on previous postings.  I don’t expect that my readers will remember the information of about 350 pages covered but it lets me know that what people are curious about, I already have mentioned.  It actually makes it easy for me to answer questions when I can just refer people to a previous posting and not having to reinvent the wheel. 

But, I have decided to change my tactic of presentation.  I have recently written about 10 new postings that I decided to field test before posting.  Over the months I have made contact and I am still in contact with many readers on a personal, one-on-one basis.  Using Email, Skype, telephone and even in person, I have had many, many hours of personal interaction.  I tested some of the new topics that I was working on and ran it by some of my readers just to get a flavor for its acceptability.  Why I word it that way is I have many topics to talk about that are way beyond the scope of this blog.  Torah is so deep that there are many topics that I could discuss, that I have much information about, but I personally don’t have comprehension of what I would be discussing.  I have stated several times that Torah and scriptures in general are the most difficult topics in the world, far more difficult than science, civil law, medical topics, etc.  I have found that since my audience ranges from very scholarly to very novice individuals, I try to target individuals who are somewhat uninformed.  Proof is that I have been criticized on very simple subjects, and I can’t even imagine how confusing very deep subjects would be.

The results of my field testing was very similar to when I did Kiruv, outreach work, for decades. Most people are inclined to not check out information using proper sources. I always encouraged people to look it up for themselves and not take my word on any topic. If I give you good information that you've never heard before, it's cute but not necessarily anything that you would internalize yourself. If you look something up and you discover the information by yourself, that is much more dynamic learning. I never had in mind that this blog would be strictly for teaching, but much more to encourage everyone to find a study partner or a study group and get to work. The absolute best learning of scriptures is with books. I very much encourage everyone to turn off their computers and avoid superficial learning that comes from the web. That may sound harsh but it is exactly what I have been experiencing talking to many of my readers. Many nice people who are anxious to learn but have developed a lazy habit of letting the web do their work. The absolute truth can only come from the absolute source and that involves opening the books and working hard.

Another reason for my complacency in wanting to post new information is that I find people not catching on to Hashem's system.  I have said all along that a positive attitude with good habits, measure for measure, brings about positive results. There is so much gloom and doom on the web that I find it very difficult for people to keep up a positive attitude.  The biggest problem is people do not understand Hashem’s messages that are happening in the world today.  We very much misinterpret the news which is, for the most part these days, extremely negative.  We are not seeing the true message that Hashem is trying to tell us.  We are still living in this upside down fantasy world and have much trouble sifting through the minutia of world events.  Above all, our human logic will never give us the truth about the reality of the world – it only confuses us, even depresses us.

One such example that I had written much information about but never posted was the events of 21 December 2012.  I had never seen such a lack of information in the media about what was truly said to happen on that day.  As an example, there is nothing in the Mayan prophecies, Terrence McKenna's Time Wave Zero, biblical prophecies and many other very reliable sources that say that this is "Doomsday, the end of the world."   They all consistently say that this is the end of history as we know it and that the earth will continue anew in a completely different epoch (the details of which are way too complicated to discuss here).  “The end of the world” seemed to be the main topic of many news items and YouTube presentations by charlatans, but it was all based on sensationalism, which is a good moneymaker for the media, but has nothing to do with reality.  The Mayans as an example only said that the particular date was the end of one calendar in the beginning of a new calendar. The rest of their prophecies were involved with astronomical events which took place as they said.  The change in energy levels that the Mayans predicted some people would experience is a personal thing that we have no information about.  If there were individuals who experienced a higher level, good for them.  Most people probably didn't experience anything like that and concluded that the Mayans didn't know what they were talking about.  All misunderstandings.

So far as scriptures are concerned, it is very clear that this world will not end but will continue forever.  What will change is a new time of peace and truth throughout the world – of course, we call it the time of Geula.  We see many signs of that happening and are getting many messages from heaven that we are close. Weather patterns changing, economic changes, political changes, war threats, messages from the facilitated communications individuals and Rabbaim are all messages from Shamayim.  My favorite form of message is observing what I have been doing for decades and that is watching world events mirror Scriptures. All the things that scriptures tell us will happen in the end of days is right on.  The parsha and Haftorah of the week, as an example, recently has been spooky considering how much it seems to be talking about what is happening in the world and what is about to happen.  That source is so profound and so deep that I encourage you, once again, to discover it for yourself.  My telling you about each week’s parsha can never be as meaningful as you discovering it for yourself.  Everything that is happening today in the world, to me, is one of the most profound group of messages Hashem could give us.  The problem is we misinterpret a lot of these messages and the true meaning they convey.
This morning I woke up to news items that were sent to me by one of my favorite followers on this blog.  They were good examples of news that seems very negative, but actually have a very different message – at least to me.
Many people are totally baffled that Obama would have become president four years ago and to our astonishment be reelected.  Even more ironic is the fact that there is a big effort from many sources to impeach Obama.  Why now after so many years of his nonsense and even after his being reelected?  As an example of this: watch this video about a court session due to start next week:

This woman is one of many making an effort to tell the truth about this evil man.  So why is this happening?  The only reason that he became president and was reelected is because Hashem wants him to continue to destroy the US and the world and get all the Jews to do Teshuvah and come home.  If they don’t do it on their own, they do when it gets scary enough.  I have said it before:  “There are no atheists in foxholes” and Hashem is putting everyone who needs it in a foxhole.  Obama is scheduled to visit Israel; but, I don't know if we will see him here since he may be in an impeachment procedure by then (if that is Hashem’s plan).
Then there are many articles about Iran and the nutcase president in charge. His visit to Egypt was a good example of how the media portrayed a new friendship of cooperation between the two countries.  I instead noticed the articles about how Egypt has scolded Mahmoud.  He is a Shiite Muslim and the Brotherhood of Egypt is Sunni.  They hate each other.  There was even an article about how the Syrian opposition wants him out.

Interestingly enough, his own clergy in Iran can't stand him.  I don't think Mahmoud has much of a future.  My prediction is Purim is coming soon and Haman might be eliminated again (Hamanedinajad).  Stay tuned to see Hashem’s plan.

So far as all the nonsense that is in the news about Iran reaching nuclear, I don't believe any of it since I know that Iran has been in the nuclear business since the 1970's (some think since the 1950’s) when the Shah was helped by his friends the Americans.  We also ignore the fact that Iran bought readymade systems (rockets and bombs) in the 1990's when the Soviets disappeared (they gave him a good deal).  Also, Iran (specifically, Rafsanjani, the previous president) bought systems at that time from the Chinese.  About a half a year ago I remember reading that the North Korean nuclear testing was paid for by their customer Iran (over 50 million dollars was the price).  Recently Iran bragged about their missile systems that could reach the US.  It wasn't designed to deliver Shalach Manos.  I also know that Iran has a fleet of nuclear submarines (I believe mostly purchased from the Germans -- the other group of Amalekites).

I would like to add that this interpretation of Hashem’s messages is not just for world events, but is on a personal basis too.  Last week, something happened within my family that appeared to be very traumatic for the near future.  Where I had family members who said that I must do this or that immediately, I answered with “this is just another test from Hashem and if I turn to Him, all will be resolved.”  I had relatives and friends and neighbors telling me I must do things or my family will have much hardship.  When I told them I only had to turn to Hashem and I am not worried – I trust in Him, they were very leery.  Yesterday, I received a phone call that the problem resolved itself and was no longer an issue.  It is amazing how the tests of life can be resolved by just turning to Hashem and trusting His ways.  I know, that is a level of faith that very few people have, but it works.

I could go on and on and on (you know me, a man of many words); but, the overall point is everything is happening because it is Hashem's plan.  Geula is much closer than we think.  Some think by Pesach; one very interesting source thinks at the end of the nine months -- the birth that started Tisha B'Av last year.  I, however, am seeing signs that it could be even sooner.  We continue to watch, but we know that Moshiach is here, working very diligently to bring about the Geula (carrying out Hashem's plan).  It is all good news even though when you read it in the media it comes out like a horror story.  The media makes money and sensationalism is their tool.  Good news doesn't make money for them and usually isn't believed anyway.  I still believe all Jews will be living in Israel sooner than they think.

I am frequently asked: when do I think events are going to happen?  The war and the end of all war, the increase in natural disasters, the eradication of evil, Moshiach ben Yosef being introduced, Moshiach ben Dovid being introduced, Geula for everyone (not just selected few), all Jews returning to Israel (including the 10 lost tribes), the Third Temple, the resurrection of the dead and anything else that the end of days will bring, including the biggest one of all, Hashem no longer being allusive to us.  The last one means we will no longer have a free will since all the people of the world (remember only the righteous will remain) totally will be aware of Hashem and only want to serve Him.  The answers that I have been giving are: soon, in the near future, almost there, near-term, before you know it, etc.  And I can tell you almost nobody is happy with these answers since they usually ask:  “Can you be more specific?”

My conclusion to all this, in an effort for all of us to come closer to reality, is get off of the web and start hitting the books with great effort.  Torah is so sweet that is becomes addictive and very enjoyable.  A study partner or a study group is the best; but, if nothing is available, don't be lazy – get involved.  When you look at world events, try to interpret what message Hashem is telling us, rather than what the leaders of the world are trying to accomplish. All the leaders of the world today are as ineffective as possible which is exactly what Hashem wants.  When Moshiach is introduced, we will see the truth of it all.  I know I repeat myself, I know I repeat myself, but let us continue our effort of doing repentance, doing the mitzvot, giving charity, studying scriptures and helping all people that are less fortunate and who need our help.  Doing Hashem’s will is the only way to proceed into the future with success and happiness.  Hashem is scaring all Jews to repent and come home; and, it is working, of course.  It is the reason the world is getting scarier every day.  It's the same message that I have said numerous times since March.  If you haven't caught on by now, my continued postings would be meaningless. Positive effort will bring positive results. It's your future and the future of your loved ones that is at stake.

One additional note: I am still available to talk about personal issues or answer questions.  The best is to privately Email me at