Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Why is Yerushalayim mentioned 667 times in Nach, but not once in Torah?

A very interesting video from Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Let’s Get Real

I have been getting Emails asking me my evaluation of several events happening. Since I work hard to live in the real world and observe the plan of Hashem in bringing about the worldwide redemption, the present upside-down fantasy world is of very little interest to me. The only concern that I have is how Hashem is using the craziness of the world to bring about the welcome change.

I have been asked about the visit of President Trump to Israel and what it means for our near future. Since the world likes to treat Israel as the 51 state of the US, Prime Minister Trump like his predecessor PM Obumer, leave me with absolutely no interest in the politics of the day, nor his visit.

Trump is being treated as a savior, one who is going to help the US of Magog get back to greatness; and, many believe that he will also help Israel solve all its problems. The reality is that the global elite are waging a war against this great leader and getting much support from the ignoramuses of the US in trying to eliminate him. There was a recent survey in the US that showed that 48% of Americans (actually mostly liberals; there are no Americans any more) favor a Trump impeachment. There are big plans to start a massive and possibly violent protest event nationwide to oust Trump. The hope of the global elite is that it leads to civil war and to many deaths in the US, while the evil elite hide in their underground fortresses. You may think that the protests will probably not happen; well it is already organized to begin 2 July. The institution of Marshal Law is very likely and the filling up of the FEMA death camps is also very likely. It is all part of the plan of the Gog Bush cabal with the help of the Clintons, Obumer and many other New World Order advocates.

Is this the man, the Donald that I look to for help with Israel? Chas v’shalom. He is too busy planning his war with Iran and North Korea and fighting off his war in the US against the global elite. He really doesn’t have the time to help Israel, especially since the world hates Israel – it is not a popular place to help.

To let you know how much people are out of touch with reality, I have been asked by several of my readers: Do I really think that Israel has a better government than any other country, especially comparing Israel to the US of Magog? I know that there are Rabbis in the US who have been asking the same question. Why run to Israel when the government is just as corrupt as the US?

Jews like to answer a question with a question. Did I come to Israel because the government is better? Let’s get real; I didn’t move to the State of Israel, I moved to Eretz Yisroel, you know the eternal homeland Hashem gave us in the Bible. The State of Israel is a fantasy, it really doesn't even exist. It is a test from Hashem to see who wants to live in Eretz Yisroel with Hashem and Moshiach, and who wants Israel just to be another secular country. It is amazing that when one ignores the government here, it really disappears.

This place is completely different from any place in the world. Money is provided for Yeshivahs, Seminaries, Synagogues, etc. Yet, if one evaluates the situation, one realizes it is all from Hashem. Those who battle the government come up short. Those who ignore the government know only Hashem as the provider.

Examples: I live in a city that the main industry is Torah study. I pay taxes to the city, knowing that much of my tax money goes to support Kollelim (Torah study groups). The mayor and his staff are for the most part Rabbis and Rebbetzins. I have been in Israel 14 years and I have not paid one shekel in tax to the State of Israel. Hashem arranged it that retirement pay is not taxable here, unlike all the other countries in the world. I am not required to pay any tax to the state since my entire income is from retirement allowances. Yet, without ever working in Israel, I receive thousands of shekels a month in stipend. In the US the retirement money I get is money that I put in over the decades that I worked. They only are giving me back my own money.

Israel also has the best health care in the world -- no problem finding a good Jewish doctor. Yet, it is the least expensive care I have ever experienced (I have lived on three continents in my life). The cost of living is great in Israel. I make much less than I did in the US with my wife and I working full time. Yet on retirement pay I am helping to support three families, helping other families as well and contributing to Kollelim every month. I could not have done this in the US or when we lived in Europe (even with full military benefits).

Does everyone have that same good fortune in Israel? No! Those who are living in the upside-down fantasy world, like all the countries outside of Eretz Yisroel, are experiencing the fantasy problems. Those who follow Hashem completely feel like the redemption is already here -- life is tremendous with a minimal of testing and problems. Yes, they still exist, but it is measure for measure according to our needs.

This entire world is an illusion. What life is like is completely dependent on what Hashem gives us as individuals. The truly observant are without many problems; the secular are in trouble and getting much worse. How observant anyone is, only Hashem knows since He is the One to give us, measure for measure, what we deserve. All else is folly.

If you don't believe what I am saying, which is the system that Hashem has on planet Earth, then you are living the upside-down fantasy version of the world. It is time to get real and understand how this world works. Everything that is happening in the world, be it weather, earth upheaval, political mayhem, criminal activity, social problems, economic problems, health problems, etc, etc, etc, are all from Hashem. He is telling all the Jews that there is no salvation outside of Eretz Yisroel, and that the illusion of a Trump or any other puppet of Hashem is not there to help, but to scare us into doing the right thing – TO COME HOME, NOT TO THE STATE OF ISRAEL, BUT TO ERETZ YISROEL!!!!!

This Friday is Rosh Chodesh Sivan. We say the prayer of Hallel on Rosh Chodesh and also next week as we celebrate the holiday of Shavuos. Hallel has prophecy in it, but it contains very important messages from Hashem:
From the narrowness (of distress) called [to] Hashem, He answered me with the breadth of Divine relief. Hashem is with me, I will not fear, what can man do to me? Hashem is with me, to help me, and I will see my enemies’ (defeat). It is better to take refuge in Hashem than to trust in man. It is better to take refuge in Hashem than to trust in nobles. All nations surround me; in Hashem’s Name, I cut them down. They surrounded me, they surround me; in Hashem’s Name, I cut them down. They surrounded me like bees, [but] they were extinguished like a thorn fire; in Hashem’s Name, I cut them down. You pushed me again and again to fall, but Hashem helped me. The strength and retribution of Hashem was (the cause of) my deliverance.
What is the most important message to take from these verses in Hallel? There is no person, no noble, no president, no prime minister, no one to help us but Hashem; He is our only salvation. Why do the verses repeat “how the nations surround me and how I cut them down” three times? It is a prophecy for the three battles of Gog and Magog. Whatever war happens; whatever enemy that wants to eliminate us, only turning to Hashem is the answer, not Trump, not Netanyahu, no one, only Hashem!!!

I have mentioned that the leaders of today and the governments that they represent are as inefficient as can be, and that it is on purpose. Hashem is bringing us to the realization that Hashem running the world with His servant the King Moshiach is the only viable leadership possibility. Those of us who see it very clearly can easily look away from the current world madness and very much increase our craving for Hashem’s world of goodness; the world of truth. That is the only solution; that is the true message from Hashem. Get real and thoroughly enjoy it.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Jerusalem: What's in a Name?

by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva

The phrase "Yom Yerushalayim" is first mentioned in Psalms 137, verse 7, 3 thousand years before the Six Day War. Where does the name Yerushalayim come from? The answer is given by Tosfot in Taanit 16, who state that the name Yerushalayim is a combination of two words, one uttered by Avraham at the Akeida (Bereishis 22), "Har Hashem Yeira'eh," which means "The mountain where Hashem will be seen," and the city was already called Shalem, peace, by Malkitzedek (Bereishis 14).

Thus, the city of Yerushalayim combines the two names, given by these great people, Avraham and Malkitzedek - "Yeira'eh" and "Shalem." Tosfot also explain that the reason that there is a YUD between the LAMED and the MEM in the word Yerushalayim is that we focus on the name, Shalem, which means peace and has no YUD.

In fact, of about 650 occurrences of the name Yerushalayim, only three times do we find that second YUD.

The question now arises why we pronounce the word Yerushalayim with a YUD when the vast majority of times it is written without the second YUD? The answer is that the PATACH-YUD-MEM ending in Hebrew makes the word dual, plural, for example, OZNAYIM (two ears), RAGLAYIM (two legs), YADAYIM (two hands). The above question is answered by the Talmud which explains that there are two Jerusalems, a heavenly one which is situated directly above the earthly Jerusalem. Just as the heavenly Jerusalem is Hashem's eternal capital, so is the earthly Jerusalem, Israel's eternal capital, despite the objections of the U.S. State Department and UNESCO.

Sh'muel Bet 5 states that Jerusalem was Israel's DC, DAVID'S CAPITAL, three thousand years before Washington, DC was the capital of the USA. Jerusalem will remain Israel's eternal, undivided DC capital despite the objections of our so-called "peace partners" and the United Nations.

This was sent to me, and I thought I would pass it on to my readers:
All days are from Hashem; all days are to help us.  Make the best of everyday.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Why Jerusalem's Name will Change when Moshiach Comes

Another excellent talk by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva:

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Behar/Bechukotai, 18 Iyar 5777 (5/14/2017)

Father in heaven creator of the world, creates stars, creates the earth, the human beings, the animals and the beasts, the fish and the birds. Planet Earth belongs to the Holy One, Blessed be He, like all the stars. He puts on it humans and chose the Holy Land and the Jewish people to be His people, for the glory of the Land of Israel and the glory of the world. As the Creator of the World chooses messengers, to administer the world and repair it, so he chose the Jews in the Holy Land and sent them to repair the entire world, to influence and help bring this world to redemption and uphold the Commandments. They agree, it will be in this generation, in the near future and it is also at work now.

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, does and takes care of what is in his heart and what bothers him; on the outside he speaks one thing and in his heart there is something else. He talks and talks and does what is right. He discovered and knows that Abu Mazen is not clean and was flowing with him up to the door. Trump is smart and shrewd and wants to fix the distortion. If he was not smart and shrewd, he would not have become the president of the United States. All the clowns think he does not know what to decide – let them go to first grade again, he knows very well what to decide. He is a very serious man, giving a blow ahead of time. He is coming to Israel because he appreciates the Jews in the Land of Israel and knows that they are strong, courageous and believing in the Holy One, Blessed be He, wise men of all people on earth, stubborn and steadfast, not afraid of anyone and the Holy One, Blessed be He is with them. Trump has already decided everything in advance; he is only deceiving the world in order to lower the expectations of lovers and haters. The Israeli government must not fear Trump; there is nothing to be excited about. You only have to insist on the rights of the State of Israel, the Holy Land - Israel exists from the beginning of the world.

The Holy One, Blessed be He, gave the Holy Land to the Jews and they don’t have to give up any piece of the Land of Israel! Just as a person will not allow anyone to take a hand or a leg off his body. Government of Israel: do not to give up any piece of land – you will have help from Heaven. It is said from heaven: "Whoever wants peace does not ask for parts of the Holy Land."

Abu Mazen thought he was working on Trump and that he believed him. After a very short time, Trump knew who he was dealing with, but in the meantime he wanted him to be quiet for when he will come to the Land of Israel

The Jews in the Land of Israel and the Government must give strong backing to the soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces. Do not listen to anyone who slanders the IDF, the IDF does holy work, and every soldier in the IDF does a holy job. The IDF soldiers are righteous and we must not speak a single word about them. Thanks to them we learn Torah, pray, eat and make a living. Thanks to the Israel Defense Forces, the Holy Land is protected, the Holy Land is more important to the Creator than any other place on earth. The Holy One, Blessed be He, has given every Jew his destiny in the world and everyone must be pleased with his profession and his job. Anyone who is happy with his destiny and job will have the blessing of Heaven. So he fulfills the Commandments at maximum.

Dear Jews, wise and intelligent, scientists and scholars more than any people in the world: why are you so involved with matters of substance, matters of vanity and pride? The Creator asks you to be concerned with the fear of Heaven, for purity and holiness, for observing mitzvot and prayers, learning Torah and observing the Commandments. For this you must have desires, says the Holy One, Blessed be He, not for honor, money, property and the lust of the world.

In the Holy Land of Israel nothing is missing, it is protected and preserved; the Messiah is within and the Creator of the world protects the Holy Land from Heaven! Anyone with eyes in his head sees the great success of the Jews in the Land of Israel. Israel has an abundance of everything like no other country in the world.

Dear Jews, keep buying homes in Israel, to grow and develop it. Many millions of Jews are coming to Israel and it is better to buy and occupy houses now than to stay without homes in the future. Do not wait for the Israeli government, to find out what will and what will not be.

The evil inclination is very disturbing to the human body of the Jews, it must be overcome, to study Torah and to connect with the Messiah and redemption.

The plans of most non-Jews in Israel are to accumulate weapons and ammunition; nothing will help them; they will all be discovered. Many from the minorities are caught.

Turkey is very complicated. Erdogan speaks and whoever hears him thinks that Turkey is all right - this is his scream and cry. His heart says: 'Save me, save me, I sink deeply.' He is eliminating the leaders and nothing will help him; Turkey will be a mess.

In all European countries there will be no peace and no calm and no sleep at night; millions of Muslims will conquer Europe.

Jews living outside the Land of Israel – Immigrate now to the Land of Israel! Abroad you have no value and no respect; they trample your values and honor.

Iran will go up in flames; Iran will go up in flames! It just had to open its mouth – it will go up in flames. The Holy One, blessed be He, warns that they will not touch Israel. If you touch, I will burn you one by one, house by house! This warning is for every country in the world.

Putin loves the Jews, their wisdom and understanding. He very much appreciates the survival and courage of the Jews who were always persecuted, and he loves the Jews. He is doing his job properly, and selling arms and ammunition to help Russia.

Syria will continue to rot and be destroyed from the face of the earth as they eat each other.

Iraq will continue to rot from the face of the earth.

Jordan, the refugees trample and eat it; soon there will be an explosion amongst them for control.

Abu Mazen is waiting and Hamas is waiting - what will happen? Once they were waiting for Obama, now they are waiting for Trump. The Holy One, blessed be He, says: "Keep barking, and then enter the kennel forever."

Lebanon wants peace.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah, his people and his army want to revolute against him.

In Egypt there are serious internal wars between themselves. There is a lot of ISIS, Hamas and radical Muslims fighting in the Sinai and for Sisi there is no peace. Suddenly a revolution may erupt in Egypt.

France, the newly elected president hates Jews. It is better for the Jews to flee from there, before he imposes heavy taxes, like Pharaoh in Egypt.

The United Nations, UNESCO, Germany, Italy, France, who are talking hard against Israel - Father in Heaven will give them very hard blows.

Natural disasters, fire, water and soil, floods and earthquakes, will continue to hit the planet. Gog and Magog is outside the Land of Israel. This chaos is outside the Land of Israel. Any country, state, prime minister or president who wishes to disturb the Land of Israel will receive a most severe blow directly from the Creator of the world. Israel is more protected than any place in the world.

All the righteous who died in the Diaspora, the very essence of their spirit comes after a year to the Cave of the Patriarchs. So dear Jews, wake up! The righteous are in the Land of Israel! There is no lack of righteous people in the Land of Israel. It's a shame that people go to look for them abroad.

Jewish parents, keep children from assimilation, drugs, alcohol and gambling.

The Sudanese and Eritrean infiltrators in Tel Aviv and throughout the country must be returned legally to their countries - they are gaining a lot of strength.

Lag Ba'Omer comes with joy and places unity and peace on all, religious and not religious.

From the power of the primordial serpent only the head remains, his whole body is destroyed and dysfunctional, only his eyes see. He has only one more thing to see - the face of Messiah, and to die for ever!

The Messiah works and acts, helps and protects the Holy Land and its Jews. The Messiah is in a nest of a bird, as in a gold cage. When the time of revelation will come, he will emerge from the golden cage and will purify the multitude. Whoever believes in the Holy One, blessed be He, knows exactly who the Messiah is. The Messiah is a man of G-d, a simple and ordinary man, and on him the arm of G-d is revealed! The Yehida is connected to the Messiah 24 hours a day, yes, for twenty-four hours! Whether working, acting, eating, sleeping or resting - the Yehidah is working!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri" Website