Monday, May 29, 2017

Nibiru Update???

I have been working on an update for Nibiru for weeks and have come to a conclusion: when and exactly what will happen is Top Secret. I am not talking top secret by the government or the evil global elite, I am referring to the end of Daniel where we are told that the time of the end is sealed until Hashem lets us know.

I have mentioned many times that the Star of Jacob (Numbers 24:17) is Nibiru and is telling us that when it appears, it will be the time for Moshiach. In keeping with Hashem’s policy of Top Secret: when will we know for sure that Nibiru is about to be overhead (when is Moshiach about to be introduced?), WHEN HASHEM SENDS US ELIYAHU HANAVI TO ANNOUNCE IT (about three days in advance).

What has convinced me of this being Hashem’s plan? I have been noticing great changes on planet Earth, our moon and our sun. There have been some very intriguing reports that this is all from Nibiru getting closer. There have been many interesting videos on some of the amateur YouTube sites with unexplainable pictures of orbs being seen around the world and appearing to get bigger. Very few of the YouTubers seem to know what they are presenting. The fact that no one agrees with anyone else and that predictions are varied enough to give us confidence in no one’s predictions, all point to Hashem having a good time with the people of planet Earth.

Even though there is much disagreement, I believe that everyone is saying the same thing: there are heavenly bodies that are approaching Earth, getting closer, and are going to cause great devastation worldwide. When we see some call it a planet, some call it a sun, some call it a solar system, etc, we can rest assure that nobody has a clue about what is coming and when. Many are saying that they are very close already with all kinds of pictures to back it up – even though they have no idea what the pictures are showing.

Then I received the educated opinion of a new friend of mine. On April 21st I was privileged to have a visit in my home from Mr Gill Broussard. He is the amateur astronomer who started us thinking about Nibiru over a year ago. He based much of his findings on ancient text and compared much of what was brought down with the Tenach. We talked for over three hours within which I became very impressed with his knowledge of astronomy and found him to be a very pleasant individual. We found that we complimented each other since my education of astronomy is limited and his education of the Laws of Physics and mathematics was enhanced by my years of study. Here is a picture commemorating his visit:

Although we agreed on many things and respectively disagreed with other topics, we definitely came to a conclusion that Hashem is running the show, and is the only One Who knows the truth.

After I spent weeks of reviewing the photos and videos from around the world, I got in touch with Mr Broussard to tell him my findings. We talked for over an hour on Skype (he is back in the states). He pointed out one big flaw in my findings that changed me from wearing a confident smile to scratching my head in disbelief. He said: if these orbs are as close as the pictures seem to show, then the devastating effects of gravity, magnetism, radiation, etc would not allow us to have the Skype call we were on. When all this devastation occurs and is within days, as some of the reports are alluding to, the Earth would be so chaotic including all communications and internet facilities. He was correct and it sent me back to the drawing board. I thought I had a good report to pass on to my readers, but now I was back to complete scientific confusion.

But, instead of thinking that I took about ten steps forward and then retreated back to the starting line again, I remembered the spiritual answer and was back to sleeping well at nights. Hashem causing all the confusion is obvious. His ways of keeping all this Top Secret couldn’t be any clearer. The fact that a Binyamin told us a while ago that Hashem is showing Nibiru to whom He wants, where He wants and it is all illusion. That couldn’t be truer.

But my final thought in telling my readers the conclusions has a very definite additional message from Hashem: WE ARE THE ONES CAUSING THE DELAY. Hashem told us last year that we were not ready, and not doing enough Teshuvah, Tefillah, Tzedukah, Torah learning, helping others, the commandments, etc. This also has become very clear.

I have many readers who scream: “We want Moshiach NOW!!!” But are they listening to Hashem’s messages that we need more work? Most people are convinced that Moshiach and the worldwide redemption will make all their problems vanish. No more medical, financial, family, social, political, etc problems; they will all go away. Those who think that way are correct, but they are also greatly deceived. By doing Hashem’s instructions now, the problems could be eliminated, but with an even greater benefit: the final Tikun, the final spiritual level that we would enter the time of goodness and truth would be so much better.

Our problems of this world are nothing more than Hashem sending us messages on Teshuvah that is needed. If we don’t take advantage of it, we are going to regret it greatly later. The disappearing of life’s problems sounds great, but entering the time of Moshiach at a much higher level is our goal. Our level of Tikun should be our top priority. Hashem is mercifully letting us know this important concept by delaying Moshiach and the worldwide redemption. You may think that it would mean that we never will reach our goal and never have the time of goodness, chas v’shalom.

The easy answer is Hashem knows who will improve and who are lost causes. Hashem knows exactly when the most opportune time for the end is, and His many signs are letting us know it is soon. But the many signs are not to let us feel confident that we just need to wait and all will be great. The intelligent person sees it as opportunity to do great things, to grow further and to go into the wonderful future in a much better, much higher level of spiritually.

Please, be in the intelligent group who will cease the extra time, no matter how short it may be, to thrive to new heights. Don’t wait and be very disappointed with what we could have had, but threw it away because of impatience. Solve your problems now and grow into a much more tremendous future for you and your loved ones. Let Hashem’s messages be meaningful.

When He tells us it is time to come home to Israel, He is not making a casual suggestion, He is warning us of the obvious devastation He has planned rid the world of evil. He did this before many times in history, but we ignored Him and said we know better. I always talk of Germany in the 1930’s, because I have interviewed many Holocaust survivors who wish they had listened to Hashem’s messages then. People who see the situation in the world much worse now than in Nazi Germany (I could write a book about it). We don’t learn from history so we repeat it.

Let the day of Nibiru’s passing and Moshiach’s introduction be a day of great celebration, not a day of remorse when we discover how much better it could have been. Now is the time. Hashem’s mercy is infinite; take advantage of it.

Caveat: I am very sorry to be so harsh with my rhetoric, but saving peoples’ lives and helping them avoid a less than perfect future is the hardest job I have ever had. My love for my fellow Jew and righteous non-Jew is very deep. Getting people to love themselves as much is the hard part.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Why was the Torah NOT given in Jerusalem?

by Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva

Yeshayahu Chapter 2 states: "The Torah shall go out from Zion, and the word of G-d from Jerusalem." So would it not be logical for Hashem to give us the Torah in Jerusalem, our eternal, united Holy City?

Thus, why did Hashem give the Torah in the Sinai Desert rather than in the Holy Land? The Talmud explains that G-d wanted to demonstrate that the Torah didn't belong to one nation alone or even to one country. The Jewish People are commanded to observe the 613 mitzvot, while the non-Jewish nations are commanded to observe the 7 Noachide mitzvot. For the UN and the EU Hashem G-d says, Keep the Seven and go to Heaven. So therefore the Torah was given in a desert, which is an ownerless place. The Torah was not given in the Land of Israel for that would have meant that it was to be uniquely for the HOLY LAND and the Jewish People.

The Torah was given in a space and place, accessible to all humanity. The purpose of The Revelation at Sinai was to turn a world without Torah, which by definition is a barren desert, into a blooming and productive place for human existence.

Yitro, Moshe's father-in-law, is the name of the Parshah in which we read the account of the most important event in Jewish and World history, the Giving of the Torah. It is remarkable that this Parshah has as its title, the name of someone who was not even born a Jew. Yitro was a pagan idol worshiper, but only later in life abandoned his paganism and recognized the One, True G-d.

Why was Yitro chosen to have the Parshah of MATAN TORAH named after him? It is because he is the greatest illustration of what the Torah is meant to accomplish. The Torah's goal is to transform idolaters into believers and pagans into the worshipers of the One True G-d. Judaism is not a restrictive club for born Jews only. Any non-Jew who sincerely desires to embrace Torah true Judaism is welcome.

When the Jewish People stood at Mount Sinai and were prepared to accept the Torah, Hashem defined our mission by telling us, "Therefore if you will listen to My voice and keep My covenant, then you shall be My own, special treasure from among all nations, for all the Earth is Mine, and you shall be to Me a Kingdom of Kohanim and a Holy Nation" (Sh'mot 19).

Yehuda HaLevi wonders about the phrase "a Kingdom of Kohanim“. Surely the Jewish People will not all be kohanim. The l2 tribes were divided into Kohanim, Leviyim, and Israelites. Most Jews are simply Israelites. Why does Hashem say that the Jewish People in its entirety will become a "Kingdom of Kohanim"?

Yehuda HaLevi answers that just as the Kohanim were to be the teachers and leaders for the rest of the Jewish People, so too the Jews have to become the leaders and teachers of the rest of the world. That is the meaning of "... You shall be My own special treasure from among all nations..." (Sh‘mot 19).

We are to be the Kohanim, who will insure that all nations eventually will acknowledge the One True G-d. That's why Hashem says "...for all the earth is Mine" (Ibid.).

We Jews perform our G-d-given task in two ways - Judaism for Jews and those who want to sincerely convert to Judaism and the Torah's 7 Noachide Laws for the gentiles.

This Divine Plan is used by the Talmud to explain why Jews throughout history have been exiled around the globe. The Talmud offers the rationale that the punishment of our exile may have a totally different purpose. "G-d did not exile Israel among the nations but only so converts might join them, as is written, ‘And I, (Hashem), will plant her for Me in the land‘... (Hoshei‘a 2:25). "Surely a man plants a SE'AH [a biblical measure] in order to harvest many KOR" [an even greater measure]. (Pesachim 87b).

Our mission as Jews is to spread the knowledge of the One True G-d, as the prophet Yeshayahu says, "We are to be a light unto the nations."

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Current Events in the Haftorah - Parshat BeMidbar

Another very interesting video from Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva:

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Bamidbar, 25 Iyar 5777 (5/21/2017)

The King of kings, the Holy One, blessed be He, leads and directs all the leaders, prime ministers and presidents of the world, in the best way possible. The heart of a king in the hand of Hashem, holding them and directing them on the road to a world of free love and peace, even though people see that everything in the world is confused and distorted and that the whole world is in chaos. The purpose of the Creator is to lead the whole world to the love of the Land of Israel and to the love of the Jews of Israel, who live in the Holy Land. His goal is to bring all the Jews of the world to immigrate to the Land of Israel, to lead them from the Diaspora to redemption in the land of Israel, to crown the King Messiah. Then the Creator of the world will reign over all the world in His honor!

All the countries of the world are in terrible confusion, natural disasters of fire, water and earth, hard winds, earthquakes are all over and the world feels that there is no stability on earth. Everything is upside-down, chaos, Gog and Magog, all are frightened and afraid. Each country threatens with nuclear war with the other and does not know what the day will bring, and in the Holy Land of Israel - everything is good! All countries, states and leaders, who want to disturb and harm the Holy Land, the Creator will break them up and destroys their lives. There will be no Third World War and there will be no nuclear war the world, because in each country which has nuclear bomb there are spies of other countries. Before a state decides to send a nuclear bomb, it would be hit by one itself.

The Jews in the Diaspora are afraid, the anti-Semites hate them. They search and expel them, and the Jews take off their skullcaps, hide and disguise themselves so that they will not be recognized as Jews. The Creator says to them: “How long will you be stubborn and not understand? What is it; you did not understand yet that the exile was over? Have not you yet understood that I am the Holy One, Blessed be He, in the Holy Land of Israel, Who protects and guards? Did you not understand that your father and mother are the Land of Israel? What are you waiting for? There is everything in the Land of Israel, everything that a human heart desires – it all exists is in the Land of Israel: Jews walking with their heads high and with complete confidence. There is the best livelihood, mutual help, best medicine, spiritual life, protection and preservation of all the Holy Land and we will do our best to protect ourselves. And you will be very careful and protect yourselves." The Holy One, Blessed be He, says to the Jews: 'Follow my laws, observe the Commandments and listen to me – you will be protected and guarded and blessed from Heaven!' A Jew must make an effort, because the choice is in the hands of man.

The infiltrators, the Sudanese and the Eritreans in the Land of Israel, must be returned urgently to their country. They came with severe physical illness, severe mental illness, without vaccinations, and people contracted serious illnesses that could not be solved. Any non-Jewish worker who came from abroad should undergo general blood tests from A to Z.

Russia, Putin wants to see the Jews in the Land of Israel, he appreciates them, and is proud and happy with Jews in the Land of Israel.

United States, Trump is directed by the Creator. With Hashem's help he will come to Israel, look, see, listen and think about what to do. He is very careful about his speech because he does not want to upset the Arabs around him. When he returns to the United States, he will act and do what is necessary because he is directed by the Creator of the world - the heart of the king in the hand of Hashem.

Europe is full of Muslim infiltrators who want to turn it into a Muslim continent; they want to rule over Christians. They hate the Christians a hundred times more than the Jews.

Syria will continue to be wiped out, nothing will help it, there is no solution – this is Hashem's hand. A few years ago, Syria, together with Hezbollah, planned with the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, Iran and Iraq to send chemical missiles to Israel on Yom Kippur after the Tzuk Eitan war. The Creator had surprised them two years before and destroyed Syria, both because they wanted to destroy the Land of Israel and also, in the Yom Kippur War, they had inflicted great cruelty upon the IDF soldiers unprecedented since the beginning of the world. Now they are paying! Who intervenes and asks 'why?' – he who fights against the Creator is in danger.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah have no brains and no strength. Every time he 'squeaks' and runs off to the bunker. There is a mess within the Hezbollah.

Meanwhile, Hamas is quiet, this quiet is shrewdness. They want to see what Trump will say, what's happening in the world. They wait, arm themselves and dig tunnels as usual.

In the West Bank, Abu Mazen gives orders to kill with knives and to throw stones, in order to publicize how distressed and miserable they are. He wants to draw fire in the media and continue with the slyness and evil; nothing will help him.

Jordan, the king is waiting; he wants part of the Holy Land of Israel in order to put all the Hamas, the Palestinians and the refugees there, so there will be there a big mess.

Turkey, Erdogan is in distress. He shouts and screams as if he hates Israel, but inside his heart he wants help and to be saved from ISIS and the rebels who want to kill him.

Iraq is a ghost land, killing each other nonstop; it is part of their profession.

In Egypt there is a heavy hunger for bread. There is ISIS and Hamas in the Sinai desert fighting among themselves because of the smuggling of hundreds of millions; Sisi is in confusion and fear that they will kill him, and tens of millions of Egyptians have no livelihood and food.

Iran is afraid, they will not do anything against Israel, because they know that before a rocket hits Israel - all atomic plants will explode in Iran and there will be no trace of a person in Iran.

The Israel Defense Forces is the best army in the world, because they have help from the Holy One, blessed be He.

All the thieves, fraudsters, people lecherous and bribe-takers, the smaller to the largest are revealed. Whoever stops and does teshuvah will be pardoned from heaven.

Parents, explain to your child that they must not assimilate with the gentiles. You have to explain to them what a Jew is and what Judaism is, explaining that in assimilation there is no soul for the Jew - the soul leaves. The Messiah is here, working and acting, troubled and suffering because of the assimilation, the confusion of the daughters of Israel with the gentiles. The Holy One, blessed be He, commands every leader and Rabbi in Israel to speak about assimilation, how painful it is to the Creator of the Universe! How disastrous it is to the Jewish people! With all the hardships that the Jews have undergone, they continue to walk with their heads high.

There is no decline; there is a rise and it will continue to the end. Heaven does not favor someone who laughs and mocks redemption and the Messiah; it is just as if he laughs at the Holy One, Blessed is He, Heaven does not favor such a person.

The Holy One, Blessed is He, prepares the Messiah King on earth and in Heaven, step by step; so the Messiah will be revealed gradually. Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai and Elazar his son, and the righteous, are waiting for the longed-awaited day of the Jews in the Land of Israel! The Holy One, blessed be He, is giving signs to the Messiah slowly, and also to the people, so that they will not panic. The two souls of King Messiah act as twins. The Messiah above is with Leah and taught by the Holy One, Blessed is He, and the Messiah below teaches the people of Israel until the time comes for wholeness between heaven and earth. There is no return, no delay, everything continues according to the instruction of the Creator, until the coronation of the King Messiah.

Courtesy of "Tair Neri" Website

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Why is Yerushalayim mentioned 667 times in Nach, but not once in Torah?

A very interesting video from Rabbi Ephraim Sprecher, Dean of Students, Diaspora Yeshiva.