Monday, August 31, 2015

How can we say Israel is so safe?

You may have seen an article last week entitled: Message From the Next World Comes to Israeli Mystical Rabbi, Warns of Imminent War.  He talks about a war that thousands could die in Israel.  I received this article from several of my readers including a question:   How can we say Israel is so safe?

I thought I would post my answer (with a little embellishment).
Let me tell you about the mysterious ways of Hashem.  You are probably familiar with the Gulf War statistics that 39 scuds hit Israel.  There were thousands of buildings destroyed, a tremendous amount of damage and yet only one death.  The death was a Jew-hater -- the message was clear.  One scud on the other hand hit a US Army barracks in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 29 soldiers were killed.  One other interesting statistic: during the week of the Gulf War all the roads in Israel were closed.  Since there were no deaths on the highways that week, that week was the safest time to be in Israel since 1948, the best statistics, only one death of an evil person.  The safest week in our history was during a major war.  Only in Israel!!!  Here is my favorite picture taken in Israel during the Gulf War:
 A Scud missile hit a house and completely collapsed the structure.  The frame fell in such a way that the family inside walked out of the rubble without a scratch.  Only in Israel!!!  There are many, many stories like this.

We have had over 15,000 rockets and mortars that have come out of Gaza.  The damage has been extremely low, as well as very few casualties.  I am not saying that all Israelis are deserving of Hashem's protection, in fact if you go by measure for measure statistics, many more Israelis have been protected than perhaps should have been (not my judgement -- Hashem's).

1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, 1982, 1991, 2006, 2008, 2010, etc, etc, etc were all totally miraculous and even totally impossible.  The 1948 war of independence was Israel, with no army, no armament, no provisions at all (the Jew-hating countries of the world made sure of it) against 4 mighty Arab armies, and Israel won?  It was so impossible, that West Point will never talk about it as a learning experience for their cadets.  There is no strategy to be learned when you have Hashem fighting for you, except that faith in Hashem and good prayer works.  It only happens in Israel!!!

I remember in 2006 when the war was occurring in Southern Lebanon and the rockets were coming out of Lebanon and Syria.  My daughter lived in Tzfat, just below the Lebanese border.  Her Rabbi, a great Mekubal, told his congregation not to worry that no rocket will land in their very observant neighborhood.  My daughter and her neighbors went outside and watched the rockets go by, and sure enough not one hit her neighborhood.  Even more ironic was how many rockets landed in Arab towns.  The casualty rate in Arab towns is always higher even if it is for propaganda purposes (they still blame it on the Jews).

I have so many stories about how Israel is so different from the rest of the world, but I will avoid writing another book here and just summarize with: "Israel is by far the safest place in the world for a Jew!!!!"  I saw a statement recently that a Jew who is not observant and not following Hashem's ways is safer in Israel than an observant Jew outside of Israel.  When Hashem is sending us many messages that He wants us to come home and that it will get worse for a Jew who remains outside of Israel, we should definitely believe Him with complete faith and trust.

If a Rabbi tells us to prepare for conflict, he is really saying to do more Teshuvah, more Tefillah, more Tzedukah, more Limud HaTorah, more Ahavas Yisroel.  Why?  Because every Jew will measure for measure receive what he or she needs to reach Tikun.  There is nothing random in this world and the messages from a Rabbi are messages from Hashem.  You want My protection?  Do the right thing and follow My ways.  The more you do, the more protected you will be – the less correction you will need.  I have been observing this principle for over 50 years, tens of thousands of people, it couldn't be more accurate.

There is no such thing as: Hashem wanted to protect a particular Jew, but the Jew was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  That is nonsense and not the way of this world.  Everything that happens to every individual is completely calculated by Hashem according to what that individual needs.  If you don’t believe that, you have just opened up yourself to possible suffering.

If there is war in Israel, and by all reports, the rest of the world is in much more trouble than Israel, this war will be to purify Israel from evil and bring measure for measure the Tikun that each individual needs.  The righteous Jews of Israel are protected; the not so righteous Jews will be helped by Hashem to become righteous.  Some people need a little bit more persuasion than others.

One other note.  The murder rate around the world, which is increasing greatly, is far worse than in Israel.  Don’t even be fooled when you see statistics in Israel of homicides, most are Arabs killing Arabs.  The US as an example, which has the second highest number of Jews in the world, has more people incarcerated than any other country in the world.  The violence is astounding and increasing exponentially.  There are many reasons, but one thing I can assure you is the near future will be dramatically scarier according to the plans of the global elite, the leaders and governments of the world and Hashem’s plans for cleansing the Earth.  Dead is dead and it doesn’t make any difference where you are, but if Hashem tells you to come home, and you don’t believe Him, you fill in the rest of this sentence.

Actually the greatest danger coming up is from Hashem.  The natural disasters that have been increasing worldwide, except for Israel, are a very strong message.  Once again, only in Israel are you sage!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Be Consoled, the Happy Ending is Near (continued)

Continuing the seven weeks from Tishe B’Av to Rosh Hashanah that are called the time of consolation, a time when Hashem tells us that even though events in the world may be looking scary with great uncertainty for the future, be consoled that the time of exile is coming to an end and the redemption is imminent. The consolation comes with the Haftarah for each of these seven weeks.

As last week, the message is so clear and timely that we truly can feel good about what is coming up in the very near future. Haftaras Ki Seitzei that we read yesterday is very indicative of this feeling of consolation. Here is the summary from the Artscroll Chumash:

Haftaras Ki Seitzei, Isaiah 54:1-10
The prophet addresses Jerusalem; the mournful city that was twice left bereft of its children, that sits like a barren woman watching her neighbors fawn over their broods, while for her there is only the agony of knowing that she will never experience the joy of creation and growth. To Mother Jerusalem who is tempted to shrink within her loneliness, G-d says that she should expand her homes and boundaries more and more, for they will be too small to accommodate the hordes of children who will gather to bring her unexpected comfort and gratification. She will be like a wife temporarily banished, only to be recalled again by a loving husband. The grief was painful while it lasted, but in retrospect, it would seem like a brief moment of discomfort fleetingly intruding on a long and fruitful life. G-d's love may be veiled, the prophet declares, but it is sturdier and more enduring than hills and mountains.
The Haftarah clearly consoles us that even though Jerusalem has been laid waste and emptied due to exile, we will return and once again flourish in this holy city in the end of days. The good news is it happened already – this is the end. Jerusalem is such a beautiful built-up city with over 800,000 inhabitants. The only things that still need to be done are to rid the city of the non-Jewish population and welcome the third and final Temple.

Hashem tells us that we need to “expand her homes and boundaries more and more.” This has been happening with many new neighborhoods being developed over the years and even surrounding towns being incorporated into the city limits. The city I live in which is 10 minutes outside the border of Jerusalem is already in the planning stage to become a section of the city. Betar Illit presently has about 50,000 residents but expansion plans show it being 100,000 when completed. That is an instant increase of 100,000 to the population of Jerusalem.

There are areas that are being occupied by Arab population both within the city limit and towns surrounding the city. I call it occupation since by international law and, of course the Torah, this land is all Israel and is supposed to be Jewish. The propaganda of the terrorist groups, pretending to be a governing bodies, will end when Geula starts, and the world’s Jew-hating rhetoric about who is occupying whom will end (of course, all Jew-haters will be gone anyway).

It is all good news. Jerusalem is ready for the exciting ending. The prophecy is fulfilled and we are greatly and happily consoled, B"H.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Ki Seitzei 8 Elul 5775 (23/8/15)

Our Father in Heaven, our Father and King, Father of Mercy is creating Armageddon in the world, chaos, complications and conflict, disasters, and harsh anti-Semitism which will increase in order to get the Jews to come to Israel, floods, harsh winds and storms, fires, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, accidents with planes, trains, and cars, and fatal human error. A lot of wild animals are going crazy in the world; some even killing themselves, the entire world is in a storm, Armageddon outside the borders of Israel.

G-d is doing all of this and telling the Jews in and out of Israel: "Do you not understand what I am doing? Do you not see what I am doing outside the state of Israel and around the entire world? Do you not see that I am protecting Israel? That I am destroying Syria and all of the Arab countries around Israel, and many more countries in the world - can I not go to Iran and destroy them too?" G-d is fighting Israel's wars, creating a cloud of fire around the state of Israel and asking the Jews to urgently repent, to be unified, to be kind and good, obey the Commandments.

The month of Elul is the month of mercy. Every day until Yom Kippur is like Yom Kippur, to repent our sins reach Yom Kippur clean and pure to meet the Holy King of Kings, G-d, in prayer.

G-d is telling the Jewish people of Israel: "I will fight for you and you will work." Work - this refers to studying Torah, praying, and obeying the Commandments. G-d does not differentiate between the Jews, those who are real Jews. He wants everyone to repent, religious and secular, everyone has something to repent for, no one is without sin. G-d gave the world the month of Elul, Rosh Hashanah, the Ten Days of Repentance, Yom Kippur and Sukkoth so that the people of Israel fix their wrongs and repent. G-d is using every way so that the people of Israel repent and beg Him to crown the Messiah as King in public. The people of Israel can't see that the nations of the world are eating at each other? That no one cares about Israel? That everyone thinks Iran is a gold mine? 80% of Iranians are terrorists; it is all an act and mask.

G-d wishes the Iranians that all of their atomic and chemical missiles fall on them. G-d is saying: "If Iran tries to prepare chemical or nuclear missiles to hurt Israel, it will rise up in flames and nothing will remain." If G-d can destroy Syria, He has no problem destroying Iran. The Jews in Israel should have no fear! The land of Israel is protected and the IDF will make efforts to continue protecting it.

In Egypt, ISIS is preparing a harsh surprise that will surprise the whole world. Egypt is on its way to being like Syria. Wait patiently, it won't be long now.

Hamas is making fools out of the Israeli Delegation so that they say that they are righteous and sweet to the world. If something happens in the Gaza Strip, Hamas blames ISIS. Hamas' goal is to destroy the state of Israel and shame the IDF soldiers. They are pretending to start a peace treaty in order to calm the Israeli government and IDF and later will say that ISIS did it, not them. They don't know that the IDF knows exactly who sends the missiles into Israel.

Abu Mazen is being a fool and not everyone is with him. He is playing all kinds of tricks on Israel. He is in a cold war with Israel.

Turkey is filled with ISIS, immigrants, and infiltrators.

Tens of thousands of immigrants and infiltrators are going to Greece and Europe, they have no control. They come to Europe from Syria, Iraq and Africa - there they will be stricken by Armageddon. They laughed at Israel and called it racist - now they have racism and trouble. G-d is paying them back, an eye for an eye.

The state of Israel must outlaw all infiltrators and illegal immigrants, it is a danger to the state of Israel; they are doing terrible things to Israel.

Iraq is being erased; it is eating away at its people.

Syria is being erased, eating away at its people. They are killing each other - thousands each day. They send missiles here and there from the Syrian borders to complicate the state of Israel with the mess in Syria, the rebels, and Hezbollah.

The government of Israel must beware of sending soldiers into Syria; send only in planes and heavy artillery. Do not forget that every Israeli pilot is accompanied by an angel from heaven! Within Syria and Lebanon, there are caves and tunnels that the IDF does not know of, so you must not send Israeli soldiers there on foot, only on planes and in artillery.

Hezbollah and Syria are waiting for Iran to help with ammunition and soldiers; Syria is dying.

Arabs with a blue ID - many of them are very dangerous. They are waiting for orders from Abu Mazen. May they never succeed and may he never succeed in hurting the people of Israel.

Jordan is about to explode, it is filled with refugees and infiltrators eating at each other. There is no water or food, there is debauchery and abominations, and every time they wait for salvation, things get worse.

Around Jerusalem you must be very careful of gangs and terrorists.

The United States doesn't care about anything. All those in the Iran deal just want to be written in the history books. The United States will never beat Russia; they can never compete with Russia.

Iran cannot be trusted by Israel, it is a wasp's nest. Iran's goal is to rule the Arab countries and live off of them. In the meantime, Iran is celebrating and getting money and freedom from the United States, and ammunition and weapons from Russia.

China will continue to go bankrupt, so that all of the Jewish business people invest in Israel.

Greece will continue to go bankrupt - there is no solution.

Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco will have very bad complications.

The IDF must be vigilant from Rosh Hashanah until after Sukkoth so that they don't surprise them through the tunnels from Gaza. They want to surprise them from Metulah until Eilat. They are planning to surprise them on Rosh Hashanah, heaven forbid. If the IDF will be vigilant and doubly alert - they will do nothing.

Israel has the best economy in the world, the best army, the best holiness and purity, and G-d Himself protects the people of Israel! There will continue to be a big Aliyah of Jews to Israel, all of the science and patents will come from Israel. G-d protects the people of Israel and the state of Israel; nothing will help those who want to harm the people of Israel.

Any country that is against Israel will be gravely harmed; any country that is with Israel will have only good tidings.

The revealing of the Messiah as King in public takes a little bit of time. Every day there are new cases of bribes and thieves, criminals white collar and black that G-d is purifying and revealing, cleaning the state of Israel and cleaning the world from evil and hatred. G-d is leading the world to kindness, cleanliness, purity, and holiness, by brains and brawn. Those who understood and repented are good; those who do not will understand by 'brawn', they don't have much of a choice.

The Messiah is active and working, protecting the state of Israel, praying for the state of Israel and praying for the Jews abroad to come to Israel!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Prayer Works (continued)

This is a continuation of yesterday's post.  If you haven't done so, please read yesterday's post before you continue here.

Our prayer service is designed with perfection and covers all our needs. It has been handed down for thousands of years as a proven way to achieve everything we need and want. Although there are books written about the ways to maximize your effectiveness during prayer, there are certain suggestions that I have that will help greatly. The topics that I would like to mention are areas that are very misunderstood and even perpetuated as bad habits that many observant Jews do unknowingly. Changing a bad habit is extremely difficult, especially if one is not even aware of how detrimental that behavior is. But for the newly observant Jew who is just getting started, developing good habits from the beginning is extremely important and will serve one well.

To begin: prayer should be in the proper order from beginning to end without skipping. People who come late and/or leave early lose a lot of potential in their prayers. Why?

The Midrash Tanchuma says that there were four steps to Yaakov’s ladder (I know there were many more, but we only are talking the first four rungs here), and the Zohar teaches that these four rungs parallel the four main stages of Morning Prayer. This begins with the earthly reality and slowly moves upward and inward to a higher, deeper level of connection and unity with Hashem. At the outset of prayer, we begin by standing on the first rung, and through the course of the prayer service, we climb the ladder toward spiritual perfection and elevation.

The four stages of Morning Prayer are as follows:

1) Morning Blessings (Birchas Hashachar) which reflect our dawn of our awareness.
2) Verses of Praise (Pesukei DeZimrah) which cut away any negativity and awaken our emotions.

3) Reading of the Shema (Kerias Shema) which internalizes our emotions.

4) The Silent Standing Prayer (Amidah also known as the Shemoneh Esrei) which is a deep encounter with the Divine in a quiet space of union, ultimately reaching a place of oneness.
The stages of prayer parallel the worlds of creation as well as the levels of our soul:
1) The world of action (Asiyah) and the soul level of physical/functional consciousness (Nefesh).
2) The world of formation (Yetzirah) and the soul level of emotional consciousness (Ruach).
3) The world of creation/context (Beriah) and the soul level of intellectual/cognitive ability (Neshamah).
4) The world of unity (Atzilus) and the soul level of transcendental consciousness (Chayah) which is reflected as our inner-most and deepest will and desire.
Yes, this is deep and very mystical, but simply put: doing prayer in order and completely is the design that Hashem gave us to maximize our efforts. Coming late and skipping may be nice, but far from the best way to connect to a much higher level of spirituality – losing out on the effectiveness of prayer. The worse problem about this bad habit is the individuals who do it daily, not just occasionally being late, but every day.

The next bit of advice is: remain in one place, do not walk around (within 4 cubits, about 2 meters or 7 feet). Many of us are familiar with the concept of “Makom Kavua,” a permanent place. Typically, we trivialize and neglect its significance, mainly thinking it to be important because of convenience. However, there’s a lot more thought involved. Below is just a small collection of Halacha and thoughts relevant to the concept of “Makom Kavua”:

1. The first makom set aside for prayer we know about was Avraham’s. The verse in Genesis 19:27 says Avraham would wake early in the morning “to the place where he had stood before Hashem.” The verse indicates Avraham had a designated spot where he would go to speak with Hashem.
2. Since prayer is when we converse with Hashem and establish a connection with Him, setting aside a space for prayer demonstrates while everything else may change, our connection to Hashem is constant and absolute.
3. The Talmud (Berachos 6b) teaches Hashem takes care of someone who sets aside a place for prayer -- Hashem destroys his enemies. There is much more discussion in the Talmud (Berachos 6 to 8) about the importance of a fixed place for prayer.
4. The Shulchan Aruch (90:19) and the Mishnah Berurah on 90:19 (59,60) mention the fix place of Avraham as the reason we must have a fixed 4 cubits. Even if one prays at home, there should still be a permanent fixed place for prayer.
5. The Zohar tells us that we are like the Alter in the Temple that our prayers rise like the smoke and the fire comes down like Hashem’s abundance, the fulfillment of our prayers. This also alludes to the fact that the Alter was in a fixed position and, when in use, never moved. We too must be fixed and not walk around.
6. There are other places that you will find references to praying within 4 cubits, but one that says it all is Tanya. The Tanya is an early work of Hasidic philosophy, by Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, the founder of Chabad Hasidism, first published in 1797. It states very definitely that if you go outside of your 4 cubits, the Shechinah, “The Divine Presence,” is lifted from you. When we have a quorum, or minion, of ten men, the Shechinah comes down and is in our presence. If we walk around, it is almost like we are not part of the quorum – the Shechinah has left us. That is quite serious since we want to have every advantage in getting our prayers fulfilled.
Another negative habit worth mentioning is talking or studying or any other activity that has nothing to do with prayer. A good common sense test is, as mentioned above, pretend that you are having a private session with a King, a Prime Minister, a President or any very important dignitary, would you say to that person: Occupy yourself for a little while, I want to talk to my friend or I want to go read something. Sounds silly; yet, we are in a private session with the King of Kings, the only Infinite Source of Power in existence, and we take dangerous liberties that are very contrary to our mission of praying. Then we wonder why ours prayers were ineffective.

These items of misconduct are covered in the Shulchan Aruch and Mishnah Berurah with a very common theme, that of disturbing others around you. It is one thing to degrade your own prayer; it is not nice to mess up someone else’s prayer just because you want to talk or even study Torah (Shulchan Aruch 90:18), which is a distraction. The wording for not talking is interesting in the Shulchan Aruch (101:6) because it even covers the idea of praying too loud. Your voice should not be heard for several reasons, one is that Hashem is not hard of hearing (I was told that decades ago), and two, it is difficult to concentrate on one’s prayers when the person next to you is louder (of course that also includes nonsensical talking). The Shulchan Aruch states: Hearing another voice is compared to hearing a false prophet, for it was their custom to shout loudly to their idols. There is more detail, but you get the idea.

It is brought down in many places, unless you follow all of Hashem’s instructions on how to pray correctly, your prayer will not work. That means correcting all the bad habits that people take so lightly. They show absolutely no fear of Heaven when they say “there is no problem with the way I pray.” Instead, one should be in great fear of doing it incorrectly. Talking, walking around, studying, doing anything that is not prayer, not standing or sitting at the proper times, not observing the 4 cubits (daled amos) of those around us, not wearing the Tallit or Tefillin properly, etc, etc, etc are all violated by most who pray. One should check out all the possible mistakes that one makes; it makes a very big difference between having successful prayers or just wasting one’s time. If you can say “everything that I do during prayer is OK,” you are probably one of the violators. Study the Mishnah Berurah, the Shulchan Aruch and many other guides to serving Hashem properly, which teaches us how to pray correctly; you may be very surprised at how many mistakes you are making.

Using a proper prayer book is also important. Scriptures tell us that you can pray in any language, but you must understand the language you are using. Only Hebrew, which is the best for prayer, can be used without knowing what it means word-for-word (learning what it means is definitely beneficial). After all, as previously mentioned, the words are what cause the energies to flow and bring success. Hebrew is the best formula for that success. Hashem’s system of prayer is perfect and anything we do that detracts from that system makes our efforts less than perfect.

I have heard all my life “I talk to Hashem every day, but in my own words from the heart.” That is all well and good and should definitely be continued, Hashem wants to hear from us always. But, such praying or meditation should be supplemental to the real thing and not a substitute. Only praying with a proper quorum of at least ten men in a proper synagogue brings you to the perfect praying and the best results. (I know the Torah is sexist but let me break the myth by letting you know that it is completely in favor of women, not men – to be discussed).

Another secret that perhaps is the most important aspect of successful prayer is how we say the many names of Hashem. Throughout prayer there are many places that a name of Hashem is used, each one has a different meaning and is pertinent to the particular prayer being said. Two important actions must occur. One is to say each name clearly; and two is to think about what that particular name means (examples are one of Hashem's name is a name of mercy, another is of judgment). Since words and sounds are the key to positive energy flow, this becomes the most important part of prayer, speaking His names. This is more difficult than it sounds, but should be given great effort. Our drifting minds and our natural speed inhibit our effectiveness in praying. Believe it or not, books have been written on the deep meanings of Hashem’s names, so anything that I explain here is just a cursory look at what needs to be reviewed more deeply. The good news is, when you start to improve these two actions (proper pronunciation and meaning of names), results happen quickly. I admit, perfection is difficult, but working on it will result in visible improvement. I myself have much room for improvement, but my attitude towards loving Hashem and serving Him by wanting to improve, gives me the edge. Reminder: Hashem does not judge us by what we know, but how we grow. Hashem knows our intentions towards Him better than we do. When we really show how much we want to do the right thing, He helps us greatly, including giving us the ability to effectively and successfully pray.

We have all heard the expression “watch what you ask for, you may get it.” I only bring this up since asking for the wrong things can also work, but result in problems. Everyone is convinced that if they were very wealthy, they could handle it. I believe the opposite to be true. Money is evil. Many people who find themselves instantly rich tend to develop bad habits: drug habits, drinking habits, family problems; even the suicide rate is higher amongst the wealthy. Hashem gave us a system to satisfy our needs and our wants. We are obligated to use it for the right purpose. Since the system on Earth is measure for measure, we should only pray for things that will be according to Hashem’s will; otherwise, He will make sure we get correction for all our improper deeds. The secret here is to always want to help others. If wealth comes upon us, congratulations, but only if we have a great desire to help the poor, sick, elderly, hungry, orphan, widow, etc, etc, etc. I only use money as an example (probably the best example), but everything we do and acquire in life should be used for everyone’s benefit and to serve Hashem. That is what Hashem wants and that is why He gave us prayer. True success is when we demonstrate that we are unselfish. Take notice that most of our prayers are in the plural, saying "we" instead of "I." And, be aware, Hashem is listening to every word we say and watching every move we make. The good news is when we pray for others, and really have the proper attitude towards helping others, Hashem makes sure to take care of us.

I have been asked the question “why are Ashkenazi prayers different from Sephardi prayers? If praying is perfect, how can there be variations?” Rabbi Moshe David Valle (1697-1777) was a Kabbalist who wrote many books. One of the subjects, for which he is known, is stating the differences required by different Jews. Jews are very much influenced by their environmental conditions with which they grew up. A Jew in Northern Africa obviously has a very different situation from a Jew in Europe. Differences such food, water, air, climate, customs, etc actually cause differences to be needed by the soul in every activity in life. Prayer is very much included in the dichotomy, and therefore even requires different words and customs. You can’t get more exacting and scientifically accurate than that.

There are so many other benefits that comes from prayer to help us. We have talked about the importance of repentance, Teshuvah, especially now in the end of the end of days. Prayer includes repentance not only in specific prayers asking for help, but the improving of your ability and efficiency to pray.  Repentance is not just words, but actions.  As you improve your attitude, your level of inspiration level, your overall performance, your showing of both love and fear for Hashem by by constantly realizing before Whom you are standing, all these changes are 100% repentance.

Prayer includes charity.  Your attitude towards the collection of money, both for the synagogue and the individuals who visit from other organizations to collect, this is all noted by Hashem as to whether you truly want to help others, or whether you shy away from your responsibility.

There are definite commandments that are fulfilled with prayer.  The list is long and would require another post, but it is another benefit to prayer that is very hidden.

One of the most important areas of Torah study is knowing how to perform as a Jew 24/7. It is another reason that Torah study is so beneficial. If you want everything that you pray for to come to fruition, than do it correctly, it absolutely works. Thank you Hashem for such a perfect system that makes our lives and the lives of our loved ones so perfect and joyous.

Note: I have noticed from the Ebook copy that is purchasable directly from me that mostly the wrong people are buying the book. The people who seem to need advice such as I just covered regarding prayer and many, many other subjects are not the ones buying the book. I am happy to sell the book to anyone who wants a copy, but if you find that you are with problems, such as prayers not successful, money problems, finding a mate, family problems, health problems, social problems, etc you need the book much more than someone who does not have such problems. If you believe that everyone has problems and no book is going to help, you truly need to read my book since the opposite is true.

We are on this world for testing, for improving. The more you live the Absolute Truth, the less you need testing to reach Tikun. Learn how to maximize your life’s experience. My book will definitely help (I have many reviews from readers and even prominent Rabbis who have stated so).

I suggest that you buy the Ebook copy directly from me rather than the Kindle version. Since the version from me comes directly from my Email, you can send questions, comments (saying nice things, of course) directly to me. I have received many questions from my readers who want clarification or even just references for the information they read. I have no record of those who purchase the Kindle version, but I do know everyone who buys from me directly.

Buying directly means clicking the “Buy Now” button at the top of the right column. The price is still $5, a good price to solve all your problems in life – guaranteed in writing.

Please do not think that I am pushing the book for personal profit. All the money that comes from the book is being used to help others, which is the purpose of the book in the first place. In fact I am planning a big blog give-away in the near future, B"N, that will include the names of everyone who purchased the book directly from me.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Prayer Works

We are being bombarded by so much information that the redemption of the world is at hand, B”H. One bit of advice that has been mentioned extensively by Rabbis, Mekubalim, the Facilitated Communications individuals and, of course, me has been to increase our prayer and its effectiveness. The true message of increasing our prayer is coming from Hashem, Who knows exactly what we need to reach Tikun and the worldwide redemption.

The following is a chapter from my book where I have discussed prayer, how it definitely works and how to use it to our benefit:

Are you ready for one of the best kept secrets of the world (this is secret, so make sure you tell everyone)? Prayer works. Not just sometimes; but, when done correctly, every time.

How do I know? Hashem told us. In the Talmud there are many stories of miracles from Rav Hanina ben Dosa. Whatever he prayed for, including impossible nature controlling events, it happened – his prayers were successful. The message that Hashem is giving us through Rav ben Dosa is: If you pray correctly, it works!

Another proof, that I personally have, is many years of success with my prayers, and observation of tens of thousands of people over decades. I have observed that when individuals pray according to Hashem’s instructions, they are successful and when they don’t, use your imagination.

Two things one needs to know about successful praying is (1) why it works and (2) how does one pray properly. The why is easy to explain. I mentioned that we are partners in creation with Hashem. He created the universe, according to scriptures, by looking into his Torah, His blueprint of the universe; and, by simply uttering the words of Torah, the universe came into being. But, as we say every day in prayer, Hear O Israel: Hashem is our G-d, Hashem is One. This is a very profound statement that declares that everything in the universe is one within Hashem. That has a much deeper meaning, but what is important to us is that when we speak, Hashem gave us the ability to cause things to happen. Our prayers are not ascended to Hashem for the purpose of Him making a decision, whether He should say yes or no. Our words actually cause energies to flow and bring about positive or negative results. Hashem already knows well in advance what we will think, say and do. Prayer is for us to actually verbalize our thoughts and cause the results. It is a gift from Hashem that is so under used, but even worse, abused. For, even when we are not in prayer, every word we say causes energies to flow and things to happen. Improper language is not just a means of expression, but cause for very negative occurrences. Words of love and hate translate into positive and negative reactions. Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, etc (what we like to call acts of Hashem) are acts of Hashem’s system caused by us. It is the reason that the world is in such dire straits at this juncture in history.

I am sure that I have many skeptics on this subject, but let me touch upon some very obvious proof. There was a very impressive discovery made a few years ago in Russia. Simple words and thoughts can have an effect on changing the DNA of a person. It was in the news with the headlines “Faith Healing Explained.” There are several write-ups on the web if you want to check it out.

It is well known that when people get together to pray for the speedy recovery of a sick person, there is improvement. Medical science has discovered that humor, as an example, can spark the immune system. When we laugh, we can become healthier. Even more outlandish is how plants can grow better and healthier when one talks nicely to them or even sings to them. What has been demonstrated in a lab environment is that positive statements, such as compliments, words of praise or of affection, cause the formation of crystals such as these:

An ice crystal formed from water exposed to the words “Thank you very much.”

An ice crystal formed from water exposed to the words “Love and appreciation.” 

An ice crystal formed from water exposed to the word “Idiot.” 

An ice crystal formed from water exposed to the word “Ugly.”

An ice crystal formed from water exposed to the sentence “You disgust me; I’m going to kill you.” 

I think that last sentence would affect anyone.

It says in the Torah “Those who bless you will be blessed; and, those who curse you will be cursed.”

I already have talked about the idea that every natural disaster that has occurred in the world has immediately followed a negative occurrence in Israel or even negative words said about Israel or the Jews. Now you know how that happens within Hashem’s system for this world.

We also have many statements and miracles from Rabbi’s and other holy people who will testify with many examples as to the effectiveness of proper praying. It wouldn’t mean much to anyone, but I personally have experienced miraculous results including immediate results in time of need. My stories are extensive, but only your own experiences would solidify the validity of prayer. I used to teach a class on prayer when I lived in the states. Many times Hashem had setup my students by performing miracles for them after praying. It made my job easy, convincing people that prayer works. Hashem is always there to help.

Let me tell you about three tools that I personally have used for health problems. One is called a Pizmon which is nothing more than a statement that I say repeatedly that convinces my soul not to give me pain (I will discuss this later). Pain is in the mind and the mind is in the spiritual realm. By simply convincing the soul that the pain is unjustified, it goes away. I have witnessed this on a man who had a slipped disc, a woman with migraine headaches as well as using it on myself. In all cases the medical problem wasn’t totally solved, but the pain was eliminated. I have a friend that we got together every day to study, but he could not sit still for long because of a knee pain. After I taught him the Pizmon, pain disappeared and studying was no longer interrupted.

Two other techniques that I have used are NAET and EFT (Google to get more information including what the acronyms stand for). These techniques are involved, but have been totally effective in solving just about any medical problem one might have, without drugs. Through a practitioner, NAET is described as an alternative treatment for the permanent elimination of food and environmental allergies. I, however, have used it for many other purposes. It diagnoses the problem and then cures it. EFT is a form of acupuncture without the needles. It is used for almost any medical ailment and, the best part of all, one can perform the procedure by him or herself without a practitioner. Both techniques include words being said and souls being talked to – very spiritual, very mystical, but very effective. They are a form of prayer or meditation and they work. These tools as well as everyday prayer have served me and my family well. Even though I never needed it for these purposes, all three techniques have proven effective in weight loss and/or smoking cessation.

A fascinating story with which I was involved that demonstrates the power of prayer. I received a call, years ago, from a friend in the states who was totally distraught that his wife had developed mental problems. My wife and I knew this woman and believed her to be a very lovely, calm and pleasant person. The husband was telling us that a psychiatrist determined her to be crazy and even non-functional. They were ready to take her away from her family and institutionalize her. A Rabbi in the town that we lived, suggested that she should make a trip to Israel and see a particular very mystical Rabbi who had the ability to cure with words. The husband arranged the trip and I arranged the meeting of the woman and the Rabbi. After two days of prayer and chanting of certain verses from scriptures (in which the Rabbi was totally trained), the woman was completely cured and back to her pleasant self again. The explanation was that we do have good and evil forces that can enter our spiritual makeup, and that prayer can enhance or eliminate as needed. This woman actually had demonic forces invade her and the Rabbi knew the remedy. You may think this is all hocus pocus fantasy (I used to), but after I experienced this situation first hand, I became totally convinced of its validity.

The next question is: what are some of the tools and techniques that make prayer work? Your prayers won’t be perfect; but, I have seen tremendous results right away in others and, of course, my own personal experiences. Once I learned some of the secrets, vast changes came into my life and the lives of my loved ones. One caveat: my prayer is not perfect and still improving after 68 years (I started to learn about prayer when I was three years old). Hashem in His mercy makes it easy for you to succeed if you have the proper attitude, even if you need much improvement – you will see positive results rapidly. Here again the subject is so extensive that books have been written. I can only give you a cursory look at the subject.

The most important concept in proper prayer is: “knowing before Whom we are standing and taking it very seriously.” If we were standing in front of an important king of flesh and blood, we would be scared to death. We would never turn around and talk to a friend, start reading something that does not pertain to our meeting with the king, dress improperly, act silly, drink something, talk on the cell phone (that is a biggie), etc. We would believe that if we acted improperly at such a moment, the king might give the ever so familiar “Off with his head!!! (G-d forbid)” command and that could ruin your whole day. Even if we were put in front of the owner of a large corporation, the CEO that just happens to be our employer, the big boss, we would also be in fear of our livelihood, if we messed up. But yet we stand in front of the King of Kings, the Owner of the universe, the Big Big Boss, three times a day (not to mention being observed by Him 24/7) with the consequences of damaging our eternal life forever and ever, and we do not act accordingly. How many people do you know that pray realistically in fear and love with a sense of urgency and trepidation knowing that the outcome of this event will determine their entire future?

Let me turn this completely around and give a very different approach to the situation. We have been given the gift, the privilege of a private audience with Hashem three times a day, morning, afternoon and evening (of course, He is available 24/7 to help those who simply turn to Him). This golden opportunity, if done correctly, will make our lives much more pleasant, productive, successful and enjoyable forever and ever. Wow, what a gift. But the way we treat this is similar to someone giving us a million dollars that we put in a safe that we don’t have the combination. Yes, we own the money, but never can use it since we made the mistake of putting somewhere out of reach.

I know that praying three times a day for us creatures of habit becomes a very routine act and very often results in lip service. We pray very quickly with the attitude of “let us get this done and get out of here, we have more important things to do,” or do we? What is even worse is that our minds drift and at the most important time of praying, the silent devotion when we get to request all our personal needs and wants. We think to ourselves “I have to pick up some bread on the way home, or I am going to fix that broken appliance today.” We end this particular important part of prayer with the statement “Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be acceptable to You.” But there is nothing in the prayer that says “please ignore the part about picking up the bread or fixing the appliance.” If our prayers are not focused properly, we are wasting the most important opportunity of the day.

A hint to avoiding the mind drifting is to prepare in advance. We have prayers for everything – for people that we know who are sick, for those who are financially in trouble, for those who are in trouble with the law, etc, etc, etc. If we prepare in advance with a plan to think about each individual that we want to help as we come to the prayer that pertains to that individual (it is very important to picture the person in your mind as you pray), it works. We channel our minds away from the trivia and accomplish our intended request.

Of course, don’t forget the prayers that simply say thank You to Hashem or praising Him. They should be prepared in advance as well. To thank Hashem for everything is OK, but to thank Him for something specific that recently happened is much more meaningful. That shows the idea of extra thought and inspiration going into your prayers. Making our prayers work for us and totally successful is much more gratifying than lip service. All distractions must be eliminated. It is one of the biggest reasons that men and women should not pray together. Show me a man that says he is not distracted and completely can concentrate on prayer with a woman in front of him, and I will show you a liar (or a homosexual). The other problem is when men and women are together it is usually in more of a social gathering where there is more trivia talking than praying. Complete concentration makes prayer effective. Distractions take away the gift of communing with Hashem.

Tomorrow, B”N, I will continue by discussing very specific improvements in prayer that work.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Be Consoled the Happy Ending is Near

There are seven weeks from Tishe B’Av to Rosh Hashanah. Those seven weeks are called the time of consolation, a time when Hashem tells us that even though events in the world may be looking scary with great uncertainty for the future, be consoled that the time of exile is coming to an end and the redemption is imminent. The consolation comes with the Haftarah for each of these seven weeks.

This year the messages are so clear and timely that we truly can feel good about what is coming up in the very near future. The Haftarah for Shoftim that we read yesterday is very indicative of this feeling of consolation. Here is the summary from the Artscroll Chumash:

.•• Haftaras Shoftim Isaiah 51:12 – 52:12
The prophet alternates between vivid descriptions of suffering and lyrical evocations of joy and fulfillment for this is a microcosm of Israel's history: no matter how dire the situation, hope is always at hand. Indeed, it is a principle of Israel's faith that the Messiah can come at any moment; and if so, while pondering the causes of exile and pain, we must always remember that G-d declares to us constantly, "It is I, I am He Who comforts you." The day will yet come when Israel will hear G-d calling out joyously to Jerusalem, "Wake up! Wake up! Don your strength, O Zion, don the garments of your splendor, O Jerusalem ... " Exile is most painful when there is no tomorrow, but not when we take to heart that G-d remembers us and longs for our return. Prophecies such as these have firmed Jews when their enemies tried to break them. Israel's national existence has always been brightened by the knowledge that G-d is close at hand, longing for us to let Him bring the herald to proclaim, "Peace!" "Good!" "Salvation!"
We can feel confident that these prophecies of the seven weeks are happening and being fulfilled now.

"Peace!" "Good!" "Salvation!" are closer than we think.  B”H

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Shoftim, Elul 5775 (16/8/15)

G-d cares about Israel, which is the center of the world, the holy and pure place, the place from which the light and life comes for all of earth. Israel is called the Holy Land and the Jews within it are holy! Only the holy Jews can live in the Holy Land! Any country that wants to take parts of Israel away will be erased from earth by G-d in terms of their economy, security, and by the forces of nature.

Our Father in Heaven wants this world to be holy and pure, He wants it to have kindness, for us to love each other, and everything G-d wants will be!

There will continue to be volcanic eruptions, floods and rains, earthquakes, winds and storms, heavy heat and cold, strange things that have never happened in the world, 100 times the ten plagues that happened in Egypt. G-d does not want to destroy the world, however, only to turn it into a place of love and peace, without wars and with eternal life, and every country that supports Israel will be blessed with success in all.

The weather in the world, the conflict and complications - it is all from G-d. You do not see or hear Him, but He is doing everything for the benefit of the people of Israel in the state of Israel.

Anti-Semitism in the world is increasing, in Europe, the US, Russia, Ukraine, Asia, Africa, South and North America.  G-d is shaking all of the Jews living abroad and pressuring them to come to Israel. It is a great Mitzvah for Jews to live in Israel, to settle the Negev, Western Galilee, Binyamin, and Samaria. The gentiles abroad will harm the Jews terribly if they do not come to Israel. Seven billion gentiles can turn their tables in one second on a small number of Jews and cast them out in shame.

Iran is sending messengers through Syria and Egypt to harm Israel - they will not succeed. The agreement with Iran will be discovered in all of its deception, it keeps getting more complicated. The US government wanted to create an agreement to avoid the atomic bomb, but they prevented nothing. Russia is filling Iran with ammunition and weapons and the US is filling them with commodities. Everyone loses except for Iran. Iran will be discovered for its deception and the US government will be shamed. They will not be written down in the history books.

Syria continues to be erased, they cannot prevent it. G-d is the G-d of vengeance, and Syria harmed Israeli soldiers in wars so G-d is taking His revenge.

Egypt is on its way to destruction, and it will be destroyed. ISIS, Hamas, and extreme Islamists are destroying it. Patience pays out. The canal they built was in order to create jobs, but they will have millions more unemployed. They think that the canal will create an income, but they are only in for trouble.

Jordan is being destroyed by refugees, there is no food or water and there are plagues. It will erupt all at once and there will be chaos with four million refugees.

Turkey kept protecting ISIS and now ISIS is fighting inside Turkey.

Hamas is working quietly to keep building the tunnels. The terrorist that told the IDF about the tunnels told them about the old ones, not the new ones. There are new ones being dug toward a big army base in the Gaza Strip and surrounding settlements in order to take revenge on Operation Protective Edge. The Israeli government must urgently find the new tunnels. The Jewish mind can solve any problem.

ISIS has tens of millions of people and they will continue to grow by the millions. They are very cruel; they are taking people out step by step, cleaning the world.

Armageddon is between the gentiles. They say that Armageddon is the entire world against Israel, that is true, but they won't fight against Israel because they know that Armageddon in Israel has already happened and now it is between the gentiles. G-d is letting them keep busy with themselves - that is Armageddon! If there was no Armageddon, they would want to keep busy with Israel so G-d has created conflict for them and they are killing each other, they don't even know what they are fighting for.

The entire world doesn't understand that the small Jewish nation in Israel is the biggest on earth in the heavens. The United States and Russia are fighting over the Middle East. The US doesn't even care about Israel or the Palestinians.

Abu Mazen is dishonest; he works with Hamas and the Palestinians, the Jihad and part of ISIS. He is two-faced. Abu Mazen is one of the richest people in the world; he and his family have money. He can suddenly disappear to some Arab country.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah want to show that they exist so they send a missile from time to time. They are getting killed by the thousands, thousands are leaving them; they are being crushed because Syria and Iran are not helping.

Syria is falling apart.

The state of Israel is small and protected by a wall of fire around its borders.

The economy in Israel is very good.

The infiltrators come by the hundreds of thousands to Europe. All of Europe is fighting them but it won't do them any good. The infiltrators who once came to Israel didn't come because they suffered where they used to live, they were brainwashed into coming to Israel so that they can kick the Jews out. Millions are planning to come to Israel.

The state of Israel must set very harsh and strict laws to prevent infiltrators from coming in! They are hundreds of millions, not just one or two. Israel has enough complications with what it already has, why add more? Africa is very big, they have infinite places to live, but they were brainwashed to come to Israel.

The IDF must be vigilant and the government of Israel must support the IDF solders. This is not a game with the Arabs in East Jerusalem coming from Ramallah, Jordan, etc.

The Knesset members must be unified and not harm each other so that they can do their work faithfully for Israel.

The government of Israel must protect our youth from assimilation, drugs, alcohol abuse, and gambling - it is worth all of the education in the world so that in a year or two Jews will continue to serve in the IDF, learn and live happy and good lives. G-d hates assimilation.

G-d is protecting the state of Israel and asking the Jews to pray three times a day, to study the Torah and to obey the commandments.

All of the corrupt people from the smallest to the biggest, religious and secular will be discovered. White collar and otherwise will be discovered and those that are not famous will be dealt with by G-d quietly. Whoever truly repents will be protected by G-d and not discovered.

The people of Israel must "do and listen," and G-d "listens and does."

Everything starts with the hands of G-d and ends with the hands of G-d, except for man's freedom of choice.

Everyone wants the Messiah as King to rule the world, but they don't know how to ask because if someone ask for the Messiah, they will say, heaven forbid, that he is not modern. You must ask for the Messiah so that G-d knows you want the Messiah!

The Messiah is acting in secret protecting the state and people of Israel. The Jewish people will ask for a messiah out in the open. Without the protection and prayers of the Messiah, Israel will not be protected. Blessed is he who believes in the Messiah. Anyone who believes in the coming of the Messiah will be given light, purity, cleanliness for his soul by G-d; and, this generation is blessed! There are no dates; the time is with G-d, and not man. G-d is responsible for the timetable and not just for the crowning of the Messiah as King. We must not be skeptical and not just believe in the Messiah, we must and should not! The modern Jew is the one who believes that the Messiah is in this generation, working to protect the state of Israel, the Holy Land!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

More Proof of the End of the End of Days

Yes that is correct, we are not just in the end of days, as is proven extensively by all the scriptures coming true, we are in the end of the end of days. I have ranted on about all the prophecies coming true and how obvious it is that everything that is happening in the world was told to us thousands of years ago. I have discussed ad nausea about what the many Rabbis and Mekubalim (mystical Rabbis who are telling us things that they could not have known, but are very accurate), about the Facilitated Communications individuals who are not verbal individuals, and completely out of touch with this world, but are telling us deep dark secrets and predictions that are coming absolutely true (if you don’t believe that, you haven’t been paying attention). In other words, I pay a lot of attention to messages that I know are coming from Hashem since the sources could not have known such information. So, what new proof am I pondering now?

Since I started this blog close to 41 months ago, I have received about 8000 comments and personal Emails. Mostly, asking questions or wanting clarification on blog posts that I made. A new phenomenon is happening these days. I am getting many, many Emails pointing out web pages, YouTube videos, research projects, news events, strange and very unexplainable occurrences, notices of pending war, such as Syria, Iran, terrorist activity, gun control issues, abortion issues, same sex nonsense, New World Order proof, FEMA Camp proof, election craziness, the blood moon phenomenon, other astronomical phenomenon, military activity such as the Jade Helm exercise, crazy government actions, crazy laws being enacted, the pending worldwide monetary disaster, crazy weather patterns, natural disasters, etc, etc etc. All are verifying what scriptures has said for thousands of years, and all is pointing the way to the happy ending being very close. I don’t have to look for proof any more, my readers are sending me all the proof I need in great abundance, B”H. This, of course, includes all the new messages from the many sources mentioned above.

The area of discovery that I have still been involved with is finding passages in scriptures and comparing it to our modern world situation – especially pointing out how pertinent everything is these days. The posts of the past two days are examples of my findings.

This is the end, it is obvious; and, this is your chance to have it all. I also am getting many who are telling me of great problems they personally are experiencing. I tell them that everything that is happening to you personally is your final testing, measure for measure according to what you need to reach Tikun (correction, perfection). If you are having financial problems or medical problems or marital problems or problems with your children or neighbors or the country you live in, etc, etc, etc, it is all by design from the Designer of the world, Who shaped your life and the events in it to help you. It is what you need, and can only be changed by you doing something to make life better, easier. What would that be? For the thousandth time on this blog: FOLLOWING HASHEM, LIVING HIS TORAH, LIVING THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH. That is the only correction you need. That is the solution to financial problems, social problems, etc. Turn to Hashem and the problems get resolved. If you say: I have turned to Hashem and it didn’t work. I say: you are deceiving yourself and need much more turning. The system is foolproof. If you don’t believe the total lack of randomness and the definite design of your life, then you will pay the consequences of that belief (or misbelief). Whether you believe the truth or not, it doesn’t go away. Only when you accept the system Hashem gave us in this world, can you benefit from that system. Most people are fighting it instead of enjoying it. You may ask: doesn’t that mean we have no Free Will? Free will is very limited but is our friend or enemy depending on how we use it. Go to my post of 3 May 2012 and get the details:

Let us get scientific. There is nothing random in this world. If you see a fly, it is exactly where Hashem is putting it to accomplish something – to bother you, to get your attention, to wake you up, to send you a message, to send you a reminder, to test you. Do you know that there is no such thing as motion? Even the electron orbiting in an atom does not move. It appears in one place, disappears and reappears right next to where is first appeared (of course, this is happening at the speed of light). This constantly changing position gives the allusion of motion. If you move your hand in front of your face, it does the same thing. It is only an allusion of motion. Even your eyes take pictures at a specific rate, like a movie or a video camera.

Why am I bringing this up? Everything in this world is an allusion from Hashem! He imagines our reality and it becomes our reality. His infinite intelligence definitely fools us. The person who thinks otherwise is a fool. But it is all for our benefit, it is all to help us. The details of our lives are to the nth degree – every word, every action, everything (even a fly bothering us). Nothing just happens. Everything is Hashem and it is all for our good. When the Geula is upon us and Hashem is no longer hiding from us, we will completely understand it all, and why we had to experience everything in life as it was presented to us. What I am saying is beyond human comprehension, but it is real. Part of turning to Hashem and following His ways includes complete faith and trust in the system and recognizing Hashem’s hand in everything. It makes life’s mysteries much clearer and more acceptable. That to me is one of the easiest ways to have peace of mind in this world, when you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that all is from Hashem and that all is for the good.

The question is: are you using the system of this world to totally succeed and to find happiness, or are you still living in the upside-down fantasy world? Hashem gave us all the information and tools to set us up with an extremely joyous life and eternity. We have the free will to take advantage of it, or bring on suffering for ourselves and our loved ones.
Last week’s Parashah, Re’eh offered us the “blessing or the curse.” If we choose Hashem’s ways and live the Torah as He designed it, we are truly blessed. If we think we know better and live by our own nonsense, we and our loved ones, who depend on us, are cursed. This is not rocket science. It has been proven to us for thousands of years. All we need to do is decide which we want goodness or suffering, happiness or sadness.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Another Sign of the End

Many years ago I read the end of Isaiah, chapter 66 and believed that this truly is the prophecy to wait for. When this happens, we are there. It is interesting that this prophecy is read as the Haftarah when Rosh Chodesh occurs on Shabbos. For years I have paid special attention to every Rosh Chodesh that fell on a Shabbos, asking: is this the month that the prophecy is to be fulfilled? Of course there was always something lacking in world events that let me know that we weren’t there yet.

Then came this past Shabbos and, needless to say, the month of Elul 5775 is looking absolutely like we are there. First, read the commentary from the Artscroll Chumash which gives an excellent summary of the Haftarah:
Haftaras Shabbas Rosh Chodesh – Isaiah 66:1-24
This chapter is the last one in the stirring Book of Isaiah. It was chosen as the Haftarah of the Sabbath Rosh Chodesh because its penultimate verse (which is repeated after the chapter is concluded) speaks of the homage that will be paid to G-d on every Sabbath and Rosh Chodesh.

The chapter gives hope and comfort to the Jewish people, as Isaiah foresees the ultimate downfall of the nations that will do battle against one another and against Israel in the climactic War of Gog and Magog, the war that will precede the final redemption. Isaiah speaks of the defeat of the nations and the universal recognition of the greatness of G-d and His people. But there are stern lessons for Israel, as well.
The chapter begins by declaring that all the world is but G-d's throne and His footstool. Can anyone think that the Jewish people can build a Temple that will encompass His Glory? Surely the purpose of the Temple is not to honor G-d - Who is above any honor we can render Him - but to serve as our vehicle to elevate ourselves. People who seek to appease G-d with insincere, meaningless service are considered like those who kill and maim people, and who offer unclean animals and contaminated blood upon His Altar. And they do so consciously, having chosen this form of blasphemous service.  G-d will respond in kind, punishing those who ill-serve Him. But that will not be the end. Those who are loyal to G-d will be acknowledged and rewarded in a miraculous manner. The rebirth of Israel will be as astounding as that of a nation being born in a single day, without even labor pains. If   G-d decides to give new life to His people, can it be otherwise?

Thus, all who have been loyal to Jerusalem and mourned her will rejoice with her. Blessings will flow to them in torrents, but their enemies will suffer ignominious defeat, as G-d pours out His wrath upon them. The survivors will bring word of His greatness to the furthest corners of the world, and in the process they will bring back the straggling Jews who seemed to have been irretrievably lost in the long, hard exile.
Then all will come to the rebuilt Temple - the eternal Temple - to prostrate themselves in devout and loyal service to G-d. History will have reached its goal and those who were loyal to G-d will be vindicated.
If you read the commentary carefully, you would agree that all that is happening in the world is pointing to the conclusions that Hashem is telling us through His servant Isaiah. If you have been paying attention to the many messages we have received from the Rabbanim, the Mekubalim, the Facilitated Communications individuals as well as the obvious fulfillment of the prophecies of scriptures, you should be as excited as I about the time we are in and what is obviously imminent.

It is extremely appropriate that this Elul should be the month to have a Rosh Chodesh on Shabbos. This is the last month of the Shemitah cycle; in fact the end to the ten Shemitah cycles that were predicted to occur before Moshiach is introduced. This is the month that we try to evaluate our lives as we go into the time of judgement starting with Rosh Hashanah, probably the final judgement for our personal Tikun. This is the month that we recite Selichos, prayers asking for forgiveness for not properly following Hashem’s ways. With the above pointing to the last Elul before Geula, this is the month that we must do the very best Teshuvah, Tefillah, Tzedukah, Limud HaTorah, Avahas Yisroel, etc that we ever did in our entire lives (that is including all our previous lives). Consider this month our final testing in this life. Treat it as though your entire future and the future of your loved ones, forever and ever, depend on it. It is that serious a month and any hardship that is happening in the world, as we are seeing every day, should not harm you. Please, please go into Rosh Hashanah and the holidays with complete success, after getting the most out of the month of Elul – you will be so happy you did.

Note: I received a comment on my post yesterday that mentioned that he believes we are close, but he is not sure if it is as close as Hashem is telling us. I worded it that way (he didn’t) because he is not aware that the skepticism is the opposite of emunah. The system in this world that Hashem gave us is that everything happens according to us and how much we turn to Hashem. Hashem does not decide anything – He only has a final goal of Tikun HaOlam, perfecting the world. Why has it taken so long for Moshiach to come? As long as there are people who say “I am not sure if it is going to happen yet,” Hashem answers with: “If you are still wanting to wait and don’t believe My messages that it is NOW, you will wait.” But there is still so much skepticism, why do I know that it is now? Hashem told us!!!! He said we will have Geula earlier, if we are deserving, or in its time, if we are not. The good news is “we are not deserving; therefore, it is, according to Hashem and everything He told us in scriptures, IT IS TIME, THE END, GEULA, MOSHIACH, THE END OF EVIL, THE END OF HATRED, THE END OF SKEPTICISM!!!!!!!! If you don’t believe Hashem’s myriad of messages, consider yourself a total loser who is throwing it all away. We study Torah to understand the system that Hashem gave us; and, we live Torah to benefit from that system. Don’t blow it, when it is all about to pay off, big time.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Special Request

I received a special request to help a fellow Jew.  Watch this short video:
If there is any way that you can help, please, please do so -- it is a big mitzvah.