Monday, January 14, 2013

Let Gratitude Be Your Attitude

I received a comment from Anonymous that I thought was important enough to warrant its own blog post.  Here it is:

There is so much suffering that goes on that everyday Moshiach doesn't come is such a disappointment.  I hope it is truly near.  I am anticipating the redemption.

My reply:
We are told many places in scriptures about the final testing that will occur in the end of days.  Hashem is sorting it all out and giving us, measure for measure, what we need to finish our Tekun, our rectification.  The great amount of suffering and hardship occurring in the world today is a very positive sign that we are very close to the end.  Each of us having a very positive attitude towards what is happening helps the redemption process.

As an example, I presently have a virus that has caused me pain and discomfort.  I thank Hashem on a daily basis for paying attention to me and giving me what I need for a higher level of Tekun.  With a very positive attitude I look at this discomfort as a blessing and I believe that this is my final sickness for eternity.  But, the most important thing for me is to react to this message from Hashem.  Such actions as adding on perhaps an additional 15 minutes a day of Torah study; giving a little bit more to charity; evaluating my mistakes and human fragilities and improving the way I perform everyday in serving Hashem, praying with more concentration and inspiration (especially in the pronunciation of the names of Hashem), improving my performance of the 613 mitzvot (commandments) and thousands of other actions that I do that could be done better.  I am constantly making changes in my life and never being satisfied with what I do (always looking to improve my relations with my Creator) is the key to success.  Hashem will heal me faster since He knows that I accept His will as always being for the good and that I have a strong desire to react to the messages He sends me in a very positive way.  I do not want sickness, suffering, poverty, unemployment, hunger, etc for anyone (including me and my family); but, I very much encourage everyone to realize how much proper reaction to all the messages Hashem has been sending us, can work to our benefit. 

Problems should not be considered disappointment, but opportunity; and, we should all thank Hashem for what He does.  Someday, very soon, we will fully understand and be so gracious for the help He bestows upon us as individuals and as a people.  In other words: don’t be disappointed but instead “Let gratitude be your attitude.”

Keep up the good word of anticipating the redemption every day.  If all the Jews would have a strong sense of anticipation, Moshiach would be here instantly.  The good news is that since all Jews are not doing what they should, Hashem is helping us in many other ways and will bring the redemption soon – all signs are pointing to it.  The only thought that each of us should have is “what do I as an individual still need to do.”  Just remember: measure for measure we each get from Hashem in return what we do to serve Him and how we follow His ways.  It’s a simple system that results in a tremendous amount of happiness and joy for each one of us for eternity.  Thank you, Hashem.