Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Conspiracy Theories

My friend Anonymous left us a comment on my post "Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Chukat, 4 Tammuz 5775 (21/6/15)":

Conspiracy theories are just theories without any Proof or Evidence behind them just nameless sources with great imaginations. For example, citing the Bilderberg conference as something sinister is strange. It is the private equivalent to Davos and Aspen where CEOs, CFOs, media and politicos join in on discussions about the issues of the day.
I can't imagine any conspiracies springing up from that type of forum. Until something unequivocal happens, dispense with mentioning theories. As much as I enjoy your blog, they detract from your credibility and the Rabbi's message which should be the focal point at all times.-Diaspora Ro
My response:

According to Pirkei Avos, Chapter 5:25, I am old enough to give mussar (advice, teaching moral conduct, instruction or discipline).  For years I have been very unsuccessful in doing so.  We are in a time, as it says in the Talmud, that "the old will get up for the young." There are individuals that I have tried to help by giving them mussar, and they don’t talk to me anymore.  Why am I bringing this up?  I have been researching the events of the world and what they mean to us for decades.  The biggest reason is to assure people who are willing to listen, that Jewish scriptures have guided us for thousands of years and is the only way to survive the coming horror.  The prophecies have all come true or are happening now.  The biggest problem is the world is so crazy, so nonsensical, that no one believes the absolute truth.
The world today is totally fulfilling what it says in the Talmud, Pesachim 50, that the world is upside-down and that we live in a time that everything that is happening is completely deception and lies.  The world leaders, the world governments have a very dangerous and greedy agenda and have convinced the world population that they are working on their behalf for the good of mankind.  What they tell the world is that all their shenanigans are what we need, and those who are seeing through their evil ways are guilty of “conspiracy theories.”

It is ironic that the nature of this upside-down world is that the ones causing the chaos and destroying the world are the ones who are branding the truth tellers as the “conspiracy theorists.”  When you evaluate the truth, the evil global elite are the ones who are creating conspiracies.

Living the absolute truth has never been so important – it is the ticket to save you and your loved ones from great suffering and anguish, especially as the evil ones are implementing their evil agenda.  Hence, I need to give mussar – to try to turn my thousands of hours of research into advice that could save your life.

Your statement “Conspiracy theories are just theories without any Proof or Evidence behind them just nameless sources with great imaginations.”  That couldn’t be more dangerous a statement, since it plays right into the hands of the evil ones who are planning to kill you and your loved ones.  I agree that their agenda is so unbelievable, that any rational person could not believe how horrible and evil they could be.  There were many who thought the Nazi agenda was helping Germany in the 1930’s, people couldn’t believe that their leaders were so diabolical.

Let us be more specific.  You brought up the Bilderberg Group as an example of, according to your flawed opinion you believe: “For decades the Bilderberg Group has already functioned effectively in Britain, Europe and the West as a whole as an unelected shadow government.”  To the contrary, the global agenda of the Bilderberg Group is essentially the creation of a ‘One World Company’, ‘One World Currency’ and ‘One World Government’ – in other words, a so-called ‘New World Order.’  It should be stressed that this is not a term invented by ‘conspiracy theorists’ but a mantra regularly repeated in public by numerous powerful political leaders such as Gog Bush senior, Gog Bush junior, Tony Blair, George Brown and the current U.K. chancellor George Osborne – who like the Bushes, Tony Blair and the current German Chancellor Angela Merkel, is also a ‘Bilderberger’ i.e. an ally or agent of the Bilderberg Group and its aims.

Anyone who thinks that the New World Order is a good thing that will help the world knows nothing about the New World Order.  The NWO is extremely evil since it starts with requiring World War 3 to bring the world population down to a manageable 500 million people – requiring 93% of the world’s population to be eliminated (yes that means “killed”).  See my post of 11 Sep 2014 entitled: The Absolute Truth that Nobody Believes (or even knows)  The one world government would be a Communist regime run by the global elite who would own everything.  They would own our property, our clothes, our food, everything.  We would essentially be slaves to the world rich, doing whatever they command us.  Their plan makes 1984 look like a picnic with WW2 being nothing compared to WW3.

I used the word “sinister,” but I actually don’t even have a word strong enough for such evil.  What have been the accomplishments of the Bilderberg Group in the past?  To name a few big money makers (after all, that is the bottom-line agenda), the 1973 oil crisis that caused a great increase in gas prices, the attack on Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi people (they took over their oil fields and made a fortune along with the financial gain from war), world hunger (it is very well documented that feeding the world costs and does not make money), their involvement in 911, terrorism, ISIS (which started its Caliphate after last year’s BG meeting) and many more that I need not go into.  Everything that is happening is for the purpose of structuring the world for the NWO, their final goal.

What does the Torah say about such evil?  Eliminate Amalek!!! When we find it so hard to believe the level of evil, we wind up honoring Amalek, chas v’shalom, letting the evilest people on Earth of the hook.  Their certainly is enough in Jewish scriptures about the evil Gog and what he has planned for the world.  Knowing who Gog is, and knowing that he was a former US President who was elected to serve the people, makes it extremely difficult to believe that he could perpetuate such horrors.  Knowing that he has the present President of the US of Magog working for him is also impossible to believe.  The man in the White House is not liked, nor is he considered doing a good job, but that fact that he is trying to start WW3 for his boss, Gog, that is impossible to buy.  If anyone thinks that Jade Helm, FEMA camps, the economic treachery (exploding as you read this with the events in Greece), Homeland Security, the Patriot Act, TSA, the NSA surveillance, racial tensions, same sex marriages, unemployment (more like 23%, than the lies of the government), Obamacare, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (a very dangerous program that is almost completely unknown), police brutality, underground bunker and road network, the dumbing down of society, the obesity level (encouraged by the evil ones), the Iran crisis, the Iraq crisis, the Syria crisis, the Ukraine crisis, ISIS, etc, etc, etc, are destroying humanity, while Gog and his cabal (working through the Bilderbergers) have convinced you that they are trying to help the world.  Even worse, anyone who is against any of these programs must be a conspiracy theorist.

I obviously can’t even scratch the surface of the craziness that is happening, but as I have said before, Hashem is using all this craziness to prepare you for Moshiach and Geula. How so?  By making it obvious that no leader or government is solving world problems, the people of the world are turning to Hashem with one word of repentance: “HELP!!!!!”

So what is coming up that I felt it so important to discuss this topic at this time?  First, let me talk as a dot-connector and speculate.  I have mentioned that it seems very ominous that the 4th of July comes out on a Shabbos and just happens to be the 17th of Tammuz, the beginning of the three weeks leading up to Tisha B’Av which also comes out on a Shabbos.  During the three weeks, Jade Helm begins one day after Rosh Chodesh Av, which begins the final nine days leading up to some of our most difficult days in Jewish history (including the loss of the two Temples on the 9th of Av).  We also are approaching the end of the Shemitah cycle.  We are in the 7th year which according to Talmud, Sanhedrin 97, is the time of war.  This is much more involved than I can detail here, but is Hashem giving us very vital messages that the end of history, as we know it, is imminent?

Even if what I just speculated does not come to pass, as I am anticipating; it is still in concert with the messages from all our sources, who are hinting to the same devastation.  Rabbanim, Mekubalim, the Facilitated Communications individuals, even secular news sources and, most important of all, Jewish scriptures (another very detailed list of prophecies) are all saying the same thing.

Let me be totally clear about a message from Hashem that is no speculation at all.  This is the final testing before Moshiach.  If you fear that going to a 4th of July event is putting you in harm’s way, you should realize that the much more dangerous aspect of the 4th celebration is the violation of Shabbos (I never stressed the tremendous importance of observing the Shabbos on this blog but it is covered in my book).  Driving to a picnic, eating non-kosher food, not praying, improper dress for Shabbos, etc, etc, etc are violations of Hashem’s commandments that are far more devastating to a Jew than a terrorist attack – they are a loss for eternity.  Of course, an attack at such a function may be the wake-up call from Hashem to tell you of your failure to keep the Holy Sabbath day.  Get the message?

We are not in a time to speculate as to whether we should follow Hashem’s way.  We have had years of messages, worldly events and obvious proof that the only way to survive and thrive is turning to Hashem.  I have certainly given enough proof for the past 39 months on this blog and also with my book that skeptics and people who say: “let’s wait and see,” are total losers who are sealing their fate and the fate of their loved ones with suffering and devastation that could last forever.

If you still have complete faith that your leaders are acting in your best interest, even though it is beyond obvious they are not, you will be extremely sorry – possibly starting this coming weekend.  If you think that conspiracy theorists are giving you the run-around, that they only have opinion and no basis for their so-called theories, do your own investigation.  I did and what I found was scarier than what the theorists were saying.  But then I happened to be extremely concerned about my future and the future of my loved ones and friends.  I was so concerned, I wrote over a thousand pages of blog and book.  Why?  Because, Hashem proved to me and my family that the only way to happiness and success is through Him and following His ways – guaranteed in writing from the Guarantor.  Anyone who wants to argue with success instead of learning from it should be ashamed and should consider him or herself a fool.  We are not in a “wait and see” time; we already saw, and should have no doubt.

All I ask is that this coming weekend, do what is absolutely the best thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones.  I am telling you that you already bought the winning lottery ticket and you have an opportunity to cash in.  If you think that July the 4th is more important than your eternity, your lottery winnings are officially null and void.  It is your choice, but you will know in the near future you never had a choice; Hashem and His Torah are the only choice.

That is no “conspiracy theory;” that is “the absolute truth.”

You cannot change the truth, but the truth can change you.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

My Book

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The book is subtitled:  The Solution to All Your Problems - Guaranteed in Writing!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Chukat, 4 Tammuz 5775 (21/6/15)

King of Kings, G-d is the leader of the world. He guides the world and the world belongs to Him. He created the world and us for Him, and will guide the world in the best possible way for us. Every country that has ill will towards Israel or wishes to take parts of Israel away will be harmed by G-d. G-d will destroy any country that wants to take parts of Israel away and give it to the gentiles. The Golan Heights will not be separated from Israel and will not be taken away because:

Syria is being destroyed and there is no going back.  There will never be a Syria again, it is collapsing and soon nothing will remain of Syria or the Syrians - evil destroys itself.  Anyone who has harmed Israel in the past or is doing so now is getting stricken by G-d.  Gush Katif, which was taken from Israel, is not an opening to take more, heaven forbid.

The government of Israel must beware of letting refugees enter the Golan Heights - it is very dangerous. If, heaven forbid, refugees enter, there will be chaos at Israel's borders.  It will be very bad and very dangerous!  Do not say you weren't warned.

Hamas is laughing at everyone; they pretend to want peace and quiet, as if they are in conflict with Abu Mazen - it is all a dirty trick.  They are liars, con-men, and cheats!  In Operation Protective Edge, the IDF dealt them a heavy blow.  It takes at least several years to build new tunnels, accumulate weapons and ammunition, and train new soldiers, so they want to buy time so that the IDF and the Israeli government remain naive.  They pretend to love peace, but their goal is to conquer and eliminate the state of Israel, to toss us into the sea, or, heaven forbid, make us their slaves.  No country in the world will accept the Jews.  During the destruction of the Temple, G-d banished the Jews from Israel and made sure they would be accepted.  Today, G-d is asking the Jews to come back to Israel.  Don't believe the Hamas, the Palestinians, the Jihad, or any new Muslim gang that rises against Israel.

ISIS will finish off all of the leaders of Hamas, Palestinians, Nasrallah and Hezbollah, and counting.  You kill 100 of them, and 1000 are born.  The IDF soldiers must watch over themselves.  Do not believe any gentile and do not believe the gentiles in the Golan Heights.

From Gaza they send rockets into Israel so that they repent, so that people will not count on their own power and will not say that everything was created by their hand.

Around Jerusalem and Yesha, there are Hamas conspiracies.  The IDF needs to send undercover police and soldiers to discover them.  It says in the Torah "guard your souls" - dear Jews, do not be naive and do not believe the gentiles - they have no souls and those who do not have souls can behave like hungry lions.  There is no faith in the gentiles, they have a blue ID card, but they are Arabs.  Do not be naive; a great part of them is dangerous.  A naive Jew felt pity for them - he was murdered and his friend was injured.

The Arabs in Israel speak in public, saying that they want a Palestinian state so that they can give it to the Arabs around Israel.  Jews, listen to what they are saying - they want a Palestinian state for the Arabs around Israel, not for themselves!

In Egypt, the core is boiling and soon it will erupt. They are quietly fighting each other.

Iran continues to create ten atomic missiles quietly.  They are working 24 hours a day.  They are deathly afraid of Israel, because they know that G-d has chosen the Jews.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah don't have anyone to support them.  Every shipment from Iran or other source is taken by ISIS or the rebels; and, if they aren't taken by them, the IDF blows it up. There is no chance that ammunition will ever reach them.

Turkey is undergoing a revolution and Arduan fears for his life.  ISIS is in the Turkey borders.

In Iraq it is like the Babel Tower; there is no fixing it, and the government has fallen.  ISIS and other groups are doing what they please.

In Jordan, the refugees continue to strangle it, and will continue to do so until it stops breathing.  The king of Jordan is like a rubber stamp.

In France the French Foreign Minister wants to do something dirty.  France wants to supposedly "interfere for peace" in the Middle East so that they can have peace with the Muslims in their country.  The Muslims in France bother the Jews and will not stop.  When the last of the Jews comes to Israel from France, they will bother the French.  That is why the Foreign Minister wants to come to Israel - for their own benefit, not for the benefit of Israel.  It won't do them any good, France is in G-d's sights, and G-d will strike it down.

The United States has spoken about racism in Israel - Creator of the World, G-d of Vengeance is paying them back, an eye for an eye, and letting them deal with racism all day long.

Russia is threatening with its weapons, showing the world its strength and that it is better than everyone else - they should stop threatening.  G-d can remove them from the face of the earth in one breath.

Anti-Semitism in the world is increasing rapidly at a frightening pace.  Seven billion people in the world are against the Jews.  Anti-Semitism in the world will stop only when all of the Jews come to Israel.

Natural disasters: fire and heat, cold and rain, snow and wind, storms and earthquakes will continue to increase and will become very harsh.  There will continue to be complications and conflict around the world, countries within themselves and between each other.

We will repeat this another one hundred times:  Armageddon is only outside of Israel, not within Israel!

Dear Jews, stay away from assimilation, alcohol abuse, drugs, and gambling.  Whoever converts must convert according to Jewish law exactly.

The entire world does not like refugees.  Every time you hear about ships that sink - it is the countries that sink them and the world blames Israel for racism and refugees.

You must support the parliament members, working in good faith, who want to improve the culture and law in Israel!  They are cleaning house and doing good things for Israel - support them!

The economy in Israel is rising, blooming.  It is strong and good, there is work for everyone and if someone doesn't want to work that's their problem.

Whoever is against the G-dly process - G-d will remove them.

Because G-d promised that He would not destroy the world after Noah, He is bringing plagues, earthquakes and harsh things to hurt the countries that want to bother the holy state of Israel.

Our Father in Heaven loves the Holy Land.  This is the last generation, the last period, the last time!  G-d is striking the entire world so that they repent.  G-d wants a new world of love and kindness and the crowning of the King Messiah, son of David, without evil.  It is near!

Even though we delay and delay, despair and despair; even though there are those who don't believe or think that it is bizarre that G-d will crown the King Messiah, son of David - these are the main signs!  Delay, despair, and lack of faith that the King Messiah will be crowned are signs that it is very near!  Soon G-d will crown him!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"
I was notified by my publisher that my book is now available on Amazon in Europe, and will be available worldwide soon.  The Ebook will also be on Amazon and other sources – probably next week.  I will continue to sell the book on this blog (go to the top of the right column and choose the Ebook «Buy Now» button, for $5, or the book from the present distributor in Europe).

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The Obvious Truth (revised)

I was thinking about changing the name of my blog and maybe even my book to “The Obvious Truth.”  When I began this blog 39 months ago and definitely when I started the book version 22 years ago, I could only tell you what was in scriptures and what will be coming up in the future.  Only after events occur is it possible to verify that prophesies that we have known for thousands of years are Hashem’s absolute truth.

We have reached a point in history that most of the prophecies in scriptures already have happened or are happening as we speak.  We are at a point that I need not speculate on what it says in scriptures, but only need to tell you to look at the world around you, and be totally amazed and confident that Hashem’s word is the Absolute Truth as it is happening.  It has become so obvious, that I should start calling it the Obvious Truth, B”N.  If you are still skeptical about what it says in scriptures, then you must have your eyes shut and your fingers in your ears.  It does not take a genius to verify the truth any more – it is so obvious, it will bite you if you are not seeing it.  Unfortunately, it will more than bite you, it will ruin you and your loved ones if you are still not convinced that the only way to survive the very near future is by turning to Hashem.

Why am I saying the very near future?  All the sources that we have been following have been totally consistent about what is coming up – the Facilitated Communications individuals (Benjamin, Moishela, Menachem, Daniel), Rabbis, Mekubalim and even me, the dot-connector.  The number of terror attacks, the wars, the obvious efforts by Gog with his cabal, the Bilderberg Group, the new World Order, the Illuminati, Jade Helm, the FEMA concentration camps (turning out to be death camps), military buildup worldwide, etc.  I am not even talking about the other predicted events, the economy, the weather, natural disasters, greedy and inefficient leaders running despotic governments, etc.  It was all prophesied and it all came true.

Let us get more specific.  Although I am not a big fan of Alex Jones, this video is a good summation of what is happening now and is due to happen (I have seen verification from many sources and only using Alex Jones as a summation):

The most disturbing aspect is that the global elite had their Bilderberg Group meeting 11 to 14 June and all of a sudden they are fleeing the danger area – leaving the US or going into their underground maze of bunkers and roads.  We are getting very definite information from those who are causing the world mayhem as they flee harm’s way.  It is looking so obvious that they believe WW3 is imminent, that Jade Helm is not a practice exercise of any type, but the beginning of a takeover and control of the people to initiate the very evil New World Order.   Everything that we have talked about for years is happening.  There are so many events happening; and, of course, they are not to be seen in the media which just happens to be controlled by the global elite (actually they are in the media but with total fabrication of their meaning).

What should we do about it?  I know I repeat myself; the time has come to completely turn to Hashem.  I decided to be more specific this time with Hashem’s instructions.  Let us do a quick review.  If you think you know exactly what to do, please read the following anyway – I find almost no one is living the absolute truth completely, meaning everyone needs improvement, including me.  I will do this completely in English to avoid confusion.  I will then follow with a very specific request.  First the review:

Repent your sins.  This does not means words alone, but actions.  Saying that you know you should keep all the commandments is useless – doing all the commandments is vital, and the only way to repent.  That means, if you do not keep kosher, start.  If you do not keep the Sabbath, start.  None of this is lip service, this is action needed to survive.
Prayer.  If you do not pray three times a day (talking to the men, if possible with a minion), putting on Tefillin and Tallis (once again men), start.  This also is not lip service.  It is knowing without any doubt that you are standing in front of Hashem, Who knows your every thought even before you voice it.  You can’t fool Him with improper intentions.
Study Torah.  Hashem wants us to live Torah and all the commandments.  Obviously, you must study your instructions in life to perform them.  This is truly and completely your guide to life and the only way to do Hashem’s will.  If you are not sure where to start, I highly suggest my book which is over 300 pages of confidence building information, and a guide of how to start, even what to study.  This is the key to happiness and success.
Charity and helping others.  If you think that you are in good shape and couldn’t care less about others, Hashem will make sure you are not in good shape.  We are all in this together as the Chosen Nation.  Only with unity and a true love for your fellow Jew do we all succeed.  Hashem is watching you and knows better than you your intentions.  If they are selfish, Hashem will be selfish to you.  Once again, not lip service but truly feeling the pain of others and wanting to help.
If you are new to these ideas, remember “Hashem does not judge you by what you know, but how you grow.”  If you have been observant all your life, please, please evaluate your performance and improve – you have much to improve, just do it.

My last request.   If you are still a skeptic and don’t buy any of this, pay attention in the near future to what you and your family are going through.  If things are getting very scary, even treacherous and it is becoming so obvious that you and your loved ones are in trouble, change instantly.  Hashem is testing you and, for your own good hitting you over the head with a taste of reality.  There is nothing random in this world.  If you think that you just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, you are greatly deceived and don’t have a clue as to what is happening.  Hashem will give you, measure for measure, exactly what you need to survive and thrive.  It is up to you to catch on to the obvious truth or to fail completely because you think you know better.

The time has come, the final testing is here.  The world is not the same and never will be as it was.  The obvious truth couldn’t be more obvious.

There is no such thing as coincidence.  This past Sabbath was the story of Korach, who was rebelling against Hashem.  At the end of the story the ground opened up to swallow Korach and send him to Hell, but his sons in the last seconds realized the error of their father.  They shouted to Hashem that they realized that the Torah was the only truth and miraculously the ground extended out to save them.  They were stubborn like their father, but once they sincerely acknowledged the Absolute Truth, they were saved.  A strong message accompanies Korach’s leaving the earth.  It was not the end of his suffering, but the beginning.  We are in the exact same situation.  If you believe that your death, chas v’shalom, will be the relief of the pain in this world, you will be greatly disappointed to find that Hashem’s mercy will continue to give you whatever correction you still need even if it means sending you to Hell.  The fact that Korach just happened to be the portion of the Torah we read is another very powerful message from Hashem to each one of us.  The ground will open in the near future for those who do not turn to Hashem and follow His ways.  Be on solid ground – be with Hashem, it is your only obvious choice.  Guaranteed.

Note:  I have received personal Emails from some of my favorite Noachide readers.  This post didn’t talk about non-Jews, so what are the instructions for them in the coming craziness?

The same instructions for Jews apply to non-Jews.  Repent, pray, study Torah (instead of the 613 for Jews, the 7 Noachide commandments), charity and helping others.  Does helping others mean helping Jews?  Hashem wants all good righteous people to reach the happy ending coming up.  Non-Jews can definitely help their own family members, neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc to turn to Hashem, not with heretical beliefs, but with all the instructions that Noachides live by.  It is common sense, be good and help others be good.

Are Noachides protected from the evil that will befall the world?  Measure for measure as Hashem does with the Jews.  But, Jews are supposed to come to Israel where they will receive the most protection.  How are Noachides protected when they live in harm’s way?  Hashem can make it rain on one side of the street while the other side is sunny.  Protection and help from Hashem is an individual blessing.  Each individual, Jew or non-Jew will receive Tikun as needed.  Those who completely follow Hashem and trust in His mercy are protected.  Those who do not, or are even skeptical about what Hashem will do, are in trouble.

Since it is brought down that 2/3rd will suffer (polite way of saying that they will be wiped out) and 1/3rd will survive and thrive, it is obvious that 1/3rd of the world is not the population of the Jews.  The Jews in fact are one quarter of one percent of the world population.  That leaves a lot of room for righteous non-Jews, which will be a much larger a population than all the Jews in the world.  Who might the remainder of the 1/3rd be if not the Jews?  We must account for the ten lost tribes of Israel who will discover who they are, and who will return with the Jews to Israel.  Are the Noachides in that group?  I don’t have proof, but I would say it is highly probable.

Hashem loves all good and righteous people.  The happy ending is for the purpose of getting rid of the wicked and having only the good remain.  What is the best advice for Noachides?  The same as for Jews – stay righteous, trust Hashem and turn to Him for everything.   Your future looks good, the obvious truth applies to everyone who wants it. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

My Book Should Be Banned!

I have been notified by my publisher that the Ebook version of my book, The Absolute Truth, is finished and ready to be made available to the world.  This means that the price that I am offering, $5, as a special Ebook to my readers, will increase shortly.  I am also expecting the book to be available in the near future worldwide from all the biggies like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.

So what is my concern that I am looking to get this book banned worldwide, B”N?  I am glad you asked.  I have been receiving personal Emails from my dear readers, who have read the book and are still showing signs of not believing the Absolute Truth.  I have explained that the truth about this world defies human logic.  A world that comes completely from a source of Infinite Intelligence is totally incomprehensible to us opinionated flawed human beings (sorry to be so harsh).  I wrote truths in the book that I can explain, but even I can’t comprehend its deepest meaning.  I even wrote a chapter about the dangers of having an opinion.  Since we basically live our lives with whatever opinions we have developed, and based on whatever we have been taught about reality, our indoctrination of life is either helpful or totally dangerous to ourselves and our loved ones.  I am discovering, unfortunately, that most people on Earth are still living an upside-down fantasy life with very little reality to help them.  They are not living the Absolute Truth.

In my quest to spread the absolute truth to the world, that doesn’t want it, no matter how essential it is to survival and keeping one out of severe trouble, I have come up with a plan.  GET THE BOOK BANNED!   I have seen books in the past like mine that were so controversial that government authorities would forbid people to read the book.  Since governments are operating in clouds, more so than the average citizen, they definitely won’t want you to read my book.  Even more so, my book tells you exactly how to combat the evil global elite who think they are running this planet.

Following Hashem’s instructions is the only way to survive the upcoming horror that the elite are planning.  The elite definitely are not interested in you turning to Hashem for salvation – it is contrary to their plan.  How dare I confuse the world with the truth and show everyone the best way to reach the imminent happy ending.  That is the happy ending of the world of lies and deceit, which you may have noticed, and the beginning of the beautiful world of truth.

Books can be very powerful, especially if it includes the word of Hashem.  I recall in 1997 the first Bible Code book hit the stores (I do not recommend this book – it had some very incorrect information).  Who would be interested in hidden codes in the Torah?  It not only became a best seller worldwide, it was the second most popular book in Japan.  Why would the Japanese be so interested in hidden codes in the Torah?  Because Hashem wanted them to be.  The book started such a debate about whether there were hidden codes in the Torah, that it was obvious that this is what Hashem wanted – the world paying lots of attention to Torah.  Since my book is even more controversial than the codes book, I really hope to start a heated debate about the Absolute Truth of this crazy world.  That should make Hashem happy.

If we go by flawed human logic, not too many things in this crazy world make sense.  Rest assured that Hashem’s plan doesn’t make too much sense to us humans, but it is flawless and the only way for a human to survive the craziness.

I am happy to see some of my readers arguing points made in the book.  What I have written is Hashem’s truth, but it is not easy to understand.  It is Hashem’s thought and logic, not ours.

For decades I have done Kiruv, outreach, efforts to try to convince people that turning to Hashem is the only way.  I noticed that any time someone, who came to my house for Shabbos as an example, and agreed with everything that I said, that was a totally lost soul that I could not help.  The individual who argued with me, telling me that my words were wrong and not logical, that person was a “gotcha.”  That was the person who had been so deceived all his or her life that it made them very perturbed to hear the truth for the first time.  I loved the change that these people experienced in only a few hours, when they were shown irrefutable proof.  The more important thing was what followed.  When they started to investigate closer, Hashem took them by the hand and changed them into true happy followers.  The fact is, I never did the Kiruv; Hashem did.  I only needed to introduce them to Hashem and His instructions.

My book is so controversial, I recommend that many countries ban it – the people should not be allowed to read it.  That way everyone will try to get it.  I rely on the human stubborn characteristic that “nobody is going to tell me what I can or cannot not read.”

I don’t care if you buy my book and lend it to a thousand people, I am trying to reach 7.3 billion people and I am not there yet (please don’t tell my publisher that I said that).  I should also mention that the money I am making from this book will be used to help Jews make Aliyah.  I don’t need the money, I need to help others, so yes, I am putting my money where my mouth is and using it to help others – that is Hashem’s instructions to me.

Will I get the book banned?  Only Hashem knows.  Will this anger the global elite who are trying to kill you and your families, or at least make you a slave to their New World Order?  I sure hope so!!!!  Will I need body guards as my lawyer friend I talked about?  No, Hashem is my protection.

Make sure you get your copy before it is too late.  Treat this book as though it were Top Secret, which means show it to everyone.  That statement may not be politically correct, but it is Hashem’s way.  Help others.

As before, go to the column on the right and click the "Buy Now" button (or click on the book cover if you want the actual hold-in-your-hand copy).  This book is coming directly from me so as I see your purchase being made I will Email you the book.  Enjoy!!!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi Shlita, Parashat Korach, 27 Sivan 5775 (14/6/15)

King of Kings, G-d is the leader of the world; He wants to bring the world to a place of kindness without interest, to destroy evil inclination so that the entire world will be without it.  The Jews will be sanctified, they will be pure and holy, they will rise up in the wind and all of the gentiles left in the world will respect the people of Israel with love.

Every country that wants peace with Israel will have blessings and success in all.  Every country or head of state that wants to go against the state of Israel and take parts of Israel away will have the same fate as Korach - the earth will open up and swallow them whole.  G-d loves the Holy Land, Israel, it is His home, it is His place and woe be unto anyone who tries to touch it.  Only the Jews are worthy of living in the Holy Land!  Gush Katif, which was stolen by the gentiles, is not an opening to take parts of Israel away.  Remember this: every person, president, prime minister, or country that wants to touch and take parts of Israel away - they will be swallowed by the earth.

The entire world is going through Armageddon, and in Israel there is quiet and peace, there is protection.  A cloud of fire guards the borders of Israel and with all of that, the people of Israel must still guard their souls, and I will guard you.

Anyone who creates division in Israel will he himself be divided.  Anyone who cheats, steals, does bad deeds or bribes, will be revealed before all of Israel in the media.

In recent months, evil knows that the Messiah is about to be crowned and their armies are coming down in huge numbers in order to create conflict among the Jews, in families and married couples, between friends and partners - you need to be careful and not get carried away.  Patience is a virtue!  Blind faith in G-d is above all!

A large number of the Arabs in Israel are anti-Semitic, they create conflict, protest, spy on Israel, and transfer information to the Arabs around us.

Parliament members are in conflict with themselves, one against the other.  Everyone is fighting those who want to keep the holy land of Israel and not give parts away to the gentiles.  Parliament members must not forget that Israel is very small and the Arab's goal is to throw us into the ocean because no country will accept the Jews.

The Hamas is saying that it didn't fire.  Abu Mazen is saying that he doesn't know what they are talking about.  Everyone is acting naive; it is all fake; they are working together!

The Hamas continues to dig tunnels, prepare new soldiers and new and improved ammunition.  Hamas and Abu Mazen are one gang, they don't want peace and they never will!

The government of Israel must stop being delusional and stop fearing other countries - there is G-d, who created the world and knows how to destroy it, and how to remove certain people from it.  They shouldn't try to touch the holy land; they are playing with their lives.

In Gaza, you must keep all eyes open.  They don't want peace.

The Arabs around us and among us are bringing in huge quantities of drugs and alcohol and are making efforts to drag Jews to gambling and assimilation in order to harm Jewish youth so that, heaven forbid, four-five years from now, there won't be a proper IDF.  They can't make things work by force so they are going in the way of the snake, quietly selling drugs cheaply, alcohol cheaply, pushing to gambling and assimilation of Jewish boys and girls.

Parents need to take action; and, the government of Israel needs to appoint a minister responsible for drugs, alcohol, gambling, and assimilation - that is what we need a minister for!  It seeps in slowly and destroys the Jewish youth of the people of Israel.  Wake up, wake up, and wake up again!

In Egypt, we said there will be a revolution - it will happen!  Remember, they want to eliminate Sisi.  Sisi didn't believe anyone, they wanted to kill him.  Soon there will be a revolution.  Hamas is also working hard to breach Egypt's borders.

Jordan is waiting and expecting to get, heaven forbid, parts of Israel.  G-d is angry now; He will destroy Jordan.

Syria is being erased and will continue to be erased.  It will be dust.  The rebels are in control and the Druze have suddenly woken up.

ISIS is in Syria, Hamas is in Syria, Hezbollah is in Syria...  It is a Babel Tower.  Creator of the world, G-d of Vengeance!

Nasrallah and Hezbollah can't receive ammunition from Iran.

In Turkey, G-d has humiliated Arduan because he wants to be with ISIS.  G-d brings people up and down.

Iraq cannot be saved, it will be destroyed completely.

Iran is laughing at everyone and lying to everyone in the media.  It continues to quietly create tens of atomic missiles at once.

All of the Arab countries are jealous of Israel!

The United States wants to show its power in front of Russia.  They are like a peacock and Russia is like an alligator.  Russia is working quietly and the United States is working loudly.

There is Armageddon in the world, and it will never be in Israel.

The forces of nature continue to grow stronger every day, volcanoes, harsh earthquakes, floods, winds, and storms.  Countries will continue to be in conflict within themselves and each day will get worse.

Anti-Semitism is increasing, step by step.  G-d is exiling the Jews from Europe, the United States, and other countries.

In Israel, they are preparing homes and real estate; and even if they prepare one million houses, they will all be filled by Jews.  According to the building pace, and the pace is strong in Israel, that is how new immigrants come to Israel.  If one million Jews come and don't have a place to stay, they will live in hotels - don't worry.

France: Jews, run away from France urgently!  Soon everything will be turned over and Jews will run away without being able to sell their homes and businesses - you have been warned!  France is the hottest place in the world; it is the first place you need to run away from.  Come to Israel urgently!

The economy in Israel is the best in the world.

The people of Israel need to support the IDF soldiers and not believe the media.

G-d is taking people of all kinds to heaven, because from above they have the power to help more than from below.

The Messiah, son of David, is working 24 hours a day, protecting every Jew and soon, very soon, he will start acting in public.

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

More Proof

I have mentioned that I have various sources in the US and Europe that have given me an inside look at world activities.  More importantly, how these sources have verified conclusions that I have reached due to decades of research.  One area of research that I have mentioned numerous times is the fact that Gog Bush Sr. is Gog, mentioned in Tenach, and that the US of A is Magog.

There are several posts that I made over the past three years giving the results of my research.  The two most telling were:

This past week I received a message from one of my sources that was very reinforcing about the statements I just made above.  This source is a very prominent lawyer in the US who has been greatly involved in high level legal matters stemming from the evil cabal of Gog Bush and his henchmen within the erratic government of the US.  The lawyer has been in contact directly with the White House, specifically Obama, with Queen Elizabeth who is also a victim of the shenanigans of Gog and his cabal, and with the Vatican who is a further victim in this evil plot called the New World Order.  The evil that is being perpetrated by the global elite is preventing 208 countries in the world from resolving major problems.

I will not mention the lawyer’s name, since that would immediately cause me to lose him as a source.  If you were to hear all the names of very high level individuals that he has been in contact with, you would have complete confidence in his messages.  The problems that he has caused the miscreants have prompted his need for body guards.

The message received last week pertained to matters that are not important here, yet.  But the following wording was included that I thought would be of interest to my readers:
Just for the record, I'm as sick and tired, as all of you, about the inordinate time lapse that we have all endured. However, it turns out that the 'cabal' was much more deeply entrenched around the world, especially the western world, than anyone fully appreciated; additionally, the cabal has been willing to do anything and everything imaginable to delay the coming dénouement (the climax of a chain of events, usually when something is decided or made clear – final results) in hopes of wholly avoiding it (this is pertaining to many events that would be beneficial to the people of the world, but contrary to the plans of the global elite). They are responsible for "9/11," which is finally beginning to come to light; they are responsible for the fact that Washington, D.C. has operated our Republic as a corporation for the last 150+ years; they are responsible for hiding all of these facts from you; they are responsible for ISIS; they are responsible for attempting to ignite WWIII; and, they are directly responsible for much, much more.
There is no mystery with this lawyer, for he has been battling these miscreants for decades including court sessions that he has endured to try to make right what is very wrong and dangerous in the US and the world.

The biggest problem as I see it is that Jews tend to honor Amalek out of disbelief.  As an example: I have talked to many people over the last 14 years about the truth about 911.  It is so difficult to believe that our own government would be so evil to cause such a horror just to get into war, actually to make much money.  Viet Nam was another false flag operation that lasted ten years, killed close to 58 thousand military personnel, killed many more Vietnamese, was a war that was never intended to win or help the US, but served its primary purpose: to make the industrial complex, the global elite, a vast amount of money.  Good people can’t fathom the level of evil that their elected officials display, even to the point of disbelief.  But, to continue to re-elect and support such individuals out of ignorance is extremely dangerous and very contrary to Torah.

The presidential election that is coming up next year is full of evil individuals who are secretly working to help the cabal institute WW3 – the plan to eliminate 93% of the world population and effect the New World Order.  Don’t believe what you read in the news about candidates.  In fact, don’t even pay attention to their lies and deceptions.

Any time that is taken away from Torah study and doing mitzvot is wasted time and counter-productive to your personal needs – working towards Tikun.  Get away from the fantasy of our times, and turn to the reality that Hashem wants you to live, you will be much happier with the outcome.