Sunday, November 30, 2014


I thank the Emet9 organization for making this video and Moishela for sharing this vital message from Hashem with the world.  I also thank Anonymous for alerting me to this video.

Don't treat the message lightly with a "we will see" attitude.  If you look carefully, we already  have seen the horror that is happening.  To watch it get worse and have it affect you with suffering is foolhardy.  Hashem is telling us what the situation is and what you and your loved ones must do to avoid trouble.  I know that it is extremely difficult to make tremendous changes so quickly, but you  definitely will find if you turn to Hashem, help will come.  The message is that you are not alone faced with the impossible.  Hashem makes everything possible when you turn to him completely.  

Continue to do Teshuvah, repentance, that is totally meaningful.  That does not mean admitting your sins, it means correcting your actions to not sin again.  Once again, if you work with Hashem and follow His ways, you will be totally successful.

Continue to pray to Hashem.  That does not mean "lip service," but sincere prayer with tears in you eyes and love for Hashem in your heart.  When you pray, always know that Hashem is there hearing your every word.  Make it as meaningful as possible -- PRAYER WORKS.

Study Torah.  Not to have a lot of book learning in your head, but to live Torah as if your life depends upon it (which it does).

Give Tzedukah, charity.  If there was ever a time in history that Hashem is wanting us to help others, it is now more than ever.  Give with a pure heart wanting to help save the world.  It is so necessary for people who have less than you, but will give you more benefit than you can imagine.

Show love of your fellow Jew and every righteous non-Jew.  That is what Hashem wants and will bring the Moshiach and the Geula -- the happy ending.  Hashem wants achdus, unity from His people.  Everyone loving and helping everyone else.  No conflict, no selfishness. 

We can see from many sources that time is running out.  We are closer to the happy ending than we think.  If we don't believe that and don't react accordingly, we lose.  Not a loss in just this life, but forever and ever.  You owe it to yourself and your loved ones who depend on you, to take this seriously.  TURN TO HASHEM AND IT WILL HAPPEN IN THE MOST POSITIVE WAY.  THE HAPPY ENDING WILL TRULY BE TREMENDOUS.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parshat Vayeitzei 5775


The King of Kings, G-d, guides the entire earth and heaven - He alone. He is One and His Name is One! The forces of nature do not have free will; they are controlled by G-d. Whether they like it or not – they will do G-d's will.

All of the countries, that bother the Jewish people of Israel in the land of Israel, G-d harms them through the forces of nature.  He gives them a "taste" of the flood generation.  A lot of these "tastes" are being given by G-d around the world so that they are busy with their problems and do not bother the state of Israel.  It also serves to drive the Jews from their homes to come to the holy land of Israel.  The holy land of Israel is the mother and father; it is the parents of all of the Jews in the world.  They have no other source – only here.  It is time that all the Jews come and settle the Negev, West Galilee, Samaria and Benjamin.  It is a great Mitzvah to fight for the holy land and settle in the land of Israel – the opposite from the desert generation. Every house built in the holy land excites G-d and makes Him very happy.  Bless is he who makes the L-rd happy for he will have happiness all his life.

There will continue to be harsh floods, storms and winds in the world.  Earthquakes will continue, volcanoes and heat, natural disasters will increase and continue, there will be snow like never before, heat and cold like never before.  The beautiful and wondrous thing is that in the holy land of Israel there will be pleasant winds, pleasant rain to cure the Jews, a good life and an even better economy.  G-d protects the land of Israel.  The Jews must also protect themselves, the choice is in the hands of man "and you will guard your souls."

The righteous men who were murdered in the "Kehilat Bnei Torah" synagogue in Jerusalem atone for the generation, they are messengers of G-d that atone for and protect the generation and warn the Israeli government and the Jews in Israel not to give away even a centimeter of land to the gentiles.  Their peace is to destroy the entire state of Israel.  They continue and restore the tunnels – business as usual.  They continue to receive ammunition from Iran and continue to bring ammunition into Gaza from stock hidden in the sands of the Sinai desert.

Abu Mazen, Hamas, the Jihad and the Palestinians are all working together to harm and destroy the state of Israel.  They tempt youths in East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria to cause harm.  They are liars and cheats and they have bad plans to harm the people of Israel.  They act miserably – it is all for show.  Israel is a drop in the ocean – they should leave it alone.  They have a lot of Arab countries to live in.  Let them go live in Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon or Saudi Arabia; there is a lot of land there.

In East Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria there are Hamas moles, terrorists of Abu Mazen.  The leaders brainwash the youths and they commit suicide, while the leaders enjoy the spoils and money that comes from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar.  There are places in the north and south in which some of the Arabs develop and hide ammunition.  We wait for the day when it blows up in their faces.  There is ISIS in the north and in the south.

Iran is putting on a show with the United States and Russia together.  It is deathly scared of Israel and rightfully so.

The United States is begging Iran to join their side and not Russia's.  The United States wants control over all Arab countries.

Russia is against everyone and destroys whatever it dislikes.

Turkey is entirely in conflict with the extremists of the Muslim religion.  ISIS has grown and is spreading there until it will hatch and blow up – slowly, be patient.

Jordan sits quietly, trusting the IDF that is protecting it, the king and the government so it doesn't fall.  The king is waiting for salvation, and hopes to get parts of Israel.  They are deathly afraid of the refugees coming in from Syria, Iraq, ISIS and the Palestinians.  Jordan will be like the market of the wild west.

In Egypt, good advice to Sisi would be to continue to use force to destroy and dismantle the Hamas, ISIS and some of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip who have conspired to harm him and his government.  Thank G-d, Sisi doesn't care about what people think and is fighting them with full force – he is smart.  He should protect Egypt so that it doesn't collapse from the economy, ISIS and the Hamas.

The Hamas are quietly killing each other in the Gaza Strip and loudly killing each other in Syria.  Even in Turkey and Iraq they are fighting among themselves – this is G-d's doing!  Whoever wants to help will get in trouble.  In the Hezbollah, Nasrallah is threatening and afraid of the rebels and ISIS.  ISIS really wants to kill Nasrallah; they don't get along because everyone wants to be the leader.  Tens of thousands are being killed in Arab countries and around the world and it isn't being publicized anymore.

The government of Israel and the Jews need to support the IDF soldiers.  They are protecting the homeland and working with integrity and truth.  They have the will to protect the state of Israel; and thanks to them, we sleep, eat, make a living and learn Torah.

Assimilation with the gentiles is causing a lot of problems in heaven and angers G-d!  Because of the Jews' assimilation with the gentiles, there are harsh riots and problems in Israel.

White and black collars, whoever causes trouble, takes or gives bribes, steals, does abominable things, lives on the backs of others, cheats and takes over – they will all be revealed.  G-d is revealing them in their folly in front of the media.

The month of Kislev is a month of miracles that G-d has done for our forefathers in the old days and today. Even for us, His children, G-d is making miracles.  This month is a month of miracles!  G-d is making miracles every day!  The miracles that G-d is doing needs to double your faith!  Jews need to obey the Torah and distinguish between right and wrong.  Stick with the good and let go of the bad.  Turn bitter into sweet, bad into good, hate into love and stinginess into kindness – a world of Grace will be built!

All of the problems the people of Israel have, G-d is making them to get them out of complacency and inspire them to shout out to crown the Messiah!

Courtesy of  "Tair Neri”

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Toldot - 23 Cheshvan 5775, 11/15/2014

The Creator of the world, our Father of mercy, chose the Jews!  Like it or not - He won't give up on them! He will protect them from their enemies in and out of Israel.  This is the chosen people that G-d has chosen. G-d loves all the Jews and wants all of the real Jews in the world to come to the holy land of Israel.  G-d protects, guards, heals, bequeaths and enriches; and, we the Jews need to make an effort to protect ourselves and not take risks; because the choice is in the hands of man, the good and the bad – the Jew chooses.  When you obey the Torah, the Jew is protected and guarded by G-d.

Jew-hatred is increasing from day to day; it is one hundred times what it was the day before.  Hatred, evil, and cruelty are in front of every Jew in the world.  Jews need not only come to Israel, they need to flee to Israel!  You will miss the train and G-d will not hear you.  Don't complain and don't be bitter, G-d warned you and is warning you now!  Don't miss out; don't say it won't happen to you.  Everyone can make a living.

Anyone who goes abroad will only go for a special occasion, a mission for the state of Israel or special work.  Anyone who is touring is taking a chance and has no protection!  There is nothing to do; this is G-d's wish.

The amount of real estate in Israel will continue to double itself until infinity.  Construction will not stop in the holy land – the country will blossom and grow.  No country or nation in the world can interfere with G-d as he takes care of the economy of the Jews in Israel.  Every country, president or prime minister who interferes or wishes to harm Israel, G-d will strike them harshly.  No one can harm the holy state of Israel.

Egypt, ISIS and Hamas are coming together to fight Egypt and bring down the government.  Sisi and his government and army need to watch themselves and not take anyone for granted if Hamas or the Palestinians wish to fight them.  Hamas and ISIS are making plans on how to bring down the regime that is unstable as it is, including its bad economy.

Hamas members are eating at each other and will continue to do so, in secret or out in the open.  Hamas is afraid that Fatah will rise and rule them.

All of the "bosses," the Hamas and Palestinian leaders, are having the time of their lives around the world, buying houses, enjoying themselves, living like kings as they have their workers do their dirty work.  Hamas and the Palestinian leaders send their members to fight in their stead as they enjoy the money from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait.

Syria is being eaten from the inside and out.  This will continue until it is gone from the world.  Whoever tries to stop the fighting will be terribly harmed.

Nasrallah is in a dog house, tied, barking, and doing nothing.  He is afraid that his guards will turn into ISIS.

In Turkey, Arduan is speaking well of ISIS and the radical Muslims so that they don't kill him.

In Jordan everything is chaos; there are terrible riots; and, there are many refugees from Syria and Iraq.  ISIS is doing their work, the Hamas and Palestinians are going to explode, and the state of Israel is protecting the king of Jordan and guarding him so that his government doesn't fall.

Iran wants to be a great power but is deathly afraid of Israel.  They know that the IDF is the strongest army in the world and that there are hundreds of eyes looking at them from Israel.  Iran knows that Israel is protected; they know that the King of Kings, G-d, is protecting the holy land!

Hamas, Jihad and Abu Mazen are sending people to Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem and brainwashing them to cause riots.

ISIS is working whole heartedly, and is, and will continue, to drive the world crazy.

The government of Israel – you cannot let it fall apart!  This is not the right time and the world will celebrate because for a whole year there will be no action.  All will stay the same.

The government of Israel and the people of Israel must support the soldiers of the IDF so they act accordingly to law!  Stop the blaming.  Whoever blames the IDF soldiers will have problems with G-d!

All of the Knesset members need to dress properly to be a model of Israel.  Just like you wear nice and clean clothes to the Synagogue on Shabbat (and on weekdays too if possible), they must also show self respect and respect for what they represent.  There are many tough decisions made there.  The new and young Knesset members should listen to the older members, they have experience – even Moses consulted with the elders.

Jews in and out of Israel need to be careful and open their eyes.  Arabs are walking around with knives, they practice how and where to hurt the body in order to kill it.  They pretend to be innocent and suddenly pull out a knife.  Every Jewish civilian and soldier needs to be vigilant and with open eyes!

Armageddon is only for the gentiles!  This is happening and will continue to happen among gentiles around Israel and among Arabs who hate the Jews within Israel.  They fight with each other; it is already happening and will continue to happen more and more every day.  G-d is creating conflict between them because they are bothering the Jews in Israel.

The rain in Israel is a blessing! G-d is directing the rain in Israel for the good of the Holy Land!  Cleaning the sewage pipes is in the hands of man.

Natural disasters will continue to happen in the world – volcano eruptions, floods, winds, storms, heat, fire, cold, snow like nothing there has ever been in over 100 years, including the most difficult complications in plane navigations, ships and cars.  Animals will continue to go crazy.  G-d wants all of the Jews to repent, to obey the Torah and to pray and learn Torah.  The Torah cleanses the Jewish brain and soul.

One of the hardest pains of G-d is Jews assimilating with gentiles.  For thousands of years Jews maintained their Judaism; they cannot forget it now!

All of the white and black collar people, G-d will reveal them all!  We will hear about a lot of people who will testify against their bosses.  All of the bribers and bribe takers, the vile acts, the treacheries of women and men, all of the filth will be revealed one after the other!  If they stop and repent and correct their wrongs, G-d will not shame them in front of the entire world.

No one can lead the world!  The world is in chaos, everything is complicated and in conflict.  The bad world has reached its end, hate has reached its end; G-d has started since 1948 to purify the world.  Now the world is on the verge of the crowning of the Messiah, through which Hashem will guide the world to purity.  Bitter will turn to sweet, there will be kindness, and all of the Jews will come to Israel.  It will be a world of good – heaven on earth!  We are now in the throes of the Messiah!

Courtesy of a "Tair Neri"
I encourage everyone to go to Tomer Devorah and read the latest message from Moishela “"The Noose is Getting Tighter"   It is very reassuring how many things that Moishela has said that are in total agreement with the message of Rav Ben Artzi.  They are completely two independent sources that are getting the same messages from Hashem.

I am encouraged by the accuracy of both sources over the years and especially what they are saying about the near future.  Yes, they are letting us know that there are rough times ahead, but they are also enforcing Hashem’s message of how to protect yourself and your loved ones.  Follow Hashem’s ways and you will survive and thrive – it is just that simple.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Chayei Sarah – 16 Cheshvan 5775 (11/09/14)

G-d, who created this world and us, is the leader of the world; and, He leads the world as He pleases.  If we do as He pleases, He will do as we please; if we do not, He will not do as we please, and we will suffer for nothing.  Free will is disappearing slowly until it will be completely gone.

Natural disasters, complications and conflict between and within countries will continue.  The social situation will continue to get complicated as will the economic state.  This is not the right time for Israeli Jews to invest outside of Israel.  You need to invest in real estate development in the holy land of Israel.

Abu Mazen, the Palestinians and Hamas failed greatly with the tunnels and their plans for Yom Kippur.  There was the "Protective Edge" war that dismantled them to pieces.  They did not succeed in destroying the country of Israel through tunnels, as well as their decision to invest a lot of money in brainwashing young Arabs in Judea, Shomron and East Jerusalem to protest and complicate things to a third intifada, G-d forbid.  There will not be a third intifada!  The leaders of the Hamas, Jihad and Fatah have brainwashed the protesting Arabs, sold them out and tossed them away.  They sit on the outside enjoying the world, rallying up the Arab youth in Israel and around Israel to do their dirty work.  They send them to cause trouble in the holy land; but, it won't work.  Every Arab parent needs to grab their sons and discipline them.

The government of Israel needs to be strict with the rioters.  Do not be afraid of any country and defend the state of Israel.  All of the conflicts and complications with Arabs around us, who aim to break Israel, serves only for you to agree with their will.  The government of Israel and every Jewish citizen must be careful.  If Arabs get something, they want more; they are never satisfied; they are never happy with what they have. They hate the Jews; they want to hurt and destroy the entire state of Israel and bring it back to a time before the Jewish state existed.  In the north there is a conspiracy with ISIS.  When Israel handles the protests and rioters with a strong hand, there will be quiet in Israel.

The prime minister of Israel is experienced and is the most suitable person for the position at this moment.  Stop whining about him; stop bothering him, and stop trying to make him fail.  Anyone who is not the prime minister whines and bothers; but, if you were in Bibi Netanyahu's place, you would do the same.  Stop with the hate; you need love!  You need to strengthen and back the prime minister.  It is not nice to protest; it is like a kindergarten of kids who don't grow up.  The heart of a king is in the hands of G-d, and he is guided from above without knowing.  So please, leave him alone; help him and support him.  Every time there are arguments in the government, the Arabs take advantage and protest.  It won't do any good; Israel will continue to grow and blossom!  G-d protects and defends Israel, the Jews in Israel, and we need to protect our souls - stand guard over our souls.

Half a million Jews are on their way to Israel right now.  The agency and government must be prepared for them.

ISIS continues to develop; grow and go wild, destroying Syria, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt on the way to many more places.

The rebels in Syria are recreating the Exodus – they have been sent from G-d.

Iraq is fire and ember, no one can stop it.

In Jordan there are refugees from Syria and Iraq, and also Hamas.  Chaos is going to happen there; everything will get mixed up.

In Egypt, to ensure that Hamas and ISIS don't bring down Sisi and kill the Egyptian elite, Sisi needs to be strong against Hamas and ISIS.

Every prime minister or president in the world who opens his mouth against Israel, G-d will harm him directly; He will embarrass him and humiliate him to ashes.  If it is a country, G-d will create conflict within them.  They will be like Syria which is already a nice example of this happening.

No one can interfere with the holy land of Israel.

In the United States, a rocket fired into space exploded; also, a spaceship exploded.  Obama's airplane was grounded.  There are opinions in the United States that Obama can no longer do what he wants.

All over the world there is war while Israel is quiet and at peace!  There will not be a world war with the atom bomb, and not a third world war.  G-d has sworn that He will not destroy the world - it says in the Bible.  If G-d does not destroy the world, no one can!

In Turkey, ISIS is getting strong and Arduan is afraid.

In Iran they are busy with the atom bomb.  They are crawling slowly like a snake to create the bomb.  It wants to be powerful, but is terrified by the holy land of Israel.  The United States is weak in front of Iran, it is scared that Iran will go with Russia.

The United States is compromising with Arab countries because they are afraid they will go to Russia.

There will be terrible natural disasters in the world.  All of the Jewish Israeli travelers need to take care of themselves; they are going to dangerous places.  There is no protection or defense; don't waste your lives.

ISIS will spread all over the world except Israel and will help the anti-Semitism drive the Jews out of the world.  They will succeed because it is G-d's will.  It is Israel's time of redemption; it is time that the Jews stop suffering; it is time to settle the Negev, Shomron, and the Western Galilee!

The powers of natural, water, fire, wind, and earth will continue to shock the entire world, except for Israel.

All of those who bribe, thieves, con-men, adulterers, perverts and other bad men will repent; and, they will not be caught!   If they do not repent - they will all be caught.  It does not matter if they are religious or not, everyone from the smallest to the biggest – the world is ridding itself of them.

The rain falling in Israel is a great blessing; it cleans and purifies the state of Israel.  It will continue to rain for many years.  We need to prepare the infrastructure and drainage capability.

All of the complications in the world, all of the chaos, it is all in preparation for the Messiah.  It is the redemption process; it is for the crowning of the King Messiah, the son of David, soon.  This generation has been blessed; blessed is the believer.  The believers will be in the first wave!

When G-d crowns the Messiah, he will fight Israel's wars!  The people of Israel will stop suffering; the IDF will stop suffering.  The government of Israel will function as usual, the IDF will function as usual, but the Messiah will fight Israel's wars.

The Messiah protects while he is in hiding.  Soon he will act and protect in the open, and the world will continue as normal – the operation of planes, cars as well as the building the Third Temple!

באדיבות: אתר "תאיר נרי"

Sunday, November 9, 2014

An Answer to an Excellent Comment

I received an excellent comment that was not possible to answer in one liners, but deserved my utmost attention.  So, I decided to cover the subjects in the comment in a separate post.

The comment from my dear friend Anonymous (I sure hear from him or her often):
I was wondering if you could possibly clarify a term I hear so much but it is not really clear to me what it means. The comment that made me wonder whether we ourselves are Erev Rav chas ve shalom is: The truth is Hashem not only takes care of people who are totally observant (not Erev Rav who only pretend)
Since as Baale Teshuva I feel we are working really hard to be observant but it doesn't always come naturally and then when you have those moments that it doesn't come from the heart, you often times feel you pretend indeed. Look forward to your explanation in a search for the truth.  
My response:
The Erev Rav was a Mixed Multitude of people of various nationalities who insincerely converted to Judaism and accompanied the Jews out of Egypt.  They saw that Egypt was devastated and that the true power of the world was with Hashem.  Their attachment to the Jewish people is viewed negatively since they only wished, for very personal and greedy reasons,  to accompany the power and wealth, jump on the band wagon, so to speak.  Everybody likes to be with winners, not losers.  They were only for their own benefit and had no true feelings for Hashem or the Jewish people.  Because their intentions for joining the Jewish people were not sincere, they therefore were very troublesome. They caused the Jewish people to sin with the Golden Calf and were a stumbling block in other trials during the wandering in the desert.  According to the Zohar, there will be traces of the Erev Rav in every generation and they will only cease to exist when Moshiach comes.

That lets us know that the Erev Rav is truly with us today.  Many of the leaders of Israel, and all the other countries of the world, demonstrate the characteristics of the Erev Rav.  Their concern for following the ways of Hashem are almost non-existent and even their concern for the Jewish people is questionable.  I have stated many times that Hashem has provided us with such leadership on purpose to cause us to turn to him and do Teshuvah.  The perfect plan of Hashem is working and will result in the true leadership of Hashem, through His Moshiach, and the end of the Erev Rav forever.

The comment made by Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita is alluding to fact that we cannot always distinguish true Jews, true followers of Hashem, from the Erev Rav.  There are Jews who talk a good game about their sincerity towards the Torah, but their true feeling is to satisfy their own greedy and even evil agenda.  Of course, Hashem knows the truth about each one of us and our intentions towards His truth.  We may be able to fool our fellow citizen on Earth, even our own family members, but when the time comes, Hashem will sort it out, measure for measure, and give each one of us our due reward or punishment (for eternity).  Pretending to be righteous, when one may have more Erev Rav or even Amalek in him of herself, is foolhardy, even dangerous.  It could be a future killer for you and your loved ones.

So far as being a Baal Teshuvah.  I have good news and I have good news.  First the good news.  You are not alone.  All of us returning to Hashem and wanting to do His will correctly have the same concerns and trepidations.  Are we doing enough, are we doing things correctly?  If you have the attitude that you are concerned about not handling the beautiful gift of serving Hashem correctly, then you should consider yourself fortunate and successful.  As mentioned above the two faced Erev Rav say one thing and do another; they have little concern for doing the right thing.  Your concern is well known by Hashem and is greatly appreciated.  Even better, Hashem helps those who want to do His will, but are not totally confident that they are doing it correctly.  That brings us to the good news.  Hashem does not judge us by what we know, He judges us by how we grow.  If we have the right intentions and show a passion for wanting to follow His ways, we will be totally successful and find the true happiness that comes about from following His ways (for eternity).

My advice is to take it slowly.  We are creatures of habit.  To rush in and want to do everything immediately, requiring much change in our lives, will lead to failure.  By doing things slowly and adding on mitzvot at a very comfortable pace, you won’t even notice the change but will notice the great improvement in your life.  As an example: to do all of the prayers from the start is uncomfortable, but to start out with about 5 minutes and add on prayers, a couple of minutes at a time, you don’t even notice the difference and feel very accomplished with your effort. 

Hashem’s mercy is infinite and totally there for our benefit and help.  That is more good news.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Vayeira, 5775

The Creator continues and will continue to shake the planet with natural disasters, calamities and bizarre things unimaginable.  The Creator surprises every time with something new that He has not yet shown, serious illness, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, winds, storms and severe complications in every state.

Anti-Semitism increases openly and also in secret.  It will not cease until the last Jew leaves any foreign country and comes to Israel - Israel the Holy Land.  The Creator is no longer patient!  The Creator has warned and continues to warn, to immigrate urgently to Israel, the Holy Land.  HE will not wait! Jews that are scattered in many communities and countries around the world should leave the world of material and money urgently and immigrate to Israel!  They will receive blows, very hard ones where they are.  The Almighty sends signals to the Jews of the world from all directions.  The Israeli Jews leaving Israel to wander should not leave Israel.  Shame, you're Jewish, you have no protection outside of Israel!  This is the time of judgment in the world; do not take risks, shame!  All travelers going abroad are at risk; they should protect themselves and be very careful.

Everything is the responsibility of the Creator and it is exactly the way He sees fit, without forgetting anyone.  All Jews who are closer to the L-rd - will be protected!  The Creator gives suffering to human beings so they will get closer to Him.  The Creator loves his children, the Jews, and wants all to be united. It is very painful for the Creator that there are right and left parties in the Holy Land!  Our Heavenly Father wants all to have the same opinion and free love, to protect and preserve the country.  A thousand Warnings: Do not believe the goyim and do not waive any parcel of land; study the Torah!

Everything that happens in Jerusalem, the capital, is due to the negligence and those “beauty of soul” in Israel who fear what the world will say.  They treat goyim with gloves and it's a shame; so, they are rioting.  The Master of the Universe is angry because Israel considers the world opinion and not what HE has to say.

The Creator said to Israel: Do not fear any state and country in the world; this has been our land for thousands of years!  There is no place in the world like the State of Israel and the Jews have nowhere else to go.  Jews must cease to act as "modern."  A Jew who keeps his Jewishness is the best in the world!

Arab Muslims have many states and countries; the Jews have the Land of Israel for many generations.  There is in the world a great hatred against the Jews; seven billion people in the world hate the Jews.  In Israel, Jews are protected and preserved by the Creator!  Too bad Israeli Jews who leave the Land of Israel are endangering themselves.  Outside of Israel they will be harassed, attacked and belittled, they are not protected and are like orphans...

Additional supervision is necessary by the army, the Shin Bet and Mossad, of some of the goyim in Jerusalem, also in the north and in the south.  We must follow their every move; they have spies and informants who work with them.

All goyim who live in Israel and join the IS - they kill people and say they were killed in the war.  The IS declares them spies for Israel so this is why they kill them.  This process is from the Almighty!

The IS is in Syria and Iraq; they mock the world.  They hang flags on the empty barracks and the United States and other countries, which joined them, bombard these empty cabins and their flags, but are not bombing the IS!  Americans think they have killed thousands, but in fact they have killed ten percent of what they think.  The IS continues to grow and develop in Turkey.

Syria, the media does not say anything; it has become very routine.  There are murders and killings of thousands a day, not what they write - 186.  Syria is fading to the end.

Iraq is in chaos with fire and sulfur.

Jordan barks all the time, the situation is complicated with refugees from Iraq, Syria and other places. The IDF protects the King of Jordan, despite an influx of hundreds of thousands of refugees into Jordan. Do not invest in Jordan, it will fall apart, it is not the time to be rich!

In Egypt President Sissy fights with strength Hamas terrorists and the IS.  He knows he is being targeted and does everything so the regime will not fall.  He is afraid of the revolution and knows in his heart that he himself is marked – that they want to hurt him.

Abbu Mazen sends many young terrorists to Judea and Samaria to do demonstrations and cause war against Israel – they have been indoctrinated.  He thinks he has the upper hand, but the Creator is the One who decides.

The Creator has put words into people to strengthen Israel and so there is no division between the Jews of Israel.  The Almighty enlightens Jews from inside so they connect to HIM.

Iran plays the good girl, good heart, to get the best of the United States.  Then they will give them a kick and go with the Russians.  Iran is terrified of the State of Israel.  Before Iran does anything against Israel, the Holy One, Blessed be He, will destroy them!  It's not weird, it's 100% exact.  Let them try!

The United States thinks it is helping Iran to encourage them not to go with Russia.  This is why there are problems between the United States and Israel.  They do not want to lose Iran and the Arab countries.

Hamas quietly acts as a "nice guy."  They are doing nothing because they want the money and building materials to refurbish the tunnels into Gaza.  It is preparing a new army and is equipping itself with ammunition; it is not concerned in any way for Gazans.  Abbu Mazen and Hamas are one gang.

The military defense of Israel must be alert and ready at the borders and must not wait for surprises.

The current government is good and should not dissolve!  The elections will still take 6 months to 1 year until the government can be operational.  During this time the Arabs will party - shame!  It is necessary to preserve and protect the head of government and the government!  The head of government is balanced and has a lot of experience.  Stop saying bad words and using bad language against the government of Israel!

The State of Israel is blessed!  Its economy is blessed as well as work, livelihoods – there is plenty for all, you just have to want to work.  Rain falls with love and joy in Israel there will be blessed rain for many years!

All corrupt individuals, individuals who corrupt others, lustful men who do abominations and who are avid, from the smallest to the largest, religious and non-religious - all will be revealed!

Armageddon is the war for the goyim around the world - Israel is the most protected place and the most secure in the world.

There are signs, the Creator gives indications and signs in heaven and on earth, in the dreams of the people, to inspire them and tell them that there is salvation and the imminent coronation of King Messiah.  Suddenly, the day will come!  Without the intervention of the Creator that will crown the King Messiah soon, the world would be destroyed, there would not be a fly on the planet - all have the atomic bomb.  The Holy One, blessed be He, promised after the flood in Noah's time that HE will not destroy the world. And if the Creator will not destroy it - Nobody can!

Jews, follow the Ten Commandments urgently, unite and unite the people of Israel in free love; pray and study the Torah.  Ask the Creator, the Almighty to stop the suffering of Israel and to crown King Messiah!  When HE will crown the King Messiah - He will openly fight the Israel's wars, this is not weird!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri"

Please note: this is a time for positive thinking and complete faith in Hashem.  I will not be posting any negative comments from people who, like myself, are very anxious to see the happy ending, but unlike me, are impatient – even rude.  I have complete faith that the messages of Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Moishela, Menachem, Binyamin, etc will come to fruition and are very positive (everything is from Hashem and is for the good).  When?  When Hashem says so.  Are we close?  Yes, that is the basic message that Hashem is sending through His servants.  Is it tomorrow?  Maybe.  You will know tomorrow.  Are we deserving of Moshiach immediately?  Probably not, but that is what all the messages are trying to accomplish – to get us to do our part to make us more deserving.

Please, please keep a very positive attitude and thank Hashem for His messages of chizuk.  If you have a negative comment, write it down and put it in the trash can where it belongs.  I have found that most negative comments that I am receiving (not too many) are more of misunderstandings of the truth than valid comments.

The most important thing for me is to not share negativity on my very positive blog – it helps no one and could even further delay the happy ending.

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