Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Comment about Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita

I received the following comment about Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, that needs an answer, but to all my readers, not just the one who made the comment.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Va'eira ...":

Why did he not mention the snowstorm BEFORE it occurred? Seems to me he repeats the same stuff over and over again, but misses the obvious that is about to take place. Which shows that he is not the Absolute Truth! 

Four comments:
1.   The test of a prophet as stated in Parashas Shoftim (Devarim 18:15-22) tells us about judging the person as a prophet by what he says, not by what he doesn’t say.
2. We have been told numerous times that prophets and the FC individuals will only tell us what Hashem wants us to know. What Hashem is not ready to tell us is not told to the prophet and could never be included in the message.
3. The obvious that is about to take place is not worth mentioning. We are looking for messages from Hashem, not the news media.
4. If Rav Ben Artzi is repeating something happening in the world (even though I usually see it as an update on a recurring event), trust that Hashem wants the Rav to give that message. Probably, from comments that I have received, Hashem knows that we have not internalized the message or think it doesn’t pertain to us or, flat-out, rejects it (we think we know better). 
Rav Ben Artzi has a very impressive record and has proven himself to have prophetic abilities, whether we like what he says or not.  If anyone in the world tells you he or she fully understands why Hashem tells us what He does and why He leaves out certain other details, the person is not telling you the absolute truth.  Hashem works in mysterious ways, but always know what is best for us.

One additional side note: A good friend of mine told me he heard this great Mekubal, Rav Ben Artzi, 12 years ago say two things.  He said there will be a disengagement of Gaza that will remove all the Jews and give Gaza to the Arabs, and that the next President of the US will be a black man who will work to destroy the US and the world.  Rav Ben Artzi said that in 2001.  I have dozens of other predictions that he made, before the fact, that came true.  He has passed the test of prophecy.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita

To the Jews of the Diaspora in general and in particular those in France.. Tevet Tsha "d

To all Jews living outside of Israel, wherever you go, you will not save yourselves! The goyim will seek you everywhere and come up to chase you.

Jews living in France, you need not go to other countries.  It even will be worse there.  They will harass you worse than in France and from there you will come to Israel.  Come now to Israel and you will be in an excellent situation, the Creator will protect you and save you in the Holy Land.

The Holy Land of Israel is the most protected place in the world; she is the mother and father of the Jews who are in exile!

Anti-Semitism around the world is against the Jews, those are the actions of the Holy One, and it will continue to be so until all the Jews will come to Israel, the holy land!  The time for the redemption of Israel is coming!  Come to the Holy Land of Israel!

So far, the Creator has spoken to you so pleasantly and nicely; if you do not listen this time, the Holy One, Blessed be He, will turn away from you.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Va'eira Tsha"d

 The Master of the Universe has turned the world into a state of chaos, shaking the world from its klipots (evil), before they take over, G-d forbid, the entire world. Thus there are conflicts, demonstrations and they are killing each other in most countries - evil destroys itself, all want control. They will continue to eat each other; they will continue to experience floods and earthquakes, heat and fire, violent storms. Everywhere and anywhere the Holy One gives them what they deserve. The storm as we had Israel will not happen again this year, there will be normal winter rains.

Iran mocks the entire world; she knows that Israel will not attack because the United  States put pressure upon her.  Russia is connected with Iran and leads it, and the United States made ​​peace with Iran, so Iran laughs and mocks the world and continues to produce nuclear bombs. The Holy One will not give it much  time; HE will turn it  into fire, sulfur and charcoal - Sodom and Gomorrah will be there.

Palestinians and Hamas are united and consolidated, laughing at Israel. These peace talks are false because they want to take the holy land. The United States are interested only in controlling the Middle East.

These blows, to want to take parts of the Land of Israel - Three people of Israel are responsible. The Holy One requests, do not give up any part of Israel!

Egypt a giant famine began to bite deeply. They are quiet since United States has promised a budget, but they eat each other quietly on a silent war.

Jordan is waiting for peace talks. The United States has assured that all refugees will go into the new land made, G-d forbid, from the Holy Land.

Hamas is armed and laughing at all; they pretend to cry and make ​​a big mess.

Syria is removed and will be removed, nothing can stop it - it's over for good.

Lebanon, Hamas fired at the soldiers of the Defense Army of Israel on the Lebanese border, not Hezbollah, Nasrallah nor Lebanese soldiers. Hamas wants to aggravate the situation and sow discord between Israel and Hezbollah Nasrallah.

Sudanese and Eritrean The Creator shows what they can do in Israel. Quickly remove them legally from Israel before any peace talks in the world! Sudanese and Eritreans have their own state. Jews in Israel have nowhere to go, the goyim of Israel have other places to go. Do not spoil the beautiful soul; do not renounce the honor of Israel and the nation of Israel! The Jews are the chosen people in the world!

The Creator made the ten plagues on Egypt because the people of Israel are stubborn and do not believe. It was not on account of the Egyptians that the Creator sent the plagues. It is not for nothing that Parashat speaks of enslavement of the people of Israel in Egypt. Israel needs to  wake up so they  will  not suffer like our ancestors!

Government of Israel should not get complacent. Complacency is bad for the Jews in Israel. Jews living outside of Israel must come to Israel, there is no time! Their power is the Holy Land of Israel, they are strong here in Israel. Outside of Israel is great anti-Semitism.

Soldiers of the Defense Army of Israel be vigilant and alert. Israel Defense Forces do not count on any country, if we do not keep and defend the State of Israel - no country in the world will do it for us.

The Almighty asks the Israeli government, to be united and consolidated -- the left and right to be united in solidarity and work as one heart to help the people of Israel develop and grow.

Mothers, Jewish parents, keep your girls! Because of permissiveness and pocket money, they fall into the hands of goyim who seek to destroy the daughters of Israel.

The Holy One has time, all the time. He is acting and striking when the time is appropriate! The salvation exists!

Real estate in Israel continues to grow and will be built -- hundreds of thousands of homes, no one can stop this divine process. In Israel there is sustenance for everyone, you just need to want to work.

All those who are corrupt, who steal, cheat, commit acts of immorality and evil, if they do not  do complete repentance, they will be discovered naked, from smallest to largest, left and right.

The Messiah acts and nobody can stop Him. Buffoons and clowns will soon be in deep sadness. Anyone who mocks and laughs at the redemption and the Messiah has to deal with the Master of the Universe! All creation, from the beginning of the world until now – this is redemption and the Messiah! This generation has won because it is close to the Coronation of King Messiah! None can say he was not warned!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Parachat Chemot Tsha "d


The King of kings, the Holy One, chose the people of Israel, gave them the Torah. They said "we will do and hear." They are called Jews. Jews have a soul that is part of the Almighty - only to Jews. Jews who are holy and pure, must fight against all impurity, evil and hatred in the world. The Creator helps with the forces of nature, destroying and ruining anytime and anywhere in the world, with the exception of Israel, to purify every place worldwide. Not only will it not stop, but will increase and increase until everyone sees the power of the Creator, when the world will be clean. It will be clean! Jews in the holy land of Israel and Jews outside of Israel, keep your Judaism, holiness and purity, because if you do not follow the laws that was given by the Holy One, in front of all the goyim of the world, you will not exist.

The Government of Israel should not give up an inch of the Holy Land of Israel! Israeli government, stop worrying. Start to worry about keeping the land of Israel! Knesset members, stop being afraid of losing your seats in the Knesset. Listen to no country in the world, they don't know Hamas, Iranians and Palestinians. You must have fear and suspect most Arabs in the country, more than Arabs living abroad.

The role of the Jews is not to assimilate with goyim. Keep the daughters of Israel united, do the will of the Creator, do not assimilate! Purify and sanctify the world - it is your job!

Soldiers of the Defense Army of Israel do not get a ride, the danger is growing, they want to kidnap soldiers to negotiate the release of prisoners, and the world's most dangerous!

The Israel Defense Force must continue to be attentive to the borders of Israel, from Eilat and around the whole country, they want to surprise us each time in a different place, do not think only in plateau of Golan and the Lebanese border, the surprise could come from Jordan, and the Sinai border into Israel.

Iran mocks the United States; it is hand in hand with Russia. Russia informs Iran what to decide in the agreements with the United States, as if there were peace. Iranians continue with their nuclear ammunition and bunkers. Iran is like a sleeping fox making plans so that nobody disturbs it.

Syria will continue to be deleted. The Creator does His job to protect the people of Israel and urges the Syrians to fight each other. There are thousands of refugees from Syria, Jordan and Turkey and many Hamas in the world, waiting to receive a Palestinian state with Hamas.

Hamas seeks to take parts of the land of Israel, so the members of the Knesset and the government need to wake up! Stop cooperating with Hamas and the United States who aim to take parts of the land of Israel. The Creator informs us that there will never be peace with them! The more the Israeli government is stubborn, tenacious and strong to preserve its land, the more the goyim around will drop their plans to take parts of the land of Israel. True peace cannot occur by giving up parts of the land of Israel.

Jordan expects the United States to be their messenger. Jordan is happy and thinks the US will do all the work – may it not happen!

Lebanon, Hezbollah and Nasrallah are underground, buried, they cannot raise their heads.

Throughout the Gaza Strip, Hamas has made all tunnels. The Holy One washed, knocked and broke all tunnels - it’s happy news!

In Egypt they are fighting each other silently, but the war is strong between Hamas, Egypt and Hamas in the Sinai. Famine is endemic in Egypt, and will be aired in the world.

Since you were united during the storm, rain and snow, no Jew was hurt, this is what the Holy One wants, to protect the state of Israel as a single unit, with love. No one will dare give an inch of the land of Israel!

Jews outside of Israel and Jews in Israel: another request from the Almighty:  stand up scoffers, the day will come when you will be first in line to believe in the Creator of the Universe. It is desirable that the Jews living outside of Israel come to Israel soon. There is no regulation, no solution, anti-Semitism is increasing in frightening dimensions and you cannot stop the madness and hatred and anti-Semitism to attack the Jews; it is out of control.

Jews are a minority in the world and the Land of Israel is the most beautiful diamond in the center of the world. Do not wait until it gets better, instead it will get worse and worse day after day. Even travelers are at risk, do not take risks, and do not say "it will not happen to me."

Rains, floods, fire, sulfur, ash and earthquakes will continue around the world. In Israel - showers of blessing. The rains last week - were showers of blessing. The Holy One shows to the people of Israel that there can be unity between the religious and secular! This is a small example to prove to all the Jews that nothing is impossible for the Creator - everything is possible.

Jews, all the troubles on the road Friday and Saturday were due to the curiosity of people who did not stay home, the rains were showers of blessing of peace and serenity. How happy was the Creator Friday and Saturday, when he saw the people of Israel as a single unit, helping each other.

There was the protection and preservation of all the Jews in Israel, the rain cleared and cleaned all diseases and uncleanness of every Jew in Israel. Weather forecasters saw what was going to be over time around the world, but not in Israel. Surprise! The Creator has changed the wind, clouds and storm pattern. A small seed surprised forecasters, the government of Israel, all employees and all Jewish people, a surprise gift anyone could not have predicted and could not have believed was going to happen. Do not blame the forecasters, the power company, police, the army, nor anyone – the Holy One Who provides and made that benefit the Jews, all of this so that they begin to believe that it is time to crown the King Messiah!

All this so that they begin to believe that it is time to crown the King Messiah!

It was a part of the work of the Messiah son of King David, who is in the Holy Land of Israel and was born in the Holy Land of Israel. Soon the whole world and all the Jews, because of the stress and anxiety years, the world will cry out to the Creator "crown the King Messiah now!"

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Seeing the Good in Others

I wanted to put this video from Aish.com on my blog with a special request.

In the past 20+ months I have posted close to 400 pages of information (about 90% of which was my original writing) in an effort to help the people of planet Earth see Hashem's truth.  My goal is to save the world by bringing all Jews and righteous non-Jews to the ways of Hashem.  Why?  Two things will occur if the good people of this planet start living the truth.  One is that each individual will discover that following Hashem's instructions is the true key; the only key to happiness and a tremendous future; and two, it will speed up the redemption and the introduction of the Moshiach to the world.  That will institute the world of truth and make this world as it was intended to be -- no war, no hatred, no hunger, no problems, no sickness and even no death.  It will be a world of happiness and love.  Sound good?

The request that I have is that everyone join me in this effort.  The close to four thousand comments and private Emails that I have received since March 2012 have been about 98 positive and have given me a good feeling of accomplishment -- people in the world accepting the absolute truth and, hopefully, doing something about it to improved their own situation.

Unfortunately, I have received negative comments showing a total lack of common sense.  Instead of helping me in my effort to save the world, they are very interested in diminishing my credibility.  In most cases they are disagreeing with something in scriptures, in other words, they are disagreeing with Hashem.  Why someone would be fighting me or, chas v’shalom, Hashem could only come down to a personal agenda.  I have suspected Jew hatred and I definitely don’t put up with that.  I know there are people on ego trips who want to prove to mostly themselves how great they are.  I feel sorry for that individual since Hashem knows exactly what they are doing and will correct or even punish accordingly.

I have stated the verse from Isaiah 55:8 several times on this blog: "For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways – the Word of Hashem.”  We cannot look at anything written in scriptures, especially in English and declare “I know exactly what Hashem is telling us.”  I have also stated that Torah is by far the most difficult subject in the world.  It would be much easier to discuss Quantum Physics, Business Law, Brain Surgery, Differential Equations, etc, etc, etc.  Yet if I say to someone “let us talk about Relativity,” most people would answer “I have never studied that subject and know almost nothing about it.”  Yet, if I say let us talk about what Hashem is telling us in the Torah, most people would be ready to give their opinion – not based on scholarship, but on life’s experiences, misinformation and, of course, flawed human logic. 

We have an even more serious problem.  Most people research a scriptural concern by Goggling it.  The web consists of billions of opinions on just about every subject under the sun.  Many believe that “if it is on the web, it must be correct.”  How much trouble we get into with that philosophy.  I have said many times that we need to hit the books to see the truth and even then, we need to verify the source that we are reading since most of the time we don't understand what we are reading.  The only absolute truth in this world is something that comes from Hashem and is validated to be real.  I am saying that beware of interpretation since most of the time we can read something in scriptures and find some charlatan with a hidden agenda whose interpretation couldn’t be further from the truth (such as a non-Jew telling you what it means to a Jew).  I have stated that since I am a human being, no one should believe a thing that I say.  My hidden motive in making such a statement is to get people to hit the books and look up things for themselves (not using the web).  Why is this so important?  When you discover the truth yourself with accurate sources (Hashem’s words), it has a much greater and more lasting impact on your life.  It may be a sneaky way to accomplish my mission of saving the world, but it works; and someday, when we meet in person you can relay how wonderful it made your life.

I have another problem with an additional request.  I control the comments that come to this blog.  If someone is totally disrespectful to me or someone that I am quoting, such as Rav Ben Artzi, Moishela, one of the Facilitated Communications individuals, a Gadol, etc, then I can make sure that such Lashon Hara does not get to my readers.  But, I have had the misfortune of people with very little scholarship making comments on other blogs.  Unfortunately, the other blogs have printed the Lashon Hara.  That is a compound sin considering that if others read Lashon Hara and believe it, each victim is considered as sinning.  To sin in the eyes of Hashem is bad enough; to cause many others to sin is reprehensible.  Lashon Hara is highly punishable.  I can verify that in every case where a comment was made on another blog, the one who commented was lacking scholarship in the subject and was greatly misinformed.

My first request is that you use common sense before making a vicious accusation.  If you have a comment that you don’t agree with, send me a personal Email and ask a question – not arrogantly stating “You are wrong.”  As any Yeshivah student knows, the difficulties of life require extensive discussion not angry refutation.

My second request is that other bloggers control the comments that they put on their blogs.  Even if you suspect there may be some validity to the comment, use common sense as to how the comment may help or hurt your readers.  If you are not interested in helping me save the world but only in being the most popular blog, no matter who it may hurt, then you don’t understand what Hashem wants from you.  I have even been accused of plagiarizing the work of others.  If I have inadvertently done so, should hurting your readers by diminishing my credibility be the way Hashem would want you to handle the situation?  What is funny is that I have been plagiarized including subjects that I wrote about decades ago.  No one every has asked me for permission.  The fact is I don't want to be asked.  If my goal is to save the world, do I care who worded a particular subject, especially since the information should have originated with Hashem (that makes it public domain).  Use common sense -- who are you helping and who are you hurting?

My biggest request is that everyone joins me in saving the world.  I have said that Judaism is not a spectator sport but a team effort that everyone must do his or her part.  Pass information, not Lashon Hara, on to others.  Each one of us is judged by Hashem, measure for measure, for our participation in this life.  How much we do for ourselves is important; but, how much we help others is vital to the success of everyone.  It seems sad to me that I am more concerned about the welfare of the individuals that read my posts than they are for themselves.  Of course, that is what the Torah teaches me.

Most of my posts are information that I have known for decades.  Even though I have spent thousands of hours over the past 20+ months researching before I present a topic to you, it is in most cases verifying what I already have learned years before.  I take pride in providing accurate information and I have been vindicated by most of the comments I received.

I have been working behind the scenes on projects to enhance my mission of saving the world.  I will not discuss it here (it is too early); but suffice it to say that the many hours that I have spent working with individuals and even groups, have been very rewarding.  I am not talking financially since I have spent a great deal of my own money in helping individuals.  I only want you to know that I take my mission very, very seriously.  Please help.  Ask questions, tell me what bothers you and above all let me know of your successes in coming closer to Hashem.  That is the best feeling and greatest reward that I can get.  Don't send money -- I don't need it.

One additional note:  I have been asked several times why I went through a period of several months without any original posts.  It happened after some not so favorable things were said about me on other blogs.  I was greatly concerned that if I, even indirectly, caused Lashon Hara, to occur, it left me with a horrible feeling.  The very thought that I may have caused problems for the very people that I wish to help, left me in anguish.   I did considerable Teshuvah especially during the days of awe.  I have asked Hashem for advice and I fully hope that the passage of time and the requests made above will curtail any further problem.

Thank you for listening to me – it is a way to further do Teshuvah and to ask for forgiveness from anyone that may have been affected by what happened.

I thought of another request for every blogger who cares and wants to join me in helping to save the world. When you see a new message from Rav Nir Ben Artzi or Moishela, copy the message and put it on your blog as well. These important messages need to be read by as many people as possible. They are coming from Hashem and there is no better source of help that we have right now than His servants on Earth. You need not mention my blog; just make sure as many of your readers get the information.

I am not writing this blog to be the most popular blog on the web.  I am not into sensationalism as many blogs are.  My one goal is that the people of this world should be in awe of their Creator and know how much He loves us and wants the best of everything for us.

We have troubled times ahead.  Why?  Since we do not follow Hashem's ways as we should, Hashem has set the world on a course that will ensure that we do His will.  There are no atheists in foxholes and all who are not doing as they should, will soon be in foxholes.  What a gift we have in life to have a Father in Heaven Who wants the best for us and is changing the world to give us everything.  His system is not to treat us as robots and just hand us everything on a silver platter, but to give us an opportunity to do for ourselves and earn His goodness.

If we were offered a tremendous job on earth that pays an extremely high wage and had the best of all benefits, we would go out of our way to achieve such a position.  We would get the education we needed, put in the hours needed to be worthy of such a position.  Yet, we are being offered a position that is guaranteed for eternity with benefits beyond our comprehension.  Why are we asleep and not applying for the position?  We have preconceived notions as to what it is all about.  We been indoctrinated by flawed human logic and are blinded to the absolute truth.

Please, please, please turn to Hashem -- learn His ways and live it as though your life depends upon it.  IT DOES!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I Looked Out the Window….

Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
A Handicapped child
Teves 13 '5774   (Dec 16 '13)

I have for the last four days felt such a longing, such a longing to be close to Hashem. I felt not only longing, but the actual closeness to Hakodosh Boruch Hu. As I looked out the window, and saw the wind and the snow and the trees falling, I felt that this world of lies is coming apart, is falling apart, is disappearing in front of our very eyes. I felt that all the lies are coming to the surface, that this illusion called Olam Hazeh is becoming clearly nothingness. We are looking for truth. At least I am, but I don’t have to look for truth, because I see it, feel it. I feel close to Hashem, and that is truth, and I look out the window and watch a mini destruction. This mini destruction is brought to us in order to bring us to the truth.

Here we are, all of Israel, the State of Israel, dependent on electricity. We are dependent on electricity, for all of our materialistic needs, for everything. Isn't it strange that in such an advanced world people are so foolish to depend on one thing to keep them alive, and the more they depend on it the more they build what to depend on. Everything is based on electricity, and now so many people are without electricity, which is putting their very lives in danger, their lives and their children's lives. There are many places without water or any kind of heating in this terrible cold, without the ability to get out to buy anything, and of course very few people are coming to the rescue to help them. This electricity that we live on is all an illusion. Whoever controls the electricity, controls humanity.

I look out the window and I see that Hashem is sending us a message. This snow that appeared so suddenly on the Israeli scene with such devastation, is a terrible warning about the future. Hashem is trying to pull us close to Him in every way, and one of the ways is to show us that only He can save us. Only He can give us sustenance. Only He can bring us our Parnasa (livelihood). Only He can keep us alive.

Rulers have always wanted to control the water and the food. Water and food keeps people alive, and once you've controlled that, their Cheshbon (intention) is you control people. But they forget one thing, the Ribbono Shel Olam is the one that controls everything. They can die of starvation even if they're surrounded by every type of food, and they can die from thirst even in a swimming pool. Hakodosh Boruch Hu decides all, and those villains that are trying to be instead of Hakodosh Boruch Hu, Chas Vesholom, still haven’t learned their lesson from all these generations. Very soon however, they will learn their lesson, and whether they learn it or not, they will disappear from existence.

I am longing for Moshiach, to be together with Hakodosh Boruch Hu without Mechitzas (barriers); to bask in the light of the Kedusha. I feel it coming. I feel it coming very soon, and with it the longing to see that day is becoming stronger and stronger, until I can almost not bear it. I feel the Geula so strongly coming closer to us that I cry. I cry out in pain and longing. In pain, in pain because it's so distressing to me not to be there yet. I look out the window, see the trees fall, see people falling in the snow, and I cry. I cry for this world of illusions that so many believe in. I cry for what's going to be when they realize their big mistake. I cry because we still have so much suffering to go through, and what has happened here in Eretz Yisroel with the snow is not by chance. It's to bring all the true Jews to that realization. True that once the danger is over, many people will go back to their silliness, but we will have more trials very soon, whether weather, or fear of war, or whatever it will be. However Hashem will do it, it will be meant to bring us close to Him. It will be meant to take away the Mechitzas so we can be very close to our Creator. This winter is still going to be very eventful and very difficult. I beg every Yid when you get into big trouble, remember Hakodosh Boruch Hu is the only Hakol Yachol. He is everything. Hold on to Him, and He will save you in every situation. Just be close to Him, and do His will. It's not enough to try to use Him for your own needs. No, you have to be one with Him. You have to do His Mitzvos, do His Ratzon. I look out the window and I see my own reflection, and I'm so glad that at least I know the truth, but I'm so sad that so many do not.

I cry at night because I'm afraid for the suffering we still have to go through. If this snow storm was difficult, we are going to be tested and taught in even more difficult ways. Each Jew that has grasped the truth from stage one of our difficulties and our trials will suffer less from stages two, three, four, etc. For those that quickly understand and accept the truth, each stage will be progressively easier. However those who ignore the tests that Hashem is going to give us, and refuse to learn the right attitude and the right direction, will only suffer more and more at every stage.

I look out of the window into the cold snowy night and see clearly that what I am seeing is very depressing, but I can also visualize beyond this scene the light of Moshiach Tzidkeinu.

Monday, December 16, 2013


I received an excellent comment that required embellishment on my part.  First the comment, which was from Anonymous in answer to a comment made by another Anonymous (it seems to be a popular name), then my embellishment:

Was quite dismayed to read the post from anonymous about his friend who considers himself modern orthodox and yet has the foolish, foolish notion that there will be other religions after Moshiach comes. Of course, that is absurd and almost blasphemous. Judaism is not a religion, there is no such word in the Torah because it is the 'Eternal Truth'. When Moshiach comes and those of the nations that remain will all know that there is ONLY Hashem and no other, Ein Od Milvado; for the knowledge of Hashem will fill the earth as the waters cover the sea beds.

My comment:

Absolutely!!!!  Religion is a belief system made up by people.  There are approximately 4200 religions in the world, but only one system that came from the Creator; therefore, it is not a religion.

Decades ago when I became a Torah Jew, people said to me "it looks like you discovered a new way of life."  I used to answer: "No, I discovered life itself."  When you start living the truth, the reality as it was created for the people of this Earth, you are not in a belief system but a system of knowledge.  I don't believe in Hashem -- I know He exists.  I don't believe that Judaism is life -- I know it is and I have infinite proof to justify my knowledge.

The big difference between now and the time of Moshiach is that now we live in a physical, fantasy world of falsehood.  The upside-down world described in the Talmud (Pesachim 50) is our daily existence.  The time of Moshiach will be a time of truth, a spiritual existence and therefore all made up religions in the world will no longer exist.  When the good, righteous people of the world (and that is all that will remain) do not believe but KNOW of the One Living G-d, everyone will KNOW and LIVE the Absolute Truth.  They will not have to be taught such feelings – it will be as natural as our fantasy world is to us today.  Hashem will no longer be hidden and everyone will know beyond a shadow of a doubt: “Ein Od Milvado!!!!!!! – There is only Hashem.”  (See my post of 2 December 2013 entitled "He is Hidden Behind Nature")

Those who develop the feeling now and start living the absolute truth even before Moshiach is announced, will be the happiest people of all.  Jews and righteous non-Jews who abandon the fantasy world of today, the total nonsense that is happening in the world (it is obvious to see), will experience the total happiness and peace of mind NOW and will not have to wait for the time that Moshiach will lead the world (actually Hashem leads everything, Moshiach will just be His servant on Earth).  You and your loved ones can have “The world of truth – the world of total happiness, now.”  Why wait? 

You will find out soon how sound this advice is, and how Hashem will change your life to total goodness and happiness.  Just follow His instructions and it is yours – guaranteed (in writing). 

Sunday, December 15, 2013

No One Can Enslave Us

Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
A Handicapped child
Teves 8 '5774   (Dec 10 '13)

Yes, I see very dark clouds on the horizon, very dark. I see great chaos everywhere. It is beginning. It is coming. It is coming from up. It is coming from down. It is coming from the left. It is coming from the right. It will come from the east, from the west, from the north, and from the south.

We are in the end of times. We are at the point of no return. There will be no extra time given from Shomayim. There will be no softening of the Din. Whatever has to be, will be because now is the very end of times. We are going into the most difficult period that the prophecies, the Nevuas, have warned us about. It will be very frightening indeed, but Be'ezras Hashem those Neshomas that were at Har Sinai will be saved, as I have said before, but know it is getting worse and worse.

The world in the past twelve years has changed not only politically but also in its natural shape. Islands have disappeared under the water. Terrible storms and earthquakes have changed our world completely. The terrible tsunami that hit Japan and destroyed the Fukushima atomic power plant has poisoned the Pacific Ocean, and the air above it with its radioactivity. Poisoning the Pacific Ocean and the air above it means poisoning humanity. We have suffered from Hurricanes like Sandy, hundreds of deadly tornedoes and all kinds of typhoons, and other types of terrible storms which have killed thousands, tens of thousands and even more. We have suffered from all kinds of terrible diseases which the medical profession doesn’t seem to be able to control. We have suffered from droughts, and from many unusual volcanic eruptions.

Besides all that, we have been plagued by lies, the lies of the rich the ones controlling the monies of the world. We have actually become the victims of thievery in the greatest way. "Just take whatever you want from our bank accounts whenever you feel like it, Mr. President of the bank!"

We have lost our so called democracy and we have become slaves. And if you think you're not a slave, I'm telling you that you are, unless you hold on tightly to our Torah and all that has to do with Yiddishkeit. If we hold tightly to Hakodosh Boruch Hu, we will never be slaves.  If we will be only with Hakodosh Boruch Hu, no one will be able to enslave us, and that’s what I'm telling you. That’s what this message wants to tell you - that most of the world has been enslaved. You can feel the ropes tightening around your wrists, around your legs, around your neck. You are slowly being put into a prison, a prison that will control every part of your life. However, if you hold onto Hashem and do His Ratzon, you will never be a prisoner. You will always be free. Even though these Reshaim are slowly but surely controlling the world, you will not be a slave if you hold on to Hakodosh Boruch Hu. Then when the right moment comes, Hakodosh Boruch Hu will wipe the Reshaim out of existence and leave us in peace. And we will continue throughout all eternity together with our Hakodosh Boruch Hu, who is our Creator, our Father, our everything.

The End of Days, a presentation by Rav Yuval Ovadia

Please, please, please watch this video from Rav Yuval Ovadia.  It is a very good summary of subjects that I have been posting for the past 20 months.  This was just posted on YouTube 10 Dec 2013 so it is very current. More importantly, Rav Yuval is letting you know, as I have been saying, the only way to happiness and success is to follow Hashem's instructions.

There are some very difficult times ahead.  Who will see difficulty and who will not even notice the horrors of the world will depend complete on who is with Hashem and who is fighting Him.  Watch the entire video -- it could save your life and the lives of your loved ones.  Pass it on to as many people as you can -- we all need to understand the Rav's message which is definitely coming from Hashem:

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Parashat “Vayichieh” Tsha”d

The Master of the Universe continues and will continue to hit every corner of the earth, using the natural elements except in the Holy Land of Israel, which is protected and preserved forever!

The Creator expects the Jews living outside of Israel to wake up and immigrate to Israel and the Jews who live in Israel, left and right, religious or non-religious - to join forces to unite, to help and love each other!

The Creator protects and secures Israel, doing the work of the Defense Army of Israel and the Israeli government, providing a great income, bringing life and happiness to the people of Israel and the Holy Land of Israel - and expects compensation! The compensation expected by the Creator is free love, the union of the left and right, religious and non-religious to be all united as the fingers of one hand, all are equal before the Creator! Everyone does his work; each one needs the other and must help!

We have no one to rely on - only our Heavenly Father and on ourselves. Do not think and do not rely on any country in the world! A very close day, the whole world, not only the Jews in Israel will start to call, yell and scream, and request that the King Messiah put order in the world!

Jacob our father and his sons lowered themselves before Pharaoh, they did not trust God, they said to Pharaoh, we are your slaves, and lived in slavery under the yoke of Egypt for 210 years. They could have stayed much less time in Egypt and not be slaves. Therefore, the Government of Israel, the holy land of Israel, all Jews in Israel and the Israel Defense Forces: Do not demean yourselves to the Goyim. They are slaves and we are angels!

The elements of nature: fire, sulfur and ash, winds, storms and floods, earthquakes, heat and cold, will hit the world. Winter in Israel will be blessed; and, the goyim surrounding will have a cursed winter.

The United-States of America has no feelings for the people of Israel. They have no power to deal with the mediation between the Palestinians and Israel and have no more knowledge. They do not know the Goyim, and neither the Palestinians nor the Iranians, who are not sincere at all, everything is a show. They want to show the world that they are here. They do not care to tell to the Israelis 1 and to the Palestinians 2; all their interest is to do something that will give them the necessary support and control in the Middle East. Only Russia and Korea are the concern of the United States.

Syria will be erased; they will never have any agreement. The bomb exploded at the Syrian border is the Hamas responsibility, they want to heat Israel's border with Syria.

How can you do this false peace with the Arabs who put flags of Palestine against Israel? They want to take the State of Israel and there is no desire for peace! They are dangerous, you have been warned!

The Government of Egypt wants to be skilful so to be safe - there will be no peace. Each has its distractions and there will be no peace in all countries around Israel. Egypt will be messy, wars will not stop.

Iran is walking a very fine line. They act as if they made ​​peace with the United States as they fear a revolution in Iran because of the economy, as in Syria. They are liars, they say the economy is good but it is a lie - the economy of Iran is the worst in the world. There, everything is complicated; and, they fear a revolution like in Syria.

Government of Israel, State of Israel, don’t let anyone make fun of you! Do not believe the Palestinians or the Iranians. Believe only the Creator! Only count on yourself and on the Jews in Israel! If not, you'll have a great disappointment and this cannot be reversed. If the Israeli government does what the United States wants, this will be a mess, just a big mess, with all the Arabs around us!

Among goyim rain is a curse, it gives them the mud, dirt, landslides and accidents. Let them take care of themselves and leave in peace the Jews who live in Israel. In the Holy Israel rain is falling at the time needed and in joy cleanses and purifies the Jewish people and the Holy Land by the will of the Holy One - Blessed be He!

Jordan is quiet and calm, waiting for calls from Americans, Israelis and Palestinians – all will be the opposite.

Refugees in Turkey and Jordan would never leave! They think that when, G-d forbid, a Palestinian state will be created, they will rid themselves of all their refugees - they can dream! Refugees will remain in Turkey and Jordan!

Jews need to know that they are a small group of chosen people; yet, they have the power equivalent to the whole world!

Floods will continue, as will complications and conflicts around the world; and, Israel is protected and preserved! Hashem embraces and protects it! Again and again: there is free will - we can be independent and nobody will rule us! The Creator wants the people of Israel strong and to protect all land of Israel. Do not succumb to any country in the world.

Every person and every Jew is in the wrong direction, twisted and illegal, corruption, cheating, fraud, lewdness and abominations – will be reveled naked to the world. But, the Jew who will do complete repentance, the Creator would not reveal them to the world.

This Friday is the fast of Tevet, which is not accidental. They could have said: "We work hard, but fasting on Friday is short and swift. The Creator wants all Jews, regardless of religious or non-religious, left or right, to fast on Friday to cancel the difficult decree of Palestinians and Iran that some Jews themselves brought to the State of Israel!

The Messiah son of King David performs ​​holy work! Protects the people of Israel and does all to ensure that it will be salvation with compassion! The people of Israel and the Jews should cry to the Creator to crown him King Messiah! Don't concern yourself with who he is – just cry to the Creator to crown him!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Eisav's Burning Hatred To Yaakov

Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
A Handicapped child
Teves 1 '5774   (Dec 4 '13)

Oh Mommy, Mommy, what can I say? I feel that everything is closing in on us. I feel like we're in Russia, communist Russia. I feel that Europe, communist Russia, and communist China are swallowing up the world and conducting a great war against Hakodosh Boruch Hu. There is absolutely no doubt that the Reshaim of today who are trying to take over the world are the same Yivanim that once ruled the world or most of the world. Rome came after Greece, but was the clear continuation of the Greek approach to life. No doubt that all of those same villains of history are all here now. They are all the same Reshaim that wanted to eliminate both of our Batei Mikdosh, that wanted to eliminate the Jewish religion, and wanted to destroy our Kesher with Hakodosh Boruch Hu. Unfortunately, we also have the Misyavnim (Hellenists, those Jews who left Yiddishkeit) here with us today.

Every Jew is in terrible danger because we have already been weakened by the Avodah Zarah in the form of the Egel HaZahav, the materialism. We have sunken very low without realizing that it's happening. We've become so enamored with the materialism that we have forgotten that it is separating us from the wellsprings of our life, from our Torah which is life itself. It is separating us from Hakodosh Boruch Hu, Hashem Yishmor. And this worship of the Egel HaZahav, the Gashmius, the materialism, has taken a good few hundred years to do its dirty work. Now however, not only are the Chilonim involved very deeply in this form of idol worship, but even the Chareidim are in many cases involved in this kind of idol worship. Some Shomrei Shabbos are ready to give their souls for the Gashmius, because once they get used to the pleasures of life that only satisfy physical needs, and once they are confused with philosophy and psychology etc. which only makes a justification for the materialistic way of life, then they are lost. These Jews are playing right into the hands of the Yivanim, the Romans, Eisav.

And even in Eretz Yisroel we will soon see foreign troops on our soil, Hashem Yishmor. They will be here and they're going to rule over us. In fact they're already ruling over us, but they're ruling through the so-called Jews that are controlling this Medinah (State of Israel). There were Rabbonim that saw this would happen even before the state of Israel came into existence. And now it is clearly happening!

The Kever of Dovid Hamelech is already in the hands of the Catholic Church. Why do they want it? Everyone is waiting for Moshiach, the Christians the Muslims and the Jews. The Catholic Church is the Roman Empire. The Catholic Church was born from a small group of Christians that were no longer Jews and were living in Rome. These two religions, the Roman idol worshipping and the Christian religion were brought together as a new religion which became the official religion of Rome under its emperor Constantine, which every citizen of Rome had to accept. In those times when every person had a different "getchke" (idol) it was hard for the emperor to organize his people under one banner. So he took a little bit of this and a little bit of that and formed a new religion called Christianity which we know today as the Catholic Church (but it was always based on Avoda Zarah).

And why would the Catholic Church want Kever Dovid Hamelech? Because Dovid Hamelech is the forefather of Moshiach, and they want to control the world under a new mish-mash religion which would help them to rule the people more easily and for this they will probably try to make their own messiah, Chas Veshalom.

There are a few rooms upstairs from the Kever of Dovid Hamelech that are probably going to be turned into a church. Who could stop them? Who wants to stop them? It's not only I that said it. It's known. It was in the newspapers. It's no secret.  The Pope doesn’t keep it a secret, and it's not only the Kever of Dovid Hamelech they want. It will also affect every one of our Mekomos Kedoshim because they want to control the Jews. Since the base of all truth comes from the Jewish religion and they cannot control the Jews (who have, up to this point, outlived the greatest of the Reshaim that have ever lived in this world) without neutralizing Chas Vashlom their Torah and their Mekomos Kedoshim which gives the Jews the spiritual strength to resist all attempts to separate them from their Father in Heaven, Hakodosh Boruch Hu. I have said before, the noose is tightening. The Edomites, the Amalaikim, the Erev Rav want to rule the world from Eretz Yisroel. This is a direct affront to Hakodosh Boruch Hu.

What is happening with Iran and all of the Arabs countries is a complete farce. These Romans sent people in to cause all these revolutions. In all the countries they sent massive amounts of soldiers and weapons in the form of Arab rebels to destabilize all these Arab countries such as, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, Syria etc. This is the first part of the last war. We are now in the last war! This war is going to develop into a much greater and much more frightening war that eventually affects the whole world. The Syrians are suffering terribly. But it's nothing compared to what's going to happen to the world.

We must look at what is happening and approach it with the attitude of Rabbi Akiva, when he saw the fox running over the ruins of the Bais Hamikdosh and he became joyful. Why was he happy about such a site because if that Nevua came about, then the Nevua that says that the Bais Hamikdosh will be rebuilt will also happen, Be'ezras Hashem. Everything that is happening today are clear signs that are written in the Nevuas (prophecies) and is definitely heralding in the coming of Moshiach.

Italy is Rome, and the Vatican is the heart of the Roman Empire. It is the spirit of Eisav himself. It is Eisav's burning hatred and jealousy of his brother Yaakov. These are the ones that wish to rule the world. They've already caused much fear in the world, and also confusion. Very few people see the truth, because people that are so tied to the Gashmius to the materialism will never see the truth, not ever. They will die still holding on to their stupid, ridiculous, crazy, illogical ideas.

The world is ruled today by madmen. Rav Dessler z"l said that the coming generation, which is our generation, will all be mentally deranged, and that is the way it is.

Yes, Mommy we are in big trouble. But since we see the world going exactly according to the Nevuas, it obviously will bring us to Moshiach Be'ezras Hashem. Don’t make any mistakes; we are now in the Third World War. This war is getting larger and larger, more complex and more complex until it explodes.

Very soon thereafter there will be many revelations before the world suffers its final blow. People will suddenly see the huge lies, the absolutely wild lies that we are dealing with. We will discover how many lies that we were sure are absolute truth, are just plain lies. Only very few people know today how unbelievably large the lie is, but soon everyone will know and still many will go to their deaths never allowing themselves to realize what is true and what isn’t.

Mommy, I am sorry that I keep you up at night, and I am sorry that I cry in my sleep, but what can I do? Just know, Mommy, that this all will bring us to Moshiach Tzidkainu. I am very frightened for the whole world, but mainly for our Yidden. We have to get close to Hashem and He will protect us. He created us. He will protect us.

Now, after we have been living a life of terribly great amounts of Gashmius, of materialism, the kind of which was never heard of before. It is a world where every other person has a car or owns an apartment at enormous prices, where every other person in the Western world goes on vacation on cruises etc., where you eat off of plates that you throw away, and use utensils that you throw away (there are even pots that are thrown away) where there is all kinds of waste of tremendous amounts. The materialism everywhere in the world has watered down our Yiddishkeit, and now we are going to have to pay the price.

We've been living in a world of an absolutely disgusting amount of easy materialism. We are so disjointed and disorientated from it, and we've become so dependent on it that even though we may pray three times a day and put on Tefillin and wear a beard and long Payos and black suits and more or less our wives dress modestly, depending on the amount of Gashmius that you are used to, still we keep Shabbos and so on and so forth. Our Yiddishkeit has come down. Yiddishkeit has come down very much because we lost our connection with Hakodosh Boruch Hu. There are people that still have it, but they are few and far between. We have to get back to the desire to really Daven with tears. Why with tears? Because the tears break apart the Mechitza between us and Hakodosh Boruch Hu. When we are broken and contrite that is the moment that we are willing to come to our Tatti in Heaven, to save us to help us, that’s when we feel Him so much.

As long as we are arrogant and sure of ourselves and depending on doctors and Social Security and Medicaid and the American army or the Israeli army or the Rosh Memshala the president or whatever and not on Hakodosh Boruch Hu, then we are in trouble, big trouble.

Everyone has to go back to a simple life and to our connection to Hakodosh Boruch Hu. Why don’t people understand that the only thing that’s going to save us is the spiritual connection with Hashem?

They lie to us everywhere. They steal our money from the banks. They lie to us about medications. They kill people in the hospitals. Everything is a lie! There is only one Truth, and that’s Hakodosh Boruch Hu and His Torah. That is our only shelter. That’s the only way to reach eternity.

Good night Mommy I 'm going to sleep.