Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita – Parashat Lech Lecha, 2 Cheshvan תשעה

The Creator of the world is informing all the Jews of the world and giving a strong signal that they must emigrate to Israel urgently!  The day is coming when there will be a sudden reversal against the Jews worldwide.  It is a pity to not expect that day will come, because there will be no return; it will not be easy! Seven billion people in the world hate Jews – whether outside or inside.  The place for Jews is in Israel, the Holy Land.  Jewish life has an infinite value!

All Israeli tourists leaving Israel are in danger; they must be careful and protect themselves from all kinds of interference.  They are not protected from the Almighty, the protection is only in Israel.  This period is that of the judgment of the world, it is forbidden to take risks.  Let no man say, this will not happen to me; there is no hero in the world, all must protect themselves and not take risks.

The Creator continues to increase natural disasters, earthquakes, floods and high winds, fire and heat, problems with aircraft, ships, trains and all types of vehicles.  The animals in the world have gone crazy; judgment in the world is growing, to bring the world to repent.  It is just as in the days of Noah; except, that now everything is more modern, more hidden.

The Creator wants to change the world into a world of love, free love, "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself," and “what you do not want anyone do to you, don’t do to others.”  He wants a world of honesty and truth – this is called: the deliverance and the crowning of the King Messiah!

Complications will continue around the world, between states and within themselves and they will continue to fight endlessly.  The global economy continues to crumble, falling apart.  Jordan's economy continues to break down.  Do not invest in Jordan, it would be a shame, because everything will collapse.  China is also on the road to economic collapse.  At this time you must not take any risk anywhere in the world!

In the State of Israel the economy is the strongest in the world.  Security, protection and preservation are also the highest in the world!  Israel gives life and light to all animals and the world!  Without the Jews and Israel the world would not exist!

The Israel Defense Force must have the support of the government and citizens.  Do not demean the IDF which would provoke insecurity!

The Israeli government must stop arguing and must work together to do its work faithfully – that’s why they were elected.  Do not hide problems and do not talk openly.  Arab rioters act with a strong hand; do not make the beautiful soul.  If you do not use a strong hand against them, G-d forbid, they will continue the destruction of Jerusalem as well as the destruction of Haifa, Beer Sheva, etc, etc.  They know that the hands of the Israeli army are blocked, so they do what they want.  For all the problems of Jerusalem, the Arabs are following the orders of the leaders of Hamas and the Palestinians.  They fight against the Jews in Jerusalem to show the world how much they suffer.  We must remove them from their root, as one brings another.

Abu Mazen has revealed his true colors; he is a bad man and hates Jews.  None of his words are true, he is against Israel, smiling with an innocent face as he spits on the State of Israel.

Hamas sees that Abu Mazen correctly handles the situation and is waiting to see what the results will be. Meanwhile, they restore the tunnels in the Gaza Strip, perfecting them.  If they do not like the conditions of Israel, they want to attack through the tunnels.

The IDF must be vigilant at the borders!  During all border tours, be alert and on guard every second!  If you are vigilant - the Creator will protect you!

Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait give a lot of money to Hamas, to the Palestinians and to the IS.

The United States fought against the IS; out of 100, only 10 are successful attacks.  They flee, hide and mingle with Muslims.  The US only cares about one thing – control the entire Middle East; this is its interest.

The IS is a faith and a religion, not a state not a country.  Gradually, it will have hundreds of thousands and even millions of followers.

Egypt should be on alert. It must keep its borders and its government safe, as the IS and Hamas will unite to overthrow it.

Iran is working quietly, afraid of Israel.  They want to be like Russia and the United States, be a superpower and dominate the world – the Creator will not let them.

In Turkey hundreds of thousands of refugees from all places have entered causing Turkey to lose direction.  The IS informed Erdogan: "If you're not with us from A to Z, we'll take care of you personally."  There is a large base of the IS in Turkey.

In Syria has a thirst for war amongst them.  They do not know who is against whom; Syria against the IS, Syria against Hamas, Syria against Syria, Syrian rebels against Syria, Syria against Hezbollah.  They shoot everything and in all directions, there is no order and there will be no order, only destruction and terrible carnage.

Iraq, continues with heavy fighting, massacres and murders.

Jordan, all groups take care of it, the IS, Hamas, Syrian refugees, Palestinian, Iraqi refugees, all in a complete mess.  Jordan falls apart, do not invest in this mess.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah, supposedly showing its power – it’s just pride, it can do nothing.  He is afraid that the IS will kill him and that his soldiers and guards will turn against him.  He is only interested in sitting on his chair and to reign.

State of Israel, take heed that the IS does not enter Jerusalem from Jordan.  In the North a band of the IS was formed.  Jews do not be tempted to talk with Arabs, to think they like the Jews, many of them are two-sided.

The Israeli government must invest in education and culture in the youth, and engage them in things that suit them.  They must receive an education and adequate training to prevent the youth of the State of Israel from falling into drugs, alcohol and gambling.  There should be a budget for the youth to allow them a good and strong future – they are the continuation of Israel.

The Government of Israel should be united to build and defend the State of Israel!  We have the Torah, we must behave according to the Torah and Halachah, so that no one can dictate what he wants and misguide Israel.

You must not be disturbed by any state and country in the world, because whatever you do in Israel, you will always be criticized.  Israel does only good.

The current government is good – do not dismantle it!  The Prime Minister has a very long experience, do not provoke him; work with him.  It would be too bad to overthrow this government, you must be ashamed of wasting money – this is no time for games!  When you want to form a new government, it is at least a half year that the government cannot act; and, at the same time, the goyim celebrate.  It makes it difficult to take action against the wrong.  Now the government is strong, the IDF is the most powerful in the world, this is not the time to change the government – it is not the right time!

All corrupt and corrupting, lustful men, white collar and not, all will be revealed and discovered one after another, whether they are famous or not.

Armageddon is against the Arabs and the world, but not in Israel.  In Israel will be only love, peace, protection, preservation and all perfect!  And the Jews must protect themselves "you must protect and keep yourselves safe."

Rain will fall favorably and in its time.  The first rain fell, cleaned and purified Israel.

The Creator is showing signs and symbols, in heaven and on earth, in people's dreams, regarding salvation and the kingdom of the King Messiah, soon.  Suddenly, the day will come!  The date of the coronation of King Messiah, everything will be in the hands of the Almighty and in not in the hands of anyone on the planet.  This generation has won!  Without the intervention of the Creator and the coronation of King Messiah, the world would be destroyed and G-d will not let the world be destroyed!

Salvation and the coronation of King Messiah exist, so that the world will repent and follow the Ten Commandments.  Jews will lead the world and the goyim that remain will serve the State of Israel!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri"

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Parachat Noa'h - 25 Tishrei תשעה


Our Heavenly Father - Father of mercy! The people of Israel have made efforts during the prayers of forgiveness of Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot and Shemini Atzeret. Heavenly Father helped during the prayers and helped so the prayers, the Torah study, the acts of kindness and joy of all the Jews in Israel will be accepted!

All Jews in Israel have felt something special in the past festivals, as endless Klipot have left them. All Jews were renewed, they prayed, studied Torah and they have done acts of kindness. Every Jew has something good in him and the Almighty looks at his best part.  No there is not a Jew in which there is not a positive thing and that does not do acts of kindness, even those who do not follow the Torah and the commandments.

We say and repeat: the blessed rain will be on Israel in due course bringing blessing  from Matola  to ISlat and from Jerusalem to the center of Israel, good rains and healthy at the right time.

The Land of Israel is pure and sacred, its soil is sacred and its air fresh and pure.  There is nothing in the world like the land of Israel.  There are plenty of places to wander in Israel, there is therapeutic care, health and prosperity in abundance - all the good that the world has is in Israel. The Jewish state of Israel supports all countries!  Israel must be careful, in Israel, many of the goyim joined IS.  There is a conspiracy, especially in the north.  Shabak and Mossad have to deal with it before they grow up and we have trouble with them.  IS should be monitored, they want to settle in Jordan, and from there enter Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem. We must be very careful and not act as "beautiful soul."

Abbas hates the Jews; he has evil in him with an innocent look which is false.  His face is unreal, he is not telling the truth and does not care about the people of Israel.  He seeks only to destroy the State of Israel.  Abbas wants to show Hamas and everyone that he is a great hero and takes no account of the state of Israel.  He plays a game against Israel so that Hamas will give him the government in Gaza and of the Palestinians, which is why he shows his malice against the State of Israel.

Government of Israel, there is no time for games.  Quit blaming each other, you need to be united and understand each other.  The "beautiful souls" do not belong in the Israeli government, it is better that they stay at home.  Everything Israel does, even the best thing - it will always be accused.  The State of Israel seeks peace, has love of peace and wants peace, Israel is not against any nation in the world - the nations are against her.

No state or country in the world can harm the State of Israel in the Holy Land.  Repair and pain of the people of Israel is finished!  The Land of Israel is sacred, every country trying to harm the State of Israel – G-d will give that country a blow from which it will never recover, the Almighty gives them blows, divisions between countries, natural disasters, hard rains over the world, earthquakes, floods and disasters in planes, trains and cars.

IS will soon be in Egypt, and will fight against democracy the war will be in Egypt.
Meanwhile, Hamas is waiting for negotiations, let Hamas continue to wait.
Syria chaos fire and brimstone.
Iraq, chaos, fire and sulfur.
Turkey, evil and hatred coming out.  Erdogan has no more control, they want to kill him.  Turkey has a large base of IS.
Jordan is in fear, not knowing what to do, trust only the government of Israel
Lebanon does not have power, do not want to intervene.

Nasrallah does not trust anyone; he is afraid that Hezbollah will turn into IS and his bodyguards will kill him.  He is scared, confused and does not know where to turn. He has neither day nor night.
Iran fears Israel greatly.  It knows that the IDF can reach anywhere in the world, and can surprise it in a way it could never "dreamed of."  Also, the Almighty will give it blows if it tries to think or plan anything bad for the people of Israel.

Gaza recovers its tunnels slowly. There are several tunnels that the IDF does not know.

The United States does not harm and will not affect Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Kuwait, because of business, and because they fear that these countries will make alliance with the Russians.  Some Knesset members who spoke about the United States, were right.  Why blame Israel?  Stop blaming Israel that does not interfere with any country, and just wants to protect its citizens.  There is no link – the organization IE does not exist because of Israel.

The Israeli government must take care of the youth of Israel, so they will not turn to drugs, alcohol and negative behavior - we must find solutions.  The Israeli government must also find a legal solution for Sudanese, so that the Jews can live with honor and abundance.

All white and non-white collar in the year 5775, the Creator will reveal all members of corruption, theft, fraud, lust and betrayal.  The Creator will take care that the photographs are taken everywhere and be published.

Jews, preferred and cherished children of the Creator. Anti-Semitism is very hard in all the countries and nations of the world.  They are willing to get hurt with their main cause being to harm Jews.  Around the world, there is anti-Semitism - in all countries and states.  Dear Jews immigrate to Israel, it is an EMERGENCY!  The Creator warns: go to Israel, it's urgent, do not say that the Creator did not warn you.

Israeli Jews who leave Israel, do not go for nothing, just for the sake of business or on a mission to save the Jews and bring them to Israel - Jews abroad are not protected.  Hashem blesses every day all the Jews so they are protected, but the choice is  in their own hands - "You will protect yourself!"  Divine justice is on the whole world and is very hard, except in the State of Israel, so there is no protection for any Jew outside Israel, Do not take risks dear Jews -  it is a pity!

Dear Jews, there is no time; the Holy One, blessed be He wants to awaken all Jews!  The Creator promises: the State of Israel will have a good economy, real estate is expanding, a happy life in the Land of Israel - the land of the deer, which grows and spreads like the skin of a deer, also economy, in the acts of kindness, real estate - everything grows and spreads!

A lot of Jews in the Land of Israel will arise when the Creator of the world will give them, through dreams, a realization that the redemption is there.  The redemption began in 1948; they will understand and know that the Messiah is in the Holy Land of Israel in the flesh with a angel inside!  Everything will be revealed by the Jews themselves, who will speak and ask the Creator for the coronation of King Messiah in this generation, it will be soon!  There are no date calculations; this is in the hands of the Creator himself!  Suddenly the day will come and He will crown the King Messiah then, as it is written, there will be only joy, peace, free love and the Third Temple will be built in the holy land of Israel with eternal lives for all Jews!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri"

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Follow-up to “A Message from Hashem”

I talked about the plans of the evil global elite and provided two posts that included the Georgia Guidestones as evidence.

A new development has occurred that is very mysterious.  Watch this video and I will provide some comments:

First of all, I know nothing about the individual speaking in the video or how credible he is.  The important things to know is that the block went up on 1 Jun 2014 and came down (and destroyed) recently.  The significance of the 1 June installation is that the Bilderberg Group meeting was in late May of this year (I believe they ended on the 29th of May) and the block appears within days as well as other events occurring like the great increase in false flag ISIS activity and the false flag Ebola fiasco.

I believe that the letters M M on the top if read by looking in the direction of the year 2014, are actually W W, which stands for world war – the objective of the Gog Bush cabal through the Bilderbergers.  All this was planned in the Bilderberg meeting of May.

The dates being speculated on the video are as good as any guess, and, probably worth watching.

Since Succot is prophesied as the time of the final battle of Gog and Magog (Haftarah for the first day of Succos is Zechariah 14:1-21), we may be closer to the mayhem to come than we think.  As I have said, I am not a prophet, just a dot connecter – an evaluator.

The most important comment that I have is that I believe that every message we hear or read whether it comes from a Rav, an FC individual or a totally uninvolved speculator (such as the individual on the video), all is from Hashem.  When the individual calculated the 22nd or the 24th of October as possible dates to watch, was Hashem telling us to watch the 22nd and the 24th of Tishrei which is Simchat Torah and Shabbat Parshas Bereishis, the beginning?  No matter what the message may be and what speculation anyone may have, including me, one thing is definite, we are on very limited time to do Teshuvah, Tefilah, Tzedukah, Limud HaTorah, Ahavas Yisroel, etc in order to achieve the best Tikun for our eternity.  Even though Yom Kippur is the day that our fate is considered sealed for the coming year, and possibly forever, Hashem in His infinite mercy gives us to Hashanah Rabbah to still get it right.  We still have the opportunity to excel and come out with the happiest of happy endings.  But, if these hints from Hashem are as meaningful as I think, we have much work to do before next week.

Simchat Torah this year should not just be a day of celebrating the greatest gift that our Creator has given to us and the world, but should be a date that we feel good about having come as close to Hashem and following His ways as we are capable.  Let this year be the most successful year we have ever had in finding true love and happiness that will last for eternity.  What an opportunity we have for ourselves, our loved ones and the entire world.  Let us treat these messages as sacrosanct and as great gift from Hashem in helping us reach total happiness and success forever and ever.  Treating it any less is foolish, even dangerous.

An additional bit of information comes from a comment that I receive on this week’s Rav Ben Artzi, shlita, message.  The comment and my answer:

Message from someone who works on Wall St., we are at the precipice now. The DOW being at 17,000 is completely from printed money. The whole thing is about to collapse. Working behind the scenes this is as clear as day.
The Absolute TruthOctober 7, 2014 at 4:11 AM

Something that I have not talked about is that there is a Global Reset that is about to happen. There are about 205 countries that are going to revalue their money by backing it with commodities. As an example, the US Federal Reserve Note (fiat money) is about to be changed to a gold, silver, oil, who knows what, backed Treasury Note. This may sound good at first since it would greatly revalue the dollar to real currency and give it value, but it has not been in the press at all since it will be a way for the evil global elite to steal a vast sum of money from everyone (and it will help pave the way to the evil New World Order -- too complicated to discuss here). How will they pilfer all this money? By having you turn in all your cash, especially what you have in savings and investments, and giving you the new money at about 30 or 40 cents on the dollar. Someone who has a million in the bank will have his or her money exchanges for about 300,000. They just stole 700,000 from that person. That is why the global elite, who control the media, have not talked about this very silent theft that is about to occur. There would be such a run on the banks; it would instantly collapse the economy, worldwide. 
What will happen to Wall Street? Whatever the evil ones want in order to get your money. I believe we are days away from all this happening (the banks already have the new system in place).
My comment is to emphasize that even all the financial turmoil that has been in the world was contrived and implemented by the evil global elite.  You might consider taking you money out of the bank or any other institution that may be on the verge of disaster.  Putting your money in Israeli Shekels may be a good investment since the Israeli economy is the best in the world – thank you Hashem.

Monday, October 6, 2014


The King of Kings, the Holy One, blessed is He, the Father of Mercy, has opened His doors to all Jews.  After Yom Kippur, everyone will trust the Creator!  All the Jews were waiting for this moment to come together and unite in the synagogues.  The person may not understand this, but the soul and spirit, the subconscious of every Jew knew that they wanted to come together and unite.  They want to break free from the past year, all the difficulties, all the constraints and deformities, pains and sorrows, that there may have been all year.  Yom Kippur was good for all Jews; the people of Israel had no perturbation -- the goyim were in shock, full of anxiety and fear of G-d, without understanding what is happening.  Yom Kippur happened to all the Jews with all the joy of the heart.  Yom Kippur teaches us that Israel can come together and unite!

After Yom Kippur, the Almighty makes us humble, puts us in a Succah.  On Succot there is no difference between poor and rich Jews, religious Jews or not.  They all go in the Succah and are happy to be there with all humility.  G-d gives us a chance to repent until Hoshana Rabbah.

The scrolls of the Torah of the Jews in Israel are waiting; they are happy, because it is Simchat Torah, and they soon will come out of the היכל!

The Government of Israel must not be complacent; they should not trust most of the goyim in Israel.  You need to "caress" them, but in parallel, strongly suspect them, that they are poisoned by the goyim outside of Israel.  Beware in Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem.  Yom Kippur passed quietly, because the Holy One, blessed is He, put fear in their minds.  The Almighty did not want anyone to disturb the prayers of the people of Israel, and He made a miracle -- peace and quiet throughout Israel!  In the following days, we must be vigilant and celebrate the festival of Sukkot as our ancestors, as the Holy One, blessed is He wants.

Mahmoud Abbas tours the world and seduces all with his tongue, full of evil and lies.  Do not trust him, he seems innocent, he seems miserable so that we have compassion – it's all a big show.  No need to worry about this, nor Abbas, nor Hamas who are Amalekites, nor IS who are vicious, despicable and thoroughly disliked people, nor those from other countries.  We must be vigilant and alert to the signs that the Almighty gives us.

IS and Hamas are exactly the same.  The IS continues to make fun of everyone.  The United States is under pressure with the IS, more than any other country.  All aircraft bombarding the IS also bombard the Syrians, Iraqis and others.  We cannot completely eradicate the IS, for all are Muslims and are hiding among them.  They kill one another.  The IS wants all Arab countries to be afraid of it and wants to be the king of the Arab countries, one supporter brings ten.

Turkey is playing a double game like Iran – on one side, there is a huge Turkish IS base, and yet, it allows the United States to take off from its territory.

Israel Defense Forces must be vigilant in Gaza; do not say that there are no tunnels; there are still tunnels that the IDF have not yet discovered.  The Government of Israel and the IDF must be careful about the tunnels, so they do not surprise the Israeli state and its communities.  They have programs on which they continue to work.  Hamas expects the negotiations to foster understanding of what will come out of Israel.  These negotiations will come to nothing because Hamas is the progeny of Amalek and they hate the Jews in Israel.

In Israel, it is forbidden to destroy any community; we must not abandon any portion of the land of Israel!

Jews living outside of Israel must immigrate to Israel soon!!  Only to Israel!!  It cannot be too late, that no one should say that the Master of the Universe did not warn you and did not wake you up with the anti-Semitism.  Soon, there will be a reversal in your country and your government that you cannot get out.  Suddenly you will lose your property and your lives.  Too bad!  The Master of the Universe wants to save you and have you come to live in Israel Holy!  Life is worth more than all the gold in the world.

All white collars individuals must be cleaned of wrong-doing.  No one has the right to take the law into his or her hands.  All corrupt individuals, bribers, thieves, deceivers, obscene individuals shall be discovered this year, from the smallest to the largest, religious or nonreligious, known or not.  If they then repent, the Creator will hide them.

Egypt burns inside.  They do not know how to overcome evil and hatred.  Though it has not been made public, most of them are starving.  Hamas and the IS are about to drop the government, and make a revolution in Egypt.

Jordan's king is supported by the State of Israel.  Refugees from Syria, Iraq, Hamas and the IS, have arrived in Jordan.  They are all Muslims and no one knows who is who.

Syria burns and frets; it has no judge and no jury.  It is being erased from the face of the earth.

Lebanon is desperate, scared and not knowing what the future holds.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are desperate and afraid that the IS will take his troops.  He has no more confidence in his bodyguards; he is panicked.  Many countries will panic fearing that their bodyguards will become part of the IS.

Iran, is playing like it is a friend of the United States.  It is only so it can do its job quietly; so nobody will bother it to continue the nuclear development.  In parallel, they are dying for fear of the IDF.

Sukkot is a blessing for a life that will be good and happy.  Everyone will be happy in the Succah; being before the Creator.  This year we will be blessed by the rain in its time.  The Israeli economy is booming – there is nothing to fear!  The Creator protects and saves the Jews in Israel.

Outside of Israel, there will be natural disasters, fire and heat, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, complications of ships, planes and trains, conflicts and complications in each state.

The Messiah acts and works; and, the hidden light is on him!  Every little child knows that this period is that of the Messiah and that he soon will be crowned!  The coronation and crown are on the way!  It's not weird at all!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri"