Monday, November 21, 2016

Another Very Interesting Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Chayei Sarah, 19 Hechvan 5777 (20.11.16)

King of Kings, G-d is leading the world. Everything that    G-d does in the world outside of Israel, the chaos and Armageddon, is speeding up the crowning of the Messiah King in public. G-d wants the Jewish people of Israel to obey the commandments, to learn Torah, pray to G-d, and give Tzedakah to Mikvas and for the study of Torah. "derek eretz kadma laTorah" and "ve'ahavta lere'acha hamocha" - this is all the Torah.

Jews must not speak ill of any other Jew or anyone. It distances Jews away from G-d, and in the holy land of Israel there must be only love. You must forgive each other like Rachel forgave. Rachel our mother was the greatest in the world in forgiveness, and through forgiveness she has brought about the twelve tribes. Abraham our father was the greatest in faith.

You must not judge any person without meeting him or her and seeing who and what they are. It is a great sin to judge people because "lashon harah - slander" creates conflict between people and interferes with salvation and crowning of the Messiah King in public.

The new president-elect of the United States, Trump - this is G-d's doing, G-d chose him! G-d wants to take apart all of the evil in the world. Even a 3 year old boy knows what G-d is doing now. All of the countries that are against Israel -    G-d is taking apart their thoughts, their security and creating a Babel tower so that they don't have thoughts against Israel. Not only that, they also fight each other, "they will fall on their swords and their bows shall break." The Babel tower is confusing their languages and tongues so that they can't say letters and words and can't understand each other. This is what G-d is doing to all of the countries and nations that are against Israel. The countries that want to bend Israel and control it - it will never happen - Israel will rule the world!

In the holy land of Israel Jews must be united and kind, the left and right must unite! The Arabs are using the left to harm the holy land of Israel. Arabs hate the left and the right the same. Jews in Israel need to know that we have no other home! Wake up and see what is happening in the world, anti-Semitism is rising in Europe, US, North and South America.

All of the Jews living outside of Israel must come urgently to settle the Holy Land. It is a great mitzvah. The land of Israel is guarded and protected, G-d is protecting it and we need to obey the commandments. Obeying the commandments - this is all of the Torah.

All of the thieves and con men, perverts and those who take and give bribes, all will be revealed. If they repent, they will not be revealed.

The economy in Israel is the best in the world. All of the applications and patents are being invented by Jews - leave everything in the Holy Land and don't sell to gentiles!

Thanks to G-d, thanks to the IDF soldiers the people of Israel are safe! You must recognize this good every day and repent!

The government of Israel must remain quiet until the new president-elect Trump starts his job. The government must not cooperate with Obama, the UN or any country. Postpone everything!

In Jerusalem and the surrounding area, be careful, the quiet is not good. They have bad plans. Every Jew must pray for the IDF soldiers and every Jew.

Jewish mothers and fathers, watch over your daughters from assimilation with the gentiles. Explain to them what is and isn't good. Jews are the chosen people and must not assimilate. Jews are a unique and special people that belong entirely to G-d!

The Jordanian king is nervous. He thought that Hillary would win and she didn't. Jordan can't fight against Israel.

In Egypt, they are digging tunnels under the Suez Canal.    G-d will harm them because of their bad intentions. Just like he drowned the Egyptians in the Sea of Reeds, so he will do if they do not stop. There is hunger in Egypt.

Syria is a training ground for all of the countries and armies.

The US still has not recovered from the confusion that Trump won the election. Trump himself says that G-d had a hand in the elections. Hillary Clinton knows that G-d didn't want her to get elected; she knows exactly why she wasn't elected.

ISIS is taking Turkey apart and destroying it. This is why Turkey wants an embassy in Israel, so that Israel helps them fight ISIS.

Millions of dollars from around the world reach Gaza. Hamas is taking all of the money to dig tunnels and for their own personal use and leaving Palestinians without food. When they are hungry they protest against Israel. They have ammunition and weapons and they want to surprise Israel - may they fail! May they fall on their swords and their bows break.

Lebanon is afraid of being next like Syria.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are not fighting; they are keeping their ammunition so it doesn't run out.

Iran is hiding papers and agreements so that the new president-elect doesn't find the truth that they gave bribes.

Iraq harmed Israel with rockets 25 years ago, and now they pay. They are a ghost country.

The forces of nature will continue to bring Armageddon and chaos around the world except for in the holy land of Israel.

The rain will come in its own time; there will be enough rain and drinking water in the holy land of Israel! Still, Jews, pray from the heart so that good and healthy rain falls on Israel.

Leah has released the upper Messiah and Rachel has released the lower Messiah. The upper and lower Messiah, who is flesh and blood, have connected. In other words, the "Yehidah" has connected to the lower Messiah who is flesh and blood! Step by step, their connection strengthens until the crowning of the Messiah king in public. Just like the Tables of the commandments and the Torah that are our life, a gift given by G-d, so is the Messiah a gift to the Jews!

The Messiah is in his own process, step by step. G-d is guiding him until this special day, the day when the trumpets will sound from the heavens and earth!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"
Note: There are five levels of the Jewish soul: Nefesh, Ruach, Neshamah, Chayyah and Yechidah. I have often talked about the Neshamah, which is the level most Jews have today. The one who will become the anointed Moshiach will receive an additional soul before he is crowned. That additional soul is the highest level possible “Yechidah.” Everything that is being talked about with Leah and Rachel pertains to the soul at the higher spiritual level, the Yechidah, being combined with the Neshamah of the man who will be crowned Moshiach. This should make the paragraph above clearer as to the combining of these souls and how exciting it is to know that the process has begun. This should mean that we are getting close to the actual crowning of the Moshiach, B”H (I am still not a prophet, so don’t ask me how much longer).

The message that I posted above and the study of its meaning should be in the memory of my dear sister, Chayah Henna bas Reuven Michoel, whose levayah (funeral) is today. Her Neshamah should see an Aliyah in Shamayim.  I am in awe that my sister, whose name is Chayah, should have her levayah in the week of Chayah Sarah (which means the life of Sarah).  The parashah begins by telling her age as 127 years.  My sister is of 77 years and her one daughter is of 50 years, which combine to give us 127 years.  Hashem works in mysterious ways and even the messages He sends are mysterious.

I am still sitting Shiva and wanted to post this in memory of my dear sister.  I still will not be on the computer to post or answer comments and Emails.


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    May the zchus of your passionate wait for moshiach see fruit soon !and tchias hamais amen!

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