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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Nasso. 7 Sivan 5775 (25/05/15)

King of Kings, G-d, Ruler of the World, is crying out to all of the Jews living outside of Israel to urgently come to the holy land of Israel, to their homes.  Here they will have safety and protection! Jews living abroad, stop living in delusions that you are loved, only your trade is loved and the day is coming when they will kick you out in the harshest way.  Do not live there, do not stay there, and do not get holed up over there!  Stop living in delusions that everything is good - everything is terrible and it will get worse.  Whoever comes to the holy land of Israel will succeed; will earn his life and the lives of his family.

Shavuot was a good and wonderful holiday for the people of Israel.  Everyone is asking: Why does the Messiah come from Ruth the Moabite?  Because Ruth the Moabite went after her mother-in-law, repented and stuck with G-d in her faith with all of her heart.  From her the King Messiah will rise, and from her we learn that a Jew that repents is worth much more.  Our Father in heaven embraces him or her and gives him or her a good and protected life.  For generations, the holiday of Shavuot reminds us of the giving of the Torah. G-d gave Israel holidays and the Sabbath so that we don't forget Him and His Mitzvahs.  The Jews must obey the commandments, the 613 laws within them.

G-d hates assimilation.  Assimilation, alcohol abuse and gambling destroy the Jewish people - do not follow in the footsteps of the gentiles!  The Jews are about one quarter of one percent of the world population, a special people chosen by G-d, a stubborn people that is not convinced by bad deeds.  Still - watch yourselves.  The whole world is jealous of the Jews - your place is in the holy land of Israel!

All of the countries in the world, listen up: anyone who goes against Israel, who wants to take parts of Israel or disturb Israel, G-d will immediately strike them with the forces of nature, conflict and war within them.  Within two to three weeks, these countries will have the worst natural disasters and conflict with other countries.

Natural disasters will continue, earthquakes will continue and increase.  Floods, rivers and tsunamis will continue to increase.  Rains, snow, winds and storms of all kinds will continue.  Volcanic eruptions in all places will come with fire and heat.  Countries that disturb the state of Israel will be dealt with separately.  G-d is telling the world: "It is I Who created the world, not man. Listen to Me and everything will be good for everyone, go against My wishes and I will harm you."  G-d is personally taking care of anyone who hates Israel, whether through their economy, culture, natural disasters, conflict among themselves, conflict with other countries or ISIS.  ISIS will not relent, it will continue to grow and strike everywhere in the world.

G-d is telling the people of Israel: "Believe in Me and you won't work hard, you will have only good."  All of the countries in the world are in a terrible economic state, they are in conflict within themselves, and are experiencing ups and downs.  In Israel, the holy land, the economy is stable no matter who runs it, because G-d is running it Himself and everything is good in Israel!  G-d has prepared the state of Israel and is opening his arms to all Jews who are real Jews to come to the holy land of Israel.

In the Gaza Strip and from Eilat to Metulah, be very vigilant and careful.  Keep your eyes open in the Gaza Strip especially.  They continue to dig tunnels and smuggle ammunitions to the area.  The IDF must be vigilant in their rounds, don't let them surprise you!  Soon ISIS will enter Gaza and cause trouble for them.  May they fall on their swords and their bows break as they eat each other - with ISIS, because the Hamas, Palestinians, and Jihad continue to dig vast amounts of tunnels.  From the age of 5 to 80, they dig out of passionate hatred and evil.  They found a new method to split the tunnel into six tunnels.  They spit one tunnel into four, one right and three left, all going towards Israel - that is how they are working now.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah will be erased like Syria, don't worry.  Nasrallah is threatening and interfering too much, G-d will erase him from the earth.  Anyone who is against Israel - G-d complicates them with their country.  The torment of the holy land of Israel is over!  G-d is bringing the plagues like in Egypt, but "modern."  G-d is giving every country plagues so that they stop bothering Israel and He is telling them: "Let's see who wins, Me or you."

Iran - Every time they think something bad against Israel, even though they know not to touch Israel, G-d strikes at them. Iran has no media, any journalist who wants to publish there is killed.

In Egypt there is a revolution, it is happening and soon it will explode.

Abu Mazen must not be believed.  His thoughts are only evil against Israel.  He looks innocent and peace loving, but it is all a big lie.  He hates peace, hates love, and loves hate.  This is Abu Mazen.  He is with the Hamas, and he is telling them to be patient.  He is the one who sent all of the terrorists and suicide bombers to harm Israel, he did it himself.  Many people in Israel are delusional thinking that Abu Mazen is a man of peace - he only wants to toss the Jews into the ocean and have the rest as slaves.  It doesn't work by force so they want to gently and nicely take parts of Israel away and the end is known to all - it will never happen; don't worry dear Jews!

In East Jerusalem and the surrounding area, the IDF must be vigilant.  They are waiting for an opportunity to harm the Jews.  In the mosques, they are being brainwashed into hating the Jews.  Within Israel, in Arab villages, there are huge quantities of weapons and ammunition.  You need to check every village carefully, they are helping Arabs come from outside.

Jordan's king is waiting.  Let him wait!  Jordan has over three million refugees eating away at it every day.

In Turkey there is no leader; there is no justice or judgment.  ISIS is in control all around Turkey.

Syria is being erased.  The rebels, Hezbollah, Syria against Syria, Hezbollah against Hezbollah, rebels and ISIS - it is all one big mess.  All of the ammunition coming from Iran to Hezbollah, ISIS takes and blows up, the rebels blow it up, Hezbollah blow it up, the Syrians blow it up, everyone blows up the ammunition coming from Iran.  What a great wonder, it is called by G-d: They shall fall on their swords and their bows shall break!  Only if, heaven forbid, the ammunition passed through, the IDF interferes.  Usually they succeed in blowing it up because everyone thinks it isn't the Iranians, but people "posing as Iranians".  And the Iranians, so that they aren't harmed, pose as Syrians so the rebels and ISIS blow them up.

Iraq is being erased, it is chaos there.

The United States and Russia are fighting for control of the Middle East.  Russia is doing it so quietly; the US is doing it loudly.  The United States wants Israel to be under its control, it will not live to see this happen. Israel belongs to G-d Himself!

Every nuclear facility in the world, everywhere there are atomic bombs, there are Jews watching over, only Jews!  Whether secretly or openly.  That is why the world is afraid of Israel.

There will always be tension between parliament members and ministers.  G-d is waiting to crown the King Messiah and that is why they can't unite; it won't do any good.  There will continue to be ups and downs until the people of Israel cry out to G-d and say: "We no longer have the strength, crown the King Messiah!"

The crowning of the King Messiah is the crowning of G-d over the world; He will manage it directly through the Messiah!  All of the world is in chaos, confusion, conflicts and natural disasters until G-d crowns the King Messiah.

Jews, repent urgently, whoever repents will be under the heavenly wing, under the wings of G-d and no harm will ever happen to him or her!  To repent is to obey the commandments, to fix your wrongs, to be a son of Adam and do good deeds!

Torah greats, the greats of Israel and spiritual leaders, you need to hold meetings to purify the people.  You need to explain to the Jews of Israel that G-d is striking harshly and protecting the Jews of Israel.  There is redemption and the Messiah!  Explain to them so that they understand what G-d is doing in the world now!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"
I am in awe of what is happening in the world and the accuracy of what Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, has been saying for years.  Anyone who disagrees is blind, and is using it as an excuse to not follow Hashem’s messages as given through this great Rav.

The weather and natural phenomenon for instance is not just severe, but has been record setting as never seen before.  The Rav told us that this would happen weeks ago and he has been totally accurate even about world events.

He said in this message: Within two to three weeks, these countries will have the worst natural disasters and conflict with other countries.

Is coming to Israel just a good idea, or is it a way to get out of harm’s way?  Yes Hashem loves every Jew, but if Hashem is telling us to get out of harm’s way, it is a message delivered with love and should be taken very seriously.  We are not in a wait and see scenario.  We have already seen and should have complete confidence in Hashem’s messages.

I have been looking at the news these past few days and copied several examples of just how severe weather is becoming:

This is just a sample of many, but it is a very definite confirmation of what Hashem is telling us through the Rav.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Please, Join me in Saving the World

I received 6 comments on my post last week “Urgent Request,” that I will not post, but must discuss.  The six comments were from a Mr. Anonymous and were totally against the ways of the Torah – a chillul Hashem (desecration of the Name).  I know for a fact that Hashem reads all my posts and the comments I receive.

The first one started with a death threat for me and my family if I didn’t post the thoughtless nonsense of the comment.  The first question for this pretend Torah scholar is: did you miss Hashem’s message that “those who bless you will be blessed, and those who curse you will be cursed?”  Mr. Anonymous, you have brought a very severe curse on you and your loved ones.  It bothers me, since I hate to see an individual, especially a Jew (if you are a Jew), curse himself out of ignorance of Hashem’s ways.  It is hard to believe that I am more concerned about your welfare than you are, but that is the way us real Jews behave.

Both Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, and myself have been experiencing great success in helping Jews (bli ayin harah).  One way is by influencing secular Jews to be more observant, and another way is by influencing many Jews to make Aliyah.  I personally am in touch with non-Jews who I have assisted in becoming B’nei Noach.  I have been working Kiruv for about 22 years with my biggest effort so far being this blog.  I am read in 176 countries and have had to date about 188,000 page views.  With about 7,000 comments and personal Emails over the past three years, I can report about 98% positive response.

The last thing that I need now is opposition from very inconsiderate Jews trying to undermine my efforts or the efforts of many Rabbis, Mekubalim and Facilitated Communications individuals.  If Jews are being helped and turning more to Hashem, what is the purpose of trying to hurt my credibility or that of Rav Ben Artzi unless you are a Jew-hater who, because arrogance, think you know better.  The fact is almost everything that I have posted in recent months has been definite messages from Hashem.   These messages have passed the test of prophecy as Hashem told us in Parashas Shoftim (Devarim 18:15 to 22).  The comments that I received to supposedly refute these messages are old messages from Rabbis of yesteryear.   First of all, these Rabbis were correct many years ago for the time they lived.  Their messages definitely do not supersede today’s messages from Hashem (which have proven to be totally accurate).

Even worse, the comments sent to me are greatly misrepresenting what the Rabbis of yesteryear have said, and have greatly distorted what I have presented.  It serves no purpose for me to review what was sent, but I thought I would give some examples just to let Mr Anonymous know the error of his ways.  He stated as an example that a particular Rabbi (no names which would only be Lashon Harah) said a few decade ago that there would not be another Holocaust.  He was correct for the Jews, but there is a Holocaust happening today for the non-Jews.  The Muslims have said for years that they don’t want the land, they just want all infidels dead.  The popular expression is “first the Saturday people, then the Sunday people.”  The Saturday people have been persecuted and killed for thousands of years, but it has never been this bad for the Sunday people (and they don’t even have a clue).  Read this article:

Do you know that there are already 800 concentration camps, called FEMA camps, in operation in the US of Magog, and there have been many people placed in these camps who have never been heard from or seen again.  Yes, the holocaust has started, but the evil global elite who created this atrocity are also in control of the news media, which hides their evil.  Many more details are available but that was not my purpose here.

I was also accused of saying that not all Jews will be redeemed.  First of all I never said that, but what I did say was that the redemption process will be easy of difficult for those who follow Hashem’s ways or not.  My entire effort is to make the upcoming chaos of the world as easy as possible for all Jews and righteous non-Jews.  One way that will greatly help each individual is if he or she comes to Israel rather than riding out the rough storm of the birth pangs of Moshiach outside of Israel.  Once again messages from Hashem are the basis of my effort as well as the efforts of many Rabbis – helping Jews is our goal.

I have also stated contrary to Mr. Anonymous remarks, that all Jews and the lost tribes will all return to Israel.  My effort has always been to make this move, once again, easier rather than difficult.  I have mentioned that Hashem is making the world very scary.  Through weather, other natural disasters, evil, incompetent leaders and governments, war, economic disaster, sickness, hatred, etc, etc, etc, Hashem is getting more Jews to do Teshuvah.  When all the Jews do Teshuvah, Moshiach will appear instantly.  How will that occur?  When it gets so scary that all the Jews look up and say HELP!, that one word of Teshuvah will do it.  It is said: “There are no atheists in foxholes.”  When the entire world, except for Israel, becomes one big foxhole, redemption will occur instantly.  Every Jew has the opportunity to make the mayhem and chaos, that is coming up, as easy or as difficult as can be.  All will experience redemption and all Jews will be returned home, I just advocate the easy method.

Please, please, please do what Hashem wants from you and be totally helpful and sympathetic to your fellow Jews.  If it is so important to hurt those who are helping Jews, because you have a boosted ego and you are deficient in knowing what Hashem wants from you, the only thing I can tell you is consider yourself a total loser – you are throwing away your Olam Habah.  Instead, open a dialect with individuals like me so we can discuss what you can contribute in helping your fellow Jew.  Fighting Hashem is ignorant – cease and desist your misguided ways, there is no future in it.

Nobody actually does Kiruv it is only Hashem through His agents, His servants.  But each Jew has the choice of helping the effort – the Achdus that Hashem loves, or fighting the system which is a chillul Hashem.  Don’t undermine the work of great individuals of today – it hurts Jews, it delays the Moshiach and it is not what Hashem wants from you.  Yiddishe sechel goes a long way in bringing Tikun HaOlam.  Speaking Lashon Harah is another way to lose you Olam Habah.  Saying that someone shouldn’t be listened to, because he may not have Semicha is ignorant.  Does that mean we should stop learning about David or Shlomo Hamelachim since they didn’t have our modern day Semicha?  How about many of the prophets, should we ignore them, chas v’shalom?  Well, ignoring messages coming from Benjamin, Moishela, Menachem, Daniel, Galia, or any Rav that does not have Semicha is foolhardy especially when it is obvious that they are giving us messages from Hashem.  If you don’t believe that, you are really in the dark about what is happening.  Please, study Torah, which tells us to Love our fellow Jew, help our fellow Jew, not to judge our fellow Jew and above all think before you speak or write.  If it is hurting people, it is not Torah.

You have the opportunity to discuss any subject with me directly through private Email instead of comment – I cannot answer your comment except for posting on the blog, which is why I must eliminate hateful, nonproductive comments.  My Email address is:   
Saying Lashon Harah on other blogs also is not productive, it hurts other Jews and it not the way the Torah wants you to live.  Don’t argue with success, especially at the expense of hundreds or perhaps thousands of Jews finding their way to Hashem.  If it makes you feel so good that you think you caught me in a mistake, tell me directly, not through Lashon Harah.  And above all join me in helping to save the world.  Fighting me, especially if you are coming across as knowing better than Hashem, chas v’shalom, is extremely dangerous for you and very evil to the Jews who are trying to come closer to Hashem.  Be nice and do the right thing, the way HKBH taught us.

In the near future I will be starting my next phase of saving the world.  It is too early to give details, but you will not want to be in opposition to this effort, unless you truly don’t care about the welfare of your fellow Jew.  I also have a third phase that I hope will be in vogue within a month.  Once again, join me, don’t fight me – it is what Hashem wants from you.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

More Messages from Hashem

One of the methods that I use for Torah study is called Daf Yomi (a page a day).  Daf Yomi is a program being performed worldwide that covers a page of Talmud studied every day as part of a monumental program initiated by Rav Meir Shapiro in 1923 at the First World Congress of Agudath Israel in Vienna.  With 2711 pages (5422 sides) in the Talmud, it takes about 7 and a half years to complete. We are now in the 12th cycle of study, which began March 2, 2005.  Something that I have noticed, since I am always looking for messages from Hashem, it that the daily page of Talmud very often alludes to something happening in the world that day.  I very often see connections in the weekly Torah portion and the Haftorah, but to see specific pertinent details in the Daf of the day is very spooky (the best word that I can use to describe the phenomenon).    More importantly is when it is a very obvious message from Hashem.

After the post that I wrote last week, an Urgent Message, I was doing the Dafim (plural) on Shabbos and Shavuos only to be in awe of Hashem’s desire to send us vital messages.  Daf 110 of tractate Kesubos ended with:

Our Rabbis taught: One should always live in the Land of Israel, even in a town most of whose inhabitants are idolaters, but let no one live outside the Land, even in a town most of whose inhabitants are Israelites; for whoever lives in the Land of Israel may be considered to have a G-d, but whoever lives outside the Land may be regarded as one who has no G-d. For it is said in Scripture, To give you the Land of Canaan, to be your G-d.  Has he, then, who does not live in the Land, no G-d?  But [this is what the text intended] to tell you, that whoever lives outside the Land may be regarded as one who worships idols. Similarly it was said in Scripture in [the story of] David, For they have driven me out this day that I should not cleave to the inheritance of the L-rd, saying: Go, serve other gods.  Now, whoever said to David, 'Serve other gods?’ But [the text intended] to tell you that whoever lives outside the Land may be regarded as one who worships idols.

The Dafim continues for days with discussion and explanation of what it means to support idolatrous ways.  After all if one lives in a community like Lakewood, Monsey, Brooklyn, Oak Park, Stamford Hills, etc, isn’t one living a very kosher life even though one is outside of Israel?  The Dafim in the Talmud brings an explanation that is not so obvious.  I will talk mostly about the United States, since the largest population of Jews in the world outside of Israel is there and, even though I lived in Europe for six years, the US is that country with which I am most familiar.

The biggest concern is that these countries are in great violation of the 613 commandments and as a citizen, one pays taxes, votes and gets involved both directly and indirectly in the policies of the idolatrous governments.  A few of many examples includes being in a country or a state that has voted to condone same-sex marriages.  There are two commandments stating the abomination of homosexuality, one stating that the punishment is death.  This may sound ominous to one who lives in such a state, but what will be the method that Hashem will use to carry out the decree.  Will you be in harm’s way when earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, drought, flooding hits the area of these idolatrous ways?  Did you pay taxes to support the government and court system that instituted these idolatrous ways?  Did you vote for candidates, even Jewish politicians, who said one thing and then did another that was totally against the Torah?   Do you live in a state that condones abortion?  Are you aware of how much money the US is giving to Arab and rogue nations that are dangerous to Jews and Israel?  Are you paying taxes that are supporting FEMA Camps, the evil New World Order, the upcoming war, terrorist activities, money manipulation, police brutality, a corrupt justice system, false flag operations, complete separation of church and state (Hashem is not allowed in the public schools or the workplace unless it is for idolatrous decorations for idolatrous celebrations) even ISIS?  ISIS broke off from Al Qaeda which was an American invention.  Read these articles (there are many more) which talk about ISIS and who invented the organization and what horrors they perpetuate:

There are many more programs and ways that your tax dollars are at work supporting idolatry, but I believe you understand the basic concept that the Talmud is discussing.  One note of clarification: this is not just talking national taxation, but state tax, local tax, sales tax, utility tax, interest paid to rogue banks and organizations, etc, etc, etc.  There are many ways that you could be supporting idolatrous ways without even being aware.

One might say that such idolatrous ways exist in Israel as well.  But, the fact that I can live here in many places, a totally observant life without being surrounded by idolatry is far more in keeping with the Torah than outside Israel.

Also consider what is being planned by Gog, his cabal, the Bilderberg Group (next month), world leaders, world governments, etc this summer, including Jade Helm, world war 3, false flag operations, terrorist attacks, the complete collapse of the economy and who knows what else (answer: Hashem).  Another article (one of many as well as YouTube videos) to contemplate, and to further evaluate how your tax dollars are at work:

I need not ponder any further on this subject, since it couldn’t be more obvious how one is supporting idolatrous ways by just living outside of Israel.  The Talmud mentions that this will be even more prevalent in the end of days (NOW).

Let me tell you a secret about how to take care of this situation – this is a secret, so make sure you tell everyone.  If you completely turn to Hashem and have complete Emunah in His help, you will be in Israel and not even have to worry about what is coming up.  I know that was a very loaded statement, but I have been a people-watcher for more than a half century; and, I can say with complete confidence that Hashem’s system is 100% measure for measure perfect.  If people would spend much less time reviewing all the excuses for not being able to move to Israel and instead just make plans completely with Hashem’s help, they would be here much faster than they think.

I was in a situation 12 years ago that my wife and I had excellent jobs, two lovely homes, everything we needed, but we were not where we wanted to be – Eretz Yisroel.  We decided to sell both homes, which resulted in immediate sales, retire from both our careers even though we were years from retirement time and pensions.  We went to see a very Prominent Rabbi about what we were doing to get his blessing, and with an obvious chain of events, Hashem affected our making Aliyah.  You may say, I obviously had the means (houses, investments, retirement within a few years) to be able to comfortably drop everything and move.  Everything that I had then and have now was from Hashem.  Because of us turning completely to Him, He saw well in advance our attitude towards wanting to follow Him, and made sure that we had everything that we needed.  Three times a day as a minimum we say in Ashrei, “You open Your hand, and satisfy the desire of every living thing.”  I can tell you stories of dozens of times that I needed sums of money for life’s events and miraculously it happened.  My children and grandchildren’s occasions, school tuition, Bar Mitzvah, weddings, Brit Milah, etc, the buying of homes, the needs for Jewish education and observance, etc.  This list is extensive, but the money came miraculously since it was always to satisfy a Mitzvah.  I had stocks that sat for long periods of time and went up exactly when we needed them to increase; we even had loved ones who passed away and left inheritance which came exactly when we needed them.  Everything was so obvious, nothing was random – Hashem did it all.  We met people and wound up at certain places exactly when, according to Hashem’s plan for us, we needed those occurrences to happen.  There is no such thing as luck, by chance, by coincidence or anything being random.  Hashem has it planned out for us completely.  As I said, even though I could give you a blow by blow description of our miraculous life, I have observed the same plan, measure for measure, for tens of thousands of people (including many, many of my readers) – totally consistent and totally Hashem.  That is how to make Aliyah – don’t complain, just turn to Hashem and follow His instructions.  Guaranteed in writing.

One last note: be totally honest.  The individual who tells me “I do everything correctly,” is the blind individual who doesn’t have a clue what he or she is lacking.  I believe I have everything in life that I want (bli ayin harah), but I constantly look to grow in my Yiddishkeit every day – I am never satisfied that I am doing my best.  My life is one of learning, growing, improving and satisfying Hashem’s will.   There is no end to my desire to come closer to Hashem – it is my greatest mission in life, and it includes helping everyone on Earth to do the same.  Join me.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Urgent Request

I had a very pleasant day on Rosh Chodesh Sivan, it was my birthday – I turned 71 years young.  I spent some time reflecting on my life, since I know that Hashem designs each one of us as an important piece of the world puzzle to perfect the world and to bring it to Tikun.

I realized that I have been very much involved in three events in history.  One was being born during World War 2 at the height of the Holocaust, two was being involved in 911 and three is being involved in the coming of Moshiach and the final Geula.

What made me involved in the Holocaust?  As a child most of my neighbors were Holocaust survivors, which I became aware of, but didn’t really grasp its meaning.  As an Army officer, I was stationed in Germany for six years and had an opportunity to study the Holocaust both in academia (I have college credits covering German history in the 20th century) as well as my own private investigation.  I speak German and was able to meet Jewish Holocaust survivors who returned to their homes with tales to tell.  I spoke to many non-Jewish Germans, including historians who had much information to share.  It was very productive to hear their side of the story.  I also had the opportunity in the 1990’s to meet Jewish Polish Holocaust survivors, both observant and non-observant to hear their take on the horrors of WW2 and the Holocaust.  It became obvious that Hashem put me in all these situations for a reason, which I will disclose.

What was my involvement with 911?  I was an Engineer at the time working for a company that just happened to be located in Central New Jersey.  Without leaving my seat, I was able to look out the window and see the smoke pouring into the sky.  I was still a reserve Army Officer at the time with connections to the Pentagon (having been there about 50 times for meetings and work groups).  I also had connections to Army Intelligence individuals who had quite a lot of information to tell.  Having been in the US government or under government contract for about 34 years, I gained a very good insight into the cause and effects of 911.  I also knew people who worked at the World Trade buildings, with whom I was able to converse and get very vital information about the truth of 911.  It became obvious that Hashem put me in this situation for a reason, which I will disclose.

I became a Baal Teshuvah in the early 1990’s after many miraculous events occurred for me and my family (it actually began in the 1980’s, when I was living in Germany for the second three years – 1984 to 1987).  Even though I had always been very involved in Yiddishkeit all my life (I was in an Orthodox environment for the first 14 years of my life), and even studied Torah since I was about 4 years old, I was not a true Torah Jew, observing all the commandments, until I was in my upper 40’s.  Since I was in a very secular environment, both at work and home, I found myself involved in Kiruv, outreach work, starting in the early 1990’s.  I also found myself getting very involved in studying and perpetuating the plans of Hashem in bringing about the time of Moshiach and Geula.  With my comparison of secular and observant life, I was able to relate to all Jews, and help them see the absolute truth about this world.  It became extremely obvious that Hashem put me in the situation and was leading me in a very definite path.

This is all very interesting (or boring) information depending upon your story, but what is the connection and why am I compelled at this time to bring it up?  They say that history repeats itself and that if we do not learn from the lessons of the past, we are doomed to repeat the same mistakes.

One very prominent message that I learned from the Holocaust was that in the 1930’s most Jews had the attitude with respect to the horrors of the Nazi regime: “How bad can it get?  Not to worry, this will go away.”  Of course in hindsight we now know that many would have been saved if they left before the true horror began.  Hashem was giving decades of signs and messages saying “get out of there – all of Europe.”  If one had looked in the Torah, one would have seen (as many were able to tell me after the fact), that Hashem’s protection lasted only so long for those who didn’t follow His ways – He hid his Face for those who didn’t listen to Hashem’s messages.  "I will become very angry at them on that day, and I will abandon them and hide My face from them. They will be devoured, and plagued by many evils that will distress them, and will say, `Do we not suffer because G-d has left us?’” (Devarim 31:17).

In 911 there were people that I know who were in the second building who started to leave.  The security personnel told them: “Go back to work, it is in the other building, it has nothing to do with this building.”  Of course in hindsight we know that if they were on upper floors, they did not survive.

These days we are getting messages from Hashem on a frequent basis, as prophesied in scriptures thousands of years ago, that in the end of days, the only safe place for a Jew is Eretz Yisroel.  The weekly messages from Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Rabbanim, Mekubalim, the Facilitated Communications individuals, etc are not treated as messages from Hashem, but opinions that we can take it or leave it.  It is so obvious that the attitude of Jews who are not in the know, are putting these messages on the blogs.  Either the blogger or the readers who send in their comments are repeating history asking: “How bad can it get?  This will pass.  Won’t Hashem protect good people no matter where they are in the world?”  These messages are much more dangerous to ignore than the messages received before the Holocaust or 911.

During the first Geula, it is brought down that only 20% of the Israelites survived – only 20% turned to Hashem and with enough emunah were willing to follow Moshe into the desert.  After all, Moshe didn’t have provisions for survival, only the word of Hashem that we would survive and thrive, even see our enemies defeat.

We have received messages that tell us that: HASHEM WILL PROTECT US UP TO A CERTAIN TIME, BUT THOSE WHO DO NOT LEAVE AND COME TO ISRAEL WILL NOT HAVE HASHEM’S PROTECTION (and that it is coming up on us rapidly).

Let’s look at a Torah lesson that says it all.  When Yaakov was ready to meet his evil brother Esav, Hashem assured him of His protection – that Esav would not harm him.  Yet, Yaakov made much preparation to protect his people.  Yaakov divided his camp, he sent angles ahead of the people, he provided gifts for Esav, etc.  Why after Hashem’s words of assurance did Yaakov do such precautionary measures?   Yaakov was a very humble man who questioned whether he was deserving of such protection from Hashem.  It is not that He didn’t trust Hashem, he didn’t trust himself.  That is true fear of Hashem to know that Hashem is infinitely merciful and wants only the best for us.  But, it is our failings to follow His ways (the voluntary way) that we should fear for Hashem will give us correction, but possibly with pain and suffering (the involuntary way).

There are many situations in Torah of people giving very bad advice that is against Hashem’s will and the tragic results.  The story of Korach, who was considered a Tzadik, but had selfish ambitions to be the leader.   Those who followed him had a tragic ending, except for Korach’s sons who realized only seconds before their fate was sealed, the truth of Hashem’s will.  The story of the Erev Rav and the Golden Calf, the story of the spies and those who believed their incorrect information, the story of how listening to Amram would have been a disaster until Miriam saved the day, etc, etc, etc.

We are told throughout scriptures not to put yourself in a dangerous situation.  If one acts arrogantly and says I am not worried, I am a good Jew who follows Hashem’s ways, Hashem will protect me and my family.  Hashem will make sure such an attitude is punished.  You can look forward to not receiving Hashem’s protection.   All of us need to have the same humble attitude as Yaakov.   With complete humbleness and lack of arrogance, we continue to follow Hashem’s ways of Teshuvah, Tefillah, Tzedukah, Limud HaTorah, Ahavas Yisroel, etc.   If we act contrary to Hashem’s ways after receiving countless messages telling us of the danger we will experience, we are asking for suffering.  Don’t find out the hard way what Hashem is telling us just because we think we know better.  Especially, don’t blame it on a Rabbi who is not telling you Hashem’s will but is using his own flawed human logic to guide you.  He is not being mean, he is acting in ignorance of Hashem’s very definite instructions.

My urgent request is to every moderator of a Kosher blog and to all who provide comments on posts made.  Think before you post.  Is this post serving the purpose of helping the Jews of the world, of helping the people of the world, of bringing Moshiach to the world, is it a message that Hashem, which demonstrates love for your fellow Jew?  Or is this just to make you more popular with no consideration for others.  Is it Lashon Harah (the evil tongue – gossip)?  Do you even know what Lashon Harah is (most people will answer with: but it is true.  Lashon Harah has nothing to do with true or false only “who are you hurting with your statement)?  Do you know that saying Lashon Harah is very severe in the Eyes of Hashem and believing Lashon Harah that someone else wrote is equally as dangerous (subject to great punishment)?  Do you consider that your post or comment may hurt one Jew or hundreds or thousands resulting in great suffering and, chas v’shalom, a miserable death for the believer of your statement and for his or her loved ones?

My entire message is: if you are making a statement based on your own flawed human logic, your own uneducated opinion, that I have discussed many times, and that your statement has not been thoroughly researched to see if it agrees with Hashem’s opinion about the subject.  What you are posting might sound nice, but as I mentioned above sometimes the most innocent sounding advice that has not been thought out, can be very dangerous to yourself and others.

Why can I give advice?  Two reasons.  One is that I am old enough according to Pirkei Avos to give Mussar; and two, I have thousands of hours of research that I have performed to verify that what I post is Hashem’s opinion and not mine.  I do it all to help others not to be popular.  If you don’t like me, and I know of individuals who disagree with me who have decided I am their enemy, I just ask you to look into the Torah for the correct answer.  When you find in the near future that your life and the lives of your loved ones have been saved because you checked my information and found it to be from Hashem and not me, all I can say is: You’re welcome.

I know through thousands of hours of research what the evil Gog and his cabal have planned for this summer.  I have talked about it already and it is very detrimental to the world population.  I have secret informers with whom I am in contact who are in the know.  Can I tell you their names?  Absolutely not or I will lose them as informers.  I already know of two individuals who were putting out vital information only to be killed by those they were incriminating.

Will Gog succeed in his evil plan?  I believe he will not succeed, but only because Hashem will intervene and bring the happy ending (that is the answer in scriptures).  Does that mean that all Jews and righteous non-Jews will survive?  As I have said before, every individual will receive measure for measure what he or she needs for Tikun.  How much suffering you and your family will get is up to you and your performance.  If you have made great changes in your life, you may have corrected the past, but that is for you to study Torah and understand Hashem’s system in this world.

What is my biggest urgent request?  Please, please, please consider the welfare of others before you say or write anything – it is Hashem’s way and we have history as a testimonial to prove it.  I guarantee (or should I say: Hashem guarantees) it is the best thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones – time is running out.

If you believe that these messages are not from Hashem, you are in great trouble since that is part of my decades of research proving the validity of these messages.  I know that many think that they can just deny the message source and get away with it.  Whether you believe the truth or not, it doesn’t go away.  I have requested that these messages from Hashem through Rav Ben Artzi, Moishela, Binyamin, Daniel, Menachem, etc be on every kosher blog, reaching as many good people in this world as possible.  I have offered anything that I write for posting on any other blog, the only response I have received is that it is infringing upon the attribution of the moderator of the blog.  That is the most ignorant response possible since nobody has attribution on Hashem’s messages, except Hashem.  The other horror is that it is a sign that nobody is interested in saving the world – helping others, only personal attribution and personal honor.  Please, please follow Hashem’s ways and do the right thing.  Help bring the Geula.  It is your life; it is your future (all the way to eternity) that is in question.  If you are delaying the Geula instead of bringing it quicker, you will not know until Judgment Day and that is what I call the “too late date.”   They say that “ignorance is bliss.”  I say that “ignorance is dangerous and even punishable.”  That is your answer to whether Hashem’s protection is available outside of Israel in the near future.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Bamidbar, 28 Iyar 5775 (17/05/15)

G-d, King of Kings, blessed be His name - in Israel and the world, in heaven and on earth, forever!

There is great joy for G-d on Jerusalem Day, because Jerusalem is an inheritance from G-d to the Jews in Israel.  The Jews must not take this lightly and must not forget who made them and who gave them Jerusalem and the state of Israel to live in.

Armageddon is outside of the holy land of Israel.  Israel is quiet and peaceful, it has protection, blessing, a good economy and all is well.  All of the complications, conflict, and forces of nature, volcanic eruptions, natural disasters - it's all outside of Israel.

The government of Israel must not wait until there are protests by Jews before taking action; they must take action before that happens.  What is the government for?  To act before Jewish protests, so that they don't happen.

The government must not wait until there are Arab protests.  They need to check beforehand and not let it happen.  Do not take this lightly; it must be taken out from the root.  The Arabs continue with their method of interfering and harming the people of Israel.  The government of Israel must strike and not wait, all according to the law.  Do not fear what the world will say.

The Negev in Israel must be the first and primary place for development.  It has a secret; it is a beautiful and blossoming place like none other in the world.

The government of Israel must look into the common people, the needy and poor who are in pain.  G-d wants all to be equal, there is no rich or poor.  The rich person is a messenger of G-d, to give life to the poor.  He has committed and must give money to the needy and poor, to those who study Torah, to the mikvahs and the synagogues.  The rich were meant to revive the spiritual power of G-d in the people of Israel.  Charity saves from death, as does Torah studies and prayer.  The cries and pain of the poor and needy reach the heavens and G-d; and G-d will not forgive anyone who harms His children.  A rich person is not an angel.  He who is happy with what he has is rich.  Whoever gives a full tenth is blessed from above!  Rich people who do not give to the needy, Torah students, mikvahs and yeshivas will go bankrupt and will eventually need charity themselves!  G-d does not discriminate between rich and poor.  In the heavens a rich man and poor man are equal, except for the true Torah greats who have true spiritual respect for G-d.

The world continues to mock the government of Israel for behaving like dolls, robots that care only about their title and the media and don't care about the holy land and the Jews in the holy land.  It is very sad.  They are causing great pain and sorrow to G-d and the Jews.

The government must take itself seriously.  The government, Knesset members and ministers, must act for the state of Israel, help the state of Israel!  They must not do what they are doing.  All of the fighting, slander, gossip, it cannot go on!  The people chose a right-wing government.  Go for it completely, left and right together, do not interfere.

Regarding the spiritual matter, which is the purpose of the world, G-d is waiting for the Jews to cry out and pray and to ask for the crowning of the King Messiah!  G-d is saying that none of the elected officials care about what will happen with the citizens of Israel.  G-d is waiting for the Jews in Israel to cry out to Him: you cannot rely on anyone but G-d, to send the Messiah to bring order, without discrimination, and all will follow and listen to him in Israel and the world.

G-d is protecting the state of Israel, with a wall of fire around Israel to enlighten and wake up the Jews in Israel and the world, to protect Israel and the IDF soldiers above and below. G-d is saying: do not forget to watch yourselves!  You must make an effort to watch over yourself and then the heavens will watch over you.  When a Jew watches over himself, the heavens bring miracles.  If he does not watch over himself, if he thinks he can do anything, the heavens do not protect him.  G-d wants modesty.

The IDF will continue its good work for Israel.  Do not feel pain over what is happening in the Knesset and do not despair, the people trust you.  You protect the borders of Israel and G-d will protect you.

Israel has abundance and there is work for everyone.  You only need the will to work and all will be well.  Israelis must not go overseas, there is judgment in the world and there is no protection for travelers - do not go there.  Go only for work or family events, go and come back, or ambassadors going to help Jews come to Israel.  Anti-Semitism is increasing every day until the Jews will run on foot to Israel.

The Jews must keep the Torah, do not assimilate with the gentiles.  If you want to be protected, you must obey the commandments.

Dear Jews, stay away from protests.  G-d does not hear or listen to protests, only prayers, Torah studies and Tehilim, unity and kindness, "love thy neighbor," "kindness before Torah," and "do not do to others what you would not like others to do to you."

The government of Israel must not believe the United States and Europe; they only look out for their own interests.

In Egypt it has already begun and it will continue to a revolution.  There was quiet for a long time because the media didn't report.  The media in Egypt censors, but they know that soon there will be a revolution like a volcano that cannot be stopped.

The Hamas is waiting patiently to see what will happen with the new government.

Abu Mazen is a liar, wearing one big mask.  He acts innocent and peace-loving - it is all a big lie.  He is working with the Hamas and they continue to dig tunnels.  A tunnel that the IDF blew up is now split into tunnels going in different directions. They are working 24 hours a day on this.  Kids from five years of age to the elderly over 80, all working passionately out of hatred and revenge, to hurt the state of Israel.  They have no will for peace, they are liars and they want to hurt Jews at all costs, to banish the Jews to the sea.  Soon G-d will bring a tsunami that will take all of Gaza including El Arish and Rafiah.  They don't understand that G-d loves and wants the Jews.

Woe unto any country, president, or prime minister in the world that wants to take parts away from Israel.  G-d punishes immediately.  It used to take time, a year, a month - today it is immediate!  Let them try and see what happens.  If it is a country, it will be turned over, if it is a person, G-d will take him.  G-d is telling the world and Israel: if you do not understand what I am doing in the world every day, you will see it on yourselves.  G-d wants every centimeter of the holy land.  There will come a day when Gush Katif and Gaza will be part of Israel, don't worry. G-d can bring a tsunami and natural disasters to erase entire countries.

Jordan is waiting for a piece of Israel, heaven forbid, so that they can put all of the refugees there.  The king of Jordan can keep waiting in delusion.  If he continues this way, he will be killed.

Iraq is being erased.  They are killing each other, brothers, families, children - they do not discriminate.

The United States is boasting the killing of an ISIS leader; they don't know that for every leader there are hundreds of lieutenants.  One is killed and thousands are born, like the frogs in Egypt - when they killed one, it spawned a thousand.  ISIS is a messenger of G-d.

Nasrallah said that he is healthy - he is a liar.  His sickness is like a doll that can't function.  He lost control over his soldiers.  Part of the Hezbollah has left for Syria; some have joined the rebels, others went to ISIS, others to Lebanon, Nasrallah has lost control.

Iran is sending ammunition and it is not reaching Hezbollah.  The IDF has blown up part of it; the rebels blew up some of it; some is blown up by the Syrians; some by ISIS.  They don't know who is fighting whom; it is like the Babel Tower.  Iran is using Russia for ammunition, the United States for the economy; and, they are deathly afraid of the Jews in Israel.

In Turkey ISIS is in control.  Slowly it will control all of Turkey.

In Syria thousands are being killed and the country continues to be erased.  Every day they kill until it will be gone from the world.

Everything that G-d is doing with the forces of nature and the conflicts in the world will continue and increase from day to day.  Planes will fall, trains will crash, ships will sink, there will be fire and heat, rain, floods and tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, storms and harsh winds.  It will all increase.

When the Jews understand who G-d is, they will understand what the Messiah is; they will understand redemption; they will understand G-d's signs and what He wants from us - to cry out that we want the Messiah - everything will open.  The government of Israel has ups and downs.  The world cannot be redeemed.  Only the King Messiah, son of David, is the truth; he does not discriminate; he is only pure and holy, only he can purify the world, redeem Israel from the trouble and torment, redeem the world and bring the end of the redemption and the building of the third Temple!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"