Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Beshalach, 6 Shevat 5775 (01.26.15)


G-d is the father and mother of the Jews in Israel.  G-d protects and watches over every Jew who is a real Jew, who has a soul with a G-dly spark from above, shakes him and wakes him up to be closer to Him.  G-d wants every Jew to believe in Him from the bottom of his heart.  He wants all Jews to believe the miracles and wonders that G-d is doing for the Jews in Israel.  G-d is fighting the wars of Israel and is continuing to do so – now strong, through messengers or miracles.  G-d is opening the eyes of the IDF.

The panic in the northern border is from G-d to wake the people of Israel so that they don't take everything for granted.  You need to thank G-d every minute for the wars He is fighting for the Jews in Israel.

G-d is continuing the huge mess in the world without stopping.  The clowns, those who mock, wait patiently to see what else G-d will do in the world.  You need patience, so all will be seen by the world!

G-d does not enjoy seeing Jews in exile suffering; and, they will continue to suffer greatly.  All of the guards they hire to protect their businesses, homes, cars, will flip on them, inform on them out and hurt them because bribery and money changes the hearts of man, like an animal would kill another animal for food.  In Israel there will be no flood, there will be protection and only good.  There will be warnings to bring the people of Israel closer to our Father in heaven.

There will continue to be floods, rain, snow, harsh winds, storms, earthquakes, collapsed bridges, roads falling apart and suddenly cut in half, derailed trains, planes going off course and experiencing navigation problems.  The earth will shake like never before, heat, fire, the harshest volcano eruptions – so that all in the world will see.  The world will get ten very harsh blows and the Jews in Israel will stand aside and watch what G-d is doing, to see and be seen.  Like the ten plagues of Egypt, Egypt is the entire world, and Israel is Israel.  Those who repent and those who will repent – let them keep imagining and living in delusions.

In Egypt there is already a big mess and it will continue.  Now is the end, there is no choice.  ISIS, Hamas and the extreme Islamists will not give up and will work together to make a revolution.  The government of Sisi has missed the train.

Turkey is completely controlled by ISIS and Hamas.  Arduan is being pulled by puppet strings, he hides all day in his room crying, 'where did I go wrong?'

Jordan continues to watch and wait, like all of the enemies of Israel wait, to see what happens in the elections.  Let them keep waiting.

G-d has said: There will not be peace with the Palestinians and Hamas, never.  And there will definitely not be peace with Abu Mazen who lies to everyone.  Jordan continues to "kidnap" millions of refugees in its country until it will no longer be called Jordan but the "Refugee State."

Syria is being erased and will continue to be erased.  G-d is not relenting and it will continue until it is completely erased.

The Iranians, Nasrallah, and Hezbollah want to move ammunition and long-range missiles to Nasrallah as well as steal chemical missiles from Syria that can reach 400-500 kilometers.  The activity that the IDF carried out in Syria was done well for the Jews in Israel and G-d.  Iran wants to send Hezbollah long-range missiles any way possible.  
G-d has opened the eyes of the IDF and will continue to do so forever!

In Iran they are working quietly, twenty four hours a day to take advantage of the time that the United States is busy with racism and its own problems.  Iran's goal is to be a nuclear power.

G-d is telling the Jews in Israel: Iran is deathly afraid of the Jews in Israel, they know that if they mess with Israel Iran will be destroyed and erased from the world!

Nasrallah and Hezbollah can't do anything.  Nasrallah is afraid to start an assault, heaven forbid, he is afraid to run out of ammunition.  Syria is over and erased and Iran can't send him missiles so he is thinking twice about finishing the ammunition he has or staying with the ammunition and being all bark and no bite.

Hamas, Abu Mazen, ISIS and the Jihad are united.  They are being guided so that they make a mess in Israel.  In the north 7 ISIS activists were caught; there are hundreds.  There are many ISIS seeds, in the north they need to be cut down before they grow.  In the north of Israel, ISIS and Hamas are coordinated.  In the south there is a Hamas conspiracy.  In East Jerusalem, Jerusalem and the surrounding area Jews are still threatened; keep your eyes open and don't take risks.

China and Russia will educate the world.

G-d will give the United States something to keep busy with, something so that they will leave the Middle East alone and deal with racism, the economy, and the mess from the Russians and Chinese.

All of the real Jews who have a soul from G-d, support the IDF soldiers and the police officers in Israel; they do not stand idle and do not shoot for no reason, don't judge them.

All of the Jews, not only in France, come to Israel.  Jews in France, you are on the front line, you are the first strong spark that is opening the road for the Jews.  This is a sign for all Jews in the world to come to Israel; you cannot say you don't understand.  Jews of France, run from France to Israel.  Not to European countries or the United States, it is useless; there, it will be a hundred times harder!

All of the parliament members and the government: stop slandering each other and start working to promote the state of Israel.  All of the money wasted on elections should be invested in settling the Negev, Western Galilee, Samaria and Binyamin.

The economy in the holy land of Israel is the best in the world and it will blossom and grow.  There will be plenty of work in Israel, even if one hundred million Jews come, and millions will come.  Don't worry, wait patiently, we have never been wrong.

All of the white and black collars, the bribers and bribe takers, the thieves and cons, if they repent G-d will have mercy; if they do not and say "this will not happen to me," then they will be revealed in the media.  The small and non-famous ones will be handled by G-d directly in the harshest manner.

Dear Jews, vote for the veterans for parliament; the Jews who care about the holy land; the Jews who care about assimilation; the Jews who care about alcohol and drugs problems.

Parents, watch over your children so that they do not assimilate, this is not racism.  Whoever obeys the Torah and believes in G-d; who runs and leads the world; that person is modern.  That person is wise, smart, and knowledgeable.  Whoever goes the crooked path and does not obey the Torah; whoever makes mistakes that lead to terrible suffering, he is primitive.  The modern person chooses the path of honesty and truth, and believes there is a king leading the world – G-d.  G-d is calling the Jews in Israel and the world: "Come to me my sons, those for 
G-d come to me!"

There are thousands of atomic missiles in the world.  The atomic deterrent came to the world to make peace not destruction.  There will not be a third world war – there will be a third holy Temple!

Jews, pray three times a day.  Tefilim is protection for every Jewish man and a direct connection to G-d.  The Jewish nation is the only one on earth that has the knowledge and ability to connect to G-d!

We are all waiting for the desired day to come for the people of Israel.  It is all in the hands of G-d, when He decides, He will surprise even the angels, the earth, and all of the worlds, and crown the Messiah king in this generation!

There seems to be a discrepancy between the message I posted yesterday by Moishela and the above from the Rav.  One said that there will be a World War 3 and the other said there will not be a war.  Since Moishela has referenced Zechariah 13:8 which talks of two thirds of the world population being cut off and one third remaining safe, it alludes to two thirds experiencing WW3 and one third not even noticing.  Those who follow Hashem’s ways will be protected and not even notice a war.  Those in Israel will be the most protected (except for the evil ones who fight Hashem).

In the 12 years that I have lived in Israel, I have been here during the last intifada, the war in Southern Lebanon, the conflicts with Syria, the conflicts with Gaza, including the rockets and mortar attacks and the terrorist activity in isolated areas of Israel, especially Jerusalem.  In all that has happened I have lived in a city that has seen absolutely nothing.  We don’t even have a police force, since there is no crime here.  Why have I not seen anything?  I live in a city that is 100% Torah Jews.  There are no secular Jews in this city and definitely no non-Jews.  The major industry in this city is Torah study.  What is comical is that television is banned from the city, very few listen to the radio and most of the residence here do not have a computer (except where needed for business).  I recall during the 2006 war in Southern Lebanon when there were an abundance of rockets coming out Lebanon and hitting northern Israel, most of my neighbors were not aware that there was a war happening.  They were too busy studying Torah and Hashem was busy shielding these Torah Jews from the reality around them.  In the 12 years that I have lived here, I have never seen a terrorist attack, a rocket landing or even a crime occurring.  This was not the case when I lived in the US of A where I saw much, much crime (neighbors being mugged, houses being vandalized and robbed, I even saw a fellow chasing another with a gun trying to shoot him – he didn’t, I am happy to report).

My entire message is that Hashem is telling us through Zechariah (delivered through Moishela and Rav Ben Artzi, that WW3 will be everything from horrible to non-existent depending upon those who turn to Hashem or not.  If you don’t believe this, it will be devastating for you and your loved ones.  It’s your decision as to how much suffering you want; and, I mean that wholeheartedly.   Of course, those who have moved to Israel are the most protected, but those who are making a great effort to move and have the right attitude to save themselves and their families, will also find Hashem’s favor.  He knows your complete attitude towards Him and His Torah and will, measure for measure, react, protect and help accordingly.

Monday, January 26, 2015


I thank the Emet9 organization for making this video and Moishela for sharing this vital message from Hashem with the world.  I also thank Anonymous for alerting me to this video.

Don't treat the message lightly with a "we will see" attitude.  If you look carefully, we already  have seen the horror that is happening.  To watch it get worse and have it affect you with suffering is foolhardy.  Hashem is telling us what the situation is and what you and your loved ones must do to avoid trouble.  I know that it is extremely difficult to make tremendous changes so quickly, but you  definitely will find if you turn to Hashem, help will come.  The message is that you are not alone faced with the impossible.  Hashem makes everything possible when you turn to him completely.  

Continue to do Teshuvah, repentance, that is totally meaningful.  That does not mean admitting your sins, it means correcting your actions to not sin again.  Once again, if you work with Hashem and follow His ways, you will be totally successful.

Continue to pray to Hashem.  That does not mean "lip service," but sincere prayer with tears in you eyes and love for Hashem in your heart.  When you pray, always know that Hashem is there hearing your every word.  Make it as meaningful as possible -- PRAYER WORKS.

Study Torah.  Not to have a lot of book learning in your head, but to live Torah as if your life depends upon it (which it does).

Give Tzedukah, charity.  If there was ever a time in history that Hashem is wanting us to help others, it is now more than ever.  Give with a pure heart wanting to help save the world.  It is so necessary for people who have less than you, but will give you more benefit than you can imagine.

Show love of your fellow Jew and every righteous non-Jew.  That is what Hashem wants and will bring the Moshiach and the Geula -- the happy ending.  Hashem wants achdus, unity from His people.  Everyone loving and helping everyone else.  No conflict, no selfishness. 

We can see from many sources that time is running out.  We are closer to the happy ending than we think.  If we don't believe that and don't react accordingly, we lose.  Not a loss in just this life, but forever and ever.  You owe it to yourself and your loved ones who depend on you, to take this seriously.  TURN TO HASHEM AND IT WILL HAPPEN IN THE MOST POSITIVE WAY.  THE HAPPY ENDING WILL TRULY BE TREMENDOUS.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015



King of Kings, G-d, Leader of the world, once brought a flood to the world, the great confusion in the Babel Tower, harsh wars of all kinds and many difficult things.  This time, G-d brings ISIS, extreme Islam, Al Qaida, Hamas, and another new political party that is just like ISIS to awaken the entire world and warn them not to touch the Jews in the holy land of Israel, not to bother the Jews in Israel, not to touch the holy land.  G-d let them deal with themselves.  All of the people of ISIS and terrorism organizations are spread out across Europe and the world terrorizing the countries they're in, destroying lives day to day.  Some of it is published in the media and some isn't; it is the will of G-d.  This is how He wants to hurt every country that wants to take parts away from Israel and harm the Jewish people living in Israel.
This is how G-d protects the Jews in the holy land of Israel!

The Jews living outside of Israel need to be smart and urgently come to Israel.  There will never be peace in the world for Jews living outside of Israel.  They will be persecuted everywhere, no less than the holocaust that once was.  They put guards around them to protect them and these guards will change their skin.  They will sell them out to others to hurt them.  They themselves will harm the Jews because it is the will of G-d that they come to Israel.  No one in the world has defeated G-d! Jews in exile do not say that you were not warned to come to Israel!

All of the Jews in Ukraine - run away quickly.  All of the orphans from Ukraine - bring them to Israel.  No Jew should invest in Ukraine, not even in one block - it is a waste of money!

The government of Israel needs to invest resources to build cities and settlements in the Negev - urgently!

The economy in Israel is the best in the world, there is no shortage of factories and work places for new immigrants coming to Israel.  It is true that, naturally, it is difficult for someone to leave their home, but your lives are worth an infinite amount of money.  The state of Israel is the strongest in the world because G-d protects it.  It is the home of all Jews in the world.  Jews in exile do not delay and say "this will not happen to me."

ISIS and all of the terrorists groups in the world are going to tear apart Europe, the United States and the entire world except for Israel from which G-d points them in the direction He desires.  In every country in the world, one million people can suddenly join ISIS.  ISIS are bastards and multiply devastatingly fast; one thousand brings one hundred thousand; they have nothing to lose.  It is like a hobby and pride to the extreme Muslims.  You cannot erase ISIS; a new one will always appear.  That is why the Jews in exile must come to Israel.

Every country in the world will take care of its own problems and not interfere with Israel.

Syria will never be Syria again. They will fight each other; it is destroyed more every day – every day worse than the day before.  Refugees will flee to Iran, Turkey and the entire world.

Iraq will continue to get complicated and lose direction.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah keep threatening, speaking nonsense and returning to his bunker.  There is no one to help him.  The Mosad and Shin Bet will continue to keep their eyes open from Iran to Syria and from Syria to Hezbollah and Nasrallah.  Their goal is to take the most advanced chemical weapons from storage in bunkers in Syria.  They have tens of thousands of chemical missiles that can reach five hundred to six hundred kilometers.  The UN never went there.  Nasrallah wants to steal them so that he will have something to threaten Israel with from Lebanon.

Hamas in the Gaza Strip have found a "trick" to sue Israel in the international court in order to get a state. They are being guided how to talk in the international court.  Part of the left wing in Israel needs to wake up and understand that their place is with the state of Israel and not the Arab countries.

Abu Mazen is laughing at everyone and continues to cheat, con, and lie.  He does this so that Hamas and Jihad will let him be their leader, and because he is afraid Hamas will kill him.

In Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem they need to be careful and open their eyes.  There are conspiracies there and they want to harm the Jews.

Egypt will be erased by ISIS and Hamas if it does not hold on to its government.  Sisi and his government need to urgently erase Hamas and ISIS and then maybe there is a chance that Egypt will not fall and be like Syria.

Turkey can no longer be called Turkey; from now on call it the ISIS State or Hamas.  ISIS is taking all of the main places in Turkey and controlling them.  Arduan is terrified of ISIS and speaks only good things of them.

Iran continues to work quietly in the atomic factories.  It continues to fear Israel because they know that G-d protects them.

The United States is sucking up to Iran so that it does not move to Russia.

All of the forces of nature: fire, water, wind, earth, earthquakes – they will all increase and activate around the world with great force.  In the holy land of Israel there will be nothing, all will be good.

The elections in Israel are shameful, a huge embarrassment to the people of Israel.  Every two hours the representatives and parties change their minds and argue among themselves.  It is time to be serious.  They need to be responsible for the state of Israel, and take the elections seriously.  The "elders" in parliament need to be voted for, not the young ones who have no experience.  The Jews say "next year in Jerusalem;" the Arabs say the same thing, heaven forbid, all of the Arabs.  The dream of every Arab is to destroy the Jews and create the Palestinian country, heaven forbid.

From Beer Sheva to Eilat we must create new cities and settlements because a lot of Arabs take lands and settle in them.  A new organization needs to rise to take care of the holy land.  Don't let an Arab settlement rise on ever hill in the Negev without authorization.  The Negev is the best place to live; you don't need to huddle in the center of Israel.  The weather is healthful for the body and leads to a longer life.

All of the bribed, thieves, and cons will be discovered.  G-d will lift the veil and shake off all of them, all those going against the Torah.  If the Jews do not obey the Torah, heaven forbid, what is the difference between them and the gentiles?  The Torah separate the Jews from the gentiles.

The world of redemption and the Messiah is a very modern world.  The "modern" world of today is the primitive world, because if people were smart, they would understand that there is leader to the burden.  Only one who has knowledge and wisdom understands that there is a leader of the world; there is redemption; there is a Messiah that is going to be crowned.  There are those who are scared to talk about redemption and the Messiah so that no one says they are primitive, heaven forbid.  It is shameful that anyone would think that if you talk about redemption and the Messiah it is primitive – all of the signs are in the holy books, the Zohar and the Kaballah.


Courtesy of  "Tair Neri"

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


G-d continues, will continue and He will not stop until all of the countries stop bothering Israel – until the last of the Jews comes to the holy land!  G-d is warning the world not to mess with the holy land, Israel. G-d will continue to create conflict within countries.  There will be complications, conflict, and threats between countries; because, they are bothering Israel.  There will not be a third world war.  Atom bombs and missiles in the world are only for making peace in the world (a deterrent).

France signed for a Palestinian country; and, any country that does so, angers G-d!

G-d continues to warn the Jews living abroad, come to the holy land of Israel!  Exile has ended in 1948; you have nothing left for you there; it is impure land.  The divine spirit has left exile, it is in Israel!  Jews of the world, if you continue living there, you will lose your property, your money and your lives will be in danger. All of the Jews in Europe who think it will not happen to them are very wrong – it will.  All of the Jews in Europe who think of moving to South or North America and all of the Jews in South and North America thinking of moving to another country are very wrong – it will happen to them and G-d will not help them.

G-d helps all of the Jews who come to the holy land of Israel.  It is the time of the Jews' redemption; it is time for all of the Jews in the world to stop suffering.  Israel is the home, the mother and father of the Jews.  You cannot fool G-d; no one has ever defeated G-d.  The state of Israel is the home of the Jews!

The Arabs, Hamas, Jihad and ISIS – the entire world is theirs.  The Jews are one quarter of one percent of the world and they have nowhere to go.  The Jews are unloved everywhere, and now they will be hated even more.  Come urgently to the holy land, the safest and most protected place in the world, you will not be harmed and nothing will happen to you!  The holy land, Israel, revives the world, it is the reason the world exists!

Israel must not be complacent, and must not only be interested in the elections.  All of the parties will unite into one party.  The left and right know what is going on, and know that there is no one to rely on.  Do not be bleeding hearts.  All of the ministers and parliament members – stop thinking about the seat, the respect, publicity and media; stop hurting each other, stop causing conflict!  All of the millions being thrown away could have been used for the needy or Torah students.  G-d will interfere in freedom of choice, and will influence the elections and winners for the benefit of the Jews in Israel.  The government that will rise in Israel will be a strong government; a government that is against giving parts of Israel away, against drugs, alcohol and assimilation; a government that is for the Torah, for the IDF, for the Aliyah of Jews to Israel!

All of the people of the Marmara, cons and thieves; all will be publicly revealed – all of them!  Those who are not famous, G-d will settle the score with them.

Hamas is not dormant; stop thinking that Hamas is dormant!  Hamas is operating in the Gaza Strip, restoring the tunnels at light speed and planning a surprise for next Yom Kippur.  There is a conspiracy of ISIS in the north.  ISIS is also in Judea, Samaria and around Jerusalem, and has started to establish a base in the Gaza Strip.  It is easier for ISIS and Hamas to cooperate and work from there toward Israel.  The members of ISIS are bastards and Hamas are Amalekites – the same family under different clothes.

Egypt, Sissy is trying to 'buy' links with the Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar.  He does not know that Hamas, ISIS and radical Islam will destroy all Egypt.

Turkey will be the same as Syria.  The terrorists in Syria are the hardest in the world.  Turkey did not know they are next to being like Syria and Iraq.  They established ISIS and Hamas bases in Turkey; and, Turkey believes they will support Turkey, but they will turn against it.  It is easier there for ISIS and Hamas.  The Turkish people think that they will support Turkey, but they will attack it.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah – there is no one to arm them.  The IDF will not rest as it guards Israel.  G-d is opening their eyes, allowing them to discover and catch all those coming from Iran and Syria towards Lebanon and the Hezbollah.  Nasrallah prefers to keep silent, because he is alone.

Jordan is quietly making noise into order to, heaven forbid, establish a Palestinian country.  It is waiting for this so that it can put all of its refugees there – it is delusional.  The state of Israel is one, not two!

In East Jerusalem it is the quiet before the storm, led by Abu Mazen and Hamas, they are planning terrible terrorist attacks.  Jews must be vigilant and not take risks!  Abu Mazen is fake, and is all show.  On the one side, he is pretending to care about what happens to the French and wanting to go to France to show empathy; and, on the other, he is giving orders to terrorists to harm the Jews.

The IDF must be vigilant in the borders from Eilat to Gaza.  There is ISIS and Hamas there; together they are like fire and gasoline, and they want to harm the IDF soldiers – open your eyes!

Iran has been forgotten, and it is taking advantage of the quiet to do what it wants.  It is trying to enter ammunition and weapons into Syria for Nasrallah in order to harm Israel, but G-d will not let them!  The IDF knows about every shipment of ammunition coming from there and blows it up.

Syria, G-d continues to eliminate it from the face of the earth; it will be shown no mercy.

The United States is busy with its own racism; it will continue to be busy with racism, because it has no end. Soon the Jews will have to deal with it too, and they will run from the United States.  In the United States they wait to see what will happen in the Israeli elections.  G-d is telling them that He is the leader of the world and He will not let them bother Israel.  All those who plan evil, to hurt and destroy Israel, G-d will not relent; He will do as He did in the Exodus and destroy them.

Anyone who wants to be a parliament member or minister in Israel must have fear of G-d, and must see
 G-d before him before anything else!  He must be honest and true with G-d and the state of Israel.

Natural disasters will continue to happen, fire, heat, water, floods, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, planes falling and ships sinking.  G-d is purifying the world and the state of Israel.

Dear Jews, children of G-d, beware of assimilation, this is not racism!  You need to preserve Judaism by explaining the situation to your fellow Jews.  G-d hates lust and assimilation.  The world exists because of the Jews!  The Arabs have sick jealousy towards the Jews since the beginning of the world.  The Jews need to be smart and preserve the Jewish spark – the Jews are the diamond in the crown!  Jews, obey the Torah commandments, all those who say "my strength and my hands made me" will fall.

The rain that has fallen in Israel is a blessing – blessing the economy, crops and agriculture and health for good and clean lives.  There will be great joy for the people of Israel, G-d only wants good and does not want to disappoint His Jewish children.  G-d asks the Jews to pray to Him, learn Torah, love each other, be kind and all the doors will open for them.  G-d is reaching out to every Jew who reaches out to Him.

G-d is revealing Himself to children and youth in dreams and visions, showing them redemption, the Messiah – where he is and what he is doing.  They talk about it, and tell what they have seen.  The adults are afraid to talk, afraid that others will say they are primitive.  The Messiah of the modern world will be crowned soon!


Courtesy of  "Tair Neri"

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita - Parashat Shemot, 13 Tevet 5775 (4.1.15)


G-d, King of Kings, Leader of the world!  There will continue to be chaos in the entire world except in Israel. There will continue to be complications and conflict between and within countries. There will be harsh racism in all of Europe, the Muslims against the Europeans. Even in the United States there will be harsh racism. G-d will let them take care of their own racism, so that they stop talking about racism in Israel.

Horrible natural disasters will continue: floods, winds, sand storms, fire, hot and boiling water – strange things, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, complications with ships, planes, take-offs, complications with heads of government and presidents around the world. G-d will mix everyone up together only so that they leave the state of Israel alone. Israel will be clean, preserved, and protected. G-d is fighting Israel's wars! G-d is tearing down all of the Arab countries around Israel! G-d is asking all of the Jews in Israel one thing: to worship Him. Ask for mercy through prayer, study of Torah, and faith – that is how G-d protects his Jewish children in the land of Israel. The blessed rains are a blessing for the land of Israel. G-d is looking at us from above and guiding us below.

In Europe, the United States and the entire world, everyone is fighting against the Muslims. They tell the Jews: "Look at what we are doing to the Muslims and watch out, you're next." Jews, it is better for you to run to your country, Israel is the safest and most protected place for the Jews! Please Jews, make haste to Israel, run from all of the riots in the world, the wars between Muslims, the anti-Semitism, don't waste your lives, you will lose. Dear Jews, in Israel and the world, don't forget, most of the world hates Jews. Don't forget what happened in the holocaust – they did not. It has been "forgotten," but their goal is to destroy the Jews in the world. In Israel you will find all the good that is missing from the world.

Abu Mazen is an excellent actor, Hollywood suits him. He is fooling everyone, pulling the strings and letting the government of Israel "jump," there is no faith in him. He is a bad person, working quietly; his heart and words do not say the same. The Hamas is working in the open, Abu Mazen is working quietly. They want to erase the state of Israel, rule it and make Israel their slaves like in Egypt. The state of Israel was never two states; Israel is one and only one!

Jordan is a Palestinian and Hamas country. They want to send all of the refugees to Israel; that is why they are helping Abu Mazen in the UN, only so that they can take, heaven forbid, parts of Israel to start a Palestinian state.

The government of Israel needs to be vigilant and not fear any country. We have G-d in heaven and on earth, they have nothing! Do not be weak and think of, heaven forbid, giving them parts of Israel. This will not bring peace and they will only want more because every week another crazy leader replaces the current one. The rights of Israel must be protected, protect every centimeter of the holy land. When that happens, no one will be able to bother the people of Israel.

The Hamas and most of the Arabs in the Gaza Strip work in shifts, 24 hours a day to rebuild the tunnels. Snipers watch the Israeli frontiers to shoot at IDF jeeps on their rounds. They are not stopping their plans, no peace agreement will help! They are blowing themselves up and going to die because they weren't able to surprise Israel on Yom Kippur with the tunnels. G-d surprised them with the IDF. Now they are making plans for the next Yom Kippur that will come upon us with a blessing and on them with a curse. Check every movement on the Israeli border – there is no faith in them.

In Egypt, Sisi is doing everything so that ISIS and Hamas don't enter Egypt and don't cause a revolution, but ISIS and Hamas are slowing entering to cause a revolution and they will succeed.

Syria is being erased, sinking in mud, in complications, and will continue to be erased.

Iraq will be torn apart.

Iran is working in silent, afraid to harm Israel and be harmed. Despite that, Israel will continue to monitor Iran in everything.

The United States is afraid that Iran will go with Russia. Despite hating each other, they don't want to let go of Iran, because it is the key to all Arab countries.

In Turkey, Arduan is losing control. ISIS and Hamas are telling him what to do; and, if he doesn't listen, they will decapitate him. Turkey has lost control of the border with Syria; rebels, ISIS, and refugees are coming in. Turkey is a nest for ISIS.

Lebanon and Hezbollah can't do anything. The IDF is stopping every shipment that reaches them from Syria.

Kudos to the IDF, they are the candle of the people of Israel; they are the light of the people of Israel. Thanks to them we are safe, alive, praying and learning Torah; and, G-d is protecting from heaven!

The government of Israel, parliament, and all the parties, speak pleasantly and with Derech Eretz. 

Stop bashing – enough of this baseless hatred.

You need to fight for the holy land and not give one centimeter of Israel away.

You need to fight against assimilation which is a weapon to destroy Israel, and fight to help our youths.

You need to fight to bring Jews to the holy land of Israel. Over one million Jews are waiting to come to Israel and you need to open the way for them.

This is what parliament should be chosen for, only this. Not for seats, not advertising on the radio or television, and not for themselves. If their goal is for themselves, G-d will not elect them. They need to be messengers to save the people of Israel. The Jewish citizens of Israel need to be vigilant, serious, and to the point in the elections. Do not use bad language, G-d is in great pain because of these ugly words and slander; and, in the end, they change their skin. 

In the end, all that G-d wants shall be, nothing can be done. G-d will put in the minds of the voters who to vote for, because He knows what is best for the people of Israel and knows who should be elected for the good of the people of Israel.

G-d is interested in having parliament members that are good for the holy land. The holy state of Israel belongs only to G-d. We are nothing; He decides everything.

The gentiles think that if there are elections in Israel, the IDF is not operational – wrong, the IDF works with great power, a hundred times what it was before.

Some of the gentiles living in Israel must not be trusted. Some of the gentiles living in Israel learned from the Jews how to be united; they need to be watched; they are two faced. The gentiles are very jealous that G-d loves the Jews and the Jews are a special nation. They want to erase the Jews from the world. They do not understand that if they erase the Jews from the world, the world will be erased and nothing will be left.

G-d is asking the leaders of Israel to continue to meet, to protect the land of Israel. The gentiles and those who disturb the people of Israel will be brought down; they will fall on their swords and be erased from the world. The economy in Israel is thriving like none other in the world, this is the truth because it is in the hands of G-d!

Every person who steals, gives or takes bribes, does bad, betrays, cheats, or lives on the backs of others, G-d will reveal them all. If they repent, G-d will protect them.

If a person is harmed, wounded or sick, G-d will save him from death. G-d gives the person the right thought to be thankful for all the good he has received. We are His children; we are His worshipers, and G-d points each according to His will.



Courtesy of "Tair Neri"