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Message of Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Parashat Miketz Tsha "d


The Creator shakes the world, bringing serious diseases and epidemics in many parts of the world and complicating the states between themselves. We have already said the Creator will increase flooding, fire and brimstone, earthquakes, winds and all kinds of storms. The Creator reveals His Omnipotence and His bravery to the people of Israel and the world!

Planes will crash and have navigation problems for the goyim, trains will fly off the rails. There will be thunder and lightning strange and difficult around the world, a taste of what the flood but not in the whole world at the same time place after place.

The Creator is irritated and angry for all the wrong decisions in the world! The Creator is angry against those who want to destroy his house - the State of Israel! The Creator will not let them rest 24 hours a day, the world will be shocked, scared and frightened; they will take care of themselves and leave the holy land of Israel in peace!

The agreement with Iran, the contract is as if written on ice. Iran will not listen; it will do what it wants. Iran has hidden places, with a very large quantity of ammunition. They will continue to produce the atom with a smile. In silence, they want to surprise the world and produce ten atomic furtively, not five bombs.

Syria continues as if no power could control it and put order. They let them eat each other for the powers have no interest in Syria, it does not bother if it is erased from the planet.

Egyptians are killing each other. Hamas will not give up; it is in the Gaza Strip, Sinai and Egypt. Hamas will destroy Egypt, with the exception of hunger that will destroy Egypt. Hamas wants to control Egypt so that there is no European education.

Jordan the United - States, tranquilize it and its king. Refugees continue to flock from Syria to Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon - they eat them.

Government of Israel, do not make the mistake made ​​in the Gush Katif! Abbu Mazan mocks everyone, he makes the face of the poor "Have mercy on us," they have evil plans to destroy Israel!

Members of the Israeli delegation open your eyes on the Palestinians, do not believe them! The Israeli government must not be silent, nor forsake His people and His land!

Dear Jews you should have a revolution in Israel like in Arab countries, we must be united together for generations forever!

Israeli government must urgently take care of young boys and girls, to show them the best way to avoid contempt for the girls of Israel and avoid alcohol and drugs - this is the priority of the Israeli government! Alcohol and drugs are coming from the Arabs; they have this command, defile the women of Israel and make them fall. There must be a strict law and not give up to anybody!

The Defense Army of Israel must be vigilant! From Gaza to Eilat they burrow like moles and want to fire rockets at Israel from close range. Those whose job is to find where the tunnels cross, they must work with energy, so there will be no “surprises" on the border.

All Jews, religious or non-religious, left or right, must cry and pray to the Creator so that the Israeli government will not fall into the trap!

All Jews who lived in Israel and left – will return en masse!

Listen carefully Jews throughout Europe, they will agree to expel the Jews, remember well! So, you should go to Israel urgently because Israel is the center and navel of the world!

A large amount of ejected refugees from Syria are in Jordan and Turkey, they eat alive the Turks and the Jordanians. Anyone who wants to gnaw into the Holy Land, Israel – the Holy - Blessed - will make them disappear and bite them!

The Saint - blessed took all wars in the world in his hands!

The Saint - Blessed said: "No immunity for anyone, all will be revealed bare, repent really - you will be protected!

You think, the proclaim of King Messiah coronation is easier, it is very difficult! For the Creator wants important prayers and Israel requests. When most people in Israel with one voice ask for  the coronation of King Messiah - The Creator will crown, there will be peace and tranquility in the land of Israel, the Creator will take care of the world and be seen live anywhere in the world! Jews will have a robust health and eternal life!

Happy Hanukkah, pure and holy, with miracles like every year!

Discussion with Moishela (with his family)


A Handicapped child
Kislev 15 '5774   (Nov 17 '13)

 מי לד' אלי

In the next month we are going to realize how important that statement is for us.  מי לד' אלי We're missing only the one to say it. In years past when the Greeks tried to take away our religion, our Yiddishkeit, things got so bad that Mattisyahu could not take it anymore, and even though he  only had a few volunteers, he said .מי לד' אלי Whoever is for Hashem, come with me. Now we again are under the rule of the  Reshaim, of the Yivanim, of Edom.

All over the world they're ruling and here in Eretz Yisroel they're also ruling. But we don’t notice it so much, not the Frum and not the Chilonim. We let it go by us without even realizing in any way that we are in terrible, terrible danger. The first Zionists created the state of Israel, designed it, built it, put it into action with Hashem's permission, of course. The state of Israel was built as a direct war against Hakodosh Boruch Hu, not against the Arabs, against Hakodosh Boruch Hu. The founders of this so-called state of Israel were Erev Rav who wanted to prove that Chas Veshalom they were stronger than Hashem and that they could be Chas Veshalom instead of Hakodosh Boruch Hu. This is compared to the Dor Haflaga that built Migdal Bovel as a direct war against Hakodosh Boruch Hu. They had the wildest idea that they had the power to win against Hakodosh Boruch Hu, and what we see now is only a bizarre continuation of these maniacs' ideas.

The people that are behind this false concept are all over the world. After many hundreds of years of plotting they are now tightening the noose, so-to-speak, around all the peoples of the world and also around the Jewish nation. But these Reshaim want Davka to make a new religion, a new religion that will encompass the whole world. That religion will be a Mish-Mash of things, but in the end it will be like the Yivanim - Avodah Zara.

The Zionists who built this country, this State of Israel wanted to be like all the other countries of the world. They wanted to be part of the Roman Empire, and now after all these years they have achieved their greatest goal and are definitely part of the Roman Empire. The proof of the pudding is that without any problem, the State of Israel is turning over to the Catholic Church the grave of the forefather of Moshiach Tzidkainu, Dovid Hamelech and that is an unbelievable act of war against Hakodosh Boruch Hu. But it's not only this. It's also all the laws that have been passed lately in Eretz Yisroel, and they're all made to water down our Yiddishkeit, or to take it away from us, whether it’s the Bris Milah, or any other Frum Jewish tradition or law. They have the Chutzpah to go inside our practices and try to outlaw them. We know that they're behind the Women of the Wall. They're behind all of the activities to weaken Yiddishkeit.

The Israeli army is full of Goyim that could easily become a fifth column. Our everyday lives are full of a Goyisha way of doing things. Israelis consider Tzahal the savior of the Medinah. This attitude is a war against Hakodosh Boruch Hu. On one side, Tzahal is considered the savior of the Medinah. On the other side, if we look at all of the wars since the State came into existence, they were won only by miracles which Tzahal cannot perform.

Therefore I must tell you now that we are going into a new and much more frightening time. We Jews have let the Greeks and the Hellenists take away our Yiddishkeit from us, and we are left alone. Hashem has taken from us our greatest Rabbonim, our greatest Gedolai Hador, and we are left with only a few Tzaddikim. However that is not enough to help am Yisroel get out of this mess. We are orphans, but now we are even greater orphans because Hashem is taking away from us also our past Tzaddikim. If the plan to take away from Am Yisrael the Kever of Dovid Hamelech succeeds, (and it seems that other important holy places of the Jews are already being readied to be taken by the Goyim), then we will be totally in the dark, totally without guidance in this world.

I'm a bit young to remember, but when the Kosel was taken back into Jewish hands in 1967, the crying of every true Jew was heart rendering. The realization that now Am Yisroel had a place to come and cry and spill our hearts out to Hakodosh Boruch Hu and feel His presence, was a giant spiritual uplift for all Jews everywhere. But now everything has changed. The changes made at the Kosel and its surroundings sends chills up my back. It makes me cry out from sheer loneliness because it has the flavor, it has the smell, and it has the feeling of a church. It has a feeling of Atheists of non-believers altogether. And therefore a true Jew feeling such a thing has no choice but to sit down and to cry. Go to Kever Rochel or to the Rashbi. You have the feeling, the cold feeling of non-believers. You have hundreds, maybe thousands of non-Jews crowding these places. And where are we? We are not allowed to hand out any kind of Tefillos or Chizuk material or to ask for Tzeddakah. We are not allowed to feel the warmth of our Tzaddikim. 

Mamma Rochel where have you gone to? We can't feel you anymore. Where is the Shechina that we were told would always be at the Kosel? It's there, but it's so hard for us to concentrate when thousands and thousands of all kinds of people are crowding around there, with women who are not Tzniusdik, and people flashing their cameras in every direction, and of course the Women of the Wall who have come to challenge Hakodosh Boruch Hu. Will He let them desecrate His Makom Kodesh and do what they feel is correct in their own small minds?

Am Yisroel if you don’t feel this, then I question your roots. If you don’t feel this, go to the Kevarim. Go to Mama Rochel. Go to the Kosel. Go to the Kever of Dovid Hamelech, and all the other places that have been invaded by these Yivanim, and tell me what you feel. If you don’t feel anything, if you think that this new Seder in all of these places is just fine, then I can only bow my head and say that you've missed the boat. You can't be a Yid. You can't have a true Yiddisha Neshoma. If you go to these places and feel the loneliness, the cold atmosphere, the feeling of great loss, then I'm sure that your Neshoma was at Har Sinai.

This is a selection. This is a Birur. The Yivanim want to sit here in Eretz Yisroel. They want to rule over the world from Eretz Yisroel. They want to take Hashem's place Chas Veshalom. Of course they cannot do it, and they're so stupid in their belief that the Ribbono Shel Olam, the ruler of the world will let them, these pitiful people destroy the world themselves. No, it won't happen. Hashem will destroy much of the world and them with it, but Am Yisroel and Eretz Yisroel will remain, and they will disappear.

We're coming to a point now that every true Jew will have to hold on to his Yiddishkeit in order to survive. We're going to be attacked, not with bombs so much, but trying to make us leave our religion. They're going to disguise their efforts with very flowery descriptions of how our way of doing things is not the most humanistic way of living, but whoever falls for that WONT GET UP. Now we are in big danger. They're not going to let us easily do what we know is right, and therefore when Moshiach appears and says מי לד' אלי, we will know who to follow.

 Again, and again I say the same things. Please, please come back to the truth. Please, please come back to Hashem. Please, please don’t give up the only thing in the world that means anything, and that’s our Kesher with Hakodosh Boruch Hu. We are His bride. He is our Chassan. We are going to be one with Him, and now is our chance to show Him how much we care, how much we want, how much we need Him, how much we're willing to sacrifice only to do His will, and then Moshiach will be revealed and we will walk into the new world, not to the New World Order, to the new world, to the higher world that Hashem has created for us. מי לד' אלי, Mesirus Nefesh. We have to sacrifice ourselves in order to live.

My Alte Zaidy knew very well that the Yivanim were taking over. He knew very well that the Gashmius of Olam Hazeh should have nothing to do with Yidden, and that especially in America it was bringing Yidden down very much. He knew that it was part of a Divine plan to separate the true Jewish Neshomas from the ones that were not true Jewish Neshomas. He knew that this almost total destruction of the world and its peoples would bring forth the greatest flowering of Yiddishkeit. That’s what my Alte Zaidy knew very well, and throughout his life he tried to make Yidden understand that the Gashmius, which includes all the things that the Egel HaZahav stands for, is the total opposite of Hashem's will and that is what is destroying mankind and the Jews also.

So again from up in Shomayim he can see what is happening. He can see that that the Frum Kehillah has been fighting one with another. They have so many conflicts that it's almost impossible to continue being Jews anymore. The Yivanim and the Misyavnim (the Hellenists) are trying to water down Yiddishkeit, which means to destroy it. My Alte Zaidy knows that this means that we are very close to the Geula.

There are many opinions of how many people will be left. I go with the opinion that only the Neshamas that were at Har Sinai will be left, besides a few Goyim, and therefore I believe that very few will be left, but whoever will be left will be the base, the base for our new and complete world where there will be no Yetzer Horah, no Satan, No Malach Hamaves.

This is a message, for our family, and for every Jew. Our Alte Zaidy wants the whole family to look into our hearts and our souls, and take out all the Gashmius and remember what Hashem wants from us. He wants us to be close to Him. How to be close to Him? To make ourselves close to Him, we have to get rid of all the extra baggage, all the wrong feelings, all the wrong desires, all the Gashmius that is forbidden, and even the Gashmius that is not forbidden, but that gets in our way. We must become spiritual, and must come closer to Hashem. Whether we learn and Daven or do Chessed, we have to do something spiritual that will push out of our minds and our hearts the Egel HaZahav.

Much of what I have said here I have said before. However once you have read and pondered my words and taken them into your heart, and try to actually separate yourselves from the Egel HaZahav and from the world of lies, then the truth will change you and the world, and we, Am Yisroel, will be ready to greet Moshiach Tzidkainu.

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What is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)?

As published in The English Update  06 Nov 2013

by Rabbi Yosef Brown

You've heard of EFT as another effective self-help tool, but what exactly is it and how does it work? The following is EFT in a nutshell.

A Short Description
EFT (tapping) is a form of “psychological acupuncture” except that there are no needles. EFT is based on the principle that one cause of negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system. The energy in our bodies that runs along the meridians used in Chinese acupuncture can get blocked or disrupted and give rise to emotional and or physical pain and discomfort.

EFT aims to heal these disruptions and balances the energy system restoring health, vitality, and peace of mind in surprisingly short periods of time. EFT has successfully helped people overcome years of emotional and physical pain without medications or invasive treatments.

Some EFT History
EFT was founded by Gary Craig, a Stanford University engineer who has spent his life looking for methods that will create optimum spiritual and physical well-being and performance. He developed it after hearing about the discovery of psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan. During a treatment of a patient with a severe water phobia, Dr. Callahan tapped a number of times under her eye and found that the tapping not only relieved his patient of the physical discomfort in her stomach but also cleared the fear of water that she had experienced for years even while in therapy.

Dr. Callahan began to develop tapping algorithms that succeeded in resolving emotional issues he had been treating for years with conventional psychology. Gary Craig learned these methods from Dr. Callahan and proceeded to research and test them. His own findings and conclusions led him to simplify the tapping process with one comprehensive pattern. After producing great results (over 80% success rate) with this method, Gary began teaching these techniques to therapists and the public at large.

Today EFT is quite popular in the USA, England, and other countries around the world. Numerous publications and newsletters have appeared about this exciting and powerful field. EFT utilizes tools from cognitive therapy and NLP to create a medium through which relief is literally at your “fingertips.”

About the Process
As mentioned earlier, tapping on the specific tapping points, while carefully focusing your attention on the issue at hand, brings about the balance in the energy system. This is the basic method of EFT in a nutshell. As issues start to unfold and EFT begins to remove blockages in the energy system, core issues and a deeper understanding of our emotions will surface. Cognitive shifts and “new ideas” will occupy the space that was being occupied by a blockage. This is the “freedom” that is achieved by these techniques.

One of the many advantages of EFT is the ability to use it anywhere and anytime. Simpler issues like every day common stressors can be managed or totally relieved with a few rounds of tapping. Research shows that EFT significantly reduces anxiety and promotes an overall calm that can be felt immediately in many cases.

Learning EFT
Basic EFT is very easy to learn and there is a large quantity of information that is available for free that demonstrates how EFT works. Once you learn the tapping points and become a bit proficient with the “Basic Recipe,” you can begin tapping on issues that are bothering you.

My advice for beginners is to locate a part of you (or your body) that feels some tension or discomfort when you focus your attention on it. Take a moment and get a reading on the level of discomfort you are having. Give it a number between zero to ten, with zero being how you would feel if there was no discomfort and ten being how you would feel if the pain was the strongest it could be.

Begin tapping on the side of your hand while saying a set-up phrase that goes: “Even though I have this pain/discomfort in my (specify the location and quality of the discomfort), I deeply and completely accept myself.” Repeat this three times paying attention to what you are saying.

Next, you begin what is called the sequence. This part of the process involves repeating a “reminder phrase” while tapping around the points on your face and upper body. Here too you are to focus your attention on the issue you are working on while tapping on the points. An entire round of the tapping takes about a minute or so and you repeat the process after checking your discomfort level until some reduction or change is felt.

Adjustments are made in the words used in subsequent “set-up” statements and reminder phrases to fit the new set of feelings or sensations. A new set-up statement might go something like this: “Even though I have some remaining discomfort or pain in my (specify the location and quality of the discomfort), I deeply and completely accept myself”. During the sequence of tapping you would say “this remaining (specify the location and quality of the discomfort)” while going around the points.

The instructions I have given are brief but capable of getting you started. Remember to focus on what is bothering you and be persistent in your tapping. People have seen incredible results by working on their own in just a few tapping sessions. More complex issues do often require outside intervention to unpack deeper core issues that lie at the root of the problem.

EFT Compared to Conventional Therapy
EFT is not an invasive form of therapy. The techniques that are used by the practitioner do not require detailed descriptions of painful incidents that the client has experienced. The focused attention of the client on what is troubling him is the necessary component for the tapping to be effective. Although there are times when the session can become intense, the intention and success of the EFT model is to minimize discomfort while treating the problem itself.

EFT For All Ages
EFT can be used on people of all ages. Children respond exceptionally well to tapping and a number of master EFT therapists have developed techniques and materials to teach children EFT on their level.EFT has shown great success with conditions like ADD/ADHD, OCD, and other learning challenges. Educators and therapists have integrated into their standard practices the use of EFT to treat and manage children and adults who have learning difficulties with remarkable results.

EFT has demonstrated again and again that collapsing long standing emotional issues need not take years of therapy. Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, phobias and a myriad of other emotional suffering have responded exceptionally well to EFT. Governments and large organizations like the U.S. Armed forces have incorporated EFT as part of their comprehensive treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with its veterans.

EFT at Work On Pain
I would like to share a brief story demonstrating the power and relief you can experience with EFT.

A number of months ago, I was accompanying someone at the Hadassah Har Hatzofim Emergency Room and noticed a woman in her early forties struggling with what seemed to be excruciating back pain. She was unable to sit or lie down and was holding herself up by hanging on to her husband allowing her body to drape freely. It was agonizing to see her suffer.

I walked over to the couple and smiled while saying to the woman, “Are you willing to try something for the pain in your back?” She said “I’ll try anything.” I quickly explained to her about EFT, and she began to do the tapping on herself with my instructions.

We started with the following set-up statement: “Even though I have this unbearable pain in my back, I deeply and completely accept myself.” We repeated that three times and tapped around the points, saying “this unbearable back pain.”

After the initial round of tapping, I looked her in the eye and asked, “How do you feel?” She replied, “It changed the pain. It still hurts terribly but the pain is different.”

 “Let’s carry on tapping,” I suggested. We proceeded to adjust the wording in the set-up statement and reminder phrase by saying: “Even though I have this changed unbearable pain in my back, I deeply and completely accept myself.” We tapped around the points, saying “this changed unbearable back pain” at each point.

When we finished I once again asked, “How are you feeling?” She said, “It’s less painful”. I asked, “If before the pain was a ten on a scale of zero to ten, what is it now?” She said, “A six maybe seven.”

She had a look of some relief on her face and some surprise too. I said, “Let’s keep going.” She agreed and we tapped another round, saying: “Even though I have some remaining back pain, I deeply and completely accept myself and forgive myself and anyone else that might have contributed to this pain.” We repeated the set-up statement three times and tapped two more full rounds. After those sequences the pain dropped to a four and then further, to a one or two.

By this point, the woman was able to stand up straight without assistance and could sit down without any great discomfort. I asked her, “What had gone wrong and caused this pain in your back and for how long have you had it?” She explained that the day before she had a procedure that required an epidural in her spine. From the time the anesthesia wore off, she had been in horrible pain that kept getting worse as time went on.

I asked if she was afraid of the epidural before she got it and she responded “yes.” Here, we discovered an emotional driver for some really excruciating pain. EFT very nicely (with little or no emotional intrusion) collapsed the emotional driver and relieved the pain. Over the next hour or so while waiting for the doctor to decide what to do for her, she walked around freely with very little pain.

EFT at Work On Emotional Issues
Rapid relief of pain is not uncommon to EFT. Nonetheless, many issues do not respond with such quick results and take some persistence together with deeper detective work to resolve the issue.

An example of this would be a young client of early adolescent age who expressed an exaggerated fear of death. To distract himself from the anxiety that these thoughts were causing him, he developed a series of “sayings” that he would repeat to himself regularly. This quickly got out of hand, and he was demonstrating some signs of obsessive and compulsive behavior.

While tapping, we were able to bring up a number of incidents in his early childhood that provided the infrastructure for his core beliefs and the fears that grew from them. After a few sessions he was feeling improvement and the need to revert to his “sayings” to relieve his anxiety had diminished greatly. His overall demeanor and behavior in school had greatly improved to the point that a member of the administration called and commented to his mother, “This treatment your son is undergoing seems to really be effective”.

More About EFT
Free information about EFT is available at with a tutorial set up by Gary Craig, the founder of EFT. In “How To Do EFT Basics” at that site, you will find the tapping points, along with some useful tapping tips.


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Here’s to Your Good Health (revisited)

I recently have received additional inquiries about solving medical problems, both physical and mental.  Since I have written about the subject and even successfully assisted some of my readers on an individual basis, I thought I would share some of my secrets with you.  Wait a minute.  You might ask: what does an Electronics Engineer know about solving medical problems?

Let’s begin by describing how most of the body works and what often causes medical ailments.  The body works by electro-chemical reactions that cause signals to flow throughout.  In other words, it is one big electrical circuit.  But, like a battery that creates the electricity through chemical reactions and then allows the flow of electricity by providing a completed circuit path, the body reacts in a similar way to allow for proper functioning.  When the electricity doesn't flow properly (signals getting from brain to the organs and limbs, as an example), medical problems arise.  There are two ways to treat such problems: one is to cause proper chemical reactions to affect circuit completion and signal distribution; or, to perform some other procedure to complete the electrical flow.

Most of the world uses the chemical method better known as medicine or drugs.  Why?  Because, there is good money in it.  The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the world.  A big reason that the US and many other nations became such a haven for drugs is that we are indoctrinated from birth with the idea that to solve a medical problem all you need is a pill.  The fact is Hashem created the human body with everything it needs to heal itself.  The problem is that medical science has turned the healing process into a multi-billion dollar industry.  They don’t want you to perform self healing – there is no money in it for their stockholders.

I have a lifelong friend who became a detail man for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.  His job was to visit doctors, hospitals and pharmacies to introduce them to the new products that his company developed.  This friend told me much about the medical system in the US.   The item that many of his customers were interested in was the placebo.  Why?  Doctors, as an example, knew that the body could cure itself as long as the mind believed there was a cure being administered.  But the sad part was that the doctor was not interested in curing the patient, but just making the person feel comfortable which promotes future business.  The doctor makes much more money by having his patients return than curing them.  Unfortunately, the medical profession is a very lucrative industry that has made many people very wealthy.  We lived in Europe for six years and Israel getting close to 11 years.  We have experienced leaving a doctor’s office without a prescription.  In the US most people would say:  “that doctor wasn't any good, he didn't prescribe anything.”  To have a doctor tell you “eat a particular diet, get some rest or do this exercise and the ailment will take care of itself,” is unheard of in the US and, after all, return business is the key to success in the medical field.  (The best thing about the medical services in Israel is that we have no trouble finding a good Jewish doctor).  I thought I would throw in a joke here to demonstrate the system in the US: Obamacare (end of joke).

So what am I recommending as a way of curing your ills that is totally effective and in most cases free of charge.  I got your interest?

Let us break it down into different categories of medical help that is needed and simple techniques that truly work.  The basic cause of medical problems is emotional instability.  When people are stressed out, worried, out of control, the body reacts with physical problems.  Why?  I'll tell you later.  Suffice it to say that most medical problems are solved when we become very emotionally stable and happy.  This emotional stability causes the completion of the electrical circuits mentioned above and solves many of the physical ailments that you experience.  The more technical term that describes this is meridian zones of energy.  Acupuncture, as an example, has been used for thousands of years to realign these meridian lines of energy causing a flow which results in solving medical problems.   What if we had a technique to do acupuncture without the needles and even without a person to administer the treatment, in other words, a self-administered procedure?

Let me introduce you to The Emotional Freedom Technique® or EFT which is an approach to healing that has gained attention from medical professionals and laypersons all over the world and often gets results when nothing else has worked.  There are many excellent websites that tell you all about this technique and the easy procedure to be done to affect healing.  I need not say any more but invite you to look at some of the sites available:

These two sites can introduce you to the concept, and help you get started (there are many more sites available).  The testimonials that exist of all the medical problems that have been solved using EFT are overwhelming.   Stay with it with complete confidence – it works.  It does take persistence and may require several tapping sessions before it works, but it works.  Whenever I use the technique I am usually successful on the first try since I have been using EFT for years and have total confidence that I will succeed.  If you have a negative attitude towards something like this, then as with anything else I have suggested (prayer, meditation, Teshuvah, etc), it will hinder your success.  Complete trust that Hashem has given us bodies that can heal itself with very little effort on our part is essential to success of solving medical problems.  It all starts with the mind being emotionally stable and happy.  The rest is easy.

There is another very important aspect to good health that I have to include -- proper diet.  The chemical part of our wellbeing is enhanced greatly by what we eat.  The biggest diet problems in the world today are the fast food (more appropriately called junk food) and processed food that has become the typical diet.  Hashem gave us the gift of our body with instructions to take care of it.  If we think that poisonous junk food is fulfilling the Torah request to take care of Hashem’s gift, then we should not complain when medical problems arise.  (I should mention that non-kosher food for the Jew is poisonous, mostly on a spiritual level, but will lead to health problems).  Doing the right thing should always include common sense.  This is not rocket science – it is simply using the intelligence that Hashem gave us in His handbook of life (the Torah) and applying it.  Here is a very good video of how diet can help your success in solving medical problems:

The diet that this doctor in the video is suggesting may not be as enjoyable as a pizza, but it is much more enjoyable than medical problems.

I have mentioned several times that we become sick, measure for measure, as a way of giving our soul Tikun (rectification) which is one of our most important purposes of this life on Earth.  The soul actually controls and gives us our sickness to achieve the Tikun.  Why?  To compensate for what we are not doing to accomplish our mission in this life.  There are many techniques that I have not discussed since I feel they are counterproductive to what we are supposed to be doing.  As an example, I have a particular statement (a Pizmon) that I can make that completely takes away pain.  By talking to my soul and convincing it to not give me pain, I can completely avoid the discomfort, but also lose out on the Tikun that my soul needs and is trying to achieve.  The soul has a way of robbing Oxygen from an area of the body which results in the pain.  By tricking my soul into believing that it is not necessary, I can cause pain to be completely eliminated.  I once met a man with a slipped disc, a woman with severe migraine headaches, a man with horrible knee pain and many others with chronic pain problems that used this technique and were totally relieved of their pain.  This is how a placebo works.  There are many stories from times of war about injured soldiers that, when pain medication was not available, they were given placebos (basically fake pills) and told to go easy that this is strong medicine and they shouldn’t overdo its application.  The pain greatly subsides by tricking the mind (the soul) of the individual and actually causing the mind to remove the pain signals from flowing.  By teaching this method of using words to control the soul’s ability to not administer pain, the Tikun is not achieved; and, Tikun is more important than having to put up with the pain (most people would disagree with that statement, but life is too short to miss out on ways to make us more perfect – such as trying to achieve temporary relief).

It is far more important and beneficial to remove the cause of the pain or sickness by doing everything to receive Tikun without the soul having to substitute for the lack of service to Hashem.  I have mentioned that prayer works.  That is a very good method of achieving Tikun and is, according to Torah, the way Hashem wants us to help ourselves and others.  To greatly enhance this concept, I can refer to a study that was done in Russia that researched “why faith healing works.”  What these researchers concluded is to me a very important message from Hashem.  A group of scientists found that by simply saying very positive words (even positive sounds such as pleasant music), the DNA of a person can be changed.  That is physically why prayer (especially Tehilim) works.  I have experienced many, many people who were with severe medical situations (even being on their death beds) that are now out dancing and enjoying life.  It works. 

Wow, Hashem has really given us all the tools needed for our own wellbeing; all we have to do is use them.  All the tools that I have mentioned so many times (Tefilah, Teshuvah, Tzedukah, mitzvot, Torah study, helping our fellow human being, etc) are more than just good ideas – they are life’s success factor (this life and all eternity).  They are all methods of achieving Tikun and absolutely promote good health.  After all, if you are eliminating the reasons why we suffer with poor health, you are left with good health.  Simple!!!!

I have used the techniques mentioned above and know beyond a shadow of a doubt of how tremendous they are.  If you don’t believe it, you are arguing with success.  I am not telling you to not go to doctors anymore.  I am suggesting that if you have a medical or even an emotional problem that doctors have not satisfied, try the more natural approach.  Even better, as a preventative measure, follow Hashem's guidance and avoid the need for doctors.

I have not mentioned holistic medicines, exercise programs or another procedure called NAET that are also very enhancing to your medical wellbeing.  My message is simple.  Hashem gave us miraculous ways to solve life’s problems; all we need to do is listen to Him, follow His instructions and, above all, thank Him every day for His help.  The way to a happy, healthy life begins with Torah.

There was a very well written article in a popular weekly magazine that is from Jerusalem.  The magazine is The English Update and the article that I am referring to is entitled:  “What is Emotional Freedom Techniques?”  It gives further details about the EFT that I am describing above.  I received permission to reproduce the article here and I am planning to do so (B”N) tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita PARASHAT Vayeshev Tsha "d

Our Father in heaven, the Father of Mercy, speaks to the Jews in Israel and the real Jews living outside of Israel

Did I not do enough, to get you to come to Israel?

Did I do not enough, for you to believe the Creator of the universe?

Did I do not enough, for you to believe that I am the leader of the world and I'm everywhere?

Did I do not enough, for you to understand the deliverance exists and that the Messiah acts and works?

Did I do not enough; I destroy all the Arab countries around Israel?

Did I not do enough, all the elements of nature act and work for the benefit of the Jews and anti-Semitism operate so to expel the Jews and eradicate material lust, and so they will come to Israel - the land of the Jews?

Did I do not enough, for you to ask strongly and with all your heart, the Coronation of King Messiah?

All countries and states in the Middle East that are making problems for Israel, from today, Sunday the 14th of Kislev tsha d", the Holy - blessed starts shooting fire and brimstone. This process is divine! Any state or country, harassing the State of Israel, the Holy - blessed will take care of it personally and directly - it is signed and finalized!

Hanukkah will be a beautiful holiday, clean and pure.

Israel must avoid assimilation, lust and prostitution. The Saint - blessed is very angry, he does not want his chosen people, the Jewish people to leave the right path as it happened in the desert at the time of the golden calf.

Nasrallah, Hezbollah and Lebanon have no one to lean on, they are confined to themselves and do not know what the future holds, everything is disorder and chaos. Tens of thousands of refugees from Syria and are settling in Lebanon, it will continue to increase.

In Egypt there is a terrible famine, they are not interested in who to support, and they want food. There is an explosion there, there will be seven bad years of tough famine and there will be a revolution like in Syria, whether you like it or not, it will be a revolution like Syria.

Jordan is on hold, including the King hiding and on the defensive every day, while waiting for anyone to take Hamas - it disturbs him.

The United States gently secretly holds talks with Jordan's King and tell him: "Do not worry, we will make peace with the Palestinians and Hamas."

Similarly, in Turkey the situation is complicated with Syrian refugees. Their leader is smiling on the outside, but inside he explodes. Refugees from Syria will never return to Syria - they eat devastate Turkey.

Iran has hidden reserves in the soil, atomic components and ammunition. The United States does not know, Russia does not know, they make fun of everyone and continue to produce atomic materiel. The Iranians want peace to trade with the world. Their economy collapses and they are afraid that there will be chaos; and then, they behave very well, cute and sweet so that the world may believe them and in the meantime, they continue with the program. They have a huge amount of hidden ammunition, they have all the components of the atomic bomb, all is in the greatest secrecy, the Americans and the Russians do not know.
Syria burns, either openly or in secret; nothing is stopped. In Syria it will never work out.

Hamas and the Palestinians work together, even the people who run the peace talks work together - one covers the other.

Remember very well Government of Israel, State of Israel: If God forbid, they get what they want, they attack Israel 24 hours without stopping. We must thoroughly check this peace, they are not truthful they have evil plans.

Anyone who has done something wrong and repented completely - no harm will come to him and he will not be revealed. Whoever does not repent, and continues his misdeeds, rich or poor, religious or not religious, of any rank or grade, for the Creator there is no difference, the Creator will not omit any person, especially people with functions, dignitaries and celebrities. All will be revealed one after another, within one month, so that there is no panic in the country. Repent - you will not be revealed!

Each soldier male and female must be vigilant and not turn their backs on goyims in Israel. Always be alert and always face to see who is in front of you. Do not hesitate and do not be afraid of them. The goyim do not care about peace now or later, what interests them is to wipe Israel off.

Hatred grows stronger and stronger up to infinity, because they want to eliminate Jews from the face of the earth and have a mortal fear that the King Messiah will be crowned and will erase them off the map.

Government of Israel, do not believe the United States and Russia which are fighting for control of the Middle East. Stop being naive!

All the people of Israel must have full confidence in the Creator of the Universe! Only the Holy - Blessed can give wisdom, knowledge and understanding to the Jews, manage the economy, speak using the throat of all Jews and lead the Defense Army of Israel!

The Creator warns not to give goyim any piece of land, even a millimeter should not go to the goyim! The goyim show their hatred against Israel and the Jewish envoys of this peace, they act as if they were asleep and did not care, as if they did not see the hatred of the goyim who are not interested in peace only the destruction of the Land of Israel. The Almighty says: "No, none of you will be part of history - on the contrary!

We repeat once again: the Holy One Blessed begins from this sacred day, the fire and brimstone all over states and countries that are against Jews and Israel! The Messiah acts and works with all his strength!

When the people of Israel and the Jews will require the coronation of the Messiah - they get it! Then the world will calm down, there will be peace and serenity forever! Jews will be given eternal life and the Third Temple will be built! This generation won and was chosen to request the coronation of King Messiah! Dear Jews this is true and absolutely true!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Who to Life and Who to Death


Discussion with Moishela (with his family)

A Handicapped child
Kislev 3rd '5774   (Nov 5 '13)

I am really very disturbed with what is happening in Eretz Yisroel. I can see clearly how the Chiloni government is trying to destroy Yiddishkeit. I can see clearly how they want to turn this country into the original dream of the Zionist non-Frum Jews, and that is to turn Israel into a country like all the countries of the world, to make Israel, the State of Israel a complete member nation in the New World Order, to make the state of Israel non-Jewish. It is happening, and the Jews are sleeping. Many of the Jews don’t care, but the Frum, where are the Frum? Why are you letting this happen? Why are you so quiet? I will tell you why, because you're too busy fighting with each other. What do you care if the Kever of Dovid Hamelech is given away to the Catholic Church? What do you care? It is important to be able get money for the schools, even at the cost of a true Jewish education. More important, to fight with each other over who's going to be a representative in the municipalities or in the Knesset.

Well, my dear Jews we are in big trouble. We are in very big trouble because you're selling your souls and Hashem won't forget that. And anyway I'm sure that many of those who are selling their souls to the devil which is the church, or selling their souls to money which is the Egel HaZahav, or just selling their souls for Kavod, you're all going to pay a terrible price, because probably you belong to those Egyptians that left with Am Yisroel from Mitzrayim. You probably belong to the Erev Rav who has caused Am Yisroel such trouble throughout all generations. Hashem loves Am Yisroel. Hashem loves us, but we Jews don’t know exactly who is a real Jew and who is an Erev Rav. One thing for sure, the Erev Rav has no heart for other Jews, has no caring for the pain of other Jews. What has happened with these elections, and what has happened with the problems with the building on the graves in Beit Shemesh, and what has happened with the Liba program put into the schools, and what is happening with the laws against getting married before the age of 18, even though abortions for young girls are considered fine, no problem. That’s moral. There's no punishment for that, and even though we're seeing more clearly who is part of what group, still this is a giant, giant selection --- who to life and who to death.

I just want to tell you true Jews, to watch everything that’s happening and take care of yourselves. Guard yourselves. Go deep into your recesses, into your homes and don’t let the outside world disturb you. Keep Shabbos according to Halacha exactly, Taharas Hamishpacha, all the Dinim in the Torah, and don't give up. Hold tightly to Hakodosh Boruch Hu, no matter what happens in this world, no matter how terrible it gets, how evil the so-called Jews, Zionist Jews, so-called Chiloni Jews get towards us. With every blow they try to give us, we have to go closer and closer to the truth, closer and closer to Hashem.

I know how confusing things are, but try not to be confused. Look carefully who's doing what. You don’t have to speak any Loshon Horah. Just keep it in your own hearts. Just look and see who's doing what, and know where the truth lies, and stay with Hakodosh Boruch Hu. Don’t listen to the nonsense of the Chilonim. Don’t listen to the nonsense of the Erev Rav Chareidim. Don’t listen to the nonsense of many of the Dati Leumi. Listen only to the truth. Listen only to Hashem's Torah, and come back to Hashem.

The Chilonim are mixing the Frum up. They're buying them with money. Times are hard. It's hard to put food on the table for our children. It's hard to pay our bills. But one thing I can tell you, if you stay close to Hashem you will always see miracles and you don’t need them, the Goyim, the Chiloni Jews to give you your sustenance. Hakodosh Boruch Hu will give you your sustenance, and will wipe them off the face of the earth.

To the Jews in Chutz Laaretz, don’t use what I'm saying for an excuse to say, "Well it's so terrible in Israel, might as well stay here in France, in England, in America, wherever." It's not an argument because two thirds of the world will be destroyed, and that does not include Eretz Yisroel, and those Jews that are true Jews will be saved. And I know you will say, "so we don’t have to leave". The Satmar Rebbe zt"l said not to leave America before Moshiach comes. However the Satmar Rebbe zt"l if he would be alive today, I'm sure he would feel differently. However even if you decide to stay in America because the Satmar Rebbe said, if you're doing it really Leshem Shomayim, Hashem will save you, but if you're only using it as an excuse because you like the Egel HaZahav so much, then it will not save you. And I'm just telling you that when you are in a place of danger and you realize it, and you pick yourself up and go to Eretz Yisroel you get Zechusim and that can help you survive in a much easier way. However if you only stay in your countries to continue your parties then you won't be given an easy time if you are a real Jew.

I want to say again, this is the way it works. All true Jews will be saved Be'ezras Hashem. However those that are far will suffer much more than those that are near, far meaning far away from Hashem, close meaning close to Hashem. You can be in Kalamazoo and still be taken out and brought to the Bais Hamikdosh. However you can also be in Yerushalayim next to Har Habayis, and be an Erev Rav, and never make it.

I am just telling you that it will be easier here, and if you have the ability, I beg you to get up and leave.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pack Your Bags

Discussion with Moishela (with his family)

A Handicapped child 
Cheshvan 21st '5774   (Oct 24 '13)

My dear American Jews, pack your bags and get out of there. Don't be stupid. Don't close your eyes. Don't pretend you don't know. Get out of there while you can! The only place in the world to go is to Eretz Yisroel, because every other place is ruled by these maniacs, and even the State of Israel is ruled by the same Reshaim but at least here in Eretz Yisroel, we have Kedushas Eretz Yisroel. We have a promise from Hakodosh Boruch Hu that the land of Israel will not be destroyed, and that it is the safest place for a true Jew to be now.

Of course you can't come to Eretz Yisroel and do Aveiras on purpose, and decide that you are going to be safe. You have to come with the desire to greet Moshiach, which will demand from you much Teshuva, which will demand from you to take yourselves apart piece by piece. Look inside of your hearts. Look inside of your souls, and see where you have been wrong, where you have gone against HaKodosh Boruch Hu, where you lack belief and Bitachon, where you lack Emunah and Bitachon, where you lack your Yiddisha heart, where your heart has become hard with the Gashmius that you have absorbed in the United States of America. But Boruch Hashem soon there will be no United States of America. There will be a land either dominated by evil, or that Hashem will totally destroy, or both.

I beg you, open your eyes. Open your eyes and see what's happening. I know in Williamsburg, in Boro Park, in all of the cities where the Frum Jews live, Lakewood, Monsey, everywhere… even Union City, even Los Angeles, wherever Frum people live, they are still getting up in the morning and the sun is shining. Oh Yeah, twelve years ago the twin towers were knocked down, but since then nothing major has happened. Although there were killings in America and there have been unusual things happening, and you have lost your freedom almost totally and your economy is shaking to its core and about to dissolve, and all kinds of strange things are happening, including foreign soldiers on your soil, Chinese, Russians, all kinds ready to help control you if you become too difficult.

Don't you understand Jews of America, Frum Yiddisha Neshomas, don't you understand that it is time to leave? Don’t you understand that there are camps (FEMA camps) all over the United States? These camps are barbed wired so that people can't get out- not so they can't get in- they can't get out. Don't you understand? Don't you want to understand?

You get up in the morning. It's Sunday. Your wife has a Tzeddakah party (tea party, luncheon, parlor meeting) and you go to Daven, maybe go play golf, (gym, work out, running/jogging) maybe go have a Daf Yomi Shiur. Then everybody meets, goes out for supper in the strictly Kosher Sushi restaurant and you've done something in life. You feel life is good. Your feel you have what to do. It's not boring, but your Yiddishkeit is in danger, and because your Yiddishkeit is in danger Hashem is bringing disaster to the world.

We could greet Moshiach in a different way, but we have chosen to greet him in a more difficult way, because we want the Gashmius. We love the Egel HaZahav. We love all of our fun. We love to go to Disney Land on Succos with our portable Succahs. We love to go to see all of the sights in the United States. We love to travel to Switzerland for Pesach, or take a cruise. We love it. We give so much Tzeddakah. We do so much Chessed. We love our fellow Jews, but that doesn't stop us also from destroying our fellow Jews, or speaking badly or negatively about them. It does not disturb us to tell stories and destroy people's reputations.

We give Tzeddakah, but it doesn't stop us from cheating or stealing and conniving in our work, and we Daven but it does not stop us from telling jokes in the middle of Davening in Shul, or the middle of Krias HaTorah, and it does not stop us from having wives that are so beautifully dressed with such long fancy Sheitels and tight clothing. It does not stop us to be proud of them, that other men look at them, and it makes us feel good. This does not bother us at all. We don't see that we are doing anything wrong. After all we Daven. We keep Shabbos. We keep Yom Tov. We are all so good. And then there are also the Tzaddikim the ones that are the learners, the ones who sit in Kollel all day, and even many in this elite group enjoy playing around with the Gashmius, and they also enjoy going out to eat, and they also enjoy once in a while seeing a video, and they have no problem about not having Shmiras Einayim, because if you try to have Shmiras Einayim, well you could not really exist. How could you drive your car? How could you walk down the street?

No my dear American Jews, you have fallen down very far, and if you want to survive you better pull yourselves up. Even the communities that seem so very Frum, the Goyisha desires have entered there also. Boruch Hashem there are still a few families that don't suffer from this malignancy, but I beg you, I beg you all, it's time to get out. It's time to leave. There will be a time when you won't be able to leave. All they have to do is push one button, and all the planes in America will be grounded and no one will be able to leave. So you will jump into your car and think you'll be able to get out that way. All the borders will be closed. You won't be able to do what you want. That's your big mistake, and if you think your big fancy houses are going to fly here to Israel because you've got a Bais Midrash in it, or because you have some kind of a Hachnosas Orchim apartment in it, and because of this you have Zechusim, forget it. That's not going to save you, because your lives are full of lies, full of contradictions, and you don't see it. You don't want to see it.

So now I am telling you clearly, the United Stated of America is a dangerous place for you. It's also dangerous for others, not only you, but it's definitely dangerous for the Yidden!!! The more Frum, the more dangerous, because they don’t want anyone who believes in Hashem, and they certainly don't need Jews.

I am warning you. Please take me seriously. Please check it yourself. It's time to leave, time to get out with your money. Your dollars are soon going to be worth nothing, absolutely nothing. Please listen to me.

Not only the Jews in America, the Jews everywhere, you are going to be targets. You better start packing your bags. Already Jews from France are leaving in large amounts. Very many are leaving, and because they are all leaving more or less at the same time, they can't sell their houses in many instances, because the locals realize that they are in a bind. They want to leave and they are not getting the prices they want. So if you think you are going to get out with gold, silver, and jewels like from Mitzrayim, you are not!!!

For the rich, know that the banks own your money. You think you own your money? The banks own your money and you better figure it out fast. You better make sure you have a foothold in Eretz Yisroel. But in Eretz Yisroel also your money won't help you. It won't stop what's going to happen, so you better do Teshuva and that’s the only way, and Teshuva is the hardest thing you must do.

It's easy to go take your money and buy a house in Eretz Yisroel, and design it, and make it fancy, but it won't help you. Someone else is going to live there if you don't do true Teshuva, if you don't pull down the Mechitzah of the Egel HaZahav so that you can come close to Hashem.

I am begging you. Please, I am so worried. I am so worried about my fellow Jews, really worried. Please come back to Hashem. Throw away your toys and come back to Hashem before it's too late.