Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Instructions from Hashem for Our Time

From Rosh Chodesh Elul to Simchas Torah, we recite an extra prayer every day that is very appropriate for our time. In fact, if you read it carefully, it comes out as definite instructions that Hashem is giving us to carry us through the coming weeks. The prayer is Psalm 27. The best way to understand the message is to state the prayer and do a cursory analysis of what Hashem is telling us. First please read the Psalm:

Psalm 27 (from the Birnbaum Siddur)
A Psalm of David. Hashem is my light and aid; whom shall I fear? Hashem is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? When evildoers press against me to eat up my flesh - my enemies and my foes - it is they who stumble and fall. Even though an army were arrayed against me, my heart would not fear; though war should arise against me, still would I be confident. One thing I ask from Hashem, one thing I desire - that I may dwell in the house of Hashem all the days of my life, to behold the pleasantness of Hashem, and to meditate in His sanctuary. Surely, He will hide me within His own tabernacle in the day of distress; He will conceal me in the shelter of his tent; He will set me safe upon a rock. Thus, my head shall be high above all my foes around me; I will offer sacrifices within His tabernacle to the sound of trumpets; I will sing and chant praises to Hashem. Hear, Hashem, my voice when I call; be gracious to me and answer me. In Your behalf my heart has said: "Seek you My presence"; Your presence, Hashem, I do seek. Hide not Your face from me; turn not Your servant away in anger; You have been my help; do not abandon me, forsake me not, O G-d my Savior. Though my father and mother have forsaken me, Hashem will take care of me. Teach me Your way, Hashem, and guide me in a straight path, in spite of my enemies. Deliver me not to the will of my adversaries; for false witnesses have risen up against me, such as breathe forth violence. I do believe I shall yet see the goodness of Hashem in the land of the living. Hope in Hashem; be strong, and let your heart be brave; yes, hope in Hashem.
This is not rocket science. It is so simple to evaluate that when we are in times of peril, as we are now; in time of war, as it seems imminent now; in times of great danger from our enemies, as it is now, the only relief – the only protection that is available is Hashem. This Psalm is read every year, but it has never seemed as urgent as this year.

I have mentioned that I believe war will come, but that Hashem will say: “Enough” and completely control the situation by what we like to call “natural disasters.” We know that Nibiru is coming for that purpose.  There is so much instability on this Earth with great increases in earthquakes (with possible tsunamis), hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, volcano eruptions, etc, etc, etc, that it is definitely a sign of the way Hashem will, measure-for-measure, clean up the evil of the world (Malachi).

It says above it is “they who stumble and fall” and Hashem knows each of us exactly where we stand in following Hashem’s ways. Even atheists will have an opportunity to be scared enough from Nibiru and pending war to change their nonsensical ways – after all “there are no atheists in foxholes.”

Time is running out. Be as skeptical and as stubborn as you want; but, when the time comes (and it may be this week), know that “I do believe I shall yet see the goodness of Hashem in the land of the living. Hope in Hashem; be strong, and let your heart be brave; yes, hope in Hashem.” It is the only instructions you will need to survive. Have a very good future – and I do mean very good.

Extra note:
I like to do code searches in scriptural passages I present as significant.

This year, 5776, is encoded in Psalm 27 in verses 5, 6 and 7 – cute.

Moshiach is also encoded in Psalm 27 in verses, guess which, 5 and 6 with 5776.

Note that the verses that contain 5776 and Moshiach are:
He will hide me within His own tabernacle in the day of distress; He will conceal me in the shelter of his tent; He will set me safe upon a rock. Thus, my head shall be high above all my foes around me; I will offer sacrifices within His tabernacle to the sound of trumpets; I will sing and chant praises to Hashem. Hear, Hashem, my voice when I call; be gracious to me and answer me.
Nibiru is also encoded going across the entire Psalm 27

Moshiach’s name is also found in Psalm 27, sorry, no hint about verses.

You can’t make this stuff up.  Thank you Hashem for more instructions and confirmation. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

I Do Get Interesting Email

I received this from one of my dear readers (a friend), which was full of very interesting bits of information, that I thought I would pass on to you:

Rabbi, on August 2, 2016 you mentioned ( that a 13-year-old boy with autism* said that Moshiach is definitely coming this year (5776), on aFriday (and that we just have to wait and be ready [doing  what we must to prepare ourselves, Teshuvah, Tefillah, Torah Study, helping others and the commandments, etc. (see Yalkut Shimoni, Tehillim 106:865 “פעמים”)]

Did your readers miss THIS STORY?

Rabbi, the kid isn't lying. Even though the Novi says, “For the L-rd G-d will not do anything unless He has revealed His secret to His servants the prophets” (Amos3:7). Yet, “From the time the Beis HaMikdash (Jewish Temple in Jerusalem) was destroyed, prophecy was taken away from prophets and handed over to the shotim [mentally unbalanced people]” (Bava Basra 12b).

Therefore, the Zohar says, “When the days of the Messiah approach, even children will be able to discover secrets of wisdom and through them be able to calculate the end of time, then it will be revealed to all” (Parshas Vayeira 118a). 

This 13-year-old autistic boy fits what the Zohar is saying! However, "... the specific hour of his ‘coming’ of Moshiach does not appear to be known to anyone, even the Moshiach himself” (Zohar 2, 9A) [See, page 4 and 2].

In 2011, Rav Chaim Kanievsky was asked about the significance of developments in the Middle East. His response was, “People have come to me and said that it’s ‘Gog and Magog.’ We cannot know. But it’s probable that any unrest that G-d creates shows that the Messiah is coming and that we must begin to prepare for it and become stronger” (See Mishpacha Jewish Family Weekly, February 24, 2011, In Quotes).

The boy said "we  just have to wait." Rav Chaim Kanievsky said on June 15, 2016, that Moshiach is already here. He will reveal himself very soon.  As the Yalkut Shimoni says, “Rabbi Yitzchak stated, ‘The year that Melech HaMashiach will be revealed…” (See Yeshayahu 60:499, for details). On Motzei Shabbos of July 20, 2016, he said that the only thing that we need to do now is wait; as in, anticipate the imminent arrival of the Moshiach ( As we say every morning, “By the end of Days He (i.e. Hashem) will send our Messiah, to redeem those longing for His final salvation”(Birchas HaShachar “ישלח לקץ...”).

*Sometimes the words of our Gedolim are too good to be true. However, the Gemara assures us, “The tzaddik decrees and Hashem fulfills” (Kesubos 103b). It also says, “He will do the will of those who fear him” (Tehillim 145:19).
Thank you very much for all this effort to give us good information.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Moshiach, Redemption and Nibiru Update

My dear friend Anonymous wrote a comment that I think depicts the feeling of many of us. I thought I would post the comment and try to give some insight about what is happening. First the comment:

Anonymous August 29, 2016 at 2:01 AM

Hello Rav Menachem.
That creepy feeling in me has started up know that one that says "it's 5 weeks until the end of 5776 - do you really think that everything that is spoken about will come to fruition by then.....??" It's such an annoying voice - truth to be told - it does feel like we are on a plateau again... - and to make matters worse - I did read Rav Ben Artzi's Hebrew message for this week - Sorry that I couldn't wait for the English version later this week....and the Rav continues to speak of elections in the USA and how Moshiach will be introduced for all - in this generation - no mention of this year - or like 5 weeks etc...... So frustrating and hard to believe and convince - plead with Hashem to hold me together and not fall into this thought-process......

My thoughts:
I know what you mean. The Rav's message for this week is encouraging, but like other sources, no date is allowed, even though I believe the Rav knows the date. We know, since it is brought down (end of Malachi), that Hashem will provide us with Eliyahu Hanavi, and that will be our official announcement. As it says in the end of Daniel, the time will be “obscured and sealed until the end” when Hashem has planned.

However, my list of proofs that it is 5776 is so overwhelming, growing every day that it is looking almost impossible that it will be beyond Elul. Hashem is actually giving us more time to get a better Tikun, since the great and awesome date that will come up will also be the end of our opportunity to climb higher spiritually.

I know so many people who know that this coming worldwide redemption is the solution to all the world's problems, including all our personal problems, but Hashem looks at it as a cutoff for our improvement, our time of perfecting ourselves. He knows that whatever we achieve by that date we will live with for eternity, and in His mercy we are getting more time. When we saw previous dates come and go and were disappointed, it would have been a completely different outcome if we realized we individually weren't ready and needed more time. Only Hashem knows what is best for each of us.

Going beyond Elul, as you say a mere five weeks, seems impossible for many reasons. Perhaps the most obvious one is Nibiru. It has grown in size, meaning that it is close. How close? Close enough that the evil ones figured out a way to cloak it and prevent us from seeing it. As clever as that may be, it requires Nibiru to be close enough for it to work. The details of the technology being used aren’t important, just the fact that they are using it gives me more confidence that it is close.

The other aspect of Nibiru is the great increase in earthquakes and their intensity. As I write this, there have been 47 earthquakes reported in the past 24 hours, with 5 being above 5 in intensity. How many there have been recently that were worse than the one in Italy, that have not made the news, since they were unknown places or places that the evil mainstream media would prefer to hide. Do you know that there is a hurricane and three potential tropical storms that could become hurricanes in the Atlantic, and a hurricane and another possibility in the Pacific? Are you aware that there are 31 active volcanoes occurring now? The average use to be 35 a year. There is definitely an increase in asteroid and meteor activity being hidden from us. When did we ever see such activity all occurring at once?

If nothing else, my dot connecting of just what is happening in the world right now says volumes about how close we are. This is not even talking about how many countries decided to warn their populations about being prepared for disaster. They are not saying what the disaster is, just to be prepared. What nonsense. They want to go on record as trying to help people while in reality they are hoping for maximum devastation and catastrophe. I am not even going to mention all the talk of imminent war occurring.

My dot connecting is getting much easier, all I have to do is pay attention to what is happening in the world and how much is being hidden from us. I also have additional items that I have found in scriptures that are very telling but cannot be disclosed. Why? Hashem’s instructions: I am not Eliyahu and must respect Hashem’s plan. What type of information do I believe I found? The most likely date for Moshiach to be announced.

I received another comment that I believe will explain what I am doing with date searching. First the comment:

Ed August 28, 2016 at 5:05 AM

Why do you persist with these Torah Codes to suggest that Mashiach's arrival is imminent? You yourself have acknowledged recently that they can't be used to predict the future.

My reply:
The Absolute Truth August 28, 2016 at 7:17 AM

You are absolutely correct about using it as a predictor, but since Torah Codes, before the fact, are a statistical analysis of probability, it is very encouraging to see the increase with each find. If you are as anxious as most of my readers, and definitely me, to greet Moshiach, you must be grasping for straws for information.

If the probability increases greatly because the finds are more and more significant, more of my readers are inclined to get ready by doing more Teshuvah, more Tefillah, more Torah study, more Tzedukah, more helping of others and more effort in doing mitzvot. Everything is to get a better Tikun.

If you are of a negative or skeptical nature, than you don't know what Hashem wants from us. The person who says "we have heard it before," is the one who has caused Moshiach's delay. Hashem wants only a very positive attitude towards Moshiach and that is what I am here to promote.

I have such proof of Moshiach being 5776 that we have no more than 36 days (today 35), and that is with an extremely high probability. If my readers step up their efforts a week or two earlier than they thought they had to, they will be very, very happy they did. This is a one time in eternity opportunity; let us make the absolute most of it.

Back to me:
I have found a particular date in very significant places, a date that gives me great confidence and very high probability of being correct. Yes it is close and definitely in 5776. For the reasons above do not ask me what it is or even a hint. Just know that Hashem is doing everything for our benefit and welfare. He knows the end signifies great change in the world, but the change will be only as good as we make it for ourselves and our loved ones. We are definitely running out of time and still have much work to do. If you are a wait and see type of person, you are a fool and will kick yourself for all eternity for not using these final days for great improvement in our spiritual lives. Hashem’s messages are clear. Let us all wake up and take complete advantage of His mercy. Thank you Hashem.

Once again, I will be very selective in posting comments. The fools that have written to me recently asking what if it doesn’t happen in 5776, really need to wake up look out their windows and stop killing a possibility for a good Tikun. Hashem reads all the comments and private Emails that I get and Anonymous is not Anonymous to Hashem. Don’t be a fool; your entire eternity is at stake.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Interesting Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi Shlita, Parashat Eikev, 17 Av 5776 (8/21/16) (the Messiah is mentioned 18 times)


G-d, Father in Heaven, Father of Israel and the world that He created, not us, but Him. He is hidden, and whether we want to or not - we will believe in Him! G-d is speaking to the people of Israel in images, signs, and clues.

Everything that G-d has done in this world and continues to do through the forces of nature, conflicts between and within countries, it is all so that the Jews see His strength and power! G-d is showing the Jews of Diaspora to come urgently to Israel; and, all of the Jewish communities in Israel, without exception, Sephardic, Ashkenazi and everyone else, to be happy for them, to unite, and love each other, and be kind. G-d is calling the Jews to reach compromises and be the sons of Jacob our father, because he was one.

G-d is destroying all of the Arab countries and a large part of the world to bring the Jews to Israel. Thousands are coming; millions more will come.

G-d is asking the Jews in Israel: Stop building homes in tall buildings, stop copying Manhattan! You are Jews; settle the holy land of Israel in houses, not apartments! You must settle the Negev, Galilee, Samaria, Binyamin and Golan Heights. Dear Jews, stop focusing on the center of Israel, stop building sky scrapers; it is not G-d's will. The holy land must be villages and towns. The land of Israel will grow one centimeter every day in every direction.

The chaos and Armageddon outside of Israel are signs of the coming of the Messiah King in the Holy Land. The generation of the desert did not want to come to the Holy Land and they sent spies. The spies died as did the entire generation in the desert. That was the first salvation. Now is the second and last salvation and the Messiah is here, working and waiting for signs from G-d to reveal himself. Diaspora Jews: do not miss the train; do not test G-d! Whoever tries will pay a heavy price. G-d is working in Arab countries and protecting the borders of Israel with Fire. G-d himself is in Israel waiting for the Jews to come! There is no more time to wait! The biggest sign of in the world:   G-d is destroying the Arab countries around us so that Jews can come safely to the holy land of Israel! This is not like the time of the spies who didn't want to come to Israel for fear of the people there. G-d is cleaning out all of the Arab countries around Israel and telling the Diaspora Jews: "Look at the holy land of Israel, a beautiful and wonderful country! It has everything - Torah, synagogues that are holy and pure, protection, prosperity, joy, peace, gold, silver, diamonds, oil, gas, iron and the most important of all - G-d is here protecting the Holy Land and the Messiah is working in the Holy Land!"

Our mother, Rachel, is asking all of the Jews in Israel: "Do not leave Israel during the holidays! Come to the Cave of the Patriarchs to your fathers and mothers; come to me, your mother Rachel who has the Messiah in her hands! You have so many righteous men who are dead and alive in Israel. The prayers of the holidays in the Holy Land are not like prayers outside of Israel because the Holy Spirit is only in Israel since 1948 when the state of Israel was established. You must all come to Israel."

G-d is fighting the wars of Israel to protect the people of Israel! G-d will bring down all of the Arabs to worship the Jews in Israel.

In Turkey, Erdogan is in a critical mental state; it is very hard for him because he no longer has control over Turkey. He wants to release all of the Arab refugees in Turkey to Europe without passports. Due to the thousands he has killed, others want revenge and want to kill him. Turkey will turn into chaos, Turkey will bleed. Listen and read, there will be a terrible revolution in Turkey. Jews: run away from there like fire! Come to the Holy Land!

The king of Jordan suddenly got confident concerning the Western Wall and Temple Mount. The Arabs must know once and for all: Everything around the Western Wall belongs to the Jews and Israel! They don't care about the Wall, they only want to get land from Israel; it is an obsession and they don't know why.

The ammunition and weapons that the IDF found in the Arab villages is just a fraction of the thousands that they have.

Sisi is waiting for help from Israel. Israel is helping him clean out the Sinai desert, and he wants more. It is not easy for him. Sisi: watch over yourself! There are plans; they want to harm you in the coming days, in the coming week. Watch over yourself, do not believe the people around you because they are being threatened that if they don't harm you, their families will be murdered. ISIS, Hamas, extreme Muslims are looking for Sisi, and want to overturn his regime. There is great hunger in Egypt. Sisi is being nice to Israel so that we protect him, because he knows that only Israel can protect him.

Gaza is filled with rockets that arrive dismantled through the tunnels and sea. They put them together in Gaza quietly. They are all aimed at Tel Aviv, Haifa, Beer Sheba. The government must open its eyes!

Hezbollah and Nasrallah do not have enough ammunition at all; everything they have is saved for emergencies against the Syrian rebels. They can't fight against Israel because they don't have support from Syria, Iran and Iraq.

Iraq is a Babel Tower; it is all destroyed and will continue to be destroyed. It is G-d's doing.

G-d is warning Iran: If you only think of harming Israel, you will receive a blow one hundred times worse than the plagues in Egypt. Lava will fall from the sky and burn Iran.

All of the Arab countries and Arabs in the Middle East are a Babel Tower! G-d is confusing their language. They will fall on their swords and their bows will break. They are killing themselves and they don't know why. This is the Arabs falling on their swords. Their bows are the rocket launchers and the arrows are rockets. The launchers will break and the rockets will blow up before being launched.

Russia doesn't care what anyone thinks or says and loves Israel very much.

The United States is playing hide and seek, they are showing their true face to Israel. The beauty and smile will not determine who the next president is.

Japan will continue to receive earthquakes and the forces of nature will strike at them.

China's economy will collapse. G-d is saying: When a Jew owns a factory, the factory succeeds because it is run by a Jew. When a gentile owns a factory, it fails because it is run by a gentile.

France will be destroyed and will be gone from the world because it is interfering in creating a Palestinian state, heaven forbid, and wants to take land from Israel. G-d will remove them from the world.

Muslims all over the world hate the Xtians, they want to conquer Europe and make it Muslim. Millions are going into Europe, they want to conquer it.

G-d is telling the people of Israel: Many Jews will come to Israel. It will not stop! Continue building houses and spread out throughout Israel, establish settlements and stop with the skyscrapers and buildings. Real estate in Israel will continue, no one can stop it - it is G-d's doing!

The government of Israel must stop arguing about positions in the government. You were chosen to save the people of Israel and watch over every centimeter of the Holy Land.    G-d is saying: You have no permission to touch even one centimeter of the Holy Land, it is not yours!

All of the Jews inventing patents do not be too excited about the money. Leave the inventions in Israel because G-d is giving you the idea to develop in Israel!

The IDF will do its job according to the law, and no Jew will say "it will not happen to me," watch over yourselves. Idleness leads to serious problems.

Jewish parents, watch over your kids from assimilation, drugs, alcohol, and gambling. Always teach them morals.

All of those who steal, cheat, live off of others, take bribes, especially in municipalities and public officials, will be caught. G-d is preparing Israel for the crowning of the Messiah King in public.

The Messiah above held by Leah is judgment, and the Messiah below held by Rachel is mercy. The Messiah above must connect with the Messiah below and turn the Messiah above to mercy; this is "merciful redemption". If there was judgment and redemption, heaven forbid, the Messiah above would come down without the Messiah below and there would only remain the minimum of souls necessary in all of Israel. In a merciful redemption, the Messiah above connects with the Messiah below, it is time!

In the first redemption, when Moses was the Messiah, the nation was not ready. Today, the people of Israel are in the perfect state, with prayers, study of Torah, good deeds - perfect! The people are preparing to receive the Messiah! It is not like in the time of Moses. Today, there is a Messiah in the world, and the crowning of the Messiah King in public is near!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"
Another very inspiring message of Emuna daily lesson:

These messages are coming from Daily Emunah. It is so new that they are in the process of setting up their website. Go to: where you can sign up to receive a daily emunah message.

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Mashiach, Son of David in a Skip 776 Letters in Bible Code


Another beautiful find from Rav Glazerson:  Mashiach, son of David in a skip 776 letters in bible code:
This was sent to me by one of my dear readers.  It is so good a message, I had to share it with you:

For our non-English speaking friends who can't understand the audio message, here is a transcript to read;

You Won a House!

People enduring hardship and pain may feel that Hashem doesn't care about them. They cry out in prayer, but things don't change. They take upon themselves to do extra Mitzvot, yet their situation doesn't improve. If a person lacks a proper understanding of Hashem, these situations could lead a person to want to stop praying and improving.
First, we must understand that if someone is experiencing pain, it doesn't mean Hashem doesn't love him. On the contrary, the Pasuk states:"את אשר יאהב ה' יוכיח"-Pain is brought upon those who Hashem loves most. As hard as it is to comprehend, the hardships accomplish so much. The Midrash says that Hashem is closest to those who suffer hardships. Rabbenu Yonah in his Sha'are Teshuva writes that suffering is actually one of a person's achievements in his lifetime. To put this into perspective, imagine a person would compile a list of his life accomplishments and milestones. He would probably include his wedding day, the day his children were born, the day he was promoted at work, the day he was elected president of an organization or the day he finished a certain Masechet. However, if his times of suffering are not on the list, it is incomplete. Pain endured in this lifetime is one of life's achievements. If it is accepted with love, then it may be one of life's greatest achievements. So if your painful situation has not changed yet, do not feel like you are abandoned. You are very loved and Hashem is very near.
With regard to our prayers, we must understand the value of the prayer itself. If the person didn't get the answer he was looking for from his prayer, he should not stop. Don't feel bad. Each prayer was infinitely valuable in and of itself. Rabbi Lugassi explains this concept using a parable. Imagine a raffle in which the first prize was a brand new house, and the second prize was a new car. The tickets were very expensive. Most bought only one ticket and others even bought two. The drawing was held and the winners were picked. A member of the committee had the privilege to call the winners and share the good news. He called the winner of the house and told him what he won. However, instead of hearing the expected scream of joy on the line, it sounded as though the man was upset. "Didn't you hear what I just said? You won a house! Why are you upset?" The man responded, "Yeah, I heard you. But I bought two tickets. I didn't win the car also?" That is a ridiculous response from the winner of the first prize.
If a person was praying, let's say for a Shiduch, and each prayer was from the bottom of his heart, and he felt as though he was connecting directly with Hashem, even if he didn't yet get the Shiduch, he has still won the first prize. The value of connecting with Hashem and realizing that only He can fulfil our requests is enormous. Never feel that a prayer was wasted. If somebody has inclinations to complain, give up and stop praying, but he overcomes that reaction and strengthens himself to continue trying, then he got the first prize בהדור גדול-with all of the trimmings.
The same is true with regard to the extra Mitzvot we take upon ourselves, even though we have not yet been answered. The Gemara says that someone who gives Tzedaka in order to merit a Yeshua is considered to be completely righteous at that moment. Tosafot explain that he is considered a Tzadik, because even if he does not get what he wants, he will still be happy with the knowledge that he did a good deed. Deep down we know the enormous value of every Mitzva we perform. This world does not contain enough pleasures for Hashem to pay us back for even one of them. If a person accepted upon himself to do a certain Mitzvah because of a difficult situation he was in, doing that Mitzva was the first prize. What he wanted to get out it is the second prize. Never feel bad about winning the first prize.
We pray to have all of our needs fulfilled, but until we see the results we want, if we view Hashem with the proper perspective, it will make us happy and enable us to continue serving Him, no matter what.

Mashiach, Son of David in a Skip 776 Letters in Bible Code


Another beautiful find from Rav Glazerson:  Mashiach, son of David in a skip 776 letters in bible code:

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Baruch Dayan Ha’Emmes: Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis A’H; Pioneer In World Of Kiruv

I would like to express my personal grief at the passing of a true Torah scholar, and pioneer in helping the Jews of the world find Hashem.  As a Holocaust survivor, she knew the evils of this world, yet she taught such a positive message that brought many Jews to following Hashem.  I am greatly inspired by this remarkable woman, and know that she has achieved a very high spiritual Tikun.  Her books and video tapes are highly recommended, if you want to know and live the absolute truth.

I have personally learned much from the Rebbetzin.  Go to this YouTube list and learn from the Rebbetzin:

Read this excellent tribute to Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis A'H in The Yeshivah World: 

Words could not possibly explain this tremendous loss to the world.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Everything is for the Good???

I have readers that notice how I always say that everything is from Hashem, and everything is for the good. Yet, there are those who question: Is the death of good people at the hands of a terrorist a good thing; is a baby left in a hot car to die, chas v’shalom, a good thing; is sickness a good thing; are accidents good; is the loss of a home, job, pension, etc a good thing, etc? All valid questions that can only be understood when one understands Hashem’s world and its purpose.

Let me explain a very difficult concept that I can give you many, many details, but no human being, including me, really has the ability to comprehend. Planet Earth is not the real world. This is a place that Hashem created for the purpose of our spiritual "Fixing/Rectification, Correction, Perfection,” better known as Tikun. We are only here to accomplish a purpose and then go back to the real world. It might help if you read my post of 4 May 2012, entitled: 
This Explains It All.

And my post of 17 April 2012, entitled:
The Soul

Since Hashem is giving us an opportunity to fix ourselves for all eternity, and He gave us the tools to do so (a physical world with the commandments to accomplish), all we need to do is get our purpose on this world accomplished. Unfortunately, we usually don’t accomplish this in one lifetime, so Hashem allows us to come back several times to continue the mission – fixing ourselves.

There are several possibilities for each one of us in a lifetime. One, is we reach Tikun, accomplish all the commandments, and move on to our eternal reward forever and ever. Second, we accomplish some of it and have to return in another life to continue, hopefully, to complete the task. Hashem is not in this allusion of time, which He created for us to navigate through this lifetime. However, not being in our time means He sees exactly what we will accomplish before the fact, and knows if we need to stay or be taken out for Tikun in another way. We also have the possibility, unfortunately, of accomplishing only evil and never reaching Tikun. That is a hell of a group.

Hell, by the way has two purposes: one is to cleanse and the other to punish. If we just need some additional cleansing, we may leave Earth and have a short stay in Hell then go on to the real world for reward (there are a lot more details to this that I will not cover here). Then there are those who were so evil that Hell is strictly a punishment.

The system is much, much more complicated than I could described here, since there are so many variations and possibilities in Hashem’s very complicated system for us to be helped. Very important word that I just used is that Hashem has given us this system to help us get to the highest level of spirituality possible. One might ask doesn’t Hashem have the ability to put all of us at the top? Once again, Hashem did not create us as robots, but gave us His characteristics in His image (not physical, but spiritual) to help ourselves.

So, let us apply this information to our questions above. Let us even get more complicated. Scenario: a commercial plane crashes and 200 on board die, chas v’shalom. Were they all meant to die at that moment? Yes! Hashem put these particular souls together because their time was up. But, the 200 who left this world together had 200 different situations of need to complete this tour on Earth. Some were close to completing Tikun. The final trauma of a plane crash and their death was the final correction needed. Some have completed as much as they could on Earth, and since Hashem saw that they would accomplish no more (at least nothing positive to help themselves), Hashem removed them from this life. Some would not accomplish anything and would actually hurt others if they were to remain; hence they were finished. The idea with all this is that they received what Hashem could give them in this life, took advantage of it or not, but had to leave since there was nothing else to be gained by staying.

I have to add a caveat: the loves ones who remain are being tested as well, which means that the demise of a loved one is Tikun for those mourning the departed.

Another caveat: the horrors of the world such as terror, plane crashes, even weather disasters are not caused by Hashem. He only uses them to provide us with the Tikun we need. Am I saying that an earthquake is not from Hashem? I am saying that it comes about because of the negative energies that come from the people living on this planet. When people decide that same sex marriages are OK by civil law or that abortions are OK by civil law, we are the ones who have set up the energy levels for destruction. If we would all follow Hashem’s will, there would by total peace and calm worldwide. Of course, once the Moshiach is in charge we will have that peace and calm.

Let us get specific about another situation. There are times that a person is close to reaching completeness in a lifetime, but only needs a short experience on Earth to finish. This is when a baby would be sent back, and does not live beyond a short time; exactly the amount of time to finish the Tikun. I wanted to make it clear that this is not a case of the baby wasn’t doing enough or was a mean person and had to be removed; it is definitely from a previous reincarnation that this baby only needed so much time.

I experienced this when I lived in the states. A neighbor of ours had a boy who developed Leukemia at age two. It progressed and at age 4 he left Earth. At the Shiva, his mother stated: she was aware that her son only needed these four years, including the suffering, to complete his Tikun and that it actually was a happy occasion for her son. Not too many people on Earth are at the spiritual level of this mother, who truly knew Hashem’s system and why she lost her son. An event like this is not bad, it is sad. For the departed, it is an extremely joyous occasion reaching the Tikun, and going on in the real world of eternal reward. For the family remaining it is very sad, yet it is additional Tikun for the family members.

I should mention that the Facilitated Communications individuals are all in this situation of just needing additional Tikun to complete a very high level of spirituality. They actually know who they were in the previous life, and why they had to come back. If they are chosen by Hashem to relay messages to help the people on Earth, they are aware of that also, and know that the helping is their Tikun.

We learned this lesson years ago from Galia, who was a young girl in Israel who knew that she was her grandmother in a previous life, who did not complete her Tikun. She came back with a severe case of Down Syndrome; she was not physically in this world, but totally in contact with Heaven. Galia was a behavioral problem until the age of 11 when her mother heard about Facilitated Communications. Her mother thought after 11 years of not communicating with her daughter, who she loved dearly, that she possibly found a way to talk to Galia. The mother was so nervous at the first session set up with a facilitator, that she realized the list of questions that she wrote to ask her daughter, she left at home. Galia told the mother not to worry and answered the questions in order as the mother had written them. The mother knew without any doubt that she was talking to Galia’s soul, and from that day forward Galia was no longer a behavioral problem. Why? Galia explained that it was like she was let out of prison, and could really be with her family.

One additional detail about Galia that adds to our conversation here. When Galia was 15, she told her mother that she would be dying in thirty days; she had completed her Tikun and was ready to leave Earth. The mother was greatly distraught at losing a daughter, that she loved so much. Galia explained how horrible her condition was on Earth, and the fact that she didn’t need this place anymore; her mission was complete. Part of her mission was to change her family from a secular family to an observant Torah family; and, she greatly succeeded at that task. Galia also added how excited she was to be going to the real world, where everything is wonderful; she was totally aware of the reality of this world, and the real world. She told her mother that she did not want to be here any longer than she had to, especially when she knew exactly how wonderful a place it was that she was going – the real tremendous world, with no physical problems. I highly recommend the book “Galia,” that her mother wrote to relay this story with a happy ending.

I know that there are thousands of questions that could be asked, considering I tried to tell you a very complicated system in as short an essay as possible. The most important point is that Hashem is infinitely merciful and wants only the best for each of us. His system of measure for measure is designed for us to earn our good fortune for this life and for eternity. To try to outguess Hashem, and the true ways of this world is fruitless and completely ignorant. Hashem gave us all the tools to succeed and the knowledge to use those tools.

The problem is we are out of time. The worldwide redemption has come for all Jews and righteous non-Jews of the world. We will all get Tikun soon but, as I have said before, a billion different people will receive a billion different spiritual levels of Tikun – levels that we will have to live with forever and ever.

If I told you that following Hashem for the next two or three weeks (I am not predicting, just giving an example), doing His commandments and stepping up the observance of all His instructions, will result in a billion years of reward beyond your wildest dreams, would you consider it? If I added that by completely doing Hashem’s will for a mere two or three weeks will wind up in a trillion years of goodness and happiness for your family, would that sound good? If I added that two or three weeks will get rid of all your personal problems, and you will only have joy for the next quadrillion years, would you like that? There is no such thing as time; it is an allusion that will disappear when we are in the true world of love and goodness. Just know that eternity is forever and ever and ever, and even though we will not have time, we will be aware of the level of spirituality, the closeness to Hashem that we had achieved, and will live with forever. We live forever! Our physical bodies will eventually become totally spiritual. All our physical needs will be gone. We will then know spiritual pleasure and joy that is so far above any physical joy we knew on this planet, that we will kick ourselves forever when we know what we could have had versus what we settled for because we thought we knew better.

Hashem gave us a hint to the transparent spiritual existence that we will all have. Our finger nails are see-through, as Adam and Eve were when they were spiritual beings in the Garden before the sin. They were not physical, but Hashem gave us a glimpse of their spirituality and ours in the future as finger nails.

A few more weeks of saving ourselves and our loved ones is absolutely vital to our eternal life. We are so concerned by the upcoming devastation from Nibiru. However, it too is all good news since it will wipe out the evil of the Earth and completely heal the righteous. We just need to be in the correct group with Nibiru and beyond. Thank you Hashem for all the opportunities that you have given us to survive, thrive and go on to such a tremendous eternity. Please Hashem, help us with wisdom to take advantage of Your mercy and do the right thing.

This entire world is an allusion. Nothing is real. I can always tell the level of education of the individual that I am telling this at this point. The ignorant one pounds on a table and says to me: this is not real? I tell that person: wow an Infinite Source of Intelligence, Who is running this world, couldn’t fool you, could He? Yes, the world is an allusion, and Hashem has no trouble making us believe otherwise. Yes, it is our reality; it is what Hashem wanted us to experience. It just happens to be Hashem’s imagination, and not real. I have mentioned that even scientists are aware of this and believe that the universe is a hologram, a perfect computer program with nothing random. They won’t go as far as saying: it has to have a Designer, but they are scratching their heads in wonderment.

I treat everything like it is a test to help me go into the real world at a higher spiritual level. When the real world starts soon, we will fully understand the craziness of this world – that is exactly what it is CRAZINESS!!!! (Sorry, I didn't mean to shout).

Not taking everything so seriously and realizing that absolutely everything is for the good; it has to be; it is from Hashem. It will become evident soon, and will be the only way to live. Having full faith in Hashem is all we need; everything else is nonsense.

Additional note:  I will be very selective with comment posting on this essay.  I know that there will be comments that will not help any of my readers, which is the purpose of comments.  Personal stories can be sent to me as personal Email, unless it enhances the subject and helps my readers.  Nasty comments will be discarded since obviously the individual didn't read this essay or didn't understand that making such a comment could destroy the one who comments.  Be nice; we are here to help, not to experience your lack of scholarship.

Monday, August 22, 2016

I Have Good News and I Have Good News

On Shabbos I always like to read the Torah portion and the Haftarah for the week. We have just started a period of seven weeks of consolation that takes us up to Rosh Hashanah. In reviewing these seven Haftaros, I discovered some very exciting good news.

The good news came from reading the Artscroll commentary for the Haftarah:

Haftaras Va'eschanan – Isaiah 40:1 to 26 The seven Sabbaths between Tishah B'Av and Rosh Hashanah are called “the seven of consolation. They contain prophecies that offered the people comfort and hope after the Destruction of the First Temple. They are all taken from the later chapters of Isaiah, whose prophecies were "half affliction, half consolation." As with the three Haftaros of affliction, the seven of consolation are not related to the weekly Sidrah (Parashah).

The Midrash (Pesikta Rabbasi 30:30) states that Hashem will appoint Abraham as His emissary to comfort Jerusalem. But Jerusalem will not be comforted. Hashem will then send Isaac, but with the same results. Jacob and Moses will fare no better. Seeing that Jerusalem refuses to be comforted by its Patriarchs, Hashem will then approach to comfort the city.

This Midrash is hinted at in the opening verses of the first four of the Haftaros of consolation: "Comfort, comfort My people, "says your G-d [to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses]. "Speak to the heart of Jerusalem .... " But Zion said, "HASHEM has forsaken me; that's why He has not come to comfort me" (Haftarah of Eikev)" And G-d replied, "0 afflicted, storm-tossed, [you are] unconsoled _ ... "(Haftarah of Re'eh). Then, "It is I, I am He Who comforts you" (Haftarah of Shoftim).
After reading that good news I realized there was also good news:

These verses of the Tenach are, of course, prophecy of the future. They may have been the consolation for the time of the first Temple, but it is obvious that these seven Haftaros will be Hashem consoling us in our time of need. I was curious enough since I know that there is no such thing as coincidence whether these Haftaros are for now. We went through a three week period of mourning our history and all its difficulties, and then we follow with seven weeks of consolation, which is exactly what we need in the world today. Also, the fact that there is so much evidence that the worldwide redemption and Moshiach will occur in 5776, which just happens to be the exact same seven weeks. These prophecies are being fulfilled now.

So I did a computer search and I was amazed at what I found in the chapters of Isaiah that are covered in the seven Haftaros. The year 5776, the month of Av, the month of Elul and Nibiru were throughout these chapters of the prophet Isaiah. The year 5776 appeared 35 times in these chapters. I tried 5777 and it came up 4 times and not necessarily in the correct chapters. I tried Elul in these chapters and came up with 87 finds. The month of Tammuz came up 7 times in the same chapters. Without a statistical analysis to determine a true probability value, I can only state that these findings seem very significant and add to my excitement that we are in the time of the end.

There are other prophecies that I am researching that also look very promising, but they are not completed yet.

One though that I must add for a deeper insight for my readers. The beginning of Isaiah 40 reads:

40:1 Comfort, comfort My people - says your G-d. 2 Speak to the heart of Jerusalem and proclaim to her that her time [of exile] has been fulfilled, that her iniquity has been conciliated, for she has received from the hand of HASHEM double for all her sins.
There are two thoughts that need clarification.

I have seen Bible translations that say “Be comforted” rather than just the word “Comfort.” The important difference is that this is not a message from Hashem that we should sit back and relax, that all is good, and we should be comforted. Instead, it is a message from Hashem that He is the only Source of comfort, the only source of power to help those who are with Him. In other words, Hashem is telling us that there is no way to salvation, to receive protection, to get through the difficult times that are yet to come, unless we are completely with the only Comforter that will help us.

These chapters in Isaiah are not telling us that the worst is behind us and we can coast to the finish line, the end with ease. It is telling us that we are close and can feel consoled that we will be protected and reach this time of goodness and total happiness if we come as close to Hashem as possible. It is the same message that I have been putting out for the past 52 months. The difference is we are down to the wire, and have only one very good possibility to succeed. Hashem is consoling us that it will all work, and be successful if we just live His will, follow His instructions in the gift of Torah that He gave us.

Nonetheless, if we see the commentary on the first verse, 40:1, these words are reassuring that the consolation is referring to the Messianic redemption:

40: 1. God speaks to the prophets of Israel, commanding them to comfort the suffering people (Targum). Until this point, Isaiah's prophecies have been mostly visions of retribution and destruction. The remaining ones speak words of consolation, and future Messianic redemption. This passage serves as a divider between the two types of prophecy (Rashi).
Another thought is the clarification of the verse: “for she has received from the hand of HASHEM double for all her sins.”

The commentary:

40:2. Double punishment cannot mean that Israel was punished more than it deserved. Various interpretations are offered: Her punishment was two pronged, she suffered two exiles (Radak); she embraced her ancestors' sins as her own, thus doubling her iniquity (Rashi to Jeremiah 16:18); Hashem's consolation was as great as if she had suffered double what she actually had (Targum).
This is all good news. We are getting such a good feeling that 5776 is the end of this evil crazy upside-down fantasy world, and that we have an infinite Source of Power, Who loves us beyond our comprehension, Who is our Protector, our Consoler and our Comforter to take us to an eternity of goodness.

Thank you Hashem for all the good news.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

A Very Interesting Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Va’eschanan, 11 Av 5776 (8/14/16)

Father in Heaven, King of Kings, G-d is warning the Jews: "Don't say I didn't warn you! Jews living outside of Israel must run from there like fire! Do not waste time and think it won't happen to you!"

G-d is warning: Every country that wants to establish a Palestinian state, heaven forbid, and take land from the holy land of Israel, will disappear from the world, be destroyed economically, and will be stricken by the forces of nature. Anyone who tries to interfere to establish a Palestinian state and take land from Israel - they will die and be judged for what they did.

Read closely: Gush Katif, which was taken from the Jews, is not an opening to continue. It is a warning not to do it again, ever! All of Gaza Strip, without its residents, will belong to Israel! This is not strange.

The government of Israel must be united and be respected to one another. Do not look to be written in the history books and do not seek fame. The people chose you to protect the holy land, the state of Israel that is being bothered with hatred from all over the world. Anyone who fights for the holy land will be loved by G-d. Whoever wants to give land away will not succeed, and will have serious problems with G-d.

The forces of nature will continue to strike all over the world - fire, wind, water, earthquakes, and floods.

In Europe, there will be chaos and Armageddon.

China, Japan, and Iran will go up in flames because they are taking prosperity from Israel.

Syria will continue to be erased; wars will continue there. They are killing each other; they don't know who's who.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are delusional.

In Turkey, ISIS is destroying the country and the Turks are destroying themselves. Everyone thinks that everything is calm in Turkey. Erdogan thinks that all is well. He has killed ten thousand of his people, and everything will backfire; there will be a revolution. Europe isn't saying anything about the mass murder that Erdogan is committing because he is supposed to make sure that refugees don't enter Europe. Turkey will fall, there will be a revolution and tens of millions of refugees will enter Europe without anyone to stop them!

Jordan is being eaten away by millions of refugees every day. The two-faced king pretends to love Israel and Hamas and Palestinians.

In Egypt, Sisi is trying to appear modern. He is connecting with the people of Israel, not out of love, but because he trusts Israel more than any Arab country to protect him, so that he can continue to clean out Sinai Desert.

Hamas and the Palestinians are working together to establish a Palestinian state and banish the Jews from Israel. They will be the ones to go in the end.

Extreme Islamists, Hamas, and ISIS have huge tunnels in the Sinai desert, where they move goods, weapons, ammunition and long-range missiles to Gaza. In Gaza there is a huge amount of long-range missiles, they are underground ready and aimed at Tel Aviv and Haifa. The Shin Bet and Mossad must look into this as soon as possible. The ammunition is not visible but it is ready within a minute for use. They continue to dig tunnels from Gaza to Israel in two levels that are 5-10 meters apart. They think that if the IDF discover the top level, they won't discover the lower levels. They are wrong.

The IDF, Mossad, and Shin Bet will continue to look in Arabic villages in Israel. They have ammunition and weapons in tunnels. They learned to create tunnels and dig in levels and hide so that no one will believe there is a full tunnel with weapons and ammunition. The IDF, Shin Bet, and Mossad need to look into this!

In Hebron, East Jerusalem, and the West Bank there are also tunnels. The IDF must open its eyes.

Iraq is destroyed.

Russia loves the Jews in Israel. Putin is laughing at Erdogan.

The US citizens should not be confused from a fake smile, they must vote for the right person. The right person will love the holy land of Israel and won't let anyone touch it. Hillary and Obama are hiding things from the past and are afraid they will be revealed in the media, that is why Obama wants Hillary elected.

G-d is creating a Babel Tower out of the world, but in Israel all is good.

The government of Israel and people of Israel must support the IDF soldiers.

All of the business people with factories in China, Turkey and Jordan must take everything from there and build in Israel.

There must not be discrimination between races in Israel.

Israel is surrounded by a cloud; G-d is here protecting the holy land of Israel!

The entire world is confused and in panic; they don't know what the day will bring.

Criminals will be caught in the next few months, some in public and others quietly.

Employees in municipalities all over Israel should be careful; some of you are going to be caught.

Rachel our Mother is helping the Messiah below; and, Leah our Mother is helping the Messiah above - both are responsible of the Messiah son of David. Rachel is asking all of the Rabbis in Israel to unite, to cry out to G-d to crown the Messiah King! Everything is close to the revealing of the Messiah King in public! G-d is saving more and more Jews! Not long now, He won't wait for anyone any longer, He will crown the Messiah King in the holy land of Israel! The Messiah is flesh and blood, born of a woman in the holy land, working and operating, and soon he will be known by all! It is in G-d's hands, he will decide and the day will come!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

More Research on Moshiach and Nibiru

There are readers who were disappointed that Moshiach didn’t show up on Tisha B’Av, even stating “as I predicted.” I have written many times that I do not predict dates, because I am not allowed to predict dates. Do I have some possibilities in mind that are supported by verses in scriptures and other sources? Yes! But, it doesn’t give me permission to tell my speculation, since (I have said this numerous times) I AM NOT A PROPHET!!!!!

So let me give you some interesting information to help you figure out in advance when Moshiach will be introduced.

In the daily prayers we say: “I believe with total conviction in the coming of Moshiach; and though he delay, nevertheless, I wait every day for him to come.” That means Moshiach can arrive any day. But according to the Midrash, three days beforehand Elijah the Prophet will announce the Moshiach’s arrival! How, then, can we possibly anticipate the Moshiach every single day? Isn't it a prerequisite that Eliyahu Hanavi will come three days in advance of the Moshiach?

Hashem is consistent (I have said that many times, also). When we were in Egypt Hashem told Moshe Rabbeinu to go into the desert and prepare for three days. Hashem didn’t tell Moshe which three days, which caused Pharaoh to come after the Israelites after they were gone for three days. Of course, Hashem did that on purpose, since He wanted to destroy the Egyptians and let us witness the act. When we arrived at Mount Sinai Hashem then told us that the three days before we received the Torah would be for the purpose of preparing for the most important event in history.

Hence, another most important event in history is upon us and Hashem will give us a three day notice to prepare. What preparation is absolutely necessary? All the things that Hashem has told us we should be doing every day, and it should be stepped up to the highest level we are capable of doing. Making sure we do the best Teshuvah, the best Tefillah, increased Torah study, increase Tzedukah, increased help of others including family members, increased intensity of doing the commandments, going to the Mikvah for purification, etc. You heard it all before, since I have been saying we are close enough to the event, why wait for only three days of preparation?

This means that Tisha B’Av was not a possibility for Moshiach unless Eliyahu Hanavi told us last week that it was the day. We should not be getting a surprise of today is the day, but the surprise of Eliyahu arriving to tell us the day is three days away.

Let me give you another hint that will help us know when Eliyahu might show up. I have been talking about Nibiru’s closest approach being simultaneously with the introduction of Moshiach (Numbers 24:17). Since we have been tracking Nibiru and seeing that it is getting closer, we should get a hint as to when Eliyahu should arrive and tell us about Moshiach.

I spend much time trying to calculate how big Nibiru will be at the time of the flyby. My calculations say approximately 40 to 50 times the size of the moon (as it appears to us in the sky). There are several amateur sources that connect Nibiru to the constellation Orion. Even NASA at one time said that it appears to be coming from the direction of Orion. None of that information has any real significance until we see references in the Jewish Bible to Orion. The constellation is mentioned in Job 9:9, Job 38:31-32, Amos 5:8. This led me to the Talmud Berakoth 58b which talks about a star that will fly by like an arrow. The details are way, way beyond this conversation (beyond my understanding without many hours of further digging), but the wording included Orion and stating something like when it goes through Orion there will be earthquakes, thunder, winds, lightning (suggesting a very destructive situation).

The most important concept of my research is that when seven stars are covered by this star in the sky, that will be the day of the greatest devastation and the ANNOUNCEMENT OF MOSHIACH (according to Numbers 24:17). What is this also saying? This is how big Nibiru will appear to us. To cover the constellation Orion would be a star of about 40 to 50 times the size of the moon. Orion has more than seven stars, but the way it appears to us is the three stars for his belt, one at his head, one at his feet and two for his sword. We see it as a seven star constellation.

More exciting news. Orion recently reappeared in the morning sky in Israel. It is in the lower sky where Nibiru probably will appear and it is easily is 40 to 50 times the size of the moon. Is this telling us that it is now ready for Nibiru to appear? The most recent pictures that I have seen and even put on this blog, appear to be about 3 times the size of the moon. It will grow rapidly as it gets closer. The more important thought is that within days of Nibiru’s closest approach, we should see the star very clearly. It will be big enough to let us know that we are within days of the closest approach.

What an interesting possibility that Nibiru will be visible about the same time that Eliyahu Hanavi appears and announces the coming of Moshiach. With both Nibiru and Moshiach being the same day, is Hashem telling us that all will be evident, totally obvious about three days before? There is no such thing as coincidence and once again Hashem is giving us such profound messages to help us. Thank you Hashem. Of course the help is only as good as the preparation that we do for this most important day in the history of the world, and that includes helping our loved ones also to prepare (they will be totally cooperative if for no other reason than being scared beyond description).

“Behold, I send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and awesome day of Hashem (Malachi 3:23).”

Additional notes: When I made mention of Tu B’Av, this Friday, being a possibility for Moshiach, I said it just that way “a possibility.” Now that the three day prior has passed (yesterday), based upon everything above, it seems less likely. I just want to avoid the nasty comments that I have been getting telling me to stop making predictions. Of course, if I say a date as a possibility and that causes you to do extra preparation, then that should make us very happy, especially Hashem. Yes, I will continue to talk possibilities – you can never be too careful (or too prepared).

I have been asked: Why can we not see Nibiru yet? Nibiru is a dwarf star but it gives of very little light. Just as the stars disappear when the sun comes out due to the atmosphere reflecting the sun (our blue sky), Nibiru also is covered by the blue sky. That is why it becomes visible at sunrise and sunset in many places in the world – when the sun is not as bright. When it gets much bigger, it will be seen very clearly, probably at night. There are many pictures on the web these days that still show an orb near the sun and very bright. I believe that this is a planet or a moon from within the Nibiru solar system, but not Nibiru, which is far in front of the sun now.

Additional note to the nasty commenters: Saying such nonsense to the one who is trying to save your life is worse than ignorant. Using four letter words is the best way for you to guarantee that you are in the 2/3rd group, yes you will be dead soon, with lots of suffering. I said it before: Hashem reads all my Email, all my received comments and He knows exactly who each Anonymous is. I hope whoever sends me such a comment is not married with children, since you will doom them as well as yourself. It sounds ridiculous that I should be more concerned about your welfare than you, but it is the entire purpose of my blog. It really would be a shame if an extremely low IQ would be the reason for your demise, but it is still your choice. Of course, if you don’t like what I put on my blog, you are cordially invited to not look at it again (but that would take some intelligence).

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Pennies from Heaven

Sent by a dear reader; thank you for this wonderful message.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Transform your Tisha B'Av

Find meaning and connection this Tisha B'Av with 3 powerful classes from leading international Jewish thinkers, Rabbi Akiva Tatz, Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky and Rebbetzin Tziporah Heller.

On Tisha B’Av we don’t study Torah, unless it is Torah pertaining to the event of Tisha B'Av.  Normal Torah study is a joyful event, and not in keeping with a day of mourning. I am a member of the Jewish Workshop who provides excellent videos from some of the best Rabbis and Rebbetzins. For Tisha B’Av they have provided three lectures that are well worth the time, and they gave me permission to share with you, my dear readers. Please go to:
These three talks were prerecorded with workshop members watching and having access to the lecturers for questions and answers. Obviously, this is not available when we are watching a prerecorded version, but the Jewish Workshop is available to you for all future presentations, live.

Watch the three in the afternoon, since the morning is dedicated to prayer. Have an easy fast.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Irreversible Damage and a Nibiru Possibility

One of our dear readers sent me this article that appeared on Please read the article all the way through, it is so important to understand what happened, and the fact that it pertains to each one of us:
Irreversible Damage
If ever there was a story to teach us the true ways of Hashem, this is it. It comes at such an important time with additional messages. Hashem’s mysterious ways are all good, and that is exactly what we are seeing in the world today. Everything that is happening to each one of us is for the final Tikun, and is precisely what we need.

I am still getting messages from readers telling me that their problems, and even their suffering, is getting worse. Yes, it is the most difficult concept for a human being to comprehend, but Hashem is helping each one of us to the max. This is the end. Whatever we have not accomplished over all our lifetimes in this world is being dealt with now.

As in the story above, I know people who have been very observant all their lives and wonder why they are having such problems. They only think that they are doing everything correctly, and are ignoring any deficiencies from past incarnations. Since we do not know these deficiencies, we must work on everything to complete our Tikun. We do not know our situation, nor what we still need to reach a very happy Tikun. Only Hashem knows and He is cleaning it up for us now, the end of the end of days.

In the story above they were put to the test, but no matter how severe their anguish, they still trusted Hashem and the problem was miraculously resolved.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Hashem is completely running the show. Everything that is happening is according to His plan. Since we don’t know our own situation, we can either complain or have complete faith and trust in Hashem. Yes, there are plenty of things we can do to alleviate our situation as in the story above. We can stop thinking that we are doing what we should be doing and making great improvements every day. If we believe we don’t need improvement, then we have just found the source of our problems.

Read the messages from Hashem, if we have problems, then Hashem is telling us we need more correction, more growing, more Teshuvah. It is so obvious that no one sees it. Stop acting like frail human beings with our flawed human logic and start living the Absolute Truth that Hashem is insisting we do these final days.

I have said it before, there is no such thing as Hashem wanting a particular individual to be saved, and he or she got away from Him. Hashem knows the finest of details for each one of us, and what we still need. All we need to do is trust Him and let Him run the world.

I still get readers sending me all kinds of news articles about this or that horrible thing that is happening in the world. STOP LOOKING AT THE NEWS; IT IS ALL NONSENSE AND A TEST FROM HASHEM TO SEE WHO BELIEVES IN THE TRIVIA VERSUS WHO ONLY TRUSTS HASHEM AND HIS PLAN FOR THE END!!!!! We can only be fearful of an event, no matter what it is, if we don't trust Hashem's protection and love.

It is all good news and will end soon with the best of all news: “Moshiach and Geula.” We are so hung up on the trivia and nonsense of this fantasy world instead of preparing for the real world to come. How do I know that this is all good news? We have been told for thousands of years that these things will happen in the end, and they are happening.

Pay attention to reality and laugh at the fantasy; the craziness that is presently planet Earth. I have been reminded recently that when Hashem gives us Geula it will be by surprise and instantly. That is why I say that not only could it happen at any second, but it should be our entire focus 24/7. Help yourself and your loved ones by realizing what Hashem is doing for you (some may say doing to you), and be smart about making it easier.

Please, please, please we are just about there, don’t make it worse for yourself by complaining, being a skeptic or any negativity. Hashem loves us a trillion times more than we could ever love, and He knows the absolute best action that we need to perfect ourselves. Work with Him not against Him. You will be tremendously happy when you see the final results.

I thank the reader who sent us this article; he has given us great chizuk in the ways of Hashem.

I have talked about the Fridays that are upcoming as good possibilities for Nibiru and Moshiach.
Here is another excellent find by Rav Glazerson.  Please watch:
Threat and Warning - Nibiru in August 5776

The most important thing about this find is its placement.  It is in the text in Bamidbar about the Star of Jacob, Nibiru.  

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Devarim, 3 Av 5776 (8/7/16)

King of King, G-d, is warning every country and person in this world not to touch the holy land of Israel! You live of Israel, the entire world feeds off of the Holy Land! G-d can give the whole world to the Jews - He gave them the Holy Land, and from there reached out to the entire world. G-d is warning the world: Do not touch one centimeter of Israel! Do not take even one centimeter from Israel! Want to make peace with Israel? Stay on your own land; you have a lot of land!

Ministers and members of parliament want to be modern - this modernism will cost you dearly. G-d is telling you: The Jews are an ancient nation, do not give parts of Israel away. Start being serious, get out from under the influence of the US, France, Palestinians, Hamas, and Egypt who want to create a Palestinian state, heaven forbid. The government of Israel and the Holy Land must wake up! They want to bring all of the refugees and infiltrators and throw them in a Palestinian state between Jordan and Israel. They want to put tens of millions of refugees from Europe in a Palestinian state. The government of Israel and parliament members - none of you will be written in the history books. All those who touch, took or gave to the gentiles Gush Katif have suffered and are suffering to this day, on earth and in heaven! Gush Katif is not a precedent; it was a warning that must never happen again!

Dear Jews living in Europe and the US, come to Israel urgently! Do not say that you weren't warned. Your lives are worth billions. The gentiles won't differentiate between religious and secular Jews, with tattoos or without; they will look for all of you one by one, and G-d will help them look and find the ones hiding.

The economy in Israel is very good, everything is good in Israel. Only in Israel are there four precise seasons.

You must not be prideful on the road and anywhere else. Pride takes man out of this world and humiliates him. When a Jew chooses the right path, everything opens up before him. Even if he is sick and believes that he will get better, he will get better. In every sickness that man has, he must be modest and know in his heart and mind that he cannot control this world, only G-d can!

Gaza is collecting missiles. Hamas is digging many tunnels with multiple levels. The IDF destroys the top tunnel, but underneath it is another tunnel. It confuses the people who search for them because they think they destroyed the tunnel and don't know that there is another 5-10 meters underneath. Hamas is investing huge resources to get to the big base in front of Gaza, because they want to humiliate the IDF soldiers, heaven forbid, who are the strongest in the world. This is the truth! They are digging toward the biggest and main base; there are tunnels that have not been discovered. The army bases must be very careful. Hamas and the Palestinians are collecting ammunition and weapons in huge quantities, they want to surprise us. The Mossad, Shin Bet and IDF - it is there job to prevent this.

In Turkey there will be a revolution like never before. Erdogan is killing and killing. There will be revenge that will turn all of Turkey into blood.

Syria is being destroyed, and erased from the earth. It is     G-d's doing.

Lebanon is happy that Syria and Hezbollah are being destroyed.

Hezbollah can't do anything; they are trying to steal ammunition from the Syrian army. They have more hidden ammunition, and they are saving it for an emergency.

Jordan is filled with refugees, millions of refugees, and Israel is helping and protecting Jordan. Jordan will also be destroyed.

In Egypt, Sisi is trying to destroy ISIS in the Sinai desert and the people who are resisting his regime. Sisi wants so-called peace to create a Palestinian state, but his intentions are to get rid of ISIS, Hamas, and the Palestinians and put them in a Palestinian state.

France has the same interests as Sisi.

They have forgotten one thing: There is G-d in the heavens and on earth protecting the Holy Land!

In the US there is a war between good and evil. Whoever loves the holy land of Israel will be elected president of the US.

Russia is sitting and waiting, not afraid of anyone in the world. They attack anyone who speaks out and bothers them.

Iraq is lawless, dead.

China is trying to take patents and factories from Israel, take the mind of Israel industry. Israel needs to beware of them and G-d will destroy the economy in China and create complications and chaos there.

Jews must take their factories out of China, Turkey and Jordan and create factories in Israel. If you laugh and don't want to do it, you will remain with nothing.

G-d is warning Iran that if they only try to harm Israel, G-d will fill them with fires, there will be fires everywhere.

The natural disasters will continue - floods, winds, storms, dust, earthquakes, and great fires.

Jews in Israel and the world must not assimilate. Parents and especially mothers must watch over the sons and daughters of Israel, watch over your children and explain to them what it means to be a Jew. The Arabs have a trick, they bring drugs and alcohol to Jewish youths for free to destroy them. The Israeli government must appoint a minister to take care of the problem of assimilation, drugs, alcohol and gambling.

G-d is warning: You must not discriminate between the different ethnic groups in the holy land of Israel; they are all Jews! You must unite and help each other. Whoever discriminates will be discriminated by G-d.

The entire world is confused, scared, they don't know what the day will bring, what will and will not be. The modern world does not understand what is happening. The world outside the borders of Israel is in chaos and Armageddon. They are killing each other and don't know why. The entire world is a Babel Tower.

All of the plans made outside of Israel go wrong. All of this terrible confusion around the world is so that everyone calls out to G-d. Everyone who wants the leadership of G-d and the Messiah will call out! The Messiah is active and working. Why isn't he publicly known? Because some people are for him and some are against and don't believe. G-d is giving the Rabbis in the Holy Land visions in their dreams about the Messiah and salvation. Some are afraid to talk and some are jealous that they are not getting the dreams. G-d will put the message that there is a Messiah in their minds, whether they like it or not!

G-d is saying: No one can say "I didn't know that there is a Messiah in the world, in Israel". Every Jew knows that the Messiah is in this generation. Whoever is lazy and resists cannot complain later. Like it or not, soon the Messiah will be revealed and the its first-come, first-served!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Is This the Date we are Awaiting?

I received this comment with fascinating possibilities being brought to our attention:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "More Proof of the Right Thing to Do":

Anything significant? Georgia Guidestones (GOG as you'd point out). It's almost as if the NWO is to be blamed for pulling down Planet X / Nibiru to destroy 2/3 of Earth.
My response:
The Gog Bush cabal is not pulling Nibiru into the Earth flyby, but has been secretly tracking it since the 1980’s with the idea that it will help the NWO bring the population down to 500 million. Have they been aware all along that this coming Sunday is the day of arrival? Is the commemoration of Tisha B’Av this year much more significant than all the horrors of the past? I have anticipated that Nibiru is getting close. Are the evil global elite telling us about its arrival, or is it possibly Hashem telling us through the evil ones?  Perhaps we will know in five days.

An update to my update (you didn't think that the above was all I had to say about this):
I am still continuing my dot-connecting which includes a look at the events that happen on Tisha B'Av.  Look at this chart that appears on the Ohr Somayach website:
History of Events on Tisha B'Av
I am not so positive that NASA could have predicted the exact date of Nibiru a few years ago (for several technical reasons that I will not go into here).   I do believe that the Gog cabal has been planning something big for decades.  Since Tisha B'Av was the day World War 1 started, which is what the Chofetz Chaim called the first battle of Gog and Magog, and the events that happened in WW2 (the second battle of Gog and Magog), including the Final Solution, I start to think of the plans of WW3.  First look at this excellent article about Holocaust Studies from Aish HaTorah:
The Final Solution on Tisha B'av
I know that Gog has been planning WW3 along with his watching of Nibiru.  All for the purpose of eliminating 93% of the world population for his evil NWO.  The entire effort in Iraq and Afghanistan, that came from the 911 false flag, were all with WW3 in mind (if nothing more than making permanent military bases on the Iranian border).  Is the third battle of Gog and Magog also planned for Tisha B'Av?  This could be in several forms since the US of Magog has military in about 84 countries around the world, including the ones surrounding Iran, the 35 military emplacements in the countries bordering Iran (that also would fulfill the Yalkut Shimoni and Yoma 10).  The buildup against Russia, China, North Korea and other places, all possible pretext to global conflict.  WW1 and WW2 were full of false flag operations (as every other war in the past 100 years), is this another false flag to get the 3rd and final battle of Gog and Magog started?  Yes, I am speculating, but it is the diabolical thinking of the cabal, the Bilderberg Group, the global elite and others who are involved with the new Final Solution.  Even an EMP is a possibility as a pretext to war.

I also have very positive results from all this, that I will not disclose.  One reason is that I am not a prophet, but only one who connects dots based on prophecies and world events.  Second, is that if I am wrong, you won't let me forget it.

I will say this: my positive results deal with the prediction from the autistic child who talked about Moshiach coming on Friday.  We have some interesting Fridays coming up including Tu B'Av (the 15th of Av).  I see certain prophecies possibly being fulfilled here and those are the thoughts that I will keep secret for now. 

Once again, it is all good news; it has to be since it is all from Hashem.  The most important thought is that each one of us has much work to do to prepare.  These dates of great change are here already.  Our time for doing Teshuvah, Tefillah, Tzedukah, Limud HaTorah, Ahavas Yisroel, doing the Mitzvot, etc, is running out.  However we can help ourselves over the coming days, the coming hours, is so vital to our entire future.  How does one stress it enough?  Please, please please anticipate that we are just about out of time and our lives depend on it.  Turn to Hashem in every way and He will help us all to the best Tikun.

An additional note: I can think of something that may happen today, or possibly a week from today.  If it does, I will disclose more tomorrow or next week.

I will be very selective with my comment posting.  Any negativity will be ignored.  If you have questions that will not benefit all my readers, send it to me as a personal Email:
I have been getting many more personal Emails recently and that is best for everyone.  Be sensible, be nice and please say things that only Hashem would want to hear -- He reads all my Emails.