Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Vayeira 12 Cheshvan 5776 (25/10/15)

Father in Heaven, G-d, King of the World, Leader of the World Who created the world for Himself. When the Jews do what G-d wants from A to Z - study Torah, pray, obey the commandments, they will have protection, good economy, good health, and no one in the world will be able to harm Israel or the Jews in Israel.

All of the chaos and Armageddon is overseas, outside of Israel. G-d is doing this to separate between good and evil, to let the good grow and take away the evil from the earth.

G-d is strengthening the Jews in Israel and opening the way for the Messiah. When G-d crowns the Messiah King, very soon, all of the suffering of the Jews in Israel will end, the problems and trouble will end.

There will continue to be natural disasters all over the world. Besides Armageddon, there will be conflicts, natural forces, fire, heat, earthquakes, winds, storms, rain, floods, and accidents with airplanes, ships, and trains. In Israel, the economy is the best in the world! They will continue to build houses, businesses, stores, roads, and settlements. Israel is the most protected place in the world. There is a cloud of fire around the borders of Israel, the source of all the blessing is in Israel!

With all of the protection from G-d in Israel, Jews must not forget that G-d commanded that they first watch over themselves! G-d is helping those who help themselves. G-d is helping those who try to take action. He does not help those who sit around waiting for miracles. There is freedom of choice in the world and man must help himself in order to be helped from the heavens.

Redemption started in the year 1948 - blessed are those who believe! The Messiah is working in secret; blessed are the believers! The believers will be among the first, the non-believers will suffer. The people of Israel must not worry; the state of Israel will not have a third or fourth intifada because they fear for their businesses and money. For them, money is life. They are delusional, waiting for the peace process with the United States. If there is an intifada, the US will stop intervening and the Arabs will be in big trouble.

In East Jerusalem, the north and south, listen up: there is an ISIS conspiracy. They are training and preparing the youth, brainwashing them into believing they will be rewarded in heaven. They are delusional and will be eaten by worms in the ground. They are being trained to harm Jews with axes and knives, to put fear in the people of Israel. The people of Israel must not be afraid of anything! Be vigilant and go back to your routines. Jewish citizens, take your weapon if you have a license, and of course watch over yourself and G-d will watch over you from above.

The government of Israel must not be soft, especially in the northern border. You don't know what the day will bring. Even though Russia is in contact with Israel and has promised Israel that it is sharing information and preparing Israel for everything, be vigilant. Be careful in dealing with Russia. They want to rule the Middle East and Arabic countries. They are running a cold war with the United States to kick them out of the Middle East. Russia wants to conquer Syria so that it is under its control.

The United States is kissing up to Iran so that it doesn't lose them, but Iran prefers the US' money and Russia's weapons.

Nasrallah is fading away and screaming; he is about to breakdown from anger over Israel because we prevent the ammunition from Iran from reaching him.

Iran is acting like everything is quiet, acting sweet and friendly with Russia. Iran knows that Israel has the strongest army and air force in the world. Iran knows more than anyone in the world that G-d protects the state of Israel. They know that we are His children, chosen by G-d and soon He will crown the Messiah King.

In Gaza, Hamas is busy building the tunnels, working 24/7 around the clock. Their dream is to surprise an army base and settlements, to kidnap Jews and soldiers, heaven forbid. The IDF and Israeli government must be vigilant. Hamas is preparing a surprise; don't let them have that moment! Damn them and anyone who wants to harm the Jews!

Egypt continues to be quiet, but it is not real. The media is not talking about it. Extreme Islamists and ISIS want to take Egypt out of the modern age. Slowly, patiently, you have waited. Keep waiting. Time on earth is not like time in the heavens.

Jordan is making moves quietly. The king does not make a fuss, he is afraid of being killed. Israel is protecting him so that someone worse does not take his place. They are waiting for a Palestinian state, heaven forbid, so that they can get rid of all of their refugees and infiltrators.

Turkey will continue to have great losses. ISIS is destroying it.

Lebanon has no strength.

Iraq is like Syria.

Every country that wants to hurt the state of Israel, through the economy, war, or conflict, G-d will strike them with the ten plagues of Egypt, each a hundred times worse. Mark my words! Do not forget that G-d brings terrible things to the world and warns of them before hand. If they do not repent, He harms them.

G-d wants the people of Israel to obey the commandments. G-d loves the state of Israel; He protects it and does things so that the people of Israel wake up, so that they don't believe in the Arabs because they are dangerous, and so that they ask for G-d's help.

If everything that is happening in Israel did not happen, everyone would think that all is well and take things for granted, the people of Israel would, heaven forbid, fall for the gentiles' trap. G-d is waking up the people of Israel so that they are not naive and so that they understand what is going on in Israel.

To the people who live abroad, some of which are Israelis who left Israel - you must believe! You must believe! Don't say that didn't warn you, don't come crying and don't complain. Come urgently to Israel. Recently, there is no one to help you; you think that you are modern - you are primitive. The day will come soon when you will be thrown out, your money will be spent and some will starve. No one will take you in, remember that. This is a message out of love from G-d so that you come to Israel urgently! This is your home; this is where your father and mother are.

Refugees and infiltrators are in Tel Aviv and other places in Israel. The government must wake up and send them legally back to their countries. They are ruining every part of Tel Aviv. Soon Tel Aviv will be a refugee city. It is a shame, it is a beautiful city and we must protect the holy land.

Jewish parents and especially mothers, watch over your daughters and sons and warn them of assimilation. Explain to them what it means to be a Jew; they need to understand that Jews have souls and that it is connected to G-d. The gentiles don't have the same type of souls. Do not come crying afterwards. Assimilation and lust bring upon the destruction of the world. G-d is very angry when Jews assimilate inside of Israel, very angry. If it is overseas, then convert immediately or find another solution.

The people of Israel must pray and beg G-d to bring up the issue of the Messiah on earth so that it is brought up in the heavens. Soon the Messiah will come out in public and it will be an end to all of the troubles of the people of Israel.

Something good: G-d will bring beautiful, good, and wonderful things for the people of Israel to prove that they have a G-d in heaven and earth protecting them, saving the Jews. Blessed is the believer, and the non believer better believe! Be like Abraham, who believed in G-d on his own.

Today, all of the Jews are smart and educated, and need to believe that there is a G-d in the world, and better believe! This world exists only for the Messiah, whom G-d will crown very soon to stop all of the troubles of the people of Israel and the world. The Messiah comes to fix the world since the first man to this day, to take away lust and to bring the world to obey the commandments fully. The world will be united, there will be peace and love and mercy for each other. It is soon, G-d will crown the Messiah King! Seven billion people have lost their way, they are confused and don't know what the day will bring or where to go; everything is complicated. There is not a man on earth that can solve the situation the world is in, a world of seven billion people that make mistakes and get confused. Only the Messiah King, who will soon be crowned by G-d and will bring a new world of purity, holiness, and eternal life!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

Monday, October 26, 2015

The Key to Happiness

What is the purpose of this world and our lives within it? How is that for a loaded question? The world is imperfect and human beings are imperfect. We are here to perfect ourselves and the world. Why did G-d, Who I will call Hashem (to avoid taking His name in vain) create an imperfect world? There is a definite reason that serves His purpose, which is too involved to go into at this time (hopefully within a future post). The way to perfect ourselves is by serving our Creator, by doing His will. Simply, observe the commandments of the Torah, 613 for Jews, 7 for non-Jews. A very important aspect of Hashem’s system in this world is testing. We are constantly tempted, coerced, bribed and many other concepts that are for the purpose of testing. If we react to any test in accordance with Hashem’s will, we pass; if not, read below. They are the tools provided to accomplish our individual missions on Earth. This leads to a very interesting aspect of living on this planet and how we can go about perfecting ourselves for all eternity. Yes, we live forever, this is just a short stopping off place to perfect ourselves (as I just mentioned).

According to Rabbi Avigdor Miller, Zt”l, we have two choices as to how to accomplish our mission -- voluntarily or involuntarily. By voluntarily doing the commandments, studying scriptures, proper praying, giving charity and repenting all our mistakes (which includes working hard to correct them), helping others, we receive the correction that we need and will thrive in this life and all eternity. If we ignore all of Hashem’s instruction and do our own thing, we will still receive the correction that we need (this does not apply to pure evil), but it will be through involuntary occurrences. Sickness, accidents, misfortunes, financial difficulties are all examples of ways that Hashem helps us. A very misunderstood concept about this world, that only those who diligently study Torah comprehend, is that there is no such thing as luck, coincidence, chance or by accident. We bring these concepts on ourselves and our families. I know that you know much better and that what I am saying sounds like nonsense, but if you want to gamble that this is not Hashem’s system, then you will pay the price.

There are a couple concepts to remember about this world that will serve your best interests. One thing is nothing is random. The infinite intelligence level of Hashem makes everything in this world seem random, but it isn’t – it is exact, measure for measure. To allow us to experience free will, we have to see everything as random. Hashem wants our love and service by our choice. If the system were that every time we do the right thing, we immediately get rewarded and every time we make a mistake (or sin on purpose), we immediately get correction (or downright punishment), we would be as robots and not able to live life with free will. We do, measure-for-measure, get reward and correction but in a very random looking manner, and not so obvious. Another thing to remember is: whether you believe it or not, the truth doesn't go away. I have known many people who will tell me “I don’t believe a word you are saying.” But, they never investigate what the truth really is. When things go wrong, however, they are the first to ask Hashem “why are you doing this to me?”

Am I saying that if I do everything that Hashem asks of me in this life, that life will be much easier, more enjoyable, successful and rewarding? It works for me and many, many others that I have observed for decades. I have paid so much attention to what I am telling you that there is no doubt in my mind that this is the key to happiness for me and my family. Mind you, I am human and I do make mistakes (everyday). Hashem is totally merciful and is more interested in our intensions to serve Him and our love for Him than our final performance, even though performance is of the utmost importance. Hashem doesn’t judge us by what we know, but how we grow. The newly observant individual is given more leeway and allowed to make more mistakes than us more experienced people. The more important concept is that as we learn and put more meaning to what Hashem wants from us, all becomes much easier.

We are creatures of habit, why not have good ones. Not understanding why we do something does make it more difficult to accomplish. An example would be keeping Kosher. We keep Kosher because Hashem told us to. The deepest reasons are spiritual and beyond our comprehension. Non-kosher food is to the soul as poison is to the body. We need not question the idea, only to be reassured that Hashem knows exactly what we need. To fully understand every aspect of this concept would require years of study.

You may ask: Why do see problems happen to good people? Good question. As an example: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob had many hurdles to overcome – many tests in life. One must know that everything is for the good, and gives us in this short life exactly what we need for eternity. Books have been written about this subject and, obviously, I cannot cover all aspects in a short post. An interesting aspect of the testing we get in life is the more righteous a person is, the more difficult the tests may be. Why? Hashem in His mercy gives the righteous person much greater opportunities to excel and thrive. The eternal quality of life is what is at stake. Why not shoot for better.

I am only covering the ground rules not all the details. Just know that we have much more control over everything that happens in our lives than we think; and, by following the handbook of instructions, the Torah, we can perfect ourselves, our families (we are the ones who guide our offspring) and the world. To help understand this a little deeper, let me talk about prayer. Prayer absolutely works (I hope to tell you some of the deep dark secrets that allow for success – future post) and if done the proper way, we can have everything we need and even everything we want. I personally believe I have more than I deserve, bli ayin harah (I am trying to avoid the evil eye making such a statement). I do not have any complaints with my personal situation in life, but I feel the pain of others who have all the opportunities that I have and are too stubborn to take advantage of it. This is, perhaps, one of the biggest reasons that I started my blog. The other big reason is Hashem commands me to help other people less fortunate than myself. Even though I hope to have a more detailed post on many of the subjects with which we all need to discuss, I submit this insight as to how prayer works. It puts prayer and life into perspective:

I asked for strength and HASHEM gave me difficulties to make me strong

I asked for wisdom and HASHEM gave me problems to solve

I asked for prosperity and HASHEM gave me brawn and brain to work

I asked for courage and HASHEM gave me dangers to overcome

I asked for love and HASHEM gave me troubled people to help

I asked for favors and HASHEM gave me opportunities

I received nothing I wanted; I received everything I needed

My prayers were answered.

I've heard people say isn't it enough that I am a good person, do I have to do all of Hashem’s commandments too? Let me give you an analogy to try to put everything into perspective. Let us consider that this world is a giant corporation and Hashem is the CEO, the Big Boss, Numero Uno. Would we ever say to your boss at work “isn't enough that I am a good person, everyone around here likes me, I help increase morale, do I also have to do all the work that you want me to do? That is also a system of reward and punishment. Do a good job and get raises, promotions, who knows what. Ask the boss that question and the only raise you get is the raise off the premises. The entire system of measure-for-measure is: do what the Boss asks of you, and the reward is beyond belief. One last note on the subject, we do not perform Hashem’s will for reward but strictly out of love for Him. That is the way to better results.

We can have it all, for us and our loved ones as soon as we get over the stigma that we know what we’re doing and that there is no room for Hashem in our lives. He loves us trillions of times more than we could ever love Him. By just following His will, using the tools that He gave us, you will experience the most positive results and discover what true happiness can be in this life and forever. None of this is conjecture, but proven over thousands of years of total success. All I ask is be open-minded, and not to argue with success. We are talking about the happiness of you and your loved ones. Please, don’t take it lightly. Learn about it and give it a try, you won’t be disappointed. Live life voluntarily, not involuntarily, and realize that the Boss is the only One Who truly knows what you need.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Judaism in America

In the 71 years that I have been on this Earth I have seen such a tremendous change in the way people behave. The most encouraging change is the Baal Teshuvah movement of the Jews. The Baal Teshuvah movement is a return of Jews to Torah Judaism – real Judaism. Most of my readers have no idea how little Yiddishkeit existed in the 40's, 50's and 60's. In the 70', and even more so in the 80's, there was such a spark of Yiddishkeit that it was truly miraculous -- definitely from Hashem. When I traveled around the US with the military, I had trouble finding any observant Jews. Getting into the 90's, I was amazed at how many Torah communities were popping up in places where I didn't even know Jews existed. The number of Synagogues, Yeshivahs, Mikvahs, Kosher restaurants and stores, etc that were being created nationwide was extremely encouraging. I saw without a doubt that Hashem was causing this and that it was a message that we were approaching the time of redemption. Why? Because, Hashem was starting to sort out the truth about who is Jewish, who is not and what all Jews needed to do to survive and thrive for the future.

Everything that is happening in the world today is according to Hashem’s plan to bring about the redemption and the introduction of the Moshiach.  That doesn’t mean that Hashem is causing evil.  Hashem uses the evil to affect His will.  A friend of mine in the states asked me in the 1990’s: why do you think we got the PC, personal computer, at this time in history?  It was time for all Jews to see the Torah codes, have a way of studying Torah, learning with a partner over the net, get exciting blogs like this one (I had to throw that in), etc.  Everything is from Hashem.

Of 3,727 synagogues in the United States, 40 percent are Orthodox, 26 percent Reform and 23 percent Conservative, according to the census (I believe that is the 2001 census, which means the numbers are even better now). The most encouraging numbers are in the great increase in Orthodox synagogues and the great decrease in non-observant places of worship. If you aren’t keeping the 613 commandments, you aren’t practicing Judaism. The Baal Teshuvah movement proved the necessity of being observant. B”H

A big phenomenon that has occurred is in way the people act. In the 1950’s everyone tried to be a WASP, white Anglo-Saxon Protestant. Blacks tried to act as white as can be, women were as subservient as can be, foreigners hid their birthplace and pretended to be as American as can be and Jews tried to completely assimilate and act as non-Jewish as can be. It was quite the shocker when a Roman Catholic became President of the US in 1960. John F Kennedy broke the mold. How many people then would have believed that today we have a black, Muslim, Communist, non-American for a President?

What caused much of the change? The first answer is, of course, Hashem – preparing the world for now. How did Hashem do this? Through people. The biggest influence was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His civil rights movement changed the US and the world completely. Blacks started to be proud of being black and decided they didn’t have to sit in the back of the bus anymore. Women started to demand equality and changed the workplace, the education system, the government, the judicial system, etc. Foreigners were proud of their homelands and even their language. But the best effect of all was Jews coming out of the closet and being Jewish. It wasn’t perfect and still isn’t, but it is 1,000,000% better than when I was a young lad.

Hashem sent plenty of messages telling us how much more we needed to do and even telling us it was time to come home. The number of Jews who started to make Aliyah was very exciting to the point that there are more Jews in Israel now than in the US (a statistic that changed not too many years ago). The strong messages, that Hashem is sending now, are causing the highest increase of Jews trying to make Aliyah ever. What messages? The crime rate (statistics show the US has the highest crime rate of any county in the world), the financial upheaval (getting much worse), the medical debacle (longevity is going down in the US), the unemployment increase (the government is not telling the truth about how bad it is and getting worse), the lack of freedom, the violations of human rights and dignity, including the great increase in Jew-hatred, the weather, the quality of the environment, etc, etc, etc. This is also the case in the rest of the world. Hashem, on the other hand has made Israel the exact opposite. It is so pleasant to be here, I recommend it for every Jew in the world.

There is another great phenomenon. More people are converting to Judaism than ever, especially in Israel. Hashem is sorting it all out. Those who were Jewish in previous lives are feeling the strong desire to study Torah, live as a Jew and be with the Chosen People. You may point out that there are Jews who are going off the path and becoming more secular. I will judge no one, but Hashem knows everyone. Is it possible that Hashem wanted someone to be observant and he or she got away from Hashem? Absolutely not!!!!! Hashem is aware of the Erev Rav who are not Jews, but have pretended to be only to gain benefits, but are now perhaps losing interest. As I said, Hashem is sorting it out that every Jew will reap the highest benefits of the upcoming redemption. Also, every non-Jew who was Jewish in a previous life, or is a member of one of the lost tribes, will receive the maximum benefit. Also, every evil person will receive exactly what he or she deserves.

It is all good news; Hashem’s plan is perfect. Just make sure you are doing the most for yourself and your loved ones to reach the happy ending as best as possible.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Very Important Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Lech Lecha, 5 Heshvan 5776 (18/10/15)

G-d, Father of the World is the father of the Jews.

All of the natural disasters, fire and water, winds and floods, earthquakes and conflicts between and within countries, all of the chaos and Armageddon is outside of Israel, not in Israel. This entire process where seven billion people are terribly confused is for preparation. G-d is preparing the re-creation of the world, just like the world before the first sin, only this time millions will remain, not one person! G-d is going to turn the world of evil, hatred, killing, murder, and destruction, into a new world of love, peace, mercy, a world without wars, without hatred or killing, a new world with love and life forever for the Jews to rule over from Israel, a whole new world that will be good for all!

The Jews abroad need to urgently come to Israel. Stop complaining and whining, soon there will be very cruel anti-Semitism and there will be panic like you never imagined. Jews will come to Israel by force. G-d has warned them many years ago to come to Israel, but the money, the material, and the greed holds them back. Life is worth everything, a man will do anything to live. Anti-Semitism will rise and rise indefinitely until no Jew is left Abroad.

The state of Israel forgets that most of the world is Muslim, not Jewish. Most of the countries say bad things about Israel because of what is happening here. Most of the world is Muslim and we shouldn't care about international media.

The government of Israel must continue to protect Israel and be vigilant. The Palestinians, Hamas, Abu Mazen, and Jihad are all working together as one, it is all an act; they could be in Hollywood. They don't care about their mosques in Al Aqsa; they only want to destroy the Jews in Israel and the world. There will not be a third intifada or a fourth.

G-d is opening the eyes of the IDF and security people. The soldiers are safe and protected by G-d and they are doing holy work! Be safe and vigilant, be protected! The government of Israel must be united in their opinions and not look for people to blame. This isn't a game. The Jews don't have another country; Israel is the country for the Jewish people!

The entire world has suddenly become soft, complaining about what Israel is doing and how Israel is behaving. The Arabs are hurting us and they blame us. G-d is telling the world "Have you forgotten what is going on in your own country?!" Syria has the rebels and Hezbollah, and in Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, Yemen, and all over the world there is mass murder - they don't see those "poor people" there, they only see that the Arabs want to kill the Jews and they blame the Jews.

G-d is telling the people of Israel not to have mercy on the cruel, watch over yourselves and He will protect you from above.

Yeshiva students who learn Torah, all of the Rabbis, community leaders, spiritual leaders in Israel, you need to organize prayers in synagogues and read Tehilim to protect the IDF, police, security forces, and the Jews in Israel. Dear Jews, repent to our Father in Heaven and obey the commandments. Kindness precedes the Torah!

The state of Israel must get back to its routine, behave normally; do not be afraid of anyone. Every Jew that has a licensed weapon should carry it everywhere. Jews should not take the law into their own hands. There is law in Israel, there is the IDF and security forces; the law is in their hands, not the citizens.

Abu Mazen and his friends pretend to be frail, but they are the most dangerous of all. They are good actors - liars! They want the world to pity them. There is a conspiracy around Jerusalem; they are guiding the young and adult terrorists on how to harm Israel. Most of the Arabs love money, and when their businesses fail, they will want to make peace to fix it.

Hamas in Gaza pretend to be quiet but they are working around the clock to prepare 40 tunnels toward Israel. They are doing everything to bring missiles from Sinai to Gaza. Abu Mazen and Hamas are leading the terrorism in Jerusalem and all of Israel, so that the IDF and security forces are busy while they prepare the tunnels and missiles. They want to confuse the Israeli government and public.

Israel must not give up even one centimeter of land! They must wake up and be very careful not to give them even one centimeter of the holy land - they don't want peace! When a lion is hungry, it will eat even its own owner, it has mercy for no one.

Syria keeps burning; there will continue to be chaos there and it won't stop.

Jordan is being eaten by refugees, the food supply is gone.

In Egypt, ISIS and extreme Islamists have plans to destroy Egypt.

Turkey is a big mess; they are getting blown up, killing each other, committing suicide.

Hezbollah wants Iran to arm it; it is both alive and dead.

Iran is deathly afraid of Israel. It continues to bother Israel indirectly.

If the United States is one with Israel, if it goes back to what it was ten years ago, everything will go well there. If it doesn't, it will be bad for them. They kiss up to Iran so that the Russians will not take them.

Russia is not fighting with Israel. It wants to prove to the United States that it is bringing order to the Middle East where the US failed.

France should focus on its own problems and stop bothering the people of Israel. If it doesn't stop, it will become an Islamic state; and, there will continue to be horrible riots there.

There are a lot of infiltrators in Tel Aviv. The government of Israel must not forget them! Send them from Israel in a legal manner. The government is dreaming! The infiltrators are conquering Tel Aviv and then it will be hard to get them out - wake up!

In Israel everything is good, business is good, the economy is good, and any country in the world that interferes will get the ten biblical plagues from G-d, only much worse. There will continue to be devastating natural disasters, conflicts and complications, Armageddon OVERSEAS, not in Israel. In Israel everything is good, whether they like it or not. G-d Himself is here protecting the state of Israel, He has taken the wheel - you cannot trust flesh and blood. G-d is doing everything to open the eyes of the people of Israel so that they don't believe in the gentiles, because the gentiles want to destroy Israel.

The messiah is working in secret, protecting and praying for the Jews in secret so that no Jew is harmed, along with the cloud of fire surrounding and protecting the borders of Israel. This is a divine process for a new world; the entire world is being prepared for redemption and the Messiah. These are the days of the Messiah; and, every moment we wait for G-d to publicly crown him!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Aristotle’s Letter to Alexander the Great

Aristotle: Born 384 -322 BCE. Birth: Chalcidice, Greece. Death: Chalcis, Greece. When the great philosopher Aristotle was old, he sent the following letter to his student, Alexander the Great:
“Blessed be He who opens the eyes of the blind, and shows sinners the true path. Let Him be praised in an appropriate manner; since I do not know how to praise Him for the great kindness and mercy, which He showed me. I am eternally grateful to Him, for getting me away from the foolishness to which I had devoted my life.
All my life I delved into philosophy, to explain all natural phenomena in a logical manner. I wrote many books on these subjects. Finally, in the twilight of my life, I had the opportunity to engage in a conversation with a Jewish sage. It did not take me long, to recognize his great wisdom; and he led me to understand, how great is the Torah, that was given on Mount Sinai.

He taught me the inner depth of the Torah, providing me with many brilliant insights based on its teachings. I realized how foolish I had been for not realizing, how G-d can manipulate the laws of nature; and that much of what happens in the world, is directed by G-d.

Realizing all this, I decided to devote myself to exploring the wisdom of the Torah. It did not take me long to realize, that the Torah is based on true foundations, while the axioms of philosophy are purely arbitrary.

Therefore, my dear student Alexander, if I had the power to collect all the books I have written, I would burn them. I would be embarrassed for any of them to survive.
However, I realize that I do not have this power; my books have already been published, and have spread all over the world. I also realize that I will receive Divine punishment, for having written such misleading books.

Therefore, my son, Alexander, I am writing this letter to tell you, that the great majority of my theories regarding natural law, are false. While nature does exist, G-d is the L-rd of the universe, and He directs all things as He sees fit. I am telling everyone openly, that they should not waste time with my books. They should not look at them, or even touch them with their hands. It is sinful to waste time, on the false theories that I have espoused. 
I feel that I have saved my soul by admitting my error; I hope that I will not be held guilty for the past, since I acted out of ignorance. But now I have revealed to the public that I was mistaken, and that my heart aches for the time I have wasted, on my foolish theories. Those who waste time on my books therefore, will deserve to be punished.

The Jewish scholar with whom I spoke, showed me the book of Proverbs (Mishley), written by King Solomon, one of the greatest geniuses of all times. The scholar showed me, that in many places, King Solomon warned against wasting time on philosophical speculation.

One such place is where he said, “Say to Wisdom, ‘You are my sister,’ and consider understanding your relative. That they may keep you from strange woman, from the loose woman who speaks so smoothly” (Proverbs 7:4,5).

I feel sorry for my eyes for what they have seen, and my ears for what they have heard. I feel sorry for my body, for wasting its strength on such detrimental studies.

I know that you praise me, and tell me, that I am famous all over the world because of the books I have written. People speak very highly of me. But I wish I were dead, because of the misleading books that I have spread all over the world.
People, who devote themselves to the Torah, will earn eternal life; while those who devote themselves to my books, will earn the grave. But I am prepared to accept upon myself, the punishment of them all.

I did not write to you earlier, because I was afraid that you would be angry with me, and perhaps even harm me. But now, I have made up my mind to tell you the truth. I know, that by the time you receive this letter, I will already be dead and buried, because I realize that my end is near.

I salute you with greetings of peace, Alexander of Macedon, great emperor and ruler.”

Your teacher,
From The Torah anthology, English, (Yalkut ME’AM LO’EZ) - Volume 6, Page 154-155. Which references a book called Shalsheleth Hakabbalah.

The Jew spoken of, was Shimon HaTzaddik (Simeon the Just), who was a Cohen Godol (High Priest) during the time of the Second Temple. He is also known for his opinions which are recorded in the Mishnah, (making him a Tanna, in Rabbinic terminology).

Joseph b. Shem-Ṭob assures his reader, that he had seen it written in an old book, that Aristotle at the end of his life had become a proselyte ("Ger Tzedek").

Aristotle recants all his previous philosophic teachings, having been convinced of their incorrectness by a Jewish sage. He acknowledges as his chief error the claim that truth is to be ascertained by the reasoning faculty only; inasmuch as Divine revelation is the sole way to truth.

This "letter" is the conclusion of a book of Aristotle, "two hands thick," in which he withdraws; based on his studying with the Jew, Simeon (Shimon HaTzadik); his views with regard to the immortality of the soul, the eternity of the world, and similar tenets.

It is claimed that Aristotle derived his doctrine, directly from Judaism.

Aristotle owed his philosophy to the writings of King Solomon, which were presented to him by his royal pupil Alexander; the latter having obtained them, on his conquest of Jerusalem.

Aristotle was the last of the Greek philosophers and is considered the culmination of all the work of those philosophers that were before him. If the culmination of all Greek philosophy resulted in finding the absolute truth, why would the world still be so intent on the so-called brilliance of Greek philosophy? For the same reason that the world is so intent on evolution versus creationism or science having the answers versus the Torah answers or people who think they are living the truth but are in life of fantasy and trivia (they constantly ask: why are things going so wrong in my life?). Most of the world is not living the absolute truth of Hashem, yet we still scratch our heads and ask: why is this world so messed up?

Fortunately, the plan of Hashem is to let us struggle to learn the truth as a way to strengthen us, guide us and perfect us. The best news of all is that He is giving us very strong messages that the testing is almost completed and the world of truth is imminent. We should all be living under Hashem’s philosophy very soon. B”H.

So much for Greek philosophy.

Note: This is a chapter from my book The Absolute Truth, available at the top of the right column. The E-copy is still $5, just click the “Buy Now” button.

Monday, October 19, 2015

The Danger of Having an Opinion

Before I start the topic of the danger of having an opinion, I would like to clarify the most important concept of this blog. THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH IS THE “TORAH;” THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH IS “THE WORD OF HASHEM.” I occasionally get a comment, which is pure uneducated OPINION, that “nobody knows the absolute truth” or “what makes you (talking me) think you know the absolute truth?” Let me state that after studying scriptures for 68 years, I am starting to scratch the surface of what the absolute truth is. I never said that I know the entire absolute truth; I have only said that I have discovered the only source of absolute truth in existence. When I write a blog on a subject, I spend sometimes as much as 10 to 15 hours researching one idea and only one idea: “What is Hashem’s opinion on that subject?” I always try to never give my opinion, since I take pride in not having one (I know that having no opinion seems impossible, but I have been working on the concept for decades). When I say that I am speculating or that I am connecting the dots, I am doing an analysis, but always based on what I have found to be Hashem’s opinion, or at least the most competent sources in the world. All I ask, especially if you are new to this blog: ask questions about something you don’t understand. To come right out with a very distorted opinion and say “you (once again, that’s me) don’t know what you are talking about.” I am ready to debate any topic but you better come to me with scriptural references, not opinion based on your flawed human logic. I’m sorry, but I had to get that of my chest considering I am still getting ridiculous comments that help no one.

Now, the topic of the day:

I must include a very important aspect of living with opinion, instead of the Absolute Truth – DANGER!!!! There are many, many topics that I have not covered on this blog. The reason is obviously, in an effort to keep this at a more understandable level (since Jewish scriptures include everything in the Universe). This means if you wish to learn the truth about a subject, you will have to research the subject yourself. The most important thing to keep in mind is until you know the absolute truth about a subject, don’t, and I really mean don’t go by your distorted flawed human logic opinion, rather than Hashem’s correct infinite intelligence opinion.

I would like to give some examples of controversial subjects that have been in the public debate arena, and how opinion has totally devastated lives.

The brit milah, circumcision, is a physical symbol of the relationship between Hashem and the Jewish people. It is a constant reminder of what the Jewish mission entails. Hashem commanded the Jewish people (Leviticus 12:2), “On the eighth day, the flesh of his foreskin shall be circumcised.” The act of circumcision, marking the completion of the body, is a human act. This teaches us that our spiritual, emotional, moral and ethical perfection requires human effort. Hashem does not do it for us, but requires our devotion to carry out this vital commandment.

The brit milah, ritual circumcision, is a symbol of our partnership with Hashem. This covenant with Hashem surpasses human comprehension. It is a bond that pledges unconditional devotion, no matter what may transpire between Hashem and an individual. It is a bond that is absolute and unchallengeable. For this reason a Jew is circumcised as an infant, when he has not yet developed his capacity for reasoning or making judgments, for the covenant of circumcision is not an intellectual or calculated partnership. The circumcision of an infant demonstrates that the connection between the Jews and Hashem is beyond rationale.

Since opinion can dictate a very negative attitude towards circumcision, we can see how ignorance can ruin this important covenant that lasts for eternity for this person. A lack of fulfilling this commandment does include eternal suffering. The spiritual loss is devastating and too complicated to discuss here. Just be aware that adult opinion has caused a very important covenant with Hashem to be lost forever. It is a very important benefit that should not be withheld from a Jewish baby, just because of a parent’s ignorant opinion.

For thousands of years, even under persecution, Jews have circumcised their sons using the services of a mohel, ritual circumciser, who knows all the intricacies of performing the circumcision. By having your son ritually circumcised, you join their ranks in connecting your child with Hashem in an unbreakable covenant.

On a spiritual level, circumcision is absolutely vital for the future of the Jewish male. On a physical level, there is much research that has shown the great advantages to the health of a male, even a non-Jew. I am fascinated by the fact that blood coagulation in the human male reaches its highest level on the eighth day of life – what a coincidence.

Another sticky subject is animal sacrifice. There is no doubt that hunting is very cruel. It is as painful a death to an innocent animal, as a human being would experience being shot or any other tortuous method of slaughter. Yet we have already talked about Kosher ritual slaughter and how there is no pain involved, none whatsoever (if your opinion tells you differently read my blog post and get educated to the truth about the subject). Hashem created the kosher animals with complete mercy for the animals.

So how about the sacrifice that occurred in the Temple? The system in this world, set up by the Owner of the world, is to allow substitution for the sins of human beings by sacrificing an animal. It could mean that by Jewish law, a person, who should be put to death, can repent his or her ways and avoid death with an animal sacrifice. Once again, the spiritual ramifications here are beyond human comprehension, but suffice it to say that it is very merciful to people.

But how about the mercy for the animal? Two aspects of this system to learn. One is that most animal sacrifice is given to the Kohain, the priest, for consumption. The Kohain and his family will have food to eat in the same way that we get kosher meat for our Shabbos table. The second hidden aspect is that the animal experiences great benefit. It is a great honor for an animal to be sacrificed in the holiest of services in the Temple. Since this is not the real world, this animal gets to go on to something far better than this life on Earth.

But, let us talk of an even greater benefit that very few people would even think about. Most human beings require several lives on Earth to reach Tikun. We are reincarnated as an opportunity to fix what we did not fix in a previous visit to Earth. There are people who come back as animals. It is more embarrassing than being a respected human being, especially since the soul of a human encased in the body of an animal knows its situation and its embarrassment. Why does this person have to come back as an animal? Hashem knows exactly what a person needs to reach Tikun. There is a possibility that the person was cruel to animals, which is against the Torah (possibly the hunter mentioned above), and the perfect rectification for this inhumane behavior towards animals is to become one himself. But, now the merciful part. When an animal is sacrificed in the Temple, or even for our Shabbos table, that sacrifice is the release of the person from this difficult incarnation, and allows the achieving of Tikun. This is a very happy benefit for the animal, and, more importantly, for the person reaching rectification. It puts a very different spin on animal sacrifice for the people who only had an opinion and no scholarship of the subject.

A man walks into a hospital and accidentally strays into an operating room. He arrived at the exact moment that the skilled brain surgeon is cutting open a patient’s head, ready to remove a cancerous tumor. The man is totally grossed out and had the initial reaction to stop the procedure – after all, he was of the opinion that this doctor was killing the guy on the table. Of course, we know that the doctor is saving his life and should be greatly commended for his skills.

That may seem like a silly scenario – how can a guy be so ignorant, just because he didn’t know the truth about the situation? Yet, how many of us do the exact same thing based on our opinion rather than educated decision making. How many people drive while intoxicated or even worse while texting a friend? The number of fatalities a year is alarming. Yet, anyone doing such acts would have given you their opinion: “I can handle it – accidents don’t happen to me, they happen to the other guy.” How many people speed down the highway with total disregard to the Laws of Physics which states: the road was not designed for that speed, and you can get killed if something goes wrong, such as two vehicles trying to occupy the same space at the same time.

These are all examples of people whose opinion is different from Hashem’s opinion. But, human beings have that dangerous characteristic of thinking “nothing will happen to me,” until it happens to him or her.

Hashem knows what is best for each of us; and, His commandments teach us exactly how to enhance our lives to the maximum, even how to survive. Our opinion decreases the benefits; after all, we think we know better. Only Hashem’s opinion is correct. If we have the uneducated opinion that certain commandments that we are obligated to perform are archaic or unnecessary in this modern day, you have just admitted you don’t know what the commandments mean and how important they are to do. You are not aware of the great danger you have are in or the vast suffering that you unknowingly are putting your loved ones through. If you don’t believe that, don’t complain when life goes totally wrong with sickness, accidents and suffering.

When you live the absolute truth, you are living Hashem’s opinion, and completely protected from your own.

Note: Yesterday and today’s posts were taken from my book, The Absolute Truth (once again, with permission from the author). This and many other topics can be yours by clicking the “Buy Now” button on the top of the right column (this is the electronic copy, still $5), or clicking the book cover for the actual book or the Amazon Kindle version.

Sunday, October 18, 2015


It is interesting that the less Torah learning an individual has, the more opinion they use. Opinion is based on life's experiences and not so much on knowledge. When I was doing Kiruv, outreach (helping fellow Jews find their way in life), in the states, I saw it all the time that you can teach Hashem's opinion on a subject and get as a response: "I always believed it was this way or that way." I find the more Torah that I learn, the less I know. When I discover the truth about a subject, I find I have a lot more to learn and that I have been running on my opinion for years on whatever the subject is at hand.

I am experiencing, almost every day, "the me of the past (the way I used to think when I had an opinion)" since most people, who are without Torah answers, think they know much more than Torah scholars – after all, they have an opinion. The biggest problem is, unlike when I was face-to-face with my Kiruv (outreach) students, the web is a cold hard place to correct and help people. In person, we provide instant help and a much friendlier atmosphere. People are much more brave and show much more belligerency when they deal long distance by writing. Since they can say any nonsense they want and even use the name Anonymous to spout their misgivings, they become as brazen as they want without consequence.

Or, is it without consequence? Anyone who has fear of heaven knows very well that everything one does, every word one says and even every thought one has is known and is recorded in heaven. Psychologist will tell you that people like to have a scapegoat. Jews have been the most famous scapegoats in history. It's very difficult for us to admit our own shortcomings. If we have a way to vent our frustrations, blame someone else in a way that we think is safe, we take advantage of it. The web has perpetuated much hatred, especially Jew-hatred, because it is a haven for cowards. It is so easy to blame someone else for one’s problems; especially a stranger that I will probably never see or encounter in any way.

A few years ago there was a debate on another blog about whether my blog really was the Absolute Truth. Most of the 110 comments were positive and even complimentary. But, I saw within the comments, individuals with a great lack of Torah knowledge, screaming for help. It was a vent for personal problems and frustrations. The big problem was it hurt good people. It definitely included Lashon Harah, and the permanent damage it could cause. You can’t take it back and can’t fix the damage. I saw on my blog a decrease in comments and a decrease in page views. This indicates to me that many of my readers may have lost confidence in some of the material that I was presenting, because they were victim to believing Lashon Harah. I was getting more personal Emails from people who wanted to talk, but did not want the other readers to read their questions or concerns. The sad part is that I did not get challenged when points of disagreement were voiced. Instead of somebody doing it the Torah way by saying to me “I disagree with something and here is my evidence to prove my point,” I received anger and nonsensical accusations. Anger is always a sign of frustration and lack of knowledge on the part of the individual. I can see that they were not angry at me; but, they just could not admit it that the psychological failing is on their part. In other words, they were angry at themselves and were merely looking to vent their frustrations and using the safety of the internet was the perfect outlet.

Since I am aware of this, I am in no way concerned about myself, but I'm very concerned about those who are having this problem, since I cannot help Anonymous (the name that is almost always used by the one not able to cope). The biggest frustration of all is how many people listen to Lashon Harah and believe it. Both are grave sins in the eyes of Hashem – listening and/or believing. I know that I can control the comments on my blog. I can delete any comment that is inappropriate. But when it appears on somebody else's blog and as Lashon Harah, I have no control over the hurt it causes good people. What the moderator of another blog prints becomes that moderator’s responsibility, even if it contains very sinful and damaging rhetoric. Printing Lashon Harah is a way of condoning Lashon Harah. That hurts everyone involved: the one being talked about, the one saying the Lashon Harah, the blogger allowing it and the readers who read it (even if they don’t believe it). What is sad is that no topic that came from my blog was questioned or debated. I was just told I was wrong and end of story. In every case, I had excellent sources to prove my arguments. In some cases I had to do further research, since it was dealing with something that I had heard many years prior, but I was still able to vindicate my position.

I take very seriously the idea of presenting the absolute truth as I spend many hours a day researching and writing before I post. It's amazing how someone with a total lack of scholarship on the subject can, with a distorted opinion, voice dissension the way they do. I find almost no one will ever research the subject; only that they comment based on what they have experienced themselves – an opinion based on flawed human logic. I know basically people are lazy; but, if they really know how much damage they are doing to themselves and others, they would become more ambitious. Don’t forget: this is damage for all eternity.

I am with very little concern about myself. I know that everything in this world is for the good. I see this as testing for myself and for any blogger who faces the same situation. In other words, Hashem is providing me with challenge to help me grow, which gives me Tikun. I thank Hashem for the personal growth, but I still feel bad if any of my readers have been led astray and had their personal growth negatively affected. Also, I feel bad for the frustrated individual who comments in an incorrect way by not asking questions, but just voicing dissention. That person’s entire future depends on it as well. I have mentioned that we are getting close to the Day of Judgment "the two late date." How much I wish everyone would take this seriously. It's not the anger that you are venting, it is the fact that you may be shooting yourself in the foot while doing it. Other bloggers should note that taking the Absolute Truth off of your favorites list has sent a very strong message to your readers and mine. It condones Lashon Harah and hatred. It says that judging a fellow Jew is not important. Judging is against Torah, especially if you state publically that Hashem’s truth is not your opinion. That is a grave sin. Remember that one of the greatest traits for which Hashem is judging us is Ahavas Yisroel, love of one’s fellow Jew.

When you read something on the web ask yourself: “Am I seeking the truth or just giving in to the loudest protesters to appease them? Fairness is the Torah way and is the best lesson for readers of all the nonsense on the web. Your eternity will be reviewed on Judgment Day; do the right thing.

I have a love for all people and those who can't control their own emotions, I wish to help. I am neither a hateful person nor a vengeful person, but only one who wants to do the will of Hashem and help everyone. If you lack knowledge on the subject that I am covering, then join me in learning. If you know more than I on any subject and wish to contribute, I'd like to consider myself as open-minded an individual as can be, and I am ready to learn from you. All I ask is if you frequent blogs, be nice to the other readers and any blogger to whom you provide comments. I am sure you will receive niceness in return, especially from Hashem. That's the Torah way; and, that's what makes Hashem happy.

One word of advice is the best way to learn the Absolute Truth is through books that are based on Hashem’s opinion, not the horrible web that is mostly the flawed human logic opinion of people.

Tomorrow, B”N, I would like to discuss the danger of having an opinion – it is more complicated than you might think.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Nu, Did U Invite Someone, Yet?

Very simple.  If you work with someone or go to school with someone who you could help discover life, do it.

This happened to me and my family 22 years ago that completely changed us for the better, and sent us on a path to total joy, happiness and success in life.  We are totally grateful to that family, and have responded over the years by giving the same gift to many others.  It is a very rewarding experience.  

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat NOACH, 28 Tishrei 5776 (11/10/15)

Father in Heaven has not left the people of Israel or the state of Israel and never will. He protects and guards the state of Israel and all of the Jews in Israel. A cloud of fire protects the borders of Israel and the Jews need to make an effort to watch over themselves. Do not be complacent, be vigilant without fear. G-d is revealing every Arab city and village in Israel. They are coming out of hiding. Up until now, it was the quiet before the storm; now we are discovering where we live and that we cannot trust them. The state of Israel can't give them even one centimeter of land. They must not give up even one piece of the holy land! They don't want peace; they want to destroy every Jew. When the courts don't act against those who throw stones, it gives them an appetite to go use knives.

The Hamas, Abu Mazen, and the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip aren't doing anything for now because they haven't finished the tunnels yet. They don't want to start a war and shoot rockets because they know that Israel will come in with planes and destroy the tunnels. That is why they are taking advantage of the opportunity and using Arabs from East Jerusalem, whom they have trained for battle in an urban area.

If the state of Israel mitigates, they will continue to do harm. If the state of Israel is strong and doesn't relent, they will stop. There will not be a third intifada, because they know it will harm their jobs; and, they are not ready to cooperate with all of those who want to harm Israel.

The IDF must catch the conspiracy that cause youths to rebel with knives. Well done on the government's decision to be tough on those who try to stab people with knives. The Arabs with knives know that their lives are in danger and they think twice.

Jews must not be afraid, go about your regular lives and let the IDF, police, and defense forces do their work.

G-d is awaking the state of Israel and the Jews in and out of Israel so that they don't believe in the gentiles, not in Israel and not out of Israel.

G-d wants people to pray to Him; He wants the people of Israel to continue to pray and read psalms to protect the people of Israel, to protect the IDF soldiers, the police, and the citizens.

If the Jews understood how much G-d wants to be worshiped, there wouldn't be any casualties. Everything that is happening now is to make Jews vigilant, get them to unite and love each other.

The Arabs are causing a mess so that Israel gives up the holy places that belong to the Jews. It won't do them any good, G-d wins everyone!

Armageddon is outside of Israel. They eat at each other; kill each other, in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey, and Europe.

In Europe the infiltrators are bringing death.

The United States supposedly wants peace, they continue to promise Abu Mazen and the Palestinians a state of their own, in secret and in the open, but they have their own interests in mind. They want all of the Arabs to support the United States so that it can control the Middle East.

Iran is afraid after what happened with Russia's rockets. Despite taking weapons from Russia and money from the United States, they are afraid of both and have lost faith in both. Iran can't hurt Israel because they know what the outcome will be.

Russia is secretly a friend to Israel.

In Egypt, ISIS and extreme Islamists want to eat Sisi alive. Soon we will hear what is going on in Egypt, the land is burning.

Lebanon has no strength.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah have no strength because the Russians are in Syria, and the Syrians are disconnected from Hezbollah.

The IDF needs many eyes so that they don't send ammunition and weapons from Iran to Hezbollah.

Jordan is living in pressure; the refugees are eating at it.

Iraq is being erased.

Syria is being erased and anyone who goes to Syria gets in trouble.

It won't do anyone any good, whatever they do they will fall on their swords and their bows will break. The people of Israel live on forever! Israel is blooming, it is growing, there will be quiet and peace and everything will be good in Israel.

The entire world continues to be in chaos except for Israel. The economy in the world is failing.

Dear Jews, invest only in Israel.

Natural disasters, harsh winds, storms, floods, volcanic eruptions, fire, heat, earthquakes, everything continues and gets stronger. Natural disasters and conflicts will continue.

All of the corrupt people and thieves will be revealed.

Government of Israel - do not give up on the holy places. Be tough and do not relent. That is the way to get peace and quiet in Israel. Do not be afraid of any country in the world. That is G-d's work and we don't need to interfere. G-d is taking the wheel and guiding the entire world, including Israel, according to what He wants and what it should be.

The small Jewish children started dreaming about the coming of the messiah. G-d sees that adults are dreaming but afraid to speak, what did he do? He gave the children prophecies to wake up the adults.

One of the questions people are asked when facing judgment in heaven is "did you expect salvation?". We ask for salvation and the Messiah three times a day in our prayers and in our blessings after we eat - so what is the shame in talking about the Messiah?

Everything is on the right path; G-d is controlling the world! Do not be afraid for the state of Israel or the Jews in Israel. WE went through the holidays, which were pure and good, and we have a year ahead of us that is blessed with rain, good economy, real estate, health, and life, and soon G-d will crown the Messiah as King!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

We are Partners in Creation

As every week, the Parashah of the week and the Haftarah have a very profound message, especially for our time. This past Shabbos we say the creation of everything as we began the Torah again. The Haftarah has a similar message about creation that needs to be mentioned. First, let us look at the Artscoll commentary on the Hatarah:
Haftaras Bereishis - Isaiah 42:5 to 43:10 
The Parashah began with the story of Creation and the august role of man in bringing G-d's goal to fruition; of his downfall and G-d's mercy in allowing him a new life in which he could redeem himself. The Haftarah's theme is similar. Creation is not a phenomenon that took place in primeval times and then was left to proceed of its own inertia. The first verse of the Haftarah speaks of Creation in the present tense, because G-d must renew it constantly; otherwise the universe would cease to exist. So He does. His purpose is for Israel to guide mankind to His service: to bring the people to the covenant, to be a light to the nations; to help them remove the impediments that prevent their eyes and ears from seeing and hearing the truth.
But Israel falters. It sins, and G-d allows it to be plundered as a result of its failure. The downfall is not permanent; although G-d may look from afar; but He remains vigilant and seeks the opportunity to restore Israel to its eminence. No one seems to care, to see, but G-d always keeps His original purpose in mind, and only Israel is equal to it. Can the nations or their deities match Israel's loyalty, despite its frequent lapses? Is there any other nation that can bear witness to G-d's greatness, His mercy, and the fulfillment of His prophecies?
Ultimately, Israel can, and because it does it will be redeemed and be the instrument for the triumph of the spirit.
We know that we are all one with Hashem. We also know that we are partners with Hashem in the continual creation. Our prayers and our study of Torah cause energies to flow and positive creation to occur in the world. If we are with Hashem, work together and live His Torah, the absolute truth, then the world is a positive place of goodness. If we live by our own devices and think we know better, the world is full of chaos and mayhem. Are we starting to catch on that we have faltered in our mission of being a light unto the nations? Do we just say: it’s not my fault that the world is so horrible, I am basically a good person who doesn’t get into trouble? It is amazing that we think that all I have to do is not believe the truth, and it will go away.

I recently have been called a person who threatens. I was painted as a mean person who dictates what we should be doing, and cutting no slack in my effort. The fact is: the most difficult job in the world is trying to save people’s lives when they completely close their eyes to reality. By thinking that we have no stake in creation, that it goes by itself without us, we are killing ourselves and our loved ones. Why am I more concerned with your welfare than you are? Because, we are all in this together. Everything that I do, affects you; and, everything you do, affects me. I have stated that “ignorance is not bliss, it is extremely dangerous.” Just look at the world situation and see. The majority of Jews are not living Torah and those who do, don’t think they could improve.

We just came out of a period of asking for forgiveness (Selichos) and a period of repentance (Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur). Then we asked why did the Moshiach not show up as had been speculated?

Can you as an individual Jew say beyond a shadow of a doubt that you did your absolute best during the time of reflection and that you really deserve to be redeemed? Or, if you look in the mirror, point the finger, would you say: there is the reason Moshiach was not announced? I know that I did not do enough. Yes, I am part of the problem, but the first step to correcting the world is to realize your personal shortcomings. That is called doing Teshuvah. When I take full responsibility for my mission as a partner in creation, and do what is necessary to maximize my effort, that is when I can look in the mirror and feel comfortable with my performance. We are not there yet. We have work to do. I know that Rav Ben Artzi, shlita stated that Hashem is pleased with our effort during the days of reflection, but I still wonder how much more we could have done since Moshiach did not get introduced. More importantly is for each one of us to evaluate our performance and continue to do improvement.

I have stated that Judaism is not a spectator sport; we are the team on the field. Being “partners in creation” means that if we work together as a team, we can win. What do we win? Geula, Moshiach, the world of truth, the world without evil. Our game is in overtime. Each one of us needs to be more of a team player than ever before. Our head Coach, Hashem wants Achdus, unity, not machlokes, conflict.

As I said, it is very difficult trying to save the world when there are so many who only want to argue with you over trivia. Who is Gog, where is Magog, who has the best blog, which Rabbi should we believe, etc, etc, etc? That is what is keeping the Moshiach from being introduced. That is what saddens Hashem when He sees such arguing as if that were helping us. I am amazed at how many people I have asked to join me in helping to save the world, and the response of “you are wrong, you don’t know what you are talking about.” Funny thing is: that is not the Torah response. If someone disagrees with another person, they are supposed to discuss the subject, ask questions, learn from each other. That is the Torah way. That is what Hashem wants from us.

Calling the person who is trying to save your life and guarantee you a tremendous future one who threatens, is not the Torah answer. I know that I am dealing with people who have very secular ways, who do not live Hashem’s absolute truth, but I also can’t stand by the “blood of my brother” and do nothing. If I say: I have it great, and I am not worried about anyone else, Hashem would make sure that I would not continue to have everything great. It is opposite to the Torah message.

There are things that I have posted that have caused conflict with other bloggers who don't agree. It is not that they have proof otherwise, it is more of a case of flawed human logic and messages that they have received from sources that have no scholarship on the subject. Example is who is Gog? There are very few people who know any truth about the reality of this world, so other blogs are presenting very distorted information. You would think that this would want to make me even more determined to get the truth out, after all my presentation is based on thousands of hours of research. The only thing that I am concerned with is what is good for the people reading the information. If they lose confidence in what I say because they also have no scholarship on a subject, it is not serving Hashem nor my mission to bring people closer to Hashem which should never create controversy. My goal is to save lives not to clarify sensationalism and definitely not to make myself more popular. I only want Hashem to be popular, that is the ticket to help others, not me flaunting my scholarship on subjects to show up others, chas v’shalom. People seeing controversy between blogs causes a loss of confidence in all parties concerned and that is very counter-productive to our missions of bringing everyone closer to Hashem.

For the benefit of my readers, I do not plan to continue this nonsensical arguing about some of the posts that I have made, even though I have had readers provide me with an abundance of evidence to support my findings. Saving the world is my mission, not losing credibility to people who lack scholarship – that serves no one.

We are partners in creation with Hashem, but also with each other. You can’t build a house with two different sets of blueprints and expect it to stand. Unity, working together with the blueprint that Hashem gave us, the Torah, the Absolute Truth (yes, that is what the Absolute Truth is – the word of Hashem), is the only way that we will see the happy ending and the world that we crave for ourselves and our loved ones. Guaranteed in writing!!!