Sunday, September 27, 2015

Why Are We So Surprised at the Nonsense Happening in the World?

I received two comments bringing up all the craziness happening in the world that we see in the news every day. First the comments:

H08701 September 27, 2015 at 3:58 AM
Shavuah Tov R' Menachem and all the wonderful bloggers. So much has happened and is happening... It's just dizzying keeping up with it all.... With the Pope's visit, the stampede in Mecca, China's battle warfare arriving in Syria, not sure what else - but there's got to be more - would be such a treat to have a post.
It's Erev Yom Tov and it's just a wishful dream. Although sincerely hoping that the only post that will go up will be the announcement of Melech Hamashiach!! :) Shavuah Tov! Chag Sameach!
Hal September 26, 2015 at 10:31 PM
It was extremely foolish of Breitbart to pre-announce something that might end Obama's career. If anyone has information like that, they should make it public as soon as possible with NO WARNING. We should remember the story about three Gay men in Obama's church dying within 40 days of each other -- two of them by gun shots to the head, just as Obama was emerging as a serious presidential candidate.

We should also remember the highly convenient death of Obama's White grandma just days before the election. She could have been subpoenaed to testify on where Obama was born if she lived. She was the only living person in the US, who knew for certain where Obama was born.
If those Gay men were murdered to cover up bisexual activities by Obama and if his grandmother had been given a lethal injection to cover up his citizenship problems, then we can logically expect anyone else who uncovers extremely damaging information about Obama to be in equally serious peril. Not too surprisingly, Andrew Breitbart wound up conveniently dead just hours before he was going to release extremely damaging videos about Obama, which Breitbart boasted would cost Obama the election. Now we learn that one of the medical examiners, who may have worked on Breitbart's case has wound up dead from cyanide poisoning on the very day that the announcement of Breitbart's cause of death was made.
My response:
I have talked about the subject on numerous occasions that everything in the news these days is for sensationalism, TO MAKE MONEY and to further the evil agenda of the global elite (who basically controls the media). There is very little truth in the news. As an example: the proof of Obama not being an American is overwhelming and definite, but did not help the New World Order campaign, since Obama is a puppet of the Gog Bush cabal. He had to become president to bring this upside-down world to its chaotic state (even the elections are fixed; just ask Al Gore). They want World War 3; Obama is doing every task he has been given to get it started. He is a very effective cabal puppet. All the events with the Pope's visit, the stampede in Mecca, China's battle warfare arriving in Syria, etc, etc, are all serving the NWO agenda.

Everybody in the world is completely in the dark about what is happening. I find very few people who are living the Absolute Truth. As an example: the video that was shown on another blog recently that mysteriously showed signs of 911 in the “Back to the Future” movie and other movies. Nobody commented that the vice president of the time was Gog Bush who was planning to run for president three years later and announce the NWO, which he did. Between the Gulf War, the Oslo Accord and the first attack on the WTC in 1993, Gog's instituting Al Qaeda, it was obvious that Gog was implementing his extremely evil agenda. But nobody to this day has a clue, except for the cabal who are in on the plan. Everything that is happening is so obvious that nobody sees it. Why did 911 wait until 2001? Because Gog Bush lost the election for a second term in 1992 (it was before computerized elections made it so easy to cheat). They had to wait until Gog Junior was in place to continue the NWO fiasco, even though the Clintons came around to Gog’s agenda and are also puppets of his cabal (money is the great persuader).

There are many, many more details, but it is not necessary since we are on the verge of the complete change of the world. The good news is that Hashem is letting everything happen in this evil fantasy world so that the world of truth, the world redeemed, the world with Moshiach will be the only obvious solution, and will be so welcome by the righteous of the Earth. The upside-down fantasy world is about to be rectified, turned right-side up, and those who are with Hashem will completely take advantage of the beauty about to happen. There is nothing new or even mysterious in the news; it is all in scriptures and completely happening as told to us thousands of years ago.

We are about to begin the most fascinating Succos celebration in the history of the world. I have said numerous times that I am not a prophet, but a dot-connector. Succos has a very prevalent theme of Gog U Magog in what is read and even the construction of the Succah. The news gives the impression that the final battle of Gog U Magog may occur this week. There are predictions from very prominent sources that Moshiach will be introduced this week. There are definite places in scriptures that support such an announcement, as well as the codes that were found in the Torah by Rav Glazerson, shlita. Rav Berland’s statement about the announcement tomorrow night has a very curious implication to it. He and other Gedolim have been telling the Jews of the world to make Aliyah in time to greet Moshiach. Is it strange that the time difference and the second day of Yom Tov will allow all Jews in Israel to meet the Moshiach, but the Jews outside will have to wait until the end of the second day and will miss the most important event that we have been craving for thousands of years? I have been reminded that Moshiach will be announced by Eliyahu Hanavi, Elijah the Prophet.  I believe that Rav Berland stated that the information came for Eliyahu (or that Rav Berland is Eliyahu -- more dots that I haven't received yet).  Whatever happens, it will be in total agreement with what has been brought down in scriptures.

Is it interesting that the super blood moon will occur at a convenient time for everyone outside of Israel to see, but the moon will actually be below the horizon in Israel during this event? Since an eclipse is considered a negative warning, did Hashem make sure it would only be for people in harm’s way?

Yes, I am doing a lot of speculating and even dot-connecting, but since there is nothing random in this world, nothing by coincidence, it will be interesting to see the completed picture once all the dots are available.  I even have other very suspicious events occurring, but they would be too extensive for this post.

I sincerely wish everyone a very happy and exciting Succos, and ask that you think about all that is happening and finally come to the obvious conclusion that “turning to Hashem is the only way to salvation, to happiness and to a tremendous future. If you are still a skeptic, consider yourself a fool. There will be no words that you will be able to say to your loved ones as to why you totally let them down when you had the key to success and foolishly didn’t believe it. We were given ten days to sort it all out and try to grasp the Absolute Truth.  But, I see from some of comments that I have been getting (I don’t post negativity, so you are not aware of these comments) and the skepticism that we seeing on other blogs, that opportunity is knocking and many are not answering the door.

May Hashem bless us all with the goodness that will be in abundance soon. May He help us avoid that flawed human logic with which we dangerously guide ourselves, and finally accept the Obvious Absolute Truth that He gave us – the true key to happiness and success.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Haazinu/Sukkot, 7 Tishrei 5776 (20/9/15)

Father who has mercy over all of His creations, mercy on the Jews, mercy on the Jews living in the Holy Land, does everything so that people understand how much He loves the Jews in Israel and does everything so that the Jews not in Israel will run away from there and come to the Holy Land. Father in Heaven, Father of Mercy asks the Jews of Europe, the United States, and everywhere in the world to run away while they can and come to the Holy Land to live.

Millions of ISIS refugees and infiltrators will reach Europe and they want to take over government. They will succeed in fighting European law and destroying it.

G-d has shown the people of Israel great miracles, like how He sent all of the infiltrators from Africa to Europe. People saw these great miracles with their own eyes. The infiltrators from Israel will also run to Europe. The Europeans pretend to be modern, they defend the refugees, but things will turn over on them. The refugees will eat away at Europe and will take over the government. They have been brainwashed to conquer Europe. ISIS is taking advantage of the opportunity and going with the refugees to Europe and everywhere else. They don't care about anything, what they dream of at night, they do in the day; and, what they dream of in the day, they do at night.

We repeat, Armageddon is outside of Israel's borders, it is abroad.

Huge warning for all the Jews in Israel: You must not agree to take in any refugee from Syria or any other country! There is no room for refugees in Israel. Israel is a small country and there are enough complications already here with minorities, the Sudanese, Palestinians, and everything that is going on around Israel. It is a huge danger to take in refugees from Syria! 70% of them are ISIS, 70% of them are ISIS, 70% of them are ISIS disguised as refugees!

We will repeat again, Israel is protected; a cloud of fire protects the borders of Israel. The IDF protects from below, the armies of heaven protect the IDF, and those who study Torah protect the IDF and the state of Israel. In the borders of Israel there is a spiritual wall, the people of Israel see what is happening in the world and the world does not see what is happening in Israel, so they don't mess with Israel and don't want to come in.

The IDF needs to be careful on the Gaza Strip borders. They say that they have a holiday, but they are lying, their holiday is that they want to surprise the IDF soldiers and settlements. In East Jerusalem they have bad plans; you must keep your eyes open.

The Hamas and Palestinians fight and kill each other like they are fighting over a throne. They are really fighting over money, tens of millions of dollars. They are killing each other over property and pretending it is for a throne, as if they care about their "people."

The US government is trying to make peace and kiss up to the Israeli government. They know that they have made a mistake and want to connect. They kiss up because elections are coming up soon and they want the Jews to support them; they are dreaming. It won't do them any good, flattery won't help. They have fallen and will continue to fall.

G-d will strike with fire anyone who wants to do harm to Israel. Any country that wants to do harm will be stricken by G-d with fire, brimstone, tsunami, earthquakes, floods, and harsh winds, they will have complications among themselves and with the refugees and infiltrators.

Any country that is in peace with Israel will have peace and quiet, good economy, protection and a good life - it is sealed from above.

Nothing will help Iran. They pretend to love peace, but they want to take weapons from Russia and financial support from the United States. The US needs to urgently wake up; it made a mistake with Iran and only got trouble out of it. Iran can't hurt Israel. They know that G-d is protecting the Jews in Israel, and if they do even the smallest thing against Israel, G-d will turn all of the factories in Iran to a giant torch and Iran will be destroyed.

Iraq is a Babel tower; it will continue to be destroyed.

Syria will be eliminated from the earth. Whoever interferes will be destroyed by fire, and there is no turning back. It is G-d's hand in play in Syria, thousands are dying there; Syria is dying.

Hezbollah and Nasrallah are finished. They have ammunition and weapons but they don't have anyone to operate them, they all ran away. They are all bark and no bite.

Egypt is next.

Turkey is next.

G-d is not rushing anywhere, He has time; everything has its time, step by step. Whoever harms Israel will be avenged and harmed by G-d.

The entire world will continue in chaos, natural disasters, conflicts between and within countries, earthquakes, storms and winds, volcanic eruptions, fire, heat and cold, complications on flights, ships, and submarines, etc.

As long as the people of Israel obey the commandments, no nation in the world can harm them. Whoever obeys the commandments is considered as someone who studies Torah twenty four hours.

All of the Rabbis and Torah greats in Israel will say a special prayer on Yom Kippur for the IDF soldiers.

All of the white and black collars, people who lust, bribe, steal, and cheat will be caught one after the other.

Rosh Hashanah has gone by in blessing, to a good life and the beginning of a wonderful year. We are closer to the revealing of the Messiah, one step closer to the crowning of the Messiah as King!

Many details about the Temple have been discovered and many more will be discovered. They will discover the foundations of the Temple and many more things, and no one will be able to deny that there was a Jewish Temple. The eye does not believe until it sees. G-d is showing the people of Israel miracles every day.

Yom Kippur is for the people of Israel, for the Jews; it will go in a royal way. The kingdom of the heavens will be immense on earth, greater than it has ever been.

G-d is letting the Jews feel, on Yom Kippur, how merciful He is so that they feel that the savior of Israel, our Messiah will be revealed soon!

Dear Jews, there are seven locks that must be opened in order for G-d to crown the Messiah as King; six have been opened and the seventh is on its way!

Dear Jews, it will be opened this year!

May this year be the year of the revealing of the King Messiah, son of David!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Stack the Odds: Yom Kippur

Thank you Harry Rothenberg of Partners in Torah for the very inspiring advice.

Lawyer Rothenberg works with Project Inspire, an outreach (Kiruv) program whose motto is "Inspiring Yourself by Inspire Others."  One of the greatest attributes that Hashem wants to see from us is Ahavas Yisroel, love of our fellow Jew -- I have mentioned it many times.  If you can provide help to another Jew, especially in the way of teaching another, it is a big miztvah that Hashem looks upon very favorably.  Reaching out to someone to bring him or her closer to Hashem brings you closer and is a very big plus for you going into Yom Kippur.  It also makes the up-coming Geula, redemption even more meaningful for you and the individuals you help.

Go to  Project Inspire. for more information.  You can sign up to be a mentor for someone who doesn't have learning 1 on 1.  This is done by phone, Skype, etc and is very worthwhile.  Once again, what you can do to help others is looked upon by Hashem as a very positive effort.

If you are Jewish and want to learn with someone, but do not have facilities available to you, go to Partners in and sign up for weekly instruction.  It is a free service to match Jews for learning.  In our modern age of electronics and very available communications, there is no excuse not to be learning about Hashem and the Torah.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

This Explains It All

I would like to give you some insight as to why the world is the way it is and even why history was so chaotic and full of turmoil. What I will be explaining is from Kabbalistic sources so I start off with a disclaimer: I can only give you the details as I learned them, and have no idea of the deep ramifications (it is beyond human comprehension). Am I off the hook?

Let us talk of the beginning of humankind. All my references to Adam are for all people, men and women, since Adam and Eve were created as a single being and were later separated into two distinct individuals. What is important for our purpose is that they did not start out as human beings as is familiar to us. They were at a very high spiritual level. When Adam ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, he did it for a very positive reason. He was very close to Hashem but wanted to be even closer. Even though he knew everything he needed to know about the world, he had a great desire to know more. Adam saw this tree as an opportunity to possibly be at the same level as Hashem. Once again, this was out of love for Hashem, since Adam was already at a very high spiritual level. What actually changed after he ate? In Hebrew there are two words that sound the same (unless you are Israeli and can hear the subtle difference) but have one letter difference, giving it a different meaning. The word is “ohr.” If spelled with the Hebrew letter alef, it means light. If spelled with an ayin it means skin. When Adam sinned his size was greatly reduced (he was a giant before and now was the size of a human being of today) and the covering of his body was changed from pure light to skin as we know it. In essence he went from being a spiritual being to a physical being. This is really when he became a human being to which we can relate. His knowledge was greatly changed since he was now aware of both good and evil. This is when he became aware of his lack of body covering as an example.

So far so good (I hope). Now we get into the spiritual change. The following explanation is an over simplification of a very difficult concept to understand (the part that is beyond our comprehension). Adam’s soul was actually the soul of all humankind. We were all part of Adam. When he sinned, the sparks of his soul were shattered like a broken vessel and scattered throughout the world. This is the reason that the people are throughout the world since the perfection of the world requires the gathering of these sparks to bring the soul of Adam together again. Of course, most of the souls were placed in Heaven, also known as the World of Souls. That occurred with the plan that the souls would come to Earth throughout history to effect the perfection of the Earth and the perfection of each individual soul. In other words, history was a gathering of the sparks to make whole the vessel again.

A side note of interest. Where we were located as individuals within Adam’s soul determined what part of the world mission for which we would be responsible. If we were the hands of Adam we would come to Earth as a skilled individual working with the hands. If we were part of his brain, we would be of high intelligence here. A soul from his heart might be a very righteous sensitive individual. I won’t cover the not so favorable parts of the body – use your imagination (that may explain why we have politicians – sorry about that). The point is we as the whole of society know why the world has the tremendous variety of skills and intelligence levels. It is interesting to ponder the individual location that you may have occupied in Adam.

What purpose is served by all this? Hashem is allowing very important and wonderful accomplishments by this scenario. One is that Adam (and all of us) had to be sent down to a very low spiritual level in order to gather the sparks. By doing this we are given the opportunity upon completion to surge upward almost like a slingshot affect to a spiritual level even higher than the level with which Adam started. When the redemption comes and the perfection is put into place, eventually we will experience a level that is close to Hashem beyond our comprehension. In essence, Adam’s desire to reach a much higher level will be accomplished.

There is another aspect of this plan that is not so obvious. Hashem is perfect. Within His perfection is all imperfection. Meaning, that Hashem is complete with everything. Hashem decided to demonstrate His wholeness by creating this world and us as imperfect beings. At the same time we are being brought to a level of perfection at the end, we have been the vehicle to show that all levels of imperfection exist within Hashem’s perfection. We can glean from all this some of the very difficult concepts that we questioned at the beginning. Why has history been so chaotic and full of turmoil? We can now see that the gathering of the sparks had to be done at all levels including the lowest level of our existence. The levels had to include the lowest of evil to the highest of goodness. The levels had to include all the imperfection that exists within the wholeness and perfection of Hashem. Hashem is everything, there is none else. As part of Hashem, we were the vehicle to demonstrate His wholeness. The good news is all the sparks have been gathered. The history used to demonstrate His wholeness is complete. This is another reason why I am convinced that the time of our redemption and the introducing of the Messiah are imminent. All is complete, the work is done – the future looks tremendous.

I didn’t say this was going to be simple to understand; but, my purpose in trying to explain this is to encourage everyone to gain the maximum place in the sun, so to speak. We now have the opportunity to obtain the highest spiritual level that Adam craved. It is available to each and every one of us. The last minute acts of rectification will change our eternity for the absolute best. Don’t waste the opportunity. Return to Hashem for everything. Know that everything that Hashem has done He has done for us and it is for the good. You and your loved ones will see a level of happiness and fulfillment that is beyond our human comprehension and that is the absolute truth. Accept it, live it and enjoy it.

Note: This was a chapter from my book “The Absolute Truth.” To get an electronic copy sent to your Email, click on the “Buy Now” button at the top of the column to the right – it is still $5. Or click on the book cover if you want the book or Kindle version from

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A Happy New Year Greeting for the Most Exciting Year in the History of the World


This is the last of the seven weeks from Tishe B’Av to Rosh Hashanah that are called the time of consolation, a time when Hashem tells us that even though events in the world may be looking scary with great uncertainty for the future, be consoled that the time of exile is coming to an end and the redemption is imminent. The consolation comes with the Haftarah for each of these seven weeks.

As in previous weeks, the message is so clear and timely that we truly can feel good about what is happening now and what is coming up in the very near future. Haftaras Nitzavim that we read yesterday is very indicative of this feeling of consolation. Here is the summary from the Artscroll Chumash:

Haftaras Nitzavim, Isaiah 61:10 - 63:9
The seventh and last of the Haftaros of consolation speaks of the ecstatic time of redemption and also of the years of exile and its final throes. G-d says, "For Zion's sake, I will not be silent," which Targum Yonasan renders as a warning that as long as Israel is dispersed, there will never be tranquility in the world. History bears this out just as it will bear out the rest of the prophecy. Its closing passage describes G-d metaphorically as a Warrior coming from battle, his garments splattered with the blood of Edom the offspring of Esau, ancestor of the Roman Empire, which brought about the current exile. The Haftarah ends with the inspiring words that G-d joins Israel in its exile in all their troubles He was troubled so that Jews knew always that they were never truly abandoned; G-d was watching and preventing the assassins from carrying out their intentions. If one corner of Israel's exile became unbearable, G-d was preparing the way for the next stage in the journey to the Messianic Era, always sharing Israel's travails.

This is so obvious in our present time.  All the chaos and mayhem occurring in the world today as long as we are not all gathered in our homeland, and it is a definite fulfillment of this prophecy.  This week, however, is even more exciting since the Parashah and the Haftarah are full of prophecy that we see happening. They both talk of the end of time as a time of repentance and redemption.

The Parashah mentions the return of the Jews to our home from all places on Earth that we have been scattered. An interesting fact that I have never talked about is that each verse of the Torah is commensurate with a year (it is not the topic here, but it so extensive that historical events are alluded to in the Torah and match the year to the verse perfectly).  The return of the land is the 5708th verse, which is 1948.

We also see mention of our enemy and how Hashem will take care of them, especially alluding to war that Hashem is fighting throughout the world until we are returned. This is occurring now, but is expected to come to a feverish pitch in the very near future. All is happening and all is with Hashem eliminating the evil and protecting the righteous.

As I have been mentioning for the past 42 months as well as in my book, Nitzavim talks about the necessity of turning to Hashem and following His ways.  The protection, the returning to the land, the redemption and all the goodness that is coming up is all determined for each individual, measure for measure, according to ones doing the right thing.  The more one does, the easier the process of the end times.  All Jews will be redeemed.  How difficult the process will be is determined completely by the individual.  I have mentioned that the craziness of the world, the threat of war, the financial difficulty, the evil leadership, etc will affect each individual or not affect each individual.  The key to happiness and success and getting through the horrors in the world still remains with the individual and how close he or she is with Hashem.  Doing all the commandments is not a nice thing; it is a necessity to survive.  Having complete faith and trust in Hashem is also necessary for surviving, but also greatly lessens the suffering one has to endure these days.  I still get people who are skeptical and write to me with a “we’ll see” attitude.  I can only say we have already been seeing for quite a while.  Skepticism is highly dangerous because it leads to inactivity of doing the right thing.

In Nitzavim we are again offered the blessing or the curse. Hashem is adamant that if you want His goodness and a much easier time in the end, follow His instructions completely, and it is yours for the taking.  If you think you know better, don’t complain about things going wrong in your life and the difficulties of this world.

The coming year, 5776, will be the best and most exciting year in the history of the world.  It is obvious that all is happening in this transition of an upside-down fantasy world of lies to a beautiful world of truth and goodness.  Be totally assured it is happening just as Hashem has told us.  It is so obvious when you see all the world events happening exactly as we were told thousands of years ago.  Use this gift of Torah to your total benefit and do everything you have to for the coming year to be the best for you and your loved ones.  Of course it is setting you and your loved ones up for joy and goodness for eternity – guaranteed in writing. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Vital Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Nitzavim, 22 Elul 5775 (6/9/15)

King of Kings, G-d is the only leader of the world and no one in the world can do what He wants, country or man. G-d does things His way to look like the ways of nature, the ways of the people on earth, and the animals. Without noticing, we are run under His management; He has chosen the holy state of Israel and the Jews in Israel. He calls out to the Jews outside of Israel to come to the holy land of Israel, because there will be Armageddon and chaos all over the world; there will be conflict and complications, and anti-Semitism will double. It is best to come now and have eternal life in the holy land than a short life abroad.

G-d has guided the refugees from Africa, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey, and Jordan to Europe! All of the countries that laughed at Israel, at the racism and hatred, now they have to deal with it. In Europe there will be a big mess with the refugees, there will be war between them, it will not be quiet, nature is at work. The refugees want to conquer Europe so that everyone is Muslim.

I repeat again: Armageddon is not in Israel! The evil from the north is in the north, Syria, Lebanon, and the rest, NOT in Israel!

Warning to all of the Jews in Israel: Do not agree to accept any refugee from Syria or any other country. There is no place for refugees in Israel. Israel is a small country and there are enough complications with minorities, the Sudanese, Palestinians, and everything happening around Israel. It is a great danger to accept refugees from Syria! 70% of them are ISIS pretending to be refugees! ISIS has cells in Israel, the north, south and center, and they want to develop them to cause disruptions in Israel. If something like this happens, heaven forbid, it will be disastrous for Israel, millions will come in and we won't be able to stop them. Do not be naive!

Parliament members and ministers need to take care of the state of Israel, which they haven't done in the past four years. Do not mess with G-d! The government of Israel must take care of its youth to keep them away from drugs, gambling, drug abuse, and assimilation - this is what the government of Israel needs to worry about. Thousands of children, from the age of 11, are already dealing in drugs, alcohol, gambling, and assimilation; the government needs to take care of that. Why don't they invest in that? Because there is no publicity about it. Knesset members must wake up! Do not accept refugees from Syria for your own benefit, to be in the media and boast, 70% of them are ISIS!

Syria is being destroyed, erased, it is chaos in Syria with the Syrians, rebels, Hezbollah, ISIS, Hamas, Kurds, Turks, everything is chaos.

Iraq is a Babel Tower, everything is destroyed and will continue to be destroyed.

Turkey is falling apart with ISIS, it will be destroyed.

Egypt continues to be eaten and destroyed. ISIS, Hamas, and extreme Islamists want to harm Egypt. Even the new canal will be damaged along with their gas field. The gas field they supposedly just discovered was always there, they did not discover it now. The new canal in Egypt will only lead to downfall.

Jordan waits for the United States to start talking about peace between countries, let them wait.

Iran doesn't care about anything, it is using the United States and disrespecting the contract, it tossed it in the trash. It is making fools of the US; it is friends with the Russians and in the end the United States will find out the truth.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah want to conquer Lebanon to rule it because Syria and Iran can't help them. ISIS is powerful in the Gaza Strip in Egypt. ISIS and Hamas want to surprise Israel. In Gaza they continue to dig tunnels toward Israel. The IDF must be vigilant, check settlements and army bases and G-d will continue to take the tunnels apart, though still the IDF must keep checking. The Palestinian's and Hamas' cruel dream is to humiliate the IDF soldiers. The IDF must be careful in Judea and Samaria and West Jerusalem; they want to surprise from there.

The government is tying the IDF's hands. The government needs to support the IDF soldiers so that they don't lose morale. Thanks to them, we Jews live, work, sleep, pray, learn Torah, are safe, happy, and keep Shabbat. The people of Israel are responsible for each other! Pray for each IDF soldier to be safe. Do not take their lives lightly!

The government of Israel and parliament members need to stop using the "I'll scratch your back and you'll scratch mine" method, because every time that they do, deals will fall. Their actions must be for heaven and the state of Israel! The state of Israel is all the people of Israel, it does not belong to any parliament member.  They need to treat it with honesty and truth.

The economy in Israel is the best, there is blessing and nothing is lacking. A cloud of fire surrounds the borders of Israel, and we will continue to pray, obey the commandments and learn Torah. After Sukkot, there will be great financial devastation in the world, in China and the United States. In the holy land of Israel, real estate, houses, lots, stores, agriculture - it will all bloom.

Every person who continues to cheat, take bribery, commit adultery, will be revealed in the media. All of the officials will be revealed, and those who are not officials will deal with G-d in quiet.

The forces of nature, fire, floods, storms, earthquakes, winds and storms will continue with much more power.

All of the Jews of Israel: Stop fighting, be kind, that is the blessing of the people of Israel! No one in the seven billion people of the world loves the Jews. That is why you must come to Israel and don't believe any Arab country surrounding us. G-d wants the people of Israel to be united, together with kindness and love.

Rosh Hashanah will be a pleasant and a good holiday. During the Ten Days of Repentance, you must repent. Yom Kippur is a big day; there will be the Will of Heaven, light and joy on Yom Kippur. Anyone who believes in the G-dly process of redemption and the Messiah will have joy on Yom Kippur! Joy in the good, blessing, happiness, good living, and a better and cleaner life! Anyone who says that he is the Messiah and was not appointed by the heavens will ascend and have to answer to the heavens. All of the greats of Israel who have dreamed about the Messiah operating must tell all! If they do not, they will be in trouble with G-d. The Messiah himself has received instructions from G-d that he is the Messiah and will be crowned soon! That is how the end of evil in the world will happen!


Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"
NOTE:  There are some statements here that are very profound, and even I would like further information on several subjects.  What you just read is as much as I know.  I am anticipating comments of curiosity, which I probably share with you.  If you want clarification, I could only guess at the possibilities.  It is fascinating that the Rav is saying very similar messages that the Gedolim, Rabbanim and the Facilitated Communications individuals have been saying.  This is very reassuring that this information is truly from Hashem.  We do not have long to wait for all the answers.  Thank You Hashem!!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Waiter and The Prayer by Yoel Gold

Watch this short video with a very big message:
There is no such thing as coincidence; everything for each one of us is completely orchestrated by Hashem.

This is such an inspirational message to encourage us to go into Rosh Hashana with complete confidence that every word we say to Hashem is meaningful.  What an opportunity to bring total joy and happiness to our lives and the lives of our loved ones.  Hashem is truly waiting for us to talk to Him, and the blessing that He will give us will be beyond comprehension.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Another Mystery Solved

Something that I have heard for decades is that we don’t really know what the order of events is in the Geula process. Is the Redemption first, then Moshiach, the return of the Jews to Israel, the Temple, etc? What is the mysterious chain of events that are experiencing? Well, it turns out that we do know. Hashem has given us extensive detail in scriptures and even information on where we are now and what is coming up. An even bigger surprise is we say the order five times a day in our prayers.

The Talmud, tractate Megillah 17b, states that the Shemoneh Esrei (some call it the Amidah or silent prayer) order of blessings and requests is the order this process will occur. We say the Shemoneh Esrei three times a day silently and then twice we have the repetition, totaling five times.

This is perhaps one of the most difficult topics that I have attempted on this blog. The information is extensive (volumes have been written), and is very deep. To try to describe in this physical world the information below when most of it is very spiritual in meaning, is close to impossible. But, I feel it is very important for me to try since it answers many questions that I have received over the years. I tried to answer them on a very basic level but could only do them justice if we were to talk on a much higher level – a spiritual level. I have explained several times that Torah is the most difficult subject in the world. The text at its deepest level is beyond human comprehension considering that it was created by an Infinite Intelligence. Enough said. This is long, but stick with it, it is very informative. Let’s get started.

I’ve organized this in several parts. The first is to briefly (not completely) tell you what the Talmud says. Then I will attempt to explain most of the parts. This also will be a very abridged discussion since, as already stated, there are volumes written on the subject. Then, with Hashem’s help, I will attempt to explain where we are in the process. The last part will be the most difficult part to understand and will probably be the most controversial answer I have ever attempted.

Babylonian Talmud - Megillah 17b
‘To the ‘Amidah prayer.’ Where is this derived? — As it has been taught: ‘Simeon the Pakulite5 formulated eighteen blessings in the presence of Rabban Gamaliel in the proper6 order in Yavneh.7  R. Johanan said (others report, it was stated in a Baraita): A hundred and twenty elders, among whom were many prophets, drew up eighteen blessings in a fixed order.’ 
Our Rabbis taught: Where do we derive that the blessing of the Patriarchs8 should be said? Because it says, Ascribe unto Hashem, you sons of might.9 And where that we say the blessing of mighty deeds?10 Because it says, Ascribe unto Hashem glory and strength.11 And where that we say sanctifications?12 Because it says, Ascribe unto Hashem the glory due unto His name, worship Hashem in the beauty of holiness.13 What reason had they for mentioning understanding14 after holiness? Because it says, They shall sanctify the Holy One of Yaakov and shall stand in awe of the G-d of Yisrael,15 and next to this, They also that err in spirit shall come to understanding. What reason had they for mentioning repentance16 after understanding? Because it is written, Lest they, understanding with their heart, return and be healed.17 If that is the reason, healing should be mentioned next to repentance?18 — Do not imagine such a thing, since it is written, And let him return unto Hashem and He will have compassion upon him, and to our G-d, for he will abundantly pardon.19 But why should you rely upon this verse? Rely rather on the other! — There is written another verse, Who forgives all your iniquity, who heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit,20 which implies that redemption and healing come after forgiveness. But it is written, ‘Lest they return and be healed’? That refers not to the healing of sickness but to the healing [power] of forgiveness. What was their reason for mentioning redemption in the seventh blessing?21 Raba replied: Because they [Yisra'el] are destined to be redeemed in the seventh year [of the coming of the Mashiach],22 therefore the mention of redemption was placed in the seventh blessing. But a Master has said, ‘In the sixth year will be thunderings, in the seventh wars, at the end of the seventh the son of David will come’? — War is also the beginning of redemption. What was their reason for mentioning healing in the eighth blessing? — R. Aha said: Because circumcision which requires healing is appointed for the eighth day, therefore it was placed in the eighth blessing. What was their reason for placing the [prayer for the] blessing of the years ninth? R. Alexandri said: This was directed against those who raise the market price [of foodstuffs], as it is written, Break You the arm of the wicked; and when David said this, he said it in the ninth Psalm.23 What was their reason for mentioning the gathering of the exiles after the blessing of the years? — Because it is written, But you, O mountains of Yisrael, you shall shoot forth your branches and yield your fruit to your people Yisrael, for they are at hand to come.24 And when the exiles are assembled, judgment will be visited on the wicked, as it says, And I will turn my hand upon you and purge away your dross as with lye,25 and it is written further, And I will restore thy judges as at the first.26 And when judgment is visited on the wicked, transgressors cease,27 and presumptuous sinners28 are included with them, as it is written, But the destruction of the transgressors and of the sinners shall be together, and they that forsake Hashem shall be consumed.29 And when the transgressors have disappeared, the horn of the righteous is exalted,30 as it is written, All the horns of the wicked also will I cut off, but the horns of the righteous shall be lifted up.31 And ‘proselytes of righteousness’32 are included with the righteous, as it says, you shall rise up before the hoary head and honor the face of the old man,33 and the text goes on, And if a stranger sojourn with you. And where is the horn of the righteous exalted? In Yerushalayim,34 as it says, Pray for the peace of Yerushalayim, may they prosper that love you.35 And when Yerushalayim is built, David(36) will come, as it says. 
5) Possibly this means ‘cotton dealer’ (Rashi).

6) I.e. one based on Scriptural texts, as explained infra.

7) V. Ber. 28b.

8) The first blessing, containing the words, the El of Avraham, the El of Yitzchak, and the El of Yaakov’. For the ‘Amidah prayer v. P.B. pp. 44ff.

9) Tehillim 29:1. ‘Sons of might’ is taken as a description of the Patriarchs. The Talmud renders: ‘Mention before Hashem the sons of might’, i.e., the Patriarchs.

10) The second blessing, mentioning the ‘mighty deed’ of the resurrection.

11) Tehillim 29:1. (12) The third blessing beginning, ‘You are holy’.

13) Ibid. 2. (14) In the fourth blessing, beginning, ‘You grant to man understanding’.

15) Yeshayahu 29:23f.

16) In the fifth blessing, commencing, ‘Bring us back, O Father’.

17) Ibid. 6:10.

18) Whereas in fact it comes in the next blessing but one, ‘redemption’ being interposed.

19) Ibid. LV, 7.

20) Tehillim 103:3f.

21) Concluding, ‘Blessed are You, O Hashem, who redeems Yisrael’.

22) V. Sanh. 97a.

23) In our books it is the tenth (v. 15), but the Talmud apparently reckoned the first and second Psalms as one.

24) Yechezkel 36:8.

25) Yeshayahu 1:25.

26) Ibid. 26. The next blessing proceeds, ‘Restore our judges’. etc.

27) MS. M. minim (plur. of min v. Glos.).

28) Mentioned in the next blessing. This, however, was not one of the original eighteen, v. Ber. 28b.

29) Ibid. 28.

30) The next blessing concludes, ‘the support and trust of the righteous’.

31) Tehillim 75:2.

32) Mentioned in the same blessing. ‘Proselytes of Righteousness’ are converts who completely accept the Jewish creed and life.

33) VaYikra 19:32.

34) Mentioned in the next blessing.

35) Tehillim 122:6.

36) Mentioned in the next blessing, which commences, ‘Cause to sprout quickly the shoot of David’.

The blessings of the Shemoneh Esrei, in their correct order, are:
1. Patriarchs.

2. G-d's Might.

3. G-d's Holiness.

4. Insight.

5. Repentance.

6. Forgiveness.

7. Redemption.

8. Healing.

9. Blessing of the Years (prosperity).

10. Ingathering of Exiles.

11. Restoration of Justice.

12. Downfall of the Heretics.

13. Support of the Righteous.

14. Rebuilding Jerusalem.

15. Reinstatement of the Davidic Kingdom.

16. Acceptance of Prayer.

17. Temple Service.

18. Thanksgiving.

19. Peace.
That was the easy part. Now to try to explain the parts without writing a book.

1, 2 & 3 make us realize before we can make our requests in life that we must know to Whom we are talking, and to have complete confidence that He is the Only Source of Salvation. As our forefathers discovered, it is only with the Might and Holiness of Hashem can we succeed. The first three blessings should be said with great feeling – clearly pronouncing the names of Hashem and understanding their meanings.

4. Insight

You graciously endow man with wisdom. [This blessing begins the middle section of the Shemoneh Esrei, in which we make our requests of Hashem. The first plea is for wisdom and insight, because a person’s intelligence is his or her primary characteristic, the one that sets us apart from animals.] We ask for wisdom and for insight, so that we can draw proper conclusions and achieve intellectual discernment (Vilna Gaon). This request is fulfilled by our study of Torah, so we are asking Hashem for all that is needed to strive and succeed in our efforts.

5. Repentance

Our Father. Only in this prayer for repentance, and in the next one, for forgiveness, do we refer to Hashem as our Father. A father has the responsibility to teach his son the proper way to live, but even if a son has rebelled and become estranged, the father's compassion will assert itself if his son repents and seeks forgiveness (Eitz Yosef). And influence us to return. Hashem never compels anyone to repent, but if a person makes a sincere beginning, Hashem will make his way easier. The most important aspect of repentance is not admitting to your mistakes, but the action taken as a follow-up to correct the mistake. No trickery, no shortcuts – just good honest effort to make positive changes. Hashem knows our intensions better than we do. If we do what we are supposed to, our repentance isn’t needed. If we make mistakes and repent properly, with actual correction, our repentance will be successful.

6. Forgiveness

Forgive ... pardon, Forgiveness, means not even harboring resentment or ill will, while pardon, means only giving up the right to punish for a wrong, (Abudraham).

7. Redemption

See our suffering. Though Israel’s suffering results from its own sins, our enemies cannot rightfully claim that they merely do Hashem’s work, since Israel suffers much more than necessary at their hands. Similarly, many commentators explain that the Egyptians were punished for oppressing and enslaving the Jews, even though Hashem had decreed the suffering and slavery, because the Egyptians, in their wickedness, greatly exceeded Hashem’s decree (Eitz Yosef). And redeem us, from the trials and agonies of everyday life (Rashi; Megillah 17b). For Your Name's sake. Israel’s suffering is a reflection on our G-d, and therefore, a desecration of His Name (Eitz Yosef).

8. Health and Healing

Heal us, HASHEM; then we will be healed. Sometimes human beings or angels are Hashem’s agents to heal illness, but in that case, the cure may only be partial or temporary. [Or the pain or other symptoms may be relieved, while the illness itself remains uncured (Siach Yitzchak). But if Hashem Himself undertakes to cure the patient, we are confident that it will not be a temporary or a partial measure: then we will be healed (Eitz Yoseffrom Zohar).] A very important concept is that this blessing provides spiritual healing. As I have said, the Soul causes physical pain and illness as a way of helping us reach Tikun. If we have spiritual healing, physical healing results as well. This is a prime example of a very deep concept being made simple – it would take much more to truly explain all the details.

9. Year of Prosperity

Bless on our behalf. We request a blessing on our general business activities and then proceed to ask for abundant crops. Even in bad times some people prosper, and even in good times some farms and businesses fail. We ask not only for general prosperity, but that we be allowed to share in it (R'S.R. Hirsch).

Dew and rain. The mention of rain in the second blessing of the Shemoneh Esrei is an expression of praise only. There we praise Hashem the Life-giver, Who controls the elements and provides wind and moisture as needed in the seasons when they generally occur. Here we make the request that He give us rain; therefore it is recited only when rain is actually beneficial for the agricultural cycle. Since rain is needed in early fall in Israel, the recitation begins on 7 Cheshvan, much earlier than elsewhere. From Your bounty. Food acquired in a morally corrupt manner lacks the holiness to nourish the soul. Therefore, we ask that Hashem to satisfy us from His bounty, not from earnings to which we are not entitled (Yaaros D'vash).

10. Ingathering of Exiles

Sound the great shofar: There are three differences between this prayer for redemption and the earlier one of #7 Redemption: (a) The earlier blessing refers to Hashem's daily help in all sorts of crises and suffering, while this one refers to the future Redemption from exile; (b) the earlier blessing refers only to physical salvation, while this one is a plea for spiritual deliverance; (c) this one specifies not only freedom from oppression, but the ingathering of all exiles to Eretz Yisroel. What this means to us is that Geula can come to an individual before the ingathering and the final Geula. Many of us living in Israel already feel the effects of the redemption, and will not see great differences when it occurs worldwide.

11. Restoration of Justice

Restore our judges. When Elijah heralds Moshiach's coming, he will first re-establish the Sanhedrin (the ancient Jewish court system), and then the Redemption will begin. A secondary theme of this prayer is the wish that Hashem help all Jewish judges rule wisely and justly (Yaaros D'vash). - And our advisers, i.e., the prophets who gave wise advice in both spiritual and temporal affairs (Olas Tamid). Sorrow and groan: sorrow, results from actual want or pain, such as hunger or destruction; groan, refers to inner turmoil, such as worry, depression, or fear (Vilna Gaon)

12. Against Heretics

And for slanderers. This blessing was not part of the original eighteen blessings; it was instituted in Yavneh, during the tenure of Rabban Gamliel ll as Nasi of Israel, sometime after the destruction of the Second Temple. The blessing was composed in response to the threats of heretical Jewish sects such as the Sadducees, Boethusians, Essenes, and the early Xtians, who tried to lead Jews astray through example and persuasion, and used their political power to oppress observant Jews and to slander them to the Jew-hating Roman government.

13. The Righteous

The remnant of their scholars. The term Sofer refers to those who transmit the Oral Torah from generation to generation (Auodas Yisrael). These four categories of people - righteous, devout, elders, scholars are the leaders of the nation. Because the nation needs them, the Sages instituted a special prayer for their welfare (R' Yehudah ben Yakar), And we will not feel ashamed. One who puts his faith in people feels ashamed, for he has been shown to be helpless on his own. But he is not ashamed to have trusted in Hashem as no one can succeed without His help (Dover Shalom).

14. Rebuilding Jerusalem

And to Jerusalem. Having sought Hashem's blessing on Israel's leaders and the righteous; we seek His blessing for the Holy City. No blessing is complete until the seat of holiness, Jerusalem, is rebuilt in all its grandeur (Iyun Tefillah). The throne of David. Jerusalem cannot be considered rebuilt unless a worthy descendant of David is seated on the throne (R' Yitzchak Zev Soloveitchik).

15. Davidic Reign

The offspring of ... David. Zechariah (6:12) teaches that Moshiach's name will be Tzemach, literally, the sprouting or flourishing of a plant. This indicates that the normal process of redemption is like the barely perceptible daily growth of a plant (Iyun Tefillah).

In the previous blessing the mention of David indicates that the realization of Jerusalem depends on the Davidic heir. Here we are taught that the ultimate salvation of the Jewish people is possible only through the Davidic Moshiach.

16. Acceptance of Prayer

[In the middle section of Shemoneh Esrei we have asked Hashem to grant our specific needs. We now close the section with a general plea that He take note of our call and grant our requests. Pity and be compassionate. Pity refers to an artisan's special regard for the product of his hands; while compassion is the emotion aroused upon seeing a totally helpless person. 0 Hashem, pity us because we are Your handiwork, and be compassionate because we are nothing without You! (Vilna Gaon).

Prayers and entreaties. Rashi (Deut. 3:23) explains that an entreaty is a request for an unearned gift. This expression is used by the most righteous people, because they are aware that no human being can claim that Hashem "owes" him something. Gur Aryeh explains that the righteous use the term entreaty only when praying for themselves, but when praying for the community they use Prayer, because Israel as a community deserves Hashem's help,

17. Temple Service

Be favorable. This begins the final section of Shemoneh Esrei. Like a servant who is grateful for having had the opportunity to express himself before his master, we thank Hashem for having been attentive to our prayers.

The service. As we conclude Shemoneh Esrei, our substitute for the Temple's sacrificial service, we ask that the true service be restored to the Temple (Eitz Yosef).

The fire-offerings of Israel. Since the Temple is not standing, this phrase is allegorical. It refers to: the souls and deeds of the righteous, which are as pleasing as sacrifices; Jewish prayers that are like offerings; or the altar fires and sacrifices of the Messianic era. Some punctuate the blessing to read: ... restore the service...and the fire offerings of Israel. Their prayer with love accept favorably.

18. Thanksgiving [Modim]

Rock of our lives. Our parents are the "rocks" from whom our bodies are hewn, but from You we receive life itself (Eitz Yosef). We shall thank You. Having begun the blessing by describing Hashem's greatness and our relationship to Him, we now specify those things for which we thank Him. For our lives. Lest anyone think that he is master over his own life, we acknowledge that every breath and heartbeat is a direct result of Hashem's mercy (Olas Tamid). Our souls that are entrusted to You. The word neshamah refers to the higher soul that provides man his holiness, as opposed to the lower soul that merely sustains him. During slumber, the neshamah leaves the body and is, so to speak, entrusted to Hashem's safekeeping, to be returned to man in the morning (Derech Hashem).

Your miracles ... Your wonders. Miracles are the extraordinary events acknowledged by everyone to be the results of Hashem's intervention. Wonders are the familiar things that we do not regard as miracles because we have grown accustomed to them, such as breathing, raining, and growing. We thank Hashem for both miracles and wonders, because we recognize that He is their Creator (Eitz Yosef).

19. Peace

Establish peace, is recited only times when the Priestly Blessing is given (O.C. 127 :2). At other times, Abundant peace is recited instead. The six forms of good listed here - peace, goodness, blessing, graciousness, kindness, and compassion - allude to the six blessings of Bircas Kohanim, the priestly blessings (Eitz Yoseg).

Graciousness, kindness and compassion. Man goes through stages of development in life. When he is growing and improving, he is the recipient of Hashem’s graciousness. In his period of maturity, when an individual may not improve, but continues the accomplishments of his more fruitful period, then Hashem grants him kindness. Sometimes he declines or does not deserve Hashem’s help, but even then Hashem shows compassion (lkkarim),

The above description of the 19 prayers of the Shemonah Esrei came from the commentary of the Artscroll daily player book, Ashkenaz. Although the order of the prayers are as described in the Talmud, there was much information in the Artscroll commentary that would enhance the statements that I am about to make concerning the process of the Geula and the time within which it will happen. First of all, you can see that the process is not instantaneously accomplished. From start to finish the goal of the process is very involved and could take time. What determines the amount of time is you the individual. It is obvious that not every one of us is at the same stage of the redemption process. For example the most prominent Rabbis of today are not waiting for insight, looking to start their repentance, waiting for forgiveness and, for that matter, waiting for redemption. As you saw above number 7 and number 10 both talk of redemption. Number seven was more of an individual redemption, while number 10 after the in gathering of the exile is alluding to the final redemption. Yet, one might ask if an individual has received all the stages of redemption up to number 10 and has already made Aliyah in Israel, has he or she already completed the in-gathering of the exile on an individual basis? If an individual is up to step 14 the rebuilding of Jerusalem, one might argue that the Jews have returned to Jerusalem and the city is very much built up. I personally have gone to Jerusalem hundreds of times, and am in awe at how beautiful and built-up the city Jerusalem is.

Then we get to the coming of Moshiach ben Dovid. Rabbi Kaduri, and many other sources, said that the Moshiach is already here. The problem with most of us is we don't understand this statement. Rabbi Kaduri never said that he would be announced on the international news including a videotape showing him coming in on a donkey.

He never said that he was coming to my house to knock on my door and shake my hand. All he said was he met and interviewed the man that would be crowned Moshiach, we know the individual that is to be anointed Moshiach lives in Jerusalem; he is, nevertheless, here.

I even question what does it mean that the Geula will be upon us? By the RAMBAM’s definition, redemption will be “business as usual, but there will be no enemies or evil around us.” I have mentioned that I personally live in the city that doesn't even have a police force. In 12 years that I have been here, I have not seen any evil around me. Nobody in this city has television. Very few people listen to radio since we are in a mountainous area; there are very few stations available to make it even worthwhile to have a radio. Very few people have computers other than those who need them for business purposes. The schools in the city frown upon children being around computers, and even have been known to turn down children who come from homes with computers. What does all this mean? Most of the people in this city don't have a clue as to what is going on in the world. They are not aware of the evil, suffering and, in many cases, even the financial hardships. If there were such a thing as the redemption being announced to the world, most people around me including myself would see no daily change in our activities. In other words, I, and most of my neighbors have already received our personal redemption (bli ayin harah).

Am I personally waiting for the Moshiach with the changes that the Moshiach will bring about? Even that is a misnomer since everything that will happened as a result of the Moshiach and the Geula will come from Hashem, not a person. So it is not Moshiach that I'm waiting for, but Hashem's changes. Did Moses cause plagues, split the sea, bring Manna from heaven and water to come from rocks? There are many other changes that are expected that I am already living on a daily basis – all from Hashem. I experience miracles all the time that wouldn’t have been known to me in New Jersey, my former residence.

Yes, I am waiting for Moshiach to be introduced. Why, when I have everything that I want? A very important commandment in the Torah, which I take very seriously, is to love my fellow Jew. It is worded several different ways, but the most famous is in Leviticus 19:18 “Love your fellow as yourself.” This has become known at the golden rule (mostly by the non-Jewish world, which means they also believe it) and is worded “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.” The point is that I am commanded to do so; however, I personally feel the pain of my fellow Jew and every righteous non-Jew. I was never a person to say: I am in good shape why should I worry about others?” When I feel the pain of others, I am acting as a Torah Jew and living Hashem’s will. So yes, I am waiting for Moshiach; yes, I am waiting for the redemption and yes, I want every good person on this planet to have the best Tikun possible! Enough said.

It says in Scriptures that Hashem created many worlds. One of the connotations of that statement is that each one of us is a separate world. No two individuals in this world experience the same thing. The design that Hashem provides for each of us is for the good and merciful treatment that each of us needs. I have been asked why certain things that the Rabbis have been predicting have not come to fruition. I believe that all is happening as they had said, but it is being experienced on an individual basis according to where you stand with Hashem. If you are skeptical about things, then in essence you must be lacking faith and trust in Hashem.

I believe you may be waiting much longer for redemption or not experiencing it at all. What are my statements based on? Prophecy from the Torah. We are told that the events of the first redemption would repeat themselves in the end of days. Interestingly enough only 20% of the Israelites had enough faith in Hashem to follow Moses into the desert. 80% of the Israelites perished in the plague of darkness. There seems to be similar numbers and percentages of Jews today that may fall into the same categories of having faith or not having faith. In other words, one might ask are most of the Jews of today not going to experience redemption? Even the 20% that went into the desert were still measure for measure happy or unhappy depending upon how much they were serving Hashem and having faith in Him.

It all comes down to measure for measure (how many times have I said that) when we ask what each of us individually should be experiencing in the end of days. If we are following the ways of Hashem, I believe we are either already there, or soon to be. If you are a skeptic, a complainer or, even worse, a heretic, don't expect Hashem to shower you with blessings. We really need to do the best repentance we have ever done, especially this month of Elul. Whatever you do measure for measure you will receive in return. We are individuals and are treated as individuals. There is no such thing as blending into the crowd or assimilating into society. Throughout history the Jews have painfully experienced that lesson. Hashem keeps tabs on each one of us – what we think, what we say and what we do. If it is a positive act according to His ways, we receive measure for measure a positive response. It is an exact science. Hashem is consistent and totally to be trusted. He doesn’t play practical jokes and He doesn’t change His mind. The design of this world and the life we live are constant. Hashem makes the world look random just to facilitate our free will; but, it is not random, it is, by design, for each of us. Your deeds, good or bad, will repay you in kind.

What is coming up for each of us is totally designed for each of us. Make it the best for you and your loved ones who depend on you.

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