Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Very Interesting Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Vayirah, 13.11.16 (including election results)

King of kings, G-d, Creator of the World, Leader of the World, is responsible for the world and wants to make all of the people living in it and the world itself new, pure and holy. A world of kindness, mercy, redemption, the Messiah, the Third Temple and resurrection.

G-d has shown the entire world that He decides who will be president of the United States and all countries. Suddenly, in the middle of the night, the election turns and Hillary starts to lose while Trump moves forward and takes the election.

G-d is showing the Jews while they sleep what is happening and what will happen, more or less. When the soul reaches heaven, G-d tells it through a vision or dream. Eliyahu the prophet will come to all the Jews this way; he will come in the resurrection with the Fathers and the IDF soldiers.

Trump beat Hillary, pushing her down and moving him up. He took the US government, confusing the US and the entire world! In the last minute, there was a miracle in the US and the holy land of Israel. G-d did it to purify the world for the Jews living in Israel.

Those who oppose Trump are those who don't want to repent and obey the commandments. Trump wants the world to be honest and true, he wants to clean out the bad, and he is being helped from the heavens.

Trump has won and he is with Israel, Putin has won and he is with Israel - two large powers in the world that the people of Israel will help them with science, patents and ways to fix the world.

G-d is in the Holy Land, giving to the Jews through the soul patents and unique methods to help Israel and the world. Israel is like a fruit tree that is in Israel selling its fruit to nations of the world.

The prime minister and ministers are satisfied, they were panicking before. Obama, who everyone thought gave a lot of money to Israel, gave maybe 5-10% of what Israel deserves. Those who are going to be in government now know very well what the power of Israel and the Jews in Israel are. This is physical and spiritual power that can turn this world into the best that it can be. It is time for an end to evil in the world!

President-elect Trump loves to work. He will go from place to place to help the world; he doesn't like to sit around doing nothing. G-d chose a regular person, without a slick tongue, a simple person that will connect the US to Israel and so Israel will help the US with science and patents. All of it is so that the Jews in the US leave and come to Israel. President-elect Trump is not hiding anything, and everything he said, he will do and succeed, he has help from the heavens. It is good to thank G-d for the miracle that Trump was elected and that He chose the right and good person for the holy land of Israel and the US.

Europe and the Arab countries and in shock.

In Russia, Putin is happy that Trump has won because he has someone he can talk to, to prevent a third world war with nuclear bombs. In the names of Trump and Putin are similar letters and they will try together to cooperate and, quietly, solve the problems, this is a G-dly act.

In Egypt, the people are starving. They are building tunnels under the Suez Canal with all of the money instead of feeding the people. They have bad intentions against Israel. The tunnels will betray them and fall on them. The Aswan dam will open. Their goal is to transfer weapons and ammunition to Gaza through the tunnels.

Hamas and Abu Mazen are in shock. They are afraid because Trump was elected.

In Jordan, the king was waiting for Hillary to win and the opposite happened. They are also in shock.

Abu Mazen and Hamas, in the Arab villages, East Jerusalem, and around Hebron, are planning many terrorist attacks against Israel. Jews must be vigilant and open their eyes. The Israeli government must be vigilant, and the IDF must be vigilant and not believe anyone!

Gaza and Hamas are working 26 hours a day digging tunnels toward Israel and IDF bases. Check where the tunnels start and blow them up.

Turkey is filled with ISIS. ISIS is not letting Turkey go.

Nothing is new in Syria; it is being erased. Syria has become a place to learn, they are creating fighting and training courses with planes and weapons; there is no resurrection for Syria.

Iraq is a Babel tower, as usual.

In Europe, the Muslims, infiltrators and refugees are making a mess, bringing destruction. The Jews should run from there before it is too late, and they have only a Euro left in their pockets.

Japan will want to connect with the US.

China is very sneaky.

Iran is afraid and anxious. They are afraid that Trump will cancel the agreement, and there will be sanctions on Iran. The Iranians have used heavy bribes to reach an agreement with the US.

The new president-elect, Trump, will reveal all of the corruptness, bribes, and crimes as much as possible. He has a lot of work to fix the damage done in previous years.

In Israel, all the criminals, those who take and give bribes, perverts, thieves, and those who live on the backs of others will be revealed one by one. If they repent, G-d will save them.

Daughters of Israel, you must not assimilate, it makes G-d very angry. Remain virtuous and pure for Jews.

You must appoint a minister in parliament to be in charge of alcohol, drugs, gambling, and assimilation. Give good education to the children of Israel!

The forces of nature, earthquakes, fire, heat, cold, floods, winds and storms are only abroad! Armageddon is outside the borders of Israel. Chaos is outside the borders of Israel.

In Israel there is only good without end!

Adam and Eve delayed the Messiah for many years because they did not ask forgiveness from G-d for their sin. It is hard for them to ask forgiveness, because they feel great shame. That is why they cannot look in the face of the Messiah.

Leah has released the upper Messiah and Rachel has released the lower Messiah. The Messiahs have left the mothers Rachel and Leah and connected. One step after another, the connection between them becomes stronger and stronger until the public crowning. The Messiah is working, always! G-d is preparing the people of Israel slowly, one step at a time, with insights and explanations that the Messiah will soon be revealed so that the people of Israel don't panic like they did at Mount Sinai. Slowly, G-d is strengthening the people of Israel until the crowning of the Messiah King.

This gift called the Messiah must arrive soon to the people of Israel! Just like the Torah and the Tables of the Ten Commandments are gifts, also is the Messiah a gift to the land of Israel, to the Jews and to the entire world! Everything that is happening in the world is G-d acting through the Messiah!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

Another excellent find "Redemption - Mashiach - Repentance - 5777" in bible codes by Rav Glazerson:


  1. With Trump and the message to the Jewish people is though Trump is meant to be the leader, it was the power of the people who brought him. It will be the same for us, the one God has anointed needs the people to decide. Its time, its time.

  2. Nibiru

  3. Planes spraying clouds to block Nibiru?!

  4. Nibiru!

  5. Excellent photo of Nibiru

  6. NOTICE: This is not saying the Redemption will come in 5777, it's saying that if now, this year, 5777 we do repentance, then it would bring out the Ultimate Redemption. It was always like this, but now it's even stronger, I think this is the main point of all the events happening right now, everything is coming together, this year, all the pieces of the puzzle is coming together. Soon, very soon, The Redemption will be here NOW! That of course, is up to us, as it always was.

  7. Hashem is opening our eyes to everything and very fast. All masks are getting ripped together with the phonyness and falsehood out there in this world. Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing who pretend to love Am Yisroel but in fact truly despise us. Thanks Hashem for providing so much clarity. Ms. AP

    1. You couldn't be more correct. Hashem is the only source of the Absolute Truth and it is becoming so obvious every day how much He is disclosing and helping us.

      Trust no person, not even me, unless I am telling you what Hashem is saying. I wouldn't even know where to buy sheep's clothing.