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This scary video was posted on Arutz 7.  More about the horrors of life in the so-called Wild West Bank.  How can Jews cause such hardships for such fine outstanding terrorist citizens of Israel.  I don’t mean to imply that the “occupation” of Biblical Israel isn't valid; after all, there are many, many Arabs “occupying” the land of Israel and calling it their homeland (and the world believes the propaganda of the terrorists, even though by international law and according to the Bible "all this land is "Israel").  Watch this short video – if you have the stomach for it.

Additional notes:  When all the Jews return to Israel in the near future, all the Arabs will be gone.  That means all these downtrodden houses will belong to the Jews.  Did you pick one out for yourself?

I think we should condemn the building of new houses in the United States of Magog and all European countries since they are becoming Islamic nations and should not be building houses for the infidels in future Islamic nations.  Let us bring it to the UN since it is "U"nbelievable "N"onsense (that is what UN stands for; isn't it?)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rabbi Nir ben Artzi Parshat Miketz Shabbat Chanukah 5773

 A Message to Am Yisrael in the Land and throughout the world

As posted on:  Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi in English


(from the translator: May the inspiration gained from the translation of this message be a blessing for the soul of my mother, Shvartzel Tova bat Moshe Yeshayahu and Glicka, who would have celebrated her 65th anniversary today with my father, who should live and be well)

The King of kings, the Holy One blessed be He, says that the entire world, everything that lives and breathes on this earth, is joined to the Holy One! Some are linked openly and others in a more subtle fashion, yet everything lives by the merit of holy sparks that invigorates the entire world to life, the waters, the land, people, living creatures, as well as the winds blowing in the heavens and the earth.

We, human beings, don’t fully understand the powers of the Creator. The Holy One says, ‘There is no time precious Jews, it’s getting close, very close! Our righteous Mashiach ben David has to be revealed, must stop his secretive work and begin working out in the open.’ There is pressure in Heaven to already reveal King Mashiach, even more than that which we find on earth!

The entire world is against the Jewish state – Israel. Whoever is for Am Yisrael, has a Jewish spark. The whole world is not interested in Jews, it is only interested in the Holy land – the holy Eretz Yisrael.

All Jewish mothers and fathers, you need to have heart-to-heart talks with your children to warn them, not to answer messages or telephone calls from goyim who are seducing young Jewish girls for evil things. They destroy their lives, this is part of the cold war waged by the goyim, in order to destroy Am Yisrael, like drugs, and alcohol and the infiltrators who come here in order to destroy Tel Aviv. Parents must be prepared to deal with these problems with explanations and not force, pity on our children!

All the leaders of Hamas are actors. They present themselves as good and sweet people – they are fakers and liers! They receive hundreds of millions of dollars for the people of Gaza and its surroundings, they take the money for themselves with part going for weapons – and the people suffer. Citizens of Gaza: Don’t trust the Hamas leaders, they should stop rescuing you! Citizens of Gaza wake up – leaders of Gaza are stealing from you and cheating you!

Hamas of today is Amalek of the past – and more cruel!

In Iran it’s the same story with a different shade, with all the taxes that are taken from the people and all the money that comes into the country, their president and his advisors are sinking it into atomic weapons. The Master of the world is preparing a surprise for them that they never dreamed of. Everything will blow up in their face! The Iranian people must wake up and create a revolution in order to change the government.

Iran in the meantime is quiet, their president thinks he has been forgotten. Sorry to tell him he hasn’t been forgotten at all! They are planning for him a major blow that he never dreamed of, from down here as well as in heaven. Let him continue to dream, that’s good for him. His own people are pursuing him. All the money he is sinking into weapons and atomic activity – is a bottomless pit. The economy is collapsing in Iran. Ahmedinejad can’t do a thing, it’s all a show with scenery so that they will say another one wants the power.

In the United States they know the plans of all the large countries and what they are conspiring.

Morsi thinks he can out-wit the Holy One. Egypt will continue to be in chaos, as it was during the time of the flood and the tower of Babel. They will receive the 10 plagues again! Citizens of Egypt wake up!

Syria will continue to be erased. The Syrian soldiers are not stupid, even if they will be ordered to send chemical missiles, they won’t – they know it will all fall on them! Assad is afraid, he is having dreams about Ghadafi and knows deeply that his turn will also come like Ghadafi’s! In the meantime, let him live and continue his work!

Turkey is afraid of Syria and Russia, because the Syrians are cruel people, they have no semblance of humanity. The Turkish are afraid that the Syrians ‘will surf’ into Turkey and create an uprising – be patient, they will also have an uprising!
In Jordan they know that Hamas and the Palestinians want to conquer Jordan, they are digging a ‘hole’ for their king in order to hide him and his government.

In Ramallah they’re celebrating, having received a sort-of approval from the UN, nothing will help them, there are plans of the Holy One – they will fall!

Hezbollah is like a parrot in a cage, it is confused all the while that Syria is thorny. A parrot without wings just talks. Their swords will enter their own hearts and their arrows will break, this includes Iran.

The government of Israel and all members of Knesset, stop slandering and bad mouthing each other. Speak nicely and the people will choose who they wish, the people are not stupid. All the slanderers and gossipers will not be elected. When there will be unity and togetherness in Israel’s government – no one will be able to speak badly about Am Yisrael. The world sees the problems between the parties and play on the weakness of the Israeli government – against Israel. The slander must stop immediately. Don’t speak in the media against the government. If is forbidden to gossip, and measure for measure has not ceased from the world. Whatever a person does returns to him – good or bad!

The Holy One has promised our forefathers, going back many generations, that holy Eretz Yisrael belongs to the Jews. Only the Holy One will decide who will be in the government. All the talking does nothing, up above they check the heart and not the mouth!

Tzahal must not rely on anyone. The armed forces must fulfill its obligations  as assigned and not, God forbid, to get involved in politics. It doesn’t matter who will be elected – everything will be the same. Am Yisrael can sleep at night, it exists and remains in the merit of Tzahal!

All forces of nature will continue, the Holy One is shaking out the entire world so that the Jews will come to Eretz Yisrael and so that the goyim will stop bothering Am Yisrael!

Anti-Semitism will grow in a way that was never seen since the beginning of the world. Government of Israel – don’t get excited by any nation in the world.
Real estate will grow and expand without end, the economy of Israel is the best in the world and will never collapse.

Am Yisrael will continue to increase kindness, will continue to produce and build baseless love. No one in the world can help the Jews in Am Yisrael and in the world – only the King of kings, the Holy One blessed be He!

The world is hanging on a ‘hair strand’, on an ‘explosion’ from which there is no return. Mashiach is working is secret, for the protection of Am Yisrael and for the good of Am Yisrael. This is the reason that Am Yisrael sees all the nations around her in conflict while Am Yisrael sits and watches!

Am Yisrael, don’t be ungrateful. We must thank the Master of the world and fulfill the ten commandments in their entirety. Don’t delay!

All that is written in this message is happening and will happen exactly. You can check it out! It is a mitzvah to spread this message everywhere in the Land and outside of it!

Translation provided by Rabbi Elan Adler.

A Special Chanukah Menorah

In 1975 our family was stationed with the US Army in Germany.  My wife and I were in an antique shop and came across the Chanukah menorah (candelabra)pictured above on the right.  Being thirty years after the war and knowing that there hadn't been a Jewish population in that area for the three decades, made us look in amazement and curiosity about the origin of the menorah.  We purchased it with the hopes of honoring and memorializing the family that may have once used it every year.  Since then we have continued to light this menorah every year on the eighth night of Chanukah.  Hopefully this will bring merit to that family and every Jewish family, which through persecution and hatred, are not able to light Chanukah candles.  Since Chanukah commemorates a victory over such persecution, it seems very appropriate to light our menorah, especially in Israel, in memory and honor of all Jews then and in more recent times.  Many families around the world are not able to serve our Creator in the way that they should and would enjoy -- let this menorah be for them.

May the coming year see peace throughout the world and all the Jews returning to Eretz Yisroel.    Next year we will all light our Chanukah menorahs in Jerusalem.  B"H

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rabbi Nir ben Artzi Parshat Yayeshev Erev Chanukah

A Message to Am Yisrael in the Land and throughout the world

The King of Kings , the Holy One blessed be He, is dismantling and destroying all of the old world! Dismantling and destroying the harsh world of impurity, through forces of nature, through arguments of factions within a country and countries against other countries. This is a plan, a Godly strategy, the hardest there ever was! The Holy One is sifting out who will live and who will not live, which nation will be destroyed and which will survive, is cleansing the evil from the entire world with tweezers. The world is not ending; there will be an end to impurity, the “other side” and to wickedness!

The Creator of the world is bringing the world and Am Yisrael to baseless love! The goyim that will remain outside the borders of Israel – will serve Am Yisrael and will believe in the Holy One! The entire world is in chaos, we don’t know what will happen the next minute, and the craziness is rampant. It is easier for the Holy One to make a flood, just like during the time of Noach, and to leave just a small portion in the world.

All terrible forces of nature will continue.

Anti-Semitism is increasing, particularly in Europe, and is spreading to the United States and America. The Creator is telling all authentic Jews, come urgently to holy Eretz Yisrael! If they don’t come and think “this won’t happen to me” – they will make a severe mistake! There is the “saving by Hashem in the blink of an eye” and there is the destruction of a nation in the blink of an eye! Anti-Semitism has come out in the open against all Jews and Am Yisrael. After the Holocaust they spoke against the Jews in a whisper, in strict privacy. Today they speak against Jews and Eretz Yisrael front and center, in front of the whole world! The United States is protective of Am Yisrael, because Israel is the key to the world! They don’t want any nation protecting the State of Israel – only them! The United States is obligated to help Israel from A to Z, they are not doing any favors – this is an order from the Holy One! This is their merit for remaining in the world! The support of the Palestinians by nations in the United Nations – fuels the anti-Semitism!

All Jews: Return to the Land immediately! In Eretz Yisrael you will find the Holy One, the Shechina and the Mashiach who are guarding every piece of land in Eretz Yisrael. The goyim around us – Mashiach is dealing with them, and if they don’t change – he will destroy them!

In Egypt there will be a huge revolution, it already started and will continue with no end like in Syria – be patient! In Egypt they caught a ship of weapons and ammunition targeted for Hamas – they got the media and photographers to capture it on film, and on the other hand they continue to supply weapons and ammunition to Hamas through the tunnels.

Syria erases itself and will continue to do so. Not one person in the world can stop this process. Whether Assad lives or not, they will continue to fight each other!

In Jordan the “business” is beginning to really boil, there will be a revolution and Jordan will come apart and fall, “they will eat each other up” just like in Syria!

In Gaza, it’s quiet, “as though” there is a cease-fire – it’s all false! They are re-arming with lightening speed for the next time.

Iran “is playing” that she is poor – and in truth, she is poor in a big way! Their president has put all their money into atomic reactors and their economy is going down the drain! The Holy One will dissolve the Iranian president and all his backers with sulfur, because of the edict they wish to impose on Am Yisrael! He can’t do anything! All his atomic works – their swords will enter their own hearts and their arrows will break, if he will ever use them – from Heaven they will use him! The Creator looks upon the president of Iran and the Iranians from above, and is always giving them a shock in the head – he will dissolve them with sulfur! The president of Iran is from the seed of Haman and the Holy One doesn’t like the seed of Haman!

All the political parties: Come down from the high tree, playing with honor – not with the Creator! Pity the waste of money, rather invest the money in the education of our youth! The Holy One confuses all the parties because they have no unity. In the Heavens there is no right and left, Ashkenazim, Sephardim, Haredim, all need to be like the light of the shamash of Chanukah that kindles all the lights! Pity all the time that is wasted!

The State of Israel must not be afraid of any nation, we must be on alert and not apathetic. The Holy One protects and has each Jew covered when he or she is in – the state of Israel!

The world economy – nothing will help, it will come apart, their economy will never be balanced. The Holy One is not interested in them!

The economy in Israel is stable, good and strong! Unemployment is caused by the people and not the government! It’s the people who don’t want to change from their usual jobs and switch to another profession – there is work for everyone, there shouldn’t be unemployment.

Anyone who steals, sins or does things that are not nice or clean – will be revealed in their nakedness, nothing will help, good looking or ugly, poor or rich. The Holy One will make us transparent in front of Am Yisrael!

Any business or company of Jews in Eretz Yisrael, will fall and go broke if they don’t do things properly. Tithes of ma’aser and terumah must be given to the State of Israel, to synagogues, yeshivot, mikva’ot, the needy and the sick – from this will come blessing! Any Jew who says about his money “it is my strength and the power of my hands that all this has come to me”- will go broke. When he acknowledges it is all from the Holy One – there will be great success!

There are many gangs of Arabs in Eretz Yisrael who are preparing kidnappings of soldiers in Tzahal – be careful!

Am Yisrael, Jews living in Eretz Yisrael, instead of fear – keep the ten commandments and cleave to the Holy One! It is very worthwhile, for it is the Holy One who guards and protects Am Yisrael, the end of the evil in the world has arrived! Together with this, Mashiach ben David is cleansing the old world and has begun to open a new world! Very soon he will be revealed! Precious Jews, don’t miss out on the good that is coming! This entire message, and all the messages in the past – is absolute truth! You will see!

Translation provided by Rabbi Elan Adler.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Here’s to Your Good Health

I have been asked about solving medical problems, both physical and mental.  Since I have hinted to various procedures that I have used very successfully, I thought I would share some of my secrets with you.  Wait a minute.  You might ask, what does an Electrical Engineer know about solving medical problems?

Let’s begin by describing how most of the body works and what often causes medical ailments.  The body works by electro-chemical reactions that cause signals to flow throughout.  In other words, it is one big electrical circuit.  But, like a battery that creates the electricity through chemical reactions and then allows the flow of electricity by providing a completed a circuit path, the body reacts in a similar way to cause proper functioning.  When the electricity doesn't flow properly (signals getting from brain to the organs and limbs, as an example), medical treatment is needed.  There are two ways to treat such problems: one is to cause proper chemical reactions to affect circuit completion and signal distribution; or, to do some other  procedure to complete the electrical flow.  Most of the world uses the chemical method better known as medicine or drugs.  Why?  Because, there is good money in it.  The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the world.  A big reason that the US and many other nations became such a haven for drugs is that we are indoctrinated from birth with the idea that to solve a medical problem all you need is a pill.  The fact is Hashem created the human body with everything it needs to heal itself.  The problem is that medical science has turned the healing process into a multi-billion dollar industry.  They don’t want you to perform self healing – there is no money in it for their stockholders.  I have a lifelong friend who became a detail man for one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.  His job was to visit doctors, hospitals and pharmacies to introduce them to the new products of the company he worked for.  This friend told me much about the medical system in the US.   The item that many of his customers were interested in was placebos.  Why?  Doctors, as an example, knew that the body could cure itself as long as the mind believed there was a cure being administered.  But the sad part was that the doctor was not interested in curing the patient, but just making the person feel comfortable which promotes future business.  The doctor makes much more money by having his patients return than curing them.  Unfortunately, the medical profession is a very lucrative industry that has made many very wealthy.  We lived in Europe for six years and Israel getting close to 10 years.  We have experienced leaving a doctor’s office without a prescription.  In the US most people would say:  “that doctor wasn't any good, he didn't prescribe anything.”  To have a doctor tell you “eat a particular diet, get some rest or do this exercise and the ailment will take care of itself,” is unheard of in the US and, after all, return business is the key to success in the medical field.  (The best thing about the medical services in Israel is that we have no trouble finding a good Jewish doctor).  I thought I would throw in a joke here to demonstrate the system in the US: Obamacare (end of joke).

So what am I recommending as a way of curing your ills that is totally effective and in most cases free of charge.  I got your interest?

Let us break it down into different categories of medical help that is needed and simple techniques that truly work.  The basis for medical problems is emotional instability.  When people are stressed out, worried, out of control, the body reacts with physical problems.  Why?  I’ll tell you later.  Suffice it to say that most medical problems are solved when we become very emotionally stable and happy.  This emotional stability causes the completion of the electrical lines mentioned above and solves many of the physical ailments resulting.  The more technical term that describes this is meridian zones.  Acupuncture, as an example, has been used for thousands of years to realign these meridian lines of energy causing a flow which results in solving medical problems.   What if we had a technique to do acupuncture without the needles and even without a person to administer the treatment, in other words, a self-administered procedure?

Let me introduce you to The Emotional Freedom Technique® or EFT which is an approach to healing that has gained attention from medical professionals and laypersons all over the world and often gets results when nothing else has worked.  There are many excellent websites that tell you all about this technique and the easy procedure to be done to affect healing.  I need not say any more but invite you to look at some of the sites available:

These two sites can introduce you to the concept, and help you get started (there are many more).  The testimonials that exist of all the medical problems that have been solved using EFT are overwhelming.   Stay with it with complete confidence – it works.  It does take persistence and may require several tapping sessions before it works, but it works.  Whenever I use the technique I am usually successful on the first try since I have been using EFT for years and have total confidence that I will succeed.  If you have a negative attitude towards something like this, then as with anything else I have suggested (prayer, meditation, Teshuvah, etc), it will hinder your success.  Complete trust that Hashem has given us bodies that can heal itself with very little effort on our part is essential to success of solving medical problems.  It all starts with the mind being emotionally stable and happy.  The rest is easy.

There is another very important aspect to good health that I have to include -- proper diet.  The chemical part of our wellbeing is enhanced greatly by what we eat.  The biggest diet problems in the world today are the fast food (more appropriately called junk food) that has become a typical diet.  Hashem gave us the gift of our body with instructions to take care of it.  If we think that poisonous junk food is fulfilling the Torah request to take care of Hashem’s gift, then we should not complain when medical problems arise.  Doing the right thing should always include common sense.  This is not rocket science – it is simply using the intelligence that Hashem gave us in His handbook of life and applying it.  Here is a very good video of how diet can help your success in solving medical problems:

The diet that this doctor in the video is suggesting may not be as enjoyable a  pizza, but it is much more enjoyable than medical problems.

I have mentioned several times that we become sick, measure for measure, as a way of giving our soul Tikun (rectification) which is one of our most important purposes of this life on Earth.  The soul actually controls and gives us our sickness to achieve the Tikun.  Why?  To compensate for what we are not doing to accomplish our mission in this life.  There are many techniques that I have not discussed since I feel they are counterproductive to what we are supposed to be doing.  As an example, I have a particular statement that I can make that completely takes away pain.  By talking to my soul and convincing it to not give me pain, I can completely avoid the discomfort, but also lose out on the Tikun that my soul needs and is trying to get.  The soul has a way of robbing Oxygen from an area of the body which results in the pain.  By tricking my soul into believing that it is not necessary, I can cause pain to be completely eliminated.  I once met a man with a slipped disc, a woman with severe migraine headaches, a man with horrible knee pain and many others with chronic pain problems that used this technique and were totally relieved of their pain.  This is how a placebo works.  There are many stories from times of war about injured soldiers that, when pain medication was not available, they were given placebos (basically fake pills) and told to go easy that this is strong medicine and they shouldn’t overdo its application.  The pain greatly subsides by tricking the mind (the soul) of the individual and actually causing the mind to remove the pain signals from flowing.  By teaching this method of using words to control the soul’s ability to not administer pain, the Tikun is not achieved; and, Tikun is more important than having to put up with the pain (most people would disagree with that statement, but life is too short to miss out on ways to make us more perfect – such as trying to achieve temporary relief).

It is far more important and beneficial to remove the cause of the pain or sickness by doing everything to receive Tikun without the soul having to substitute for the lack of service to Hashem.  I have mentioned that prayer works.  That is a very good method of achieving Tikun and is, according to Torah, the way Hashem wants us to help ourselves and others.  To greatly enhance this concept, the study that was done in Russia that researched “why faith healing works” is to me a very important message from Hashem.  A group of scientists found that by simply saying very positive words (even positive sounds such as pleasant music), the DNA of a person can be changed.   Wow, Hashem has really given us all the tools needed for our own wellbeing; all we have to do is use them.  All the tools that I have mentioned so many times (Tefilah, Teshuvah, Tzedukah, mitzvot, Torah study, helping our fellow human being, etc) are more than just good ideas – they are life’s success factor (this life and all eternity).

I have used the techniques mentioned above and know beyond a shadow of a doubt of how tremendous they are.  If you don’t believe it, you are arguing with success.  I am not telling you to not go to doctors anymore.  I am suggesting that if you have a medical or even an emotional problem that doctors have not satisfied, try the more natural approach.  I have not mentioned holistic medicines or exercise programs that are also very enhancing to your medical wellbeing.  My message is simple.  Hashem gave us miraculous ways to solve life’s problems; all we need to do is listen to Him, follow His instructions and, above all, thank Him every day for His help.  The way to a happy, healthy life begins with Torah. 

Monday, December 10, 2012

"Man’s Plans; G-d’s Plans

VAYEISHEV excerpted from Unlocking the Torah Text by Rabbi Shmuel Goldin

Context: While G-d's providence is forever present in our lives, rarely is His silent guidance as evident as in the story of Yosef and his brothers. As Yosef himself maintains, their personal saga serves the higher purpose of effectuating G-d's overall plans of a divinely guided transition from the patriarchal era to the national era of Jewish history.

Questions: G-d's "behind the scenes" involvement, however, raises serious questions about the personal free will of the players in the story. The descent of the Jewish nation into Egypt was preordained generations earlier; how much choice, then, did Yosef and his brothers really have in the unfolding events? Were they simply acting out a predetermined script or can they be justifiably held accountable for their actions?

What does this narrative teach us about the delicate balance -- between G-d's foreknowledge of events, free will and predestination -- which defines our lives?

Approaches: The Jewish view of history, on a global level, mirrors the issues found in the story of Yosef and his brothers.

On the one hand, Jews certainly believe in a measure of preordination on a national level. Such a belief is, in fact, critical to our worldview. One of the Rambam's Thirteen Principles of Faith emphatically states: "I believe with complete faith in the coming of the Moshiach ... I anticipate every day that he will come."

Belief in the Moshiach is belief in a predetermined, inevitable end point to history. Rabbi Soloveitchik maintains that our introduction of the idea of Moshiach signalled a major revolution in the way man thought about his historical journey. The Jewish nation brought to the world the concept of a destiny-driven history. Where others saw history governed only by causality, with each era simply the product of what came before, we saw a march -- with rhyme, reason and a goal to the currents of history -- towards a specific destination, a predetermined, inevitable end point: the messianic era. Where others saw civilization only propelled by the past, we claimed to be pulled, as well, by the future.

On the other hand, our belief in the inevitability of the messianic era does not diminish our acceptance of the role and responsibility that individuals and communities bear in any given generation. While our nation's destination may be clear, the parameters of the journey towards that destination are not. Within the broad brushstrokes of national preordination we each freely choose the role we will play in our people's unfolding story.

That the Moshiach will arrive is clear. When he will arrive, however, how he will arrive, and, most importantly, who among us or among our children will be there to greet him upon his arrival -- all these variables are in our hands.

Much of our people's story remains unwritten. We are the authors of that portion of the story.We can now begin to understand the interplay between free will and predestination as it unfolds in the Yosef story. The descent of Avraham's progeny into a foreign land was predicted by G-d decades before it occurred, but the prophecy granted to the patriarch was general in scope. The place of exile was never mentioned. The mode by which Avraham's descendants would be exiled was never detailed nor was the exact quality of the servitude they would experience. Even the minimal details that were clearly preordained -- such as the duration of the servitude -- were also potentially flexible.

Our ancestors were destined to spend a period of time as strangers persecuted in a strange land. The story, however, did not have to play out exactly as it did. If sibling jealousy had not been the catalysts for our exile, perhaps the exile itself would have been less painful.We, like Yosef and his brothers, in each era, write our own stories, as we freely determine the roles we will play in the unfolding journey of our nation. The stories we author shape the quality of our days and affect the lives of countless generations to come.

See this beautiful idea in its entirety Visit the OU Press website at

Additional notes:
I have mentioned before:  Hashem works His will around our will.  We have free will to decide our actions in this world.  Hashem knew every thought, word and action that we would have long before we even existed; and, He shaped history around our free will to insure that it came out to His will being fulfilled.  This is evident by how much imperfection exists in the world, our portion.  Hashem does not start wars -- man does.  Hashem does not cause killing and stealing -- man does.  But, what will result from our actions is measure for measure according to Hashem's will in affecting Tekun Ha'olam.  The coming of Geula and introduction of Moshiach is the final cleaning up of the world (all the mess we made -- so to speak) and bringing about the world of truth as it was meant to be.  We are just about there.  B"H

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Rabbi Nir ben Artzi Parshat Vayishlach

A Message to Am Yisrael in the Land and throughout the world

(Translator’s message: May the inspiration gained from this message be for a blessing for the soul of my loving mother, Gertrude Adler, of blessed memory, who departed this world 9 weeks ago and is sorely missed. A sweet, long life to all the readers)

The King of kings, the Holy One blessed be He, personally directs this world. Everything begins with Him and ends with Him! Choices made – are in human hands!

Tzahal left Gaza just in time! If they didn't agree to a cease-fire with Hamas, Tzahal would have placed its foot soldiers fighting from house to house, in the mud, they would have entered, G-d forbid, an indescribable trap, which would have caused, G-d forbid, heavy toll of life and injury. They have nothing to lose – these are their homes, they prepared everything in advance, the Hamas of 14 years ago is not the Hamas of today. They have many scientists and people from all over the world who are helping them with operating the rockets and the weaponry. No Jewish mother would have wanted even one soldier to be killed or wounded – this is the nature of the Jews.

This could have been a year of war, with many casualties and wounded for no reason, given the fact that two months after Tzahal would leave Gaza, everything would go back to where it was before and the Gaza strip would fill up again with weapons as before – and even more. This would have caused Lebanon, Syria, Iran, Jordan and Egypt to battle against Am Yisrael. For them this would have been the opportunity to release their rage, anger and hatred on Am Yisrael. Had Tzahal gone into Gaza, there would have been even more malicious protests against Israel around the world.

Thank G-d that the Holy One directed the war and ended the war! Every rocket that was fired from the ‘Iron Dome’, which in Heaven is called “Golden Dome,” was under the personal supervision of the Holy One! All the rockets that flew over Israel were directed by the Holy One! Which rocket will fall in an open area, which rocket will be intercepted by ‘Iron Dome,’ which will fall in Gaza and which in a neighborhood or a building! No one in the world believes that all the firings of the rockets didn’t accomplish anything! There were huge miracles! Miracle of miracles! Everyone feels and says that there is supervision from above!

Don’t blame the government of Israel or the general command of Tzahal, that they stopped the war – they left with tremendous honor! The air force and marines, destroyed 70% of the infrastructure and weapons in Gaza! Even the foot soldiers were inside, but in secret. This was the best and most advantageous way, the best and exact time to agree to a cease-fire, to stop the war with Hamas. That’s leadership! That’s strength! This was the very best route for Am Yisrael!

Let’s not forget, the Holy One, He conducted the war, He started it and stopped it! Bnei Yisrael needs to continue to be lead in a natural way, continue thanking the Creator, continue the reciting of Tehillim in all synagogues in the Land, continue with acts of kindness in Eretz Yisrael with Jews, and to be exceedingly happy that we “gained” life – a lot of life, with healthy and whole soldiers! Please, Am Yisrael, this is not an embarrassment, it is a show of strength! Hamas got the strongest blow – and the soldiers of Tzahal are healthy and whole!

The United States was involved in the efforts of a cease-fire – she wants to keep her place in the Middle East.

Egypt allegedly helped in the process, but continues to bring weapons and ammunition into the Gaza strip – they put the cat in charge of the dog. Egypt allegedly made a big public step to effect the cease-fire, but it was not a clean step. Egypt wants to fight against Israel, and the Holy One caused confrontation between Morsi and his nation! Egypt will have a revolution unlike any ever in the world!

Iran provoked the rockets that Hamas sent to Israel, they wanted to know what to do to prepare it has an encounter with Israel – she got is all backwards! Iran is scared to death of the Jewish state, knowing she is the strongest nation in the world! The cease-fire doesn’t say anything, the Jewish state benefitted greatly from it!

The President of Turkey is crying crocodile tears! He has no pain that Syria is being erased, he is crying allegedly regarding Hamas – it’s his ‘dirty trick!’ What pains him is that Egypt took “center stage” and he was not involved.

Syria will continue to be erased. With Assad or without him – it will continue to be erased.

The government of Jordan is scared to death. They are afraid that Hamas, the Palestinians and the refugees coming from Syria will topple the government – this will happen, be patient.

Nasrallah – in just a bit the Holy One will get to him, he shouldn’t worry!

The Sudanese infiltrators must be returned to their country! This is a cold war of the goyim whose aim is to destroy Am Yisrael, similar to drinking hard liquor and taking drugs.

There is a huge group of Arab gangs within Eretz Yisrael, who want to kidnap soldiers. Soldiers of Tzahal, beware!

All the political parties must unite! They must not be posturing because the goyim don’t differentiate between right and left, they want to erase all of them from the world. The economy in the world will continue to fall and topple!

There will be many hard challenges from terrible forces of nature. The hatred and anti-Semitism against the Jews in the world will grow and grow to the point of forcing the Jews out of the diaspora into holy Eretz Yisrael, whether they want to or not, it won’t help them – this is G-d’s plan!

The economy in the Jewish state will never ever collapse, it will only get better and better!

All the Rabbis must unite and get together, no matter if it’s Ashkenazim, Sephardim, or Charedim! All need to approach Am Yisrael with great shouts and crying! They must strengthen the masses and return everyone back to their Father in Heaven, to cleave to Him and believe in Him! Go from place to place, in order to save the Jews! It’s worthwhile that you should have the merit with the Holy One of saving Jews before the revelation of Mashiach ben David!

Every Jew and Jewess who transgressed, or did things that were not clean, all will be revealed one after the other, from aleph to tav – be patient.

Every Jew who does one small mitzvah – is worth millions, on earth and in Heaven! Keep the 10 commandments! This is the secret and strength of Am Yisrael – “the voice is the voice of Jacob!”

The revelation of King Mashiach has not stopped – on the contrary, it’s speeding up! The world is on a “reef” and we need Mashiach in order to save Am Yisrael the Jewish people and the entire world – those who will be left!

Translation provided by Rabbi Elan Adler.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

The World is Upside-Down

There is a very interesting story in the Talmud (Pesachim 50a) which tells:
When Rabbi Yosef miraculously recovered from a deathly coma, his father, Rabbi Yehoshua ben Levi, asked him to describe the glimpse he caught of the World of Souls where he had briefly sojourned.
"I saw an upside down world," he replied, "in which those so honored here because of their wealth were placed very low, while those so low here because of their poverty were there so highly placed."
"You saw a clean world," his father assured him. "But tell me, what was the status of Torah scholars like ourselves?"
"The same honor we enjoy in this world," replied the son, "is accorded to us there."

The story is basically telling us that we live in an upside down world where what is important isn’t really important and what is unimportant is really important.  This is a world of fantasy and materialism and not spirituality.  We are not physical beings that just happen to have a soul; but, spiritual beings wearing physical clothing which allows us to accomplish our mission in this allusion of a physical world.  It is not an easy concept to convince anyone, even very observant Jews.  When we get away from this gashmius world (the physical world) and start living the true ruchnius life (spiritual life), all the nonsense and craziness disappears.

So the big question is “what is your status in this crazy, fantasy world?”  Take a fast test, just 20 questions – answering yes or no to each.  Be honest with yourself since the only One grading you is Hashem.

Test part 1 (yes or no)

Did you pay attention to US Major League Baseball World Series?
Are you rooting for your favorite football team to go to the Super Bowl?
Do know the latest pop music releases?
Do you have your favorite TV shows?
Do you know Yushka’s mother’s name?
If you are American, did you vote believing that you needed to help get the best leader in office (if not an American did you follow the campaign and have a favorite candidate; someone that you think would be best to help the world situation)?
Did Christopher Columbus discover America?
Does everyone celebrate Xmas, even nonXtians, after all it is a national holiday?
Do you celebrate Halloween and Thanksgiving?
Do you know who Big Bird is?

Test part 2 (yes or no)

Can you name the five books of Moses in Hebrew?
Do you know Yushka’s mother’s name in Hebrew?
Do you know the names of Moshe Rabbenu’s mother, father, sister and brother?
Are you familiar with Shatnez?
Did you ever study the Mishna Berurah and Shulchan Aruch?
Do you know how many mitzvot are in the Torah?
Is your mother Jewish?
Do you know how many Challahs are used at the Shabbos meal?
Do you know the Hebrew letters?
Do you know what a Minhag is?

You may have psyched out my test by now and tried to answer everything in a favorable light rather than an honest answer.  If you said “Yes” to all or even most of test 1 and “No” to test 2, you are most likely living the materialistic, fantasy life of this world.  If you answered the opposite: “No” to test 1 and “Yes” to test 2, consider yourself a more spiritual person with a bright future.  Your trip through life has been on a positive path – seeking the truth and Hashem’s ways.

The problem is that the people who have not studied Torah seem to think they have all the answers.  They definitely have the most distorted view of reality.  Living in this fantasy world is completely caused by a lack of scholarship in the real world, the world of truth.  As long as an individual is convinced that he or she knows what reality is, that perception blocks to ability to see the truth.  I thought I would go over some areas of studying scriptures and the truth of this world to hopefully help you as an individual see where you may be going astray.

Let’s begin with a question:  Do you understand the message of the Torah or do you have to refer to the Talmud and 1000’s of years of commentary in order to fully understand Hashem’s message (and even with many years of study do you still have more questions than answers)?  Watch it – this is a trick question.  The person who makes statements such as “I know Halachah” or “I have read the Torah (in English no less) and fully understand its message,” should be avoided – that is a person with an opinion and not scholarship.  The Gedolim, that I have had the privilege of knowing and with whom I have personally studied, would never give me an answer off the top of their heads, but would always look it up before answering.  I have heard many times that the more years one studies Torah, the more one realizes how little one knows and how much more one needs to study.  Torah has everything there is in life and covers everything in the universe – there is no missing subject.  Do you feel that you know everything about life and every detail of the universe?  I have said it before and will say it again “Torah is the most difficult subject in the world since it includes every subject in the world!!!!!”

But, us human beings think we can logically figure it out, even though, I also have mentioned, how flawed our logic is (“For My thoughts are not your thoughts” says Hashem, Isaiah 55:8).  The final result is we get into more trouble using our own solutions than just turning to Hashem for His solution to our problems.  One proof of that is personal interpretation.  The Torah was given to Moshe in a string of letters (304,805 to be exact) without breaks, without sentences, without punctuation and, the best one of all, without vowels.  In other words, there are so many interpretations to every word, even every letter, that to say the English translation we use gives up the deep meaning to Torah is total nonsense.  We even have the problem in English that if something is written with improper punctuation or even improper emphasis, it can mean something completely different.  As an example (another test question), place punctuation in the following statement:

Woman without her man is nothing

I like this example since most men punctuate it as:  Woman: without her man, is nothing.  (The pause being between “man” and “is”)
The woman usually punctuates this as:  Woman: without her, man is nothing.  (The pause being between “her” and “man”)
What a profound difference in meaning by just moving a comma.

What if we put emphasis on certain words in a sentence to cause change in meaning.  Examples:

What do you have on your mind?  Could become:  What do you have on? Your mind?  I added a question mark but I changed the emphasis on my pronunciation that changed the entire thought.

          What is up the road ahead?  Could become:  What is up the road?  A head?

These may be silly examples, but they make one question one’s interpretation – how far is our thinking from the truth?  If we are reading Hebrew without punctuation, and even without vowels, how can we be so sure that we understand the meaning – because we have an English translation?  The English is always the simple surface meaning with almost no depth to its content (pshat).  We are told to rely on thousands of years of Torah scholars (the great Rabbis) who we were told by Hashem would give us the insight and the depth.  We definitely have deeper meaning available because of Rashi or the Rambam or the Ramban or the Arizal or the Vilna Goan, etc, etc, etc.  These and many other great Torah scholars throughout the years have guided us and taught us ways to see scriptures that we never could have known.   Any Yeshivah student will tell you that studying the Talmud without Rashi or Tosefos, is not understanding what you are studying.  If you are not familiar with Rashi or Tosefos, than you are exactly who I am talking about.

RAV YITZCHAK HUTNER zt'l (in PACHAD YITZCHAK, Yom Kippur 5, Pesach 60 (and notes to Pesach 5:2), Shavuos 25:9) offers a penetrating insight based on the Talmud. 
Rav Hutner explains that the three differences between this world and the next as described by the Talmud and by Rashi in Devarim are inherently related to each other. In this world, we do not perceive things the way they really are; reality is blurred, and Hashem's presence is not clearly recognized by all. If we would be able to see Hashem's good and perfection clearly, His true essence as One would be obvious. In the World to Come, reality will no longer be blurred, and it will be apparent to all that everything is good. At that time, the nations of the world will proclaim Hashem's Oneness together with us. 
Accordingly, all manifestations of Hashem's attribute as "One" are based on the clarity of Hashem's presence that will be evident in the World to Come.
The truth is that even in this world it is possible, to a certain degree, to disperse the clouds that blur man's perception and understanding of reality and to feel the omnipresence of the Divine will. This is because even in this world, no true "bad" or "injustice" is ever wrought. Everything that transpires is the Divine design and is intended to be for our ultimate good (see Berachos 60b). Although the ultimate purpose behind what occurs in this world is often hidden from our perception, the reality is that it is the Divine plan. When we strive to recognize the Divine plan and to accept it, we gain a "glimpse" of the Creator.
The moment at which it is most imperative that we experience the clarity of the presence of Hashem is when we declare, "Shema Yisrael Hashem Elokeinu Hashem Echad," and proclaim the Oneness of Hashem.  As Rashi explains, this exclamation expresses our longing for the world in which Hashem's presence will be fully revealed and He will be recognized as One. When we recite this verse, we attempt to gain clarity of Hashem's Oneness in this world of confusion by finding the hidden, inherent good that exists in everything that happens and that exists in this world.

Several additional points that need to be made about the way we evaluate Torah in this upside-down world.  Many times I have received rebuttals to subjects with the statement “this Rabbi says this or that,” or “my Rabbi allows us to do this or that.”  Be aware that you can probably find almost any answer that you want from a Rabbi – just keep looking.  Does that mean that they could be wrong?  No it usually means that we are getting very superficial answers on very complicated questions – sometimes questions that have been debated for thousands of years.  We very rarely get to talk to the Rabbi in depth to hear the real answer or, even more important, what is Hashem’s opinion on that question.  A Rabbi that answers off the top off his head without an in depth search into scriptures, may be giving you nothing more than his personal opinion.  Sometimes the Rabbi is trying to make it easier for you to accomplish a Halachah and will give you a very lenient response that is convenient but not the best answer.  This, I know, even comes from the Gadolim.  Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l, one of the greatest authorities of our modern times has given lenient answers but would not necessarily follow his own advice.  An example would be about a Shabbos timer used to turn on and off various electrical appliances, lights or even heating and air conditioning systems.  Rav Moshe gave permission to use such timers saying they were halachically acceptable, but he, himself, would never use one.   It comes down to a decision made by an authority of the highest level that says “I have found no violation in doing something a particular way, but to be as stringent as possible in the eyes of Hashem, I still would not do a particular act in case there is a slight doubt.  We are not on the level of a Rav Moshe and in no way is he not giving us a totally correct answer, but because we do not go into the depth of life’s questions as a Gadol such as Rav Moshe, our complete understanding of each answer is only surface information and should be studied allot deeper before we claim to have the right answer or, even worse, pass it on to others as the truth from Hashem.  I studied for years with a talmid (a scholarly student) and former neighbor of Rav Moshe and saw the tremendous depth and scholarship that such a brilliant Rabbi is capable of.  Yet, as my mentor told me, information becomes very distorted when past down from one Jew to another or even how information can be completely misunderstood by an observant Jew.  I have talked about bad habits and how people can truly believe they are doing the right thing but are, in essence, hurting themselves and others by pontificating opinions rather than scholarship.  I have been accused of not telling the Absolute Truth on this blog, but I have yet to receive any refutation of any information, with the refutation being backed by scriptural proof.  This has been disturbing since I know that I have extensively researched and presented facts with complete confidence and that the individual who is making the comment is hurting him or herself with false interpretation.  Saying that I am wrong on a subject without giving me a scriptural reference to counter the argument is useless to me or my readers.  I am very, very open minded to the fact that I am human and make mistakes but I try to compensate with years of research on the one question that I always ask on any subject: “What is Hashem’s opinion on that?”  Giving me an answer from a Rabbi should also be supported with his deep insight from scriptures and not off the top of his head.  

One more word about what Rabbis have said which is very important to this discussion is that very often Rabbis change their rulings on questions as times changes or as circumstances dictate.  An example:  In the 1990’s there were Rabbis that cautioned about listening to the Facilitated Communications individuals as marking them as true messengers from Shamayim.  Why?  The FC individuals were, at that time, without a track record of making statements that came true.  The Rabbis were totally correct in cautioning us -- then.  Here we are 15 years later and the same Rabbis have emphatically stated that these individuals have satisfied the prophecy of Bava Basra 12b, that prophecy has been given to the Shotim and the children (this is a long discussion that has been discussed already – several times) and also that they have satisfied the test of a prophet given to us in the Torah.

Another topic that I have discussed is that we have the choice to be lenient or stringent on everything we do.  Refer to my post “Habits” 29 May 2012 for details.  The basic concept here  is that we are watched and judged by Hashem with everything we say and everything we do.  We then received in return measure for measure what Hashem thinks we are worthy of.  In other words, if we serve Hashem with the absolute best intentions and with complete love, He judges us favorably in the same way and life is good.  If we do as little as possible, with the idea that we are just getting by doing the mitzvot, then we should never complain when our life is just getting by with what Hashem gives us.  Pirkei Avos tells us that Hashem doesn't want us to study Torah; He wants us to live Torah.  Of course we can’t live Torah to the fullest unless we study our instructions in great depth.  Bottom line, especially in the end of days is: be as stringent in doing Hashem’s will as you possibly can, and do it with great joy.  It may sound strange but when you are doing Hashem’s will to the fullest with the best of intentions,  life becomes so wonderful that you are greatly encouraged to do even more.  It’s habit forming.  I wanted to mention that at the time I talked about being very stringent (machmir) in performing Hashem’s will, sure enough, I receive comments telling me of Rabbis who say that you don’t have to be so stringent.  I suspect that those Rabbis were either very misunderstood or are leading lives that are somewhat less than joyous.  It is one thing to cut yourself short of a happy life, but to pass that on to others is not Hashem’s way.  I have had it happen to me that with the best of intentions a Rabbi gave me a watered down response to make it easier.  The final result is I developed an incorrect habit that needed changing.  Sometimes being more lenient is not helping anyone.  I have taught people easier ways to do things but have included the path to become more stringent.  Building up to a process with baby steps is a good way to learn but don't stay at the lower level, continue to build.  As we used to say in the Army "be all that you can be."  Never stop growing nor be satisfied with something less than perfection.

There is another very big misunderstanding.  Issues like women hair covering (recently discussed), kashrus, purity and all the 613 mitzvot are matters of spiritual guidance.  We absolutely do not know how a violation of a mitzvah or even performing a mitzvah in a lenient versus stringent way affects our soul.  I received a comment from a well intentioned woman who told me that her husband is not affected by seeing a woman's head covered in a sheitel instead of a snood or tichel.  This means he knows exactly what the neshamah is experiencing and that is ludicrous.  I know she is referring to his physical reaction but the physical reaction means nothing – it is the spiritual reaction or damage that I am referring to. Refer to my post “The Human Aura” 7 June 2012 to see that what we experience spiritually and physically are two different things.  To say we know how we feel about something is a physical reaction.  To say that we know how it is affecting us spiritually is beyond human comprehension.  To tell me that a Rav said it is all right does not pass the common sense test of what makes it all right.  I live by a very convenient motto:  “when in doubt, leave it out.”  If there is the slightest possibility that what I am doing is not the most advantageous way according to Hashem, than I look deeper into reality and figure out the best way.   It is my choice and when I don’t have the slightest comprehension as to how something could be hurting me or my family spiritually, I don’t question it any further but take the safe route.  This is especially true in the end of days when we need all the help we can get.  Listening to very lenient advice from a Rav is shooting yourself in the foot.  Even though his effort, his advice is with the best of intentions, the result may be you getting a much lesser Olam Habah.

People are weak and have very little discipline; I know, being a retired US Army Officer, about the infinite number of excuses to do things the easy way.   In the military a lack of discipline can cost you your life on the battlefield; in life in general a lack of spiritual discipline can lessen one’s level of eternity and even hurt us in this life.  We work hard to get closer to Hashem, not to look for every shortcut to make life easier which in turn distances us from our goal.

The spiritual level that we want and don't have is exactly what our life's work is.  There is no all or nothing.  Seven billion people on Earth are at seven billion different levels and each person has the obligation to him or herself, and to every family member that we are responsible for, to work hard to raise that level.  Turning to Hashem with complete trust and faith is the nicest thing one can do for oneself and family.  It is not Hashem or us -- we are one -- on the same team with the same goal -- Tekun HaOlam.  I have heard for years people tell me "I have not been too lucky in life."  I have also heard and personally experienced that the more we turn to Hashem and follow His ways, the luckier we get.  There is no such thing as luck -- there is only experiencing everything going better and better when we work harder within the system that the Creator of this life provided.  His instructions are foolproof and guaranteed to work.  The problem is our misconception of His instructions, since I have heard also "I follow Hashem, but I still have problems."  I have evaluated many cases of people who think they are following His ways (including many of my blog readers), but have made up their own set of rules.  The study of Torah resulting in living the Absolute Truth is a rare commodity; but, the very undisciplined human being comes to the conclusion "what I am doing is good enough” and then follows with “but it doesn't seem to be working.”  Duh!  Maybe you haven't reached a spiritual level that is good enough.  Maybe you need to spend the rest of your days increasing that level.  I am pointing out the obvious but it doesn't make any difference since we all, yes including me, have a long way to go and are greatly clouded and deceived by this fantasy of an upside-down world.  Those of us who are cognizant of what we lack and do Teshuvah every day to work on it, are the ones in good shape and heading in the right direction.  People, who are satisfied with their level of spirituality, don't have a clue as to how much they are hurting themselves in this life and all eternity.  Get with the program and experience true happiness.  Hashem guarantees it.  Try to see this world right-side-up as described in the Torah and see what a difference your life will be.

I posted back in March of this year my introduction and stated:

The symbol that I used, showing the two fingers together, has the following meaning:
          The space between my fingers is how long life is on earth.
          The space outside of my fingers is eternity and the length of our eternal life.

We work so hard to make life on earth as pleasurable and successful as can be and we ignore the real life which goes on after we change addresses.  We do live forever but the time in this upside-down world is very limited and is the only opportunity to get is right for all eternity.  Be as skeptical as you want about the truth; but, be aware that a day is coming soon that you will know without a doubt what the truth is and you will have to live with whatever you provided for yourself.