Monday, November 7, 2016

Communicating with Benjamin, in Jerusalem, Tuesday Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan 5777


I am very happy that you want to hear more stuff than the truth that I have said, I do not know what else to say ...

The world is a real mess and everyone feels it, even if you do not know the exact details, you can feel the chaos, the confusion, and how scary it is. The confusion is because people do not know where they are.

Once, not long ago, everyone knew where he was, if he is in New York or Paris or Tel Aviv or Hong Kong. But today, it's different. There is a threat to New York; there is a threat to Tel Aviv; Tel Aviv became like Paris and London – it seems like a place for all kinds of refugees. Paris looks like Syria, and New York is simply in poor condition. What shall I say? All confused. And people feel the confusion, but they do not feel exactly the danger. So they are trying to continue with their normal life, and it's not going too well. But in the meantime, there are places that cannot take dollars, exchange them, to buy all kinds of things. You can write checks, you can also use a credit card, you can fly to Europe, America or even right here and there are serious accidents with airplanes, much more than in previous years. But no matter, we continue because we are sure it will not happen to us. Anyway, now each one travels with little fear.

Then there are places like Rome. Rome with the Vatican, curse them and their memories, and all the museums, with all that 'the so-called culture.' It is possible to travel and visit there, and now what happened? Earthquakes around Rome! Earthquake wiped out many towns, they are gone! The mayor, the head of the district, said the everything is destroyed. Many churches have fallen there, even in Rome, which is not so close, everything was shaking so much so that one of the largest churches in the Vatican, is considered too dangerous to enter. And it does not stop there with the shivering in Rome, they do not understand what is happening and why. This trembling and shaking, thank G-d, are signs and symbols (brought down in scriptures). And I say that G-d is sending it, with his envoy, the star, Nibiru. These are all signs of salvation in the coming closer. 

(Go to Shirat Devorah to see: “Tornado Hits Rome.”)

World chaos. Hillary and Trump, the performances that they are putting on, which are not so good. It is not just us with autism, but all sorts of people seeing their performances, and who understand that this is just a show. They are not such good players. The script is not at all reliable. They know they are going to do something after, or even before or during the election. Something huge is going to be, because they know that everything is going to end. The wicked know, they want to get into their bunkers, they know well.

But we Jews do not need to be afraid. If we are real and sincere, and not try to just babbling nonsense and accuses to each other, Hashem will help see our sincerity and how we are trying to help each other. Hashem will see that we are really ready to accept Moshiach. No need to be afraid, even though most of the world will die, most of the population of the world will disappear. Hashem knows the truth of every individual. Who is doing the right thing, who learns Torah, who is a loyal Jew, who knows what is real and what is not, who are the true Jews, the true souls who were at Mount Sinai, they will live, they will be in this world. But it's a different world. It seems that logically no one will be able to live after what is going to be, no one can survive; but, we will survive, and even nations will survive.

Therefore, Jews, as I said recently, get ready! Emotionally, spiritually and with technical support. Gather some additional food every time you shop; look for bottled water, cans of tuna and rice-cakes. Think of how the world is in danger and what you might need. Talk to Hashem several times a day, not in fear but from the heart, with tears and ask Him to help. Then this food, the flashlights and the extra batteries and all that we take will give us a lot of joy and comfort like we are Noah. Hashem wants us to trust Him entirely, and believe in Him.

But it's hard. Hashem is giving us lots of tests to see how we handle the situation. Experiences with very sick people, even people we do not know, and it breaks your heart to see such problems, so many orphans that we do not know, so much bad news about people who are leaving this world, and it is not even in time of war. Also, income.problems. We live in a world so full of worldliness that for pennies, more or less, it is possible to buy clothes. There is also so much nonsense available in stores. We do not always intend to buy such nonsense, but just the feeling to come in and buy so many things that us feel good, even if it is not good. I know people who are suffering very much in trying to make a living, living moment to moment, and it makes the person nervous, and my heart hurts for them, it causes disease. All this nervousness, this stress and fear is what causes many diseases we have today.

And so I say to you, no matter what problem you have, it's all for the purpose of you trusting Hashem; not to worry at all, knowing that He will always help us, He always saves us; if we turn to him, he will be with us. Do not be afraid; Do not be afraid; Do not be afraid. End


  1. This latest 'decision' by the FBI shows that the worldwide takeover is complete even though disguised. Unlike Mr. Robinson, I don't believe this makes Israel a safe haven. The only safety is with Hashem. Human society has been ruined.

    1. There is no such thing as a safe place for an evil person. There is no randomness in this world, nor that an evil person can hide in Israel and think he is safe. Hashem treats us all measure for measure according to what we need no matter where we are.

      The safety of Israel is for the person who is following the ways of Hashem. He or she will not see the craziness in Israel that the observant Jew might see outside of Israel. Notice that the earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, the crazy weather, etc, etc, etc have occurred outside of Israel.

      I remember the war in southern Lebanon where many, many missiles came towards Israel. Great damage, death, chaos in northern Israel (much of which occurred in Arab towns). Many people in the city where I live, who do not have any outside contact through the media, didn't even know that there was a war occurring. In close to 14 years that I have been in this city, we have not seen a single terrorist attack here. I saw plenty of crime and vandalism when I was in the states. Outside our border, we have had incidents, but not in the city. The individual occupied with Torah and not concerned with outside our borders is oblivious to any troublesome activity.

      Hashem treats us as individuals, and all individuals who do what Hashem wants, including moving to Israel, know nothing of the worlds craziness. The great upheaval of the near future, whether it be Nibiru or war, will be of no consequence to the Torah Jew who is completely engrossed in Torah and the ways of Hashem.

    2. Rabbi this confuses me.
      We've seen holy people honestly good people who follow Hashem, be harmed in stabbing and shootings and all kinds of terror.

      What do you mean that a person who follows Hashem will be oblivious to the any troublesome activity

      Also the sentence " including moving to Israel " what if the family/ one spouse doesn't want to go??

      And on a personal note I hope you're feeling well BH

      Thank you so very much. And I attribute gratitude to you for standing up and choosing to do your part in the world of what Hashem wants from you. And of course I attribute all goodness and all messages to Hashem. But I do thank His loyal messenger as well.
      Thank you rabbi.
      Hatzlacha and kol tov.


    3. There is no such thing as random in this world. I have no idea what I still need to go to Tikun, since only Hashem can judge any person and know the truth. For me to judge someone as receiving Hashem's help as unnecessary, is an abomination. If I can't judge myself, how can I tell what someone else, who I don't even know, needs from Hashem.

      Once again it goes back to what Rav Avidor Miller taught us: we receive our Tikun voluntarily or involuntarily. If we follow Hashem completely and do His Mitzvot, we will need less sickness, accidents, mishaps, troublesome activity. Everything is measure for measure according to what we need (how many times I have said that).

      If we are commended to move to Israel (numerous times in the Tenach), then why would Hashem make it easier if we don't, no matter what excuses we have? I have stated that I saw this twenty years ago that it was getting necessary to come home. If that isn't enough time to resolve all issues, preventing me from following Hashem's instructions, then I would say that the reasons for not coming home are invalid. My wife and I gave up lucrative careers, many friend, close proximity to relatives, etc, etc, etc because we saw "the handwriting on the wall" years ago. When we are being told that outside of Israel it is much more dangerous, and that there will come a time when all the Jews will run with just the shirts on their backs, we might want to take that seriously. If we have children who are fighting us, I would have to ask who is in charge in your household? If the children realize that they have one safe option, they may be very cooperative in running. My children were clever enough, due to education, to move to Israel with their families before my wife and me. It was much easier since we insisted on our children living the absolute truth and understanding what Hashem wanted from them. They taught us a lot.

      I thank you for your well wishes on my health situation, but as I have said, it is a gift from Hashem to help me with any deficiencies I am experiencing in doing Teshuvah. Hashem knows exactly what I need, and shows His love by helping me. Thank you Hashem.


    The US Gov. is so corrupt. FBI is a joke. Democrat party a joke. It's pure filth. The press is a joke.

    1. As the saying goes: Democracy is war by others where all sides are losers except for the government.

      About time Moshiach comes and cleans up the place.