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Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Noach, 29 Tishrei 5777 (10/30/16)


Creator of the World, Leader of the World, He Who guides the entire world to obey the commandments, not just the Jews. Either everyone obeys the commandments, or the entire world gets the ten plagues of Egypt.

In the Holy Land of Israel, a wall of fire surrounds the borders of Israel. G-d is telling the people of Israel: "Obey the commandments, learn Torah, pray to me and I will watch over you and protect you against enemies; I will give you all of the good in the world!"

All over the world there will be harsh winds, earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions, fires, conflict between countries, complications within countries will continue - this is the time of salvation and the world of the Messiah to purify the world.

The rain and storms on Thursday in Israel are the work of G-d who opened the blessing and the opening of winter for us. When we prayed "mashiv haruach vemorid hageshem," G-d brought the winds and rain to Israel! This is a sign of blessing and good life, a good and healthy winter for the holy land of Israel.

During the holidays, from the Selichot of the month of Elul, Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Hoshana Rabah and Simchat Torah, all of the Jews repented! Some fasted on Yom Kippur, some prayed, some did the mitzvah of building a Sukkah, some did good deeds and donated to the needy. Our Father in Heaven sees all of the Jews' deeds and mitzvot, the study of Torah and prayers. Even the secular Jews thought of repenting, in their hearts and minds. G-d has accepted the excitement of observant and secular Jews toward the holidays; He has written down for the Jews who do not keep the Torah and mitzvot, the thoughts of repenting have been written in their favor. G-d listened during the holidays, heard the prayers of all of the real Jews without exception, those that keep the Torah and those that don't, and received them and their deeds, and atoned for them.

In Egypt, the Nile is raging. G-d is very angry at Egypt, the tunnels they are building under the canal with the aim of war - it won't do them any good, it is not for peace. The Nile is raging and will rise in its own time. The economy in Egypt is getting worse, nothing there is good. There is hunger, and they don't have bread to eat.

Jordan is waiting for a Palestinian state. They can keep waiting. Jordan and Abu Mazen are always making plans.

The Arabs around East Jerusalem and Hebron - most of them cannot be trusted. Some of those with Israeli IDs are helping the gentiles outside of Israel. They got married and interfered and now it is causing problems in Israel. They are delusional that if there is a war and the IDF is busy with the borders, they will be able to harm Israel, heaven forbid.

Hamas and ISIS are the same thing, evil and Amalekites, they are all Muslims.

All the oppositions to the holy places in Israel - what is the surprise? They are all gentiles.

Iran wants to be in the headlines and pretends to fight ISIS. It is all a story, they are not doing anything.

Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries don't care about anyone, they don't care that all of the people in Arabic countries are starving.

There will be a revolution in Turkey, don't worry. Turkey is not what it used to be, it is filled with ISIS. Erdogan has lost control of the wheel, there is no control. Erdogan doesn't want the United States or anyone else to interfere in Syria. ISIS is threatening him to say they should not interfere in the war against ISIS and Turkey will take care of it.

Lebanon doesn't want to fight Israel.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah are quiet. They are waiting for Syria to be revived so that they have the strength from Syria and Iran and they can make a mess. They can keep waiting.

Iraq is falling apart and being destroyed. Everyone is fighting everyone.

Syria is over.

Russia is operating Syria with strings.

In the United States, the candidates are fighting and arguing about lechery. Instead of talking about how to strengthen the United States in security, economy, tourism, they only care about who was more of a pervert or who stole more.

In Gaza, they continue to dig tunnels. The IDF needs to know where a tunnel begins and blow it up from there.

Every single one of the parliament members must fulfill the duties for which he or she was elected.

Dear Jewish parents, watch over your children from assimilation, drugs, gambling, and alcohol.

Sexual offenders, thieves, and criminals will be caught.

The Muslim refugees from all over the world are conquering Europe. Europe will become Muslim. Now there is quiet and soon there will be a wave of terror unlike anything anyone imagined.

Rachel our mother forgives all of the Jews of Israel so that all of her sons are free and that the Messiah will be released! Rachel cries for her sons, she has direct contact with G-d and if, heaven forbid, she is strict, G-d will be strict. That is why Rachel forgives all of the people of Israel and then G-d forgives, and soon He will release the Messiah King in public!

Without the Messiah, there will be chaos and Armageddon in the world. Thanks to the Messiah, everything in Israel is working and the people of Israel are safe! The forces of nature and the world around Israel are in chaos. Thanks to the Messiah in the Holy Land, everyone stands, exists, lives and is successful, except for those that choose a path of evil and not obeying the commandments. Anyone who repents is protected by the Messiah! Anyone who is smart and has a brain in his or her head knows what is happening in the world and in Israel and will believe in G-d!

Dear Jews, we must redeem ourselves, have mercy on each other and forgive each other even when it seems impossible. Jews, this is the end, the Messiah is almost here and we await the trumpets!

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