Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Yom Kippur תשעה

The King of Kings, the Holy One, blessed is He, our Father of mercy for all his creations, is hugging each Jew, and wants all Jews to be under His humble and modest wings.  He wants all to love each and that they increase charity and donations in secret.  G-d wants this year 5775, that the people of Israel and all Jews continue to be honest and work for G-d in goodness and joy.  Every Jew has a contract with G-d; and, He pays on all the contracts that he chooses.  Any person who violates the agreement, G-d forbid, the contract between him or her and the Creator, will work hard to restore the contract as it was before, in order for everything to be fine.

The two days of the New Year went well.  Great was the joy of heaven and earth.  Prayer was great; a lot of Jewish men and women repented and were in the synagogues.  There were only a few Jews, a handful, who did not understand the Holy One, blessed be He, well enough, or what are Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot represent.  May G-d have mercy on them so that they understand and respect the Creator of the universe; it is from them that G-d wants the most penitents.  All Jews have the greatest opportunity once a year, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot to keep the Ten Commandments and stick to the Creator of the universe.

This year 5775 will be a wonderful year for Israel and this is how it will continue forever!

From now on, every state and country, band, group, or any officer, who wants to hurt the people of Israel - they will be punished and it will happen in a very short time!  Everyone must analyze and understand - they wanted to hurt the people of Israel and the Holy Blessed One gives the medicine before the disease – they were surprised and beaten.  It's a different kind of faith in G-d, repent and stick to Him.

Mazen Abbas,
as we wrote there over a year ago, mocks everyone, wrongs everyone and lies as he breathes, as if he were alone in the world.  He is in a league with Hamas, Islamic Jihad and soon also with IS.  Now, he reveals his true colors.  Thank the G-d of Israel that the government woke up and realized that all his movements were lies and deceptions.  Outwardly he seemed "nice" very humble, modest, begging for mercy this is the deceit of the snake.

The United States, France, Britain and other NATO countries, conspired to remove IS; they do not know that IS is in their country.  They bombard IS without bombarding precisely; the main thing is that their bombardment of IS, Iraq, Syria and the rebels does not make a difference.  The Creator made ​​the Tower of Babel.  IS is not a country but a religion and belief.

Turkey is the main base of IS.  They are strongly implemented and so are a million and a half refugees from Syria as well as Kurdish refugees from Iraq – a feast.  Turkey will have a very hard civil war. Turkey is about to be destroyed because Erdogan chose IS and others and did not choose the Holy Land of Israel.  There will be a great revolution in Turkey.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah are terrified of Hamas and IS.  Nasrallah is afraid that his bodyguards will turn on him and become IS.

The IS has lots of money from Qatar.  Qatar gives money to anyone who is against Israel, whether Hamas or IS.

Iran wants to walk between the drops, not to be disturbed in its production of atomic power.  Do not believe them; they are not telling the truth.  They only care about their own interests and do not care about the IS or the world.  Iran is terrified of Israel and scared of how Israel may react.  They are certain that the Israel Defense Forces can reach every corner of Iran and destroy it!

In Egypt hunger is heavy.  Egypt will continue to be involved in the most serious tangles.  Hamas and the IS also want to destroy Egypt and the Egyptian government.

Jordan has its hand on the pulse and is afraid of Israel more than anything.  Now she wants to cooperate with the IS and Hamas, but chose the wrong time, she missed the boat.  She woke up too late, the IS and Hamas will cause her terrible problems.

Hamas, meanwhile collected the pieces, strengthens, gathers and begins to rebuild and improve the tunnels.  They have tunnels in the Gaza Strip that the IDF did not reach. The IDF must be alert and pay attention to Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem.  Small groups of the IS want to get revenge on the Mossad and Shabak – open your eyes they have plans!

Eritreans and Sudanese are causing chaos and severe damage in Tel Aviv; they have neither day nor night.  At night they await the day and during the day they wait for the night.  They have no life and very serious diseases.  If the Israeli government does not wake up, Tel Aviv will be called the "New Sudan."

The State of Israel must preserve every piece of land!  There is such thing as peace for a piece of land, because there is no faith in anybody!

Anti-Semitism in the world is very hard.  They need to stop saying everything is fine, they are lying!  They are waiting to do harm to the Jews!  That will not stop; it will grow like a river!  Jews, stop disguising yourselves as goyim; the Creator will reveal all!  The Creator wants you in your homeland in Israel – the land of Israel!

The State of Israel is economically prosperous, socially and politically very good!  Everything is Honey!

It is strictly forbidden to remove the Israeli government!  Do not play with honor.  The people expect them faithfully to serve the people, and do not expect that within the Knesset that there should be arguments to the detriment of the people

All liars, thieves and members of lust, with black collar, white and pink, the corrupters and the corrupted, do not say "it will not happen to me," to the Almighty all are totally transparent.  The Holy One, blessed is He, examines and evaluates the heart and mind and eyes of man and knows which direction he is heading, for better or for worse.

Yom Kippur, G-d will affix the seal of the Supreme Court!  The Creator is the One who decides what will be for each and every one.

Yom Kippur 5775, there will be a great repentance of Israel.  The Almighty sees the future and is pleased that Israel has repented with humility and faith.  This will be a blessed year for Israel, a mass immigration, a great economy and revenues, a blessing and success in everything!

Soon the Creator will crown the King Messiah; he will lead the world!  Everyone should follow his prayer; there will be one prayer for the people of Israel.  He will lead the State of Israel and the world will continue as usual – everything will be normal.  The Creator manages the world through the Messiah.  They will look with their eyes, hear with their ears, speak with their mouths but the Messiah will do Israel's wars, without tanks, no planes and no ship!  A country that disturbs Israel will experience a terrible wrong with their thought and speech.  What he says, is done!  Everyone will be afraid; they will fear and tremble from the light of the King Messiah.  The crown and the coronation are en route!  Write it, and remember to check what will be in the near future!

Courtesy of: "Tair Neri"

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Confirmation from Hashem

When I wrote my blog post of 11 Sep 2014, The Absolute Truth that Nobody Believes (or even knows)
my post was prompted by the fact that Benjamin had made a statement about the global elite being the true enemy of the world.  I wanted to provide details about his statement.  I also explained that the global elite are implementing the evil New World Order that was meant to initiate WW3.  The war would serve the purpose of killing off most of the population of the world to bring the population down to a manageable 500 million, about nine tenths of the 7.2 billion people in the world.  I showed the proof of my extensive research including the Georgia Guidestones which tell of this diabolical plan etched in stone.  I even followed up my post with an indication of when this is to happen with my post of 23 Sep 2014, A Hidden Message from Hashem. A Hidden Message from Hashem  All this was to show that the present chaos and war happening around the globe is all part of this plan and is the final battle told to us in scriptures of Gog and Magog.

Last week another message came from Hashem through Moishela that included the statement “They (the global elite) will persecute the Jews. However they plan to kill nine tenths of the world population. Jews are certainly not nine tenths of the world’s population, so mostly they are going to kill non-Jews.”  This was miraculous that Hashem decided, through Moishela to provide confirmation to my research.

Read the entire message and then I will make further comments.

Erev Rosh Hashanah 29 Elul 5774

Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
A Handicapped child
24 Elul 5774 (Sept 18, '14)

We Are The Chosen People

I want to say to everyone, to explain to everyone what we have to do to save ourselves, what Am Yisroel has to do to be Zoche to greet Moshiach Tzidkainu. As I told you before, there are going to be great and terrible happenings in the near future, things that we never dreamed of, things that are very frightening. The fear is already upon us. There are so many, so many fearful things happening in peoples’ daily lives in the world at large etc., but soon in order to survive, we will have to hold tight, so-to-speak, to Hakodosh Boruch Hu, hold tight to the rope, the spiritual rope that connects us to Hashem. If we could only see it, if we could only feel it, that rope that brings us close to Hakodosh Boruch Hu.

The greatest test is yet to come and we as Jews are going to soon be persecuted openly, and when that happens only one thing will save us, because we can’t fight a physical war against the Reshoim. It won’t work. We’ll have to fight a spiritual battle. We have to hold on to our Yiddishkeit and refuse, absolutely refuse to go down in any way. We have to cling together, grouping together, closing ourselves off to the world at large. We have to keep the Torah in the strictest way so as not to fall, not to be afraid of the cruel enemy. We have to know always that Hashem is with us, and that we are ready even to die, but not to do, Chas Vesholom, what the Reshoim want us to do, and that is to leave our Yiddishkeit behind, to become like them, to become nothing, to become cruel creatures like they are. They will persecute the Jews. However they plan to kill nine tenths of the world population. Jews are certainly not nine tenths of the world’s population, so mostly they are going to kill non-Jews. However their anger will be at us. They can’t stand us because we are for sure The Chosen People and that rubs them absolutely wrong, and makes them irrational and wild, and wanting to get revenge on us because Hashem chose us. They want to rule from Eretz Yisroel because they know that only from here you can rule the world, but what they don’t take into consideration is that Hashem will never let them do it, because truly we are The Chosen People, no matter what they want to believe, and truly Hakodosh Boruch Hu will wipe the evil ones off the face of the earth.

We are a small downtrodden people that have wandered for almost two thousand years from place to place being harassed, being killed, having to live without sustenance, sometimes being able to survive in a place and become rich, only to lose our wealth to the wild Goyim that were so jealous of us, and are still jealous of us. This Golus has been hard and bitter, even though we’ve had a respite here and there to gather our strengths together.

However now is the final battle. We are weak people physically. We are very small in number, but Hashem is Hakol Yachol, and He will be with us, and with Hashem we outnumber them a billion to one, or even more, because they don’t have a chance in the world, because Hakodosh Boruch Hu is the Ribbono Shel Olam and the Hakol Yachol, and He will defeat them in, so-to-speak, a blink of the eye. What we have to do is take courage and refuse to bow to them, refuse to do what they are going to ask of us to do and they are already asking of us to leave our Yiddishkeit. They are already putting rules and regulations in Medinas Yisroel to destroy Am Yisroel. They have a plan all set and they think they are winning. However, whoever laughs last laughs hardest, and we are going to laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh, even though it will be very very sad, but the only way to defeat them is not to leave our Yiddishkeit, not to leave Hakodosh Boruch Hu, to always be His sons, His loyal sons and daughters always forever. We must teach our children that we must stay loyal to Hakodosh Boruch Hu.

We are a spoiled generation that has no idea of sacrifice, but we are going to have to sacrifice. We are going to have to do things that we thought only the former generations had to do. We come from an “enlightened” generation, but now we see it’s definitely not an enlightened generation, definitely not. It’s as dark as any of the darkest ages that were, and as furious and as mean and as bloodthirsty as any pogrom that ever existed. We must, must close ourselves off, close ourselves off from the world, and not let the Tumah come in. If they demand from us things that we are not willing to do, we must not do them. If they want to take away our Bris Milah or something of that sort, we must do it anyway. This is worse than communist Russia. This is worse than any of the situations Yidden have been in throughout this bitter Golus, and we have to stay strong. We have to stand strong, and not give in. I’m afraid that many Yidden will give in Chas Vesholom. It doesn’t mean they are Erev Rav. It means that if they are true Jews they will come back. Hashem will force them back, but it will be with a great amount of pain. Those who stay steadfastly loyal to Hashem will have very much less pain. It will go much more smoothly for them, even though there will be much fear and anxiety, but still it will be easier for us.

So let me tell you Am Yisroel, we are going to have to prove ourselves, even though we come from a very spoiled materialistic background, from a world that never knew more Gashmius than the world of after World War Two, and we will have to take courage and remind ourselves of who we really are, and never let go of that spiritual rope that connects us to Hakodosh Boruch Hu, and if we do that our reward will be the greatest ever, and we will be eternally Hashem’s chosen ones.

I also want to remind Am Yisroel of the love Hashem has for every Jew that helps another Jew in any way. Hashem loves those who help His people, His children, and He is the kindest and the most forgiving of those people, but the Chessed has to be Leshem Shamayim, Mamash Leshem Shamayim, from caring really inside for every single Jew. Every single Jew is born with that spark of caring for another Jew, but that feeling that another Jew is like a person’s family that you must care for them. This generation with its Gashmius has made so many Jews bicker and fight with each other, speak Lashon Horah about each other, speak Motzi Shem Ra about each other in a terrible way, and this is because of all the jealousy that comes out of too much Gashmius, and we must, must pull up that love that is inborn in every single Jew, that’s natural in every single Jew, and do Chessed wherever we can for whoever we can, and don’t forget Chessed starts at home. Your first Chessed has to be to your wife or to your husband, your children etc., to your parents, and after that to Am Yisroel as a whole.

I want to tell you also that you don’t have too much time to prepare yourselves, to prepare yourselves spiritually, so you won’t suffer so much. We will be void of money. We will be void of luxuries. Life will come down to the bare necessities, but Hashem won’t let us starve, and He won’t make us die, Be’ezras Hashem. He will give us what we need. He won’t let us be thirsty or hungry. We will live Be’ezras Hashem, but we have to do ours, and not be afraid and not give in to the evil ones who will try to bend us to their ways.

I want also to tell you that each person has a mother and father and you must honor them truly, and love them. You must respect them and do their will, as long as it doesn’t interfere with your Yiddishkeit. You must revere your parents especially the parents that are Ma’aminim (believers) and Shomrei Mitzvos, because they, even if they give you trouble, are still your parents and you still have an obligation to them to always have respect and treat them in a kind respectful manner. Don’t forget this. This is very important.

Also I want to say that too many of our Yidden lie. They lie to each other for all kinds of materialistic reasons, lie to their families because they want to do things their families probably wouldn’t like. We lie about our age. We lie about our backgrounds. We lie about everything. We’re full, riddled with lies. That has to stop. Lying is a terrible defect and we have to tell the truth, because if we don’t tell the truth we can never understand a world of truth. We can never even fathom what truth means. So please do away with the Sheker. The Sheker is killing us, the Sheker that we love to believe. We want to believe the Sheker because it’s easier. It seems easier, but it’s not. It’s not easier at all, so please Am Yisroel please look for the truth say the truth even though it’s not popular. Say the truth the way it is. Say the truth. For example, when you see a woman that is not Tzniusdik, you’re supposed to say the truth - that she looks like a street urchin, and not a Frum lady, that she looks like she’s not married with her fancy Sheitel. That is truth, but you can and must say that it’s forbidden, because if more people would say it’s forbidden, it would disappear and more people would become closer to Hashem. There are many examples that you could talk about. I only gave one, but we have to tell the truth. Always tell the truth. Always want the truth. Always want to live the truth, and Hashem’s name is Truth with a capital T.

I want to say that we are very much like the Dor Hamabul, so many dishonest people among us and even if we aren’t thieves and haven’t stolen millions of dollars. Still we often steal less than a Prutah here and there. It doesn’t matter who we’re taking from, the State, our friends, the bank, whatever. We have no problem with being dishonest when it comes to filling out official forms for example food stamps in America or Bituach Leumi in Israel, forms that don’t show our whole and truthful financial picture. Thievery has become almost a way of life in this generation as we can see from the news about so many of our leaders who are being accused and even are sitting in prison for this same Aveira. There are people who are very Makpid on being honest and there are people that are not. Therefore a few people that actually make very much money on taking what’s not theirs, even though they look like the model Jew that are helping other Jews so much. I warn those Jews that are dishonest, they are going to pay a high price for it. There are those with Jewish Neshomas that have made mistakes, but they are going to suffer in order to come back. I beg you Am Yisroel don’t pretend to be great philanthropists, great Baalei Chessed when most of your money is gotten through dishonest means.

I want to tell you also that our Frum world is full of Tinofes, of dirt, of spiritual dirt. Our women, not all of them, but many of them look like screen stars, movie stars with their long fancy Sheitels, with tight skirts, short tight skirts. Bais Yaakov girls many of them don’t look like what you are supposed to look like, and even if to school they go more or less dressed in an acceptable way because they have uniforms, afternoons they dress in a much less Tzniusdik way. The husbands of today, even the Avreichim many of them are without beards because the ladies don’t like beards. Many of them wear also tight clothes that is not suitable to an Avreich, and many of them want women that look like they are unmarried. They don’t mind. They are even happy when other men look at their wives. Don’t scream at me, “It’s not true!” because it is true and it has infested almost every part of this Jewish world of ours and there are unfortunately many many, cases of adultery in our community which is an act that we once thought was only suitable to Goyim, but many of our people are guilty of it also. Even people that are not Baalei Teshuva, some of them boasting great Yichus may still produce Mamzeirim. It’s a very terrible thing. It’s a very terrible Aveirah, very terrible and they don’t only do this with unmarried women, but also with married women which is a major Aveirah whose punishment is death, but it doesn’t seem to bother anyone. The Psak that’s given often is, “As long as your husband doesn’t know anything, its fine. It’s fine. You could stay together.”

I’m sorry Am Yisroel, but all this Gashmius has gone to our heads and made us not normal, made us go in the way of the Goyim. We lust after the ways of the Goyim. We want to be free, not everybody Boruch Hashem, but those who want to be free of the restrictions of the Torah are more than those who want to be under the yoke of Hakodosh Boruch Hu. So I’m warning you, to those who are guilty of such Aveiras, if you have the Neshomas of Jews, do Teshuva. Do Teshuva, but the strongest Teshuva you can do, and come back to Hashem. You can do Teshuva but it won’t be easy and the punishment is a hard one, but it will be much worse if you don’t do Teshuva.

The final thing that I want to talk about in this discussion is that we must believe with all our hearts and souls that only Hakodosh Boruch Hu is the ruler of all existence. We must believe that whatever He does to us or for us is what is supposed to be and is the best thing for us, whether we live because of it or die because of it, Chas Vesholom. It’s the best for us whatever He does for us. If He makes us paupers or He makes us rich, if He gives us fifteen children or no children, Chas Vesholom, it’s all for our benefit, and whatever we suffer through in this life, we should know it’s not forever. This kind of life is not forever. Once we have the Geula Shelaima, then we’ll have eternity Be’ezras Hashem. Right now the suffering is limited. However you must believe with all your heart and soul with all your might that there is no one like Hakodosh Boruch Hu. He is the Creator of the world. He’s everything there is nothing else but Him. His Oneness is the only Oneness and we are one with Him.

I don’t have really any more to write. I just want to say Tatti and Mommy, thank you.

Q: What do you want to tell us about the white horse that you spoke about?

A: I want to tell you that the white horse is a false Moshiach, and he will be pristine white and then he will become brown and we will know he is only a fake. He will fall very hard and become brown which means that he is not Moshiach. The white horse represents great danger to Am Yisroel. There will be a few false messiahs that will appear and try to make us believe that they are the seed of David Hamelech but one of these imposters will be extremely convincing but in the end the truth will be revealed and he will be destroyed with all the Reshoim.

What can I do? What can I do? Soon it will be over. Soon we will have the Geula Shelaima. We just have to hold on, just to hold on.
I know that there are many skeptical people who can’t believe that our world leaders are so evil, but just look at the world situation and ask whether you really believe the lies and propaganda that the government is perpetuating.

The other area of skepticism has been: are all these messages from the Facilitated Communications individuals really prophecy from Hashem?  Is Hashem telling us great details through them, the Gedolim, the Mekubalim and other sources to help us prepare and survive the horrors that are yet to come?

There are two very strong messages from Hashem to let us know the legitimacy of these messages and proof that they are prophecy.  One is the test of the prophet as Hashem told us in the Torah, Deuteronomy 18:15-22.  Basically it says if someone is telling us what is going to happen and it comes true, it came from Hashem.  I have been reading these messages since 1997 and they are right on – they are definitely from Hashem.  The other message from Hashem is in the Talmud, Bava Basra 12b, which told us thousands of years ago that when there are no more prophets to tell us the word of Hashem, prophecy will be given to the shotim and the children.  There are many translations of shotim such as deranged, fools, brainless, etc, but all agree that we are describing individuals that are not able to communicate – they do not have the physical skills that a normal person possesses.  Many Rabbaim feel that the Autistic individual or one with severe Down’s syndrome falls into this category.  I was associated with two frum Jewish Psychologists in the late 1990’s who definitely told me of the legitimacy of these individuals as fulfilling the prophecy of Bava Basra – they actually worked with them performing FC.  If you read such books as Secrets of the Soul or Galia, you would be very confident that these FC individuals could only be communicating with Shamayim.

Enough said.  He who looks for excuses not to do Hashem’s will, should consider him or herself a looser.  We are getting such tremendous information to help us through the upcoming turmoil in this crazy world – it is not time to gamble that you do not believe the information.  The suffering that you could be bringing upon yourself and your loved ones will be great.  Yes, you will see Hashem’s mercy in the end and you probably, not guaranteed, will experience the happy ending that will occur, but how difficult a situation do you wish needlessly to put yourself into to get there?   Please, please, please reread Moishela’s message above and take it to heart, while you still have a heart.  There is no coincidence that we were given this message right before the ten days of repentance – the time that Hashem in His infinite mercy gives us the opportunity to get it right, survive and thrive.  Take advantage of Hashem’s gift of mercy and His very clear messages that He gives through today’s prophets.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

A Hidden Message from Hashem

I saw this morning something that was very disturbing; yet, since I look for the positive in everything (all is from Hashem), I wanted to tell you the good news that I gleaned from this event and what I believe Hashem is telling us.

Specifically, I saw new information that is a follow-up to my post on 911:  The Absolute Truth that Nobody Believes (or even knows).  In that post I talked about the scary Georgia Guidestones which tells the plan of Gog Bush, Sr in reducing the world population to 500 million.

This requiring 93% of the world population to be killed off to institute the New World Order, explains the chaotic world we live in, where our worldly leaders are trying to start World War 3.

All the details that I am able to disclose were summarized on the 911 post. 

This morning I saw that an additional new stone has been added to the monument.  There was a notch in the monument that was built in the 1980’s.

What the purpose of the notch was, became apparent recently when it was filled in.


A block was inserted with 2014 etched on it.  Is seems that the prediction of the fulfillment of the plan of the monument has been told.  The Gog Cabal expects WW3 imminently and the tragic reduction of the world population to happen this year.  Since there are only three months and one week left to this year, it appears that they feel confident that the most horrible war in history is about to start.

Why did I say this is good news?  Optimist me knows that Hashem has an alternate plan to wipe out the evil of the world in the end of days.  Did this new stone tell us that we are so close to the final event of Gog U Magog and more importantly, Geula and Moshiach?  Hashem’s messages are sometimes hidden, but I can’t see any other interpretation than what I have stated.  When we see the messages of Moishela, Menachem, Benyamin, Rav Nir Ben Artzi, Rav Fish, etc, etc, etc all telling us that we are close, I look at this new development as chizuk.

The much more important message is that it is happening during the month of Elul and leading us into the 10 days of repentance.  I see this Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Succos as the most important days of history.  This is our final opportunity as individuals, as a people and as a member of the human race to get it right.  If we don’t do the best Teshuvah, the best Tefilah, the most Tzedukah, the most Limud HaTorah, the greatest effort of Ahavas Yisroel that we have ever done in our lives, we have lost the greatest opportunity for happiness and success for this life and eternity.  Please, please, please take this seriously for the absolute welfare of ourselves, our families, and for all righteous people on this planet.  This may be our last opportunity to truly help ourselves and our loved ones.


Monday, September 22, 2014

Message Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, New Year תשעה


Father in Heaven, Father of Mercy, the greatest source of Mercy in the world, He feels sorry for all His creations, He pities and has mercy upon all Jews, all of Israel, all the Jews who are in the Holy Land!

Everything that happens in the world, the forces of nature activities, the complications and conflicts, all the leadership and guidance are all coming from the Creator.  Such huge things like this are not coming from man, they are in the hands of the Creator directly!

In 5775, many people will come to Holy Land of Israel.  Shame on the Jews who are fleeing from Europe or any other country and not coming to Israel.  They are wasting time and money and will eventually arrive in Israel, whether they want to or not.  Jewish Agencies and the Israeli government should prepare and build a lot of homes for Jews to reach out to Israel.  There will be economic prosperity, without end, in Israel.  There will always be enough jobs in Israel and it will always be that way.  Many individuals are just spoiled and do not want to make an effort to work a little harder.  Our forefathers, the sages of Israel, the Tannaim and Amoraim, worked half a day and learned half a day.

The Holy Land of Israel will be protected and reserved to withstand anything that happens in the world – the forces of nature, all the enemies around us and from every country and state.  There will be minor disturbances, but only to stimulate the people of Israel.

Every country and state that wants to cause evil in Israel will see the processed reversed, and will be hurt very badly.  In 5775, the Holy One, blessed is He, will not give anything to any state, country or group of people, who wants to harm the holy land of Israel.  The Torah is the only way for every person, country and state to win!

Any person that does not follow the ways of G-d, who do not hold to the Ten Commandments, the prayers, the laws and who do not do Torah study, will experience serious problems and difficulties and will be in shame.

Dear Jews, increase your grace and giving, donations and tithes, feeling sorry for each and every Jew and to have an unconditional love.  Israel is in the redemption process!  Jews must pray from the bottom of their hearts with great strength, and the Almighty will in turn bring the King Messiah and stop the agony and death of the Jews forever.  We will welcome him all year!

Every Jew should understand and needs to know why people do not like us.  The situation is rooted in the saga of Cain and Abel.  The envy of Cain for Abel causing the conflict that started at the beginning of the world and extends until now.  It will continue up to the revelation of the King Messiah!  It is Israel against the Gentiles and not against any other people.  If Israel wants to live in peace continuing as the chosen people, it requires mercy and kindness.  Mercy and kindness of the Jews does not mean getting along with the evil in the world and this must continue until the Messiah the son of David is the king when there will be mercy and peace in the world forever.

Members of the government of Israel must not attempt to overthrow this government!  Stop the game of falsely honoring the Jews who chose them and are holding them accountable for their actions!  This government must go forward; it's not time for games!  The Prime Minister is a man of vast experience, knowledge who has a high level of intelligence.  This is not the time for them to look for excuses to fight each other.  They need to be united and consolidated in order to preserve Israel and not fight for personal interests.  The Israeli Knesset has ministers and Knesset members who are very young.  They have no experience; they are 'hot' to react.  They do not think twice or three times about what they are doing.  Do not be hasty.  They must understand that they are there to serve the people.

The IDF must be alert.  You shall guard your souls.  Not to give any irritation to the nations around us, be vigilant, keep an eye open and know that the preservation of life overrides everything and is good for everyone.

During Selichot, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Sukkot, every Jew has the opportunity to take all the pain, all the problems and all the agony in front of Our Father in Heaven, the Holy One, blessed be He, and heal the situation.  This time should not be underestimated!  Do not miss this opportunity!  This is so good that the Almighty, the nation of Israel have a time of compassion and forgiveness from the Holy One, blessed be He.

It is urgent to settle the Negev, the western Galilee, Samaria, and Benjamin!  This is needed to accommodate hundreds of thousands of immigrants to Israel, secretly and openly.  The Creator asks: Stop crowding the center of the country, stop it!  Jews, go to the western Galilee, the Negev and Samaria, to extend the state of Israel.  Israel is like the skin of a deer – it stretches endlessly.  Even if you reach one hundred million Jews, it will grow to accommodate a hundred million Jews.

New Jewish immigrant families are arriving with their husbands, children, wives, parents, grandchildren and extended family members.  Without interruption, they are arriving to live in the Holy Land of Israel, to live with joy, happiness, abundance, livelihood and security.

Israel should be alert in Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem, in order to avoid interference.  We must be very careful of Arab villages, especially some villages who have direct contact with Hamas.

Hamas is waiting for talks with Israel; waiting to see what the future holds; waiting to hear what Israel decides as requirements.

Syria continues its bloody war amongst them.  They are all fighting each other: Syria fighting Syrians, rebels fighting the rebels, rebels fighting Syrian, the IS, Hezbollah against Syria, rebels against Syria, all the chaos - the hand of G-d is influencing it all!

Lebanon maintains silence - she has no choice.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah are silent.  Nasrallah keeps the throne.  They are all on alert against the IS and anyone who is against them.

Egypt does not want Hamas, not does it want the IS.  They fear others gaining power.  Egypt's economy will be the most difficult and serious problems with complications.

Jordan is frightened from the complications happening by refugees from Iraq, Syria, Hamas and IS.  She trusts the State of Israel and the IDF to protect her.

Iran is dealing with Muslim extremists.  She wants to continue to be 'nice' to the United States to confuse the whole world into thinking that they are all righteous, peace lovers – it is all a lie.

Turkey, Erdogan is so overstressed with the IS.  He is against Israel as if he has no choice, since he is afraid the IS will cut off his head.

IS has been built on streams of Arab extremists who are incestuous, vicious, despicable and thoroughly disliked people.  They do not operate under any law and do not have any culture of this world.  Every country is just beginning its plight with the IS.  They are trying to quickly remove them from their midst.  They believe that if there are IS members today numbering a hundred thousand, tomorrow there will be a million or two.  The IS wants to do massive and brutal attacks that have not been seen in the world.

The Israeli government along with towns and cities in Israel, must act urgently, urgently, urgently against the Sudanese and Eritrean infiltrators.  They must remove them from Israel, according to the law.  They have spread throughout the Tel Aviv area.  They multiply and spread to other cities as well.  They can live in any condition.  Should we ever allow a situation where Jews are afraid to leave their homes?  We should act according to the law and get them out, urgently.  They have a lot of countries within which to live.  It's not racism -- this place does not belong to them!

All who are thieves, bribe-takers, demons, scammers, lewd and indecent people, organizations that have members of special interests and nepotism, the Good L-rd tells them, before the New Year, they should take it upon themselves to repent.  If they change, they will not be revealed.  If you do not do this, this year, 5775, the Creator will reveal them, they will become transparent.  It will not be like in 5774, but a hundred times more.  Should you rebut this idea, anyone who makes fun of or belittles what is written here, will have to answer to the Master of the Universe.

The Messiah is working hard.  He protects and preserves the Holy Land of Israel!  This time, it's time.  Happy is the believer; poor and pitiful are those who do not believe and are dismissive.  All the speculation seen on the computer is meaningless.  Only Our Father in Heaven, the King of Kings, the Holy One, blessed be He, will decide on the day, He knows the day!  The day will come that Hashem, Himself, will anoint the King of the world.  It is this generation! This generation has won!

שנה טובה!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

"Go Up to the Island and Don't Come Down"

26 Elul 5774


Communication with Menachem
Jerusalem, 15 Elul 5774

I'm so, so jumpy, so, so suffering, I know that all of you are suffering, too, every real-Jew is suffering. It simply can't be otherwise, it can't possibly be otherwise. The world has already turned upside down. The world is completely crazy. This whole world is a giant hospital for the insane, and like Rav Dessler, ztz"l said, the caregivers are also crazy. The whole world is crazy, the whole world. 

But, still, it's not nothing, it's just the beginning. Because, waiting for us in the near-future is something so hard that it's impossible to describe it. And we will suffer and suffer, and there's just one answer: to hold fast, so to speak, to HKB"H, to this spiritual rope which connects us to Him.

But, the world is full of evil, and the evil is coming out of every single hole. It's a flood of evil in the world, and we, the real-Jews, have to create an 'island', island-of-truth, and go up to the island, and not leave it. Go up upon this island, and build for ourselves real-lives of Torah and mitzvot and good deeds. An island of closeness to truth, to HKB"H.

And then we will cross over the bad, difficult and dangerous water without it reaching us. But, we have to go up on this island, we have to. We have to separate ourselves from the liars, from the evildoers. And we must, must separate ourselves from false-messiahs, and from the goyim who are trying to destroy Judaism, and we must separate ourselves from the Jews, the same Erev Rav who try to dilute Yiddishkeit, whose only goal is reach a situation where there already won't be Jews, chas v'shalom. But, we will remain upon our island and we won't allow any of these things to tire us. And Hashem will protect us and we will get through it all without harm.

And now, we have to begin the construction, to go up on the island, and to build our lives, simple lives, lives with almost nothing, but it will be for us everything, because it will be: us and HKB"H.

But, woe to us, woe to us. What a situation, what a situation, what will be, what will be. How will I describe it...

In the near future, we have Rosh Hashanah, and in the near future, already a bit before Rosh Hashanah, we will see the most difficult things, things that will scare us even more than what's happening now. And don't forget that it's the evildoers, and don't be afraid. Just be with HKB"H. Don't fear. That's the secret, to be with HKB"H - and, not to fear. And we, again, will go up on the island and it won't harm us. What will this island be? The island - it's the faith and the trust in Hashem. And we will build there our houses and our communities. Indeed, these will be very small communities, but it will be the future of Am Yisrael. And we'll get through the time between today and Rosh Hashanah and on every day there will be new news, bitter news, confusing, news of violence, and blood.

But, we will continue and not fear. Because we will hold fast to HKB"H. But, Rosh Hashanah will arrive - and we will cry, we will cry like we've never cried before. And we will cry with many hot tears. And even those who think that they already don't have any tears - it will come. And these are the real-Jews. And the rest, the rest of the 'so-called' Jews, the Erev Rav, they will be cold like ice. They won't feel anything in the heart.

But, we will cry and cry and cry. And we will crown HKB"H. He is the King! He is the King for us, the King! And we will get through the ten days of repentance, again, crying. Again, in difficult news. And then, we arrive to Yom Kippur. And then, the real-Jews again will cry, and they will hear the shofar, and will cry still more. And those who are very much with the truth, will be able even to see Eliyahu HaNavi inside the synagogue, depending on how close they are to HKB"H.

And after this, the whole year will be chock-full of hard things, until we, the real-Jews, will feel that we have no more strength, no strength. But, with G-d's help, we and our families will get through it. But, we will arrive to Purim, and on Purim, this is the time of Haman's fall. Then, the wicked one who was placed over us, he will also go away. He will go away - and not bother us any more.

And then will come the Pesach holiday, and Pesach will bring us to Leil HaSeder and we will sit broken and sad. We will sit beside the table with a few matzot, not much, and we will cry and cry, and we will beg of HKB"H to finally take us out of Egypt. And on the same night, real-Jews will see Eliyahu HaNavi with their eyes when he comes to drink the wine.

And after this, I can't tell much. I can only tell that with G-d's help - motzaei shvi'it Moshiach comes.

Question: What's with the Beit HaMikdash?

Answer: Motzaei shvi'it - it's a whole year. Together with it, I can't tell you a date, I know that we will know, and we will see. And it will clearly be for us Mashiach. What I said to you now - it's only a part, for the sake of giving you a direction. Clearly, before shvi'it already we will see the Mashiach, and there will be the wars, and all that we need to go through after it, but it will give us a lot of chizuk, and already we will see great, huge miracles, I only ask of you, don't break, don't break.

Question: At which stage will be the ingathering of the exiles?

Answer: I can't speak further, but we will see the big things, and we're already seeing big things. We also need to get used to seeing big things, because they're so big that it stops the breathe. A person can die from a heart-attack when he sees these huge things. Therefore,Hashem accustoms us slowly-slowly to see all these things. And we will already see the Mashiach.

Question: About which wicked one are you saying won't be on Purim? There are a lot of evildoers, so of whom are you speaking?

Answer: It's written that there will be a wicked one who will rule here nine months, then we will see his downfall, b'ezrat Hashem.

Question: You said we will be saved, we and our families... Is that despite that in the family are those who are not in the ideal or desirable situation?

Answer: It's not pertinent to what their situation is now. They are victims. But, there are Erev Rav - and there are victims. There are Jews who are simply victims of the society, of the situation. And these children, these people, Hashem will drag them back. They will suffer, because He will drag them powerfully, but he won't allow any Jewish-neshamah to remain. And if they don't have the souls of Jews - then, even their relatives won't miss them.

Question: People are hearing shofarot... They don't want to believe that it's artificial...

Answer: Right, there will be all kinds of false and lying things, because at the end of the thing, the evildoers want to bring their 'false messiah'. So that the whole world will come and will do all that he tells them. And they will do all kinds of 'miracles', but it will all be technology, and not more than that. And the Erev Rav will believe in it!... But, the real-Jews won't believe in it.

But, you need simply to prepare, because right, this that we see them taking off heads in great numbers in various countries at the hands of 'animals-in-the-form-of-persons', it also makes us feel less sensitive to the reality that will be around us, because it's impossible to digest it all at once. It's too hard, especially for a Jewish neshamah. So, slowly-slowly it accustoms us, because even if we don't see the pictures, just thinking about it puts us in these situations.

And it's really very interesting that exactly in these days, on the one hand, these Arabs, the 'wild-animals', these taking off people's heads, and in amazing timing - the black man in the United States is ordering guillotines for the sake of killing people! So, who belongs to which side?... Is it not a bit odd?!... Suddenly, the United States is ordering guillotines! And I really want to know who exactly is the manufacturer of the guillotines. And where is its factory, and to whom else does this manufacturer sell...

Question: We're speaking now about these viruses in the United States that they don't know what it is...

Answer: Oy, don't pay attention to it... It's to scare people... I will tell you something, I don't believe that they will create bacteria that are capable of killing let's say a million people, chas v'shalom, because it endangers them themselves and there's no control over it like this. But, to scare - they can scare.

And they're beginning to bring out various statistics about the 'ebola', shelo neda. Right, there is such a thing, but I think that the main reason that they're dying from it in Africa - because the filth there is greatest. The hospitals aren't clean, and if they take them to the United States, like they took two doctors who supposedly got the disease, and they came out of the illness healthy and whole... So, what?

And with the 'SARS' in China they did the same thing. Everyone in China went with masks, from fear that they won't be infected. But, in America, a few people became infected from it and no one died... So, that's how it appears to me. But, however it will be - there's no need to fear. Whatever will be with us - it's what needs to be. And if we will succeed in reaching to Mashiach, then good. And if not, G-d forbid - then, in the World to Come, there will also be good for us. But, we're already very close, so I hope that all of us will arrive to the complete redemption, with G-d's help.

Question: In the last years, we saw that every time they did the 'impurity parade', immediately thereafter difficult things happened. In the week ahead, they're planning to go 'impurity-parading' ...in the center of Jerusalem, Hashem yishmor...

Answer: This year it will be much worse, because it is a time that is so close to redemption that Eretz Yisrael can't tolerate it. I don't know what will be - but, it will be something worse than this.

Question: In Netanya, two years ago a synagogue with many Torah scrolls were burned up at the time of a parade...

Answer: Right, it can't pass quietly, but this year - it's a more difficult year, and if it will pass quietly, woe to us.

Question: Also, in the holy places, the war continues in full strength...

Answer: We will pay for it, for our silence. But, not the real-people. Because, now, it's not like the time of the Shoah. In the ShoahHashem took the righteous together with the not-so-righteous, and with the wicked. But, now - everyone will be exactly according to his level.

Question: The one goal: to finish off Judaism in the world, by a secret method, and especially in Eretz Yisrael...

Answer: The whole goal of the evildoers is to wipe out Am Yisrael. Because Am Yisrael is like a thorn in their side. Because we are the truth, and they know it, and they are jealous. And they want to wipe us out, these fools, they who could go to war against HKBH, the Almighty, Who created them, and created the whole world. And they're really not intelligent, how is it possible to believe in such a thing?... They believe in the Satan. The Satan - who HKB"H also created. So, what can they do?

But, 'The State of Israel', the Zionists built it with much success, because they wanted to dilute 
Yiddishkeit, they wanted to introduce Jews to a kind of like type of Yiddishkeit that's completely fake, a Yiddishkeit that 'makes them feel like they are strong' and that 'they are the strongest army in the world' and that 'they're dying for the homeland', and not al kiddush Hashem. That they are the rulers. That they are 'the almighty', G-d forbid. And whoever believes in the State, with the lie of all the clowns who are sitting in the Knesset, then he is for sure Erev Rav, really Erev RavAnd all of it is going to disappear. Everything will disappear, all this sheker. That's it.

And also all the 'converts', they have factories, a conveyor-belt of converts, everyone can convert. To be converted and to convert. And that's exactly what they want: to dilute Yiddishkeit.

Question: And we need to understand that if so - our job is to strengthen and to arouse Yiddishkeit...

Answer: We said this, that we will go up on an island with our families, and we will close ourselves, and not allow them. We won't let them. But, there won't be many. Really not many. But, upon this will be built the whole future.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Moishela: "I Have Been Given Permission to Reveal to you Future Events"

22 Elul 5774 17 Sep 2014

Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
A Handicapped child
16 Elul 5774 (Sep 10, '14)

Oy Mommy, Oy Tatti, what can I tell you? I’m sorry that I have made you in the last few weeks a little bit unnerved, but I must admit that the world is changing at the speed of sound, and from day to day or from minute to minute, we don’t know what’s going to be. We used to live in a world that was at least semi organized. We could predict, sometimes anyway, what the next day or the next minute might bring. Today we are all confused, never knowing where another tragedy, Shelo Naida, another bang will come from. Tatti, Mommy, the next few weeks are going to be very, very frightening. The next few weeks will be full of changes that will make our heads spin, changes all over the world, frightening changes and also frightening happenings.

By the time we get to Rosh Hashana we are going to all be in a somber mood, a mood for Davening very hard, for begging Hashem to save us and declaring Him our King. So we must prepare ourselves not to be too blown away by the happenings of the near future and always remember the only way to steady ourselves and keep ourselves in a state that we can overcome spiritually and physically the times to come, is by holding on to Hakodosh Boruch Hu, so-to-speak, holding on to the rope, spiritual rope that connects us Am Yisroel to our Creator. So as I said, in the next few weeks until Rosh Hashana there will be amazing new news for all of us, for the whole world and there will be news that people will not understand. They will stand and wonder what in the world is going on, but as time goes on we will realize what the plan of the evil ones really is.

After Rosh Hashana during the Aseres Yimei Teshuva will be a time of gathering our strengths together and crying to Hashem like we have never cried before. By the time that Yom Kippur comes around, I’m afraid that our tears might have been spent already from worrying what’s going to be, and we will try to squeeze out a few more in order to try to save ourselves. By the time Succos comes we will be quite worn out for our efforts, and I believe that Succos, at least for a short time, will bring a semblance of balance, a semblance of joy in the Yom Tov, but Simchas Torah will bring us back to the cruel reality, and we will dance with the Torah with tears in our eyes. We will hold the Torah close to us so it can’t separate from us, so we won’t separate from it. We will dance and we will dance and we will beg Hashem through our dancing to always keep us close to Him, and we will keep the Torah close to us, and when Simchas Torah is over the real wars will begin.

Am Yisroel you know that there is something in my words. In the last two or three years you have seen such crazy tragic things happening. We know that the world has become an insane asylum and as Harav Dessler put it the people taking care of the inmates are the inmates themselves. So it’s a world of the mentally ill. There are some Jews which do try to separate themselves from the Sheker, from the lie and on those few Jews the world of the Geula Shelaima will be built by Hashem. We Am Yisroel must hold on and never let go.

We will go farther. After Succos, Simchas Torah the world will become so so different, so horribly different that it will be absolutely unrecognizable. The only thing we will recognize is our Kesher (linkage, connection) with Hashem. The only thing that will be real will be our Kesher with Hashem, His Torah, and His Mitzvos.

Am Yisroel, the ones in Chutz La'aretz, the ones outside of Eretz Yisroel, pack your bags if you can. Pack your bags and come. Do so. It’s not an Aveirah (sin). Coming to Eretz Yisroel is a great Zechus, but don’t come if you don’t really want to go higher in your Yiddishkeit. Don’t come just to save your lives, because it won’t work. You have to believe, believe that Hashem is Hakol Yachol. Ain Od Milvado (He is everything, there is None other than Hashem). You have to believe it with all your heart and your soul. You have to believe that there is nothing greater than our Torah. You have to believe that Moshiach is going to come and there is going to be Techias Hameisim (the resurrection of the dead) and you have to believe in every single one of the Yud Gimmel Ikrim. You must believe in that. That is your ticket to eternity. You must with all your heart and soul believe in it.

After Simchas Torah there is going to be a giant Birur (Hebrew: בירור‎ "Sifting/Clarification") and that Birur is going to be very hard, but it won’t be hard for those who understand the Truth, for those who cling to Hashem, for those who cling to the Truth. It won’t be hard. So please Am Yisroel please, please if you feel up to it, if you feel that you want to rise spiritually, come to Eretz Yisroel, not Medinas Yisroel, that’s going to fall very soon, but Eretz Yisroel, come to Eretz Yisroel, and even though it could be very difficult and even though you don’t know where you are going to live and even though you don’t know where your income will come from, still you are better off here than there if you truly want to be close to Hashem. If you truly want, for spiritual reasons to come close to Hakodosh Boruch Hu, to actually greet Moshiach Tzidkainu then come to Eretz Yisroel now. Anyone with Gashmiusdik (materialistic) ideas about the Geula, forget it. Stay where you are.

I also want to reiterate that every Jewish soul will be saved. Every Jewish soul that stood at Har Sinai and said Na’ase Venishma, we will do and we will say, every Jewish soul will be saved. Hashem will make sure that even if a Jew thinks he doesn’t accept Emes (truth), in the end he will. Hashem will force him to accept Emes, and he will become a great believer, but he will suffer on the way, but those who are close already, those who believe with all their hearts and souls in Hakol Yachol, in Hakodosh Boruch Hu, in the Ribbono Shel Olam, they will not have difficulties almost at all. It might be frightening to see what’s happening, but they themselves will not suffer. So Am Yisroel, we are coming to Rosh Hashana. Please do Teshuva (repentance). Please do Teshuva now. Get your heads straight. Get your minds on the right things. Teach your children how to react when the terrible wars really start. They have started already, but the really bad part is soon to come. Teach your children how to hold on to Hashem. Teach your children what reality is, what the Geula Shelaima means, what the Bais Hamikdosh (Temple) means, what the Korbanos (sacrifices) mean. Teach them not to be afraid because Hashem is Hakol Yachol. He took us out of Mitzrayim (Egypt), which was an amazing, amazing Ness (miracle), and He will take us out of this terrible, terrible Golus and bring us to the Geula Shelaima.

I want to tell you something else Mommy and Tatti. I love you all very much. I know how much you are doing for me and how you care for me. I know I sometimes make you both a bit upset with my moods. I go a bit crazy myself with the double life that I have been living. One part of my life, a little boy with little boy needs, and the other part of my life I am a greater person a much more adult person. So please I ask you Mechila (forgiveness) for anything I have done to make it difficult for you and tell you how much I appreciate how you’ve taken care of me, and how I imagine you will continue to take care of me up to when Moshiach comes. At that time I won’t need your help anymore, Be’ezras Hashem (with the help of Hashem). I know that very soon we are going to see the Truth. So don’t get discouraged and don’t get taken down. Just know that all of our troubles are going to disappear and really you shouldn’t be worried about all these things that are happening in the house, buying and selling apartments, taking care of me, and all the other grandchildren who have this problem, that problem, or the other problem, or my aunts and my uncles that have all kinds of problems. Just know that it’s almost over, almost over.

To Am Yisroel I want to tell you that when we come to Chanukah we are going to have very great spiritual happenings that will remind us of the Maccabees, that will remind us of our greatness, will remind us of our Bais Hamikdosh, even though we will be very frightened and we will be such a tiny little group surrounded by huge amounts of wild people with terrible weapons, but still our hearts will be full of joy because we will feel again what the Maccabees felt even though we will be terribly afraid. It will seem impossible to ever get out of that situation, but Hashem will help us and we will, and after that will come Asara B’teves and we will mourn like we never mourned before. We will cry and beg like we never did on Tisha B’av, beg and beg Hashem to rebuild our Bayis our Bais Hamikdosh, and not let the Goyim do the most outlandish thing of destroying the Dome of the Rock and instead building Chas Veshalom there a temple to the Avodah Zorah of their new Religion Chas Vesholom, Yemach Shemam Vezichram. That is their plan to build on top of Har Hamoriah, Har Habayis a temple to the Avodah Zorahs (idols), the worst Avodah Zorahs.

Then we will come to Purim and we will beg Hashem to save us from Haman and we will have a Haman here, a Haman that we will have to be saved from and we will have to fight, fight our fears, beg Hashem to save us from this awful terrible horrific person and his armies and his police. We will have to beg very hard. Hashem will save us.

He will save us, and then will come Pesach and we will be a tattered bunch of tired people when we sit around the Seder table, with Matzoh and wine miraculously provided for us by Hashem and we will beg Hashem to save us. We will beg Hashem. We will beg Hashem to bring the Geula Shelaima. On Shvii Shel Pesach we will hear the Shofar. We will hear the Shofar and on Leil Haseder each house will see Eliyahu Hanavi, all the Jews that are Emesdik will see him and it will give us strength, but it still won’t be the time of redemption. I can’t go on farther than that to explain, but when we see Eliyahu Hanavi we will know that very soon this terribly long Golus will be over, and we will be finally free. From that moment on, there will be more and greater wars. There will be false prophets and false messiahs, but we will hold on to Hakodosh Boruch Hu and to the seed of Dovid Hamelech, to our Moshiach Tzidkainu, our true Moshiach. He will reveal himself and we Motzai Shviis will walk into the Bais Hamikdosh and be Makriv Korbonos and be happy and be dancing with the greatest joy ever felt in the whole world, even though around us two thirds of the world will have been destroyed, and very few Yidden and even fewer Goyim will survive.

I have been given permission to reveal to you these future events in order to give Am Yisroel strength and courage to get through these very difficult times. I beg Am Yisroel from the bottom of my heart to feel that every Jew is responsible for the other Jew. Every true Jew feels responsibility for another Jew, feels that he wants to do Chessed for another Jew. That’s how you know he’s really a Jew. I love Am Yisroel so much that just saying it makes me cry, and I beg you please make it easy on yourselves. Come back to Hashem. Take away the Gashmius which is so senseless, all the toys, all the adult stupid toys, all the videos, all the things that make us waste our time and instead put our efforts into growing spiritually. The best way to grow spiritually is when times are difficult. We don’t want times to be difficult, but we must use the future hard times to help us grow. Please let us put our hearts and our souls and our strength, into growing even though around us will be death and destruction. Please keep growing. Please keep coming closer and closer to Hakodosh Boruch Hu.

Q: Do we have to be afraid of the ISIS?

A: That group of murderers were created by the Reshoim (evil ones) to frighten the world. They have no real tangible strength. It’s all a farce and the Europeans definitely don’t want them around and probably will try to get rid of them as fast as possible. However they will go underground and they will cause destruction in the world because they as individuals can blow up hundreds of places in Europe, America, not only the Mideast. As an army they aren’t an army. They are just a group of vicious people. They are using the scare tactics of chopping peoples’ heads off, Lo Aleinu, or murdering them in other terrible ways to make people afraid, but don’t pay attention to them. It’s all not something real. Yes people are killed and they are very vicious, but they have no strength and Hashem will destroy them.

There is nothing to add right now. I’m giving you kind of a preview. Up to now we the autistics, have written many things and they’ve all come true, however, we never really gave a timeframe because people still had to schlep through many years without this kind of Chizuk. There was no point in giving a timeframe, because people would say, “Oh well we still have ten years, so let’s just party until then. We have time to do Teshuvah!” There’s no time now, so let’s do it now now, now!

There is one more thing I want to say. In the next near future the State of Israel, the Medina is going to crumble. It’s already crumbling from its own decadence. That is what’s going to happen IY”H. Very soon the chaos is going to rage here until the Goyim take over. Then Moshiach will take control from the Goyim and the Geula Shelaima will begin Be’ezras Hashem.

I don’t have anything else to write now.