Friday, March 30, 2012

Comparison Map

As a follow-up to yesterday, I thought I would show this map that depicts the Arab countries that surround Israel.  I apologize that you can barely see Israel; but, that’s my point.  As mentioned yesterday, the Arab land is 650 times the size of Israel.  Take note that this map does not include all the Islamic countries such as big Iran (Iran is not Arab).  

Are you aware that most Arabs that live in Israel have ancestry in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordon, Saudi Arabia, etc.  Most Arabs that live in Gaza are Egyptian born or Egyptian by ancestry.  In 1948 and 1967 all Arabs had left Israel at the request of the Arab nations since they had the mission to kill all the people that remained, Jew and gentile alike?  I don’t know why but the wonderful Israeli’s invited them to return after the wars.  Those Israeli’s are so nice.  They call Israel an apartheid state; yet, it is the only place in the Middle East that provides complete freedom for all people.  The Arabs have voting rights, can be and are in the government, on the Supreme Court and any other privilege that a citizen can have (except that Arabs don’t have to be in the military since they are the enemy).  In the Arab countries, anyone who isn’t a Muslim (Jew, Christian, Buddhist, etc) not only are they inferior citizens or not allowed to citizens and their lives are in danger.  Even in Israel, Arabs live in Jewish cities but Jews cannot live in Arab cities.  Even worse is a situation like Bethlehem and Nazareth.  These cities were about 80% Christian years ago.  But, the Arabs slowly eliminated them by killing or exiling them.  The only safe way for a Christian to remain in these cities is by conversion to Islam.  Both cities today have about a 10 to 20% Christian population.  I have had the privilege of meeting citizens of Bethlehem and they have told me of the horror they experience.  May Hashem help them.  Remember, first the Saturday people, then the Sunday people.  All is going as planned.  The biggest advantage that the Islamists have is that their propaganda and the hatred of the Jews keep the world blaming the Jews for everything.  With all the human rights violations in Arab countries, take Syria and Egypt for instance (please, take them before they kill all their population), the UN human rights council only reprimands Israel.  Israel is the best place in the world for an Arab.  They have it better than the Jews (that’s another post that would be quite an eye opener).  

The absolute truth is hard to find these days but everyone in the world knows exactly what happens in Israel. Right?  Judgment day is coming this year (another post).  The people of the world better repent before it gets here or they blew it for all eternity.  Mark my words, it’s your eternity.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Who Owns This land?

NOTE:  If you are visiting my blog for the first time, please scroll to the bottom and read my first post, which explains the purpose of this blog and what it means to you.

There is no more controversial land in the world than the land of Israel.  Wars have been fought over it and, for some strange reason, this country, the size of the state of New Jersey, is in the news and on the agenda of many governments and the United Nations, more that any other country in the world (except, perhaps, for the US of A).  Why?

The answer has a similar connotation to the topic of yesterday – Jew hatred.  Who is the real owner of the land?  HASHEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Of course, He owns the entire universe, so the Land of Israel is on the same deed.  But, what did the Owner say about the land.  Also, in all fairness to the world -- especially those who don’t go by the word of this Owner, what does international law say about this land?

Israel was the name given to Jacob after he fought the angel.  The country was named the Land of Israel meaning that Hashem told Jacob, or Israel, that this land belongs to his descendants.  Of course, this was the same message that was given to Jacob’s father, Isaac and his grandfather, Abraham.  Later it was told to Moses and all the Israelites (called as such since they were the descendants of Israel).  The Jews or as they were referred to in the time of Abraham, the Hebrews, have dwelled in this land for over 3700 years.  Even with two exiles, which were accompanied by the destruction of the Temples, there has always been a Jewish presence in the land of Israel.  So it looks like, biblically, the Land of Israel belongs to the Jews.  Moses was even told exactly where the borders are.  Miraculously, those borders match the area that the Jews live in today.

We are told in the Bible that when the Jews return to there homeland, this land that has remained desolate for close to 2000 years, will miraculously start to produce.  After 1948 this totally useless land that many cultures tried to unsuccessfully cultivate, became some of the most fertile producing farmland in the world.  Hundreds of millions of trees have been planted since 1948 and Israel in present time exports produce in great quantity.  They even designated the area where the Jews live “the green line” since the areas where non-Jews live is still not fertile and still remains desert.  This is a strong message from Hashem that His people are returning and the end of history, as we know it, is about to occur.

Let’s talk international law.

With the second exile in the year 68, some crazy Roman renamed the country Palestine (mostly because he couldn’t pronoun Philistine).  Even in the almost two thousand years, that the country was called Palestine, there was still a presence by its designated owner, the Jews.  Before 1948, the Palestinians were the Jews.  I have neighbors who were born here before 1948 who joke about the fact that they were the real Palestinians.  They became Israeli’s when the country was once again named Israel.  In 1964, with the forming of the Palestine Liberation Organization (a terrorist group), they started a very well organized propaganda campaign and pretended that the Arabs who live in Israel were the real Palestinians.

The British Mandate (in effect, British rule) of Palestine, including the Balfour Declaration, was confirmed by the League of Nations in 1922 at the San Remo conference.  It came into effect by treaty in 1923.  The boundaries of Palestine were drawn by the British and included modern Jordan, which was called Trans-Jordanian Palestine (you mean there is a Palestine that exists today that is much bigger than Israel?).  The declaration included the wording “His Majesty's government view with favor the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people.  This eventually led to the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948 by the newly formed United Nations.  The problem was that the UN took away 82% of the land designated for the Jews including most of the area that was biblical Israel.  It was well known that the United States State Department advised the then President Harry Truman to sign in favor of the Jewish state but only because the US was convinced that 5 mighty Arab armies would obliterate this new nation.  How noble of the US and many other Jew hating countries who thought they had the next final solution.  Hashem had other plans.  To this day the US military will never teach the tactics of the Israeli army use in the 1948 war since miracles aren’t part of military tactical training.  Israel had no army to talk of, no armament to fight with and only One top General to lead them – Hashem.  I guarantee that Israel in every war that followed (1956, 1967, 1973, 1982, 1991, 2006, and all the terrorist attacks in between) was not as mighty as they thought and has to rely on great miracles to experience the success they enjoyed.

So what does it mean when you see in the news how Israel is constantly trying to occupy Arab land.  It is the most effective propaganda from terrorist groups and has the complete support of the Jew hating media and Jew hating nations of the world.  All of the land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea is Israel.  The only way that land can be given to someone else is by a legal treaty such the treaty that resulted from the San Remo Conference, 1920, that gave the Land of Palestine back to its owners the Jews.  The UN resolution of 1947, the Oslo Accord of 1993 and any other bogus agreements to give the land away are not legal by international law – it can only be accomplished with a treaty.  Another consideration is that any country that is attacked and wins territory in that war, keeps it.  Why does Israel have to give back land to Arab terrorist organizations that they won in war and belonged to them in the first place.  The Arabs of the Middle East have about 650 times the amount of land that the Jews have.  If we talk about Islamist countries, we increase to over 1000 times the land area that the Jews have.  The Jews are in great shortage of land, the Arabs are not.  What is even worse is that the Arabs don’t even want the land.  When we hear speeches in English they talk of the horrors of the Jews stealing their land.  When they talk in Arabic (in their mosques, for instance) they tell their true agenda – we want all the Jews dead.  What is even sadder is they say “first the Saturday people, then the Sunday people.”  In other words the bottom line is to kill all the infidels and make the entire planet Islamic.  They are making great strides since the Jew hating gentile world supports their efforts even though it would mean the demise of all gentile nations.  I wish Israel’s propaganda was that good.

All this is prophesied in the Torah.  In the book of Deuteronomy 32:21, “They have moved Me to 
jealousy with that which is not G-d, they have provoked Me to anger with their vanities; and I will move them to jealousy with those which are a non-people; I will provoke them to anger with a foolish, senseless nation.”  In other words, Hashem is telling us that when we are not doing His will (since Israel is being run by a secular government that does allot of improper things) he will provoke us with a vile people who are not a sovereign nation but, as in this case a bunch of terrorists, pretending to be a government. I end by quoting an organization that wrote an article in their magazine several years ago.

They said “We know the land belongs to you, but as long as you fear people more than you fear G-d, you do not deserve the land.”  Who said such a truism?  It appeared in the first addition of the new Al Qaeda magazine.  Our enemy knows more about our mistakes than we do since Hashem uses them to bring us around to what we are supposed to be doing in this world.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jew Hatred

Even though I have an additional three sources to disclose, I thought it would be more prudent to cover one of the subjects that is of dire consequences these days.  Although very misunderstood, a great increase in Jew hatred around the world is actually an indication of the end of days.First of all, let me correct a misnomer seen everyday in the world.  The term anti-Semitism has become synonymous with Jew hatred. From the Scriptural genealogical record comes some of the most well-known terms relating to Israelite people: Semite and Semitic originate from Noah's son Shem.  The Shemites are all the descendants of Shem, but a more modern term (actually came from Germany in the 1800’s) was Semite.  The misnomer is Shem descendants include all Arabs and even other cultures.  The Mayan culture as an example, which is greatly talked about these days due to their calendar and prophecies, dwelled on the Yucatan PeninsulaYucatan is an improper pronunciation of Yoktan who was a descendant of Shem.  In other words anti-Semitism really includes the hatred of many people on this planet including possibly the Mayan culture.
Anyway, what really is Jew hatred?  Two facts need to be clarified first.  One is that the Jewish people were designated by Hashem as Am Segulah.  Although the world translates Am Segulah as the Chosen People, it is more properly translated as the “nation of the remedy.”  In other words, when Hashem told the Jews through the prophet Isaiah “To be a light unto the nations,” He was tasking the Jews spread throughout the world and to bring the message of Hashem to the world.  That message is the remedy for the world’s problems.  The specifics I will cover in another blog post.  The message, however, has been greatly rejected by the people of the world – they are not interested in carrying out the will of Hashem, but doing their own thing, no matter how evil or dangerous it may be.  It is the biggest reason the world is in so much trouble today.  The problem is “if you can’t kill the message, kill the messenger.”  Jew hatred in essence is the world fighting Hashem and His word but the Jews are the scapegoat since Hashem is not touchable.  This has gone on for thousands of years but now it has increased greatly for another reason.  The work of the Jewish nation is basically finished.  It is time for the Jews to return to their ancestral homeland.  Many Jews, however, are stubborn and think they will remain comfortable outside of Israel.  Hashem is sending a strong message to the Jews worldwide.  The economy, the political situation, the threat of war and, above all, the Jew hatred is telling the world Jewry it is no longer possible to continue outside of Israel, come home.  Israel is the only safe place in the world for a Jew (the subject of another blog post).  It is clearly stated in many places throughout scriptures that the Jews have the mission to be in every corner of the globe, spread the word of Torah and then return home after the mission is accomplished.  It is and being the end of history as we know it, it is time to come home.
How well the Jews have done throughout history and why, if we are on a mission to save the world and help the people, has our history been so replete with suffering?  Wouldn’t one think that Hashem would make it easy to do His will?  The answer is very complicated and well covered in scriptures but will have to wait for its own blog post.  Just be aware that the greatest miracle of the history of this world is that the Jews are still here.  Many great powers throughout history tried to eliminate the Jews from this planet, but failed.  It says in the Torah “you will remain small in number but will never disappear.”  That prophecy, told to Moses 3324 years ago, we are witness to its fulfillment and is a testimonial to the fact that the Torah truly is the word of Hashem.  

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sources of Absolute Truth (continued)

Before I can really get into the meat of the topic and the purpose of this blog (what all this truth means and how we need to react and prepare), I need to wow you with the fact that Hashem has given us information about everything in this world that has happened, is happening and will happen.  The biggest problem that I have is the overwhelming amount of information that is known and how do I very concisely write it on a blog.  I personally have about 600 books (in English) that are mostly concerned with this topic.  There is an organization that sells a hard drive compendium of Hebrew books that have been written over thousands of years.  They cover scriptures and all the commentaries written in support of what is known, or more appropriately put, what Hashem wants to tell us about everything.  That hard drive is now at more than 53,367 Judaic books of information.  Hopefully, you see my problem.

 Enough excuses.  The next source to be disclosed is the remainder of Jewish scriptures.  This includes but is not limited to the remainder of the Bible, the Oral Torah (commonly called the Talmud), the Zohar and others.  Scriptures are replete with prophecy.  In the Torah, for instance, every word, every letter, even the numerical value of each letter (another subject to be discussed) has profound prophetic significance.  We have a long list of prophecies that we are told will happen in the time preceding the end (meaning the redemption, Messiah, 3rd Temple, etc).  I have been actively involved for about twenty years in comparing what is happening in the world to what will happen just before this time of redemption according to scriptures.  With great excitement I can report to you that all the events have already happened over thousands of year or are happening now, with completion being imminent, and all has come true as written.  The most important concept to take from this is that all of history is in scriptures and most of history is completed with total accuracy according to the prophecy.  My confidence level, that what has been given us in scriptures is the absolute truth (I love those words), is unshakable.  I will only give you a few of my favorite examples since I could write volumes on the subject.  One thing that I have found to be true is that my telling you of exiting items that I have experienced, especially miracles (which I could talk hours about), is meaningless.  You digging and experiencing your own discoveries is what does it for you.  I hope in a near future post to direct you to sources, books, videos, etc that will teach you what it’s all about.

For now, let me tell you some prophecies that demonstrate how Hashem talks to us and guides us.  What makes these examples chilling is the detail, not generalities.  One example can be found in Isaiah 21 which talks of the prophecy of the downfall of Babylonia.  Babylonia is modern day Iraq.  This particular prophecy sounds allot like the 1991 Gulf War.  How so?  Isaiah begins by saying that it will be like “Desert Storms.”  Either Isaiah called the Pentagon 2700 years ago to ask them “what are you going to call this war?” or we have a very chilling prophecy.  Many more details can be seen in Isaiah and Jeremiah.  This was very nicely written up in a commentary from Professor Paul Eidelberg of Bar-Ilan University:

We get miraculous prophecies even from Rabbis down through the ages.  Rabbi Shlomo Yitzhaki, who lived in the years 1040 to 1105, is known to us as Rashi (all the great sages throughout history are referred to by abbreviated names).  Rashi did miraculous commentary on the entire Bible and the Oral Torah.  In Ezekiel 47 we get a prophecy of waters flowing from the Temple Mount and going all the way to Galila.  The waters represent the study of Torah which will come out of Israel and spread throughout the world (the prophecy has been fulfilled).  But what is Galila?  Rashi explains “to America.”  What a Rabbi who lived about 400 years before Amerigo Vespucci (March 9, 1454 – February 22, 1512) who America was named after knew about America?  No.  But, since Hashem put the commentary into the mind of this great Rabbi, he was able to tell us.

One last miraculous bit of information (since today’s post is getting a little long).  In the Torah Hashem tells Moses that the redemption will not happen until the two giants, Sichon and Og, are destroyed.  Sichon and Og were two kings who were a hindrance to the Israelites entering the land of Canaan.  The statement is, as mentioned above, prophecy that one of the events that will take place in the future before we have the final redemption is that the two giants will be destroyed.  A Rabbi Yehudah Aryeh Leib Alter (1847–1905), also known by the title of his main work, the Sfas Emes called the two giants “towers.”  The Talmud (Tractate Berochos) tells us that Moses who was ten cubits tall, had a sword that was ten cubits long and that Moses could jump up ten cubits.  He was able to reach the ankle of Og by reaching 30 cubits.  If you multiply 30X24 (the ankle is proportioned at 1/24 the height of the body) and using the length of just under 22 inches for the length of a cubit (according to several distinguished Rabbis of modern time), we come to approximately 1350 feet.   What a coincidence that that just happened to be the height of the World Trade Buildings.  Sichon and Og represented materialism which Moses has to destroy for the Israelites to enter in a higher spiritual level.  The World Trade Towers were the essence of materialism in modern times.  They didn’t necessarily fall for that reason; but, it shows us how Hashem gives us prophecy.  One additional note was that Sichon was slightly taller than Og and one of the towers was with an antenna that put its overall height slightly above the other.  A tremendous amount of information is found in the Bible, encoded in the Torah and described in the Zohar about 911.  I actually have a book, 264 pages long, that gives extensive detail.

Enough for today.  This subject can go on for thousand of pages but, once again, it would have more of an impact if you discovered the information yourself.  I will, however, be bringing up more exiting and mysterious findings as I go along.  Many subjects to talk about, not enough time to do it.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sources of Absolute Truth

I recommend that you read yesterday's post before this one (if you haven't done so) -- it will make more sense.

Very simply, the source that I use is the word of G-d.  What?  Before I lose you, let me give you details that will astound you and give you complete confidence in what I am saying.  Note:  from here on I would like to not take the name of our Creator in vain (one of the commandments) but to refer to Him as Hashem which is Hebrew for “the name.”  It is the way observant Jews refer to Him.

Let us start with the most miraculous text in the world – the five books of Moses, the Torah.  It says in the book of Exodus that Hashem dictated the Torah to Moses on Mount Sinai one letter at a time.  What we have is 304,805 letters (not one more or less – I hope to post proof of that in the near future) that has been handed down for 3324 years.  The Torah is our handbook of life as well as the blueprint of creation.  We have verified over the past 30 years what has been known for thousands of years that everything is in the Torah.  By putting the Torah into the computer, we have been able to analysis that the Torah contains hidden codes and messages.  We are amazed at the fact that everything that happens in the world can be found in the Torah with astounding detail.  By reading every second letter, third letter, etc or going up in the alphabet or down in the alphabet, through letter substitution (folding the alphabet different ways), new spaces between the string of letters, etc, etc, etc we see a new body of text with all new information.  Two questions beg asking:  how many coded messages are there and how many methods of coding exist.  The coded information includes every detail about every person that has ever lived, every animal, plant, tree, blade of grass, rock, every star, galaxy, planet in the universe, etc, etc, etc.  In other words, if it exists, it is in the Torah.  What you are wearing today, what you had for breakfast, every word that you said today is in there.  What are you thinking?  “That is impossible!!!!”  Now you are catching on.  The different ways that information is encoded in the Torah numbers 600,000.  This only could have come from a Source of infinite intelligence Who sees all time and knew in advance every thought, word and action that we will have in our lives.  This makes the total number of hidden, and not so hidden messages, that no human being could have known, an infinite amount.  Anyone who believes that the Torah was written by a bunch of old men has not studied the Torah.  Atheists, as an example, don’t have a clue of what reality is in this universe.

Next question:  What is the purpose of the Torah and why does it include everything.
As mentioned above, Hashem gave us the Torah as a handbook of life.  It is all the instructions on how to survive and thrive for eternity.  For a Jew there is 613 commandments that guide our every action in life and brings total success in this world and beyond (more detail of this is forthcoming in future posts)  Gentiles have a total of 7 commandments to adhere to.  Why the big difference between Jew and Gentile is a subject for future posting.

But, on a much deeper level, the Torah serves a very fascinating purpose.  Hashem is consistent.  We see, as an example, that in every cell in any living organism there is a computerized DNA code.  If I said that the body is described in every cell in the organism, it would be an accurate statement.  But, a more accurate statement is that the body actually grows in accordance with the blueprint that is the genetic code.  If I make the statement that everything in the universe is found in complete detail in the Torah it is an accurate statement.  But, a more accurate and completely correct statement is that the 304,805 letters of the Torah is the genetic code of the universe and everything that is in it.  In other words, we are living out the script that is Torah.  If it isn’t in the Torah, it isn’t!  You may ask:  Doesn’t that eliminate free will?  No.  Hashem, who is not in this allusion of time that He provided for us (I hope to expound on that statement in a future post), saw in advance every thought that we would have, every word that we would say and every free will decision that we would make.

Obviously, everything that has happened, is happening and will happen in the world has been told to us.  In the coming days I hope to cover the other areas of messages from Hashem such as the rest of the Bible, the Oral Torah, the Zohar (which is the mystical information that Hashem has given us) and other sources.  Enough to think about for today.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Introduction to the Absolute Truth

The world of today is a world of lies and fantasy.  Very little that you see in the news is true – after all, the media is for making money and not to inform you.  Sensationalism sells, not the absolute truth.  The world is so upside-down that most people of the earth are on a path to disaster.  We are not only in the end of days (I will explain what that entails) but we are in the end of the end of days.  It is vital to each individual on earth to know what the truth is -- what the system is on this earth to survive and thrive.  We must become proactive to save ourselves as individuals and our loved ones.  Relying on the inept leaders of today is foolhardy and dangerous. 

We live under a system of measure-for-measure meaning that you can’t blend into the crowd but are treated as an individual.  For every act that you do that is positive and good you receive reward and for every wrong act or even evil act, you receive correction.  By learning the truth we will see how accurate these statements are and how each of us is affected.  The most important thing to know is we are just about out of time and what you do immediately will determine the quality of the rest of your life and your eternity, forever and ever and ever, etc, etc, etc.

The purpose of this blog is to convince you of the above with unshakable truth.  The sources of
information that I will be using are absolute and so accurate that it will not take long for me to convince you.  The more important thing is for you to catch on quickly to the obligations that you owe yourself and your loved ones and to react.  Once again, there is not much time.

The symbol that I use for this blog showing the two fingers together has the following meaning:
            The space between my fingers is how long life is on earth.
            The space outside of my fingers is eternity and the length of our eternal life.
We work so hard to make life on earth as pleasurable and successful as can be and we ignore the real life which goes on after we change addresses.  We do live forever and I will present evidence to that statement that would stand up in court.  Be as skeptical as you want about the truth that I will be covering but be aware that a day is coming later this year that you will know without a doubt what the truth is.  The problem is that day will be called “too late.”  Your opportunity to survive and thrive is now and will be finished in the not too distant future.  I am no relation to Elvis Presley but what he said is the absolute truth – “it’s now or never.”

Before I get into the meat of the subject, you should know that I have worked diligently for a long time to find the truth and eliminate my personal opinion.  All that I will cover is well documented and not my gut feeling about things.

Tomorrow I hope to begin with telling you my sources of information and convince you that these sources are the only way to know the truth.  I have included a comment section but am not interested in your rebuttal unless you have very unshakable evidence.  Even though I like to consider myself as an extremely open minded person, with approximate 64 years of studying scriptures, 16 years of college and about 55 years of studying science, psychology, sociology, etc, etc. I probably have seen your sources and have validated or refuted them.  However, I am human so I can make mistakes so I am open to hear anything that you wish to throw at me.  Mostly, I will use the comment section for questions that will prompt further blog postings.  This blog is to help you!!!!!  I will disclose timeframes that we have to accomplish our mission but will not give the exact dates that I believe.  For one thing, it would be my opinion which I am not interested in discussing, even though the opinion is based on scholarship and not gut feeling.  The other problem is if I give one bit of information that turns out to be wrong, there goes my credibility.  

See you tomorrow.