Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Vital Message from Harav Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita

I just received this message from Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita:
"Jews of the Diaspora, G-d is speaking to you for the umpteenth time: There was exile; [G-d] expelled you after the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash (Holy Temple), and now The Holy One Blessed Be He is asking you to return, to the Geulah (Final Redemption), to return to The State of Israel urgently! 'Do not say that I did not warn [you].' "
Harav Nir Ben Artzi
I know nothing more than what is written here, even though it is very much consistent with the last two messages of Moishele:

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Last Sign before Moshiach - Libel Against Rabbi Berland

Another very interesting video from Rav Glazerson:

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Another Sign of the End: Our Most Exciting Seder Ever

The Pesach Seder basically consists of three parts: the past, the present and the future. We start by telling the story of our first redemption from Egypt and how Hashem took us out “with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm” and made us a nation. It is made up of quotes from the Torah and the rest of Tenach as a way of telling the story.

After the past is discussed, we eat our meal, which is indicative of the present. Then we follow the meal with prayers and songs that depict the future: the return of our nation to Jerusalem, Gog and Magog, the final redemption and the coming of Moshiach.

When I was preparing to conduct the Seder on Erev Pesach (Friday), as I do every year, Hashem put a fascinating thought in my mind, which completely changed my approach to the Seder. Knowing that all that happened in the first redemption from Egypt is actually prophecy for the final redemption that we are experiencing, I was sent on a very different path of review of the events of the past. Also, realizing that the future events that we acknowledge after the meal are actually happening (or have already happened), I realized that my three parts to the Seder were now: the present, the present and the present.

The information that I discovered was so extensive, that I am still researching the words of the Haggadah. It made for a very fascinating Seder, and another definite proof that we are in the end of days, right before the worldwide redemption.

I will give you some examples of what I disclosed at the Seder and even encourage you to open the Haggadah and do your own discovery. Rabbis have talked about Europe being the Egypt of our recent generation. The horrors that went on in the 1800’s that led to the eventual “final solution,” of the Holocaust. There were many Jews who were fortunate enough to leave Europe before the greatest horror and come to America and other places. America became known as Bamidbar, the desert, where we stayed for 40 years before coming home to Israel. America was a haven from the tyranny of Europe, and even provided a safe haven for Torah study and growth.

One famous story was that of Rav Aharon Kotler, zt”l, who saw the great downturn of Torah learning in Europe and the need to relocate his Yeshivah. He did what many Rabbis do, he opened the Torah and let Hashem advise him on what to do. He opened directly to the passage that says: “Hashem said to Aharon: ‘Go to meet Moshe in the wilderness’ (Shmot 4:27).” Rav Kotler knew that Hashem was telling him to go see his friend Rav Moshe Feinstein, zt”l, in America. He went to America, met Rav Feinstein who told him this is where we need to be until the time of Moshiach when we would all be in Eretz Yisroel. It is a fulfillment of the Torah events of the first Geula that would happen in the final Geula.

I have discussed the fact that the plagues of Egypt would be repeated in the end of days. The words of Targum of Yonatan ben Uziel tell us about each plague and where it is prophesied in Tenach to repeat in the end of days. That is a very long discussion, too long for here, but it is demonstrating that we have already experienced or are continuing to experience the plagues of Egypt today. Once again, the Haggadah is talking the present as well as the past.

There are so many lines that are of fascination, but I thought I would mention one more that is even spooky. Prophecies are not always visible and especially if you are reading them in English. The line from the prophet Joel that says: “I will show wonders in the heavens and on the earth, Blood, fire and columns of smoke (Joel 3:3). In English there isn’t too much exciting information, but in Hebrew, the word used for Column (or Pillar) is תמרות, which is the same root used for the word for a Date Palm, התמר. It is telling us in Hebrew that the shape of the pillar is like that of a Date Palm or, as we are more familiar with, a Mushroom Cloud shape. This is one of the places in Tenach that alludes to nuclear in the end of days. It does not tell me specifically when; in other words, Hiroshima and Nagasaki may have already satisfied this prophecy. My point is that a simple statement in the Haggadah could have such an impact and significant meaning in the prophecy of today.

Just some thoughts about the future, or as it appears, the present. The Haggadah tells of the time when Your city, Jerusalem, will be built up and we will return. Jerusalem has never been as big and built up a city, any time in history, as it is today. The Jewish population is definitely a fulfillment of the prophesy in the end of days. One of the prayers that we end the Seder with is the Hallel. There are many lines in the Hallel that pertain to events in the end of days. The following, once again has hidden message:

The L-rd is with me; I have no fear of what man can do to me. The L-rd is with me among my helpers; I shall see the defeat of my foes. It is better to seek refuge in the L-rd than to trust in man. It is better to seek refuge in the L-rd than to trust in princes. All nations have encompassed me; but in the name of the L-rd, I routed them. They swarmed around me; but in the name of the L-rd, I cut them down. They swarmed like bees about me, but they were extinguished like a fire of thorns; but in the name of the L-rd, I cut them down. You pushed me that I might fall, but the L-rd helped me. The L-rd is my strength and song; He has become my salvation.
Why does it have the statement three times about the nations encompassing me, but Hashem helped me? This is the prophecy of the three battles of Gog and Magog. Whether we are talking World War 1, 2 and 3 or 1948, 1967 and 1973, the three battles of Gog and Magog are basically finished and that prophecy in Hallel is satisfied.

The words in the Haggadah about Next Year in Jerusalem have been satisfied. The talk about us being in exile, far from our soil, all put a very different spin on whether we are talking future prophecy or fulfilled prophecy. The Moshiach may not have been introduced yet, but we know with full confidence that he is already here, and working hard to bring the great day of Hashem.

My Seder was performed with a very big smile on my face. I have never felt so good about telling the story of redemption and realizing that it is already here, B”H.

Since the Seder, I have continued to review the Haggadah for more references to modern history. We know that history is talked about in the songs at the end of the Seder, but I was curious as to what I would find of recent history. As examples: the mention of the destruction of the two giants, or as the Sfas Emes called them, the two towers, Sichon and Og. That is a reference to 911 since I know that the estimate of the height of Sichon and Og, as referenced in Talmud, Tractate Berachos, comes to the same height as the twin towers. I also noticed two places that stars are mentioned. Are there references to Nibiru? Probably, but I would need a few more weeks of research to determine. I have all of the Tenach in my computer program to do code searches, but not the Haggadah, which would have to be done by hand.

One additional note of encouragement. It is estimated that 93% of Israelis attended a Pesach Seder. I have never seen such a wonderful estimate as that, which also is a very big indication that the end is here. People can be as secular as they want in this physical world, but the soul knows better, and craves the spiritual nearness of Hashem. It is just such a good idea to let your soul be your guide.

I apologize that I thought of this approach to the Seder too late to mention it in advance. It would have been interesting to see what discoveries my readers would have found as they went through their Seders. Of course, you can still look and provide me with comments of your findings. I would be happy to post any additional information that gives us more confidence that the Seder is not just something to go through out of tradition, but a tool to learn and even bring us closer to Hashem.

We know that Hashem works in mysterious ways. To give us additional encouragement that the happy ending is near through something as repetitious as the annual Pesach Seder is exciting. There is nothing mundane about Torah study, since we make very enjoyable discoveries every day as we continue our efforts. To include the Haggadah as another source of discovery is also exciting.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A Very Exciting Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Pesach, 9 Nissan 5776 (17/4/16)

Father in Heaven, Ruler of the World interferes with freedom of choice without us noticing. If we notice, if we think a little bit about what is going on in heaven and the world, we will see, hear, and understand G-d's actions in the world and what He is doing in the entire world. G-d is bringing the ten plagues, every minute all over the earth, using the forces of nature, natural disasters, earthquakes, fire, floods, harsh winds, conflicts between countries and among themselves. The Russians are mocking the US - evil is eating at itself.

In Israel, the land is developing and growing without anyone noticing. A cloud of fire surrounds the borders of Israel and G-d is protecting Israel, the Holy Land, from heaven.

G-d is taking down all of the Arab countries and causing harm to the security, social structure, and economy of every country that bothers Israel and the Jews in Israel.

G-d is creating anti-Semitism around the world to banish the Jews from Africa, Asia, and America. G-d is bringing refugees from Africa, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, and more countries to cover Europe and the United States to banish the Jews from their homes and work, and to bring them to the holy land. If they understand now, it will be good, if not, they will lose their property, their homes, and their lives will be in constant danger.

Arab countries that almost conquered Israel in the Yom Kippur war have been fighting each other for five years. G-d is fighting for Israel! The government is not functioning - signs of the Messiah, refugees in Europe - signs of the Messiah, anti-Semitism in the world - signs of the Messiah, all of the Arab countries are being destroyed - signs of the Messiah, the beautiful winter in Israel, the real estate that is growing in the holy land, bridges and roads are being built, there is work, protection for Israel - all signs of the Messiah, preparation for his revealing!

The righteous that are buried in Israel are moving in their graves, and those in the heavens are preparing for the horns to sound, announcing the crowning of the Messiah King!

Do not belittle Israel, the holy land is G-d's first born, Israel was born first. G-d gave it to the Jews and it has everything! There is no sickness; there is all the good that man could want, the state of Israel is heaven. The sickness in Israel comes from the outside, there is work for everyone and all is good.

What is missing? Kindness, giving, joy, and G-d-fearing, these are what need to increase.

The borders of Israel are protected by a cloud of fire and   G-d is guarding from above. During the holidays and Sabbath, G-d is closer to His children.

The government of Israel and IDF must be united. There are those who think that if they are soft and do nice things to please the gentiles, they will change and support the government of Israel. The gentiles will continue to hate the Jews in Israel and the world forever, nothing will change that. The Arabs want Israel, they are jealous of the Jews living in Israel.

The rain that fell is not for nothing, it reveals the Arabs' hiding places to the IDF.

The government and IDF must not trust Hamas and the Palestinians, they are waiting for us to be complacent and then they plan to attack.

The United States is all noise, inside and out, it is empty. They are only interested in the elections and Obama is traveling the world. The US can't do what Russia can do.

Russia is always showing power and control, even against the US. They are playing the US, training and always ready for battle.

The Palestinians and Hamas are pretending to be weak so that people feel sorry for them; it is the way of the snake.

The Arabs have a lot of land to hold millions of people and they want the Holy Land. Jews, watch over yourselves, don't count on a miracle.

Egypt - nothing will help them, Saudi Arabia will eat them up. Egyptians are starving; Sisi is selling parts of Egypt for work and food. The Saudis are the worst extremists. The evil will come to Egypt from Sinai desert. ISIS and Hamas are there, there are united and their plan is to destroy Egypt. The Egyptians don't want Sisi, Arabs are like a snake eating a snake.

Syria is falling apart. You must not release even a centimeter of the Golan Heights because there will never be a country in Syria, only chaos. Watch over the borders of Israel!

Turkey has no control over ISIS and what's going on there, they are losing and ISIS is laughing at all of Europe. People don't understand that ISIS is in every country that at any second a million new ISIS members can rise. The refugees running from Africa are infiltrating Europe. Arduan agreed to take refugees and got money for that, and the refugees are running towards Europe. Even the Christians in Europe will get in trouble with the refugees.

Iraq continues to be destroyed.

Jordan's king is scared and watching over himself, waiting for the US to help him - he is delusional.

Every country in the world wants to benefit from the knowledge of the Jews in Israel. The entire world exists only thanks to Israel. Every patent invented is from the Jewish mind.

Diaspora Jews, G-d is speaking to you endlessly: there was exile, He exiled you after the destruction of the Temple and now He wants you to come to salvation, to Israel urgently! "Don't say that I didn't warn you". The state of Israel didn't start thousands of years ago, it started in 1948, and since then the exile was over! You in exile are stubborn and things will get worse.

Those who commit adultery, steal, cheat, take bribes, and live on the backs of others are being revealed by G-d in Israel and the world. G-d is revealing the officials and dealing with the non-officials quietly. The ancient snake is wounded; it is dying and losing its power to interfere with the world. Because the power of impurity is going to disappear from the world, all of the bad things are being revealed because he can't keep them anymore, he is going and disappearing! The power of purity is growing!

Jewish parents must watch over their children from alcohol abuse, drugs, gambling, and assimilation.

Passover is the holiday of freedom and joy. What is freedom? It is the choice of man. G-d is helping you obey the commandments. If you don't obey them, there are ten plagues. The choice of man on the holiday of freedom begins with Passover; in heaven, Passover starts a new year.

A kosher and happy Passover is not just cleaning the house from the inside, it is also cleaning the body, spirit and soul so that we are kosher and pure for G-d and ready to accept the Messiah!

Passover is a good holiday, a holiday of joy, a holiday of redemption and the Messiah! On Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot, G-d wakes us up so that we change and are ready for Passover, so that we are worthy to see the Messiah!

G-d is taking the reins Himself! He is no longer waiting for a full awakening from below to bring the Messiah King from above. Everything requires awakening below so that there is awakening above. G-d has waited a long time for the greats of Israel to wake up, to cry out and tell people that this is the time of redemption and the crowning of the Messiah King, but they act like they don't care, it is too much for them. So G-d took things in His own hands and isn't waiting anymore for awakening, G-d is awakening things from above to below to crown the Messiah King!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A New and Much More Dangerous Form of Jew-Hatred

I have been asked to talk about a different form of Jew-hatred that is very subtle, yet more dangerous than what we have experienced for thousands of years. We have had such tremendous proof of the end of days and the introduction of Moshiach being imminent that all Jews and righteous non-Jews should be flocking to the fold, turning to Hashem and speeding up the process. Yet there is a form of ignorance in this world that is killing it for everyone. All good news is being distorted.

As an example: there is so much proof of Nibiru being seen, getting close, causing mayhem in the world and fulfilling many, many prophecies; but, if you look at the videos and articles on the subject, they include false information about the so-called second coming of a false messiah, a false prophet and, even worse, calling him god. If it isn’t part of the video or article, the comments below are so disgusting and dangerous that every Jew who knows the truth might start to have reservations. The old expression: When something is lied about constantly, people start to believe it.

Why is this so dangerous? If a Jew or a righteous non-Jew knows the absolute truth about the imminent worldwide redemption and the real Messiah, that person is in good shape for a beautiful eternity of happiness, goodness and peace – that person is in the 1/3rd group (Zechariah 13:8). If someone living the truth can be swayed towards heresy and evil falsehood, that person may lose it all for him or herself and the loved ones involved. All lies being told are dangerous.

The more disturbing cases are when the article or video is from a Kosher Jewish source, and idolaters distort the beautiful message. Instead of helping people to reach a wonderful Tikun, in their total ignorance, they are trying to send you in the wrong direction that could result in terrible retribution – the 2/3rd group. When Rav Glazerson shows codes in the Torah, he is telling us messages from Hashem to help us. When somebody leaves a comment that the Rav is giving you proof of yushka coming, it is worse than that person killing you with a gun.

We have seen throughout history how Jews have been persecuted, tortured and killed, but they died Al Kiddush Hashem (Sanctifying G-d's Name) giving them an eternity so wonderful, it is beyond our comprehension. That is because they killed the body, not the soul. But, when they try to take away the truth from you, take away the Words of Hashem, they are trying to destroy you for eternity.

I have been asked to give details on one of the worst distortions on the web, one that has grown to such a Chillul Hashem (desecration of the name of G-d), that it could only result in destroying good people forever – I am referring to the message left to us by Rav Yitzchak Kaduri, zt”l. Rav Kaduri was a renowned Mizrahi Haredi Rabbi and Kabbalist who devoted his life to Torah study and prayer on behalf of the Jewish people.

About 100 years ago, while studying with the famous Ben Ish Chai (Rabbi Yosef Chaim of Baghdad, d. 1909), Rav Kaduri was told three predictions. The Ben Ish Chai told him: 1, he would live to an old age; the Rav was about 108 (give or take, his birth year is not definitely known) when he left us in 2006; 2, he would never wear glasses, which he never did; and 3, he would meet the Moshiach. Rav Kaduri met Moshiach on 9 Cheshvan 5764 (Tuesday, 4 November 2003). Rav Kaduri left a note with his son that has the name of Moshiach encoded.

Fact: The note is for real, but is was changed by very evil sources to try to make it look like Rav Kaduri was saying he met with yushka, chas v’shalom. Here is the note with the changes:

There are two changes to the Hebrew letters (one changed and the other added) that make no sense (would never be said in Hebrew) but are needed to give a false prediction of the Moshiach’s name. The added letter does not match the way Rav Kaduri writes that letter since that letter appears about 9 other places in the note. Go to the note. Look at the third line down, the sixth letter in from the right (it is the first letter of the second word). Then look at the letter two letters after that and the letter at the end of that word -- they are the same letter. The Hebrew letter vuv which looks like this "ו" appears very differently in the other places. It also doesn't make any sense and would never have been put there by the Rav. The extra letter means that the first letter of five consecutive words spells “יהושע” Yehoshua, or Joshua.

Rav Kaduri wrote this note to 34 other righteous Rabbis, Tzadikim Nistarim (Rav Kaduri and Moshiach make up the 36 for the generation), to tell them the name of the Moshiach and possibly when he will be announced. The method of hiding the name would probably be ATBASH, ATBACH or one of many other very hidden ways of encoding information (Google it). These are methods of folding the Hebrew alphabet and/or substituting the letters. This information is top secret and would never have been given as the first letter of consecutive words. There are Rabbis who definitely know this since they were students of Rav Kaduri. One such Rabbi is my neighbor who studied with Rav Kaduri for 15 years. We live about 15 minutes from Jerusalem.

It is fascinating to me that if one is ignorant of Hebrew, since it is obvious that the note has been doctored, and if one is ignorant of Jewish scriptures, it is very easy to fool the public into thinking that Rav Kaduri said yushka is the Moshiach. Unfortunately, there are many videos and articles expounding this evil lie. I have yet to hear from one individual, and I have challenged many, who could tell me any place in scriptures where yuska uses the name Joshua, in Hebrew Yehoshua.

Ignorance is not bliss, ignorance is dangerous. By the way there are more Christians converting to Judaism or becoming Bnei Noach these days than ever in history. The truth is obvious -- Yehoshua is not in the note and yushka has never called Joshua. Lies, all in the name of Jew-hatred.

The Moshiach is definitely here already, living in Jerusalem and has already been anointed in Heaven. He will be anointed on Earth soon. The 2000 year old debate no longer exists -- the Moshiach is not yushka and Rav Kaduri verified it, even though he is not here to defend himself.

We are told in Jewish scriptures the possible names of the Moshiach and yushka is definitely not one of them. Who is he and when will he be announced? I don’t know – I said it is top secret. There are many indications that it is imminent (I have a Rav Ben Artzi message for this week, being translated that may give you a surprise answer).

Go to the real Bible, to the book of Obadiah which tells of the end of Edom. Edom is Christianity. That is a definite fact which is easily proven, and we are very close to the prophecy being fulfilled -- guaranteed in writing from Hashem. Don’t be fooled by evil idolaters who want to destroy you forever. Learn the absolute truth and live it, it is much better for your health – physical and spiritual.

For thousands of years, the world has used the Jews as scapegoats and blaming us for everything that goes wrong in the world. The big difference now is we have a far better way to advertise the hatred. The web, TV, radio, availability of articles, books, etc has made the dangerous distortion far easier to disseminate. It will all end soon. The only concern that I have is that there are good people who are not so educated in the absolute truth and could go astray by this distortion. Don’t be fooled by the ignorance of the world. You have the choice of being in the 1/3rd group who will survive and thrive for eternity, or the 2/3rd group who are doomed to great suffering and throwing it all away. It is our choice.

Another excellent find from Rav Glazerson:

"A Star will Rise from Jacob - 5776 Nibiru in Bible code"

Monday, April 18, 2016

NIBIRU WAS SEEN - 5776 MARCH APRIL in bible code Glazerson

Another excellent find in the Torah about Nibiru from Rav Glazerson:
If you are unable to open it, go to YouTube:

I have mentioned that we are seeing a great increase in asteroids and meteors.  Go to this NASA website and be amazed:

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Reality Check and new Nibiru Video

I received a comment that on the surface sounds very logical. The truth is much more involved. First the comment:

help April 14, 2016 at 7:22 PM

The sun is 93,000,000 miles from the earth. it is so far away that light from the Sun, traveling at a speed of 186,000 miles per second takes about 8 minutes to reach us. Now light is much lighter than matter.. So how is it that everyone is predicting Planet X which is behind the sun to get here in the next month or two or three.. You do the math..........Please explain
My response:
Nibiru is not behind the sun, but in front of the sun, which is why it is appearing so dim these days (the sun is not on it). I did the math and at about 50,000 mph (an estimate that is changing due to gravitational effects) X 24 hours a day, it would travel at about 1.2 million miles a day. It is closer than 93 million, maybe much closer. The total lack of information from NASA, observatories and other scientific professionals leaves a big vacuum in the calculation department.

Two problems to consider. One is that much debris (asteroids, meteors, rocks) are preceding it and have already hit Earth. There are sightings every day now that are, once again, being kept quiet by the mainstream media in hopes of killing us. The increase in Earthquakes (there were 71 earthquakes in the world the past 24 hours, as I am typing this on 15 Apr – there were 4 major earthquakes in the past 48 hours), volcanic eruptions (there are currently 38 active eruptions worldwide), weather craziness, earthly effects, etc are all dangerous and already happening.

The second consideration is that Hashem could put the sun called Nibiru, with its possible 7 planets with their moons that are accompanying it (also, being kept top secret by the evil ones) anywhere He wants, whenever He wants. To think that everything that is happening in this upside-down fantasy world is according to natural occurrences is naïve. Everything is Hashem, including the warnings to go to Israel, do Teshuvah, Tefillah, etc, etc, etc.

There is a tremendous danger from the evil global elite who are secretly putting into place devastating actions. The chem trails around the world, except Israel, are highly toxic chemical and biological sprayings that are killing people. Many other programs are in place that are killing many. The vaccination program, the genetically modified organism (GMO’s), the dumbing down of the population, the distractions (election nonsense, TV, sports, movies, Lashon Harah, false news, the WWW, etc), the moral breakdown of society, the financial crisis about to explode, the great increase in crime, the increase in incarceration, ISIS, many terrorist groups with many terrorist threats, the threat of WW3, mind control media, other mind control activities that we are totally unaware of, commandment bashing (gays, abortion, Jew-hatred, atheism), the food shortages on purpose, the bees disappearing, the animal, bird and fish devastation, the FEMA death camps, the New World Order, the Illuminati, the Bilderberg Group, the underground network worldwide for the evil ones to hide, etc, etc, etc.

Books have been written on many of these subjects that are either true or deceptions from the evil ones. Google and YouTube research is either very helpful or deceiving. For being in the age of high, fast technology, we are very much in the dark about the absolute truth, unless you read Jewish scriptures – the only source of truth.

What is going on in this world is tremendous chaos that was prophesied thousands of years ago to happen in the end of days. Anyone who thinks that things will improve is of the mindset of the Europeans before WW2. The worst is yet to come. Or, total salvation is yet to come. Should I say it again and again? Measure for measure everyone in the world is getting exactly what he or she needs and deserves. Blessings for the righteous who are turning to Hashem, chaos and punishment for those who turn from Hashem (and every shade of gray in between).

Additional point. The skeptics are still in trouble. Just because someone has not personally seen Nibiru is a dangerous premise to dismiss all the affects that it has already caused. It is like the atheist saying he doesn’t believe in Hashem, because he has never seen Hashem. I like to ask the follow-up question? Does that mean you do not believe in gravity, magnetism, bacteria, etc? They would answer: but I see the effects of those phenomena.

I rest my case. If you still are waiting to see Nibiru before you turn to Hashem, and are ignoring the earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, crazy weather that is getting crazier, etc, then you should stop believing in gravity, which also comes from Hashem. I know that may sound silly, but believing in gravity wouldn’t save one’s life – believing in all the signs from Hashem, and acting upon them, WILL.

Take note that we just commemorated Shabbos Hagadol the Shabbos before Pesach. The Haftarah for Shabbos Hagadol just happens to be Malachi 3:4–24, which is the prophecy of the coming of the Star of Righteousness that will heal the righteous and do away with the evil ones. It ends with the famous announcement of Elijah the Prophet just before the great and awesome day of Hashem. It also happens to be one of the places that Nibiru is encoded. More messages from Hashem?

A dear reader, who happens to be about 20 minutes away from  me in Israel, sent me this short video of Nibiru.  It starts out with lens flare but the closeup clearly shows Nibiru at about 10 o'clock to the sun:

 This is on YouTube if you can't open it here:
I thank my reader for this submission.  He included some instructions for anyone wanting to take a picture with a phone:

This was taken on Fri, April 15th at around 2PM. I purposely move my phone around to demonstrate it's not a Camera flare.

I think anyone who wants to see it on their smart phone, the steps are simple:

1. Go to the Video on the phone camera
2. Face it to the sun
3. Zoom in to the max and let the picture adjust
That's it.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi Shlita, Parashat Metzora, 2 Nissan (10/4/16), and a Cute Calculation

Father in Heaven, Father of Mercy shows all the signs and miracles for the benefit of the people of Israel for many years. For thousands of years, G-d is making miracles, since 1948 since the state of Israel was established, He makes miracles. When the state was established in 1948, redemption started for the people of Israel and all of the Jews had to come to live in Israel! They are interfering with G-d's plans.

In recent years, we see miracles of G-d in the entire world, in Arab countries, Israel, every Jew can see that these are miracles. The miracles and wonders that G-d is making in Egypt, ten plagues and miracles in the desert, were before one king, the king of Egypt; but G-d made sure the entire world knew the King of Egypt, because they went there for food. Today, all the kings of the world, the presidents and prime ministers will bow before Israel. Despite the fact that this sounds strange, nothing is strange with G-d, salvation is a blink of an eye. Every second, He can change worlds and demolish countries, there is nothing that G-d can't do. G-d has chosen Jews! No one of the people of Israel can say that they didn't understand G-d's signs. G-d is giving signs so that everyone understands, even the gentiles understand and the Jews understand. Whoever doesn't want to understand, doesn't want to change because they want to continue to be greedy and filthy.

G-d is warning the people of Israel: Do not leave Israel during the holiday! Passover is in Israel. Passover is G-d's joy; He freed the people of Israel from Egypt to be in Israel! He did not free them to be outside of Israel. Anti-Semitism in the world is increasing every day, from now and until Passover it will increase in a scary way. ISIS is everywhere in the world, any second that can bring up 100 members in any country.

Israel is safe and protected. There is a cloud of fire around Israel surrounding the state. This is G-d and no one can harm the state of Israel. Despite that, every Jew must watch over himself. We try and G-d helps. You must not rely on any country because all of the countries only worry about their own interests. Israel must unite, the entire world is chaos and there is no one to rely on.

The IDF must be protected and we must not put fear in soldiers and make them deterred. We must explain to them what they must do and support them because G-d is protecting from above and the IDF protects from below. It is true that there are many who study Torah and many Jews who do good deeds, but we must still support the soldiers because all of the people of Israel are connected, it does not matter if they are religious or secular; we are G-d's children.

Jews living abroad: come urgently to Israel! G-d will turn all of Europe Muslim. All of the European countries forgot how to fight terror. G-d is bringing millions of refugees, hundreds of millions of anti-Semites and ISIS to banish the Jews from Europe. You are delusional if you think that all is well - everything is going to be very bad. G-d is also in the United States to force out millions of Jews living there to Israel. G-d has His ways. He is telling them: "Jews, stop angering me, come to the holy land of Israel before it is too late. The holy land is pure and holy and you are pure and holy Jews, the people that I chose. Come to Israel and live in my land, my home, beside me, with me!"

G-d is cleaning out the world, starting with Israel and the entire world at the same time. All of the people that take bribes, cheat, steal, and commit adultery - all of them, all of the officials will be revealed in Israel and the world. We spoke about this five years ago, and G-d continues to reveal them in His own way. Those that are not famous - G-d is dealing with them so that all will see and beware. This is one of the signs that the crowning of the Messiah King is near.

The economy in Israel is very good and one must try in all aspects of life: work, family, health. Do not wait for a miracle. Everything starts with G-d and ends with G-d. We try so that G-d will lend a hand and help us. Without the help of our Father in heaven, nothing will move in the world. Man can't move even one millimeter, not to breathe, not to see, to work and eat, without Father in Heaven giving His help. That is why we say everything from the bottom of our hearts "with G-d's help", "G-d willing we will do and succeed."

Check the tunnels in the north, south and East Jerusalem, they have tunnels with weapons and ammunition under their homes. The quiet now in the north and south and the tunnels in Gaza and Jerusalem is the quiet before the storm. They want to surprise us so everything is calm now.

In the Hezbollah, Nasrallah is taking advantage of the ruination of Syria and wants to steal chemical missiles from them. He wants Iran to send him ammunition. The IDF is vigilant and G-d is opening their eyes.

In Egypt, it will get worse in the Sinai desert, there is ISIS, Hamas and a lot of gangs there and they all want to bring down Sisi and his government to turn Egypt into Syria where everything is allowed. Sisi much watch over himself, if he succeeds in destroying all of the terrorists that want to harm Egypt, there will be redemption for Egypt. If he does not succeed, Egypt will turn in Syria. Despite making every effort to bring down the terrorists in Sinai, he must not foget that his soldiers in the borders of Gaza are corrupt. Sisi, watch over yourself because there is a plot to kill you.

The United States are busy with the elections and don't care about any country, they only make noise once in a while.

Russia is taking advantage of the US elections to take control of the Middle East.

Listen well: France, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Belgium, Spain, and many more countries in Europe - ISIS is there and bringing terrible destruction. A large part of the refugees coming to Europe are ISIS and soon they will speak their language. It is easier for refugees and infiltrators to conquer Europe, because Europe has long ago forgotten how to fight terror.

In Turkey, Arduan knows that ISIS wants to conquer Turkey and kill him and his family. That is why he wants peace with Israel, so that Israel protects him and his family. He is delusional. There is chaos today in Turkey, Jews must not go there!

Iran can't harm Israel directly; they want to harm Israel indirectly. G-d is telling the Iranians: "You fear Israel for a reason, you know that I am there! Don't bother Israel, or Iran will be in ruin, nothing will be left, beware Iranians!"

Iraq is destroyed like Syria.

In Gaza they are eating at each other. Hamas and ISIS are stealing money from all of the countries of the world; they take some to their own pockets and some to the tunnels. They are starving their own people in Gaza, they only care for themselves.

The natural disasters in the world will continue, small and large tsunamis in the sea and rivers, winds, earthquakes, fire, conflicts between people and countries. There will be strange natural occurrences in the world and people will see that G-d is the leader!

In Passover, the Holiday of Freedom, G-d lets us rid ourselves of impurity. In Passover, G-d wants us to feel the holy land, the pain of the people of Israel who were in Egypt. In all of the holidays there is sadness and then joy; that is how it was in the time of Mordecai the Jew and Esther the queen; when we came out of Egypt, and more. That is why there is a holiday, so there is joy after sadness.

Jews, you must give, be kind, be joyful and G-d fearing; this unites the people of Israel and brings us closer to G-d. G-d has already chosen the last Messiah King in this generation and will decide when he is revealed in public. G-d is telling the great people of Israel: "You on Earth are not understanding, you are ignoring that there is a Messiah working and operating. G-d has waited many years for Israel's greats to wake up and awaken the idea of redemption and the Messiah. Until now you wait, know and remain silent." Father in Heaven does not wait for them. He has stopped waiting and has starting pushing from above to crown the Messiah King, Himself!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"
Something I noticed this morning. In the Torah where Yaakov has the dream of the ladder, the angles are going up and down a number of rungs corresponding to the years of the exiles. They went up 70 rungs and descended for the Babylonian exile, a number of rungs for the Persian exile.

When the present Roman exile was shown on the ladder, they went up and continued, showing that it would be a very long exile. Since the exile started in the year 68, the year the Second Temple was destroyed and continues to this year, the year of Geula (please don’t send me a comment asking how do I know that this is the year, the proof is overwhelming), I did a quick calculation to find:

2016 – 68 = 1948

5776 – 3828 = 1948

What a cute coincidence that the number of rungs, the length of the Roman exile should be 1948 years. On the Hebrew, lunar calendar, that was the year Avraham was born, and on the solar calendar, you know.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Why Do We Make Predictions?

I received an excellent comment with a very important question, and thought it is something about which many are curious. The comment was on Rav Glazerson’s finding in the Torah codes telling us why events didn’t happen on Purim: we didn’t do as Hashem commanded us. First the comment:

My1ambition April 12, 2016 at 2:14 AM
Naysayers don't do anything and then claim these predictions are bogus. You claim that these predictions only work if you do something. The truth is that doing is all that matters. So why bother with predictions? Rambam was right.
My response:
The fact that events that we are craving, Geula, Moshiach, etc will definitely happen (guaranteed in writing) is why we are so adamant about wanting to make predictions. Whether we are correct or not depends on us, but we still have a strong human desire to know “when.”

The truth is that these events are due to happen when all the Jews do Teshuvah. When will that happen? I have said many times: Hashem's perfect plan is to make this world so scary that all will look up and say one word of Teshuvah, "HELP!!!!" When everyone turns to Hashem, even if it is one word, all will happen. When everyone realizes that there is no political solution (electing proper evil leaders is nonsense), no military solution (killing off our enemies), no social solution (assimilating with the very people who are trying to kill us, which has failed many, many times throughout history), then we will see the only the solution of turning to Hashem and following His ways. Hashem is the only One Who can provide proper leadership, Moshiach, no enemies who will all be gone, and a world of goodness once we stop assimilating with those who hate us.

It is so obvious that the scary world is here and getting much worse. The day of everyone saying HELP is also getting very close. If it takes a huge star over our heads with the world falling apart around us, then that is part of Hashem's plan and only He knows that it will work.

Actually, the RAMBAM made predictions, but with two provisos. He said it is dangerous to predict the time of Moshiach if it is still far away, which is definitely isn't. The second proviso was the wording. If one says: "In my opinion..." The fact that we are trying to post information from Hashem through the FC individuals, from Rabbis, from dot-connecting scriptures with worldly events, may sound like opinion, but is hopefully Hashem's opinion.

Why make predictions? Because, we want to know when this world is going to change from an evil upside-down fantasy world to the world of truth and goodness. But more importantly, Hashem’s plan to help us come out of this with as high a success rate, as high a spiritual level, as happy as can be, that is the plan. We need predictions to let us know that we are out of time and that the doing on our part is absolutely urgent. The best Teshuvah possible, the best Tefillah possible, the best Torah study possible, the most helping of others that we can do, the most conscientious following of Hashem’s commandments possible. You have heard it all before, many times. If scary predictions make us step up the effort, let’s bring on the predictions. As long as we realize that these predictions are valid and that the time of the end is here, our sense of urgency will be greatly increased.

Will the predictions be accurate to the date as we want? Who cares? Hashem told us in the prophet Daniel, these things will be locked up until the end. The most important thing we need to care about is what is going to happen today, tomorrow, the day after. If it is the end, did we do today the best effort to ensure success tomorrow?

It is our lives and the lives of our loved ones that we want to help and make perfect. I predict those who follow Hashem’s way will succeed; those who don’t will wish they did.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Message about Nibiru

I received a private Email from Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, regarding my inquiry about Nibiru. Here is a synopsis of what the Rav told me:

Nibiru will not hit the Earth. There will be chaos and devastation from the debris that accompanies Nibiru. It will cause chaos and great upheaval on Earth, but he strongly emphasized that nothing will happen in the Holy Land of Israel. Everything will be good in Israel. The Holy Land of Israel is protected and safe; there is salvation and the Messiah who guards and protects.
Yes, he acknowledges the star approaching (even though he does not know when it will pass by). He is stating that it is not as big as many sources are reporting.
I was pleased to see that his message is consistent with the Facilitated Communications individuals. The representative in Rav Ben Artzi’s office, who forwarded this message, told me: “you can rely on what the Rav says – he has Ruach Hakodesh.” Since I feel confident that the FC individuals are getting their information from Shamayim, consistency gives me confidence in their messages.

Note: This was just a short message, that I realize could spark many questions.  I will not be bothering the Rav with questions, so I ask your indulgence to not come back with "how does the Rav feel about ....... and .......?  Thank you in advance.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Time of Redemption which was Missed in Bible Code – Rav Glazerson

One of my dear readers sent me a message that came about from a Rav Glazerson video. Here is the message:
According to Rabbi Glazerson we really blew it during Purim. Had we done teshuva, observed the laws, stopped bickering and showed more loving-kindness towards our fellow Jew, it is possible Moshiach would have been introduced. We may have another chance soon...Amazing video.
Just wanted to share with fellow bloggers, if you think it is appropriate.
Watch the Rav Glazerson video and take it to heart:

My response:

It is extremely appropriate, and a well written message. I have received messages from readers saying “More predictions that didn’t happen.” I have been saying for years that Judaism is not a spectator sport. We are the team on the field and whether we win or lose is up to us. It is so discouraging when we see Jews say: “we’ll see,” as opposed to “Do First, Understand Later.”

The Jews accepted the Torah with the statement “na’aseh v'nishmah” – “we will do, and we will hear.” If we want something to happen such as the worldwide redemption, world peace, Moshiach, health, prosperity, no conflict, no war, no terrorism, no Yetzer Harah, etc, etc, etc, we have to do Hashem’s will, His instructions and it is all ours. We are least of all in “a wait and see” time in history. Before you complain about what is happening or what is not happening, look in the mirror and ask: Did I do first, and then try to understand later?”

For four years I have said: what we get is measure for measure based on what we give. If we follow Hashem, we get goodness in return. If we wait for everyone else to follow Hashem, you know the answer to that one. I have said it many, many times: All Jews and righteous non-Jews will be saved, but how difficult a trip to salvation is completely up to the individual.

Get to work!!!! Pesach is coming and is a very, very good opportunity to bring the extremely happy ending – it is up to us.

There is another video from Rav Glazerson that repeats another message that I have been saying for years:  We are not waiting for Moshiach, he is waiting for us. 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

We Have a Choice: Turn to Hashem or Turn to Hashem

One of the problems I have had with this blog is that with new readers every time I post, I receive Emails asking many of the same questions that I have received for years. Since we are close to 500 blog posts that I have made in the past four years, I honestly have to say that I don’t always remember everything that I have covered.

Recently, I have received Emails questioning whether I have seen the 15 year old boy who supposedly had a near death experience and came back to tell us details about what is happening in the world and when events will happen. I have been asked that question about two dozen times. I tried to keep a very open mind about his predictions, but when I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he has said incorrect information, I feel an obligation to my readers to set the record straight.

I am not going to comment on everything he said, but there are two items that totally disagree with my research, and even are questionable according to scriptures, Hashem’s opinion. The most disturbing aspect of the statements is that it could hurt my readers to believe such misinformation – I will explain.

The two statements that bother me the most are:

The war of Gog and Magog started on the 27th of Elul, the 11th of September 2015.
The leader of the free world is known up above as Gog. Gog is none other than... Barack Hussein Obama.
According to Ezekiel 38 and 39 and Zachariah 14, there will be three battles of Gog and Magog. The Chofetz Chaim explained it very miraculously by stating after World War 1, that a second and third world war will occur and they are the three battles described in Gog and Magog. Since WW1 was called the Great War and not WW1, the Chofetz Chaim had no way of telling that there would be a WW2 and WW3, except through Ruach Hakodesh from Tenach interpretation. He also miraculously predicted the year of WW2’s beginning giving his predictions great credibility.

He explained that WW3 would be a spiritual war, which is exactly what has been going on for years. Yaakov has been attacked spiritually by both Edom and Yishmiel (there are many prophecies that have been fulfilled with this spiritual battle). The Chofetz Chaim was very correct about Gog and Magog, with even more proof. The boy, however, stating that it began in 2015 was very inaccurate and deceiving information. There are other Rabbis that believe that the 1948, 1967 and 1973 wars in Israel satisfied the three battles. No matter who you believe, there is no way that it started 27th of Elul, the 11th of September 2015, especially since there are no significant events that happened on that day.

That brings me to the other problem. If we believe that Gog and Magog are the three world wars, who was Gog and even where is Magog? Since Obama was born in 1961, that leaves him out of the picture. The statement that Gog is the leader of the free world is true, but placing Obama as Gog has no basis except for the present spiritual war (which started long before the Obama presidency).

Another problem: what do the words Gog and Magog mean? Are they code names of leaders and a country that we haven’t figured out?

My research has proven that Gog means George. Believe it or not, within the Hebrew and English the name Gog appears – GeOrGe in English, and ג'ורג in Hebrew which contains גוג. There is no J sound in Hebrew unless you hear the Sephardi or even the Tameni pronunciation which is closer. No matter what the pronunciation, the letter gimel in Hebrew is equivalent to the G in English. In other languages, George has the soft G sound, not a J sound.

If I am looking for a George in the three world wars, who are they? WW1 was King George the 5th. WW2 was King George the 6th. WW3 is King George the Bush. The entire effort by the New World Order cabal to institute WW3, eliminate 93% of the world population and put in a Communist one world government is being honchoed by the world leader, former CIA, former Vice-President and former President, George H W Bush, Sr. He is the chief of the evil cabal and Obama is one of his puppets. Obama is not Gog, but he works for Gog to try to destroy the world and, even Israel. Remember that Gog Bush, Sr. created Al Qaeda, the Oslo Accord (which definitely was for the purpose of destroying Israel) and is even involved in creating and supporting ISIS. Gog is running the show, not Obama.

Why would Obama do such a thing? As of a few years ago I have verified that Obama has over 3 billion dollars in illegal off-shore accounts (I believe in the Cayman Islands, even though the recent Panama Papers are very incriminating). So Obama and the Clintons and Kerry and etc, etc, etc, are in this for the money and power – what a surprise. By the way, the word in Hebrew for shame or embarrassment is Busha. What a coincidence?

But how about the name Obama appearing in Ezekiel 38 with only a 7 letter separation? Well, as I said, Obama is very involved, since he is in the White House now instituting the Gog Bush agenda. He is an important Cog in the cabal, but not a Gog. Yes, we find Obama in Ezekiel with a skip rate of 7. But, let us look at a more pertinent verse, 38:3, which reads:

Thus said Hashem: Behold, I am against you, Gog, the prince, leader of Meshech and Tuval: Verse 4 I will lead you astray…
In Hebrew:
The Hebrew word for prince is נָשִׂיא which happens to be the word used in modern Hebrew for President. But the best part is in the name of the place Meshech and Tuval in Hebrew we find with skip rate of two (every other letter) BUSH. It even goes from left to right just like English:

In the next word, we just happen to find BUSH again, this time no letter skip and also left to right:
By the way, I did some research as to where Meshech and Tuval are believed to have existed. The answer: in the country of Georgia. How that name George keeps cropping up.

What a coincidence and far more impressive than the Obama code.

But, what does the name Magog mean and how do we know it is the United States? In Hebrew the letter Mem before a word means “from.” So Magog means “from George.” What is the significance? The US is identified by the father of the nation, George Washington. To say that the US is described in the Bible as a country from the father of the nation, or “from George,” or Magog is very accurate. We also should note that the colonies gained independence “from King George, of England,” Magog.

Extra note: WW1 was a false flag operation from the US of Magog. WW2 included false flag aspects, but there is nothing more telling than the source of financing that hitler received for his war. He did not have the money, the armament, the fuel, etc to stage such a massive war until it was setup for him by, of all people, Prescott Bush, the father of Gog. Yes, WW2 occurred only through the auspices and help of the US of Magog (and what a money maker it was for the global elite). This is well documented. The WW3 plans are from the Illuminati, that we can see engraved in the Georgia Guidestones. I have talked about that subject quite a bit, but I just love how it just happens to be in the state of Georgia.

There are many more details to all this that I can’t go into, because they come from my secret sources in Washington and Europe (if I disclose the sources and/or the information, I will lose the sources as I would get them in trouble). Just know that my research on all this is extensive and over decades including my time in the military and government that gave me access to very telling classified information.

I also know and have confidence in the Midrash about the King of Damascus, Assad, and the war between Edom and Persia (Yoma 10 and the Yalkut Shimoni), both of which will happen before Moshiach, and both of which have not occurred yet. However, both seem to be on the verge of happening. Two news articles from last week were:

Russia, US agree to dethrone Assad, send him into Exile

Khamenei: The future is missiles, not negotiations

There are other Georges that are prominent in the chaos of the world these days. George Soros is helping Gog Bush with the total collapse of the world economy that will happen soon.

Of course, Gog Bush, Jr who escalated both Iraq and Afghanistan as a result of the false flag operation of 911, for the purpose of trying to get the NWO agenda implemented and WW3 started. He did that for his father Gog, Sr. It was actually easy since the Bush family has been good friends with the Bin Laden family for decades. That was how Gog Bush, Sr started Al Qaeda as former CIA director and then Vice Pres, in the 1980’s. His friend Osama helped him. Later it was easy to break off a new group called ISIS in an ongoing effort to get WW3 started.

The evil global elite really want their war and their evil NWO agenda under way. You have probably seen the latest news that ISIS probably has nuclear weapons and is planning to use them on big cities. Since, ISIS is trained and funded by the US of Magog (easily proven), we have another chance at WW3 thanks to the Gog Bush cabal (and others like the Bilderberg Group, the Illuminati and probably the UN).

One more George who needs recognition. George Mario Bergoglio is definitely doing his part in the chaos of the world. You don’t recognize the name? Well, he goes under the name of Pope Francis these days. What is comical it that the name
George Mario Bergoglio includes Gog MaGog. Cool.

The most important message I wish to convey is that we have a mitzvah in the Torah to eliminate Amalek, our arch enemy. If we find it hard to believe the truth about our enemies, we instead honor Amalek by releasing him from the evil deeds he does. We also honor Yishmiel by giving him credit for being intelligent enough to pull off such vicious evil. We did the same thing with 911, honoring Yishmiel by giving him credit for the most sophisticated controlled demolition in the history of the world, while we honored Amalek for helping, rather than carrying out such an evil plan and killing so many innocent people. It may seem like a simple mistake, but it is nothing short of a Chillul Hashem to desecrate a Torah mitzvah. If we take the killing of millions or perhaps billions of people lightly, as Amalek has planned, by accusing the wrong person, we do ourselves and the world a great disservice – one that we may pay a horrible price for eternity. If I am sounding over-dramatic, then heed the fact that you and your loved ones are the target of Amalek, chas v’shalom. Don’t take it lightly.

Even the messages from Hashem to move to Israel, is found many places in scriptures. But, if you are honoring a place like Magog and thinking it is alright to remain there until Moshiach is announced, it is very questionable as to whether you are following Hashem, or just living the excuses for not going to Israel. The point that I am making is that it is your attitude that Hashem is judging. If you say emphatically: “Hashem will protect me and I don’t need to go to Israel,” you are putting yourself and your loved ones in jeopardy, which will result in a very difficult time ahead. If you have the attitude: “I know we should be there, and we made a big mistake not planning it sooner,” Hashem looks at us much more favorably. We have the right intentions; we just didn’t do it correctly. When we had the Temple, if we sinned accidentally, we could bring a sacrifice to the Temple and be forgiven for our sins. If we did it intentionally, not caring about Hashem’s instructions, that sin was not forgivable. Please, please, please do the right thing in the Eyes of Hashem and turn to Him for everything. Do Teshuvah by correcting mistakes and not just admitting them. We are definitely running out of time. Your entire future is in the balance.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Tazria, 4 Adar Bet (3/4/16), Plus a Special Program

G-d loves the Jews; He loves the Holy Land, loves redemption, and deeply loves the messiah. The messiah is dear to G-d, dear to the people of Israel and the entire world. G-d wants to bring redemption in mercy.
Everything that is happening in the government of Israel and the governments of the world - the heart of the king is in G-d's hands. People will protest, shout, complain, bless or won't bless - G-d says who will be the prime minister and who will govern the land. Every man has freedom of choice, with themselves and with others. 
The king's heart is in the hands of G-d - concerning the nation of Israel. The government isn't stable and won't be stable. There are ups and downs, you don't know who's against whom, people are switching sides every minute - it is G-d's doing. G-d is telling the Jews and giving signs that are very clear: the solution to all of the Jews' troubles in Israel and the entire world is to ask G-d for the Messiah!
Ask for the Messiah and for G-d to crown the Messiah King! G-d is helping the people of Israel and revealing all of the executives, religious and secular, in their wrong doings. He is revealing those who bribe, cheat, and steal. G-d wants all of the people of Israel to be pure and clean. He will not allow for there to be suspicions against any executive in the people of Israel. G-d is purifying and cleaning everyone, so that the people of Israel see and be seen. When the people of Israel redeem themselves and repent, it helps crown the Messiah King. The dates in the sky are not like the dates on earth, the holy land.
All of the righteous that are buried in Israel move in their graves, pray, beg, and cry out to G-d for redemption and the crowning of the Messiah King.
G-d is moving things and will continue to do so toward the revealing and crowning of the Messiah King, without people noticing that He interferes with freedom of choice. Jews in Israel do not realize that the Messiah is from the nation; Moses was the first and now will be the last. All of the messengers of G-d are secret. Jews need to understand that the Messiah is not something strange from the past. The world will continue as usual, there will continue to be cars, trains, and planes, but the entire world will obey the commandments completely, there will be no wars or killing, no thieves and no evil in the world - it will be gone from the world! The Messiah is guiding Israel and the entire world!
Every Jew must make an effort to be kind, giving, joyful and G-d fearing. All Jews must be united;   G-d wants everyone to be ready and not surprised. G-d is preparing the people of Israel for the coming of the Messiah!
You must stop immediately to talk about the IDF soldiers. Solders enlist when they are 18 -19 and are still connected to their parents. We must protect them and speak only good of them, they are our children, our protectors, we are alive thanks to them, we sleep and work and enjoy the world thanks to them.
Do not believe the Arabs, they have plans to surprise – they come in quietly to prepare a surprise. Do not believe the Hamas and Palestinians, they don't want peace, they want to destroy the state of Israel. They want to be given parts of Israel and then will continue with the war to take more. You must not believe in the more or deal with them. They continue to fix and dig the tunnels.
ISIS does not relent and will not relent from Europe and Arab countries, they will continue to destroy. You cannot beat them, because they are in every country all over the world, they have faith and they follow it. Within a minute, a hundred thousand ISIS followers can gather in any state in the world.
Dear Jews, you must not travel abroad! All Jews must come urgently to Israel! Anti-Semitism and ISIS have gone up to a very high level and spread across the world to harm the Jews. Jews, your place is in Israel! Business people who do business abroad will go and come back and watch over themselves everywhere, and if they invest in real estate in Israel - they will have great blessings in life. G-d gave the rich money so that they help the needy, the Mikva, the orthodox, and the temples. If they don't do it, G-d doesn't warn, He will take their money and they will be poor. When a Jew gives, he gives a gift to G-d.
In Turkey, the attacks will continue. Arduan can't do anything; if he talks, ISIS will kill him and his family.
Iran - with all of their threats, G-d is making sure that European countries will go against them. The work of the righteous is done by others. Iran is afraid of Israel, you don't mess with Israel!
There is great hunger in Egypt. The extreme Islamists want to bring the regime down and if Sisi isn't vigilant and strong, there will be at terrible revolt in Egypt. Sisi must know that evil comes from Sinai towards Egypt! Sisi must be smart and clean out the Sinai desert in stages, quietly, without making a fuss.
Syria is being erased, they cannot be lifted. There are power games, no one will give in. Russia is popping in from time to time, bombing and coming back. Syria is getting stricken, it is a mess.
The United States can't do what Russia is doing, they are busy with elections; they don't care about Arab states and don't care about Israel, only their elections.
Jordan's king is afraid of the millions of refugees eating at Jordan and trying to bring down the government. He is waiting for a Palestinian state, heaven forbid.
In Iraq there is no stability, it is like Syria only a different style.
Nasrallah and Hezbollah can't do anything because Syria is in the mud and all of the ammunition coming from Iran is being bombed en route by the IDF.
G-d is bothered and doesn't like assimilation, gambling, alcohol abuse, and drugs because the choice is in man's hands. The forces of nature will continue, fire and water, earthquakes and winds will continue to harm the earth. Jews in Israel - everything is protected and guarded! Armageddon and chaos is outside the borders of Israel.
A cloud of fire surrounds and embraces the state of Israel and G-d is protecting from above. Passover will be clean and pure, good and joyful! G-d wants every Jew to remember coming out of Egypt, that Jews believe that they are the chosen people, a special people that all of the other nations of the world need. There is no replacement for the Jews because they are the life of the earth, all of the nations feed off of the people of Israel in knowledge, creation, science, agriculture, industry, and weapons. All of the patents and inventions are from the heavens - only to the Jewish mind! In Israel there is everything! G-d wants redemption and the crowning of the Messiah King - in mercy!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"
I have become involved with an outreach program that Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, is conducting.  The details are on the brochure below.

I saw this as an opportunity to help my readers in two ways.  One is fulfilling the task of helping people as a way to do Teshuvah, strengthening ourselves and even bringing us closer to Hashem before the Geula -- a great personal advantage.

A second way is that with your contribution, the Rav will give you a personal blessing.  I have had readers telling me of illness, financial problems, family problems, problems finding a shidduch and other problems.  With the Rav's blessing, Hashem will help you.  This I have already seen, since I have referred some of my readers to the Rav and he has helped them.  A friend of mine who is in the Rav's office speaks English and volunteered to help any English speaker who wants to take advantage of the program and the Rav's blessings.  His name is Shefrir and his number is on the brochure.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

More Signs of the End Being Near, and a Nibiru Update

There is so much happening in the world that is 100% told to us in scriptures of events that will happen in the end, right before the worldwide redemption and Moshiach being crowned.

The biggest of the event, of course, is the Star of Jacob, Nibiru heading this way. I am still getting Emails from some readers who are still skeptical about it all. They love to point out that all the dates that I talked about didn’t happen. I wrote recently that fact that I never predicted a date, but only brought to your attention dates from sources that weren’t totally accurate. What do I mean by that? Even though I saw a date in March, as an example, it never really said what was going to occur, just that it would be something to do with Nibiru. That turned out to be very accurate, as I will explain.

Why was I so interested in telling dates, even if I had no idea what would happen on that date? Since the evil global elite that are controlling NASA, observatories and professional astronomers (many who rely on grants from the evil ones), there was no reliable information except the amateurs, that something was about to happen. As I said before, better safe than sorry. If I talked about events happening before the fact, it should be to your advantage since doing extra Teshuvah or Tefillah earlier is definitely better.

One qualification that I would like to stress. The actual flyby of Nibiru has not occurred yet, but the effects, the devastation expected from this star system is already devastating. If it hasn’t affect you, consider that your Teshuvah might be working.

Watch this video of things happening of which you may not be aware. Turn off the sound which is, I believe, is either a woman or a very effeminate male singing. The sound adds nothing to the video:

The more important fact is that these earthly changes are coming about because of great stress being put on the Earth’s tectonic plate and the underground magma, which is wreaking havoc worldwide (except for Israel). This is being brought about due to the effects (mostly gravitational) from Nibiru. The tougher problem is that as Nibiru approaches the chaos will increase greatly.

I would also like to clarify a misnomer about Nibiru. Most videos that talk about Nibiru call it Nibiru, Planet X, Planet 7 and other assorted names. This is not just a star that is approaching, but a solar system. Nibiru, which is the dwarf companion binary star to our sun, is actually a solar system. There have been planets seen in the area of Nibiru, meaning that it is a separate solar system with its own planets. How many? Only Hashem and probably NASA know. Why the big mystery, why is this information being kept from us? The best answer I can give you is that it is also part of the end of time testing. The evil ones are counting on this for maximum population killing. Hashem is testing us to see who is turning to Him for everything versus trying to solve all this on one’s own.

Read or re-read, if you have already seen this, the most recent messages from Hashem from the Facilitated Communications individuals: 

This last message from Daniel is excellent, but it includes a video from Rav Mizrachi, that has many mistakes in it.  It is not just that is disagrees with what I have proven, but it disagrees with scriptures.

These messages and the prophecies that are in scriptures that are obviously happening now, are the best source of information since it is all from Hashem. Take note that the messages from the FC individuals are saying the same things that I have been saying for a while. They are just verifying that we are getting very close.

The most important message for all my readers is that the time for turning to Hashem is critical and is NOW. You can see in the last message from Daniel that those who rely completely on Hashem will be saved, even though as I have said many times, the amount of difficulty that one will experience is completely dependent on the individual’s measure for measure interaction with Hashem.

The last message does give a more realistic scenario that tells about the places that will be completely gone, mostly under water. The US East Coast, the West coast, the Gulf region, the areas around the great lakes, on river banks, large inland lakes, etc (areas near bodies of water that are expected to rise). Even though the message is still “come to Israel to avoid the devastation,” Hashem will still protect His faithful outside of Israel. Just be aware that the difficulty may include moving out of one’s home temporarily. Also, the fact that when the meteors and rocks from the tail of Nibiru start to fall, all airplanes probably will be grounded. The mass hysteria of people trying to flee coastal areas after it gets so bad, should be taken into account beforehand. Plan now for what is coming.

When is it? We still don’t really know. But, two things are giving us a good indication that we are probably talking weeks not months. One, is the increase in earthly mayhem (earthquakes, volcanic action, crazy weather, sinkholes, etc); and two, the fact that pictures are showing that it is getting closer.