Thursday, May 29, 2014

L’Shanah Haba’ah B'Yerushalayim

Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
A Handicapped child
1 Iyar 5774 (May 1, 2014)

Time is moving on and speeding up. I can’t say that we’re moving at the speed of light, but we’re moving on. It’s like a tank, a large tank that moves slowly but is very deadly and we are moving onwards forwards into the Nevuas of Hashem. Now we can see much more clearly what is on the horizon and if we look closely through our binoculars we can see clearly destruction and death, Shelo Naida.

We can see clearly how every single prophecy is coming true. On one hand it’s very frightening. On the other hand it gives us hope. It gives us hope that finally, finally we’re coming to the end of this terrible Golus; this most difficult time in  all of our history, running from country to country every time the Goyim started killing us, trying to find a place where we could live in peace and worship Hakodosh Boruch Hu in every way without being attacked. We had to move from place to place and we had to reestablish ourselves financially so that we would have bread to give our children, our families. We suffered the fear of going upwards and then falling downwards in our spirituality. All of this will soon be over and it can be seen already with the naked eye, so-to-speak. Maybe we need the help of the binoculars, but we can see it already. We can smell the smoke of war and we can taste it as well.

We can understand now in our minds how two thirds of the world can be destroyed and we can be so depressed with this thought that we hopefully can forget our extreme Gashmiusdik world and decide finally to do true Teshuva. So I think my fellow Jews that it is time. It is time right now before the real troubles start. It is time to do Teshuva and to learn to depend only on Hakodosh Boruch Hu. Hashem is giving us many incentives for this, and many ways to learn to come so close to Him, so that you will fear nothing but Him. It’s our job to start to learn, how to be true Avdai Hashem and Ovdai Hashem. I hope and I pray that all Am Yisroel, every single one of Am Yisroel, will take my message seriously and stop with all the nonsense that most of you are occupied with. Push it all aside. See it for what it is – emptiness, and come closer to Hashem which is everything, all-encompassing, which is totally spiritual in nature and come close to the only Truth which is so absolutely Divine, so absolutely beautiful and pleasant and wonderful and all-encompassing that you will soon forget the hard grimy materialistic world and be swept up in the beauty and the holiness of the spiritual world of Hakodosh Boruch Hu, Hakol Yachol, the Creator of all existence.

Can you just imagine looking up and seeing the third Bais Hamikdosh looming above us, inviting us to come and bring Karbonos, finally after so many years? Can you imagine that? It will turn from a dream to reality, but we have to really desire this. We have to really long for it in order that we will also be Zoche to be part of it. L’shana Haba’ah B’yerushalayim, Yerushalayim Habenuyah!

Sefiras Haomer this year, is part of the countdown. We are going now from slavery to freedom and we are going to see many miracles on the way so between when we began counting until Shavuos there will be many changes in this world, difficult changes. It will be hard to understand maybe for many, but in the end all of the pieces of the puzzle will be put together and we’ll see a clear vision of what Hashem wants from us. We will also be aware of what this distorted world has taken away from us. Everything will be clear, pristine clear, clear as can be.  We will have no doubts. We will trust Hashem completely.

I feel that Lag Baomer this year is going to symbolize the end of a certain way of doing things. I feel that things are going to change drastically after Lag Baomer, in Eretz Yisroel and generally in the world. We are looking for tremendous changes after Lag Baomer, and by Shavuos and after Shavuos, tremendous changes.

Q: How are these changes different then the last 13 years?

A: Well in the last 13 years the world has changed completely. It has become a world that once was frivolous and on the surface happy. Everybody running off to Europe or Israel from Brazil to Africa to Thailand and every place in the world. It was a time of Gashmius above and beyond anything we could dream of. Now things have gone down in the Gashmius very much. People are confused because the world has become threatening and dark. People are afraid to fly. People don’t have the money to go on vacations and never mind vacations, people don’t even have money for food. Fear hovers over the world. People are afraid because it has become a harsh and very difficult world and most people are living with a tremendous fear and rightfully so.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Naso תשעד


Our Lord, our heavenly Father is pleased because the time of redemption has begun since 1948, Israel's independence, and is happy because the coronation of King Messiah will soon be.  The Holy One, blessed is He is happy to purify this world that will be a world of abundant love, a world of grace, a world of peace without pain and without hurting.  The Messiah is here!  The third Temple is here!  And all Jews will live in Israel holy!  Despite all this waiting, the Creator continues to make the discord between countries and within them and continues to confuse all countries of the world except Israel, the weather is hot or cold, severe earthquakes, fires, volcanic eruptions and violent and intense winds.  All this is growing day by day, so that the State of Israel is left alone and that Jews will flee from exile to Israel and to purify the world.

Anti-Semitism was not stopped with the creation of the State of Israel.  It secretly continues to increase; and, today anti-Semitism discovers itself every day and openly attacks the Jews.  Jews living outside of Israel don’t say, “It will not happen when the time comes, I'll be in Israel,” as if they could count on something.  As long as they do not feel a real threat to their lives, they continue to survive and think it will stop.

The Master of the world, the Almighty is terribly angry, anti-Semitism will not stop.  It will only increase day by day and the Jews are in life threatening danger.  The media does not tell the whole truth, maybe 5% of what happens to the Jews in the world.  Lately they talk about anti-Semitism in many countries.

The Pope came to Israel, came to Jerusalem to enjoy the view and make an impression in the world, nothing more.  Israeli ministers must not decide by themselves!  They are not alone in Israel; they do not own the people of Israel, the people elected them.  Sharon was the last Prime Minister who gave instructions, while those who followed do not decide - it was decided for them, they cannot be called Prime Minister - but members of the Knesset.

The Defense Army of Israel must be vigilant and very serious, because our borders will have serious problems, from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.  The Defense Army of Israel must be alert and vigilant!  This silence is not silent!  They have plans to surprise the State of Israel!  Abbas and his friends laugh and mock the ministers of the Knesset.  Whoever wants peace, does not try to take the holy land.  Those who steal, do not want peace, but they want the land by using politics.

In Egypt there will be a revolution.  It is not only in Egypt, but all the countries and nations in the world, to make them concerned about themselves and leave Israel alone and happy.  In Egypt they are hungry, have problems with Hamas and with residents.

Syria continues to be erased and it will continue.  They are without judge and without law.  As it grew up and became a superpower, so will it fall and become a bag of bones.

Hezbollah, the Syrian army and the rebels are fighting amongst themselves like the Tower of Babel - the hand of G-d is upon them.

Iran will not do anything against Israel.  They are afraid of the Holy One, blessed is He and even the Israel Defense Forces.  They know that IDF can go anywhere in the world.

Almighty G-d said: before you click the button to launch a missile at Israel, at the same time, the earth will open up and swallow you!  Iran threatens to appear that its business operates normally.  It wants to be a superpower.

Jordan expects the Holy One, blessed is He, will make a great revolution, adding refugees indefinitely along with Fatah and Hamas.  It will be the state of refugees and the King of Jordan would be a prisoner in their hands or they will kill him.  Jordan's King thinks the Pope is going to help – no one will!

Turkish Prime Minister beautifies the place and leaves no one looking up.  Today or tomorrow everything will turn against him - patience.

Each country and state that go against Israel and want to hurt her, The Master of the world will put an angel from heaven that will connect to the President or Prime Minister to cause a revolution in his country.  Like Assad in Syria, where an angel motivates him which is why there is no peace.  Even if they  will kill Assad, the revolution will continue in Syria.

All black and white-collar workers will continue to be discovered, especially managers.  All corrupt, lustful men who are doing favoritism, and those who think "protect me - I will protect you," the Holy One, blessed is He, will discover all and cleanse and purify the people of Israel.

The Holy One, Blessed is He, works and acts for the president to be chosen, a president of Israel perfect - clean and pure!

The Creator asks members of the Israeli government to come together and to unite; no one will do what he wants!  It is a shame to throw out money at the expense of the taxpayers.  Jews in Israel want live in peace and tranquility; they are sick of theft, fraud, obscene and despicable acts of drugs, alcohol, gambling and fights.  Anyone who has a management position should show a good example of honesty and truth.

Jews, continue to give charity and continue to show love to others.  It delights the Holy One, blessed is He.  Continue to give to charities - do not be stingy.

Jewish children are prophesying; speaking that it is time for Messiah to come!  Jews wonder when the King Messiah will be crowned to solve all the problems and disorders in Israel!

The Holy One, blessed is He, hits the planet, except the State of Israel.  He lets Israel experience from time to time a little of what other nations are experiencing, so that they will repent.

The Messiah is acting and working in innocence, honesty and truth.  He acts, step by step, using nature; and, when the time will come suddenly everyone will be surprised!  It is written, "The Messiah will not come until you're desperate."  We are waiting for salvation and the coronation of the King Messiah for so long, that we break and no longer believe in deliverance.  Do not break!  Do not despair!  Continue to wait for the coronation of King Messiah!  According to the signs around the world, everyone knows that the world urgently needs the coronation of King Messiah out of mercy!

Jews, ask the Creator of the world to crown the King Messiah out of mercy!

Courtesy of "Tair Neri"

Sunday, May 18, 2014

A Strong Message to Save Your Life

I wanted to say something strong about the message given in yesterday's Parsha, Bechukotai, since it conveys the same message that I have been saying for the past two years.  I like to listen to Rav Harry, who is provided by Partners in Torah, since he does such a magnificent job of relaying Hashem's message of the weekly Parshah.  Watch this short video:

Notice also that Partners in Torah is an organization that allows you to study Torah by phone, Skype, etc, when you don't have someone nearby as a study partner.  If this is your situation, contact Partners in Torah and enjoy their benefits:

There is no excuse not to be involved -- you will be very happy you did, since you are doing what Hashem wants from you.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita - Parashat Bechukotai תשעד

G-d brought rain after Passover, after you say "Morid Hatal" (מוריד הטל) - after Independence Day.   There are no mistakes with G-d, only blessed rain, rain of judgment.  There are those for whom it was a blessing and there are those for whom it caused damage.  G-d comes to clean the people of Israel, each one of us for the good that he has or has not done.  G-d comes to show that He is the leader of the world, comes to show that it is not by nature that He has brought down rain in different times.  Some of the rain caused damage, some was a blessing.  There were all kinds of accounts with people: by their hearts, what they give their integrity and cleanliness in their work and the goods that they sell.  This is how G-d settles the score.  Every person who works with honesty, truth and cleanliness and give ma'asarot - his property and fortune will be protected.  All this G-d does to wake up the people of Israel, the good and the less good.  The good - to show them that they should continue on the path of good, and the not good - G-d tells them to wake up and change directions!  G-d gave the Torah so that we will do and listen, and not listen and then do.

Dear Jews, the people of Israel have redemption; the Messiah is soon to be crowned.  G-d will come down Himself to earth and not by angels.  G-d takes care of the earth with a lot of patience for each person.  He does not let the angels touch earth and nature because the angels would bring a flood and destroy the world.

The rain that fell filled the tunnels dug from the Gaza Strip and other places that were aimed at IDF bases.  It will take them time to build them again.  The IDF needs to be vigilant to digs and tunnels.  All of the Jews are good and they have a holy spark, a soul that is part of G-d, but not all of them are connected to G-d.  They think that they are modern, and if they are modern then there is no need to believe in G-d, heaven forbid, like this is a strange thing - it is their mistake.  G-d lifts and humiliates, enriches and endows, so please dear Jews, stay with G-d!  Staying with G-d is love, you cannot curse people, "cursed are those who curse and blessed are those who bless."  Instead of cursing, pray for their redemption.  G-d directly watches over all of nature, there will continue to be tsunamis and floods, rains, thunder, and lightening.  People will see fire from the sky; the air will light up in flames.  There will continue to be devastating earth quakes, strong and harsh winds that devastate mountains and cities, homes, cars, trains, ships, and planes.  Volcano eruptions, heat and cold in different places - heat in places of cold and cold in places of heat.  G-d will flip the weather in all kinds of places.  It will be strange - but it will be! G-d will continue to create conflict between countries and among themselves, this too He does Himself.

Every country that tries to interfere with Israel will experience financial complications and conflict within itself and with its neighbors.

The United States talks badly about Israel to weaken the Israeli government - you do not need to take heed of their talks.  The people of Israel need to love each other, the government needs to be strong and united; stay with G-d and follow all of the laws.  The United States is doing everything so that the Middle East will support it and not Russia.

Syria is continuing to be annihilated. The rebels continue to destroy; they will create tunnels and bombs that will devastate the world.  Syria is on its way to extinction, there is no one to help it - and no one is interested in doing so.

Lebanon and Hezbollah continue on the same path of destruction as Syria, no one is there to help them. Syria and Iran have stopped helping and they are complicated within themselves.

The Palestinians, Hamas and Fatah have bad plans.  They smile on the outside and inside they are filled with evil, hate and revenge to destroy the state of Israel.

Israel needs to stop believing that if the Fatah, Hamas and Palestinians create one union, there will be someone to talk to - they have been united for decades!  Everything is a lie, everything is an act.  They plan on throwing more bait to the government of Israel so that they get parts of the country - don't believe them!

Abu Mazen and his friends think that the United States likes them, so they are over confident. There will not be, G-d forbid, a Palestinian country and giving away parts of Israel!  The blood of Jews is being spilled on this land and it belongs to the state of Israel!  The state of Israel has belonged to the Jews for thousands of years, not just from 1948!

The king of Jordan is angry; he has modern blood, is devious and is angry about Abu Mazen, Hamas and Fatah: "Why don't you wait?  Why do you create unity between you now?  You have ruined all of our devious plans with Israel!"

In Egypt Sisi is provoking; he thinks that if he speaks against the Hamas and others, the Egyptian people will like him.  He should continue doing so; he is on the right path!  He is inviting, building and making trouble and complications for Egypt - there will be a revolution, patience!

In Iran there was a big explosion. G-d warned them and if they do not heed His warning and continue to bother Israel, G-d will continue to blow Iran up, despite the fact that the Iranians are terrified and are careful not to interfere with Israel.

Turkey is in conflict with itself and needs Israeli tourists because it profits greatly from them.  They preferred to shut up to get Israeli tourists.  Tourists from Israel, beware of Turkey and the rest of the world because anti-Semitism is very frightening; it increases by the hundreds every day.  There are seven billion gentiles who hate the Jews.  In Turkey there is a big conspiracy to handle Arduan.

The murder of the girl Sheli Dadon needs to waken the people of Israel to stop being naïve.  There are a lot of these gangs in Israel who want to cause harm through drugs, alcohol, assimilation and incitement, who incite the gentiles in Israel.

Every Jew who eats kosher, kosher meat and vegetables that are clean from bugs will have more mercy than other Jews.  If, heaven forbid, Jews eat non-kosher food, they are bringing abomination into their soul and it becomes a brutish soul.  The soul and spark of G-d leaves them and they become cruel, they hurt innocents - all because of non-kosher food.

In the holy land of Israel, very soon, they will reach a point where they will call out to G-d, out of all of the anguish around them; because, there is no flesh and blood solution to what is going on in the world and in Israel!  They will call out to G-d to crown the Messiah now!  Only he, the Messiah, can give them prosperity and a good life forever!

Courtesy of: Tair Neri
An extra note of interest.
Recently there was severe rain and tornadoes in the US.  There also was heavy rain in Israel.  It was such a comparison of the destruction that we saw outside of Israel and a great blessing experienced in Israel.  But, Rav Ben Artzi makes a strange statement above: “G-d directly watches over all of nature, there will continue to be tsunamis and floods, rains, thunder, and lightening.  People will see fire from the sky; the air will light up in flames.”  The fire in the sky and the air lighting up made me curious since the recent rain in Israel was accompanied by a light show, the likes of which I had never seen before.  Even the thunder was not too prevalent, only the lightning and flashes of light.  A video is worth a thousand words.  Someone recorded this phenomenon in a town south of Jerusalem.  This was seen in a vast area around Jerusalem and had people outside in amazement.   Videos never have the impact of event as when seen in person, but watch and get an idea of what happened.   Watch the entire video since it gets better as it develops.  Note: there is very pleasant music accompanying the light show – if you are, like me, observing the mourning period before Lag B’Omer, turn down the audio before watching.

My charedi neighbors were outside watching and all attested to the awe of Hashem.  We got the message.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Moshiach is “AT THE DOOR”

My friend Yisroel from Lakewood went to Shul on Shabbos, as usual, and one of the four Roshei Yeshivah  (deans) of Bais Medrash Govoha (the Lakewood Yeshiva) in Lakewood, New Jersey,  Rav Dovid Schustal, shlita, was in attendance and got up to speak.

He said a number of things about how close we are to Moshiach.  He also quoted Rav Chaim Kanievsky, shlita, who said that Moshiach was
“not behind the door, he is AT THE DOOR.”
I thank Yisroel for this tidbit of information since he knows how excited I get hearing Gedolim tell us how close we are to Moshiach, Geula and the happy ending.  Keep ‘em coming, Yisroel.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Israel By The Numbers

This was presented by  It is very well done and can open your eyes to this mysterious place called Israel -- different from any other country in the world.

I thought I would include some other interesting facts:
  • The Arab nations surrounding Israel have approximately 650 times the amount of land as Israel.  All the land from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, by international law and of course scriptures, is Israel.  The only occupied territory is where Arabs are occupying Israeli land and convincing the world it is theirs. 
  • Include Islamist nations and it exceeds 1000 times the amount of land.
  • Before 1948 the Palestinians were the Jews.  I still have Jewish neighbors who remember when they were children, their families were Palestinian.  The Arabs called themselves Egyptians, Jordanians, Syrians, Lebanese, Iraqis, etc, etc, etc.  In 1964 the newly formed PLO rewrote history and the Jew-hating world loved it, including the Jew-hating media.
  • Palestine was never a sovereign nation and was illegally named by the Romans (it was actually Israel).
  • The Arab terrorist groups in Israel (the Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, etc) have never said they wanted the land (when they talk in Arabic), only that they want all non-muslims dead -- "first the Saturday people, then the Sunday people" is the popular expression.  Of course, that statement pertains to all the people of the world and we can see how the Sunday people are starting to get their treatment.  Yet, the Sunday people still blame the Saturday people for everything that goes wrong in the world (Esav still is trying to kill Yaakov).
  • Jews are approximately 1/4 of 1% of the world population (about 1 Jew out of every 400 people).

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Look What's in the News

This is the beginning of a news item today:
Devastating droughts in the Southwest, ruinous floods in New York City, killer wildfires in Colorado, intense heat waves in the Plains: These are the some of the disasters that are being exacerbated by global warming, and problems will continue to worsen in the decades to come, according to a massive federal climate report released Tuesday at the White House.
They forgot to mentions the terrifying tornadoes of last week.  They also forgot to mention the increase in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions; wait a minute, they aren't due to global warming.

The world doesn't have a clue.  This past winter, which is one of the coldest on record, they were getting away from the "global warning" idea.  Now, the so-called experts are back to the same nonsense (even though it is known that there are evil elite individuals who are making much money from this agenda -- the continued greed).

If they would just listen to Rav Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, they would have all the answers.  Hashem is doing exactly what He wants and it is working.  The evil ones are in more danger from so-called natural disasters than threat of war.  Who will be protected from this devastation?  I know, I repeat myself, those who measure for measure are following Hashem's ways.  The evil ones will be gone soon.  It will be those who just didn't believe in the absolute truth but instead believed a White House report.

By the way, the weather in Israel has been beautiful and very inviting (even though we need more rain).  I guess it is time to move here.

Monday, May 5, 2014

We Must Focus On The Truth

Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
A Handicapped child
3 Nissan 5774   (April 2, '14)

Well time seems to be dragging again. Really it isn’t but since we have gotten used to all kinds of crazy incidents in the world, when one maniac thing happens after another and it has become like everyday life, like what you would expect to happen. This is a planned operation to wear us down, planned by the Reshoim to wear us down to get us “dumbed down” and used to all kinds of things that normally would frighten us very much. However we keep going, dragging our feet, our minds jumbled more and more. We're heavy of limb and our minds are confused and I guess that’s where the term zombie comes from and definitely they are making most of the world into zombies. Hashem is letting the evil ones do their utmost important job and that is to squeeze out from every corner of the world the evil so it rises up to the top where we can see it clearly, and then Hashem will whisk it off the face of the earth like the whipped cream in a hot Milchig coffee. The thing is that all of us have become so weary that we can't even feel our spiritual side. In order to get to our spiritual side, we have to break through this terrible weightiness that has engulfed us.

We have to break away from what is happening in the world, at least for some part of the day, and come close again to reality which is our connection with Hashem. As time goes on we are going to see many more crazy things happening, things that normally we would never take seriously. For now we have to be able to disconnect from those things and strengthen the contact that we have with our Father in Heaven, and that will keep us sane, and that will keep us balanced, and that will keep us on top, not with the Reshoim, Chas Vesholom, but with Hakodosh Boruch Hu which will put us above everyone, above the Reshoim safe under the wings, so-to-speak, of our Father in Heaven. This isn't a simple job. We have to have a lot of willpower. We have to force ourselves to see the truth. We have to force ourselves to see what's real in life and what isn’t real in life. We have to force ourselves to see where our weaknesses are so we don’t get confused and we have to see where our strengths are so we can build on them in order to come closer to the truth. It's not easy. The whole world is under the spell of the evil and only a few Yidden and even a few Goyim are in any way wise to what is happening. The vast majority are not. They see evil as the devil himself, which is true, but they don’t realize that the devil himself, Yimach Shimo Vezichro, is at this moment ruling the world with Hashem's permission, taking over every nook and corner of the world, Shelo Naida.

On the other hand, Hashem has allowed a few Jews who do see the truth to stand up and say the truth, and more and more Yidden have become wise to what's happening and are coming closer and closer to Hakodosh Boruch Hu. Boruch Hashem that this is happening, but again in order to survive we must focus on the truth and not on the lies that are found in such great numbers.

What can I say? I can only tell you again to keep your focus. All of our Gashmius, all these years of Gashmius that started from the beginning of the 20th century until now, all of these years of Gashmius that’s just gotten larger and larger greater and greater taking over most of our lives, this Gashmius is an absolute lie. It takes us from the truth that the only one that can help us in anything is Hakodosh Boruch Hu. We rely so much on the lies, the lies of who's really supporting us and who's the real doctor and so on and so forth. These lies have become so prevalent that it's understood to be the truth, but it's not the truth. We must realize that no one cures us except Hakodosh Boruch Hu and that we'll get the same doctor if we stay here or if we fly off to America. We will get the same treatment even if the doctor is nicer or not so nice. Hashem cures us and not them. We have to realize that a person can work day and night and have no Parnassa. When Hashem deems it is time for us to have Parnassa we will have Parnassa. So if we do Hashem's will and we come very close to Him, all we have to do is raise our voices high and beg Him for Parnassa, Refuah Sheleimah and for every wish that we have, for children, for Erlicha children and so on and so forth. He's the only source, the absolute source of everything. Those who trust the Gashmius are losing. They won't have this world and not the next. I beg you, Am Yisroel, open your eyes. Put the emphasis on your closeness with Hashem. Don’t be afraid of anyone or anything, just from Hashem. Be His servant always. And your eyes and your mind and your heart will always see the truth and that truth is what's going to save us because that truth is what we are nourished from. It gives us eternal life and without it we're not only dead, we're nothing, Chas Vesholom.

So all of these shenanigans that they're pulling on us these rich people who are trying to control this world, all these episodes like the plane that got lost or this so-called war in the Ukraine or whatever is happening in the world, it's only an illusion that they are creating to confuse us. The only truth is Hakodosh Boruch Hu, so ignore all the nonsense and come back to Hakodosh Boruch Hu. There are however people who say, "Right, I don’t listen to any of this nonsense. I just go about my day and ignore them. Hashem will take care of everything." However most of those people don’t really believe that. It's just easier for them to say that because it prevents them from being frightened by what's going on, and it does allow them to continue their belief in and their desire for their Gashmius. This Gashmius is way above what anybody really needs. To those people I say, better you know what's going on in the world. Better you know that the world is in danger of being destroyed, at least most of it. Better you know that we're all in danger in order that you should, besides Davening three times a day and putting on Tefillin and so on, really, really focus on the truth and that is that Hashem is a HaKol Yachol, not only about wars but also about every single thing that is in your everyday life. So again I'll say health insurance, theft insurance, whatever insurance you've got will not insure you. Your bank account might disappear. Your doctor might give you the wrong injection or whatever he prescribes won't work and so on and so forth. They're only Hashem’s messengers. Even if they're the biggest experts in their field Hashem with no effort can make them make mistakes. So get on the right side, the side of Hakodosh Boruch Hu. Live your life totally in that direction and then Be'ezras Hashem we will all achieve eternal life which means growing constantly and getting closer and closer to Hakodosh Boruch Hu and to the truth.

I want you both, Mommy and Tatti to realize that this is very important. The everyday life besides Davening, learning, and coming close to Hashem has to be filled with Mitzvos and that’s the way we'll survive.

That’s the true reality. When a person dies, Shelo Naida, all the people that love this person are very sad. They feel they will never see him again, but they don’t know the real truth. The truth is that this person right now in this generation is only part of a Neshoma. It's not a whole Neshoma and when they get to Olam Habah this Neshoma connects with other Neshomas that they are part of, it doesn’t disappear. Just we as people are convinced we need these people, we've made certain contacts that we feel that we can't live without. We feel we can’t live without seeing them, without talking to them, but it's not true. It's not true because it's only a short amount of time until everybody is reunited, maybe not in the same form, but reunited in some way and this is the truth and when everyone comes back we'll see the most amazing things and nobody will miss anybody because everybody will be connected in the right way, not in an emotional way but in our true place in the Divine future of Creation.

I want also to give an example of Zaidy, your father. You don’t see him but he's there. He's here. Again I'll tell you the next world is very close. Zaidy, your father could be sitting right next to you. You wouldn’t even know it because the other world is not very far. However saying that, the Neshomas have to get permission to go anywhere, to come back here in any form even in a dream, because the connection between the two worlds is not allowed to be so evident at this point, until one day when the two worlds will merge into one.

I want so much that Am Yisroel should know that if we would only have Achdus, the Reshoim would be afraid of us. They are afraid for us to be one. They are afraid for us to have Achdus. They sent all kinds of people in to break us apart in every way and that itself is making them feel very great. Those biggest Reshoim that are so-called Jews who are for sure either Erev Rav or Amalaikim, and those Jews who are not real Jews, make the evil ones feel that they have made inroads  through them into the Frum community, and therefore those inroads have to be shut and we have to come together as one Am with Hakodosh Boruch Hu our Creator and show the world that we are with Him.

Here in Eretz Yisroel the Chareidim are close to one 1/4 of the population, which no one wants to admit to on the other side, and they're trying their best to split us up in every way. We have Askonim between us that are getting paid to split us up, to raise the level of the hatred between one Jew and another. If we would all come together, really, and say no to them and all decide that we are going to break away from them, they would have no strength against us because we are great in numbers in Eretz Yisroel, and if we are also close to Hashem no one could do anything to us.

In Chutz Laaretz it’s the same. If there would be no Machlokes, and all the Yidden would do Ratzon Hashem and beg Him to save us, then everything would be different. But since we are weak and we let this happen then I'm afraid for Am Yisroel and I don’t know how many will be left at the end to receive Moshiach Tzidkainu.

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita Parashat Behar, תשעד

G-d has shown the government of Israel and the Jews in Israel the true face of Abu Mazen and his friends!  Thank G-d that nothing has come out of this peace process!   The goal of the Palestinians, Hamas, and Fatah is to get all of their captives, take land from the holy land of Israel and then continue to fight and send missiles and bombs into Israel without end.

Until this moment, they continue to dig tunnels toward army bases, working 24 hours a day.  They dig tunnels from houses that Palestinians live in.  Even now they are smuggling ammunition and weapons from the Sinai Desert and are also manufacturing ammunition themselves.  They do not want peace, only to conquer the land of Israel.

Now the government of Israel and the Jews need to be even more careful!  Everyone has discovered that the Hamas and Palestinians are united - not from today.  Jews finally know that Arabs hate us, they know the truth!  There are Jews that live in an illusion that the Arabs and Palestinians can be trusted.

Memorial Day is a very sad and happy day!  Because thanks to the IDF soldiers who have fallen, we sit in our homes, live in our country, the land of Israel, and are not being persecuted.  We cannot forget for one moment the IDF soldiers who have fallen!  Thanks to them, we live safely!  The people of Israel need to bow their heads to every IDF solder!  Nothing can replace the pain.

Dear Jews living in Israel, you must not take the law into your own hands!  You are ruining your good name and it is a shame!  It is a shame that the good name of youths will be ruined.  It causes violence and tension in Israel and later on, G-d forbid, it will cause Jews to lose their faith in other Jews.  You need to be careful, don't do things that are wrong.

The government of Israel and the Jews need to support every IDF soldier so that they know they have someone to rely on!  First on G-d, and then on the government of Israel and the people of Israel!

The IDF soldiers must follow the rules as they are trained.  Footage and photos about IDF soldiers only lower the value of the IDF and lower the motivation.  You need to give soldiers confidence.  You cannot punish IDF soldiers when the truth is not known!

The IDF must be vigilant. There are units of terrorists in the West Bank and in Israel and some of the Arabs that live in Israel help the Arabs outside of Israel.

IDF soldiers - don't hitchhike!  Follow IDF rules.  Arabs are dressing up as Jews, religious women, Jewish men, looking like Jews to kidnap, G-d forbid, soldiers and harm Jews.

Government of Israel, all of the parliament members and ministers, G-d is asking you to unite.  You need to develop the economy in Israel, construction for young couples, education of youth, develop the Negev, Samaria and the Western Galilee, and build settlements.  Jews, there is no need to live in the center of Israel, that is how evil will decrease in unclean places and there will be livelihoods and happiness in the holy land of Israel.

Saudi Arabia has seen that the United States does not have power and has taken out its ammunition and weapons for show in order to say that it is here and on the map.

Iran can never harm Israel.  They know full well that G-d has chosen the Jews; they know that if they want to do something to the state of Israel, they will be swallowed by the earth and water will cover them!  They laugh at the Americans and the rest of the world.

Russia listens to no one.  It does what it wants - "I will do what is best for Russia and everyone else can bite me."  They only care about themselves and their civilians.

G-d is doing great work so that the United States will stop bothering Israel and stop blaming Israel, as if it took the whole world and left the gentiles only a small piece of land.  G-d, praise Him, has given the United States troubles on end, in their economy, nature, and even the Russian army, so that they have something to deal with.  They will deal with each other and will eventually leave Israel alone.

Syria is eating itself, one is eating the other and they are being finished more from day to day.  No one can help them.  At one time, countries wanted to help and there was almost a world war between them.  They do not want to get complicated with Syria.

Nasralah and Hezbollah are disappearing.  First they had Syria and Iran, and now they are complicated among themselves.  Iran is sending them weapons and ammunition secretly.  Once they sent an air train, today they try in every way, in secret.  The IDF has eyes open everywhere.

Hamas, Fatah, the Palestinians, and jihad have very devious plans.  We need to be very careful to ensure they do not surprise us inside Israel.

Egypt is being eaten from within; it has no solutions and is under alert to avoid a revolution.  Nothing will help them, a revolution will come, patience.

In Jordan the king is very disappointed.  It pains him that the fugitives have doubled and tripled and Hamas together with the fugitives are ruining Jordan.  He has no help from anyone in the world.  The peace has been canceled and their truth has been discovered.

In Turkey, the president comes to everyone with love and peace so that there are no demonstrations and problems, nothing will help him.

Anti-Semitism is increasing every day.  Jews living outside of Israel need to be very careful!  You need to run for your lives and come to Israel to settle in the holy land.  Nothing will help you, anti-Semitism will never stop - quite the opposite, it will increase.  They will see on camera Jews being chased and running away in humiliation.

There will continue to be natural disasters, floods, volcano eruptions, earth quakes, rain, winds, confused planes and ships, colliding trains, disasters on the roads, confused animals and beasts.

Every day they will wait for night, and every night they will wait for a day.  The world is in chaos and it is by G-d's hand.

G-d is waiting and expects from his children the Jews to ask for the Messiah to be crowned!  There is a Messiah in every generation who protects the state of the Jews, the state of Israel so that no Jew will miss the crowning of the Messiah!

Jews, stop being complacent and ask G-d to crown the Messiah because only this can save the situation of the state of Israel and all of the Jews in the world!

באדיבות אתר "תאיר נרי"Courtesy of "Tair Neri"                                                                  

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita Parshat Emor תשעד


G-d, Creator of the Earth, since the time of Exodus until now, has used angels, messengers on earth to do the work.  Now, all of the floods on Earth, the fire, volcano eruptions, lightning and thunder, earthquakes, conflicts and complications, cold here and heat there, strong rains, darkness, disease and harsh plagues in all kinds of places in the world, complications in planes and ships and the defense of the holy state of Israel - all this, G-d does himself!  His acts on Earth teaches everyone a lesson as He did with the Tower of Babel!  He Himself, G-d Himself came down to this world to manage it and guide it to purity and holiness, just like He came down to strike the firstborns in Egypt.  Not angels or seraphs, G-d Himself is fighting on Earth to lead it towards purity and holiness, love and peace, and to prevent nuclear war on earth!

G-d says to all of the seven billion gentiles on earth: I have given you the entire earth, please stop bothering my Jewish children living in Israel, and leave them alone!  Stop bothering the smallest place in the world, don't bother the state of Israel and the Jews in it, it is the center of the world! G-d has chosen the Jewish people, the Jewish people feed off of G-d directly!  Through Torah, prayer, good deeds, and correcting wrongs, the light comes down and gives Jews living in Israel life!  Stop bothering my children and the holy land!

Every Jew, orthodox, religious or non-religious, must read a few chapters from the Torah and Psalms every day and he/she will have peace of mind and wisdom.  This is for working Jews who don't have time to learn Torah and read Psalms.

The iPhone has come to the world because G-d has chosen it.  It is not an invention of the other side. There is TV and internet, computers and the iPhone and G-d says to use these tools for purity and holiness, to learn Torah through them, to do good deeds.  In everything there is both good and bad.

In heaven there are no deadlines and schedules, they decide and that's it.  It happens whenever it happens.  In the heavens, they know that something needs to happen on earth, the crowning of the Messiah, and they wait, they have their own time.  We the Jews in Israel believe, and will believe, that G-d has pity on the people of Israel before any plan that anyone wants.  One wants the Messiah now, and one doesn't want him now – May G-d give everyone wisdom and knowledge to understand that there is a Messiah and he is active!

The United States is turning its face concerning the fake peace with the Palestinians and Israel.  It has seen the ugly face of Abu Mazen as he acts poor and miserable, pulling everyone's strings, leading them through impurity and in the end he has fooled them all.  The United States had better take care of itself, its economy and Iran.  Iran is dangerous; it is making a fool of the United States and is backed by Russia.

Russia also does not care about the United States, they listen to no one.

Iran is nothing compared to Israel.  The physical and spiritual power of Israel, the IDF, can hurt Iran and so they fear Israel.

G-d does not want to bring destruction and a third world war!  G-d does not want a nuclear war and will not let it happen on earth, thanks to the Jews living in Israel who have a G-dly spark in their soul from G-d.

The government and the Israeli delegation thought that Abu Mazen will reach an agreement, that he is not connected to the Hamas.  G-d has thwarted Abu Mazen and his entourage and has revealed to the people of Israel and the Israeli government the scheming and conning done in front of the "peace" with the Jews.  He has made a fool of everyone, at first telling the Hamas to be quiet in order to fool the people of Israel.  But, G-d has revealed him and all of his lies, his stench and schemes.

The government of Israel must stop being naive!  Until this moment, the Palestinians, Hamas, and Fattah are digging tunnels nonstop in order to abduct IDF soldiers.  Wake up from your coma!  G-d is dismantling and destroying Syria, the Hezbollah and all of the Arab countries so that there is quiet for the people of Israel and so that we are not bothered; and, you want to give parts of Israel away to the Palestinians?!  He has taken Syria off of your backs and you are playing around with the Palestinians?!  The Hamas is reconciling with the Palestinians and Fattah and everyone is uniting so that they have the power to influence and take parts of the land of Israel.

The Israeli government must overcome the threatening and living in illusion; G-d has revealed to you who Abu Mazen is and who his friends are!  G-d has told the government of Israel: stop the fighting among yourselves immediately; cancel this false peace with the Palestinians, this conflict is ages old, they want to end the people of Israel.

Syria will continue to be annihilated by the hand of G-d.

Jordan and his king are traumatized by what Abu Mazen has done.  They are saying: why did he open his mouth now and not wait until after the agreement?

Egypt does not love Abu Mazen's talks with the Hamas, they hate the Hamas and not because of terrorism.  The Hamas is doing the opposite of the Ten Commandments, sowing evil and destruction in Egypt and the entire world.

The Hezbollah and Nasrallah don't have power or brains; there is no one to help them.

In Turkey, Arduan is giving all kinds of gifts to his people, especially the strongest of his people, so that there is no revolution.  It will not help; all those he fired are waiting to pounce on him soon.

The government of Israel needs to work hard against all drug dealers bringing drugs into Israel who work with the Arabs to destroy Jewish youth and interfere with their growth to be future IDF soldiers. Thanks to these youths, there are soldiers in the IDF and the state of Israel exists.  Open your eyes, Israeli government; you need to find an urgent solution to the drinking and gambling problem.

You need to urgently publicize that there is cruel and harsh anti-Semitism against Jews, just like before the holocaust.  You need to uproot anti-Semitism against Jews; the gentiles wear a nice suit and have a black heart.

Every year we remember the holocaust so that the Jews don't forget what they went through, so that they remain vigilant and protect the people of Israel.

When all of the Jews obey the Ten Commandments, the people of Israel will be completely protected!

When the world reaches its peak, the worst state of imbalance on earth, suffering and harsh complications, and this is very soon, G-d will crown the Messiah with mercy.

באדיבות: אתר "תאיר נרי" Courtesy of  "Tair Neri"