Wednesday, August 22, 2012

More Truth Coming Out

I guess Hashem knows what He is doing after all.

This isn't the purpose of the covenant between Hashem and the Jewish people; but, it is another message from Hashem to the Jew-haters of the world who want to destroy our mitzvot.  No Jew should give in to the whims of our enemy.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Full Spectrum Evil: Secrets of Global Domination

We had some interesting discussion from comments submitted the past two days about what is really happening in the world and the evil that is being perpetrated on the world population.  This is a good synopsis from a very secular (goyishe) source but it is the truth about what is happening and the deception that we are experiencing.  Watch and learn.


August 8, 2012
From time immemorial, royalty, priest classes and other self-appointed elites have used any means necessary to dominate the population and keep it divided amongst itself. Alex Jones uses the games of chess, risk and monopoly to explain the classic modes of control used by rulers, representing classic warfare between two factions, world warfare with a complex conflict, and, of course, economic warfare.
Now those techniques have advanced with sophistication into an era of full spectrum dominance– where gaming the people means an attempt to control all facets of life. Under the modern scientific dictatorship, nations, individuals, economies, cultures and environments have all become pawns at the hands of hardened, evil offshore globalists bent on manipulating our world. Their aim is nothing short of completing their break away civilization and destroying the remains, including killing off the great masses of humanity. They have willingly distorted our information, food, water, political systems, financial interactions and beyond with precision. Only a public aware of the scope of their designs can begin to fight against it.

For a comprehensive primer on this full spectrum evil, see Alex Jones’ Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement, free on Youtube (it is long but very interesting and accurate):

Why is all this happening?  Hashem is ushering in the time of Geula and Moshiach.  These events have all been predicted in Jewish scriptures.  Know that Hashem is doing it all for us.  He wants us to turn away from the evil leaders of the world and turn to Him only.  Since it is time for us to do teshuvah, repentance, Hashem is helping us by making the world so scary that the only place to turn is to Him.  When we all look up and say "help," that will be the time that all the Jews will do teshuvah; for, they have finally turned to the only source of help.  It is coming soon -- the scariest time, the teshuvah and the happy ending, Geula. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Another Prophesy Being Fulfilled

One of the most interesting prophecies in Tenach is from Chapter 12 of Daniel.  Daniel gives us a way to calculate the end of days.  Many Torah scholars have made attempts to decipher the prophecy but to no avail.  Since it says that it would not be decipherable until the end, I am excited since I believe two facts have come to fruition:  I believe we have its meaning and it must be the end.  Daniel was told by Hashem (translation from the Artscroll Tenach):

8 I heard [this} but I did not comprehend [it}, so I said, "My L-rd, what is the end of these [matters]?"
9 He said, "Go, Daniel! For the matters are obscured and sealed until the time of the End.
10 They will be elucidated and clarified and refined by many [people}; the wicked will act wickedly, and none of the wicked will understand; but the wise will understand.
11 From the time the daily offering was removed and the mute abomination put in place, one thousand two hundred and ninety days.
12 Praiseworthy is he who awaits and reaches one thousand three hundred and thirty-five days.
13 As for you, go to [your] end;  you will rest - then arise for your portion at the End of Days.
What does it seem to be saying?  The key word is “abomination.”  We have already seen examples of prophecies that are better understood from the English translation.  The reason being is that it is prophesying something about an English-speaking country.  An example that I have already mentioned is the information from Isaiah 21 up out the first Gulf war. That prophecy starts by saying "like Desert Storm's...   How profound it is that Isaiah should use the vernacular, about 2700 years ago,  that the Pentagon decided to call the war in 1991.

The word abomination appears in the 5769th verse of the Torah.  This was brought to light by several prominent Rabbis that it was referring to the inauguration of the US president Obama.  5769 or more specifically January of 2009 was the inauguration of the president.  At that time many jokingly stated that the United States became the Obama-nation.  It may have been a play on words but I believe it was a message from Hashem.

The Hebrew word used in verse 11 of Daniel is שקוץ.  If one adds the letter ה to make the word read “the abomination,” we find that the Gematria is 501.  The Gematria of Barack Hussein Obama (ברק חוסיין אובאמה) is 501 meaning that Hashem is truly telling us that he is “the abomination” that Daniel is being told about.

If we count the days from the time that the Obama-nation was put in place (the inauguration date), 1290 days brings us to last Thursday, the 14th of Av. there has already been speculation on other blogs that when Daniel said "a time, times, and half time" it was referring to the 3 1/2 years that Obama has been in office.  This is very consistent with the 1290 days coming up to last Thursday.  The fact that it follows with verse 12 saying that “praiseworthy is he who awaits and reaches 1335 days” tells us that there will be a turbulent period of 45 days which brings us up to the end of the year 5772.  The 1335th day is Erev Rosh Hashanah.

Why am I saying that these 45 days will be turbulent days?  The fact that the prophet is telling us that we are praiseworthy if we await, meaning that we must be patient, trusting Hashem and having complete faith in Hashem.  For it says those will be the people who reach the 45th day.  With all that is happening in the world, no one knows, except Hashem, who will survive the 45 days.

What was so special about last Thursday that led me to believe that it was the beginning of the 45 day turbulent period?

If we reviewed specific news items that occurred that day, we see very definite events that we have been watching for a long time. Some of the events (this is not all inclusive -- there were more) were:

News of Spain and Italy being in financial ruin and possible collapse was exasperated by Germany's lack of cooperation in helping with a bail out. We know that one of the events that has been leading up to the time of Moshiach is the disastrous worldwide financial situation (I mentioned it from Talmud, Soto 49).  If Spain and Italy go, Europe will be not too far behind and so may the rest of the world including the very unstable United States.
News of us possibly being within weeks of the war with Iran which will precipitate World War III, came last Thursday (many news items, too extensive to discuss here).  More importantly is the statement in the Yalkut Shimoni that war with Iran will occur in the year that the Moshiach will be introduced.  That has been a good indication that we have been watching that this is the year.  Since it is likely to occur within the 45 day period, we are reassured that prophecy from Daniel is talking now.
News that things are not going too well in Syria and that the time for the end of Assad may be imminent, became more obvious last Thursday when the internal civil war was stepped up in Syria and bordering countries announced an increase in the armament on the Syrian border.  The Zohar’s statement that we have been watching that the Moshiach will appear when the king of Syria falls, points to this happening within the 45 days.
All the statements that have been made by the Gedolim – Rav Kaduri, Rav Scheinberg, Rav Kanievsky, etc are all talking place within the 45 day period.

That which is happening within the 45 days will not be everything in the Geula process.  I do believe it is the start of everything.  As an example the Day of Judgment, “the too-late-date” that I have mentioned quite a few times, I believe will be in the month of Tishri which will be in 5773.  The process will continue next year but we will truly know that Geula and the time of Moshiach started this year.  All the details of when, how, who, why and where are still to be seen.  That is why Daniel tells us to await the 1335th day.

One additional fact is that the seven Haftorahs of comfort that we read between Tisha B’Av and Rosh Hashanah just happen to fall during the 45 days.  If there were ever a time that we needed comfort, it is this 45 day period.  Everything is by Hashem’s design.

I am sure that there are many more details that can be found – Gematrias, news events, Gedolim statements, hidden Torah codes and who knows what else, that I have not stated or are not even aware of.  I in turn ask you to further research this finding.  Anyone who wants to comment with additional information has my deep appreciation.

The most important message that I wish to convey is the same thing that I have been saying since March.  Judaism is not a spectator sport – we are being given messages from Hashem for the purpose of us reacting to them.  The 45 days is not just a wait and see period, but a golden opportunity to prepare for everything.  I've said it many times but I will say it again: do repentance, pray, give charity, study Torah, speak no Loshan Harah and work in unity with your fellow Jew to make this a very successful time that will give you the best eternity possible.  This is the time for total love of everyone.  Reach out and help – not criticize – your family, friends, neighbors and all of Klal Yisroel.  Forget about the physical world and turn to Hashem for help in becoming a more spiritual person.  This may be your last opportunity to get is right.  You owe it to yourself and your loved ones.