Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Simple Answer to a Difficult Question

Watch this video,  "The MOST Important Video About Israel You'll Ever See!" to see the greatest miracle the world has ever experienced.  After the video, I wish to point out one prophecy that will make your day:
If you are not able to open the video here, go to YouTube and enjoy:

So what is the prophecy, and what does it mean to me?

Zachariah 8:23 says: 
So said Hashem: In those days, when ten men of all the languages of the nations shall take hold of the garment of a Jewish man, saying, "Let us go with you, for we have heard that G-d is with you."
This is letting us know that all people of the world, Jews and non-Jews will realize that the Jews are the only people who know the ways of Hashem, the true ways of this world and the true ways of life.  All people will turn to the Jews for help, for they will only want to follow the absolute truth, the word of Hashem.

I have been asked by both Jews and righteous non-Jews: how will I get my family, my friends, my neighbors, everyone I know to turn to and follow Hashem?  The simple answer is in the Jewish Bible: it will happen automatically, for all the people in the world will realize that Hashem is the only way.  They will crave the word of Hashem and look to the Jews to guide them, to show them the way.

More good news.  Not to worry, Hashem will change the entire world to a world of goodness and love, with no conflict between people.  Everyone on Earth will want the same thing, B"H.  When?  This year, 5776, most likely within a couple of months.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Nibiru and Its Purpose

I have been doing an extensive amount of technical research into Nibiru. The questions that I have received that seem to be of greatest concern are: what is going to happen and when? Even though I have tried to apply higher mathematics to my calculations, I wish to present this information in as simple a format as possible.

First, what is Nibiru? I have mentioned that our sun (which of course is a star when seen from outside our solar system) is in a binary star system with another star. That means that the two stars revolve around each other.

The two stars are very different in size. The diameter of our sun is about 864,938 miles. The diameter of Nibiru is estimated at 55,000 to 60,000 miles. Nibiru being about 15.4 times smaller than the sun has an orbit about 15.4 times bigger than the sun. This is why it goes so far away and returns approximately every 360 years. The fact that Nibiru has a gravitational effect on our sun is what gave astronomers the hint that our sun was in a binary star system. Our sun is in a much smaller orbit, but still it has an orbit affected by its companion star, Nibiru. One caveat, I have had sources telling me that Nibiru is much bigger than what I mentioned above, but for our purposes here I will wait until I get better confirmation.

The nature of Nibiru is also very different from our sun. Nibiru is a brown dwarf star that is considered as a failed star. It has cooled considerably and probably only has a surface temperature similar to the inside of your oven, about 200 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also the reason that it appears to be a giant planet instead of a sun. Here is a picture of a brown dwarf star to give you an idea of what we should see when it approaches (this is not a picture of Nibiru):

Why, if it is so dark have we seen it like a bright star? I have mentioned that we have many pictures of Nibiru as it approached the sun and continued its trip around our sun. Here are 15 examples:
I have had readers who have said “I haven’t seen any pictures yet.” Obviously they would have to give up their skepticism if they would just look, but the number of pictures and videos available on the web is staggering.

There are some possible questions that may come up from the pictures that I thought I would explain. Why is it that in some pictures Nibiru is on the left, sometimes on the right, sometimes under the sun and sometimes over the sun? These pictures were taken at different times. The three heavenly bodies in question (the sun, Nibiru and Earth) are in orbit and changing position. As Nibiru approaches the sun, both the sun and the Earth are moving in an orbit. Nibiru’s orbit is not on the same plane as the sun and Earth. Hence, the Nibiru appears to the four sides of the sun.

I had mentioned in a previous post that after 15 Feb Nibiru would be on the same side of the sun as the Earth. Gill Broussard mentioned that even though it will appear small (about 7% the size of our moon), is should be visible. The fact is two things are preventing us from seeing it. If it is too close to the sun, we cannot look in that direction and see such a small item (not directly, but with a camera as above). If it is away from the sun as it continues to come in our direction, the sun won’t shine on it any more. Nibiru does not emanate much light. The pictures all make it appear as a bright sun, when in fact it is only the light of the sun that is hitting it. We see five planets in our sky when the sun shines on them. They dim as the sun goes off the direct path to those planets. We recently had the five planets lined up and we were able to see them (mid-January to mid-February). This was taken in Arizona on 8 Feb:
We see from left to right Mercury, Venus (always the brightest), Saturn, Mars and Jupiter. They are all seen because the sun is shining on them. They do not emanate any light by themselves. Although Nibiru is a star, it emanates very little light. All the pictures showing Nibiru looking very bright are with Nibiru reflecting the light of the sun. The lack of light from Nibiru is one of the reasons that it was thought to be a planet and not a sun.

Our moon is another good example which is bright and full mid-month, like now, or completely gone, a new moon, like Rosh Chodesh.

The key to everyone seeing Nibiru will be due to two factors. It will move away from the sun (the sun not being behind it like the New Moon) and it has grown considerably in appearance as it gets closer to Earth. There is a total eclipse of the sun occurring on 8 Mar, but it will be seen by very few people, mostly across the Pacific Ocean and should not mean too much to us.

So when will Nibiru be seen by the entire world?  Whenever Hashem has planned!!  Trying to figure this out scientifically has led me to the conclusion Hashem's plan is the only factor that counts and human logic and calculations are irrelevant.

How close to earth will Nibiru come? I have heard estimates of about 20 million miles. This has been one of the more difficult items to calculate since the Earth and Nibiru will cross paths in their orbits, but not at the same time, B”H. That is why this is no chance of Nibiru hitting the Earth. But, what is the problem with calculating closeness. The speed of Nibiru is changing. As it came closer to the sun, it sped up with the additional gravitational affect. As it went around the sun, it changes speed and as it goes away from the sun it will slow down. Without having a definite orbital path to work with or a definite size to use in my calculations, I am left with only rumor from other sources.  Once again, Hashem's plan is the only answer.

The more important problem for the Earth is the tail of asteroids, meteors, rocks and who knows what other debris. This is what will cause great damage to the Earth. Since Nibiru will cross the Earth’s orbit in front of the Earth, the tail is what we will experience. How long is the tail and how long will we continue to experience its devastation? The tail is well over a million miles long, I have heard estimates of as much as four million miles long, but it should only effect the Earth as we are passing through it. Once our orbit takes us beyond the tail, it should not continue to effect Earth. How long will that be? I have no idea. It is likely to only be days, but only Hashem knows for sure, since He is the One Who will use the debris to wipe out the wicked of the Earth.

The best answers that I have seen about when Nibiru will be here are from scriptures, Hashem's opinion. The messages that we received in Torah Codes from Rav Glazerson and myself are very telling. The most prominent date that shows up in the Torah Codes is around Purim.  The information that we received from the Facilitated Communications individuals are also from Hashem and they also gave possible dates similar to the Torah Codes. The third source was the scientists and astronomers who have researched the arrival of Nibiru and also came to similar dates as the first two sources that I mentioned. All seem to say mid-March to mid-April.

Like the plagues in Egypt that started and finished exactly according to Hashem's schedule, Nibiru's approach, flyby, devastation, etc is exactly according to Hashem's plan.

I have a question. If people have the opportunity to prepare and do what they need to in order to survive, which is better, sooner or later? If they are ready and it doesn't happen as quickly, they are still better off. If it comes sooner than expected than they are definitely better off.

There is a much more important idea to convey when it comes to the devastation that Nibiru will cause. It is not the arrival of Nibiru that is the problem, but the activities that are already occurring. The great increase in earthquakes, the increase in volcanic eruptions, the crazy weather patterns that are already killing people. We don't have to wait for the worst part of Nibiru's arrival to prepare, we are already in harm's way, NOW.

If you have been paying attention to what is going on in the world, you would already be doing lots of preparation. What is the preparation that I am talking about? Doing Teshuvah, Tefilah, helping others survive, doing the commandments, studying Torah, especially all the messages Hashem is giving us about the present chaos in the world and how much worse it is going to get.

People are basically lazy. If they think they have time, they will put off the most important event that will save them, "turning to Hashem and trusting Him for everything." Since the time for preparation has already started, today would be a good time to begin.

We have been hearing a lot recently about the prophecy in Zachariah 13:8 that tells us that in the end two thirds of the world population will be wiped out and one third will survive. Why are we hearing this so much on blogs, from Rabbis, from the FC individuals? Because, it is already happening. We are so concerned about all the chatter about Nibiru and in some cases have even researched it ourselves, but have we really done the preparation needed to survive?

Nibiru may seem like a physical dilemma to be reckoned with, but it is a spiritual event with a spiritual solution for each of us. There will be great devastation, but nothing, I repeat nothing will be random. What will happen to each country, each part of the world and, most importantly to each individual will be measure for measure what each individual needs to reach Tikun or, chas v’shalom be punished. It is the end of history as we know it. It is our final testing in this life and will be the determining factor for our eternity. Whether you as an individual will be in the 1/3rd group or the 2/3rd group of Zachariah is all you need to concern yourself with. You have the golden opportunity to decide now for yourself and your loved ones. Nothing that I am saying is speculation, but is a culmination of 69 years of Torah study, which has proven our purpose on Earth, our purpose in this life and our success or failure for all eternity.

Thank you Hashem for Your merciful guidance, as I look forward to Your world of goodness and happiness, very soon. Help me and all my readers understand Your ways.

Additional note:
Even though I am stating that the fine details of Nibiru are not that important, I still plan to continue researching and updating my findings. Why? Two reasons: Similar to everyone reading this, I am curious and want to know, but more importantly, this is a great way to help others. I have mentioned that all Jews will do Teshuvah. Hashem is making this world so scary that all good people will look up and say “Help.” One word of Teshuvah. Why is that considered Teshuvah? Because, everyone will have no other recourse except to turn to Hashem. When everyone turns to Hashem, it will end, and all the good people will only want to follow Hashem’s ways. So, when your stubborn relatives, neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc look scared and ask you “what do you think is happening?” you can comely look them in the eye and tell them “this is no mystery, it is all the plan of Hashem for the end of history.” When you show them how we knew about all this in scriptures thousands of years ago, a combination of their fear and your confident reassurance will bring another soul to Hashem. It is the biggest mitzvah you can do. The Talmud, Sanhedrin 37a states: WHOSOEVER PRESERVES A SINGLE SOUL..., SCRIPTURES ASCRIBES [MERIT] TO HIM AS THOUGH HE HAD PRESERVED A COMPLETE WORLD. Go for it. It is what Hashem wants from us and He will help us all the way.

Thank you Luiz.  Once again we have two new Rav Glazerson Torah Codes videos about Nibiru and linking it to Purim.  Most of the first video is a repeat of a previous video and is not too audible.  From time 4:11 on is the new findings.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Ki Sisa, 12 Adar Aleph (21/2/16)


Creator of the World, Father in Heaven, King of Kings, G-d is the leader of the world and He guides us as He sees fit, for the benefit of the world and most importantly, for the benefit of the state of Israel, the holy land, and the Jews living in the holy land. His thoughts are not our thoughts; His plans are not our plans.

We, people, think about a moment, G-d plans for many years. What we don't see and don't know - G-d sees and knows. G-d's plan is to purify and cleanse this world of filth, which angers Him very much, of adultery, greed, crime, murder, bribes, lust, and filth - the filth of the snake. G-d is going to remove all this from the world. That is why our Father in Heaven is using the forces of nature, earthquakes, floods, winds, storms and fire, complications and conflict between and within countries. G-d is cleaning the impurity from the world and increasing the purity on earth. Understand it or not, G-d waits for no one. Want it or not, G-d is not asking and not consulting with anyone because G-d is truth and honesty, the Great Merciful One, and all that He does, He does with great mercy. What we just wrote, is His plans and it is exactly how it will be!

G-d is warning the Jews abroad: Don't test me! Run while you still can! Sell the house and cars and run from there like fire, do not try me! Armageddon is overseas, chaos is overseas, do not wait until something changes, it will only be worse. G-d is giving the Jews quiet from ISIS and anti-Semitism so that they can run from there, but the Jews think the opposite. They think that it is dying down, that things are getting better. This is only so that you run from Europe, the United States, Australia, Africa, and Asia. Run, urgently, don't waste your lives! The state of Israel is the holiest place on earth, the purist, the most protected and guarded, more than anywhere else in the world. G-d Himself is guarding and protecting the holy land. The Negev must be settled, from Be'er Sheba to Eilat, urgently. We must settle the Western Galilee with another million Jews, and Samaria, Binyamin, and Golan Heights. Millions will come to Israel, they have already begun coming. Israel will not need anything. Israeli Jews do not leave Israel! You will be beggars abroad and will come to Israel shamed.

What else do you need in Israel? There is unity, faith, goodwill, and kindness. This must be strengthened further. All of the Rabbis in Israel, without exception, must unite. You are the messengers of G-d, do His bidding. You must not have mercy on the cruel; he who has mercy on the cruel will be a victim of cruelty.

Every state or country on earth that wants to take or give parts of Israel, even one centimeter - G-d will take care of them directly, them and their families and everything they have. You should not harm even one centimeter of the holy land or it is your lives! It is not punishment in a few years, but a heavy one instantly. The planners will not succeed and will still be punished.

The IDF must be vigilant and powerful. The clean Jewish civilians and government must support the IDF.

Arab terrorists are being brainwashed, and they are drugged when they attack.

There will not be another war like there was in Yom Kippur, the IDF is strong. The government must not believe or listen to any other country in the world.

In Gaza, it is the quiet before the storm. There is ISIS, Hamas, extreme Palestinians, Jihad and now there is a new gang, not any better than ISIS that has started in Gaza. Soon their name will be known. They continue to dig and renew the tunnels and are doing everything to get more missiles.

Syria - nothing will help them, there will not be peace and they will continue to fight each other.

In Turkey, if Arduan does not be submissive to Israel and make peace properly, there will be a civil war. ISIS, Hamas and the infiltrators will grow and give Turkey hell; it will be like Syria. Arduan - it is a shame, surrender to Israel, and you will have blessing and success in everything.

In Jordan, the king has made many promises.

The US is busy with elections. Obama is not doing anything right now and won't do anything. He wants to finish his position and leave with honor. Obama won't do anything with any country; he wants to show the good that he did for the United States. When a new president is elected, a few months later he will be shocked. He won't know what is going on, how to run the US, the economy will fall apart even more and security in the US will be problematic in front of the world, there will be more difficult situations. The Jews think that there will be a new president and it will be better - it will be much worse.

The state of Israel is small, and still can reach anywhere on the planet. The knowledge, speed, wisdom, and intelligence that G-d gave the Jews in Israel is the power of Israel! G-d is protecting and guiding all of the helpers that protect the state of Israel.

In Egypt, Sisi is taking good action against ISIS, extreme Islam, and Hamas so that they don't bother Egypt. Sisi, it is not enough! Do not feel sorry for the cruel. Be careful, they are waiting for you! Sisi must urgently work with Israel to be protected.

In Iraq, everything is the same, there is no change, there is no right or wrong, it is a Babel Tower so that the world sees and fears Israel. Any country that bothers Israel will be completely destroyed by G-d. Iraq and Syria are an example and there are others coming after them.

Russia is fighting in Syria; they are cleaning it out and practicing. Russia is showing the Arab world how strong it is to pull the Arab countries to it. Russia is filled with ammunition and weapons.

Iran is happy that Russia supports them and the US is eating its heart out - the deal with Iran has no value. Iran can't harm Israel, they are afraid of the IDF. They know that Israel's air force has ammunition and weapons like none other and the missiles that Iran has developed so far are behind us by ten years. Let us not forget that all of the Jewish pilots that go on missions in the world are being guided by G-d! Iran is fearful and traumatized since the time of Esther the Queen and Mordecai the Jew. G-d is bringing strange and complicated things to the world, like animals, the forces of nature, conflict, plants, strange things that were never seen before so that people understand that there is a G-d running the world. He enriches and gives, He lifts and lowers. The Israeli parliament and government must not compete, but work together and combine forces.

All of the thieves, bribers, perverts, conmen will be caught one after the other - if they repent now, G-d will help them. Nothing stands before repenting.

Jews, protect your kids from alcohol abuse, gambling, drugs, and assimilation.

The Messiah is active and working, protecting the state of Israel!

The Messiah is at the door, patience!

G-d wants to crown him more than you think, dear Jews!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

I apologize for not completing the post that I had planned for today about Nibiru.  After working about 12 hours on it yesterday, I find that I still have about 5 more hours of research, writing and posting to accomplish.  It should answer many of your questions about the upcoming changes that planet Earth and its inhabitants face.  Tomorrow should be the post, B"N.  I can't wait!!!!
I thank my friend, HH, for sending me this Dilbert, by Scott Adams that came out on Monday (sorry for the blurriness):

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Let’s Talk About the History of Nibiru

The idea of another planet or other planets or other solar systems in connection with our solar system has been speculated for many years. When I was studying Newtonian Physics, all the laws of motion, in the 1960’s, there was much belief that our sun was part of a binary star system, two suns revolving around each other. Why? The motion of our sun and even the planets in our solar system seemed to be experiencing a gravitational influence that was not seen. The actual motion of our sun as it traveled in orbit through our galaxy had additional anomalies acting on our solar system causing deviations that could not be explained. Going back as far as the 1940’s there was belief that there was more to our solar system than was known. The fact that there were ancient cultures who documented sightings of additional heavenly bodies travelling through our solar system sparked much research on the subject. The details of what was discovered, and by whom, is extensive, but not necessary for our purpose here.

I jump forward to the early 1980’s when evidence was revealed that the US government, specifically NASA, found proof of what they referred to as Planet X (a tenth planet to add to the nine accepted planets of our solar system). In 1983, the details were quickly declared top secret via an executive order by President Reagan.

The actual documentation was Executive Order 12356 - National Security Information which was signed into law on April 2, 1982 and applied to this phenomenon in 1983. If you are interested in the EO, go to:

This Top Secret order was continued by the presidents up to Obama. One caveat was that President Reagan had as his Vice President, Gog Bush, Sr, who was already implementing his agenda for the evil New World Order. As president, he officially announced it in 1991 to the world in his famous speech. His plan all along was that he would need World War 3 to reduce the world population to 500 million, but he also saw the opportunity of return of Nibiru and the devastation that it would create. How do I know these details? It was the start of the plans to build underground cities in America, and many other places in the world, for the elite to survive the devastation. Do a search on YouTube and Google of such titles as “underground cities in America” and be appalled at the plans of the global elite to save themselves and eliminate much of the world population, either by WW3 or by the flyby of Nibiru.

The NASA studies have made the global elite aware that this large planet or whatever it was has visited Earth before and that it would return. They even estimated that it would return early in the 21st century and could cause extensive damage to the Earth.

However, there has been great pressure by humanitarian groups to President Obama to announce the truth about Nibiru to the world, since it is getting closer to Earth and will soon cause great devastation to the world population. The announcement will come but only after Nibiru is seen in the sky and has caused such panic that the world population will rebel. The governments’ answer to this problem was to train active military units in crowd control. In my decades of being in the military and being around the military, I have never seen the use of active combat soldiers to handle riots. A few years ago I even saw where in the defense budget large sums of money were allocated to control the population in the upcoming crisis. Last year’s Jade Helm exercise was for that very purpose. Is all this to help the population at large? No! It is to prevent them from overrunning the underground fortresses in an effort to survive.

Why am I telling you all this? The most prominent question that I have received recently is: what proof do I have that Nibiru is real and that it will cause great upheaval throughout the world? If one does not believe the many pictures that have been seen, the vast amount of proof from scriptures, the messages from the FC individuals, the messages from the Rabbis and scientific sources, etc, etc, etc, BELIEVE THAT THE TRILLIONS OF DOLLARS, AND MANY OTHER CURRENCIES, THAT THE EVIL GLOBAL ELITE HAVE SPENT TO SURVIVE (mostly your tax dollars at work, yes they stole your money for their benefit), AND HAVE SET UP A SITUATION FOR OUR DEMISE. THEY KNOW FOR SURE THAT NIBIRU IS IMMINENT AND WILL DESTROY TWO THIRDS OF THE WORLD POPULATION (they, of course, are hoping for more). They have invested so much money based on their very valid information – yes, I am talking the greediest, most selfish people in the world (who wouldn’t spend a cent unless they knew for sure).

Tomorrow, or the day after, B”N (I still have much to do for the post), I plan to tell you my research findings about why we have not seen Nibiru yet (referring to everyone in the world just looking up and seeing it), and when it is likely to happen.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Nibiru Update

In doing a search for Nibiru in Torah Codes, I came across four places in the Tenach, the Jewish Bible, where Nibiru appears without a letter separation.   In each case there is a definite message from Hashem why He put Nibiru there.  Let us begin with a review of the four places:

Deuteronomy 32:32 talks of the enemies of the Jews, those who do not follow the ways of Hashem. The verse says:

For their vine is of the vine of Sodom, and of the fields of Gomorrah; their grapes are grapes of gall, their clusters are bitter.
The wording is very strange, yet is describes the 2/3rd of the world population, that Zachariah 13:8 states, who are destined to be destroyed because of their evil ways.  The comparison is to the evil people of Sodom and Gomorrah, who are often compared to the immoral situation in the world today. The strangest part of the verse is comparing them to poisonous grapes or even a better translation of the Hebrew would be Grapes of Hemlock.  Hemlock, of course is a poison.   Why did Hashem use such wording?  The Hebrew is:

ענבי רוש which if you move the two words together and remove the first and last letter we have:

נבירו Nibiru.   Since the verses before and after allude to the end of these evil people, Hashem used the middle five letters to tell us the method of destruction – Nibiru.

The other three places where Nibiru occurs in the Tenach have the same coding.   They all talk of Jerusalem and tell us prophecy about Jerusalem. In Hebrew “in Jerusalem” is בירושלים If the word before ends in the Hebrew letter Nun, that letter combined with the first four letters are: נבירו Nibiru. Let us review the three places and the verses in question:

Judges 1:21

And the sons of Benjamin did not drive out the Jebusites who inhabited Jerusalem; but the Jebusites live with the sons of Benjamin in Jerusalem to this day.
According to the Hebrew Bible, the Jebusites (Hebrew: יְבוּסִי) were a Canaanite tribe who built and inhabited Jerusalem prior to its conquest by King David.  The Books of Kings state that Jerusalem was known as Jebus prior to this event.   Many Arabs, including such figures as Yasir Arafat and Faisal Husseini, claim that Arabs of today, who incorrectly call themselves Palestinians, descended from the Canaanite tribe of the Jebusites.   Such declarations should not surprise us; it is part of their very effective propaganda campaign.   The Temple mount is divided in half with the southern half being in the area of Judah and the northern half and above being Benjamin.  The Arab quarter of the Old City and the majority of Arabs in East Jerusalem are in the area of Benjamin.

It is fascinating that there are 80 places in Tenach that we find the expression “to this day.”   It is a way that Hashem is telling us that whatever the situation is that is being described in the Bible, it continued throughout history until this very day.  Once again, it is impossible for the Jewish Bible to have come from any other source than Hashem.   One would lose complete credibility if one wrote prophecies that will continue for thousands of years, unless He knew exactly what was coming up. Our situation is a good example since it basically states that the Arabs will live amongst us in Jerusalem until now, and even tells where they will live.  The interesting prophecy is that the verse alludes to the Arabs being eliminated with Nibiru. Stay tuned for the details that fulfill that prophecy, hopefully very soon.

Nehemiah 2:20

Then I answered them, and said to them: The G-d of heaven will make us prosper, and we His servants will arise and build; but you have no portion, no right, no memorial, in Jerusalem.
Once again, Hashem is talking to the enemies of the Jews and those who are not faithful to Hashem and letting them know that they will not remain in Jerusalem, but will be eliminated. Once again, Nibiru is in the verse.

Chronicles 1 23:25

For David said, The L-rd G-d of Israel has given rest to his people, that they may live in Jerusalem forever.
Again, a reference to the Jews being the sole residents in Hashem’s holy city.   Nibiru should take care of that situation.

This was a very abridged description of four of the 414 places that I have found Nibiru encoded in the Tenach.  This was special since it was without letter separation, but I am sure that even with an ELS of 200 or less we still see hidden messages, hidden prophecies pertaining to Nibiru.   We have already seen very significant prophecies such as the end of Malachi, Daniel, the Torah Codes from Rav Glazerson, etc, but it is mind boggling to think that Hashem is giving us so much information about this upcoming event. It lets us know the tremendous importance of the event since it is the forerunner to the worldwide redemption and the introduction of Moshiach.

These are scary but very exciting times, but are also very informative of what Hashem wants from us as we go into the end of days.  He is instructing us how to survive and thrive with the least amount of inconvenience, how to avoid suffering.   It is the wise individual who heeds the warning and takes advantage of Hashem’s merciful help.
Note: I have been very involved in the research of Nibiru.   Even though I could go on for many, many hours, I know the time remaining is short and requires much effort on my part.   Tomorrow I want to disclose the history of Nibiru and what the world governments and the scientific community knew about the subject.

I hope to continue the day after tomorrow with further details of what is happening and when, B”N.

Two more updates from Rav Glazerson:

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Tetzaveh, 5 Adar Aleph (14/2/16). Also, More Nibiru Torah Codes

Father in Heaven loves the Jews; He protects the Jews in the holy land of Israel and surrounds the borders of Israel with a cloud of fire. Father in Heaven has given and will give a blessed winter for Israel, the rains in Israel are blessed rains, and in Gaza they are cursed rains. The water has entered the tunnels that Hamas has built against Israel. The rain is doing the IDF's work. The IDF has found that there are many hiding places in the tunnels with many new methods of hiding, and they are not revealing them. This is the holy work of the IDF. Despite that, an effort must be made to be vigilant in all IDF bases.

Jews living abroad: stop being delusional. The money and material things will be taken from you, you are in constant danger. Come to Israel, settle the country. Come with joy and wholeheartedly like they came in 1948 when they kissed the ground out of love for G-d - learn from them! If you do not learn, G-d will do with you as He did with them. The calm in anti-Semitism is so that you can take the time to come to Israel. If you think it is over, you are mistaken, dear Jews. They will come to your homes, to the temples, to the schools, to the businesses. The entire world, except for Israel, is in conflict and it will not stop until the Messiah King is crowned.

The forces of nature, fire and heat, earthquakes, floods, and harsh winds will continue to strike the world. All of the markets in the world will fall except for Israel's. The market in the US and China will continue to fall. Invest in real estate in Israel, lots, stores, and homes. Jews must not invest abroad, in Berlin and other places - it will all crash. The world is being destroyed. Outside of Israel there is chaos and Armageddon.

In Syria, nothing will help, there will never be peace. They are filled with cruelty and will not let their egos go. It won't do anyone or any country any good to try to make peace there. G-d Himself is fighting in Syria, not angels or anyone else. The United States wants to give Syria food so that refugees don't come to Europe from there - it won't help.

Russia is doing its job, operating in the Middle East, and they really want Israel to work with them. Russia wants Israel to leave the US and be in contact with them, because they want the Jewish mind. Putin is threatening Arab countries and cannot create a third world war.

In the US, Obama wants to look good when he finishes his position. He wants quiet and is not interfering, he wants to end things with honor. He knows who the Arab countries and people are; he knows them well and is not messing with them. The US is not ready to risk itself for others. When the US has a new president, he will be surprised with the economy and everything going on in the government and he won't be able to escape it - he is in for a surprise.

Jordan's king has gone to the US, he is afraid of the refugees. Nothing will come out of it, it is all talk.

France is entangled with ISIS, the refugees, and Muslims that are eating France alive.

Germany has problems with the refugees.

Refugees and infiltrators have conquered Europe and they will continue to do so. The market in Europe is crashing. They are filled with conflict and don't know what the day will bring.

Turkey is, on the one hand, closing their borders so that refugees don't exit, and on the other hand opening twenty other borders to let the refugees out. Arduan has received billions from Europe so that refugees remain in Turkey, but hundreds of thousands of them are leaving to Europe. We must beware of peace with Turkey, don't let them bring ships to Gaza; it is all filled with missiles and terrorists.

In Egypt, President Sisi is doing a great job, creating a wall of guards around him. He needs to keep cleaning out the Sinai desert and destroying the tunnels from Gaza to Egypt. ISIS, extreme Islamists, and Hamas are all after Sisi.

Hezbollah, Nasrallah is kissing up to Russia to support him. He is delusional.

Iraq is done.

The Arab countries are like worms, eating at each other and hating each other.

In Gaza, it will all blow up in their faces for ISIS and Hamas. ISIS is a snake, Hamas is a snake, and snakes eat snakes. The Babel Tower is in Gaza, there will be fire and brimstone in Gaza.

Iran is celebrating, it continues to dance and be joyful over the nuclear factories that are still operational. They laugh at the United States and are deathly afraid of the Jews in Israel.

Abu Mazen says he doesn't want an intifada - he is lying. He sends young Arabs to harm the Jews, he is dirty.

The old Arabs in Jerusalem have weapons and ammunition and are giving it to youths.

The IDF must be vigilant in the northern border, don't wait and don't listen to any other country, and don't trust any other country, we must only trust ourselves. The small state of Israel has everything, spirituality, purity, sacredness, temples. The market is the best, the economy is the best, you must strengthen the kindness in Israel; you must be united in the Israeli parliament. G-d is fighting for the people of Israel and asking the Jews: study Torah, pray, and I will protect you from the heavens and the earth!

Anyone who tries to harm the Jews and tempts them not to come to Israel - G-d will take them and judge them in the heavens. They will be in trouble with G-d, them and their family. Anyone that is against redemption and the Messiah goes to the heavens. If there are those that are against Jews coming to Israel, it is because they are getting money from the Jews living abroad.

All of the gentiles in the world know that there is a Messiah and redemption for the people of Israel. The entire world needs the Jewish mind in the holy land of Israel, for financial and general help. Not Jews abroad - only Jews in the holy land of Israel!

Parents, educate your children when they are young not to abuse alcohol, take drugs, gamble or assimilate. These are things that destroy the people of Israel.

The gentiles are foolish. We the Jews in Israel are expecting the Messiah and redemption. This generation will get redemption and the Messiah. This generation will see the light of the Messiah. Kindness, giving, joy, Torah studies, and prayer are bringing the crowning of the Messiah King closer! All those that care about the Messiah and redemption will be in the first circle. Those who say it is not time will be in the last circle. The Messiah is operating and working and everyone knows!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

Another Rav Glazerson video about Nibiru found in Torah Codes:

I mentioned that I found 47 places where Nibiru occurs in Torah Codes if I use an ELS, letter separation, of 100 or less.  If I increase it to 200, I find 105 places of Nibiru encoded.  Rav Glazerson finding a new place everyday could go on for months, if he reviews all the places Nibiru is encoded in the Torah.

A search of Nibiru in the Tenach, the Jewish Bible, using an ELS of 200, produces 414 places that Nibiru is found.  This is obviously the most important event to occur in history in connection with the worldwide redemption and Moshiach.

This many messages from Hashem is overwhelming and totally solidifying the fact that we are in the end of the end of days -- next month. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

More about Nibiru in the Torah Code


Rav Glazerson has done another update concerning Nibiru:

I had mentioned that I did a search for Nibiru in the Torah and found it 47 places with an ELS of 100 or less. Rav Glazerson is finding a new Nibiru every day and with very interesting information attached.

Hashem is definitely sending us vital information about Nibiru, but the most important theme by far is that we are close to the time of Moshiach, and that we all must repent and do Hashem's will to survive and minimize the suffering.

The message is clear in the Torah and throughout scriptures. All Jews and righteous non-Jews will survive, but how easy or difficult a time it will be for each one of us is up to each one of us.

Complete faith and trust in Hashem is the only answer.

Please go to Tomer Devorah to read today's posted message from Moishela.  It is the message that Hashem has been sending us for quite a while.  It just solidifies the fact that we are there, and how much everything that happens to us as individuals is dependent upon our interaction with Hashem and following His instructions.
Moishela: "We Will Survive I”YH"
Another new Torah Codes video:

Monday, February 15, 2016

Time of the Coming of Nibiru 5776 in Bible Code

Rav Glazerson has done another update with an actual date for Nibiru:

12 Adar 2 is on 22 March, two days before Purim.  One thing to consider is that as Nibiru approaches many devastating effects will occur on Earth.  There will be a greater intensity of earthquakes, volcano eruptions and unusual weather patterns.  We are seeing this already, but what will happen specifically on the 22nd of March, I don't know.  The beginning of the devastation due to the tail accompanying Nibiru could possibly be the chaos of the 22nd.

I will continue to research Nibiru and try to pinpoint more accurately the events to come.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Shlita, Parashat Terumah, 28 Shvat (7/2/16)


King of Kings, G-d, may He be praised forever! The entire world knows, including Israel, that G-d is getting rid of the impurity from earth, that G-d is cleaning and purifying the world, that G-d has started a process so people will obey the commandments, whether they want to or not they will obey.

G-d is creating conflict between and within countries in order to clean them out. He is bringing the forces of nature, floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, harsh winds, storms, fire, and very bad anti-Semitism against the Jews which will only be much harder starting now. G-d is doing all of this to purify the world. He is sick of the old world and wants a world with cultured people, kindness, people who help each other and feel mercy for each other. G-d wants the killing and disasters to stop.

The entire world is panicking; they don't know who is against whom, and what the day will bring. Africa is falling apart, Europe is turning to dust with the refugees, the US is emptying out, the economy is very bad there and they will have a heavy recession. China will go bankrupt and have terrible economic destruction. Armageddon and chaos is outside of Israel.

Bad things are happening in the world and the media doesn't want to report them. They are going into a routine and they want to only report and show cruel and strange things. The world is confused and scared. The refugees and ISIS are eating at Europe - they are like flesh eating bacteria.

In Israel, all is well! The economy is the best in the world, real estate is the best in the world, the people are the best in the world, G-d has blessed Israel! A cloud surrounds the borders like it surrounded the people of Israel in the desert and the Jews need to watch over themselves. All of the innocent Jews that are being murdered by Arab terrorists are all righteous; they are atoning for the generation. G-d is telling Israel to wake up, to stop being bleeding hearts, be tough with the Arabs who are murdering Jews - don't let them get away with it!

Abu Mazen says he doesn't want an intifada and is sending the young Arabs to harm Jews. Is he tricking the world. He says he wants peace so that he can take the holy land from the Jews. The government of Israel must not cooperate with him! He is an instigator and liar and his goal is to throw all of the Jews out of Israel.

The old Arabs in Jerusalem have weapons and ammunition in their homes. They meet with youths from the villages and hiding places and give them weapons and ammunition. They are brainwashing the youths. On the outside they say that they want peace, but inside they are getting the young Arabs to harm the Jews. There is a conspiracy of old Arabs in East Jerusalem guiding the youths. A large part of the Israeli Arabs are worse than the Arabs abroad.

The tunnels in the Gaza Strip - G-d is taking them apart so that the IDF will understand that there are forty tunnels. They are making a network of tunnels before the fence and there are tunnels that have already crossed the fence toward army bases. Hundreds of their men are being killed in the tunnels but they aren't reporting so we don't find out where they are digging.

The government of Israel must look into the tunnels. 90% of the building material that goes into Gaza goes to the tunnels and the money is stolen by the leaders. They are brainwashing the Arabs in Gaza that Israel is causing starvation and poverty, but they are getting a lot of money. Hamas and ISIS are organized, one brings weapons, and the other brings money.

Hamas send a message through Turkey that they supposedly don't want a war with Israel - they are simply not ready for one yet, but they are getting ready. It is all an act to prepare themselves.

In Egypt, extreme Islamists, ISIS and Hamas, are getting together to bring Sisi down. They are influencing Egypt and saying that the government of Sisi is taking money that should be going to Egypt. Sisi must continue to destroy the Sinai desert, Hamas, ISIS, and extreme Islamists that are going against him, and continue to destroy the tunnels near Gaza; from there they will come to harm the Egyptians.

Iran is laughing at the United States and getting close to Russia. Russia is giving them ammunition and the United States is giving them money. Iran is pretending to make a deal, it is an act. They want to be a power and G-d won't let them, because they want to harm Israel indirectly. Iran can't harm Israel directly, they are afraid.

Syria is a ghost land, there is not right or wrong there, nothing will be left. It is going up in flames and burning up. G-d Himself is taking Syria apart. G-d is taking revenge because they murdered IDF soldiers with utmost cruelty, because they tortured IDF soldiers, the cruelest torture in the world, and because they tortured Eli Cohen RIP until he was hanged. The Jews' Father in Heaven is Himself fighting in Syria - not angels! G-d is confusing everyone and they are coming to fight in Syria: rebels, Hezbollah, Russians, Iranians, Turks, Iraqis, ISIS, French - they are all destroying Syria! G-d is fighting Himself! All of the European countries and the United States are sending soldiers to fight against ISIS in Syria and they don't care about Syria, they are afraid ISIS will reach them.

Nasrallah and Hezbollah are quietly digging tunnels from Lebanon to Israel. They don't have anyone to help them, like a lion in a cage. Their soldiers are dying like flies, so that they don't have even one second to think about Israel.

The king of Jordan is waiting for a Palestinian country to put his four million refugees. In the meantime, he is waiting quietly. If he doesn't look out for himself, he will be murdered because he is not a clean Muslim.

In Turkey, everything is going down the drain. Arduan is confused, ISIS is threatening him and his children; there will be destruction there. The refugees from Syria are like leprosy, they are sticking to European countries, Turkey, and Jordan. ISIS is among them and cruel terrorists just as bad as ISIS. These cruel people will reach Greece.

ISIS is not messing with the Japanese and Chinese, for now.

Diaspora Jews - your lives are in danger! There are seven billion anti-Semitic people who can turn on you in a second, it doesn't matter who or where you are. Jews, run and save yourselves! The Jews in France are in imminent danger.

The Jewish parents living in Israel - watch over your children so they don't assimilate with the gentiles. Everyone must check if their child is in distress so that they don't assimilate for money. When a child wants a candy, he chases gentiles for the candy and thinks he won't fall but he does in the end. Gambling, assimilation, drugs, and alcohol abuse are destroying the Jewish youth and their future.

Our winter is healthy and good for the state of Israel, a blessing in the holy land. The sea of Israel and the rain falling in Israel are pure and holy. In Gaza the rain is a curse. G-d is destroying the tunnels because they want to harm the Jews.

White collars, crooks, thieves, and people who take and give bribes, are all being caught. The officials are revealed in the media and the rest are dealt with quietly. They better repent urgently so that they won't be revealed. The shame of a person is like death. In the age of the internet and social media, Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, etc., save a lot of time, publicity, and shame and instead of going to the police, people go to the media. It is not for nothing that there are smartphones that take videos and pictures and upload them; nothing in the world is a mistake. Just like a man can't ask why there are flies and bacteria in the world, or lions or giraffes, just like animals have meaning, they were created for a reason, so does everything having meaning on earth. There is a reason for the existence of everything. We must not forget that the choice between right and wrong is in man's hands.

This generation will be redeemed; this generation will see the light of the Messiah! Giving, kindness, joy, Torah studies, and prayer bring the crowning of the Messiah closer! All those who truly care about redemption and the Messiah, and bring the people to redemption and the Messiah, will be in the first circle. Those who say it is not time, will be in the last circle. After G-d crowns the Messiah King and he goes into the light, those who supported wholeheartedly will be in the first circle. There are naive, religious, pure, and clean Jews who are not aware of the Messiah and redemption, but they have repented, they too will be in the first circle. All of those who resist and mock, may they be in the last circle at least because they are directly bothering G-d.

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Nibiru Update

Here is an update to the video from Rav Glazerson, shlita, about Nibiru:

Rav Glazerson mentions that he found Teshuvah in the chart with all the other information.  He is stating something that I have mentioned many times: any negative decree can be avoided if we do repentance.

Does that mean that Nibiru does not have to happen?  No.  Nibiru is not considered a negative decree for the righteous.  According to Malachi, that I wrote about, and many other places in scriptures, Nibiru will wipe out the evil and heal the righteous.

The good news is that any individual who does repentance now, can avert the suffering that Nibiru will bring.  People, especially Jews (of course righteous non-Jews are included), who think they are good people, but do not completely follow the ways of Hashem are fooling themselves and will find out the hard way.   Keeping Kosher, observing the Sabbath, laws of purity, observing all the 613 commandments, etc, are not just nice traditional things to do, but are a matter of survival.  Nibiru will be your proof.

The message is very clear.  If you repent, do the commandments, pray every day, help others, show love of your fellow Jew, study Hashem's Torah, etc, etc, etc, you and your loved ones will avoid the devastation of Nibiru.  If you are a gambler and think that Hashem's message doesn't pertain to you and your loved ones, consider yourself a fool and be prepared for suffering.  It couldn't be any clearer.  I have said it many, many times "your eternity and the eternities of your loved ones depend on it."

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Another Message from Hashem about Nibiru

King Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylonia had a dream about four kingdoms. The prophet Daniel interpreted the dream for the king. First read the verses in the Bible and the commentary on several versus:

Daniel 2:31-45

This is the dream: 

31 "You, 0 king, were watching and behold! A huge statue; this statue, which was immense, and whose brightness was extraordinary, stood opposite you, and its appearance was fearsome. 32 This statue: its head of fine gold; its breast and arms of silver; its belly and thighs of copper; 33 its legs of iron; and its feet, partly of iron and partly of earthenware. 34 As you watched, a stone was hewn without hands and struck the statue on its feet of iron and earthenware, and crumbled them. 35 Then they crumbled together: the iron, the earthenware, the copper, the silver and the gold. They became like chaff from summer threshing floors, and the wind carried them away and no trace was found of them. And the stone that struck the statue became a great mountain and filled the entire earth. 36 This is the dream, and we will tell its interpretation before the king.
The Four Kingdoms:
37 "You, 0 king - to whom the King of Kings, Who is the G-d of Heaven, has given a strong kingdom, power, and honor, 38 and wherever people, beasts of the field and birds of the sky dwell, He has given them into your hand and made you ruler over them all - you are the head of gold. 39 And after you will arise another kingdom inferior to you, * and [then] another, a third kingdom, of copper, which will rule the whole earth. 40 The fourth kingdom * will be as strong as iron: Just as iron crumbles and flattens everything, and as iron shatters all these, it will crumble and shatter. 41 The feet and the toes that you saw, partly of potter's earthenware and partly of iron: It will be a divided kingdom * and will have some of the firmness of iron, just as you saw iron mixed with clay-like earthenware. 42 As for the toes, partly of iron and partly of earthenware: Part of the kingdom will be powerful and part of it will be broken. 43 That you saw iron mixed with clay-like earthenware: They will mix with the offspring of men, but they will not cling to one another, just as iron does not mix with earthenware. 44 Then, in the days of these kingdoms, the G-d of Heaven will establish a kingdom that will never be destroyed nor will its sovereignty be left to another people; it will crumble and consume all these kingdoms, and it will stand forever. 45 Just as you saw that a stone was hewn from the mountain, not by human hands, and it crumbled the iron, the copper, the earthenware, the silver and the gold, so has the great G-d made known to the king what will happen in the future. The dream is true and its interpretation is reliable."
Commentary notes:
2:39. Just as silver is inferior to gold, and the chest lower than the head, so will the kingdom that follows yours, that of the Persians and Medes, be inferior to yours. Then will come the "copper kingdom," the Greek empire of Alexander the Great and his successors (Rashi).

2:40. The Roman empire.

2:41. The lands of the Roman empire came to be dominated by Edom and Ishmael, represented by Christianity and Islam. Both - one as strong as iron, the other. as weak as pottery - comprise the latter day "fourth kingdom" (Abarbanel).
The prophecy is long, but the message is short and clear. The mighty powers of the world that have been a nemesis for the Jewish people throughout history are represented by a statue. The layers represent the different powers. The statue itself has a weak foundation. In the end, Hashem will destroy the statue, the powers, by knocking down the statue with rocks.

In the near future, Nibiru will do its flyby and the tail of asteroids, meteors and rocks will destroy the powers of the Earth. The statue will fall; the powers will be no more.

Nibiru is encoded in Daniel 2:28-42 with a skip rate of 226 which takes it across the above verses. I always look to see if the skip rate has any significance. In the Torah there are three statements that have a Gematria of 226:

And them that curses you ומקללך (Bereishis 12:3)
And they went down וירדו (Bereishis 42:3)
Before our eyes לעינינו (Devarim 6:22)
It will truly be the end of all evil in the world.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Message from Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, shlita, Parashat Mishpatim, 21 Shvat (31/1/16)

G-d, King of Kings has created the world for Himself and for Himself alone. The entire world will have to do G-d's will, and whoever doesn't will be trapped within himself. Whoever does G-d's will, will have a direct line to G-d, blessing and success will accompany him through life.

What is the power of repenting? Because Yitro repented and converted, G-d gave the Ten Commandments in Parashat Yitro, to tell the Jews and the world what it means to repent.

G-d is speaking to the Jews outside of Israel and telling them to come urgently to Israel, the Holy Land; G-d isn't protecting them anymore! G-d is telling them "You can't hide, a real Jew has a G-dly light and all the gentiles know who is Jewish. It doesn't matter if you wear earrings or remove the kippah - they will know that you are a Jew and they will all come." Very soon, seven billion people will go crazy and start harming Jews, they will take their property and will physically harm them, they will have mercy for no Jew because there is the state of Israel and redemption and the Messiah is working. No one can stop the crowning of the Messiah as King, not fire, not water, not the earth, not wind, and not man! Whoever comes in time will win, whoever doesn't will lose. The forces of nature, fire, water, wind, and earth, will continue to harm the entire world except for Israel.

The parliament members and ministers are being asked by G-d to stop dividing the people! There is no right or left, you have to be united and watch over every piece of land in Israel. We the Jews have nowhere else to go. If, heaven forbid, they give parts of Israel away, there will be no more Jews in the world because anti-Semitism is harsh and there is only the state of Israel for the Jews, a very small country in the world. The gentiles have the entire world open to them and the world can have even one hundred billion Arabs. The state of Israel belongs to the Jews! There is nowhere to go. We must watch over the holy land. Jewish blood was spilled on the holy land, the land of Israel. Woe be unto any country, president, or prime minister from anywhere in the world that gives parts of Israel away. That country will disappear from the world, and that person will have serious trouble with G-d for generations.

Because of the holy land, G-d made the people of Israel walk the desert for forty years and the entire first generation was buried in the desert because they mocked the holy land.

G-d is telling the people of Israel and parliament to be united, to give up ego. When there is kindness among you, there will be blessing; there will be prosperity from G-d. The government of Israel must focus on the holy land; you must discover treasures in Israel to enrich the country. There is oil, gas, diamonds, and gold, you need to make an effort to search and everything will be found. Israel will be the richest country in the world and won't need any other country!

There is pure and clean water in Israel. The rain falls and cleans the state of Israel and the cold freezes the bacteria.   G-d is keeping all of the terrible diseases away from Israel.

G-d handled the tunnels in Gaza nicely, they are all filled with water without exception, "I will fight for you and you will work." They didn't tell the truth in Gaza, the rain destroyed the tunnels!

In the north of Israel they are digging tunnels in stone toward Israel - pay attention.

Get all of the infiltrators out of Israel legally in order to purify the holy land.

All of the Jewish parents in Israel: you must watch over your children so that they don't assimilate with gentiles, they don't gamble, do drugs, or abuse alcohol, because these things erase the person from earth, they make them stupid and brainless. The gentiles give things for free in the beginning, to ruin the pure and holy Jewish people.

You must keep watch and checkup on all the Israeli Arabs before giving them jobs in Israel, there are many who go in without licenses, even from Jordan the terrorists come.

Syria is being erased and will continue to be erased.

Russia and all of the armies are fighting in Syria to eradicate ISIS so that they don't reach them. They will, they will reach everyone and there is nothing they can do.

ISIS has entered Europe and will continue to enter Europe, France, and the United States. The Muslims living in Asia, Europe and the US are already ISIS.

Iran is working indirectly against Israel, and they know exactly who the Jews are, what G-d is capable of, and about the Messiah. Israel has nothing to fear from Iran, if they even have a thought to harm Israel directly, the ground will open and swallow them, you can write that down and remember.

The US is afraid of Iran. They are too busy with the elections. G-d will give the US a president that loves the Jews in Israel.

Nasrallah has no power or brains. He is sending people to Israel to plan conspiracies and cause harm. The IDF, Mossad, and Shin Bet are catching them all, don't worry! Nasrallah is sending forces to Syria and they are being swatted like flies there.

In Egypt, Sisi is working nicely in the Sinai desert to get rid of ISIS, Hamas and the extreme Islamists. Despite that, there are protests in Egypt. If Sisi does not eradicate all of ISIS, Hamas and the extreme Islamists in Sinai, there will be great hunger in Egypt and it will be destroyed like Syria.

Jordan is waiting for the US. They are filled with refugees, over four million, and are almost exploding, they will explode.

Turkey is an extreme Islamic state. ISIS is telling Arduan what to do, he is in their control and afraid that they will kill him and his children.

Iraq will be like the Tower of Babel.

The EU is afraid of Arabs and is going against Israel. In the end the Arabs will destroy the EU.

Armageddon and chaos is only outside the borders of Israel - one hundred percent!

All of the borders in Israel are surrounded by a cloud of fire, like G-d surrounded the people of Israel when they left Egypt.

Israel will continue to prosper and grow - real estate, roads, shops... there is work for every Jew in Israel. The entire Negev will be developed; there will be homes from Be'er Sheva to Eilat. The Western Galilee will also be filled with Jews. Arabs that want to harm Israel and the Jews better run from here!

G-d doesn't like fighting and hatred, G-d loves kindness, giving, joy, Torah studies and prayer. Most of the world knows that the Messiah is in Israel, working and operating. People must beware not to pretend to be fortune tellers and false prophets. Anyone who says he is the messiah who hasn't been spoken to from the heavens will go to the heavens. G-d is in judgment now.

We are waiting for the Messiah to be crowned by G-d! No one can bother the Messiah. G-d is bringing the Messiah to this world to save the people of Israel from all of the troubles. The Messiah is coming to help the Jews in Israel and he wants everyone to repent to our Father in heaven - we have no one to lean on but our Father in heaven! Repent, obey the commandments, be honest, give, be kind, joyful, pray and study Torah - this will bring the crowning of the King Messiah in public!

Courtesy of the site "Tair Neri"

Monday, February 1, 2016

More Questions Answered

My friend Anonymous asked me a few questions that have been recurring from several of my readers. I thought I would give it more attention in a separate blog post.

Anonymous January 31, 2016 at 9:28 PM
Okay.. but um.. one more question, please Rav, if those who are good, but not Jews or from lost tribes, what about them?? 
I am sure there are good people, who are termed as 'goyim,' but are still good. They do good; they help where they can; they believe in Gd, but are not Jews or of the lost tribe. Because Gd put them where they are, so they will be destroyed because they are not “lost tribe"? Thank you Rav.
My Response:
The best answer I can give you is that Hashem is infinitely merciful and takes care of all His creations measure for measure according to what they do in this life on Earth.

That said, I find nothing in scriptures that says otherwise. Are all righteous non-Jews from the lost tribes? I don't know. Will any righteous non-Jews who are not of the lost tribes survive and live elsewhere in the world? The best answer I have to that question is: it is brought down that Israel will be renamed Jerusalem, and that the remaining land of the world will be called "the Holy Land." That is a profound statement that hints to people living outside of present day Israel yet being with Hashem in the Holy Land. Sounds positive to me.

Scriptures also talks about good people being removed from Earth, but not with a type of death that we know now, without any suffering. They will be given a final cleansing and returned to Earth. Is this a merciful way to give everyone, both Jew and non-Jew a higher Tikun, and at the same time removing them from the devastation before the fact? Once again, I am not a prophet, but I do have complete faith in Hashem taking good care of His faithful.

I have been saying for years that every individual is responsible for his or her welfare. How much suffering, or lack of suffering, one will experience is not because of your location, but your faithfulness to Hashem and how much you follow His ways.

Trust Hashem. His plan is perfect and as it says in Malachi (as I posted last week), the good people will be healed and thrive, and the evil of the Earth will be eliminated with great suffering.