Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Are We There Yet? ALMOST!!!

Hashem is definitely sending us signs, but making sure that no one understands the signs except for those who follow Hashem completely. In other words, it is obviously not obvious to the amateurs reporting it or the idolaters who see all the changes happening on planet Earth, but do not understand it. What is happening is only meaningful to Hashem's faithful followers.

The amateurs, who are more confused than helpful, know nothing about all the sources that are giving us good information. So what are these sources and what are they saying?

Binyamin’s last message:

Recently we heard an audio form Binyamin Golden with very interesting messages from Hashem. We have discussed this many times so I ask that no one send me a question: how do we know Binyamin is getting this from Hashem? Anyway, in the recent audio Binyamin said:

And soon it will be much easier, why? Because, the world of now is in a difficult situation, and in a few weeks it will be in a really difficult situation. People increasingly are beginning to notice all that is happening (but really don’t have a clue what it means). Hashem will be making it easier for His followers (it will become much more meaningful).

From the United States came all this materialism (that has spread throughout the world). With the materialism comes violence and murder (people have become so greedy that possessions have become more important than life – people kill for the most minor things). It has affected the Jews of this generation who are passing it onto the next generation. Binyamin goes on to talk about how it is affecting the children who go to orthodox schools and learn all kinds of things that actually are not allowed (information not needed here for our purpose.

There are many crimes that were once among the secular and Gentiles, not the Jews, serious offenses in holiness, mostly. Oh, oh people of Israel! What will be? We get to the end, and you do not want to know. People have their heads in the ground, and do not want to see. Yet, they still want to fly to America and stay there. They still think that everything is OK and that there is plenty of physicality available. But America will soon fold and end. It will be without all the materialism; they will be without all their worldly needs. If we have food, we will be happy; if we drink, we will be happy, that is the worldwide attitude (but it is coming to an end).

Binyamin goes on to talk about Trump; how people believe that they should just pray to him and America will be good. Binyamin compares Trump to Cyrus the Great who took over as King of Persia and conquered much area. Believing that Trump could bring salvation is a travesty. Binyamin is asking “who is Trump?” (Alluding to need for everyone to turn to Hashem and His Moshiach as the road to salvation, not Trump).

Q. You said once that they want to enslave the people (they want all who survive to be their slaves in the New World Order).

A. They themselves do not know exactly when the star will come here, but more and more we are seeing meteors and asteroids, etc; there really is a great danger. Including all weather being very strange; everything is strange. All of nature is going backwards. There are tons of dead fish and dead animals and they do not know why. They have been checked, and they have no disease. So why did they die? We do not understand why, but it could be because the water becomes warmer.

Why? That the Earth is changing. The foundation of the earth gets very hot. And when did it warm up? This planet is being affected by the star and its planet. It's like a giant magnet that just warms all around it. So therefore we know that it will come soon, it may not take much time. And they are preparing, preparing. They are also afraid that everything has to be precise, because if not, then they don’t really know what will come.

So it seems, they are waiting to see what will happen. But all, everything is going to fall, except for some real Jews.

What is Binyamin saying? The star is real and it will affect the world. When? He talks about a very difficult situation in a few weeks. Does that mean the month of Adar is a good possibility?

Rav Ben Artzi statements

Last week:

The Messiah is going from place to place and prays to cancel decrees with the people of Israel, so that no Jews will be hurt in the Holy land. The Creator reveals publicly the Messiah King step by step so that every Jew will have the time to purify himself, to repent and to be part of the first circuit. It takes a lot of restraint and patience. The Holy One has endless patience. Jews pray to receive the Messiah. All is set, only a Bat-Kol (a Devine voice) is missing that needs to come out and declare our righteous Messiah!

The week before:

The Messiah, son of David, is working, acting and protecting the land of Israel.

In Israel and in the entire world people are aware that there is salvation and the Messiah. In the Sea of Reeds they finally found parts of the chariots of Pharaoh, and it strengthens the people of Israel and the salvation.

The Messiah cares and protects all the people of Israel, doing wonders and miracles that the Holy One in Heaven transfers, through him, the Messiah, a man of Hashem.

The Mothers are waiting; the Messiah from above is connected to the Messiah from below. The Messiah came into awareness of the public and must be revealed in public step by step. Every day is another step, until he will be revealed in public at 100%.

It is not much longer, in a short time!

This week:

Although the Holy One took over jurisdiction, He has in Israel a man of G-d, the Messiah, who receives instructions from Him and carries them out down here on Earth. The Messiah is doing his job based on orders from the Holy One, with humility in front of Him without boasting and in simplicity. The Messiah's soul is working twenty-four hours a day.

We are in the final stages and we are in a time just before his being discovered in public. The Holy One wants all Jews to join him and repent. The Creator is developing and preparing the Messiah to be worthy to receive the Crown of the Messiah!

It seems like Rav Ben Artzi is also saying soon. Does that mean the month of Adar is a good possibility?

Rav Glazerson’s last Torah Code message:

Recently Rav Glazerson made a very interesting video:

MASHIACH IN PURIM -5776 -5777 -TORAH in bible code


It is the same information he gave last year 5776, but is showing how there is a discrepancy about the actual year that we are in. That means that everything about Purim and Moshiach is really talking this year 5777. Does that mean the month of Adar is a good possibility?

Rabbi Yuval Ovadia:

I posted the talk given by Rabbi Ovadia this past Saturday evening. Everything that he is saying matches what I have shown proof of for the past year. The video is a good summary of what is happening and what is coming up. Anyone who didn’t believe what I have been presenting should have more confidence in my research as told to us by Rabbi Ovadia.

I should mention that I have never met or talked to Rabbi Ovadia. Whether he has read any of my blog posts or not is not mentioned, but since he is giving his own proof from world events and scriptures, it does give us a warm feeling of consistency. He is not giving a time frame, but is making it sound like we are close. Does that mean the month of Adar is a good possibility?

I have one more source to discuss that could change everything. Something that Binyamin said a while ago has stayed in my mind, and has sent me to another avenue of research. Binyamin said: that Nibiru appears to whomever Hashem wants it to be seen, and whenever Hashem wants it to be seen. In other words, the messages above from all the amateurs, is telling us that there is much confusion and no agreement about any of this because Hashem is controlling everything completely.

So what research do I have to offer that puts a completely different spin on where Nibiru is and when will it appear to the world? If I can refer also to Rav Avigdor Miller’s, zt”l, statement: “Everything you see in front of you is nothing more than Hashem’s imagination.” This world and also the entire universe is an illusion. It really does not exist. This is where the shallow thinker pounds on a table and asks me: this is not real? I love to answer that question with. So you believe an Infinite Source of Intelligence, an Infinite Source of Power can’t fool you? Whatever Hashem presents to us, it is our reality; but, there are many Rabbis and Torah scholars over the millennia that have proven that this is not the real world, but merely an illusion to serve to give us Tikun. We are spiritual beings wearing physical coverings in a world designed strictly to help us correct ourselves and perfect our spirituality for all eternity.

That was a loaded paragraph to give you much more clarity about why we are here and what we are to accomplish in this life on Earth.

So where am I seeing scientific proof of all this? In the 1980’s there were scientific reports stating that the entire universe is only a holographic image; it is not really there. Everything that we see is only a two dimensional hologram that appears three dimensional. In recent years, there have been very significant experiments showing proof of this theory. I have read many reports, but I thought for brevity purposes I would offer some here, that are not as technical:

Physicists Found Proof That the Universe Is Built Like a Hologram, 02/14/2017 01:14 pm ET


The quest for a theory of everything – The ultimate theory to describe the universe


Holograms Aren’t The Stuff of Science Fiction Anymore


Consider the Universe. Now, Subtract Time and Gravity.


Another thought that has been brought to light in the scientific community in the past ten years is that the universe is too perfect. They look at the universe as such an organized and perfected entity that it appears to be a computer program. There is nothing random and that points completely to design, not the “by-accident” belief that has been around for so long.

This is a long and complicated subject that I need not dwell on. I only wish to apply it to all that is happening in the world and outside of planet Earth. All the changes are obviously by design and are following the plan of the Designer. Does Nibiru really exist or is it an illusion to accomplish the task of bringing the worldwide redemption? Hashem has definitely set us up with a reason to do Teshuvah, prayer, Torah study, the commandments, charity, helping others, etc. Instead of just instructing us to do the right thing, to follow His ways and to get the most out of this life on Earth, Hashem is showing us that absolute proof and even scaring us into doing what is best for us.

Something that I have not discussed too much is the idea of “fear of Hashem.” Does that mean that Hashem wants us to be afraid of Him; after all, He is the Infinite Source of all power in this world and the entire universe. Hashem loves us a trillion times more than we could ever love Him. But He wants us to be completely in awe of Him, and to completely trust Him. What we need to fear is us not doing His will. The world is set up that if we do exactly as commended in the Torah we will be happy and successful for all eternity. We should be afraid that we are not taking advantage of Hashem’s goodness.

We complain about all our problems, yet we are the ones who created them. If we are fearful of not living by Hashem’s perfect system, we will see a great increase in joy of life and set ourselves and our loved ones up for all eternity. It is all our choice. Don’t be afraid of your mistakes, correct them (that is true Teshuvah) and be as happy as you can be – turn to Hashem for everything, including all the illusion that is headed this way.  Remember we are being judged measure for measure what we actually do.  If it is Hashem's way, we past the test, if it is our way we suffer the consequence.  


  1. Hashem loves us a trillion times more than we could ever love Him. But He wants us to be completely in awe of Him, and to completely trust Him. What we need to fear is us not doing His will. The world is set up that if we do exactly as commended in the Torah we will be happy and successful for all eternity. We should be afraid that we are not taking advantage of Hashem’s goodness.~~~

    I always prayed for others.
    Then being in a place without a mikve, erruv, with people so deep in apicorism, i could not pray anymore.
    I could not stand the place, while it was piece of Eretz Israel!
    At certain point i said, almost screeming:
    (please, Hashem, get me out of here, with or without my body, i want to perform mitzvot, but with Joy, together with my people...give me a place, that You love Yourself...
    To be there, to do Afarshat Challa with other Jewish women, give me a small nice place that i like, YOU know me, YOU know my imagination, so give me just that enough to be happy. I builded a wooden toy house for my granddaughter, with the kavana, to receive her in a house like this, living close to, MIKVE, ERRUV,...how without money all this?
    I live 10 days in our new place, that Hashem created exactly for my needs, after i asked for it, with the smallest details.
    I think i am dreaming.
    No i do not speak about luxe.
    Its my imagination of creative designer with love for woods and plants, that came into creation by our own DESIGNER seeing my wish.)
    Now, HE give me all the opportunities, to keep my promise, to perform the Mitzvot with JOY!!!

    Orna Nitzevet

  2. I try to do Hashem's will and I think He has helped me a lot. But how do I know if He loves me or not? I'm not talking about a general statement in the Torah such as "Israel was chosen to be His", but me as an individual, as Michael Ben Tzvi.

    1. Hashem loves all His creations, even the evil ones, who He wants to receive help in changing their ways.

      If you live by the Torah and only seek the absolute truth, you are very much favored by Hashem.

  3. 'more and more we are seeing meteors and asteroids, etc; there really is a great danger. Including all weather being very strange; everything is strange. All of nature is going backwards.'

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